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Re: Meant To Be by Akinwale14(m): 6:05pm On May 04, 2017
Waiting And Watching
Re: Meant To Be by marianneada(f): 7:54pm On May 04, 2017
******** **"Yes, i'm your father's second wife, you're all paying for what your useless dead mother did to me,...... Now listen,...... I met your father before your mother, but she ended up snatching him away from me,...... We used to be best of friends,... We attended the same University,...... Your daddy wanted to get engaged to me but he ended up engaging your mother, she trapped him down with pregnancy,..... She betrayed me,.... She stabbed me in my back and took the only man i loved away from me,..... She made me single for years,... I refused to marry another man,... Thank God death took her away from him,.... I resurfaced and took what belongs to me,..... But then i couldn't bear a child,... The doctors pronounced me infertile,.. I took up my anger on your mother and you her children,........., your daddy is paying for his sins,..... "she said in anger

Richard was still shocked,.... He didnt know when he rushed at her and gave her a thunderous slap, then started hitting her,..... Pedro and Don rushed into the sitting room and pulled him away from her,....... They dragged him out of the compound and locked the gate,...

"Fool,.... I swear you'll regret ever hitting me,.... I'll deal with you,...this is just a piece of iceberg compared to what wil happen to you soon, . "she shouted at Richard who had driven away in anger

Her phone rang and she picked immediately,
" Hello,..... You have seen her house, that's very good,... You're doing a good job,... Remember dont leave any trace,... Just pick her around 3pm,...Remember you're to act like a taxi driver,..... Tell her Richard is admitted in a hotel that he sent you to pick her up..... "she instructed the person on phone
." what if she tries communicating Richard, ,...... That would be risky,", she thought to her self,....... she thought of a good idea,.

"If she tries to communicate him, or refuses to enter the car, , use the substance on her,.. Am i clearly understood,?, "

She cut the and let out a sign of relief, she felt pains all over her face,.... She went to her room to attend to the bruises on her face.


Richard got home tired and angry, he couldn't believe the woman he called mummy for years was not his biological mother,... He decided not to reveal that to his sister yet,.... He remembered how that woman have been treating them badly, not seeking after their happiness,.... ...
. He called his friend and told him what his so called mother confessed to him, ,..... He was bothered about his family's safety and couldn't sleep at night....... .


Angela woke up but was too tired to get up from bed,.... She called Richie to know if he was still travelling to Benin but his line was switched off,.... She received a message from him,....

"Angel, the taxi driver will arrive by 3pm today, get ready and wait for him,..... I'll meet you at home when i return,.love you... "his text read

****** Around 3pm the taxi driver arrived ,...... The hoodlums were lucky because they saw a car waiting in front of Angela's compound when they arrived , she came out, entered the car and they zoomed off,..they followed the car....
When they reached a lonely part,.......... The driver noticed a car trailing them,... He increased his car speed,....... Angela was scared when she noticed what was happening,.... They were so unlucky because the hoolums over took them and blocked their way,..... They used their gun on the driver's head and he passed out,..... They used a substance on Angela's face, and she was just staring at them,.... They pushed her into their car and zoomed off,......

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Mother supreme supreme and Mrs Johnson were waiting for them,...... They soon arrived with Angela,... .... Mother supreme supreme did some incantations and was shocked at what she saw,.....

"I cant do the sacrifice here,... We must take her to superior mother for her to make the sacrifice,.... This is above me,... . And we need to do it before two days in order to appease the gods or else,............ "

" What!!!!!!!!?, Superior mother?, that means taking her to Lagos,... How will that be possible this evening? ,... "mrs Johnson asked looking disturbed

" She must not spend a night in Asaba,..... She must be taken to Lagos right away!!!! ,....... "

" What about me?, will i also go to Lagos? "mrs Johnson asked
" You Must be in Lagos before dusk tomorrow,..... "

Angela' was just staring at everyone, she wasn't aware of what was happening around her,.....

Mrs Johnson instructed her boys to take Angela to Lagos immediately, she promised to be in Lagos the next day,...

Richard have been calling Angela but he cant reach her,... He called the driver's number too but cant reach him,.....

He got home late at night thinking she was in his room,... He opened the door and didnt find her,. He searched for her round the house but couldn't find her,..... He called Angela's mother to know if she left the house,....

"Hello ma,..... "

" My son,..how're you?, ..... Angela didnt bother calling me to inform me she arrived your house safely,... I'm happy you called,. . Pls can i talk to her? "

Richard was confused, he doesn't know what to do,....

" ma,... Emmm,...... she's in the bathroom, she'll call you later,...... Take care of yourself and the children..... ,good night"

He called Desmond and informed him of his worst fear,....

"Are you sure that woman doesn't have a hand in this,...Angela have been kidnapped,... We still haven't heard from the taxi driver that went to pick her,..... "Desmond asked

" I cant report to the police, we need to wait for 24hours before reporting,..... I'm going crazy,... What will i tell her mother, that poor woman just lost her husband and now her daughter,..... God i'm finished,.... Where will i look for her now?,.... "Richard asked

" I'm just as confused as you are,.... Calm down,if we dont find her after tomorrow, we shall inform her mother,.... "Desmond advised him

Richie cried for his girlfriend throughout the night,... He drank himself to stupor,.. He slept on the floor,.....

The hoodlums were on their way to Lagos,... It was already 3am in the morning,and they were in outskirt of Lagos... They were speeding and drinking while driving, Angela had slept off,...... They were about over taking a vehicle when they collided with another car,..... Their car ran into the bush, and there was total black out..............


Re: Meant To Be by Dopeyomi(m): 8:09pm On May 04, 2017
chai.... Angela ooO

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Re: Meant To Be by Jane1234f(f): 8:14pm On May 04, 2017
Oh God,please don't let her die
Re: Meant To Be by Adeyife(m): 8:33pm On May 04, 2017
Angela don enter am.... Abeg she must not die oh
Re: Meant To Be by prey02(f): 8:37pm On May 04, 2017
Oh gracious Lord, have mercy!
Re: Meant To Be by Alennsar(f): 8:54pm On May 04, 2017
she won't die because dats d reason for d accident
Re: Meant To Be by Akinwale14(m): 9:00pm On May 04, 2017
Re: Meant To Be by Nancydearie(f): 9:01pm On May 04, 2017
I pray nothing happens to Angela. Mrs Johnson and her cohorts are digging their own grave coz nemesis must surely catch up with them.
Re: Meant To Be by Nobody: 9:04pm On May 04, 2017
Good work Ma'am.
Re: Meant To Be by Akinwale14(m): 9:05pm On May 04, 2017
marianneada Weldon sis
Re: Meant To Be by TallestTj(m): 9:17pm On May 04, 2017
My God never sleeps, I'm loving this story faint keep up d good work
Re: Meant To Be by Solvik(f): 9:17pm On May 04, 2017
Ghenghen! well done Marianneada more ink to your pen
Re: Meant To Be by Funmilade11(f): 9:18pm On May 04, 2017
i pray dat angela will nt loss her memory o. cos i dont want her to start a new lyf by forgettin richard.
Re: Meant To Be by queenitee(f): 10:36pm On May 04, 2017
Oh lawd, pregenant Angel bayii. Mrs Johnson oga o
Re: Meant To Be by Aminzy(m): 11:22pm On May 04, 2017
Women and their palavas....because she snatched ur husband......u've gone too far.....have u 4gotten that'' whatever that is meant for you will never pass you and whatever that passes you is not meant for you''......who knows May be she was the one that killed Richie's mother self........Thank you @marianneada.......more food in ur store......waiting for more.......meanwhile.....Angela u re safe

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Re: Meant To Be by Gizy20(f): 6:44am On May 05, 2017
Angela can't die. That y it is titled meant to be. They will overcome it
Re: Meant To Be by queenitee(f): 7:44am On May 05, 2017
Angela can't die. That y it is titled meant to be. They will overcome it
Don't you think the meant to be might also mean she would die, like we don't know what's meant to be. I know she can't die tho
Re: Meant To Be by boriowoope: 9:26am On May 05, 2017
nice one ma'am, love this story so much,so emotional and touching. more grease to your elbow ma'am pls update quickly. can't wait to read the next update.
Re: Meant To Be by Nobody: 10:13am On May 05, 2017
Hmmmm. Nigeria is blessed. NL is blessed with gifted writers and dearie you are one of such. More grease to your elbows and i wish you all the best. I yearn for more plsss and would appreciate a link to your previous works. Love you dear.

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Re: Meant To Be by demiladegold(f): 10:25am On May 05, 2017
Re: Meant To Be by talk2saintify(m): 12:52pm On May 05, 2017

He drove down to his father's house to confront his mother,...... He packed the car infront of the gate and rushed inside,..... He held the doorknob open when he heard his mother talking to someone on the phone
"I'll make Richard pay for taking his daddy away from me,.. He wants to ruin me but i'll ruin him first,.... I'll destroy that his girlfriend, he thinks he's smart, my boys are doing a great job,... I made her father loose her job,... And i'll make life miserable for her,.... By the time i'm done with Vanessa and Richard, they will learn not to touch the lion's tail,....she heard a noise on the door..... She paused

if richy was wise enuf his suppose to know his girl is in real danger and go for the save immediately...ayam nay understanding?? angry angry undecided undecided


Re: Meant To Be by tjquib: 12:56pm On May 05, 2017
where is d concluding part,always half story...
Re: Meant To Be by Sandyrah6: 1:04pm On May 05, 2017
This is brilliant! I am loving this story. Plz upload. I hate being caught in the middle. smiley[color=#990000][/color]
Re: Meant To Be by damis28crown(f): 1:38pm On May 05, 2017
she z actually one in a life tym
Yea u cn say dat again
Re: Meant To Be by Dainty09(f): 2:18pm On May 05, 2017
Nice one.... lovely story am enjoying this
Re: Meant To Be by oluwatymylehyn(m): 2:56pm On May 05, 2017
I bumped into this story this morning and I must say I'm happy to have caught up with you guys. The story line is very interesting and the suspense is out of this world. The writer, you're doing a wonderful job. Good write up. More blessings, more insights and wisdom to you. Ride on dear.
Re: Meant To Be by Hadampson(m): 4:56pm On May 05, 2017
Abefee99, Sirblero,Urchman23, Souloho19, Jbaby265, lolsd, Hadampson, Xavier casmier, Azeequeen, Lankyannie, Ifecoded, aishatry, Aminzy, Campala, Eniquirl, Rhayne, missmossy, Ronnylove, Princessadeola, akinkudin, BlissfulJeff, sheynex, Halyma, Ami joy, Bangalee1,May Mac, Jlake, Horlardorjah, Nancydearie, Heemah, Funmilade11, crislyn, Bimberry1307, Halyma, Kimkardashain, Chizim1, Miss Claire, Mary chommy, Kimberly West, Joettti, Lankyannie, Victorydgirl,Eniquirl,crislyn,

I'm inviting you all to enjoy this piece i'm about to drop, pls if i didnt mention you, pardon me, my head don full,.... Luv u all.

I av bin away 4 a while(my grandma died) just arrived yday. btw tanx 4 d mention
Re: Meant To Be by marianneada(f): 4:57pm On May 05, 2017

I av bin away 4 a while(my grandma died) just arrived yday. btw tanx 4 d mention
sorry for the loss dear.
Re: Meant To Be by Hadampson(m): 5:09pm On May 05, 2017
sorry for the loss dear.
Thanks my able writer.. btw, u are doing gud work.

Aminzy, i don land as usualwink
Re: Meant To Be by EvaJael(f): 5:18pm On May 05, 2017
Ha!!!...Angela o...marianneada please biko mbok no let her die
Re: Meant To Be by StephenJobs(m): 5:29pm On May 05, 2017
God the writer too try....the story make sense, u should be writing script for Nollywood.....I pull cap for u.....
I just started reading it to, n I really enjoyed it....I wish it was all posted before I started....well u too try seriously, I really don't like breaks wen am reading, guess I will wait for a week before coming back.....well done n more grease to ur elbow

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