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Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 5:35pm On Feb 21, 2018
Nice one......Your story is captivating and you are doing a very nice job of updating frequently. More ink to your pen and more MB to your phone.

Am very sorry, I just have to say this, Nicole age being ten is not realistic to her knowledge, things she say and also her action maybe it would have been okay for a 14-15 years old girl.
I guess Mike should also be at least 21 years old for him to be a lieutenant.

I understand what you are saying but I wrote all these thing from the different experiences I had gathered both mine and the experience I've from my friends and other people I am connected to every single thing I wrote, as for the ten year old girl children these days are been born with higher a IQ that allows them to use 5-10%of their brain these is connected to someone I know

and for the soldier guy who is a lieutenant all you need is connection to get to the top I have a lot of soldier friends both in NDA and in depot, one of them is a lieutenant at nineteen this year he turns twenty I don't do things

I like they way you observe, thanks by the way
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 11:26am On Feb 22, 2018

I woke up laying on a bed, I could smell drugs and disinfectant, I felt that my hand was slightly squeezed and I tried to wriggle out my hand as I don't know who was holding it cus my vision was not so clear, I heard aunt whimpering and blaming mike for being careless with me "mommy?" I said weakly as I rubbed my eyes to see clearly "yes darling am here don't cry if not mommy will cry too" she said as she touched my faced, I felt weak and pain "what happened" I asked mike "you were shot but everything is alright we caught the man, I thought I was always strong but know I know that the plan works perfectly in the mind but not in reality, Ralph had donated the blood that was used to sustain me during operation the doctor said he is a universal donor.

I spent two days in the hospital under watch both by the doctors and the security while uncle and aunt and Mr Li prepared my legal adoption papers and my visa and international passport and travel documents, mike and Ralph had kept me company during those two days and it was fun I got everything I wanted to eat, do or have and finally I was discharged. I got home and it felt like I have been away for years mom, dad as I can now legally call them without any second thought and Mr Li welcomed me back home, after all is said and done dad showed me the file contain the certificate that I am the registered member of the family and then the second file was everything I needed to pass the border of China I was surprised "I don't understand" I said looking confused "we are taking you out of this country, that's the only way to ensure that the person after you can't find you" dad explained "but why China why not America?" I asked, uncle knew of my dream of going to america ever since I was a kid when I will some Americans coming to do business with dad in his company, I had drafted and planned how my life would go but one lesson I had learnt from my past is that life doesn't always go as planned so you should expect the unexpected I gave a long sigh and accepted it "so what will I be doing when I get there?" I asked but my voice lost it brightness and enthusiasm, China! China was the least of the countries I had planned for adventure.

"That's were you will be studying...." He said, boring! Was what kept ringing in my head until I realized he didn't finish his sentence dad had signaled him to stop because of the presence of mom but mom herself refused to leave even when dad told her to go and prepare dinner, she called the nanny and told her what to do, dad had called her a lazy woman because of that,
I was going to leave for China in two days and I haven't even spent two weeks there I went to my room and thought of how to use these two days before leaving, I jumped down from my bed and went to Ralph's room but he wasn't there then I went to mike's room and both of them were there discussing, they weren't as sparky and lively as the used to be if they see me mike had invited me in to join them "did you hear that am going to China?" I said looking at their faces "yeah we had" Ralph replied "and you only have two day left" He added. Mike had preached about how it was for my good to go to China because China was the least place anyone would look for me cause they would be targeting the big developed countries cause that's were a born royalty like me would be although mike didn't like the idea of me living but he got no choice.

What kind of life is this, I begin to feel the burden of being of being adult ever since I began to live with aunt Martha and her family, having to live my childhood and become and adult if not the case I would die in this wicked world but thanks to the things kaila had taught me and to God for bestowing strength, knowledge and grace to me but some time I wished that God would stop gracing me and take my innocence life almost every night I said this prayer but he refused to do it so I stopped saying it, "so what should we do with the two days that is left" I asked
Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 1:48pm On Feb 22, 2018
Tanks 4d update
Re: My World - Jflash by FortunateB(f): 4:36pm On Feb 22, 2018
Nice update

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Re: My World - Jflash by itsandi(m): 5:08pm On Feb 22, 2018
Interesting update smiley Enjoy other interesting stories on Tushstories via


Re: My World - Jflash by igit270: 7:00pm On Feb 22, 2018
nice story,may ur brain be bless thumbs up

i notice something time factor in ur story ,a young girl of 10 in fact 18 can't regain strength after been shot within a week .at least no matter her up bringing training not in term of bullet.at least surgery will be done to remove d bulet n I tink it takes more Dan a week to heal up .

but sincerely u got me glue more wisdom

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Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 8:45pm On Feb 22, 2018
Nice update

tanx dear
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 8:47pm On Feb 22, 2018
Tanks 4d update

u wlc
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 8:49pm On Feb 22, 2018
sorry my update is not as fast as before, got to attend classes but I won't keep you guys waiting for long

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Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 9:40pm On Feb 22, 2018

sorry my update is not as fast as before, got to attend classes but I won't keep you guys waiting for long

no pro sist.. E make sense as u tell us, uno b like some.. D Lord we continue to strengthen u.. Anything u lay ur hands upon shall prosper.

U too much jhor

Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 2:55pm On Feb 23, 2018
nice story,may ur brain be bless thumbs up

i notice something time factor in ur story ,a young girl of 10 in fact 18 can't regain strength after been shot within a week .at least no matter her up bringing training not in term of bullet.at least surgery will be done to remove d bulet n I tink it takes more Dan a week to heal up .

but sincerely u got me glue more wisdom

story still in process, just sit back and enjoy, thanks a lot for ur encouragement.

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Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 2:57pm On Feb 23, 2018

no pro sist.. E make sense as u tell us, uno b like some.. D Lord we continue to strengthen u.. Anything u lay ur hands upon shall prosper.

U too much jhor


thanks wink
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 2:58pm On Feb 23, 2018
here is one to keep you busy for the afternoon,
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 3:04pm On Feb 23, 2018
What I said got their attention "what are you planning to do?" Mike asked

"Let's go out" I replied

"No" mike said sharply the gravity in his voice dawned on me heavily, I perfectly understand the reason behind his disapproval, since none of my opinions were considered, the room went silent after some minute Ralph brought an idea which doesn't seem much exciting to me but if that the only way to spend our time together then i'll do it, we chatted for a long time and drifted off to sleep. The next two days was actually fun for me, we, that is i, mike and ralph had gone to Zaria with dad to the depot and then a few trip to jos to buy materials and equipment that was required in the depot dad also showed us the famous terminus that was said to be the biggest market in Africa before it was blown to bits, I spend the two days on the road travelling from one place to another finally we came back home mom had already prepared my bags, she also bought some sweaters and trouser and canvas for me because she heard that China is a very cold place during winter.

I went to my room to change my cloth I stop and stood by the doorway when I saw mom arranging my cloths into the bags with some expensive cosmetics she bought, I watch her as she gently put those cloths away I admired her beautiful face, mom was average in height and bodily fitted, she looked strong and agile ready to do anything I loved her structure and wished to be like her when I grow up, I don't know much about the background of mom but all I know is that she is the daughter of a rich man and she loved soldiers a lot, she was quiet a naive and naughty girl in her teens and she was sophisticated.

The D day came and am over ready but not willing to go, mom had cried a lot that dad refused to let her come with us else she would flood the whole airport, I got into the car together with mike and Ralph, mom was withheld but her mouth wasn't she kept giving me advises as I got into the car, something like stay away from boys, read your books, always pray, oh of course am going to pray to Buddha that is, no offence to whomever may feel offended, and I kept saying okay until I got tired and the car drove off, we drove for about three hours to abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe airport, I was fifty minutes early and we had to wait till my flight was announced, I said my final goodbyes with dad, mike and Ralph and went on to board my flight with Mr Li who was going to be my companion through the trip and some days in China.

As I left I kept turning back to see if they were still there waving at me and they were it gave me great comfort and I relaxed after all am not going alone, we boarded Emirates and I was in the first class why won't I be when I can afford it, Mr. Li gave me chance to sit beside the window were I can look out to the world, the plane took off and i wished so badly that I can see mom again, the plane was now high in the sky I could see the landscape, the houses were like little stones on my palms, I started calculating how many hectares of land am going to buy if I should grow old, and the type of house I was going to build I have desired to build a château on the hill were I can feel the breeze while riding on my horse and also own a ranch, my imaginations became my dreams as I swiftly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up after some hours thinking we are already there but we weren't, on the seat I sat I tossed and turned and I slept over and over again, am realy tired of sleeping I stood and stretched then slump back into my seat again my ass was hurting me so badly I was very tired of seating I need walk around a little bit but the flight attendants would order me to sit but then I would see some older people moving around from our room to the other room and from the other room to ours then I would ask myself "is it because am a child" immediately I dislike that particular air hostess that was appointed to our room "Mr. Li aren't we there yet?" I asked, "no not yet" he answered he doesn't seem to be exhausted or tired

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Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 3:13pm On Feb 23, 2018
Tanks.. Oya more
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 3:14pm On Feb 23, 2018
"how many hours does it take to get to Beijing(the capital of China)" I asked I wasn't curious but I just wanted to measure my patience with time, "18 hours, are you hungry? should I order food for you?" He asked,
I don't think I want to eat again I already eat like two times "No am just tired" I answered, I wasn't only tired cuz I've been sitting but am also tired of been on the air for too long and I wanted to feel the earth again but I know that sooner or later I'll get used to it, Mr. Li gave me his iPad to watch movies and that how I passed my remaining time, watching movies.

Finally we got to land, I came down from the plane but my leg was wobbly and I almost fell but one of the pilot caught me, "thank you sir" I appreciated him, "you welcome miss" he said touching the tip of his shining pilot cap in an old fashion way, "an American" I said in my mind, usually I had thought that pilots who drive to a particular country must be a citizen of that country but it looks like it not how I thought, I was amazed it was like being in the movie in real life everything I had watched in Chinese movies was all there standing in front of me, oh and by the way I no longer use Nicole anymore, now am known as jade clement, crazy? Mr. Li had picked that name he said the name defines me but I don't know what jade means so I looked it up and the meaning was actually very pleasing to me Jade; a precious stone generally green or white often use for craving figures for royalty mostly found in China, as history has it, that the jade stone has always been used by wealthy families to signify them as noble, a very important symbols to china.

As we walked through the crowd of people, family welcoming family, father hugging children and wife, mother crying while saying goodbye to her son, so many emotional and busy people, we were almost to the exist when we saw another young Chinese man who waved at us holding a large white rectangular carbon paper with Mr. Li's name written on it.

"Who's that" I asked pointing to the direction of the man who was waving at us, "oh he's my nephew and he will be taking us to were we will stay" he said as we walked to meet him, as we got to him the young man bow to Mr. Li and ushered us to the car, I got in the back seat while Mr. Li got in front, he introduced me to his nephew and we started the journey to where we will be staying, they chatted in their language(mandarin) and I wasn't a fan of it to be interested in it, I knew this was going to be the problem I would face while living here, to mingle with people ain't my problem, the problem was how to understand what the say and how to make them understand what I say, I look out through the window of the car into the magnificent beautiful city of Beijing, the streets were so colourful, people there had similar faces and I could hardly tell if some boys were actually girl with their flashy cloths and diamond earring at one ear their lip were pink and their skin looked shiny as if the has been polishing it since morning.

But then I realized something that not all of them had one colour, some looked very lightly tanned, while some had the colour of rose on their face and some looked pale and white as if the came out of a freezer, the person who had quote the Americans as white men was wrong, Americans has a little bit of summer warmth on their faces and a bit of peach colour too but here I saw different types of colour and I wondered of we are all considered human beings, most of their teenage girl wore short skirts for those who wore skirt that is, documenting all these in my memory when some bikers were racing pass us on their dirt bikes, I had thought that China was a moral observed country I didn't know there were bad boys and girls in China too.

I was so excited watching them scream as the ladies on the bikes flex their tattoos of dragons and other designs on their back, arms and neck, the bikers passed and I thought the fun had gone but then I look at the side mirror and saw racers coming in their flashy turbo sport cars, coloured and designed, there was different colours of lights under the engine of the cars and the engine sound was insane,
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 3:23pm On Feb 23, 2018
the played music on high volume in their cars as the drove, the drove at high speed and some of the cars would slow down to look at this little black girl who excitedly watched them, the would smile at me as the drove by, the looked so confident and relaxed behind the wheel even at such speed the don't look afraid, I had especially loved a particular lady who slow down to look at me in her yellow and black car with a drawing of a dragon releasing red flame from it mouth, she was so maturely beautiful, confident and graceful, she looked more like Angelina jolie only she had a Chinese look, her eyebrow was carefully drawn and her lips painted dark red her eyes pupils were light brown, very elegant and a hint of bad girl, she had thrown me a gold miniature sport car necklace that she pulled off from around her neck and increased nitro which boosted her in a high speed that she was gone in a second to catch up with other racers, though she was far behind others but she reached them within some seconds, I guess she read my mind, cuz I so much wanted to be like her, graceful, confident and tough plus beautiful when I grow up.

I sat looking at the beautiful necklace smiling, I guess am beginning to like China, like but not yet love, Mr. Li had turned around to see if I was okay, noticing his movement I quickly hide the necklace behind my back, "are you okay, don't let those rich kids scare you" he said and I nodded "am not scared" I said but in my mind I screamed excited, we stopped at a tall 21 storey hotel I came down from the car I looked up at the building and to the sky and to the other buildings while moving backwards, "be careful" his nephew Antonio said, I never knew Chinese also use English names I thought it will be something like lu ken, yue wan, Jim ho, park young, I wonder if the park is english too.

I turned to see what he wants me to be careful of and the I ran into a pole that holds the flag of their country, I gave a painful cry I had bumped into the pole with my left shoulder, they dropped the luggages they carried and ran to me Antonio lifted me and Mr. Li checked my wound the white pad that was been attached to my wound with a bundle bandages was soaked red which means I was bleeding and it was painful, before I boarded the plane my doctor had inject me with a pain killer which made me forget that I had a wound and I was jumping around, the pain killer was supposed to wear off after 24hrs but 24hrs isn't up yet, the pain from my wound spread out to my left arm and it felt heavy like it was going to fall off, then the pain transmitted to my whole body I was rushed to a hospital that night and that was were I slept till morning.

Morning came and I was dressed up and ready to go, the doctor who treated me said he had stitched up the wound and it was clean again with a new pad he said again that it would take 3-4 weeks to heal since the bullet wound wasn't deep and didn't cause any major damage but you know China, herbs, roots and traditional medicines always do the trick, funny as it is, my first video call from across countries in my entire life with mum dad mike and Ralph was in a hospital and the video was cut short because of mom worries, the next day I came back to the hotel mike had video called and told me how worried mom was and she almost made a call to book for a flight to Beijing just to come and be with me but dad had restrained her, mike was still talking when mom came into the background and asked me questions upon questions like am I okay, how is my wound, are you eating well, do you like the place, is the place you're staying nice, is it clean, I look pale have I taken my medicines. Tell me how won't I look pale with all these questions been bombarded at me, "mom am fine" I said but she didn't believe me, I had to position the phone in a place that captures the whole room and me too, I turned around and lifted my two hands high but not high enough to show her am completely fine and in a good place too and that was how I had a peaceful conversation and mom stopped worrying. I guess am so lucky not only because I was born rich but every where I go love was also going with me. Mr. Li was only allowed the permit from his work to stay three weeks with me while he process my enrollment into a normal school and into a kung fu school which was what he wanted to say to me before dad stopped him because of mom, mom never supported the idea of me learning how to fight.
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 3:31pm On Feb 23, 2018
I got to go to class when am back I will update some more

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Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 4:18pm On Feb 23, 2018

I got to go to class when am back I will update some more

otigbayii jhor. U don try gan ni. U too much. More of God ooo
Re: My World - Jflash by queenitee(f): 4:51pm On Feb 23, 2018
Hmmm, still following
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 6:38pm On Feb 23, 2018
Hmm the weather here nah weather for two but am alone. Lolz

I'll try and update something before the night runs out
Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 8:41pm On Feb 23, 2018
Haaa, but y na

Hmm the weather here nah weather for two but am alone. Lolz

I'll try and update something before the night runs out

nothing do u. Waiting tinz
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 9:37pm On Feb 24, 2018
Mr. Li didn't was very worried about my wound and how it wold affect my performances in school, so he decided to take me to an old friend of his, the next the we began our journey, I had only spend one day in the hotel and that was the day I came back from the hospital, Antonio went with us.

China was really beautiful especially when it comes to their scenery China has a lot of mountains and valleys I had thought that China was developed in all corner of the country but like Nigeria they also have ghettos and poor people and dirty area in the lower towns, I didn't know how their time work here neither can I read their weather so I didn't know long we've been on the road,

we arrived at a province named denfeng in Beijing, the asked me to stay in the car while the ask for information about the person they are looking for, the old man the asked had pointed towards the mountain that was close to the village.

They came back to the car and out of curiousity, I can't be driven all the way to this village and still not know the name of were they are taking me to "were are we going?" I asked, "shaolin temple" Mr. Li said as he fasten his seat belt and Antonio started the engine and drove off.

The shaolin temple I have seen in movies looked furnished but this one looked like it had spent centuries upon centuries, very old it was located at the foot of a mountain the called holy mount song in Zhengzhou, how I knew all these things was a miracle,

we came upon the big wooden gate of the temple the name of shaolin temple was carve on the top of the gate a man who looked about Mr. Li's age came out and the both greeted I guess that was who he was looking for he said some things and pointed to my shoulder, technically I had not use that hand throughout today I had not used that hand well the pain killer given to me yesterday wasn't a strong one I know how I manage convinced mom that am okay.
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 9:41pm On Feb 24, 2018
We went into the temple passed a big hall to a room, the room doesn't have any chairs in it and it was only lightened by the light that comes in through the small window, we sat on the floor in a kind of a circle, Mr. Li had told the monk about me and my origin and why I came to China and how I got the wound on my shoulder and if their any way he could perform his traditional healing so I can get back to school and training with the others, the monk had taking an interest in me and accepted to treat me,

Mr. Li had an agreement with the monk that I couldn't understand, the monk brought out a big wooden box and opened it, there were tools inside some with gold colour and some silver, he asked me to lie on a mat that was set on a wooden table in the middle of the room, "why" I whispered to Mr. Li "just do as he said you'll be fine" he answered

I had complete trust in Mr. Li so I did everything the monk asked I lie down on the bamboo mat, from the box he took out a wrapped piece of fabric and unwrapped in it has tall needles of different lenght, I was asked to pull off my jacket and I did and also my shirt leaving on me my vest the pad on my wonnd was also removed, I was tensed.

The monk lit candles and incense, it smelled so sweet and I was surprised at how the incense made me feel so relaxed and calm, he picked a needle and gently put it into my skin close to the wound slowly while rotating the pin between his fingers then the second pin went across opposite the first pin immediately after the second pin was inserted I could no longer uses my left hand I felt limbless on the left then I began to panick and Mr. Li reassured everything was fine and I went off to sleep.
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 9:44pm On Feb 24, 2018
I woke up feeling fresh and renewed the next morning, I spent a week in the monastery and my recovery was rapid I could now use my hand to do whatsoever I wanted to do by the end of my one week my wound had cover up though the wound wasn't such a big wound thanks to the cloth I wore that day but because of my playfulness and stubbornness the healing was prolong.

I had gotten along so well with the people there because I was cute and not as white as them, the said my skin colour was the colour of the raising sun, it was quite fun as I was the one being adored, by the beginning of the next week we packed whatever belong to us and with a long farewell and blessings from the elderly we left for Beijing.

I was in enrolled into one of the most expensive schools and luckily for me my first day wasn't bad I met some Nigerians and some others who aren't chinese, I set up my room, I was given a room on the third floor for me alone because I had requested for privacy, in a school like that being rich matters a lot else you will be looked down on.

I was a carefree person didn't give a damn about anything threats or gossips, I carry myself with a lot of dignity and that earned me a lot of respect during the second year, I was always the student of the year my face was always on the front cover and yet very hard to get, always on my own, I attend class from 8am-1pm and also attend kungfu class in the school, I had extra class apart from school normal classes, this class is for foreign student who don't know how to speak chinese.

Within the four years I had spent in Beijing I spoke fluent Chinese and my kungfu was smooth until I realized I was only learning the basics for four years, during my graduation I gave the speech as the class head and excellent grader, the head of the school had called me on stage complementing my work while people cheer me "abi.... Nigerian girls no the take last nah" was what I said in my mind after the complements.

School was fun i had made the school my little world were everyone respects me and do what I want but I never been rude to them or despise the lower ones I made myself equal to them and I gained their trust because when you get the people you gain authority to rule them, that's democracy for me although I hated politics but I need it to achieve my goal,

My arch enemy Rachael feng who refused to acknowledge me the way others acknowledge me and refused to admit defeat even when she lost all her glory to me, she had spent her time and money during these four years in school to see my face rub in mud and shame to strip my face and shoulder off it pride but didn't succeed while I was busy obeying mom's advice reading my books and staying away from boys, Rachael had received a lot of insult and scolding from her family when they saw her results from I were I was watching her I pitied her she sat so alone i went to her to keep company giving out a hand of friendship but she slapped my hand off "am not done with you yet".

I smiled at her which pissed her off and she stomped her feet and left, I smiled at her because our time here together is finished how else can she deal with me and with whom unless we meet again in the future and she so much remind me of Amara only she is more spoiled than amara
"Amara come and meet your match oo" I said in my mind and laughed and headed back to my group of friends.
Re: My World - Jflash by Emotionless100: 9:49pm On Feb 24, 2018
The weather was clear and sunny, the sun was sweet on the skin, so sweet to feel, she could smell
the earth for it was the beginning of the year and it has only started raining for the year, she was
standing under the pride of Barbados tree lost in thought the scenery was so beautiful, the newly
grown green grass, the thundering sound of the heavy water fall, the blossoming tree and it’s
beautiful red flower and the quiet, it makes you wonder, it makes you want to know what else is life hiding behind those beauty, she felt a hand that wrapped itself around her waist and a body that
cling so lovingly to hers and that perfume….. Her lips curved in a smile I know that perfume. She
turned around to see him.

He went down on one knee, happy valentine my beautiful Val, he handed her a red rose, it matches
the colour of your lips perfectly.

Wow…. I never knew there would be a time that I will feel as crying over a rose.

It not just a rose, my beautiful Roselyn, it’s my heart.

Hmm you have gotten more improved in your flattery, she teased

This woman, you know just the right button to press, don’t you? He said with a seductive smile that
made her heart flutter

It rained very early this year and the flowers are pretty,

But not as pretty as you, he hug her so tight that she felt like she’s already becoming one with him
she closed her eyes to savour the moment, she thought of the flowers the tree and the water fall
and the love, it was perfect, she said let this love I share in happiness complete you because it only
in love can one blossom, this love that is like a billion blessing but not fated to last, she opened her eyes quickly like some who woke up from a nightmare, she let herself out of his embrace, her mood

We can’t do this anymore.

Jade? What’s wrong? He ask utterly confused

Am about to do something that will change you forever and please do not blame me am only
playing my part in this circle of life, hot tears sting her eyes but she refuses to let them fall but
couldn’t succeed in hiding them from being seen.


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Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 6:32am On Feb 25, 2018
Tanks a lot 4d update... Happy last Sunday to u all

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Re: My World - Jflash by FortunateB(f): 12:16pm On Feb 25, 2018
Thanks for the update, your story has made this thread my new home oooo. Please i want some more ''Oliver Twist''
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 4:53pm On Feb 25, 2018
The luck I had in meeting some Nigerians in school was helpful sometimes when the come to my room we will talk in Igbo or Hausa or sometimes when other Chinese will want to tell us we are in their land and theirs nothing we can do by speaking their language we also will speak ours unfortunately for them some of us foreigners can now speak fluent Chinese and we can hear anything they gossip or say when them can never understand us cus our language is tough like us.

Although my achievements was big but I wasn't fully happy I thought I would spend the end of my four years in school alone until I saw coming from the entrance was my handsome brother mike and ralph they looked around and looking for me I shouted their names and I quickly ran to them, we hugged and laughed, then I saw mom coming in I rushed to her and she hugged me tightly so tight I had to break it, there she was crying again but no worry for me it was a cry of happiness, I also joined her in crying dad came behind us and we were all in a family hug, now my achievement was complete.

"Your speech was touching" Ralph said touching his chest gently and smiling sexily

"thanks" I continued "you guys have changed mom is looking more beautiful and dad looks like he's been eating ten time a day" everyone laughed, touch the obvious evidence his belly and laughed "mike have grown more handsome and ralph......" I stopped

"What" he asked

"You look hot what have you been doing these days" I asked

"I told you it was obvious" mike said

"What is obvious" mom inquired

"Nothing mom" both of them said quickly

Mom gave us a suspicious look and we gave her smiles in return "these children will not kill me" she reported to her husband who just shrugged the matter off, Mr. Li wasn't there he had to run some business, I have grown very fond of Mr. Li because his always there when am missing my family, he fills up for them, we left the school and went to the hotel they were lodging and we were discussing the next step for me I was going to begin my training that Mr. Li and the monk had agreed on at shaolin temple the following week, dad has recommended that mike should improve his training so that means mike is going to stay with me, mom had refused to let me stay but dad has already said it and it is done.
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 4:54pm On Feb 25, 2018

Mr. Li came back during the weekends and all of us went to shaolin temple to them it was a tour but to me it was simply came back to a place I felt whole, I had visit some of my friends in the nearby village were I stayed and I will be staying for the next few years it was exciting for me to call the monk who had treated me "shifu" which means master or as I might say "fufu".

Dad and mom and Ralph went back to Nigeria leaving behind mike and I and Mr. Li who also leave us too, mike and I were fully settled and began our train sessions mike was allowed to train with the warrior monks because he seemed tough but still he performed well, it not everyone one that has the opportunity to train with the warrior monks unless you are well trained both physically, mentally and spiritually, mike was so free and friendly with them.

On the second day of training I was so surprised when I saw mike drinking and laughing with some monks and other foreigners who had pass the rite of passage to train with the shaolin monks, trully I was impressed and happy to, during my training I had thought that the skills I had learn in kungfu school at Beijing would make it easier for me to catch up with the others but no, it was like starting from the very beginning, shaolin kungfu was the main kungfu and at shaolin kungfu was born, in order to learn kungfu you have to be calm and at peace with yourself and you environment.

Shifu knew I was troubled deep within my soul, on a certain day he called me into a big hall, there was a very big golden statue of Buddha, at first I thought that Buddha was a female "why is she smiling?" I asked, he stopped and looked at me smiling "Buddha is not a woman, he's a man. We sat on a wooden floor that was shiny he crossed his legs and I also did the same but my legs were not flexible enough, "so what do we do now" I asked him "we meditate" he clapped his hands together and closed his eyes, I did the same "concentrate on yourself, let your mind and soul be free then you will see" he said.

I had closed my eyes and stayed in that position for about an hour but nothing was happening immediately I flung my eyes open and was startled by shifu who stared at me he shook his head slowly and stood up "the road is very long, follow me" he said and followed the big passage with me closely behind.

I had spent six months trying to meditate but i was still not getting it, mike has improved a lot on his training while me I still haven't taking a step forward it was depressing until a particular day I could not forget, shifu took me to his favorite place of meditation on the mountain that makes the sky look closer and gives you a clear view of the valley and other mountains it has water fall and a clear pond and a very big peach tree, that was my first time of seeing a peach tree with it blossoming pink leaves and flowers, the place was greenish and colourful and fresh,
Re: My World - Jflash by Jasmineflash(f): 4:55pm On Feb 25, 2018
Thanks for the update, your story has made this thread my new home oooo. Please i want some more ''Oliver Twist''

thanks a lot
Re: My World - Jflash by skubido(m): 10:13pm On Feb 25, 2018
Tanks a lot 4d update oooooooooooooooooo

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