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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Corbin: 11:20am On Jan 07
New day
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Zeemuthafuka: 8:27pm On Jan 07
New day

Long time no see bruh
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Corbin: 8:31pm On Jan 07

Long time no see bruh
happy new year smiley
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Zeemuthafuka: 9:35pm On Jan 07
happy new year smiley

I wish you the same man

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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Zeemuthafuka: 8:24am On Jan 09
WWE Smackdown reviews recaps and reactions

Last week on Raw, the show ended with us not knowing if Randy Orton burned Alexa Bliss as he slowly walked to a camera with a lit match. The camera faded as the announcers were pleading with him to not burn Alexa to death.
Spoiler alert - he didn’t. It was a stupid reveal that WWE didn’t even really put much thought into. Why bother with a cliffhanger if you’re not going to deliver?
On SmackDown tonight, WWE managed to give us “what’s going to happen next” moments throughout the show! The arc with Adam Pearce was incredible, as was when Big E and Apollo ended in a double pin, and Montez Ford’s excellent selling of a knee injury. These types of moments make viewing exciting.
The best thing is, they ended the show with a multi-layered cliffhanger for next week. How is Adam Pearce going to process that he’s facing Roman at the Royal Rumble? Will he be able to run the shows and focus on his match? Will he find a way out of it and find a replacement? What about Kevin Owens? What about Shinsuke Nakamura? He was screwed over. How will the Rumble winner play a role here, if the Rumble winner is a SmackDown wrestler?
THAT’S how you make me invested in your program. Give me consistent coherent and frankly, just logical storytelling. All of that will equal an excited weekly viewer. So, thanks for this on SmackDown, WWE. Can we get this on Raw?
Let’s talk about the main hits and misses of this show.

Scrap Daddy
Scrap Daddy Adam Pearce gets his own shine.
I have loved him as the WWE management for both shows. He hasn’t been intrusive at all and he’s a really fun dude on television. McInfart, guys and gals. C’mon.
Reigns had him come out to start the show and said Owens has been a pain in his ass, but he respects him. But the reason why he isn’t around anymore, is because of Adam Pearce’s decision to put Owens in the match last week. In response, Pearce said to Reigns that he’s trying to put great opponents out there for Reigns.
Reigns asked if he wanted to be in control, why didn’t he just put himself in a match, to which Pearce said it would be a conflict of interest. (See, he’s no Vince McMahon type!) Roman then started bullying Adam and said he must think that either he, Adam, or Vince are stupid. If he thinks Roman’s stupid, then he’s insulting him, he doesn’t respect him, or his family.
Reigns let him slide though, although the whole time Jey was behind him, it looked like he was going to be attacked. The tension there was great!
Later, another daddy, Daddy Deville, came up to Scrap Daddy and said that she took a job assisting him because she wanted to put the past behind her. This may end up playing into Sonya becoming a future authority figure? I’d dig it. Let’s see what happens.
Paul Heyman came up to them and told Adam that he holds him to great respect and admiration, knowing his long career and desire to be a champion in WWE. So he pulled some strings, and Adam’s in the Gauntlet match!
Throughout the night, Adam Pearce was shown as a great dude who has conviction in his job. But when Reigns or someone associated with Reigns was around, he showed a new layer of uncomfortability. It’s a really great touch because his role is helping push Roman’s douchebag heel persona to newer heights.

Rey Mysterio and Sami Zayn started off, but Sami walked out with a mic and a camera crew. He said they were there to document the conspiracies against him in WWE by WWE.
Then he got in the ring and got 619’d into oblivion.
Shinsuke Nakamura entered, and Rey sunset flip powerbombed Nakamura from the ring to the floor. I always love and jump at that spot. Nakamura was on his game immediately delivering knees to Rey’s face. Nakamura got Rey out tagging with a cross arm bar. King Corbin ran in and took out Nakamura and both Mysterios.
Nakamura gave him a few nasty kicks. Corbin charged at him in the corner and met another kick. Corbin countered the Kinshasa with a Deep 6 for a near fall. Corbin was doing his move out of the ring and back in and ran into a Kinshasa and his journey ended there.
Bryan started with urgency, kicking Nakamura and sending him out of the ring. Bryan put him in the half crab, then an ankle lock, and then a German suplex for a near fall. Absolutely beautiful suplex that was. Nakamura took down Bryan for another arm bar, but Bryan reversed it and transitioned into the Yes Lock and Nakamura got his leg on the rope. I really enjoyed this part of the match because these two really gave it their all. I don’t remember Nakamura looking this good. And I say that because Nakamura pinned Bryan! That was shocking!
So Reigns and the family walked down before Pearce, and attacked Nakamura. Roman threw Pearce in the ring, and Jey superkicked him. He sold that superkick amazingly. Dropped right to the floor. Roman told Jey to put Pearce on Nakamura and told the referee to do his job.
Adam Pearce is going to the Royal Rumble to face Roman Reigns for the Universal title.
Okay so I didn’t like this ending at first, but after some thought, I like it. Here’s why.
First of all, Reigns is playing the old Goosebumps “you choose the scare” card with SmackDown. He is the ultimate boss. He shows no fear and no respect to management. And that’s because he is the boss. He chooses what happens in regards to his championship. And why not? No one has stopped him yet. He’s got Paul Heyman pulling strings, and Jey Uso knocking fools out for him.
Also, Adam Pearce is scared of Roman. Showing his fear is an immediate issue for him because Roman has been using that fear. It was on display here, as Adam was forced into wrestling and then given the win. That’s because Roman knows he can control Pearce and won't get to suffer the way he did at the hands of Owens who was a real pain for him
Soo Until Pearce develops a more Kevin Owens-esque attitude, Reigns will continue to bully him. Now that it seems for now they’ll be wrestling at Royal Rumble, he’ll be forced to acknowledge Reigns competitively. Time to boost that attitude, Pearce!

The Rest
Big E retained via draw / Big E defeated Apollo Crews
Apollo started explosively for an early upset near fall. I’ve been so happy to see his new mentality as of late. They were having a good bout, and then we had somewhat of a convoluted 3 count and the bell rang with Apollo celebrating a win and confusion from E. When they came back from commercial, the referee said both men’s shoulders were down and a draw means the champion retains. So Apollo slapped Big E so he’d restart the match. Loved this!
So Big E started the second match explosively and got a near fall. Great contrast. Apollo did a standing moonsault for a near fall. Big E got the Big Ending for the win, and that was certainly interesting wasn’t it? I actually liked the draw and restart, because it helped protect both men and threw a wrench into the normal WWE booking. See now that double pin to a commercial with confusion all around, that is how you do a cliffhanger.
Leave it to WWE to do it well on one show, and butcher it on another!

The Dirty Dawgs defeated The Street Profits
Robert attacked Montez’s injured knee, so Montez responded by running across the ring and diving off onto Dolph and Robert. They played up him potentially getting injured further as they went to commercial. Dawkins had a flurry of punches on Roode in the corner, and Ziggler tagged in. They did the referee is distracted so the heel takes advantage spot, and Dolph grabbed the ropes after tagging in Roode to keep the hurt on. Very nice detail there. Montez kicked out of a fisherman’s suplex brilliantly but fell to a spinebuster/Zig Zig combo.
Last week I said that Dirty Dawgs should get the titles, and I’m glad that they pulled the trigger. Well… for now. Last week’s dreadful Street Profits promo saw me ready for this because I’d like to see some new stuff from one of my favorite tag teams. I truly like Dawkins and Ford and they need to get the Apollo treatment. Give me some tweaks to their characters please.

Billie Kay is a national treasure
The Riott Squad was backstage and Billie came up to them excited to work with them more after last week. She gives them her resume and photo which she added mosh pit to. They turned her down and she started crying and said 2021 was supposed to be better and it’s not. Liv felt bad and kind of led her to believe she was accepting her in and then she got very happy and walked away. Hilarious. I love her.
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by DanieBlinkz(m): 7:57am On Jan 11
Smackdown was amazing as always, Roman is really elevating the show. The guys on SD are also doing their jobs well. Wonderful show.
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Zeemuthafuka: 10:50am On Jan 11
Smackdown was amazing as always, Roman is really elevating the show. The guys on SD are also doing their jobs well. Wonderful show.

Happy new year bro
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Zeemuthafuka: 10:17am On Jan 12
WWE Raw Reviews recaps and reactions

Entertainment is subjective by nature but one thing is fast becoming an objective fact — Monday Night Raw is a terrible program.
A few hours before the show, WWE let us know that Drew McIntyre tested positive for COVID-19. We already knew that he was going to face Randy Orton tonight, so obviously that match was out. We didn’t know the full scope of it at the time, but reports came out of another outbreak throughout wrestling.
It was very clear from this show that things were thrown together in light of this.
I can’t give them crap for COVID-19 affecting the show, but I can give them crap for how they booked this show. It wasn’t their best effort. Wrestlers pulling double duty instead of throwing some faces out we haven’t seen in a while - boo. Why does WWE have an inability to book a creative show on Mondays that is fun to watch with all of the talent they have?
It’s maddening. Again, the pandemic has of course changed many different things on the fly, wrestling and non-wrestling related, but if you’re going to put out a three hour wrestling program, make it exciting to watch. I shouldn’t have Keith Lee breaking a turnbuckle as the only highlight of my night.
Raw is a broken product. I’d like to return this item.
Let’s talk about the main hits and misses of this show.

Triple H is proud of Randy for murdering someone. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. It’s funny because it seems like if you want anything from The Game, you need to play into his biggest insecurity - his manhood. I couldn’t even tell you how many times people over the years have used the “take your balls out of Stephanie’s purse” line.
And yet, it’s like Triple H has heard it for the first time, every single time.
Both had their own promos acknowledging the match later in the night, and then Keith Lee came to Triple H to offer his help since he’s been mentoring and helping him out since getting to WWE. Triple H decided to decline but thanked him, and Keith gave him his leather jacket and got a fist bump.
Turns out that this “match” wasn’t actually a match at all. Not even a referee present for this. Triple H reversed Orton’s table spot and pulled the sledgehammer out from under the ring. As he started getting into the ring, the lights started to go out Fiend style. All of a sudden, the sledgehammer was on fire and the lights went out. Triple H disappeared.
He just… disappeared.
Alexa Bliss appeared behind Orton and flashed her Pain glove. A fireball shot out of her other hand and Orton writhed around in pain to close the show. The last thing we hear - “What has she done to him?!?”
Is it not obvious, you clueless buffoons? Two weeks ago the match was lit and when the cameras stopped rolling, apparently their eyes closed. Have they not seen enough fire in WWE in general (or in their own lives) to know what fire is capable of?
Yes I know it’s WWE fed lines but like… man it makes them so stupid.
So clearly the Fiend/Alexa/Orton stuff was going to continue and that’s fine, but boy how we got there… woof.

Never meet your heroes in person
Drew McIntyre responded to Goldberg’s challenge for the Royal Rumble.
Though he started with a different promo earlier saying very clearly that he has COVID-19 and for people to mask up, socially distance, and be safe. This may have been WWE’s first actual pandemic PSA since this all started.
Drew said last week was a literal dream for him as he respected and saw Goldberg as a hero. He was going to thank the legends on stage before Goldberg knocked on the door. He’s got him all wrong - he’s a firm believer in giving respect.
This was a wonderful promo to sell the match. I still don’t want it, because they’re starting to make us think that Goldberg is going to win because the precious WWE championship has eluded him his whole career.

WILL THEY BE ABLE TO COEXIST? Don’t ya just love that trope? Hatred for Miz and Morrison could bring anyone together I guess. Sheamus and Keith isolated Morrison and tossed this dude around like a ragdoll.
All of a sudden Keith Lee charged at Morrison in the corner and broke the top turnbuckle! Hahahaha! That was NOT planned! Keith and Sheamus shared a laugh after that.
After fixing that during the commercial, Morrison and Miz were successful getting Sheamus isolated. Sheamus was finally able to get momentum with an Irish curse backbreaker and tagged Keith. He tossed Miz into Morrison like he was a piece of paper. Keith was getting ready for the Spirit Bomb and Sheamus tagged himself in and Brogue Kicked Morrison to win.
So if you think that that was it, you’d be wrong! Because all the smiles and fist bumps turned into anger and fighting after the silly Triple H promo. They themselves had a match and beat each other up. The SLAPS on Sheamus’ chest by Keith hurt me! Sheamus isolated Keith’s left arm throughout the match to take out the Spirit Bomb. Sheamus had an excellent knee strike and Keith dropped like a sack of potatoes. I love selling like that.
The isolation of the arm didn’t work though, because Keith did the Spirit Bomb anyway for the win. So Keith put out his fist to signify friendship again and Sheamus hugged him instead.
… well okay then. So they never showed us how the happiness broke down between them and then they beat the hell out of each other and that accomplished nothing. Well no, it accomplished time wasting. Leave it to WWE to burn 25 minutes on the same people in back to back matches instead of showcasing the dozens of other talented people on their rosters.

The Rest
Bobby Lashley defeated Riddle / Riddle wins against MVP via DQ
Lashley was smart and had the same strategy as Riddle last week. He mauled Riddle before the bell and when the bell finally rang, Bobby tossed Riddle across the ring. He then threw Riddle to the floor. Riddle got momentum and went on a sprint with a Broetry in motion to the outside, but it wasn’t enough as Bobby was locking in the Hurt Lock after a powerslam.
After that match, Riddle challenged MVP. MVP literally just wrestled in his suit. Lashley tried to interfere and Riddle kicked him, so Lashley got in the ring and caused a DQ. As I said in the opener, this show was just full of unnecessary time wasters like this. There are multiple people that we haven’t seen in weeks that could have gotten some TV time.

T-Bar defeated Xavier Woods
I was confused as to how Kofi’s broken jaw made this match, since New Day have been feuding with The Hurt Business and RETRIBUTION with Ricochet. If COVID-19 had a play in this they could just be transparent! Maybe instead of burning another 10 minutes on Sheamus and Keith Lee they could have done an angle to make this make sense. T-Bar pummeled Xavier for the first 2 minutes and got a near fall on a nice clothesline. Xavier gained some momentum but got distracted by RETRIBUTION distraction. Eyes Wide Shut got T-Bar the victory.
This match was fine, pretty decent even. I’m just confused as to why WWE can’t make sense of things with even a few hours notice. Kofi’s broken jaw had nothing to do with this so it didn’t even need to be mentioned. I don’t even know if that’s legit. I hope it’s not because that would be awful for Kofi.

Lacey Evans defeated Charlotte Flair
You want to make Charlotte a babyface then you definitely have her pummel Lacey Evans every week. Lacey’s character is pretty much the worst. This 1930’s sassy Southern belle crap is not my cup of tea at all. All of a sudden Ric Flair’s music played and I thought “Oh okay that’s smart of Lacey to do a distraction” and no actually Ric Flair strutted out. Uh... okay. Not like there was another COVID-19 outbreak very recently. And then exactly what you think was going to happen happened. Ric helped Lacey win. So we’ll be seeing more of 71 year old immuno-compromised Ric around in Lacey’s corner. Stupid.

Jaxson Ryker defeated Jeff Hardy / Jeff Hardy defeated Elias
Whatever and whatever. Here’s hoping AJ Styles and/or Omos weren’t affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. I was enjoying their feud with these dorks. And it turns out they weren’t. WWE just decided to insert Jeff back with Elias for reasons.

AJ Styles defeated Drew Gulak
Aj was talking to Adam Pearce and Drew Gulak came up to them and declared himself an entrant in the Royal Rumble, but Adam said he can’t just do that so he put them in a match for Drew to be able to get into the Royal Rumble. Gulak had a nice Tiger Driver for a 2 count. A backslide for a 2 count, and then his momentum was halted by a pele kick. AJ sent him to the outside and then Omos stepped into frame for a great visual. That distracted Gulak enough for AJ to hit the Phenomenal forearm to win. Nice little match here. Really don’t know why they randomly dropped AJ and Elias’... feud? But I was enjoying it. Oh well.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeated Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke
More dissension teased between Nia and Shayna and please split these two.

Please somebody find Triple H and get him back home to his family
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Zeemuthafuka: 10:59am On Jan 15
I just remembered I didn't post NXT Reviews...well I didn't even remember to watch it sad
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by NewDelhi(m): 10:48pm On Jan 15
DStv Chanel 128 was showing some throwbacks today. That yokozuna entrance song brought back memories mehn. The song gives you a taste of Japanese culture while sending chills down your spine.

Went to YouTube and found his debut with his agent Mr Fuji way back in 1992. Very funny match. grin

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Zeemuthafuka: 9:10am On Jan 16
WWE Smackdown reviews recaps and reactions

SmackDown has continued to be a phenomenal show in 2021.
Seriously. Friday nights are an absolute delight. Why not Monday nights?
The people who run creative on this show are mostly the same as the ones on Raw. So how is it that Raw is complete garbage, and SmackDown is high quality entertainment? For the very first time, I can happily say that there was not one thing I disliked. I have never been able to say that about any WWE show in all my time recapping the main roster. This was the best SmackDown in a long time, and the bar is very high this year.
And this is even with Liv Morgan losing to Natalya on this show!
If they can do this on the blue brand, why the hell is the red brand such trash?
Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, maybe Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Keith Lee, and I guess if you wanna throw Brock Lesnar in there because it’s WrestleMania season, all could win the Royal umble. This is incredibly exciting.
Keep me guessing! Swerve me in a logical and surprising way. It’s been working out tremendously on SmackDown. Every week I want to know what’s going to happen next. Every week I watch Raw and I want to stab my eyes out with a fork.
Please, WWE, make Raw great aga… eh, let’s not do that.

Let’s talk about the main hits and misses (there were no misses) of this show.

Card subject to change
Welcome to the Bloodline Show.
They did everything right throughout this show. I absolutely love the show long storyline progression they’ve been doing. The show started with Roman and Paul Heyman and Heyman assured Roman that he will handle the contract signing.
So Heyman walked to Adam Pearce with a contract that said the match at Royal Rumble is a No Disqualification match. He just signed it immediately, knowing what it meant. Interesting.
Heyman took the contract back to Roman, and Roman was hanging out with Apollo Crews! Interesting. Heyman let Reigns know the stipulation and he was very upset about it. No DQ? Nah. Last man standing. Take it back.
So Heyman went back to Pearce and said it’s last man standing now, and that Reigns wants him in the ring later. Hm. Pearce is taking this better than many.
The main event. Adam walked down to the ring and sat down. Then Roman decided he wanted the chair Adam sat in and Jey made him get up faster. Pearce signed the contract. Roman sat at the head of the table and signed the contract. Adam grabbed it and got up, saying “I’ve been waiting all night for you to do that.”
Confused faces all around, Pearce walked up the ramp and started limping and grabbing his knee.
IT WAS A SET UP ALL ALONG! Pearce announced that because he is an official he makes the matches and the card is subject to change. Out came Kevin Owens!
This was brilliant! All night I was asking myself why is it that Adam is just going along with all of this, and he got Roman to sign the contract without thinking Pearce would pull some funny business. And this story works because of what happened last week.
Last week I said that Pearce needs to boost his attitude. And boy did he do it! This was the first time that Roman has lost the upper hand, and he sold it wonderfully. Now I can’t say I’m not a little sad we aren’t getting Adam in a match, but this reveal was brilliant, and who knows? Maybe this may lead to something on SmackDown in the next few weeks leading up to the Royal Rumble.

Ding Dong! Hello!
So Bayley went and got herself a talk show.
Bayley came out in her best Morning Show wardrobe and made Bianca ring the doorbell and walk through the door set up in the ring. Gold.
Bayley said she had a special preview of Bianca’s WWE special but instead played the moment when she pinned Bianca last month. To get out of getting smacked in that moment she asked Bianca what the inspiration was for EST.
After going through her EST’s Bayley interrupted and said that she must now be the best because she beat Bianca. So she challenged Bianca for an obstacle course next week.
That should be really fun, and only because Bayley and Bianca are incredibly entertaining.

Intergender match
Carmella was interviewed with Reginald.
She said she told the truth about Sasha Banks and Banks can’t touch her. But Sasha hasn’t been sound for the past few weeks. She proved that she’s better in every way.
All of a sudden Sasha pushed Kayla Braxton out of the way and Reginald got between her and Carmella. Sasha said that if Carmella wants a title match, Reginald has to wrestle her first!
This was wonderful because one - we don’t see intergender matches in WWE often, and two - Reginald bout to get his ass beat. I’m sure that there will be some shenanigans but I’m not going to let that negativity rain on the parade of this week’s excellent show.
Please do not ruin it next week, WWE.

The Rest
Cesaro defeated Daniel Bryan
What they showed before this match legitimately made me laugh out loud. An earlier meet up saw Cesaro walking up to Bryan and Otis hip thrusting on the floor. To taunt Bryan, Cesaro did a hip thrust and called it the Macarena. Hahahaha it was genuinely funny and I don’t know how either person didn’t bust out laughing.
Bryan had an excellent takedown transitioned into technical arm work. Both men tried to wear each other down and Bryan sent Cesaro into the ropes and he landed awkwardly on his head. Cesaro targeted Bryan’s left leg after kicking the ring post. They traded uppercuts and Bryan tried the Yes! Lock, but Cesaro got out of it and executed the Swing into the sharpshooter. Bryan rolled through and tried the Yes! Lock again but Kevin Dunn decided not to let us see Cesaro’s leg on the top rope.
Cesaro won with the Neutralizer and just go press play and watch this. These two are incredible together. Bryan is on the downside after the past few weeks. Smells like a Royal Rumble win to me… for now. You know how they like making wrestlers lose before they do something major with them. We’ll see! Go watch this now!

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Jey Uso
Jey’s promo was magnificent, and for it to end with Shinsuke’s old music playing was soooooo sweet, y’all. In just two weeks, Shinsuke Nakamura feels revitalized.
He and Jey started hot, with flurries of knees and punches. About two minutes in, Cesaro’s music played and he walked out as Shinsuke sent Jey to the announce table. Jey had Shin in the corner and then Shin got momentum and did another really awesome snap german suplex like last week for a near fall. Jey then hit a neckbreaker for a near fall.
The whole time Cesaro was putting both Shin and Jey over on commentary. Jey used the classic heel tactic using the ropes for the pin, and Charles Robinson caught him. Shin took advantage and gave him a Kinshasa for the win.

Apollo Crews defeated Sami Zayn
They showed Heyman’s excellent promo from Talking Smack last week where he got Apollo fired up. Big E was lounging on a white couch with a fruit cup. I love him. Apollo started off hot and with urgency. He hit a moonsault off the announce table, where E told Sami not to call him brother. Sami grabbed Apollo’s tights and the referee called him out. Then Apollo grabbed Sami’s tights away from the ref’s eyes and won. Conspiracy! Apollo showed off more of that new personality getting in E’s face. Loving this a lot.

Natalya defeated Liv Morgan
I know I’m supposed to be paying attention to the match so I tried hard here I promise. Billie Kay. My God. Natalya was very aggressive and hit a nice snap suplex. Liv stomped on Natty in the corner but Liv went for a near fall. Billie tried to get the referee’s attention to yell at him and got in Tamina’s face. To escape her, she ran into the ring and stunned Liv, and Natalya rolled her up. This is so great.

King Corbin defeated Rey Mysterio
Corbin dominated Rey for the start of the match until Rey hit a Bulldog. Corbin threw Rey out of the ring and started taunting Dominik on commentary. Rey went for the 619 and Corbin countered with a Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin went for a cheap shot on Dom and that got him riled up enough to try and get him back. Rey stopped him but Corbin pushed Rey into Dom and did the End of Days to get the victory. I hate Corbin but I love his moveset, honestly. The End of Days is very protected and I love that.
In the back, Rey had to tell Dom that he doesn’t pick a fight with a giant without a plan. Dom was hot about it and Rey said that he knows who to talk to if Dom wants Corbin. I like showing some aggression and personality from Dom here. He wants to fight and being a cruiserweight will help him in matches with guys like Corbin. Let’s see where this goes.

Grade: A+
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 4:02pm On Jan 16
Apollo finally having sense and joining the tribal chief

what a glorious day
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Zeemuthafuka: 6:26pm On Jan 16
Apollo finally having sense and joining the tribal chief

what a glorious day

Who gave them those caps? grin
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 8:06pm On Jan 16

Who gave them those caps? grin
Apollo of course, who else?
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Zeemuthafuka: 8:15pm On Jan 16

Apollo of course, who else?

ya crazy grin
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 9:34pm On Jan 16

ya crazy grin
Free me oh
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Zeemuthafuka: 9:57am
WWE Raw Reviews recaps and reactions

After watching this show and thinking about last week’s SmackDown, I came to a realization I hadn’t before. Have you noticed that SmackDown hasn’t done any type of cinematic stuff since Roman returned?

Like… Raw is constantly cinematic moments, specifically when it comes to the Fiend. The problem though, is that it’s been making The Fiend a magical character. He didn’t start that way. He never should have become this.

Then they brought Alexa Bliss into the fold. She started out as a person manipulated by The Fiend, and now she too magically appears and disappears, and shoots fire out of her hand.

Now she can transform into dark Alexa. Uuuuugh. They have relied so much on these magical looking cinematic segments that have taken away from the original characters. Possessed Alexa good! Magical Alexa bad!

On top of all that, nothing matters on Monday nights. Seriously. Raw is a YouTube clip show. Most of the matches have no stakes, most of the matches make no sense and get no one over, and most of the talking is terrible. This show sucks.

Alexa Bliss said she just wanted to talk to Orton last week, but things got a little “heated.”
She introduced Asuka and Asuka tried to sit in the swing next to her but said she wasn’t allowed to. She kept addressing the empty swing as if it were the ghost of the Fiend, which was really one of the only parts I liked about this segment. Asuka mentioned His name, and Bliss snapped at her as the rocking horse in the ring rocked back and forth by itself.
In the match later, Asuka would hit Bliss and Bliss would smile, similarly to her match with Nikki Cross. She dove into the ring from the outside and then the lights started going out like the Fiend, but it sounded a bit different than usual.
Bliss transformed into some new clothing and goth lipstick. Asuka was kind of intimidated and still willing to fight. Bliss was taking Asuka’s moves but recovering quickly with an emotionless face. Bliss tried a Mandible Claw and Asuka blocked it. Asuka kept attacking her but Bliss did the Sister Abigail and won. Then she transformed back into gleeful Bliss and said Let Me In, but with the Fiend’s voice.
Alrighty. So after everything I said in my opening remarks, I liked what they did with Alexa in the possessed part of her match. Everything else before… didn’t feel it this time. They really are relying too much on the cinematic aspect of this. I’m not really much of a fan anymore.
I’d much rather preferred they just make a Fiend version of Alexa instead of relying on these possession and magical tactics. I’m not enjoying this anymore.

El Dandy Orton
So Orton has a Lucha mask now.
You could see it was covering some burns on his face, as he opened the show saying that the voices in his head are as loud as ever after getting burned last week. He’s wearing the mask to shield us from the horror he went through.
He chose compassion but it backfired on him. But he doesn’t blame Alexa Bliss. Instead, he blames the Fiend. He knows why the Fiend is doing this. He wants to stop Randy from being in the Royal Rumble. With all that has happened, Orton said he’ll still be in the match next Sunday because while everyone probably was happy to see him burn, he’ll never let this get in his way from winning and going to WrestleMania.
I was wondering how they were going to do this reveal of Orton, and I actually don’t mind this. A plain Lucha mask is certainly interesting. I thought maybe they’d have done an eye patch or maybe a Phantom of the Opera style mask (come on that would have been HILARIOUS) to then do some twisted gruesome reveal. Remember we had an eye incident a few months back.
Who knows what this company will do at this point?

Gillberg vs. Drew McInfart
Holy shit.
This was one of the worst segments I have seen in quite some time. Not surprising that it involved The Dirt Sheet with Miz and Morrison.
Shout out to David Krumholtz! Great to see your crack live on television.
I’m sure Vince loved it.

The Rest
The Hurt Business defeated Riddle and Lucha House Party
Before this match, Riddle met the Hurt Business in the back and “Slobby Bobby” (Sigh) “stomped” on Riddle’s foot. He did not. Alexander continued the dissension by not tagging his partner and then almost lost the match. Dorado wiped the floor with Cedric and then the Hurt Business traded tags with him, which he took badly and Benjamin shoved him out of the ring. Riddle finally got tagged in and worked over Benjamin. After some more fighting, Bobby got the win with the Hurt Lock on Metalik.
Metalik and Dorado were really good with Shelton. Shelton has some fun moments with luchadors. Riddle attacking Lashley after the match only furthers their feud. I like Cedric’s massive ego, but I don’t want to see them kick him out just yet.

Mace defeated Xavier Woods
I like Mace’s look out of all the RETRIBUTION group. He had an awesome chokeslam lifting Woods out of the corner and held him up in the air for a good 15 seconds. Woods tried wearing Mace down with elbows and a kick to the face but Ali got Mace to “shut him down” which I’ve said before would work really nicely as a way to get Ali to motivate them. Which worked in this case too, but there was definitely some sort of botch with Mace’s finisher.
I really like that they’re using Ali and Kingston’s history on SmackDown from when Ali was supposed to get the big push until he got injured, and KofiMania was born out of it. Ali hoping that Kofi gets to feel the way he felt that time is great. I don’t know how bad Kofi’s jaw injury is but sadly, I don’t see AliMania coming from this RETRIBUTION stuff.

AJ Styles defeated Ricochet
For some strange reason, AJ Styles has become a gatekeeper for the Royal Rumble. Last week Drew Gulak tried declaring himself for the Rumble as was denied, now this week as multiple people are declaring themselves, Ricochet needs to have a match to see if he can be considered to be in the match. Huh?
Omos played a role here catching Ricochet and then dropping him to the floor. Ricochet’s backflip into the German suplex is beautiful. He really can sell like death. I love watching his matches. Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm and Ricochet countered with the Recoil for a near fall. Ricochet literally bounced into a Styles Clash from the top rope. I absolutely hate that he lost but man that was a great looking spot.

Charlotte Flair defeated Peyton Royce
Evans walked in with Ric Flair talking about how she’s learning from the dirtiest player in the game. Ew. Charlotte Flair was chopping Royce to smithereens but caught the post and Royce took advantage. DIdn’t work too well though because Flair got the upper hand and was pinning her, and then Papa’s music interrupted the match. Ric brought Evans out in her own purple robe. Royce got a near fall on the distraction. Figure 8 got the win for Charlotte.
Yeesh. Just… ugh.

Jeff Hardy vs. Jaxson Ryker ends in a DQ
Jeff Hardy was done with Elias, but then as commentary stated, he decided to reignite his old rivalry. Uh… why? Whatever. This is stupid.

Shayna Baszler defeated Mandy Rose
They continued dissension with Jax and Baszler with Nia on commentary. Baszler dominated for most of the match. She targeted Mandy’s left arm throughout the match and twisted the arm in ways I haven’t seen. Kirifuda Clutch got the win. Still a big fan of splitting Jax and Baszler, even though it looks like they may be getting a rematch for the tag titles

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