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Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 7:36pm On May 22, 2018
Sneezes(pheew).So after dissapearing for what seemed like forever.Am back with a story that am so much inlove with although am still writting.
I will try to be persistent with updates and your criticism will be appreciated

Its a happy new year from me o.

have missed you all(mauh).



The write of ownership is solely entitled to Lorrenta kefas a.k.a Blair.No part of this book should be reviewed or reproduced in any site, onlinebookstore or any electronic media without permission from the above name.

All characters in these book have no existence outside the authours imaginations.And have no relationship with anyone bearing name or whoseover.

This chapter is dedicated my darling friend Theophilus who sent me my lost stories after my phone loss.Thanks dear,your'e one in a million.

Chapter one

Will you Denyinfa Pamela Ebiere take Ayibaemi layefa simon as your lawfully weded husband ?

The atmosphere became tensed as they all waited for the bride..not a single movement was made neither any word spoken.She tried to say the words but she couldn't, had she become mute all of a sudden...she looked at the love of her life whose eyes were pleading hers to say "I do".When she tried for the second time without a word coming from her lips she collapsed.

Jesus!she breathed heavily.It was only a dream...her mind wandered back to her dream.How could it be?she muttered.The sound of her alarm distracted her thoughts as she sighed heavily. She had set an alarm for 4pm to prepare dinner.

She stood up lazily stretching her body.Pulled in her red mickey mouse gown she had abadoned on the bed before her seista and headed for the
kitchen as her mind occasionally drifted to her dream.

She peeled the plantain before washing it into a medium sized pot.It was the tradition of the family to accompany boiled plantain with every swallow meal .She had made the garri and the vegetable soup still on fire.

As the only one left with her parents she was entitled to cooking and every other house chores.Third child and first girl of a family of five,her 2elder brothers were both married and based in port Harcourt and Asaba respectively. Her immediate younger sister was happily married to a calabar man although they resided in Benin.while the last boy was a student of the university of Benin .

Ebi..Her mother called for her
from the living room.She had just gotten back from one of her numerous meetings

Mummy welcome,am almost done with the food she said in an attempt to leave.She had been avoiding her mum constant naggings since her younger sister got married.

They were not always like that,in fact she was her mum's favorite child until her younger sister got married the previous year.Her mother had personally told her it was a taboo.How can you sit lazily and allow your younger sister marry before you?Claiming to be one stupid career Lady..instead of paying attention to men that ask for your hand in marriage.Their relationship worsened on daily basis with her mother constantly reminding her of tieng the knot.

Have you heard?Laye had enganged that yoruba girl and I wonder what you're still doing in this house unmarried.

And i had my hopes up,thinking it would be laye..You are just so dumb.How can you let another woman snatch him away'

I Didnt mama,he was never mine she had wanted to say but swallowed her words.

Go and marry or this house will no longer contain us both..am in my husband house,look for your own husband.

It was like a bomb had exploded on her head.Laye..He didn't even deem it fit to tell her first,they were more than close.What they had was more than best friends!but the painful part was she had been crushing on him since age 15.He read her like a book but couldn't figure out she had been in love with him since she knew what it meant to be attracted to the opposite sex. And she couldn't bring herself to tell him,until during his service year were he met and fell in love with Bisola

She had tried a countless times to kill what she felt for him but it had persisted.The smell of burnt soup caught her attention and she ran to the kitchen were she let it all out after putting the gas off.

It was another night of going to bed with an empty stomach...what was food when her heart had been smashed to a thousand pieces.Oh how much she loved him! His dark skin glowing in her imagination,he had the sweetest smile she had ever seen.His eyes calling out for her,his broad chest the center of his attraction.He was what people Called created after God's rest.But she was so unlucky! He wasn't meant for her..his heart had been captured by the light skinned lady with the petite figure"Bisola".She was so endowered and she knew she was no match for her.
She brought out her diary and scribbled in some words.

Dear diary

Today 24th day of march 2011,Laye enganged Bisola. My heartthrob is gone,have lost him forever.

She dropped her pen and hugged her teddybear.Laye had gotten her it for on her 24th birthday but she still cherished it like he had given her yesterday'.She turned the screen of her vibrating phone and checked the caller I.D

"Besty mi"

They had both saved their names as Besti mi on their respective phones,maybe he had called to break the news to her.Hearing it from him was going to hurt more so she placed the phone on silent and sobbed continuously hugging her teddy.

Why are you doing this to yourself Doye asked'

Doye was her only friend apart from preye and the only one that knew Pamela had something for preye.

They worked together as nurses in Faith clinic.

Doye am hurting so bad,but what can I do?his my best friend.I love him so much and want nothing but his happiness, If Bisola makes him happy then there's nothing I can do.

Yes I know,Pam I know you want nothing but the best for him..but I dont like the way you are handling it..look at your eyes,there are eyesbags.Am sure you cried yourself to sleep last night,that's if you slept at all.And the person you're killing yourself for is having fun with the love of his life.

Am fine Doye,thanks for caring.She said lowering her eyes to hide the unshed tears'.

I know you didn't eat last night and this morning..Pamela made to talk but she cuts her short.

Shhh..let's go to the canteen,my treat.She pulled Pamela while they walked hand in hand.

Pamela knocked softly on the gate..while waiting for the gateman she fingercombed her hair.she had been a mess this morning, she hadn't even taken a glance at the mirror before she left for work.

Madam welicom'

She almost laughed at his accent but stopped when she remembered her predicament. Musa greetings always made her laugh and she always mimicked'..his inability to pronounce words properly.

She waved at him and made her away inside.
Her countenance changed when she saw her visitors"Preye and Bisola"

Hi,goodafternoon guys.

Besti mi welcome, Laye greeted showing his 32.

Have you been waiting for long?she asked.

Not really,we just got here.Have you forgotten I know your shifts.

Oh that..yeah,what should I get you two?

Anything is fine.Bisola spoke for the first time.Right baby?she asked preye.

Anything my lady says.

Pamela brought 2pack of juice from the fridge and placed it on a tray in front of them with glasses.

Are you sure you slept lastnight?you have eyes bags..Besti mi have you been crying? he asked concerned.

That was it..he could read her like the back of his palm but couldn't figure out she loved him.

Am fine..I had this fever last night,so I didn't get enough sleep.

Sorry dear..hope you''v taken drugs

Sure, I have,she said faking a smile.

Please take good care of yourself and rest well Bisola added.

Thanks she muttered and took a seat opposite them.

About my calls last night,you never picked and never returned any.

You calledshe said acting surprised.

Yes I did..dont tell me you haven't seen them.

No..am sorry ,my phone is on silent and I forgot at home.
Okay..Here is the big news.BISI accepted to be my forever.
He said happily'

She did??she asked eyes widened.Bisola waved her in ring in the air happily.

Wow am so happy for you two she hugged them in turns.

The soon to be couples left after spending two hours with her'..she sighed heavily. Two hours of pretence was over.After changing from her work outfit she fell asleep on her bed but not after crying her eyes out.

But she took the one person that matter most to you'

Pamela turned her face from eye saw' using her best technique to clean her tears.She had followed them to Ogun for the wedding.. Even if she was broken inside,she couldn't miss the chance of watching her best friend get married. She was among the bridal train .And had been with her throughout the preparation, she even took work leave to ensure everything was successful. she shut the evil voice that had asked her to standup when the pastor said a countless times If there was anyone against the union,this was the happiest day of Laye's life..she wouldn't want to ruin it for him.She watched them say ' I do'.

She left for yenagoa two days after the wedding, when the newly weds had gone to Paris for their honeymoon.

The familiar aroma hastened her footsteps to the kitchen.Could it be her kidsis was back..her stew always had this killer aroma anyone could perceive from a distance. But she never mentioned anything of sort and they conversed on daily basis.

Her suspicion was confirmed when she saw Cassandra stirring the stew.

Akpossss she screamed excitedly and hugged her from behind.

Cassandra had stopped bearing Akpos saying it sounded too local for her since Age 20 but Pamela had never cease to call her that.
"I am not a guy intreasted in you,your name remains Akpos" she will always say and they will laugh over it.

What is doing you?you this babe,why didn't you mention you were around when we spoke this morning. She said as her eyes scrutinised her sister.

It's part of the surprise ,If I had said it earlier you wouldn't have screamed.

See her head like scream,her eyes glistened with exicitment.

Girl you're pregnant..Idemette did not waste time o,she teased happily.

Ide is a good player..we can't wait to be parents she smiled.

Yeah..I know that feeling,are you up to 1month?she asked examining her again.

No,I month 3weeks.she rubbed her belly tenderly.

Am happy for you baby..come here.They embraced each other.Though Pamela was 2years older,She looked younger than Cassandra.While Cassy was more beautiful,Pamela was more endowed physically and both were light skinned But they loved each other not minding their differences

How are you holding up?Cassy asked when they had disengaged.

Trust mum wahala now..everyday I must marry slogan.

That wasn't what I meant..how are you holding up?I know you love him Pam,I just didn't say anything since you always choosed to lock up on how you feel about him.

You knew..her voice trailed off.

I know exactly how you feel but love would come,just open your heart sis.They are so many men out there that can treat you like a queen.

Not everyone is as lucky as you are when it comes to finding love'

Dont say that..there's a man for you there,you just haven't meant him.

You don boil rice? She asked trying to brush the topic aside.She was tired of hearing about him,the fact that his stucked on her mind was enough pain already.

when they had eaten and chatted with their parents they retired to their room.Since Cassy was spending a week,they had decided to share one room .Cassy had waited for Pamela to shower before droppong the topic.

Don't you think staying here would affect you more?

I dont understand Pam said while massaging her cream on her glowing skin.

Well I believe it's gonna be harder for you watching those love birds when they get back,you should change environment. I mean leave this city.

Pamela kept quiet for a while thinking about what Cassy had said

What of my job?she asked after a while.

Is that your problem?you just need to say yes and I will talk to Ide to get you one.A friend of his manage a big hospital in Cal.

Wait....I don't understand

Yes..It quite far from here and We could see everyday.she winked.

You know I won't be comfortable, come on.You are my kidsis and besides you are married'

Pam,Ide would love to have you live with us but if you won't be comfortable you can rent an apartment as soon as you get your first pay.

I will have to give it a thought.She said bitting her lowerlip.

Cassy knew how difficult Pam could be sometimes, she always felt like a burden but she was the most accommodating and loving person to be with.

Just say yes..Do this for you,for your happiness.

Alright.. But I have to write my resignation letter and faith clinic won't let me leave unless they find my replacement and it might take a while.

Well,you are free to come whenever you've sorted it out.But please write your resignation letter tonight so we can hand it over tommorow'..it saves us the stress of waiting for approval for long.

Thankyou sis.She stood up and encircled her hands around Cassy who sat on the bed.

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by yewande1234(f): 8:17pm On May 22, 2018

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Isaacson5(m): 11:33pm On May 22, 2018
You re welcomed miss Blair Tanks too

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by DemiKOL(f): 1:03am On May 23, 2018
This is going to be interesting.. #Following

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by emperorblog(m): 6:19am On May 23, 2018
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 3:50pm On May 23, 2018
Evening beautiful people.

Chapter 2

But why?Did we do something wrong?did anyone offend you?Is it your pay,Okay fine I will make an increase of 20℅.

No,I wasn't offended in anyway.my resignation is as a result of my plans of relocating, I really enjoyed working here.At some point I admit I was treated like family.But my mind is made up.

She said sucking her lowerlip

She stared at her boss who seemed to be lost in his thoughts.He loved her dearly,but he forbade work _in relationships.But that wasn't the problem, he could have broken protocols for her sake.But he had no self confidence.. he feared for rejection. He had low self esteem,his height was nothing to write home about.He could barely reach her stomach considering the fact that she was 6ft tall.

Pamela coughed reminding him of her presence.

Am sorry'.He said almost in a whisper.

But you remember the hospital policy don't you?He asked when he had gotten hold of himself.

Yes sir.I will help you in search for a replacement.

Thank you,but If you ever change your mind.There is always a place for you here.

Dont worry..I visit time to time.She had said inorder to make him feel better.Haven given him her sweetest smile she stood up and took her leave.

Working with him had been wonderful, he never gave her any problems unlike her last boss who harassed her sexually..her pitiful stories had made Laye get her a job with Faith clinic.She snapped herself from thinking of him.He was now "married", someone's property.

Are you sure about this Doye had asked'

I am.I want to give myself the chance to start over.She had replied fighting back the tears threatening to drop.

I want your happiness girl,but am going to miss you so much.Gosh you've become a big part of me.

Pamela had noticed Doye was fighting tears too pulled her into her arms.

Hey am still here. Besides am in the country, you can always visit.

She definitely was going to miss Doye.The overprotective friend of hers.They had met at nursing school first year when Doye beat up a lady in her finals for molesting Pamela.Ever since then, they'd been inseparable. She always acted like pamela's elder sister.But the irony of it was Pamela was a year older ,although Doye was chubby which made her look older with her dazzling black eyes.

But don't worry,we will have the best of fun until my resignation later is approved,but be ready to spare half your salary'

They gigled at that word salary"..

she had told her parents she was transferred another branch of the hospital in Benin.Although her mother had still tongue lashed her but it was much better than her mother knowing she was going to her sister's..

The ladies set out for fun the following day after work.They had started with Kilimanjaro..and after having an handful of ice-cream and chicken they took heartwarming selfies.

The week had been funfilled as they visited event centres..boutiques and finally the saloon for a new look. Pamela had considered it a waste of money since it was barely a week she had her hairdo for laye's wedding.

With Cassy's insistence she called her old classmate who attended nursing school and was yet to get a job"

She's very good..she informed her employer and he granted her resignation but after begging her to reconsider'.

Pamela released herself from Doye's embrace at the park..as the luxurious bus was set to hit the road.

Please don't forget to call pamel, I will miss you so much.

I will miss you too..she muttered and turned away before Doye could see her unshed tears'.

She hadn't visited Laye even when he texted her they had arrived yesterday..she couldn't tell him she was travelling. She feared she would break down in front of him..she feared he would read her pain through her eyes'..

"I am relocating to Benin,Akpos got me a job in a bigger hospital. Please don't get mad,I needed to be there urgently .Am on my way there.. I will call later,so we can talk".

She tapped the green button and when the message had showed delivered she switched off her phone.


Honey what's it?Bisola asked wrapping her hands over the waist of her husband'

U hmm..am just worried about pamela .He said showing her the text.

But there's nothing wrong with this text honey..come on,you worry too much.She pinched him playfully on the nose.

Am just concerned. Pamela isn't someone that take decisions in an hurry..the pamel,I know would inform me first and even ask if am okay with it..but she just accepted without me knowing.

She knows you're married,and things has to be different.

She pulled away and sat on the bed.

Is that jealousy I smell?he teased.

Am not jelouse...she pouted her lips.

You are...he said jumping on the bed while tickling her.

She gigled excitedly shouting ...Am Not.

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Shakyroh320(f): 11:43pm On May 23, 2018
welcome back dear,kip it coming

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 2:10am On May 24, 2018
welcome back dear,kip it coming
Thanks dr
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by imranMotunrayo(f): 11:06am On May 24, 2018
Interesting, nice one ,waiting for more

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by vivienD: 11:35am On May 24, 2018
So many things you need to improve on.. Nice story
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 11:57pm On May 24, 2018
So many things you need to improve on.. Nice story

Like ?
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by vivienD: 10:57am On May 25, 2018

Like ?
Will inbox u
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 10:23pm On May 26, 2018
Evening beautiful people..

this chapter is dedicated to all those that dropped their comments. Am too lazy to mention names.hope am pardoned?

Brandy "have you ever loved someone lyrics"

Have you ever loved somebody so much It makes you cry ,Have you ever needed something so bad You can't sleep at night, Have you ever tried to find the words But they don't come out right,Have you ever, have you ever Have you ever been in love Been in love so bad You'd do anything to make them understand ,Have you ever had someone steal your heart away You'd give anything to make them feel the same .Have you ever searched for words to get you in their heart But you don't know what to say And you don't know where to start
The only song that keeps running through my mind whenever am writing this story.

Chapter 3.

pamela sat with her legs crossed on the 2.5 inches seater in the large living room .

The ide's were sure lovers of green for everything in their living room and the 2other rooms she had entered had a touch of mint green and peach.
The living room was quite fashionable and displayed it owners love for art . for at every side laid one painting or the other.

She flipped through the dstv channels searching for anything reasonable to feed her eyes on.
She had arrived in Benin exactly five hours ago and had settled in her new home.
Cassandra had ensured she was more than comfortable.They had chatted about almost everything and her sister had filled her in about
Life in Benin.

Monday came with so much anxiety and anxiousness from Pamela as she prepared for her first day at work.
She could hear the rapid beat of her heart,not like it was her first time but without preye telling her one or two words of encouragement she felt helpless.

she applied finishing touch to her make up.Clad in a black denim skirt and coffee coloured blazer ,with her hair parked in a messy bun she appeared way too angelic for a nurse.

"you look beautiful sis"

Thank you she said and brushed the hair that had fallen across her face .
You can do it' trust me.Her sister had said and pulled her in a hug when she noticed how scared pam looked.

Thanks sis,am as scared as a rabbit right now.

I know.You have to work on your emotions,you don't need him to babysit you always,his a married man now
"I know,but it so difficult to accept"
Come on,let's have breakfast.Ide is waiting already"

Cassandra had said knowing Pamela could burst into tears any moment if they should continue their discussion.

The trio ate their breakfast of fried egg,bread and tea in silence as each person seemed to busy with their own thought.

Ide drove the car as his wife and her sister sat at the back talking about what he called unnecessary like the price of fish in the market and how it had increase over a few days.
After what seemed like 30minutes,he halted in front of a three storey building .

We are here .he annouced to the ladies who seemed lost in their conversation.

Thanks a lot,Pamela had said when she noticed the symbol "Happy life hospital".

Its nothing,chimobi is nice.Am sure you'll enjoy working here.Said ide".. rubbing his chin

I really appreciate.

Take care sis,Cassandra said and gave her hand a squeeze.
She opened the car and waved them goodbye.

your sis is going to be fine trust me.

Ide said to his wife,who had occupied the front seat with him.

Yeah..but am just worried it may take too long.

You never can tell baby,Pam is strong.All she needs is time and am positive this change of environs is going to do her lot of good.

It wouldn't have been possible without your understanding. I am grateful to God for giving me the best of husbands in the world.

You can say that again dear,your are really lucky he mimicked her.

She hit him playfully on the leg and he laughed even harder.
He soon halted at her flower shop.which he opened for her when the month they got married. Although he had been skeptic at first'

Such business has no good gain he had told her.

I know honey..but it makes me happy,seeing people happy makes me very happy.People only get flowers for beautiful reasons.I don't care about the gain honey'..I care about my happiness.

He was surprised just two months after he had opened the shop for her..she asked for a bigger store since the previous was smaller.And he did.

And now,she was making lots of profits and also she was happy'.

I know that look'..

I don't want to go.she said like a baby begging for candy.
But you have to go darling..am running late for work' he checked his watch.

She pouted still holding on to him.

Okay'..we will watch "The promise together today "

You always sleep off'..and it not fair,leaving me all to myself.she made to cry'

Okay..no sleep.I promise no sleep .

Okay...take care my love.she pecked him on his checks but he pulled her back for a short full kiss on the lips.
She smilled as she opened the door and bade her goodbye.


Re: Married Again By Blair01 by ogunholla(m): 11:55pm On May 26, 2018
Hex Blair01 try to work on "am and i'm" "i'm" is the short form of "i am" and "am" is use to start the sentence "am i". In all, this is a beautiful work of art. thanks for bringing it to us to enjoy.

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 11:01am On May 27, 2018
Hex Blair01 try to work on "am and i'm"
"i'm" is the short form of "i am" and "am" is use to start the sentence "am i".
In all, this is a beautiful work of art. thanks for bringing it to us to enjoy.

noted.Thanks for correction.
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Nmaglit: 12:36pm On May 27, 2018
lovely story keep it up

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Missmossy(f): 9:39am On May 28, 2018
Keep it coming, beautiful piece..

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Eberechi24(f): 4:38pm On May 28, 2018

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Nobody: 9:26am On May 29, 2018
Thanks for the update. Following.

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 11:53pm On May 29, 2018
thanks for dropping your comments,I will update unfailingly tomorrow

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 3:41am On May 31, 2018
Am sorry I failed my promise to update yesterday.Was quite busy.

Good morning beautiful people

"ever thought about the most painful thing love?it loving and been loved in return".

chapter 4

You can't keep doing this to us,it's been four good years Osagie.Just why do you keep holding on to the past.Are you the only man that has lost a wife ?look at your son,don't you think he needs his father's affection.

Mum please can we not have this discussion this morning,its too early for this.

Why won't it be too early? You come back from work when have always gone to bed!what time do you expect me to talk to you about it?Are you the only doctor in that hospital..beside you own the hospital. Why on earth do you leave early and come late?

Mum what else do you want from me?I provide for you every single thing you ask for..should I kill myself for you?Tell me you are tired of taking care of my son let me employ a nanny.Right now am running late please leave me alone!
He pushed her slightly making his way out of the house.
I need attention,we need your attention she cried out after him but he ignored her and drove out.

He wiped the tear that had fallen across his face.
She was everything to him!yet he couldn't do anything to save her from the accident.They had rushed her in when she had breath her last leaving him with their 3months old baby.

Everything was in order,he had made arrangements for a perfect dinner.It was their first year anniversary as couples and 5th year as lovers. It was her idea they married on the day they had started dating.But now he cursed that day for taking her life.

She was his jewel'..everything that mattered to him.
He sat at the reservation he had made for hours until his phone rang.

She gave up on the way,because she was dead as at when we got her'

His assistant had told him
He passed out'

He pulled the car at his parking spot cursing himself for remembering the memories he has chosen to burry'
Soon he was at air conditioned office,working on his laptop.
He picked up the intercom and muttered some few words of which a lady walked in after some minutes.

Am Mr Osagie he said emphasizing on his name without even staring her a glance.

Well I employed you because Ide has said lot about you but not withstanding I would want to see for myself how hardworking you are,or you just one of those dummies living on peoples credits'.He paused waiting for a reply still typing on his laptop

I will do all within my power to promote the affairs of this hospital. She had said although hurt at what he had said'

Am watching you miss,meet my secretary to put you through.

Thank you sir .She left and walked towards his secretary's desk.

Don't mind him,his not friendly.. Although he was once friendly before he lost his wife but that was four years ago and
Am Pamela she cuts her short...she disliked loquacious people.She loved to mind her business.
Emm..am Ninapainicks.'.am sure you will be wondering what kind of name is that?not to worry it a long story .you see when
The manager said you should put me through please..she cut her short again'

Okay..you can call me Nina for short.everyone calls me that or ni'
Pamela wondered why she hadn't been fired with all her irrelevant talks.

How was work?Cassandra asked her sister who looked exhausted sitting on the sofa with her handbag lieng helplessly on the floor.

Fine except that handsome devil of a boss who indirectly called me a dummy she said explaining in details.

So if you say his head was bent how did you see his face?
I know the head of an handsome man when I see one.
Cassandra smilled "but said nothing.

How was sales today ?she asked in return.
It was very good..Nigeria men are trying this days.The rate at which they buy flowers.

Pamela suppressed a laugh'

if they are good we will complain,if they are bad,we will complain. its really difficult to understand a woman.

I think I need a bath she said standing up.

Ya..you look pretty tired.But come down for dinner I'll soon be done.

Can't thank you enough sis.She picked up her handbag and left for her room.
preye thew the phone at the wall before he realized what he had done.

She has been gone for four days yet her number has been forever off'

What the hell is wrong with Pam.He hit his head in frustration sweating profusely'.

Am loosing it and I don't know what to do anymore '.He yelled as if it could change the fact that Pam's phone was off or make her call him.


Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Eberechi24(f): 2:32pm On May 31, 2018
cheesy Pamela and her new boss, hmmmm. *lip sealed*

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Isaacson5(m): 2:46pm On May 31, 2018
Handsome devil, Interesting.
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Nobody: 9:17pm On May 31, 2018
Thanks for the update. Keep it up.

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by aprilwise(m): 5:06pm On Jun 01, 2018
you got a nice job here. well done.

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by patexcool(f): 7:36am On Jun 02, 2018
great job and thanks

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Narldon(f): 8:15am On Jun 02, 2018

Wonderful Story blair01.

However, You need to improve on your punctuation.

It makes the story flow better; I got lost at some point.

But, Nice work you've got. smiley

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by joeokoriem: 8:57am On Jun 02, 2018
Wow. So nice write up. Interesting story I couldn't stop reading

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by estherhadassah(f): 9:39am On Jun 02, 2018
nice write up but pamele and her handsome devil let wait and see.
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by omonifamily(f): 9:43am On Jun 02, 2018
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by pulchritude94(f): 10:11am On Jun 02, 2018
nice story
but pls work on your updates.


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Short Drama Script / Game Of Pleasure(18+) / AJEGUNLE : The Tale From The Ghetto

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