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Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 5:10pm On May 08, 2018
She got to were I was standing and I quickly reached out to support her from falling, she pointed at a lady she took a picture with "do you know who she is? She has the same mark as yours " she asked almost out of breathe I took the picture from her

And from nowhere tears streamed down my face "she's my mother" I said as I place the picture on my chest and wept, I became angry at myself for almost forgetting the face of my mother that it took me a second and closer look to recognize her

"I am an unfilial child" I said as I cried

Lucy's mum took me into her arms and hug me she cleaned my tears and consoled while she also cried along

Lucy, Kim and Adrian looked on in total surprise except for the father who knew what was going on

"Honey we have finally found her" he said

"Dad, what's going on" Adrian asked

I sat and they all sat down, Kim and his siblings were very eager to know what's is happening, the father saw that his wife was not ready to start as she was still cleaning the tears in her eyes then he decided to start

"As you all know I do tell you that your mother has a sister besides her twin and her sister died thirteen years ago and since then we have been looking for her daughter to fulfill our promise we made to her mother before she died" he summarized

One thing I don't like about summing up is that you will not fully understand what is been portrayed, but they did understand the fact that I am the daughter of their mother's deceased sister and they have been looking for me but how did it all start

"Nicole, how did you survive all this while, you have to tell me" aunt pleaded

"alright I will tell you how it all went if you promise not to get emotional" I said because I wasn't ready to be emotional too

"I won't" she assured me

"huhh" I sighed then added "I thought I would keep my mouth shut about this part of my life for the rest of my days but today I would tell you what I refuse to tell anyone"

"it all started one evening........ " I told what happened that night and how mum and dad was killed and the days I spent in camp and how kaila gave me some heads up for the future and how aunt Martha came to camp and took me home

I never wanted to tell them how I was treated back at aunt Martha's house but I felt like the story isn't complete without it and so I said it, how I wake up very early in the morning, sometimes I got starved and how many attempts I had on my life both by my so called uncle, my brother and some street boys

I told them how I was sold out and the children I stayed with and cared for and how I met Mike and the family am staying with now, how I got shot and how I got to come to China with the help of Mr Li and my days at shaolin temple

Although aunt promised not to cry but her tears wear unending as I told them surprisingly I always thought Lucy to be the type that doesn't get emotional but seeing her cry was like a whole new side of her

Kim and Adrian were being the men the were born to be, listening and absorbing it in but there face did show sympathy, the reason why I didn't want to tell anybody this is because I will be pitied at the end
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 5:12pm On May 08, 2018
Of all the things I told them I left out my ambition on finding the person who murdered my parent but I was curious on how my mom became her sister

"aunt how did you meet my mother" I asked

She took a long sigh and said

"your mother and I went to the same school at Harvard University in Washington, we were both studying to become doctors, your mother has the money and the brains and I envied her so much, and I don't talk to her because I see her as a treat and challenge to my education and social life, everybody loves hanging out with her because she was simple

After the first year in school, we started the second year, she saved me from a bus accident which would have caused my life and instead of me she got hit by the bus and was hospitalized, she was in a comma for three days

And when she woke up she heard the sad news of her parent's death who also died in a car accident which put her back in a state of shock and she could not speak for two weeks while she was in the hospital, I told my mum of her and how she saved my life
My mum was very grateful and decide to pay the bills and care for her, I would go to the hospital to see how she was doing every day and I would blame myself for what she was passing through and then I made a promise to always be by her side and never be mean to her again

Your mother met George your father on Christmas season at church service on her first year and they got acquainted, so often George comes around and cheer her up and slowly tour mother recovered

And since then your mother and I became best friends but the money her parent left for her wasn't enough for her to finish her second year so I organized a program to help her were all the students and some professors too raised fund for her to complete that year

On her third year she was dating George and George who finished his Masters in business went back to Nigeria to look after his newly founded company and through that George supported her for that year until my parents took over her welfare

And in order to make it more legal we adopted her and I was very happy, I owe her my life and I thought I finally found a chance to show how much I love and appreciate her

It was through your mother I met my husband"

"how did it happen, mum"

"Am coming to that part, lucy" she gave Lucy a calm-down-look then she continued "after graduating we came back to China, George happened to be in China too, Lucy asked me to come with her to the company George was proposing his business to

Lucy and I waited at the lobby while the meeting went on in the board room, after hours of waiting we saw George coming out of the elevator with William and they headed towards us as they discuss matters
Re: My World - Jflash by emperorblog(m): 5:12pm On May 08, 2018
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Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 8:52pm On May 08, 2018
Tanks a lot for d update, jah bless.

Welcome back
Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 8:55pm On May 08, 2018
Let me just drop this for the meantime

U too much MA.. Tanks
Re: My World - Jflash by FortunateB(f): 12:43pm On May 09, 2018
Thanks for the lengthy update, but you just activate the Oliver Twist mode in me, "I want some more"
Re: My World - Jflash by queenitee(f): 7:20pm On May 15, 2018
Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 4:32pm On Jun 16, 2018
Sist, whr are u? Is been long ooo..hope all is well
Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 3:29pm On Jul 10, 2018
OP ooooooooooooooooooo
Re: My World - Jflash by whinnie(f): 12:35pm On Jul 12, 2018
Nice story!!! Please more update
Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 3:55pm On Aug 17, 2018
OP is been a while oooo, hope all is well
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 1:00am On Sep 14, 2018
They got to us and I was charmed by William and Lucy introduced me to William and thats how we started, William courted me some months before he proposed to me in a grand style

A year after my marriage George finally proposed to Lucy and the got married too, I named Lucy after your mother

I thought Lucy could finally be happy after fighting every thing but six months before she died came to see us and only one week, mom told her that Next time she would be coming again she would spend two months with us, mom missed her a lot and she agreed

Until one night she called and she sounded so scared and she was crying I heard the sound of gunshot and someone breaking down the door and she said to me "promise me you will look after Nicole" and I promised her

The phone fell to the ground and there was another gunshot and Lucy screamed I heard a woman's voice blaming Lucy for what is happening to her and with another gunshot i heard a thud on the floor and I didn't her Lucy's voice again

Not long after I heard George's voice he was crying and calling Lucy's name and I heard the same woman's voice she said somethings to George and then also went silent

The woman ordered that they find you but they fled I think when they heard the police were near,

I cut the line and through that night I couldn't sleep revising all that I have heard I my head and praying for her and her family safety

The next morning I heard on the news about their death your father, your mother and your brother, when mum heard about it she immediately made a call and requested that they be brought to China to buried were her family is

And since George was also an orphan and had no family three of them were buried here in Beijing"

There was silence in the room as everyone was taking in what has just been said

"I had thought that your fate would be different from your mom's but I was wrong, don't worry we are always here for you" aunt she reassuring me

"mum I don't want to marry Yan chan" Lucy confessed

"why do you say so" uncle asked

"Chan is only using me to get rich and make his company strong, dad I want to marry who I want" she cried

"but Chan loves you and we will gain from it" uncle stated

"is that what you see me as, dad, as a trade? do you ever think of what I want?... This arranged marriage is not what I want" she said and left to her room

The place was quiet for a while before uncle requested to go upstairs to his room and rest, he asked his wife to join him
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 1:10am On Sep 14, 2018
"okay,.... magret! " she called for the cook and within a minute an elderly woman who looked like she is 50 years old walked in as fast as she could

"yes ma'am" she answered

Looking at the woman although she looks healthy but I feel like someone like her isn't supposed to be working but instead relaxing and enjoying the remainder of her life

"go to the car and bring in those side dishes and prepare them for the kids" aunt said

She got up and followed her husband as she blowed kisses to us and went upstairs to their room, all our attention went back to the cook as we wondered why she kept looking at me

"You look just like your mother" she said with love in her eyes

"you know her mother too, she must be a very lucky woman" Kim said but this time he didn't put any negative expression with it, instead he was sober

"yes, I always take care of her... " she cut short what she was saying when she understood the signal Adrian and kim made to her and she smiled warmly

Kim stood up from were he was sitting and came to the long cozy three sitter Adrian and I was sitting and sat beside me but enough space was left were magret would sit then Adrian with his hand and without words ushered her to her space

"knowing you kids too well was my mistake" Ma'am magret chuckled as she went to her space

Before she could say a word Lucy came from behind us and sat down on the furry carpet that the table was on

"now this is not story time i have work to do" she said and tried to get up but Kim wouldn't let her

She looked from one face to another as she got confused by the uproar of chorus complaints and excuses that she couldn't comprehend

"I'll help you do they chores" Adrian said and the others also agreed to help her with the chores and she shouldn't worry about it

Ma'am magret could see that she can't escape it and decided to give in to their request and calm their fuss

"okay, okay, I will tell you" she said and the whole place went silent with eyes on her, she held my hand

After Ma'am Magret had finished telling us how much she cared and loved my mum, I felt at home I felt my root was here and I could feel love around me and it was so overpowering, happiness was my melody through out the day

After dinner, I didn't go back to my room instead I went to Adrian's room and we chat about my personal issue

I finally decide to open up to Adrian about my life and my mission, I told him my plans to find
that woman who murdered my family,

I told him about my special ability to tell when danger is near, he wasn't even scared and I was more confident to continue telling him about me

It surprised me to know that Adrian is a navy engineer in the Korean military,

because of his dual citizenship and Kim's dad who is now an admiral in the Korean Navy, Adrian was able to get stable and gain upper hand in the Navy to do what he wants

We spent hours talking about ourselves and time kept running deep into the night, it quiet and peaceful and chilly but not for long

I was being warmed up by his strong arms and warm body, our sensational love making each night gets better than the last, am always looking forward to each night because of the crazy tricks he brings up that always get me excited

And after each love making, we will talk until the night decided to take us, I always feel I am whole when ever am with him, in his arms I slowly fell asleep
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 1:15am On Sep 14, 2018

I woke up in the morning feeling so good and fulfilled, It almost 8 o clock and I've got to be at the hotel with Kim he is shooting a scene for his movie and after that I'll go and visit my grand mum the mother who raised my mum, I went to my room, take a hot shower and dressed up

I was excited and happy for the first time in my life I am going to see how movies are made and to also see some of the actors that are my role models and if possibly I will be in it

It's snowing, fresh and Virgin white, it falls so heavy as if to remind us Christmas is just few days ahead and I intend on spending it here,

I decide to wear my expensive black leather leggings and a white turtleneck sweater and my heeled black boots and to top it all a red coat

You can't blame me for not being so trendy and fashionable but the only color that match me well is black or white, Any time I tried i end up creating a color riot, but that aside

everything is falling perfectly into place Starting from finding my perfect fantasy and lover to knowing that my mum has a family that has now become my family too with loving parents too and a beautiful day and an exciting activity to do

I went to Adrian's room and saw him still in bed, quietly I got on the bed "hi baby..." I whispered in his ears and his eyes flung open, I caught the smell of shampoo on his hair

"you showered already?" I asked as I sniff his hair again

"yeah... I was waiting for you" he quickly sat up and smiling gorgeously, I raised a brow requesting for more details

"Babe come on... Please don't make me beg" he whimpered

I shook my head to disagree and he nodded to agree "am already dressed..." but he cut me off with a kiss, "then I will UnCloth you and dress you up again" he said softly and immediately without hesitation start to UnCloth me but he was gentle

The desire was building up within me and so I couldn't protest, he gently pushed me back on the bed, he touched my bare skin and felt me shiver, then kissed me deeply again, his tongue savoring my mouth and I tasted the raw sweetness of his mouth

He unbuckled my trouser and draw the zipper down then proceeded to take it off, he made his way and I felt him within me, aroused as I am I could no longer stay down and let him do all the work I had to do something to keep it moving

I felt a pang of pain and pleasure surge through me, I moaned and heard him groan begging me to help me gain that ecstasy and pleasure and I did as he requested

He thrust one last time, more deeper than before and I cried out, the feeling of intense pleasure exploded within me and I felt fulfilled
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 1:18am On Sep 14, 2018
The moment of pure ecstasy was over, we lay beside each other in silence but our eyes and hands spoke loud words I felt connected and never wish to be disconnected with him finally he broke the comforting silence

"you're okay?" he asked while playing with my hair

I took a deep breath and move more closer to him and with my hands around him, I kissed his lips lightly

"what do you think?" I replied looking up at him I couldn't hide my beautiful dentition from showing

"Has anyone ever told you how perfect you are" as he said that I remembered when my dad said I was his perfect princess and he was going to build a perfect world for his perfect princess, and buy me all the fancy things I want, I believed him

Even though they say no one is perfect and I know that no one is but I still don't care I know am perfect to someone

"yeah,..... My dad... " I said sadly

For a moment nothing was said we were just enjoying the warm silence then it hit me that I should be somewhere this morning, I quickly sat up but the room was chilly and I went back under the blanket again

"what's wrong?" he asked looks like I startled him a bit

"I've to get dressed, remember Kim promised to take me with him for his shooting" I said and get down from the bed and begin to assemble my clothes

"I'll get you coffee" he said and head for the door

"but you said you'll dress me up"

He left the room but came back again "sweetie Instead of the red coat why don't you take my white coat you will look much better" and saying that he left

"why does he have so many white" I questioned myself

I got dressed and about to put the coat I brought from Adrian's wardrobe, I thought about checking up on Kim to see if he's ready, I dropped the coat and went out of the room, I checked his room but he wasn't there, I decided to check downstairs

Almost to the stairs I saw Kim going to the kitchen I ran down the stairs to meet up with him, almost to the kitchen I stopped and stood behind the pillar at the entrance of the kitchen since the kitchen was built to have no door

Just a big space that was turned into a beautiful and glassy kitchen and the pillars with Roman design that beautifies the corridor leading to the dinning room and the living room but I hid behind the closest to the kitchen
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 1:23am On Sep 14, 2018
I could hear clearly what they were conversating about

"are you really going to give her out" I heard Kim's voice asking

"seems like it" I heard Adrian reply almost like he don't care

"even with what she had gone through, don't you care about her" Kim said

I took a peep, it looked like Adrian was trying to make up his mind "bro, I love her deeply but I need her to get this package" he said

"and what are you going to gain, mom's going to be furious.... "

"are you going to tell mom about this" Adrian asked

Kim was silent, I never seen Kim in such situation where he wasn't the one questioning instead he is the one being questioned, "what are they talking about" i thought to myself

"What if she finds out" he asked

"she won't, just go with the plan and she won't get hurt"

"what if he refuses to give it to you unless you hand her over" Kim asked

Adrian frowned "then I guess I have no choice but to let him have her"

The atmosphere there was like they were planning to get something and a particular girl is needed, looking at their face they seem to be talking about someone they care for and love but what is so important that Adrian would prefer give up someone,

I was thinking deep I wanted to know who she was so that I can help her get out of these mess Adrian is putting her in but if I should do that I will ruin whatever hardwork Adrian has put into this

All in all conclusion I decided to stay out of it, I continue to listen

"Jade, is waiting upstairs, we'll talk about this later" Adrian said

As I heard Adrian ended the conversation and is about to go upstairs now, I thought about running up the stairs as fast and soundless as I can without him seeing me but it seem impossible,

I thought about hiding while he goes upstairs so he wouldn't see me but still it doesn't sound like a good idea because when he goes to his room and am not there he might suspect something,

"what would he suspect" I asked myself

Luckily for me as I was going through the math and formula for my escape without been noticed, Adrian stop a few inches away from Kim, he turned around and asked him
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 1:28am On Sep 14, 2018
"do you have feelings for her"

I was tempted to stay and listen but if I don't go now someone will soon know that I was eavesdropping and that will really get me busted and embarrassed

Quickly I ran up the stairs silently and into the the room, I was getting a bit cold, so I put on the white coat and sat on the bed,

It wasn't up to a minute, Adrian came in with a cup of coffee In his hand,
His face was dull and when he looked at me his expression was sympathetic and I couldn't tell what he was thinking

"what's wrong" I asked

He faked a smile that would have deceived me well if I had not gotten the idea of what happened downstairs "nothing" he said

"what took you so long" I asked as I went to collect the teacup from his hand, I tiptoed and gave him a kiss on his forehead then took the cup from him

I took a sip of the coffee before I could take a second sip Adrian took the cup from me and drop it on the table and without a word he took me in his arms and lavish me with kisses, he held me so tight that I couldn't breathe well

It was as if he was trying to merge me to himself, as if he just couldn't get enough of me and didn't want to stop either, I cut the kiss and looked up at him I could see desire in his eyes

"did you really miss me this much" I said smiling at him

He smiled back and continued with what he was doing before I interrupted, with my arms around his neck and his arms wrapped tight around my waist I felt secured coz I was standing on my toes

I don't know how long we were there romancing each other but suddenly there was a knock on the door and I heard Kim's voice

"jade?" he called

"yeah?" I answered hesitantly

"you're ready?" he asked

"almost" I replied

"when you're ready I'll be outside waiting for you" he said but didn't leave as if waiting for my reply which was unusual,

Kim is very good at walking out on someone even in the middle of something important, he is very proud and pompous

And he always says that the others doesn't matter he is what that matters because the others can't reach his status even if they tried
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 1:31am On Sep 14, 2018
"okay" I replied awkwardly then I heard his footsteps as he leaves

"That's unusual" I said to Adrian but he smiled and raised a brow

I stepped backwards out of his arms so I stand on my own now, I went over to the mirror to put a little touch on my face

He walked up behind me, took the brush and brushed down my hair,, with about five strokes he turned me to face him

"you are pretty the way you are, you don't need anything else" he said sweetly

He brought out his brown gloves and put them on me, he went to his closet and bought out a white muffler and wrapped it around my neck

"the snow is heavy and it cold too, don't take this off else you'll be cold, okay? " he instructed and I nodded in affirmation

"I love you" he said

"I love you too" I replied happily

We both walked out of the room and down the stairs hand in hand, he stopped at the door and we kissed goodbye, I walked to my car when I saw Kim already in his car

When I got to the car I stopped and turned to see Adrian still standing at the door, I waved at him and he waved back, I felt so happy that the cold didn't seem to bother me

I got into my car and started it, Kim did the same he went first and I followed, we drove on low speed even though the gate was far from the house, the snow was heavy and the driveway has not yet been shoveled
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 1:34am On Sep 14, 2018
Sorry for not updating sooner, too much school stuff on my mind
Re: My World - Jflash by FortunateB(f): 3:34am On Sep 14, 2018
Welcome back
And thanks for remembering your readers and for not abandoning the story
Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 6:35am On Sep 14, 2018
OP welicomuu oooo, Weldon, D Lord is your strength
tanks a lot for the update

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