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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 4:14am On Feb 10

yep...Raquel Shotzi and Rhea in a foursome
See lineup. You wan die?These 3 should not be had together at the same time.

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 8:30am On Feb 10
See lineup. You wan die?These 3 should not be had together at the same time.

If I die it would be an honourable death

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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 8:33am On Feb 10

If I die it would be an honourable death
Here lies Pu7pl3. He tried to take on 3 bad bítches at once. But local man could not can.

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by citylockcharle1(m): 9:11am On Feb 10
City Locksmith Charleston
Address: 318 King St #A, Charleston, SC 29401
Phone: (843) 396-1072

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 9:24am On Feb 10
Here lies Pu7pl3. He tried to take on 3 bad bítches at once. But local man could not can.

Who wrote that thing on my tombstone? angry

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 11:50am On Feb 10

yep...Raquel Shotzi and Rhea in a foursome
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 11:51am On Feb 10
I worship Toni Storm's thighs tongue


Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 1:03pm On Feb 10


Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 2:13pm On Feb 10

Who wrote that thing on my tombstone? angry

I no know ooo. I just see am like that. grin grin
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 10:43pm On Feb 10
I no know ooo. I just see am like that. grin grin

Call the chisel guy to clean it and put "died with a hard dick in 3 bad bitches and a smile on his face" angry

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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 3:47am On Feb 11

Call the chisel guy to clean it and put "died with a hard dick in 3 bad bitches and a smile on his face" angry

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 10:03am On Feb 11
WWE NXT Reviews recaps and reactions

Finals are Set
The main event of this week was a men’s Dusty semi-final match between The Grizzled Young Veterans and Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher.
The match was a solid main, which made sure to demonstrate how the GYV really functioned as a true team. While T & T weren’t off the same page, it was clear the Vets are extensions of each other. This factored into the finish when Zack Gibson grabbed James Drake, who was prone for Ciampa’s finish Willow’s Bell, preventing the move. This allowed the Vets to deliver their double team finisher Ticket to Mayhem. Gibson covered Tommaso as Drake prevented Thatcher from breaking it up.
The Grizzled Vets were always a lock for the finals as it seemed like they were in line for a significant push before the pandemic hit and they returned to Europe.
On the on the other side of the bracket, MSK defeated El Legado del Fantasma to join them in the finals.
This match opened the show and was quite a fun time. Both have a very entertaining style and that meshed well for this bout. MSK’s roll out has been as strong as can be. They’ve been able to show personality and use their unique style within the NXT tag format. Advancing to the finals of the Dusty immediately establishes them as a legit tag threat in the division, whether they defeat the Grizzled Young Veterans or not.
This will pit a talented, but bland (by design) team in GYV against the exact opposite in MSK. And while the Vets are those heels with no redeeming qualities, they’re always good in the ring. This final should deliver a match worthy of a Dusty Classic final.

The Other Final
The Women’s Dusty Finals were also set this week.
Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon defeated Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell to advanced to TakeOver. It was a really enjoyable bout, though with some of the talent in this match, that shouldn’t be surprising. Moon, Blackheart, & LeRae are all great wrestlers. Hartwell is still rather new to this ,and that is obvious in many of her matches. But here, she was solid, even whipping out an impressive springboard elbow.
My “gripe” about this match was more the positioning of it. Last week, Raquel González & Dakota Kai punched their ticket to the finals. That means the outcome of this match was never really in doubt. Heel vs. heel matches are very uncommon, so the Way had little chance in this match. Face vs. face matches are more common. If Ember & Shotzi won first, it wouldn’t be impossible that Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter could have won their match. This isn’t an issue with this match at all. It’s more an issue how they opted to lay it out.
We learned this week that the winner of the Dusty Cup will get a Women’s tag team title shot “eventually.” The winner Sunday should try to get that match before Nia’s hole is completely healed.

A Perfect Jerk
Johnny Gargano continues to find new life as the cowardly heel.
To try to avoid facing Kushida at TakeOver, he told everyone he broke his arm. To drive the point home, he had the Way bring him to the ring in a wheelchair, explaining that he’s such a power walker that if he can’t swing his arms, he can’t walk. I’ll buy it.
It was all classic comedy heel, something that still amazes me how well Johnny plays it. From instructing the Way to turn the wheel chair from the facing the hard cam to facing the video screen to supplying an x-ray with the wrong limb identified, it was all hilarious stuff.
William Regal played the party pooper, revealing he knows that Gargano is cleared to compete and pointing out all the fallacies in Johnny’s argument. This allowed Kushida to sneak in behind the Way, leading to a comedic reveal when the heels noticed him in their ranks.
Kushy faced Austin Theory later in the night, a match that ended in DQ when the North American champion attacked his challenger. After the match, Dexter Lumis prevented this from becoming a two on one beatdown and their night ended with Lumis and Kushida executing dual submissions.
While Lumis has enough reason to dislike the Way, he feels a bit shoehorned here. I’d call him a fifth wheel, but technically he’d be a fourth wheel, which is the perfect amount of wheels.

Picking the Wrong Fight
The Tian Sha stable looks to have its first program.
To start, I think Tian Sha is the stable name. After last week’s origin video, it was possible that was the name of Mei Ying after she sold her soul to a dragon to become immortal. But given Tian Sha is on the video screen as they all come out, and that Wade Barrett referred to her as Mei Ying this week, I’m using it as the stable name until I see something suggesting otherwise.
Their first feud will be against Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter. The KCs were ringside when Xia Li was squashing Cora Jade, trying to get through to a woman they thought was her friend. (This is a classic move in wrestling, establishing a friendship after the fact despite said friendship never really being shown on TV.)
To make matters worse, Carter got into the face of Ying, predictably upsetting the dark queen. Mei even choked Boa until Li effectively disposed of both Kayden and Kacy.
I’m unsure how this is going to go. Right now, Tian Sha has one active wrestler in Xia Li. Ying just watches and Boa hasn’t wrestled. Not that he would be fighting one of these women, but it is odd that they haven’t given him a couple squashes as well. Perhaps NXT doesn’t feel he’s as ready as Xia.
So right now, one woman is going to battle a tag team. Unless this is the vehicle to get Mei in the ring. Given she just observes the fights, it’ll take a bit more work to get her to reveal that soul of a dragon.

All the Rest:
- Cameron Grimes returned to Full Sail very wealthy from investing in GameStop and then dogecoin. This is a humorous twist to this character. He’s still a cocky idiot, but now he’s super rich. It’s a fun wrinkle that will be entertaining to follow. I also look forward to when he loses it all.

- Both main title matches got the video package treatment. Which is fine, but both matches were lacking any real heat. They could have benefited from one more segment to try to add a little more drama to those matches.

- Santos Escobar sent Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza to attack Karrion Kross. Kross of course destroyed them instead. (Only the aftermath was shown.) Escobar will face Kross next week.

This was a solid show. None of the main title angles had any fresh additions to them, both represented in video form. This meant that the Dusty semis had to carry the day.
And in general, those matches were all good. Though I think next time, they should space the men and women’s Dusty tournaments. I understand why they want to run them at the same time, but these last few weeks felt like tag team overkill. The other option is announcing it sooner and stretching the rounds over a longer period of time so they don’t have to cram every episode with them. This wasn’t as big of an issue as they progressed deeper into the tournament, but there was some Dusty Classic fatigue even this episode.
Outside establishing what the two Dusty finals would be, this show didn’t do anything to add to Sunday’s TakeOver. Johnny Gargano is always entertaining though
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 11:49am On Feb 11
*Cameron grimes talking about hitting it big from his investments in GameStop and dogecoin*


Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 11:51am On Feb 11
cheesy grin
*Cameron grimes talking about hitting it big from his investments in GameStop and dogecoin*

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 1:49pm On Feb 11
cheesy grin

Gotta get dis money
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 4:14pm On Feb 11

Gotta get dis money

Ofcourse ofcourse
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 10:30pm On Feb 12
Reckoning said yes cheesy

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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 11:08am On Feb 13
WWE Smackdown reviews recaps and reactions

I will never get how SmackDown and Raw are produced by the same person.
So on Monday, Shane McMahon announced all of the participants for the Raw men’s Elimination Chamber match with no fanfare, and most of the people not deserving a spot. Jeff Hardy has many losses, as does Miz, as does Randy Orton as of late. Aside from the fact that Kofi Kingston is on the same show but they don’t care about him being a former champion anymore.
A three hour show had zero qualifying matches, while a two hour show was full of them. Explain to me how this makes sense.
SmackDown once again did it right. Not too shocking anymore. SmackDown made multiple stars to be featured in their Elimination Chamber match. I want to see them in the match. I’d like to see any of the rest win. One of them is most intriguing, and I’ll mention that in a moment.

Establishing stars
Roman Reigns started the show by telling Adam Pearce he doesn’t run SmackDown because it’s all Reigns’ control.
He that Edge is scared to face him, and he’s not dropping the title until he’s ready to. Pearce said that Reigns would be defending the Universal title in the Elimination Chamber, but Heyman said nowhere does it say Reigns has to defend inside the Chamber, just at the Chamber show.
Instead, the winner of the Chamber match will get an on-the-spot title match. Pearce put Kevin Owens and Jey Uso in the match and then announced qualifiers for the rest of the evening. Reigns jumped out of the ring and got in Pearce’s face to intimidate him and backed off at Heyman’s request.
Alright! I wanted SmackDown to get the Elimination Chamber match because there are more men deserving of the main title picture. Now, having them face Reigns right after that match? Clearly the easy W for Reigns, but we’ll see if they get squashed, or get the true come from behind babyface treatment.
What a match we had for the main event.
Cesaro is suuuuch a great hot tag, even nursing some injuries which we’ll get to in a bit. The other winners of a qualifying match came out (I’ll keep it spoiler free here) but didn’t interfere.
Cesaro did the swing on Ziggler and Bryan took out Roode, and Ziggler tapped out. I liked seeing some people picking up important wins tonight. This is how you make and keep stars at a high level. Wins matter!
Then Jey Uso appeared OUTTANOWHERE and everyone got involved, until Owens came out and cleared house. A good ol’ fashioned Stunner party.
They showed Reigns in the back looking annoyed and shaking his head that he may have to face him once again.
I’m one of the few that are fine with another rematch, only because Owens has not had a clean loss yet. Technically Elimination Chamber will likely not be clean regardless of who it is, unless Jey Uso ends up winning. He’s the most intriguing winner. I’d been wondering when they were going to go back to the family rivalry, and when Jey would start to snap out of his trance. Maybe it’s coming soon?

Never quit
Man was this an incredible segment before the match.
Big E talked about how he was ready to move on from Sami Zayn and Apollo Crews, but Crews decided to come out and once again answer the open challenge. This time, E said no and told Crews to go to the back and collect his paycheck.
Woof. Crews did not take that well. The best part of this was the off mic argument both were having before E’s opponent, Nakamura, came out. Crews said he’ll always be after E as long as he has the Intercontinental title. Such a great moment between both men.
So E and Nakamura started wrestling and Crews stayed out at ringside cheering Nakamura on. Crews went to the apron and E chased him off. Nakamura struck E with knees and went for the Kinshasa and E powerslammed him. E went for the Big Ending and Crews came in and interfered to cause a disqualification.
Crews said he won’t give in as long as Big E has the title, and he backed up his words. Normally I don’t go for the DQ but in this context, it actually makes sense. Apollo is going to do whatever it takes to get under E’s skin. Make things make sense, and suddenly annoying things are much less annoying.

Making fun of someone’s hole
Sasha Banks came out and said that the E-S-T needs to choose M-E, which prompted Belair to come out.
She knows of Sasha’s accomplishments but told The Boss that she isn’t The Boss of her. Suddenly the women’s tag champions came out and Jax and Baszler were complaining about no one talking about their win at the Royal Rumble. Belair and Banks both showed clips from Raw of the “my hole” incident and Baszler losing to Naomi, which led to a brawl with the babyfaces standing tall.
Okay, so WWE decided to un-censor “my hole” (heh) and bring it into the show. I think the good way of doing it would be what they did here, by not having Nia say it every single time. Implying the words by her wincing in pain and grabbing her lower back works for me.
Bianca and Sasha looked great here, but I don’t think there should be a tag title match out of this. The women’s tag titles do not need to be involved in a feud with a main title championship every single time. This was a fine segment and maybe if they were to do the tag title match, things could break down between the babyfaces which would then lead to Bianca officially choosing Sasha.
On paper that looks good, but how would it play out?
By the way, Bianca Belair’s husband dancing with Sasha Banks when she entered? That was weird.

The Rest
Seth Rollins is burning it down again
Seth Rollins returned and so did “Burn it Down!” He mentioned becoming a father for the first time and his baby girl changed his life and given him a new vision. Where does he fit in on a show with great talent and potential? To be a leader for all! (So basically nothing has changed.) He asked everyone to embrace the vision, and everyone left. Except Cesaro. Cesaro just shrugged and said that he didn’t change a bit.
Irate, Rollins attacked Cesaro and beat him down on the ramp. Bryan and referees came to separate them, and Rollins walked away. I was worried that this beatdown would make Cesaro the weak link and would cause he and Bryan to lose their qualifying match and I’m extremely thankful that wasn’t the case.

Sami Zayn and King Corbin defeated Rey and Dominik Mysterio
Early on, Dom dove out of the ring to Zayn and looked like he slammed his head on the announce table but seemed to be okay. That was scary and he sold it wonderfully. Almost too well. For the most part, Corbin and Zayn dominated until Dom had a sprint with Zayn. Dom had a great Tornado DDT. Graves kept pushing Dom and Rey dissension from weeks prior. Honestly was what made me think they were going to win, but Zayn hit the suplex and Helluva Kick to win! It’s so nice to see Sami Zayn picking up victories.

Street Profits defeated Alpha Academy
Um okay so a match I did not expect to need is Angelo Dawkins vs. Chad Gable at some point. A mat based clinic between them every time they were in the ring together. Then Otis tagged in and did big hoss things. It’s just now that I realized that Otis and Gable are a great pairing. Tez did his frog splash from the heavens to pick up the victory. That is just incredible to witness every time.

Bayley defeated Liv Morgan
Well it was obvious we were going to get Liv and Bayley after Ruby and Bayley happened. Morgan started off hot and dominated the first minute and chased Bayley out of the ring so she could regroup. Morgan had a really cool looking… I guess you could call it springboard facebuster for a near fall. She was favoring her left arm before that and Bayley took advantage. Then Billie Kay got her resumes in Ruby’s face and that led to Ruby throwing the resumes behind her into the ring. So the referee was tied up with that and Bayley raked Morgan’s eyes and pinned her.
And it’s at this point I’d have attacked Billie Kay or just ignored her because she’s getting too involved in this business after clearly being told to go away multiple times. I love Billie in this role but constantly interrupting and causing losses for the Riott Squad is not good. But, how can you really blame Billie here? Ruby needed to ignore all that, or go along with it just to shut Billie up.
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 6:53pm On Feb 13
Seth Rollins about to start belittling the entire smackdown roster

*The entire roster*

How can smackdown handle the gigantic egos of both rollins and reigns?
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 9:20pm On Feb 13
Seth Rollins about to start belittling the entire smackdown roster

*The entire roster*

How can smackdown handle the gigantic egos of both rollins and reigns?

By making him lose to Cesaro
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 10:25pm On Feb 13

By making him lose to Cesaro
I like it wink

For the greater good
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 10:41pm On Feb 13

I like it wink

For the greater good

For the greater good

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 11:04pm On Feb 13

For the greater good

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 10:07am On Feb 15
WWE NXT vengeance reviews recaps and reactions

Finn Bálor def. Pete Dunne to retain the NXT championship
Finn Bálor doesn’t have matches any more. He has wars. This match with Pete Dunne was along the same lines as the ones he had with Kyle O’Reilly. Bouts that he has to survive. He walks out of the match with the hell beat from him, but the strap is still over his shoulder.
It’s the type of match we expected with Pete Dunne standing on the other side of the ring. That man is all about hurting his opponent - targeting limbs and fingers to inflict as much pain as possible. And we’ve learned Finn can dish it back out. He couldn’t move his fingers by the end of the match. His previously broken jaw was continuously targeted. He could barely move his arm. But he was able to dish it as well as Pete can and earned his championship retention.
This has almost become his style of match, but that has a lot to do with his opponent. He’s not going to have this type of match with Adam Cole or Johnny Gargano. But he can certainly excel in the role when he’s against someone like Kyle O’Reilly or Dunne.
Speaking of O’Reilly and Cole...
NXT closed with a big post main event angle. It’s something they haven’t done in awhile and I’ve missed it. They’re usually very good at teasing the next chapter to get us pumped for the next episode. But the last few shows didn’t have something big, which felt like a bit of a let down. At Vengeance Day, they returned to form.
After Bálor retained, Pete Dunne, alongside Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, attacked the retaining champ. Undisputed ERA made the save and it looked like they were almost recruited him as an ally if not a member.
But then Adam Cole kicked Finn in the face.
This wasn’t a group plan. Kyle was floored by the action. His protesting earned him a kick in the face as well. Was that premeditated? Was Cole just unhappy with O’Reilly’s protest? We’ll have to tune in on Wednesday to possibly get an answer.
Either way, it looks like we’re finally getting that Cole vs. O’Reilly program. And I am ready for it.

Io Shirai def. Mercedes Martinez & Toni Storm to retain the Women’s championship
It is very rare to say an NXT women’s title match is the weakest on the card. But I believe that’s a fair claim for this show.
Now, let’s be clear. The other action on this card was superb. They had a lineup of some killer bouts. This match was definitely not bad. In general, it was pretty good. But it didn’t deliver like the rest of the card did.
Io Shirai retained, but in an opportunistic way. In fact, she spent the last portion of the match on the outside of the ring, recovering from a dive off the scaffolding and an attack from Martinez. This left Mercedes and Toni in the ring to really take the match home. And the babyface champ got damn lucky that both of those women kicked out of the others’ finisher. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be the champ.
After the two heels wore themselves down enough, Io Shirai climbed back in to deliver a moonsault and that was that. The babyface kind of stole one here. It’s a Triple Threat so there’s something to be said about surviving it, but it didn’t feel like an accomplishment for Shirai.
It was a good match, but also felt like a match used to buy time until the next real feud for Shirai, whether it be one of her competitors here or someone else entirely.

Johnny Gargano def. Kushida to retain the North American title
This was a real banger.
The idea behind this bout was how evenly matched these dudes were. There were no moments of prolonged offense from either man. Kushida would come up with something, Johnny would find a way to reverse it. Then Kushida would find a way to take the control back.
Honestly, this style isn’t always one I love. I usually enjoy the story of the babyface overcoming the heel’s villainous tactics to fire up at the end. But these guys are so good that this match hit for me. There were drama spots with submissions from both men that I bit on (especially when Kushida had the champ in an armbar that it looked like Gargano wouldn’t escape from).
The issue that I had, and it didn’t detract from how great the match was, was this didn’t fit the story they were telling in the build. Johnny was playing the true chickenshit heel, making up an injury to try to avoid having to fight Kushida. Johnny has his own faction that he uses to help win matches (he had like eight people in Scream masks to help defend his title one time). So walking out and having a clean match with no heel tactics and no outside interference was a disconnect. Austin Theory was kidnapped prior to kind of explain it, but he’s not the only member of The Way.
The ending was really puzzling. A Johnny Gargano retention was a perfectly reasonable option. He’s doing great work as a heel. But to win clean? That doesn’t make sense because they don’t have to do that. Gargano is a heel. He could have used an underhanded tactic to aid his victory. It’s an opportunity to protect Kushida a bit in the loss. Instead the Japanese star just lost to the coward who was ducking him for weeks.
The match itself was fantastic, but it feels like it didn’t fit in to the angle’s narrative prior.

Raquel González & Dakota Kai def. Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart to win the Women’s Dusty Classic
TakeOver opened with a wild tag match.
The women of this division don’t hold back. That’s nothing new, but it remains true. That almost seems especially the case when Shotzi Blackheart is involved because that woman always brings it. Not that the rest don’t, but Blackheart has a certain devil-may-care style.
While this match was wild, it never got to the point where they completely lost the thread. Action spilled outside the ring and there were plenty of times all the women were fighting inside it, but then they’d have a soft reset and re-establish some tags before it got nuts again. Tag bouts should normally maintain that structure to some degree or else it just becomes a free for all.
NXT continues to present Raquel González like a powerhouse, but have found the sweet spot where she’s not invincible. A tag match is a good place to display her as a threat while allowing her to sell offense from double teams or high impact moves. It’s quite amazing how well they’ve built her in just a year (she debuted at TakeOver: Portland in Feb. 17 last year).
At one point, Raquel & Dakota will get a shot at the Women’s tag titles, though it may be awhile. It feels like Lana & Naomi and Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair also may be in line. It’ll be good when it happens, no matter who it happens against.

MSK def. the Grizzled Young Veterans to win the Men’s Dusty Classic
Prior to this match, I was very excited about the mix of styles between these guys.
MSK wrestles a bit unorthodox as a tag team, such as when Wes Lee shoves Nash Carter mid-moonsault. It’s high risk. It’s a bit out of the box. It’s as if a wrestling style were an energy drink. Meanwhile, the Grizzled Young Vets are more of a grounded team that can certainly keep up with a high flying duo if it’s called for. But they’re purposely not flashy because they’re the bad guys.
I’m happy to report the styles mixed as hoped. That’s not always the case. There are plenty of cases where people are looking forward to a match and the chemistry just isn’t there. If that happened in the finals of the Dusty with a new tag team in MSK, it would have been disappointing. Lucky for us, the chemistry was very evident.
There was a spot in this match that I really appreciated where Nash Carter showed an angry side. Goofy characters who get pissed is a wrestling trope that I quite enjoy. And a team like MSK are extremely goofy so you almost need that other side to continue to take them seriously. I’m glad they planted that seed.
Either team could have won. There was no wrong outcome here. Choosing the newcomers to cap off their initial push is quite exciting. Their match against Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch should be stellar.

My feeling about this show prior to its air was that on paper, it was good. There were no angles that were popping but all the matches could deliver. And they pretty much did. The women’s title match was probably the weakest on the card, but that was still a fine match that certainly had its moments.
Then they closed the night on a high note, with an exciting new angle. They’re finally breaking up the Undisputed ERA, and this should lead to a feud between Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole that could be their next big thing
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 8:41am On Feb 16
WWE Raw Reviews recaps and reactions

Well everyone, it finally happened.
Raw was… good.
Why? Well when you make matches matter, make things make sense, and don’t rely on the typical boring and uninspiring tropes to end matches, you actually make an entertaining show!
SmackDown for the most part does this. It makes Fridays much more appealing. Give me this more on Mondays, please! Obviously not a gauntlet match because you just can’t do that every week, but do the other stuff.
I didn’t even mind the Alexa Bliss stuff on the show! It fit with the progression of the storyline and they used the ThunderDome screens in a really cool way.
I’m not a hard person to entertain, y’all. Months ago when a lot of you were poo-pooing on Raw and I was finding the good stuff and highlighting them, even giving higher grades, it’s because I was entertained! I haven’t been lately, and that’s why I crap on much of it.

Third hour gauntlet
There was a Miz TV segment. You know how those go.
My first thought as Miz introduced McIntyre was “Why should Drew even in kayfabe entertain Miz TV right now when this dude is going to be fighting him tonight AND at Elimination Chamber?”.
But then after being attacked by Drew, Miz said he was taking himself out of the Chamber match. Props for WWE to call an audible here (no I’ll never believe that this was the plan all along) because my goodness was it silly to include the Money in the Bank holder in this.
So Kofi Kingston and AJ Styles started this gauntlet off (I’ll talk about how Kofi Kingston got this spot in a bit) and the biggest moment was when Omos chokeslammed Xavier Woods to oblivion and got himself ejected. Styles took advantage and took Kingston out by attacking an already injured knee from the previous match. Kofi did the SOS but was in too much pain to cover. Styles set up the Phenomenal Forearm and connected to advance.
Drew McIntyre was next and rag dolled Styles around the ring. McIntyre really dominated Styles. He wore Styles down with limb work and held it when Styles got to the ropes. So then he gave Styles a reverse Alabama slam and set up the Claymore, but AJ drop kicked him out of the ring. Styles fumbled around with Drew’s leg for the Calf Crusher and locked it in, but Drew head-butted him to get out of it. Drew got the Claymore to advance.
Jeff Hardy was next and attacked Drew immediately. Hardy had a dominant outing until Drew was able to clothesline and toss Jeff all around the ring. McIntyre gave Hardy a neckbreaker and futureshock DDT for a near fall. A superplex off the TOP ROPE which looked brutal but Jeff kicked out. He did not kick out of the Claymore.
Randy Orton came out, and then Randy Orton got counted out thanks to ThunderDome Bliss. Seriously the use of every ThunderDome screen to distract Orton with Bliss was a great visual.
And then Sheamus attacked McIntyre from behind and wore him down. McIntyre got back into it and gave Sheamus the futureshock DDT and a spinebuster. Drew went for a Claymore and missed and Sheamus did the Brogue Kick to win and be the final entrant in the Chamber on Sunday.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the finish be clean, without any interference or good heavens, a disqualification. Yo I would have been pissed off. The match took up the whole third hour so that was much welcomed and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t find myself looking at the clock.
We’ll see if Braun Strowman has any type of Chamber shenanigans and I’m betting we may see a few of those.

Wicca Bliss
I was not even going to put this in my recap, but then all of a sudden Alexa Bliss summoned The First.
Oh sorry no that’s the Buffy fandom talking. She summoned The Fiend.
At least… I think she did!
Orton talked about how because of Sheamus, his business with McIntyre isn’t over yet. He said that he’ll be the last to enter the Chamber and hit the most deadliest letters, R- K- and then we were transported into the Fire Fly Fun House, where Alexa Bliss knelt in a pentagram.
She said in the fire He was destroyed, but He will be reborn and cackled while looking into the camera. Some sinister stuff here.
Alright! It was nice to see this off TV for a few weeks so I’m okay with the new little thing thrown in here of some sort of witchcraft I guess. Let’s see where this goes. Perhaps The Fiend returns at Elimination Chamber?

Bad Bunny is European 7-11 I-95 South Champion
Damian Priest and Bad Bunny were about to be interviewed backstage.
All of a sudden, Akira Tozawa pinned R-Truth for the 24/7 Championship. And then he bumped into Priest, who knocked him down. Priest told Bunny to pin him for the title, and Bunny did!
Bad Bunny will be on Saturday Night Live this coming weekend as a champion. Would be interesting to see if he shows it off.
I’m just loving Bad Bunny and Damian Priest in all of this.

The Rest
Kofi Kingston defeated Miz
Miz and Kingston actually had a great match. Miz was impressed by Kingston’s resiliency. He wore him down and then Kofi powered up and slammed Miz into the mat. Kofi did the Boom Drop and set up the Trouble in Paradise but Miz rolled him up, and then Kofi did the SOS for a near fall. Miz put him in the Figure Four and Kofi got to the bottom rope. Kofi hit the Trouble in Paradise again for the win! I had a thought that Ali would interfere tonight, but now I know when it’s going to happen. You know too if you really think about it.

Riddle and Lucha House Party defeated The Hurt Business
Benjamin started off with Dorado just pummeling the poor adorable luchador. They did the break down early with Benjamin and Alexander taking out the babyfaces. Benjamin tackled Metalik like…. my God. It looked brutal and awesome. Benjamin, Alexander, and MVP isolated Metalik and wore him down in their corner. Metalik finally got to his corner and Riddle was lit on fire. MVP looked like he may have injured his knee and Riddle pinned him for the victory. The babyfaces celebrated, Lashley cleaned house and put the Hurt Lock on Riddle again. I love Lashley’s violence as of late and I hope MVP is okay!

Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs. Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce ends in pregnancy
A nice touch in this match was when Asuka was the legal woman, Evans was on the apron ready to tag in. But when Charlotte was the legal woman, Evans would hide behind the ring post. And then when it was going to be Charlotte and Lacey, Lacey revealed that she’s pregnant and she and an elated Ric Flair walked up the ramp. Um… but the Women’s title match on Sunday? (She may be legitimately pregnant. If that is so, congrats!) That does potentially make Ric the father in this storyline though. Uh… ugh.

Something happened with Lana and Shayna Baszler
Y’all, totally tuned out for this and I don’t care. I don’t want this to go on anymore. Seen this way too many times already
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 9:05am On Feb 18
Me and Wes fainted when Raquel took a shot at Nia's hole. grin grin
Chai! Raquel, why now?

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 9:11am On Feb 18
WWE NXT Reviews recaps and reactions

“I’m gonna punch you in the face”
Kyle O’Reilly opened the broadcast looking for answers after Adam Cole kicked him in the face at Vengeance Day. Roderick Strong tried to play peacekeeper for The Undisputed Era, but O’Reilly wanted no part of his “heat of the moment” explanation.
O’Reilly warned Strong not to step into the ring when he was already in a sour mood, but he needn’t have bothered as Finn Bálor interrupted them both. He too was unceremoniously booted by Adam Cole, so he informed O’Reilly that if he wanted to punch Cole in the face, he’d have to go to the back of the line. Roderick Strong took exception to Bálor butting into their business, but while they were jaw jacking back and forth Pete Dunne attacked, and Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan ran out to join the ambush! Mud holes were stomped into every ass and walked dry, with Bálor getting the worst of the bunch.
As the commentary team talked about the unraveling of an Era right before their eyes, the focus shifted to a video package of Santos Escobar (and his shades) sitting in his car and refusing to face Karrion Kross tonight. William Regal informed us the match would now take place next week, promising to suspend Kross indefinitely if he didn’t show up ready to work.
Regal also used the promo time to set up a blockbuster six-man tag main event for later in the evening — Finn Bálor, Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly would face off against Pete Dunne and NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. This wasn’t the answer to the questions everyone had about Adam Cole, but it did offer a chance at revenge for the dastardly attack to open the show.

“Have you seen this man?”
Two tag teams went to war in the Capitol Wrestling Center as Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon faced off against Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell. NXT North American champion Johnny Gargano came out to support his wife’s team on commentary while handing out missing person fliers for Austin Theory, who wasn’t missing for very long. The arrival of a mystery van outside caused Gargano to leave the broadcast position and head to the parking lot looking for his kidnapped friend, pounding on the vehicle and yelling his name.
Action continued unabated inside the building until Gargano brought Theory to the entrance ramp, pulling a hood off his head even though his hands were still zip tied. Unfortunately this proved to be a distraction for Gargano’s family, as Ember Moon rolled up Indi Hartwell to get the pin. Shotzi and her partner celebrated in the ring while The Way reunited at the top of the entrance ramp, trying to figure out why Theory was half dressed and a whole ass mess.

Pat McAfee couldn’t resist returning to the NXT brand to rub salt in everyone’s wounds. In a pre-taped video he informed us that Adam Cole was a scumbag, is a scumbag, and always will be a scumbag. He gloated gleefully and taunted the fervent faithful by telling them to make #PatWasRight trend on social media. Having made his point from his private jet, McAfee vowed to head to the beach for some drinks “while you bums sit at home.” What Cole did on Sunday night may have been despicable, but two wrongs still don’t make Pat right, no matter how hard he tried to convince us otherwise.
This took to a commercial break, and when we came back, a whole lot of people were getting up in Kushida’s business while his Vengeance Day injuries were being tended to. He told McKenzie Mitchell it was an honor to compete with Johnny Gargano but that their business was far from done. Bronson Reed interrupted. Reed says he wants a piece of Gargano too, and if they have to face each other for the right he’ll do it, but he wants Kushida to heal up and be 100% first. Kushida reluctantly accepted a fist bump from Reed. Malcolm Bivens (sans Bell and DeVoe) pops up from the back and tells Kushida he has a GREAT idea, and he leaves to talk to William Regal about it.

Scott gets “Swerved” — but so does Ruff
Isaiah Scott should have had an easy time with former North American champion Leon Ruff, but the transitional champion stepped up his game looking to get back into contention. With a counter into a crucifix, Ruff pinned Scott the same way he did Johnny Gargano, earning the upset when and leaving Scott trying to laugh off his stunning loss. He offered the victor a handshake but it was only a ruse, leaving Scott to attack Ruff post-match and deliver a warning. “I’m tired of you getting handed everything. Where’s MY North American title shot?” Ruff was left laying in a heap drooling after Scott had viciously made his point.

Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro appeared in a pre-taped package voicing concern for Xia Li being brainwashed. They’d go on to defeat Aliyah & Jessi Kamea in what was honestly a nothing match, because it was all a set up for Boa to show up during and Li to come out from behind him afterward. Catanzaro tries to tell Li “It doesn’t have to be this way,” but Li grabs her arm and inks a mark on her hand. Li promises to HURT HER on NXT next week. That’s not ominous.

“Trophy time! One last call to take it all”
Pour MSK a whiskey or beer, but pour one for Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez too. These two teams emerged victorious in the Dusty Rhodes Classic, and it’s time for Beth Phoenix to present the winners with their rewards. The former Rascalz from Impact celebrate the victory and lay out a challenge for Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch on March 3rd, noting that just like the trophy in front of them, the world titles will also carry their names.
Pat McAfee wasn’t the only one gloating on Wednesday as Bad News Barrett said #WadeWasRight before Kai and Gonzalez hit the ring to admire their trophy and prove him correct. Before Kai could gloat too, she was interrupted Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.
MSK tried to do the gentlemanly thing and hold the ropes open, but the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions scared them away. Dakota Kai made fun of Baszler for losing to Rhea Ripley. MSK and Beth Phoenix munched on popcorn and enjoyed the show. Gonzalez says “You don’t run this place any more chiquita, we do.” Nia Jax claimed Dusty Rhodes used to say she was one “big bad beautiful bitch.” Gonzalez said the only reason Dusty talked that way about Jax was “God rest his soul, he never met ME.” Interesting theory. As the champs were leaving Gonzalez promised Jax she’d put a boot so far up HER HOLE it would never come out. Mama MIA!

Stonks and Bonds
Having made a fortune in GameStop and AMC on Robinhood, Cameron Grimes now has so much money that he wrecked his expensive foreign car on TV and channeled N.W.A, saying he’ll just “go out and buy another.” Malcolm Bivens returned along with Tyler Rust, having gotten William Regal to agree Kushida is medically cleared to compete in a match. Kushida wrings out his left arm during said match, while the viewers are left wondering how Grimes isn’t hurting worse than Kushida based on the awful state of his auto. Vic Joseph asks Wade Barrett if Tyler Rust’s “stock is rising.” It’s all about those STONKS and bonds on NXT!
Even though Tyler Rust is surging in after hours trading, Malcolm Bivens decided to “protect his investment” when Kushida put on the Hoverboard Lock, getting the referee to stop the match as surely as if he had thrown in the towel. Bivens learned a thing or two from Grimes about knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. I hope he never counts his money when he’s sitting at the table. Meanwhile Shaun Ricker a/k/a Eli Drake a/k/a LA Knight told an uninvited cameraman outside his home that it’s his world and we’re all just living in it.

Scheduled for ONE fall
Zoey Stark and Valentina Feroz had a singles match. The wrestlers in the CWC tried to make a little noise to convince us that it mattered. It did not. Stark hulked up and flipped her opponent inside out for a knee to the face in what was a glorified squash. The announcers don’t even have a name for it. It’s not a Go 2 Sleep... maybe a Go 2 the Back for an ice pack? Feroz was certainly thrown around with ferocity. This was followed by a “tick tock” video package from Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux reminding Santos Escobar his time is ALMOST up.

Speaking of time remaining, there was one match left on NXT, scheduled for ONE fall. The reluctant team of Finn Bálor, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong faced off with Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Burch caused a ref bump and Adam Cole ran out from the back to hit O’Reilly with ANOTHER boot to the face before destroying him with a suplex on the ring steps. Strong tried to pick up the title belt left laying in the ring and tell Bálor what happened, but Bálor gave him a reverse kick to the head thinking it was the opposition about to attack. Dunne took advantage of the distraction and hit the BITTER END to score a victory over the NXT Champion. Cole was far from done, giving Bálor one more boot to the face to make the ending even more bitter.
It truly is the end of an Era.

The show had the forward progression you’d want for the important stories — Adam Cole’s heel turn, the Dusty Rhodes Classic winners getting title opportunities along with their trophy cup, and Kacy Catanzaro learning that there’s no redemption for Xia Li. On the other hand there was no shortage of filler material and video packages in place of actual matches, and Zoey Stark vs. Valentina Feroz was the kind of bout best left to a house show in Winter Park, Florida in pre-pandemic times. I can’t decide if Cameron Grimes being a rich man is a good thing or too silly to handle. It would probably be better if the announcers didn’t oversell it to the point of ruining the comedy, but that’s WWE announcing for you in

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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 9:43am On Feb 18
So much madness on the men's scene. I deadass don't know how the only people that make sense in all this chaos are Dunne, Lorcan and Burch.
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 10:53am On Feb 18
So much madness on the men's scene. I deadass don't know how the only people that make sense in all this chaos are Dunne, Lorcan and Burch.

Cos they have a wise master strategist In Pat grin
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 10:55am On Feb 18

Cos they have a wise master strategist In Pat grin
Swears. #PatWasRight grin
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 11:04am On Feb 18
Swears. #PatWasRight grin

I just hope Roderick Strong doesn't get lost in all this
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 11:15am On Feb 18

I just hope Roderick Strong doesn't get lost in all this
They go dey use Roddy collect points. Everybody go dey beat am. grin

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