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Re: When Love Speaks by devilmaycry1(m): 8:31am On May 09, 2018
infact pls update
Re: When Love Speaks by adeoyun(m): 2:05pm On May 09, 2018
Why na

Come and continue what you started
Re: When Love Speaks by hidhrhis(m): 3:41pm On May 09, 2018
infant pls come and drop this thing
Re: When Love Speaks by infant(m): 12:14am On May 10, 2018
Episode 6

Angel stood like a log of wood, staring at Jewel's retreating figure. she couldn't believe what just happened. it was not like she was coming to apologize. she only wanted to tell him that Dr. Femi wants to see him. she stood at the garden for close to 3 minutes without leaving. After a while of standing, she left the garden.


Francis sat alone in an empty class. he seemed to be lost in his thought. A lot seemed to be on his mind. he hasn't been himself for a while now, and that's because of the lady he saw in class. He has been thinking about her from the first day he saw her. He couldn't explain the kind of feelings he was having. There was something special about that lady he can't seemed to explain. Or has he fallen in love with her. He can't possibly fall in love with someone he was just meeting for the first time. He knew nothing about her. how can he just be thinking about a lady he has never spoken to. he really don't understand what is going on. he was lost in thought that he didn't know when someone walked into the class.

'hey you' he heard behind him.

He quickly turned to see Lucy standing behind him. Her face was curved in a smile. He froze immediately he saw her. That was the same lady he was thinking about, and here she was, standing beside him. He couldn't do much to hide the surprise look on his face.

Lucy walked to him and sat beside him.

"why are you sitting here alone? what are you thinking?" she asked.

"erm....... erm....." he stammered.
He seemed not to have recovered from the shock of seeing her beside him.

Lucy placed a hand on his shoulder and stared into his eyes.

"are you okay? what's the problem?" she asked, feeling concerned.

"not.....no.....nothing" Francis stammered.
Lucy presence is making him uncomfortable. he never expected to see her there.

"are you sure?" she asked.

"ye... yes" he answered.

"okay if you say so" Lucy said.

There was a deafening silence for a why before Lucy spoke.

"you must be Jewel's friend. I saw you together today in class." Lucy said.

"yeah, he is my friend. my childhood friend" Francis responded.

"wow! you have been friends with jewel from childhood" she said.

"yeah" Francis responded.

"that means you will know a lot about him" Lucy said.

"yeah" Francis responded.

"actually, my friend misunderstood him and had to say some bad words to him. can you give me his number so that I can call him and apologize on her behalf." Lucy said.

"that won't be a problem" Francis responded.

Lucy gave Francis her phone and he typed Jewel's number. he returned the phone when he was done.

"thank you" Lucy said

"you are welcome" Francis responded.

"when are you leaving this place?" she asked.

"I'm about leaving" Francis responded.

"let's leave together then" Lucy said.

"okay" he responded.

They stood up and left the class together.


Jewel entered his room to see Henry already in the room. Henry was lying on his bed. He sat up immediately he saw.

"you are back. what took you so long. the class ended some hours ago" Henry said

"I went to the faculty garden to get some fresh air" Jewel responded.

"okay" Henry said.

Jewel walked to his bed and sat on the edge.

"I have talked to Angel already" Jewel said.

"really!" Henry said and rushed to sit beside Jewel on his bed.
"what did you tell her?" Henry asked, curiously.

"I told her to stay away from me. I told her that we should pretend like we have never met and avoid each other whenever we see each other" Jewel responded.

Henry stared at Jewel confused. Jewel noticed the looked on Henry's face.

"what's wrong. why are you staring at me that way?" Jewel asked.

"I thought you wanted to end the quarrel with her" Henry said.

"yes, that was what i did" Jewel responded.

"how can you say you ended the quarrel with what you said to her." Henry said.

"what's wrong with what I said? isn't it better that we avoid each other" Jewel said.

"I thought you want to make peace with her" Henry said.

"I think this is the best way to make peace. I really don't want to start having problem with someone you plan to date" Jewel responded.

"okay if you say so" Henry said.

"have you told her that you like her?" Jewel asked.

"no" Henry responded.

"why?" Jewel asked.

"I'm waiting for the right time" Henry responded.

"when is the right time? you better make the move now or you might regret it later. Angel is a very beautiful lady. do you know the number of guys that might be admiring her. if you waste any time, you might lose her to someone else" Jewel advised.

Henry thought for a while.

"thanks Jewel. I will do exactly that. I will approach her and tell her how I feel" Henry said.

"that's what you should do" Jewel responded.

A knock sounded on the door and they turned their attention to the door. the door opened almost immediately and Francis walked in. he went straight to Jewel's bed and sat down.
He wasn't looking too happy.

"what's wrong?" Jewel asked.

"nothing" Francis responded.

"you haven't gone to your hostel?" Jewel asked.

"my roommate wouldn't have returned. I will be alone in the room, that's why I came here instead" Francis responded.

"okay" Jewel said.

There was a deafening silence in the room for a while before Francis spoke.

"how do you know when you are in love?" he asked.

Jewel and Henry turned to face him immediately. they stared at him suspiciously.

"who are you in love with?" Jewel asked.

"not me. someone asked me this same question, but I couldn't give him a reasonable response, that's why I decided to ask you" he responded and look away immediately.

He took a side glance at Jewel and Henry to see if they believed him.

"when you are in love, you will know. you won't need anyone to tell you" Henry responded.

"just like that?" Francis asked.

"yeah, just like that" Henry responded.

Francis didn't ask anymore question. he just accepted Henry's response. He stayed with them for a while, and when it was getting dark, he left for his hostel.


Jewel and Henry left the hostel very early for lecture. The class was almost filled when they got to the lecture hall. they went to the far-left and sat down.
The lecturer was not yet in class. They waited silently for the lecturer. Few minutes later, The course rep walked into the class. he went straight to meet Jewel.

"Dr. Femi wants to see you." the course rep said.

"now?" jewel asked.

"yes, now" he responded.

"can't you see lecture is about to begin" Jewel said.

"I'm just here to deliver Dr. Femi message. he wants you in his office now" the course rep said and left Jewel's presence.

"why is Dr. Femi looking for you?" Henry asked immediately the course rep left.

"I don't know. I will have to go and find out." Jewel responded.

He stood up and left the class immediately.

The lecturer walked into the class immediately Jewel left. He went straight to the board and began the business of the day.


Jewel stood in front of Dr. Femi's door. He tried to think of what might make Dr. Femi wants to see him, but couldn't think of anything reasonable.
After a while of standing at the door, he knocked softly on it.

"come in" Dr. Femi's voice sounded from inside.

He slowly entered to see Dr. Femi sitting behind his desk. he was reading the morning newspaper. Jewel locked the door behind him.

"good morning sir" Jewel greeted.

There was no response from Dr. Femi. he didn't even take his gaze off the newspaper he was reading.

Jewel stood beside the door without saying anything else. he waited silently for Dr. Femi to round up with what he was doing.

30 minutes later, Dr. Femi was still reading the same newspaper. he didn't even take a glance at Jewel's direction. Jewel looked at his watch and realized that he was 30 minutes late for his lecture. He was becoming impatient, just standing there.

"sir you sent for me" he said.

Dr. Femi didn't respond. instead he drop the newspaper he was reading and picked another one, and started reading it.

Jewel's eyes widen in surprise. he stared at the lecturer who just completely ignored him.


The lecturer ended his lecture and left the class. every other students left the class also. Henry didn't leave the class. He was waiting for Jewel. jewel hasn't returned since he went to Dr. Femi's office.

"I wonder what Jewel will still be doing in Dr. Femi's office up till now." he said to himself.

He turned to his left to see Jessica also in the class. her gaze was fixed on the book on her desk. They were the only ones left in the class.
He suddenly remember what Jewel said to him.

'I think this will be the best way for me to get close to Angel. I have to get close to her friend. that will be the easiest way to get close to her.' he thought.

He stood up and walked to meet her. he sat beside her.

"what are you still doing in class" Henry asked.

Jessica looked up from her desk to see Henry sitting beside her.

"I'm revising what we learned" she responded.

"okay" Henry said.

"did you understand what was thought in class?" Jessica asked.

"yes" Henry please.

"please can you explain it to me. I don't seem to understand it" Jessica requested.

"now" he asked.

"yes" she responded.

"I can't explain it to you now. I have to be somewhere. come to the faculty garden this evening. I will explain it to you there." he said

"okay no problem. I will be there" she responded.

Henry heaved a sigh of relief. he couldn't imagine explaining the topic to her right there in the class, because he don't know a thing about that topic. the didn't pay attention when the lecturer was teaching. he has to go and learn it properly.

"are you not leaving yet?" Henry asked.

"I'm leaving. let's leave together." she responded.

she stood up and they left the class together.


Jewel was still standing in Dr. Femi's office. he has been standing there for close to two hours. Dr. Femi hasn't said a word to him. all he had been doing was reading newspaper. that was the fourth newspaper he was reading. Jewel was already very tired standing in his office. He has missed his first lecture for the day. he couldn't understand why Dr. Femi called him to his office and completely ignored him. 'at least he should have offered me a sit' he thought. he watched the lecturer silently.

Dr. Femi dropped the fourth paper he was reading and was about picking the fifth one.

"sir" Jewel called.

"will you shut up" Dr. Femi barked.

Jewel froze immediately. he didn't see that coming. he stared at Dr. Femi in shock.

"now tell me, how does it feel to be ignored. you didn't know why I was calling you and you ignored it. that's how some of you miss out on opportunities." Dr. Femi said angrily.

Jewel stared at the lecturer, confused. He didn't understand what he was talking about.

"tell me how you feel now" Dr Femi said.
"I asked Angel to call you, and you sent her back to tell me that you are not coming"

Jewel's eyes widen in shock. Angel never said anything to him. why would he refuse to answer Dr. Femi. Angel has lied against him.

"you didn't even know why I asked to see you" Dr. Femi continued.

"but sir............"

"shut up" Dr. Femi barked.
"get out of my office"

"sir I............"

"I say get out"

Jewel rushed out of his office immediately. He never expected such from Dr. Femi. what could Angel have said to him that made him this angry.

"I must confront Angel. I need to know what she said to Dr. Femi." he said and left Dr. Femi's office to look for Angel.


Jewel rushed to the faculty garden to look for Angel. He saw her coming out of the garden when he got there. he approached her immediately and blocked her way. He glared at her.

"why did you lie to Dr. Femi. when did you tell me that Dr. Femi wanted to see me?" he asked.

Angel didn't respond. she just stared silently at Jewel.

"what did you say to Dr. Femi?" he asked.

"I thought you said we should start avoiding each other. why are you approaching me now. please let's stay away from each other." Angel responded and walked out on Jewel.

Jewel stared at the retreating figure of Angel until she was out of sight. He let the garden immediately also.

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Re: When Love Speaks by devilmaycry1(m): 3:27am On May 10, 2018
thank for the update
Re: When Love Speaks by skubido(m): 8:17am On May 10, 2018
Nawa for jewel and Angel ooo,, jst can't stop laughing

Tanks a lot for d update, jah bless
Re: When Love Speaks by Godwindanielboy(m): 12:08pm On May 10, 2018
Thanks for the Update. Expecting more.
Re: When Love Speaks by izaray(f): 12:35pm On May 10, 2018
Thanks for the update. Hope you won't keep us waiting for too long this time wink
Re: When Love Speaks by Samuelsmart22(m): 1:48pm On May 10, 2018
Nice one bro Next one please smileyNice one bro Next one please
Re: When Love Speaks by chivera018: 2:45pm On May 10, 2018
Pls update ur blog with the next episode.

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Re: When Love Speaks by emperorblog(m): 3:35pm On May 10, 2018
Re: When Love Speaks by nastynic(m): 4:18pm On May 10, 2018
Following Ojere... another Big Bang! i hope my universe dont go Crashing
Re: When Love Speaks by Cadec007(m): 10:39pm On May 10, 2018
would you believe i am just seeing this mention for the 1st time? I am deeply so sorry!!!! Thanks 4 the mention!

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Re: When Love Speaks by Cadec007(m): 10:42pm On May 10, 2018
Following. Thanks for the invite.
wattapun y did u steal my invitation?!!*winks*
Re: When Love Speaks by Cadec007(m): 11:03pm On May 10, 2018
finally caught up with you guys......but wait oo, infant what kind of shield did u put over ur thread that it went unnoticed by me since april?!
Re: When Love Speaks by Treasure17(m): 1:12pm On May 11, 2018
Nice update @infant and let the drama between jewel and angel continue.
Re: When Love Speaks by SapphirePRINCEX(f): 1:20pm On May 12, 2018
would you believe i am just seeing this mention for the 1st time? I am deeply so sorry!!!! Thanks 4 the mention!
didn't spell your moniker well embarassed

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Re: When Love Speaks by DemiKOL(f): 10:54am On May 14, 2018
wattapun y did u steal my invitation?!!*winks*
Really...sorry about that. Lol

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Re: When Love Speaks by Mustack: 2:05pm On May 15, 2018
Still your fans.
Re: When Love Speaks by adeoyun(m): 2:13pm On May 18, 2018
infact pls update
How far with this story na

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Re: When Love Speaks by Praizymicheal(f): 6:19pm On May 18, 2018
I want more Oliver twist
Re: When Love Speaks by tukdi: 10:32pm On May 20, 2018
present sir

Nice story
Present sir! grin
Re: When Love Speaks by adeoyun(m): 3:12pm On May 21, 2018
Infant where are you now
Re: When Love Speaks by Mustack: 7:48am On May 22, 2018
Oga infand pls come and update na.. I purposely skip the thread yesterday afternoon to digest your story only for me to open and see no update. pls come finish what you start na.
Re: When Love Speaks by Taiwoly(m): 11:14am On May 24, 2018
dis story is already boring 2 me.can't even remember what happened earlier, i just know dat there are two characters angel and jewel. i will unfollow dis story if there is no update in d next 24 hours.
Re: When Love Speaks by Godwindanielboy(m): 8:38pm On May 24, 2018
dis story is already boring 2 me.can't even remember what happened earlier, i just know dat there are two characters angel and jewel. i will unfollow dis story if there is no update in d next 24 hours.
Be patient, writing stories is not easy. Better parts coming.
Re: When Love Speaks by skubido(m): 9:30pm On May 24, 2018
I don't know why writer's find it difficult to carry their followers along...

If u are busy let us know u are busy. No crime in that. Rather than ready comment and no reply

Is annoying
Re: When Love Speaks by infant(m): 5:57pm On May 26, 2018
Episode 7

Henry sat on his bed, with his book and pen right beside him. He was trying to learn what was thought in class for that day but couldn't seem to understand it. He had been sitting on his bed for close to two hours trying to solve some questions. The day was approaching evening already and he still hasn't understood the topic. what's he going to tell Jessica. He already promised her that he would explain the topic to her this evening at the faculty garden. he wouldn't want to disappoint her. He can't go to the garden if he can't explain the topic to her.
He lay on his bed and sighed.

"what am I going to do now. I don't want to disappoint her. This is the first time she's asking me for a request. I will not like to disappoint. This is really frustrating." he said.

The door suddenly opened and Jewel rushed into the room. he walked straight to Henry and stood opposite him. The look on his face was not funny. Henry noticed his mood.

"what's wrong?" Henry asked.

"your girlfriend has started again. how can she lie against me to Dr. Femi" Jewel responded.

Henry stared at him confused. he didn't understand what Jewel was talking about.

"which my girlfriend?" Henry asked.

"how many girlfriend do you have?" Jewel asked.

"I don't remember telling you I have a girlfriend" Henry responded.

"oh, so you have forgotten about Angel." Jewel said.

"did I tell you that she's my girlfriend. I only told you that I like her and would like to date her. please don't go about telling people that she's my girlfriend, so that you will not spoil my plan. if she hears that from anyone, when I have not told her personally, do you think she will still give me a chance." Henry said.

"okay I'm sorry, but please tell Angel to stay away from me. how can she lie against me to Dr. Femi." Jewel said.

"what did she do this time?" Henry asked.

"Dr. Femi asked her to call me to his office. she didn't even approach me, but she lied to Dr. Femi that I refused to come" Jewel responded.

"okay I am apologizing on her behalf. I will talk to her, but that's after I have told her about my feelings for her." Henry said.

"she should just stay away from me please" Jewel said.

"she will." Henry responded.

Jewel walked to his bed and sat down.

"Jewel, please do you know how to solve questions on sample theory?" Henry asked.

"yes I do. what about it?" Jewel asked.

"but you were not in class when the topic was treated" Henry said.

"I have already practiced it earlier before now" Jewel responded.

Henry rushed to Jewel's bed with his book and pen.

"please explain it to me. I really need to know it" Henry said.

Jewel collected Henry's pen and explained the topic to the best of his knowledge. Henry rushed out of the room immediately Jewel was done. he was late already. Jessica would have been waiting for him at the garden.


Jessica sat quietly at the faculty garden waiting for Henry. she had been sitting there for close to an hour. She was already contemplating on leaving.
Henry suddenly rushed into the garden, sweating profusely. he walked to me Jessica at the far-right in the garden.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting" Henry apologized.

"I just got here myself" she lied.

"okay, can we begin?" Henry asked.

"sure" Jessica responded.

Henry sat down beside her and started explaining the topic to her. he followed the same method he learned from Jewel. When he was done, he stood up to leave.

"have you had dinner?" Jessica asked.

Henry paused. he wasn't sure if Jessica was referring to him. he turned back to face him.

"you mean me?" he asked.

"yes" Jessica responded.

"no, I haven't, but I will go to a restuarant on my way to my hostel." Henry responded.

"why not follow me to my hostel. I prepared rice" Jessica suggested.

Henry never expected her to invite him to her hostel.

"you mean I should follow you to your hostel?" he asked.

"yes" she responded.

"what about your roommate?" Henry asked.

Henry knew very well that Angel is Jessica's roommate, but he just wanted to confirm it.

"Angel is my roommate. so there is nothing to worry about" Jessica responded.

"oh really! your roommate is Angel" Henry said, surprised.

"yes" Jessica responded.

"okay then. I can follow you to your hostel" Henry said.

"let's start leaving then." Jessica said.

They stood up and left the garden.


Lucy sat on her bed, staring at her phone screen. she had been staring at the screen for close to 30 minutes. she wanted to put a call through to Jewel but couldn't summon the courage to do so. Her main reason for requesting for Jewel's number from Francis was not because she wanted to plead on Angel's behalf, but because she just wanted to hear Jewel's voice. she has been crushing on Jewel ever since she set her eyes on him. she just have to hear his voice, or she won't be able to fall asleep.
she took a deep breathe, trying to summon all the courage she could. she waited for the next 2 minutes and dailed Jewel's number. she placed the phone on her ear and waited for him to pick up. her heart was beating in rhyme with the beep of the call.

"Hello" a deep masculine voice answered at the other end.

Lucy froze immediately she heard the voice. that was certainly Jewel's voice.

"Jewel" she called.

"yes. who am I speaking to?" Jewel asked.

"this is Lucy, your coursemate" she answered sharply.

The atmosphere was too tense for her already.

"oh Lucy, how are you?" Jewel asked, surprised.

"I'm fine, and you? Jessica asked.

she seemed relaxed already.

"I'm fine too" Jewel responded.

"I didn't see you in statistics class today" Lucy said.

"wow! you actually called because you are concerned about me. that's so nice of you. it makes me feel special" Jewel responded.

Lucy couldn't hide the smile on her face. she never expected such a nice response from Jewel. she was expecting him to start asking questions of how she got his number, but he never did.

"you know you are my friend. I just wanted to know why you were not in class" she said.

"that's very nice of you. I really appreciate it. I was with Dr. Femi all through that period. that was why I didn't attend the class." Jewel responded.

"okay, if you need the statistics note to copy, I can always give you mine, and if you need someone to explain it to you, you can always come to me" Lucy said.

"that's very kind of you. thanks" Jewel said.

"you are welcome" Lucy responded.

"see you in school tomorrow" jewel said.

"see you too" she responded and ended the call.

she stared at her phone screen with smiles on her face. she didn't believe they could have such a smooth conversation. she dropped her phone and rolled from one side on her bed to the other.


Angel sat on her bed, staring at the door. she was waiting for Jessica to return. Jessica left the hostel without telling her where she was going to, and it was already 8:pm, and she has still not returned.

The door suddenly opened and Jessica entered.

"why did you leave........." Angel wanted to ask but stopped immediately she saw Henry walking behind Jessica.
"Henry what are you doing here?" Angel asked, surprised.

"I invited him to have dinner with us" Jessica responded.

"oh really! welcome to our room Henry" Angel said.

"thanks" Henry responded.

"please have a sit" Angel said, pointing to a plastic chair in the room.

"thanks" Henry responded and sat down.

"Henry actually helped me out with that statistics topic" Jessica told Angel.

"wow! that's very nice of you" Angel said to Henry.

"if you also need my help, you should not hesitate to ask. I will be glad to help." Henry said.

"okay, I will do. thanks very much" Angel said.

Jessica brought a plate of rice and served Henry.

"thank you" Henry responded and collected the food.

As he ate silently, he kept thinking of how he would tell Angel that he like her. he doesn't want to waste any more time. He would ask her out when next they met. he wouldn't want to do it now in Jessica's presence.

When he was done eating, he thank them and stood up to leave.

"let me see you off" Jessica said and stood up also.

Henry waved at Angel and left the room with Jessica. they walked side by side each other, until they got to the hostel gate.

"okay, thanks once more for the food." Henry said.

"thanks also for finding time to explain sample theory to me. I really appreciate it." Jessica said.

"it's nothing. whenever you need my assistance, don't hesitate to ask" Henry responded.

"you are a very nice guy" Jessica said, staring deeply into Henry's eyes

"you are a very nice lady also. and you are very pretty" Henry responded.

Jessica stared at Henry with her face curved in a smile, and Henry stared back. After a while of staring silently at each other, Henry spoke.

"okay then, see you in school tomorrow" Henry said.

"okay, see you too" Jessica responded.

Henry turned and left for his hostel. Jessica didn't leave. she stood at the same spot staring at the retreating figure of Henry with smiles on her face. when Henry was out of sight, she turned and walked back to her room.

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Re: When Love Speaks by infant(m): 5:58pm On May 26, 2018
Episode 8

Henry woke up very early the next day and prepared for lectures. He was smiling all through. He had made a promise that he would tell Angel her he feels about her. Just imagining the fact that Angel will soon become his girlfriend is giving him so much joy. He would treat her like the queen she is, when she finally agrees to be his girlfriend. He left the hostel when he was ready, without waiting for Jewel. He was so anxious to go for lectures.


All through lecture, Henry didn't pay attention to what the lecturer was saying. He kept taking glances at Angel from time to time. He had already prepared what he would say to Angel when he is alone with her.

Francis on the other hand, is also lost in thought. he also wasn't paying attention to what the lecturer was lecturer. His eyes were just fixed on Lucy who was sitting at the far left in the class.

immediately the lecturer left the class, Francis rushed to sit beside Lucy.

"hi" he greeted.

"hi" Lucy responded.

"how was the class?" he asked.

"it's okay." Lucy responded.

"so where are you heading now?" Francis asked.

"I'm going to have lunch" Lucy responded.

"can we go together? I'm also going to have lunch" Francis said.

"okay, no problem then." Lucy responded and stood up.

Francis and Lucy left the class to have lunch.


Francis and Lucy sat quietly in the restuarant close to the faculty, eating their lunch. Francis kept taking side glances at Lucy as she eat. he couldn't believe that the lady he likes was having lunch with him. He was very sure that he likes Lucy as a woman, but his problem is, he doesn't think he could be able to tell her that he likes her. that had always been his problem. he doesn't have the gut to tell a lady he likes that he likes her. he has never confessed his feelings for a lady. He lose the lady he likes to another guy, because he couldn't tell her that he likes her. He will try his best for that not to be the case with Lucy. Even if he can't tell her with words, he will show it in his action. she would come to realize how much he love her when he showered her with love.

They ate silently, and when they were done, Lucy tried to pay for her meal, but Francis prevented him.

"Don't worry, I will take care of it" Francis said.

"you don't have to" Lucy responded.

"I insist" Francis said.

"okay, if you insist. thanks" Lucy said.

"you are welcome" Francis responded.

Francis paid for their meal and they left the restuarant together.


Henry went to the school garden after lecture to see Angel sitting at the far left in the garden. He couldn't control his joy when he saw her sitting there alone. That was the perfect opportunity for him to tell her that he likes her.

He walked slowly to meet Angel and sat beside her.

"hi" Henry greeted.

"hi" Angel responded.

"why are you sitting here alone?" Henry asked.

"receiving fresh air" Angel responded.

There was a deafening silence for a while.

"Angel" Henry called.

"yes" Henry responded

"I want to confess something to you" Henry said.

Angel didn't respond immediately. she stared at Henry suspiciously.

"what is it?" she asked, slowly.

Henry took a deep breathe and stared deeply at Angel.

" I know this might not be the best time for me to say this, but I just have to say it because it has been troubling me. I like you Angel. I like you very much. I want us to start dating." he said and waited curiously for her responded.

Angel stared at Henry, surprised. she wanted to speak but words couldn't come out from her mouth. She couldn't find the right word to say to Henry. After staring silently at Henry for a while, she heaved.

"Henry" she called softly.

"yes dear" Henry responded.

"I don't think I'm ready for any relationship. I'm very sorry, I can't date you." Angel responded.

Henry couldn't believe what he just heard. it was as if someone just dropped a heavy load on his head. he never believed Angel could turn him down. He was so confident. He suddenly wished he didn't ask her to date him. He couldn't say or do anything again. he just stared silently at Angel. Angel stared silently at him also. The garden suddenly became too quiet. even a drop of pin can be heard.

Angel suddenly heard her name from behind. she turned to see her course rep, Daniel, walking towards her.

"Angel I have been looking for you all over the faculty" Daniel said immediately he got to Angel.

"why are you looking for me?" Angel asked.

"Dr. Femi wants to see you now" Daniel responded.

"okay, let me go and meet him then" Angel said and left the garden immediately.

She didn't bother asking why Dr. Femi was looking for her. She just wanted to leave the garden. she didn't like the atmosphere in the garden. she wasn't expecting Henry to say such a thing to her.

Henry sat quietly at the garden. he still couldn't believe that Angel just turned him down. When he was tired of sitting, he stood up and left the garden.


Angel stood in front of Dr. Femi's office. She didn't know why he wanted to see her. she didn't bother asking her course rep, because she just wanted to leave that awkward moment with Henry. She heaved a sigh of relief and knock softly on the door. she opened the door and entered when she didn't hear any response. The first person she saw when she entered Dr Femi's office was Jewel. her heart missed a beat when she saw him. she couldn't explain why, but she suddenly became unsettled when she saw Jewel in Dr. Femi's office. Could it be that Jewel came to report her to Dr. Femi. that certainly can't be the case. Dr. Femi was sitting behind his best. He was working on some files on his desk.

"good afternoon sir" Angel greeted.

Dr. Femi looked up from his desk to see Angel and Jewel standing in his front.

"you are here already. please have your seat." Dr. Femi said, pointing to the two visitor's seat.

Angel and Jewel sat down quietly, waiting for Dr. Femi to state his reason for calling them to his office.

"without wasting much of your time. let me go straight to the point." Dr Femi began.
"there will be an interlevel quiz in a month's time. since I'm your course adviser and your statistics lecturer, I have chosen you both to represent your class. you have proven to be the best in your class. I'm informing you earlier before hand, so that you will prepare very well for it. There are lot of consolation prize that comes with it, and the ultimate prize is very appealing. no student in your level has ever won it. I want you to make the different. you guys need to study hard. the topic of concentration is not limited to your level. I will give you some materials you will be working with. you will have to decide within yourself, when you will meeting to study. I will give you chance to make the decision, and when you are done, you can come back to meet me." Dr. Femi explained.

Jewel and Angel stared at him surprise. they were not expecting such. it means they will have to stick to each other from now on. they can't avoid each other any more.

"you can leave now. when you have made your decision, you can come back to meet me" Dr. Femi said.

Jewel and Angel stood up and left his office.


Re: When Love Speaks by Godwindanielboy(m): 6:27pm On May 26, 2018
a turn of events. Thanks for the update. God bless.
Re: When Love Speaks by adeoyun(m): 1:32pm On May 27, 2018
Thumbs up
Nice work infant

Please try and update frequently
Re: When Love Speaks by Mustack: 2:39pm On May 27, 2018
moving on

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