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The Ashes Of Love / Analysing Dialogue In Red Ashes By Chumzypinky / Hearts In Ashes (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 5:41pm On Dec 09, 2016
Nice one following this story 100%
Welcomin u on board 100%
Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 5:43pm On Dec 09, 2016
Thanks for the mention,following cheesy
Thanks Bibijay
Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 5:51pm On Dec 09, 2016
U wnt b disappointd MerceeD
Re: Red Ashes by skarlett(f): 6:50pm On Dec 09, 2016
Interesting story.
Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 7:08pm On Dec 09, 2016
Dedicated to Twaci and Xaviercasmir


'that girl is such a stupid girl!' i said 'just take a look at what she did to your face! You shouldnt have left like that, i should have taught her a lesson she would never forget, how dare she....'

He turned off the ignition and came down before i finished talking. I was wondering why he stopped the car in the middle of nowhere.

He came over to my side of the car and opened it 'get out' he said.

I was confused 'get out of where?'

'get out of the car, right now!' He wasnt joking. He really meant it. And the Nathan i knew could do something like that and even worse.

'Nathan please...' i pleaded still sitting in the car 'please, what have i done?'

'get out'

'Nathan please, i'm sorry if i talked too much, i promise to remain silent till you take me home' i pleaded with my hands together 'i'm very sorry, i didnt mean to....'

I screamed as he dragged me out of the car and pushed me to the floor.

He went over to his side, entered the car, threw my expensive purse out of the window and sped away raising dust behind.

'Nathan!! Nathan!!! No! Come back please...' i screamed but his car was nowhere in sight.

I started panting.

It was dark, lonely and quiet. There was no car around, it wasnt a surprise as the time should be around 2am.

I got more scared when i realised the guy had dropped me right in front of a cementry!

I practically screamed my lungs out when i saw the signpost. Then i started to cry.

What kind of a life was this? What kind of a relationship was this? What kind of love was this?

I remembered my cellphone and i searched my purse for it but i couldnt find it.

And then i remembered i had plugged it in his car with the cord. And he had forgotten to hand it over ask well.

Tears dropped from my eyes. Could this day get any more worse? I imagined ghosts dressed in white coming out of the cementry with their fangs and they came closer to me. Closer and closer they came until....

I screamed and took to my heels. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. But as much as i tried to run, it felt as if i remained on one spot.

But i kept on screaming and running till i was out of breath. Then i sat on the floor, folded my legs and cried.

I cried and cried.

'oh my! It seems there's a damsel in distress' i heard a voice say from behind me.

I quickly jumped up in fright.

But it was too late as i was already surrounded by three guys.

I felt a hard blow at the back of my head. Suddenly i began to see six of them. My sight became blurry and i was dizzy.

I felt the world spin around me till i fell to the floor. Then there was blackout.


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Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 7:09pm On Dec 09, 2016
Interesting story.
Thanks dear, its nice having you here. Angelinastto
Re: Red Ashes by swankmee(f): 7:13pm On Dec 09, 2016
Omg! Rili feel for jolade...... nyc work... More wisdom to you
Re: Red Ashes by skarlett(f): 7:26pm On Dec 09, 2016

Thanks dear, its nice having you here.

No problem, please continue.
Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 7:54pm On Dec 09, 2016

'Nene!' my mother called looking surprised 'what happened? Why are looking so dishevelled?' She asked wiping sleep away from her eyes.

I sighed 'it was a stupid customer! I'm glad i taught the both of them a lesson they would never ever foget!'

She regarded me for a while 'Kainene, you fought with a customer again'

'it wasnt really my fault mum! This customers can be so rude and...'

'its ur job to tolerate them Kainene. They are our customers. Is this how you are going to run the five star hotel when i'm gone?'

I sighed exasperatedly 'not like that mum, i'm sorry. But she slapped me, i mean the customer, and when i retaliated, her stupid boyfriend slapped me too, can you imagine?!'

'a guy slapped you?'


'then why didnt you call the securities? He deserves to rot in jail! How dare he lay his fingers on my beauty queen' she said with a smiled playing with my chubby cheeks.

'what i did to him was far worse than what the police would have done to him. The guy is such a fool! Nothing pained me more than the fact that he had the guts to slap me! Me? Kainene. Trust me, i gave him his own quarter'

'thats my girl! High five'

I hit my palm with hers and we hugged.

'oh mum...' i checked the clock on the wall 'i thought you'd be sleeping by now. Its past 2am already. The bar was what kept me out this late, and i'm so hungry and tired right now, all i want is good food and a goodnight rest'

'why not go up and shower while i serve your food, i prepared your favourite' she said tickling me.

I giggled 'oh stop it mum! Its ticklish!' she playfully slapped my back and laughed 'anyways, you should sleep, dont bother about the food, i'll handle it'

'there's no way i'm going to let my princess enter the kitchen by this time, now, get going!'



I watched as my daughter ate hungrily. I smiled as i watched her. Kainene had grown into a matured, intelligent and a very beautiful young lady. Her natural dreadlocks had grown longer and darker and it looked so beautiful.

She had grown up pretty fast and i wondered what it would have been like if her father had been around.

I closed my eyes at the thought of Chuks. My heart clenched in hatred.

I didnt want to remember him. He was nothing but a fool and remembering him was something i wouldnt like.

Yes, i had lied to Kainene. I had told her her dad had left us when she was only but a kid.

And she never knew that i was the one who demanded for a divorce. And i equally did not tell her that i had seen him today.

He had paid me a visit on her absence.

I knew it was going to shatter her. I knew how much she hated her dad. I knew just how much she disliked men because of her dad. She had vowed never to get married ever since she learnt about what her dad had did.

I was quite sad that she had chosen to live under my shadows. How i wished the man who would sweep her off her feet would come quick.

How do i tell her that not all men are the same? How do i tell her not to follow my own footsteps and live her own life? How do i tell her to let go of her hatred for her father and give someone a chance?

My own daughter had never been in a relationship before. I knew because we were so close, we told each other everything and she had never even mentioned a guy she was crushing on to me before.

Her best friend, Kamsi or Kaka as she fondly called her was engaged to get married in few months time.

Evelyn, her second best friend was equally a married woman having tied the knot last month. But own daughter was yet to get a boyfriend not to talk of getting married.

'what are you thinking about mum?' she asked washing her hands and pushing the plates aside.

I only smiled at her 'i was just imagining what my grandchildren would look like'

The smile left her face for a while but she smiled back saying nothing.

She picked up her bag, pecked my goodnight and headed back to her room.


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Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 7:55pm On Dec 09, 2016
Omg! Rili feel for jolade...... nyc work... More wisdom to you
Tanx Swankmee hon
Re: Red Ashes by Angelinastto(f): 8:51pm On Dec 09, 2016
Thanks dear, its nice having you here. Angelinastto
Angelinastto?? I was'nt here but your mention got me here. Lemme take time to read before commenting on the story.
Re: Red Ashes by abefe99: 8:51pm On Dec 09, 2016
u are doing great I love dis plss more update
Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 9:52pm On Dec 09, 2016

I raised my head to see Nathan sitting very close to me on the couch. It was very surprising and so unusual of my son. He hardly ever spends time in the sitting room.

'had your fill of marijuana and cigarettes already?' i asked sizing him up.

She gave this one-sided smile of his that always made him look dangerous and charming at the same time.

'i guess so' he said without removing his gaze from the television.

'why not tell me why you came down to the sitting room today? And tell me how you got that scar on your face' i said noticing the fresh looking wound.

He touched the scar and smiled one-sidedly again 'a girl pinched me'

I scoffed saying nothing.

He touched my left hand 'arent you going to say something?'

'what do you want me to say?'

'why didnt you prepare breakfast this morning?'

I scoffed again 'so then what do you now take me for? Your cook or what?'

'the thing is, i dont know why there are no cooks and househelps around. You're a wealthy woman, you can afford them'

'for your information dear son, we do have helps around here. At least, someone comes here thrice a week for the laundry, someone also comes here every two days for cleaning and gardening, so...'

'when i meant househelps, i meant agile young ladies, stay in househelps, by the way! Why did you employ those old and unattractive women? Are there no other beautiful young ladies out there?'

'oh so you get to rape them?' i laughed 'no son, i'm now wiser than that. I wont let you ruin people's lives Nathan, not anymore. You're a very dangerous person and any young girl very close to you is obviously in danger. Most times, i thank my creator he never gave me a female child else my male child would have raped her to death!'

He laughed so loudly showing off his immaculate white teeth 'oh mum! You're so unbelievable! Seriously?' he laughed again 'so you think i wont have my way with those dirty, ugly old women you've employed in this house?' he snorted 'so patethic!'

'Nathan, you will never change!' i said eyeing him in disgust 'i wonder when you'll ever become responsible. I even wonder what Jolade sees in you because honestly, you dont deserve that girl! All you do is sleep with all the girls that come your way, rape them, smoke all the cigarettes and marijuana you can, take all the alcoholic drink that comes your way! You've refused to take responsibility as the only son of the house. As old as you are, i should have retired from my company while you handle it perfectly! But hell no! You never want to work, you dont want to do anything at all or be useful in your life. All you want is continue living a wasteful and extravagant life! You dont know you're a man. You'll have a family someday, how do you provide for your family with this shameless attitude of yours? Even the bible states that a man who cannot provide for his family is worse than an infidel! You think the situation is going to rosy everytimes...' i made a sound with my throat 'no my son! Just because i provide everything you need does not mean you wont work. Work Nathan! Get a life! You're a man for crying out loud!'

'now i think i've heard enough of your nonsense!' he said playing with the almost invincible hairs on his chin 'can you please spare your speech? Because you're just yarning balls'

'me? Yarning balls?' i said hitting my chest 'me, your mother yarning balls? Okay, no problem, i'm yarning balls abi? Fine! But mark my words Nathan! There'll come a time when this balls i'm yarning begin to metarphose into meaningful words, you'll remember this very words i'm telling you today and you'll regret never making hay while the sun still shines. Sit here and useless your life, continue wasting your life! 26 years of age, nothing to show for it!'

'i dont see why you're biting your butts when its my life. Its my life! Its a free world! Why not live your life and let me live mine? Just remain on your lane, stop preaching!'

'i will continue preaching oo! I will continue preaching. You know why? Because i am your mother. I brought you into this life. And whether you become successful in this life or not, all fingers will still point at me. Nathan, heaven and earth bears me witness that i tried to put my son in the right path, but since he had decided to waste his life, so be it. But that wont stop me from talking. I will never stop talking until the day i die!'

He looked at me thoughtfully 'now that i've thought about it mum, i think its high time you died already' i grimaced and he continued 'i mean, your mates are already dead. What then are you waiting for? Die so i could inherit the company!'

'ah!' i bit my fingers as tears welled up in my eyes. My own son was wishing me death! 'Nathaniel, dont let me lay a curse on you because its going to follow you for the rest of your life!'

He scoffed 'curses? They do not work. At least not for me' he stood up and left for his room.


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Re: Red Ashes by ayoxelee(m): 10:14pm On Dec 09, 2016
Could it b that Nathan is Chuck's bastard son

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Re: Red Ashes by Ayoomolabake(f): 10:41pm On Dec 09, 2016
Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 11:24pm On Dec 09, 2016
Could it b that Nathan is Chuck's bastard son
Lollz Ayoxelee, you're jst arrivin and u're alredi assumin. Wel, if u want 2 knw if ur guess is rite or wrng, den follow 4 more. More updates cums in d mrnin. Night dear
Re: Red Ashes by ayoxelee(m): 6:55am On Dec 10, 2016

Lollz Ayoxelee, you're jst arrivin and u're alredi assumin. Wel, if u want 2 knw if ur guess is rite or wrng, den follow 4 more. More updates cums in d mrnin. Night dear
alrt ma, already following, gud a.m mam
Re: Red Ashes by Nobody: 7:02am On Dec 10, 2016
Wow these is really a nice story following bumper to bumper. more grease to your elbow and more ink to your pen
Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 7:04am On Dec 10, 2016
Wow these is really a nice story following bumper to bumper. more grease to your elbow and more ink to your pen
Thanks Holuwanoisy
Re: Red Ashes by Nobody: 7:14am On Dec 10, 2016
Waiting for more update
Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 9:21am On Dec 10, 2016

My feet were hurting. I was so tired and exhausted and i thought after attending to this particular customer that just arrived, i would sit and allow the others work.

Not that we do not have workers in the bar, but serving drinks to customers was something i derived pleasure in doing, especially when it was extremely busy like today.

I approached the customer who was sitting alone at one side of the bar. His gaze was on his phone.

'hello good day sir, what would you like to have?' i said in my sweetest voice and a smile plastered on my face.

Then he raised his head up. And i frowned. I could see the recognition in his eyes. And he smiled almost immediately.
'hi' he said.

'you? What the hell are you doing here?' I was very angry now and i was very determined to continue what i had started yesterday.

'i see you're a waiter here...' he said dropping his phone and reaching for the packet of cigarette in front of him 'you dont have to be rude to a customer you know, do you want to lose your job? If i should tell your boss what you did yesterday, be rest assured you're going to lose your job...' he said winking at him.

I eyed him in disgust 'now you listen here and listen very good, i want you out of here before the count of five and i dont want to ever set eyes on your silly as.s in this hotel ever again, do you understand?!'

He laughed. Slowly at first, then loudly. I loved the sound of his laughter. It sounded like music to my ears, gentle and strong at the same time.

'i really love your guts. There's something about you that i cant place my hand on....' he puffed thick smoke into the air and patted the seat beside him 'have a seat, lets talk'

'you're so, so, so....i dont even know what to call you! Do you want me to disgrace you here? Didnt i just say you should get out?' My voice had risen now and people were staring at us but i didnt care.

'Kainene!' I turned to see my mum behind me. She was looking angry and i wondered why or when she came to the hotel. She hardly visited nowadays owing to the fact that she wasnt feeling too well and i was doing a good job in managing the hotel just fine.


She came to me, gave me a stern look before looking at the guy who had an arrogant smirk on his face 'i'm very sorry, i....'

'your daughter lacks manners you know....' he said taking a drag from his cigarette 'twice i've been humiliated by her. I've got to say you did a very bag job in raising her'

'and i also have to say your mother did a very terrible job in raising someone as irresponsible as you are!' i said angrily.

'Kainene...' my mum said angrily 'not even a word from you. Whats wrong with you? Is this how you treat my customers?'


'i demand that you apologise right now, and i mean immediately'

'what?' i opened my mouth in shock.

'right now, apologise!'

'with all due respect mum, i cant...'

'apologise right now Kainene else i would be forced to take a very drastic action, one you would never expect from me!' I had never seen my mother so angry before. I felt guilty, i was making my own mother angry.

I turned back to the guy who was lighting a second cigarette. Chain smoker!

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath 'sorry'

'do it properly will you!' mum scolded.

'i'm sorry dear customer...' i said with a sarcastic note on my voice.

He smiled 'i'll only forgive you on one condition'

'you are so stupid! You....' i stopped when i saw the stern look on mum's face 'i'm sorry. What condition is that?'

'that i have your phone number and you sit here with me till i leave'

'i can see you're high on something very strong! Are you so blind that you cant see that i have customers to attend to? Mum, are you hearing what this dimwit is saying?' i said hitting my fist on the table.

He laughed again.

'Kainene, mind your language..' mum said 'i dont see anything wrong in what he said. You dont have to take care of anything. The workers are here and i would help if i have to. Just sit and keep him company'

I couldnt believe my ears 'mum, what did you say?'

'you heard me Kainene. And if you do contrary to what i just said...you would not believe what i'd do to you' her voice was firm. Then she turned back to the customer with a smile 'i'm very sorry for my daughter's attitude dear. I'm Mrs Chioma Ighe and this is my daughter Kainene Ighe. Its nice meeting you' she brought out her hand for a handshake.

He took it 'my pleasure'

'sorry, whats your name again?' my mum asked.

'Nathan....Nathaniel Imore'

I thought i saw mother frown a bit before she smiled back 'okay, i'll see you around some other time. Have a swell time with my wonderful daughter'

'no problem' he said lighting another cigarette.

Mum winked at me and walked away.

I eyed the guy, pulled a chair and sat opposite him.


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Re: Red Ashes by abefe99: 9:45am On Dec 10, 2016
tanq dear more
Re: Red Ashes by jagugu88li(f): 10:37am On Dec 10, 2016
Nathan could be Nene's brother, or better yet, mama Nathan could be one of papa Nene's mistresses.

His behaviour is as if he's unknowingly making her mother pay for her sins, or its the "only child" thing.


You are under arrest Jagugu. Make sure you report to the station and admit to your crimes in order to get a lighter sentence. Lollzzz
Innocent till proven guilty. If found guilty, makes a run for it. grin

Nice story dear. Bumper to bumper
Re: Red Ashes by Nobody: 10:41am On Dec 10, 2016
kainene's mum frowned a bit and smiled again. gbagam! OK na

great story
Re: Red Ashes by Girlyy: 10:59am On Dec 10, 2016
Dis story is sweet,Pls dont stop and more MB to you!
Re: Red Ashes by Nobody: 11:04am On Dec 10, 2016
This single psrenthood sh!t is scary

Keenly waiting for your update
Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 11:19am On Dec 10, 2016
Dedicated to Khalifasparkles and Abefe99


I opened my eyes slowly. I had a banging headache and my sight was blurry. I looked around and it felt like i was no longer on earth, maybe a different planet.

I felt like i was being suspended to the air, i felt hungry, tired and dizzy, you name it.

I looked around. I was in an uncompleted building. There were used condoms around, sperm-filled and the entire place smelt like sex.

I nearly screamed when i found out i was unclad, totally unclad, from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet.

Then i remembered what happened the night before and it dawned on me that i had been raped by maybe three or more guys.

'Oh Nathan' i cried.

I looked around for my clothes but i couldnt find them, not even my undies. I threw myself on the floor and wailed loudly.


I turned quickly, already scared. Maybe they had come back to continue from where they stopped.

But when i turned, i was a bit relieved and terrified as well when i saw Kelvin, the cleaner at our house standing there.

What was he doing there?



'i think i like you'

'and i honestly think you're high' i retorted sipping from my malt drink. I felt irritated. This guy was nothing but an annoying fellow. From his words, i could tell he was a rich kid from a single mother. You needed to see and hear how he bragged about his mother's wealth. So irritating and annoying.

'common babe!' he said smiling, a cigarette between his fingers 'loosen up a bit will you'

'how many cigarettes do you smoke a day? Because you've smoked more than three packets since i had the misfortune of sharing a table with you. Do you plan on committing suicide or what?'

He laughed and reached for my collar but i slapped his hands away.

He laughed harder reaching for his packet of cigarette but i quickly snatched it from his grasp.

'listen here, you will not smoke again when i'm seated here with you. Its an insult to me, if you're a chimney then do it somewhere else but certainly not when i'm here, do you understand?' I squeezed the packet and threw it away, far away from the table.

I saw surprise in his eyes. And for the first time i saw his face expressionless and emotionless. He wasnt laughing or smirking, he just stared. It was as if he had never had something like this done to him before.

He stared deeply into my eyes and i stared back at his, more like i was daring him to do something.

His hazel eyes did something to me, but i wasnt going to show it. My eyes darted to his lips, they were pink, and i wondered how it still remained pink after all the smoking.

Then i felt his lips move. He was saying something but it was almost in a whisper, i still heard him nonetheless.

'i've never had a lady be so rude to me before...' he said in a whisper 'i've never had a lady dare me the way you do. And i've never had a lady look directly into my eyes and hold my stare without being shaken'

Oh, i was shaken, but i wasnt going to show it.

'even my mum would not have the guts to throw my cigarette away and she never talks to me the way you do' he said, still in a whisper.

'would you please speak louder? Did you swallow a frog or what?' i asked rudely.

He shook his head, stood up and picked his car keys.

'oh my, you're leaving already? Should i walk you to the car?' i asked sarcastically.


'then you should say thank you to me. I kept you company. Show some gratitude'

He scoffed 'gratitude? My ass!'

I stood up immediately 'what did you just say?'

'you heard me young lady'

'it seems you dont know me...' i flung my dreadlocks backwards and kicked off my shoes, i was ready for a showdown 'it seems you're a very proud person who thinks the world revolves around you, but sorry to burst your bubbles honey. There's no way in fu,cks sake are you leaving here without showing gratitude!'

He eyed me like i was some sort of lunatic then he started walking away.

I held his hand and pinched it with my long nails. He screamed trying to wiggle free from my piercing fingernails but he couldnt.

'say sorry. And say thank you if you want me to release you!' i commanded. I knew people were staring at us but i didnt care. I was going to extract an apology from this dude whether the devil likes it or not.

'i'm sorryyyy! I'm sorrryyyy pleassee! Thank you....' he panted as blood gushed from his hand 'please just let go of my hand! Thanks for keeping me company, i appreciate'

I smiled victoriously and left him alone 'i never knew you knew about saying thanks' i picked my shoes and hit his head with my heels eyed him and walked away.

He was staring at me, as if he had never seen me before.


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Re: Red Ashes by MerceeD(f): 12:58pm On Dec 10, 2016
Nathan has met his match.
Re: Red Ashes by Missmossy(f): 1:13pm On Dec 10, 2016
Keep it coming, such an interesting piece cheesy
Re: Red Ashes by saraphina(f): 2:15pm On Dec 10, 2016
thanks miss pinky for d funny update..
Re: Red Ashes by Twaci(f): 2:41pm On Dec 10, 2016
Thanks for the dedication dearie! kiss

Amazing story, I'm loving even detailed twist cheesy

Keep it up darling!
Re: Red Ashes by Chumzypinky(f): 4:00pm On Dec 10, 2016
thanks miss pinky for d funny update..
Thanks Saraphina dear

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