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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by skubido(m): 2:17pm On Jun 20, 2018
Nice write up. Following
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 6:07pm On Jun 20, 2018
m sorry guys am very strong that's the reason for the delay.I will update soon.

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by xlozer(f): 3:25am On Jun 21, 2018
]m sorry guys am very strong that's the reason for the delay.I will update soon.

get stronger dear, I will wait, dis story z worth d wait
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by xlozer(f): 11:41pm On Jun 25, 2018
still waiting ohhh....
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Nwiboko26(f): 10:07pm On Jun 26, 2018
Be strong. We need more
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 1:18am On Jun 29, 2018
Am sorry for the late update.
first of all I was I'll last week and got better on Sunday.
And phcn has refused to give light since on Saturday last week until now.My phone has bn suffering from lowba3.

But I was able to squeeze this short chapter,half bread they say is better than known.And to those that wished me fast recovery,thank you and God bless you.

*if you got someone that loves you and you love in return, do it purely and selflessly but don't be obsessed about it.For love can make you better or destroy u.*

Chapter 8.

Where are you headed young lady? let me drop you off.He said as he adjusted his spectacles.

Without wasting time she told him tired of the hot sun burning through her skin.

He tried conversing with her but she seemed rather too tired to talk as she replied in monosyllables.

He let her be as he turned on the radio and focused his attention on the road.

Few minutes later he halted the car at happy life hospital only to find out the lady he carried had fallen asleep.she looked tired but very peaceful in her sleep.

He wished he could let her sleep but he was running late for his meeting with his staffs'.

And he couldn't tell his secretary to reschedule"..she had done that five consecutive times in 5days".

He tapped her gently which only made her stretch her body and return to her sleep.Which made her hair fall across her face

For some reason he wished time could just stop so he could savor the moment.

He had found her'..his missing rib. His father would be proud of him.

We are here'..she muttered sleepily.
Yes, I tried to wake you but you were so gone.

Thanks alot. she said as she removed her seatbelt and opened the door.

Not until she had disappeared he remembered the most important thing'..her number.He hadn't collected her number.
He put a call across his best friend Odion immediately. As he waited for response from the other end he put his car to a start'
Big man,howfar na.. Odion said excitedly

So I met this very good looking lady that I know is the one for me but I didn't get to collect her number he said to the phone which was on loudspeaker.

What about her name?he asked

I dont know either'..
Where did you meet her?
He explained in details of how he met her without leaving anything out.
Okay'...I will get back to you he said as he hung up .

He knew he could count on odion as he was the best private investigator in town and had done lots of work for him in time past'
Wow,she is so beautiful both sisters said at same time like they had planned it.

They couldn't stop gushing over Aishat'.

But she isn't a Christian "..Pamela had said .

I don't think that counts when it comes to love.

Not like I care anyway,as long as she makes him happy

Pamela said placing the flask inside her handbag.
I do not either.. It only mum and dad am worried
about.Especially our mother,you know how she can be'.

Well you are right Akpos but we can't conclude for them.let's just see how far their love take them.
She inserted the simcard inside her phone after removing the previous one. She had bought the sim earlier.An attempt to start all over.

She scrolled down to the contact she had saved with " Besti mi" and pressed the delete button.

The next thing she did was to delete all her messages'..she wanted nothing to remind her of her broken past.

She had particularly gotten the simcard because of her new admirer'.

She couldn't remember the last time she paid attention to any man but after pushing him away countless times she decided to give him a try.

It was quite embarrassing for him to call her through her sister's phone not like she didn't own one.

She slipped into the knee length dress Cassandra had given her which was Black in colour adorned with silver stones .With her hair styled beautifully and her feet in black heels she looked adorable.

she picked up her peach coloured clutch and headed out for her first date to start all over.


Re: Married Again By Blair01 by aprilwise(m): 3:58pm On Jun 29, 2018
I like the story line. but the updates are not coming often.

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by xlozer(f): 8:38pm On Jun 30, 2018
yea, the story is good but d update is heart breaking ....
still flowing sha
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by xlozer(f): 8:44pm On Jul 03, 2018
I done tire for did wait ohhh
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 1:49am On Jul 05, 2018
Am sorry the updates are slow.
school,bizness and every other good thing takes my time.

just keep the comments coming.They are my drugs.

chapter 9

*If you can stay mad at ur lover for days then I guess it isn't worth it*

He read every page with keen interest filled with realization and regrets. This was some minutes ago when he had come to ask after Pamela from her parents. And he had opened her room just like old times when he paid her a surprise visit' ,wishing she was there to jump on him and hit him playfully on his chest .

But there was no one'..it was an empty room well organized as usual.

He had wanted to leave after sitting on the bed for sometime but his eyes fell on a Jolter which was half clad by the pillow.

He had known her all his life but never knew she kept a diary"

He had been hurting his best friend without knowing.And for the first time he realized he hadn't cared about her feeling all along.It has always been him! He wondered how she had felt all this while trying to make him happy and hurting herself.

He stared at the woman that had destroyed the once happy family he thought he had.

How did she find him in the first place.

Sitting uninvited beside him was his father's legal wife .
Am sorry I can't.He said counting his every word.

My son am on my kneels, your father is dieng of cancer and his days are numbered all he demands is to see u and make peace with you and your mother.

He couldn't believe his ears,the same person that chased himself and his mother away without caring about how they survived'

He could never forget how happy his life was until a certain woman (she) claimed to be the legal wife of his father and his mother only a mistress.

And that night was the last time he saw his father'..he disappeared like a thin air.

And his hatred for his mother began.

But he had to get use to it that all the people he loved and trust always left him.

I don't have a father he said to her and ordered her out of his office.

Ninapikins tiptoed back to her position as she wanted to avoid been caught.

Her curiosity of why the wife of one of the wealthiest men in Africa could come to the hospital had made her eavesdrop and she was shocked to her bones .No wonder they shared the same surname'...

She smilled sweetly when she remembered her boss was still unmarried.

Pastor Omeofa she screamed excitedly remembering he had told her,her husband was not too far from her.
But he doesn't want to be associated with them"

She thought again scratching her weavon she had carried for more than 3months.

All he needs is Me "..he needs me to realize wat he has been missing.
Oh..finally all this family expenses will be off my back she smilled happily.

He dailed the number for the umpteenth time with the same message from the network

" the number you're trying to call is not reachable at the moment".

It has been saying the same thing for 5days and some point he wondered how he was still breathing.

He stared at her name on his phone"Glow"

And her dazzling picture on his wallpaper. He knew he was going insane.

Tears formed in his eyes beyond his control.
How stupid of him,he never took her sister's contact.
He logged in on Facebook like his life depended on it and searched for her "Aishat Malik".But he noticed she had blocked him .

He tried to recall their last day together, how they laughed and hugged at the park and how she had held unto him like he owned her life refusing to let go of him .

But why had she blocked him? What had he done wrong?..he went on his kneels to pray for God to protect his Angel.She was all that glowed in his life, she was all he had.


Re: Married Again By Blair01 by skubido(m): 3:06am On Jul 05, 2018
OP tanks for the update ooo. U too much.

If you can stay mad at ur lover for days then guess it isn't worth it.. Really?
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Nwiboko26(f): 12:58pm On Jul 07, 2018
Keep it up.expecting more from you.

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by kunbeex(f): 6:30am On Jul 08, 2018
I seriously don't understand the update......pls try to put names. Thanks for the update
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 1:49am On Jul 11, 2018
OP tanks for the update ooo. U too much.

If you can stay mad at ur lover for days then guess it isn't worth it.. Really?

yea.if u can go silent on d one you love for days without been pained or wanting to settle.I don't think is worth it.reason because ur anger isn't suppose to exceed a day or 2. unless a very critical issue
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 1:50am On Jul 11, 2018
I seriously don't understand the update......pls try to put names. Thanks for the update

noted.thanks for dropping ur complaints
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 12:17am On Jul 16, 2018
This chapter is dedicated to those who dropped their comments unfailingly.The secret to every writer's new update is encouragement. please do encourage me with your comments.
love u all.

chapter 10

Osagie suddenly became moody after the phonecall.
He threw imaginary fists on the air.
Picking his car keys,he drove to the nearest bar and drank to stupor.

Thank you she said as she dropped her fork.
She was out on a second date with Brainstorm, the guy that had picked her up the other day under the sun.

He was full of humour,he made her laugh so hard and he seemed to be straight to the point like he knew what he wanted.And sweetly he was such a fine man".

She had thought of giving him a chance on their next outing.
There was no harm in giving love a try".

He held her hand as he led her to his car but a scene of a drunk man and a prostitute caught her attention.

Where are you going ?he asked pulling her hand".

I just want to check who it is,the figure looks familiar.Pamela shrugged.

Comeon pamy, it not safe there .Anything can happen he pleaded. She loved the way he pronounced pamy"..but she wished he had called her mela like her boss.

No..she snapped.it could be anyone and I need to know she said and walked hastily to the scene while he walked behind her.

she made her way through the crowd and what her eyes saw made her feel suddenly sick.

"Her boss been dragged by a striper to pay her for her services".

Let go of my husband she shouted to everyone's hearing. She held him by the hand and pushed him through the crowd with Brainstorm's help.

Do you even know this man? He questioned angrily. Staring dagers at her for explanation.

His my boss.She said avoiding his gaze.

And you had to act like his your husband?

Please can you stop with the questions. I'll appreciate if you drive us to his place.

Some hours later,she sat down in Osagie's living room as she sipped from a cup of tea his mum had made for her.

" An hour earlier she had called a cab to pick her up at bar after Brainstorm left her angrily with her boss.Fortunately there was no password on his phone so she called the contact he had saved with mother to send his house address.

She couldn't leave since it was quite late,and his mother had pleaded with her to sleep over.

His living room was quite fascinating with pictures of himself she and a lady she concluded to be his wife .

The ladies pictures were everywhere.Her mind wandered back to what his secretary had told her about his late wife and she wondered which man would remain faithful to his wife even years after her death"..but the scene with the prostitute earlier had made her question his faithfulness.

Are you sure you don't want anything his mother asked interrupting her thoughts.

No ma,she said quietly.

The older woman took a seat beside her as she smiled sadly".

Am really happy my son has decided to move on,you are a very beautiful lady".

She didn't allow her to talk as she continued.

Ever since he lost his wife 5years ago,he has never smiled nor laughed.He has hated everything around him including me and his son".

So he had a son she thought. Did he look like his father?
Am sure he would heal with time. She said not wanting to break the older woman's heart further as she saw unshed tears in her eyes"

So my dear,let me not bore you with sad tales,am sure you are dizzy.And I would let you rest.

She stood up to leave but turned to Pamela.
Would you like to sleep in your boyfriend's room or guest room?

Pamela bit her lips.oh God! How will I tell her am just his employee without hurting her. She thought sadly .

My dear...she called to gain Pamela's attention who was lost in her thoughts.

Guest room is just fine she stuttered.


Laye ate the first spoon from the spaghetti and dropped his spoon.

Am no longer hungry he told his wife and stood up.
She thought of the time she had spent to make it all good and the tears fell uncontrollably.

She packed the dishes and dumped them on the sink as she sobbed silently.he had been giving her this attitude for so long.

Taking her phone from her Jean pocket she dailed
Kewe's number .

Hello Bibi .kewe said happily as she placed her phone on loudspeaker facing the road".

She was driving. And her good mood was due
to the fact that the March they had played earlier between female and male corpers was awesome with the females giving them 1_0.

Babe you still dey?She asked as there was no response from the other end.

Bibi you dey cry? She asked concerned. As she heard nothing but sniff.

I cooked and he ate nothing from it she finally said admist tears and sniffing.

Na why you dey cry? She asked slightly irritated.

First of all why you dey tell me? I be your husband?. Tell am wetin dey do you.make una communicate.

She hissed loudly .She removed her gaze from the road in an attempt to end the call angrily as unfortunately hit him.
Oh no..she screamed loosing control of the wheel.

It was now Bisola's turn to worry as she screamed what happened with no response from the other end.

She kept dialing Kewe's number even after 45minutes with no response .Only to be picked an hour later by a masculine voice.

Your friend is at the hospital "

Which hospital she screamed as her hands fidgeted.
Faith's clinic.

Is her case critical? Oh my God.I'll be there shortly she ended the call as she dashed out almost immediately.
She parked her car at the available spot as she rushed upstairs.

How can I help you?the nurse asked the unsettled lady.
My friend was rushed here an hour ago .She gave more explanations she felt was useful.

The nurse showed her to Kewe's ward.As she rushed over her friend who sat quietly on the bed.

Wait!..I was expecting a dieng friend.Why are you still alive she joked.

You believe say I fit die when I never win that football cup?
Bisola laughed as she examined her.

What happened she asked?.

I ran into someone while talking to you and I fainted out of shock.The doctor said am fine but the guy is still
unconscious she said worried.

Oh no..am sorry Bisola apologized. It all my fault.I called while you were driving .

It not your fault Bibi..I picked didn't I. Am just praying he'll be fine.

judging from what have written about Brainstorm. is he fit for Pamela. pls drop ur comments.


Re: Married Again By Blair01 by yewande1234(f): 1:36am On Jul 16, 2018
Nah.... Brainstorm is nt good 4 pamela
tnx 4 d update
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by angelliza(f): 5:01am On Jul 16, 2018
I enjoy every bit of your update you are a good writer. D little issue I have is delay with update if you keep delaying for long people might lose interest as we might not remember d story again. Much love have got for your Story. Nice one ma'am
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Nnnena(f): 10:08am On Jul 16, 2018
I can't say if he is good or not. no man would want to help in that case. Pamela doesn't know what she wants jare
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by skubido(m): 3:26pm On Jul 16, 2018
Like your story but Your update is low, it takes God for me to remember d previous update.

Plz try to work on your update. God will help you

Tink they are good for each other cuz they both have issue..
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 2:45am On Jul 20, 2018
Am sorry once more for the delay in updates.it really not intentional.
since school resumed,am kinda busy with more activities.
and I don't want to just update in a rush because I might end up writing what I won't on a normal day.

I'll try and make amends.

But for now,manage this short update.Would have written more than this but am multi tasking and the time is no longer on my side.

it 2: 41 am already (sobs) and I haven't even done all I want to .So please pardon me.

chapter 10a

She stood up from the bed when all her efforts to fall asleep was unfruitful.suddenly she was thirsty and needed water.

She Walked through the dark hallway trying to find her way to the kitchen.

The lights were turned on and she froze on the spot.

Their eyes met and she could see how shocked he was from his eyes".

Am sorry,I got thirsty and wanted water.

What are you doing here? He asked surprised than confused.

I..I..I..she stammered unable to say anything due to his stare and the shirt his mother had given her didn't help matters as it ended above her knees exposing her laps.
Am listening".He said folding his arms .

You were drunk earlier at a bar,and been dragged by a stripper.So I saved your sorry ass.She said before realizing it.

Oh"..he mumbled.

But did you just say I was been dragged by a stripper".

He asked quite shocked.

Oh my..I drank too much.I can't remember anything he rubbed his temples.

This time her confidence was back as she laughed hard recalling the incident .

I guess you are no longer thirsty he joked".

I still am she said as she found her way to the kitchen.
She came out a few minutes later to find him seated on a couch with his legs across the table which he had obviously brought closer to him.

She walked towards the hallway and stopped when he called her name.


She turned and took some steps closer to him.
" you look amazing on this shirt,and so you know.it's mine but you can keep it."

Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

She was carried away by his mother's kindness not to think of who owned the shirt.

Thanks she said embarrassed and left hurriedly ".

She didn't know how long she took before she finally dozed off but she was woken up by the vibration of her phone.

She typed in her password as she read the message that displayed on screen.

" You can take the day off,and thanks for saving my ass last night ".

She smiled as she saved the unknown number with " boss".
Her head ached and her body was too lazy to get up.Glad she had been given the day off she dozed off again only to be woken up by a call.

Her screen displayed"Akposy" this time and she placed the phone on her ears.

Hello she said weakly.

Pamela I really don't understand this your date, are you still at his place.

She had texted her sis last night she wasn't coming home but hadn't mentioned her reasons.

Am sorry love,I'll explain to you when I get home.

She said sleepily.

Can't wait she said and Pamela could tell she was smilling.
She had wanted to leave after one month was due but the couples had pleaded for her to stay till she delivered.

This time she didn't go back to sleep but stood up sadly.

She took a quick shower and wore her clothes of yesterday.after delibrating on taking the shirt or not,she folded it neatly on the bed and stepped out of the room looking more refreshened.

Wow, grandma who's she? The little boy said admiringly smiling sweetly at her".

Goodness boy, have you forgotten your manners.

Am sorry grandma he said apologetically.

Good morning aunt".

She couldn't help but fall for the cutie".He was her boss replica and she pinched herself to stop staring.

Morning sweetheart". What's your name?


Nice darling.And am nurse Pamela or aunt Pamela she said all smiles.

He took one spoon from his bowl of cereal before giving her a slight nod".

I have to leave now honey,do take care of yourself and grandma alright?

I will he said in between chewing the cereal in his mouth.
And then he said something that surprised her.

"Aunt Pam can I ask you for a favour?".

Yes hon,anything .

Can you come for my graduation party .next week Saturday?.he said sweetly.

Sure love

And this time even his grandma had said thankyou we really appreciate.

She left the house feeling really happy,she loved kids and this particular kid had won her heart.

She had refused " grandma's" offer to wait till breakfast was ready, she feared she will ask questions about her relationship with her boss and that she dreaded .

As she stood outside the gate looking for a cab,her phone rang and after seeing who the caller was she hissed loudly throwing her phone inside her handbag.


Re: Married Again By Blair01 by pulchritude94(f): 8:29am On Jul 20, 2018
thanks for the update

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by skubido(m): 8:50am On Jul 20, 2018

OP, nawa ooo.. grab sha.. God will help u
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by yus248(f): 7:58pm On Jul 24, 2018
Nice one keep it up waiting for more updates
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by skubido(m): 10:09am On Jul 26, 2018
OP plz comma update ooo
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by izaray(f): 12:20pm On Jul 26, 2018
Nice story op, following back to back.
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 1:25am On Jul 28, 2018
its bn a rainy rainy week.
sighs.ThankGod is Saturday.

Am sorry for the delay guys.This weather makes me so lazy.It always calls for sleep.( I didn't say am sleeping sha)
I hope u'll forgive me..and of cause I know u will(smirks).

And to those that dropped their comments thank you

chapter 12.

Welcome back sweet sis_ta.Cassy dragged her every word obviously teasing Pam .

Not what you are thinking.

Tell me what am thinking then "

It a long story, just so you know I didn't sleep at his place.But I slept at his place she said taking a deep sigh.
Now you are getting me all confused"

You didn't sleep at his place but you slept at his place can you explain ".

Cassy grabbed her abandoned piece of bread and applied some butter on it licking her fingers that some unfortunate butter had touched.

Satisfied with what she had done,she devoured it with all might.

I slept at my boss place she said dragging a seat beside her so she could sit.

You did what? How ? Why she asked all at a time.

Well I saw him drunk last night,and he was been chased by a striper causing a scene so I rescued him pretending to be his wife.unfortunately brains refused to help me with him so I called a cab and dailed the number he had saved with mother and I took him to his place. His mum insisted I slept over since it was late so I did"

And have you spoken to brains since then? She asked like a counselor taking observation of her patient progress.

No.Although he called this morning.

So why didn't you pick? She asked raising a brow

Well,because I hated the way he left me lastnight all by myself with a drunken man.

His only natural he behaved that way, his hurt.You wounded his ego running after another while on a date with him.
Whatever"..she said stuffing her mouth with bread

And I thought you had work this morning " Cassy asked watching her sister eat comfortably which was quite unusual

Am off today,I mean my boss said I could take the day off.
For saving his ass or..she teased with her eyes"

Anabrasi ah(leave me jor). Pamela said reaching for the dstv remote as she tunned in "Africa magic".

Pamela knew she would lazy about all day with Cassy watching TV and doing some gossips since Cassy had taken a break off her job so she could rest well now that her pregnancy was getting delicate and her baby bump prudding.Although she had employed a sales girl and visited once a week.

The same reason she had pleaded with Pamela to stay with her until she put to birth".

Osagie watched from his car as people moved in and out of the hospital"

He couldn't believe his once beloved father was here,the man who had disappeared from his life when his so called legal wife chased him and his mother away without mercy.
He hated the fact that his life changed in a twinkle of an eye after the incident,he was born with a silver spoon but went from grace to grass"

He remembered Hawking in the street of Lagos drenched by rain on several occasions and fell Ill to malaria before he won that scholarship that changed his life".

He had moved from Lagos once he made it to Benin,flewing from the painful and once sweet memories he had in Lagos to have a fresh start"

And after 25years the same woman who had chased himself and his mother come looking for him.

"My son am on my kneels, your father is dieng of cancer and his days are numbered all he demands is to see u and make peace with you and your mother".

His step mother's words rang like a school bell reminding her pupils of their lateness"

He pulled at one side of the hospital as he used the elevator inside the massive building.

I still don't understand why you don't want to leave this country,you can't die here.I mean what will people think,that you are too selfish to die in the best hospital in India. We both know you have a few months left,why not spend it at a reputable hospital ".

Am too broken to think of opinions, I failed my son.And I hurt Magdalene. Wherever I die has no meaning to me anymore.

He thought he had heard enough as he walked as far as he legs could carry him..

What kind of a woman cared about where her husband dies than the thought of him dieng.

His father's legal wife was worst than a witch.

Good to know he wasnt dead and he had heard his father's voice not from TV but closely after 25years".


Oh my God! His awake she shouted happily hugging her friend.

Bibi hugged her in return as they called for the doctor's attention

" you don't know how it feels not to kill someone she said happily.hand on her chest."

He coughed to gain their attention ,they had completely forgotten he was their rejoicing their victory over his consciousness..

Hi..he muttered wearily.

Bros abeg no vex,na my friend I been they talk to wey make me forget say I dey drive nia make I hit you.She said apologetically.

He almost laughed at the way she spoke her warrior pidgin fluently".

No prob babe.I bin no dey look road waka.So it not entirely your fault he said .

Here is your phone she handed over his BlackBerry to him "
Excited his device was in perfect shape he quickly opened it to check if there was any misscall from shat but his disappointment showed clearly when all his misscall were from all but her.

Do you want to call your parents? Or anyone bibi asked ".
No..none.i'll be out of here soon right?

Yes..soon.you look so familiar".. She said after staring at him for a while"

You too.. I just can't place where we met.

How are you feeling? The doctor asked breaking their conversation.

I feel alright but am very weak"

Any headaches?

No..just weak.

Let's do a checkup on you, so u can eat and rest"

You two should rest also he said talking to the ladies".

Alright they said taking their leave after promising him they'll be back.

Am gonna update when I get at least 10comments.

question of the chapter

1.would you forgive ur father that abandoned you when you were 10yrs for his legal wife while you suffered on the streets.


Re: Married Again By Blair01 by angelliza(f): 3:21am On Jul 28, 2018
Kudos to you Blair. Although is hard to forgive him but I just have to so if am the one I will forgive him.
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Shakyroh320(f): 7:15am On Jul 28, 2018
forgiveness is accompanied by rest of mind,for his rest of mind,he should forgive.Kip it coming sister
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by skubido(m): 8:45am On Jul 28, 2018
tanks a lot for the update.. jah bless

No matter what he still his father.. In that kind of situation is hard to forgive oo,, he should forgive him, not because the father deserve forgiveness but because he(Son) deserve Peace.

plz as u said, plz try to work on the way you update.. I hardly remember some tinz on d story.

once again tanks a lot. u too much
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by kayusdguy(m): 10:54am On Jul 28, 2018
nice update thumbs up �
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by ADUKKY(f): 12:39pm On Jul 28, 2018
I will because we are all human after all and prone to mistakes. Thanks for sharing.

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