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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Ann2012(f): 11:06am On Nov 06, 2018
Thanks for the update OP
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 11:34am On Nov 06, 2018
Mark my guy, take it easy. No punch the white guy yet o. I really like the flow Faybrown. Keep it going grin
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 12:47pm On Nov 06, 2018
you are really good with this bro continue the good work

Thank you so much!
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 12:48pm On Nov 06, 2018
Thanks for the update OP
Another is on it's way.

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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by VincenzoZhuxu(m): 12:49pm On Nov 06, 2018

Thank you so much!
you are welcome
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 12:49pm On Nov 06, 2018
Mark my guy, take it easy. No punch the white guy yet o. I really like the flow Faybrown. Keep it going grin

Lol, I just tire for Mark.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 5:41pm On Nov 06, 2018
Chapter Six

Students began to filter into the hall in groups and the once peaceful hall is turned into a rowdy circus. The seats are getting filled up and the the teacher isn't in the hall yet.

Emma shifts her eyes to Jenny as Francis continues to stare at her, she looks down at their entwined fingers and sighs, Francis's hand is a cold, sweaty mess. Emma draws a handkerchief from her pocket, she holds his palm up and dries the sweat then she dabs at the beads of sweat on his head.

"Thank you", Francis stutters. "I've never really had a friend that wants me for me not because of who I am or who my parents are. That's the real reason I came here but it doesn't take away the fact that I love this country ", he whispers into Emma's ear.

Emma's hand flew to her open mouth as she looks into the eyes of a miserable person masquerading his emotions as happiness and behind a French accent.
Her eyes unconsciously drifts to Jenny; she had a sister, a friend, a protector, an adviser all in one person. Jenny.

"Thank you", she sends to Jenny.

Jenny's head shoots up with concern.

"For what?".

"For being there all the time, I don't know what I'll do without you", Emma confesses.

A smile forms on Jenny's lip.

"Thank you, too. For being there everytime, everyday", Jenny sends back.

They break their connection and continue their conversations.

"Sorry", Emma says to Francis.

"I'm not dying", Francis replies with a fake smile.
The smile is just too fake and Emma knows.

"But you are... your inside is", Emma draws him into a hug.
When they break apart, Emma ruffles his head which makes him laugh whilst he puts it to order.

"When is Mrs Jacob planning to begin this class?", Emma asks rhetorically.

"I think I have an answer to that", a voice calls out.

They all turn to the voice and find Mark coming towards them his light skin red with anger.

"There's a meeting with the Principal and while she's not here your turning her class into a make out room", Mark says when he reaches their row with Seun behind him.

"What the heck is that supposed to mean?", Francis enquires. "I don't even care but do us all a favor and move".

"Like you can make me do that", Mark replies.

"What's wrong with you?", Emma asks Mark.

"Just shut up, flirt", he bellows.

All eyes turn to their direction with ears angled to hear it all.
Emma sits back down on the brink of tears, her face contoured with grief. Seun watches them with his hands crossed on his chest, leaning on a desk.

"Dude! You can't talk to her like that", Jenny says.

"Shut up too, bitchard!".

"What the what now... ", Jenny tries to get to Mark but Adrian holds her down.

"What's your issue, bro?!', she hears Adrian ask.
Mark and Francis exchange words as the argument heats up.

"Emma! I'm gonna kill this motherfucker! Who does he think he is? I don't even know what's his problem calling you a flirt when he's a major playboy", Jenny sends to Emma.
She looks at Emma and finds her with her face in her hands, Emma looks up at Jenny and Jenny sees the guilt in Emma's eyes.

"Don't even tell me you feel guilty, stop feeling guilty jare! He doesn't deserve your beautiful tears, he's an asshole. That's all he is".

Emma finds truth in Jenny's words, she cleans her tears and stands up. She sees Mark and Francis about to throw punches, she hurries and stands between them with her eyes closed to prevent people from seeing her flowing white orbs. She grabs their hands in midair and pushes it away, she walks up to Mark with her eyes still closed as the other students whisper about her tremendous strength.
When she opens her eyes, it's back to normal and she's before Mark who is sitting beside a desk on the floor.

"I don't want to see you around me again or him, just stay away. Avoid me as much as you can, I don't care how your going to do it but steer clear from my path", she warns and goes to help Francis up.

"Asshole", Jenny hollers as they take Francis to the sick bay.


Jenny and Emma walk out the school gates with the other day students after the school day comes to an end, they made sure they healed Francis of every scrape and cut he acquired from sliding towards the table, they bid Francis who is a boarding student bye and left with Adrian.
Adrian left them a minute ago after kissing them on the cheek.

"Mom said to come home with me", Emma mutters in a monotone voice.

"Huh" was all Jenny could reply.

"She said your parents will drop your things before we're back and they already know what you are", Emma says and kicks a pebble in her path.

Jenny looks at Emma and she sees sadness written all over her face, she refuses to say anything to prevent her from crying.

A black Kia Spectra 2017 pulls up beside them and the right passenger door opens, Mark steps out and runs his hand through his head. Emma squeezes her face in disgust and continues walking as Mark walks behind her and the car follows them slowly.
Mark finally summons courage and walks up to Emma, he grabs her hand and spins her to face him.

"Emma, I'm sorry. Please forgive me", he pleads.

Emma drags his hand off her face and turns but he prevents her from walking away as he grabs hold of her left hand.

"Let go", Emma drawls.

"Forgive me first".

"I have nothing to forgive you for, I don't even know you", she replies.

Mark opens his mouth in shock and Emma uses the opportunity to pull free as he grip loosens. He grabs hold of her hand again.

"I'm really sorry, I fussed over 'HIM' ", he says with extra emphasis on the last word.

"Please let go".

"Your not listening to me", he utters.

"Because you don't have anything important to say, you don't get to choose who I talk to", she spits, her voice rising.
"Give me one reason why I should forgive you for being an asshole to my friend", her voice now sky level.

"I was jealous", he lets go of her hand.

Emma rubs her hand and looks at Mark who's looking at his shoes.

"Jealous?", she asks showing too much interest through her voice. "Why?".

"I don't know but you were holding his hand and hugging him...".

"I still don't understand".

"I was jealous you were talking to him and you even hugged him and held his hands... You never did any of those with me", he stutters.

"Because he was sad for crying out loud, I was consoling him", Emma sighs.
"You can be an idiot sometimes you know", she says and holds his hand.

"I know, that's why I need you to help me... to stop being one", he replies not letting go of her hand. "So you forgive me!?".

Emma nods her head in response and he hugs her. He draws her to the car and pulls her into the backseat with him, Emma enters and finds Seun in the driver's seat and Jenny in the front seat bobbing her head to Pretty Girl by Stefflon Don.

"I was beginning to wonder where you went", Emma says.

"I knew you two lovebirds needed sometime and Seun told me to hop in", Jenny replies.

Seun lips creep into a thin mischievous smile as he tries to change the song.

"Don't even think of it", Jenny snaps in his direction. "Except you want to kiss your beautiful fingers goodbye".

Seun moves his hand back to the steering wheel.

"Where are we going?", Emma asks.

"Going to drop you home", Seun replies.

"I can't believe they're letting him drive underage", Jenny sends to Emma. "How old is he anyway?".

"Seun, how old are you?", Jennys asks out loud.

"17", he replies.

"I hope we're safe, I still have loads of incomplete deeds in this world", Emma chirps.

"Yh, we both have our license in the US", Mark replies.
"Your in safe hands".

"Please don't kill us", Jenny pleads as Seun turns the key.

He switches the song to King by Nasty C before speeding off.

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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 7:11pm On Nov 06, 2018
Mark my man! I hope Emma won't be stuck in a clash of two jealous lovers. Ha! Well this isn't a romance novel so let keep keeping it supernatural.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 2:35pm On Nov 07, 2018
Emma's POV

I stretch my body as cold air brushes my face, I dwell in the cool ocean breeze, before my head tells me this can't be possible. Ocean breeze?
From where?
My eyes open to find a being before me. Element.


I hate this creature already!
Although Jenny hates him more after the stunt he pulled by pushing us into his crazy air thing.

His real name still a puzzle to me.

And the annoying way he seemed to float on his disk of air.


I force my body to stand as it aches from my occasional dance on the bed(yep bad sleeper) sometimes I'll wake to find Jenny glaring at me and her voice ringing in my head. Still getting used to sharing a room with Jenny as my mom.... is never around at night anymore, still getting used to the fact that she's Nkutlu is a much bigger problem.

I look straight ahead at the end of the white room which I've come to know is a vacuum between this realm and the next, I turn when I hear the usual groans of Jenny whenever she wakes up, she joins me where I'm standing as with wait for Nkutlu.

After our first meeting here, we've met a couple of time and she's taught us a lot like about the different realms.

The First Parallel Universe: The heavens ruled by the Almighty One and is inhabited by the gods.

The Second Parallel Universe: The Beelzebub inhabited by the souls under punishment for their wrong deeds.

The Third Parallel Universe: The Mundane world... Where we live

The Fourth Parallel Universe: The Spirillum... Where the undying essence of humans are transported to after death.

The Fifth Parallel Universe: The Bestial. Many beasts inhabit waiting for their masters, every beast in there is spiritually connected to one god.

Can't wait to know what my beast will be!!
Anyway I and Jenny's Othuaba is from the Spirillum.
And we could virtually jump into any realm through this vacuum although vacuums opens up in the mundane realm at time intervals and the book my mom gave to me is a door to this vacuum.

I'm drawn out of my thought as the jingling sound of cowries fill the room, my mot... I mean Nkutlu comes into view with her black hair bouncing as she strides, one step at a time.
Element bows with one knee on the ground and it's eyes to the ground before she reaches us. She takes one feather from her skirt and places it on it's outstretched hands.

I've come to know Element is a messenger to the gods, he could be sent to deliver protection or food, floods or rains, sunshine or children, wealth and many more.
This is why he is blessed with the components of the earth...

"Bless my follower Amara with a twin", she says as he covers his hands and rises up.

He grabbed his air disk and created his portal, he jumped into and the air disk diminishes into nothing.

"How far have you gone to stop the release of Lord Sini? And to make sure he is sent to the second realm", Nkutlu questions us.

Our heads shoot up to look at her then we look at each other.

"I've forgotten we have a task to do", Jenny sends.

"Did you forget your task?!!", Nkutlu shouts and the place vibrates.
"Let me guess, your age long friends have come to distract you. What is their names this time... Mark and Seun".

She surprises me by laughing.

"I should have thought about this... they have always being there a distraction to you... from fulfilling your destinies. This time the prophecy is set and what do they come as?", she eyes us briskly.
"Your lovers", she mouths.

I and Jenny are taking back at her words.

"Far from that", Jenny says.

"They are not", I reply hotly.
"We are just friends".

Jenny's eyes widen at my utterance, she looks to Nkutlu's face and we see a wide smile on her face.

"Children. Lest you forget I am the goddess of love and I know where love exists", her voice hoarse with annoyance.
"Stay away from them! I cannot predict the future but I know this will not end well".

I scoff in my mind and mouth a "Yeah, right" under my breath. Jenny looks at me and shakes her head at my sudden spite, I roll my eyes and turn away.
Nkutlu doesn't catch my words neither my moment with Jenny as she continues talking.

"I'm sure Lord Sini has beings watching you. Be very careful", she says in between her closed teeth.
"The folder... I want you to read it and solve it's puzzles, anything you find out, tell it to me. Even if it means nothing but a grain of sand to you, I could source out more from it. Go now".

She says the last words and I wake up on my bed, Emma checks the bedside clock and it read 4:00(am). She gave me a hard look before drawing the sheets above her head.
"What do you think? ", I whisper in her head.

"The only reason I see her words as valid is because of your feelings for Mark though I still thinking he's trying to make you one of his toys but you can guess why I don't consider it as important", Jenny sends.

I groan and frown at her words, that's Jenny seeing the negative in everything. But I still remember to reply her.

"Because you will never like Seun".

"Yup, the dude's full of himself. I just wanna kick him sometimes", she replies.
"I still think Mark's an asshole but let's see how it goes", she shrugs under the cover.

Silence evades the room, I take it as Jenny is already asleep, I lay back and cover myself with the rest of the sheet and curl into a ball.

"Yeah, let's see how it goes".

I closed my eyes and sleep begins to creep in before a thought strikes my mind. I push off the sheets and shake Jenny vigorously with sweat pouring down my face.

"What?", Jenny asks, sluggishly.

"Mid term exams begins tomorrow... I mean today. We have to read", I say out loud.

She jerks awake immediately, pushes the sheet away too climbs down the bed and begins searching for her book as I do same. Luckily NEPA blesses us with light, the room brightens up with the white bulb at the edge, I close my eyes for a split second and open it slowly for it to get accustomed with the light. As I open it I see Jenny straighten up with two books in her hands, she looks at it; one a Literature text book and the other my Literature note. She tosses me the notebook and we sit on the floor and began to flip pages.

Today is the dreaded Literature exam, we heard Miss Belema sets the hardest questions.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 3:14pm On Nov 07, 2018
I'm going to sit down and think cause I need to fix loopholes and create a better storyline.
I think the story is lacking anytime, I read through it but I'll try to bring something better by my next update.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 7:12pm On Nov 07, 2018
I'm going to sit down and think cause I need to fix loopholes and create a better storyline.
I think the story is lacking anytime, I read through it but I'll try to bring something better by my next update.
You are trying, it isn't easy doing what you are doing. Yes it lacks some substance but it can be fixed. Try going gently don't be in a rush to post, give yourself time to think and create. Atleast a week break, then let's see how better it will be then smiley
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by queenitee(f): 3:50am On Nov 08, 2018
Mark my man! I hope Emma won't be stuck in a clash of two jealous lovers. Ha! Well this isn't a romance novel so let keep keeping it supernatural.
Supernatural plus romance *Winks*

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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by queenitee(f): 3:51am On Nov 08, 2018
I'm going to sit down and think cause I need to fix loopholes and create a better storyline.
I think the story is lacking anytime, I read through it but I'll try to bring something better by my next update.
Yeah, don't rush it but you are honestly trying
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 12:13pm On Nov 08, 2018
Supernatural plus romance *Winks*
Queenitee how you doing? cool
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 4:15pm On Nov 09, 2018
The sun shone from the skies in all it's brilliant vigour, bright and damaging. Smiling down on the earth with the hottest rays man has ever witnessed, already turning the earth dry and cracked. Impaling it's hot glares in the eyes of many. Not the best Monday...

The street is void of people except for the few street children running down the road, passing a ball with their shirts off their body and tied on their waists paying no attention to the heating sun. A kiosk stood at the left side of the street with a boy of about nine seated at the front, watching the other kids, longing to join in their fun.

Mopping large beads of sweat running from her hairline to her face is Emma, she sighs at her newly acquired activity. She tries to pull her hair into a bun but it frustrates her by dropping a piece here or there, she grumbles and ties it angrily at the back.

Jenny who is seated beside her is no better as her lips is pulled into a scowl, cursing and swearing at the sun above her. Eyes blurry from too much perspiration.
Seated beside the little boy on plastic chairs, their legs pulled together with their bag packs resting comfortably on it, their yellow school T-shirt clinging tightly to their body. Thoughts on the mid term exams and waiting for the arrival of the school bus.

A voice behind the kiosk calls the boy and he disappears into the back of the shop. A light bulb idea struck Emma and she smiles.
She rubs her hand together forming snow in her clasped hands, she looks back and forth before looking straight at the enticing winter in her palms. She dips her face into it and gasps from pleasure as the snow tickles her skin and cools her temperature. She raises her head to find the inquisitive eyes of Jenny on her, she scoots closer to Jenny and shows her hand.

Jenny's eyes widen at the discovery, wanting a part of the sweet relief. Emma chuckles lightly before rubbing her hands together again and holding her hands out for Jenny. Jenny looks around before dipping her face and bringing it back up with an "arrghhhh" escaping her lips.

Emma giggles as she allows the snow to melt into water and slip out from the slits between her fingers.

"Aunty! Aunty! Brother Tayo want to beat me!", the boy runs back out with the side of his mouth bleeding and hides behind them with a man of thirty plus hot on his tracks.

The man stops running and approaches Emma and Jenny, eyeing them up and down before stopping at their front.

"Emmanuela, you and your friend should produce that boy now", the man barks with his hoarse voice vibrating.

"Brother Tayo, good morning oh", Emma rolls her eyes.

"Weytin the pikin do you wey you make to bleed?", Jenny hisses.

"See this small girl dey talk to me! You know who I be! If I call the smallest member of my cult na, him go arrange your face. In fact... ", he looks at them again.
"Where your mama?", he asks Emma suddenly.

"She no dey, any problem".

He looks at them again and laughs, his idea of laughter is a throaty deep cough.

"Derik, I no need Dorcas again. Oya commot from here", he calls out to the boy.

The boy wearily hurries off into the kiosk.

"You know why I beat am... him say in no fit leave the store go call Dorcas for me. Na why I slap am, make him brain correct, sha I no need Dorcas again when I get two fresh untouched meat here".

"Weytin you just talk", Jenny asks, nonchalantly.

His already red eyes obtained from drugs redden more as he slaps her and drags the both of them. Their eyes widen when they realize his intentions, their bags fall to the ground spilling books which he tramples upon as he drags them to the maroon gate that leads to their home.
The both girls feign reluctance as he drags them and opens the gate and enters with them.

At the moment he releases his grip, Emma steps to the side. Giving room to the already angry Jenny whose eyes is burning red, hotter than the sun itself.
She pounces on him and rains down slap from every open angle, he tries to block it but she's too fast driven by the thought of nearly being raped.
He manages to push her off and he stands quickly, he catches a glimpse of her eyes and stays rooted to the spot. She jumps on him and forms a fist as the ring on her thumb, hums and covers her wrist with a distinctive metal. She punches him in the guts and he bends to his side, screaming and flailing like a girl before spewing red blood. She steps aside for Emma who is watching with gleam.

Emma matches towards him letting a little white seep into her eyes. Her hands twisting and turning, molding ice. She squats beside him twirling a sharp pointy ice dagger in her hands.

"You know what's funny?", she asks the man who's trying hard to catch his breath.
"You actually thought of raping us in our own house", she laughs. "And you hurt that sweet little boy for obeying his mom's command abi".

She pushes the dagger into his right palm, turning and twisting it with his voice rising high and higher.

"This is the hand you use to slap that boy abi", she pushes the dagger deeper not caring about his loud cries.
"This is so funny. It feels good right... your cult name na Scorpin abi! Shebi this thing dey sting like scorpion".

"Run it through those useless thing between his legs", Jenny bellows.

A black car pulls up in front of the gate and the occupants of the car meets Derik who tells them what is happening.
Footsteps follow hurriedly and they began to bang on the gate, a hand tries to unlock the latch.

Emma and Jenny turn at the interference, they close their eyes and reopen it to their regular eye colour. Emma's dagger melts into a puddle of water and the metal covering Jenny's hand creeps back to form a ring.
They pretend to rain slaps on their victim as his voice rose to the air again.
The gate swings open and two people pull Emma and Jenny off the man.
They turn to find Mark and Seun behind them, scowling at them,they turn to the man lying with his hands akimbo on the ground. They rain down kicks on him and, Emma and Jenny had to hold them back.
Mark and Seun grabs the girls hands and pulls them outside, they all stand before the car, panting, adrenaline seeping out of them.

"Are you hurt?", Mark asks Emma, checking her for injuries when she shakes her head.

From the corner of her eyes, Jenny sees a cut on Emma's wrist, healing but still producing blood... gold blood.

"Emma... we really have gold blood. That ritual really turned our blood golden. Move now before they spot it", Jenny sends in a panicked state

Emma gasps outwardly, they both move backwards to the kiosk as the boys stare at them, confusion edged on their faces. They concentrate on packing their things from the floor into their bag, giving their injuries time to heal.

"What will happen to the man?", Seun asks.

"I'm sure his gang members will come and pick him up soon, let them hurry I don't want to see a dead and shameless body in my compound", Emma sneers.

The boys are taken aback by her answer but end up shrugging when they remember his intentions.

"He saw our eye colour oh", Emma sends to Jenny.

"I know but who will believe him... that our eyes were glowing. They'll dismiss it as an effect of the drugs he takes, I've already thought of it", Jenny replies.

They stand up the same time, arrange their uniforms and walks towards the car with the boys behind them climb into the back seat and Seun occupies the drivers' seat and Mark the front seat.

"Why did you come to pick us this morning?", Jenny asks.

"I just knew that you two will not hear of the bus not functioning today so we came over", Mark replies as Seun starts the car. "How did you beat that man?".
He turns to look at them.

"Have you ever come close to being raped?", Jenny asks.
"No", he replies.

"When you encounter it then you'll know where the strength comes from", Emma says.

"Aunties, thank you. He deserves it", they hear from Derik through the open window before the car zooms off.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 4:17pm On Nov 09, 2018
I'm back oh... please tell me how you feel about this update. I want to hear everything.... positive and negative. All.

queenitee... I see you

Fazemood... smiley

I thank you two for sticking with this story and also Ann2012 and VicenzoZhuxu.
Ghost readers try oh...
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Ann2012(f): 4:30pm On Nov 09, 2018
Thanks for the update ma'am

Welcome back
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 5:06pm On Nov 09, 2018
This girls are really crazy. Lol...Nice update.
Points to note.
Their manner of communication: I know I earlier encouraged the idea of keeping their verbal expression local because they are Nigerians. I think you need to retrack that step. I notice that the constant use of pidgin language has dulled the intensity of this tale. So let's keep it pure well spoken English language, unless a situation demands we use it.

Element of surprise: Jenny notifies Emma of her wound and colour of their blood. Let's say Jenny haven seen Emma's wound simply said "there is wound on your hand, cover it up." then later discuss their new discovery being their "golden blood" that would've attracted more curiosity than how you had it put out.
Jenny and Emma are basically demi-gods and therefore it is most expected that their daily activities should be met with encounters with the supernaturals. Romance is nice but the objective is supernatural. The beginning is a nice start.Take a cue from there on how to go further.
Welldone smiley
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 6:17pm On Nov 09, 2018
This girls are really crazy. Lol...Nice update.
Points to note.
Their manner of communication: I know I earlier encouraged the idea of keeping their verbal expression local because they are Nigerians. I think you need to retrack that step. I notice that the constant use of pidgin language has dulled the intensity of this tale. So let's keep it pure well spoken English language, unless a situation demands we use it.

Element of surprise: Jenny notifies Emma of her wound and colour of their blood. Let's say Jenny haven seen Emma's wound simply said "there is wound on your hand, cover it up." then later discuss their new discovery being their "golden blood" that would've attracted more curiosity than how you had it put out.
Jenny and Emma are basically demi-gods and therefore it is most expected that their daily activities should be met with encounters with the supernaturals. Romance is nice but the objective is supernatural. The beginning is a nice start.Take a cue from there on how to go further.
Welldone smiley

Once again I really love your criticism it inspires me to try harder.
When it comes to pidgin I had to use it because the man is a cultist and does not speak good English.
I also noticed I didn't like the way the pidgin flowed this update.
And don't worry the supernatural parts is just around the corner, peeking from the curtains waiting to invade the story.

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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 6:21pm On Nov 09, 2018
Thanks for the update ma'am
Welcome back
Thank you.
How do you like the book? Is it going smoothly? Or I'm I still hurrying it? Please tell me your thoughts on the story before I kill myself with worry.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Ann2012(f): 9:46pm On Nov 09, 2018

Thank you.

How do you like the book?
Is it going smoothly?
Or I'm I still hurrying it?
Please tell me your thoughts on the story before I kill myself with worry.

It is going smoothly, don't let anything bother you

You're on point dear
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 5:39pm On Nov 10, 2018
Chapter Seven


"Did you do it?", a slutty high pitched voice rings from the darkness.

"I tried but they... beat me up!", the other person bends his head in shame. Avoiding eye contact.

The figure turns her head to face the failure before them so does the big balls of black curls on her head, they cover the sides of her face leaving out the nose and a glimpse of red lips. She twirls the glass in her hand before taking a long sip of the red intoxicating wine and bringing it down with a cackle. She looks down at the man knelt before her from her throne.

"Come to me", she says in her seductive and harmful voice.
Her long sharp nails drawing him towards her.

The man floats on cloud nine heading for the best doom, he could encounter with a smile on his face exposing his brown, decayed teeth. He kneels before the throne with his head bowed to the ground, she reaches out with her ebony hand and strokes his cheek. He raises his head and looks at her face lustfully, he leans into her touch and rubs his cheek on her hand.
She runs her long nails down to his neck and stops there, circling it, a smile still perched on her lips. She stops and presses her middle finger into his throat, his cries pierces into the darkness.

"I told you to get me their essence, you fool! I gave you a simple task. What have I done to deserve this disobedience?! I've loved you and you did this to me", she purred, her voice at it's climax.

"I pr.. promi... se t.. o. get it, I won't f... ail a... again. I prom...ise you my.. l... ove".
He chokes on his words but he still tries to please her.

She cackles loudly and drives her hand deeper into his throat, she brings her blood stained finger out his throat and watches as he falls to the ground. Watching as he writhes on the floor, holding his throat, she smiles as he shakes continuously on the floor.

"There is no second chance with me", she whispers and his writhing ends immediately.

"Worst week of my life", Jenny grumbles as she open the the gate to their home.

"I just wanna rest for the entire two days...", Emma adds, dragging her feet to the gate.

"Don't even remind me we have just tomorrow and Friday as holiday", Jenny says as she waits for Emma at the gate.
"Saturday and Sunday is the weekend for crying out loud! You can't just add it to our holidays, it's a holiday on it's own", Jenny yelps in frustration.

"I'm too tired to even think of it since last week, exam till today yet we get only two days off", Emma latches the gate and forces the door open.

They throw their selves on the couch once the door is locked properly, they hear the scuffling of foots.

"Mom!", Emma calls out, her eyes closed into slits. "Is that you?".

"Miss Green?!", Jenny shouts.

They sit appropriately on the couch, their eyes darting from place to place, Jenny tries to stand up but Emma pulls her back. The foots are heading towards them.

"Girls?!", Miss Black's soft voice say as she stands at the entrance to the living room.

Emma and Jenny jump in surprise before looking in her direction, their hearts in their mouths. They breath in relief as they watch Miss Black's angelic form float majestically to them. She's clad in a sweeping long white lace gown, her red lipstick glowing, her hair packed neatly in a French bun.

"I have to go. There's a meeting I have to attend I'll be back soon, I don't know when yet but the fifth realm requires my presence. Have fun on your break", she says, Emma and Jenny sighs.
"Or rest well", she laughs lightly and the girls join her.

"Now that I think of it... woah... this are the meetings you attend every time. You lied to your sweet daughter", Emma feigns being hurt.

"I was protecting you but now that I know your ready I don't need to lie anymore", she says to Emma and kisses her on the head.
"And study the folder", she whispers, looking around for eave droppers.
She goes to Jenny who's lying carelessly on the couch and also kisses her head. A white vacuum appears at the corridor, she looks at the girls for a while as they wave at her.

"There's money under the decoder if you need to buy something", she says.

"Like how much?", Jenny's inquisitive voice asks.

"Jenny!", Emma throws a pillow at her which she dodges.
"Ten thousand", Miss Black replies after a hearty laugh.

"Ok... it's small but we'll try to manage it", Jemmy chirps which earns her a quizzical look from Emma and Miss Black.

"Mum, go now or she'll keep you here oh", Emma says.

Miss Black shakes her head, she turns to the swirling vacuum, she rolls her eyes and her smile turns to a frown as she steps into it. The vacuum disappears with her.

"So what first?", Emma asks.

"Sleep... ", Jenny moans and rests her head on the couch.

Within few minutes the girls are tucked into deep slumber, the house silent and eerie. A sharp cry cuts into the air and is joined by another voice, the voices grow louder and begins to decrease. The girls eyes spring open the same time, huffing and puffing in unison, eyes scanning the room and beads of sweats running down their face. They sit upright and look at each other, trying to make sense of the dream which still haunts them, the voice still tormenting them when awake.

"Help!!!", the voice croaks. "She's hurting me and she... she'll come for you two".

"Help!", the voice cries one more time.
"She wants you", it says. "Help".

A brief picture of their Othuaba flees through their mind, they cover their ears with both hands as their breaths comes out in huge gasps.
The voice stops.
They open their eyes which were squeezed shut as they slowly take their hands off their ears, eyes flying to every corner. Jenny began pacing the room, head to the ceiling, thoughts faraway while Emma has her head in her palms.

"What do you think it means?", Emma slurs her words.

Jenny shakes her head indicating the negative.

"I can't do this right now", Jenny yells to the ceiling.

A mist envelopes the room and the eyes of their Othuaba pop up, filled with anguish and pain. The mist duller than usual, no shimmers, grey and dull. Their Othuaba opens it's mouth to say something but all that spills out is cries, loud screeches of pain.

"Help me...", it stresses as it's mist begins to fade.
"Doves of pure white perk at my veins as commanded by their master, myrtle and flowers of twisted thorns in hair... ", it fades entirely before completing it's sentence.

The girls stare with wide eyes to the space their Othuaba just occupied, breaths caught in their throat, fear mixed with confusion on the edges of their face.

"What... just happened?", Jenny asks no-one in particular, taking hungry gulps of breath.

Emma keeps on staring at the spot, eyes glued to it, she turns slowly to face Emma.

"I need some space...", she shakes her head and leaves Jenny in the living room.

Jenny resumes her pacing, eyes wavering and scanning the room fearful. The confusion gnawing at her insides leaving many questions in it's wake.
A knock sounds on the front door continuously. Jenny's eyes dart to the door, her body vibrating in fear, she pulls herself cautiously to the door...
She pulls it open, her right hand balled into a fist at her back, her breaths regularize as she meets the familiar face of Derik.

"Aunty! I just wanted to tell you that....", he tries to catch his breath as he had been running.
"Dead... Uncle Tayo is dead... The landlord just discovered the body. There is a large hole in his throat, the adults said the killer might have pushed something through his throat and the bleeding brought his death".

Air whooshes out of Jenny's lung at the sudden news, her legs carrying her elsewhere.

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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 4:46pm On Nov 12, 2018
Jenny's POV

A strong waft of malevolence floats in the air as my body breezes through the sea of bodies in the next compound, it gets stronger as I near the dead man's apartment.

Time seemed to stop, letting me feel the sour peace death could offer at anytime, emotions ran wildly as my eyes darted to and fro. At the red, puffy crying eyes, the continuous shaking of head, the shrugging of shoulders, the he should've died earlier eyes, the he-deserved-it looks, the rot-in-hell gazes.

A tight breathe eases out of me in no time, the piercing smell of evil obstructing my mind as I near the body.
On reaching the body I shifted into a squat, all eyes on me and watching me like hawks.
I could see them wondering my connection with the dead man, I could see a knowing look dawning on most of their faces too and the whispers of the fight follows.
As long as they let me see the body, I'll be fine.

Curiosity brought me here and I shall fill it's hunger.

I peel off the sheet from the head, I look away and swallow a gag, I look back at the corpse and strip the sheet to the neck.
I swallow the food creeping back to my throat, I tilt my head to the side, trying to take notes of the causality before me.

True to the reports, there is a gaping hole in his throat. Knife... No, I shake my head.
Bullet....No, didn't go out the back.
Something sharp and long, I note in my head.

Blue veins, very weird... dried blood already clumps.
And what's that?... I squint trying to decipher the glinting substance hidden behind a patch of dried blood, crushed bones and dead organ.

"No... No.... "I mutter.
Pushing back from the corpse with my my hands, clawing of cemented ground.
"Blood... Gold...", I pick up myself and run out the compound.

Bright, yellow headlights flashes into my eyes before my heart slams into my chest and the world dissolves into darkness.

"Noooooooo", my body shakes with force, jolting upright.
Heart pounding, fingers wrapped tightly on the bed sheet, eyes still shut. Tears began dropping from my eyes as I reminisce on my life.

I would give up my powers right now to be a normal person.
"I don't want all this", I whisper, tears flowing freely.
My grip loosening from it's tight clasp on the sheets, I open my eyes and they take in the purple painted room. My eyes move to the bed sheet... white bed sheet, I jump down hurriedly from it as it reminds me of the sheet covering the body.
I sight my floral slippers next to the bed, I put them on quickly, searching my pockets for any money before leaving the room. I tread carefully around the unfamiliar house, I get to the staircase.
Taking the steps two at a time, I dash towards the glass door as I see the grassy moss... outside, I guess.

I take a quick glance to my right, there I spot the living room and many familiar faces, they catch me staring and turn to me.

"Oh! Your finally awake!", Emma breathes as she rushes towards me.
The others following behind.

No, not now, I thought to myself. I need answers.

I run to the doors and pull them open, stepping outside to freedom. My eyes flying place to place, I spot a motorbike in the yard, a black Kia car and another white car before my eyes dart to the gate.

I spot the gateman sleeping next to it, I step up my speed and tap him on the shoulder as I get to him.
I look at the crowd advancing towards me and tap the gateman harder. He jerks up and flies to the gate on reflex.

"Madam, you wan go?", he asks in his Yoruba accent.
I nod in the affirmative and he opens the small part of the gate for me before he closes it behind me.
I turn and ask.
"Where are we?".

"GRA ma, old GRA... any problem?", he asks.

I avoid his question and walk to the road.
Thank goodness the house is next to the road!

I proceed to flag down a blue and white cab, he speeds past me and comes back.

"How much to Park bus stop ?".

"Fifty naira", he replies from the window.

I open the door and dive into the empty cab just as the gate opens and people flood out of it.

"Jenny! J...Jenny!", they all shout.

"Make we wait for your friends?", the driver asks.

"No, go eh", I shout and he speeds off, feeling the urgency in my voice.

Time seemed to fly by as he picks up people along the way, I wait, anticipating the moment he'll stop at Park. That moment arrives quickly, I pay him the only money in my pocket and begin my trek.
With the moon crawling slowly to the sky, I realize how far spent the day is and I hasten up.

My legs drawn into a sluggish walk as I reach my destination, the rusty black gate of the landlord before me. I slip into the small crack in the gate, the surrounding unfamiliar.

What's wrong with me?
Why's everything vague?
I can't remember a thing.

I shake my head, side to side until my head starts banging, with that banging comes distant thoughts.
A brown door flashes through my memory, I search through the houses at each side until I reach the third door on the left.

I summon courage, hoping to find answers to the questions dancing around in my mind, I reach out and knock.

Nobody answers, I knock again and again and ag...
I hear a female voice shout.
"Break it oh".

I wait in front of the door, hands crossed.

The door opens a slit and a bleached fair obese face pulls out of it and stares me down.

"Yes?", she looks at me.

"I'm looking for Mr and Mrs Nengi, they live here".
I try to peer into the house but her bulky size prevents me.

"I don't know anyone like that, I've being living here for a year now. Mama Nkechi, you know who be the Nengi's?", she asks her neighbor.

"No oh", she returns her eyes to her washing.

"But they were living here like a week ago", I murmur.

"I've being living here for close to three years and nobody dey answer Nengi. Sha you can ask the landlord?", she points at the bungalow at the end of the rows of houses.

"Thank you".

What's happening?
My parents lives here... What's all this?

Eyes to the skies to prevent the tears from rolling down, I take in a deep breath and head to the orange painted bungalow.
I knock heavily on the door, pouring my confusion on the poor door.
I hear footsteps from within the house accompanied by an angry voice, I stop pounding on the door and stare at my feet.

"Yes, yes! Is not me that stop all of you from building your own house", the voice draws closer.

The door squeaks open and a greying man wearing a white polo and knicker steps out. He looks at me and hisses.

"This child! What do you want?", he chews noisily on a chewing stick.

"Sorry sir, for banging on your door. I'm looking for the Nengi's, they have a son".

He looks at me like a crazy person and spits out saliva.

"Nobody named Nengi has lived in this house. Sorry", he moves to enter the house.

I stop him as an idea strikes my mind.

"What of the Green's ?", I blurt out.

"Yes, yes. I know them... they owned this place back then", he shakes his head.

My eyes widen, almost falling from it's socket.

"I have a picture, I'll get it for you", he steps into the house.

I'm close to knocking again when he opens the door with a picture in his hand and a victorious smile on his face.
He hands the picture to me and steps into the house.

"That's all I can offer", he says.

"Thank you", I turn to leave as I hear the door close behind me.

I look at the black and white picture and I meet the smiling faces of a family of four.

I and Emma...
A man that looks so much like me...
And a woman with the softest features, dark skinned, a small pointed nose, red lipstick on and soft big brown eyes.

This face...
Where have I seen this face...

Emma... Miss Green....

This is Miss Green...
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What is happening?
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 1:17pm On Nov 15, 2018
"Oh shit!", Jenny thought to herself.
"How is this possible?".

Her feet refused to move, taking more time to rise and fall, her uniform stuck to her like a second skin.
She rolls her eyes at not realising she's still in her uniform, eyes focused on the old picture, her mind drifted into action. Finding clues and trying to stop the puzzle, she sits beside a church on Emenike street.
She closes her eyes, balancing out her mind as questions she managed to push to the back of her mind evades her thought.

Who is she?
Could she really be my mother?
Who is that man in the picture?
What is she gaining from lying to I and Jenny all this years?
Is she who she says she is?
What is she hiding what am I?
What is all this?

She opens her eyes as she takes in a confused breath. A half crescent moon dangles in the sky, silver and omniscient staring down at her innocently.
Red hot pain whizzes through her shooting through her body, her right palm burns. She manages to look at her palm, the tattoo across her right hand thickening with black inks of pain. The crescent moon on her palm producing a dim eerie glow.

Melting flesh fills the air as Jenny lets out an ear deafening roar, her voice at it's peak. A hot prickly sensation filling up her throat, she knelt and bent backwards, her head towards the sky and her left hand clutching her right. White condensed smoke pours out from her throat, her eyes closes as tears began to fall.

The whole place went quiet as people search for the cause of the roar, the gate of the bank vibrating almost off it's hinges. The gateman awaken by the sound of his rattling table, barges outside and finds the obscured face of a girl by the bank. He pushes towards her and tries to calm her, his mind in turmoil he calls out to the various passerby on their business.

People rush to Jenny's side but her voice continues to ring out in the rowdy darkness. Market people leaving their stands to watch the action and turn it to gossip tomorrow. A passerby dials 199 and speaks to the police in the background.

Through tear stricken eyes, she watches the silver crescent let out an eerie glow, riling up memories in her. It's omniscient eyes drilling her in parables and wise stories, puzzling her mind. Her mind widens as her body burns with pain, held by the moonlight pouring over her, consumed by it's power.

A hand clasps hers' and tries to pull her but the silver crescent captures her in place with just a force field and hums...

Wise one!
You can do better!

She nods her head as her mind gulps down information, the hand wraps tightly over her right hand and she tries to shift her gaze to the person but the silver crescent refuses disturbance.
The tormenting cries of the person and burning flesh erupts hidden attributes, energy pulses within her, buried no more and she begins to whisper under her breath, incantations pouring from her mouth. The force field bursts into invisible waves, blinding the eyes of the people around her.

She begins a game of tug of war with the silver crescent, it pulling her back, drowning her in an ocean of countless thoughts, dimming out her light. She raises her hand to the moon, her head refusing the extra bits, whispering more and more incantations in a foreign language.

Away from the strong oppressive grip of the moon and back, away and back, away and back but the moon still fights. Pulling her into it's grip, she desperately builds a strong mental barricade but her walls come crashing down.
The silver crescent invades her mind, moonlight pouring into her like a shadow.
Ichor bleeds out from her eyes, trickling from her nose.
Everything stops, the moon disappears into the cloudless sky and leaves her to the world.

The noise around her diffuses, turning into a whisper, her hair all over her face, she falls to the ground. Her heart beat the only sound in the distance, deep breathes trying to recover the masses of energy spent, she watches through blurred eyes as two hands scoop her from the ground.
She hears the gritting of teeth and the swears of pain as the hand manages to pull her up, her eyes refuses to stay awake, floats her into a dream.
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Ehm... No light, transformer have blow. So no more frequent updates.
Please bear with me sad
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 1:19pm On Nov 19, 2018
Cold water pulls Jenny out of her dreams, her eyes flutter open at the sight of the dim room and the hand coming towards her face.
Her brain sends out command to her body and her hands creates balls of fire in response, she aims the ball of fire at the person before her and her eyes widen with recognition.

"Seun?", she asks as the figure stands from the bed.

She forms fist with her hands and the fire disappears before she loosens her hand, the lights also gets brighter. Seuns' perfect square face comes into view with his dark grey eyes twinkling and his mouth in a thin smile. His wearing a black polo and and ash jogger under his feet an adidas slide.

"Now you want to burn me?", he sits beside her on the bed, "Eish! I don't know what I did to deserve this kind of treatment".

She closes her eyes in frustration and whispers a quick sorry. Before her brain evaluates his words.

"Wait? You know about my gifts?", her eyes turning into slits.

He nods with a smirk.
"We'll talk about it tomorrow", he proceeds to wring the white towel in his hands before placing it on her head.

"Your fever is coming down", he says after touching her forehead for her temperature . "You should rest".

Her eyes scan the white room she's in with splashes of ancient history, here or there. The bed a huge golden king-size masterpiece with white sheets and an equally white duvet with red and white designs. She rests her head on the soft white pillow before turning to look at Seun who's watching her from a gold and red couch at her right.

She slides deeper under the duvet, the soft bed bringing her comfort, she sighs in awe.

"Where are we?".

"My house".

"Ok but this is not the room I woke up in the afternoon", her eyes dart around for a second, "so whose room is this?".

"Mine", he shrugs.

Jennys' face deflates as her body steers out of the duvet and she sits up quickly before eying her dress. She's wrapped in a very large white men's polo, she draws her leg out of the bed and she sees her feet covered in a white sock.

"Ehm... Wha... wa.. how..?", she stutters.

Seun tries to hide his smile from her dumbstruck face but he fails badly as his face blows into a wide grin, he sucks in a chuckle before replying her.

"Don't worry my sister helped you change", he smirks at her before adding, "I could have done it myself but she insisted".

He lies on the couch and closes his eyes so he doesn't notice Jennys' face turning a bright red from embarrassment. She thanks her stars for her dark skin or else she'll be like a tomato right now.

"You... ", was all Seun could hear before a pillow slams into his face.

He jerks up immediately, "Hey what... ".
Another pillow sails into his face but he manages to cover his face with his hands from the next assault.
Jenny keeps throwing pillows at him until she runs out of pillows, she sits on the bed until her pounding heart softens staring hot daggers at Seun.

"Give me back my pillows!", she pouts, "I want to go back to sleep and forget the horrible person before me and also the icky things going through your horrible mind".

Seun smirks, gathers all the pillow unto the couch and crashes into it. Jenny narrows her eyes at him and climbs out of the bed, tip toeing to his side and pokes him.

"Geez! Can't I get a goodnight sleep in my own room?", he asks rhetorically.

Jenny rolls her eyes and glares at him before pointing at her empty hand.
"Pillow?", she wiggles her empty hand before him.

"Right", he pulls out one of the pillow and before Jenny knew what was coming for her, she was on the red and gold rug. She realises that Seun hit her with a pillow and she pulls one from under him and smacks him on the head.
A pillow fight follows suit until Seun pushes Jennys' pillow out of her hand and tackles her to the ground which brings Seun on top her, leaning on both his hands.

They stare into each other's eyes and Jennys' heart continues slamming widely into her chest before she realises she was staring and looks away, Seun stares at her lips for a while before shaking his head and rolling off her. Lying side by side, they look up at the medium size crystal chandelier, the silence growing thicker by the moment.

Jenny clears her throat, "Umm... where's Emma? I need to tell her something urgently", she stands up and looks down at Seun whom refuses to move.

"She also had an episode with the moon...", he trails off as Jenny tries to run to the door.
He catches her before she touches the handle amd spins her into his chest as she cries. He pulls her to the bed and they sit.

"Why you just telling me now?", she manages between sobs. "She's my sister for crying out loud".

"I knew you were going to do something stupid like running to her side when your not any better", he replies and another round of silence ensues.

"How is she?", she asks after stabilizing her breaths and cleaning her tears.

"She's getting better, Mark is watching her and you can see her tomorrow at breakfast".

"Umm... Sorry. I haven't being myself today, all emotional and random poo is not my thing. Sorry".

"I understand", he tries to tuck her under the duvet and she agrees.

After lying down snuggly under the sheets, he turns to the couch and Jenny catches sight of the bandage on his right hand. She holds his hands examining the bandage and she gives him a sorry look before sitting up.

"Sit", she orders and he obeys.

She unwraps the bandage carefully as he cringes with pain, turning his hand front to back, she sees the harsh burns on his hand.
She closes her eyes and covers his hand with hers.

"Close your eyes", she says before diving into chants and incantations.
Her skin pulsing with a new found energy, her closed eyes producing a red shine from under her eyelids, her mouth moving in a humming sound. A bright silver light covers both their bodies, radiating from Jennys' own.

After some minutes she stops opens her eyes and begins to peel her hand of his, his eyes also flutters open and they look at his hand without any injury. His skin as smooth as before.

"Thank you", he mutters.

"No biggie, you helped me", she slides back under the duvet to hide her smile. She feels him standing from the bed and she turns to look at his retreating figure.

"You know you can share the bed with me", she watches his body turn towards her, "I mean the bed is very large anyway".

"Aren't you afraid of me taking advantage of you?", he smirks.

"I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself and you know you'll be toast if you try it", she smiles.

He shrugs and walks up to the bed, occupying the left side, facing the wall. Jenny turns and stares at his back a large space between them, she closes her eyes. After several minutes of no sleep, she opens her eyes and finds Seun close to her, staring at her. Their lips only an inch apart, she refuses to be a sissy by backing away as she stares into his enchanting grey eyes(uh lens), she feels something warm curling into her hand. Her eyes widen as she realises she's holding hands with him, he smirks in return and rubs her hand with his thumb and it soothes her.
He closes his eyes and soon she hears a soft snore from him, she smiles at his perfect face before sleep takes her away.

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What is happening?

Ehen sorry I've not reply you since... Very, very sorry!
Please forgive me!

I'll explain everything in the next update.
Please bear with me.
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Nice update Faybrown. But, what happened to Jenny and Emma? What episode was Seun talking about? Did you skip a chapter or something? How did he get to know that the girls have powers?

What happened to Othuaba? Who has it and was torturing it?

I am confused.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 1:15pm On Nov 21, 2018
Chapter Eight










"So... ", Jenny whispers into the silence after breakfast.

"Mark found out when he touched my hand while I was outside and let's just say he had memories too".
"And I sort of, kind of told Mark everything when he helped me get back to the house, I guess he told Seun because he was not fine when he came with you and that's when I collapsed ", Emma blurts out without sparing a glance at her sister.

"It was real weird, one minute I'm trying to take your hand to shake you awake. You were just staring up ahead at the moon, shouting. Everybody was confused, you were causing a scene, someone almost called a psychiatrics people to come pick you up", Seun sighs.

"Oh, that's what they were doing, I taught they were calling an ambulance", Jenny mumbles under her breath.
"Didn't you see it? The moon's rays were so bright, almost blinding and it kept whispering things to me", Jenny spills.

The boys look at her in bewilderment.

"I'll just keep quiet, you two look like you have a mad woman in your house", she points at the boys, "But I swear I'm not crazy, Emma knows".

Emma nods in agreement.

"Skip the crazy part, when I touched your hand I was transported to somewhere else. Now I sound crazy", Seun murmurs.
"I kept seeing things, weird things. Me, you guys even Amanda but the memories felt so old, very very old. I didn't understand until Mark told me everything while you two were sleeping, I was able to put two and two together."
"Jenny you owe me for saving your life at that church or for saving you from the crowd, I could hear most people calling you a witch and for almost killing me", Seun grimaces.

Jenny gasps

"Yes, I remember and your gonna pay, I know you feel me", Seun sings referring to the headaches she gets when his angry.

"I still can't believe you two are gods", Mark almost squeals.

"Half gods", Emma replies.

"Demigods", Jenny adds. "Emma back to your story", she glares at Seun for interrupting, "So what happened?".

"I wanted sometime to think after you ran out, I went to the garden thinking and before I could even place my thoughts in the right places, it was evening".
"I decided to go in as everyone was worried about you and I didn't want to add to the problems, I also wanted to see if Seun had come back. If he had found you. When I stood up, I saw the sky with the pretty stars and I decide to drink in the moment", she closes her eyes and sucks im a breath.
"T-Then the moon sulked into view and it's presence was captivating, I finally decided to go in but I just couldn't move it held me in place. I tried harder and very soon I felt something crawling over my entire body, the pain coming so dull at first. Soon it soiled my entire system and I shrieked in pain, my head towards the moon".

She looks at the faces giving her full attention and finally rests her eyes on Jenny.

"It said things", she whispers on the brink of tears.

Jenny nodded in understanding and urged her to continue with her eyes, Emma sucks in another breath before glancing at Seun then diverting her gaze to her hands.

"Weird things came with the pain, the p-past... I didn't understand at first. I saw things", she cringes and Mark pulls her into his hands, rubbing her back.

"Did it include um... Your mom... I mean Miss Green?", she breathes out, refusing to leave the puzzle on solved.

Emma's face snaps up, Jenny shifts uncomfortably in her seat and clears her throat.

"Um... I mean I saw her in mine, I just wanted to... ", she is cut short by Emma nodding in agreement.

"Really?", Jenny's eyes widen.

"I don't know, J. I don't trust her anymore, she had an eerie shadow behind her during the visions. I saw her pulling us into a dark room once, I heard shouts and cries then muffled cries then I saw two graves with our names on it", her eyes spark up a brilliant white as the scene plays all over again in her head.

They hear a smashing noise and they turn to find the once transparent glass vase now on the floor with jagged pieces everywhere, flowers sprawled on the ground and water from the vase on surfaces.

The guys eyes widen as the maid runs into the room and picks the glasses, clearing the mess. Their eyes don't leave the maid until she leaves then they look at Emma with wide eyes.

"M, it's alright. Calm down", Jenny sits beside her pulling her sister into a hug.

"You don't understand, I've known her as a mom, I can't see her as some bad person", Emma balls her eyes on Jenny's top.

Jenny pats Emma's curls soothingly and looks at the boys.

"I know", Jenny whispers into Emma's hair.

When Emma's tears halt to a stop, they continue the conversation.

"You know, I went to my parents house and the landlord claimed he didn't know me neither the family I wanted to see then out of no where I felt like asking of Miss Green, I mean the Nengi's and.. ", she looks at their intensve stares, "He knew them. He gave me a picure of a family of four, they used to own the place... Way back", she searches her pockets fervently for the picture which she knew she put into the jean this morning.

She passes it to Seun after returning to the couch opposite Emma where Seun sat. He studies it then passes it to Mark and it finds it way to Emma's hand.

Emma's eyes widen at the picture and she points at the picture trying to speak but the words never makes it way out.

"That's us, M. With her and that man, a younger us", Jenny spills running her hand through her braids.

"I-I-I saw t-this place in the v-i-ision", Emma's words finally making it out.

"Yh", Jenny nods, "The same place I saw us playing with her watching us".
"I'm not sure but I think she messed with out brains, you remember my outburst with the Principal", she looks at all of them and they nod.
"He clearly called me Jenny Green, I don't why I didn't notice", she scratches her head.

"Yes, that's through", Emma exclaims.
"Now that I think of it he clearly called you Jenny Green. Why are we just noticing it?".

"Maybe becaue you can now see behind her illusions and lies, now that you know her for what she is", Seun offers, his eyes in a thoughtful stare, breaking the silence.
"With the vision and all you know you know who she really is and her grasps is leaving you guys", he adds.

"I want to believe that, I really do but we still don't know who she really is except that she's Nkutlu", Jenny sighs, resting her head on her open palm.

"Nkutlu?", Mark questions.

"Yh, she's the goddess of love amd other stuffs", Emma explains.


"M! The file we need to get that folder and the book. Are you with it?", Jenny asks with a hint of excitement.

"No, it's at home", Emma shakes her head.

"At least we're going back home today", she murmurs, "Guys, thanks so much for the help but we need to go", she stands from the couch.

"Hey, guys!", a bubbly voice calls out.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 1:17pm On Nov 21, 2018
Nice update Faybrown. But, what happened to Jenny and Emma? What episode was Seun talking about? Did you skip a chapter or something? How did he get to know that the girls have powers

What happened to Othuaba? Who has it and was torturing it?

I am confused.

The episode with the moon, it entranced both girls.
Read this chapter and you'll understand better.
About their Othuaba I'll explain it's part in the next update.

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