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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 8:39pm On Jul 15, 2018
Woooo following

Welcome aboard
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 8:41pm On Jul 15, 2018

Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 8:41pm On Jul 15, 2018
Nice story badohemmy... Keep it up..
Thank you
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 8:43pm On Jul 15, 2018
Wow! Wow!! Wow!! @badohemmy this your story make sense like wet pússy grin

Asin ehn, the way you just dey align the matazz just dey make my d!ck raise cheesy

Kudos to you bro' ur brain dey house..

Thanks LordOfSamosa, I take a bow too!
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 8:44pm On Jul 15, 2018
abeg baddoh help us update quick now i gbadun ur matter
My Oga, I will. No vex for the delay.
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 8:45pm On Jul 15, 2018
This has been an interesting read.

Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 8:46pm On Jul 15, 2018
Badoh is making us proud.
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Bluehaven(m): 7:49pm On Jul 16, 2018

Lol. Pls take it as typo error.

Lol. Pls take it as typo error.
Like seriously?!
I'm wondering the possibility of your confusion o.
How can you attest to a typographical error and still maintain your stance with it without editing?!
You better bone that typo error excuse o!!!
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 9:23am On Jul 17, 2018
Chapter 46

Goodbye My Love (II)

Surprise and confusion were written all over Badoh's face. His reaction though didn't surprise Oke, she knew he has been trying to push her away, she instead burst out in laughter. As she laughed his surprise turns into a frown. He hated himself for feeling this way. He could not appropriately estimate what it was he was feeling, but he chose anger to mask it all. "Why would she laugh at him? Damn you." He told himself in his mind.
"Chillax nau... No vex," Oke tried to put an end to the laughter. She pleaded with him to forgive her, explaining that his reaction made her laugh considering he's not been very welcoming since they met. He was however not shaken by her pleadings. He was determined to build a wall in between them to distance himself emotionally.
"You know say e no get time wey you no cute? Morning, afternoon or night, you cute." She said to him touching his jaw and smiling.
"You think I'm playing with you abi?" Badoh said, still forming vex.
"See forming o," Oke said this time serious. She waved her hand in his face and continued in a serious voice, "shey na cos you fine anyhow ba? Gerrout jor, I hate you."
Badoh was surprised by the sudden change in attitude, he studied her serious face by holding her gaze. Then gradually he saw a smile creep out from her lips very slowly. And soon she was smiling contagiously.
"Bros na joke I dey! You sef too serious, baba!" A smiling OkeOghene said.
"This girl you no well o!" Badoh replied. He tried to hold on to his previous resolve but couldn't. He was smiling instead, the smile from her heart shaped face had forced a smile from his heart and lips, and he was powerless to stop it.
"Thank you!" She said.
"For what?" He asked.
"For smiling at last! Although na when you frown naim you fine pass." She teased as he threw a pillow at him.
"I don talk am say you no well before," he said.
"Warri pikin no fit well!" She said, just then Efe burst into the room without knocking. He saw them all smiles, greeted them and excused himself. After he left, silence came between them for a short while. They were both swimming in there respective rivers of thought. But Badoh spoke first.
"Why didn't you tell me you were leaving today?"
She had the chance to inform her she was leaving during their several hours long conversation last night, but she withheld that info from him he thought. However she explained to him that she had no plans to leave until after the exams, but her cousin and her had disagreed over yesternight's smoking. Their living together seems impossible, so it was best for her to leave.
He tried to convince her to stay, he even promised to talk to Christy but she rejected the move. She argued that she was not a student, that she only came to buy predegree form which was done and dusted. "It was time to go," she said. She thanked him for giving her a good memory of the hostel. She collected his phone number and promised to keep in touch. Badoh could not take her number because she had no phone.
He escorted her to his room door and hugged her reluctantly. He waved her bye as he caught Lydia eyeing him. Before he could greet her she had climbed up the next floor where her room was. That was not today's problem he thought. He went back inside to freshen up and dress up. After which he went to Christy's room, he needed to talk to her fast.
Christy greeted him and offered him a sit. The room had a white carpet all over, a standing wooden cloth hanger occupied another end of the room. There was no TV or DVD, the only electronic item in the room was a red rechargeable lantern that looked like a four litre gallon with handle. It had radio, cassette, torchlight, alarm, disco light, florescent light and many other features.
As his eyes darted around the room, he realizes that his generous host was starring at him. He put himself together and explained what brought him there. He spoke to her about Oke apologizing on her behalf. He told her that she was only carried away by last night's event.
When he was done, Christy informed him that it was her job to protect her here considering she was a 16 year old none student. She understood that men think with their joystick and didn't want her cousin to loseguard under her watch.
Badoh knew Oke's past and made Christy understand that he knew. He promised her that there was no way he was going to take advantage of a 16 year old, especially when you factor in her previous experiences which weren't particularly pleasant. Christy was however pleasantly surprised that Oke revealed her past to anybody. She had been very protective of it, in fact it was to ensure that her last rape remain a secret that was why she settled the case outside of court.
Christy used her conversation with Badoh to study him, she saw how innocent and respectful he behaved and liked him. They both agreed that they wanted what was right for Oke and will both ensure she moved on from the traumatic experiences she's had.
By the time Badoh left her room, he went straight to Ken's room. As soon as he entered he spread himself on the bed. Ken was in the kitchen making breakfast while Efe was sitting on the chair with both his elbows relaxing on the reading table.
"Shey na your crib that ajebo sleep?" Ken asked from the kitchen. Badoh ignored the question. He was thinking very deeply. For some time now it had seemed like he had no problems in the world, but now that OkeOghene had gone his problem seemed near, it was in the kitchen holding a knife and slicing onions.
"See as you bone, bad guy! You done tear her ogukoko finish clean mouth abi??" Efe chipped in as he and ken laughed out loud (lol).
Badoh sprang up from the bed with a serious face. He had made up his mind. He was wrong to distract himself from his issues with Ken. He used the party and Oke as a distraction mechanism then, now Ken would have to be used to distract himself from thinking about Oke. He tapped Efe and asked him to go outside. Efe did not understand fully. He felt they agreed to play the long game. He wanted to oppose but Badoh's mood that moment wasn't friendly so he respected himself and stepped out.
Ken was confused, he didn't know why his friend just chased his roommate out of the room. He watched as Badoh locked the door bolting it.
"You must tell me wetin I wan know today, else this building go collapse for our two head." Badoh said to a shocked Ken who held a plate of chopped Onions in one hand, and a small penknife on the other.

Thanks for your patient Famz.


Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 9:23am On Jul 17, 2018

Like seriously?!
I'm wondering the possibility of your confusion o.
How can you attest to a typographical error and still maintain your stance with it without editing?!
You better bone that typo error excuse o!!!
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Damibiz(m): 10:20am On Jul 17, 2018
That approach was very bad,but any way,let see ,hw it goes

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Ann2012(f): 1:13pm On Jul 17, 2018
The update small na, but thank u

Errmm, which day make we dey expect the next update?

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by UncleSnr(m): 12:34am On Jul 18, 2018
A new follower, please don't disappoint.
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by ofomzi(m): 3:03am On Jul 18, 2018
I feel say Ken na big snitch.

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by devilmaycry1(m): 10:22am On Jul 18, 2018
ken in trouble

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by URep: 6:21am On Jul 19, 2018
What next? Who go die?

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by HazardMan(m): 7:09am On Jul 19, 2018
You made frontpage so gear up

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by pearlbest(f): 7:57am On Jul 19, 2018
u made front page dear

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by stevodot22(m): 9:33am On Jul 19, 2018
Thanks for the update. Pls try to make the subsequent update lengthy.

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by PropertyDeals(f): 2:05pm On Jul 19, 2018
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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Patotelli(m): 4:03pm On Jul 19, 2018
Nice update. Abeg Badoh watch out pen-knief dey one hand oo.. Ken go hear am.

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Dapsy07: 9:53pm On Jul 19, 2018
Bros I dey gbadun ur tori, we dey wait ur update ooo

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by phaphyz05(m): 11:11pm On Jul 19, 2018
Interesting piece.

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Uniquejames(m): 9:44pm On Jul 20, 2018
badoh, yes we wanted suspense and the suspense we have gotten already but badoh ehn?! the suspense don too much.

another thing, please learn from sheiksheghetto how to be dropping 'lengthy' updates.

thanks for keeping the vibe alive...

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by URep: 7:20am On Jul 21, 2018
Keep it coming bro.

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by OptimusMaximus: 1:07pm On Jul 21, 2018
Baddohemmy, u have knocked my socks right off man. Kudos and may ur quill never run dry bro. Keep it coming... grin

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by seuncyber(m): 10:34pm On Jul 21, 2018
Nice story

more ink to your pen

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by NzeSteve(m): 5:01pm On Jul 22, 2018
So loving dis story
next update biko

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by devilmaycry1(m): 8:48am On Jul 23, 2018
bro u dey lose fan ohohohoho come update na

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Toecyn: 9:27am On Jul 23, 2018
I started reading this chronicles on the 20th of JUly,2018 and I was captivated by the suspense and flow of the story, So I read the whole story in about a day. I think the author @badhohemmy is doing a great job. Keep it up and keep it coming.

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 9:15am On Jul 24, 2018
Chapter 47


Efe stood outside his room with his ear squeezed into the door in an attempt to hear what is happening in the room, he listen hard but the sound proof door wasn't being friendly. He soon hears something clatter in the room as his mind flies. Something serious was definitely going down here. He hits the door severally but those inside seemed to care less about his knocks. His thump on the door soon turned into banging sounds as he shouted as well.
"Open the door, Ken, Open the door. Badoh, Badoh..." A fearful Efe screamed as his antics attracted both neighbours and friends. Ken's room was flooded with students who where all asking the same question, "Na wetin happen Efex?"
Efe could not tell the full story of what transpired, all he could say was "Ken and Badoh dey inside, they wan fight".
Some tried to open the door but discovered it was locked from inside, many frantically knocked loudly in Hope that the door shall be opened but to no avail. Others tried to get more information from Efe, they wanted to know for instance "what caused the fight between the two besties?" However, Efe was wiser than that. Or how does he explain to them that Ken seemed to have betrayed his friend by probably hobnobbing with the enemy, or that he was a monitoring spirit who fed information on his friend to a yet to be identified person. There was definitely no telling.
"Na quarrel," Efe said dismissively. His focus was on separating the tussle inside. He hushed everyone there as he could not hear any sound from inside, he placed his ear on the door again but heard nothing, this frightened him. Especially when he remembered that Ken had a knife with him. He began to knock hard and loud, those with him saw the fear in his eyes and joined him in knocking and calling the occupants of the room. The noise attracted more lodge mates to the unscripted scene.
Suddenly an idea hit Efe, he ran out of his colleagues and ran downstairs, he went to Baroni's room but he wasn't around, he checked that of the carpenter but it was empty as well. He thought about where he could possibly see the caretaker, Badoh and Ken will likely listen to him more than anyone else. He went outside the building through the back door and saw the carpenter lying on the long bench in Babylonia city, he taps him to consciousness and downloaded same information to him as he gave those gathering in front of his room.
The carpenter did not ask further questions, he followed Efe upstairs to access the situation. He tried to open the door but failed. He tried to see if it was locked with key and shook his head. It would be easier to break if it was key. He told Efe he was going to get his phone so he could call Baroni. Efe stood their powerless. He has never been a strong person but today's situation weakened him. He did not know what to do, he leaned on the wall and gradually slumped down with his back still on the wall.
"Which kind gbege be this?" He thought. He was sweating profusely, he felt responsible for the current impasse. If he had minded his business, today won't have been today, NO, he had to talk because he had big mouth. He caused himself for his part in the malice, now his greatest fear is that only one of his friend will walk out of that room. Who will it be if any? He thought silently.
Many had given up knocking, instead they formed little groups and cliques of 2, 3 or 4s and gossiped away. It was obvious to them that friends were not always loyal, after all, the fish and water are best friends, yet it is water that cooks fish - it's kinda the irony of life.
"Everything will be okay," Christy said to Efe who was startled by the voice. She was squatting beside him. He did not know what to think or say to her. He only attempted to force a smile on briefly.
The Carpenter returned and informed everyone to calm down. He had called the caretaker, he gave him the go ahead to open the door forcefully if they refused to open up. He dropped his black Baco bag on the floor. He held the bottom of the bag and allowed the tools in the bag to pour out freely. He selected some of the tools he would need to burst the door open. Then he knocked the door with the hammer. That was his own way of telling them that it was their last chance to open the door. He knocked severally but it was a no show.
He asked for Badoh's number, Efe was not with his phone, not everybody had a phone and that complicated the issue, besides Badoh hardly gave out his number. Akin's phone was low on battery. In what seemed like a miracle Lydia came down from upstairs and handed them the number. This of course created another round of murmuring and gossip, but it was the least of the stakeholders problem. The transgendered had been worried sick about Badoh. Even though she had decided to cut ties with him, she didn't want him hurt. She's been monitoring the noise from up,
The carpenter dialled Badoh's number repeatedly to no avail. They could hear the phone ringing from inside but nobody was picking up. After trying many unsuccessful times, he pocketed his phone. He motioned on them to give him space as he picked up the necessary tools. He forced one of the tool into the edge of the door, raised up his hammer to hit it, then the door opened. The carpenter was surprised because his hand was still in the hair with the hammer he was about swinging.
Badoh stepped out of the room all smiles. The euphoria surrounding the opening of the door disappeared on sighting him. Efe rushed him checking if he's alright. He scanned through his body with his hands like he was expecting to see scratches, he was happy he was okay. When he was sure Badoh was well, his heart skipped. "If he is okay, what about Ken?" He thought to himself. Knowing that all may not be well with his roommate, Efe burst into the room to check his Roomie.
Meanwhile others only wanted to know what happened. They surrounded Badoh in hope that he'll supply a more detail information, but they were in for a long thing. The truth was finally out. He got what he wanted, truth. How he uses that truth now was the new headache. He walked out of the crowd with more questions than that he had before. His phone rang, he brought it out of his pocket and glanced at the caller ID, as they say, it was - talk of the devil...

Chapter 48

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 9:16am On Jul 24, 2018
A new follower, please don't disappoint.
Welcome boss

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