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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 3:53pm On Nov 21, 2017
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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 2:53pm On Nov 22, 2017
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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by nimat158(f): 6:01pm On Nov 22, 2017
I cnt get d remaining of chapter one nd two
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 12:27pm On Nov 24, 2017
So sorry nimat158, there was a little glitch, it's fixed now smiley You can finish both chapters now
I cnt get d remaining of chapter one nd two

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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 11:01pm On Nov 25, 2017
Hello people! Chapter 4 of TWISTED is coming tomorrow! Are we ready? cheesy
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 3:45pm On Nov 26, 2017

Olivia followed Aiden up the porch steps of his apartment and waited while he fitted his key in the lock.
"You'll be safe here," he said as he opened the door, flipped the lights on and gestured for her to follow him inside.
Olivia saw a short-haired Burmese cat race down the stairway to the right, then stopped abruptly at the sight of a stranger, big gold eyes peering at her through the balusters. Aiden went to the stairway and reached a long arm out to scratch the cat between the ears.
"This is Emily Smith," he said with a light laugh.
Olivia moved forward to touch it, but the cat meowed and darted upstairs.
"I never knew you're a cat lover," she said as she turned to look at him.
"Now you know I am." He smiled as he led the way up and beckoned on her to follow.
Olivia noticed the black and white wallpapers and woodwork as she followed him. The entire house was painted black and white. They proceeded to a corridor softly lit by a night-light in a bathroom close to a room Aiden showed and told her that it was his room.
He continued to the end of the hallway where he pushed open a door and reached inside to flip on a light. He ushered her inside. The room was neat, the walls were white, the curtains black and the bed was neatly arranged, the sheets as white as snow.
"I'll leave you to shower and change into something more comfortable. The wardrobe is full of clothes and night wears. Make your pick when you're done, then meet me down. I'll set the table and fix what to eat."
Without another word, he disappeared from the room. Olivia looked around, experiencing a strange feeling of completeness, peace and comfort. She felt as though she belonged here. Taking her mind off the feeling, she pulled her clothes off and went to the wardrobe to choose from the lot, which would be more comfortable.
She wondered why Aiden had female wears. Maybe they were for his mistresses. No. Aiden wasn't that type of person. Or has he changed? Shaking off the feeling, she got into the bathroom and quickly showered.
She came out wrapped in a fluffy white towel and was surprised to see Aiden standing at the door with a first aid kit box in his hands.
"Sit down, let me clean the cut." She quietly sat on the bed and allowed him.
Her heartbeat skipped erratically as his hands touched her skin. She was wearing nothing beneath the towel she tied around her, and she had this tempting urge to let it slip. How would he react? The feeling gave her delicious goose bumps.
Aiden gently tapped her on her laps to let her know that he was done. She hadn't notice that he had finished. She was lost in wild thoughts and luxuriating in the feel of his hands. Clearing his throat, he stood up and picked up the box.
"There you go. That's better now. Wear something, I'll be waiting at the table."
He had to drag himself out of the room or he would have kissed her senseless. His control was slowly slipping and he had to get a grip.
Dinner was grilled cheese, chicken and duck liver paté, chips and guacamole with white wine Sycamore lane. Once the two of them were seated opposite each other at the small candlelit table in the dining room, Olivia attacked her food, she ate with such passionate relish that he found himself enjoying watching her, devouring her with his eyes rather than eating his own food. When she noticed he wasn't eating, she was confused.
"Is there anything wrong?"
Smiling at her, Aiden stretched his hands across the small table, slowly lifting Olivia’s hand to his lips, his gaze still holding hers as those lips grazed the back of her knuckles, biting gently, tongue tasting.
"I love watching you, Liv, so go on and eat."
Olivia suppressed a smile, retrieved her hands and went back to her food, and they ate in silence. After dinner, Aiden cleared the dishes, refusing her help.
"You need rest, Liv. Go to bed. We will talk tomorrow morning. Good night."
How was she supposed to have a good night when he wasn't with her, sharing her bed? But she nodded and went to bed. Sleep eluded her, she tossed about, dreaming about Aiden...
Olivia awoke to hear noises downstairs, she didn't sleep well last night, all thanks to Richard, if he didn't raise his hands on her, she wouldn't be in Aiden's house. Without putting on a robe, she quickly went down to see what was going on, only to stand and stare, her mouth falling open, brown eyes wide and unblinking, as she took in Aiden's rakishly disheveled and practically nude appearance.
Aiden had obviously just taken a shower. His black hair was still damp and tousled, a towel was draped about his shoulders, and he wore only a pair of faded blue denims sitting low down on the leanness of his hips, leaving that glistening bronzed chest and shoulders the same ones she had fantasized about all through the night, openly on view. Revealing he was more deliciously muscled than the last few years they were together. His nipples were the size and colour of two dark copper pennies amongst the dusting of dark hair that dipped and then disappeared beneath the waistband of his denims.
He definitely looked good enough to eat!

“Liv?” Aiden eyed her questioningly as she made no response.
"Um... Good morning." she stammered, licking her lips.
As if seeing her for the first time, he drank in sight of her. He didn't pay attention to what she wore last night because he was furious that he wasn't there to protect her when she needed him. But now he did, the material of the gown was so sheer it was possible for Aiden to see that she wore no bra beneath it. Her breasts were a pert shadow, her nipples plumped as berries, hard and aroused berries. He could push her over the edge, take her here if he wanted to but he didn't. He wanted to take things slowly.
He dragged his gaze slowly, reluctantly away from those tempting plump, nipple-crested breasts to look up into Olivia’s face, instantly noting the flush to her cheeks and the almost fevered glitter to her eyes as she shifted uncomfortably.
"Ain't you going to work today?" she managed to squeak, her voice absolutely sounding nothing like hers.
"I decided to take the day off."
He laughed hard as he turned to pack the books that had fallen down. "I think it's obvious, Liv."
"Okay." Turning her back to him, she bounded up the stairs, wanting to get away from him quickly. "I have to freshen up and leave."
She paused and turned. He scowled at the idea of letting her return to her apartment. <em>Who knows what Richard would do next?</em> He couldn't allow her endanger herself so he tried to get her to stay.
"How about the dance you promised?"
She stared at him blankly, not knowing how to respond. "The dance?"
"You dared to show me that you ain't afraid of me and my charms, so you promised a dance with me."
* * *
Richard was pacing around, muttering to himself. If she didn't spend a night at her sister's house and wasn't at her mum's either, then she went to see Aiden. And she dared to put her phone off. How could she? That animal! He was touching the tiger's tail and he will get what he's asking for.
He called his dad to inform him of what was going on and lied that he came back from a visit to a friend to meet no one in the apartment, and blamed Aiden for it. His father was furious. That was the perfect opportunity to ask his dad to cancel any business transaction he had with Aiden.
"I need you to cancel whatever business that you have with Aiden, he's a rival, dad."
"I can't do that, son."
"Come on, dad. This won't bring down the company."
"Aiden is good for our company and I can't afford to lose him. Maybe I should fire Olivia, it will make her forget him and beg you to take her back."
Shaking his head, Richard barked into the phone, losing his temper.
"Are you forgetting that Aiden is also rich and powerful? He could give her anything she desires just to get her."
"Calm down son. You know how much she loves and values her job and how much she has sacrificed to making it what it is today. It's a part of her life and she would not do anything to jeopardize her position as the manager."
"Oh dad, you're a genius! It's a perfect idea. I know I can always count on you. Thanks so much, dad. Talk later." Richard was beaming as he ended the call.
Olivia will be his, and when she comes begging, he will make sure she will agree to his marriage proposal. No further delaying.
"When we get married, you will have no claim to her, Aiden. She's mine. Hahahahaha. Pure bliss."
* * *
"You can't go back on your promise," Aiden said as he watched Olivia set to leave.
"Okay, fine. Tonight. But I have to go see my sister first. I know Richard must have told everyone that I left."
Sighing in relief, he smiled. "It's okay. But won't you at least stay for breakfast?"
Olivia smiled and shook her head. "Don't worry, I'll eat at my sister's house."
It was not going to work persuading her to stay so he just let it be. "Just promise me that you'll be fine and you make sure you're back on time."
"I cross my heart, baby," she smiled.
She just called him baby. Woah! That was enough to lift up his spirits for the day. He was gaining more confidence day by day. Soon she will be his. He was sure of that.

Her sister and family lived on a rural route out toward Kerrville. Her sister's house always smelled like something just out of the oven. This morning it was teacakes, golden and sugar-dusted, they were on the kitchen table next to a chocolate layer cake and two fruit pies and some pancakes.
Silvia welcomed Olivia warmly. When she got to her sister's kitchen, she was offered a cup of coffee and asked to make a pick of what she wanted to eat. Olivia murmured her thanks and asked about her sister's husband and child.
Smiling broadly, Silvia turned her back to clear the dishes in the sink. "Martin took our son to school. He should probably be at work now."
"Okay. I'm glad he makes you happy." Olivia folded her arms, wishing she could have the same love her sister has.
"Aiden will make you happy," her sister said with a determined look. "Meanwhile, Richard called to tell me that you left the house yesterday night and haven't returned since then."
"I know. We got into an argument."
Noticing her cut for the first time, Silvia was furious and demanded to know what happened.
"He slapped me." A frown formed between Olivia's brows as she stared at her steaming mug of coffee. "I ran out because I was scared he would do more than that."
"You can't go back to that house, Liv. You know you are welcome to my house anytime. You can stay here as long as you want. You don't have to worry about mum either because she won't come here."
"I can't stay away from my house because of that. I have to go to work and my clothes are in my apartment. Thank you for the offer but I have to deal with this myself. I'll be fine."
That didn't quite look like it because she suddenly paled and looked sick. With a look of panic, her sister quickly rushed to her side, carried her to the guest room and proceeded to call Aiden.
"You need to rush down here. It's Olivia, she looks sick. Please hurry."

Aiden quickly got into his car and drove down to Silvia's house, cursing himself all along. If anything happens to Olivia, he'll kill himself. He blamed himself for not always being there to protect her. He always failed her. That's why she's with another man now.
"What happened?"
"We were discussing, then she suddenly looked as if she was going to faint. I've called the doctor and he is on his way."
"Everything will be alright," Aiden said calmly.

"How is she doing, doctor?" they both asked as he came out of the room.
"Her blood pressure is high. It seems she has been thinking a lot lately and stressed out. She needs rest. You don't have to worry, she will be fine in no time." The doctor patted Aiden's back and asked him to take good care of her.

Olivia was up by 5:00pm. The doctor had given her some anesthetic to relax her. Her colour had returned and she looked a lot better. She was surprised to see Aiden sitting at the chair beside her door.
"How did you know?"
"Silvia called me," he replied calmly.
"Oh. I should have known."
"I don't have a dress."
"A dress for what?" Aiden asked, a bit confused.
Smirking at him. "The dance, clodpole!"
"Oh! The dance." He shook his head and smiled.
"Yeah. The dance." She smiled back.
"I'll take care of that."
They continued smiling at each other. Gradually the smiles relaxed, but the stare endured, looking into each other's eye with mounting intensity. Aiden slowly raised his hands and caressed her face with the pads of his fingers, moving them to her lips as they parted. As her tongue flicked out to lick her suddenly dried lips, it licked over the tip of his thumb. The explosive contact sent sizzling sensations rushing through them, overtaking their senses. The world paused for ten destructive seconds, pushing their limits. She ached to have his lips on hers, their breathing hitching painfully and so much more.

He cupped her face closer, slowly his head lowered and his lips touched hers. White-hot need raced across her skin. The desire burning deep down to her soul as he licked her lower lips, slanting his lips over hers, and settling them more firmly against hers, coaxing them open, owning them.
Immediately her lips parted, his tongue delved in, touching hers, eliciting a moan from her. He flicked his lips on hers, teasing them, heating. Olivia gasped in pleasure. His kiss was incredibly hot. So hungry, she could only give into it as the pleasure tore through her. She wanted more. She ached for it. She had to get closer. Twining her arms around his neck, bringing him closer, she arched to...continue on Tushstories via


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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 4:34pm On Nov 28, 2017
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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 9:31am On Dec 03, 2017
Twisted (chapter 5) is on! smiley and its really exciting! Will be sharing the link asap!
Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 7:59pm On Dec 03, 2017
Aiden grinned at her while pretending to ponder it. "Gee! That’s a tough one. Don't tell me that you're jealous?"
She gave him an exasperated look. "That's not an answer."
Laughing, Aiden went to her and wrapped his hands around her. "If you could see past the jealousy fog, you would know that all those clothes are new and have not been worn before. They are your perfect size."
"And why is that?"
"I intend to have you as my wife, Liv."

Fearing that it would be something much more serious like having a mistress, upon his explanation, she felt a deep sense of relief.
Pretending that she wasn't bothered the least, she pulled away and headed towards the door. "Jealousy ain't my thing, Aiden. Besides, I'd be happy to have you off my back you know."
He chuckled as he moved past her. "I'm afraid it's not going to be that easy to get me off. I plan on staying forever. I'll advise you start getting used to it, baby."
He laughed harder as she glared at him and stormed away. He was getting to her little by little.
They said goodbyes to Silvia and her husband and got into his car, waving at the couple as he drove off.


The window by the sink overlooked the driveway, and as Melissa glanced outside, she realized that the car parked outside was Richard's car as he came out, looking haggard. She hoped all was okay and that nothing was wrong with her best friend.
Cleaning her hands with a table cloth, she untied her apron and went out to receive him.
"Hello Richard."
"Hi Mel."
"What brings you here? Is there any problem?"
"Not exactly."
It was an evasive response from a man who rarely visited her. She and Richard hadn't liked each other from day one and only communicated because of Olivia.
"Then what brings you here...exactly?"
"You ask that as if you're not pleased to see me. Do we have a problem?"
"Not exactly."
She used the same words in order to provoke him. They always threw sarcastic words at each other and enjoyed making each other feel uncomfortable, it became a habit.
"I'm not ready to do this now. I haven't seen your best friend since yesterday and I need you to talk to her for me. You know she listens to you."
"And what makes you think I would do that for you?"
"Please, just help me this once."
"Okay. I'll try but you shouldn't get your hopes high yet. So what do you want me to talk to her about?"
"I'm actually the one at fault," he admitted. "Can we discuss it over a drink?"
"Sure. Let me quickly change into something better."
Melissa agreed to going out to discuss with him whatever the problem was because she wanted him off her back quickly. If she didn't agree, he would disturb her for days. So she found herself hurrying to meet up with him. "So where are we headed?"
"The Thirsty Horse Saloon."
Laughing at the weird choice, she said, "You look like a thirsty horse though."
He glared at her. "Do me a favour, Mel."
"Shut the hell up till we get there. Thank you."
Melissa deliberately cleared her throat noisily. "Excuse me? I am not your girlfriend, so you can't order me around. Besides you're asking for my help, so you better behave or I'll go back home."
When he nodded, she clapped her hands, "Na na that's not all, I'll convince her to leave you, if you don't behave."
"It's okay, Mel. I'll behave. Now can you just shut up till we are there? You're getting on my nerves and it's affecting my driving."
"Arrogant bastard."
He glared at her again and she chuckled softly, backed down and left him in peace.


"This place looks beautiful. I've never had time to come here." Olivia was admiring the place when an attendant came over and showed them to a table at a cozy corner.
"I'm glad you like it." Aiden smiled as they sat opposite sides of a square table covered with a pink and white checked oilcloth. They ordered for steaks, iced tea and lemon juice.
Trying to sound casual, Olivia asked, "Have you ever brought a lady here for a date?"
Aiden stared long and hard before saying, "I want to date only one woman. Maybe you could talk to her for me."
"And who is she?"
"Search within yourself."
That was the only answer she was going to get. She let that subject drop because it was getting personal. Diverting it to something more comfortable, she asked him about his aunt.
“She died a year after my arrival in a plane crash."
"I'm sorry about that, Aiden. I didn't know."
"It's okay. We all have to die at a certain point in our lives."
"How did you cope?"
He drew a sigh. "I worked summers and weekends at the firm she worked for. They took me in because of the important role she had played in taking it to the heights it has attained now. And then I interned in management while getting my MBA from the ESMT European School of Management and Technology in Berlin. You could say I rose to the peak because of her.”
"I believe you soared because of your hard work."
He smiled as he traced his knife on the steaks. "You don't have to be sweet with me, Liv."
"Okay. Tell me more."
"I could bore you for hours."
"I'm not bored."
"Well, you will soon be. My whole three years in Germany has revolved around work. Striving to get there, so I could come back and get you."
"I remember one Christmas," he said after a moment of reflection. "I was walking down the street when I saw two teens hugging each other tightly. The guy told her he was going to come back for her and I remembered us." Looking at her, he smiled ruefully. "I hope she can wait for him and he will be back for her."
Olivia saw the pain in his eyes, the emptiness there. She wanted to wrap her arms around him, kiss his pains and worries away and tell him that everything was going to be alright but that wouldn't be true. Everything was not going to be alright. Everything was twisted.


Richard slowed down his speed and took out a gum from his pocket. He wanted to put his mind on something other than Aiden and Olivia. Melissa turned around to know what had caused the slowdown and shook her head as he chewed the gum.
"Please tell me that's not a gum in your mouth."
He smiled as he answered her, "That's not a gum in my mouth."
"Richard!" she chided.
"Come on, Mel. Give a guy a break." He chuckled as she glared at him.
"Men who chew gums are womanizers and their trousers are never zipped."
"Seriously Mel, your theory baffles me. You seriously need a man."
It was a familiar chant for Richard just to annoy her and she usually responded in a tone that annoyed him. "Just say the word, darling."
But Richard shook his head this time and ignored her, aggravating her further. "We are close, Mel."
It would be better if he was on her good side so he preferred the diversion even though he would love to eat her alive. He never got tired of throwing back words at her. She was just too arrogant for his liking. A woman was not supposed to be that way. To him.


Aiden's gaze was fixed on Olivia's mouth when she asked him to pass his iced tea, when he did, she took a sip. "Delicious." She moaned, closing her eyes and licking her lips.
"If you think the tea is delicious, then you need to have a taste of your own self. It's beyond anything imaginable."
"Thanks, Aiden. I'm flattered but I don't believe you."
He lifted his eyes to meet hers. “I don't mince words. You would love to know the truth? I'll show you later."
"Thanks, but there's no need for that."
"Are you going back to your apartment?"
The sudden change took her aback, but she quickly recovered. "I can't run away from my house no matter what."
"I'm aware of that, Liv. Are you scared of facing him?"
"I sincerely don't know if I want to face him. I was shocked and angry."
"Then move in with me until everything is cleared."
"I can't believe you'd have the nerve to suggest that. It ain't gonna happen, Aiden."
"Why not?"
"Because I don't want it to."
Olivia flashed hot, then cold and spat at him through clenched teeth. "Don't insult me, Aiden. You really value that appendage in your pants, don't you?
We poor, frail females tremble at the thought of being deprived of it. Is that what you think?" She laughed scoffingly.
"It's not how you see it, Liv. I don't mean it that way."
Ignoring him, she stood up and moved around to his seat. "I want to have a dance with you."
"Oh. Really?" Aiden was dumbfounded. He thought he wouldn't get that dance because their discussion suddenly went sore.
"Yeah. Really."
"I want to beat you at your own game,” she whispered and dragged him to the dance floor. More Than Words by Extreme played from the jukebox and they moved to the song.
Olivia's knees had turned to the consistency of jelly at the heat she saw in his eyes. This was meant to unnerve him so she could get the upper hand but she could not ignore the jolt of electricity zinging along her spine at contact with the warmth of his hands at her back. He drew her closer, and any imaginary gap in between them vanished.
They slowed to a stop as the song ended, drowning in each other's gaze. Then Aiden abruptly pulled her away from the dance floor to a corner close to a restroom. Without pausing, he hungrily devoured her, tongue slick against hers, claiming it masterfully. He could not endure one moment without this. He was on fire. His hands guided her head to angle against her more deeply, and fire shot through his groin, nearly triggering a loud groan from him. His control was slipping away. He wanted her so badly he couldn't afford to stop. Olivia eased him backward, hands gliding along his chest like poetry, fingers working beneath the hem to feel him up, and he couldn’t stand it.
“Liv,” he growled as she nipped at his ear. At the same moment, her fingernails scraped down his abs. White-hot lust zigzagged through him. He firmed his mouth on hers and tried to slow down the pace. Way down. He needed to be in control. They were in a bar not a room and they had to be conscious of their environment. Cupping her face to his, he tasted her as he would fine wine and she softened under his kiss.
Emboldened now that she was giving in to the fire burning brighter in them, the heat and hunger, he palmed the small of her back and hefted her torso against his, she moaned as she... Continue on Tushstories via



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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 3:01pm On Dec 05, 2017
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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 3:54pm On Dec 06, 2017

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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 8:42am On Dec 07, 2017
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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 3:42pm On Dec 07, 2017
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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 7:21am On Dec 09, 2017
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Re: TWISTED By Faithlyn Williams by itsandi(m): 4:25pm On Dec 10, 2017
Olivia continued to drift through unreal clouds. At first, she was caught up in its pure beauty and radiance, then she saw a man smiling at her with a tempting voice, she vaguely recognized him from somewhere though she couldn't quite place it.
"Come with me, love," he coaxed, taking her hands.
Then it struck her. It was Aiden. He took her to a cozy bed like mass of clouds, and pulled her closer to him. She knew she should resist, but when his heat enveloped her, she was desperately craving.
"More," she whispered, heedless of its consequences.
"My beautiful Liv." He reached over and tenderly brushed a tendril of hair from her brow. His light, feathery touch was soft and perfect.
She couldn't see his face clearly for the brilliant beams of glowing light made it impossible for her to gaze at him for long.
He patted and caressed her back and she fell into a peaceful sleep.
She awoke more fully but still slightly dazed and found herself in a room lit by a window through which a soothing bright light filtered in. Beneath her was a soft mattress, and covering her was a cozy fur blanket, her surroundings were somehow familiar. Then she bolted up. Shit! What time was it? She checked the clock hanging on the wall. Damn! It was 10:15 a.m. How could her sister let her lay on the bed for that long? She threw the covers off her body, stood up and quickly went to bathroom to brush and shower.

"Knock. Knock. Awake, are you?" her sister asked as she came into the room while she was rubbing her cream. "Good morning sleepy head."
"Morning Sis. You should have come earlier to wake me up."
"I knew that you must have been tired from yesterday's stress, and I thought it would be wise to allow you rest. It will help you to regain your lost strength; physically and emotionally."
"Thank you, Silvia. I really appreciate you accommodating me. I don't know what I would do without you by my side."
Laughing, Silvia sat down on the bed beside her sister, gently squeezed her hand and smiled at her. "Come on, stop talking nonsense, Liv. You're my family, my blood, my little cute sister and I love you. It's my duty to be there for you whenever you need me. You never let me down, so why should I?"
They hugged each other and laughed when they separated. Tears sliding down their cheeks as they smiled at each other. They have been very supportive of each other since childhood and even when their mother and Silvia had their differences, that wasn't strong enough to break their bond, even when that was what their mother wanted.
"Come on, get dressed and come for breakfast. Don't keep us waiting."
Olivia quickly put on the clothes her sister had kept on the bed for her, and joined them in the sitting room. She heartily exchanged greetings with Martin and turned to play with her nephew while Silvia proceeded to dish out the food for everyone.
They ate quietly and the table was later cleared by Silvia who refused Olivia's help to clean the dishes. Martin waved them goodbyes, carried their son and left for work, leaving them both at home alone.
"Come on, let's watch some action."
Her sister loved wrestling and basketball. She loved it too but it wasn't that addictive for her unlike her sister. But right now she'd love to indulge in anything to keep her mind off the recent things that has been happening.
* * *
"A woman called Mrs. Bittner Wright is downstairs in the reception, asking to see you, Mr. Smith. She doesn’t have an appointment, of course," Jeff, his PA, continued lightly, "but she seems quite determined. I wasn’t quite sure what I should do about her."
Aiden looked up to scowl his displeasure at Jeff as he stood enquiringly on the other side of the glass-topped desk that dominated the spacious office. Aiden wasn’t sure himself what to do about Mrs Bittner. She sure was gonna rake hell.
She was so damned full of herself, so ridiculously proud, that Aiden didn't think it was a wise choice to let her in. Her reaction to her daughter's absence might be to having his head. He guessed he'd just have to face her and go headless.
"How determined is she, Jeff?" He sighed wearily, already far too uncomfortable with having Olivia's mother in his office.
"Very." His PA’s mouth twitched, as if he were holding back a smile. His boss was never rattled. Seeing him this way meant he was just as human as them all.
The wisest thing to do, the safest thing to do for Aiden’s own peace of mind, was to get over with it. Instructing the security to show her out the door would only create a scene he didn't want, so if Mrs. Bittner was determined enough to see him, then Aiden didn’t want her lingering any further.
He pulled back the cuff on his shirt and glanced at the plain gold watch on his wrist. "I don’t leave for my next appointment for thirty minutes, right?"
"Correct, Mr. Smith."
He nodded abruptly. "Have Security show her up or rather do it yourself."
Aiden leaned back in his high-backed black leather chair as Jeff left the office, knowing this was probably a mistake. He already knew that having Mrs. Bittner up here was trouble.

Mrs. Bittner breezed in to his office and fixed on him a deadly stare when she glanced in his direction after giving his office a loathing once-over.
Jeff continued to linger at the door when he noticed the tension in the air, not wanting to miss out.
"Don’t you have some work to do, Jeff?" he prompted harshly as he stood up to welcome her.
"Sorry sir, I'll be on my way." The door click shut but Aiden had a feeling Jeff was gonna eavesdrop.
"What brings you to my office, Mrs. Bittner?"
"Stay away from my daughter, Aiden. She's with someone else now. Why do you want to destroy her life? If you truly love her, you will stay away from her and leave her in peace."
"She will never be happy or be in peace with Richard. He slapped her and that's unacceptable."
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We are very sorry we couldn't bring you Chapter 7 of TWISTED this week, the writer is not well. We are praying for her quick recovery...Amen
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