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Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 9:44pm On Feb 16, 2018
✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳
Marvel brought his favorite Nexon 3 model black colored air car for a landing in a less busy part of The Pit. As the air car landed, Marvel set up its security lock and the anti-theft and anti-tamper features. Once locked, the air car becomes almost impregnable. Marvel was putting on his long gray coat underneath which is the skin tight black colored combat super Kevlar suit with enhanced polymer body armor imbedded with micro mash duralloy. His trusted twin hand guns, Nax Gauge and M2000, are in their respective holsters worn openly and attached to the combat webbing on him. Marvel has to show he is armed, as the Pit is not a place for the weak. Already hostile eyes were fixed on him but turned hurriedly away as they saw him armed. It was still early night at the Pit, so the neo display and the holographic words on stores, sex palours and drug dens was already on. This part of the Pit wasn’t as crowded as the former place the Mole was staying. The street has fewer people walking on it just going their ways with few others that are definitely street thugs. They were closely watching Marvel as he walked slowly to where he was going as he got to a particular door, most of the watchers countenance fell. The visitor was a guest of the notorious Mole, nobody dared touch him or his car parked openly. With disappointing moods, the street thugs turned away from him seeking other targets.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 9:47pm On Feb 16, 2018
Marvel stood before the well lit door, looking up at the point he knew a micro cam is hidden, as the door slide back, a voice spoke to him from within.
“Come in Marvel, kinda expected you here. “ the familiar voice of the Mole said.
Marvel got in by the door opening to a tight passage with openings on both side that were obviously intended for doors. They led to rooms that are practically empty. The end of the passage led to a wide room with big equipment and electronic machines arranged with smaller parts of them littering the duracrete floor. He saw the small sized Mole holed up in one of the machines busily connecting circuit wires.
“No wonder I haven’t heard from you in a while recently, you have been working hard.
“Yes Marvel, a man has got to feed. “ The Mole grunted in reply. “Had to set up a new shop so I don’t loose both my clients, businesses and reputation totally. “
“I’m impressed, work has really gotten to an advanced stage here. “ Marvel looked around,, noticing a table with some chairs surrounding it, about three holo monitors were alight on it. Some large sized plasteel monitors were still on the floor behind them unfixed yet. He sat on one of the chairs watching the Mole working.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 9:54pm On Feb 16, 2018
“Yes, the cyborg was really helpful with that, he did most of the heavy liftings here. If not that I want total privacy control on my home base here, thereby politely refusing any more help from him, this place would have been almost finished by now. “
Looking up, Marvel noticed huge armored cables running the whole length of the ceiling, some going into the walls around the room, others coming down to be linked to empty socket holes waiting for their panels to be fixed.
“I did noticed though that some of your perimeter security is up and running. “
“Not totally though, “ The dark skinned Mole said as he wiped up sweat from his face. The room was warm, as it was sealed l up and the thermo regulator hasn’t been fixed yet, though several air vents help to syphon excess heat out. “Just enough to dissuade trespassers , no full proof cover yet. “
“Don’t think so Mole, I saw one of those your tri-barrel mini chain gun’s Lazer targeting winking at me with a red dot as I stepped past the door. I always feel that gun doesn’t like me. Seem it’s always looking for an excuse to blow me away. “ Marvel saw few bottles of chilled stim beer in a thermoflask box with cubes of ice. He pulled one of the bottle out, opened it and drank down the chilling contents. The light alcoholic liquid ran down his throat bringing instant cold relief to his parched esophagus. “So how did you get a replacement that fast? Salvage? “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 9:59pm On Feb 16, 2018
“No, black Market. I got a supplier. Spent some time adding several modifications and remodeling. “ The Mole said as he came out of the machine he was under, rubbed his hands with a dirty clothes, came to join Marvel by taking another chair, pulling out a bottle from the ice cubes, he drank from it too. “By the way, you shouldn’t let my twin bitches bother you, they know you and you are practically family. “ The Mole ended that with a loud guffaw.
“It’s no joke Mole, those twin chain guns are badass, I have faced their type before in the past and it wasn’t funny. “ The bounty hunter said grimly.
“You have nothing to fear here. “ The Mole tap lightly at Marvel’s back. “I will never forget, I owe you my life. Without you the reputation of the Mole wouldn’t have existed. If I had survived that attack, I would have ended up a broken down cripple. But you intervened, helped me out of a tight spot, gave me the means for revenge. Everything the Mole is today, you made happen. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by ADECULATE(f): 10:04pm On Feb 16, 2018
Apollux baba, i cn see u viewing ooo. Shey u want to update ni
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 10:07pm On Feb 16, 2018
“I guess you may have suspected why I’m here. “ Marvel said after taking he last swallow from the bottle. He was tempted to take another one but ignored it.
“Is it about the much publicized kidnapping? “ The Mole picked up another bottle but didn’t offer his friend another knowing he would refuse. “Was that even real? “
“The kidnapping was real. “ Marvel watched the Mole briefly, looking at the single electronic eye, the metallic dome covering his head and the metallic neural net fixed to his back that have replaced his backbone, wondering how the Mole has continued to survive all these. “The holo vid drama though is propaganda. There’s more behind it than simple kidnapping. But the senator and his family are obviously in danger. “
The Mole looked at him sharply. “The Mega corporations? “
“Possibly, that has come up. “ Marvel said slowly. “Mole I have been asked to rescue the senator and his family. I can’t go on this alone. Will really need you on this one. “
“You know the most popular word on the webnet now is terrorism, a word that haven’t been used publicly for a very long time now. “ The Mole took a long drink from the bottle, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “From your voice I can guess a whole lot is going down beyond a rescue operation. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 10:12pm On Feb 16, 2018
“Yeah and I will fill you in about it all on the way out. This mission has a time limit which is running real low. “
“Marvel you know I’m not a bounty hunter, stuff like these aren’t my style. I’m an info merchant. “
“I know that, but you have been down this hole for too long, you've missed the sun. “ Marvel stood from the chair, grabbing the Mole’s hand to go with him. “Come along, it will be fun. There’s someone who might turn out to be a pain in the ass I want you to help me with. Besides you will get paid… double. “
Mole took a look at Marvel’s smiling face. “Alright you are convincing. But why do I get this feeling the person you want me to help you with is a female. I may have met her? You girlfriend perhaps? “
Marvel’s face flushed red at the Mole’s biting joke. “She was hardly a romantic material, rude, stubborn, careless and incorrigible. “
“You are right, this is going to be fun and I’d like to watch. “ The Mole walked down to the wash room laughing as he intend to change his oil stained work fatigues pants.
“Hey Mole, is your comm system up yet, I need to make a long distance call. “ Marvel asked the receding form.
The Mole nods and points to a portable vid phone connected to a comsat/webnet modulator.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by HORLADSTAR(m): 10:25pm On Feb 16, 2018
This was superb.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by VictorZeus(m): 10:28pm On Feb 16, 2018
Am luvin dis..
Ride on Apollux
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Skylard101(m): 10:20am On Feb 17, 2018
Nice. Mole and marvel this is gonna be great
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Damibiz(m): 11:13am On Feb 17, 2018
It's going to be fun indeed,please Apollox,take me down the memory lane.,..Marvel's love life
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by tunjilomo(m): 11:55am On Feb 17, 2018
Probably a call to hardwire.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 3:28pm On Feb 17, 2018
✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳
Bright blue clear sky, clean salty breeze and warm sunlight on the face, damn this is the life. I can spend a century just lying down here without getting bored, Hardwire thought. At the moment he was lying spread eagle on the sands of the Miami Beach in a place called Florida on earth. This is his first time on the mother planet and it beats everything he had thought or heard about it.
After his heroic escapade in preventing a dangerous bio weapon being used on earth, he was arrested but general Leyland had appeared and cleared up the misunderstanding. From then on he has been regarded as a hero. Given the best reception ever, treated to the best places on the planet, given a high celebrity welcome every where he had visited. He has been conducted to meet highly placed politicians and practically worshiped. It was all like one long vacation of the best locations, hotels, food, drinks and the girls. Yea especially the girls.
One good thing about earth is it have numerous numbers of beautiful girls, singles and up for grasp. All his time in Nuterra, it had been scarce he ever got in a date, even then it has been with females that looks quite pitiful and none of the dates has ended well. But here on earth, girls have been flocking around him. They seems to admire and like him, an endless queue of them waiting to hang out with him. They have been so many he couldn’t remember the name of any of them.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 3:48pm On Feb 17, 2018
The cool breeze blew over his exposed body causing tingling sensations on his skin along with the smooth coldness of the wet sand on his toes which he wiggled deliciously. He turned his head around enjoying the view his eyes are taking in. The numerous people like him, lying prone on the sandy beach enjoying a little sun bathing. Girls in several colorful skimpy bikinis strolling on the wet sands where the sea water laps at the sands. Some of the girls that walked close to him always stopped to say something nice to him.
Looking to the sea, he saw the waves crashing multiple times, some people surfing on hover boards on the sea ridges, the ocean water swelling and collapsing on itself with foamy sparks. Beyond the waves, the sea face looks placid with an azure blue color reminiscent of the parts of the sky not covered by white clouds. Small single man sails floating on its surface. The whole of Miami Beach looking fresh and clean. However it hasn’t always been this way.
By the late twenty first century, pollution has become a major source of constant frustration among the then nation states on earth, without any hope of it ever being solve. Miami was not left out, the beach became so polluted, that its toxicity level was so high that it became cordoned off from the public use.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 4:00pm On Feb 17, 2018
As the nations of the earth struggled against over population, hunger, wars and the threat of a world war nuclear war, pollution was an added issue to contend with. Until at the beginning of the twenty second century when the first of the FTL engine was invented, man for the first time saw the hope of spreading to the stars and conquering yonder planets and worlds, light years away. With this came the nations of the world agreeing to surrender their individual national sovereignty in favor of a one earth government. Within short years the planets around the solar system were being colonized, much structures built in them and the earth experiencing massive exodus of its citizens to these newly formed colonies. Half a century later, the first Exoplanetry colony was formed.
With these events, the major things that threatened the earth, overpopulation, hunger and international wars, ceased. The pollution level reduced considerably but was still a problem until the use of bio fuel for fusion was discovered. Slowly earthly waste became the source of fusion fuel for vehicles and domestic power consumption. Within a decade, pollution was no longer a threat to planet earth. Well the polluted Beach of Miami became a college project which students took the time to clean through the discovery of enzyme breaking nanobots. With that Miami was restored to a state much better than it ever was. An added new feature of the beach is the planting of coconut trees, giving the place a certain mystical aura.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 4:05pm On Feb 17, 2018
Still looking around at the beach and those flocking round the place, though lots of people are around, the beach didn’t still feel crowded. He had always thought earth to be an overcrowded planet spilling with excess homo sapiens . Though earth has its share of population, the most populated planet any where in the known cosmos, still it doesn’t feel that way. A discovery vastly different from what he had been led to believe before coming here. At least at the rate new planets are being discovered and new colonies set up, over population will never be a serious challenge to earth in a very long time.
Hardwire’s eyes caught two figures stepping daintily on the sands of the beach. As they got closer their features became readily distinguishing, they are both females, around twenty earth years, both with well formed body of a height that Hardwire seem to like. Both of them were dressed in delicate bikinis with multi colors changing with each steps they take. One of them has a long flowing platinum colored hair and the other gold colored, falling down to their shoulders in long lustrous flow.
“Hi pretty ladies. “ Hardwire called out to them as they got close to where he was. Both turned, took a look at him and smiled.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by itsandi(m): 4:45pm On Feb 17, 2018
Interesting update smiley Enjoy other interesting stories on Tushstories



Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Damibiz(m): 4:47pm On Feb 17, 2018
Took alook at him nd smile,the rest is history......nice work man
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by tunjilomo(m): 6:03pm On Feb 18, 2018
Never knew that geek hardwire had this in him. grin
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 1:39pm On Feb 21, 2018
“Hi handsome, “ The one with the gold colored hair replied him.
“Pretty ladies like you shouldn’t be walking alone on such a beautiful day like this unaccompanied. “ He sat allowing his smile to widen. “That’s a big lose to dudes like me in need of excellent companies like yours. “
The shy giggling of both girls stirred up Hardwire’s heart. “Well as we can see you all alone on a beautiful day as this, we wouldn’t mind getting you to tag along with us. “ The golden haired one said again.
“Hey you are that guy from the holo vid right, a hero or something? “ The platinum haired one asked.
“Yes, call me Hardwire. “ he took her hand and kissed the back lightly on his lips. Who said chivalry is dead, he thought happily as his action seem to excite her totally. Well seems I won’t be spending my night alone today.
While his mind was lost in fantasy on what he was going to accomplish with these two beauties alone in his private lounge at his exquisite hotel, his hand comm unit buzzed, vibrating and drawing his attention to a call coming in.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 1:42pm On Feb 21, 2018
Oh sh.it, he groaned inwardly as he saw the frozen face of Marvel on the comm’s holo vid. This is the worst time for this.
“I’m sorry babes but I really have to take this. It’s my boss, he gets real cranky if I don’t responds to him on time. “ Hardwire said awkwardly, embarrassed at the odd timing.
“Don’t worry handsome, you can catch up with us at our private suite when you are through. “ The golden haired one said and gave him the address, as they turned, waved and moved away from him.
“Hardwire what are you still doing on earth?” Marvel’s voice screamed at him through the wrist comm tiny speakers.
“Uh hi boss. “ Hardwire said with an odd twist of his lips. “After the whole fracas, I just decided to stay back a while, you know and get to enjoy the sights. “
“Well vacation is over kid, your ass is needed asap at Nuterra. “ Marvel said his eyes firmly fixed on Hardwire’s. “There’s a job for you already which you should have done yesterday. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 1:45pm On Feb 21, 2018
“Alright boss, I will be on my way. “ He said, still thinking of the time he intend to spend with the twin beauties that just left. “But you know it will take me a while to arrange for a transport, prepare my traveling documents before I can leave earth. Won’t be possible for at least another two days. “
“Strike that. Transport arrangements have already been made by general Leyland, you are leaving immediately from that spot. “
Oh shit, Hardwire thought with dread.
“Look up, those gentlemen coming are your special escorts to the space port. Make sure you don’t give them any grief because they have been ordered to use any means possible to get you to the next available space ship leaving earth for Nuterra. It includes stunning your ass if you struggle with them. “ Marvel said finally as be cut the connection.
Looking up, Hardwire saw three men moving slowly to his direction, all on black suits with white shirts. With the look of government agents written all over them.
“You should be Hardwire. “ One of them said, as they got to him. “We have been asked to escort you to the nearest space port. Please come, an air car is waiting. “
What a way to end a blissful episode of his life, he groaned helplessly as he went with them.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Damibiz(m): 2:00pm On Feb 21, 2018
Hardwire....i love that name dieee,nice work man
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by tunjilomo(m): 7:08pm On Feb 21, 2018
grin grin grin
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 9:28am On Feb 22, 2018
grin grin grin
What's funny?
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 5:18pm On Feb 22, 2018

It has taken Marvel a while to get through the heavy space traffic surrounding planet Puerta del Cielo’s ever crowded orbit, find a place to land around the major space port and get himself, the Mole and his private car cleared through the planetary custom and port security. He had to rent a private space flyer, capable of transporting him and his equipment to his destination. The flyer was an old model Hercules HC 02 space craft, an old ugly looking vehicle with ungainly looking protrusions on its long cylindrical hull with four stubby wings at the aft where the twin fusion engines are located. A small space cargo freight belonging to the Conspace Services. The HC 02 may not score any mark for looks and aerodynamics, it’s the best Marvel can come up with within the short time he have for speedy transport of himself and equipment.
The delay at the customs to clear him and his equipment was beginning to irk Marvel. Normally Marvel’s bounty hunter license was supposed to get him and his equipment through the security without much huddle. But it seems this holidays and resorts planet don’t like to know that a bounty hunter has a job on their planet. It is something they definitely don’t want to be a public knowledge because it may affect the numbers of patronage from clients. Realizing how limited his time is, he put a direct call to general Leyland which passed them through the check ups almost immediately.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 5:27pm On Feb 22, 2018
Due to the urgency of Marvel’s mission there was no time for him to have made a reservation for a place to stay, he is just to come, get the job done and go out. The rented flyer was left at the space port hanger, Marvel drove his ever trusty Nexon 3 out of the space port, lifted into the air blasting out of the area at a subsonic speed of 800km/h just to avoid a sonic boom sound. The Mole was sitting by his side pulling out his guns cleaning them and reassembling the parts.
“I’m supposed to meet the contact at a restaurant somewhere in the city, the coordinates was just sent to me now. “ Marvel said to the Mole as he punched figures into the nav com of the car.
The Mole looked up suddenly, took a quick glance at one of the screen at the dashboard which shows the images from behind the car from the micro cam there.
“We have picked up a tail. “ the Mole said simply.
“I was afraid of this, that means the mission was already compromised before it even started. “ Taking a look at the monitor, he noticed the car was a red colored hover van that was doing its best to catch up with them at the fast speed they were going. He activated the HD extra magnification on the monitor, he saw through the wind shield of the van, two men. One was the driver, the other was riding shotgun, both were armed with lazer rifle. Since it’s a van, there might be others within it he may not be able to see through the windshield.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 5:33pm On Feb 22, 2018
“What do you think Marvel? Are they made to stop us or just spot us when we came in? “ The Mole asked as he finished with the plasma rifle he was cleaning, putting the bulky rifle on his laps.
“Hard to tell. “ Marvel said as he tried to study both the monitor and the nav com display at the same time. “If they are spotters, they wouldn’t have exposed themselves this way, besides they are armed and getting ready to fire. I think what hasn’t made them to attack yet is their struggling to catch up with our speed. “
“Well let’s not disappoint them. “ Mole lifted up the rifle on his laps, checked the targeting sights then grunted with satisfaction. “This car is armored enough to contain what ever they can throw at us. “
“Yes… hold on a bit, I’m getting something else. “ Marvel concentrated on the readings from the tac screen, shifting through the multiple data rolling on the face. The air between the space port and the city of Lago derranado, his intended destination, are light on traffic of various types of air vehicles that are picked up on the screen and he needs to shift through to concentrate on his target. “ We have two other targets being tagged by the tac screen.”

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Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 6:05pm On Feb 22, 2018
The Mole took a quick peek behind instinctively but it was difficult to see beyond the armored plastiglass canopy of the air car at the vehicles outside as the speed makes them pass in a haze. Marvel was doing his best to avoid oncoming vehicles and still keep a watch on the screen for his pursuers. Though all air vehicles have proximity defense and collision prevention programs imbedded in their flight system, Marvel still paid attention to up coming vehicles.
“I just saw the two others, they are average air cars, black and metallic gray, both appeared old and beaten. “ The Mole said after taking his eyes away from the back. “Like you said it’s pretty obvious we have been compromised. Do you think the leak came from earth side? “
“Not necessarily, this mission was just only between general Leyland, the earth president and me, I was guaranteed that. I trust Leyland completely, the president, that I can’t say but I don’t see any obvious reason the president will want me to fail. He will want the senator returned back because that will put him in better light with the senate and secure his tentative hold on the Global Assembly. “ After a few seconds of introspection he added. “They may have posted look out to watch out for me or someone odd coming on this planet at this time. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 6:08pm On Feb 22, 2018
Marvel took a sharp dangerous turn, too fast for the anti-Collison program to compensate for. His air car moved too close to an on coming hover truck then dove down at the last minute before the iron fender of the truck, then moved under it and blasted with a sudden speed that made his pursuers loose him. He could see the sudden shock expression on the face of the truck pilot and the disbelief written on his bearded face. Marvel chuckled shortly imagining the heavy curses that must have been thrown his way.
“I wouldn’t want to confront them here, Mole. Too many civilian and innocent vehicles passing might get caught on the crossfire. “ Marvel continued indicating with a slight shift of his head outside his car canopy. “When we hit any of the cars here, falling debris might hit someone down below us. “
“So what do you have in mind? “ asked the Mole as he stroke the slick body of his plasma rifle.
“Slow down a bit, let them catch up with us, then turn away from the city we are headed. “ Marvel punched some keys on the dashboard, the tac display was replaced by a satellite map. “There’s a Suburban settlement two clicks from here, with lots of open and abandoned places. Burbio, it has a very big lake, we can head there and bury their carcasses and debris in the water there with no witnesses, I have very little time for interrogation right now. “
“OK let’s do it. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Damibiz(m): 7:23pm On Feb 22, 2018
Ok let do this man,i'm behind u....
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 10:12am On Feb 23, 2018
Marvel’s air car slowed down and shot back up to the air level he was on before the pursuers spotted him. The red van and the two air cars that have been milling among the few vehicles flying around took sharp turns with burst of speed and headed for the black Nexon 3. Marvel saw them and did a quick maneuver as if he was startled at discovering them, then increased the speed a bit, not too much so they don’t loose him again. With a burst of super sonic speed, Marvel could have left them far behind without them catching up with him but he doesn’t want to have unknown quantity of enemies behind him as he goes for the senator’s captors.
The black air car turned away from the air traffic route leading to the city of Lago derranado, moved quickly to cover the intervening distance to the air route of Burbio. This was a less busy air traffic lane, with just about an old air trailer carrying four carriages train moving at slow snail pace speed, which Marvel passed with a blind blur and another vehicle, a small air scooter with just an elderly woman and a kid in it, flying at opposite lane.

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