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Re: Mr Right by Chigold121(f): 8:16pm On Aug 29, 2017
I just stumbled on this work now. U ve a nice piece here. Well done
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 3:26pm On Aug 31, 2017
**********Episode 18************

Amanda decided to spend the weekend with Jason,so when she called him up he readily agreed,so she quickly packed her weekend bag and waited for him to close from work, she missed going to the office but he had asked her to stop until she had the baby,she busied herself with her phone as she waited for him to come, she opened her a group chatt that belonged to her class in secondary school,she had never talked in the group so she decided to change that, she quickly sent "Hi" and sent it before she could stop herself, she got reactions of "Hmmmmmmmm's and Ahhhhhhh's".Some of the guys started hitting her on private charts,some girls wanted to visit, their gesture really swept Amanda off her feet,she thought these people hated her,they always picked on her now the former S.P wanted them to hangout but sorry to burst their bubbles she was getting married as she was replying him Jason called that he was outside.

"Come in",she said, picked up her bag and went

Jason walked through the door the minute she climbed down the stairs, she dropped a kiss on his lips.

"Good evening", she smiled at him.

"Good evening to you too, how are you".

"Good...let's go,youmust be tired",she said completing her message to her latest admirer.

"What about your parents", he asked looking around.

"They went for a lunch date", she said with a smile.

"Ewwwwwwwwwww", he said.

"With your parents...so it's a double date", she said with a smirk.

"Double ewww",he said collecting the bag from her and started walking out while she trailed behind him.


Re: Mr Right by oly0511(f): 3:50pm On Aug 31, 2017
there is God oooooo

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Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 3:06pm On Sep 01, 2017
"Do you know that you don't behave like a wife", Jason asked as he drove forcing Amanda to look up from her phone.

"Now where did that come from", Amanda asked surprised.

"You just stay indoors when you come over,you are not even trying to build a relationship with the workers and you've never even cooked for me", Jason listed.

"Ohh...really okay what will you like for dinner", she asked rubbing her protruding abdomen.

"Jellof Rice will be nice with a few slices of plantain", he beamed at her.

"Good...tomorrow all your helps will take the day off", she said relaxing on her seat.

"Who'll clean the house", he asked as he drove through the estate's gate.

"Me, shebi you want me to behave like a wife", she said teasingly.

"No...no problem including on the bed through out this weekend oo",he said to a smirk.

"No that one is out...we agreed to wait until I'm comfortable, she said trying to defend herself.

"It's a dare...I dare you to sleep with me", he said trying to persuade her.

"I never told you I was playing any Dare game with you".

Jason chuckled," you should see your face right now ".
********"********Three Hours Later********************

"This is good", Jason said with his mouthful.

An rolled her eyes at him playfully and faced her food.

"Instead of you to be happy that I'm giving your food a positive comment you're here forming world's chef", he said poking her ribs.

"Leave me alone joor", she said trying to put on an angry face but failed woefully as she looked up to Jason's smiling face.

"See her head",he said facing his meal.

"Some people that I know wants to come over tomorrow are you okay with that", she said pleading with him in her heart to say yes.

"And you are taking permission to have visitors over it's our house we have equal right here", Jason said sipping his juice.

"Thank you...Thank you... Thank you", she said excitedly.

"You are welcome", he said thrusting the last piece of meat on his plate towards her mouth which she hurriedly collected like he'd change his mind.


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Re: Mr Right by itsandi(m): 3:23pm On Sep 01, 2017
Interesting story! You can also read other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 10:35am On Sep 05, 2017
**********Episode 19**********
After breakfast the next morning, Amanda and Jason decided to take a nap before their visitors would arrive but Jason wanted more than a nap,it had taken his entire self control to stop himself from taking her the previous night.

"Jason what is it now I want to sleep", Amanda groaned slapping Jason's hands off her twin towers.

"I'm Hot", Jason whispered into her ears and pressing his erection against her behind.

"But we agreed to wait until I'm comfortable",she protested weakly pressing back to feel his hard on.

"Please...just this once", he said and without waiting for an answer he flipped her over and mounted her trapping her between his legs before bending down to take her lips in he's. Their lips danced together matching each other's movement.

As Jason broke off the kiss,her saw the pure lust in Amanda's eyes and smiled he had gotten her where he wanted her Amanda gave an impatient groan while he pulled off their shirts, her only took about two seconds to admire her globes still restrained in her bra before attacking her lips again. Amanda was lost in cloud nine and didn't even notice when Jason pulled off their remaining clothing as the cool air from the A.C blew her already hardened tips,her eyes flew open.

"Wait!",she said placing her palms on his chest.

"What is it", he groaned impatiently, this was a very bad time to stop a man.

"Let's use a duvet*,she said pleadingly.

" Why",he asked shooting her a death glare.

"I'm not comfortable with you looking at me", she said and bit her lips shyly.

He chuckled before going to Pick the duvet from the ground that he had flung it in haste,Amanda drew in a sharp breath as she saw the bold state of his arousal

"How would the...this fit", she asked wide eyed, clearly afraid.

"Don't worry about it sweet heart", he said with a smirk,before burying his face between her legs.

Amanda gave a high pitched squeal as his tongue teased her clit,Jason held her waist to steady her as she kept squirming like an earthworm,as she came Jason lapped her juices then came up and kissed her lips.As he entered her she yelped in pain making him to quickly withdraw then he entered her slowly savouring her feel of her tight and warm orifice against his stiff member.

T B C.


Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 10:49am On Sep 05, 2017
I am very sorry for disappointing you guys I have a lot on my plate right now but I promise to be more frequent please accept my heartfelt apology kiss kiss kiss.Love you all to the moon and back.

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Re: Mr Right by Chigold121(f): 3:07pm On Sep 05, 2017
Apology accepted, many thanks for the update.
Re: Mr Right by ayaobaidowu: 4:00pm On Sep 05, 2017
Apology accepted, Tnx for the update, keep it coming
Re: Mr Right by Nobody: 5:01pm On Sep 05, 2017
Thanks for the update
Re: Mr Right by bossy512(f): 5:27pm On Sep 05, 2017
Thanks, nice one
Re: Mr Right by Eyinimofeoluwa(f): 5:45pm On Sep 05, 2017
Sis wat a nice story keep it up dear....i didnt get ur mention tho thanks for d update
Re: Mr Right by kally90(f): 6:33pm On Sep 05, 2017
Nice story you got there. keep it up.
Re: Mr Right by oly0511(f): 6:50pm On Sep 05, 2017
oh dear thanks for the update
Re: Mr Right by rachealfst(f): 9:11pm On Sep 05, 2017
I am very sorry for disappointing you guys I have a lot on my plate right now but I promise to be more frequent please accept my heartfelt apology kiss kiss kiss.Love you all to the moon and back.
Welcome back, we love you too.
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 12:05pm On Sep 06, 2017
**********Episode 20**********
Jason fell on the bed with a thud,they had gone two rounds and he would have loved to continue but Amanda was tired, he looked at her and smiled, she was basically panting after her breathing had steadied she got up from the bed tying the duvet around her curvy frame and went to the bathroom to wash up.

To Amanda's surprise,she didn't feel an atom of guilt, in fact she had enjoyed every bit of it,the only part that she didn't really like was how her was staring at her unclad body other than that, she was good.Few minutes later, she came out picked a fresh set of clothes and changed into them before going ahead to pick up their hastily discarded clothes, yanked the bedspread from the bed and left for the laundry room without a glance to her Baby daddy who was laying on the bed.

Jason shook his head,"women you can never understand them complicated beings ",he murmured to himself before as he got up from the bed.He decided to impress her so he picked a really beautiful bedspread and covered the bed with it before going to run a bath,by the time he came out from the bathroom she was already asleep, he quietly laid down beside her and within a few minutes he was in lala land.


Re: Mr Right by oly0511(f): 4:29pm On Sep 06, 2017
nice update
Re: Mr Right by ayaobaidowu: 6:23pm On Sep 06, 2017
Tnx for d update
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 6:25pm On Sep 09, 2017
**********Episode 21**********
Jason woke up about five hours later and didn't see Amanda,he rinsed his face and sprayed a mint flavored mouth spray into his mouth before leaving the room as he got to the middle of the stairs he heard voices.

"Damn",he said to himself looked at his cloth then went back to the room and changed his clothes.As he entered into the sitting room, he met two guys discussing with a bottle of Andre before them,he shook hands with them before heading to the kitchen were he met Amanda and three ladies as he stepped into the kitchen they fell silent, the girls except Amanda were practically ogling at him open mouthed he shot them his " killer" smile making them stare deeply at him, while Amanda rolled her eyes.

"Um...girls this is my man Jason, Jason my friends Emily, Joan and Becky", Amanda said snapping all of them out of whatever trance they slipped into.

" Hello ladies it's a pleasure to meet you",he said kissing the back of their palms.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too", the three girls cooed simultaneously.

Jason walked to Amanda and smiled before taking her lips in he's and grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed them while she moaned into his mouth, he broke off the kiss with a smirk.

"Wha...what do you want", she said bitting her lips.

"I'm hungry", he said with a smirk.

"Wait it's almost ready", she said opening the lid"

"Okay", he said and dropped a quick kiss on her lips before exiting the kitchen.

"Okay that guy is hooooooottttttttt",Emily said fanning herself with her hands.

"I swear and I bet he's as good as he looks in bed", Joan said bitting her lips.

"The kiss should tell you that he's good",Becky said squirming in her seat.

"I don't have your time", Amanda said rinsing soup bowls to serve her pepper soup.In twenty minutes she was done with setting the table for lunch.

T B C.

Read Me:I'm sorry about my inability to update I'm very busy," I don't want to spend a year at home "no be for mouth, I've been very busy with registration. kiss kiss


Re: Mr Right by stainless239(f): 7:26pm On Sep 09, 2017
ok na sharing is allowed
Re: Mr Right by Nobody: 8:25pm On Sep 09, 2017
Hmmm.. Husband snatchers activated
Re: Mr Right by YINKS89(m): 9:16pm On Sep 09, 2017
Husband snatchers activated
u juz said ma mind.
Re: Mr Right by itsandi(m): 9:31pm On Sep 09, 2017
Interesting story! Read other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: Mr Right by iwakacome: 9:36pm On Sep 09, 2017
I just stumbled on your work and would love to read it but I won't be happy to start and when its ending you'll stop it for any excuse. So please would you complete it here? Just so I don't waste my time.
Re: Mr Right by Chigold121(f): 11:34pm On Sep 09, 2017
Amanda should beware of her friends oooo cos I smell something, anyway continue
Re: Mr Right by Nobody: 5:58am On Sep 10, 2017
u juz said ma mind.
Re: Mr Right by Elshberry(m): 4:14pm On Sep 12, 2017
At least updates after every two days will really quench our tasty soul!


Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 8:19pm On Sep 12, 2017
**********Episode 22**********
"Jason what is the meaning of what you did",Amanda asked after their visited had gone.

"Meaning of what", Jason asked nonchalantly and picked up the TV remote.

"See don't play dumb with me why were you flirting with my guests", she said her voice trembling like she wanted to start crying.

"Oh...my God babe...I... I'm sorry I didn't mean to flirt I was just putting on a show",Jason explained wrapping his hands around her.

"Leave me alone...you've started misbehaving because I allowed you to have sex with me", she said trying to break out of his grip.

"Babe stop...you and I know that I'd never intentionally hurt you...I'm sorry.They are not even half as beautiful and curvy as you are and you know that I like my women curvy don't you", he said smiling and pulling her cheeks softly.

"Go joor", she said smiling.

"You know that I love you",Jason asked massaging her butt cheeks.

"Sometimes like now I'm forced to think that you are in love with my body", Amanda said giggling.

"I love both you and your body", he said searching her eyes.

"I don't know what to say", she said looking at her toes.

"With time hon...with time", he said stroking her arms absentmindedly.

"So what will you like for dinner", she asked playing with his beard.

"Is the pepper soup left", he asked his eyes begging her to say yes.

"Yea...just enough for the both of us but won't you like something else",she asked sitting on his laps.

"No that's what I want to eat", he said bringing his lips close to her's.

"Okay then",she said and took his lips in her's.

"What do you want me to do", he asked his voice husky in desire after about five minutes of furious make out session.

"Take me to the room", she replied huskily.

"Good girl", he said with an impish grin on his face as he swept her off her feet and into his arms and raced up the stairs to the room.


Re: Mr Right by aprilwise(m): 8:27pm On Sep 12, 2017
I don wait for update tire. u do well

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Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 5:18am On Sep 13, 2017
Double post.
Re: Mr Right by Dessydemmy: 9:59am On Sep 13, 2017
hnmmm. Raced upstairs, issokay. Update please.
Re: Mr Right by bossy512(f): 11:25am On Sep 13, 2017
Hmmm nice one

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