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TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 2:41pm On Nov 04, 2017
Your Sundays will never be the same again! cheesy

Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 2:43pm On Nov 04, 2017
When trouble comes to stay...
Olivia Bittner's breath catches in her chest the moment Aiden Smith swoops back into her life, bringing with him a whirlwind of emotions.

There's a fine line between professional and personal...
Her fiance is the son of her boss and her job is on the line

Will she welcome back her past love or continue with the present to save her job?

This super interesting, intriguing story starts tomorrow, Sunday 5th November, 2017 on Tushstories via


You don't want to miss this cheesy
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 2:56pm On Nov 04, 2017
While we wait for tomorrow, lets enjoy THE CIVIL WAR By Uche Ohanado cheesy It's COMPLETE grin


Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 7:49am On Nov 05, 2017
Okay! Here we go! cheesy
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 7:53am On Nov 05, 2017

This was the last thing she needed this evening, Olivia Bitter thought to herself as she reluctantly rolled out of bed after receiving a call from her mother. Today was supposed to be her work-free day, and she wanted to spend it alone, under the covers. Now she wished she had put off her cellphone. She could just disappoint her mum but she couldn't, that was the problem.
She managed to waddle her unresponsive, fatigued body down to the bathroom to have a quick shower. The trickle of spray that came out of the shower head was much colder, which made her yelp with surprise as it touched her skin. She tried to wash quickly, then dried herself. Her mother had insisted that she look her best so she dressed to kill.
She wore a strapless ankle-length gown, leaving the tops of her breasts, shoulders and arm completely bare. The simple style of the silky red gown allowed it to cling to every curvaceous inch of her full breast, slender waist and gently flaring hips, so much that it would make anyone looking at her wonder whether or not she wore something beneath it. Well, her mother called for it, so she delivered; and she definitely aced it. Wearing a mischievous smile on her face, she set out to give her mother a heart attack.

Mrs. Bittner Wright stood at the entrance welcoming her guests, when she saw her daughter walk up the red carpet, past the flashbulbs of the paparazzi. Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as her eyes took in what her daughter wore. Madness she would call it. Olivia was fond of provoking her, but tonight, she won’t fall for her antics; she'd just play along and act as if it doesn't bother her the least.
"Hello mum," Olivia greeted her mother as she was being ushered in by her.
"You look amazing darling," she responded, trying hard not to strangle her for being so sassy.
"I wish that came straight from your heart, mum. You know, I prefer you being frank with me. False flattery doesn't suit you," Olivia answered as she flashed her mother a wicked grin.

"Come let's get you acquainted with the others," her mother muttered under her breath as she led her further into the ballroom and introduced her to a beautiful movie star dressed in a tight sequined gown. While they exchanged pleasantries, two models joined them; complementing her on her beautiful dress and make-up. They asked her to hook them up with the designer via gram and excused themselves, carrying the movie star along.
As she went to get a drink with her mum, a young couple joined them. "You look stunning," the young man complemented, drooling over her and was rewarded with a glare from his wife, but he kept on staring without a minute blink, with a lustful smile plastered on his face.
"Please would you mind excusing us, I and my husband can't wait to have our first dance for the evening," she added as she dragged her husband away and dared him with her eyes shooting daggers to say otherwise. He just smiled and they walked away as they got into a heated argument.
"Oops! I really pity the young lady, she doesn't know what she has gotten herself into by marrying that shark. Can you imagine the disgusting look he gave me," Olivia hissed, obviously furious at the young fellow.
"Come on, there's so much people to meet that are much more interesting. Forget about the shark,” her mother replied with a laugh.
There was nothing interesting about all the people here. The first time she attended one of her mother's elaborate parties, she thought it was fun and exciting, meeting so many people with different views but the artificiality of it was all becoming a bit samey now. The conversations were repetitive and too fake, the laughter even more so, with everyone seemingly out to impress or better everyone else, their excessive wealth literally worn on their sleeves.
They greeted and acquainted themselves with so many people that she started getting really bored and tired.
"I know darling, come on, don't fret now, it will soon be over, her mother crooned sweetly as she batted her lashes pleadingly at her, and as usual she complied.
"Thank you darling, I know I can always count on you. Come on, you need to meet other people, there's still a whole lot more. Put a smile on that face Liv," she admonished.
As her mother's favorite, she was fondly called Liv but now she wasn't in the mood for her teasing; she just wanted to go home and sleep. She wondered if that was too much to ask. The night was on its way to getting worse than it was already as her mother led her further down the ballroom, filled with people dancing and drinking champagne beneath enormous crystal chandeliers high overhead.
“I'm Joey Major, and I believe you're the beautiful daughter of Mrs. Bittner?” A portly bellied, balding man, probably in his early forties, several inches shorter than her and stocky put out his hands.
"Yes I am," Olivia replied as she took the offered hands, smiling politely at him. "Pleased to meet you sir"
He responded with a smile of his own, "The pleasure is all mine dear."
"Joey Major is an international banker and a renowned philanthropist. He's the owner of Jo Major Textiles," her mother beamed.
"Wow! That's fulfilling," Olivia replied with awe.
"Thanks Olivia, it really is. My wife has been my backbone and inspiration. I've got to run now, hope to see you soon." While Major excused himself two young men joined them. One of them looked over her appreciatively. "Where did you keep this beautiful creature hidden, dear?"
"Yes, you should have introduced us," the other man said. He was quite a sight but not enough to distract her for long.
"Forgive me. Meet my daughter Olivia. Liv, this is Mr. Johnson, an English movie star and Clive Tom, his best friend," her mother introduced.
“Wonderful meeting you guys__” her cellphone rang at that moment and she had to excuse herself.
“Sorry, I have to pick this call, it's very important," she explained to her mother and the young men as she tried to excuse herself, pleading with her eyes that her mother makes no fuss about it. “I'm very sorry, excuse me." She walked down to a corner that was a little isolated, where no one could hear her so she could call back since the line had dropped.
"I need your help," her sister sounded worried over the line.
"What's wrong big sis?" she asked with concern laced in her voice.
"My baby is having a terrible fever and I don't have enough money for his drugs. His father is having issues at work now and can't really help. I'm stranded, my business is not moving as it used to before," she responded with a sniff.
"It's okay big sis, I'll send some money to your account. Don't worry he'll be fine, you just have to cheer up for me, okay?" Olivia replied, trying to comfort her only sister.
"Thanks Liv, love you. Bye," she dropped the call.

Cynthia got married to a man she fell in love with against their mother's wish and that resulted in a big problem between mother and child. Their mother was so furious that she wanted to marry a pauper despite her warning. As a result, she refused to help her sister in anyway and deliberately cut her from her will, but that didn't stop Cynthia from getting married to who she wanted. Though Cynthia's husband wasn't rich, he was a loving and caring husband and father, but their mum refused to see that. Since then Cynthia has been resorting to her junior sister for help anytime she has problems. Olivia loved her sister way too much to refuse her. Oh hell! She loved her family too much and they always came first.

"What could be bothering the boss lady...?"
Olivia tensed, a shiver of awareness quivering down the length of her spine at the sound of that deep voice behind...Continue


#Enjoy cheesy


Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 10:00am On Nov 05, 2017
New chapter every Sunday smiley
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by AryEmber(f): 11:25am On Nov 05, 2017
Finally something from you! (if it's yours ) seems promising, nice work.

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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 7:32pm On Nov 05, 2017
Thanks smiley. It's not from me though, it's by the writer specified.
Finally something from you! (if it's yours ) seems promising, nice work.
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 10:03pm On Nov 05, 2017
This story is exclusive to Tushstories
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 5:25pm On Nov 06, 2017
We will be updating you with other stories, poems series links on this thread
TWISTED will continue every Sundays but on other days, you will enjoy other stories, poems, series, etc! cheesy
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by EdmundAlma: 6:11pm On Nov 06, 2017
Nice story

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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 8:07pm On Nov 06, 2017
Thanks smiley
Nice story
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 10:20am On Nov 07, 2017
Today we updated the 13th episode for #SecretBetrayal By Uduakobong Clement cheesy cheesy cheesy
You can enjoy this from the beginning on Tushstories via


#Enjoy! smiley
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 9:42pm On Nov 07, 2017
Please if you do enjoy our stories do tell us so we will be happy to share more cheesy smiley
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 6:44pm On Nov 08, 2017
#Enjoy FIERCE By Paula Oko on Tushstories via


#Click! cheesy cheesy cheesy
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 1:51pm On Nov 09, 2017
I took a sneak peek of TWISTED Chapter 2. Hmmmm, I'm not saying anything sha... Wait on it! smiley
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 8:37pm On Nov 09, 2017
We published FOG Chuks Obinna today on Tushstories via


Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by paulaspearz(f): 5:34pm On Nov 10, 2017
I like the cover

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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 3:41pm On Nov 11, 2017
Thanks Paula smiley You will like the story too when you see Chapter two grin grin
I like the cover
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 9:38pm On Nov 11, 2017
Chapter two tomorrow! cheesy Can't wait!

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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 4:08pm On Nov 12, 2017
Today is Sunday! cheesy
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 4:32pm On Nov 12, 2017

Olivia stared at the glowing numbers on her digital clock: 6:30 a.m. God! She was fucking late! How did that happen? She couldn't believe she slept that long. After Aiden had dropped her at her house, she was unable to sleep after the cold shower she had. Tossing on the bed for hours till she finally dosed off at 3 a.m. exact.

She quickly showered, dressed up and took her morning coffee. She liked it black. No cream, no sugar. It lifted her spirits every morning and gave her bubbling energy. She was running late so she couldn't fix something to eat. Out of the door, and off she went.

"You're late!"
"I know, I'm sorry boss. Got caught up in traffic. I promise it won't repeat itself."
"It had better not. Come, we have work to do," her boss said as he led the way to his office.
Ethan Woods, her boss, owns the company she works for and as his manager, she handled every business matter concerning the company.

In the media business and in life, presentation trumped everything else and Olivia never underestimated the value of putting on a good show. Careful attention to every detail was the reason the company valued her ideas and opinions. Her efforts and dedication had earned her the position as the managing director, and her boss had appointed her as his personal assistant.

The work demanded her best and consumed her time. Though her salary was double and worth the time and effort she put in, it was what she loved doing. She was passionate about her job and it was very fulfilling for her.

After the meeting she had with her boss, she was on her way to her office to complete the task he had given her, when she met her colleague on the way.
"Saw the ratings, huh?" Austin murmured.
"Yeah, sure did." Low ratings irritated their boss.
He always made sure the best came out of his firm. He made sure his company was always on top of the current trend. Sensationalism was key, and if nothing newsworthy happened, it was their job to create something worth watching, and ensure that something had The Woods Media stamped on it.

Their main aim was in helping businesses and professionals build their media presence by offering them different advertisement game plan. From press releases, TV shows production, corporate video production and social media campaigns. Almost everything.

The media crew was in the middle of taping and she had to run things quickly and supervise their work.
"What's the segment?" she asked Austin as they walked on together.
He calmly responded, trying to keep up with her stride. "San Antonio Business Owners. We feature one a week. Local interest stuff. I'll get the scripts for you. Excuse me."

When she got to her office, surprisingly, there was a bunch of red beautiful rose flowers on her desk and a note that read: Fiery red spirit and beautiful, just like a rose. Dinner by 7pm. AIDEN

How did he get into her office? It should be her assistant. He must have warmed his way into her assistant's heart just to get his way into her office. She could sense trouble from far and she sure didn't like it.

She flopped down on her seat as she proceeded to ring her assistant. "I want to see you in my office immediately."
"How did these get into my office?" she asked calmly as she scanned through the files on her desk without looking up.
Stammering through her answer, Bridget Summers tried to explain herself. "He said it was a surprise and that you love surprises. I didn't know it would be upsetting."

She didn't want to take her anger out on her assistant so she asked her to go back to her work. She opened her desk drawer and withdrew an envelope that contained some pictures she took with Aiden. Looking at them, she was lost in thoughts. Why did he have to come back? She had constructed her world perfectly with ease in his absence, now he was back, he wanted to destroy what it took her years to build.

She glanced down at her watch, she had an interview by 3:00pm and it was almost time. She put the envelope back into her drawer and stood up to leave the office. She stopped at the receptionist’s desk to give instructions. "See if you can reschedule the agency meeting for tomorrow.
"Problem?" Austin asked as he came around to give her the scripts.
"No," Olivia answered, “I've got an interview. Drop it on my desk. See you when I return." She winked at him and left.

Olivia contacted her boss as soon as she was done with the interview. He wanted her to meet some of his business associates that had just arrived town, so he asked her to close from work and head to his private suite. Couldn't he just go on with the meeting without involving her? She wasn't ready for any meeting. She had enough in one day. Well, what could she say, it was her job and she had to do it.

As she arrived at his suite, she rang the doorbell and unexpectedly came face to face with Aiden. She blinked rapidly to clear her vision in case it was a dream but it wasn't. No. She had to be dreaming. She bit her lips hard to be sure.
Bleep! That hurt. She licked her lower lip, it tasted blood.
Okay, so a bite could actually hurt in a dream. She would go with that. She forced a smile as she walked past him, she could inhale the heady scent of him. Bold, clean and fresh, yet with a musky undertone.

Aiden clicked the door shut, grinning as he followed her into the room, carefully masking his surprise and delight in seeing her. He did not expect to see her here. She looked absolutely exquisite in her tailored suit, those well-built legs looked perfect in her black heels. "It's wonderful seeing you again, Liv” Aiden drawled as he gave her a devilish smile.

Glaring at him, she gave him a dumb stare as if he was acting like a silly child. "Same here, Aiden. You haven't changed. Still the old you."
"Never knew you guys know each other," her boss said looking at the both of them, slightly taken aback." Smiling, Aiden sat close to her, deliberately brushing his right thigh on hers.
"It's been a long time, Ethan. It's surprising she opted for business."
"Surprising you say. It goes same way for you," Olivia replied, obviously annoyed.
"We should begin the meeting now," her boss said, sensing the tension cracking between them.

There was a round of introduction before the meeting started. Olivia could feel Aiden's gaze on her, he made her feel self-conscious, she could barely concentrate. She was having a hard time faking focus and total control. Not even in her dreams did she expect Aiden to be one of her boss’ associates. Fate was being cruel to her.

"Aiden, I'd like you to keep in touch with Olivia daily, she'll be around anytime you need her to help you with any information and anytime you want to pass information to me.” Oh no! Did her boss just say that? Did he realize that he just handed her on a silver platter to the devil himself? Her day couldn't get any worse than this.

She seemed quite uncomfortable but it vanished immediately as it came, it left him wondering if he actually saw or imagined it. Aiden was as surprised as she was and glad as well at what her boss said. He couldn't get his eyes off her throughout the meeting and had simply lost the thread of conversation. Unadulterated need coiled in his loins, one he couldn't ignore. As she walked past him to get a document for her boss, her energy swept past him and prickled his skin, unnerving him for a moment.

"Can I have a word with you?” One brow quirked up as he asked. She refused to find it charming.
"Definitely Aiden," she replied icily.

He wanted her away from the suite and so much badly wished he had her in his arms right now. Smiling broadly, he excused himself as he made a move to the door and she followed him, understanding that they needed to speak discreetly.

"Why are you here?" She asked as she closed the door behind them.
"For business," he shrugged as he pulled her a little, away from the door to ensure nobody overhead them.
"Did you get my flowers?" He rasped as he touched her cheeks. His scent wrapped around her and she inhaled deeply, unable to stop herself. "Why are you doing this, Aiden?"
"I want to kiss you," he said huskily, ignoring her question, his lips just centimeters away from hers. "Are you going to let me?"
"No..." Olivia was aware her protest sounded half-hearted and she found herself unable to look away from those mesmerizing dark eyes.
"Say yes, Liv." He moved slightly, his lips a hot and brief caress against... #Continue


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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 10:13pm On Nov 12, 2017
smiley Enjoy the new update cheesy
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 3:57pm On Nov 13, 2017
I know we are all enjoying TWISTED but I got another story for y'all. It's complete grin

#Enjoy on Tushstories via


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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 9:11pm On Nov 13, 2017
Secret Betrayal continues tomorrow cheesy
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 9:00am On Nov 14, 2017
Secret Betrayal (Episode 14) By Uduakobong Clement, #Enjoy grin


Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 8:30pm On Nov 14, 2017
If you are enjoying this story, read other interesting stories on Tushstories via


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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 4:48pm On Nov 15, 2017
#Enjoy FIERCE on Tushstories via


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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 8:02pm On Nov 18, 2017
Chapter three coming through tomorrow! cheesy
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 10:06am On Nov 19, 2017

Olivia had learned over the years the fine art of delicate lie as she worked in the media business, but she guessed it was going to fail her today so she opted out for the truth. "He's an old friend of mine. We used to be very close before he left, and I didn't kiss him, I only pecked him on the cheek."

She seemed convincing enough so he let the matter die. But he was irritated all right. He had a long day and just wanted to ease himself, so he took out a packet of cigarette and put a stick into his mouth.
"When did you start smoking, Richard?" Olivia asked, surprised at what she saw.
He left her without saying a word. This wasn't happening. No. Each day her problems seemed to compound. With Aiden back, now her fiancé smokes. This was too much. Tomorrow was gonna be hectic and she needed a lot of rest, but she couldn't sleep with him on the same bed. He obviously had too much drink.

As she went to her room, she watched him as he staggered from the bathroom, to the bed and slumped on it without taking off his clothes. She took off her clothes, showered quickly and wore her nightie. Sparing him a glance, she shook her head and picked up her pillow and blanket, off to sleep on the couch. Bad night.

Waiting wasn't high on the list of things she enjoyed, Olivia admitted as she was forced to wait for the agency director. And waiting nearly an hour before coming face to face with none other than the big bad guy himself didn't help. Not that she hadn't met him before. She had. Just never quite like this. Face to face. And definitely not in his office alone. He was notoriously known for eating women alive.

The room suddenly seemed way too small; the air around her too thick and heavy with male dominant power. "Miss Bittner," he greeted her cordially as she rose from her seat and he stepped in front of her. "I believe you came with all the documents?"
Olivia's jaw tightened as she came to her feet. "Definitely Sir."

The meeting was brief. Back in her office, she sat behind the desk and flipped open the Washington Post Newspapers that was on her desk. The headline atop the far left of the column read, Trump pressures Justice Department to investigate 'Crooked Hillary,' While the headline over the far right column read, Newsroom Rankled By ‘Offensive’ Election Night Party Stunt. She saw a large photograph of people plucking napkins from a waitress body at the Washington Post Election Party. Looking at it intently, she laughed. It looked quite funny.

Her phone rang, without looking at the Caller's ID, she picked.
"Hello, Olivia Bittner."
"Aiden here. How are you doing?"
"Don't you ever give up?" she asked ignoring his question.
“Have lunch with me and you’ll find out why I don't.”
"Go to hell, Aiden."
He laughed at her and pulled out the big guns. “Unless you’re afraid.”
She didn’t retort, didn’t immediately negate the statement. Instead, she smiled and said, "It's lunch then."

Gosh. That was so smooth. He didn't believe she'd actually agreed to it. He was really enjoying this. Now he had to quickly clear his schedule and tell his business partners to go on with the meeting without him. Then he'd head to her office to pick her up. Smiling as he left his office, he gave his assistant instructions and headed out.

“I thought you are supposed to be busy today," Olivia said as she looked at him, he was looking absolutely exquisite. The angels must have dressed him because his attire was the closest thing to perfection Olivia had ever seen. His immaculate dark suit accentuated his tall, lean frame and his shirt was so white it was gleaming, but what drew her eyes was that his tie matched perfectly with his eyes. Black as midnight. No, not perfectly. Nothing could match his eyes, they made even the night seem dated.

“I am. Busy,” he clarified, his gaze avidly raking over her, as if he’d stumbled on a beautiful angel and couldn’t quite believe his luck. “I left my business partners in a conference room, who are, this very minute hashing out an important deal without me.”

His eyes caught hers and she fell into a long, sizzling miasma of delicious tension and awareness. "You shouldn't have bothered."
“I wanted to see you,” he said simply.
Her heart thumped once and settled back into a new rhythm. She wanted to see him too but couldn't admit that.

“Oh. Well, here I am. Now what?”
He extended his hand in invitation. “I haven’t been able to think about anything other than sitting on the park bench with you and watching the world go by. Come with me."

They strolled down the block and bought some snacks before heading down to the urban park across the street. Aiden indicated an unoccupied bench in the central area of the park, dappled by sunlight and perfectly situated to view the Woodlawn Lake which shimmered iridescent blue and green beneath the cloudless sky, its calming waters lapping gently at the bank beneath the blue sky.

People streamed to and fro, talking to each other, checking their phones and enjoying the scenery. Olivia opted to sit close, but not too close, to Aiden. They watched as people buzzed around. They saw a young couple engaged in a passionate kiss against the brick wall of the pavilion close to the gym center.

Looking at him, it was obvious he was thinking about kissing her, and she was pretty sure she wouldn’t utter one single peep in protest. His expression didn’t change but something unsettled flowed through the depths of his eyes, as if he was unsure of something.

Clearing his throat, he shifted and their knees nested together suggestively. Slowly, he reached out and traced the line of her jaw, tucking an errant lock of hair behind her ear, watching her the entire time. "Maybe we could dance at Bertha Almaguer Dance Studio tomorrow evening?"

His fingers slid through her hair, threading it until he’d reached the back of her neck. She was supposed to relax when he touched her like that? He made her nervous and weak.

Aiden stared hard and long at the grim set of her mouth and the sad look in her eyes. "Don't think about him, Liv."
A thousand nonverbal sentiments pinged between them, immobilizing her. She wasn’t right for him. He wasn’t right for her. She had someone else now, though he was behaving weird since his return.

She was scared. He got that. It squeezed his chest, and what was he supposed to do with that? After all, he was the one who left her. Trust didn't come that easy. She still loves him though, that he was sure of. And he was determined to prove to her that they could be together forever.

After a few minutes, they their ate snacks in silence. An elderly couple passed by and the sight was lovely, as they held hands together. Looking at them, Olivia was lost, wishing she could have the same love.
He tipped her chin up and drew her lips close, a hairbreadth from his, letting her get used to the idea before committing.
Her whole body stilled.
He wanted her on fire for him. He was going to tease her till she begged him. "Scared?” he murmured against her lips. “Wanna go back to work?" He was challenging her and she was going to prove to him that she could play too.
"How about we have that dance tomorrow and see if you've still got those charms," she chuckled as she winked at him and stood up. "Come on, we have to go back now," she added as she pulled him up.

They held hands as they strolled back to Olivia's office and she reveled in every moment of it. Aiden didn’t pause by his car, clearly intending to walk her all the way back inside.

Olivia opened the door to Woods Media and uttered a curse word. He followed her gaze to see her mother standing at the receptionist desk, who turned in time at the sound of the door. She dropped his hand without a comment. The heady feeling drained when she recognized her fiancée standing next to her mother. Okay, this didn't look good at all.

Richard glared at Aiden, fairly vibrating with animosity. "He an old friend, huh?"
"We will talk about this better in the office," Olivia said not wanting him to cause a scene in front of her fellow colleagues.
"Hello, I'm Aiden Smith. I believe you know that your dad and I are business partners. Olivia happens to be an old friend of mine and I'm glad we got to meet again after a very long time. Well, I'll be on my way. I hope we will get to talk some other time." Giving her a knowing look, Aiden smiled as he left.

"Mum what are you doing here?"
"I came to see you, then I saw Richard here. He was waiting for you too since the receptionist told us that you were out for lunch. Come, I need to discuss some things with you," her mother dragged her along, leaving Richard behind.
"It will just take a minute Richard," her mother said as she saw the expression on his face.

"What do you think you're doing, Liv"?
Heading to her seat, she ignored her mother's question, pretending to be interested in a file she had opened. Moving close to her, her mother swiveled her chair around to face her. "I hope you know what you are doing because I don't understand you anymore. You have a fiance, Liv, so stay away from Aiden."
"Advice appreciated mum. This discussion is over." She stood up and left the office leaving her mother to wonder what had gotten into her.

Richard was discussing with his father when she went to meet him. "I'm giving you a week off, Olivia. You need to spend more time with your husband to be," her boss announced to her as he smiled and left her to face his son.

Her phone rang.
Snatching it out from her hands, he looked at the caller's ID and smiled as he realized it was Aiden. "He's just an old friend or a lover?"
She didn't reply immediately.
"I'm talking to you dammit! Or are you too guilty to respond?"
The phone rang again and he picked it up. "Stop chasing Olivia, we are getting married soon and you are not welcomed in our lives. Go find yours, scumbag."

The word stuck in Aiden’s craw and... #Continue smiley




Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 5:43pm On Nov 20, 2017
Enjoy two interesting stories on Tushstories smiley


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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 8:51am On Nov 21, 2017



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