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Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Olatoman(m): 7:56pm On Feb 05, 2018
Apollux, can you help send the concluding part of part 1.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Olatoman(m): 8:21pm On Feb 05, 2018
Apollux, can you help send the concluding part of part 1.

Sorry; olatomanney@gmail.com
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 9:55pm On Feb 05, 2018

Sorry; olatomanney@gmail.com
Pls send me a personal email, that will make it easier for me to send it
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Davidpaul(m): 8:38am On Feb 06, 2018
sorry but whats your personal email
i would like to have the concluding part of the story too
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 8:46am On Feb 06, 2018
sorry but whats your personal email
i would like to have the concluding part of the story too

It's at the beginning of this story or u can PM me
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 10:08am On Feb 06, 2018
Most of the bounty hunters, those in this place at the moment will definitely be in the mess/rec area or few checking out the info desk for any interesting bounty that is worth there effort. Well the best way to easily resolve this is go into the control room. Two alert Galactic Bounty Club regular staff were sitting before several holo screen monitors, watching the events displayed on them. The control room is wide enough to accommodate about twenty huge holo display screens, with space for a sofa, bed, a dining table with two chairs, then a bathroom and rest room. Both staff on monitor duties looked up as Harummah stepped in. They offered greetings that the Turk hardly replied.
“Both of you should excuse me for some minutes, I need to do some classified things here. “ Harummah said curtly ordering them out.
“Yes sir, “ they said as they left the room and shut the door behind them.
The Turk sat down and fiddled with the controls of the monitor, searching for where those he had concluded will be the best suited for the job. All registered bounty hunters have trackers placed on them, it is one of the requirements before they taken in. Punching their code names into the data analyzer console, the programmed machine locked on to all their locations and uploaded all the holo vid feed in the areas they are. Like he suspected, two of them are in the info desk area. Watching the monitor, he saw them in the midst of other bounty hunters going through the holo data patches displayed on the board . Every bounty data patch is a hologram picture containing the face of the bounty, brief info about him/her, the crime committed that brought about the bounty, who registered the bounty contract and how much the bounty is worth.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 10:11am On Feb 06, 2018
Harummah looked for others, six were in the mess hall. The screen displayed a scene like a club house pack tightly with people dancing and moving their bodies to the sounds of the sub-bass of the electro-rock music blasting from huge digital speakers. Two were left, which the monitors indicated are not in the Galactic Bounty Club ground but in a room somewhere in Platform III. Looking at the images from the monitor on that room, showed nothing but blackness, either the room has no light or the micro-cam in that room is covered by something. He decided increasing the audio being picked up from the room, sounds of erotic moaning was coming from two voices, one a male and the other a female. Harummah quickly shut off the sound, he has heard enough. He then sent an emergency personal messages to them all, telling them to meet him in the next ten minutes and where.

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Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 10:15am On Feb 06, 2018
Harummah was meeting with those his messages has gone to in the arsenal room. He is the only one with the key to this place and he alone knows the security codes to the lock. The room has several racks on which rifles and handguns were hooked. Stun rods and power baton have a lower rack all there own. Then scattered haphazardly are plastwooden weapon crates on which sat his audience, ten of the most devious bounty hunters he have in the registered list. There is Nostra and Dagger, both dark skinned male, slim and muscular. Of similar height, the difference being Nostra has long dread hair and Dagger is completely bald and one of his eyes has a black patch. A look he had adopted during his days as a Space pirate. He and Nostra are brothers, and had plowed the pirate trades together, then caught and jailed. After their jail term, decided that bounty hunting was more safer. Milestone-Billy was a huge one. He has oily long blonde hair tied in a pony tail. He was a store security but lost the job when he was indicted in a small pilfering. He left that and became a bounty hunter. Sitting by his side is the one called Baracuda. A reddish skinned tall female from a wealthy family who threw all that away to live dangerously. Joining the wrong crowd and spending several times in juvenile prisons convinced her to try something else, which is bounty hunting. It was she and Milestone-Billy that Harummah had seen in the dark room on the monitor.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 10:20am On Feb 06, 2018
Mech-Joe was referred to as a cyborg in secret, none dare say that before him because he has a fiery temper. Well he was a construction worker, who fell out with his beat supervisor. Well unfortunately he had an accident that chopped off his right hand and leg. Most of his face was burnt and disfigured by hot black oil. He spent all his savings treating him self, he fixed illegal armored prosthetics on his hand and leg with hidden weapons and his head is always covered in a specialized helmet with synthetic voice grilles. The others are Camara, a female ex copilot who lost her career when the ship she co-piloted was caught transporting illegal goods. She turned to bounty hunting as an alternative. Tiger-Lilly was a beauty enthusiast who tried several experimental procedures to enhance her looks. She had gotten too far and one of the experiments went wrong and made her grew spots on her skin. It made her reclusive, violent and psychotic. Vulcan was an electro rock artist, whose style of music went out of fashion with the rise of heavygrav rock. He disbanded his group, joined a street gang that almost got wiped out during a turf war. He escaped and joined the bounty hunter club. Not much is known Ted-Millow only that he just came to the front desk of the Galactic Bounty Club one day and requested to join. He was suffering from amnesia. All effort to trace his history was in vain. No record of his past existed anywhere. But he had been at least an average performer in the bounty hunting trade. Then finally is Armsmith, an ex police officer on earth. He was charged with cases of brutality and manslaughter, dismissed and jailed. He served his time and came out to be a bounty hunter. His code name is because of his proficiency in the use and modification of fire arms.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 10:28am On Feb 06, 2018
Let me take this time to list out the 10 bounty hunters for those wh o missed it... grin

Now u can go read their bio again grin
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by tunjilomo(m): 12:43pm On Feb 06, 2018
Now the story begins.Marvel please take care.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Damibiz(m): 2:13pm On Feb 06, 2018
Baracuda...i love that name...bro Apollox please give us some graphic design of those guys please
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 7:36pm On Feb 06, 2018
“Without wasting time I will get right down to it, I have a job for you all. “ Harummah said as he looked each of them in the eye. He had made sure that every monitoring devices in this room is temporarily deactivated until after his meeting. He doesn’t want any record of this to exist anywhere.
“Hey boss you don’t have to call us down here for that, “ Milestone-Billy said irritably, “You could have just paste the bounty on the info desk and we all will see it. “
“This is a special bounty, that is why. “ Staring down the ex security guards showing he will not accept any unnecessary interruption. “This is a secret bounty, you will have to work in the dark with this one because there is no official backing for this from the bounty office. Technically, we don’t know about it. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 7:46pm On Feb 06, 2018
Giving a little pause to guage their reactions , at this stage it is important to know how they will react to help him decide if he is to stop now or go ahead. Well the worst he could tell from their faces is a mild curiosity.
“See I didn’t come up with it this way, the principal who brought the bounty demanded utmost discretion in this job. Besides that, the pay for it is reasonable. “
“if you intend to use all of us for the job, what amount is the bounty to pay ten of us and it will still be reasonable? “ Nostra asked.
He was expecting that question, so was prepared. “The bounty offer is one million credit and the best part is since this is not a bounty club sanctioned hunt there won’t be the usual twenty five percent deductions fee. This means every one of you get a hundred thousand credit, paid upfront if you want. “ Well he didn’t have to tell them that Dalmar actually gave him two million to give to the bounty hunters but he will keep one million for himself. No body will know since there is no record of this job and nobody can ask any question. Anyway the ten of them will be satisfied with the amount.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 8:10pm On Feb 06, 2018
Slow whistles of surprise and appreciation sounded in the room. He could see the greed grabbing hold of all of them.
“Wait a minute, if you need ten of us to go after this bounty, the person must be pretty tough. “Dagger said sharing a nod with his brother.
“Yes he is. But the payment will more than make up for that , “ Harummah knows that no single bounty is up to that amount, the highest single bounty is fifty thousand. “There might be bonus attached at the end of the job. Well I’m not really promising but I may convince the principal to do that if you succeed. “
“Anyway we can know who the principal is? “ the electronic voice sounded from the grilles on Mech-Joe’s helmet.
“No, he prefers to remain anonymous. “
“Ooooo he is a man then. “ Baracuda purred sounding flirtatious and caressing.
Harummah gave her a cold stare and allowed that to silence her.
“So are we taking the job? “
Looking around at the faces, Nostra spoke. “Guess it’s a done deal, it’s unanimous, we are all taking the job. “
“So who is the bounty on? “ Armsmith asked.
“Marvel Alistar. “
Few seconds of silence followed the answer the bounty hunter got from the Turk. Slowly smile and laughter started to spill from their mouths. Several of them have reasons to hate Marvel.
“So are we to bring him alive? “ Armsmith asked again.
Harummah displayed a smile of his own before responding. “ Let me sweeten the deal more for you. You don’t even need to bring a body part. Just make sure you blow that pompous son of a triolla to pieces. As bounty hunters like him, he wouldn’t see this coming. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Godwinfury(m): 12:32am On Feb 07, 2018
Marvel my Broda, trouble dey oo. Apollux, triple thumbs up to u.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 11:41am On Feb 07, 2018
✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴

Loomis handled the Mamba v300 expertly and flew it with smoothness despite being an old car. From the steady low hum of the anti-gravity engine, it shows the hover car was always well maintained. The car couldn’t fly above one thousand five hundred feet, it was still okay for what it is needed for. The interior was dark with the glow from flight and navigation panels giving multi-colored hued illumination. He checked the map by the small screen display below the dashboard which is what the guidance system of the car is using to locate the preset coordinates.
Turning to Jade sitting by him, he spoke in low tones. “We are almost there. I will be landing soon. “
So saying, he punched in the landing sequence on the car, as the steady hum of the car dropped a bit in pitch and the car started to decelerate.
“We will be stopping at the Ole’boys dome. “ he said again as the auto pilot of the car kicked in. “It’s where our target have been known to spend most of his time recently. I already have it on a reliable Intel that he is in there tonight. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 11:44am On Feb 07, 2018
The hover car landed at a brightly lit parking lot very busy with other air cars landing or taking off. Plain clothes security men patrol the perimeter armed mostly with stun rods.
“Let’s move. “ Loomis said as he killed the engine opening the door and stepping out with Jade following at the other door. Loomis locked the door and activated the car’s defenses. A powerful electric current will knock off anyone that tries to forcefully open the door. It has enough juice to stun ten men.
The parking lot being brightly lit is as a result of some street lights giving intense brightness into the area to discourage car thieves. As bright as the parking lot is, it fades in comparison to that of the Ole’boys dome. It is a spherical building made with light amplifying materials that boosted the light within it to a greater proportion letting it blaze all around it in a multiple mixed colors that dazzle the eyes and reel the mind. The dome is one huge club house for those who cannot afford the more lofty ones in the heart of the city but still have a little money to spend. Located just at the outskirts of the city, a perfect place between the opulence of the city and the stark aridity of the squalor outside it. Having a huge set of clientele makes it possible for the dome to always remain busy.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 11:47am On Feb 07, 2018
At the entrance, Loomis joined a long queue of those going in. Those allowed in has to show their tickets to two burly looking securities putting on just black shiny sleeveless coats, holding deadly looking stun rods. Besides them are other six, standing around to prevent these not wanted from going in. Two of them are engaged in frisking those allowed in of hidden weapons.
“Though we are not allowed to go in packing, but don’t worry I got it covered. “ Loomis whispered to Jade who is standing behind him in the queue.
Loomis pulled out two plyosheet tickets gave them to one of the security at the door, indicating with a slight turn of his head that the tickets covered Jade too. They were allowed to go ahead. When they got to the two securities that will search them, Loomis produced a black badge which he flashed before them and they were allowed to go in without being searched.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 11:51am On Feb 07, 2018
Confusing mixture of sounds assaulted their ears as they stepped into the dome. From the door was a long passage running the length of the dome with side entrances that led to stairways and lifts, since the place is several stories high. The dome is divided into many halls, all having their clubs with a bar in it. Those are the places the sounds were coming from, the mixture being the different types of music been played at the same time. Loomis walked to hall 76 ,as the halls in the domes are numbered from up to down. The hall that was his target was on the ground level.
“I’m here for a sneaky bastard called Doeb.” Loomis told Jade as he got close to his target hall. “He was a former corporate intelligence and counter industrial espionage agent, who deceived his employer, became a double agent for his employer’s competitor, then became a triple agent. In the end he ripped off all three corporations, walking away with millions of credits then vanished out of existence. He actually went off net, did a face reconstruction micro surgery, created a new identity and escaped the wrath of the corporations he had duped. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 1:09pm On Feb 07, 2018
Jade said nothing in reply as she had been unusually silent all night. The sudden revelation that an information which popped up along the line during her undercover assignment is something she is not cleared to know really shocked and bothered her. Now she is going along with Loomis to find out what it is under an unofficial means. Won’t she be severely discipline if the Earthwatch hq get to know about this.
At the entrance to hall 76, he stopped and faced his fellow undercover colleague. “See from the little I know about Doeb, he is very edgy, will bolt at the appearance of any slight difference from what he is used to seeing. So I suggest you take the next turning, it leads to a small passage, wait at the first door you see, it is the exit of the back door in hall 76. I believe Doeb will want to escape through that place as soon as he sees me. You will be in a position to stop him. “
“ Alright, “ Jade replied as she headed at the direction Loomis pointed at.
“Oh and one more thing, “ Loomis called back to here, “He may not be coming out alone."

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Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 1:15pm On Feb 07, 2018
Loomis pulled out his small stun gun before entering the hall, he needed information more than he needs Doeb dead. The crowd within hall 76 was much controlled and the music, being a macro symphonies, was a retro and as such with less noise. Just a single bass line playing in the background along an accompaniment of smooth rhythmic augment notes of mono piano and diminished chords of triple sounds strings vibes. Actually quite soothing but way too boring for Loomis. There are more tables and chairs of people sitting and drinking than those dancing. This gave Loomis an almost instant view of all in the hall. It also made him recognizable by his quarry.
Loomis and Doeb saw each other almost at the same time and their eyes locked on each other for a few seconds. Doeb was a man with a short round face, a pudgy build. His hair was short and silvery white, same color with the suit he was putting on, a shinny plyo-silk. Doeb started saying something to the three men who were sharing the table with him. They are all on black suits, their hands reached inside their suits as eyes turned to sort out Loomis from the people in the hall. As they pulled out their hands, they were holding lazer hand guns, all faced Loomis pointing their guns.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 1:21pm On Feb 07, 2018
The Earthwatch agent ran ahead, rolled down then hit a table knocking everything on it to the floor. The occupants watched in amazement , then anger at the careless move of Loomis and fell to the ground as red colored beams shot out of lazer guns hit them. As they dropped, the table behind which he was hiding because the next target of the lazer fire. Three hand gun muzzles, being held by Doeb protectors, poured out lazer fire at the table. Doeb has his gun out too but held it back watching the out come.
Behind the upturned table, Loomis saw as each lazer beam took out chunks from the duraplast material it was made from. In seconds, the table will be totally chewed, so he has to move. Screams and sudden rush of people from the hall to the door has in a way deflected a lot of shots directed at him, but those shots have struck people, who fell on the ground, some groaning in pains others totally still.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 1:24pm On Feb 07, 2018
Loomis jumped away from where he was hiding, ran with a burst of speed and collided with another table, this one empty, as all the tables and chairs in the hall are now empty as everyone was running to the exit which is now a bottle neck of people screaming and clawing to get out. He took advantage of the surprise his sudden move has brought, pulled out his stun gun. A green light shot from the muzzle, hitting one of the three shooting at him. The one hit jerked a bit and collapsed. Loomis continued to move, grabbed a half empty bottle of amber colored spirt, looking at the remaining two still standing and shooting, he hurl the bottle at them. One was fast enough to move out of the way, but the other was not so fortunate. The bottle hit him on his face and he staggered backwards. Loomis ignored him and sort the one that had dodged the bottle. He was about to come up shooting again when a green beam from Loomis stun gun hit him and knocked him over a table. The one hit with the bottle was still in a daze, Loomis took him out with a stun bolt.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 1:29pm On Feb 07, 2018
Just then, Doeb shot several lazer bolts at his direction, which Loomis avoided as he rolled away and hid behind another turned table. He smiled as peeking behind the edge of the table, he saw Doeb running towards the back door, opening it and locking it behind him. He would have stayed back and fought me if he knew what was waiting for him at the other side, Loomis thought as he laughed openly.
It was just about two minutes after she got to the exit Loomis had directed her to when she heard a tiny electronic whistling as if the door was about opening. A man in white dart out of the open door in great speed, looking behind him not seeing Jade standing ahead. She lashed out with a low side kick that cleared Doeb’s two legs from the floor and he slammed he chest and stomach heavily on the ground,the lazer hand gun fell from him hand. She followed with a fast jab at a nerve point on Doeb’s neck with the edge of her palm. Immediately, his eyes clouded over and he passed out.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by tunjilomo(m): 6:28pm On Feb 07, 2018
Where is Mr Alistar
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 4:24pm On Feb 08, 2018
Loomis came running through the door Doeb just came from, seeing his body lying still he stopped and smiled. “Help me let’s carry the body to the car, I have a small secured room a little distance from here where we can interrogate him in peace. “
They carried the unconscious body between them, hanging his hands on their shoulders and holding the body upright, they moved him slowly through the tightly parked cars heading to the red Mamba hover car. The few times the met the security patrols at the parking lot, Loomis was able to convince them that Doeb had passed out under heavy drinking and they are taking him home besides most of them had ran to the entrance of the dome when sudden rush of people came out from it. At the car, getting him in was a bit difficult though the car was made for just two sitters, the driver and a passenger, there is still a little space things can be stored located behind the seats . Having tucked Doeb in properly, locking his hands in place with handcuffs incase he wakes up unexpectedly, Loomis got in the car followed by Jade, still silent and brooding, lifted the car and drove through the night.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 4:25pm On Feb 08, 2018

The super cruiser, Achilles, was hurtling through the depth of space at a speed well in excess of the speed of light, being propelled by the FTL fusion propulsion engines and gravity drivers, the huge vessel travel the lengthy distance between the stars as easily as air cars covers the distances on a planet. Billions of kilometers already lay behind the vessel in around an hour. Within the bowel of the Achilles, Dalmar sat down on a comfortable chair with some amount of contentment looking at the multiple colors displaying on the holo vid screen as he waited for the security to clear for the call to come through. His private quarter on the ship was luxurious and large. The color scheme on everything in it is creamy white, reminiscent of late Nicholas. He has really miss his input at this delicate stage of the plans, it is making Dalmar work more than required. Most of the aspects of the plans handled by Nicolas now fall to him. Well whatever the case, success looks likely, though is a long way off.
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 2:44pm On Feb 09, 2018
The multiple color cleared from the screen and the face of Jeffery appeared on it, looking strained and sickly as always. From what Dalmar can see from the background of the face on the screen, Jeffery is in his private lab.
Without any form of pleasantries, Dalmar spoke, “The arrangements on dealing with the bounty hunter have been made. “
“That seems fast. “ the reply from the holo image was thin. “So what kind of arrangements did you make? “
“I fixed a bounty on him. “
“Won’t that in a way expose you? “
“ I also took care of that. It wasn’t an official bounty and some selected people were chosen, who are trusted. They will get the job done or die trying. “
“How optimistic are you of their success in this? “ Jeffery’s face farrowed with one eyebrow raised above the other .
“Their success doesn’t really matter, I just need them to get Marvel distracted. Also since CSC and Earthwatch will be having him to work with them, it will divert their attention and keep them guessing what our real plans are. As fellow bounty hunters, Marvel won’t suspect any thing untill they get close enough to strike, who knows they may actually kill him. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 2:46pm On Feb 09, 2018
“Well that might work. “Jeffery after some seconds of introspection. “How about the senator, have you come up with what to do with him?”
“He is just another distraction, “ Dalmar waved his hand dismissively, then clasp both together letting them rest on his lap. “I have a propaganda holo vid already made for such purpose. This time the pressure we will mount on the earth government will be relentless, they will have no choice but to accept our demands. Most of the mega corporations in other colonies and star systems, who have been maintaining neutrality for fear of the repercussions from earth, will be compelled to join with us after witnessing our successes. “
“That is really brilliant. I still have some contacts with some other mega corporations outside the Proxima Centauri star system who will join us the moment we make a major push. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 2:49pm On Feb 09, 2018
“This will be such a big one that will draw attention to the greed and tyranny of the earth government against the corporations and colonies. “ Something caught Dalmar’s attention, a tiny red light blinking below the holo vid, another call is coming in but on hold. That should be Cedric, well he can wait till this call is ended.
“I noticed, Jeffery that your cough seem to have stopped. “
“Oh that’s just a minor inconvenience I have to correct. A certain brew I concocted seem to have worked well in halting the accelerated tissue damage my body is going through. “ Jeffery replied as an after thought. “I will readily say this is a side benefit of the genetic experimentation for super human soldiers. I stumbled on it by accident and it has worked well to stop the damage. With a little effort, I may have found the cure to my incurable ailment. “
Re: Marvel Chronicles 2 :executive Sanction by Apollux(m): 2:52pm On Feb 09, 2018
Though he felt a tiny bit of anger, still he maintained his outward composure. “Well at least all that used resources achieved something. “
“Which reminds me, the advance prototype ADMEC is finished ready for a human testing. “ the hologram image said.
“Good. I have a perfect candidate for it, will be sending him to you soon.”
“Alright. “ Jeffery said before cutting the call connection.
The screen became covered with the multicolor again then changed as Cedric face filled the screen.
“Cedric is the holo vid finished and ready for broadcast? “ Dalmar asked.
“Yes sir and will be going on the net in a few minutes. “
“Good. “
“Sir can we get rid of the senator now since he has served his purpose? “ Cedric asked his boss.
“Not yet, the senator still have one more function. “ smiling he continued. “Tell those in custody of the senator to get ready to entertain an unexpected guest. Also increase the number of those watching over the senator to about twenty or more. Also get ready we will be hitting the tower soon. “

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