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Emi(spirit): Legend Of The Human God / African Demigods (story Of Gods And Men. Series 1) / A Tale of Gods And Monsters (2) (3) (4)

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Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 8:48am On May 05


The devil we know is better than the saint we haven't seen.
This greater power is taking a huge revolution.
Our traditions are been ignored
Our gods are dragged to the mud
Ayenireti will fall and fall again
Forgetting your source only dries you up.
Even the Human gods are blinded by love.
They will fall, and might not rise again

After the fall of Esu, Ayenireti had another decade of peace, new generations are risen, but the former won't let the white revolution rule them, no matter how great their power was, they had one that had protected them before this.

Almost all elderly people gathered in the palace, now that Emi was King, he prospered in all his dealing, but ever since he had seen this greater power, right up his nose, these white men introduced their own belief, their own religion and was he too blind to see it.
"Emi, you have to put an end to this religion the white woman is introducing " An elder spoke angrily.
At first it was only Gloria and three others with her, now they now a portion of land in Ayenireti where they stay in large numbers, enticing the young and foolish ones with gifts, giving them fashioned clothings just to let them forget the gods of their fathers.
"Emi you fail to see what they are up too" another spoke.
Emi rised from the throne and spoke
"We know they help us, during our times of trials, you see the good they have done, their method of treating the sick is more efficient than that of Arifalo, our children now speak in their language " Emi said
"Does that justify the reason why my son had to stretch his hand forward to greet me, Ogun knows I almost killed him yesterday"
"These people are turning our children against us, we are too blind to see it"
Emi sat back rubbing his hand against his head. He knew what they said were right, admitting it was his problem, Gloria had done more good than harm, he knew the elders were only seeking a future for their children.
"Meeting adjourned, let's gather here back at noon tomorrow" He said and dispersed everyone.
Ogunjimi waited behind and followed Emi to his home, non uttering a word.
Ogunjimi opened the bamboo door that lead to the huge compound, allowing Emi go in first.
"Father" IRETI kneeled down to greet and stood up to after the instruction to. "How was the meeting"
"Elders are angry " He replied while Ogunjimi walked in. "You know the only reason we can't reason with the elders"
"You know the elders are right, but if only they knew we are protecting them"Ireti replied
"I personally want them gone, my experience with them ten years ago, I know they will still betray us" Ajanaku said revealing himself sitting on the bench.
"for a man with no heart" Emi said and smiled
"Any words from the gods" Ajanaku asked and stood up
"You know they never get soft easily, they still have issue with Orisa nla" Emi replied. "What off Eri and others"
"Eri lead his troop on hunting trip, Adeshewa is at the backyard, and Remi, well, the kid keeps getting stronger and stronger, here" Ajanaku said raising his cloth to show Emi the scars on his body "The kid almost killed me with his Greater grand beast"
They all laughed at Ajanaku, although they knew no one stood a chance against the seven year old boy.


Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 9:14am On May 05
The only enemy in ayenireti was now hatred, hatred to the white skins, hatred to the religion, hatred to their culture, hatred to what they brought along, hatred to the hatred they used in selling their fellow blacks to slavery. Although the slavery had greatly died down, it was still done secretly. The golds in ayenireti were still on their mind, but how could they dream of entering such a mighty city.

Gloria stood in the center of the children that sat in a round circle, teaching them from a book that laid on her hand, teaching another man your language could be a herculean task but, these children in ayenireti were extremely brilliant, within a month, they could communicate well, then the second phase of her take began. Teaching them the white man religion. Emi stood from afar with Remi by his side looking at how Gloria thought them diligently.
"Excuse me, seems the King wants to have a word with me" She said and made her way towards Emi. She knelt down and tickled Remi who didn't find fun in what she did.
"Such a serious child" She said and stood up.
"walk with me " Emi offered and lead the way.
"I appreciate what you and your team are doing, but the elders don't think in your own direction" Emi said and glanced at her.
"Why? "
"They demand if you would remain here, you have to stop teaching the children about your culture and religion, and they asked politely because of the love they have for you and you alone" Emi said
"It's not possible, these children are so talented to be camped around the four wall of this city, they posses a hundred percent chance over children from outside ayenireri" She said
"And they believe it's the gift from the gods" Emi said smiling at the compliment.
"I think otherwise, it's from God, you have seem what that power can do,give me a chance to spread it"
"Am sorry but you have to comply" Emi said, tightening his grip on Remi's hand.
"I have a request " she said and continued "Merchants from my country begs access to mine your golds and give half of the income that comes in"
"Trouble" Emi knew he had the voice in his head and then looked at Remi who gave him a stern look.
"I will discuss it with the elders" Emi said on getting to his horse, he climbed on it and pulled Remi up.
"Thanks" Gloria said and walked back to where she taught the children.

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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by moseph(f): 10:01am On May 05
weldone op
ride on

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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by skubido(m): 1:29pm On May 05
Tanks bro
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by xaviercasmir(m): 5:13pm On May 05
Following a already
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 12:52pm On May 06
At first sharing what Gloria asked with the elders and Chiefs seemed like a lot of trouble but he had no option, if this city was going to move well, he needed all hands on deck.
"Now, they are using a nice approach to bring us to our knees, turn us to a slave within our own eyes " An elders shouted already irritated that Emi could tender such matters
"Remember these people also have resources we need, and what harm will it make,giving them access to our golds, even we don use it or sell it, it's becoming useless to us" another elder said.
"Let's put it to a vote" Ogunjimi said and everyone went silent. It was normal tradition to put issues like this into vote.
Emi welcomed Gloria into the palace and offered a table with the family, to eat dinner with them.
"When are your people coming " Emi said before reaching for his palm wine.
Gloria looked at everyone with smile in her face.
"Thanks alot, this means much, I will get the message across to them first thing tomorrow"
"But on conditions" Emi replied. And continued "our warriors will oversee all they bring in and out, and anyone that trespass will have themselves to blame" he said and ripped a meat into his mouth. While they talked the other family only listened without uttering a word, a tradition unless your opinion was seemed you don't talk.
The gates of Ayenireti was wide opened, as white skin men trooped in, in large numbers, they loaded the tools into the different carts and began work immediately. Everyone parents made sure the children had nothing to do with the whites especially the ladies among them, they wouldn't let another affliction rise the second time.
"Norris how is the mining on the other end going?" Gloria asked as she grabbed and helmet from the rack an fitted it on her head.
"Just recorded three hundred carats worth dugged" He replied pointing his hand into the cave and ticked a scroll on his hand.
"keep the record well"
"My duty shifts begins in ten minutes time, please gather everyone out" He said again and went into a tent that stood some meters away from the entrance of the cave.
He opened the calabash that and discovered no water was in it
He sighed feeling depressed, the stream was great deal from here, he looked at the giant watch on the table and decided to get some to drink.
Getting to stream he bent down and dipped the calabash into the stream, beside him was a young lady in her early twenty trying to lift her own calabash to her head, but she found it t difficult.
"Why don't they ask for help?" he asked himself, although he knew the reason but still felt how ignorant they were.
"Because we were asked not to" the lady replied and finally laid the calabash on her head.
Norris was a bit surprised and decided to have a look at her, before he said anything else. This lady really caught his eyes, from the way her dark skin glowed, to the perfection of her slender body, her face was just perfect.
"Hi, am Norris" he introduced himself still standing where he was
"we know who you are" She said and headed her way.
"At least tell me yours" he said and took a step forward.
But to his disappointment she didn't reply and just walked on. He felt it was useless and turned towards his calabash.
"Tejumola " She said without looking back.
Norris felt happy and shouted in return "Thank you".



Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by skubido(m): 5:08pm On May 06
Hmmmmm,, make den know kin do ooo

Tanks for the update
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 8:29pm On May 06
Ogunjimi caught up with Emi and passed the scroll over to him, as they both walked out of the arena.
"What's this " emi asked not minding the scroll all he needed was briefing.
"The slave revolution is still on, secretly" Ogunjimi replied and received the scroll back.
Emi paused and looked into the sky, "I thought we took it out for good"
"These people want more and we can't say what they want for sure"
"Woe to the gods, for abandoning us in times of trials like this " Emi said and placed his hand on his beads.
"Gather the gods, we go undercover" Emi said and walked on.
Emi rode with Eri, IRETI and Ogunjimi, leaving the kingdom into the hands of Adeshewa, decisions now rested on her.
Before dawn they had set out on a journey that takes almost a week. Adeshewa personally took on the responsibility to oversee the work in the mines.
"Today should have been the day you conclude the mining, why do you still continue" She asked a miner that carried a basket full of gold out of the cave.
"woman, just stay quiet" the man replied and laughed and then walked on.
"I asked a question "
"Even the so called Spirit God, couldn't question our duty here"
Norris stood patiently behind the tree that stood at the mouth of the river, he had hoped to see Tejumola again and have a chance to profess why he felt, even when he knew it was a dead task, but all the same he had to try.
He smiled seeing the familiar figure that approached the stream, with a calabash. He didn't hesistate to talk.
"I was beginning to think, I wouldn't see you again" He said and insisted on helping with the calabash.
"Where is your calabash? " Tejumola asked
"I actually waited here for you" he paused and continued, taking every advantage possible, he knew these ladies wanted to socialize, but whatever their parents taught them didn't help matters.
"How dare you? " Adeshewa shouted and tightened the clothes that covered her chest, leaving her stomach bare, as she walked furious towards him.
WHACCCCKKK Adeshewa found herself laying on the floor. "Remi" she managed to call out and held tight to her bleeding lips.
"That's how you treat a low bastard" The white skin man said and headed towards the entrance of the cave.
He felt something force, dragged him back against his will, in an instance he was facing a seven year old boy. Remi eyes glowed with no precise color, as they changed really fast, he raised his hands up, at this the man was begin to choke, finding hard to breath, his face were already red, as his head swelled like they were going to drop.
"Stop it, please stop it" Gloria voice cried from, as she hurried to the scene.
"Let him down " Adeshewa said and continued "I want every single one of you out of Ayenireti this instance, including you, and all golds mined, none must leave this city. " She said and walked out, holding Remi by the hand.
Gloria saw her bleeding lips and broke down in tears, her only hope of trying to prove how good her people were was tarnished.
"What did you do " She asked the man annoyingly and picked a metal from the floor.
"I thought she was just a nobody, I wanted to just scare her"
"Bastard" She screamed and threw the iron away


Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by dawno2008(m): 2:39am On May 07
Good job

Pls watch out for typos,they are one to many,and it's killing the vibes

But all the same,beautiful story
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Evold: 3:02pm On May 07
Emi is falling for crap. Those white chaps will take the gold right under his nose
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 8:23am On May 08
Emi and his crew decided to rest and re calculate their plans, what years of war have taught them, was your enemies only becomes smarter. Eri returned with a deer on his back and laid the lifeless animal on the ground, then he forcefully pulled out the arrow that was sucked on the neck of the deer.
"I would have gotten a bigger one" IRETI said and pulled out her knife to cut the deer into pieces.
"You finally have a joker for a wife"Ogunjimi said and retrieved his water gourd from the body of his horse.
"I don't know why, but am not at ease, I feel like going back to Ayenireti" Emi said and looked at the direction, where the sun retired into.
"Maybe because if your dear wife, let's eat and strategies,so we can have enough energy to get to our destination tomorrow, latest by noon" Ogunjimi said and sat down closer to the camp fire that was made.
They lost on both sides, the gold, the money, none was worth begging for, Adeshewa already made up her mind and that was a final decision. Gloria on the other hand found it difficult to begin a new journey, she had been with them for long, how could one foolish act cost her so much.
The gates of Ayenireti shut behind them, as the white skin trooped in their numbers back to where they had crawled out from. But something didn't feel right within Adeshewa and her conclusion was maybe her other part felt pity for Gloria, only if she knew she had everything in her thinking wrong.
At midnight, a loud crash sounded from nowhere in particular shaking all four corners of Ayenireti furiously, the houses that had no strong foundation crumbled with ease to the ground.
Adeshewa rushed out of the palace into the city, dead bodies were being carried out from the crashed houses, while many were injured. She immediately gathered every elders around and Ifagbemi the Chief priest. The palace was immediately illuminated with oil lamps.
"Ifagbemi, what wrong, ask the gods on how behalf " Adeshewa requested.
Ifagbemi immediately brought out a white cloth and spread it and brought out some pebbles and threw it on the white cloth. He squinted his eyes and sighed heavily..
"Death has befall us, who gave Sango bittercola, who poured oil on the devils stone" He thundered angrily.
"Tell us what you see" an elder demanded
"The Shrine has been corrupt"




Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Bridgovoks: 11:00am On May 08
Nice one
Thanks for the update
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Bobosneh: 11:07am On May 08
following bumper to bumper thank you op for the update
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by SaintBOLEX(m): 5:49pm On May 08
Noris don go Bleep Tejumola for shine, i think....
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by dawno2008(m): 2:23am On May 09
Baba how far na?

Hope you are alright?

Pls update ooo
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 4:33pm On May 09
Baba how far na?

Hope you are alright?

Pls update ooo
yea... got lots of school work..but update is coming this evening
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Bobosneh: 4:39pm On May 09
I have refresh this page for like 5000 times today. baba Abeg update o I take God beg

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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 7:58pm On May 09
Emi fell to the ground from his horse to the ground, as blood began dripping from his mouth, as IRETI and Ogunjimi attempted to help him, IRETI also fell to the ground, emitting heat that burned through her cloth.
"What's wrong with them" Eri shouted and alighted his horse
"I don't know" he replied feeling confused as at what happened.
Remi fell down right at the entrance of the shrine, convulsing with no control, Adeshewa quickly ran and picked him up, hurrying into the shrine.
"What is happening to him? "She asked and laid him near Obatala Statue. She then noticed something was missing, an idol was missing
Ogunjimi carried Emi on his horse, while Eri laid IRETI on his horse, while the remaining two horses tagged behind. They entered into the nearest village, and lodged into an inn.
"What could be wrong?" Ogunjimi asked placing his hand on Emi's forehead and then IRETI's.
"Am hoping this has nothing to do with our village" Eri said and laid his bow on the table.
"Ajanaku is there, he will attend to issues" Eri replied, and retrieved an arrow from its quiver.
"all the same we have to return back to Ayenireti" Ogunjimi said and his attention was quickly drawn to something.
"That will be.... " Eri was saying then Ogunjimi raised a finger to signal he should stop talking.
"What's wrong " Eri asked and quickly grabbed his bow.
"Be at alert. Everywhere was noisy, now it's quiet all of a sudden" He said and slowly walked towards the door, with his sword on his left hand.
He was about placing his hand on the door knob, then it suddenly crashed down. He leaped back with quick effect and walked towards the bed while Eri joined him, already placing four arrows on his bow.
Adeshewa requested Ajanaku be summoned while she looked confused even more than Ifagbemi.
"How did two idols miss, Ifagbemi do you understand we are vulnerable to attack, these idols are what keeps the power of our human god's flowing, within them, and two are missing " She said pacing round and round.
"The white skin" Ifagbemi said angrily, stamping his staff on the ground.
Ajanaku entered into the shrine, dragging someone from behind, with the ropes he tied him in.
"I thought I said all your people should leave" Adeshewa shouted angrily.
"Your highness, am sorry, I never knew when that order was passed"
"What's your name? "Ifagbemi asked.
"What do you know about what your people stole from us" Adeshewa asked.
"They stole from us? " Ajanaku asked confused.
"Sango's idol and the grand shell" She replied Ajanaku.
"I swear I know nothing about it, I was with..." He said purposely not completing his statement.
"With who? "Ajanaku asked.
"No one, slip of tongue"
Ajanaku stretched his hand towards Norris, and it began to emit what looked like lightning, and slowly it's grew, the volts charging up.
"Tejumola" Norris said and gulped hard
Three white men dressed in hard body armor, walked in followed behind by a black man. The one in the middle brought out a small sack filled with cowries and handed it over to the man.
"Nice doing business with you" He said as the man thundered out of the room.
"Finally they are making their way into the heart of our fellow" Eri said.
"We need those two " The man said pointing to the bodies on the bed.
Eri drew his arrows further backward, with great force.
"Really" the man said and threw a round object on the floor and then retreated from the room. Then it began to give way to white smoke which quickly spread around the room.


Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 8:05pm On May 09
Noris don go Bleep Tejumola for shine, i think....
Ahhhhhhhh grin
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by skubido(m): 10:29pm On May 09
Tanks for the update
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 4:18pm On May 11
Adeshewa felt broken, they needed to get back those idols if they would still remain what they were.
"Ajanaku, place warriors to go after the whites and retrieve our god, anyone it is found with must be Slain" She said and turned to Ifagbemi.
"Any other temporary solution "? She asked.
"No, I don't think there is until the gods are retrieved and we must prepare to spill the blood of this demon " Ifagbemi said looking at Norris who already had hot stream of tears flowing from his eyes.
Eri coughed hard and stood up, seeing Ogunjimi laying asleep, he kicked him repeatedly till he groaned and opened his eyes partially.
"They took them" he said as they both rushed to the reception of the inn, where they believeryone in a merriment spirit.
Eri fired an arrow angrily on a table and everywhere went silent
"Who among you lead the white to us" Ogunjimi shouted
When there was no reply Eri fired another arrow, this time it pierced through the hand of a man that tried to rid them.
"Again" he ordered Eri, who didn't waste time firing another one that pierced the leg of another man.
Dear gripped the soul of other and one muttered
"They promised to free my wife and children, if I told them where they could find the gods" He said.
"What about the cowries they offered you? "Eri asked.
"Huhn, I didn't get them, so they gave me as compensation "
Eri became angry, these whites are doing grave deeds
"You replaced your family for money " Eri said and aimed at him.
"Wait" Ogunjimi said and pulled the bow down. "Where can we find them? "
"Arewa shores "
SHWAAASSSHHHH Eri released his arrow and it found it way into the right eye of the man, and came out from his head at the back.
Ajanaku alighted his and placed his hand on the ground, he allowed the sands to freely fall from his handsome then rised to his feet and removed the cloth he tied around his face..

"they are about three miles from us, we have to hurry " he said and climbed on his horse.
Gloria advised the troop rested a bit, feeling exhausted from the extremely hot sun. They began setting up their tents while other made fire to roast the little meat they had managed to carry along.
"Where is Norris? " Gloria asked noticing he was missing.
"Last I saw him he was screwing with a black girl" one replied making fun of the situation.
"Do you know what you caused me. I have been there for almost seven years, I had no issue and you came for just a week, they sent us out. " she shouted lamenting.
"Chill, we have something more precious than all their golds combined " a man spoke and brought out two wooden images from his sack bag.
"What is That? " Gloria asked with her mouth wide open.
"Some of their gods, this worth almost an island, look, it has true value"
"They are probably following us to get these back" Gloria said and allowed herself to fall with her bottom to the ground and used her hands to rough her head.
"What, they are never going to know, I have never seen anyone enter there throughout the years I have been there"
Just then they could see thick dusts in the air, and gradually the galloping of the horses grew louder.
"This is the end" Gloria said.
"No, it's not, I studied them for long enough to know their weakness, I already sent message to Lord Fredrick, am sure an attack is being laid at the city right now" the one with the idol said.


Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Bobosneh: 4:55pm On May 11
thank you for the update op. but these whites bad gan o
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by daddio(m): 6:45pm On May 11
Thanks brother
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by skubido(m): 7:33pm On May 11
Haaa, this wan hard oooo, human being sha

Tanks for the update
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 5:57am On May 12

Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 1:23pm On May 12
“Your Highness, we are under attack, they already know what would bring us down” A soldier spoke, with signs of fear in him.
“Gather every warrior, and proceed random attack” She said and walked out of the shrine. She took another bitter look at Norris and walked out.
Norris knew he didn’t have long to live, his people would take power by force, he knew what they were capable of. They never retreat till they have true dominance on what they desire.
Adeshewa climbed to the top of the wall, with her sword in her hands, she walked to where the archery leader stood.
Their opponents, came in large troop, the weapons from last war, rolled in their midst, this time it stood bigger, which means its effects will cause great wreckage.
“What do we do?” The archer leader asked.
“Do what you do best, your arrow should spare no living soul” She said and nodded to him to carry on his orders.
“AIIIIMMMMM” He screamed loudly and brought his raised fist up, and dropped it.
SWISSSH, SWASSHHH, FLIIIIPPP came the sounds of arrows as they fired with great strength.
“Raise shield” the leader of the white army shouted, and immediately, they raised their shields above their heads, allowing the arrow to only have impact with their metal shields.
Adeshewa felt dejected, these people had only come back wiser.
“Open the gates, spare none of them”.
Ayenireti’s soldiers dashed out of the city towards their opponent, with the clashing of swords and metals, they laid waste to themselves.
Adeshewa bent down, dodging the sway of sword that came her way, and immediately, slashed her opponents in the stomach.
AAAHH She groaned and slit the throat of another, IIAAH, her blade went between her armpits and found its way into the stomach of another soldier.
With great efforts she laid waste to her opponents, without her blade going twice on one person, one slash brought down one man.
A great force pulled her to the ground, the man on the horse smiled wickedly and spoke.
“Such a brave woman” The thick bearded man, who lead the white army said, and …….
SWWAAAACCCHHHED……… His sword pierced Adeshewa’s stomach and came out from her back, he ruggedly pulled it out and SHHHUUCCCKK he pierced her again.
Adeshewa slowly fell to the ground, and THUUUDD she fell, blood streaming out of her eyes, before her eyelid closed, she saw how the white had over come them, right in her face, her soldiers fell…..

who else is crying. God, i hope am not the only one

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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 1:39pm On May 12
You are free and i will truly appreciate it, if questions about these chapters keep rolling in.
lets know what you think was unfair, lets hear that tiny thought in you.
what do you think about the turnout of events....
Have it in mind......
EMI IS GOING ROGUE and NO STOPPING HIM. grin shocked tongue
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by mhizv(f): 3:01pm On May 12
Kindda feeling bad adeshewa died! Can only imagine what emi and ireti are gonna do if they survive this!!(I doubt. Perhaps one of them might).

But why let outsiders take d idol when they (the god's)can easily put them down? Just wondering
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by daddio(m): 5:50pm On May 12
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by germaphobe(m): 6:22pm On May 12
i don land, baba carry go i dey push for back
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Bobosneh: 9:13pm On May 12
baba me too I dey here
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by skubido(m): 9:15pm On May 12

The white went too far ooo, but hope this's not the end of Ayenireti sha.

So Adeshewa is Gone,

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