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BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:22pm On Aug 06, 2019
Before starting this story, you need to read the prequel first - https://www.nairaland.com/5280829/blood-lives-here-action-story

Blood Legacy - Episode 1

© Brian Ngoma

A dark orange ford ranger 2016 was parked outside the Chief's palace in Chisoti village. Opposite it was a white Corolla Altis. The surrounding was deserted despite being eight in the morning. Indistinct voices could be heard from outside the small respected palace but what was more apparent were the voices coming from the Chief's office further away from the main house. Hearing the voices, one could agree that where men talked, it sounded like a fight would start.

"I still stand by my decision," Chief Chovu said looking at the two men sited in front of him. "That land is sacred, i cannot sell it, my people won't let me."

The two men looked at each other. One of them sat upright and broke the silence, "Chief Chovu we respect that you respect the land more than anything. I love that in a man," he paused, "We have been coming here for the last six months and your stance on the issue has been amazing but….."

"What my colleague Ben here is trying to say is that," the other man interrupted them. "We have raised the offer."

"Devi, i got this!" Ben interrupted raising his voice.

Over the last six months, the chief had gotten used to these men quarrelling and arguing every time they came. Ben was the more diplomatic one while Devi preferred getting to the point without hesitation. Chovu looked at them argue while his mind pondered on what Devi had said about raising the offer. The offer currently on the table was K500, 000 for the so called sacred land. He didn't know why these strange men wanted the land so much.

"So chief we are talking about K1 Million," Ben relaxed in the chair proud of himself.

The chief was speechless.

"So what's it going to be Chief?" Devi inquired.

"Give me a minute," Chovu stood up and left the office.

As he slowly walked to the main house, he looked at the Ford ranger which the two men had been using and admired it like everyone else in the village. He got into the house finding his Eldest son and Wife waiting for him in the kitchen. He had five children. Four boys and one girl who had been married off to another chief in the neighbouring village. Two of his sons died. His first born, Junior Chovu was like him in anyway and was a true heir to the throne. The same couldn't be said for the last born, Walutanga.

"What happened?" His wife asked concerned.

Chovu nodded sitting down, "K1 Million."

"Eh!" The wife exclaimed.

"They are willing to pay that much," Junior cut in.

"Imagine," he sighed.

"That land cannot be sold father," Junior continued.

"It's K1 people," his wife added. "Let that sink in for a minute. That money will change our lives, wake up!"

"We are talking about a sacred land that's been there for generations and you just want to give it to strangers who cannot even say why they want it for. That's where the traditional ceremonies are held from, do you want to be known as the Chief who sold the sacred land to strangers?" Junior asked.

"You're right Junior,” The chief agreed with his son. He stood up ignoring his wifes stare. As he was about to get back to the door, it opened and it was Devi. "What are you doing here?" He asked startled.

"We are running out of time," Devi answered seeming impatient. "K2 Million now, take it or leave it, we are waiting for you." With that, he left.

The Chiefs eyes almost popped out. He couldn't catch his breathe. He turned around and he could see his face on his son and wife.

"Sell it," Junior said.

"Yes, let's take the money," his wife added.

"Our land is vast, I'm sure the others will understand," the Chief said thoughtful. "We are on the same page, aren't we?"

"Yes," they both answered.

The Chief breathed in deeply and let out a long breath before turning his back on his wife and son. Immediately he did, he bumped into his youngest son Walutanga.

"Aren't we forgetting one person," Walutanga asked to their dismay.


"Me, don't have i say?"

"Not in this matter Walutanga," the Chief said.

"You know you cannot sell that land," Walutanga coughed.

"Walu go and play," his mother tried to dismiss him.

"No mother, you know my friend and i are building a school on that land," Walu looked at his mother.

"Say what?" The chief asked and went on. "What school?"

"A school me and my friend are building," he responded.

"With whose permission?"

"Mine of course, am i not a prince?"

"And you knew about this?" The Chief looked at his wife.

She stared at the floor.

"I'll deal with you later," The Chief pointed at Walu. "Right now i have pressing issues."

"How about Uncle Mapulanga? Your brother?" Walutanga looked at all of them. "My uncle?"

Silence dawned in the room. The chief's wife and Junior looked at the chief who had become uncomfortable. The last time Mapulanga was mentioned, it was Walu again. Ever since he learned about his uncle, he became curious as to what happened to him. All he knew was that his uncle's name was forbidden to be mentioned not only in the chief's house but the whole village.

"Mention him again and you will regret the day you were born!" the Chief angrily yelled at Walutanga.

"That land is sold Walu," Junior said relaxing himself thinking of what he will do with his share.

"That friend of yours, he's not indigenous to this village, we don't even know where he came from," his mother gave him a quick pat. "And whatever He's building on that land, he should have asked for permission from the Chief."

"He's my teacher and friend," Walu walked to the door. "And I'm not letting you sell it," he ran out of the room.

Walutanga was known as the rebel among Chovu's children. He loved to do what pleased him and that set him apart from all the kids in the village. Thinking about how his friend would react to the News of the land been sold, he ran as fast as he could to the site where he found the workers resting.

"Where is he?" He asked one of the workers.

"There," the worker pointed at an unfinished room with a tented roof. "You know he doesn't like to be disturbed."

Walu ignored the worker and ran to the room. He found him sleeping with a fleece blanket on his upper body. He walked to him and before he could shake him up, he woke up and stared at him.

"Hey Hunter," he avoided his eyes.


Amidst the paperwork was Ludo almost crying in her small office somewhere in Rhodes Park. She checked her watch and it was almost lunch time. She was hungry and was tired with all the work. Being a paralegal to one of the most notable lawyers and associates was not an easy thing. She filed the papers properly and stood up.

"Where to?" A husky voice asked.

She knew he was standing at the door. "I'm going out for lunch boss."

"How many times will we talk about efficiency Ludo?" He walked into the office, bent down and checked the papers on her table. "I thought you said you would be done by lunch time," he continued.

"Mr. Lance," she shakily said. "I tried to…….."

He interrupted her, "You know how busy this firm is, i cannot work with trial and error, how will you be a good lawyer like this? You might as well just leave and become a Vet."

"I'll finish up sir," she gulped.

Ludo had been working for Lance & Associates for almost two years and everyday seemed like going through hell. Her boss was ever rude and tough on her. At one point, she had the courage to ask him why and his response was that, some day she will understand. Till then, she had to put up with him or forget about being a lawyer. She needed his guidance to pass the exam at ZIALE. She had failed twice already.

As soon as he left her office, her phone rang. It was Melanie now bana Zeus. "Hello bana Zeus," she answered.

"You know why I'm calling, right?" Melanie let out a breath.

"Don't tell me he's in trouble again."

"Unfortunately, yes. You know he has no one."

"Me and him have been apart for a year now Melanie, i don't want anything to do with him. He has both his parent's and a sister somewhere, he should let me live my life."

"You and i both know that's not true, he has us."

"I'm tired Melanie, what's he done this time?"

"He's in the hospital."

"Evan!" She angrily yelled. "Okay I'm on my way," she hang up the phone and grabbed her handbag and left the office.

Lance came across one document Ludo didn't fill up as needed. He got up and walked to her office door, opened it and called, "Ludo!"

There was no response but some pieces of papers flying and scattering on the floor.


Two years ago, Inmates at Mwembeshi Prison were wrapping up their day's Activities and everyone was busy moving up and down. Despite everyone being occupied with their works, two people were sited on a bench and not minding whatever was happening around them. These two were regarded as the most dangerous in the prison; No one dared to mess with them lest losing their life. One was an old man while the other one was a young well-built man of about 29 years. The young man moved closer to the old man and whispered, "It's time, I'm ready."

The old man proudly looked at him. "I knew i made a right choice with you."

The young man with his shoulders high smiled, "When do we start?"

"Young man, we started already."

"You never cease to amaze me Mr. Hamuumbu."

"You haven't seen the best of me my boy. Now go out there, find my daughter; she has more guts than my son. I will give you the address, she's back in the country."

"How about the girl and that man?" He paused. "

Mr. Hamuumbu nodded and chuckled, "I'm dying soon. I really need to sort out a lot of things and those people you are worried about aren't nothing to me. If i ever cross paths with them, be rest assured that i will kill them. I'm only worried about the Legacy that i was supposed to live behind. Everything is in a mess but I'm making things straight now.!

"Then let's begin."

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy


Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Tonyspecial(m): 7:28pm On Aug 07, 2019

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Tygold1(f): 11:19am On Aug 08, 2019
I don't see what would stop me from following this one.

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 5:21pm On Aug 08, 2019
Blood Legacy - Episode 2

© Brian Ngoma

Arriving at the hospital, Ludo called Melanie. She was fade up with this cycle. If it wasn't the prison, it was the street, now the hospital. She had promised herself not to involve herself in Evan's life but as it stood, she was still in it. She walked to the ward he was admitted and before entering, she took a long deep breath. It had been nine months since she last saw him. She found Melanie talking on the phone while Evan had his eyes closed. She knew he was pretending to be sleeping because he knew it was her. She closed the door behind her and waited on Melanie to finish talking on the phone while she looked at Evan contemptuously.

He had some stitches on his forehead, a black eye and a swollen lower lip. Whatever happened to the mighty Evan? She wondered before being interrupted by Melanie.

"You're here?'

" Yes," Ludo sighed putting her handbag on a table.

"Good, i have to leave. I left Zeus with the maid, she's new i don't trust her," Melanie stepped towards Ludo and patted her on the shoulder. "All the best. Keep me updated," looking at Evan.

Ludo looked at her wearily as if wanting to tell her not to leave but she knew her friend had done more than enough. Apparently, Melanie seemed to have it all figured out compared to her. If anyone was to ask her if this is how she planned her life to be, she would be offended. It started from an unaccomplished dream of becoming a writer which was shattered and thrown to the dogs after the ghastly experience with the Hamuumbu's. Despite trying so hard to ran away from that nightmare, she still had a part of that in the person she was staring at.

"I know you're awake Evan. Let's get this over with," She shook her head.

Evan opened his eyes ashamed of himself. Before Ludo came, he pleaded with Melanie not to call her but she refused knowing that only Ludo could come as quick as possible. She really tried to fix him. Last time she had found him in the streets of Lusaka and took him back home with her. She helped him back up but just when they had a breakthrough, he relapsed and ran away. It was so embarrassing seeing her in front of him with disappointed eyes.

"I told Melanie not to call you, i didn't want to be a bother," he said avoiding her stare.

Ludo sat down by the window and stared outside deep in thoughts. "Why do you do this to yourself Evan?"

He didn't answer but looked away.

"What happened to the Evan i met six years ago?"

"You wouldn't understand."

"Make me understand."

"You wouldn't!" He raised his tone still looking away. "I grew up with a silver spoon and i saw everything been taken away from me in a split second. Everything that my family worked so hard for was taken away, you wouldn't understand, you grew up poor. No offence."

She held back from cussing him. She knew he was feeling sorry for himself but she was tired of his behavior. He had been playing the sorry game ever since he lost his houses, cars and everything he ever cared for. She had tried to convince him that not all was lost but it was all in vain. He was as stubborn as a monkey.

"So we'll just continue playing the 'Feeling sorry for Thyself game' Evan?'

"Call it what you want Ludo," He coldly said.

They both went quiet for some minutes till Ludo's phone rang. It was Lance, her boss. She felt her heart beat and almost dropped the phone. She had forgotten that she left her office without saying anything. She excused herself from Evan and walked outside.


As the Ford Ranger slowly drove into a part of land the school was being built in, the tired workmen couldn't resist but admire how immaculate the foreign car was. It raised eye brows from the village boys who kept nodding and wishing they could just step a foot in the beast or at least just touch it. The car parked at an open space and no one came out of it.

A moment later, the Chief's Corolla Altis drove by too but this one was known by everyone; they knew any minute from it being parked, the Chief would come out. As expected, the Chief and Junior stepped out of the car. Every person around showed their respect to them and wondered why they had come to the site.

Chief Chovu intently looked around and felt like a fool. The block was now in window level and he didn't know anything about it. He knew his son was a troublemaker but this, he thought as he walked to one of the workers.

"Where's Walutanga?"

"Inside," One of them pointed at the entrance.

The Chief looked back at his son and motioned him to call his brother. Junior quickly went into the unfinished building and found Walutanga complaining to the man he only knew as Hunter. He didn't know him at all but from what he heard, this man was close to his young brother. He didn't badge in but started eavesdropping.

"I'm telling you Hunter, this land has been sold," Walutanga touched his head and fidgeted . "I never thought my parents and brother were this money hungry. They don't even know who those people are or what they will do with the land. They have been blinded by the money. We have to do something Hunter."

Hunter wasn't responding but just looking at the boy.

"Say something, there's something we can do, right?"

"No," He finally answered. "You didn't tell your parents about this, did you?"

"That's not important now."

"It is important young boy, what did we say about lying to each other?'

Walu didn't respond.

"I thought we had a deal. We agreed that you would tell your parents about this and once we get the permission, we would start building. You told me they agreed."

"I'm an adult and a Prince," Walu stood his ground.

"You're 15. Count me out, I'm not doing anything about whatever is happening with this land."


"I said there's nothing we can do about it."

Walutanga was puzzled. Ever since he had known Hunter and the stories he had been told by him, he expected a fight from Him.

"But…. But… but… " He Stammered, "We've worked so hard for this, you and I."

"I know."

"We should fight for this then, shouldn't we?"

Ignoring the question, Hunter looked past Walu and one could swear that he had eyes outside, "Your father is here," stepping back he went on, "Your brother is behind that wall."

Walutanga turned around and true, Junior emerged with an embarrassed and confused face. How had he known that he was behind the wall? He walked to them and told Walu to go outside while ignoring Hunter who also didn't pay attention to him. Walu walked outside leaving His brother with Hunter. Junior had never seen someone who had dark red eyes like the man standing before him. He grew nervous but kept his composure and looked around the room disgustingly.

"You better follow your brother," Hunter said.

Junior hesitated, "You took advantage of my brother."

"Did I?"

"We are not yet done," scrutinizing the room, he left.

Hunter huffed.


Lance stared at his phone and became more upset as Ludo was taking long to answer. She finally answered.

"Where are you!" He shouted.

"I had to go out boss," Ludo answered as calmly as possible upon hearing his angry voice.

"What do you mean go out?"

"An emergency boss."

"What emergency Ludo?"

"Something personal sir," She regretfully answered.

"Anything happening with you during work hours is my business young lady."

"I'm sorry sir."

"So it's that boyfriend of yours."

Ludo was astounded. As far as she knew, she kept her private life as private as possible especially from her boss. As it turned out, it wasn't so private after all.

"Yes I know about him," Lance added. "Do you know that he's dragging you down?"

She didn't answer.

"You are a young vibrant hard working lady who has a bright future but if not careful, will end up like that boyfriend of yours. I have tolerated this for so long and i won't let it happen anymore. Get yourself back here now."


"I said get back here!"

"Okay sir," She hang up.

She stood in the hallway thinking about what Lance had said. It was true, Evan had become a distraction. Every time she made progress, he would show up and cause trouble. This had to stop, she told herself as she walked back into the room. She found his eyes closed again. She reached for her hand bag.

"I'm leaving, I'll call Melanie to come check up on you, i have work to do." She walked to the door and reached for the knob. One thing caught her attention, Evan didn't respond to what she said. "Evan!" She called him.

There was no response. She walked to his bed and shook him. He didn't respond. Looking at him closely, foam was coming out of his mouth.

"Shit, HELP!" She yelled.

Read up to episode 20 here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 4:52pm On Aug 09, 2019
Wawu Oyin you deserve an accolade

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 8:33am On Aug 12, 2019
Blood Legacy - Episode 3

© Brian Ngoma

Everyone in Chisoti village knew how arrogant and stubborn Walutanga was but some people had never witnessed any of those traits till that day at the site. The workers heard indistinct voices coming from him and his the father the chief. Voices were slowly rising getting everyone's attention. The Chief was on top of his voice and so was Walutanga's.

The Chief saw that everyone was looking at them, he tried to calm the none stop talking Walutanga, "Okay let's talk about this at home."

"No father, we are going to talk about it here!" He yelled.

Everyone's heads turned in shock their mouths gaped. What sort of disrespectfulness were they witnessing, they all wondered.

"I won't tolerate this young man," The chief whispered trying to grab the boy's hand.

Ducking his father's hand, Walu said, "This school will be built. I have managed to bring it this far with no one's help but my friend's. Apparently, we are the only ones who think this village needs another school."

"Boy don't be stupid," Junior Chisoti showed up. "You think you've grown because you are hanging around an old man, No, you're still under our care and you have to follow rules; our rules."

Walutanga was tongue tied and felt a bit embarrassed. He wanted to say something when the two strangers got out of the Ford Ranger. He watched them walk to where they were. The other one had come out of the car with a Brief Case while the other kept pressing his phone and motioning to be searching for a signal. They reached where they were and looked around.

Ben looked at Devi who was busy with his phone and sighed followed by a nod. "Are we having problems chief?" He regarded the chief.

"Not at all," The Chief responded.

"Hey young boy," Ben looked at Walutanga and went on, "You must be the Chief's youngest son."

"And you must be the men trying to buy this land," Walutangu rudely looked at Ben.

"Trying?" He laughed. "Boy, this land is ours now," He looked at the chief, "Isn't it Chief?"

The chief hesitated, "In due time yes."

"This land is sacred. I guess the chief here didn't tell you," Walu pointed at his father.

"Walu!" Chovu Junior called him.


"Shut your mouth, go home!" Junior added.

"I'm going no where, this is my school."


Ludo watched the doctor tend to Evan as she repeatedly checked her watch. She had been ignoring Lance's calls and was afraid to check a text he had sent. She convinced herself to just go there and plead with him, whatever was in the text, she decided not to check. She walked to where the doctor was and asked, "How's he?"

"He's stable, it was just some side effects of probably some drugs he took with what we induced on him, he'll be fine," The Doctor excused himself.

Why do you keep doing this to me Evan? She asked herself as she watched him. She felt like she was responsible for him in some way. She got her phone and called Joe her father, "Hey dad, are you home?"

"Yes Lu, what is it?"

"Do me a favor."

"Anything Doll."

"I want you to watch Evan for me."

Joe sighed, "He's back?"

"Yes, i know i promised i won't tolerate him ever again but he's in bad shape, i wouldn't have called and my boss is on my neck."

"Where are you?"

"At Levy Mwanawasa hospital."

"Okay I'm coming."

She impatiently waited for her father and ignored more calls from Lance. After an hour, Joe arrived at the hospital and told her to leave for work. She knew he wouldn't have a problem with Evan because that wasn't the first time he had helped her in the 'Evan Situation' as he had come to call it. She left the hospital and headed back to Lance & Associates. As soon as she arrived, she went straight to Lance's office and found him packing some documents in his small bag. She couldn't speak as she was panting.

Lance had come to know Ludo as a hardworking young lady whose only obstacle was a man. Looking at her, he said, "Have you brought my lunch?"

"Lunch?" She asked surprised.

"You didn't see the text?"

"Oh," She scratched her head nervously.

He nodded, "Let's get going, we'll grab lunch later, we have a case at the Local court."

Ludo quickly went back to her desk and grabbed her handbag as Lance passed her and walked outside. She was excited about the cases for it was the only thing that made her work interesting. Despite being a paralegal and watching the action from the chair, she knew she was learning so much and Lance was one tough of a lawyer. She felt honored and privileged to have been working for him..

They arrived at the local court and found a few people gathered. The judge was not yet in. Lance went over to the other desk where his opposition was. Having worked in the law for quiet some time, Lance was known by a lot of established lawyers; he regarded them as colleagues until the proceedings started.

"All rise," the Bailiff shouted.

Lance quickly went back to The Desk.

"Judge Wilson Ngosa presiding. Please be seated."

After comfortably settling down, Judge wilson spoke, "Good Afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of the People of the city of Lusaka versus Victor Lweendo. Are both sides ready?"

"Ready for the People, Your Honor," The district Attorney said.

"Ready for the defense, Your Honor," Lance firmly said.

Ludo looked at him and admired his confidence. She wanted to be like him, but everything was blur in the moment. She had always dreamt of being a writer but here she was, in a court of law doing what she never thought she would ever do.

The court proceedings were done and the judge ruled in favour of Lance and his clients. They all got outside and Ludo stood by Lance's car while she watched him talk with his client who was fervently happy. She enjoyed this moment; a time when people would appreciate and be grateful for the work that the firm had rendered to them.

"Good job," Lance said approaching Ludo.

"That goes to you boss," she said sincerely.

"I always tell you one day you will make a good lawyer. You made my statements look like child play. How about we celebrate?" He opened the car doors.

Before Ludo could answer, her phone vibrated. It was a text from her father joe, saying Evan had ran away from the hospital. She sighed and felt sweat on her forehead. Her stomach slowly sunk and couldn't help it but feel dejected.

"Everything fine?" Lance noticed.

"It's home, i have to go. Can i be excused?" She wiped her forehead.

"Of course, go. We are done for the day anyway."

"Thank you," she quickly left.

Lance watched her disappear into thin air. He nodded getting into the car. As soon as he was comfortable, he got his phone and dialled.

"Hello my friend," a voice from the other side of the call answered.

"When are you coming?" Lance asked.

"I'm already in the city."

"Well,that's great."

"See you tomorrow."


A thousand kilometers away from the city on a camp were some soldiers training so hard one could die from the training. They were in their last days of the training and it was one hell of the training. Every soldier was determined to get over with the training. They were given a ten minute recess and they scattered all over the place others sweating profusely, panting, drinking tap water and laying on their backs.

"I'm glad this is our final week," a male trainee soldier sounded excited.

"I'm glad too, i cannot wait to go home," a female trainee added.

"What's home?"

"Nothing," she answered thoughtful. "Perhaps some friends."

"You know you are the only woman left."

"Yes, i know because I'm the only one," she laughed.

"You don't talk much, what's your story?"

"My story?"

"Like why are you doing this? You could have done anything in the world but chose to come here. What's the story behind?"

She laughed, "Have you ever felt vulnerable in your life?"

"I guess i have."

"Have you ever watched someone you love being killed?"


"Well, i have. I watched my husband get murdered and i couldn't do anything. The world is wicked. It's full of blood. It showed me how vulnerable a woman could be. I vowed never to be like that anymore. I was vulnerable before but i will never be again."

"Sorry about your husband."

"It's okay, that was six years ago."

"You're Kate, right?"

"Kate Visashi, yes. I cannot wait to go back home," she smiled

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 5:36am On Aug 13, 2019
Oyin you are the best

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Tygold1(f): 7:45pm On Aug 14, 2019
Yeah, any other Oyin is a counterfeit.

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Tygold1(f): 7:48pm On Aug 14, 2019
Oyin you are the best
yeah, any other Oyin is a counterfeit

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 8:03pm On Aug 14, 2019
yeah, any other Oyin is a counterfeit

Yes ooh

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:18am On Aug 17, 2019
Blood Legacy - Episode 4

© Brian Ngoma

Ben and Devi exchanged glances after walking around the unfinished school building. They knew they were so close to having the chief sign up the deal. They had been patient enough and it was getting to their last nerves. What irritated them more was the surfacing of the Chief's young son, Walutanga. Despite him being the youngest, what he was saying could alter the Chiefs mind and now that they were so close to the deal, they had to do something.

"I'm getting sick of this," Ben whispered to Devi.

"You just don't know how fade up I am with this," Devi whispered back.

"Do something."

"What do you mean do something?" Devi looked at Ben confused. "Aren't you the diplomat?"

Ben watched the Chief and his two sons argue. "I think this is family business, don't you think?"

"I thought you said you're fade up?"

"I am but getting involved would only raise suspicions."

Devi stepped in, "Chief, i think you're just wasting time talking to this boy. You're the chief and he's just a child."

Walutanga and Junior Chisoti looked at the care free Devi. They looked back at their father who seemed confused.

"Walutanga go home!" the chief yelled at the boy.

"No!" He yelled back.

"Boy go home," Devi said concealing his desire to punch the boy's face.

"Or else?" Walu defiantly said looking Devi in the eyes.

Devi looked at the Chief, "We are running out of time."

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Walu inquired.

Devi's left hand had formed into a fist. He was doing everything he could to restrain his anger and contempt towards the boy.

"Let's talk about this at home," Ben stepped in touching Devi's shoulder.

It seemed like a good thing to do. The Chief and his first born got into the Altis while Ben and Devi got into the Ford Ranger driving off from the site. Walutanga felt like he had won and ran back to the building.

"Hunter!" He shouted.

Hunter was nowhere to be found. Walutanga checked where his bag was and it had gone too. Feeling his knees go numb, he ran outside asking everyone if they had seen Hunter. Apparently, no one had seen him leave the building. The boy ran towards the river shouting Hunters name. Reaching the river, he found Hunter about to cross the river.

"Where are you going Hunter!" Walu shouted.

Hunter stopped.

"You are just going to leave without saying goodbye?"

"That's how i leave boy."

"After everything we have accomplished together in this village?"

"It doesn't matter now."

"You are a coward Hunter!"

"Better a coward than die in a war that's not mine."

"What do you mean die?"

"You don't know who you're dealing with boy. I advise you step back and let your father handle Devi and Ben."

"How do you know their names?" Walu was confused and went on. "I never told you their names."

"I know them and whoever they are working for, will surely get that land. Whether you like it or not, just step back," Hunter turned around. "You are young and have a future before you, don't jeopardise it for things you don't understand."

"What future do i have if i cannot protect my land? That land has been used for traditional purposes from the time no one knew i would ever be born."

"I like your determination but it will get you killed," Hunter turned and started walking.

"Go away like you always do. Run away, I'm sure you did the same thing when your daughter was dying."

Before Walu could even process what he had just said, Hunter was on his face grabbing his shirt and lifting him up.

"Don't you dare bring my daughter into this. A lot of people have died for that, don't you ever do that again."

"Don't worry, put me down Hunter."

Hunter put him down and left. Walutanga felt depressed and went back home. As soon as he reached, he found the two gentlemen, Ben and Devi angrily leaving the house. Devi evilly stared at Walutanga as he reached for the car. Walu was startled. He rushed to the house and found his mother, father and brother quarreling in angry voices.

"What happened?" Walu asked getting into the living room.

"It's your father, he declined selling the land," his mother answered. "I'm sure your stupidity rubbed on him."

"Really?" Walu excitedly asked.

"Yes," Chisoti Junior answered. "He will regret his decision," he got up and left his mother following him.

Walutanga and his father remained.

"Come sit with me," the Chief called Walu.

He walked to where he had sat. They bot sat in total silence until the Chief said, "You reason well, do you know that?"

"I think so," he laughed.

"Minimise on the arrogance though. I didn't refuse to sell that land because of you but i did it for my own sake. I'm not saying you will be the chief," he laughed, "But whatever responsibilities you will have when your brother will be ruling, you have to put the people's needs before yours."

"Being a chief is for suckers," Walu laughed. "Whatever reasons you didn't sell it for are none of my concerns. I'm just happy you didn't."

The chief smiled relaxing into the sofa.

"Pa," Walu called him.

"Yes my boy."

"Why don't you like to talk about your brother Mapulanga?"

The Chief's face turned sour, "You better go outside and find something to do."

Walutanga wondered and didn't want to press more, "Okay pa, I'm proud of you though. We will talk about my school in the evening, right?"

"Just go."

The boy left smiling.


Joe stood by the hospital's gate waiting for Ludo. He saw her from a distance hurriedly coming up towards him. Evan running away was a good thing for her, He thought as she reached where he was.

"What happened dad?" She asked distraught.

"One minute we were talking and the next is gone," Joe raised his hands.

"What do you mean?"

"I went to grab a drink and couldn't find him. He ran away. I asked around but no one saw him."

"Evan!" She said grinding her teeth.

"Let's go home doll, it's getting dark," Joe softly said seeing how devastated and disappointed she was.

Ludo followed him to the car. She looked around hoping she would catch a glimpse of Evan in the hospitals surroundings but he she couldn't. He was gone. Joe started the car and drove home.


People in Chisoti village usually slept late but when it was winter, a lot of them would be in their huts or brick houses gathered around some form of heat. This night was no different, by the time it was 8pm, the village was very quiet only birds could be heard chirping from a distance, dogs barking and cats meowing. Amidst the dead silence, people in their houses heard a cry. At first, everyone thought it were the kids playing but the cry could be heard getting higher and higher. Some men gathered their courage and got out to check where it was coming from.

"The Chief's house is on fire!" A loud cry was heard but no one knew where it came from.

True to the cry, a big fiery fire could be seen from a distance. It was so big it lightened up half of Chisoti village. Every man in sight ran towards the house but by the time they got there, the windows and doors were spitting out fire. Smoke was everywhere and no one could dare step a foot towards the burning house. They just watched sorrowfully while others grabbed buckets of water and tried to spill on the house but the fire had spread it seemed like the water was being swallowed by it.

"No don't go any nearer!" A woman shouted from behind everyone. "Please don't."

Everyone turned around to see who it was she was preventing from going near the house. Before they could see who it was, they just saw him breaking the door of hell and disappearing into the smoke.

"That's the friend of the Chief's son Walutanga," a man said and covered his mouth in shock.

"But he's going to get himself killed there," another onlooker screamed.

"That must be the Hunter the children speak of."

"Hunter of what?"

"No, his name is Hunter."

"Hope he saves them."

They all crossed their fingers hoping for the best as they watched the fire engulf the house. Others were on their knees praying for the Chiefs family. They couldn't help it but all wonder what could have caused such a great and fierce fire.

Read all the episodes here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy

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Eh Oyin I love my Oyinprince

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:29pm On Aug 19, 2019
Blood Legacy - Episode 5

© Brian Ngoma

Six years ago, Ludo and Evan were so in love. Ludo pictured her life with no one but him. During her university years, everything between them was fine until she graduated. Evan lost everything he had in their third year of the relationship and Ludo noticed that he gradually started becoming distant. Things escalated quickly when she got her job at the first firm she worked for; Anderson Practitioners. She left the firm because of Evan. They had an argument at the firm and her bosses weren't as lenient, they sucked her. Two months later, she started working for Lance and Associates. She didn't want to lose her job again because of him.

"I know it's difficult but can you just forget about him," Joe interrupted her thoughts.

She sighed.

"Every time you make progress, he shows up and in one way or another, he messes up with your mind," he drove the car into the yard.

"I forgot about him. I no longer love him, all i feel is pity now."

"He's a grown up man. You have a life, concentrate on that."

Ludo smiled looking at her father, "Talking about concentrating on life, how about you dad?"

Joe stiffened in his seat, "What do you mean?"

"You know what i mean," she said without looking at him. "Ever since the messy divorce with mom, you have been alone. It's 4 years later duh, move on!"

"I have moved on already. If you mean finding someone, I'm too busy for that."

"Mom found someone already."

"Did she?"

Ludo laughed, "No, she's still single too. You have to forgive her though, i forgave her and i was the one deeply affected by what she did. She did it to me."

"I know but she betrayed me. What else did she do that i don't know of? You're too young to understand."

Ludo rolled her eyes, "Please. She was your Zamiwe. Anyway, she's doing fine. I saw her last week. Her life had been messed up when her licence was taken from her but she's back on her feet. She owns a pharmacy now."

"That's good for her," Joe opened the car door and got out of the car.

Ludo followed him. They entered the house and found some food had been prepared by their maid Nancy. Nancy had never left despite what had happened. She remained loyal to Joe and Ludo. They ate their supper and went to their bedrooms. Ludo checked her day's work and prepared for the next day. Her mind was made up on Evan, she had washed her hands.


Facing the fire, Hunter shouted Walutanga's name. He had never been to the Chief's house before but Walutanga had told him about the house and where his bedroom was. The fire was all over the place but Hunter stepped on it like nothing. He had a cloth on his face to prevent him from inhaling too much smoke. He knew he didn't have much time and had to hurry before he passed out. He reached a door that seemed like Walutanga's from what he had described. He busted it open and was met with smoke. He heard a voice shouting for help.

"Walutanga!" Hunter shouted.

"Here," a familiar voice answered back.

Hunter walked closer and found It was Chovu Junior. He knelt before him and could see he was hurt. He had been badly burnt.

"Come on stand up!" Hunter tried to lift him up.

"Who are you?"

"Hunter, Walu's friend."

"No No No, go and save Walu," Chovu junior pushed Hunter. "He's in the next room, let me check on my parents."

"What happened here?"

"I don't know, hurry up please!" Junior coughed trying to get up.

"I am coming back for you," Hunter rushed to the next room.

He found Walutanga passed out and his lower part of the body had caught fire. He quickly grabbed a blanket which had no fire and covered the leg. The fire was put out. He carried him on his shoulder and quickly left the room. As he wanted to go back to the other room where Chovu Junior was, the roof fell and he ducked slightly missing him and Walu falling on the fire. He quickly got up. He knew there was nothing he could do but leave before the whole house fell. He made his way to the burnt up living room carefully ducking the fire. He heard a rumbling sound and knew the house was coming down. The way he had entered from was all fired up. He saw another exit which he figured he could exit from. He sprinted diving his way out of the house before it collapsed. As His eyes were slowly closing, he saw two men pulling him and saw others carrying Walutanga to safety. He then blacked out.


Quickly getting out of the Taxi, Ludo bought a Newspaper for her boss. She was also talking on the phone with Melanie.

"Ala I'm late mwandi," she walked towards the door.

"You spend too much time preparing. Anyway go and face The Lance," Melanie laughed hysterically. "Sometimes, i think he likes you, the way he treats you. That's one way of men telling you they are into you."

"You talk too much Zeus's mother, say hi to the god," Ludo laughed. "And Lance is married by the way duh."

"Whatever," she laughed and went on. "I am glad we are past the Evan phase. Live your life girl, Bye. Come visit us soon."

"As soon as i am free, i will come, take care bye."

She badged in and found no one at the reception. She checked to see if the receptionist had arrived but there was no trace of her been there. Ludo was relieved knowing she wasn't the only one who had arrived late. What she didn't know was that everyone was in the next room. She slowly walked to the other room opening the door and everyone's heads turned to see her. It seemed like there was a briefing of some sort. It had been a while ever since they had something like that. Her eyes on the floor, she joined the rest standing next to the receptionist.

"What's happening?" She whispered.

"We just started, shhhhh," the receptionist shushed her.

Ludo smiled. She couldn't see what was happing in front, she just opted to listen.

"So this is quick," Lance said. "In light of recent events, there have been some changes at the firm. Some of you have already received letters and some haven't. It's nothing serious but i suggest you take it seriously. And one other thing, we have a new member of staff Mr. Caesar Chama. He is the firm's new lawyer and just as much i am respected, i hope he will be treated the same way. Thank you, you can now leave and those who have received letters, come to my office."

Ludo couldn't see Lance and the new lawyer. She wondered if she had received the letter but couldn't remember. Everyone scattered and Ludo went to her office. She checked her emails for the day's work and found Lance had sent her something. She downloaded the document and started her day. An hour later, Lance called her.

She dropped everything she was doing and rushed to the office. She knocked on the door and could hear indistinct voices coming from the office.

"Come in!" Lance shouted.

She entered the office closing the door behind her. She turned around and as soon she saw who Lance was with, her heart pounded. It had been a while ever since she saw a fine gentleman. He was dressed immaculately in an all charcoal grey suit. He had a descent haircut and the office smelled differently all because of him, that she knew well. He steadily stood in front of Lance's desk holding a document in his hand.

"Ludo this is Mr. Caesar Chama, the new lawyer," Lance introduced them.

She stepped forward and extended her arm. He smiled at her as he held her hand firmly exposing his perfect teeth.

"Nice to meet you sir," she nervously said.

"Pleasure is all mine."

"This is my paralegal," Lance proudly said.

"I'm sure she's better than the last one," Caesar smiled even more sending Ludo into oblivion.

This man is so perfect, Ludo thought to herself.

"Anyway, Ludo get back to work, i will call you when i need you," Lance dismissed her.

Ludo went back to her office and before she could enter, she saw her two colleagues looking at a Newspaper. She walked to them.

"What's interesting in the paper?"

"There has been a tragedy in Chisoti village. The Chief's place burnt down and as it stands, no one knows if anyone survived."

"That's sad. Where is the village?" She asked.

"Somewhere in Muchinga Province. The fire brigade arrived late at the scene."

"That's a tragedy," she walked to her office.

She entered the office and her mind wondered off to the hunk she had seen in Lance's office. He seemed young to have attained that profession.

"Eish, Ludo snap out of it," she told herself and grabbed the laptop and started working.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy

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Wow I smell and feel building love in the air but I pity Evvy

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:39am On Aug 21, 2019
Blood Legacy - Episode 6

© Brian Ngoma

Hunter's eyes met with that of a young Nurse on his feet. He checked where he was and it seemed like a clinic. He looked around and saw a number of beds and some people laying on them. He tried to get up but felt a surge of pain on his lower part of the body.

"Don't move," the nurse said. "You got burnt pretty bad."

"Ouch," he moved regardless and saw his legs all burnt up.

"I said don't move or the burns will be rubbed."

"Where is the boy?"

"Oh, the boy you were brought in with?"


"He was taken to the city hospital. His burns are severe."

Hunter seemed a little confused, "How long have i been out?"

"It's been three nights now," the nurse responded and went to tend to another patient.

Three nights, he thought. He had never been unconscious for three nights in his life. Perhaps he was getting old because what he went through that night was nothing compared to the adversities he had crossed paths with in his entire life.

"Nurse!" He called her.

Irritated, she looked at him and walked to his bed. "What is it?"

"Which hospital was the boy taken to and what happened to the rest of his family? How are they?"

Sorrowfully, the nurse answered, "They all perished, unfortunately. Even the Chief. The whole house fell on them. I heard you saved the boy, you did well. He's alive because of you."

Hunter couldn't take his eyes off his burnt legs. "I need to walk around."

"You cannot," she repulsed.

"Only me can tell," he staggered his way off the bed and stood.

The nurse watched him in awe. It was like he didn't feel any pain. He started walking round the bed while causing the other patients to stare at him. They knew who he was but never got any close to him despite been in Chisoti village for the past four years.

Noticing he was staggering, the nurse offered her hand, "Please let me. You have been out for three days, you need to eat something."

He didn't say anything but sat down. A moment later, the nurse came with some nshima and Kapenta which seemed like it was boiled. He had no option but to eat. He needed strength for what he was about to do next.


Work at Lance & Associates had become so busy and overwhelming for the past three days. It was a Saturday and and by the time it had reached 12, everyone was busy asking questions as to when they would be knocking off.

The firm had two main departments. One dealt with advising clients and handling transactional legal work, such as drafting contracts, handling necessary legal applications and filings, and evaluating and ensuring compliance with relevant law; while the other department represented clients in court and handled necessary matters. Ludo worked in the latter together with Lance and two other associates. With the coming of Caesar, who apparently was the senior associate, associates became three.

"Did you see how handsome our new boss is?" The firms secretary asked Ludo at her desk.

"You're mouthful Lauren," Ludo's eyes were on the document in her hand. "Have you drafted the contract for that drilling company?"

"Of course," Lauren reached her drawer and got the contract and handed it over to Ludo. "Do you know what's happening?"

"What's happening?"

"Why are we working on Saturday? And it's 12pm already, aren't we supposed to knock off?"

"I don't know. I'm asking myself the same question but i think it's just a waste of time. We'll knock off soon. Lance and the other Associates are in a meeting discussing something."

"I envy you Ludo," Lauren smiled.

"Eh, why?"

"You working with the finest gentlemen. Lance is a 10, if it's Caesar, Oh my god, it's like he was just banished from heaven. He's a fallen angel."

"You're exaggerating Lauren," Ludo laughed. "Yes he's fine but what you're saying," she paused, "You're crazy."

"Talking about me huh?" Caesar appeared behind the women.

They both froze embarrassed.

"Here take this," Caesar gave Lauren a file. "That's a list of clients who need legal advise. Ensure you call them all but before that, take a look at what they need."

Ludo wanted to walk away.

"Don't be in such a hurry," Caesar stopped her. "Don't i deserve to know why i was the topic of the discussion?" He also looked at Lauren who was equally astound.

"Haaa, haaa," Ludo stammered. "We are sorry sir. We weren't talking ill of you."

"Is that so?" Caesar asked suspiciously. "If you say so and one other thing, you're coming with me. I figured since you're the only paralegal in the department, i might as well work with you."

"But, but."

"Lance knows don't worry," he assured her seeing how nervous she had become. "Let me find you by my car outside. Do you know my car?"


"Oh okay, let me find you outside then. I'm going to grab my bag and some files," he left.

Ludo and Lauren watched him go. They couldn't say a word to each other. They were in total shame. This is what gossiping does, Ludo thought as she was knocking on Lance's office. She went in and found him packing up.

"Boss, Mr. Caesar has instructed me to go with him. I don't know where, are you aware?"

"Oh yes. In fact I'm the one who suggested you go with him. Is that okay with you?"

"Yes," she answered looking down.

"Don't worry, it will only take at most an hour. You are meeting a potential client who didn't want to come here. It's part of your preparations for the ZIALE exams. Isn't that what you want?"

She smiled, "Yes, I'll get going then," she walked to the door.

"Ludo!" He called her.

She stopped.

"Knock off after you meet up with the client."

"Thank you. See you on Monday."

"You bet."

Ludo went to her office, grabbed her handbag and left. She found Caesar waiting for her. He was standing by a white Mercedes. She had guessed that was his car but didn't want to say anything in fear of being seen as prying too much. She walked to him. He opened the door for her. She somehow felt special but blushed it off. He got into the car too and drove off. No one uttered anything on the way. Ludo didn't even know where they were going.

Caesar finally spoke, "So the person we are going to meet is kind of difficult. I suggest you just watch and listen."

"Noted," she said.

Who told him i even wanted to come here? Ludo thought to herself. Caesar drove into High Bridge Hotel along Independence Avenue. He parked the car. They all got out of it and walked to the reception. She let him talk to the receptionist while she looked around. While looking around, she saw a familiar figure. She looked again but didn't see the person. She didn't realise Caesar was calling her.


"Oh sorry, i thought i saw someone i know."

"Let's get going, she's waiting for us."

"It's a she?" Ludo whispered.

They went through the lobby to the backyard of the hotel. There, they found people by the swimming pool and children running around all excited.

"There is our client," Caesar pointed at a woman laying by the pool. "Come follow me," he started off.

Ludo followed him. They reached where the woman was and she was laying her face down. Ludo had seen this person before, she was sure.

"Ms. Erica Hamuumbu"

"Oh Shit," Ludo said under her breath. "Not again."

Caesar raised his voice one more time, "Ms. Erica!"

She slowly turned around and smiled, "Oh sorry i was in the moment," her smile faded when she saw Ludo.

Ludo stiffened.

"This is my assistant Ludo," Caesar tried to introduce them.

"Oh my," Erica removed her sunglasses. "What are the odds? Ludo? The sick girl?"

"Do you know each other?" Caesar smiled nervously.

"Oh yeah we do," Erica stood up rounding Ludo. "What is she doing here?"

"She's my assistant Ms." Caesar answered.

"What is she doing here?" Erica's face became angry. She looked at Caesar. "She's the reason I'm here."

"I don't understand," Caesar sounded confused.

"You and your family ruined my life," Ludo raised her voice.

"Oh we ruined your life?" Erica was in Ludo's face. "See where my whole family is at? Mom and dad are in prison, Ethan is dead, our business is all gone and you're here talking about ruining your life looking all sassy in that work suit," she looked at her from the legs to the head.

"You did more damage to me than you can ever imagine Erica and all those things you mentioned, i never did them. You had them coming don't put the blame on me please."

Erica laughed, "I see you have grown now Ludo. Who would thought? Young little epileptic Ludo now look at you."

Caesar had enough, "Ludo go and wait for me in my car," he handed her the keys.

"Yeah, go. I don't want you here and where the hell are you hiding Evan? You turned my brother against his family you little witch," Erica shouted.

Ludo had had it up to here, she turned around, clenched her fist and charged towards Erica. All hell was about to break loose.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 2:18pm On Aug 21, 2019
Yo following

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 8:47pm On Aug 21, 2019
Blood Legacy - Episode 7

© Brian Ngoma

At Chingwere Level 1 hospital, a patient in a ward kept shouting and screaming at the nurses. It had been three days now ever since he was brought in. The people who brought him in rushed back to where they had come from. The only thing the nurses knew was that he was a prince from a certain village which apparently, the Chief's house had caught fire. They felt pity for him because the sole survivor of the fire. His whole family had died.

Two nurses heard the loud screams. "When will he shut up?" The first nurse asked.

"He's in pain and you could see he's a village boy, he's probably scared," the second nurse added.

"Huh, it's now becoming irritating and he doesn't want anyone to wash his wounds. How will he get well?"

"He got burnt so bad. His whole leg is red eish. These jobs we dream of. Sometimes i wish i was a teacher mweh."

"Just go and settle him down. Give him a sedative before washing the wound."

The nurses parted ways while the other one walked to where the screams were coming from. She reached the ward and found everyone complaining about the noise.

"Give him something," one patient shouted upon seeing the nurse.

The nurse walked to a stall, flipped open the curtain and found the boy crying obviously in pain. She felt pity for him looking at the wound.

"Time to wash the wound," she said regretfully.

He screamed, "No, it hurts," sending the whole ward into a frenzy.

She quickly got a syringe and assured him it minimises the pain he was feeling. She rolled him over to the other side and injected him. She stayed by his side waiting for him to feel numb in his legs.

"So what's your name?" She asked.

"Walutanga," he answered drowsily.

"Okay Walu," she paused. "Can i call you Walu?" She stood up.


"Lets have this wound clean up."

"Where is my family?" He asked before closing his eyes.


Limping into the woods, Hunter had escaped the village clinic. He could hear the nurses shouting behind him but he wasn't going back. From the time he had been awake in the clinic, he had strategized how to take off. It wasn't difficult to do because the staff at the clinic weren't as many. Another thing he couldn't stop thinking of was the fire that killed Walu's family. That was no ordinary fire, he thought to himself.

He reached the small hut he had spent the night in the night of the fire. He changed his clothes. He threw the clothes he had wore and packed a few things. He walked to the site they were building the school. There was no one. He walked round the unfinished building and knelt down where there was an anthill. He looked around one more time. He dug deep into the ground and removed a black plastic bag from it. He opened it and checked. There were a ton of kwacha bills in it.

He was torn between going to the city or going to the next village to meet up with Walutanga's sister. He first decided to go to the Chief's place and see what was happening. Upon reaching there, he found people gathered crying and some people were searching for some things on the burnt down house. He stayed off sight until one woman recognised him.

"You're supposed to be in the hospital," she said feeling sorry for him.

He only looked at her.

She felt afraid especially looking into those eyes, "The boy is alive. He's in the city."


"Matero level 1 hospital," another woman joined in. "This has been a tragedy. We hope he will get better because as it stands, it's only his uncle who is fit to rule this village and nobody knows where he disappeared to together with his….."

"Don't talk about that," another old woman interrupted. "It's such a shame to even think about it. Moreover, a message has been to his sister in the next village. Everyone is just wondering why she hasn't showed up yet."

More reason to go to the next village, Hunter thought. He didn't want to think about the mentioned uncle because he had never heard of him. He left the women with his mind made up of where he would go next. Two names kept bugging him though, Ben and Devi, he somehow felt they had something to do with the fire but why? What he knew was that they were almost getting the land they wanted. Why would they set fire to the palace? He limped his way into the road that led to the next village. He knew he would reach by evening.


Angry, Ludo almost raised her hand when she saw how Caesar looked at her. She quickly came back to her senses realizing that her job was at stake. She calmed herself down and stopped. Bowing her head, she turned around leaving Erica and Caesar and directly went to the reception and left Caesar's car keys with the receptionist. When going out, she bumped into Jean who recognised her.

"Ludo!" He exclaimed.

She clicked her tongue and felt like she could insult him. It wasn't no surprise seeing him here because where Erica was, that's where he would be. She was only surprised that he was still with her after all these years.

"Excuse me," she walked right through him hitting him.

As she was walking, she heard a young girl screaming and shouting, "Dad! Dad! Dad!"

She turned around and saw the little girl running towards Jean who embraced her. Ludo rolled her eyes and figured what that was. Who thought Erica could even have a child? She probably was one of the most worst mothers, Ludo thought to herself as she walked to the bus station. She boarded a bus to Melanie's place because that's where she wanted to be in that moment. She wanted to talk but as it stood, she didn't know what would happen to her job she had just sabotaged with her temper.


Hunter arrived at the village around 7:30pm. He was exhausted and needed some water. He asked for it as soon as he saw the first hut. He drank the water briskly and left. He didn't want any attention to be drawn to him. He had been in this village before with Walutanga. They had visited some two years ago but Hunter didn't reach the Chief's house though He knew where it was. He found his way but reaching there, the place was dead silent.

Noticing the unusual, he took cover. His all guts told him there was something wrong. There were no guards in the vicinity and not even voices speaking and Hunter thought it peculiar being the Chief's house. Whilst kneeling, he tried to pick up any sound but there was none. He crawled to a hut that seemed like a kitchen. Whilst heading there, he bumped into a dead dog. He checked the dog and figured it was poisoned. Something was definitely wrong.

The only house that had lights on was the small main house. Getting closer to the house, he heard a sound of what seemed to be a generator. He slowly stood up and opened the first door he encountered. Whilst his hand was on the door knob, the generator stopped and took the lights with it. He was running blind.

Luckily, he had a small torch with him. He got it out from his bag and switched it on. He got into a room and found a body laying on the ground. He knelt down to check but the person dead. He continued moving until he heard a moan.

"Don't kill me please," a woman cried.

Hunter saw her and torched her, it was Walutanga's sister. He recognized her from last time he came, he had seen her from the distance. He rushed to her. She was laying on her back with a machete buried deep into her stomach. He lifted her head not knowing what to do to help her.

"Don't kill me," she cried again. "My children."

"Who did this?"

"My children."

"Please tell me who did this."

"Who are you?" She asked him.

"I'm your brother's friend."

"You must be Hunter," she was certain. "Take care of my brother please, the people who did this wants my whole family wiped out. He trusts and looks up to you."

"Let me get you out of here," Hunter didn't know how to carry her.

He tried to see what he could with the machete in her stomach. He reached for it and as soon as he grabbed it, he heard a noise.

CLICK CLICK followed by a flash of a camera.

He couldn't see the person behind it but whoever that was, took off running. Hunter chased the man. He slowly increased his pace ignoring the pain his whole body was feeling. Getting out of the house, he saw the man disappearing into the woods. He quickly took off. He ran to where he heard the branches of the small trees breaking off. He got nearer to the person by running as fast as he could and when he was a meter away from him, he dived at him sending them both onto a road.

Hunter quickly got up and got on top of the man. There was no light, he couldn't see him. He punched the man in the face and when he wanted to punch him again, he blocked him and was gripped on the burnt hand so hard that he let go of him thereby giving him a chance to smack him in the face with his temple sending Hunter on the dust road.

Trying to get up, Hunter saw the man taking off again. He quickly got up and sprinted to him like a Cheater and grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him back smashing his back on the road. He got a stick from a nearby tree and repeatedly whipped him.

"Who are you?" Hunter shouted. "Why did you kill those people?"

Blinded by anger, Hunter didn't see the car coming at the speed of light behind him and by the time he saw it, he just saw a very bright light shone on him followed by a skidding sound. Before he could know it, he was hit and sent flying into the woods breaking each and every branch of the trees he bumped onto. His wounds bled heavily.

Lights off!

To be continued

Read more Episodes here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 3:30pm On Aug 22, 2019
Blood Legacy - Episode 8

© Brian Ngoma

Early Sunday morning, Ludo woke up and came to her senses as she saw the bedroom she was in. She was at Melanie's. She remembered what happened the previous day and reached for her phone. She found several missed calls from an unknown number and Lance. She had called her dad before she reached Melanie's place. She didn't know how to call Lance and tell him she had messed up. She didn't want to think about that and got out of bed. She went into the shower and a couple of minutes later, came out and found Melanie on the bed with a tray of breakfast on her side.

"What can i do without you?" Ludo reached for the tray. "You're the only good thing from six years ago."

"I know," Melanie smiled. "What happened yesterday?"

"I'm sorry i didn't tell you last night. I just wanted to sleep."

"I understand."

"Guess who i met?"


"Erica Hamuumbu."

"What? That ruthless woman?"

Ludo nodded chewing on a piece of bread.

"Wow, will that family ever leave you alone?"

"The exact thing i was wondering about. It seems like wherever i go, the Hamuumbus will be right there too."

"But where did you meet?"

"Apparently, my new boss is supposedly representing her in a case," she paused. "Huh, i don't know and i acted so unprofessional. I don't know what will happen to my job Tommorow."

"You have to call your boss and apologise. I'm sure he will understand. Just be honest."

"And she and that boyfriend of hers have a child now."


"Yes him."


"It's wild i tell you. I don't know what next i should expect because the way things are moving, I'm scared the worst is yet to come."

"Don't talk like that Ludo, it's just a coincidence. You can sit the case out, you don't need to be there. You and that family have bad blood. Talk to your boss, he will understand."

"Eish, i don't know."

"Antch Lulu," a small boy appeared in the bedroom running towards the bed and hugged Ludo.

"Awww he's now talking," Ludo hugged the boy real tight. "I missed you too Zeus."

"Well, let me go downstairs and have breakfast with Norton, I'm sure he's waiting. You come down when you settle. Play with Zeus, he's such a trouble maker," Melanie left the room.

Ludo let the boy play on his own on the floor. She finished her breakfast and laid while watching Zeus play. She wanted to call Lance but couldn't gather the courage. She texted him explaining what happened despite knowing that Caesar had already briefed him. She then stared at the unknown number but just ignored it. She kept checking her phone expecting a reply from Lance but none came. She was bored and decided to go Melanie downstairs.

"Zeus let's go to mommy," she extended her arm.


The previous day after leaving the office, Lance received a call from his cousin who he hadn't seen for 11 good years. Excited because they grew up together at their grandparents house, he went to meet up with him. The meeting was scheduled at 4pm, the same time Caesar and Ludo were meeting up with Erica. Lance arrived some 15 minutes earlier and ordered a shot to calm the nerves. A moment later, his cousin showed up.

"Look at you," Lance shouted happily. "Long time Stone."

"Indeed brother," Stone embraced Lance.

"Sit with me," Lance pointed to a chair.

They both sat down with Stone placing a small wide bag he was carrying.

"So how have you been Lance?"

"Great. Where have you been?"

"Just moving up and about. I just got in town."

"Where did you get my number?"

"Are you kidding me? Lance & Associates. You made it brother. We cannot say the same for all of us," Stone's face turned sad.

"Come on," Lance said. "Have a drink, I'm sure it's all not that bad."

"Depends on how you take it."

"Where are you staying?"

Stone didn't answer.

"Spend a couple of days at my place."

"Thanks man but i don't want to be a bother."

"What are you talking about, you're family."

"What about your wife? Aren't you supposed to talk with her?"

"She's at her parents. She's carrying our first child and are parents are very conservative, they suggested she go there and give birth."

"Congratulations man, I'm really happy for you. Damn, you have everything all figured out."

"It might seem like that to people," Lance laughed. "Let's have some drinks. Home is boring without a woman."

They both laughed hysterically.

Two hours later after catching up, Lance drove to his house in Avondale. They bought Nshima and T Bone with Veggies. When they got home, Lance received a call from Caesar. He was told everything that happened.

"It went well despite the complication we had with Ludo knowing the client," Caesar had said.

"That's a bummer but I'm glad we are good to go. So Monday we go for our first hearing."

"Yes provided Mr. Patel shows up."

"He will. He won't risk this going public."

"See you Monday. I have been trying to call your Paralegal but she hasn't picked any of my calls."

"She can be weird sometimes, i will try to get hold of her. Have a great weekend Caesar."

"You too Lance."

They both hang up the phone. Lance dialled Ludo's line but she didn't pick up his call either. He put the phone away and got the food out of the packs.

"Work?" Stone asked looking around.

"Yes," Lance smiled. "Let's eat."

After eating, Lance showed Stone the guest bedroom and said goodnight. The following Sunday Morning, he woke up feeling his head banging up. He had way too many. He was glad it was a Sunday. He took some aspirin and went outside to have a breather. Later, Stone joined him who also seemed to be having an hangover.

"My head man," Lance complained.

"Next time, warn me not to drink with you," Stone laughed.

"How are you liking it here?"

"Perfect man, so perfect," Stone inhaled the fresh air.


Hearing indistinct voices of people, Hunter opened his eyes and met up with the naked sun. He gradually rose and saw some women and children watching him all scared to get close to him. When the car hit him, he rolled to the river and had been out since then. He felt his body sore and his clothes were covered in blood. He got up and slowly walked to the river side. He knelt and washed his face. The blisters of wounds from the fire had bursted and were messy. He washed himself and got a coat from his small bag in his waist and put it on.

Aware that he was been watched, he started walking causing all the children to exclaim in excitement as if they were watching a movie. He stopped hearing the voices when he got to the road. There were no cars in sight. He started following the road because he knew where it led. After walking for about three hours, a Canter pulled up by him. The door opened.

"Where to?" The driver asked feeling sorry for him.

Hunter looked both ways, "The city."

"Hop on!"


"You don't look so well."

"Never been well."

"Did you hear what happened to Chief Chovu and his family."

"Tragedy struck but whoever did that to him as it coming," Hunter made himself comfortable.

"And we can never be ruled by that Abomination of a Mapulanga," the driver rudely detested. "I hope wherever he is, he's dead mweh because our village will be cursed if it ever get to him ruling us."

Hunter wondered what it was about Mapulanga that made this driver and those women in Chisoti village uncomfortable. That wasn't his concerns, he only thought of one person, Walutanga and his sense of urgency told him to get to the boy real quick.

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 10:31am On Aug 23, 2019
Blood Legacy - Episode 9

© Brian Ngoma

Many, Many years ago in Chisoti village, something atrocious happened that each and every person who had heard or witnessed it never wanted it to be mentioned again.


Like each day, 26 year old Chovu returned from the field with his younger brother Mapulanga. They were the closest amongst their siblings. They had two sisters and one older brother who was the next in line to become the chief. The siblings were known to have gotten along with each other perfectly especially when one was in trouble.

Chovu and Mapulanga reached their house and found their sisters preparing supper for the whole family. Their elder brother was talking to their old sick father and was not to be disturbed.

"They are talking again?" Mapulanga looked at Chovu.

"They always talk these two. I wonder what they talk about huh," Chovu added.

"We know he's the next in line but we all want the attention."

Chovu laughed, "Look at you, like you're a teenager crying for attention. He's probably being molded into becoming a good chief."

"Better than him i guess."

They continued talking and laughing until one of their sisters came to tell them that supper was served.

"Grace!" Chovu called her before she walked away.

"Yes brother," she answered.

"How's mother?"

"She's well."

All the time Chovu and Grace talked, Mapulanga didn't look at her one bit. She also never looked at him. Chovu didn't notice this as he was busy inquiring about his mother whom he had left not feeling well in the morning and as per tradition, a male child was not supposed to enter the mother's quarters under any circumstance.

"Okay you can go, we are coming," Chovu dismissed her.

Mapulanga yawned, "I'm hungry."

"Let's go eat."

They both went to eat. Their elder brother joined them. Unlike the two of them, their elder brother was always serious especially after having his regular talks with his father.

"So we are going to eat in seriousness," Mapulanga joked.

"Let the king be Mapulanga," Chovu added holding his laughter. "Kingston is in no mood to joke around."

Kingston nodded and chuckled, "Why can't you all just shut up?"

Chovu and Mapulanga looked at each other and bursted into laughter. The three brothers ate their supper. Chovu and Mapulanga were eating happily while Kingston seemed to have been bothered by something. They finished eating and all went to their father who told them stories about bravery and kingship. Chovu would always be bored by such stories. Mapulanga was intrigued while Kingston never seemed interested as well.

At midnight, they left their father and each went to their sleeping quarters. Chovu was tired and directly went to sleep. An hour later, he was awoken by the sounds of the night but what startled him the most were the footsteps he had been hearing for the last one year. Mostly, he would hear them at 1am. Like always, he decided to ignore them and went back to sleep.

Early in the morning, Chovu woke up. The sun had not risen yet but that was the perfect time to go to the field. He got out of the hut and looked around seeing only a few women at the vast yard. Others were on their way to the river, others sweeping and the others god knows what they were doing. Amongst the women, he saw his mother and was happy to have seen her up so early looking well. He approached her.

"The Chief's wife," he called her.

She looked at him, "I'm your mother Chovu."

"Before that, you're the Chief's wife," he laughed. "How are you today?"

"I'm fine, how are you my son?"

"I'm fine too. Apparently, i seem to be the only man awake in this place. Mapulanga knows what time we are supposed to be going to the field and he's still sleeping."

"Wake him up."

Chovu turned around but was stopped by his mother.

"Have you talked to Kingston lately?"

"No, what's wrong?"

"Your father was complaining that he doesn't seem to be well. Your father is worried. Talk to him, find out what's bugging him."

"I will talk to him after i come back in the evenings, I'm sure it's nothing. Tell father that Chovu has it handled already."

His mother smiled at him, "Sometimes i wish you were the first born."

"You've said that before. I'm your second born, deal with it and I'll never be chief in this village," he laughed and walked away leaving his mother.

Chovu walked to Mapulanga's hut. He called him twice but Mapulanga didn't respond. He decided to enter because that's what he loved to do. Upon entering, he saw something that made him froze. He couldn't believe his eyes he just let out one single word unconsciously


His mother heard him. She saw him by Mapulanga's hut all stiffened up and got concerned. She slowly walked to the door and immediately she saw what he had seen, she fell to the ground and passed out.

Two women saw her falling and ran towards her. They reached and knelt before her while Chovu was still standing. One of the ladies also saw the abomination.

"Is that Grace!" She yelled.

Grace and Mapulanga were laying on a blanket all naked. Apparently, they were deep in sleep in each other's arms shamelessly.

The other woman shouted, "Heeeeeeeee!"

Grace and Mapulanga woke up to Chovu's eyes on them. Everyone was awoke now. Chovu couldn't move but thought of the footsteps he had been hearing the previous months. Grace quickly grabbed the blanket and ran out of the hut leaving Mapulanga standing with nothing to say.

Chovu stepped back in total confusion. How could this be happening? He had heard stories about brother and sister having sex but he never thought that would happen to his family. All the strength he had woken up with was defunct.

Everyone was talking about it and by the time it had clocked 7am, all the women at the river had known about the abomination that had befallen the Chief's place. What shocked everyone even more was Mapulanga and Grace's response when they were summoned by the Chief.

"I love her and she loves me," Mapulanga said holding Grace's hand.

"Let go of her hand!" The chief yelled. "What nonsense is this?" He looked at his wife and Chovu who were present.

"But Pa i love him and we are going to marry each other," Grace clinged on to Mapulanga.

Chovu was disgusted and couldn't look at the two.

"If you aren't going to let us marry each other, we are leaving," Mapulanga added.

"Mapulanga can you hear yourself?" Chovu asked facing down.

"I don't care what you think but our decision is final," Mapulanga and Grace stormed out of the hut.

They left everyone speechless. Their mother was weeping uncontrollably while the Chief was inwardly cussing himself as to what he did to deserve such an atrocity in his lifetime. Chovu nodded and looked around.

"Where is Kingston?"

"Yes, where is he?" The mother stood up. "I'm going to check his hut."

"Let me check on him," Chovu said.

"No, I'm going," she left.

Chovu followed her while the Chief remained. He saw her reaching the hut and when she opened the door, he saw her falling down. He rushed to her and when he got there, he wished he was never born. Kingston was hanging on the hut's woods roofings in the air, he had killed himself.

Unfortunately for the their mother, that was how she died too.

A year later, the Chief passed on due to depression and Chovu became the Chief. After what had happened a year ago, Chovu and his remaining sister never wanted what happened to be ever be mentioned again in the village. Anyone who was found gossiping about it was punished until everyone stopped talking about it. The reason Kingston hanged himself, no one ever knew but some said he either did it because he never wanted to become chief or he knew what Mapulanga and Grace had been upto. Where Mapulanga and Grace had eloped to, Chovu never knew and he didn't care.

Those who knew what had happened on that day called it the Darkest Day In the history of Chisoti village.


Ben and Devi drove into a small yard somewhere in Chawama compound. They got out and looked around. They were not sure if this was the place they had been trying to locate for the past six months. Devi stood watching Ben knock on the door. The door opened and a woman came out.

"Hi," Ben waved his hand.

"Hello," the woman stepped outside closing the door behind her.

"Is this were Mapulanga resides?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm Ben, that's my colleague Devi."

"Why does he look like he had been ran over by a truck?"

"He was involved in an accident. Is this where Mapulanga lives?"

The door opened and a slightly old man came out of the house, "Whose looking for me?"

Ben smiled, "Nice to meet you Mapulanga," he looked at the woman maintaining his grin, "You must be Grace."

"Mapulanga and Grace, the infamous siblings," Devi joined them.


Naveen Patel had just come back from his trip when he went directly to his father's house. Upon reaching, he found the old man in his chair drinking some coffee.

"I got the message, whose taking us to court again?"

The old man stared at him for some seconds and answered, "Who else? Your Ex LovePeddler? Erica Hamuumbu."

Naveen sat down deep in thoughts.

"I thought the Huumubus would give up but here they are, back again, after 6 years. I'm sure Hamuumbu is behind this. That sick old man. Even in prison, he is still scheming, I'm impressed."

"Old habits die hard. I can take care of Erica Dad."

"Don't. I did a quick background check on Erica and she's broke, like literally has nothing. She's surviving on that man named Jean. Apparently, they have a child together," the old man stared at Naveen. "If she's doing this on her own, then we can settle this by offering her some money."

"How much we talking about here?"

"K15 million."

"That's fair."

"I have Anderson already working out some things. It won't even go to trial trust me. How's that project of yours in that village?"


"I hope you're doing everything legally. I don't want Any more attention to my business name."

"Don't worry dad, nothing will taint our business name," Naveen said confidently.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 7:59pm On Aug 23, 2019
Secrets are becoming news

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 12:15pm On Aug 24, 2019
Blood Legacy - Episode 10

© Brian Ngoma

Her heart almost out of place and not knowing what the near future held for her, Ludo walked quickly to the gate that she dropped some files in her hand. She bent down and picked them all up. While standing up, she felt a cold rush of air on her neck she turned around. She felt like someone was watching her. She tried to look around but there was no one. She walked into the building her eyes everywhere. Upon entering, she saw Lance and Caesar's cars in the parking lot. She cussed herself about what happened on Saturday. She entered and found Lauren on the reception busy typing something on the Laptop. Ludo passed her without saying anything and went direct to her office. As soon as she put her handbag on the table, Lance was standing on the door with his hands in the pocket.

"Goo … good Morning sir," Ludo stuttered.

"Follow me," Lance turned around.

Ludo didn't know what to touch or carry. She just started off and followed Lance to his office. When she entered she found Caesar sited in the chair. He turned his head when he heard the door squeak after Lance had come in.

"Take a seat," Lance told her.

She grabbed the only seat next to Caesar, "Morning sir," she regarded him.

"Morning," he didn't look at her.

She felt dumb and stupid. What else did he think of her? Obviously, incompetent. She sat on the edge of the chair seemingly looking at Lance while her mind had wondered off.

"What happened Ludo?" Lance asked sitting down. "Is that how we will be acting whenever we come across a client we have history with?"

"I'm sorry Sir, i was unprofessional. I let my emotions get the Better of me."

"How do you know her?" Caesar asked.

"We crossed paths six years ago. I assure you it won't be a problem again."

"It better not be," Lance said passing files to the both of them.

Ludo and Caesar grabbed the files and opened them while Lance looked at them. Ludo's heart was now in place knowing she still had the job.

"Her case doesn't seem to have any stronghold," Caesar said. "I told her that on Saturday but she seems to be determined. Yes i understand the Patels got her family companies and all but what she's claiming isn't something that we can go to trial with."

Lance nodded in approval, "It's baseless yes but she chose us. Ludo," he looked at Ludo.

"Yes," she responded.

"What do you think? I know you've just seen the file but what's your view?"

Ludo looked at the file again and back at Lance. She knew this was probably a trap because of what happened the other day. She needed to show expertise.

"Huh, I'd need more time to check the file."

"You had the time on Saturday," Caesar moved uneasily in his seat.

"I know the case might seem out of reach like my senior associate has said," she looked at Caesar. "But i think this woman trust us," she avoided mentioning Erica's name. "As it is right now, i assume the firm will work on this case so a positive result in this process is nearly the product of teamwork. We can adopt a litigation strategy that best suits our clients' risk tolerance and overall objectives like what's her end game in all of this. We have to find out and i am sure that she will contribute by providing expertise and knowledge of the facts firsthand. Remember, her parents owned Triple E Group of companies. Meanwhile, we will provide expertise on the legal issues, the trial process, the client's options for resolution, and the potential risks and rewards of each option," she exhaled.

Caesar was surprised.

"You see what i told you," Lance added. "She's a natural."

Ludo was astound, "What's happening here?"

"You see what we were doing here, we were testing you. Before you came in, Caesar and i decided to give you a simple test. So you think Caesar would quit even before the case start?"

Caesar laughed.

"I wouldn't know, i don't know him," she looked at him.

"You have to go to the bar as soon as possible. You're getting good at this. Now let's continue," Lance sunk back in his chair.

As soon as everyone was comfortable, the door forcibly opened and Erica badged in sweating profusely and looking all confused. Ludo and the men jerked up to their feet.

"The bastard want me to settle," Erica shouted on top of her voice. "He's offering me K15 million."

"That's a lot of money," Ludo held her mouth.

"Shut up!" Erica yelled at Ludo.

Lance looked at Ludo. Fortunately, she kept her composure. Caesar gave Erica a chair and she hesitantly took it. They all watched her cool off but wondered why she was so upset with the offer from the Patel's. She had to have expected that because Farhan Patel never liked the attention especially one spanned by the media. Hence, reaching out to her to settle the matter before it even reached to the trial stage.

Lance wanted to say something to Erica when Lauren knocked on his office door. He told her to enter and she did. She stood motionlessly while she stared at Lance.


"Anderson is here," she said.

Ludo's heart pounded. That was her former boss and she instantly knew why he had come. Anderson loved high class cases and his law firm was known to be one of the prestigious ones in the country and represented politicians, businessmen and women among others.

Lance also had an idea, "Ms. Erica, is Anderson..."

"Yes, he's the one who approached me. He's representing the Patels."

"How could i have missed this?" Lance sighed. "Let him in," he told Lauren. "Ludo can you excuse us."

"No problem," Ludo said. "Can i go with the file?"

"Of course, take a look at it," Lance told her.

Ludo left the office together with Lauren. She couldn't avoid bumping into Anderson who just looked at her with contempt without saying a word.

"Former boss Eh?" Lauren asked.

"Yes and he's a douchebag I tell you," she clapped her hands.

"Aren't they all?" Lauren looked around and chuckled.

"It's too early for gossiping. Go back to your desk."

Ludo went back into her office. She couldn't concentrate on the file but kept thinking of what was being talked about in Lance's office. She sat on her edge hoping to hear the door open but it took an hour for someone to come out of that office and it was Erica who stormed out the same way she had entered. Ludo stood up and went to the door only to find Erica reaching the exit. She wondered what could have made her upset this time. She also thought about the K15 million which was been offered by the Patels for settlement. That was a lot of money which she could take without hesitation but it wasn't her in the shoes.

A moment later, Anderson came out of the office. As he passed Ludo's office, he stopped and knocked. Ludo quickly stood up and walked to the door.

"Own office now?" Anderson smiled.

Ludo smiled back, "Yes sir."

"How are you doing?"

"Doing great how's you?"


"That's good to hear."

"Hope you will be in court too. See you around."

"See you."

Ludo knew Erica had refused to settle but why was the question. That was a lot of money for someone to refuse.


"So what you're telling me is that all I need is to sign the papers and the K2 million is mine?" Mapulanga looked at Ben and Devi.

"Sure," Ben answered. "And you get to rule Chisoti Village."

Devi cleared his throat, "There's one other thing though."

"What's that?" Grace asked.

"Well you're well aware of the tragedy that befell the Chief of Chisoti village, your brother, " he paused, "May his soul rest in peace. There is one surviving member and from the interactions that we've had with him before, he's not willing to sell."

"Technically, " Ben joined. "He's the next chief in line and that leave you hmmm."

"What we are trying to say here is that this K2 million cannot get in your hands if the boy lives," Devi said bluntly.

"And he's in pretty bad shape," Ben added. "Might as well just put him out of the misery."

Mapulanga stared at the two men and thought about everything they had just said. They were suggesting murder to him and didn't seem bothered at all.

"What makes you think I cannot report you to the police?" he asked them.

"Come on, a man who married is own blood sister. What is murder to him?" Devi hit the nail on the head.

Mapulanga laughed, "I like you two," he pointed at them. "I don't owe my brother anything and as far as I am concerned, he owed me nothing. Do what you need to do, I think it's high time we go back home," he looked at Grace, "Isn't it so darling?"

"About time."


Ben and Devi left Mapulanga's house feeling getting closer to securing Chisoti village's land as never before. All they needed to do was get rid of Walutanga.

"We do it together this time," Devi said getting into the car.

"No. That's your job. I don't do the dirty job. I am a diplomat, remember? "

"Come on, look at how beat up I am. I still cannot figure out who that was. I hope he died because we cannot have people lurking around our business. If he survived, I hope the camera got him pretty good."

Ben's phone rang.

"Answer it," Devi said tightening his seatbelt.

"It's Naveen."

"Oh snap," I am not here.

Ben answered, "Yes boss."

Devi watched him talk on the phone. As a matter of fact, he wasn't talking but kepting humming in agreement to whatever Naveen was saying on the other side. A few minutes later, Ben hang up and sighed.

"He heard about all the whole fire thing in Chisoti village and hopes we have nothing to do with it."

"He's the one who said we should get the land at all cost. That's the cost. I hope you didn't show him we have anything to do it."

"No but he's pretty psyched talking about a Lawsuit that his family is currently trying to deal with, saying they don't need any bad press especially concerning the land. He also said once we acquire the land, we step back. He will start his project after a year or two."

"So long as we get paid. And if everything goes wrong, we have the culprit on Camera."

They both looked at the Camera in the backseat of the car.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 9:14am On Aug 26, 2019
I pity Hunter I pray nothing is on that camera
Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 5:37pm On Aug 26, 2019
Blood Legacy - Episode 11

© Brian Ngoma

Trying to think of what had happened in the two villages in two consecutive nights bothered and gave Hunter a terrible headache. He had first thought of Ben and Devi and knowing them, he knew everything was about the land. What if they planned of getting rid of Chief Chovu's whole family including his daughter in the other village? He asked himself. What was the big deal with the land that they were willing to go to that extent of killing everyone in their way? He knew they worked as contractors but who was behind the all the scheme? He remembered what Walutanga's sister said before dying. She mentioned something about children, did she mean her children? That wasn't his concern at the moment but Walu was and he had to get to him as soon possible. He didn't know why but there was some sort of urgency in his heart and through his job in the past, he learned to trust his instinct.

The truck he had gotten onto had many problems on the way. They had to stop several times and repair it. Despite being in pain, Hunter did all the work. The old man tried to stop him but he couldn't let him because that meant wasting a lot of time. They reached the city on Monday morning. He had been in the city some two years ago when he came to check up on Ludo. Like last time, he went to check on her incognito. Before heading to the hospital, he went to her work place and stood in the shadows and watched her hurriedly going to the gate and dropping something on the ground. She got up and looked back.

"Same old Ludo," He said before leaving.

He reached the hospital around 10am. It wasn't difficult finding Walutanga because the moment he mentioned a fire victim, the Nurses knew who he was referring to. They escorted him to the ward. He found Walutanga under some sedatives. He got a chair and sat beside him while the nurse checked on the boy.

"We are glad he has a guardian, " she said. "He's been crying that he is alone. It's such a tragedy that his whole family died. "

Hunter didn't say anything.

"You don't look so good yourself, " she noticed some bruises on his face. "Can I check?"

"No thank you," he refused politely.

"Okay. "

The nurse left him. He was tired. He hadn't had any descent sleep in the last 48 hours and his whole body was burning up from the burn wounds as well as the hit from the car. The pain was incredibly disturbing but he succumbed. He had faced worse, this was child's play.

"It hurts," Walu moaned.

Hunter sat upright, "It's okay boy."

Walutanga didn't believe his ears, he turned his head and yes, it was who he thought it was, his bestfriend Hunter.

"Hello boy."

"Hunter!" he exclaimed trying to move.

"Watch that leg."

"When did you get here?"

"An hour ago."

"Where is my family? Where are we? I have been told i'm in the city."

"Yes. We are in the city."

"What happened?"

"You don't remember? "

"All I remember is a big fire and I passed out. Is my family safe?"

Hunter bowed his head. He didn't know what to tell the boy. He felt a great responsibility thrust upon his shoulders. He knew he had to tell the boy so that he found out what he knew. There was no time to waste, the sense of urgency struck again.


Around 5pm, every worker at Lance and Associate was clearing their desks and getting ready to go back to their homes. Ludo was taking a final look at the files that she had been reviewing. Her bosses had been in their offices the whole day. She hadn't seen either of the two since morning when she was excused by Lance. She packed the file, unplugged her phone from the charger and stood up. She looked around one more time and walked to the door. She didn't see anyone, the place was deserted. She figured most of her workmates had knocked off.

When she got outside, she found Lance and Caesar's cars still there. She found the security guard dosing in his small office.

"Ba Mbewe wake up!" she shouted.

Startled, Mbewe jerked up to his feet, "Ba Ludo mwasebenza bwanji?" (How was work?)

"Bwino Bwa Ba Mbewe, (Fine and you?) sleeping on duty ka?"

"Ah nalema. Onikombola naye sabwela ayi." (I am tired. The guard in the next shift hasn't come yet.)

"He's coming," Ludo laughed and started walking.

"Oh, Ba Ludo," Mbewe stopped her. "Kwenze kwabwela bamuna so benzo kufunani. Bayenda manje manje so," (There was a man who came here looking for you) he got out of his small office and checked the road.

There was no one but a young couple walking on the road. Ludo looked around too but she didn't see anyone familiar. She said bye to Mbewe and walked down the road to the station. Whilst waiting for the bus, a hand touched her shoulder. She turned around and it was Evan.

"Hi Ludo," he said nervously.

How could i have missed it, she asked herself. Of course it was Evan Ba Mbewe had said came. She stared at him for a good ten seconds without uttering anything. She could tell he was high on something but didn't care. She was done with him.

"I'm sorry Ludo, i was around these areas and thought of checking up on you," his hands were filthy.

"What's happening to you Evan?"

"What do you mean?"

"You need help."

"I need a K50."

"Oh my god," she rolled her eyes. "Really?"

He didn't say anything.

"Do you know that Erica is back in town?"



"Where is she?"

"High Bridge Hotel with Jean."

"She's still with that bastard."

"I wouldn't say that looking at the current events. Go see her she might need your help and you definitely need hers."

Evan didn't say a word but looked at Ludo for a while. She was avoiding his eyes and he could tell that from the few glimpses she had caught of him, she was disgusted by him.

Behind them, a car pulled up.

"Everything alright here," Caesar inquired with his hand hanging out carefully looking at Ludo.

Ludo turned around, "Everything is fine sir."

"I thought this man was troubling you."

"No sir."

"Do you mind a lift, I'm heading to Avondale too."

Ludo wasn't surprised that her new boss knew where she resided. He probably checked her file.

"I don't but I'm not going home directly sir, thank you."

"If you say so," Caesar drove off looking at Evan dreadfully.

A bus stopped at the station. Ludo looked at Evan and told him to go see Erica as soon as possible. She told the conductor to give him a K50. The bus left him standing wondering what the hell was going on with his life. He felt ashamed of himself. He knew he had to turn things around and with What Ludo had said about Erica, perhaps this would be a breakthrough for him. He decided to go and meet her.


Hunter had had a long day consoling Walutanga at the hospital. He had told him about his family and the boy had been crying all day refusing to eat or do anything. He couldn't even tell him about the other death of his sister and the missing children. He knew it would break him off. He decided to wait till he was better.

Walutanga slept and that gave Hunter some time for reflection of what was happening. He watched the boy sleep and he started dosing as well. He decided to go outside for some air and probably get some water. He got outside and it was dark already. He felt his wound burn inside his coat. He ignored the pain. After some minutes, he decided to go back inside. As he was walking to the ward, he noticed something strange, the nurses were nowhere to be seen. He hurried to where Walutanga was. As he got closer, he noticed the curtain to Walutanga's stall was slightly moved. He had pushed it all the way. He put the bottle of water on a table and slowly walked to the stall. He heard some grumbling coming from the stall and the bed could be heard shaking. He moved the curtain and found Walutanga was being strangled by no other than Devi.

To be continued

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Nothing should happen to my Walu
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Blood Legacy - Episode 12

© Brian Ngoma

Hunter shoved a table out of his way and grabbed Devi by his coat and pulled him smashing him against another patients bed. Some patients were now awake wondering what was happening. Hunter quickly checked on Walu who was having a hard time breathing but he knew he was going to be fine. As he turned around, a punch landed on his cheek knocking out his molar instantly. This small man had the power of Goliath, Hunter thought as he spat the tooth out. Devi grabbed a table and threw it on Hunter who briskly missed it. The two men stood panting heavily looking at each other. Hunter was bleeding.

"So my suspicions were right," Hunter said and went, "But why Devi?"

"You know me?" Devi seemed shocked.

"Who wouldn't know the duo Ben and Devi and the mess they leave when handling things?"

Devi laughed, "Are we that careless?"

"Always have been."

"May i know who you are?"

"Your worst nightmare," Hunter jumped at Devi with a punch.

Devi cleverly blocked it punching Him in the torso repeatedly and sending him down on his knee. One knee on the ground, Hunter blocked an uppercut from Devi and grabbed him by his legs sending him on the floor. He tightly squeezed his neck unaware that Devi had removed a knife and stabbed him in the thigh. Devi got off Hunter's tight grip on his neck and hit him with an elbow.

On his way down, Hunter managed to get the knife out of his leg throwing it on the floor and grabbed Devi by his leg and twisted it. Whilst at it, he threw a punch with his left hand hitting Devi on his eye. Devi felt the pain pass through his veins to his brain feeling his whole head go numb. He used his size to his advantage and managed to find his way out of Hunters tight grip maneuvering himself and pushing himself away from him. Hunter was on his feet feeling his thigh bleeding. Was it that he was getting old? Devi proved quiet an opponent and that enraged him.

"Hunter!" Walutanga shouted.

Devi looked at Hunter with fear at the same with satisfaction. "Hunter?"

Hunter saw the perturbation in Devi's eyes and knew that the little man had known who he was.

Devi stepped back looking around. He heard a door squeak from a the hallway and patients were now shouting and blubbering. A nurse shouted from a distance asking what the hell was happening. His eyes quickly spotted an exit.

"This is not over." he looked at Hunter. "It's a pleasure to meet the legendary Hunter and have a face to face beatdown though you are a let down. Your reputation precedes you," He sprinted and disappeared into the darkness.

Hunter didn't have time to chase after him. He went to Walu's bed and found the boy crying his lungs out like the other patients in the ward. There was no time for consolation. Before Walu could know it, he was on Hunter's shoulders leaving the hospital. There was only one place Hunter could think of going to and he didn't have any options. The nurse got into the ward and just saw a window wide open and the curtains seething with the wind.


Ludo reached home and found no one. She was exhausted and wanted a good rest. Meeting Evan always put a toll on her. Perhaps, telling him about Erica could put him in an opposite direction he was heading, she thought as she entered the shower. The settlement that the Patels were offering the Hamuumbu's was way too generous. Ludo had been thinking about it the whole day. Looking at how things where with Evan and possibly Erica, that money would at least make a difference in their lives.

She finished bathing and went to her bedroom. She turned on her laptop and started playing some music. Her stomach rumbled and she went to the kitchen. After getting done eating, she checked her watch and it was 00:33 am and her father wasn't back yet, she wondered. That was unlike him. He was a grown man, she needn't worry about him. She went back to bed and locked her bedroom door. As she got on the bed, she heard a loud thud outside. Startled, she jerked up and grabbed her phone. She called her father but he wasn't picking up.

What if she was being scared of nothing? She asked herself. It could be some cats playing in their yard but then again, the thud was too loud to be of cats. She slowly tiptoed out of her bed and went to the kitchen. She could hear footsteps outside and knew those were of people. Panicking, she dialled 112.

"112, what's your emergency?" An operator asked from the other side of the call.

Before she could answer, she heard her name being called outside by a familiar voice. Her heart was now pounding very fast she was scared she might have a seizure and that would be the worst thing to happen to her in this moment. The phone was still on her ear and the operator repeatedly asked what the problem was.

"Ludo it's me!" the voice was now loud and clear.

"Hunter!" she yelled.

She could never forget his husky voice. She quickly stood up and looked through the window and saw him standing with someone laying on the ground. She ran to the door and opened it. She jumped on him hugging him and didn't notice he was bleeding.

"Hunter where have you been?"

"Easy, younglin," he put her down, "We need help," he looked at the shivering Walutanga on the ground.

Ludo quickly knelt before the boy and saw that he wasn't doing well. She instructed Hunter to carry him inside and once they were in the house, she couldn't believe how both of them were hurt. She knew Hunter could handle the pain but the boy's burns were terrifying. Knowing Hunter, she knew he wouldn't want any untrusted medical personnel to attend to them. She dialled her mother's line because that was the only person who could quickly come to her daughters aid especially now that she was trying so hard to right her wrongs. Ludo talked to her mother and told her to come with some medicine for burns and anything she could think of that would be of help. Zamiwe started asking questions but Ludo assured her she wasn't in any danger but should hurry.

Ludo sprinted to her father's bedroom and grabbed some clean clothes and gave them to Hunter who just looked at them. She didn't want to ask any questions now but kept wondering what the hell had happened to these two. Whilst on it, she got a blanket for the boy and covered him. She also made some tea for Hunter though he didn't touch the cup but was alert to each and every sound he heard outside.

An hour later, Ludo heard a car approaching outside and knew it was her father. She wanted to go outside but Hunter stopped her telling her it could be someone dangerous. She listened to him as she watched him peep through the window.

"It's your father and mother," Hunter looked back at Her.

She was surprised, "Mom and dad!"

She peeped as well and it was them with her mother hurriedly rushing for the door. The door opened and Zamiwe bumped into Hunter and stopped freezing on her feet. Joe followed and immediately stopped when he saw Hunter as well.

"It's fine," Ludo appeared grabbing her mother by the hand and leading her in.

Zamiwe was scared," What's happening love? Are you alright?" she checked Ludo.

Joe entered the house staring at Hunter who looked like he had fallen off an airplane.

"Help the boy mom," Ludo pointed to Walutanga.

Zamiwe quickly knelt before Walutanga and removed the blanket and was astound by the wound. She wanted to ask questions but Ludo told her she would ask later. Ludo left her tending to the boy and walked to her father and assured him everything was fine but wondered what he was doing with her mother this late or perhaps they had met on the road but that was petty to even think of.

"Who is that man?" Joe asked.

"You have forgotten him, this is Hunter, Hunter this is Joe my dad," Ludo introduced them.

Zamiwe overheard and got scared. She remembered him but looking at how comfortable Ludo was, she tried as much as possible to calm herself and work on the boy.

"I don't like the way he's looking at me," Joe said his eyes still on Hunter.

"Don't look him in the eyes, you will only get frightened," Ludo held Joe's hand and let go.

"Why are you so calm?" Joe looked at Ludo.

"I am not as calm as you think i am. I have so many questions for everyone in here. All of you but let's deal with the emergency at hand," she stood up and walked to her mother and Walutanga.

Hunter and Joe followed too and stood behind Ludo while Zamiwe was busy tending to Walutanga. Hunter and Joe looked at each other and then back at Ludo.

To be continued

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Blood Legacy - Episode 13

© Brian Ngoma

Devi drove into his yard and found Ben's car parked. His head felt like it could drop off from the neck. He got out of the car and slowly walked to the front door limping. As soon as he entered the house, he directly went to his little bar in his living room and grabbed a quarter bottle of Jameson and gulped it all the way down his esophagus. He then put the bottle on the counter and wondered where Ben was. He heard footsteps behind him and turned around, there stood Ben with a weary face.

"Damn!" Devi gritted his teeth. "Sometimes you act like this is your house."

Ben didn't say anything but walked past him and grabbed the same bottle he had drank from and gulped as well. If Devi knew, he would have noticed that Ben was in turmoil.

"Why would you need that for?" Devi grabbed the bottle from him.

As Devi wanted to take another sip, he heard footsteps coming from the other room and knew there was another person in the house. He turned round to check on Ben and all Ben could give him was a shrug while he pulled a chair and sat down.

Emerging was Naveen in an all black suit that tightly fitted him showing his muscles and physique. Naveen had the same height as Hunter but he looked more fit and devilishly hair-raising. Devi quickly put the bottle on the table.

"Why would you need that Devi?" Naveen asked looking around the house.

Devi said, "Welcome sir. I wasn't expecting you."

"Were you in an alteration?" Naveen sat on a chair next to Ben.

"Not really," Devi answered nervously.

"That red eye?"

"Bike accident sir."

"Really?" Naveen didn't believe him.

"Yes sir."

"Anyway, i have been having a chat with Ben here," he pointed at Ben who didn't say a word, "From the look of things you boys haven't closed in on the deal yet, what's holding you back? I gave you k5 million at your disposal. What could be so hard about getting that land?"

Devi looked at Ben and under normal circumstances, he would leave Ben handle that because according to them, Ben was the diplomatic one but Naveen had obviously talked with Ben before he came.


"Sorry sir. We are close at getting the land sir. We just ran into some setbacks but we are closing in."

"By setbacks, you mean the fire and the murders in the other village?" Naveen bluntly probed.

"Yes sir. There seems to be some family wars going on in that village and we didn't want to be in the middle."

Naveen nodded, "You know what's funny? Your friend here told me the exact same things you're telling me now. One last time, did you guys have anything to do with those tragedies in the two villages?" he asked seriously, "And before you answer, think about this; If at all, you had anything to do with it, it will lead back to me and you know what that means, i will have you both dead."

"We had nothing to do with it sir," Devi assuredly answered looking at Ben. "We just want to acquire the land for you as per our contract."

"I came to you two because unfortunately, you are the best contractors for this kind of work." Naveen stood and patted Ben's shoulder. "Get this boys, the last thing my family needs right now is unnecessary attention like i mentioned last time we spoke on the phone. I made that clear."

"We have it handled."

"Apparently you don't Devi." Naveen raised his voice. "If you had, you could have been doing God knows what somewhere far away from me. I am starting to have second thoughts, perhaps you should give me back my money so that i try somewhere else…"

"A month sir," Devi interrupted. "Just a month and everything will be perfectly handled."

"A month you say?" Naveen said nothing else but left.

Ben and Devi stood motionless without uttering anything. They heard the car start outside and knew he was gone.

"I thought that was your car," Devi broke the silence.

"It is mine. I'll find it in town. He doesn't want to be associated with us," Ben sighed his shoulders dropping in defeat and went, "Did you get the job done?"

"We have a problem," Devi responded sitting down.

"What do you mean?" Ben yelled. "Don't act like you didn't just witness what happened some seconds ago."

"The man i fought with at the village is Hunter and i found him again at the hospital."

"Don't tell me it's the Hunter i am thinking about."

"Yes," Devi stretched his hands.

"And you walked out alive?" Ben couldn't believe his friend.

"He's not as strong as they say. Last time we heard of him, he was retired. I don't know how he's involved with the kid."

"This is not good. We have to find another way. The K3 million has to be ours no matter what. Naveen cannot have it back."

"What do you suggest we do?"

"I spoke to Mapulanga earlier on and he told me he was on his way back to the village. He cannot wait to become the chief. That bastard. We have to get rid of the boy."

"I need to heal. I will take care of both the boy and Hunter. In the meantime, i suggest you go to Chisoti village and ensure Mapulanga is on the right track."

"Sure," i will be heading back tomorrow.


Ludo sighed after Hunter had told her everything. It was difficult to even process what he had gone through. She looked at him and saw he had slightly changed. He looked much older now. She stood up and went to check on the boy and found her mother had calmed him and he was in deep sleep.

"You need to tell us what's going on Ludo." Zamiwe said behind her.

Ludo turned around and told them to sit down. She narrated everything Hunter had told her. By the time she was finishing, they both felt pity for the boy especially. They had heard the news about the two tragedies in the neighboring two villages but Joe was suspicious of Hunter.

"I don't trust the man though," he said.

"Trust me, he wouldn't hurt a fly. That man protected me six years ago. He just found himself in this blood path, otherwise, he left this dangerous life a long time ago. He told me so himself."

"Old habits die hard," Joe sighed.

"What do we do now?" Zamiwe probed.

"I have to find out who wants the land," Hunter cut in, "Devi and Ben are just pawns. They can do anything for money but they are negligent. They always leave trails."

"We have to report this to the police," Joe stood up, "The boy was almost killed."

"No police Joe," Hunter looked at Joe, "Whoever is pulling the strings won't stop till the boy is dead. They killed his whole family, what makes you think the police would do anything?"

Joe wanted to say something but Ludo interrupted him. "Trust him dad. He knows what he's doing. If he says no police then no police," she looked at Hunter."Where will you find them?"

"I don't know but they are looking for us that i am sure of. I have to let them find us."

"Not from here, you will put me and my family in danger," Joe opposed.

"Dad," Ludo said, "Hunter knows what he's doing," she looked at Him yearning assurance, "You do right?"

Hunter saw nothing but fear in Ludo's eyes. The last thing he could have wished for was to bring tragedy upon her family.

"Take care of the boy for me, can you do that for me?" he looked at all of them. "I will handle Devi and Ben alone."

"We can take care of the boy yes," Zamiwe said. "If you say those people are as dangerous as you mentioned, this is the last place they would search for him."

"I better be going," Hunter said, "I will keep in touch. Under no circumstance should he leave this house and please keep him away from Local news channels as much as possible. He doesn't need to be subjected to what the media will be talking about his family."

They all nodded. Hunter walked to the door. As he got outside, Ludo ran to him.

"You cannot do this alone, i am going to help you," she said handling him an aid box while looking at his blood stained trousers, "I didn't want to say anything because i knew my parents will be paranoid."

"You don't have to do this. This is more dangerous than last time," Hunter objected.

"You could have gone anywhere but you chose to come here. I will render you my help. Things have changed now, i can help you locate wherever this Ben and Devi are, i have contacts. Meet me tomorrow at Central Park at exactly 8pm and what happened to the beard."

Before he could say anything, she ran back inside leaving him standing and realizing that this time things were different. Unsure of where he was going, he wondered off and dissipated into the serenity of the night.

To be continued

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Blood Legacy - Episode 14

© Brian Ngoma

Ludo was wide awake early in the morning. She never had much sleep during the night. She saw the sun rise when she was about to dose. When leaving for the firm, she went to the room Walutanga had slept and found him conscious arguing with her mother. When he saw her, he started shouting and screaming quavering Hunter's name. She introduced herself and made it clear that he was there following Hunter's request.

"Where is he?" he asked.

"He will come don't worry. He has to take care of some things. There are some people who wants to hurt you."

Walutanga remembered what had happened last night. When Ludo mentioned her name, he remembered Hunter talking about her to him and gradually became calm.

She left him with an assurance that her mother would take good care of him till he got better. He was reluctant at first but he had no option. For Hunter to bring him to these people, he trusted them and he also had to trust them.

Thirty minutes into the office, Lance came finding Ludo busy with some paperwork. He walked into her office greeting her and giving her some work for the day.

"I think we might have a preliminary trial in the next few weeks. She refused to settle." Lance said.

"And you wanted her to settle?" Ludo asked.

"K15 million is a lot of money. I cannot judge though, it might be useless to her and her family after all it's the legacy they want to protect."

"Yes," Ludo said thoughtful.

"Are you alright?"

"Of course," she responded.

"You look like you need some sleep. Didn't you sleep?"

"I did though i spent most of my time studying for the exams at ZIALE."

"Oh that, this time you will pass don't worry," with that he left.

Ludo got on with her work with one thing on her mind. How was she going to help Hunter find Ben and Devi? She didn't even know them nor had she ever heard of them. She couldn't just let him do it on his own especially after seing how wasted he was.

During lunch time, she decided to go and get something for herself. As she was leaving, she bumped into Caesar who was also going out to get lunch.

"Heading to Manda Hill?" he asked her.

"Yes," she responded.

"Well, let me give you a lift. No objection, i insist."

She got into Caesar's car and was driven to Manda Hill. When they reached, he asked her to have lunch with him. She almost refused but he was persistent and whilst at it, sweet. She couldn't deny. They ended up having lunch together.

"So that guy from yesterday?" Caesar asked.

"Oh just someone i know," she answered.

"You must know people in high places. That was Evan Hamuumbu or at least what he used to be."

Ludo was surprised at the same time offended. She thought Caesar had no right to judge people she was found with but who could blame him? Evan was a mess.

"Used to know their family like you saw with Erica."

"I did a background check. You wrote a book entirely based on their criminal activities," He laughed. "Where did you get that stuff?"

She didn't like where all this was going and he noticed that he was making her uncomfortable. He intelligently changed the topic of discussion.

"So what made you want to become a lawyer?"

She smiled, "Initially, i never wanted this but i found myself in it and i enjoy it. Standing up for justice has being my thing."


"How about you?"

Before he could answer, his phone rang. He excused himself and answered, "Hello officer."

Ludo watched him talk on the phone with someone who seemed like an officer of the law. It wasn't a big deal because like they were, lawyers, they worked hand in hand with the police most of the time. It was at this time that she was struck with an idea.

On their way back to the office, they got more personal and Ludo didn't mind at all. It had been a while ever since she talked with someone like this on a personal level. Caesar parked the car.

"I was doing some research for a friend of mine. It's an old case," she stammered, "My friend think that her case wasn't well ruled."

"Why does she think so?" Caesar unstrapped his seatbelt looking at her.

"She thinks there are some two guys who were involved."

"What did they do?"

"They might have bribed the judge."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Ben and Devi, have you ever heard of them?"

Caesar was blunt face, "I haven't," he answered.

"Can you ask around for me?"

Caesar looked at her and was mesmerized with her facial expression. It was like a baby asking for candy. Then again, why would she ask him to do that?


"I heard you talking with an officer so i thought maybe you might…," she paused, "Never mind it's not even that important. It's just a theory," she opened the car door, "Thanks for lunch."

He quickly got out of the car and called her name. He walked to her, "You have a pile of work on your hands, why concentrate on something that's not important?"

"You are right," she said with a frown.

There was something about the way she was acting and that bothered him, "I will ask around for you."

"No it's okay."

"I know but i will just ask around and see what my friends know."

"That would be great," she flashed her smile leaving him feeling boneless.

Ludo entered the building and found Lance getting out of his office with a gentleman. Getting closer to each other, Lance stopped and introduced Ludo to the gentleman.

"Ludo this is my cousin Stone, Stone my paralegal Ludo."

"Nice to meet you sir," Ludo respectfully said.

Stone smiled, "Nice to meet you too Ludo."

Ludo felt strange. She felt like the man already knew who she was and that made her uncomfortable. The way he looked at her, as if he had confirmation that it was her, whatever that meant.

"I will be back later," Lance told Ludo.

She got into her office and tried to think where she could have seen Stone but she couldn't figure out. She sighed and told herself to stop being paranoid over nothing. Regardless, there was something buggy about Stone as she came to find out later.


Mapulanga and Grace arrived in Chisoti village and had the elders gathered for the preparations of the funeral. Those who knew them didn't want anything to do with them. News had spread when they had arrived in the whole village and a lot of people were disgusted. Only those that didn't know them especially those that weren't around when they escaped came to their aid.

"How about the boy?" one elder asked.

"He's being taken care of in the city," Mapulanga answered, "He will be back as soon as possible but at the moment, let's take care of the funeral."

Not far away hearing everything being said was Ben who had also arrived in the village to make sure Mapulanga signed the papers. Mapulanga finished briefing the elders and walked to Ben.

"Is it done?"

"Not yet," Ben answered.

"Then what are you doing here?"

"Devi is taking care or things as we are speaking. I just want you to sign the papers."

"You know i cannot sign those papers till the boy is dead."

"That i am aware of."


Ben was becoming irritated by Mapulanga. He had to put up with him to see the contract through.

"Let's just wait for the news. He will be dead soon."

"Perhaps I'll send someone i trust to do the job but that would cost you another K1 million. I cannot be doing your job."

"That would be great too but Devi handles these kind of things and he wouldn't be too happy someone handling his work. It gets to his nerves and about the K1 Million," he paused to make an emphasis, "We are never getting there, on that i can assure you."

Mapulanga looked at Ben as if mentally telling him that two can play that game and walked away. Ben knew that regardless of what he had said, Mapulanga would send someone to the city to kill Walutanga. Either way, he didn't care who killed the boy as long as he and Devi got away with the K3 Million.

To be continued

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Blood Legacy - Episode 15

© Brian Ngoma

"I didn't like the way he looked at me," Ludo told Hunter.

Immediately after leaving her office, she got on a cab to Central Park where she found Hunter waiting for her. She wasn't sure how she would meet him at first because she didn't get his phone number. She just went trusting that he would show up and he did.

"Perhaps you met somewhere," Hunter said.

"He's my bosses cousin. There is something about him that i didn't like. Enough of that, any progress on the search for the two murderers?"

"Not really but i have been asking around. No one seems to know where they are found these days."

"I think my new boss can help us. We will just have to wait."


"Leave that to me."

He stared at her and looked away. "How's the boy?"

"On my way here, i talked to mom. She said he's doing much better and keeps asking about you."

"That's good," Hunter got quiet.

"What's on your mind?"

"Ben and Devi of course. They wiped out an entire family. I really need to find them and know whose behind it all."

"You will but once you do, let the law do it's job. Don't put everything in your hands Hunter."

He didn't respond.

"You seriously need to be medically checked. Those wounds look fresh and i bet they are hurting. You can lay low for a while and let the wounds heal and start the search. If Caesar fails to locate them we will definitely find other ways but as for you, you need to rest."

"My rest will only come when i am dead."

"I insist please," she begged him.

She got her phone and called Melanie. She asked to meet her as soon as possible. Being a good friend, Melanie drove to Ludo and found her with Hunter.

"Is that....?" Melanie paused.

"Yes that's Hunter. I don't have time to explain things now but did you hear about what happened in Chisoti village?"

"Yes, don't tell me he did…"

Ludo interrupted her, "No. Apparently, he's the hero and there are some people looking for him and the last surviving child of the dead chief. He needs a place to crush."

Melanie dragged Ludo away from Hunter, "Why do you put yourself in trouble ai?"

"It's not that. He's a friend and i am obligated to help him. Please help us."

"Do i have a choice?"

"No you don't."

"Promise me you will tell me everything because I don't want to help fugitives."

"He's not a fugitive trust me and i cannot ask you for this if i knew he was one."

"Okay, Norton has a flat in Lusaka West under maintenance. He can stay there for a while. I will call the caretaker to arrange some things for him."

"You're the best."

After calling the caretaker, Melanie left. Ludo and Hunter found their way to the flat and as Melanie had said, they found the place ready for Hunter. After checking out the place, Ludo told Hunter that she was heading back as it was late.

"Promise me you will stay here for a while until you get better."

"We will see."

"I take that as a yes. I will bring some things Tommorow."

"Don't bother, I'll have that taken care of. Just make sure the boy is well and sound."

"I insist. For once, let me help you. Don't make this difficult ah."

Ludo left and went back home. She found her parents talking with Walutanga. Joe and Zamiwe spent the whole day interrogating him asking him if he was kidnapped by Hunter. Conversely, they found out the opposite was true. Walutanga told them about how Hunter rescued him on two occassions. He also told them how they had met in the village.

As soon as they saw Ludo, they pretended to be talking about something else with the boy. Ludo sat next to Walutanga.

Walutanga had a clear view of Ludo and he couldn't help but admire. "You're beautiful." he smiled looking away.

"Awww thanks, how are you feeling?"

"Much better but the pain comes and goes. I don't know what she's giving me," he pointed at Zamiwe, "But it's doing it's job."

"That's my mother," Ludo was proud.

"Did you see Hunter?"

Zamiwe and Joe's heads turned at this question.

"Yes i did. He will visit you soon. In the meantime he's looking for the bad people who wants you dead."

"Why would someone want me dead?" Walu frowned.

Ludo couldn't answer.

"This world has bad people and there are people like your friend who take care of them. Don't think too much. Focus on getting well soon, i believe you have a village to rule."

Walutanga laughed, "My uncle will do that. I don't know where he is though. Maybe my sister knows where he is."

Ludo felt sorry especially after remembering what Hunter told her about him not knowing that his sister had been murdered. She stood up and went to the kitchen. Zamiwe followed her.

"Did he find them?"

"Not yet but he will."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes mom. Now tell me, why did you come with dad? Where you two together?"

Zamiwe became nervous, "No, why would you think that?"

"I have noticed the coziness between you two. Are you doing something behind my back?"

"No Ludo. Even if we were we wouldn't need to explain it to anyone, do we?"

Ludo laughed, "I knew it," she facepalmed herself. "Love always finds its way back."

"Think whatever you want. Let me get back to the boy. He's even more fun than you. All you know is inquisitiveness."

Ludo laughed and when she checked her phone, there was a text message from Caesar.


After reading the text, she quickly dialled HIs line. He took some seconds to answer.

"Evening sir."

"Call me Caesar Ludo," he told her.

"I have read your text and i am humbled that you're concerned about my safety. That i appreciate so much but it's just some research i am doing. Trust me, it's just for me and my friend."

Caesar was quiet for a while.

"Caesar please."

"Let's talk tomorrow," he paused his breath increasing showing he was about to say something, "During dinner."

"Are you asking me out?" she laughed.

"Is that a bad thing?"

"Doesn't your friend Lance prohibit casual hanging outs with workmates especially between the employer and his subordinate?"

"I don't know anything about that. Moreover i am also a boss, i can change that," he cleared his throat.

"I love the sound of that."

"Okay tomorrow then."

"Goodnight Caesar," she hang up.


Sitting across each other, Erica and Evan stared at one another blankly. Evan had managed to locate her and was really upset that she was living lavishly whilst he was suffering.

"Even managing to pay for this hotel huh?" he broke the silence.

"Is that a problem?" she asked.

"Where are you getting the money?"

"None of your business."

"It damn is my business."

"Oh Evan," she rolled her eyes. "We are all adults. I left when everything was all merry and coming back, i found everything was taken from us and my brother dead."

"You ran away when things turned bad."

"Did i have a choice?"

"You could have stayed and helped us."

"Meaning you and that wretched girl, Ludo."

"Don't wickedly talk about Ludo. Leave her out of this."

Erica laughed, "What did that girl do to you? Anyway it's none of my business. What do you want from me?"

"Why are you back? You just can't tell me you needed a change of scenery. I know you, what's going on?"

"I am back to get what is rightfully mine."

"What is that?"

"Everything Evan, everything and i cannot trust you with anything. You gave it all up for a girl, you could do it again. Dad even warned me about you."

"You're talking to dad?" Evan stood up, "That man killed my twin brother."

"Our brother Evan but he had his reasons and his paying for it but he just wants whats his back and i am going to help get everything back. If you will excuse me, i have other serious matters to attend to."

"I want in. I was the brains of everything, i can help. Dad doesn't have to know. I am tired of this rag life."

"With Ludo involved, i cannot trust you Evan."

"What do you mean Ludo involved? What does she have to do with this?"

"Apparently, the law firm dad chose is the one Ludo works at. I don't know why but he insist i use the same one."

"I want in. I don't care what you all think but you're my family."

"The family you once betrayed?"

"I never betrayed anyone Erica. I just did the right thing."

"Look where the right thing has gotten you."

"It's all in the past. I want in."

She carefully scrutinized him, "I am not sure about you Evan. Father never said not to work with you he just said not to rely on you. He referred to you as a deadbeat, his words." She felt sorry for him, he was her only sibling. "Follow me," she stood up.

Evan followed her to a room where he found Jean and a young girl playing house. As soon as Jean saw them, he stood up and greeted Evan. Erica went to the little girl and Carried her.

"Uncle Evan," Erica told the girl pointing at Evan.

The little girl smiled.

"Evan, meet Elise, my daughter."

Evan's heart melted seeing the adorable girl. She looked exactly like their mother and had the nose of Ethan. He knelt before them and spread his arms. The little girl hid.

"She's shy," Jean said.

"You see what's at stake if we don't get everything back?" Erica asked him, "I need you to be all in. No mess ups especially when it comes to Ludo. We are all you got Evan."

"I promise i will do right by you."

Erica smiled. She she had him where she wanted him to be, Just like her father had instructed her to. Despite not knowing what the whole endgame was going to be, she trusted her father with her life. Little did she know that in Hamuumbu's game, everyone was a pawn.

If you can't wait, just read the complete story here now - www.youngicee.com/blood-legacy

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