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The Gods Must Be Angry ( True Life Story) / Nigeria to Europe through the desert-A true life story / Poetry Monday: Showers Of Blessings By Soibi Ransom (2) (3) (4)

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Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 8:03am On Nov 25, 2017

He was a good boy, brought up in a gentle way, he had the best of upbringing, he was to remain gentle, until fate changed him. He had passion for violence, albeit in an unusual way. Simply put, he loved serving justice, in a brutal way. At a young age, he entered the university, and he became a cultist, a cultist with a difference. He neither looked for trouble, nor did he take shit. When serving justice, he remained anonymous. He was annoymous until he graduated, Asiwaju Adelana Alabi's cover was blown open and Showers of Mercy became known.

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by bimberry1307(f): 8:17am On Nov 25, 2017
oya nau. let the story begins. mention me when you drop an update.

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Nobody: 12:20pm On Nov 25, 2017
Space booked
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 6:49am On Nov 26, 2017
I accepted the challenge to (co-)write this story and I'm glad I did... If you enjoyed Shadows of the Green, then here is another masterpiece...
I dedicated this piece to all those who I met through Nairaland- Souloho19, ayxmania and Femzey....

Note: All characters used are purely fictional... Plagiarism is not allowed... To copy or share... Send me a mail through firstdota27@ymail.com

I commend the effort of my chief Editor @ayxmania, come chop kiss biko

Showers of Mercy is actually a true life story filled with brutality, love and affection, fun and vengeance....

Updates will be either twice or thrice a week...

Sit and enjoy... Don't forget to mention your friends


Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 6:58am On Nov 26, 2017
As he opened his eyes that chilly morning, flicking his eyelids at intervals, he winced in pain. He sat up and placed his left palm on his chin, feeling the swollen area, he was in pain. It was a terrible night for him, his body ached, and he felt he had also developed fever overnight. He reminisced on what he went through the previous night, and he realised he had taken a decision, a drastic one at that, one which was to determine what his life and future would look like. His name was Asiwaju Adelana Alabi.
He was born into the noble Alabi family on a quiet evening in January, 1992. Growing up was fun but hectic for him as he was either fighting his kid sister, or throwing stones at lizards and birds. On few occasions, he had fought some older street bullies. While in the house, he was regularly found with his mum, his dad, or his sister, 'Detoun, the last 'shit'. From a tender age, Adelana had been a 'family man'.
Asiwaju attended Anglican Church Grammar School, a popular secondary school close to Concord Polythenic, Abeokuta which was synonymous with several fraternity clashes. He had witnessed a lot of these clashes, most of them brutal and gruesome, and he had developed an interest in them. He loved the thrills involved.
Being a smart guy, Asiwaju gained admission into the university at he age of 16. Actually, he got admission into two prestigious universities,one in Federal University, Lagos
while the other, in
Salvation Private University, Ogun State. He was so young and naive, he knew more than his brain should carry at that age.
While in secondary school, he became friends with BLADE, a gentle looking guy, and a top man of one of the popular fraternities in the polytechnic. Blade did come to Asiwaju's school to check on his young sister who was in the school hostel every week, and on every visit, he gave some students including Asiwaju, money. Blade was generous to a fault. His real name was Bolade, Blade was the short form. Asiwaju respected Blade because he was cool, calm and collected. He had never seen Blade frown, until one day, when two fraternities in the polytechnic had a clash. A group of the fraternities were EAGLES while the other group (which Blade belonged to), were MARSHALLS. Asiwaju knew the name and colours of all the fraternities in the polytechnic, and he was only thirteen! in SSS one...
Asiwaju was coming from a nearby bush where he had gone to urinate after his extramural French lesson when a tough looking guy approached him.
'Hey you, show!' the guy ordered. Being a stubborn boy, Asiwaju ignored him. The guy then moved closer to Asiwaju and gave him a thunderous slap on his right cheek. The effect was not felt on that cheek, but on the left. Asiwaju knew he was in trouble. The guy began to pull him deeper into the bush and he started cry. He remembered his parents, especially his mother and younger sister. How would they take it if they hear he was gone, either dead or kidnapped?
'Hey jewman! Boss dey halla you'. The tough looking guy whose name was Vino said. Vino had spanked Asiwaju's butt, causing him to be perturbed a bit. He thought he was kidnapped to be sodomized by the guys. He was visibly shaking, and had urinated several times in his shorts.
From another part of the bush, Asiwaju had a familiar voice. 'School boy, hafar? I wan make Una help me carry this eru (load) keep safely. I go con collect am tomorrow. No try open am sha, because if u do, I go know, and u go enter trouble', the voice said. Asiwaju traced where the voice came up and his eyes met Blade's, who was wearing a blood-stained shirt. The voice was Blade's voice!
'Damn! Asiwaju, na you dem carry come? Wetin u dey find for this bush area? I don warn all of una boys make u no dey crayfish waka, u no dey hear', Blade said, visibly pissed. He had never wanted any of his little friends to see him in such a circumstance.
'Brrrrrrooooother Blade, sorry, brother Bol Bol Bolade, I only came to urinate here', Asiwaju stammered, and hurriedly prostrated, begging for his life.
'Eyah, see as ur face don swell, my guys don enter you already? No fear, wey your school bag? Put this thing inside there and make sure nobody sees or touches it. I go block you for the back of the bakery behind your school small gate by 7am, bring am then. Remember, make nobody see am o, o lewu (it's dangerous), Blade said.
With that warning, he carefully placed a heavily wrapped nylon inside Asiwaju's bag, and put his books on them. He gave Asiwaju some money and told him to leave. Vino took him out of the bush through another route. Outside the bush, Asiwaju was glad he was alive, had his body parts complete, and eerrmmm had some money too. The only pain he felt was the ache across his face. He needed to get home fast to use painkillers. Without going to look for his friends, he boarded a cab and headed home straight.[/center]

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by xaviercasmir(m): 7:48am On Nov 26, 2017
Following ma’am
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Nobody: 8:04am On Nov 26, 2017
I'm present grin grin grin
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by YINKS89(m): 7:53pm On Nov 26, 2017
I dey ur back
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Ikdbabie(f): 10:17am On Nov 29, 2017
I am present ma'am
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 5:10pm On Nov 30, 2017
'Lana, why are you dragging your bag?' his mother questioned. Immediately he heard the question, his heart skipped a bit. He had been unable to carry the bag on his back and had to drag it. He was dragging it when his mom saw him from afar. He stood rooted to the spot and quickly thought of what to do.
'And why are you coming in through the backyard?' she asked further. Different thoughts ran through his head at that moment. Although, he didn't know the content of what Blade gave to him, he somehow knew it wasn't a good thing. He held the bag firmly as he took a step towards the back door. He had calculated his steps, and he knew his mother would easily catch him if he passed through the backyard. Immediately, he changed his direction and went towards the front door. Disturbed, his mother went after him. On getting inside, he quickly took out the wrapped parcel and hid it under an old couch in the sitting room. Hardly had he done that when he heard his mother's footsteps. He moved towards the television set and began to laugh.
'You this boy, are you sure I'm your mother?' standing akimbo with a leather belt on her left hand, her mom asked angrily.
'Mummy, I was just pulling your legs of course', he said, laughing out loud. His mother studied him for a while before collecting his bag. She searched thoroughly but didn't find anything strange in it.
'Then why were you dodging me?' she queried him.
'No now, I wanted to trouble you a bit, because I missed you', he said, dropped his bag and headed to his room.
'Come back here and carry this bag, I've been home since, cleaning this house all day, better come back here', his mother shouted without him responding.
'Eba and efo is ready, come and eat', she said and smiled at herself, sure her trick would work. Eba and vegetable was her son's favourite meal. Under a few seconds, Asiwaju was back, with his stocking missing.
It was hard locating blade the following morning. He had gotten to the agreed spot few minutes to 7am, hoping to see Blade. When he had waited enough, he went into the 'hood' to ask for him. Everyone in the hood knew blood, but it seemed they were too scared to point his house to him. He was supposed to be in school but there he was, looking for a way to deliver the exhibit he was carrying. If he didn't deliver it, he would be in trouble. He was happy when he met Vino at the outskirt of the hood drinking a herbal concortion. On sighting Asiwaju, Vino hurriedly drank his mixture, and took him to Blade. He delivered the package to Blade who was visibly pleased.
That was the beginning of Asiwaju's close relationship with Blade. Blade gave him money, treats and also, his first ever phone, a 'Sagem My V55', which he kept from his parents for two years. Sadly, Blade died two years later, when Asiwaju was in SSS three. He was killed in a frat crisis, while trying to keep some of his friends safe.

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by YINKS89(m): 9:45pm On Nov 30, 2017
Dats why I love u bibi u Neva dissapoint.... Kip it up gurl.

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 5:45pm On Dec 04, 2017
Asiwaju chose Salvation Private University, Ogun State, over the Federal University, Lagos. He was a regular young undergraduate, until he fell in love with Adamma,a jambite like himself. Adamma was tall, cute and fresh. She was a beauty to behold. Troubles started when Adamma won 'the Most Beautiful Jambite' pegeant and began to get unnecessarily famous...
It was a cool Friday evening, Asiwaju and Adamma were seated on the yellow plastic chairs placed centrally in the University eatery. His mom had sent him his monthly allowance the previous day, and he decided to give Adamma a treat, at least, to prove to her he could maintain her even as she was the Most Beautiful Jambite. Since she won the competition, Adamma had started moving with the big boys and girls on campus, and Asiwaju felt threatened. Adamma wasn't giving him much attention again and had been dodging him, she even called him a brokeass once.
Cladded in the then trendy 'My Money Grows Like Grass' shirt, 'Amma Keep Keep' facecap, a 'carrot' Jean, and a pair of Timberland boots, Asiwaju sat with Adamma, trying to ask where their relationship was headed. He had withdrawn Five thousand naira from his monthly allowance, hoping to impress Adamma with it. If only he knew!
He watched her order plates of food and juice, and because the money in his wallet wasn't much, he decided not to order for food. He had to redeem himself, his ego was at stake.
'Are you not going to order anything for yourself?' Adamma asked.
'No jor, I would just watch my baby eat', Asiwaju replied with a smile. Adamma shrugged and started eating her food happily.
Few minutes later, some five guys entered the eatery through the back door and the whole atmosphere changed immediately. Snake, who was the leader was in the middle, spotting a white tee on a black pair of shorts. He had a black crossbag across his chest. The four other guys wore blue tee instead. On sighting the boys, everyone in the eatery started talking in hushed tones. They all feared Snake, well, except for Asiwaju. Snake was a notorious guy on campus, known to be involved in several 'hits' in and outside the campus. Being a bold and fearless guy, coupled with the 'OT' Blade gave him before his death, Asiwaju remained unmoved by Snake's presence. When Snake sat at the table adjacent his', Asiwaju was as calm as ever.


Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 5:46pm On Dec 04, 2017
Dats why I love u bibi u Neva dissapoint.... Kip it up gurl.
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by YINKS89(m): 7:04pm On Dec 04, 2017
u wcm dear... Pardon ma manners Bt it seems like I want more juz like Oliver twist.... wink
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Nobody: 6:46pm On Dec 05, 2017
It's getting interesting.

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by FortunateB(f): 7:43pm On Dec 05, 2017

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by itsandi(m): 3:48pm On Dec 06, 2017
Nice story smiley Read other interesting stories on Tushstories via


Enjoy smiley
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by rayvelez(m): 5:52pm On Dec 06, 2017
Shadow of yesterday now showers of mercy. Dey gbadun ur story.

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Hantonia(f): 6:08pm On Dec 06, 2017
Nyc One Keep It Cumin

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 3:55pm On Dec 07, 2017
Hanhan, no be Ada baby be that for that table??' Snake asked one of his escorts, pointing towards Asiwaju's table.
'Na she o, wetin she dey find with that rat na?' one of the boys responded loudly.
Immediately Adamma heard the voice, she looked up and saw the fury on the boys' faces. She had concentrated on her food and failed to notice the change in atmosphere, when the boys entered.
'Arrow, go carry that girl come now', Snake ordered and Arrow bounced comfortably towards Asiwaju's table.

'Ada, how na? Wetin dey sup?' he greeted her as he took his seat.

'Arrow bobo, I dey o, I no galiba', she answered, and the sense of her familiarity with the boys alerted Asiwaju.

'You know see baba for that table?' Arrow asked.

'No vex, I say make I sharply finish this chao ni, before I come greet am', she replied. Asiwaju's face was lit with fury. He knew Adamma had something to do with the boys.

'Who be this guy?' Arrow asked further, as if he wanted to embarrass Asiwaju to the fullest

'He's my friend', she replied casually, battling with a chicken bone.

'What the heck!! Did you just call me an ordinary friend?' Asiwaju thundered.

'Arrow I'm done, let's go', Adamma said and stood up.

'Ada, you mean you are leaving me here and going with this..this...booyy?' Asiwaju stammered as his eyes met the fury in Arrow's gaze.

'Ashi, I'll see you later, why don't you just leave in peace now that you can still do?' Adamma asked, and without waiting for a reply, left Asiwaju on his seat and went to Snake's table.

Adamma got over to Snake's table and hugged him. She then went further by giving him a quick kiss. On seeing that, Asiwaju felt irritated. There he was, young, dark, handsome and well-built, and Adamma was choosing an older, rough looking and ugly guy over him. His ego was badly suffered. If left one on one, Snake was not his match, he would beat Snake hands down.

Asiwaju watched as Snake held Adamma sensually, while puffing out cigarette smoking, despite smoking being a serious offence in the school. He watched as Adamma sat and ordered a more expensive meal, then he went mad, visibly shaking with rage. He took out his Nokia N73 Symbian phone and tried Blade's phone number. He wished it could connect, and could talk to the dead. He wished Blade could either come and fight for him or tell him what to do, maybe, just maybe, where to break in Snake's body.

Asiwaju matched towards Snake's table in annoyance and everyone in the eatery, including the security men were surprised. They all could sense trouble. They wondered who the small fearless boy who was about messing with Snake was.

'Adamma, what's all these? Why have you decided to embarrass me in the presence of these idiots?' Asiwaju questioned.

'Hey rat, who u be? Declare yourself before I bula you', lalastic, Snake's favorite boy asked.

'I am Asiwaju, and you guys are messing with my girlfriend!' Asiwaju replied. Snake laughed out loud at his response and that infuriated Asiwaju more.

'Ada baby, bia, na true this rat talk?
U dey kpansh this premature boy? You don't Bleep up, why you dey do child abuse na?' Snake asked rather mockingly and everyone laughed at Asiwaju. That was it.! The caged Lion in Asiwaju was let loose and Asiwaju gave Snake two resounding slaps, similar to the slap Vino gave him years back. On seeing that, several spectators rose up and hurriedly left the eatery, not wanting to witness the aftermath. Snake stood up and brought out a penknife from his crossbag.

'Rat, you get liver, slap me a whole Capon for this domong?' Snake asked angrily, with his boys already on Asiwaju, giving him the beating of his life.

'Oya, lower your height, go on your knees and kiss the floor. I no go repeat myself', an angry Snake said. Asiwaju ignored his order and stood arrogantly, like nothing had happened.

'I go drop this rat o', Snake said to nobody in particular and flashed the sharp knife. When Asiwaju saw the shiny metal, he came back to his senses and went on his knees. However, he refused to kiss the floor.

Throughout this period, Adamma had been focusing on her meal, totally ignoring Asiwaju and at intervals, Snake placed kisses on her forehead and cheeks, just to spite Asiwaju more. Asiwaju had no choice but to fight, he had to fight for his pride, and also for his investment.


Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Hantonia(f): 4:08pm On Dec 07, 2017
Tanks 4 D Update But It 2 Short
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 4:11pm On Dec 07, 2017
Tanks 4 D Update But It 2 Short
Lemme put jara for u...
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 4:19pm On Dec 07, 2017
'Rat I say who you be, who be you? Who give you liver, who be your backup? Wey you get mind slap me?' Snake asked visibly shaking in annoyance.

'Oya say sorry chairman!' Lalasticlala said, giving him Asiwaju a punch on his face.

'Sorry for what o?' Asiwaju asked.

'You dey form voltron abi? If I con yansh Ada here, for your presence nko?' Snake asked mockingly.

'Then I'll kill you with my bare hands, either today, or someday in the future!' Asiwaju responded, already on his feet.

Snake sized Asiwaju up from head to toe and knew he wasn't in any frat. He needed to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

'If I do, then you would pay for all the food and drinks we are eating right now', Snake said in a polished English.

He then looked at Ada who wasn't sure if Snake was serious or not, and started unhooking his belt. His boys quickly sent the remaining spectators out and locked the doors behind them. They also locked the eatery opetators in a room. Lala and Arrow held Asiwaju firmly, while he watched Snake humiliate Adamma seriously. What annoyed him most however, was that Adamma seemed to enjoy it, as she was moaning and begging for more.

Asiwaju didn't know when he started crying. His ego had been deflated by the love of his life who shamelessly, was a hoe who was even comfortable to be bleeped in the presence of others. The same girl who never allowed him to go beyond brief kisses was being shammed seriously by an ugly guy. He felt seriously intimidated. Right there and then, his quest for vengeance began. He vowed to seek justice anyway he could. He also vowed to kill Snake, even if it would cost him a lot. Snake had killed his emotions, and he was ready to take his life in return. He would sure make sure Snake pay for his sins in a brutal way.

Dedicated to Hantonia rayvelez FortunateB Xaviercasmier ikdbabie YINKS89

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by yewande1234(f): 4:37pm On Dec 07, 2017
wow..... Nice updates ma. More ink to ur pen
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by YINKS89(m): 5:11pm On Dec 07, 2017

Dedicated to Hantonia rayvelez FortunateB Xaviercasmier ikdbabie YINKS89
bibi love ❤ I dey behind u Bt d updates re kinda short thou... Ride on.
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by xaviercasmir(m): 5:20pm On Dec 07, 2017
Thanks for the dedication ma'am.Nice update Keep it up
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Hantonia(f): 5:48pm On Dec 07, 2017
Tanks 4 D Dedication
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Ikdbabie(f): 7:49am On Dec 08, 2017
Thanks for the dedication dear. Asiwaju becareful, ada is not worth ur stress o.
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Hantonia(f): 11:05am On Dec 08, 2017
Cbella EvaJael Cum Nd See O

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by rayvelez(m): 5:08pm On Dec 08, 2017
Dedicated to Hantonia rayvelez FortunateB Xaviercasmier ikdbabie YINKS89[/quote
Thanks always and present.
Still following.
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by FortunateB(f): 7:47am On Dec 09, 2017
Dedicated to Hantonia rayvelez FortunateB Xaviercasmier ikdbabie YINKS89

Thanks for the Dedication.

Following you bumber to bumber


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