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Poetry Monday: Showers Of Blessings By Soibi Ransom / Finding Me (a true life story) / CROSS Roads(a True Life Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Nobody: 7:44pm On Dec 25, 2017
Thanks for the mention and update wink

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Ehmjay(m): 10:43pm On Dec 25, 2017
Loving this walai���� keep on the good work Bibi....God bless your mind
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Swaggzkid: 10:01am On Dec 26, 2017
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Hantonia(f): 12:42pm On Dec 26, 2017
Tanks 4 D Mention Merry Xmas
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by skubido(m): 7:00pm On Dec 26, 2017
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 10:35am On Jan 06, 2018
'Who are you and what are you doing here?' a short man with big eye glasses, who appeared to be the leader (pastor) of the people asked him. Setufe remained silent as he neither understood the language, nor know how to respond. The man kept asking different questions, and only what Setufe did was nod his head signifying he didn't understand them. He kept on staring at the people, taking a mental note of their number. He realized if he didn't communicate with them fast, they could tag him a burglar and descend on him. From what he had seen in Ghana, he would be lucky to leave that place with few slaps and punches, as lynching could be the main act, just as most African societies, where jungle justice was the popular act i.e. Kill first, ask questions later.
Setufe thought fast and decided to get their sympathy. He stood up and started crying, blowing his nose at intervals, and wiping his tears with the back of his palms. He was however surprised, when he realised his plan wasn't working. The people were unmoved by his actions and he didn't know what to do. He finally decided to talk, however, as he could not speak in English properly, he decided to introduce himself in French, hoping he would be lucky to have someone who understood French in their midst.

'Je m'appelle Setufe, Je suis Ghanaian'

On hearing that, the church members withdrew a little. Although, little Setufe looked hagard and unkempt, they still didn't believe his story, they thought he was a spy. Few months before then, a female beggar had come into the church for shelter and they had accommodated her. That proved to be a fatal error for them, as she killed their head pastor. The female beggar was a member of the dreaded Boko Haram group. Her plan was to kill the whole congregation, but somehow, only the head pastor died. So since then, the church members had been more careful about strangers.
The senior pastor on studying the look on the faces of other members, took a church bell and charged towards Setufe. The poor boy dodged him and ran out of the church premises, with the church members running after him. After a while, they stopped chasing him and headed back. On getting out of sight, Setufe vowed never to set his feet in such a place again. He had hoped that he would have at least, gotten shelter in the church, instead, he almost lost his life there.
He resumed his roaming about till he got to a place where some tough looking guys were seated and having a discussion. Setufe was scared, but somehow, the leader of the guys took pity on him and decided to help him. He saw a young and helpless boy in Setufe, and decided to make him smile again. That was how a group of cultists accommodated Setufe, took care of him and sent him to school. Setufe knew they all lived by the day, yet, he faced his academics squarely, and excelled.

They later named him Sete, as that was easier and faster to call, than Setufe While We're was narrating his ordeal to Ashi, Ashi couldn't help but shed one or two tears for him. Life was indeed cruel. He however, marvelled at how Sete's cult-family took care of him. Sete had the best clothes, nice shoes, and one wouldn't know he was a hustler. Sete didn't believe in God or His doctrines. He did think about it too; a God who 'took' his parents and watch him suffer in the hands of his aunts? A God whose children rejected him and almost killed him when he did nothing wrong, and only needed help? Sete felt he was better off without the god.
Ashi told him about his ordeals at his former school, and his quest for vengeance. Ashi indirectly asked to join cultism!
Sete told him he belonged to the Blue Serpents, and he was ready to help him become one. Ashi knew the Blue Serpents, they were Blade's worst enemy and in fact, they took his life while he was trying to rescue his friends from them. He would never join them, Never! However, he understood Sete, and would not blame him. A man's food is another's poison.
Ashi thought about it deeply again before he declined Sete's offer. He was not interested in becoming a Blue Serpent, he wanted something distinct, something purposeful. 'Well, I get boys wey be Vipers, you like that one?' Sete asked. 'Viper me? Baba no o, I nor want', Ashi replied. Ashi knew the Vipers were always blood seeking, thus, he wasn't interested.
'Wetin you con want gangan, boyscout?' Sete questioned, irritatingly.
'Baba, I bin want a parole wey go dey on code, wey no go dey involve bloodshed at all...' Ashi replied, gesturing with his hands, making Sete give out a mocking laughter.
'For this life abi another one? See Ashi, na boyscout abi Man 'O' War you fit join wey go pay you', Sete replied mockingly.
Ashi accepted his fate of not being able to get the fraternity which suited his mission and decided not to join those Sete listed. While he turned around dejectedly, trying to open the door of the room, he had a voice. 'Ashi wait', Sete said. 'I think I know what you want, but I'm scared. Promise me you would never sell me out', Sete said fearfully.
Ashi turned back to see a visibly shaken Sete. He was surprised. How can Sete be this disturbed? What was he hiding?
'I promise NEVER to sell you out Sete, I've taken you as my brother, and that you would continue to be. You should promise never to sell me out too', Ashi said.
'Well, I promise', Sete replied. 'There's this parole in campus, we don't know them by face, we only feel their hits whenever it happens. We've never seen them fight, and some people think they are just club boys, however, men like us know they aren't. What we know is, they attend their classes regularly, have the best girls in campus, have the best rides, throw the best parties, and also, have the best result. I learnt to be a member, you must be handsome, brilliant and intelligent, three qualities you possess already. The problem is, we fear them, as we don't know how many they are, and how they operate. We only know 'THE FINE BOYS' like we call them exist', Sete concluded still looking scared.
'How do I join them?' Ashi asked looking straight into Sete's eyes.

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 10:36am On Jan 06, 2018
Good morning, everyone.... Happy Xmas ad New year...
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by YINKS89(m): 12:16pm On Jan 06, 2018
Good morning, everyone.... Happy Xmas ad New year...
wishing u d same.
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 9:21pm On Jan 17, 2018
That week went slowly and uneventful, and Ashi had to painfully count the days, hoping the weekend came early. At last, Friday came, and Ashi woke up earlier than usual, took his bath and made breakfast. Sete had made sure Ashi was posted to his room, and had also paid off the supposed third roommate, so Ashi and Sete were the two occupants of the room. Around 4pm, just as Ashi was rounding off his last lecture for the week, he got a text from Sete, asking him to come over to their usual Friday hangout spot at exactly 4:25pm. When he got that text, Ashi felt nervous. He was about to embark on a mission which would change his life and living, forever.

They met Kennedy, popularly called Ken or K-Boy seated on a chair with some boys surrounding him. Ashi admitted to himself that the boys were fresh, in fact, freshness was an understatement. They were all gentlemanly, with cute ladies around them. From their clothes and books, Ashi realised some were Law students, some Medical students and some, political science students. He noticed Kennedy was an Agric student, judging by the way he talked about plants. The guys and ladies joked and Ashi felt relaxed.

After Sete and Ashi exchanged pleasantry with them, they sat on adjacent chairs, and soon afterwards, a pretty lady came to take their orders. While Sete asked for Alomo Bitters and Jedi, Ashi ordered for Malta Guinness. Kennedy who had been observing Ashi since he entered protested.

'Wetin happen na bros? Why you wan spoil my table? Sete where you for see this bros come?' Kennedy said jokingly.

'No mind am jere K-Boy, him see correct men, him liver cut. Make them bring one Guinness Africa for am first make him body enter factory reset', Sete replied. They all laughed and continued gisting about how hectic their week was.

When the ladies left, and Sete felt the atmosphere was good enough, he told Ken softly, 'bro na this my guy I carry come o'.

'Wetin do am?' Ken asked rather jokingly.

'Him wan fine bros, I don yarn you for phone na', Sete replied.

'Him wan fine? Him ugly before?', Ken asked, obviously enjoying the joke while also observing Ashi's body language.

'Bros him fine, but still wan add to him finess', Sete said.

'This one?' Ken asked, his eyes sizing Ashi up. 'Stand up make I see you wella', he commanded Ashi. Ashi stood up and Ken sized him up from head to toe. He was impressed with his physique.

'Wetin be your name?' Ken asked in a polished pidgin English and Ashi almost laughed out loud.

'Asiwaju Alabi', Ashi replied. '

Asiwaju Alabi Pasoma? Bros I no ask for your nickname here, na your real name I dey ask', Ken said with a pissed voice as he took a long drag of his Cuban Cigar.

'Asiwaju is my first name, Alabi is my surname', Ashi replied weakly.

'Bros, that Asiwaju na for your papa house o, no be for here. You know fit be Asiwaju for my presence, abi u wan check am?' Ken said with a relaxed voice which calmed Ashi down a bit.

'You can call me Ashi then, my friends call me that anyway', Ashi said and shrugged. He loved and adored his name, and he wasn't willing to drop it for some boys he just met.

'Bros, no worry, when time comes, your name go show, mammy water go tell us', Ken said with a tone of finality.

'I have observed you since you came in here Ashi, and I can say you don't meet up with the whole criteria for becoming one of us. You are only handsome and bold, and maybe brilliant, nothing more. You don't look fearless, in fact, you look weak. If I were to go by the rules, I would have told you to Bleep off and try other groups', Ken said looking straight into Ashi's eyes. Ashi smiled and thought to himself, only if Ken knew him, only if he knew his story.

As if Sete read Ashi's mind, he quickly replied

'Kay-Boy, no reason am o, u know say u and I don dey, no be today, despite our different ways, I still respect you and your guys. I know fit give you lamba, this guy get potential o, na because you know sabi him story, na why you dey wenk him. You hear about that Snake parole na? For that church university for the other side? You hear say one small boy fall him rank, bloody am mercilessly? Na this Ashi be the boy o'.

'Sorry, which Ashi?' Ken asked looking doubtfully at Sete.

'This same Ashi of course, you fit confirm from your guys over there', Sete responded.

Ken looked at Ashi straight in the eyes and something stirred Inside him. 'Who trained you Ashi?' Ken asked.

'I was trained by a very rugged brother, he's late now tho, he was called Blade', Ashi said proudly and sadly.

Ken looked into his eyes again and was shocked! Blade was his maternal cousin, and he had witnessed his death, in fact, Blade died in his hands, at the General Hospital. After Blade's death, Ken had gone to the herbalist they shared and told him of his intention to strike back. The herbalist consulted the oracle and told him not to retaliate, however, someone else would. He further said, Ken and the 'someone' would meet, and there would be a link, which would be Blade. Also, on the day the 'someone' would be initiated, the heavens would cry, the herbalist concluded. Ken was happy but didn't show it, if Ashi was that 'someone', then he was ready to have him under his wings. He decided to continue the way he was to Ashi.

'Ashi, I hope you know what we stand for? I hope you know we don't involve ourselves in dirty stuffs like.. ' Ken was saying before Sete cut in.
'Abeg abeg abeg, we don hear, I know say you wan wenk my parole, but all men are rugged', Sete said jokingly. Ken had been fun of Sete since they met, and if not for Sete's earlier problems in life, he could have become one of Ken's guys. Ken even talked to him about cross-carpeting, but Sete refused, he couldn't leave those who helped him when others rejected him.

However, Sete remained close to Ken and some of Ken's guys. In fact, Sete was the reason Ken had not fought with the Blue Serpents yet.

'There's filling station beside Feather Fast Food by the second gate, go there early on Monday, around 8am, ask for Mr Chinedu or Mr Chi, whichever you remember, tell him from Kay-boy, he would attend to you', Ken said.

'What's with Mr Chinedu again?', Ashi asked frustrated.

'This organisation is officially in nature, and we follow protocols. Chinedu would give you some forms to fill, administer your entrance exam and IF you pass, would tell you to pay for the expression of interest form, that would be into a bank account by the way', Ken explained calmly.

'Sete, let him meet with Chinedu on Monday because very soon, as soon as mammy water gives signal, we would have our initiation, the date and time, I don't know, just get your friend ready', Ken said to Sete, who simply noded.

'Can I meet with Mr Chinedu today?' Ashi asked desperately.

'I told you we follow protocols here, today is Friday and he has closed, I'm sure he would be in Quilox by now. We attend to people from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm, so wait till Monday Mr Ashi', Ken replied, gesticulating with his hands. He loved Ashi already, he could see Blade's effect on him.

Ashi finished his drink, brought out his wallet and wanted to pay. Ken laughed heartily and called him closer.

'Ashi, save your money for more pressing needs, I've got this', he said to Ashi, who nodded, stood up, thanked him and left. He couldn't wait for Monday to come. He didn't mind missing Prof Kolapo's lecture too, the first time he would be ditching class since he began his University education. He couldn't wait to meet Mr Chinedu and get the initiation over with.


Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by YINKS89(m): 11:22pm On Jan 17, 2018
bibi294 love u re doin well juz plz update more frequently..... thumbs up
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 6:42am On Jan 18, 2018
bibi294 love u re doin well juz plz update more frequently..... thumbs up
thanks Yinks, you're a source of inspiration to me
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by suavetony(m): 7:47am On Jan 18, 2018
Keep it up... you're doing great!
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bolaji299(m): 8:17am On Jan 18, 2018
Nice write up Bibi.. I have always been a fan of your stories.. Main reason I registered on here.. I'm quite surprised about your knowledge of this confraternities and how they operate... You know quite alot... Can't wait to for you to drop the next part lol... Good job
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 8:24am On Jan 18, 2018
Nice write up Bibi.. I have always been a fan of your stories.. Main reason I registered on here.. I'm quite surprised about your knowledge of this confraternities and how they operate... You know quite alot... Can't wait to for you to drop the next part lol... Good job
Like I said, it's a true life story... Even though, there are some elements of fiction... Thanks all the way, bro.
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by dazzysleek(f): 10:10am On Jan 18, 2018
WOW bibi...I'm captivated by your enthraling story(a fresh fan), more grace and wisdom dear...kindly mention my moniker when it continues. #much love#

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Lorlahlizzy(f): 11:03am On Jan 18, 2018
nice story..following ma'am.

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Danchoco(m): 11:17am On Jan 18, 2018
Nice write up Bibi....am on suspense already waiting for the next...write up

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by YINKS89(m): 11:20am On Jan 18, 2018
thanks Yinks, you're a source of inspiration to me
u wcm dear... Gat ur bck anyday.

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by neurojosh(m): 2:31pm On Jan 18, 2018
this promises to be a great story.... I am following you Bibi.... pls mention me when it continues.... thanks
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by WHOcarex: 9:47pm On Jan 20, 2018
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 3:26pm On Jan 21, 2018
The weekend seemed to drag slowly, and Ashi was too anxious for it to end already. He couldn't wait to get the initiation rites done as soon as possible. Finally Monday came, and Ashi left his room as early as 6am for Mr. Chinedu's place. Sete didn't bother to stop him, as he was too tired from the overnight romp he had with Fiona, his new babe. He simply nodded and went back to sleep cuddling Fiona.

By 6:30am, Ashi was at Chinedu's gate. Having been informed by Ken about Ashi's impending visit, Mr. Chinedu had already prepared to meet him, however surprisingly, Ashi came earlier than expected. Mr. Chinedu at that point became suspicious of Ashi and immediately put a call through to Ken, asking if it wasn't a set-up by opposition frats. Ken told him to calm down, and attend to Ashi accordingly.
After some minutes, Mr Chinedu went to the gate and let Ashi in. 'Good morning sir', Ashi greeted.
'Good morning bro, how may I be of help to you this early Monday morning?' Mr Chinedu replied calmly. Mr Chinedu was a fair, handsome, well built man in his mid forties, but he looked like a guy of 28 years. He further glanced at his wristwatch and then to Ashi's face, hoping Ashi would get the message that it was too early.
Ashi didn't look disturbed, rather he smiled and apologized for coming that early.

'Bros, I'm Ashi, and bros Ken directed me to Mr Chinedu. I'm here for the registration', Ashi said the last part rather nervously.

'Well, I'm who you seek, but I don't understand the registration you are talking about. Course registration? SIM registration? Or what registration are you referring to exactly?' Mr Chinedu asked teasingly.

Ashi reasoned they were all fond of teasing intending members, as Ken did similar things to him earlier. 'Fine boys registration sir', Ashi answered shyly, hoping that would be the end of the tease.

'Fine boys? I still don't understand you sir', Mr Chinedu answered.

That was it, Ashi had had enough. He thought he went to a wrong place and brought out his phone to call Ken. Unfortunately for him, Ken only collected his number without giving him his'.
When Mr Chinedu saw the confusion on Ashi's face, he laughed and patted his shoulder.

'Come with me boy, but you would have to wait till 8am, that's the opening hour' he said.

Ashi followed Mr Chinedu into the building which looked like a flat. They entered a room which served as the reception/office and Mr Chinedu switched on the light. Ashi looked round and he saw a beautifully designed banner with the inscription 'ANGELS OF LIGHT' on it. The symbol was a white angel holding a lantern on its left hand, and a sword on its right hand. Below the symbol was written 'May The Angel That Shines Light Unto Your Paths Fight For You'. Ashi memorized those words and sat on a leather chair, on the instruction of Mr Chinedu. The room was designed and painted white; from the wallpapers to the floor tiles, everything was white. Ashi became uneasy, he was convinced he was at the wrong place. The plan was to join the 'Fine Boys' and not an official structured club, like the one he was in their office at that moment.

Mr Chinedu searched Ashi thoroughly and then collected his IDcard and also warned him against taking pictures of the place. He told Ashi to relax and wait till 8am.
At exactly 8:05am, Mr Chinedu walked into the room with fifteen other boys of Ashi's age. Ashi realised they were there for the same reason as him, he smiled inwardly.
Mr Chinedu gave everyone a form to fill (in order of arrival). Written boldly on the form was 'ANGELS OF LIGHT', and there were two parts to be filled in the form. The first was the biodata section and the other was the intent section.
Ashi looked lost and had to speak out. 'Excuse me sir, I think I have the wrong form. I am applying to join the Fine Boys, not Angels of Light', he said.
'Are you sure Kennedy directed you to me?' Mr Chinedu asked Ashi.
'Yes he did', Ashi replied.
'Then do as I say and fill the form. Also fill this'. He said and gave them all another form which entailed the association's bank account details. After the computer based exam, successful applicants were to take the forms to the association's bank and pay for the form they filled, called Expression of Interest form.
Ashi was confused more and he took out his phone to call Sete. He called Sete twice without Sete picking up and he became more frustrated. Just then, a strange number called him and he thought it was Sete calling back.

'Hello Sete, na puna make una ditch my calls bah?' He asked furiously.

'Hello Ashi, this is Ken', the cool, calm voice Ashi heard, said.

'Good morning bro, sorry I thought it was Sete calling', Ashi tried to apologize.

'Never mind man, it's nothing', Ken answered.

'Bro Ken, thank God you called, I've been thinking of how to reach you. It seems I'm at a wrong place o, no sign of fine boys here, just Angels of Light. Abeg I no wan miswaka', Ashi said sadly.

Ken couldn't help but bust into a loud laughter. 'Do what Mr Chinedu asks you to do accordingly, you are at the right place, comport yourself. I never told you our name is 'Fine Boys' na, outsiders like you gave us that name. Who no come no go know who we be na. Angels of Light are who you wanna join, is that clear?' Ken explained.

'Ookay sir' Ashi felt relieved.

'Meet me at Fresh Fish Bar by 4pm today, ask for inner room 2, you would be directed to where I would be. By the way, stop calling me sir, call me Ken, just Ken. Also know your initiation comes up later this week, remind me to tell you more when we meet', Ken said and ended the call.

Ashi filled the forms and went for the test. It was a tough test as it tested his brain thoroughly. At the end, Ashi and 7 other boys passed, while the remaining boys who failed were told to contact their 'sponsors'.

Ashi then proceeded to the bank to make the payment. Immediately he entered the banking hall, he showed his teller to a security man, who then directed him to the office on the last floor to meet Mr Josh.

Mr Josh collected the teller and accompanying form from Ashi, stamped and entered his details on his computer. He directed Ashi to pay at the counter and come back for his printout. After paying, Ashi went back to Mr Josh who handed him his copy of the teller and a receipt.
'Welcome to the organisation brother, may the angel that shines light unto your paths fight for you, rugged fine boy', Mr Josh said and smiled.
Ashi was surprised, he was surprised that a campus frat could be as organized as that, he was surprised big men and career guys belong too. He was grateful to Sete for making him see the light.


Ashi got to Fresh Fish Bar before 4pm, he didn't want anything to affect his desire. Maybe the timing was a test, he thought, and as far as he was concerned, he had passed. He took a seat at a corner and ordered for a chilled bottle of Heineken. Since he started moving with Sete, they had added all their monies together, and in truth, Ashi had more than enough money to spend, so he wasn't feeling the impact of the money he was spending. He knew they had more left, so no cause for alarm.
At exactly 4pm, Ashi asked for Inner Room 2, where he met Ken seated alone, looking serious. Ken spotted a white Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt, with some faintly crafted yellow design on it. Ashi felt the urge to ask if the fraternity's color was white, but he overlooked it.

'Omo, you don dey step up your game o, na you dey drink Heineken without being shy?' Ken asked, as Ashi sat beside him.

'Barman, abeg refill my table abeg, give me two bottles of Kasaprenko and 4 bottles of Heineken. Also bring two plates of catfish pepper soup, just the way I like it', Ken ordered, flashing his trademark killer smile.

'I hope Mr Chinedu attended to you well?' Ken asked.

'Yes he did, although at some points, I thought it was a wrong parole', Ashi replied, gulping his drink.

'Ashi, we operate as a formal organisation, in fact, we are registered with CAC, we no be bread and fish confra o. However, we aren't a boys scout group, we are a serious fraternity', Ken said boastfully.

'Oh I see, everything just dey make sense now. I just can't wait for the initiation', Ashi replied.

'Don't worry, you go soon belong. That reminds me, the initiation comes up in few days, so be prepared'. Ken said, looking at Ashi's body language.

'So soon?' Ashi said nervously.

'Yes o, mammy water never pick date yet, but e go be this week. Abi you don dey fear already?' Ken asked jokingly.

'Fear Kwa? I no fear bros, nothing fit shake me. In fact, I wish it were now, like right now. I just can't wait', Ashi replied eagerly.

Ken had stopped laughing and was looking at Ashi. He saw a young Blade in him. Blade was also nervous, clumsy and impatient when he was younger. Ashi was just like a reincarnated Blade. He only prayed neither of them would die untimely, like Blade did.

'Ashi, when you get to your room, tell Sete to help you pack for initiation, he knows what to do. Whatever he misses, I would get for you. Call me immediately you are done packing, I would come pick you up, you would be with me till the end of the initiation', Ken concluded just as the pepper soup and drinks were brought.

'Bro why that fast?' Ashi asked.

'Do you think you are about to join the boys scout? Alaye, this isn't a child's play, you must be prepared well for the initiation, else mammy water fit carry you go. I would personally have to see to your preparation, and also give you the required orientation. Never mind, you are safe with me. Just make sure you learn everything by heart. Also, I would make arrangements for you to be dropped off for your lectures and be picked up afterwards, so don't be scared. Do you understand?' Ken asked with a mean voice.

'Sure, I do. Thanks bro, I'm grateful. I owe you one', Ashi replied.

'I'm sure you do', Ken replied and started devouring his pepper soup, while Ashi did the same. They had fun for few more minutes before they departed, with Ken dropping Ashi at his hostel to get prepared.


Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bibi294(f): 3:42pm On Jan 21, 2018
Shoutouts to my new niggas...
A fruitful week ahead iJn
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Lorlahlizzy(f): 4:01pm On Jan 21, 2018
thanks for the update Bibi..
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by neurojosh(m): 4:10pm On Jan 21, 2018
Shoutouts to my new niggas...
A fruitful week ahead iJn
thanks for the mention Bibi..

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Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by suavetony(m): 4:37pm On Jan 21, 2018
Shoutouts to my new niggas...
A fruitful week ahead iJn

Thanks Bibi for the mention...keep it up!
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by collinxraver(m): 6:24pm On Jan 21, 2018
I just arrived... Let the updates starts flowing #SONofANARCHY
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Kunzu(m): 6:37pm On Jan 21, 2018
This story dey shook me for body. This life na something oo
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by dazzysleek(f): 10:46pm On Jan 21, 2018
Shoutouts to my new niggas... WHOcarex neurojosh Danchoco Lorlahlizzy dazzysleek Bolaji299 suavetony... A fruitful week ahead iJn
Amen...thanks darling
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Bolaji299(m): 11:15pm On Jan 21, 2018
Shoutouts to my new niggas...
A fruitful week ahead iJn

Thanks for the mention.. You rock
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by queenitee(f): 8:08am On Jan 22, 2018
So I was not invited to this mind blowing Story sad
I'm here now Sha.
Re: Showers Of Mercy - True Life Story by Nobody: 9:45am On Jan 22, 2018
Bibi you are killin my mental moral with the slow updates kudo to you tho! shocked

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