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Re: My World - Jflash by queenitee(f): 8:40pm On Feb 26, 2018

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Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 8:27am On Feb 28, 2018
Shifu practice his kungfu and meditation there, I sat with my leg crossed on and my hands together I didn't have confidence that this time it will work "jade, you have to let it go" he said, now that is the problem what should I let go of, you speak in proverbs and I don't understand, while saying these in my mind he added "let go of that pain, hatred, love forget about them".

How can I let go of love that's the reason I survived I said then closed my eyes but all I can see was deep void, it was like I was in my mind walking in the void, I couldn't see but then I realise that I wasn't actually in a dark room instead I was closing my eyes I opened them when I heard my name and I was in a field of yellow roses that were blooming I heard some people laughing and I saw myself as a kid and ken playing while mom and dad watch very happily but in a blink of an eye all the roses turned red like blood and the little me was crying, mom dad and ken were all lying dead.

"Help me, save me" the little me was crying and calling out to me she stretched out her hand "take my hand" she said I wanted to take her hand but a force was holding me back "take my hand" she repeated this a little louder "I said take my hand" shouted and then she had a wicked deadly look on her face "you can never run away from this" she said as she slowly stood up.

I opened my eyes terrified as I was, I refused to meditate again I was so scared by what I saw, shifu encouraged me to try it again to face it, the thing is I don't believe in spirit or life beyond I only believe in the life i live right now, a week later I decided to take it head on I went back to the spot on the mountain I began to meditate alone,

In my trance I saw myself in the same manner I saw it last time only that this time i was no longer a kid I was facing my own twin she spoke boldly and I was the weak one "you're back" she said moving towards me I gathered strength and answer "yes" I heard shifu's voice like his was behind me "be in control and make peace with your soul" I realized that I wasn't thinking I tried to but I couldn't the other me kept saying things about how I can not push forward and be at peace always scared then I decided it was time for her to stop blabbing "enough you will leave me alone starting from now" I said then took her hand a wind from nowhere began to revolve around her she disappeared with the wind, the cloud vanished and the ray of sun came in, I opened my eyes slowly breathed in for some seconds and breathed out I felt a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulder and I was light, shifu was standing I front of me "well done" he said then went down from the mountain leaving me behind.
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 8:33am On Feb 28, 2018
The following days my kungfu has improved a lot to everyone's surprise, I had accepted that there is more to what you don't see than to what you see and for that I began to read books of wisdom, out of body experience, lucid dreaming, beyond the mind and so many inspirational books that would help me attain knowledge about the world beyond or the life after this life and I practices them.

During festivals, like the firework festival, the lantern festivals and so many others, mike and I will go into the city to celebrate with some other students from shaolin, drinks and food are everywhere, a lot of presentations and dancing, some ladies dress in their ancient attire and paint their face. Ever since I came to China I haven't got that negative feeling so I then decided to talk to shifu about it, he told me that there are many ways people perceive the future and like mine my own way was to feel it, but then I don't know how to handle my gift, "I'll help you open your third eye".

That got me very confused and it sounded familiar, I remembered where I heard about it, in a pastor's preaching on mama chinasa phone, "but what is the third eye" I asked this question to shifu and to myself, "it enables you to see what is not in the physical, the third eye is your spiritual eye although everyone has it but only few people in this world has opened theirs" he said we meditate but I concentrated on the particular time that I had those negative feelings, after some weeks of practices I became almost perfect and ready.

On the fourth year during the lantern festival we went out as usually to Beijing we took the fastest train I happen to wear my car necklace and a black trouser, a designer brown top and my favourite leather black knee-high boot, that night I intended very much to party I needed a break from the shaolin life though partying is not advisable because it attach you to the world but I want to be attached both to this life and to the life beyond, I got separated from mike without his knowledge I know Beijing well so I can't get lost.
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 9:04am On Feb 28, 2018
At first I went to the express were the guys and girls gather every night to bet on racing cars, I didn't have a car neither do I have some friends to pair myself with, I walked through the crowd sexily swaying my hips from one side to the other, some guys will whistle to get my attention but the place was noisy I spotted a very handsome rich guy, I walk pass him boldly I wasn't so interested him not long after I've gone round the place we heard sirens "they cops are coming" one of the people said and everyone start to tidy up some ran away, and others with their sport bikes while some got into their car and began to race with the cops "catch me if you can" was what the called the play with the police, most a times the police doesn't succeed in getting any of them.

"Hey! want a lift" the guy I passed earlier came behind me with his car and I got in, there was a cop behind us, he raised the music to high volume and increased speed I couldn't see the road while we drive but I wasn't ready show him I was scared, we lost the police man then I asked him to drop me at a famous club, we got there and parked his car at the parking lot and we both went inside, I sat at a table and ordered for a soju(an alcoholic drink) I took three bottles and I got high I left my table and went to the dancing floor and displayed my talent, I had a dance off between two hot babes and I but I won and they loser gets to buy me more drinks.

The guy who brought me put his hands around my waist and took me to my seat were more drinks were waiting for me I drank about 8-9 bottle before I felt like puking, I demonstrated how I felt to him then he took me outside and I throw up and passed out in his arms.

I woke up around 5:10am in a room that smell of roses, laying on a thick chest that seem to have been in gym all day and he smelt good, I opened my eyes and was tempted to close it again but I opened it widely when I realized the position I was in, I gasped heavily and got up quickly he opened his eyes drowsily "morning sweetie" he said as he stretched, I was surprised by his greetings in my mind I responded "bros you well? Your head correct, sweetie who is sweet me?" I checked to see if anything seemed a bit different but I was intact except for my cloths the only thing I had on me was my bra and panties, I looked at him, he was wearing only his underwear my heart sank and hoped that nothing happened last night.
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 9:17am On Feb 28, 2018
"Were are my cloths" I asked

He touched me tenderly as if I was a precious baby "you puked all over it, I washed them and dried them the are in the closet" he said

"What happened last night" I asked looking a bit lost

"You don't remember, you blow the club last night, you were the hottest chick in club and everyone was talking about you and you had a few drinks, threw up and passed out" he said, demonstrating it in a funny way that draw a smile at the corner of my attractive lips, he didn't seem to talk about last night between the two of us, does that mean nothing happened I asked myself but I wasn't satisfied at the answer.

"So" I started fidgeting with the white bed sheet "did something happen between us" I asked him completing my sentences with my hand demonstrations.

"I wanted to" his eyes were fixed on my lips he continued "but you threatened to break my d***k if I do" he answered, I gave out a chuckle and he joined me in, I couldn't believe it even in my unconscious state I was still alert I guess my drunken fist training had paid off, In my heart i thanked shifu for forcing me to learn drunken fist, (drunken fist is a part of kungfu that allows you to be more active in a fight when you are drunk that is to say you get your strength from alcohol)

"Were am I" I asked again

He got down from the bed and spread his hands apart "this is my house" he added "you hungry cuz am hungry how about some omelette"

"Yeah I'd like that'' and with that he went out of the room, I surveyed the room and it souvenirs the room is manly and clean, I took a shower and before he was back I was already dressed and ready to go I had a quick breakfast and we were quiet for a while the he broke the silence "I didn't get to introduce myself earlier am Yan fang but am been known with Adrian so what's yours" he asked

"Am jade, and I stay at dengfeng am a student at shaolin temple I guess that explains a lot about me" I replied we chatted a little bit, then he got dressed and drove me down to the station were I can board the train, he insisted on driving me but I insisted on taking the train it will be easier and you won't stress yourself, I got into the train and waited for the door to close

"so when will I see you again?" He asked

I shrugged and the door closed the train started to move until I could see him no more.
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 9:40am On Feb 28, 2018

queenitee this your hmm the give me high bp ooo
Re: My World - Jflash by igit270: 10:31pm On Mar 01, 2018
happy new month.nice update,
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 8:32pm On Mar 05, 2018
Abeg make una no vex I been dey sick that y I couldn't update
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 8:33pm On Mar 05, 2018
Skubido my only booster I hope I haven't discouraged you
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 4:27pm On Mar 06, 2018
I reached dengfeng and took a small bus to the village, reaching home, mike was already in my room upon seeing me he got up and gave me a hot slap that reboot my sense "where have you been? Do you know how worried I was? I thought you were abduct" he was fuming and I felt like his words were fire scorching my skin,

I felt bad and I was trying to apologized but he kept ranting, "dad called this morning wanting to talk to you and I had to lie that you were still sleeping, I thought something bad happened to you"

"Well am here now, and am not hurt so stop worrying am fine"

To him it looked like what I had done last night didn't get to me so he continued and seriously his words were hurting me deeply, I was remorseful inside me I was begging him to stop and I couldn't take it anymore

"you are all grown up now you can do whatever you whatever you want" a voice in my mind said then I let it out "am an adult now I can take care of myself" I shouted back at him suddenly he stopped he was shocked at my behaviour "what has happened to you were so careful, obedient and good......."

"Well I don't want to be careful anymore, why can't I live my life the way others do, am tired of all this" I said with tears in my eyes then I continued "why must I bear this burden, why must I hide...." I was interrupted by my sobs and I couldn't bear to say anything I left the room and went to my favourite

The sun was rising and I wondered why it gloriously rise in the sky while am here falling, the pain increased when I realized what happened "I had talked back at mike now he will be thinking that because I have grown I have become rebellious" I was so worried

"Is that not what you are" a voice in my mind said "shut up" I said angrily at myself, I kept wish over and over again that last night hadn't happened cuz the last thing I want now is to fight with my beloved brother, I have caused him pain ever since I came to his life, he had to take on the responsibility of protecting me, sacrificing his time and everything to see me safe.

"Am sorry am so sorry" was what I kept repeating while I cry, I felt a hand touch my shoulder from behind I turned to see mike squatted beside me, he hugged me sincerely and affectionately

"Am sorry I shouted at you back there, am sorry" he said and kissed my forehead

"No, am sorry I should never had done what I did last night I was foolish...."

"No you were young and that normal for any teenager like you trust me I did it in my time" he said with his playful smile, I felt relieved and I went back into his arms, every single time am with mike I always wish that my man would be like mike in every manner
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 4:33pm On Mar 06, 2018
"Dad called this morning he wants me to come back to Nigeria" he said

Then I started my sobbing afresh "Why nah?" I asked not expecting it, I had thought that we will go back together we only have one year left why can't he just stay for one more year

"If you go how will I cope"

"You will be fine, okay" he reassured patting my hair, I might be fine but when he's gone he takes the excitement with him and I can't live without excitement "when are you leaving" I asked

"Tomorrow" he said not trying to explain, he knows perfectly well how much I dislike people who make excuses instead of taking the bull by the horn, so he stated the fact and rest his case even thou his is not an excuse but I just don't want to hear reasons why he should leave me here and go back.

"But why pops wan make u come rush home like this?" I asked looking up at him, he didn't try to hide what happening but already hide it in a way I thought knew nothing about it but he let out a little hint that got me confused "me self I no know but I go ask momsi....." He let out a sigh when he mentioned mom and couldn't complete it.

Yep something is definitely wrong I said to myself, I reasoned why mom hasn't called since last week it not like her to spend over three days without calling her princess, is she sick, is it something serious? I wanted to ask but looking at mike stare Into the raising sun thoughtfully I knew better than to ask.

Mike packed up as hurriedly as he could, I didn't understand what was going on and when I ask him he will say dad has an important job for him to do, I tried everything I could to know I called dad but dad wouldn't pick and Ralph doesn't have a phone either he frequently sell his phone when he needs the money and when dad send him money he buys another phone, so I gave up.

It been three days since mike went back and I was extremely bored and tired, my phone rang immediately I picked it up hoping it was dad, the caller has no ID.

"Hello" I asked with a stern voice

"Hey! It Adrian, remember" he said

Gosh his voice is so sexy on the phone "Adrian, hi" I said feeling so elevated, I hoped so much he would say hey let's hang out and he did.
Re: My World - Jflash by chiexcel: 5:27pm On Mar 06, 2018
Tenks for d update
Re: My World - Jflash by FortunateB(f): 6:05pm On Mar 06, 2018
Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 6:59pm On Mar 06, 2018
Tanks a lot 4d update
Re: My World - Jflash by queenitee(f): 9:33pm On Mar 06, 2018
See this geh o
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 9:39pm On Mar 06, 2018
See this geh o

bae what did I do nah
Re: My World - Jflash by queenitee(f): 10:47pm On Mar 06, 2018

bae what did I do nah
I'm talking to Nicole o ma'm
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 4:32pm On Mar 07, 2018
"Yeah, so I have a cool party on at my house and I would love it if you'd come" he said the last word he said sounded like please instead of "come" but I didn't care how it sounded I didn't hesitate giving my answer

"Yes, Of course" I said very delighted

"I pick you up at the train station"

"Okay" I hang up the call and got prepared, i was now a senior student at shaolin and my learning schedules are not much, I wasn't allowed to teach the juniors when the masters are meditating because am a girl so in sum I have a lot of free time

I went to shifu and told him that I would out for four days I was going to stay with a friend, ever since I stayed in shaolin I never told a lie and shifu trusts me a lot

"Be careful on your way" he said and placed his hands on my head while counting his beads, I stepped back and bowed with my hands together and I left for the train station, I got into the Beijing express and headed for Beijing it was a one hour drive.

I got to Beijing and went outside the train station, Adrian was sitting in Lamborghini Aventador with his shade on, I was like wow I fell in the right hands I smile as I headed to him confidently, he got out of his car as soon as he saw me and hugged me, he opened the door and ushered me in.

"There you go" he said and courtesied then went around to his seat, I was overwhelmed but I got to keep my cool,

"You know I got to admit I did miss you alot" he said with a smirk as if missing me was an unbelievable feeling that happened to him

"How can you possibly miss me a lot when we only spent half a night together" I decided to play my game the way I know how to play it best.

He laughed and I continued "this isn't the car you used that night"

"Yeah I do change cars a lot, I have them in collections"

We entered through an automatic gate and into the most very largest and spacious compound I have ever seen we drove like about 30metres before we could reach the main mansion, am very much impressed I just feel like marrying this guy
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 4:36pm On Mar 07, 2018
We got to the house we could here the sound of disco and music, he took my hands and we went inside, "hey man you started the party without me, no fair play" he said at the top of his voice to his mates sitting at bar chair and they equally praised him for having a good eye as the raise their glass of champaign.

"Wow mahn she's hot" one of his friend who came to him said,

"Hey am right here" I said waving at him actually for no reason

We headed up stairs, Adrian has introduced me to almost all of his friends after talking to some ladies, I was exhausted and I told Adrian I need to rest we were heading to his room when I bumped hard into a lady,

"Oh am sorry" I quickly apologized, I could swear she wanted to pour hell on me but when she saw my car necklace her mouth was padlocked, she looked at me, she seemed familiar like I have seen her somewhere, i examined her carefully and I remembered where I saw her

I touched the necklace and smiled at her and am guessing she also recognised me and that why she smiled back, Adrian went to the lady and kissed her on her cheek surprised as I was I asked myself "is that his girlfriend?, of course who wouldn't want to have such a diamond for a girlfriend" I asked myself questions which I know I couldn't answer and as if he read my mind

"Jade, meet my sister" he said, I let out the breathe I didn't realise I was holding,

"You grow so fast" she said still looking surprised and amazed I guess, she held my hand in a hand shake

"I have to, I can only learn how to drive fast cars when am grown up but you haven't changed a bit" I said and she laughed, to be frank I wasn't trying to flatter her she still looked young and beautiful for someone I haven't seen in eight years

"Lucy, meet my friend jade" he completed the introduction

My heart skipped beats as I heard her name Lucy, i couldn't breath well I tried to calm my palpitating heart "are you alright" she asked

"Yea, am just too tired" I lied

Let me take you to my room so you'd get some rest, okay?" He said
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 4:37pm On Mar 07, 2018
I'm talking to Nicole o ma'm
abeg make u no mind me
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 4:42pm On Mar 07, 2018
I nodded and he took my hand and lead the way, I was calm now, "get some rest and come downstairs" Lucy said and went to her friends downstairs, I got into his room my tensed body relaxed I felt familiar with the room, I pulled of my jacket and boots and fell on the bed,

I felt so comfortable that I didn't want to stand up, he went to his small size refrigerator and brought chilled can of soda and threw one at me which I caught and popped open then he sat on the soft white cushion in the room while I was on the bed,

"How did you know my sister" he asked

"Oh, the first time I came to China in Beijing she was driving with some of her friends the she threw me this necklace" I said touching the make lace, I continued "that was about eight years ago"

He chuckled "are you the eldest"

"No she is the eldest, it only my sister and I" he said

"How old is she?"

"26 and she's engaged"

I took a short nap about 30minute I woke up looked around there was no nobody in the room only me, I went to the bathroom took a towel, soaked in water and wiped my face with it,

The party was still on and going when I came out I leaned on the designed short pillars on the edge of the stairs looking at the crowd of racers and party lovers dancing and opening drinks while some stood talking with their friends, all of them seems to be rich, I wondered how he made a lot of rich friends

Adrian came up the stairs when he saw me, I watched the way he walked I could see some of the ladies who tried to get his attention but couldn't cuz his eyes were fixed on me, I felt superior and another different type of energy and joy passing through me, I smiled at myself

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Re: My World - Jflash by FortunateB(f): 8:04pm On Mar 07, 2018
Am so much in love with this story. Babe you rock, please keep it coming.

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Re: My World - Jflash by queenitee(f): 3:29pm On Mar 08, 2018
Sorry, but how old is Nicole gangan?
Re: My World - Jflash by itsandi(m): 4:41pm On Mar 08, 2018
Interesting smiley Enjoy other interesting stories on Tushstories via


Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 11:22am On Mar 11, 2018
Sorry, but how old is Nicole gangan?

Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 11:27am On Mar 11, 2018
"Hey" he started

"Hey" I replied

"You are awake"

"Yes, my eyes are open aren't they"

"Come I want to show you to someone" he said then took my hand and we went down stairs, as we went through the crowd eyes were on me especially the ladies, it was like I have taken their man from them, I passed through some girls who eyed me while some pushed me with their shoulder, luckily for them I was in a good mood cuz I don't take that kind of poo

We got to the person we were looking for, another handsome guy with a smooth skin and deep watery eyes that would make you look deeper into his eyes and it made him look good

"Jade, this is my brother Kim soo young, he's half Korean half Chinese and an artist too" he said

I lifted a brow and am sure he understood what I meant "his dad is Korean and his mom is Chinese, his mom is my mom's twin sister" he explained

"Wow" I gave a surprised look and Kim let out his hand

"Hi, am Kim" he said showing off his charm

In my mind I was like "nah me this guy dey show level" I accepted his hand "I know" i said and tightened my grip a bit then smiled, I let go of his hand "It nice meeting you" he held his hand and massaged it he was behaving like a baby

"Where did you get this girl" he asked, Adrian laughed at him, "if that was amusing then am glad you liked it" I said to Adrian

Kim was speechless the look on his face was like "so am now an object of ridicule" he seemed to be getting angry, I looked fearless which seem like it was firing up his anger, Adrian was still laughing and patting Kim on his shoulder to calm him down but it was the opposite

I thought I would be yelled at and the guy would take off his expensive jacket and fight, from the way it was explained to me by Adrian the guys here aren't afraid to fight with ladies because any girl who races is considered a tough fighter, one who has the mind to take on the risk and that is what I am

I was hoping to be entertained but I was disappointed, I did get yelled at but the fight wasn't happening "u be correct ajebota" I said in my mind,

And went to the bar and ordered for champaign, the sweetness of the drink made me order three more glass, Adrian and kim sat beside me I was kept in the middle,
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 11:31am On Mar 11, 2018
"Am bored" I said,

"You're drunk again" he said

"No am not"

"Then do you want to race" Kim asked smiling, I responded by smiling back, we stood up and went out of the house to were the cars were parked, Kim got into his Lamborghini Huracán LP 580-2, Adrian and I both entered the same car, not up to a minute we got into the car to go to our normal sporting arena someone had announced the race between Kim and his brother

Everyone was out of the house screaming and jumping in excitement guys and babes getting into their sport cars and starting ignition, the sound of the engines was music to my ears, we drove out and they followed behind on high speed,

The racers considers themselves as booster that boost the spirit of young youths who wish and want to live an exciting life, we drove pass streets I could hear guys and girls shouting in praise and excitement, some stopped to pick up girls am guessing they know, every where we pass we hear shout of praise, I felt like the city was ours

I felt like my chest was going to explode with the joy and happiness in me, we got to the spot for the race and we lined up to start the race while the others found a suitable position to watch, a sexy young lady with a green flag stood in front of the two cars directly between the cars

"Are you staying" he asked

"Why do you think I agreed to it" I said

He took my hand and kissed it then looked at his brother, both smiled at themselves still firing their engine then they turned to look at the lady in front

"Put your seat belt on, it gonna be a rough ride" he said with determination to win
Re: My World - Jflash by DemiKOL(f): 6:40pm On Mar 11, 2018
Re: My World - Jflash by queenitee(f): 7:18pm On Mar 11, 2018

Okay, thanks

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Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 8:11pm On Mar 11, 2018
I did as he said, the lady raised her flag up then put it down that signalled the race to begin, the car kicked into the first gear and I jerked back,

the speed at which we were driving made my heart beat fast, the road was dark except that the head light was strong and it lit up the road, we got to a bend and I wondered how we will get pass on this speed

I looked at Adrian who was concentrated and relaxed and doesn't seem to be bothered about whats ahead, looking at him made me relaxed as well as the fear gone,

we got to the bend and he pulled a throttle between the front seat and turned the stirring left and it went smoothly without hitting Kim's car that was on the same level of speed as we were

I had thought that we were done with the road bends not knowing that lot of them were still waiting in front,

we reached a place were the road was spiral as if going up a building, Adrian did what he did before and we scale through smoothly and came back on a normal road that leads back to the starting point

Kim and Adrian were on the same lane sometimes Kim would go forward and sometimes Adrian will go pass kim in another occasion they would be on the same track,

Kim was also very popular when it comes to the racing,

although Kim had never challenged Adrian because he knows that Adrian too was a guru in drifting and this is the first time they challenged each other and I guess that why the people got so interested and came to take front seat

I was now beginning to see the road the way the racers do it wasn't a hard thing thou all you need to do is concentrate,

I would sometimes look at Adrian and I still notice his hand on the throttle close to his seat and the other hand on the wheel, my curiosity would increased but my mind would tell me "young lady this is not a time for question, focus"

Finally I could see the finishing point and people cheering and it happened that we got a tie that is no winner or both are winners
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 8:12pm On Mar 11, 2018

Oga mi, u still dey

Re: My World - Jflash by DemiKOL(f): 8:15pm On Mar 11, 2018

Oga mi, u still dey

oga ke? I still dey follow.........

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