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GIVING UP ISN'T MEANT FOR YOU / Meant To Be (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Meant To Be by chichi87(f): 7:44pm On May 06, 2017
what a lovely story...keep it coming biko. try and update more frequently plz....cos have been refreshing this page since morning
Re: Meant To Be by 1miccza: 7:59pm On May 06, 2017
Wow I've really missed this section, look at beautiful and creative stories
Re: Meant To Be by marianneada(f): 8:02pm On May 06, 2017

Mrs Johnson was furious,... She dialed her friend's number and she picked,.....
"I'm in big trouble oooo my sister,..... Those boys were involved in an accident this early morning and they all died,.... The worst part of it is that the girl survived but i dont know the hospital she was taken to,.... I'm finished ooo"she cried over the phone

"So what do your expect me to do? "she asked bluntly

" Aaaaah, aaaah, i called to hear your advise,..... Why are you sounding like this? "she asked surprised at her friend's sudden outburst

" Because you've messed up everything,...you couldn't sacrifice a small girl like that,..you're in for big trouble,.... You'll soon here from mother supreme supreme "

" Pls calm down,..... I dont even know what to do,... My life is in danger,.. Where will i start from now,..... "
" Go and meet superior mother first since you're in Lagos already and know if she has another solution for you,..... "she cut the phone on mrs Johnson

She rushed off to meet the superior mother.


Richard told the police that he doesn't need them barging into someone's house as if they came for an arrest,.... He told them to hang around and be watchful,... They entered the compound,..... Angela's mother was chatting with her best friend when they entered,.... He was happy aunty Beatrice was around,... He met her during Daddy Joe's burial,... She was well educated and nice,..... Richard believed she would understand his predicament,..... He prayed inwardly for God to take control of the situation,..... He entered the sitting room and greeted them

"good afternoon mama,..... Good afternoon aunty,... "he greeted them one after the other

" My son, how're you doing?, she searched around for Angela but didn't see her

" Seems Angela entered the house from the backdoor, Angela!!!!,. Angela! "she called her

Richard, Desmond, Nancy and the taxi driver had taken their seats,....

" Actually mama,... Angela is not here with us,... "Richard told her

" So where's she,? She asked with fears in her eyes

He doesn't know how to start narrating to her, he was silent for some moments before he gathered courage and continued

"Mama, i'm sorry, i lied to you about her being in the bathroom,..... She wasnt in my house,..... This is the taxi driver that picked her up yesterday,.... He said she was kidnapped yesterday on their way to Asaba,..... "he said pointing at the driver

" Kidnap gini?... Why would anyone want to kidnap my daughter,... We dont have money, so what will they gain from kidnapping her,..... I think this is all planned,....". She was now raising her voice

"You used my daughter for money rituals and you planned with these people to come here and lie to you,.... "she went to Nancy

" I thought you were her true friend,... I dont understand what you all are talking about,.. Provide my daughter for me ooooo,.... She left here yesterday hale and hearty,... Now you're telling me rubbish, .. "she held Richard on his clothes shouting

" Give me my daughter oooo,.... Give me my daughter,....!!!!!!! "her shouting was attracting her close relations that live close to them,.....

" Mama pls believe me, i didnt use her for rituals,..... The police are already searching for her,... Mama pls,...... "Richard begged her,.... Aunty Beatrice saw truth in Richard's eyes,....

" Mama Angela calm down and listen to this young man, he seems harmless to me,...... "aunty Beatrice tried calming her friend

" I wont believe anything you're telling me now, until i see my daughter,.... All i want is my daughter,..... "
." Mama, we're really sorry for what happened,.... The police are searching for her,... Richard is not a ritualist,.... "Desmond told her

" And who are you to defend him,... Ooohhhh, he's your friend therefore you must defend him,.... "she screamed at him
" Mama uncle Richard cannot do anything to aunty Angela,.. "Eric told his mother

" Will you shut up and get inside!!!!!, who invited you here,.... "

Angela's two uncles and their sons had arrived, some neighbours were also present,......

" Young man, you said Angela left this house yesterday to visit you,.... You even sent a taxi to pick her up,..Have you paid her dowry?, "the old man asked

" Uncle,... I have plans of doing that,.... "Richard answered him

" Now, you want us to believe that she was kidnapped,..we dont believe your story,..... Have you reported to the police?, "

" Yes sir, i reported to the police in Asaba,.... "
" We must go to the station right away and report to them,.... "

" Nooooo, this man will not leave here without providing Angela,..... He must provide Angela,.... "some of the boys that gathered there spoke,....

Angela's cousin then spoke up

" Pls let us handle this issue amicably,... We shouldn't take a drastic decision on this,... This youngman looks harmless,..... "Azuka said

" Bia Azuka, how much did he give you to say all these,.. If you dont have anything to say, just shut up, turn around and leave my house,.." "Angela's mother shouted at him

" Mama, i know how this man helped us during Daddy Joe's burial,...... Such a man is rare, "

" And how are you sure that he wasn't pretending all along,.... I liked him too because of his good nature,.... But I've realized he has been pretending all along,.... "

The boys have divided into two groups, one group said he should be tied and sent to their king, while the other insisted they must report to the police in their village first before taking any action,.....

There was commotion in Angela's compound,.... Richard stood helpless looking at everyone,... He was ready to do anything they ask of him,..... The police entered the compound and calmed everyone down,....finally, they all accepted to go to their station,.....


After taking down Richard's statement,... He was detained,.... The policemen that accompanied him helped him and he was granted bail,.... But Richard refused to go,... He said he would stay there for the night, that he wont leave the village until he sorts out things with Angela's relations,.....

"I'm sorry i cant go with you,.. I can't go home to sleep on a comfortable bed, while Angela is some where suffering,.... I prefer staying here for the night"
Everyone was shocked,..... The boys that were angry with him calmed down after seeing how hurt he was,......

Desmond and his girlfriend lodged in a hotel, they too refused going without their friend, the taxi driver returned to Asaba with the police,...


Mrs Johnson has waited for mother superior for more than two hours,.... She was later allowed in to see her

"I'm sorry there's nothing else i can do for you,.... The consequences of this is unbearable,.... You shall become so poor that you would beg for what to eat,..... You shall loose all you have, then you shall gradually die a painful death,.... But if you succeed in bringing back your husband in eight months time, all that you lost shall be restored back to you,...... You have lost all your powers,... No one will obey your command again,... You are just a walking corpse,..... "

Mrs Johnson fell down crying,... She begged mother superior to help her out,

" Mother pls, i cant die like this,... I dont even have a child that will bury me if i die,.... Just have mercy on me,...... "

" It's too late,... Leave my presence!!!!, "go and search for your husband!!!"

Mrs Johnson was devastated,.. Her world was crumbling before her eyes,.. This wasn't how she planned to end up in life,......

"My mother warned me,.. She warned me about my evil ways,.... I'm doomed,... "she thought to herself

" I think i know what to do,.. I cant just fold my arms and watch that little brat destroy me,..... "she entered her car and drove home,.... Smiling at herself for a brilliant plan ahead..........


Re: Meant To Be by Alennsar(f): 8:18pm On May 06, 2017
hum she tink she has a brilliant plan ok
Re: Meant To Be by horpeyeemy: 8:19pm On May 06, 2017
evil dat men do will continue to hunt dem till dey die....I hope Angela s okay oo
Re: Meant To Be by Jane1234f(f): 8:20pm On May 06, 2017
Thanks for the update
Re: Meant To Be by Akinwale14(m): 8:28pm On May 06, 2017
Re: Meant To Be by charlie42(m): 8:46pm On May 06, 2017
...this most be a true life story....
Re: Meant To Be by BlissfulJeff(m): 8:54pm On May 06, 2017
wow,lovely update
Re: Meant To Be by Dopeyomi(m): 9:19pm On May 06, 2017
Nice update...
Re: Meant To Be by Adeyife(m): 9:33pm On May 06, 2017
Dis mrs johnson slf.... Anyway thx 4 d update weldone ma
Re: Meant To Be by uchman48(m): 7:10am On May 07, 2017
Hmmm another nice story, this story get touch and follow because I have been following since first update. Nice story dear. You too much
Re: Meant To Be by Aminzy(m): 8:15am On May 07, 2017
Angela? not succesful
her husband? Not available...........Mrs Johnson ohooooohhhh.....keep it on jare,i like ur courageness but dont forget that whatever u sow u shall #definatelymentalisation and #systematicalisement reap.......dont ask me for the meaning ask mother supreme supreme or ask the producer(@marianneada)....God bless you and your family @marianneada......kudos to you
Re: Meant To Be by alhacq(m): 9:46am On May 07, 2017
Team Bumper to Bumper.
Re: Meant To Be by Hadampson(m): 10:28am On May 07, 2017
Dis woman( Mrs. Johnson ) will never relent. Her doom is near, i can feel it.. Richard, sorry jawe, ur bae will surely come back to u. i just pray angela does not lose her memory cos of d accident. Marianneada, keep it coming #following_like_a_shadow
Re: Meant To Be by Jane1234f(f): 4:14pm On May 07, 2017
Update ohh,please
Re: Meant To Be by TallestTj(m): 5:24pm On May 07, 2017
Update ohh,please

Ur blood nor hot reach my own but I will wait patiently for update
Re: Meant To Be by Jane1234f(f): 5:48pm On May 07, 2017

Ur blood nor hot reach my own but I will wait patiently for update
Lol,OK ohh
Re: Meant To Be by talk2saintify(m): 7:37pm On May 07, 2017
nice one mod
buh yhu dey rush the story mad mad.....shey yhu dey try.....nice story..in everything yhu do always remember the God yhu serve is Nat died..he will do it in his time and way..
Wish angel quick recovery
Re: Meant To Be by Adikij(f): 8:07pm On May 07, 2017
Nice story
Re: Meant To Be by Nobody: 9:05pm On May 07, 2017
Nothing for us tonight?
Re: Meant To Be by Akinwale14(m): 9:58pm On May 07, 2017
No show for tonight
Re: Meant To Be by ikombe: 10:05pm On May 07, 2017
Which kinda evil woman be this Mrs Johnson self undecided

Re: Meant To Be by ikombe: 10:08pm On May 07, 2017
what a lovely story...keep it coming biko. try and update more frequently plz....cos have been refreshing this page since morning
we like as the update dey come slowly undecided

Re: Meant To Be by ikombe: 10:12pm On May 07, 2017
very good d God of d fatherless will continue to protect her from all harms
Madam na story no be real life e dey happen na

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Re: Meant To Be by Chizim1: 10:43pm On May 07, 2017
Weldon Madam i think mrs Johnson is in trouble now but don't allowed her to win the Johnson family
Re: Meant To Be by marychommy(f): 6:58am On May 08, 2017
Madam na story no be real life e dey happen na
oga I kn oooo say na for stori he de happen but as u kn na u carry ur hand come join am ur brain so u come now come kn say na stori be DAT.
Re: Meant To Be by marychommy(f): 6:59am On May 08, 2017
Madam na story no be real life e dey happen na
oga I kn oooo say na for stori he de happen but as u kn na u carry ur hand come join am ur brain so u come now come kn say na stori be DAT. cos na stori I no fit call God abi. receive sense
Re: Meant To Be by ikombe: 7:06am On May 08, 2017
oga I kn oooo say na for stori he de happen but as u kn na u carry ur hand come join am ur brain so u come now come kn say na stori be DAT. cos na stori I no fit call God abi. receive sense
God name no be wetin dem dey call anyhow shocked\
Re: Meant To Be by damis28crown(f): 12:44pm On May 08, 2017
God pls save angel she must nt die o richie tk it easy o ur angel will com bk wth ur baby in her hand fr u na thunder go strike dat mrs johnson fr ynash idiot kep it up dear jst update nytym u r free we understnd
Re: Meant To Be by BlissfulJeff(m): 5:55pm On May 08, 2017
more update dear
Re: Meant To Be by marianneada(f): 7:57pm On May 08, 2017

Richard couldn't believe his girlfriend will vanish into thin air without any trace,he had a sleepless night..... He was bailed the next morning by his friend Desmond,..... He was quiet throughout their drive to the hotel for a change of wears,.... He kept on dialing Angela's number but it wast going, ......

He returned to Angela's house to meet her relations waiting for him,..... They agreed that they don't want to accuse anyone yet,...the eldest man in her family told Richard that it is only God that knows exactly what happened,.. . They also agreed that at the end of six months and Angela is not found, they will then decide on what to do,...... Richard stood up to greet them,.....

"I thank you all for your understanding,.... I promise you that i'll bring back your daughter back, hale and hearty,..... "he brought out some money from his pocket and gave to Angela's mother

" Mama, pls i know that money cannot buy your daughter's life, pls take this money and take care of yourself and the children,.... "Angela's mother hissed aloud,...

" I dont need your blood money,.. All i want is my daughter,.... You think you can bribe me just the way you bribed them,... "she thundered at him..

" Mama Angela stop talking like this,... "aunty Beatrice told her

Richard allowed tears to flow freely from his eyes,...

" My son, it's ok, wipe your tears, your Lord will fight your battle for you,... "aunty Beatrice consoled him

She escorted them outside the compound, Richard gave her his number to call him anytime Angela's family lacks anything,.. She collected the money Angela's mother rejected, and promised to give the money to her,......


Desmond dropped Richard and drove off to attend to official matters,..... Richard saw Tope standing outside his gate,...

"Tope,... You didnt tell me you were coming,.... "Richard asked her

" I heard what happened to my friend and i came to see you,.... Oooh my God,... What happened to you?,.... Why are you looking haggard?, "she asked , touching his face

" I just returned from Angela's village,.....will you stand here asking me questions,.... Let's go inside,.... "Richard told her opening the front door,.....

He took his time to explain to Tope all that transpired in Angela's village,. .

" Ohhh my God,.... They accused you of using Angela for rituals,.. That's unfair,.... look at what they made you passed through,.... I can't believe this,..... Let me prepare breakfast for you quickly,.... "she stood up and meant to enter the kitchen,...

" I'm sorry, but i have to leave for the office,...i want to quickly change my clothes and rush to the office, you can go to Angela's village and check on her mother,.. Dont forget to always dial her number,.. I'll call you if there's any development,.... "he stood up and climbed the staircase to his room,..

Tope knew Richard doesnt want to be disturbed,... She quietly picked her bag and left,......


Richard returned home from the station tired,.... The police have been doing their best in their search for Angela,.....he now visits the station morning and night,...... He returned home in the evening to meet Tope waiting outside his gate,.....

"Good day Richard," she greeted him

"Good day, .. Why are you here at this time of the day? "he asked her bluntly
" It's just 6.20pm,..it's not late to visit a friend,..... Anyway i came to prepare dinner for you,.... I noticed you've slimmed down these past days,... You need to eat good food and take care of yourself,.... Since my friend is not here to take care of you,... I can do it in her absence,..... "

Richard was already getting irritated with her,.... He wants to get rid of her,...... An idea came to his mind,..

" You said you want to prepare dinner for me? "he asked her

" Yes dear,... "

" Just sit down in that shop, "he pointed at a shop opposite his house,.....

" You can sit down there and wait for me while i rush down the street and get something"he instructed her

She looked at him suspiciously, she reluctantly
crossed to the other side of the street, and sat down,... She watched Richard reversed his car and drove off.,,,,,

Richard drove to Desmond's house,.... His friend was about eating when he entered his sitting room,.....

" Guy,.. Thought you said you were on your way to your house when i spoke to you on phone" he asked Richard looking surprised at his unannounced visit,...

"I have a visitor i dont want to entertain,..... "he asnwered angrily

" Hahahahaha,.. Don't tell me Tope visited again,... "he asked laughing at his friend

" Yes, she did,.... She's actually waiting for me,... "

" What do you mean?, waiting for you where? "

" Infront of the shop opposite my house,... As if Angela's problem is not enough to drive me crazy,... She's also adding to my problems,..... I even forgot to ask her if she visited Angela's mother "

" You should know girls by now,.... They love making good use of any opportunity they have,... You need to be careful with that girl,.... Before you end up telling me stories that touches the heart,..... "

" I know her plans,... She cant fool me, she has never visited me when Angela was around,...she's now being caring,... She'll wait till late at night or even till eternity,... I don't even have her time,... I have more pressing issues to attend to than paying attention to her.,.... "

" Guy, it's not fair leaving her out in the dark,.... Just call her and cook up a lie,..... "

" Will do that later,... "

" I've you told Vanessa about Angela's disappearance? "

" Nope,... Not now, she already has enough problems at hand,.. I will tell her that later,.... "

"why dont we paste Angela's pictures on social media to enable us find her,.... We need to declare her missing, at least it will help us alot" Desmond advised him

"I think you have a point,.. I cant just sit and do nothing,... Firt thing tomorrow morning we shall do that,.... "

He checked his time and screamed

"My God!, it's 10pm,...i need to call Tope, "he dialed her number and she picked immediately

" pls i'm sorry for keeping you waiting for so long,.. My friend called me up,..... I think i'll sleep over at his place, it's better you go back to your house "

" i'm already at home,... After waiting for so long, i decided to leave"

"That was very thoughtful of you,...good night"

"Will you pick me up tomorrow? "

Richard pretended he didnt hear what she said, he cut the phone on her,.....


" Madam,... It's been one week the lady you brought here have been unconscious, i'm scared of her unborn child,... "The doctor at St Christopher hospital Ikeja told the old woman that has been taking care of Angela,....

" Oooh my God!, she's pregnant?,... I wish i can reach her family,... I know they must be worried about her whereabout,.. "

" Have you pasted her pictures on social media,? "
" Yes i did that this morning, i pray her family will contact me"

A nurse rushed into the doctor's office,......

"Doctor!!!!, the lady in ward6 is now conscious,....!!! "she announced to the doctor

The doctor did a sign of the cross, and ran to the ward to see his patient,... The old woman was thankful too,.....

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