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The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book / Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel / Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) (2) (3) (4)

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Day & Night (Fantasy) by 1mmanuel(m): 1:15am On Apr 28, 2017
What do you want?...
Fame?,power? vengeance? wealth?, beauty? or something greater than these...
Day and Night

Chapter 0:
Charlene Greene stepped down from the school bus, it was going to be another hectic day in school. She had been admitted into a private prestigious highschool called Morning Rose Girls High, thanks to a scholarship programme, that's good but the challenge was that she was the only one from a middle class family, every other person were from high class families of politicians, industrialists, celebrities. It was hard to mix with rich people, while coping with the frequent series of bullying, and school stress she experienced... this was the most difficult part of her life.She was black American and everyone acted as racist, as most of them were whites.
Coming to school everyday, to a place where you are not accepted because of your social background, race, religion, thought etc could drive one to tears. Morning classes were yet to start, so Charlene went to her usual place of solitude... the girls toilet were she could feel herself.
<cry girl, cry. the world has no place for poor people, you're a failure> a whispering voice said, frequently she had been hearing this voice in her head.
<cry!, cry!!, the tears of pity and sorrow is the solution to all problems.It releases your fears> the voice got louder
"Excuse me Miss, I want to work" a voice Interrupted, Charlene looked up and cleaned her tears it was the janitor, a new one. He was a young man in his early twenties, he was fairly handsome with a thick brown hair and dark eyes.
"OK sorry" her eyes were red from tears, she began to leave when the young man called her back
"what's the matter? he asked
" nothing "
"you shouldn't cry. Crying makes girls ugly" he continued
"are you calling me ugly?!" Charlene felt defiant, the voice in her head started again <avoid him! he's dangerous!! he called you ugly!>
"I didn't call you ugly" he said calmly "but I meant the spirits that dwell around you"
"I'm out of here!" she felt irritated
"I can hear the voices that speak through your head. They are malicious ones, I advice you not to listen to them" he said behind her
Charlene stopped and turned "voices? how do you know what goes through my mind?"
"it's not your mind that speaks, but a bunch of negative aura deceiving you" he came closer to her "following it will lead you to a path of darkness"
The whispering voice in her head became more intense <you stupid girl!! don't listen to him, he's our enemy! your enemy! get out immediately!!>
Charlene suddenly broke into tears, "I can't handle this anymore!!"
<yes we're the only ones who can help your miserable life! >
"see for yourself!" he touched her forehead and her eyes were open... the toilet was full of distorted shadows forming into different shapes, they spoke
<stupid girl we warned you not to listen to him>
"what are these things?!" Charlene asked in horror
"these are not ordinary shadows, these are spirits called whisperers" the young man explained "they are created from negative emotions like fear, cowardice, anger, greif, depression, envy, sadness. Because they're embodiment of negativity they spread lies in the heart of people and make them do evil or commit suicide"
Charlene could not believe it, because she had dwelt on her problems negatively , she had created evil spirits who spoke in her head to create negative thoughts. "please help me don't let them eat me!" she begged
"whisperers are only negative auras, they can't attack anyone physically. Only you can stop them by rebuking them and believing in yourself"
The shapeless shadows around screamed <lies!! we're the only ones who can help you!! we are bound together with you!!>
"shut up!" Charlene rebuked
<huh?> they said in their whispering voices
"I said shut up and leave me alone! for so long I dwelt on your words that I felt worse and discouraged, because of you all I thought I was a failure and I had no friends. My grades and my confidence dropped because of you all kept bugging me, but you know what?"
The young man laughed aside
"I'm going to drop all those self pity and believe in myself." she continued
The shadows began to form again, they were getting faint <you can't chase us we're part of you. How can you succeed in a world where black people like you are mistreated. It is impossible Charlene Greene, you can't be better than this in life>
"let me tell you a little about myself; I'm Charlene Greene, I'm confident!, I'm beautiful!, I'm smart! , I'm proud of my skin color!, I'm proud that I'm a black girl brought up on Harlem downtown because I have a hope that I will have a successful future. As a winner I have no time to listen to trashes so in the count of five leave me or you're history!"
"<bitch!!>, the whisperers took away like snakes
" congrats" the man said " you chased the spirits away and restored your confidence. But you must desist from negative thoughts and emotions hence they reappear"
The school bell rang, school activities started, Charlene Greene looked at the man and noticed a golden halo afloat his head like an angel.
"Thank you...for today" she said
"don't mention it"
"I don't know you yet, what do I call you?"
"Nico. Nicolas Berg"
"okay Mr Nico, bye !"she smiled and left with renewed with new confidence and strength ready to face the world.
" Good girl " Nico said lustfully peering at her sexy ass before remembering he had work to do.

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Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by 1mmanuel(m): 8:37pm On Aug 25, 2017
Chapter 1: The Crystal fruit
For those who don't know me I'm Nicholas Berg an handy man from NewYork City, I work and fix toilets, appliances,cars,and any thing fixable, I have friends and we hang out once in a while on Saturday nights, I pay my taxes and respect the human government.
Don't be deceived by my appearance as a twenty five year old handyman, I possess strange attributes ... well before I was a normal human until I came across a fruit made of crystal.
Five years back...
"hey Nico happy birthday!! " said Clarissa my girlfriend. It was my birthday February 12th and I had organized a special date for both of us, I was a student at the state local university Detroit studying literature and traditional art while Clarissa was the daughter of Wilson Dockman an oil investor from Texas who was an high-flying law student from Harvard University, that didn't stop me from loving her.
"so where are we going tonight? " she asked.
"mmm... what of the movies? I booked a ticket for both of us " I said looking into her eyes, they were beautiful.
"what are you looking at? something wrong with my hair? " she said looking nervous
"you look beautiful today... "
she laughed "stop the sarcasm boy, what if I'm dressed like a disney princess what will you call me? "
"let me tell you " and I kissed her.

Recently I was studying a meteor that fell in town recently, it was the strangest thing I had ever seen... It was a strawberry fruit made from an hard crystal , or rather a jagged crystal that resembled a red strawberry fruit and it was so beautiful that I planned to give it to Clarissa tonight. Since it was my twenty first birthday I looked my best as I got ready to go to the movies with my girlfriend, I borrowed a friend's car to pick her up at home by 9.00pm.
Clarissa looked beautiful in her purple gown as her blonde hair blew with the night breeze she handed me a wristwatch as a gift "happy birthday Nicky " she pecked my cheek .We left for the town cinema where we watched the movie Deadpool, it wasn't her taste of movie but since I was the celebrant, what gives?
Through out the movie she was busy with her iphone and showed less interest in the deadpool movie, I didn't care since I was engrossed in the action of the movie. Suddenly her smartphone beeped, a facebook message entered, she read it and smiled. I didn't notice when she left the cinema to ladies room.
It would be normal if a lady was going to take a pee at the not so clean ladies room but what wasn't right was a guy waiting in there for someone and it was my Clarissa he was waiting for.
"I thought I was going be here forever " the guy said feeling irritated "I can't believe the insides of women smell worse than men" he was a combination of Justin Bieber and Harry Styles , he was handsome enough to make homosexuals fall in love with him, his six packs pumped out of his quality body tight shirt, his jet black hair was arranged in a cool hairstyle.One would think this hottie was a member of a pop boy band but sorry he was Gabriel Fredderson son of Michael Fredderson a billionaire and currently a congressman.
"hey don't look at me with that eye pretty boy. You're not the only one suffering it" said Clarissa as she caressed his chest seductively,
"you're still with that nerd? I thought we talked this out " said Gabriel
Clarissa stopped caressing him and answered him "when you sleep around with those bimbos at Harvard , i didn't complain at least we're equal now"
Gabriel laughed in a manner that annoyed her "equal? so you're trying to punish me by dating a low life piece of whatever he excrete.At least dating one of those bimbos is to step forward to achieving my dreams "
"which is? "
"living the American dream " said Gabriel
Clarissa lowered the tip of her gown revealing her ample cleavage "you can live it me... tonight " she winked at him seductively
"our parents proposed for us to get married after university, why are following that trash can, I remember that Nicolas back in highschool... so hopeless "
Clarissa began to rub his crotch "I like good boys especially when they are boring , he reminds me of an innocent puppy. He believes everything I say hook... line.... sinker " Gabriel lifted her into a toilet compartment and they went into a wild kiss section.
After that, Clarissa unzipped his jean as his rooster bulged up
"is he that good?" Gabriel asked
"nah, his prick isn't sizable enough to satisfy me... but whether today is his birthday or not... this girl is hungry" orgasm flowed through her body and began to administer a Mouth Action to her lover.
They were both in ecstasy that they didn't notice a creature rise from the other toilet as flies and mosquitoes began to hover around. The black monster resembled a giant mosquito, instead of a sucker it had straight thin tentacles as mouth. The monster flew with defining speed speed and chomped off Gabriel's head then advanced for Clarissa who didn't know she was giving Mouth Action to an headless body.
Back at the cinema, the movie was over and I was getting worried about Clarissa. Where had she gone to?
Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by 1mmanuel(m): 10:56pm On Aug 25, 2017
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Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by 1mmanuel(m): 1:15am On Aug 26, 2017
I called her number she wasn't answering, this was the eighth time, I searched all over for her but didn't see her. I knew women could be funny and act strangely when they didn't like something, Clarissa wasn't the person to act like that she couldn't simply voice out her opinion when she felt uncomfortable. I called her friends but non of them knew of Clarissa's whereabout, it was wisdom not to call at Dockman residence lest her father should get mad.
I searched around the cinema for her and prayed silently that she was alright. I checked out the car park maybe she was already in the car but no, I decided to take a leak in the men's room and in my pocket was the crystal strawberry...
After I flushed i went to the tap to was my hands, I dried my hands with an hand wipe suddenly a fly bit me I tried to swat the insect but it was fast and dogged. A drop of blood fell on my clean hand, I was shocked and used the hand wipe to clean off the blood, everywhere began to smell like feases and I heard an humming sound like a swarm of insects so closely that it had to be in the men's room. The blood dropped on my forehead this time and I looked up...
On the ceiling above me was an insect monster, it's body resembled a giant black mosquito but it had no head but a bunch of eight tentacles. Though I was not a Roman Catholic I recited the hail mary in my heart as I moved away slowly, suddenly the monster spat a mutilated human finger before me.
"oh poo it's noticed me " I cursed under my breath. I had watched horror movies like Alien, Anaconda, Predator, Godzilla, Nightmare on Elm Street etc and I had learnt that the only way to escape death was ...RUN!!!
To my dismay the monster was swift and it chased me hissing furiously, I entered the ladies room to hid but to my horror I saw two mutilated corpse which were being feasted on by flies . I could identify it was a male and a female, their bloods stained the toilet as well their scattered body parts, I wanted to vomit but I reminded myself that I was a man, so I brought out my smartphone and tried to dial the 911 suddenly I noticed a brooch on the hand of the female corpse and the torn purple gown, I came closer and checked the half eaten face... it was my Clarissa .
Through out my life I had never felt such mixture of dismay, loss, fear in me. I cried as i held her blood stained corpse in my arms , the woman of my dreams was forever gone. The monster emerged, it seemed to pleased with it's handiwork and how broken it had left me. With tears in my eyes as said
"I don't know who you are... but let me tell you this.... Bleep YOU!!! "
The mosquito monster rearranged it's tentacle head and flew towards me ready to attack... there was a large fire extinguisher nearby so I took it and released at the creature before it could prey on me.It hissed in pain and fell, at that moment I felt victorious... I didn't care if anyone believed me but I was going to slay the monster that killed my girlfriend. Little was known that mosquito had a poisonous compartment in it's body so it oozed a black smoke from it's tentacle face to my body, I suddenly felt weak, I could hear shadows singing... my slumped to the floor and became paralyzed. The monster was victorious .
My head produced a serious headache, the creature crawled to me with it's wet wings stained in blood. If I was going to die I won't regret dying with Clarissa though we only had sex twice... she would be waiting for me in heaven, the unknown guy beside her could go to hell.
I closed my eyes and thought about my best song rap God by Eminem,

BOOM!!! a loud sound erupted, I could see a short man... he had large feets and long cat ears with him was a peculiar looking shotgun. The malevolent creature turned to look who had interrupted it from eating it's would be dinner, it hissed.
I could swear that when the strange guy reloaded his weapon a bullet didn't come out when he shot again, it was a bright red light. It hit the monster square and it began to burn, I watched as the creature hissed in pain while it disintegrated into ashes.
That didn't mean I was safe, the poisonous substance the monster has released on me was killing me slowly, the strange big footed man ran to me and began to search for anything in my pocket that could save me, his hands touched the crystal strawberry fruit and he looked at me in disbelief...
He forced the mysterious crystal into my mouth, I couldn't resist since I was paralyzed,to my surprise the crystal fruit was soft and crunchy in my mouth as I chewed . A great surge of energy entered my body and in a second I saw the whole universe.My body was coming back to health... this crystal fruit ... it had turned me into a divine being...
Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by Speedstar09: 2:06pm On Aug 26, 2017
Epic start! ride on boss...you have gotten yourself a follower.
Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by 1mmanuel(m): 12:35am On Aug 28, 2017
Chapter 2: Diego Del Rio

I was back at the cinema holding to Clarissa's corpse, I cried but I knew deep inside that tears had no power to resurrect dead people.
"hey Nicky " Clarissa's voice called, her dead eyes were open and her corpse spoke
"what's the problem baby? " in horror I wanted to drop her and run.
"Clarissa ... yyyyou're dead!"
She laughed "really? I feel more alive than ever...much... more alive.Touch my boobs a little will you? "
I wanted to scream but I reminded myself that I was a man
"iiit can't be you were killed by a monster... I saw you... "
"hush Nicky " she said seductively "I wasn't killed by a monster I got laid by a real man. Isn't that true Gabriel? "
The mutilated headless body gave a thumb up in agreement.
"you cheated on me...? " I asked in disbelief
"no Nicky I liked you, the word 'love' is overrated.You are cute ,nerdy and charming but your dick size isn't up to my expectations" she said
Tears rolled from my eyes "so all you cared about was the size of my dick, that's why you never gave me a Mouth Action. What of the love we shared since highschool "
The dead Clarissa laughed "I'm so sorry but this girl is always hungry " like the monster mosquito she released poisonous black fumes from her mouth at me.
And I woke up, it was a nightmare.

The room where I woke up was in a two bedroom apartment though it wasn't like mine, I lay on a bed with a Mexican flag as a bedsheet and I clad in a Mexican flag themed bathrobe . My body was no longer paralyzed but the headache hit me a little hard on my right forehead.
I could hear the sound of television playing from the living room and I managed to get up to find my way out. The the scent of tacos radiated in the air as got to the living room, the stranger was seated on a sofa watching a Mexican soap opera on the TV which was interrupted for a brief commercial, in anger he cursed in spanish.

"hi can you hear me?... I'm Nicholas Berg thanks for saving me yesterday night, I'll be forever grateful" the man looked at me as I spoke and he stood up and walked up to me. He was dwarfish, not taller than a thirteen year old, he feet were so large and barefooted, his skin was like tanned like brown wood and his ears were large and hairy ,he was wearing a singlet and a jean. I brought out my hand for an handshake but he declined and answered in a latino accent. "as a matter of fact you've been here for a week"
"a week? I've been away for that long? " I asked feeling aghast
"you'll have been away forever if not for the crystal fruit " the stranger walked to his small kitchen and opened a tiny microwave where he brought out two chicken tacos.
"that crystal is a fruit and it healed me? "
the stranger took a bite from his tacos and nodded "yes. it is not a fruit that grows in the terrestrial world but a fruit that grows the celestial realm. The crystal fruits powers up spiritual energy that why celestial beings see it as food"
"wait,wait, wait. I don't get anything at all, the flying monster, the edible crystal, my girlfriend's death...you even look strange.I'm out of here." Still in the bathrobe I wanted to storm out the apartment, the stranger brought out a tiny flute and played a rough tune then I felt dizzy and slumped on the floor to sleep.
"you should at least return my bathrobe " he said in spanish.
Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by 1mmanuel(m): 9:05pm On Aug 28, 2017
I was awake again, this time tied to a chair in the living room, the stranger was watching yet another soap opera while sipping from a can of beer. I wasn't in his bathrobe again but in my boxers.
"who are you?" I asked "why is all these happening to me?"
"I'll answer your questions one at a time" he said with his eyes straight at the television
"First my name is Diego Del Rio, I work as a mechanic in the human society but I am a gnome from Mount Santiago"
"Mount Santiago?. It's s in Mexico, I thought gnomes are European folklore... "
Diego looked at me "all gnomes come from Mount Santiago, not Europe. I came to America in search of better prospect.To the second question... " he took a gulp from his beer.
"The reason you're like these... is because you are stupid "
"How can you carry a crystal fruit, a forbidden object around?"
I was confused
"I don't get it" I managed to say
"How many worlds do you think exists?" the gnome asked
"nine" I answered believing it was the nine planets
"four" he corrected
"listen!" he thundered "there are four worlds held by two primordial forces of good and evil, Vahattra who represents order and Devattra who represents chaos. The worlds are the High-heavens , home of celestial entities, The Middling, home of terrestrial beings ,the Ocean of Time, where the purest river is, and the Nightland, realm of mist and darkness .The High-heavens is under the influence of Vahattra while the Nightland is under the influence of Devattra."
I listened to his tale
"the universe is held by a cosmological tree called the Mother Tree, it grows a special fruit called the god-fruit and celestial spirits feed from it, but when a mortal creature like us eats it we develop the same divine energy like celestial spirits" Diego looked into my eyes and that made me scared.
"do you know the worst part?" he asked
I shook my head
"monsters especially those from the Nightland believe that eating the flesh of a celestial spirit gives them immortality but since they can't hunt a spirit they hunt for god-fruits"
"so that monster came to cinema because of the spiritual energy of the crystal fruit? " I asked
Diego nodded "and you ate it, thus you became like a celestial being in mortal form"
"no freaking way man" I tried to struggle myself out of confinement .Diego went back to the kitchen and brought a plate of tacos on a saucer and he untied the rope which set me free. The tacos was good, spicy chicken tacos.
"I need to get going, for seven days... people must be searching for me"
The gnome still watching his soap opera opened up another canned beer
"the only people looking for you are the police. The girl you were dating is the daughter of Mr Wilson Dockman a rich and powerful fellow, he was embittered about her death and has used his influence to declare you wanted for the murder his daughter and her fiance Gabriel Fredderson "
"Clarissa has a fiance? She was my day and night, I thought we were made for each other"
Diego snickered and mumbled something in spanish
"that is where your stupidity starts. As a gnome I even know more about human relationships than you. How can you expect the daughter of a rich man to get married to a broke fellow like you?, she never even loved you in the beginning"
Gabriel Fredderson was the son of a congressman, it was obvious that Clarissa might have gotten married to him because he from a wealthy family like hers.
"so what's up for me, I'm a wanted criminal, a freak hunted by monsters. I can't go home, I can't compete my education... I can't even stay in town anymore. Am not gonna stay here with you watching soaps and eating tacos"
Diego wasn't listening because he was engrossed in the show already. I stood up and looked through the apartment window, it was dusk just like my future. I didn't know what kind of ability came along with having divine energy, The god-fruit was the greatest birthday gift I had ever gotten.
I am Nicholas Berg.
Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by 1mmanuel(m): 11:42pm On Aug 31, 2017
An Evening at The Dancing Flamingo :
Las Vegas, home of the young and restless, bold and daring, the makers and takers of dreams. The street cats and stray dogs patrol the city of sleepless nights as the chariots cruise the highway, the playboys and highrollers compete for the nightlife of the city against the crime underworld.
The Dancing Flamingo Casino and Suite one of the grand palaces of the city's great and mighty,here people gamble their easily made wealth... of course there is an harem of beautiful strippers and waitresses to entertain the guests, and don't forget the Flamingo is also famous for its variety of expensive wines and champagnes from Chandele to Screaming Eagle.
Derek the charmer stepped out of his newly acquired red Roll Royce Wraith, the former investment banker who pulled out a financial scam of $30million and got away easily wore an expensive vintage style suit with a pair of gold rimmed shades to match. He was escorted into the Dancing Flamingo with an hulking bodyguard, Derek spanked a bleached blonde waitress dressed in a skimpy playboy bunny costume and she giggled.
After loosing a couple of dollars in a poker game to some Italian mafians and having some shots of dalla valle wine he busied himself by groping the bosom of the waitress he had earlier spanked until he noticed someone. A beautiful asian woman in a Japanese kimono, her hair was styled in an manner that made her resemble a geisha during the edo era of Japan, her skin was as white as the moonlight and delicate lips coloured blood. The lady was all alone by the and Derek was in the mood to have some fun with an exotic woman.He brought some notes of dollars and paid the bimbo to get lost.
"got lost in America? " he surprised her "then let me guide you"
The lady only smiled and said "no, I am right here Mr "
Derek produced an expensive cigar and set it ablaze with a lighter before smoking
"so where do you come from and where are you going? " he asked
"I come from the desires of the heart of men" the lady looked into his eyes, hers were as dark as the night "and for your heart, I am here" with her icy cold hand she touched him.
Derek was attracted to her brief charm
"what do they call you?" he stopped smoking

Derek the charmer book a suite for he and Yomi the mysterious Japanese lady. That night Derek could not wait to sleep with an asian for the first time, Yomi removed her kimono revealing her lean white body and loosen her dark long hair. She knelt on top the prepared playboy ready to make love, whispering into his ears with her cold breath she said,

"Close your eyes and imagine yourself upon the night sky, tied by a spider web made from a thousand constellation of stars...how they glitter. Though you are trapped you feel safe, safe in the arms of the spider who hums the music of the dusk in your ears. You love this spider and you are willing to please her" she bit his neck and licked the blood.She continued,
"To love this spider your must let go the illusion that protects you. Your wealth, your power, your dreams... let it go and realise your original state, a trap animal at my mercy. I am the spider "
Instead of Yomi, a creature lay upon the human.The body of a giant black widow spider with the head of a woman, Derek hadn't realised this because he was in a trance of illusion. In the trance he moaned in orgasm while Yomi who had transformed into a monster smiled, she liked her lips her tongue turned into a spider fang, with it she bit Derek and began to feed on his blood.
As Yomi the spider creature sucked more blood from him , Derek the charmer felt more sexual orgasm as life slowly left him ...
The world is not only inhabited by humans... beware.
Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by Speedstar09: 2:20pm On Sep 01, 2017
nice updates,ride on
Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by 1mmanuel(m): 2:35pm On Sep 01, 2017
nice updates,ride on
I will do my best sir.
Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by Speedstar09: 3:24pm On Sep 01, 2017
I will do my best sir.
no lele,i dey your back


The god fruit rings a bell,you wrote -limbo- right?pls ensure you complete this one doh o smiley
Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by Nmaglit: 4:14pm On Sep 01, 2017
nice story keep it up
Re: Day & Night (Fantasy) by 1mmanuel(m): 10:41pm On Sep 02, 2017
Chapter 4:Meet Amanda West
FRAUDSTER DIES IN HOTEL SUITE. Today's headline, it talked about a rich guy popularly known as Derek the charmer who died in his suite at the Dancing Flamingo a popular hotel in Las Vegas. His body was found on the bed but it was whittered and emaciated,an autopsy was carried out and it was revealed that he had no blood in his body. More investigations were done and the police discovered that the deceased was a big time fraudster who defrauded his former workplace of millions of dollars, the big mystery now is could Derek had caught an unknown disease that drains away the blood or could he have taken a poison with similar effect?

I stopped reading the story on the newspaper and continued eating my breakfast of some chicken tacos and coffee at Eduardo's coffee shop before heading to work. After the incident of five years ago Diego helped me escape to New York City where he introduced me to his cousin Eduardo another gnome who had a coffee shop that was locally known for its Mexican dishes.Eduardo married a human wife Claudia and together they had a gnome son called Custard, Claudia was one of the few humans who knew Eduardo was a gnome.
"honey don't forget to get the groceries before coming home tonight, I liked those apples you bought last time" he said in spanish as he was about to open the shop for business.
"alright, I won't forget" his wife who understood replied back in english as she was applying a last minute make up to her face. Though Claudia was a fat woman she was beautiful and did her best to look good, she worked as a nurse in a children hospital but still had time as a wife and mother to her family and she was a very nice person.
"Custard drop that computer and finish your breakfast or you'll be late for school!" she scolded her son who was busy with his PlayStation portable instead of eating,
"mama when I'm true with this level I'll eat like the wind" custard said.
"don't forget to take your pills both of you..." Claudia looked at her watch it was 7.00am, "I'm almost late!" she wanted to leave
"Don't worry ma'am I'll drop you off with my taxi.You don't need to pay a coin" I volunteered.
"thank you very much Nicholas, I'm grateful"she smiled.
"no need to"
I had a new job as a taxi driver, I work from seven in the morning till twelve in the afternoon then I take a break and start by 1.00pm till 8.00pm, that was my. If you think being a cab driver in New York is easy, think again.
I stopped at the hospital where Eduardo's wife worked, she gave me a peck in appreciation even though I didn't want it and she waddled off.
I started the cab and headed off to the park where I listened to some morning jams from the car radio.Suddenly I head a knock on my wind screen,
"Hello, are you available?" It was a young lady dressed up like an hipster, her short hair was dyed pink, she wore a ripped jean and a colourful sleeveless jacket which revealed her arm which tattooed with with different colours of butterflies. Unfortunately she was flat chested and her beauty could be graded at 60% or less if not for the make up.
"sure, where to?" I asked staring at her peanut sized breast for any hope.
"anywhere" she said as she was chewing a bubble gum,
I sighed and looked at her "anywhere is the same thing as nowhere. Please be specific"
She laughed in a way that sounded like a pig snorting, I was beginning to get irritated at this girl. Then she stopped laughing and her clear green eyes looked into mine.
"take me to the High-heavens company.Alone"
Apart from the death of Tupac Shakur the High-heavens company was another mystery. It was a company that granted wishes, if you wished for a car all you need to do was log into the company's website and type your wish. The duration of your wish depends on how much you pay.If you pay to have the car for twenty-four hours, after then the car disappears and so does the memories of people who knew you had the car. The company had a way of magically twisting reality and was the biggest company in the world, it's website was ranked the most visited for four years. But the mystery of it all was that no one knew the workforce of this company.

"Hop in" I told the hipster girl
As I drove her to the company's headquarters. It was quite strange because I have never anyone affiliated with such a mysterious company in person, in curiosity I asked.
"what are you doing at the High-heavens, wanna make a wish? "
"nah. It's classified" her bubble gum inflated and burst.
"what of you?. Believe in wishes?" she asked in return
I stopped at the sign of the red light on the traffic light,
"I believe in monsters and other crazy stuffs but not wishes"
the red light disappeared and the yellow light glowed.
"not even miracles? " she asked again
"if miracles even existed I won't be riding a cab, maybe I'll be a graduate or married to the woman of my dreams" I answered
"what happened to her?"
"she's dead"
The green light glowed and I continued moving,
After a brief silence she asked
"what's your name?"
I was already tired of her questions and hoped to get to her destination quick enough.
"I'm Mandy"
She gave me a complimentary card but I didn't read it,
"how hold are you?" I asked her
She smiled in annoying manner "it's classified"

Finally we got there. The High-heavens company, it had the tallest building in North America, a beautiful spiral shaped skyscraper which shot endlessly above the sky but no one knew what was inside.
"that will be $200 miss" I said while I looked at her card, it read:
The initial HH stood for High-heavens, so she works here, I turned to collect my money but she was no longer in car . In shock I came out of the taxi and searched around including the bonnet, after a fruitless search I cursed under my breath. I didn't hear her leave the car, not even a ninja was this stealth. I looked at the card and stared at the High-heavens magnificent skyscraper, if this was where this Amanda West works I was going to find her and unravel the mystery behind this company.
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The next day I made it my mission to get this lady and she was a tricky one. I had tried to enter the company but no matter how cool I acted the abrasive security man denied me entrance.
It was the fourth day of my mission,everyday I waited inside my taxi by the street across the company but today my prayers were answered. Amanda emerged from the company, it was 9.00pm and the company had a reputation of being active for 24/7. She was dressed in her another hipster style costume but she wasn't alone this time, a guy who was around my age was with her but my interest was not about him... all I wanted was my $200.
Across I watched them leave in a taxi, and I followed the vehicle. As I drove I thought of her relationship with the guy, from the way she smiled at him while they were talking he might be her boyfriend or a colleague from the High-heavens or rather both. I was curious of where the two staff of the High-heavens company were heading to, the taxi got to the busy Manhattan side of city and stopped at a nightclub, the couple came out of the taxi and entered the busy nightclub. I took note.
The name of the nightclub was The Frantic a popular one around the suburbs of New York, luckily I knew a friend who partied there at weekends so I borrowed his club pass to enter. It was 9.00pm just as yesterday when they both came out of the company's building, they boarded a taxi and I tailed them easily to the nightclub.
After both them had gone inside I parked my cab and walked in. The entrance of the club was filled with people those couldn't afford to enter, they were mostly teenagers except for some people who came outside to smoke some high level weed. I was stopped by a huge bouncer and I showed him the club pass,he grunted a nod in approval. From the entrance of the club I could perceive the stench of cigarettes and alcohol mixed the perfumes some of the clubbers had bathed with, this was totally not my place.
The night came alive inside the Frantic, the clubbers danced to the amplifying EDM beat by the deejay (I will give him a thumb up for that ), some of dancers under the influence of some ecstasy drug reminded me of the traditional rain dance from Africa. I ordered a glass of cocktail mixed with vodka and martini from the bartender at bar corner (I swear it tasted great), under the multicoloured disco lights I observed the activities around that I caught notice two ladies kissing passionately without worry. As I was getting bored of my first experience at the nightclub when I noticed a beautiful lady with a red hair, she was stunning with an excellent proportion of curves on her body. I invited her to have a drink with me, we talked a lot that I was beginning to like her later we had a dance where I got more fascinated with her twerking skills, after a couple of more drinks we felt drunk and began to kiss wildly. My hands where around her sexy body when I noticed something weird... she was having an erection!!, my eyes got cleaned instantly and I touched her alleged joystick it was real!, this was a transgender. I left and sped to the fairly clean men's room where I began to vomit, after that I washed my face to remove all drowsiness, I almost left my mission to have fun with a transgender. Bad.
Leaving the restroom, I saw the guy Amanda came with. He resembled some one I had seen on TV but much younger, his blond hair was sleek and wavy unlike my moppy brown hair, he was as handsome as those male models on fashion runways and he looked too cool for a person who came to have some night fun. He was waiting for Amanda who came from upstairs, her face didn't spell happy this time, after some discussion the couple went upstairs to managers office.Where they into drugs?.

I snuck by the entrance of the managers door where I could hear an heated argument.
"I'm a business man you know, so I hate people wasting my time.I don't do business with time wasters" a male voice probably the manager.
"I should be saying that to you" the young guy said "we came here for information but now asking for an obscure bargain"
The man laughed "information is power and the source of power is obscure"
"we cannot give you a god-fruit!" Amanda broke in "it meant for those within the bloodline of Supremers and spirits"
"that means I cannot give you information. It is meant for those who are down to earth and ready to do business" the manager said.
"what do you need a god-fruit for?" the young man spoke
"I've been alive for more than a century that experience has taught me the purpose of god-fruit to the earth. That powerful substance can expand my business."
"so you're part of those illegal merchants" Amanda said again
"I am many more my young lady" he said.
I couldn't make up what they where talking about but when I heard the word god-fruit it couldn't be a normal discussion. Suddenly a blow from nowhere threw me into the office, Amanda and the young guy were before the manager of the night club a very tiny man in a green suit. The person who had knocked me was a giant, a fat and obese giant with a single eye on his face like a cyclop, he wore a black tee shirt which read : I HATE PEOPLE,
The manager who was seated frowned when he saw me fly in and so were his guests,
"eavesdropping.I see, Mongo handle him with care"
the manager looked at me and the giant fellow nodded and smiled as his hungry single eyes glared at me. He grabbed me and like a ball he threw me past a wall, it collapsed and I found myself outside the street alley behind club. Mongo the one-eyed giant lumbered to my aching body ready to beat me up and maybe eat me.
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Chapter 5: Evergrace and the Wind spirit.
The giant wedged where I lay and picked me up, I could perceive the rotten odour that came from his mouth as he laughed, death was better than this.
I could feel a suction of energy coming through my body and before he fling me again I kicked him with great effort. Little did I know that I had so much stamina to kick the giant away, he let go of me and fell back with a vibrating thud. Two things happened, my strength came back and my bruises were healed instantly, a silver halo appeared over my head, on Mongo's side his true form emerged. His fat human head was replaced by that of a bull making him resemble an obese minotaur, he stood up revealing his eyes which were blazing in rage.
"hey biggy! why don't you challenge someone else your own size! " I called out as I flexed my muscles
The bull headed monster roared in response and steam blew from his snout he moved farther and he charged with his horns facing me, the ground vibrated at every step he took. I readied myself like a spanish matador who wanted to intercept a bull, Mongo was quite fast in running though he was huge. As he got closer to ram me to the wall behind , I jumped over and dodged making him break a hole.
The collision at the wall didn't wear Mongo but made him more steamed up and desperate to kill, I moved further back and Mongo roared again, this time the whole alley echoed and this made me terrified. He charged again with the intent to kill, as he moved his eyes flared with rage. Suddenly a brief gale started, it blew away trash cans, specks of sand flew into mongo's eyes.
He stopped on his track and like a flash of light someone came between and gave the beast an upper cut blow, Mongo fell like a bolder and the gale stopped. It was the guy that came with Amanda, he put his right foot on Mongo's large stomach like a proud hunter and his game.
"handle with care, your boss said" over his head was a floating silver halo like mine, he looked at me and said
"you're a beta-supremer too"
"I don't know what supremer means" I answered,
"strange, who are you and where do you come from? "he asked
I cleaned some dust from my jeans "Why should I tell you,?" I was about to leave when he put his hands on my shoulder it restricted my movement, even though we were almost alike his strength was greater than mine .
"You have to..." his blue eyes flashed,
"...then make me do it" our eyes met
"Brian! Nicholas! hey both of you don't get so uneasy! " Amanda's voice called
"his name is Nicholas?" the blond guy whose name was Brian left my shoulder and looked above where Amanda West was. The person who called sounded like but didn't look like the tomboyish hipster Amanda West, this lady was dressed in a flowing white gown decorated with butterflies ,her hair was silver and reached her knees. She had grey eyes which portrayed calmness like the wind that blew around her, the lady was pretty but a little flat chested, she held a winged silver flute and feather adorned her hair.
"how did you know him?" Brian asked the mysterious lady
"he's one of those few humans I interact with but I never thought he would be a beta-supremer like you? " the being answered.
"Mandy is that you?!!" my eyes widened in awe at this beauty, she stood on the roof of an abandoned four storey apartment under the moonlight.She resembled a goddess.
Brian looked at me. Like a feather she sailed down with no effort, I could feel the wind blow as she descended towards us.
"I am wind spirit of the west, one the four to whom the air dances to. Not Mandy. " she said with an air of authority. It made sense now ,she was responsible for the gale. I noticed that her feet were not on the ground but on little cloud where she stood upon.
"Who's that guy?" I pointed to the unconscious obese minotuar
"he's a jontar ,creatures with an endless appetite .Don't near him"
"I'm Brian Evergrace," the blond hair guy said "and you are Nicholas... "
"Nicholas Berg, nice one on that guy" we shook hands.
The wind spirit looked at us approvingly and nodded "seems you two are getting along"
"Cool so you're a spirit? " I asked "and you just called me a beta-supremer. What is that? "
"Supremers are powerful beings who live in heaven, long time ago human thought they were gods or angels. Sometimes they came to the mortal realm and slept with human females who then give birth to children possessing supremer abilities. These offsprings are known as beta-supremers because they are a mixture of two races " The spirit explained
"so I'm like a demigod right? " I asked
"seems so. We betas have halos on our heads like Supremers plus we have great stamina and divine abilities beyond human" Brian added
,"the company, what's it all about? "
Brian Evergrace glanced at the full moon
"it's not really a business enterprise, the High-heavens company is the border between this world and the real High-heavens"
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You are doing fine op nice piece u have here.

Now i follow and pls update Asap.
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Chapter 6:Industrial Training.
High-heavens company. That night at my apartment I pondered on what Brian had said, my lousy roommate was on a vacation so everywhere was quiet enough to think. In the ancient times during the Mayan civilisation a temple was built for humans to communicate with the gods, the Supremers . As time flowed the cultures and believe of humanity changed, religions faded the true philosophy of the world from man but the Supremers who longed for the worship devised new means of ruling the humans. They erected a new temple, the High-heavens company, the beta-supremers mortal children of the Supremers were another issue. Some abused their divine abilities and used it to cause turbulence in the human realm while some where hunted down by the enemies of the Supremers.To protect and put this children under check, all betas were employed in the company from their birth where they will be trained on how to use their divine powers to serve their real fathers in heaven.
From time to time the location of the company will change according to the world power human civilisation. Before the Second World War it was in London, Great Britain the current world power back then but after the fall of the British empire by the Nazi the company vanished and found itself in New York City, United States the new world power and pillar of human civilisation till now.
I could hardly believe everything, my father must have been a supremer it made sense now. While growing up in Detroit I never met my dad and my mom was my only parent until she married her long time boyfriend, a drunkard named Nate Phillips. My mom never told me about my real dad but on her death bed eleven years ago she said he was like a god who descended on earth, I taught it was all crazy talk caused by dying from cancer. Five years back, Diego stated that I had some kind of special blood that prevented me from dying from the monster's poison, the god-fruit only revived me like a drug. But why wasn't I employed in the company? Brian said no employment certificate or interview was needed, you only need to have the god blood flowing you.

The next morning I drove to the company as Brian instructed.The company was a single skyscraper the tallest in the world, ninety nine storeys, it had a spiral shape which made it beautiful. I parked without difficulty since my cab was the only vehicle on the company parking lot, he had told me to wait for me when I came over. Getting out of the cab someone said
"punctuality, the first rule of an employee must obey. you are 35269 seconds late,"
It was Brian, dressed in blue business suit and a pair of shades, his blond hair was combed backwards. He had a sly smile on his face as he came to meet me.
We shook hands
"welcome to the High-heavens company unlimited. I'll be your guide Mr Berg and if you meet our expectations then you'll become our member" though he was in his twenties he talked like a professional boss.
"trust me, I'm good at putting my best" I wore a tuxedo that I found in my roommates closet.
"be ready, what you will see has nothing to do with what you learnt in school. Let your mind be open and your heart be unshaken " he added
"when did you enter the company?" I asked
"since I was nine... "
"holy... " when I was nine I was still playing trick or treat on Halloween night to get free candy, another kid was already working.
"don't get it that way. I discovered my divine nature at that age, and my mother who knew my father was a supremer brought me here. I underwent an industrial training session and in a year I was already a member of this company"
I blinked "do your parents know you guys were are beta-supremers? "
"of course, our fathers did not lie with shallow women, highly intelligent women where their targets because they thought at a different level from most mundane humans.Most staffs were brought here by their parent at their childhood or adolescence, this makes you rare case"
"don't look down on me because I'm too old" I said
"that's why you're here for an industrial training. I hope you pass. " Brian ended.

I was finally going to be working at the world's biggest company moments from now I believe that ,after now my standard of living would change and I could finally leave that apartment for my crazy roommate , my legs were shaking as we got to the entrance of the spiral skyscraper. The security guard sat on his stool reading Time magazine when Brian showed him a yellow card he nodded and let us in .
The temperature of the building dropped as we walked into the hallway, two security guards stood by the elevator both held a giant key like spear, their eyes glowed like burning coal as they stared at me. They moved aside as we entered the elevator.
"don't be terrified, they come from a class of celestial spirits called gatekeepers. They're only doing their job. " Brian assured.
Inside the elevator there was a key hole, Brian's yellow card transformed into a gold key and fit into the keyhole, he turned it and immediately the elevator door opened. We came out and found ourselves in a wide field of green grass and blue sky, just like the wallpaper on a Windows PC.
"this is the 20th floor of the building," he said "your industrial training starts now "
There was a young deer farther eating some grass when a rabbit hole popped open, as expected a group of wild brown rabbits came out. I could tell that they weren't normal rabbits because of their long canine fangs like that of a Sabre toothed tiger, these strange rabbits sniffed in the air and sighed the deer. Like a pack of wolves they chased it and when it was caught they began to feed on it's flesh like carnivores.
I stared in horror at the flesh eating rabbits and they reduced their prey to bones.
"those are not rabbits, they are called reavers. Their habitat is in the desert. There were two deers here, unfortunately one just died in the hands of these creatures but the other is somewhere else in this field. Your mission is to find a weapon and protect the other deer from the reavers " Brian smiled and looked at his watch
"you've got 60 minutes"
"hey! you never told me this was what will happen !" I screamed
Brian entered the elevator "let you mind be open and your heart be unshaken" He turned the key and door closed, Brian was gone .
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There was me in the middle of field surrounded by flesh eating rabbits, they finished devouring the first deer and retreated back to their hole. I stared for a minute thinking of what to do, then I looked around to see if I could spot the second deer. The field was wide enough for a game of soccer and the deer could be anywhere, but first I needed to find a weapon.
.Twenty minutes gone. I looked around the miniature trees planted around for any hidden item, suddenly I spotted the deer!. The animal quietly drank from a tiny pool then lay quietly, I knew my luck was here so I hid behind a tree near the pool.
The brown deer was so sensitive that it's ears moved at the quiet sound of my footstep on a fallen branch. The deer had been spotted, the second problem was how to catch it without getting the attention of the reavers and deers were quite stubborn to catch, there was one solution.
Music magic. During my stay with Eduardo I learnt the art of Lyrosis, a low level form of magic that uses music to conjure magic. Lyrosis can be done with a special of flute called a Lyro, in order to get the best results you must play the the tune correctly. I fished out the Lyro from my pocket, it was a tiny flute made from ash wood, the head of the flute was carved like that of a bird. I was going to play a sleeping spell to make the deer fall asleep and then I catch.
I wasn't so good in Lyrosis but the tune for the sleeping spell was very easy to play. I started playing the tune on the lyro flute, it gave out an odd sound like a thousand silent echos singing. The deer looked up but couldn't find the source of this strange sound, it tried to stand but it's legs were already tired from an unknown tiredness soon it's eyes became heavy and it succumbed to sleep. Immediately I could smell a good job waiting for me, I stopped playing the flute and I looked at my watch twenty five minutes to go.
I walked quietly to get the sleeping deer, getting closer I stepped on something unusual. A runic symbol drawn on the ground, I removed my right foot from the spot and the symbol turned red ... you know what happened next?
"BOOM! "
an explosion. The deer jerked off from it's sleep and sped off. That was the least of my problems because the reavers began to emerge from their holes, they snarled and made howling sounds as they started their chase. I was lucky enough to escape the explosion, it was a kind of magic trap.
I quickly climbed a short tree but the reavers were not after me, unfortunately it was the deer. Something had to be done lest I fail, there was a wooden sword pinned to the branch of the tree so well that one would think it was another branch... the hidden weapon. I pulled it out and ran my finger on the wooden blade,it bled.
This was no ordinary wood, as I jumped off the tree to chase after the reavers my phone rang. It was Brian.
"don't touch the reavers they're company property" he said
"well, Bleep that!! "
"disobey the rules and be disqualified" he finally said
How could I rescue the deer without killing the reavers? I looked around, ten minutes to go. I reflected on the mission
"let your mind be open.... your heart be unshaken"... yes!!
The real mission of the game was to help the reavers hunt the deer, the field was their habitat and the deer was their food. The silver halo appeared over my head again as I aimed the sword at the deer, the animal was swift but my keen projectile vision was able to follow it's movement.
From afar I aimed the sword like a spear with my increased stamina and it stabbed the young deer flat. The reavers stopped for a moment and began to feast on the new prey.
Brian came out of the elevator,
"you used fifty five minutes, your work was shabby but the Lyrosis magic was quick thinking and innovative" he smiled
"we made the training as tricky as it could be...but you passed." Then he extended his arm, two other beta-supremers came out,they were dressed in business suit.
"welcome to the High-heavens company" We shook hands.
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Chapter 7: Last week on WWE
"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! FROM THE DEPTHS OF NEW JERSEY" the presenter announced "WEIGHING 325 POUNDS, I PRESENT TO YOU... THE ULTIMATE CHAMPION ...MAXIMUS THE MIGHTY !!!!" The spectators burst into rave as their hero bounced into the runway, heavy metal rock music played as everyone cheered maximus who paraded himself as the new-found champion of WWE SmackDown. The wrestler wore a red tight which had a bold "M" initial printed on it, but the coolest part was that he was wearing the golden champions belt which he gladly displayed.
He got to the empty fighting ring and when the cheering from his fans ended he took a microphone and addressed .
"hey there California,it's I the champion, the danger, Maximus the Mighty!!" the crowd roared again as he flexed his muscles (which revealed his hairy armpits). The cheers died down and maximus continued
"last night I got a call from guy, he promised to f*ck me and take my belt tonight... but you know what ?" he laughed as the cand continued talking
"I know an empty threat when I see one, to whoever called me last night I'm gonna spit on your face right now" his fans watched in admiration as the he spat on the ring
"I know he's watching this, but let me say this if he can get my belt I'll forfeit the title and my money ... but if not let him f. uck off or get f*ucked by me! " the crowd roared again. Suddenly the lights went off and dim red light illuminated the ring,
A war song began to play as someone walked in,the presenter announced
a bigger crowd wailed as a 30foot tall giant lumbered in, he wore a black tight short while his thick body was full of muscles are tendons. He marched slowly, with him was his manager A. J. Tyler the man who called maximus,
As the wrestler moved slowly to the fighting ring, a commentator at the table whispered to his colleague who agreed "maximus is gonna get really f. *cked tonight"
Maximus' eyes widened, in his carrier as a professional wrestler he had never faced a person this gigantic. He had heard Gadon was a terrifying wrestler from Australia who made other challengers quit their job and title, he never knew he was this big. If he had known it was Gadon's manager who called him for the challenge , he would have backed out .
The elderly referee walked into the ring and seized the belt as the giant climbed in. Maximus height only reached Gadon's thigh, he looked into his eyes they were terrifying. The fight began as the gong went off.
Maximus tried to pounce on the giant but a swing from Gadon's arm sent him flying off the ring, the spectators gasped. Maximus got up in pain as he got to stage to give the calm giant a punch, Gadon raised his opponent by head and flung him off the ring again.
The giant left the ring and returned back with maximus by dragging him with his head to the floor like a mop. Gadon lifted the bruised wrestler by the head and gave an hard nod on his skull. Maximus couldn't stand any longer and he broke down to the floor, clearly defeated.
Gadon left the ring for the unconscious Maximus whom the spectators booed and jeered at. A. J. Tyler was shocked when Gadon refused to collect the champions belt , and the match ended.

"I told you he'll get f*cked by the big guy" the same commentator whispered to his colleague
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We are here,lets keep going bro

30 feets?that is insanely Gigantic! i pity for maximus ala!
gadon is a real giant
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gadon is a real giant
-claps hand around body in dread-ayam afraid o.i suspect the god fruit.
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-claps hand around body in dread-ayam afraid o.i suspect the god fruit.
actually it's not the god-fruit. Apart from Supremers other creatures have special abilities, Gadon is born from a race of terrifying giants that could even defeat supremers. It will be explained in the next chapter.
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actually it's not the god-fruit. Apart from Supremers other creatures have special abilities, Gadon is born from a race of terrifying giants that could even defeat supremers. It will be explained in the next chapter.
thanks for the reminder.pls come and do the needful bro,we the wait.
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Chapter 8: The Manager
"so what d'ya say your name is again?" A. J Tyler asked the stranger
"just call me the Manager" he answered "I brought you here so we could talk business.Are you enjoying the food? "
"yeah" said Tyler devouring his plate of food, for one thing this stranger had called him at the middle of the night to talk business in the midst of nowhere. They where in an empty restaurant.
"what kind of business d'ya say you are into , I hope it ain't drug because I'm not going down that path again." Tyler said with a fork in his mouth.
The manager was dressed in a grey trench coat he had a young face but it was hard to tell his age
"do I look like a drug dealer?" he asked in a rich and refined british accent, he sounded more amused than offended.
"looks can be deceiving sometimes" Tyler looked around the shabby empty restaurant. "you manage this place?"
"maybe, but I manage several 'things'" the manager's eyes glowed and he got to business.
"you must be impatient and eager to learn about the purpose of our meeting. I will be frank and vow my integrity, I am a manager and I go for the best resources so that they will be maximised for the best purposes"
Tyler looked at him "I'm a manager too.So quit the explanation I've got a game to attend tomorrow and I need sleep"
The manager who sat across Tyler lifted up a suitcase and passed it to him.
"open it, $5 million inside. You need not attend the game again "
The amazed Tyler opened the suitcase and held one of the wad of money like hot coal.
"I believe you have my fair hearing now"
Tyler who had difficulty removing his eyes from the money asked
"what's this money for, if this is a trick I've got my man Gadon outside for you "
The manager only smiled and continued "A very good question indeed.I need Gadon"
"I was impressed with his fighting prowess at the WWE SmackDown, that is why I need him to be a part of my cause"
Tyler shot the suitcase and retorted
"nice try billy but the big guy ain't for sale, he's in town for my own cause!"
The manager still sat calmly and replied in his rich accent
"Instead of fighting for a cause, you should be fighting for your own redemption Mr Anthony. J. Tyler. For thirty years you've been struggling with gambling debts because of your addiction to gamble, you wasted your family fortune on horse racing and your wife left you .You brought Gadon the giant into the United States so you could bet on him and have money to settle your debts. Mr Tyler Take this money and give me Gadon. "
Tyler only smirked
"so you've been doing a research on me yeah? Alright give me $10 million or I'll be f*cking off"
The manager said nothing for a moment then muttered something to himself .
"Too bad indeed" he looked at Tyler " the value of money has replaced the true value of power. Money is not what I seek and we cannot be partners in business."
Tyler stood up to leave but the manager called him back.
"since we cannot do business together, let me still introduce you to my new partner. Gadon"
"what the hell are you rapping at?" asked the surprised man
"see for yourself"
A large hand broke the wall at the back of the restaurant and a giant walked in
"good evening Mr Gadon. I'm sorry there is no bigger door" Gadon just nodded
Tyler was so infuriated that he almost lost his steps as he went to meet the giant
"what in god's name are you doing here behind my back? Are you leaving me to do business with this billy? Remember I brought you to America and made you famous...
"he didn't come to the United States for fame or money" the manager cut in "Gadon followed you on his free will for something more... unfortunately you can't offer it. Only I"
The manager body emaciated and became a skeleton in a trench coat, Tyler's eyes widened in horror.
"yyyou're... Satan! "
"a lot of people call me that but that's not what I am" the skeleton said , "the big fella knows me very well. In fact he's a bigger Satan than I'll ever be"
Gadon's eyes glared silently at the human, he was bare chested with only a ripped faded jeans.
"he comes from a race of hundred eyed giants called the jotuns and they're known for their impatience and lust for blood" the skeleton continued and turned to Gadon "if you are ready to follow me please open your eyes"
Immediately eyes began to pop open from every part of his body, his arms, his chest, his back, his feet, his head... 98 eyes grew all over his body. Tyler stumbled down and for the first time he saw real fear.
"holy sh*t!!"
He wanted to escape out of the restaurant but the 30feet giant lifted him by the head.
The manager stood up and met them.It was hard to know his emotion since his head was a skull, his eye sockets looked into Tyler's eyes.
"OK I'll take $1million. Just tell him to let me go!!" sweat dripped from Tyler's body
The manager laughed "$1million?, you think too small and that makes you a bad manager. No human currency can buy Gadon's immense strength, let him show you how "
"please Gadon! I'll make it up to you, I'll be a good boss!...what I earn... you get 50%! I swear!! Tyler wanted to cry
"you said you needed a good night sleep so you can attend a game tomorrow. We are finished with our meeting and you ought to go sleep now. Don't you think so Gadon " asked the manager
the giant nodded in agreement, like someone squeezing an orange he crushed Tyler's skull with his fist and blood splattered everywhere including his face.
"quite messy... welcome to my establishment. Welcome to DISWORLD enterprise, our goal is to bring down the High-heavens and the supremers in it, you always dream of crushing a god's skull like this don't you? "
Gadon nodded.
The skeleton in a trench coat and the hundred-eyed giant left the empty restaurant, a black limousine which glittered in the night was outside awaiting their arrival.
The manager's cellphone rang and he answered
" ...you have it?... excellent, we can proceed with the next plan"

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