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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 8:10am On Oct 04, 2016
Episode 22

By Tomi Adesina

I drummed on Jacob’s door. The sound from his woofer blasted loudly. ‘I doubt if Jake would hear’ I thought. I drummed on it again, this time harder than before.

“Easy” Jake said, as he opened the door. He stared at me. “Why the look?” he asked.

I wasn’t here to tell Jake about Dare and I. “The server is down at my place and I need to Skype.”

“Liar! Sir Williams has a routed network, why are you really here?” he asked, standing in the doorway.

I smirked. “Who’s in there?” I asked, trying to peer underneath his arm.

“No one. I am planning for Dora’s party.” He replied, folding his arms. “Also, I don’t think it’s good for you to have an idea of what I am planning.”

I pushed him out of the way. “This is no wedding.” I strolled into his living room and stared at a familiar face. “Jane?” I asked with a smile.

“Williams!” she said, and rushed to me. We hugged tightly. We hadn’t seen each other in a very long time.

Jake came in brushing his chin “D, you actually hurt my chin.”

“Come off it Jake, you are a baby.” Jane said. “Tell me about Dora, Darlene.” She said, excitedly.

I raised my eyebrow and stared at Jake. “What did this ‘chatter box’ tell you?” I asked.

“Nothing yet.” She said, pushing the telephone away. “This place is a mess; we were calling some event parlours.” She added. Jake didn’t lie about the preparation for Dora’s coming out event.

‘My manners!’ “When did you get back from Pretoria?” I asked.

“This morning.” She replied with a knowing smile.

Jane worked in her father’s companies. She shuttled from all over the shores while her idle twin, Jake partied round the shores. She spent more of her time in South Africa, her boyfriend is South African, at least that’s the last I knew of them.

“When are you going back? I know you will miss being away from Jason.”

She laughed. “Jason got married last week. The dude is actually bisexual. I had to give him up.” She said, fetching her phone. “Here are photos from the wedding.”

“Are you nuts?” I shouted, staring at the phone. “You had the nerve to take pictures with them; you are a wonder, Jane!”

She shrugged. “Jason was bisexual! That’s something I hadn’t seen before, a record! Sleeping with a bisexual!”

“Just shut up Jane, your story is pathetic! You should see the Doctor and then Pastor Ben for cleansing.” Jake said, handing me a can of Fayrouz.

We all laughed.

“I hear Pastor Ben is now heading the church, I miss that man.” Jane said, opening her drink.

Jake stared at me. “What brings you here anyways?” he asked.

“Can’t a girl see her friend anymore?” I asked, sipping the drink. I choked slightly.

He cleared his throat. “Sorry.” He turned down the music player.

“Some sanity at last! We have been spared of M.I!” I said.

Jane nodded in agreement. “I told him to play Adele, but he said she is as pathetic as my relationship with Jason.”

I stared at Jake in disbelief. “You are unfair.”

Jane’s phone rang and she left for her room.

“Thanks Jake.” I said.

He smiled. “What are you thanking me for?”

“Dora’s party. You really are working.” I replied, staring at the list he made. He had already checked seven of the ten on the list.

He winked. “Anything for you.” He replied. “I’ll just get my laptop.” He added, and left for his room.

I touched my lips. It reminded me of the first time Jake had to kill for me. I was so frightened back then in summer camp. I was only fifteen. I was in stables admiring the newly born horses when I heard some noises, I tried to hide from the sound because I couldn’t see who or what was making the noise. I then saw movements on the hay. I screamed.

Jake rushed into the stables when heard me scream. “What is it, Darlene?”

“SSsssnnakke!” I managed to say trembling.

His eyeballs widened and he reached for the door.

“Don’t leave me here.” I begged in tears.

He gestured to a stick at the door and held it firmly. My heart raced quickly as the snake approached me. “I’ll never come for summer camp again if I survive this.” I said to myself.

Jake struck the snake in the head. He held the stick firmly in the snake’s head and I watched in terror, as it wriggled hard for survival. I feared that the snake might turn towards Jake as the snake seemed to be gathering some strength.

“Run out of here now!” Jake ordered.

I ran towards the door, but I couldn’t leave Jake alone. “I am not leaving you here.”

“Get out!” he shouted. By then the noise had attracted some other campers and the horsemen around joined us in the stable. A bullet was enough to sink the snake dead. I rushed to Jake and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you.” I whispered softly. Our heads were locked and we came close to an unexpected kiss, I couldn’t remember who initiated it, but all I could remember is that Jake’s girlfriend came in.

“My hero!” she said, as she hugged him.

‘My hero?’ I thought. I should have been the one saying that. I snapped out of my thoughts, maybe Jake truly owned my first kiss, if I was to give it, but now Dare got it.

“Here you go.” He said, handing me his laptop.

I left for the kitchen with the laptop. I wanted privacy with Sameer. Sameer and I spoke for about two hours before I decided to retire home.

“Let me drop you off.” Jake offered, wearing a shirt.

I smiled. “Never mind, I’ll be fine. The day is still young.” I replied, checking my watch.

“Ya…right! This is 8pm. I will be fine when I know you are home.” He said, leading me to his car.

I nodded. “Thanks. Is Jane returning to Pretoria anytime soon? I’d like to invite her for Dora’s coming-out.” I said, drawing the seat belt across my chest.

“I don’t think she’ll be returning to Pretoria. She’s devastated from her break up with Jason; she has just been putting up a façade since she returned.”

I sighed. “It’s pretty disgusting to have a bisexual as a boyfriend.” I said.

Jake laughed. “What do you know? You don’t even have a boyfriend.”

“I used to have.” I replied, rolling my eyes.

He nodded. “But not anymore, anyways, I think Jane will be joining my parents in Canada next month.”

“Is she running away?”

He smiled. “Not really, but she wants to take a break from work before she resumes to the new company at Dubai.”

“JAKE!!!” I screamed.

He swerved off the road and screeched the tyres so hard. “What!” he asked frightened.

I managed a soft chuckle. “I didn’t mean to scare you, but I am surprised that your sister is the one doing all the family’s job, while you are so idle.”

“I hate work. I don’t like someone yelling at me in the office like Dare does to you.”

I wore a frown. “Okay, I know he has changed, but he really used to frustrate you then and I don’t want anyone doing that, and if you work with my Dad for a while, you’ll understand how annoying he can be on the job.”

“Jake, soon you’ll be a family man, and you will need to provide for your household, how will you do that? I want you to know that soon your dad will be tired of giving you money and then with the recent happenings in the stock market, you will be broke. Who are you gonna run to when that happens? Jane?”

He laughed. “You!”

I sighed. “Does everything have to be a joke with you?”

He nodded and stuck his tongue out as he drove on.

“Thanks for the ride, Jacob.” I said, as he pulled up.

He cleared his throat. “D…erm, good night.”

“What is it Jake?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Nothing, do you have anything to tell me?” he asked.

“Of course not.” I replied and stepped out of the car. “Thanks Jake.”

He nodded and started his car.

“Good evening Dad.” I said, as I climbed the stairs.

He sipped his drink soberly and didn’t reply. James Blunt’s ‘Cry’ pulsed slowly from his CD player. “Don’t take on Subomi.” He said quietly, and wiped a tear from his face.

“I’ll beat him Dad.” I replied softly and left.


I tapped on Dora’s door. She opened almost immediately.

“Hi dear.” She said, closing the door after me.

I sank into the chair. “I kissed Dare.”

“Whoa!” she said grinning. “Was it good?” she asked.

I sighed. “Do I sound like I am proud of it?” I asked.

“You don’t exactly have to sound proud of it to be proud of it.” She replied, applying her facial mask. She stared at me and then sighed. “Come on Darlene, it’s not like this is your first kiss.” She said and then paused. “Or not?” Since I didn’t reply, she could guess. “I can’t believe this! So you just had your first kiss in 24 years, whoa!!!” she laughed. “Seriously, how did it feel?”

I shook my head in disbelief. “Dora, this hurts more than you can imagine.”

“You must be right, because, I don’t understand where the hurt is coming from. To be honest, I always knew that Dare is going to be the next man in your life.” She replied, dancing round the room.

I shook my head in disagreement. “It was an accident.” I replied.

“Yeah yeah…honey, it’s Dare for you!” she said laughing.

I smiled. “I’ll be in my room,” I said, grabbing my bag.

“Come on… I’ll be serious from now. Let’s talk about it, or you could just cry on my shoulder.” She said with a smile.

“Let’s talk.”

Dora smiled waiting for me to start. “How did it happen?”

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 8:11am On Oct 04, 2016
“It happened so fast. We were struggling for his phone and then, I guess you can imagine the rest.”

Dora sighed. “If it’s what I am thinking, I would say he always had the intention, you are totally kissable.” She said. I smiled faintly. “Dare likes you, but I think he has an aggressive or maybe let me say, an arrogant way of loving.”

“Maybe I’ll disagree with you on that, you don’t know him.”

She nodded. “I am speculating. But, I can’t be wrong.”

“How do I handle this?”

She laughed. “Treat it as though it never happened. I know you can do it, all you have to do is show that you are stronger than it, it might be difficult, but you have to, else you are completely his.”

“It’s going to be difficult. I am going to see this guy every day.”

She nodded. “Of course, many secretaries sleep with their bosses, yet they still act as though everything were normal, this is just a kiss.”

“Not just a kiss for me, it is my first!” I said through my teeth.

Dora sighed and slipped into her bathrobe. “You claim that it was just an accident, so why is going to be difficult? Honey, you can handle this, I know you have the strength.”

Dora’s speech for the first time was largely uninspiring. “Thanks, but you are so unhelpful tonight.” I said, standing up.

“You are welcome.”

I sank into my bed. A new chapter in my life had just been opened. A high class court case around the corner and my kiss with Dare set me off into thoughts. Flashes from the kiss with Dare strayed into my thoughts as I tried to go through my books for the pending court case. If I was to put the incident with Dare behind me, I had to start from somewhere, and at the moment, preparing for my first court session seemed to be a great idea.

I rushed to join the 6am bus. You don’t want to dare Lagos city traffic. I had slowly relieved Jake of his chauffeur duties, and I seem to be doing fine joining buses and tunneling the stations with Daniel on his way to solitary in Abuja. He was also going to join a reformatory class there. Dad had arranged his movement to Abuja.

“Good morning.” I said with a smile to the security officers as I walked into the firm. I had a special smile for everyone at Ade-Cole. I greeted some with a ‘fake smile’, technically, it’s not ‘fake’, but what do you call flashing your teeth at the fifty year old counsellorat the firm? She needed the fake smile as she was always talking about everybody to somebody.

“Did you sleep well, Darlene?” Mrs. Abu asked as I headed for the elevator.

I nodded in the affirmative. “Yes ma’am.”

“Honey,” she started, stopping me from punching the elevator button. “Toni will be off duty for the rest of the week, you heard about what happened last night?”

I smirked. “Not at all.” I was about to be let in on some juicy information by Mrs. Abu.

“Oh well, you know I am not one to talk too much about people’s private matters, but when I hear something that is of priority and it needs to be told, I do my job.” She started. ‘Counselling, I suppose.’ I said to myself.

She adjusted her glasses and continued. “It so happened last night that…Oh my God, I am not sure that I should be letting you in on this information.” She said, with a grin.

“Oh come on Mrs. Abu, if it really is important and it concerns Toni, you should just say.” I replied reaching for the elevator.

She sighed. “Honey, how do I start? Okay…the thing is that Toni felt ill yesterday and Dare told her to see the doctor.”

I drew a dry hiss and punched the elevator door hard. “Thanks.” I said, not without a frown.

I bumped into Dare as soon as I stepped out of the elevator. My heart skipped a beat. “Good morning.” I said.

He smiled without saying a word and stepped into the elevator. ‘Exactly the Dare I know!’

“Good morning Bola.” I said, approaching my office door

She stood up courteously. “Good morning Darlene. You have a meeting with the board of directors later this afternoon.” She said, handing me an envelope.

“What’s the subject?” I asked, collecting the envelope.

She glanced through her file. “The case against Chidi Obi”

“Okay, thanks.”

The case against Chidi Obi seemed to be gathering momentum. The ‘Masses Advocate’ a popular daily journal read, “CAN DARLENE WILLIAMS LAND CHIDI OBI BEHIND BARS?” I inhaled deeply and went through the article. It had news on my personal record from law school at Harvard, but it was nothing compared to Subomi Bankole’s gigantic profile which had several conquests in them. My father’s loss to Subomi Bankole was mentioned in the concluding paragraph and I could bet a million that it would break my father’s heart if he saw that journal. I stashed it away in my cabinet and fetched my laptop.

I fetched my phone and dialed Toni but the answering machine answered it. Toni couldn’t come to the phone; I dropped a get well soon’ wish for her and promised to call in the evening. I dropped my phone on the table and turned on my laptop. Just then, my phone buzzed, It wasn’t Toni returning the call, it was Jake calling.

“Hi Jake.”

“Hi babes. I got news for you, I am going over to you house with some guys to start the decorations for Dora’s event.”

I smiled. “Thanks a lot Jake.”

“Never mind.” He replied, and hung up.

I designed a ‘get well soon’ card on my laptop and sent it to Toni’s email. I had acquired Photoshop skills from my days at high school when it was made a compulsory course for us. I took the course serious and it has become an advantage to me.

Toni replied my mail almost immediately with the address to her house. I anticipated lunch time as the meeting with the board was fixed for noon.

“I hear you are challenging Subomi Bankole, how are you preparing for it?” Femi Ade-Cole asked.

The board room was filled with the top officials except for Ayo Ade-Cole; Femi Ade-Cole had taken the stand-in position for his brother pending the time of his arrival. Femi Ade-Cole didn’t give me much room to breathe when we first met. He stared at me from an acute angle. “Relax kid.” He said, trying to ease my nervousness.

“I am coming along well; it’s a matter of time before I take on Subomi.”

He smiled. “How do you fancy your chances?”

“That’s a tough one to answer.” I replied with a smile. Dare shifted in his seat and I guess he felt uneasy with my response.

Dare scoffed. “Make it easy for us Ms. Williams, there is a firm fee of six million, and a personal fee of four million if you win, so I hope you know that there is a lot at stake.” He said carelessly.

I stared at him with a bit of fury in my eyes. ‘Business or Personal?’ I thought. “Do you have a problem with my response, Mr. Ade-Cole?”

“Of course not.” He replied, straightening his jacket. “I am only concerned about the lethargy shown towards this case from your end.” he added.

I shot my eyes in fury. “Where is this coming from Mr. Ade-Cole?”

“Save the attitude, Dare. Money comes second here!” Femi Ade-Cole added.

Dare hissed.

I stared at the other board members and smiled. “I am a professional, this might be my first case, but I will not be bossed by anyone here.”

“Ms. Williams, I understand your frustration,” Mr. Femi started. “If I will have two-third votes, I will like Dare Ade-Cole to excuse us for the rest of the meeting.”

Dare stared at his uncle. “Are you throwing me out of the meeting?”

“Two-third votes, and Dare leaves” he re-affirmed.

It wasn’t difficult to get the votes. Dare grabbed his file and stepped out.

“Now Ms. Williams, I know you are good, but I want you to know that Bankole has been in this game forever, he will be hoping to take advantage of your first, so I hope you won’t crack.”

I nodded my head. “I will try my best.”

“That’s all that’s needed from you at this stage, but you have to understand that Tunji Davis trusts you to recover his oil rig from Chidi Obi, and we all are banking on you to put one of the city’s worst crooks behind bars.”

The board room was filled a lot of hopefuls and it seemed as though hopes hinged on my beating Subomi Bankole.

...to be continued

Read Episode 23 - 27 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Jaytoy(f): 8:20am On Oct 04, 2016
episode 26 was repeated in episode 27.... good morning and thanks for the update.

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 8:13am On Oct 05, 2016
Episode 23

By Tomi Adesina

I strolled out of the office as soon as the meeting with other board members was over. Dare hung around the office door.

“You!” he said, accusingly.

In my heart, I was reeling with excitement for having kicked Dare out of the board meeting, “Yes,” I replied, casually.

He waited for the other board members to leave the floor before he continued. “What did you do that for?” he asked, fumbling with his tie.

“What did I do?” I replied. In all honesty, Dare was the one who wanted to make me look bad before the other board members. “Refresh my memory sir.”

He sighed and rolled his eyes. “I am sorry, Darlene. I acted like a real jerk in there. I really don’t know why I acted in that manner.” He smiled revealing his teeth. “Do you forgive me?”

I ignored him. “I would love to see Toni, I hear she’s unwell.”

He nodded. “I also want to see her. If you don’t mind, we could just go together.” He offered.

“I will just get my bag.”

It was roughly thirty minutes drive to Toni’s. The bells chimed softly as Dare pressed the bell for a second bell. The door creaked as a young man wearing a v-necked white shirt and a camouflage trouser opened.

“Hi Dare.” He said, as they exchanged handshakes.

He ran his eyes through me and I found myself hiding behind Dare’s jacket. “Are we in the right place?” I whispered.

“She’s Darlene, a colleague of Toni.” Dare introduced.

The man smiled. “Toni speaks highly of you. Please come in.” he said, leading the way.

Dare and I followed him into the house.

“Make yourselves comfortable.” He said, going upstairs.

Dare and I took our seats. I took a quick look around the living room. “Is that Toni’s husband?” I asked Dare.

He nodded. “YUP!” he sunk into the sofa.

I smiled. “Whoa! She never said her hubby is in the army.” I said, staring at the frame on the wall.

“You have a lot to ask her then. Gideon never really comes home; he was deployed to Southern Sudan last month. I am beginning to think she feigned her illness.” He said, joining me near the picture frame.”

Gideon returned with Toni. “Hi Darlene.” She said throwing her arms around me.

“Are you feeling better now?” I asked, touching her forehead.

She smiled and whispered into my ears. “I missed Gideon.” She then pinched me lightly.

We all burst into a hearty laughter. Toni and I left for the kitchen.

“There are some fresh cabbages in the fridge, please pass them to me.” Toni said cleaning the board.

I opened the fridge and fetched the cabbages. “Are we making vegetable salad?”

She nodded. “Yes, there’s some coconut rice to go along.”

“Did you feign illness?” I asked, chopping the cabbages. They looked healthy and needed slight cooking. In this part of the world, diets like these seemed continental as the normal or average Nigerian family might settle for a conventional Rice and Beans lunch. But due to the exposure I had as a child, which I guessed Toni must also have been exposed to, we didn’t do the traditional African dishes, although nothing could take the place of my beloved ‘Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup’, I’d be condemned to European or semi-American dishes on several occasions.

She winked. “Was it a bad idea? Gideon will be home until after the weekend. It has been a year since I last saw him” she said rinsing the carrots she had chopped.

“I guess you want to make some babies,” I said, laughing.

She nodded and tried to hide the embarrassment in her face. “It’s all the gold I have got.” She replied and swiftly collected the cabbages from me; they had to be saved as I had already started munching them.

Toni and I hurried over the vegetable salad while Dare and Gideon grilled the barbeque. I couldn’t be so sure that some of the barbeque might not have suffered body damage, two men and meat is meat!

“I expect your illness to be over when Gideon leaves.” I started, as I dished the salad into the Chinas.

She smiled. “You are a really lucky lawyer. You have a high profile case as your first case; I hope you know that if you land this one well, you will become an automatic force to reckon with.”

“The pressure is high.” I replied, taking off my apron.

She nodded in agreement. She hung her apron carefully. “I know you can handle the pressure, all you have to do is to be you against Subomi.”

“Ladies, barbeque time” Gideon roared from the backyard.

Toni smiled at me and left for the backyard. She returned almost immediately. “The boys want us to have lunch at the backyard.” She said as she gathered the Chinas. “We will also have lemonade; we have some left from the last mix, check it in the fridge.” She briefed, leaving for the backyard.

There was a huge jar of lemonade juice in the fridge; there was also a huge jar of milk. The fridge had some pizza, half eaten. Burger packs from Kentucky adorned the fridge. It made me think of how much food went down Toni’s throat. The woman can eat! End of story. I fetched a tray and joined the trio in the backyard. Gideon and Dare had laid a huge picnic mat. The sizzle from the grill sounded delightful.

Dare had removed his jacket and loosened his tie. Toni took her seat beside Gideon, Dare cleared some space beside him and I took my seat.

“Are you guys going out?” Gideon asked staring at Dare and I, chewing his drum stick.

Toni cleared her throat. “We should say our prayers first, Gideon.” She said, collecting the chicken from her husband.

“Do we really have to?” he murmured. Gideon must be like one of those men who didn’t see the need for blessing meals, could I blame him? The man is practically a ‘killer’, well people in the army don’t like to be addressed as murderers, but there is no lighter way to say that ‘you take someone’s life for a good cause.’

Toni started the prayers and then I felt we were never going to stop. I opened my eyes to be sure it was only a prayer for lunch, Toni kept on ‘binding and casting’ every Escherichia coli that might have made its way into the vegetable salad or the barbeque. Gideon and Dare cleared their throats intermittently. Time up, Mrs. Small.

“Amen!” Gideon shrieked.

Toni stopped the prayer abruptly; she took a quick glance at us all and bowed her head. She was far from finished with her prayers. Few minutes later, she thundered “In Jesus name we pray”.

“Amen.” We all chorused.

Even in Pastor Ben’s church, ‘Amen’ never sounded that loud. Toni’s neighbor from the next terraced flat flung her window open; eye balled us coldly, kept her nose in the air and slammed the window shut. We all let out a loud laugh.

“Back to my question,” Gideon started, mouthful. “Dare, are you dating Darlene?”

Dare smiled and cast a weird glance on me. “Shamefully not”

“Really? I think you guys make a wonderful couple.” Gideon said. I blushed a bit. Did I blush? Okay…I think I flushed across my face, must have been embarrassing.

Dare laughed. “You said the same about Reina and me.”

Gideon shook his head in disagreement with a stern look. “I said you and Reina make a ‘sophisticated’ couple.” He corrected. “More like the Brad Pitt and Jolie thingy, but you and Darlene would be more of Bonnie and Clyde.” He paused and sipped his drink. “Did I just say Bonnie and Clyde? Well, I don’t know, but it will be more of ‘Dare and Darlene’, something beautiful.” He concluded, gulping the rest of his lemonade.

Was Gideon trying to say that I was less sophisticated? He almost had me looking at myself.

I tried to avoid Toni’s questioning gaze as we had lunch. “Gideon, your speculations don’t even apply here, Darlene is uninterested.” She said, wiping some mayonnaise from Gideon’s mouth.

“You think? He asked, ruffling her hair. “Babe, they are shy and are afraid to admit. That’s what I call real love.”

At this junction, it was time for the traditional cough and it was done by Dare and me at the same time. Gideon spoke as though Dare and I were in absence, that’s some nerve! I couldn’t expect less from a man in the army.

“They even make the same sounds.” Gideon said, and laughed. “Let’s give them some space honey.” He said, kissing Toni’s forehead.

He placed some chickens in a bowl and pulled Toni by the arm. “Have a good time guys.” He said, and pulled Toni along who grumbled all the way.

An awkward silence continued between Dare and I. I got pretty uncomfortable and rose to my feet.

“Why are you leaving?” he asked, without raising his head.

What did Dare want from me? “It’s not like we have anything to say, or do we?”

Dare rose to his feet and stared at me. His gaze was set out to make me very uncomfortable but I did well to reply with a firm gaze. When a boy stares at you in order to trip you, you just have to stare back, and of course, in the most convenient fashion for you, as a lady. But not the seducing type of stare. The purpose will be defeated and possibly, the sheets might end up rumpled.

Dare was taking forever to answer my question. “We have nothing to say.” I said, avoiding any eye contact between Dare and me.

Dare squinted his eye balls avoiding the rays from the evening sun that seemed to flash so sharp at the moment. He rubbed his chin and then grabbed his jacket from the mat. Okay…this seemed to me like the part where both parties said their official good-byes.

“I would like to go home from here Dare.” I announced, clutching my bag to my arm.

He nodded. “That’s fine by me.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow. Tell Gideon and Toni that I said bye.” I said and turned from him.

Dare gripped me by the arm and dropped his jacket. He forced his mouth against mine and this time the kiss didn’t sink, he got a slap from me.

“Let go!” I yelled furiously.

He rubbed his chin softly as I caressed my hand from the hit.

“You have no right to disrespect me.” I added aggressively, pulling back some hair from my face.

He smiled faintly. “I don’t regret stealing that kiss.”

Pervert! Dare had gotten out of hand. I admit that I consented to the first kiss between us, but not again, I made a mistake. Didn’t I?

“Dare, I won’t have you do that with me again.” I said, adjusting my hair. “If there is a next time…”

“What would you do?” he yelled. “Slap me harder? Hand in your resignation?” he shouted. Toni’s neighbor’s window opened again, but this time, she put her head back in almost immediately.

I swallowed and adjusted my collar. “Dare, you can never get close to me again. I forbid you to!”

He nodded. “I am not sorry Darlene Williams. And I will not have you forbid me, you have no right to.”

“Who do you think you are? You can’t play boss over my emotions!”

He nodded. “I am not trying to play boss, did you think our first kiss was accidental? I saw everything in your eyes, it was the same in mine.” He said, staring at me.

Curse those eyes! “If there was anything in my eyes, it had to be pity for your soul Dare, It was an accident to me.”

“Yeah…and you kissed back? Forget it, Darlene, there is something between us and I think it’s time we worked it out.”

I scoffed. “The only thing that we’ll be working out is my severance pay after I am done with Subomi.” I said.

“I love you.” He said, looking down.

...to be continued

Read Episode 24 - 28 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 8:15am On Oct 05, 2016
episode 26 was repeated in episode 27.... good morning and thanks for the update.
thanks, I corrected it already
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Nmaglit: 9:40am On Oct 05, 2016
What took dare so long to admit that he love darlene

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by NuelChesby: 12:02pm On Oct 05, 2016
Women and slap undecided
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by missuniverse(f): 4:29pm On Oct 05, 2016

dedicated to Darlene and Jake
they'd better not fall my hand
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Jake dates Dora
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@ oyinprince, this story hits d hallowed chambers of my heart... can u please drop twice on youngicee everyday?.
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dedicated to Darlene and Jake

they'd better not fall my hand
them go marry with kids
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This seems more.complicated than I thought it would. Thanks Oyinprince for the updates.
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Episode 24

By Tomi Adesina

I hailed a cab. “Osborne.” I said to the driver hastily.

“#5000 naira, nothing less” he said, staring at my LV Handbag.

I hissed. “Just drive!”

I looked through the mirror and saw Dare give up the chase. I gasped and sent an SOS message to Dora. She called back almost immediately.

“Are you home?” I asked.

“Yes. Are you alright?”

I sobbed. “Please stay at home, I’ll be there soon.” I replied and hung up.

I handed the cab driver his fare and raced upstairs. Dora made herself available for a bear hug as soon as I ascended the stairs. We left for the kitchen; it seemed to be Dora’s office these days when she wasn’t taking pictures of the leaves and animals in the house.

“Tell me everything.” She said, as she handed me a glass of water.

I took a heavy gulp of the water. “Dare loves me.”

She stared at me for a while and then laughed. “Why then are you making it look as though you just had someone maimed? You can’t tell me that you didn’t see this coming.” She said, collecting the glass from me. “And to think I thought you just got fired.” She sipped the rest of the water.

I hissed. “You don’t understand, Dora. He can’t love me. I don’t want him to; I am already in love with him.”

“I am confused.” Dora said seriously.

A proud girl always has a lot going on in her life that she never lets anyone in on. For me, the case wasn’t any different. The day I ended things with Paul in the most ‘non-classy’ fashion ever paved way for a new beginning in my life. I felt disturbed about how I ended things with Paul, but it never got to me until Valentine’s Day when I met Paul at the central market.

Paul had said to me, “One day you will meet the man you will love, how would you feel if he treated you this way.”

The first day I stepped into Ade-Cole firm and met Dare, I had liked him. Well, it was just the ‘like’ factor. Then after the suicide threat by Paul, I was consumed with the idea of getting my heart broken. All through my high school days, I had been seen as the ‘Amazon’ lady. I found it hard to ‘love’ or care with the extra attention. I crushed like every normal girl, but it faded almost immediately. I understand that crushes are meant to fade especially when it was just for the natural attraction, but I never really saw a guy as special. No HOMO!

I really wanted to be in love. Dare Ade-Cole had all the features of my dream man-Athletic, Good physique, Handsome, and most of all, Classy! I would be well represented. That’s was what I saw him as initially, a good representation! Who wouldn’t want such a man? So it was easy to fall in love with him, but I only didn’t want it reciprocated. I wanted to feel hurt. Not normal for any girl, but absolutely perfect for Darlene Williams.

Dora shifted her weight against the sink. “Ezra Pound was so right when he said ‘we humans are the most complicated beings’. I can’t believe you have this wish.” She started. I inhaled deeply. She paused a bit and continued, “You are beautiful, smart, professional and everything a man would be proud to have as a wife. Why would you want something less than love? You deserve to be in love, it’s the most perfect feeling.” She stopped with a smile. I was about to speak and then she put her fingers on my mouth. “Just in case you care to counter me, even Modupe Ozolua says she’ll love if her object of affection loves her return.”

We both laughed. Modupe Ozolua is typically the envy of any Nigerian woman. I’ll take that back. She’s the envy of any woman who wants to go under the knife. She is also a true definition of class, so I could relate to Dora’s statement.

“I am not really Ozolua’s fan.” I said, cleaning a pear. “You care?” I asked, reaching for another. She nodded. “Here you go.”

I choked slightly on the pear. “All I wanted was for Dare to break my heart, is that too much to ask for?”

“It’s not going to happen the way you want it.” She replied. “Moreover, it’s a strange and complicated wish. You don’t expect that to happen so directly, it won’t come to you when you want.” She said, eating her Pear. “Oh my dear, you can’t be faster than life.”

I nodded. “I guess I always wanted to be.”

“Don’t be afraid of a little bit of pain, it won’t hurt to let down your guard a little. You are too serious for life.” She added.

The land phone rang. “Dad should move this thing to his room.” I said.

“I agree with you. The calls are always from the firm about one case or other. I say we don’t answer it.” She suggested, cleaning the dishes in the sink.

I nodded in agreement. The phone rang for the second time and then went to the answering machine.

“I know you girls are at the phone.” Dad breathed into the machine. Dora and I exchanged a look and chuckled softly. “I now know why some clients can’t get across, you choose to ignore calls. In any case, Darlene, I want you to meet me at the country club in thirty minutes. No excuses, no apologies.” He said and hung up.

Dora held my hand firmly. “You’ll be fine my dear. We’ll talk about Dare later.”

“Sir Williams is calling for my head.”

The Country club was roughly twenty minutes away from home. I was lucky to have a driver drop me off at the club. Dad had instructed him to change the car tyres so he helped me to the country club. Dad and I have been long standing members of the Ikoyi Country Club since I was a kid. Getting past the security was no hassle. I just had to say, “Darlene Williams.”

“Welcome ma’am. It’s been a while since you last visited.” The receptionist said as she clicked my name on the system.

I made my way to the bar looking for Dad but he wasn’t there. The other place where I could find him had to be the squash. He must have been playing squash with friends if he wasn’t at the bar. I stood outside the door and signaled to him. He dried his face and joined me outside with Mr. Tobi Shodipo.

“You are now a fine woman, Darlene.” Mr. Shodipo said, running his eyes through me.

I stared at Dad. He immediately cleared his throat. “You remember Tobi Shodipo, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, I do. Thank you.” I replied, staring at Mr. Shodipo

I had never liked the Shodipo family. His daughter, Wura, was best friends with Jumoke Bankole and they always tried to make life hell for me at high school, and Wura was once Jake’s girlfriend. His son wasn’t any better, Wole Shodipo, picked up fights with Jake. It has been around nine years since I last saw any member of the family.

“Tobi just returned to the country with Wole and Wura. I thought you guys might want to catch up on old times.”

I rolled my eyes. “I was never really friends with them.”

“It doesn’t seem that way with my kids, they speak highly of you.” Mr. Shodipo interrupted.

Dad smirked. “I was thinking that you might want to invite them for Dora’s coming out this weekend. It will help everyone to socialize. They are just returning to the country, probably, yourself and Jake could find some of your high school mates and you all could kick back old times.”

“Thanks Dad, but I’ll have to talk about this with Dora. The guest list for the event is full and is just a few days away; I can’t possibly cancel out on one of our guests.”

Dad shook his head. “Two of your guests” He corrected. “Wole and Wura” He added with a smile. “See who ever you have to eject from the list, but make room for Wole and Wura.”

“Thanks a lot Darlene, you are such an angel.” Mr. Shodipo said as he turned away.

I stared at Dad angrily. “What was that for? You didn’t have to call me here. You have already made up your mind.” I said in a fit.

“Mind your tone, young lady.”

I nodded. “I am a busy person. I have a high profile case in roughly a week; I won’t have you pulling me around the city to make room for some ghost friends. Dora doesn’t even know them.”

“I know. But you are to help Dora know them. I am good friends with Tobi Shodipo and you know I enjoy continuity.”

I nodded in agreement. “Of course, just like you are enemies with Ayodeji Ade-Cole and you won’t mind if I continue that with his son.”

“Darlene, I am not going over this issue with you. All I need is 2 spaces for Shodipo’s kids, make it happen, will you?” he concluded and joined his friend at the bar.

I immediately dialed Jake as soon as I stepped out of the club.

“SOS! Wole and Wura Shodipo to be added to Dora’s invite.”

I could feel Jake’s groan. “No!”

“Sir Williams made the rule; we have to stick to it.” I said, flagging down a cab.

I paused to give the driver the directions and then continued the call. Taxis are perfect for calls. “I really hate those guys.”

“Me too, Jane just seconded that.” He said, laughing. “Don’t worry; we’ll have them included in the list.”

I hissed. Jake just reacted momentarily to the news. I expected a fit, maybe that’s the difference with a guy and a girl. “Are you gonna be cool with them around?”

“I have no choice Darlene. It’s your Dad’s rule, and Dora’s party, not mine. Let me call you later babes, I have to wrap up the payments for the event planners.”

I nodded and handed the driver his money as he turned in front of the house. “Bye, we’ll talk later.” I hung up and stepped out of the taxi. I leaned on the giant coconut tree beside the gate and sighed deeply. Wole and Wura? Oh no…although I expect a mature showing from them, I couldn’t be relaxed.

“Hey Darlene”

I turned swiftly to see Dare.

...to be continued

Read Episode 25 -29 on www.youngicee.com

I'll try increase the length of updates or make double updates soon.

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Oyinprince when are you continue Nazareth Hood
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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by NuelChesby: 11:06pm On Oct 06, 2016
I'm done reading episode 29 on www.youngicee.com/ tongue

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By Tomi Adesina

Dare removed his hands from his pockets. “I don’t know what you did to me, Darlene. But, all I know is that I need you.”

Ouch! There are two words that according to my romance books a man shouldn’t use, ‘NEED and WANT’ when a man says he wants you, he is after your body and when a man says he needs you, he has some needs to satisfy in which you are the only one with the cure. Or not? I can’t say my theory is a 100% for every man, but I could make a 95%, right?

“Say something Darlene.” He said, with his eyeballs squinted.

I pressed the bell for a second time. Dare touched my hand and I yanked out of it furiously. “What is it, Dare?”

“Let me take you out for a proper dinner tomorrow.”

I laughed. “Proper dinner?” If Dare meant ‘proper dinner’, I couldn’t fault him. Most of our outings had ended up badly. Daniel, Reina and all…

The security man came out.

“Welcome Ms. Williams.” He said.

I nodded and dismissed him almost immediately. I turned to Dare. “Mr. Ade-Cole, you have disrespected me enough and now you are trying to buy into my privacy. This is my house, not your firm.”

“Darlene, can we not go over that. I apologize for all what happened, but I have been a little bit of balance of late and you have consumed me to my thoughts.”

I have had enough. “DARE! What are you talking about? You are all over me; just give me a break from all these lousy jokes.”

“I admit to have gone a bit over the edge with you, I have been very aggressive, but you can’t fault me totally. You led me.”

My head spanned! All the blood flowing through my veins paused and for one moment, my spines went cold. I stared at Dare coldly. ‘How could he accuse me of his feelings?’ I thought. He fumbled over a few statements and wiped his forehead.

“Darlene, I am not saying it’s entirely your fault that I love you, but…”

I cut in immediately. “Dare, can you just hear yourself? Am I to share in the blame of how you feel? That’s not my business, it’s entirely yours.”

“I know Darlene, but you can’t say you are totally indifferent to me. I can see it in your eyes.”

I laughed sarcastically. “The only thing you can see in my eyes is my contact lens, and that is if I wear any.”

He smiled faintly. “I never believed that I could have love scorned to my face,” he said reaching for his breast pocket. He stretched an envelope before me.

“Sack letter, right?” I asked, collecting the envelope.

He shrugged. “You might just want to read that. I bet you will know what to do next.” He said and walked away into the sunset.

I immediately joined Dora in the kitchen. She was assisting the maids to have dinner set up. “Guess who I saw by the gate?”

“Before we go into your guessing games, you had a call on the land phone from Dotun Davis and he is expecting you to return the call.”

I nodded. “I’ll be in my room then. We’ll talk later.” I replied and rushed upstairs.

I returned Dotun’s call and we set up a lunch meeting for tomorrow. I went over a few notes for the court case and did a rehearsal before my mirror. I had placed Dare’s envelope beside the mirror. It was giving me some sort of motivation irrespective of its content. If he dared to fire me, his firm would be at a loss. I could bet that the Ade-Cole board would not joke with a Firm fee of 6 million naira, so Dare would not dare to have me fired.

I had dinner with Dora and KP. Dad had called that he would be having dinner with the Shodipo’s and his new fiancée.

“I can’t wait to meet my new friends.” Dora said, sipping her wine.

I scoffed. “Hopefully Wole and Wura are no longer the monsters they used to be at high school; else this excitement of yours will die in an instant once you meet them.”

“They can’t really be that bad.” Kolapo interrupted. He gestured to Dora to pass the soup bowl to him. She passed the bowl quickly across the table.

I nodded my head sarcastically. “Wait till you meet them. The person I can’t wait to meet is dad’s fiancée.” I said, wiping my mouth.

“Are you sure that you mom isn’t playing hanky panky?” Kolapo said, staring at Dora.

Dora looked slightly irritated at the term used by KP. “I don’t know.” She said, carelessly.

Kolapo hit the table hard. “I suggest we play detective on her.”

“I am not gonna watch my mom, KP. She’s an adult.”

He nodded in agreement. “She might be an adult, but it’s not a crime if we try to know who she’s dating at the moment, and my heart tells me that it is Sir Williams.”

Dora hissed. “She would have told me.”

“She might have decided to keep it secret at least until something concrete comes up.” I chipped in.

Kolapo stuck his tongue out at Dora.

“For your mind KP…” she said in Pidgin English and cleared her plates to the kitchen.

I stared at Kolapo. “Are you guys having issues?”

He shook his head in disagreement. “None that I am aware of. But she’s been distant of late.”

“I guess it’s about the change of jobs. She has more thinking to do; she even has less time for her wacked jokes these days.”

He shrugged. “I don’t know, but I guess she’s nervous about her coming out event. That’s not so much concern for me like the Jake guy she’s always speaking to these days. I am a bit jealous.”

I swallowed hard. More like lumps! Jake and Dora Okay…it couldn’t happen, right? I mean, she has Kolapo and they seem happy together. She wouldn’t dare date Jacob. Or could she? Why couldn’t she? What have they been speaking about?

“But she says Jake is a cool guy and they are just friends. I think they hung out last week.”

Hung out Now that’s a real hit for me below the belt. “I’ll be right back.” I said to Kolapo and joined Dora in the kitchen. She was drinking water by the sink looking at bit disturbed.

“Are you alright, Dora? I mean you and KP?” I asked, fetching a glass of milk. I kept an eagle-eye gaze on her as I poured the milk. I wouldn’t want her thinking I wanted to analyze their relationship, especially now that Jake might just be lurking around.

She nodded without looking up. I frowned slightly at her response. Dora was acting weird. ‘Could she be in love with Jake?’ I thought. God please, don’t let that happen!

“We are good.” She said and laughed. “Why are you so bothered? We should be talking about you and Dare, not KP and I. We have a very healthy relationship.”

I scoffed. “I hope it’s as healthy as you say.”

“Of course it is sis.” She said, smiling.

I rinsed the glass and then fired up the JAKE subject in a cool manner. “You and Jake hanging out of late?”

She nodded in the affirmative almost confidently. “We went to see an event planner earlier in the week. I was able to meet his twin just last night.”

“That’s cool. Hope you found Jane interesting.” I said, leaning against the sink for support. If by any chance something would happen between Jake and Dora, it would throw me off balance and not even the sink would be enough to keep me upright, but for now I would gladly savour the moment.

She nodded. “Jane is okay, but she’s not as fun as Jake. I think she is more business oriented.” I nodded also. “Anyways, that’s by the way, let’s go and join KP, I don’t want him feeling lonely. He is already jealous of my outing with Jake for me to steer further thoughts in his heart.” She added and left the kitchen.

I left Dora and KP downstairs and left for my room. They had a lot of issues to sort out, if by chance, Jake might be lurking around in Dora’s heart, she would need to flush him out quickly else she’ll risk losing Kolapo. Kolapo seems a fine man to me, nice, warm and everything appreciable in a man, but the truth is that, Jacob is a charmer. He could knock anyone over with a feather. And it seems to me that Dora might not even need the feather before she will be ‘wowed’ by him.

I snapped out of my thoughts and reached for Dare’s envelope. I was relaxed that he wouldn’t dare to sack me without the consent of the board, and most especially with a high profile case around the corner.

Dare and I have said everything we had to say to each other except that I have not been honest about my feelings. At this moment, everything looked glaring, but more confusing. Dare loves me, and yes, I love him. But, I now beginning to feel that I don’t want him, but what if I lose him.

I loosened the ribbon around the envelope carefully, just in case it had to be returned. I wouldn’t want to change the wrap. I inhaled deeply. At the moment, there was a slight tap on the door and Dora stepped in.

“KP is gone. Could we continue our discussion?” she asked, taking her seat.

I stared at the envelope in my hand. “Our discussion might just be subject to what I read in this.” I stretching it forward, but not in her reach.

“You might want some privacy in reading your letter.” She said, standing up.

I nodded in agreement. Dora seemed a bit disturbed this evening. I fear she already likes Jacob a bit too much and that’s not convenient for me, as I feel she’ll be betraying Kolapo. Is that my only reason? Maybe I was scared of losing Jacob to her.

“I’ll ping you when I am through” I replied. She nodded and exited quietly.

I sighed and straightened out the letter.

...to be continued

Read up to Episode 30 on www.youngicee.com

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I'm done reading episode 29 on www.youngicee.com/ tongue

Oyinprince can I get the template on Youngicee?

Pls pls and pls I need it for my love messages blog

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Just did tho
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mr oyin prince, i just visited the link you posted...i read please break my heart....and a wonderful piece in that site....A NEW CREATION...you guys are superb, pls everyone visit *youngicee.com*.....am nt part of their members or bloggers there...but i swear on a stack of pancakes that good works are there

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 11:17am On Oct 10, 2016
Episode 26

By Tomi Adesina


I really don’t know how to start this. If I am gonna write it like a poem, it will be a mess.

So, I crave your indulgence to let me write in the way I can.

Darlene, I apologize for how aggressive I have been in approaching you. This is because

I have never really learnt the proper way to love like Romeo or Shakespeare.

I have been more like Othello

Darlene, I have never met anyone so forthright with me, so honest, so true.

All those attributes in you turned me on and it has made me see everything I need in a woman in you.

Forgive me if these tenses are not the way you would appreciate, but I would love you to see the sincerity in my words.

I am a man who has loved and lost. Or maybe, I loved wrongly. But now, I am ready to do it right, if you will let me.

I can’t find the words to express how much I was trapped by your simple beauty the first day you stepped into my office.

The way you retorted at me when I dished out orders made me feel wrong for the first time.

I never had anyone talk to me so ‘rude’ but with honesty in it. The first day we went to the park together was memorable for me.

It brought back loving memories into my heart. I felt loved. The first time I raced in the park was with my mom.

Darlene, I love being perfect, but with you, I don’t fear being wrong. You are all the gold I have got.

Even if you will refuse me, don’t leave Ade-Cole, I don’t mind living with you and another man. I’ll be a wreck if you leave.

I know you’ll say, ‘you were existing before I walked by’, but what am I to do when I have built everything around you?

Darlene, I can’t live with my feelings heavy in my heart. This has been the hardest thing to do for me because I have tried to hide this part of me.

I love you Darlene. I know you are disappointed with me, but if you can give me this opportunity, I am willing to make the best out of it.

I want to love you Darlene. Please give me a chance.


I sighed and read the letter over again for the second time. I relaxed against the giant mirror and let some air down my stream. “Don’t make this any harder for me, Dare.” I murmured and left for the living room

“Welcome Ms. Williams.” One of the maids greeted as she met me on the stairs.

I flashed at her angrily. “You already did that when I came in! How many times do you want to say ‘welcome’?”

She bowed apologetically. “I am sorry ma’am, but I can’t remember seeing you today.”

“I reckon. I am sorry.” I replied and walked away.

Dora dropped the phone as soon as I walked into the living room. “What a temper sis, what did the poor girl do to you?” she asked.

I folded Dare’s letter carefully and joined her on the sofa. “Dad wants two guests added to your invite. They are mates from high school”

“You already told me that when we had dinner.” She replied with a grin. “Anyways, aren’t you guys close?”

I shrugged. “We weren’t close. They were mean chaps.”

“So why does Dad want them around us?” she asked as she jotted something into a paper and folded it carefully.

I maintained a firm look. “I really have no idea but all I know is that I expect a better behavior from them. I saw them last at high school.” I noticed Dora wasn’t really paying attention to what I was saying; she was more interested in tucking the paper into her purse. I sat down and said, “One of them used to date Jake; I think old flames would spark. He really liked her.” Dora jolted. Exactly what I wanted and where I wanted her, Dora seemed to like Jacob.

She managed a light smile. “I have to run now. There’s this place I should be taking photos now.” She said, clutching her Nikon Digital Camera to her neck. She looked smart in her black polo shirt and denim jeans. She had an All Star snickers to match.

“Is there something you are hiding from me?” I asked, trying not to look at her.

I stole a quick glance as she rolled her eyes and held the door handle. “I am fine Darlene.” She smiled faintly and walked out.

“Damn it!” I yelled as she walked out. Dora is falling for Jake. Who wouldn’t? The idiot is single, hot and idle! I was tempted to dial Jake and ask him about Dora but I restrained myself from it as I didn’t want to appear like the ‘jealous housewife’.

In the end, I didn’t have to call Jake because as soon as I finished ruminating over Jake and Dora, he appeared at my doorstep with Jane. So I didn’t have to worry about him and Dora being together.

“Halo Jane.” I said as we air kissed.

Jake hissed as he stepped inside. “Why do ladies always deceive themselves with this ‘air kissing’ thing? You guys are really not close.”

“We used to be before Jane became business oriented and started travelling around the world, unlike you.”

He nodded, not convinced. “Where’s Dora?” he asked, slumping into the sofa.

“She had some photo sessions to do this evening. I guess she was targeting the sunset.”

He frowned slightly. “She didn’t tell me. I told her I was coming over.”

“Why? Does she have to tell you anything?” I asked, staring at Jane worryingly.

He shrugged. “I just thought she would tell Me.” he said and left for the kitchen.

“What’s with Jacob?” I asked her as we sat down.

“Frankly, I don’t know. All I know is that he is busy with Dora’s event like it’s his, which I think is a good attitude, maybe he should take up a job as an event planner.”

I laughed. “Jake is a graduate of Architecture.”

“Yes, but he hasn’t even sketched a kennel in years.” She adjusted on the sofa. “I think he has lost touch of his passion.”

I nodded in agreement. “Jake has some catching up on life to do. Do you want anything from the fridge?” I asked, standing up.

“Fayrouz please, I have slowly begun to like that drink.”

I nodded with all smiles. “You are in the right house. That’s my best drink.” I said and left for the kitchen.

Jake was in the kitchen making himself some noodles. “You could have asked me to do it.” I said, getting two bottles of Fayrouz from the fridge.

“I didn’t want to disturb you.” He said and grinned wickedly. “Besides, it’s not like you can cook it the way I want.” He said, flashing his teeth. “And Dora isn’t also here to cook it.”

Much-a-do about a noodle. Now it turns out that my sister would cook noodles better. “What else can she do better?” I asked and walked out.

“Here you go.” I said, handing Jane the bottle of Fayrouz.

She gulped heavily. “Forgive my manners; I prefer going direct on the bottle.”

“It’s alright. It makes two people.” I joked as I drank.

She sighed. “Are you ever going to date Jake?” she asked looking serious.

Gladly, the kitchen was not too close to the living room. I took a quick check at the hallway to be sure that Jake wasn’t in sight. “What are you saying, Jane?”

“Come on Darlene, at least you can be real with me about your feelings for Jacob. Ever since you guys have been friends since we were little, I know you had a special place for him in your heart, even Granma says so.”

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 11:19am On Oct 10, 2016
Granma! Jane just reminded me of my grandmother. When Jake and Jane used to come over for Tea and Cookies on Sunday evenings, Granma would tell us all stories and then she always said, she knew I would end up with Jake. One day she had said: “You guys are gonna make a great couple. You like each other genuinely.”

“Jane, things have changed.” I started. “We were kids then and besides, Jake has never said anything about this.”

She rolled her eyes. “What about you, Darlene?” she asked with a questioning look waiting for an answer that I was in no mood to give. “Look Darlene, in a matter of weeks I will be off to Germany or New York and who knows where, and I will want to know that my brother is fine. Jake is a man who seems to solve a lot of problems but he is a case of an unanswered question with you.” She started.

“You know Jane; let’s not push this discussion any further. Jake is a grown man and he knows want he wants.”

She nodded. “Of course Darlene, but the question is, “Are you good for him?” Darlene, you are the most simple girl that has made herself complicated and I fear that it might just rub off on Jake’s emotions.” Now I was silent. Jane’s words seem to be sending an arrow into my body and I wasn’t even trying to dodge any. “You and Jake would be a match made in heaven, how much I would love to see that day if you let it happen, but I don’t want you to break my brother’s heart.” She said, standing up.

Jane’s last statement was one arrow I just dodged. “Jane, Jake and I are adults and if anything would happen between us, it would be mature, not based on impulse. All you have for now about Jake and I are just impulses and assumptions. Just forget about it and finish your Fayrouz.” I said, smiling.

She nodded in agreement. “You are still the same old Darlene, always finding ways to avoid the inevitable. It will catch up with you someday, you know.”

“Till then, allow me enjoy the free ride.” I replied, with a grin.

Jake joined us in the living room with his bowl of noodles. “Anyone wants some?” he asked dipping his fork into the bowl. “It’s better than drinking on Fayrouz ladies.”

“Bon appetite!” Jane said and strolled out. I followed her.

I tried catching up with Jane who walked hastily. “Wait up Jane, what’s with the speed?”

“Forgive me Darlene, there’s this place I have got to be now.” She said, adjusting her top.

I sighed. “Aren’t you leaving with Jake?”

“Nah, he’ll find his way; besides you guys have to talk about Dora’s event.” She said and we hugged.

I returned into the house. Jake was finishing up his noodles and watching highlights from the English Premiership. “Chelsea is doing good this season, I missed out on last week’s game and with Hazard and Oscar in that team, they are running everyone ragged.” I rolled my eyes as he chattered. I am a Chelsea fan, but at this moment, I was in no mood to discuss sports. I saw the last EPL game, he didn’t have to remind me.

“Jake, I saw the game. If you mind, we can talk about you getting a job.”

He laughed. “What do I need a job for? I am not broke.”

“Jacob, you don’t have to be broke before you need a job. I know you have tones of investment in the stock market, but the market isn’t faring well these days and you know it.”

He nodded. “Dad will loan me.”

“JAKE!!! Can you hear yourself? You are lazy! Jane is doing all the work and what do you do? You wake up, drive around town, go to the club, get drunk, and hook up with some call girl downtown so you don’t get daddy’s name soiled and all. That’s no way to live Jake.”

Jake stared at me hard and wiped a tear from his face. He swallowed hard and sighed. “I don’t hook up with call girls.” He said firmly.

There was so much tear welling in his eyes. “Jake, you don’t have to do this, I am sorry.”

“Where is this coming from, Darlene?” he asked and walked out.

Where is this coming from, Darlene? Isn’t it obvious? It is from a girl who just said what she has been meaning to say in years just because she’s jealous!

...to be continued

Read up to episode 34 here

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 11:24am On Oct 10, 2016
mr oyin prince, i just visited the link you posted...i read please break my heart....and a wonderful piece in that site....A NEW CREATION...you guys are superb, pls everyone visit *youngicee.com*.....am nt part of their members or bloggers there...but i swear on a stack of pancakes that good sites are there
cool Correct Guy!

Hope you'll read Tarasha, The Airegin Mafias and others we've got too.
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by MZmitchelle: 11:33am On Oct 10, 2016
Nice story, wonderful writer . Oyinprince, more ink to your pen. Please more updates. ........ Thank you
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 9:07pm On Oct 10, 2016
Episode 27

By Tomi Adesina

“I would like to welcome you all to the coming out event of my second daughter.” Dad started. “For 24 year, Darlene Williams has been the only recognized daughter I have to the spotlight, but now, I would love to introduce my younger daughter, Dora Williams.”

The crowd cheered as Dora stepped out. She was accompanied to the mini podium by her mother. Dora wore a black velvet evening gown, she had her hair beautifully styled and she was looking more radiant than ever. I cheered as she stepped forward. She smiled at me. The paparazzi did what they were known for; they started taking her pictures with Dad. I maintained a heavy smile as I feared that if a frown was spotted, I would be tagged as the ‘unhappy step sister’ in the morning tabloids. Especially now that Millaroca was at the event, you don’t to be dubbed twice by those guys. I had my first wash when I appeared like a clown at fifteen.

“Before we go further, I would love to acknowledge the presence of Dora’s mother, Dami Oluwole.” Dad introduced. She received applauds from some people and I could hear some indistinct chatters from the crowd. ‘I hear she was a prostitute’ ‘yeah, I heard that story too.’ ‘It only means that he was unfaithful to Danielle.’ ‘I think it was after her death.’ Okay! I had heard enough from the crowd about my sister’s mother and probably my step mother, if my guess about Dad was right. I stepped away from the pool side where the party was being held to get a glass of champagne.

“You look beautiful tonight.”

I turned swiftly to see Wole Shodipo standing behind me. “Thank you. Wole Shodipo, right?”

“Yes, I am.” He replied, adjusting his tie. “So how does it feel not to be an only child anymore?” he asked, smiling.

I smiled, trying to hide my anger. Anything that would pull the press had to be avoided including Wole Shodipo. “Where’s Wura?”

“She’s somewhere around the corner with her husband.”

“Wura is married?”

He nodded in agreement. “Yes, and to a loser for that matter. I hate the guy; I guess you know him,” he said rubbing his beards. “Dotun Davis from high school?”

I almost dropped my glass. “Dotun?” Dotun Davis never told me he was married, well I never asked. “Why do you hate him?”

“Nothing in particular, the guy has always been a fool. First, he drooled over you in silence at high school and later, he was kicking it with my sister after she left Jacob.” He said and paused. I could guess he was about to mention Jake. “Where’s Jacob? I guess you guys are still fooling yourselves about being best friends. Better get real.” He said and gulped his drink.

I swallowed hard. “Wole, Jake and I are friends like we have always been.”

“And I bet you fools are still single.”

I frowned. “Wole, we are not fools. We are friends and that is it.”

“Don’t get worked up beautiful, your being single is good news for me.” He sighed and continued. “Where is Jake? I haven’t seen that loser around.”

I clenched my teeth. “Jacob isn’t a loser!”

“Did somebody mention my name?” Jake asked as he joined us smiling.

Wole smiled and stretched out his hand. “Hey man. You are still alive.”

“I’ll survive.” Jake replied and shook his hand firmly.

Wole was the first to withdraw from the handshake. “There was a lot of tension in your hand man. How is Jane?”

“She is doing fine.”

Wole and Jake seemed to be engaging themselves in some cheap discussion so I set out to find Wura and Dotun. Well as they say, a bundle of joy is a bundle is joy. Things change a lot after high school, especially when you don’t see some friends until later. I didn’t meet Wura and Dotun alone, they were with a baby. That makes the bundle of joy!

“Hi Dotun.” I said with a sly grin

He smiled. “Hi Darlene, erm…meet my wife, Wura.”

“Hi Wura Shodipo, oh, Wura Davis.” I said, almost mockingly.

She smiled. “I know you are not happy to see me here. But it’s okay; your dad said its fine. Meet my daughter, Temi Davis.” I bent over and touched the baby’s cheek. It brought back a lot of memories. I thought of my childhood and being without a mother for the larger part of it and about Dare losing his child due to his irresponsibility.

“Be a good mother, oh, I mean be good parents.” I said and walked away.

Dotun chased behind. He pulled my hand. “Darlene, I should have told you about Wura and I. I am sorry.”

“Why are you sorry? I never asked. And it doesn’t matter, does it?” I asked. Dotun wore a tensed look. “Never mind, Have yourself a good evening. I have to meet up with my family.”

I joined the rest of the audience at the pool. “Special recognition to my daughter and pride, Darlene Williams.” I raised my glass in acknowledgement and joined them for a group photograph. I didn’t join in the photo session for long as I went over to Toni and Gideon.

“So Dare managed to man up to you, I think he has finally done what a man should do.” Toni started.

Gideon nodded in agreement. “I think it’s time you ‘woman up’ to him and both of you should end this suspense. Or isn’t it getting too boring for you both?” he asked.

I laughed. “I have no idea of what you are saying Gideon”

“Sure you do baby. You are just trying to hide it.” He added, as he sipped his drink. “Been long since I experienced a normal gathering apart from being with the boys, so glad to be here.”

I could understand Gideon’s joy. It took me back to when I was done with law school and Dad had a party thrown in my honor. I had been watched by Dad’s protocol to ensure I worked hard and got s first class honors. I had to maintain the family’s standards.

“It’s always been a first class honors for the Williams” Dad had said. “Thanks for keeping the lineage intact.” He added patting me on the back at my convocation ceremony.

Jake was the only friend I had at Harvard. People were too scared to come around. Dad made me untouchable. My thoughts were interrupted as Gideon continued.

“You should search your heart more honey, I really don’t know if Dare is the perfect guy for you, as there’s no such thing as perfect for me, but I believe you guys will do fine.”

I nodded, not in agreement, but because I was tired of the ‘Dare sermon’. I needed a break from myself. I looked round and saw Kolapo drinking alone so I went over to him.

“Hi KP, are you having a good evening?”

He smiled faintly. “Not really. Can you believe that Dora hasn’t said a word to me all night?”

“Why is that? Are you guys having problems?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know, she’s been distant of late. I guess her job has her attention. It’s been a while since we had a decent conversation.”

“Have you guys tried talking?”

He shook his head. “She won’t talk. She’s always too busy to talk. I am frustrated.” He said, drinking his whisky.

Dora was committing a crime. She was neglecting KP for Jake, and things were going to get worse if I didn’t step in. Jake joined us almost immediately.

“KP, are you acting the lonely boy script tonight?” he asked, patting KP’s back.

KP smiled faintly. “What can a man do? His woman is busy with the spotlight and when she isn’t busy with the spotlight, she’s busy with her job.”

“Man, she just changed jobs; you just have to grab her fast.” Jake replied, reaching for a glass of champagne from the waiter.

KP laughed. “You are doing that well, aren’t you?”

“What are you saying, KP?” Jake asked, sipping his drink.

KP hissed. “Don’t pretend with me man, Dora is all drawn to you of late, have you guys started sleeping together?”

“You are drunk, you need to go home.” Jake said, dropping the glass.

Honestly, I wanted to hear the truth but I wouldn’t have Dora’s party ruined by two guys, so I did what a big sister would do, STEP IN! “Cool it guys, KP, let’s get some air.”

“You are not going anywhere with him.” Jake said, pulling my hand.

I yanked my hand from him. “Jacob, let me handle this.”

“KP is just drunk, let him clear his head, but not with you.”

KP threw his whisky can to the floor. “Then let’s settle it Jake.”

“Okay Jacob, I don’t want a scene. KP, please let’s go.” I said, pulling KP out of the party. Jake followed us. We stepped out of the house and walked down the estate.

KP stopped abruptly and tried to hit Jake but stuttered to the floor. He was dead drunk. “Darlene, just go in. I will handle this.” Jake said.

“What are you going to fix, Jacob?” I flashed angrily at him.

Jake sighed. “You can’t fix everything Darlene, your life is a mess too. This is a guy who thinks I am going out with his girlfriend.”

“Are you not?” I asked dumbly.

“DARLENE Even if you don’t trust me, what about Dora?” he said with a tone of anger in his voice. “Dora and I are just friends, just like you and I.”

KP sprawled out on the floor. I turned round to see some pressmen gathering. “Pressmen! Jake, do something.”

Jake joined KP on the floor and I brought out my digital camera from my purse and started a joke.

“You guys look so cute, don’t you?”I said. Jake laughed and tickled KP a bit.

The pressmen around joined in the foolish joke. “Is this a surprise for Dora?” one of them asked me.

“Of course, we are trying to make a fun video so she can remember today.” I replied, laughing.

He sighed. “If this video gets on YouTube, you guys are gonna go rated, because these are top socialites sprawling on the floor in the estate.”

“We would do anything for love, won’t we?” I asked Jake and KP.

“Yeah, we would.” They both replied.

We dismissed the pressmen almost immediately and Jake helped KP into his car. “I will take him home, if Dora asks, he’s at my place.”

“Don’t beat him Jake.” I said smiling.

Jake smiled faintly. “We are good. I am not sleeping with Dora, Darlene.”

I sighed and nodded. “It’s okay; you don’t have to explain this to me. You are an adult.”

“Darlene…erm…even I was, are you jealous?” he asked.

I coughed slightly and said. “Why should I be? It’s not like we are more than friends.”

“I understand.” He replied, and drove off.

...to be continued

Read up to episode 35 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by MZmitchelle: 9:35pm On Oct 10, 2016
Loving this story the more
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by dhara18(m): 11:12pm On Oct 10, 2016
cool Correct Guy!

Hope you'll read Tarasha, The Airegin Mafias and others we've got too.
i would try them too...that site is cool, i love everytin there
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by dhara18(m): 11:13pm On Oct 10, 2016
cool Correct Guy!

Hope you'll read Tarasha, The Airegin Mafias and others we've got too.
no...but i would surely do, a must for a reasonable person

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