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Story:when Love Speaks / Story:when Love Speaks / WHEN LOVE DIES....( The temptations of Gabriel) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: When Love Speaks by tjquib: 10:29am On Apr 27, 2018
no continuity abi,dats always d p here.

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Re: When Love Speaks by skubido(m): 10:32am On Apr 27, 2018
Lol so you are here too... How many people do you follow grin

Infant ride on dear.. kiss

Maami don't mind me jhor, Am a lover of story..
Welcome ma, wht shld I offer u, cuz u b VIP.
Re: When Love Speaks by kingin55(m): 10:37am On Apr 27, 2018
Following jejely
Re: When Love Speaks by horlah005(m): 12:58pm On Apr 27, 2018
I dey feel u bruv....ride on
Re: When Love Speaks by cyndy1000(f): 3:12pm On Apr 27, 2018
Am on these
Re: When Love Speaks by Joislim(f): 7:35pm On Apr 27, 2018
let me quickly follow this one
Re: When Love Speaks by John944: 9:30pm On Apr 27, 2018
Waoh!! i jst got here,never knew u've started a new piece! all thesame, @Infant you're back again! Dis very one issa goal.. more updates! more inspiration!! Lest i forget,no much suspence oo! biko!
Re: When Love Speaks by Nobody: 10:09pm On Apr 27, 2018
Infant Hello dear.. thanks for the mention
Re: When Love Speaks by Shobizz(m): 6:31am On Apr 28, 2018
grin grin grin
Re: When Love Speaks by DemiKOL(f): 11:13am On Apr 28, 2018
Following. Thanks for the invite.
Re: When Love Speaks by SapphirePRINCEX(f): 12:17pm On Apr 28, 2018

Thanks for the invite.
Re: When Love Speaks by infant(m): 3:28pm On Apr 28, 2018
Episode 4

Jewel stared silently at the lady who refused to reply his greetings. After a while of deafening silence, he spoke again.

"I want to apologize for how I behaved in class today. I was really in a bad mood, that's why I did that. I'm very sorry." he apologized.

The lady looked up from her table once more and stared at him.

"so because you were in a bad mood, that's why you had to transfer your aggression to others" she said.

"I'm very sorry. I allowed myself to be controlled by my emotion. I'm not that rude. if you get to know me better, you will realize I'm a nice guy" Jewel said.

"what you did really got to me. it was not like I did anything wrong. I only took your book from the desk." she said.

"I'm really sorry." Jewel apologized.

"okay, I have heard you. I have even forgotten about it." she responded.

"so we are cool now." Jewel said.

"yeah" she responded.

"thanks." he said

"you are welcome" she responded.

"by the way, I'm Jewel"

"I'm Lucy" she responded.

"nice name" he said.

"thanks" Lucy responded.

Jewel and Lucy ate their food silently, and when they are done, they left the restuarant together.


Jessica returned to her hostel from lecture. She entered her room to see Angel already in the room. Angel was fast asleep. Jessica walked to her bed and tapped her. Angel reluctantly sat up on her bed.

"Angel, I didn't see you in class today. why didn't you come for lecture?" Jessica asked.

Angel hissed and ignored Jessica. Jessica stared at her confused. she couldn't understand why Angel just ignored her.

"Angel what's wrong?" she asked.

"why did you leave the hostel without informing me? you know very well that we were going for the same lecture. yet you left without waking me up" Angel said.

Jessica heaved a sigh of relief.

"I didn't go to class directly. I went to my cousin's hostel first, and we both went for lecture together." she responded.

"why didn't you wake me up at least?" Angel asked.

"I left very early. it was still dark when I left. I left by 6:15am, and our lecture was by 8:am. I didn't want to disturb your sleep " Jessica responded.

"you have a cousin in our department?" Angel asked.

"yes. same level with us." Jessica responded.

"who?" Angel asked.

"Lucy" Jessica responded.

"Lucy is your cousin?" Angel asked.

"yes she is." Jessica responded.
"Angel, are you angry with me? I'm sorry if I have done anything wrong."

"I'm not angry with you. I'm just in a bad mood" she responded.

"what happened?" Jessica asked.

Angel took her phone from her bed and showed to Jessica.

"look at what one idiot I encountered today did to my phone." she said.

" why will someone just damage your phone?" Jessica asked.

"This phone is not even up to a week. My uncle gave me this phone the day i move to my hostel. and one idiot just chose to damage it for me." she said.

"why will someone damage your phone?" Jessica asked.

"and the worst part was that he even insulted me. he called me a mad woman." Angel said, bitterly.

"what! why will someone damage your phone and still insult you for damaging your phone. I hope you didn't allow him to go free after what he did" Jessica said.

"he left before I noticed that my phone screen has broken " Angel responded.

"do you know him?" Jessica asked.

"I'm just seeing him for the first time. I wish I could see him again, then he will regret ever crossing my path." Angel responded.

"that guy is really something else. he damaged your phone and still insulted you for damaging it" Jessica said.

"please give me your note, let me copy what you did in class today" Angel said.

"okay" Jessica responded.

Jessica gave Angel her note and Angel busied herself with it immediately.


Jewel entered his room to see Henry already in the room. Henry was lying on his bed. Jewel locked the door behind him and walked to meet Henry.

"hey bro. I saw you in class today. does that mean we are also coursemates?" Jewel asked.

Henry didn't respond. he wasn't even looking at Jewel.
Jewel sat down beside him and place a hand on his shoulder.

"Henry, I'm very sorry for the way I behaved towards you yesterday. the truth is that, I was really in a bad mood. I shouldn't have transfer my anger to you. I'm very sorry" Jewel pleaded.

Henry turned to face him for the first time.

"what happened? who offended you? why were you in a bad mood?" Henry asked.

"my girlfriend of 5 years broke my heart" Jewel responded.

"why? how did it happen?" Henry asked.

"she gained admission into a university in the south-east. we didn't break up or had any misunderstanding. I thought we were still dating, but not until yesterday. I paid her a surprise visit in school only to see her with another guy, and she introduced the guy to me as her boyfriend." Jewel said, bitterly.

"so sad. This is why I don't like keeping long distance relationship. your girlfriend might have found another guy and move on, and you will be thinking you still have a girlfriend. Anyway, I will advise you to move on with you life, since she has already made it clear to you that she has a new boyfriend. you don't have to worry too much about it, because you will surely get someone better than her" Henry advised.

"That's what i'm trying to do. I want to forget about her and focus on my study" Jewel said.

"that's the best thing to do" Henry responded.

"thank you very much. thanks for understanding why I acted that way." Jewel said.

"we are roommates na. we are suppose to understand each other" Henry responded.

"so we are good now" Jewel said.

"yeah" Henry responded.

"okay thanks" Jewel said and went to lie on his bed.

He had reconciled with Lucy and Henry. he still had to reconcile with one more person, and that's Angel.


Angel, Jessica and Lucy walked into the class for their first lecture of the day. the class was half filled when they got there. They located an empty seat and sat down. They waited silently for the lecturer to arrive.

Few minutes later, Jewel, Henry and Francis walked into the class. They went to the back seat and sat down. Angel stood up immediately she saw Jewel. This was the same guy she was dying to meet so that she could get her revenge on him. she didn't even allow them to settle down before she walked to meet them. she got to them and stood in front of Jewel. the three guys looked up to see Angel standing in their front. The look on her face was not funny. Henry waved at her, but she ignored him. she only focus her gaze on Jewel.
Jewel saw her glaring at him and tried to apologize for what he said to her.

"I'm very............."

"oh just shut up" she cut Jewel off.

Angel's voice attracted other student's attentions. everyone in class turned to face Angel and Jewel.

"who do you think you are?" she continued, not minding the stares.
"do you think you can just talk to me anyhow and go free. so you believe I will just let you be after what you said to me. have you seen me before, for you to rain all sort of insult on me. is that how you talk to everyone you come across. you must lack home training. I don't blame you. I blame your parent who didn't raise you up properly." she barked.

Jewel glared at Angel as she barked. he was already very angry. The fact that Angel had to involve his parent in it was what really annoyed him. He glared at Angel, without saying anything and Angel glared back at him.

"what is going on here" A voice suddenly sounded from the entrance.

Everyone turned their attention to the entrance to see the lecturer standing at the door. The look on his face was not funny. He slowly walked to the podium and faced the class.

"class rep" he called.

The class rep stood up immediately.

"sir" the class rep responded.

"can you tell me what the commotion in this class is all about" he said with a stern look.

"erm...... erm........" the class rep stammered.

"so you have suddenly lost your voice. do you think this is a market place where you can scream the way you like. maybe you have forgotten that you are in a university." he barked.

The class rep didn't respond. he only stared silently at the lecturer.

"I know what to do" the lecturer continued.
"tear a sheet of paper all of you, and space yourself"

He walked to the board and wrote 'first semester test' on it. He turned back to face the class.

"I said you should space yourself" he barked.

"please sir" the class chorused.

"will you shut up. do you think I came hear to joke" the lecturer barked.


Re: When Love Speaks by infant(m): 3:37pm On Apr 28, 2018
Re: When Love Speaks by skubido(m): 3:58pm On Apr 28, 2018

Tanks a lot for d update. God bless


Re: When Love Speaks by devilmaycry1(m): 11:17am On May 01, 2018
nice 1
Re: When Love Speaks by skubido(m): 12:06pm On May 01, 2018
Broz happy new month..

Abeg comma open dis month with update na
Re: When Love Speaks by infant(m): 8:43pm On May 01, 2018
Episode 5

The lecturer walked to the board and wrote 'first semester test' on it. He turned to face the class.

"I said you should space yourself" he barked.

"please sir" the class chorused.

"will you shut up. do you think I came hear to joke" the lecturer barked.

Some minutes later, students were seen sitting at reasonable distance, away from each other, with their pen and paper on their desk. It seemed that the lecturer really meant what he said. He went to the board and wrote 5 questions for the class to solve. He turned and faced the class when he was done.

"you have 15 minutes to answer the questions. if you like, joke with it. that will be the beginning of failure for you." he said in a serious tune.

The class began the test immediately. While some were still trying to write down some things, others still have their paper blank.

15 minutes later, the lecturer collected the answer scripts. most of the students submitted a blank script, with just their names and matric number on it. only few students were able to write down some things. The questions the lecturer set was suppose to be the topic for that day, which most of the students have no idea of.

"see you all in the next class" the lecturer said and left the class.

A loud uproar filled the class immediately the lecturer left. students gathered in group of three or four to discuss the just concluded test. Henry came to sit beside Jewel immediately.

"how was it?" Henry asked.

"it was cool" Jewel responded.

"you call that scary questions cool. it was not cool on my part o." Henry said.

"why? didn't you finish it?" Jewel asked.

"I didn't even attempt any of the questions. I submitted a blank scripts." Henry responded.

"why?" Jewel asked.

"that's because I don't know any of the questions. I just pray the lecturer won't use it as part of our C.A, because I will surely score zero if he does" Henry said sadly.

"I don't think he will use it." Jewel said.

"anyway, let's put that aside." Henry said.

"okay" Jewel responded.

After a while of silence, Henry spoke.

"Jewel" he called softly.

"yes" Jewel responded.

"I really don't know what transpired between you and Angel, that made her said those things to you, but I just want to plead on her behalf. please forgive her" Henry pleaded.

"why are you pleading on her behalf?" Jewel asked.

"because I like that lady, and I plan to date her. I don't want you to be having problem with someone that might be my girlfriend. I hope you can forgive her" Henry responded.

Jewel stared at Henry for 2 minutes without saying anything. after a while of silence, he spoke.

"I truly don't have anything against her. All I will do from now on is to avoid her, so that there won't be any problem between us. you don't have to worry yourself. you can go on and date her if you like her" Jewel responded.

"thank you very much Jewel." Henry said.

"you are welcome" Jewel responded.

Francis joined them minutes later and they left the class together.


Angel, Jessica and Lucy went to the school restuarant to have lunch. They had attended four lectures already in just one day, and they seemed to be tired and hungry. They sat at the far-left in the restuarant and ate their food silently. After a while of silence, Lucy spoke.

"Angel, I really don't know why you said those things to Jewel. what did he do?" she asked.

"just leave that guy. he thinks he can joke with everyone and go free. certainly not with me" Angel responded.

" I think you must have misunderstood him. maybe he acted rudely to you when he was in a bad mood. he did same to me, but later apologized. he is not who you think he is. he is a very nice guy. you will get to like him if you get close to him." Lucy said.

"why are you speaking as if you have known him for a long time" Angel said.

"I don't need to stay with him for a long time to know that he is a very nice guy." Lucy responded.

The restuarant door opened and their course rep walked in. He went to meet them immediately.

"Angel, I have been searching for you all over the school." The course rep said to Angel.

"Daniel, I hope there is no problem." she said, referring to the course rep. "why are you looking for me?"

"Dr. Femi wants to see you. he said you should meet him in his office" Daniel responded.

Angel froze at the mention of Dr. Femi. That was the same lecturer that gave them an impromptu test just because the class was noisy when he entered.

"why is he looking for me?" Angel asked.

"I don't know. when you get to his office, you will find out yourself" Daniel responded.

Angel stared at Daniel suspiciously for a while, before speaking.

"okay, I will go and see him"she responded and stood up.
"you guys should wait for me. I will be right back" she said to the other ladies and left the restuarant.


Few minutes later, Angel was standing at Dr. Femi's door. she seemed nervous. several thought were running through her mind. could it be that Daniel had told the lecturer that she caused the commotion in class today, and the lecturer wants to punish her for it. she pray silently for that not to be the case. she took a deep breath and knock softly on the door.

"come in" Dr. Femi voice sounded from inside.

she opened the door and slowly entered his office. she locked the door behind her and stood beside it.

"good afternoon sir" she greeted.

Dr. Femi didn't respond. he only focused his attention on the phone he was holding. Angel stood there like a log of wood, without saying anything. After a while, Dr. Femi looked up to face Angel.

"Are you Angel?" Dr. Femi asked.

"ye.... yes sir" she stammered.

"please have a seat" Dr. Femi said.

"sir" she said, not sure if she heard what the lecturer said. she wasn't expecting him to offer her a seat, if he wants to punish her.

"have your seat" Dr Femi repeated.

"thank you sir" she responded and sat down.

"I just marked your test scripts, and I must say that I'm really impressed by what you wrote. Even though I set the test from topic I haven't taught you in class, you still did very well. That showed you are very serious with you study and always reading ahead of the class. I called you here to encourage you to keep it up. if you continue this way, you will surely graduate with a first class degree. make sure you don't allow friends to mislead you. always keep doing the right thing" Dr. Femi advised

"thank you sir. I really appreciate your advice." Angel said.

"okay, you can leave now. that's why I called you here." Dr. Femi said.

Angel stood up to leave.

"please wait" Dr. Femi said.

Angel turned to face Dr. Femi.

"please call me Jewel when you go out" Dr. Femi said.

"Jewel!" Angel said in shock. the same Jewel she is quarreling with.

"yes Jewel. he is another student that did really great in the test. I also what to say some few words to him. you both are really great. you should not relent. you should keep such people as friend. they will surely drive you to success. he knows his reason in this school and is working hard towards achieving it. you both should be close to each other, because you are very serious with your studies." Dr. Femi said.

"thank you sir. let me go and look for him." Angel said.

"okay, you can go now" Dr. Femi responded.

Angel walked out of Dr.
Femi's office and locked the door behind her. she rested her back on the wall and sighed.

"why will Dr. Femi asked me to go and call that jerk, of all people." she said.

She left Dr. Femi's office to look for Jewel.
After searching round the faculty for up to ten minutes, she still couldn't find jewel. She decided to go look for him at the faculty garden.


Jewel sat alone at the faculty garden. he didn't return to the hostel with Henry. he wanted to be alone, so that he could think properly. The first thought that clouded his mind was what Henry said to him in class today. The fact that Henry plans to date Angel kept troubling his mind. He wouldn't want to keep having problem with someone his friend plan to date. he will try as much as possible to avoid her. that will be better for all of them.

A tap on his shoulder brought him back to reality. He turned to see Angel standing beside him. He froze immediately he saw her. that was the same Angel he was trying to avoid. he stared silently at her and she stared back. After a while of deafening silence, Angel spoke.

"I have been searching all over the school for you. I never knew you will be here" she said.

Jewel didn't respond. He just kept staring at her.

"Dr. Femi................"

"do you want to apologize for what you did?" Jewel asked, cutting her off from completing her sentence.

"apologize" Angel said, surprised.

"you have realized what you did wrong and want to apologize. you don't have to apologize, because it's useless apologizing to me. I want to tell you right now that we should never come close to each other. let's just pretend like we have never met and forget all that happened between us. let's ignore each other whenever we meet. I have too many problem already, and I don't want you to add to it. please stay away from me." Jewel said and walked out of Angel.

Angel stood like a log of wood, staring at Jewel's retreating figure. she couldn't believe what just happened. it was not like she was coming to apologize. she only wanted to tell him that Dr. Femi wants to see him. she stood at the garden for close to 3 minutes without leaving.

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Re: When Love Speaks by Treasure17(m): 10:00pm On May 01, 2018
@infant, let me grab my popcorn first in order to enjoy the story. Thanks..i hail thee.
Re: When Love Speaks by skubido(m): 10:20pm On May 01, 2018
Nawa for angel Nd Jewel oo, laughing tinz

Tanks a lot for d update bro, jah bless
Re: When Love Speaks by devilmaycry1(m): 10:32pm On May 01, 2018
hmmmm nice 1
Re: When Love Speaks by devilmaycry1(m): 10:34pm On May 01, 2018
hmmm nice One
Re: When Love Speaks by Mustack: 11:38pm On May 01, 2018
@infant, let me grab my popcorn first in order to enjoy the story. Thanks..i hail thee.
Infant let me have my youghout and meetpile... Am occupying the front seat....
Re: When Love Speaks by izaray(f): 1:28pm On May 02, 2018
Love this story cheesy
Re: When Love Speaks by Samuelsmart22(m): 9:35am On May 04, 2018
Infant is here again with another mind blowing story ooo, Nice one bro, we're jejely following Please keep the updates coming
Re: When Love Speaks by Taiwoly(m): 12:10pm On May 05, 2018
dat's d problem here,no update for d past few days #nawa o
Re: When Love Speaks by frankdaholy: 6:14pm On May 05, 2018
Onijagidijagan Gucciqueen38 Sammy07 pu7pl3 tflaymez jerryLegend Enigmaticprof demsid Tolulopefinest Mustack hidhrhis censeakay QueenlyP XTLikeNat777 dammyd46 nastynic Ezionye twisteddany mercy0008 Donnellie afolabiwunmi frankdaholy miqos02 nittroboy Elfaris RickyMARIO maynia dingbang tjquib heylius collinometricx EKLE iampere Aniwhyte duruanyimhenry pheals Kingstone32 DeadRat Despirado21 sunnelzky omaigala12 lucksofy negzi vichrix jamilkb ianTOBBY 77al adedayo3193 olive33 mhizroh22 thebrightest demikol adeniyilamlek dhsfbi neurojosh Neeklaus Princehedris olumidephilip prince202020 SEEDBED Ayomicome LOGICALKEN chiagozien Daviestunech insp jamrid Raheemzee Bluefish7 wistadeRegal Treasure17 fvckname kaycee9242 itsandi tukdi kingin55 phantam95 smartoliver dannlukas hatchetman
present sir

Nice story

Re: When Love Speaks by Bluefish7(m): 8:38pm On May 05, 2018
Emmm oga infant dis ur delay e no too small lyk dis undecided undecided
Re: When Love Speaks by Ray1251(m): 6:22am On May 06, 2018
Re: When Love Speaks by skubido(m): 6:43pm On May 06, 2018
Plz comma update ooo
Re: When Love Speaks by devilmaycry1(m): 10:29am On May 07, 2018
pls update o
Re: When Love Speaks by Tony142: 2:02pm On May 07, 2018
Infant pls update this thread na, pls fast abeg, we are waiting oooooooo
Re: When Love Speaks by izaray(f): 3:13pm On May 08, 2018
Infant update this story na embarassed

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