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Perfidy / The Enemy Within - A Tale Of Love, Lust And Betrayal / Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story (2) (3) (4)

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Re: PERFIDY- A STORY OF LOVE,BETRAYAL AND DECEIT by Tunibitoye(m): 11:52am On Oct 01, 2021

Chi, Chi, Kola called in order to ascertain she was insentient, he raised up her hands and it dropped immediately. He smiled, he was definitely gonna have a swell time, he thought.
He induced her with a pill of ketamine and the sedative effect was to last for an hour which was adequate to carry out his ploy.
He briskly took her to his bedroom and placed her on his bed, he gaped at her for a while.
Chi, Heaven knows i love you and you are worth more than any lady out there, it would shatter my soul if you leave. I feel so diffident and i can't afford to loose you, so this is the best alternative.
I hope you'd be able to forgive and apprehend my rationale.
I'm gonna plant my seed in you and no man, not even your "so called" Jide would have the right to assert you, you are mine and mine you'd be forever, he said with a grin on his face.
He actually knew she was ovulating because he asked her about it in the guise of exhibiting care, she never knew he had evil up his sleeves.
He undid his shirt and short and was about doing same to her gown when a knock on the door interrupted him.

Shit! Who the hell could that be? He asked angrily and swiftly wore back his shorts and headed for the door.
He stood transfixed at the sight, it was eerie seeing Jide at his doorstep, he rarely visited.

Manny, you look overwrought, what's the matter? Jide asked.

Oh! Me, no! I'm cool, just overwhelmed by your visit, you rarely visit at this odd hour, what's up?

I actually came to relay an issue with you, you would be in the preeminent position to abet me because you worked "hand in hand" with the accounting department before your resignation, it is pivotal so we need to discuss.

Bro, that would have to wait, i'm indisposed right now, Kola said in perturbation.

This is money and i can't afford to loose a penny, an enormous amount of money was deducted from the company's account and it is highly undetectable so i need your proficiency in discerning it.
I also intend carrying out a surveillance to fish out the perpetrators of this misdemeanor.

Bro, ain't you listening, i just told you i was indisposed, let"s do this tomorrow, Kola replied.

I am dumbfounded by your demeanor, what happened at Abuja? I really wanna know the major reason behind your resignation and proclivity? Jide asked.

Kola became peevish, it would spell doom if the tables turned.
Bro, you are pissing me off right now, why this dumb question?
I thought i gave you my reasons? Please you'd have to leave, Kola replied angrily.

Jide stared in astonishment.
Are you asking me out of your house?

What does it look like? Kola replied.

Manny, na me you dey many a like this? He paused for a while and spoke up.
No qualms, he said and left.
He got into his car and pondered on his friend's tensed up state and the familiar fragrance that graced his nostrils, that was Chisimdi's Cologne. He felt her presence in the house and was quite disturbed within him, his intuition told him something was amiss and it had never failed him but he had his doubts.
Chisimdi can't possibly be with Kola, i guess this is just an hallucination, he said to himself and drove off.

Kola immediately shut the door and scrutinized the wall clock, he had 30mins to carry out his operation, so he swiftly went into his bedroom and took off his shorts.
He was about taking off her gown when he got disrupted for the second time by a ring on his phone.

He picked up angrily; have you gone nuts? Are you mad? He asked in exasperation.

Boss man, this ain't about going nuts, your attention is required and "later might be too late." Our hitman has been nabbed.

How the hell did that shit happen?
I made it explicit to you guys, never arouse speculations, no matter the complexity of the job, this might stand as an encumbrance to our upcoming operation, Kola replied

Boss man, we are deeply sorry, it was a shocker because we covered all tracks. Please you have to be here as soon as possible.

Give me 10, i'd be there in a jiffy, i've also got a vital piece of information for the arena, Kola said and hung up.

He looked at the sexy body before him and was exasperated, if only Jide had not come to obstruct him, he would have commenced his mission before the impromptu call.
I see you've got supernatural powers abetting you but i promise you won't go scot free next time, he said as he dressed up. He quickly stumped out of the house.

Chisimdi however woke up an hour later and was stupefied to see herself on Kola's bed, she couldn't remember a thing. She stood up to go search for him but he was no where to be found, she tried reaching him on phone but he was unreachable. She couldn't understand why the house was desolate, she however picked up her bag and left the house.

She got home and met Kyla at the balcony, she was exhausted to engage in a conversation so she just exchanged pleasantries and went into the house which surprised Kyla.

Babe, what's the matter? Kyla asked.

Let's talk about this tomorrow ok, she replied.

Hold on a second, did you "pop the cherry?" Is that the reason for the long face?

Why are you so skeptical about that?
Nothing happened between us but i feel puny and it's inexplicable. I woke up on his bed and couldn't find him anywhere in the house so i had to leave.
I need to freshen up and have some rest, i'd probably give him a call in the morning.

Alri.... Kyla suddenly rushed into the bathroom to throw up without completing her sentence and Chisimdi confirmed her fears. She noticed Kyla's unusual behavior when she got back from the seminar but decided to stay mute and observe. Now she was obligated to ask questions.

Kyla, what's going on? I noticed a drastic change in you, are you pregnant?

Pregnant ke! I ain't pregnant, currently on my flow so that ain't possible. I think it's malaria, Kyla replied.

Kyla, this ain't malaria, you are pregnant; your bust is quite swollen, you look pale, you've been throwing up incessantly and your food aversion is highly unusual.

Babes, i'm not pregnant, my flow justifies that fact, Kyla replied.

My dear, pardon my disparage but you ain't sounding learned.
It is possible to be pregnant and still experience spotting which you shouldn't term as menstruation. It's a rare occurrence and you probably fall into that category.
You had better correct that notion and go run a test, Chisimdi replied.

Madam know it all, i guess you've got a point, i'd go get myself checked up and i pray it shouldn't be pregnancy as you claim, Kyla replied.

Catch ya later babes, i gotta freshen up and go to bed, i've got a long day tomorrow and a scheduled meeting with the CEO of Banko Finance firm.
Goodnight dear, Chisimdi said.

Alright love, sleep tight.


Hello, why haven't you called to give me the state of affairs?

Chill! I've got it all figured out, i pushed things a little bit forward by threatening to involve the press.

Good! Now you are talking, make sure you keep me abreast.

Sure! The caller said and hung up.

Shey Kola wants to be unfortunate nii

If anything should happens to Jadon you'll have to gimme his location
Re: PERFIDY- A STORY OF LOVE,BETRAYAL AND DECEIT by Tunibitoye(m): 12:32pm On Oct 01, 2021

"Hello, rise and shine baby," Kola said.

Good morning dear, she said while gaping. She actually just woke up.

How was your night?
Hope you slept well?

Yeah, i did but i'm slightly pissed at you. Why did you desert me last night? Worse still, your phone was switched off.

I'm so sorry baby, i had to address a Paramount issue.

I ain't buying that, you got me agitated.

I'm really sorry, please forgive me baby.

I'd have to think about it; Anyway, i found myself on your bed last night and my memory is totally blank. What happened to me?

I'm still in shock baby, you slumped right in front of me and it got me panicking. I had to examine your pulse to ascertain if you were alright. I assumed it was stress so i took you to the bedroom for a proper bed rest .
Baby, i think you need a break off work to circumvent such awful occurrence.

You mean i slumped?
That has never happened to me. She paused for a while to gather the information..
I guess you are right, i need a break off work.
Thank you for the care, you are one of a kind.

Don't mention baby, i was hoping we could reschedule dinner for tonight? I really wanna spend my evening with you.

I'd be staying up late at the office so i don't think that would be possible.

I can't stand the nature of your job, it's quite onerous. You mean the world to me and i wouldn't want you falling ill. Please tender your resignation, i don't mind footing the bills.

I'm a sucker for independence so i'd pass on your offer. I'd have to hang up dear, i've got a conclave with the CEO of Banko Finance Firm.

What? The CEO of Banko Finance Firm? Kola asked in trepidation.

Yeah, do you know him?

Yes, i mean no. Just go do your thing ok, i'd give you a call later, he said and quickly hung up which confounded her.

Kola became apprehensive, he paced back and forth the house; Why didn't i think of such contingency?
Damn! I must be an asshole.
I've got to act fast, i can't possibly let this happen. I'm sorry Jide but "it's better now than ever," you are going down.
He quickly placed a call across to his aids and authorized them to take down Jide.

Jide left the house with a premonition but he brushed it off and drove off. As he drove, he noticed a car on his trail but assumed it was fortuity. He took a bend thrice and accelerated but the car was still on his trail, he had to act fast so he drove and swiftly swerved to the right.

Damn! That bastard, we can't afford to loose him, boss would have our heads for this.
They reversed and followed same route, in less than 10mins, they caught up with him.

Get down, "you bloody civilian," Sparrow said while directing a gun at him.

What is the meaning of this claptrap? Jide asked in authority as he stepped out of his car.

Oh! You dey speak English for me abi? Say your last prayer, he immediately cocked his gun was about to shoot when Spider interrupted him.

Capon, "the girls dem daddy," na you be this? Spider asked.

Jide scrutinized the individual and was trying to recollect the face.

Spider, na you i dey see so? Jide asked in astonishment.
They quickly embraced each other leaving Sparrow in bewilderment.

Capon, capon, no be so o,
No be so we plan am o,
You just abandon your loyal boy for kirikiri.

Spider! My hands been dey tied, no vex, i go make am up to you as i don see you, he quickly brought out his complimentary card and handed it over to him, make sure say you call me, we need to yarn matters.

No yawa, no vex say we dey trail you o, we go retreat and i go protect you from this day henceforth, i swear down, Spider replied.

Odas is oda
No friends, no foe
Absolute no lagging, Jide said in their usual lingual.

No brothers in the world
No price, no pay
No lagging on board,
Blood for blood
Let the devil that lead you guide you, spider replied.
They both shook hands and Jide drove off.

Spider, wetin dey sup, why you allow am waka? Sparrow asked.

Leave matters, that aloro na my don1 back in the University days.
He took a bullet for me on innumerable occasions and i'm willing to lay down my life for him.
No worry, i go handle the issue, make we dey go.

You sure say you know wetin you dey do so?

You deaf? I say make we dey go, spider said feeling exasperated.
They both entered into their car and drove off.

Jide was indebted to God, he needed answers and was resolute to meet up with Spider later in the day.
He also resolved to tighten his security, all hands must be on deck to Savage this situation, he said.

He got to Danco group of companies and parked his Rolls Royce in the parking lot.
As he stepped down, he caught a glimpse of Chisimdi and felt it was a figment of his imagination.
He rushed into the building for a verification, he didn't wanna be embarrassed like the last time.

What is the name of the lady that walked in? He asked the receptionist.

Miss Chisimdi Williams, she is actually the Cooperate Operations Officer of this company.
Just as he was about asking for a direction to her office, she walked into the reception and "the world stood still."

They gawked at eachother and couldn't utter a word.
She couldn't believe the man of her dreams was standing right in front of her, she was astounded.

Jide swiftly moved towards her and enveloped her in an heart warming hug, he had tears running down his eyes.
She quickly claimed his lips not paying heed to the receptionist who gaped at them.
They savoured eachother's tongue and she felt like she was gonna explode, her heart fluttered, she couldn't contain her exhilaration.

The receptionist however cleared her throat, "you guys should go get a room," she muttered under her breath.
Chisimdi broke the kiss and they both laughed at the utterance of the receptionist.
She held his hand and took him into her office, they sure had a lot to talk about.

Can somebody inform Kola that it's over for him �

Person wey borrow money from Lapo no dey enter club � Dorime
Re: PERFIDY- A STORY OF LOVE,BETRAYAL AND DECEIT by Tunibitoye(m): 12:41pm On Oct 01, 2021

"I have died everyday waiting for you"
"Darling, don't be afraid"
"I have loved you for a thousand years"
"I'd love you for a thousand years," Chisimdi sang to Christina Perri's "Thousand years" as she entered into the house.
Words couldn't express her exultation; I finally got to behold his charming face that lingered in my memory for weeks and kiss his lustrous lips i had kissed a million times in my dream.
"If this isn't love, then what is it?" I have found my soulmate and my sleepless nights are over, she said to herself.
Her mind wandered to the mind blowing kiss they both shared in her office, he grabbed her butt at some point and she didn't object. She felt whole, nothing seemed amiss and she smiled to that fact.
She immediately switched on the light and found Kyla whimpering on the floor.

Baby girl! Why are you sitting in the dark?
What's the matter? She asked.

Kyla was puny so she couldn't make an utterance, she had cried her eyes out.

Chisimdi walked up to her and sat down; Please talk to me, why are you crying?

Chi, my life is ruined!
Chi, i am finished!
God, why me? She lamented amidst sobs.

I am totally lost, what are talking about?

Chi, you were right, i am four weeks gone, she said and immediately burst into tears.

Chisimdi knew right from the inception and couldn't help but feel sorry for her friend.
Baby girl, this ain't the end of the world, the deed has been done already, so "it is too late to cry when the head is off."
I am certain the dude you met at Gemstone is the one responsible because you never made mention of any intimate encounter after that time so we are gonna search for him together.
You are not alone, i would ensure he takes culpability for his actions. Wipe your tears, i've got you, she said and took her to her room.
Chisimdi however could not share her joy considering her friend's present quandary, i'd probably do that subsequently.

Capon, i get vital piece of information for you o, no be wetin we go talk for phone, we need to sit down yarn the matter.
I want make you dey very vigilant as from today, always watch your back and trust nobody because you no know who be who.
I go locate your office tomorrow, spider said and hung up.

Jide pondered on the words of Spider and was mystified as to how he got into this imbroglio.
I've got no business adversary, so who could possibly wanna kill me.
Well, i'd get answers soon. I've got to give Kola a call, he dialed Kola's number and he picked it up immediately.

Manny you no go believe wetin i wan relay o, Jide said.

Jide, are you still, he quickly rephrased; Are you still in town? He said feeling agitated.

Bros, na wa to you o, which kind misyarn be this one na?
When i tey tell you say i wan travel? Jide asked.

Oh! I guess i heard wrongly, pardon me, Kola said shakily.

Bro, what is the matter?
You've been acting cranky! You know you can always confide in me.
You seem so distant and it splinters my heart because you are the only family i've got.
If i erred, you can spill it out and i'd ask for your forgiveness, we've come a long way so let's end this riff.

Bro, forget about that issue.
What was it you wanted to relay?

Well, my life is back to me, i finally found Chisimdi and i felt it was sage i told you about it. To cap it all, the feeling is correlative, she couldn't get her hands off me and when i kissed her, gosh! It was paradise.
With the way i feel right now, i'm gonna get married to her next month, Jide said enthusiastically.

Congrats man but i gotta hang up, i've got an issue that needs my attention.

Alright Manny, it was nice talking to you, please think about what i said.

Yeah, goodnight, Kola said and hung up.

Jide heard a knock on his door as he was about heading upstairs and moved to go open it.

Well, well, well, Mr Jide Bankole, i see you've got balls and i'm gonna crush them. This child in my womb is yours and you must take accountability either "by crook or by hook."

Jide swiftly clicked the recorder on his phone unknowingly to her.
How much were you paid?

Oh! You think i'm trying to defame your character, when you were busy wriggling your musaka in my well and grunting like an he-goat, it never traversed your mind that condoms do break abi?

Ten million! Jide said.

Ten million what? She asked in astonishment.

I'd give you ten million to shut this insubstantial asserveration.

You must be high on cocaine if you think you can buy my pride.

Fifty million!

Osanobua! Fifty million!
You are kidding me right?

Forward your details and the money would be wired into your account in the morning, Jide said.

She quickly knelt down; Thank you, my God would bless you. I am deeply sorry for the embarrassment. Tasha contacted me because i was your favourite "call girl" and i was the only one who stood a chance to probably get pregnant for you.
She wanted to get her pound of flesh because you reneged your promise in getting her a car and publicly degrading her at your office. I am really sorry.

Jide immediately turned off the recorder and placed a call across to the chief constable; Hello, i need you to authorize your men to come pick up a malefactor in my house.

Jide, i said i was sorry, why would you call in the police?
Please let's resolve this amicably. You can keep the money, i promise never to traverse your path again.

Jide paid deaf ear to her plea and in 10mins, they came and whisked her away, he also gave a diktat for Tasha to be nabbed.


Boss man, we tried all we could, he had a tight security, so we couldn't penetrate but we intend to take him down soon. We would endeavor to carry out a supervision and strike when he is unaided, Spider said.

I loathe incompetence and excuses, it was a simple nut to crack but you guys flopped outrageously.
The nincompoop had the temerity to shove his joy down my throat, why would he be happy while i wallow in misery?
All my life, i have had to play second fiddle, he literally came first in all spheres.
Now, i have found solitude in the arms of a beautiful young lady and he wants to deprive me of it.
My worse nightmare has shone into limelight and i am helpless but not deterred, i would fight with the last drop of my blood, if i can't have her, no one else would.
For this act of negligence, you guys would pay dearly for your life, he quickly brought out his gun.

Boss man, i would confess, i would confess, Sparrow said with fear in his eyes. We actually caught him but Spider authorized him to leave, i don't wanna die.
Have mercy!

Kola paused for a while and spoke up eventually;
Spider! Why? I trusted you, why would you do this?

Boss man, you can kill me and i would die a happy man knowing i died for a good cause, but be rest assured; Good always prevails over evil, he said but felt bad he didn't disclose the information to Jide. He knew death was near so he recited his confraternity anthem;
See no sin
Hear no tale
Let the devil that lead you guid...... He didn't get to finish his sentence before being shot at the heart, he smiled as he fell to the ground.

I understand wetin you do there o!

But we meuvee sha
Re: PERFIDY- A STORY OF LOVE,BETRAYAL AND DECEIT by Tunibitoye(m): 1:32pm On Oct 01, 2021

Miss Chisimdi, i must say your friend is very fortunate.
In fact, i'd consider it an enigma.
She took an overdose of "dextromethorphan." It is an OTC (Over the counter) medication and a cough suppressant which is contraindicated in pregnancy. Most suicidal victims opt for such drugs because it is a less agonizing means to "kick the bucket."
Although she needs to be placed on thorough medical analysis to circumvent complications during and after the pregnancy and she shouldn't be isolated.
Always carry out a scrutiny to eschew future occurrence.

Thank you so much doctor, God bless you. I really don't know what i would have done if i had lost her, she's the only family I've got.

All praise to our maker, "man proposes and God disposes." The baby is kicking fine and she's currently asleep so i'd advice you come see her later.

I'd rather lay around till she's awake, i'd be on my way to her ward. Thank you once again.

You are always welcome beautiful. I'd have asked you out if i had not seen the beautiful masterpiece on your finger. You are a beauty to behold and the dude should thank his stars i never found you first, the doctor said with a huge grin on his face.

Thank you, she said not wanting to prolong the conversation. Doctors and their pervert demeanor, she thought as she left the office.

Jide gave her a call and she picked it up immediately.
Baby, how are you and how are they faring?

I'm fine sweet, they are doing alright. She attempted suicide and i'm grateful to God for sparing her life. If i hadn't brought her to the hospital on time, i'd have lost her and i'd never forgiven myself.

I'm disconcerted though, why would she wanna take her own life?

It beats my imagination baby, i really can't fathom why?

Well, i'm glad they are safe from harm.
Hope you've had something to eat?

I've got no appetite, i'd do lunch instead.

This shouldn't be a "topic for debate," i'd order breakfast immediately from Cactus.

Sweetheart, you need not worry, i'd be fine.

I insist and i need no further persistence from you, i wouldn't have my baby feeling esurient.

Alright sire, she replied sarcastically.

Now that's more like it. I'd stop by the hospital with lunch okay, i've got a private meeting with the investors so i gotta run.
Just a night apart and it feels like a year apart, you've inundated my entire being baby.

The feeling is correlative, i could use a hug right now but not to worry, just go do your thing okay, would be expecting you.

Alright pumpkin, i love you forever and a day more.

I love you more cutie, she said and hung up the phone.

A call immediately came through his phone and he picked it up.
Hello sir, i'm calling from the area command. We received a report this morning on Miss Tracy Mba, she was shot dead at her residence last night.

Holy Moses! Jide screamed in trepidation.

We also gathered she worked in your company as a Secretary before her painful demise so we'd need all the necessary information we can get. We intend carrying out a thorough investigation to bring to book the malefactors of this misdemeanor.

No problem, i'd be on my way to your office, Jide said and hung up.
He suddenly felt puny and pondered on how he was gonna relay the news to her sick mother, it might be her ticket to the great beyond.
He noticed Tracy's queer conduct and movements before his vacation to Paris but failed to exhibit concern.
If only he had asked questions, she probably wouldn't have died.
He was resolute to get to the bottom of the case so he took his car keys and headed out of the house.
The thought of Spider immediately graced his mind and he muttered a curse. Love had rendered him witless, he literally forgot his life was in danger. He felt quite befuddled as to why Spider had not gotten in touch with him so he decided to give him a call but it was unreachable.
He called on the driver and his personal aid and they drove off.

The driver noticed a car on their trail and informed Jide. He decided to increase the pace and drove at a rate of 90mph which was beyond the speed limit.

Jide didn't listen to the utterance of his driver, he was lost in thought to pay heed to his surrounding.

The car however caught up with them and Jide snapped out of his reverie.
The driver was shot immediately and just as his aid was about to fire, a bullet was sent down his skull.
They however checked to see if Jide was in the car but couldn't find him and that left them confounded. They got into their car and briskly drove off.
Sparrow on the other hand was definite his end was near for he had failed thrice.

Jide was muddled, he was literally petrified and tried congregating his thoughts;
What just happened?
How come i became unassailable to them?
Is this a miracle or what?
His mind drifted to his father's last word on his sick bed, "so shall they fear the name of the Lord from the rising of the West and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against them." His father made reference to the bible and gave up the ghost. He couldn't comprehend the meaning at that time but he held on to those words and they never departed from his heart.
He never believed in miracles, he rarely went to church, he seldom prayed, he was an ardent pagan, an unrepentant sinner.
Why did God make him invincible to his foes?
Why did God spare his life for the umpteenth time?
He sat gaping at his driver and aid who had blood gushing from their heads.


Kyla woke up four hours later and found herself on an hospital bed with Chisimdi glaring at her.

Am i extant? She asked witlessly.

No, you are dead.
Silly girl, Chisimdi replied with a smile on her face.

Why won't you just let me die in peace?
Why did you come to my rescue? You had better go get the drugs i took because i wanna die, i can't stand this torture, she said angrily as she tried to get off the bed.

Kyla, you had better stay put to circumvent hurting yourself.
Never would i have envisaged you had suicidal tendencies, i must confess i'm highly disappointed.
Just take a look at yourself; bitter, resented and withdrawn.
For crying out loud, you are a fighter and you've always taught me never to give up regardless the criticality of the situation.
Why chicken out now?

How do you expect me to fight when this is obviously a loosed battle?
I know nothing of my baby's father and i can't stand the thought of having to raise a bastard. Suicide is the only way out of this mess.

Gosh! Don't you ever say that, my God daughter is not a bastard.

Kyla forced out a smile and scrutinized the beautiful ring on her friend's finger. She felt bad for shutting herself out of her friend's life. A tear threatened to slip down her eyes but she held it back.

I'm sorry Chi, what would i have done without you?
You are more than a friend to me and i love you so much.

Don't mention, i just want you to promise you'd never contemplate suicide, it's barbaric!

I promise, Kyla replied.

Jide stepped into the room immediately and Kyla swooned.

Ge ge
This bread no be Agege �
Re: PERFIDY- A STORY OF LOVE,BETRAYAL AND DECEIT by YoungBruzzy(m): 1:07pm On Jan 21, 2022
Hello OP

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