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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 7:20am On Sep 28, 2016

Jake’s eyes blinked. I held on to him firmly. “Stay close, D.” he whispered.

“I have no business with you dude. Let her come to me.”

Jake laughed. “Where do you think you are? This is no Spartacus. This is real life! ”

“Seems like you wanna get arrogant with me,” He pulled the dagger from his belt. “I’d have wished to hurt Dare with this, not you, but since she has a lot of guys who don’t mind taking bullets for her, be my guest.” He replied, holding the dagger firmly.

Jake watched his eyes and hand carefully. It was a lonely street, and if I attempted to run, there might be an ambush.

“You are going to jail, Daniel. This isn’t 100metre.” I shouted from behind Jake, I didn’t have the nerves to look at Daniel’s fierce eyes. It’s true when they say ‘talk is cheap.’

Daniel laughed. “So you think I’ll spare your life to watch me go to jail? Even if I do, I won’t give you the pleasure of seeing that.”

“You are demented! What was my Dad thinking anyways?”

Daniel stepped forward and Jake and I stepped backwards. “Why are you running? You have such a loud mouth; you should be able to take what’s coming to you.” He replied, admiring the dagger.

“Enough of this, Arrow! It is obvious you are a stalker, and I am not going to let you threaten Darlene’s life, so you have a choice. Drop that Dagger and run from me now.” Jake said.

Daniel stared at him hard. “Never.”

“We will have it your way then.” Jake said stepping forward.

I was scared. I knew my big bear could take on him; my fear was Jake killing him. Jake has actually killed for me before. Well, that’s a story for another day. At this moment, I had a threat. Jake approached Daniel fearlessly. Daniel stuck the dagger out.

“This is no toy, Mr.” Daniel stuttered, stepping back.

Jake was in no mood to discuss. He ducked the dagger and sent Daniel crashing to the graveled floor. He hit Daniel with so much aggression that I feared he might kill him. I rushed to Jake.

“Pleas Jake, let him be.” I shouted, holding Jake’s shirt.

Daniel was in a pool of blood. His face was all red and beaten. He sprawled out in pain, letting out a cry.

“He doesn’t look good.” I said, scared.

Jake sighed. “He was warned.” Jake wiped some blood off his forehead. “Guys like this take away the tranquility of one’s mind.” Jake hissed. “Where do you think you are, Daniel? Miami Vice?”

“I can’t feel my waist.” Daniel cried.

Jake laughed. “It’s right there man.”

“Should we get the medics?” I asked, clenching my fists in fear.

Jake smiled and kicked Daniel in the belly hard. “That’s for scaring my friend.”

“He gets it.” I shouted, holding Jacob back. “He’s in a bad shape Jake, let’s get him to the medics.” I was wearing a worrying look.

Jake laughed. “You worry too much munchkin. Anyways, we don’t have to. Security is approaching us.”

“What is this?” The Security officer asked touching Daniel’s neck.

I sighed. “A case of a chronic stalker that broke the rules and got what he deserved.” I replied, sounding a little confident.

“Are you alright, Ms. Williams?” he asked.

I nodded. “I am fine.”

“I’ll need you both to accompany me to the security post so as to officially document this.” He said.

An ambulance arrived shortly and conveyed Daniel to the clinic, while Jake and I left for the security post.

“Did you have to beat him so bad, Jake?” The C.S.O asked.

Jake smiled. “Considering the fact that he had a dagger and could have killed Darlene, I think I did justice to his pour soul.”

The C.S.O read through a file. “I understand that the court placed a restriction on his movement around Ms. Williams,” he started.

“And he broke it Sir.” I immediately cut in.

The C.S.O closed the file. “I will have a copy of your report filed to the court and maybe we can have Daniel checked into an institution, probably, a solitary prison.” He stood up and gestured at the door. “Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll have one of my boys drop you off at home if you don’t mind.”

“That won’t be necessary. We’ll walk.” I replied.

Dora was standing akimbo at the gate as we approached. “What war are you fighting?” I asked, with a cynical smile.

“Dad is going to have your head for lunch. He is at the clinic visiting Daniel.” She replied.

I smiled. “Have I officially introduced you to Jake?”

“I don’t think so.” She replied, smiling.

I nodded and turned to Jake. “Meet Dora, my sister.”

“Hi senorita.” He said, taking her hand coolly.

They exchanged greetings with smiles. There was so much warmth around them. “Hearts meets hearts.” I said, breaking off the handshake. “You have been holding her hand for a while, Jake.”

“I didn’t notice. My hand is quite insensitive to touch from the other species.” She interrupted.

I grimaced. “HeHe…that’s funny.” By the tone of my voice, Dora could bet that her joke fell flat, but being the Dora that I know, she would try another joke.

“I’d say you’re jealous. Jake is already warming up to me, I am fun and you are not.” She replied with her teeth all out.

Jake smiled. “I can’t help feeling like Brad Pitt at the moment, two beautiful ladies falling over me. Can a man be more blessed?” he asked, looking at the sky.

“Wow Jake, that’s the biggest joke I have heard in years. Are you really feeling like Brad? I always thought you could do better.” I replied.

Jake widened his eyes. “What are you saying, Williams? Brad Pitt is like the biggest household name. He is an enigma.”

“Yeah yeah…” I replied with a smile. If I didn’t put an end to Jake’s throttle, he could go on and on about all of Brad Pitt’s achievements. Jake, to me is Brad’s biggest fan. Jake knew almost everything about him, well, as much as news and the paparazzi could provide.

Dad pulled up aggressively behind us. “Are you satisfied, Darlene?” he shouted. “Daniel is going to have a surgery.”

“And after that, he is going to Jail.” I added.

Dad hissed. “Never! He said he only came to talk to you about relieving his restriction, and then John Cena here, pounced on him.” He said, eyeballing Jake coldly.

“It turns out Daniel is a liar. He has to be worst after Satan.” I replied, angrily. “I have already filed his report Dad, and there is an evidence of a dagger which he used in threatening me which has his finger prints on it.”

“What hold has this junkie on you, Sir Williams?” Jake asked, smiling.

Dad leaned against his car and inhaled deeply. “I am responsible for Daniel. All I ever wanted was for Darlene and Dora to see him as their brother.”

“Dad, there was no proper introduction. Daniel showed up in my life as a threat.” I replied.

He rubbed his forehead. “Daniel is in a bad shape.” He started. He stared at Jake hard. “You should never have returned to Nigeria, WWE awaits your kind.” He added and tapped him lightly on the back. “I’ll get Daniel out of our lives forever.”

“I know a great rehab facility in the Bahamas, it helps to get the body and soul together.” Jake suggested.

I hissed. “Pay him no mind, Dad. Daniel might return gay.” I interrupted. “That ‘facility’ of Jake’s sent Paul to the altar on Saturday.” I said.

“Paul is married? I thought you were Paul’s girlfriend.” Dad said, surprised.

I shrugged. “We broke up.”

“Darlene, I am sure that you smashed that man’s heart to bits. I have to speak with his father.”

I groaned. “Come on, Dad! Paul is an adult, and so is Daniel. You have to stop worrying about what isn’t really your business.” I said, stressing the statement.

Dad shook his head pitifully. “You know, in my generation we were in awe of our parents. It was like fear and admiration, but now, it’s just the admiration, you ain’t got any respect.”

“Woooaaahh!!! Daddy is speaking like a real nigga.” Jake teased

We all laughed and returned into the house. I felt relaxed, because, Dad had cooled down on his ‘obsession’ for Daniel, well, it seems like it at the moment.

“I have news for you guys.” Dad said, as he opened a bottle of champagne.

I stretched out my wine glass to him and he poured it gently.

“What’s it, Dad?” I asked, sipping my wine.

He smiled. “I want to get married.”

Ever had your wine taste like Vinegar? Mine just did!

...to be continued

Read Episode 19 - 21 on www.youngicee.com
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 8:50am On Sep 28, 2016
You Guys should check out a Romance/Crime Thriller Here

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Tgold1(m): 9:45am On Sep 28, 2016
Nice updates....... Feeling this!!!
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 3:48pm On Sep 29, 2016
Update has been posted o, quite busy to update here for now
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by IamLukas(m): 5:07pm On Sep 29, 2016
Wow,I really love this story. I cant wait for Darlene to beat Subomi

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by SafeDavid(m): 6:51pm On Sep 29, 2016
Update has been posted o, quite busy to update here for now


You're doing a great job.

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by missuniverse(f): 6:59pm On Sep 29, 2016
All these high profiled liarslawyers sef

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Barristertemmie(f): 9:13pm On Sep 29, 2016
Pls,try to post at least twice in a day.Love your story so much, its one of the reasons why i log into nairaland.

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 7:52am On Sep 30, 2016
Episode 19

By Tomi Adesina

I Stared at Sir Williams as he ate his lunch. Jake had joined Dora in the Kitchen. Dad ate his food with joy and couldn’t care that I was eyeballing his meal hoping he could choke slightly on it.

“I thought I was going to choke.” Dad said, smiling at me.

I sighed. “Are you serious about getting married?” I asked.

Dad chewed his chicken triumphantly. “Yes. You and Dora could use a mother.”

“Really? I grew up without a mother. You whisked me off to Grandma, if I ever needed a mother, it was then.” I said, angrily.

Dad smiled and sipped his wine carefully. It was as if he wanted to hurt me. “I am sorry you feel bad about my decision.” He started as he wiped his mouth carefully with the napkin. “I have a right to be happy. Sooner or later, Dora will marry KP, and you will settle with either Jake or Ade-Cole’s son…”

“What is that supposed to mean, Dad?” I asked. This time, I was livid with rage.

Dad sipped his wine. “You should really watch your temper, young lady.” He sighed and pulled his chair back. “You and I know that it is either of those men.” He added with a grin. The grin could only mean one thing. Dad was about to say something that could fire me up again. “Or do you have interest in Daniel?” he asked, laughing.

“Easy does it…” I muttered under my breath and cursed softly in Spanish. I was lucky to have enrolled in Spanish lessons while living with Grandma; I know Dad could never guess what I had just said. It all boils down to the advantage of knowing another language.

Dad laughed. “Darlene, your Spanish is still as weak as the last time.” I opened my mouth in shock. “It’s a shame there are no flies in the house for you to swallow.” He added and left for the stairs.

“Make sure she is as old as you are…I don’t want another sister.” I yelled after him.

Dad laughed wickedly and blew me a kiss. He laughed all the way to his room. It was a relief when I heard his door shut.

“Can you guys imagine?” I asked, joining Jake and Dora in the kitchen.

Jake and Dora seemed to care less. They were drinking Apple juice and having some toast bread. I stared at them with so much anger rushing through me.

“You are too serious for life D, the old man must be lacking comfort in his bed and I don’t see you or Dora giving that to him.” Jake said, eating his toast bread.

Dora chuckled softly. “I am trying not to laugh too much Darlene, but what is the problem with Dad wanting a wife?”

“Oh, really? It seems as though I am the only one who can’t see the big picture. Of what use is his wife to us?” I asked.

Jake smirked. “You are being selfish D, someday; you and Dora will go away. He will be all alone in this house with maybe the maids, drivers, gardeners, security and the dogs. No family. He deserves a companion.”

“And what type of woman is going to fall in love with my dad?” I asked, trying to flush disappointment off my face from Jake’s accusation. Maybe he is right about my being selfish.

Dora smiled. “Any woman will fall for him. Sir Williams has got class; he is cuter than George Clooney and has a greater dress sense than him. Sir Williams still makes the top 20 best dressed men in the country. He will fit any available lady.” Dora just exaggerated the George Clooney factor. I could still date George Clooney; my dad can’t stand near George.

“You are forgetting the cash factor; I think that’s what speaks for him.” I said, sounding defiant.

Dora and Jake exchanged glances. “What?” I asked. They shrugged and laughed.

“You are jealous D, Dad will always love us.” Dora replied.

I looked up to force the tears that were slowly gathering up in my eyes. “I am not Jealous.” I said.

“Are those tears I see in your eyes?” Jake said and nudged me in the waist.

I hugged him tightly as the tears flowed freely.

“You are a real façade, Darlene.” Dora said, wiping my tears. “And to think that the society sees you as Amazon, you are a baby.”

I stuck my tongue out at Dora. She winked at me and took her seat. “So, who is our dad getting married to?”

“I can’t even guess. Maybe your mom.” I replied, taking a seat.

She shook her head in disagreement. “Nah, I don’t think so. She would have told me. They really didn’t have a relationship, except for me.”

“Would you love to see them married?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I am indifferent, it’s their life. This is not a stage in my life when I need a mommy.”

“You always need a mom.” I replied. I could speak from experience. Dora always had her mom, but not me.

She nodded. “Not the way you see it, at this stage, it’s more about Dad and his future partner.” She started. “She has to be a woman that will make him happy. He must miss your mom a lot.”

“So where is he getting his wife from?”

Jake sighed. “Why don’t you wait for the bonny bride and save yourselves the guessing game?”

“Thanks.” Dora replied.

Jake dropped his cup of juice and clapped his hands together. “Okay ladies, I have to prepare for a very important event. I’ll see you later in the week.” He said, rising to his feet.

“I’ll walk you outside.” Dora and I said almost together.

I smiled. “Its okay, Dora you can walk him out.”

Jake laughed. “It’s not your fault, I have a serious effect on ladies.” He said as he approached the door with Dora.

I watched Jake and Dora walk out and chatter about something. I felt some heat flush through my body and I leaned against the chair for support.

“You should define your friendship with Jacob.” Dad said, joining me in the hallway. “That lad is free-spirited and might just flow into Dora’s hand. I don’t want sisters at logger heads over a man.” He added.

I sighed. “Jacob and I are friends. Nothing more, Dad.”

“If you say so.” He replied and walked out.

Dad had just set me off into thinking again. I fetched my swim suit and left for the pool. The pool had served as a refuge for me, I found it convenient to drown myself there, especially when my head and heart was all muddled up.

I swam across the pool furiously. I am so sure that if the pool could react, it would throw me out. We just had the water changed, and here I was fluttering across it. I couldn’t stay in the pool any longer. I decided to take a nap. Monday is another monster looming

I stepped out of the elevator. I flashed a huge smile at Bola as I walked towards my office door.

“Not now please,” she said, standing before my door.

I wore a frown. “And why is that?” I asked, trying to grab the door handle.

“I suggest you get a cup of coffee before you walk in.” Bola said, trembling with fear.

I swallowed and stood straight. “This is my office, Bola. Let me through now.” I ordered.

Bola wore a worried look as she hesitated stepping aside.

“Let me through.” I ordered. This time, my voice was more firm.

Bola sighed and stepped aside. I stared at her cautiously. I was now feeling uncomfortable trying to open the door. Nevertheless, I turned the handle and stepped in.

“Didn’t you get orders from Bola not to come in?”

I stared at Reina with some fury and dropped my bag on the table. “What are you doing here?” I asked, calmly.

“I have been taking a good look at my office; I see you changed the wallpapers. I love Turquoise.” She said, with a smile.

I inhaled deeply and counted from one to ten in my heart. I smiled lavishly at Reina. “It is now my office.” I replied.

“I am aware. The only problem is that I think I would want this office back. I am returning to work and I still like the view from this window. It’s a delight into the city at night, I know right?”

I was rattled by Reina Martins to be honest, but I tried to appear calm. “Until I receive an official order from above, I think you are trespassing, and if you don’t take your leave, I will have security whisk you out of here.”

She smiled mischievously. “You think you can have me thrown out of my office.” She scoffed. “Let me see you try.”

‘Talk is cheap’ they say. It was time for me to put my threat into action. I picked up the intercom and dialled the Security unit. “They will be here for you in no time. Leave honourably.” I said, dropping the phone.

She laughed. “I want to see you try, honey. You seem to be exercising your rights in no time. You haven’t been here for long, and I don’t think you will be here for too long.”

Two security men walked in. “Yes ma’am. Where is the intruder?” he asked.

“I met this lady here in my office.” I replied, pointing at Reina,

The security man stepped up to Reina. “You were found trespassing in this office. Please leave.” He said, courteously.

“Are you a fool?” she asked. “I am Reina Martins, and this is my office. The intruder here is Ms. Williams”

The second security man seemed to be the impatient type. He grabbed Reina in a not gentlemanly fashion by the arm and whisked her out of the office. She screamed and yelled all the way.

“Be gentle with her.” I said to the security officer and shut my door.


There was so much noise outside. Reina was resisting the security officers and she was screaming at the top of her voice. I became uncomfortable and so I stepped out to the incident. She was struggling with them in front of the elevator.

“This is an office, Reina. It’s not like you are being arrested, just co-operate with the security guys and you’ll be outside in no time.”

Reina snarled. “You think you are funny, right? I was here before you, and I know how it is here. You won’t survive here.”

“Why all these noise?” Dare yelled furiously popping his head from his office door. “Why is Ms. Martins making so much noise?” he asked.

Reina straightened her ruffled hair. “Ms. Williams had me kicked out of her office.” She replied.

Dare stared at us. “Both of you in my office, NOW!” he ordered.

Reina and I sat before Dare like two high school girls before the principal. Dare kept quiet waiting for one of us to speak. I was never going to be the first to speak and Reina made it very easy.

“You know I am not one to start troubles.” She started. I rolled my eyes. “She threatened to throw me out of her office. I thought it was all a joke until she made good of them.”

Dare took his gaze to me excepting me to speak. “She was found in my office. I can’t believe I didn’t call the cops”

“You had me dragged out of the office and erm…um” she bumbled over a few words and then hissed. “She humiliated me, Dare.”

Dare relaxed in his seat. “When you told me that you were going to look around, you never said it included sneaking into people’s offices. I can’t blame Darlene for being hard on you.”

“That is my office, Dare. You said it will always be mine.”

‘Never believe a man’s promise while in bed’. I stared at Dare waiting for his response. “That office belongs to Darlene. You no longer work here, remember?”

“I think I have embarrassed myself enough. See you at home, Dare.” She said, and grabbed her bag. “Have a nice day, Darlene.”

Reina Martins smiled at me. “Ever since I lost my son, I have been going through a lot. I’ll see my psychiatrist on my way home.”

“I am so sorry, Reina.” I said as I sprung to my feet.

Her face had fallen. I couldn’t tell who she was again. She had gone from arrogant to humble and now I felt like the bad person.

“Never mind, Darlene. That office brings back memories, I guess it got me all fired up in the wrong direction.” She added, reaching for the door.

I held her back feeling very confused. “Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

“This is an office.” Dare sounded.

Reina smiled. “Duty calls. We’ll see some other time.”

“How about lunch?” I offered.

Reina nodded in agreement. “I’ll pick you up for lunch.” She said, and walked out. I closed my eyes and leaned against the door.

“I don’t understand you, Darlene.” Dare started. “You are going out with Reina for lunch. You don’t even know her, she just tripped you with our late son and you are getting all Mother Theresa over it.”

I stared at him. At this moment, I didn’t know who confused me more. Dare seemed indifferent about Reina, and Reina just performed a world class play which I have fallen for and I am not sure that I want to believe Dare over a grieving mother.

“There could be no harm.” I replied.

He smiled and grabbed his grey jackets. “Of course not, I have a meeting now. When I get back, I’ll send for you.” He replied and walked out.

“‘When I get back, I’ll send for you’ Who does he think he is?” I mimicked, and returned to my office.

I was eager for lunch. I was so delighted when the clocked ticked 1pm. I rushed downstairs. Reina leaned in front of a Porsche car. She was dressed in a cream top, brown leather shorts and a black tip toe heels, her hair was now made and loosely around her shoulder. To cap up her impressive show-off, she wore dark sunshades. For the first time, I felt out-classed. REINA MARTINS IS SMASHING! There was this smile lurking around her lips as she approached me. She looked nothing like a lawyer, more of a model.

“Hi Darlene,” she said, taking off the sunglasses.

I smiled back. “Hi Reina.”

We headed for ‘Harbour Point’. Craig David’s ‘officially yours’ pulsed slowly beneath the stereo as Reina drove. I stole glances at her as she maintained a steady smile. Rather too calm for this current situation, she smiled back. I was relieved as soon as we got to Harbour’s Point. We took our seat near the ocean.

“Isn’t it lovely from here?” she heaved a sigh of relief as she removed her sunglasses.

The waiter approached us. “I think it’s a nice view.” I replied, cautiously.

“Martinis please,” she said to the waiter. “What would you have Darlene?”

I was having a tough time picking my drink, so I opted for Lemon.

“Are you really going to drink Lemon?” she asked. “Please bring two glasses of Martinis.” Reina said, dismissing the waiter.

I smiled. “I don’t take alcohol.”

“Really? What part of this earth are you from?” she asked. Seeing that my countenance was still stern, she continued. “I’ll have him get you the Lemon.”

I nodded. “Thank you.” Reina didn’t look to me like the lady who wanted me out of the office earlier, and she also didn’t appear like one who had lost her son. I was beginning to think that coming out with her was a mistake.

“You might think that it was a mistake for you to be here with me because I haven’t been wailing about my kid, but all I want is a calm atmosphere before we talk.” She said, flipping her hair back. “Sometimes, it just gets into my mouth.” She said, and laughed.

I didn’t know if I was to laugh with her, because it didn’t seem funny. Or maybe I just totally lacked a sense of humour like Dora and Jake had said. I did manage a smirk. I finally got my lemon. Reina and I were about to have our conversation.

“Dare killed my son.” She said, bluntly.

I had to act to surprised. It would have seemed out of place if I was aware of her son’s death before now. “How do you mean?” I asked.

“Dare never liked our son. He was very mean to the little boy.”

I had to stop her there. “Reina, why would he hate his own son?”

She sighed. “Dare is a troubled man. I stood by him because of love, after his parents got separated; he took out his anger on everyone including that balloon, Toni. You can ask her.”

“I take exceptions to my friends being called names.” I said, cutting her off again.

I smiled. “I am sorry.” She adjusted her hair. “Tobi came to us under very weird circumstances, I gave birth to him in Paris because Dare didn’t want the news out.” She paused to sip her drink. “When I decided to return to Nigeria, he kicked against it, but I refused and with his father’s help, I was able to return to the country with our kid.”

Her face was now stern and I guessed that we had gotten to the real discussion. “Tobi died because Dare refused to pick his son from school. I was just learning to drive and then my teacher said I couldn’t go on the express yet. Dare claimed to be too tired of the boy and made me do it.”

“If Dare had done so much harm to you, why not let go? You seem to me a desperate woman for his love.” I said, bluntly.

She stared at me carefully and smiled. She adjusted my hair from my face. “You remind me of the passion I had for Dare.” She then straightened up. “As funny as it might sound, Dare is mine.”

Reina sounded like a possessive house wife. ‘Why would she call Dare hers?’ “I don’t understand you. Why would you want to be with him so badly?”

She sighed. “He is my bad habit. I can never let go.”

“Reina, I don’t see where this discussion is going. What do you want from me?” I asked.

She smiled. “You are as smart as I thought. Probably, even smarter,” she said, searching through her hand bag. My face was now stern. Woman to woman, I could match Reina. She could be sophisticated and classy, but my simplicity would pass for the ultimate form of sophistication.

She dropped a paper before me and a pen. “I’d like you to hand in your resignation from Ade-Cole Law Firm.”

...to be continued

Read Episode 20 - 23 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by ITgenuis: 8:26am On Sep 30, 2016
Keep it up Onyinprince.

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Tgold1(m): 9:25am On Sep 30, 2016
Good werk bro
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by IamLukas(m): 11:20am On Sep 30, 2016
'cure those eyes,if there was anything it was only pity for your soul'
Darlene nor haf joy athall.
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Nmaglit: 1:42pm On Sep 30, 2016
Darlene is selfish, self centred and don't knw wat she wants when it comes to jake and dare. As for reina I hope darlene doesn't fall for her propasal
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Missmossy(f): 2:33pm On Sep 30, 2016
Can you imagine Who does Reina think she is. I can't laugh sha. Darlene acts like a fool sometimes though. Lets see where it all end cheesy


Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by dimssy(m): 9:47pm On Sep 30, 2016
Can you imagine Who does Reina think she is. I can't laugh sha. Darlene acts like a fool sometimes though. Lets see where it all end cheesy

missmossy, calm.are you sure dare is not keeping somethings.
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by SafeDavid(m): 9:49pm On Sep 30, 2016
All these reaction is funny.
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by dhara18(m): 11:00am On Oct 01, 2016
The daniel character seems impossible.....great story though, we need update for independence ooooooo oyinprince pls 'give us'......following like, i must see the end!!
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 3:16pm On Oct 01, 2016
Episode 20

By Tomi Adesina

She stared at me. I looked at the empty A4 paper and held the pen.

“Go on. I will be nice to hand it to Dare. Your father has a firm of his, it’s even bigger than Ade-Cole, and you will do fine there.” She said.

I smiled, looked at the sky and then faced her sternly. “When last did you see your psychiatrist? Your health problem has worsened.”

She laughed. “I am very sane, Darlene. I am doing this for your good. You need to get out of Ade-Cole while you have the time.”

“If I get your point, you want me out of Ade-Cole because you believe that it’s safe for me, who am I to be scared off? You?”

She smiled. “I am the least of your problems. Dare will be your nightmare.”

I hit the table furiously. “That’s it Reina! I have had enough of this Dare talk. He is my boss and that’s as far as our relationship goes. If you have a problem with Dare, you both should deal with it, but don’t drag me into your mess.” I stopped to catch my breath and stare at the other customers who had turned their attention to Reina and I.

“You love scenes, don’t you?” she asked, rubbing edge of her glass.

I gulped the rest of the lemon. “Thanks for the lemon.” I said, and left.

I was lucky to see a taxi as soon as I stepped out of Harbour’s Point. “Ade-Cole, please.” I said, shutting the door.

“That would cost you like 1000 Naira.” He said peering into the mirror.

I widened my eye balls. “Ade-Cole is like 30 minutes from here.”

“You could wait for buses.” He said, stopping the taxi.

I honestly didn’t have a problem paying the money but should everything have to be expensive? To my surprise, I opened the door and stepped out to the pavements. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all, because Reina pulled up.

“Get in Darlene.” She ordered

I chose to ignore her, and look away. She pulled over and walked up to me. “Darlene, let me give you a ride.” She offered.

“I’ll be fine.” I replied, looking ahead.

Cars horned violently. Staffs were returning to their respective offices from lunch, and I had to do the same. Dare had sent me a message.

“Don’t be stubborn. I brought you out here; let me drop you back at work. I promise not to say a word to you on the way back.”

I hesitated and looked at my wrist watch. “I don’t ooze evil. Just get in, let me get you back to work. If you exceed your lunch time, you might be getting into trouble with the Ade-Cole part of Dare.” She cautioned.

I followed her to the car and we returned to Ade-Cole firm. She did keep to her word and didn’t even utter a word.

“Thank you.” I said, as soon as I highlighted from her car. She didn’t reply, she just smiled and drove off.

I stared at her car as she drove out of the firm. ‘Why did I have to meet this lady?’ I thought.

“You and Reina went out?” Toni asked, as she approached me.

I raised one eyebrow. “Dare has a really loud mouth.”

“Dare? I just saw you get out of her car. It didn’t take so long for Reina’s charms to have an effect on you, did it?”

I shot at Mrs. Small. “Toni, I decided to hang out with Reina; I am not a kid, alright. Please, let me be.” I replied and returned into the firm. Mrs. Small caught up with me at the elevator door.

“Darlene, don’t do this to yourself. Reina doesn’t play around, if she wants something, she gets it.” She cautioned with fear in her eyes.

I rolled my eyes. “Am I dealing with Nikita? I understand your concern Toni, but the truth is, there is so much worry for nothing.” I pressed the elevator door open and stepped in.

“There you are Darlene, meet me in my office.” Dare said, from popping his head from his door.”

I dropped my bag in my office and left for Dare’s.

“Please have your seat.” He said.

I obliged and waited for his next utterance. He adjusted his tie and stood up from his swivel chair. He leaned across the table, and smiled. “Relax Darlene, I don’t bite.” He said, and sighed.

“What do you want?” I asked.

He smiled and fetched a file from his table. “I’d like you to check out this document.” He stretched out the file to me. I opened the file. “The case is up in two weeks. If you ask me, the man is guilty and he deserves to rot in hell, but life as we know it, is about the lawyers.” He paused to catch his breath.

I was flattered. The file in my hand was for one of the city’s biggest business men, Chidi Obi. “So, we are in his defense. This man is a rogue.” I said.

“I know that.” Dare nodded. “It’s your job to make him look clean.”

I shook my head in disagreement. “I don’t think I want to do this.”

“Moral aside, Darlene. First Rule.” He said, biting an apple.

I dropped the file on the table. “Have you agreed to take up the case?”

“This is a first class case, the whole world wants to see this Chidi Obi behind bars, and we can stop it.”

I rose to my feet. “I am sorry, Dare. If I have to start my career by making the innocent suffer, I’d rather not.”

“Darlene, this is a First class case. There’s a lot involved, and at stake. Save your morals.” He said.

I sighed. “I won’t compromise, and if you are displeased, I’ll hand in my resignation first thing in the morning.”

“You are a disappointment.” He said and hurled the apple into the trash can.

Heat flushed across my face. ‘Maybe Reina was right after all about Dare, he might be my worst nightmare.’ I inhaled deeply and approached the door.

“You can still change your mind, Darlene.” He said, not even looking at me.

I smiled. “NO!”

“Have it your way. Leave now!”

As I opened the door, Femi Ade-Cole and some other Ade-Cole top board members stood before me. “We are proud to have you here, Ms. Williams.” He said. Dare patted me on the shoulders.

“Congratulations,” he said with a smile. The other board members were now clapping.

I was on a test! Passed!

“Nice to have you here, I can see that you also have a strong moral up bringing in our world.” Mr. Femi Ade-Cole said.

I grinned. Dare dismissed everybody except me from his office.

“What were you thinking, Dare? Anyone could have failed this test.”

He smiled. “But you didn’t. You put your morals first.”

“To be honest with you, this is no appropriate test for a lawyer; it’s more like a test for a wife.” I retorted. “Any lawyer can take this case; it’s a matter of winning. I am not happy with it.”

He frowned. “My firm, my rules!”

“It happens that I have a problem with your methods.”

He sighed. “Do you always have to reply me? Sometimes, I just like you quiet and obedient. You don’t always have to revolt.”

“If you want a mute, buy a puppet. You can always control it.” I replied.

He stared at me. “Are you always like this?” he asked. I didn’t reply. “Anyways, congratulations on your first case, it’s in two weeks. All the contacts you need are in that file and you will have to meet with your client tonight at Priddy’s place after work.”

I picked up the file and left for the door.

“Darlene,” Dare called softly. “For the record, you are good.” He said.

I smiled and left.

“Well done Darlene.” Bola said as I approached my door.

I nodded. “Thanks Bola.”

I stared at my office and wondered if I was going to lose it anytime soon to Reina, it didn’t seem likely at the moment. I made a call to my new client. He was taking his former business partner, and oil magnate, Chidi Obi to court. Chidi Obi owns several Oil rigs in the eastern part of Nigeria but he had settled in the south west. Chidi Obi used to be close friends with Tunji Davis, but now Tunji Davis, my client had taken Chidi Obi to court.

I arrived at Priddy’s Place by 7pm.

“Mr. Davis is at the bar.” The security officer said.

I walked over to the bar. “Mr. Davis?”

“Darlene Williams.” He replied, with so much excitement.

I stared at Mr. Davis carefully, I didn’t seem to know him, he even looked younger than who I expected to see, and he acted all familiar. “I am Darlene Williams.” I replied, stretching out my hands.

He stared at my hand. “You really want to shake my hands? Gimme a hug babes!” he said, and hugged me tightly.

“Am sorry, maybe I am meeting the wrong person” I said, releasing myself from the hug.

He smiled. “My Dad sent me here, he will join us shortly. My Dad is Tunji Davis; I was the one who referred you to him. It’s funny you don’t remember me.” He said, taking off his glasses. “Maybe this will help. Can you place the face now?” he asked, almost laughing.

“I am sorry, no.”

He sighed. “Okay, how’s Jake? You guy still hang out well, right?” he asked, putting back his glasses.

“Who are you?” I asked, firmly.

He swallowed. “I am Dotun Davis. We went to high school together.” He said, with a smile.

My eyes popped out. I was standing before my first crush!


I stood speechless before Dotun. He blinked. I felt he was expecting me to say something, but there was nothing coming from my end.

While at high school, I thought Dotun was the hottest boy and I once slid a note into his back pack, although it was printed so as not to get into trouble with my handwriting. I had told him in the note to meet me at the school’s basket ball court by lunch that I would be waiting for him in the stands. He showed up but I lacked total courage to come out of hiding. I remember him pacing up and down the court and at a time; he started throwing the balls into the ring, until the school coach came into the gym and whisked him out.

Here he was standing before me, I felt like fifteen again and I tried to hide the nervousness in my eyes.

“Hi Dotun,”

He smiled. “I always knew I will see you again, and as a success.”

“How are you, Dotun?”

He motioned to the chair. “I am doing fine. I won’t mind if you can say another word to me apart from ‘How are you, Dotun?’” he said.

I laughed. “Why is that?”

“That’s the only thing you ever said to me in our six years at high school.”

I was stunned. “Are you serious?”

He smiled, revealing his dimples. ‘Ouch! That’s what I think I fell for’. “Darlene, there was this day I hurt my knee in JS3, and everyone was comforting me, but you didn’t. I stared at you, but you looked away.” He started. “I felt really bad, and then the magical moment came when my driver came to get me.” He said with a smile. “You were standing near the gate, and when I limped across, you held me back and said, ‘How are you, Dotun?’” he stopped, and we both laughed. “That was the best moment of my high school life.”

I was so embarrassed; I had to cover my face.

“You were my first crush, Darlene. I could never forget that moment.” He concluded, straightening his glasses.

‘Why do we live complicated lives? If you love someone, or rather, if you have a crush, JUST SAY! Things were mutual between Dotun and I then, but no one could man-up. Did he expect me to?’ I thought. “Okay, how’s work?” I asked, smiling.

“It was fun until Chidi Obi decided to wreck my dad’s business.” He replied. “What would you have?” he asked, ordering drinks.

“Soda will be fine.” I replied. “There are many competent lawyers in the city, why me?”

Dotun handed me the soda and smiled. “You are one of the best persons I know when it comes to arguing, judging by your high school debating skills. So, when I heard that you were practicing law, I knew that it had to be you for this case.”

“Did you attend debates at high school?” I asked, sipping the soda.

He nodded. “I have never really been a fan of debates, but I just loved seeing you tear your opponents apart.”

“I see you had this all planned.”

He smiled. “Apart from that, I had to see you.” He sipped his drink carefully.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dotun” I replied.

He laughed. “It’s nothing. By the way, how is Jacob?”

“He’s good.”

He nodded. “Do you guys till hang out like before?”

“Even better.”

He smiled. “You guys always made a cute couple, never seen such committed friendship. Are you guys together?” he asked.

“No. we are just friends.”

He batted his eyelashes. “Soon you will be lovers.” He stood up and gestured to his Dad who was approaching.

“Darlene Williams, right?” Mr. Davis said firmly offering his hand.

I took the hand. “At your service, Sir.”

“Thanks for keeping our lawyer here company, Dotun. It’s getting late; you might want to go home now.”
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 3:22pm On Oct 01, 2016
I grinned. “Okay Dad. Can I have your card, Darlene?” he asked, turning towards me.

“Yes, please.” I replied, and fetched a card from my purse.

“I’ll give you a call tomorrow.” He said and pecked me on the cheek. “Good night, Darlene.”

I smiled. “Night, Dotun.”

Mr. Tunji Davis cleared his throat and Dotun scampered off. “You guys got along real good.”

“We go way back.” I replied.

He smiled. “That’s good. So, that aside, Chidi Obi has robbed me off an oil rig and I don’t want him to get away with it.” He started. “The society thinks that he has achieved something, not knowing that he robbed me off it, I bought that rig, but I don’t know how he was able to upturn the Dubai guys on me.”

“Do you have any document to prove your ownership?” I asked.

He nodded in agreement. “Yes, I do. But Obi also has the same documents with his name on them, it’s all messed up at the moment and I am sure that he did something shady.”

“Do you have any of the Dubai agents on your side?” I asked.

He nodded. “Sameer has promised to be in court for me. I will fly him in a week before the case.”

“That will be fine by me. Since Oil is involved, I would advise you not to reveal the identity of your witness at the moment, we don’t want Sameer compromised or killed.” I said, fetching my phone. “Can I have a copy of the deed?”

He opened his brief case and handed me the document. “That is a photocopy of it, I have the original in the bank.”

“This will do.” I said, putting the document in my bag.

We exchanged phone numbers. “I will set up a meeting with you tomorrow.”

“Be careful kid.” He said.

I nodded. “I’ll be.” I replied and left.

I boarded the BRT bus. I was lucky enough to get a seat, so that I wouldn’t have to stand for the next twenty minutes before getting to my bus station. The advantage of having a bag with you is that you can boss people to get a seat by putting it before you. I plugged my ear phones in my ears as the bus drove off.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I raised my head and an old man in a torn leather jacket and almost no teeth flashed a wide smile at me. You know what that means. I stood up and leaned for support until I got off the bus.

As I strolled into the estate, I watched teenagers riding their bicycles and enjoying an evening after school. Some were locked around in corners; well you know what they could have been doing. Work had officially begun for me at Ade-Cole, I held in my hand a file that would see me go up against a renowned lawyer.

“Dad, I am going up against Subomi Bankole in two weeks.” I said, standing by the door.

Dad’s eyes shot open. “Subomi?”

Subomi Bankole meant doom to my dad. His first lose was attributed to him. I nodded to affirm it. “Yes Dad, Subomi Bankole.”

Dad sipped his Red Wine. “I’ll have the boys in Sydney prepare the house when you fail, or is it Miami you would love to cool off.”

I managed a soft chuckle as I joined Dad on the sofa. “I haven’t even gone up against him, Dad.” I stressed. “Don’t be so negative.” I added, retrieving the documents from my bag. “I am going to attack him like a careless rookie; I won’t try to play professional.”

Dad laughed. “Tricks from your professor’s class at Harvard? Professor Dean told me the same thing when I was about to start my career.” He replied.

“Things were a lot different for you, Dad. You and Subomi were on the same level then, and you have been able to rise above him ever since.” I retorted, opening the file.

Dad smirked. “The first cut is always the deepest. Time has not been able to heal the wound. Subomi downed me in court that day. In this game, it’s about the lawyers, not the clients.” He paused to add more wine. “After this case, you are going to start taking alcohol, because, I know you can’t beat Subomi.” He concluded and gulped the wine.

“That’s not encouraging, father.” I said, frowning.

He looked at me. “Father?” he smiled. “Since when did I become father?”

“That’s what you are to me, isn’t it?”

He nodded. “Of course, I am your father, and it hurts that you don’t want to face reality. It’s harsh, but I can’t see you beating Subomi, you will be frustrated in five minutes.”

“Give it up, Dad!” I said, putting the file in my bag.

He smiled. “And the tabloids are going to read: ‘HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF AS SUBOMI BANKOLE TAKES DOWN DARLENE WILLIAMS’” he paused and smiled at me. “Drop the case before the world laughs at the Williams family a second time.”

“I will beat Subomi.” I said, and left for my room.

I slammed my door angrily and burst into tears. Dad made me feel incompetent. There was a light tap on the door. I could guess. “Go away, Dora.” I sobbed.

“Why try to deal with this alone?”

I stood up like a zombie and opened the door for her. She hugged me tightly. I didn’t want to let go off the hug, at that moment, I needed it.

“Quit working for Dad.” I said to her.

Dora chuckled. “Dad is great man, you know.”

“I have lived with him for years, and I still am. His ego above everything and everyone else,” I retorted.

Dora patted me lightly. “I resigned from the firm today.” She said.

“Really?” I said, wiping my tears. “I am not surprised. Did Dad throw one of his tantrums at you?”

She smiled. “Nothing of such, I am going into Photography.” She went on and on about how she wanted to view the world through pictures. She wanted to represent every vein in a leaf, wool on a sheep and all. I watched Dora talk with passion about something she loved to do, and I knew that all I needed was the passion I had when I went into law school, and I was sure to beat Subomi Bankole, not only for me, but for my Dad. God willing!

...to be continued

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Nmaglit: 3:44pm On Oct 01, 2016
Nice one oyinprince can't believe it look at the way u twisted d story bringing another character into the picture. Keep it up
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Ribena02(m): 3:48pm On Oct 01, 2016
That's why u don't have to change who u are to impress other people. Darlene's never easy to give in behaviour made her pass the test
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by dhara18(m): 11:34am On Oct 02, 2016
Oyinprince is very much with a distance better than other writers on NL......in terms of update, he is superb....long updates, quick, good story lines, good description, superb details, bringing us into law aspect of life all this are what and why i read stories, to learn more about things different from what is around me........man i look up to you, u are the bomb.......booooooooooms!!!!!!.....
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Episode 21

By Tomi Adesina

“And with all these, I think I am satisfied with your statement. I will try my best to speak with Sameer on Skype tonight.” I said, closing my laptop.

Mr. Davis cleared his throat. “How do you fancy your chances against Subomi?” Mr. Davis looked worried. At the moment, it seemed as though, my father was right. Subomi Bankole is a real lion in the ring. I was opportune to watch him once. “That man is a smart crook. I guess you must have a lot of respect for him considering his age and his time in the field. I hope that will not affect you.”

“Never mind Mr. Davis, let me worry about those petty issues. All that matters is that we strongly have a case against Chidi Obi, and it will take a lot of Subomi Bankole’s nerves to beat it.” I said, tapping the file.

He smiled. “I love your confidence kid. I hope to see more of it in two weeks.” He said, standing up. We shook hands firmly. “I will call in the evening to get a feedback of your conversation with Sameer.” He added, and left.

The case which would see me take on Subomi Bankole meant a lot to me more than people could understand. I reveled in excitement of battling Subomi Bankole, for Dad and me. It reminded me of high school when I was the president of the Arts society and we had a debate against our rival school. I totally ‘outclassed’ Jumoke Bankole according to my mates.

“You think you are smart, right?” Jumoke had said, accosting me after the competition.”

I smiled. “Come on Jumoke, you did well too.” I replied, adjusting my collar.

“I have to admit, you are good. How did you do it?” she asked, with a smile.

I grinned. “I don’t tell my little secrets to rivals.” I replied, adjusting my hair.

“You are so full of yourself, aren’t you? Are you taking a revenge on me for my Dad beating your father last week?”

I remember saying to her, “I could care less, and all that matters is that, in this world of ours, I am the boss!”

I turned in my swivel chair as I played Enya’s Orinoco flow. It happened to inspire me at this moment. I was provided with a bunch of documents by Mr. Davis which was to help me in my preparation for the case. He had spent around three hours in my office briefing me on how things were between himself and Chidi Obi before they decided to go their separate ways. I had no doubt that if there was going to be a jury, Chidi Obi would be condemned, the ‘masses’ would reel in excitement if he ended up behind bars.

Chidi Obi had channeled electricity to two of his plants in the remote region of the country and had deprived them of electricity in the time past. This made the people hate him so much, but it didn’t make him restore power to them until government had stepped in. I continued my work until Dare walked in.

“Darlene, its 3pm. Have you had lunch?” he asked, holding the door.

At that moment, I realized that I hadn’t eaten. “I have been so engrossed in this work. I’ll sort that out when I get home.”

“Come on, you have to eat. Don’t you think you are skinny enough?” he asked, approaching me.

I rolled my eyes. “I am not on a diet, Dare. I am just caught up here.” I said staring at the documents on my table.

“If you say so, I will have a steward get you some food. Kentucky?”

I nodded. “Thanks.”

“See you soon.” He replied, and left.

I was starving, but I hadn’t realized it until Dare showed up. I was totally engrossed in the case. I checked my mail box and Dora had sent me some pictures from her first shots.

“How do you like them? They are from KP’s, will send you some more when I take them later.”

Dora had passion for what she did, honestly, I could relate to Dora’s photos. It came from a passionate angle, and for me, anything done with passion always had a Midas touch.

“Ta-da!” Dare said, as he walked in carrying two KFC packs.

I stared at him. “And I guess, you are the steward, right?”

“You should be grateful,” he said, dropping one bag on the table.

I smiled. “Thank you.” I said, checking the contents of the bag.

“I hope you like fries.” He said, approaching the door.

“Why don’t you join me for lunch here?” I asked, politely. He raised one eye brow. “We could talk about the case against Subomi Bankole.”

He laughed as he dropped his pack on the table. “The case is against Chidi Obi.”

“I know, but when you are in the inside, you can only relate to your opposing lawyer.” I replied.

He sat on the rug. “I’d rather we use the rug. You don’t want to mess up the documents.”

“Oh yes!” I replied, and joined him on the rug.

We sat close to the giant window. “Lovely view from here, isn’t it?” I asked.

“I can’t seem to relate with the awesomeness of this view.” He replied, eating his fries.

I nudged him. “Try to be artistic in heart, and you will see it.” I replied.

“So how is the preparation coming?” he asked.

I nodded. “So far so good, I think I have Chidi Obi in a tight corner based on all the documents that Tunji Davis provided me,” I said, taking a chunk of the chicken. I rattled on about the court case to Dare who listened with rapt attention.

I was filled with so much excitement. If I should beat Subomi, I was starting my career on the high, and I couldn’t wish for a better start. I chattered on to Dare about how much I would love to win this case, he didn’t say a word but he kept on gazing, so I guessed he wasn’t listening.

“Dare! Dare!!…Dare!!!” I called furiously.

He snapped out of his thoughts.

“Did you hear anything I said?” I asked.

He laughed. “Of course, it’s just that, you have tomato sauce on your mouth.”

I stared at him with caution. “You could have just said that.” I grabbed a wipe and cleaned my mouth. “Now back to our discussion,” I said as I continued.

“There’s no discussion here, you were the only one doing the talking.” He said, sipping his Pepsi.

My eyes popped in shock. “Are you saying I was just talking to the wind?”

“That’s if the wind was listening.” He replied.

I punched him hard. “Don’t do that.” He said, almost sounding angry.

“I will and I will again.” I replied and punched him again.

He frowned a bit. “I am too much of a strong man to be affected by those weak punches of yours.”

“You think?” I asked and hit him again.

He smirked. “Miss, that’s your last punch. Should you hit me again, I’ll fire you!”

I laughed. “I’d like to see you try. I am about to have my first case and I am sure that you are scared of Subomi so you were willing to pass the case to me.” I said laughing.

“You are a joker! You were specifically requested for by Tunji Davis. I couldn’t turn him down, and by the way, the pay is high. Too high to turn down.”

I bit my lip. “To you, I am facing Subomi because of what you will make out of it, right?”

“You conclude easily.” He said, cleaning his hands.

I nodded. “Now I know why you were eager to get me food. You wouldn’t want your ‘lottery ticket’ feeling ill, right?” I asked, feigning seriousness.

Dare fell for it. “Darlene, forget about what I said previously. Tunji Davis specifically asked for you. He already told you, didn’t he?”

“Nope.” I replied, closing the pack. “He said nothing of such to me, except that you had nominated me for it.” I continued, teasing him.

Dare felt uneasy and reached for his phone. “That man lied to you, and he’s going to hear from me.” He said, punching in some digits. Game up! I yanked the phone from him and aborted the call. He had already dialed Tunji Davis and it took some speed from me to stop the call. “Why did you?” he asked.

I smiled. “I was teasing you. Tunji Davis wanted me.”

“What am I going to do with you?” Dare stressed. He reached for my hand to get his phone, but I dodged his hand. He swiftly pinned my hands and back to the floor. He stared at me and my heart raced fast. For once, I felt like a prey in a lion’s den. He leaned closer and closer, my heart beat didn’t slow down. I felt my resistance breaking as his lips touched mine, and then, I kissed back.

I was the first to withdraw from the kiss.

“I am sorry.” He said, ruffling his hair.

I swallowed and I tried to hide the embarrassment in my face. I threw the pack into the trash can. “I didn’t see that coming.” I managed to say, amidst the embarrassment welling in my face. “Damn it!” I cursed softly, as I bowed my head.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, we are adults, I guess I shouldn’t have kissed you, but I just couldn’t resist you. It’s my fault.” He said, apologizing. He adjusted his tie and approached the door. I faced the window sternly and didn’t turn towards him. “Darlene, I am sorry. It was just an impulse, I shouldn’t have.” He said, and walked out.

Hot tears streamed down my cheeks. The best Paul had gotten from me was a peck. This is my first kiss. Did it have to be Dare’s. Could I be in love with him?

...to be continued

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by missuniverse(f): 6:27pm On Oct 02, 2016
Dare is CLASSY...
Jake is a CHARMER...

Darlene loves Dare,but she is in love with Jake...

I think Dora would help her realize that...

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by dimssy(m): 9:34am On Oct 03, 2016
Dare is CLASSY...
Jake is a CHARMER...

Darlene loves Dare,but she is in love with Jake...

I think Dora would help her realize that...
yeah,you're very right. Experience?
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Missmossy(f): 10:10am On Oct 03, 2016
missmossy, calm.are you sure dare is not keeping somethings.
Lol you are right obviously he is hiding something, i agree with you.
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Tgold1(m): 10:59am On Oct 03, 2016
Good Story, All i want is Jake and DarlEne..... Dora Shouldn't Come Between them ooo..... And if Darlene should Be with Dare, She'll be heart broken
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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by missuniverse(f): 12:11pm On Oct 03, 2016
Good Story,
1) All i want is Jake and DarlEne...
2).. Dora Shouldn't Come Between them ooo...
3).. And if Darlene should Be with Dare, She'll be heart broken
1) Me too
2)I dont think she'd want to hurt Kp
3)is that not what she wants? ?

yeah,you're very right. Experience?
kinda;regardless of that,one has to read between the lines

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Well I'm here now..

Hello to the pretty miss above me kiss
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Mr Oyinprince,where's today's update.

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Diary Of A Love Sick Writer By Angelsss / Tales Of Abigail / Questions, Theories, And Trivia Of The ASOIAF (Game Of Thrones) Books.

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