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BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:22pm On Aug 06
Before starting this story, you need to read the prequel first - https://www.nairaland.com/5280829/blood-lives-here-action-story

Blood Legacy - Episode 1

© Brian Ngoma

A dark orange ford ranger 2016 was parked outside the Chief's palace in Chisoti village. Opposite it was a white Corolla Altis. The surrounding was deserted despite being eight in the morning. Indistinct voices could be heard from outside the small respected palace but what was more apparent were the voices coming from the Chief's office further away from the main house. Hearing the voices, one could agree that where men talked, it sounded like a fight would start.

"I still stand by my decision," Chief Chovu said looking at the two men sited in front of him. "That land is sacred, i cannot sell it, my people won't let me."

The two men looked at each other. One of them sat upright and broke the silence, "Chief Chovu we respect that you respect the land more than anything. I love that in a man," he paused, "We have been coming here for the last six months and your stance on the issue has been amazing but….."

"What my colleague Ben here is trying to say is that," the other man interrupted them. "We have raised the offer."

"Devi, i got this!" Ben interrupted raising his voice.

Over the last six months, the chief had gotten used to these men quarrelling and arguing every time they came. Ben was the more diplomatic one while Devi preferred getting to the point without hesitation. Chovu looked at them argue while his mind pondered on what Devi had said about raising the offer. The offer currently on the table was K500, 000 for the so called sacred land. He didn't know why these strange men wanted the land so much.

"So chief we are talking about K1 Million," Ben relaxed in the chair proud of himself.

The chief was speechless.

"So what's it going to be Chief?" Devi inquired.

"Give me a minute," Chovu stood up and left the office.

As he slowly walked to the main house, he looked at the Ford ranger which the two men had been using and admired it like everyone else in the village. He got into the house finding his Eldest son and Wife waiting for him in the kitchen. He had five children. Four boys and one girl who had been married off to another chief in the neighbouring village. Two of his sons died. His first born, Junior Chovu was like him in anyway and was a true heir to the throne. The same couldn't be said for the last born, Walutanga.

"What happened?" His wife asked concerned.

Chovu nodded sitting down, "K1 Million."

"Eh!" The wife exclaimed.

"They are willing to pay that much," Junior cut in.

"Imagine," he sighed.

"That land cannot be sold father," Junior continued.

"It's K1 people," his wife added. "Let that sink in for a minute. That money will change our lives, wake up!"

"We are talking about a sacred land that's been there for generations and you just want to give it to strangers who cannot even say why they want it for. That's where the traditional ceremonies are held from, do you want to be known as the Chief who sold the sacred land to strangers?" Junior asked.

"You're right Junior,” The chief agreed with his son. He stood up ignoring his wifes stare. As he was about to get back to the door, it opened and it was Devi. "What are you doing here?" He asked startled.

"We are running out of time," Devi answered seeming impatient. "K2 Million now, take it or leave it, we are waiting for you." With that, he left.

The Chiefs eyes almost popped out. He couldn't catch his breathe. He turned around and he could see his face on his son and wife.

"Sell it," Junior said.

"Yes, let's take the money," his wife added.

"Our land is vast, I'm sure the others will understand," the Chief said thoughtful. "We are on the same page, aren't we?"

"Yes," they both answered.

The Chief breathed in deeply and let out a long breath before turning his back on his wife and son. Immediately he did, he bumped into his youngest son Walutanga.

"Aren't we forgetting one person," Walutanga asked to their dismay.


"Me, don't have i say?"

"Not in this matter Walutanga," the Chief said.

"You know you cannot sell that land," Walutanga coughed.

"Walu go and play," his mother tried to dismiss him.

"No mother, you know my friend and i are building a school on that land," Walu looked at his mother.

"Say what?" The chief asked and went on. "What school?"

"A school me and my friend are building," he responded.

"With whose permission?"

"Mine of course, am i not a prince?"

"And you knew about this?" The Chief looked at his wife.

She stared at the floor.

"I'll deal with you later," The Chief pointed at Walu. "Right now i have pressing issues."

"How about Uncle Mapulanga? Your brother?" Walutanga looked at all of them. "My uncle?"

Silence dawned in the room. The chief's wife and Junior looked at the chief who had become uncomfortable. The last time Mapulanga was mentioned, it was Walu again. Ever since he learned about his uncle, he became curious as to what happened to him. All he knew was that his uncle's name was forbidden to be mentioned not only in the chief's house but the whole village.

"Mention him again and you will regret the day you were born!" the Chief angrily yelled at Walutanga.

"That land is sold Walu," Junior said relaxing himself thinking of what he will do with his share.

"That friend of yours, he's not indigenous to this village, we don't even know where he came from," his mother gave him a quick pat. "And whatever He's building on that land, he should have asked for permission from the Chief."

"He's my teacher and friend," Walu walked to the door. "And I'm not letting you sell it," he ran out of the room.

Walutanga was known as the rebel among Chovu's children. He loved to do what pleased him and that set him apart from all the kids in the village. Thinking about how his friend would react to the News of the land been sold, he ran as fast as he could to the site where he found the workers resting.

"Where is he?" He asked one of the workers.

"There," the worker pointed at an unfinished room with a tented roof. "You know he doesn't like to be disturbed."

Walu ignored the worker and ran to the room. He found him sleeping with a fleece blanket on his upper body. He walked to him and before he could shake him up, he woke up and stared at him.

"Hey Hunter," he avoided his eyes.


Amidst the paperwork was Ludo almost crying in her small office somewhere in Rhodes Park. She checked her watch and it was almost lunch time. She was hungry and was tired with all the work. Being a paralegal to one of the most notable lawyers and associates was not an easy thing. She filed the papers properly and stood up.

"Where to?" A husky voice asked.

She knew he was standing at the door. "I'm going out for lunch boss."

"How many times will we talk about efficiency Ludo?" He walked into the office, bent down and checked the papers on her table. "I thought you said you would be done by lunch time," he continued.

"Mr. Lance," she shakily said. "I tried to…….."

He interrupted her, "You know how busy this firm is, i cannot work with trial and error, how will you be a good lawyer like this? You might as well just leave and become a Vet."

"I'll finish up sir," she gulped.

Ludo had been working for Lance & Associates for almost two years and everyday seemed like going through hell. Her boss was ever rude and tough on her. At one point, she had the courage to ask him why and his response was that, some day she will understand. Till then, she had to put up with him or forget about being a lawyer. She needed his guidance to pass the exam at ZIALE. She had failed twice already.

As soon as he left her office, her phone rang. It was Melanie now bana Zeus. "Hello bana Zeus," she answered.

"You know why I'm calling, right?" Melanie let out a breath.

"Don't tell me he's in trouble again."

"Unfortunately, yes. You know he has no one."

"Me and him have been apart for a year now Melanie, i don't want anything to do with him. He has both his parent's and a sister somewhere, he should let me live my life."

"You and i both know that's not true, he has us."

"I'm tired Melanie, what's he done this time?"

"He's in the hospital."

"Evan!" She angrily yelled. "Okay I'm on my way," she hang up the phone and grabbed her handbag and left the office.

Lance came across one document Ludo didn't fill up as needed. He got up and walked to her office door, opened it and called, "Ludo!"

There was no response but some pieces of papers flying and scattering on the floor.


Two years ago, Inmates at Mwembeshi Prison were wrapping up their day's Activities and everyone was busy moving up and down. Despite everyone being occupied with their works, two people were sited on a bench and not minding whatever was happening around them. These two were regarded as the most dangerous in the prison; No one dared to mess with them lest losing their life. One was an old man while the other one was a young well-built man of about 29 years. The young man moved closer to the old man and whispered, "It's time, I'm ready."

The old man proudly looked at him. "I knew i made a right choice with you."

The young man with his shoulders high smiled, "When do we start?"

"Young man, we started already."

"You never cease to amaze me Mr. Hamuumbu."

"You haven't seen the best of me my boy. Now go out there, find my daughter; she has more guts than my son. I will give you the address, she's back in the country."

"How about the girl and that man?" He paused. "

Mr. Hamuumbu nodded and chuckled, "I'm dying soon. I really need to sort out a lot of things and those people you are worried about aren't nothing to me. If i ever cross paths with them, be rest assured that i will kill them. I'm only worried about the Legacy that i was supposed to live behind. Everything is in a mess but I'm making things straight now.!

"Then let's begin."

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy


Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Tonyspecial(m): 7:28pm On Aug 07
Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Tygold1(f): 11:19am On Aug 08
I don't see what would stop me from following this one.

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 5:21pm On Aug 08
Blood Legacy - Episode 2

© Brian Ngoma

Arriving at the hospital, Ludo called Melanie. She was fade up with this cycle. If it wasn't the prison, it was the street, now the hospital. She had promised herself not to involve herself in Evan's life but as it stood, she was still in it. She walked to the ward he was admitted and before entering, she took a long deep breath. It had been nine months since she last saw him. She found Melanie talking on the phone while Evan had his eyes closed. She knew he was pretending to be sleeping because he knew it was her. She closed the door behind her and waited on Melanie to finish talking on the phone while she looked at Evan contemptuously.

He had some stitches on his forehead, a black eye and a swollen lower lip. Whatever happened to the mighty Evan? She wondered before being interrupted by Melanie.

"You're here?'

" Yes," Ludo sighed putting her handbag on a table.

"Good, i have to leave. I left Zeus with the maid, she's new i don't trust her," Melanie stepped towards Ludo and patted her on the shoulder. "All the best. Keep me updated," looking at Evan.

Ludo looked at her wearily as if wanting to tell her not to leave but she knew her friend had done more than enough. Apparently, Melanie seemed to have it all figured out compared to her. If anyone was to ask her if this is how she planned her life to be, she would be offended. It started from an unaccomplished dream of becoming a writer which was shattered and thrown to the dogs after the ghastly experience with the Hamuumbu's. Despite trying so hard to ran away from that nightmare, she still had a part of that in the person she was staring at.

"I know you're awake Evan. Let's get this over with," She shook her head.

Evan opened his eyes ashamed of himself. Before Ludo came, he pleaded with Melanie not to call her but she refused knowing that only Ludo could come as quick as possible. She really tried to fix him. Last time she had found him in the streets of Lusaka and took him back home with her. She helped him back up but just when they had a breakthrough, he relapsed and ran away. It was so embarrassing seeing her in front of him with disappointed eyes.

"I told Melanie not to call you, i didn't want to be a bother," he said avoiding her stare.

Ludo sat down by the window and stared outside deep in thoughts. "Why do you do this to yourself Evan?"

He didn't answer but looked away.

"What happened to the Evan i met six years ago?"

"You wouldn't understand."

"Make me understand."

"You wouldn't!" He raised his tone still looking away. "I grew up with a silver spoon and i saw everything been taken away from me in a split second. Everything that my family worked so hard for was taken away, you wouldn't understand, you grew up poor. No offence."

She held back from cussing him. She knew he was feeling sorry for himself but she was tired of his behavior. He had been playing the sorry game ever since he lost his houses, cars and everything he ever cared for. She had tried to convince him that not all was lost but it was all in vain. He was as stubborn as a monkey.

"So we'll just continue playing the 'Feeling sorry for Thyself game' Evan?'

"Call it what you want Ludo," He coldly said.

They both went quiet for some minutes till Ludo's phone rang. It was Lance, her boss. She felt her heart beat and almost dropped the phone. She had forgotten that she left her office without saying anything. She excused herself from Evan and walked outside.


As the Ford Ranger slowly drove into a part of land the school was being built in, the tired workmen couldn't resist but admire how immaculate the foreign car was. It raised eye brows from the village boys who kept nodding and wishing they could just step a foot in the beast or at least just touch it. The car parked at an open space and no one came out of it.

A moment later, the Chief's Corolla Altis drove by too but this one was known by everyone; they knew any minute from it being parked, the Chief would come out. As expected, the Chief and Junior stepped out of the car. Every person around showed their respect to them and wondered why they had come to the site.

Chief Chovu intently looked around and felt like a fool. The block was now in window level and he didn't know anything about it. He knew his son was a troublemaker but this, he thought as he walked to one of the workers.

"Where's Walutanga?"

"Inside," One of them pointed at the entrance.

The Chief looked back at his son and motioned him to call his brother. Junior quickly went into the unfinished building and found Walutanga complaining to the man he only knew as Hunter. He didn't know him at all but from what he heard, this man was close to his young brother. He didn't badge in but started eavesdropping.

"I'm telling you Hunter, this land has been sold," Walutanga touched his head and fidgeted . "I never thought my parents and brother were this money hungry. They don't even know who those people are or what they will do with the land. They have been blinded by the money. We have to do something Hunter."

Hunter wasn't responding but just looking at the boy.

"Say something, there's something we can do, right?"

"No," He finally answered. "You didn't tell your parents about this, did you?"

"That's not important now."

"It is important young boy, what did we say about lying to each other?'

Walu didn't respond.

"I thought we had a deal. We agreed that you would tell your parents about this and once we get the permission, we would start building. You told me they agreed."

"I'm an adult and a Prince," Walu stood his ground.

"You're 15. Count me out, I'm not doing anything about whatever is happening with this land."


"I said there's nothing we can do about it."

Walutanga was puzzled. Ever since he had known Hunter and the stories he had been told by him, he expected a fight from Him.

"But…. But… but… " He Stammered, "We've worked so hard for this, you and I."

"I know."

"We should fight for this then, shouldn't we?"

Ignoring the question, Hunter looked past Walu and one could swear that he had eyes outside, "Your father is here," stepping back he went on, "Your brother is behind that wall."

Walutanga turned around and true, Junior emerged with an embarrassed and confused face. How had he known that he was behind the wall? He walked to them and told Walu to go outside while ignoring Hunter who also didn't pay attention to him. Walu walked outside leaving His brother with Hunter. Junior had never seen someone who had dark red eyes like the man standing before him. He grew nervous but kept his composure and looked around the room disgustingly.

"You better follow your brother," Hunter said.

Junior hesitated, "You took advantage of my brother."

"Did I?"

"We are not yet done," scrutinizing the room, he left.

Hunter huffed.


Lance stared at his phone and became more upset as Ludo was taking long to answer. She finally answered.

"Where are you!" He shouted.

"I had to go out boss," Ludo answered as calmly as possible upon hearing his angry voice.

"What do you mean go out?"

"An emergency boss."

"What emergency Ludo?"

"Something personal sir," She regretfully answered.

"Anything happening with you during work hours is my business young lady."

"I'm sorry sir."

"So it's that boyfriend of yours."

Ludo was astounded. As far as she knew, she kept her private life as private as possible especially from her boss. As it turned out, it wasn't so private after all.

"Yes I know about him," Lance added. "Do you know that he's dragging you down?"

She didn't answer.

"You are a young vibrant hard working lady who has a bright future but if not careful, will end up like that boyfriend of yours. I have tolerated this for so long and i won't let it happen anymore. Get yourself back here now."


"I said get back here!"

"Okay sir," She hang up.

She stood in the hallway thinking about what Lance had said. It was true, Evan had become a distraction. Every time she made progress, he would show up and cause trouble. This had to stop, she told herself as she walked back into the room. She found his eyes closed again. She reached for her hand bag.

"I'm leaving, I'll call Melanie to come check up on you, i have work to do." She walked to the door and reached for the knob. One thing caught her attention, Evan didn't respond to what she said. "Evan!" She called him.

There was no response. She walked to his bed and shook him. He didn't respond. Looking at him closely, foam was coming out of his mouth.

"Shit, HELP!" She yelled.

Read up to episode 20 here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 4:52pm On Aug 09
Wawu Oyin you deserve an accolade
Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 8:33am On Aug 12
Blood Legacy - Episode 3

© Brian Ngoma

Everyone in Chisoti village knew how arrogant and stubborn Walutanga was but some people had never witnessed any of those traits till that day at the site. The workers heard indistinct voices coming from him and his the father the chief. Voices were slowly rising getting everyone's attention. The Chief was on top of his voice and so was Walutanga's.

The Chief saw that everyone was looking at them, he tried to calm the none stop talking Walutanga, "Okay let's talk about this at home."

"No father, we are going to talk about it here!" He yelled.

Everyone's heads turned in shock their mouths gaped. What sort of disrespectfulness were they witnessing, they all wondered.

"I won't tolerate this young man," The chief whispered trying to grab the boy's hand.

Ducking his father's hand, Walu said, "This school will be built. I have managed to bring it this far with no one's help but my friend's. Apparently, we are the only ones who think this village needs another school."

"Boy don't be stupid," Junior Chisoti showed up. "You think you've grown because you are hanging around an old man, No, you're still under our care and you have to follow rules; our rules."

Walutanga was tongue tied and felt a bit embarrassed. He wanted to say something when the two strangers got out of the Ford Ranger. He watched them walk to where they were. The other one had come out of the car with a Brief Case while the other kept pressing his phone and motioning to be searching for a signal. They reached where they were and looked around.

Ben looked at Devi who was busy with his phone and sighed followed by a nod. "Are we having problems chief?" He regarded the chief.

"Not at all," The Chief responded.

"Hey young boy," Ben looked at Walutanga and went on, "You must be the Chief's youngest son."

"And you must be the men trying to buy this land," Walutangu rudely looked at Ben.

"Trying?" He laughed. "Boy, this land is ours now," He looked at the chief, "Isn't it Chief?"

The chief hesitated, "In due time yes."

"This land is sacred. I guess the chief here didn't tell you," Walu pointed at his father.

"Walu!" Chovu Junior called him.


"Shut your mouth, go home!" Junior added.

"I'm going no where, this is my school."


Ludo watched the doctor tend to Evan as she repeatedly checked her watch. She had been ignoring Lance's calls and was afraid to check a text he had sent. She convinced herself to just go there and plead with him, whatever was in the text, she decided not to check. She walked to where the doctor was and asked, "How's he?"

"He's stable, it was just some side effects of probably some drugs he took with what we induced on him, he'll be fine," The Doctor excused himself.

Why do you keep doing this to me Evan? She asked herself as she watched him. She felt like she was responsible for him in some way. She got her phone and called Joe her father, "Hey dad, are you home?"

"Yes Lu, what is it?"

"Do me a favor."

"Anything Doll."

"I want you to watch Evan for me."

Joe sighed, "He's back?"

"Yes, i know i promised i won't tolerate him ever again but he's in bad shape, i wouldn't have called and my boss is on my neck."

"Where are you?"

"At Levy Mwanawasa hospital."

"Okay I'm coming."

She impatiently waited for her father and ignored more calls from Lance. After an hour, Joe arrived at the hospital and told her to leave for work. She knew he wouldn't have a problem with Evan because that wasn't the first time he had helped her in the 'Evan Situation' as he had come to call it. She left the hospital and headed back to Lance & Associates. As soon as she arrived, she went straight to Lance's office and found him packing some documents in his small bag. She couldn't speak as she was panting.

Lance had come to know Ludo as a hardworking young lady whose only obstacle was a man. Looking at her, he said, "Have you brought my lunch?"

"Lunch?" She asked surprised.

"You didn't see the text?"

"Oh," She scratched her head nervously.

He nodded, "Let's get going, we'll grab lunch later, we have a case at the Local court."

Ludo quickly went back to her desk and grabbed her handbag as Lance passed her and walked outside. She was excited about the cases for it was the only thing that made her work interesting. Despite being a paralegal and watching the action from the chair, she knew she was learning so much and Lance was one tough of a lawyer. She felt honored and privileged to have been working for him..

They arrived at the local court and found a few people gathered. The judge was not yet in. Lance went over to the other desk where his opposition was. Having worked in the law for quiet some time, Lance was known by a lot of established lawyers; he regarded them as colleagues until the proceedings started.

"All rise," the Bailiff shouted.

Lance quickly went back to The Desk.

"Judge Wilson Ngosa presiding. Please be seated."

After comfortably settling down, Judge wilson spoke, "Good Afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of the People of the city of Lusaka versus Victor Lweendo. Are both sides ready?"

"Ready for the People, Your Honor," The district Attorney said.

"Ready for the defense, Your Honor," Lance firmly said.

Ludo looked at him and admired his confidence. She wanted to be like him, but everything was blur in the moment. She had always dreamt of being a writer but here she was, in a court of law doing what she never thought she would ever do.

The court proceedings were done and the judge ruled in favour of Lance and his clients. They all got outside and Ludo stood by Lance's car while she watched him talk with his client who was fervently happy. She enjoyed this moment; a time when people would appreciate and be grateful for the work that the firm had rendered to them.

"Good job," Lance said approaching Ludo.

"That goes to you boss," she said sincerely.

"I always tell you one day you will make a good lawyer. You made my statements look like child play. How about we celebrate?" He opened the car doors.

Before Ludo could answer, her phone vibrated. It was a text from her father joe, saying Evan had ran away from the hospital. She sighed and felt sweat on her forehead. Her stomach slowly sunk and couldn't help it but feel dejected.

"Everything fine?" Lance noticed.

"It's home, i have to go. Can i be excused?" She wiped her forehead.

"Of course, go. We are done for the day anyway."

"Thank you," she quickly left.

Lance watched her disappear into thin air. He nodded getting into the car. As soon as he was comfortable, he got his phone and dialled.

"Hello my friend," a voice from the other side of the call answered.

"When are you coming?" Lance asked.

"I'm already in the city."

"Well,that's great."

"See you tomorrow."


A thousand kilometers away from the city on a camp were some soldiers training so hard one could die from the training. They were in their last days of the training and it was one hell of the training. Every soldier was determined to get over with the training. They were given a ten minute recess and they scattered all over the place others sweating profusely, panting, drinking tap water and laying on their backs.

"I'm glad this is our final week," a male trainee soldier sounded excited.

"I'm glad too, i cannot wait to go home," a female trainee added.

"What's home?"

"Nothing," she answered thoughtful. "Perhaps some friends."

"You know you are the only woman left."

"Yes, i know because I'm the only one," she laughed.

"You don't talk much, what's your story?"

"My story?"

"Like why are you doing this? You could have done anything in the world but chose to come here. What's the story behind?"

She laughed, "Have you ever felt vulnerable in your life?"

"I guess i have."

"Have you ever watched someone you love being killed?"


"Well, i have. I watched my husband get murdered and i couldn't do anything. The world is wicked. It's full of blood. It showed me how vulnerable a woman could be. I vowed never to be like that anymore. I was vulnerable before but i will never be again."

"Sorry about your husband."

"It's okay, that was six years ago."

"You're Kate, right?"

"Kate Visashi, yes. I cannot wait to go back home," she smiled

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy
Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 5:36am On Aug 13
Oyin you are the best

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Tygold1(f): 7:45pm On Aug 14
Yeah, any other Oyin is a counterfeit.
Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Tygold1(f): 7:48pm On Aug 14
Oyin you are the best
yeah, any other Oyin is a counterfeit
Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 8:03pm On Aug 14
yeah, any other Oyin is a counterfeit

Yes ooh

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Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:18am On Aug 17
Blood Legacy - Episode 4

© Brian Ngoma

Ben and Devi exchanged glances after walking around the unfinished school building. They knew they were so close to having the chief sign up the deal. They had been patient enough and it was getting to their last nerves. What irritated them more was the surfacing of the Chief's young son, Walutanga. Despite him being the youngest, what he was saying could alter the Chiefs mind and now that they were so close to the deal, they had to do something.

"I'm getting sick of this," Ben whispered to Devi.

"You just don't know how fade up I am with this," Devi whispered back.

"Do something."

"What do you mean do something?" Devi looked at Ben confused. "Aren't you the diplomat?"

Ben watched the Chief and his two sons argue. "I think this is family business, don't you think?"

"I thought you said you're fade up?"

"I am but getting involved would only raise suspicions."

Devi stepped in, "Chief, i think you're just wasting time talking to this boy. You're the chief and he's just a child."

Walutanga and Junior Chisoti looked at the care free Devi. They looked back at their father who seemed confused.

"Walutanga go home!" the chief yelled at the boy.

"No!" He yelled back.

"Boy go home," Devi said concealing his desire to punch the boy's face.

"Or else?" Walu defiantly said looking Devi in the eyes.

Devi looked at the Chief, "We are running out of time."

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Walu inquired.

Devi's left hand had formed into a fist. He was doing everything he could to restrain his anger and contempt towards the boy.

"Let's talk about this at home," Ben stepped in touching Devi's shoulder.

It seemed like a good thing to do. The Chief and his first born got into the Altis while Ben and Devi got into the Ford Ranger driving off from the site. Walutanga felt like he had won and ran back to the building.

"Hunter!" He shouted.

Hunter was nowhere to be found. Walutanga checked where his bag was and it had gone too. Feeling his knees go numb, he ran outside asking everyone if they had seen Hunter. Apparently, no one had seen him leave the building. The boy ran towards the river shouting Hunters name. Reaching the river, he found Hunter about to cross the river.

"Where are you going Hunter!" Walu shouted.

Hunter stopped.

"You are just going to leave without saying goodbye?"

"That's how i leave boy."

"After everything we have accomplished together in this village?"

"It doesn't matter now."

"You are a coward Hunter!"

"Better a coward than die in a war that's not mine."

"What do you mean die?"

"You don't know who you're dealing with boy. I advise you step back and let your father handle Devi and Ben."

"How do you know their names?" Walu was confused and went on. "I never told you their names."

"I know them and whoever they are working for, will surely get that land. Whether you like it or not, just step back," Hunter turned around. "You are young and have a future before you, don't jeopardise it for things you don't understand."

"What future do i have if i cannot protect my land? That land has been used for traditional purposes from the time no one knew i would ever be born."

"I like your determination but it will get you killed," Hunter turned and started walking.

"Go away like you always do. Run away, I'm sure you did the same thing when your daughter was dying."

Before Walu could even process what he had just said, Hunter was on his face grabbing his shirt and lifting him up.

"Don't you dare bring my daughter into this. A lot of people have died for that, don't you ever do that again."

"Don't worry, put me down Hunter."

Hunter put him down and left. Walutanga felt depressed and went back home. As soon as he reached, he found the two gentlemen, Ben and Devi angrily leaving the house. Devi evilly stared at Walutanga as he reached for the car. Walu was startled. He rushed to the house and found his mother, father and brother quarreling in angry voices.

"What happened?" Walu asked getting into the living room.

"It's your father, he declined selling the land," his mother answered. "I'm sure your stupidity rubbed on him."

"Really?" Walu excitedly asked.

"Yes," Chisoti Junior answered. "He will regret his decision," he got up and left his mother following him.

Walutanga and his father remained.

"Come sit with me," the Chief called Walu.

He walked to where he had sat. They bot sat in total silence until the Chief said, "You reason well, do you know that?"

"I think so," he laughed.

"Minimise on the arrogance though. I didn't refuse to sell that land because of you but i did it for my own sake. I'm not saying you will be the chief," he laughed, "But whatever responsibilities you will have when your brother will be ruling, you have to put the people's needs before yours."

"Being a chief is for suckers," Walu laughed. "Whatever reasons you didn't sell it for are none of my concerns. I'm just happy you didn't."

The chief smiled relaxing into the sofa.

"Pa," Walu called him.

"Yes my boy."

"Why don't you like to talk about your brother Mapulanga?"

The Chief's face turned sour, "You better go outside and find something to do."

Walutanga wondered and didn't want to press more, "Okay pa, I'm proud of you though. We will talk about my school in the evening, right?"

"Just go."

The boy left smiling.


Joe stood by the hospital's gate waiting for Ludo. He saw her from a distance hurriedly coming up towards him. Evan running away was a good thing for her, He thought as she reached where he was.

"What happened dad?" She asked distraught.

"One minute we were talking and the next is gone," Joe raised his hands.

"What do you mean?"

"I went to grab a drink and couldn't find him. He ran away. I asked around but no one saw him."

"Evan!" She said grinding her teeth.

"Let's go home doll, it's getting dark," Joe softly said seeing how devastated and disappointed she was.

Ludo followed him to the car. She looked around hoping she would catch a glimpse of Evan in the hospitals surroundings but he she couldn't. He was gone. Joe started the car and drove home.


People in Chisoti village usually slept late but when it was winter, a lot of them would be in their huts or brick houses gathered around some form of heat. This night was no different, by the time it was 8pm, the village was very quiet only birds could be heard chirping from a distance, dogs barking and cats meowing. Amidst the dead silence, people in their houses heard a cry. At first, everyone thought it were the kids playing but the cry could be heard getting higher and higher. Some men gathered their courage and got out to check where it was coming from.

"The Chief's house is on fire!" A loud cry was heard but no one knew where it came from.

True to the cry, a big fiery fire could be seen from a distance. It was so big it lightened up half of Chisoti village. Every man in sight ran towards the house but by the time they got there, the windows and doors were spitting out fire. Smoke was everywhere and no one could dare step a foot towards the burning house. They just watched sorrowfully while others grabbed buckets of water and tried to spill on the house but the fire had spread it seemed like the water was being swallowed by it.

"No don't go any nearer!" A woman shouted from behind everyone. "Please don't."

Everyone turned around to see who it was she was preventing from going near the house. Before they could see who it was, they just saw him breaking the door of hell and disappearing into the smoke.

"That's the friend of the Chief's son Walutanga," a man said and covered his mouth in shock.

"But he's going to get himself killed there," another onlooker screamed.

"That must be the Hunter the children speak of."

"Hunter of what?"

"No, his name is Hunter."

"Hope he saves them."

They all crossed their fingers hoping for the best as they watched the fire engulf the house. Others were on their knees praying for the Chiefs family. They couldn't help it but all wonder what could have caused such a great and fierce fire.

Read all the episodes here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy
Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 2:42pm On Aug 17
Eh Oyin I love my Oyinprince
Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:29pm On Aug 19
Blood Legacy - Episode 5

© Brian Ngoma

Six years ago, Ludo and Evan were so in love. Ludo pictured her life with no one but him. During her university years, everything between them was fine until she graduated. Evan lost everything he had in their third year of the relationship and Ludo noticed that he gradually started becoming distant. Things escalated quickly when she got her job at the first firm she worked for; Anderson Practitioners. She left the firm because of Evan. They had an argument at the firm and her bosses weren't as lenient, they sucked her. Two months later, she started working for Lance and Associates. She didn't want to lose her job again because of him.

"I know it's difficult but can you just forget about him," Joe interrupted her thoughts.

She sighed.

"Every time you make progress, he shows up and in one way or another, he messes up with your mind," he drove the car into the yard.

"I forgot about him. I no longer love him, all i feel is pity now."

"He's a grown up man. You have a life, concentrate on that."

Ludo smiled looking at her father, "Talking about concentrating on life, how about you dad?"

Joe stiffened in his seat, "What do you mean?"

"You know what i mean," she said without looking at him. "Ever since the messy divorce with mom, you have been alone. It's 4 years later duh, move on!"

"I have moved on already. If you mean finding someone, I'm too busy for that."

"Mom found someone already."

"Did she?"

Ludo laughed, "No, she's still single too. You have to forgive her though, i forgave her and i was the one deeply affected by what she did. She did it to me."

"I know but she betrayed me. What else did she do that i don't know of? You're too young to understand."

Ludo rolled her eyes, "Please. She was your Zamiwe. Anyway, she's doing fine. I saw her last week. Her life had been messed up when her licence was taken from her but she's back on her feet. She owns a pharmacy now."

"That's good for her," Joe opened the car door and got out of the car.

Ludo followed him. They entered the house and found some food had been prepared by their maid Nancy. Nancy had never left despite what had happened. She remained loyal to Joe and Ludo. They ate their supper and went to their bedrooms. Ludo checked her day's work and prepared for the next day. Her mind was made up on Evan, she had washed her hands.


Facing the fire, Hunter shouted Walutanga's name. He had never been to the Chief's house before but Walutanga had told him about the house and where his bedroom was. The fire was all over the place but Hunter stepped on it like nothing. He had a cloth on his face to prevent him from inhaling too much smoke. He knew he didn't have much time and had to hurry before he passed out. He reached a door that seemed like Walutanga's from what he had described. He busted it open and was met with smoke. He heard a voice shouting for help.

"Walutanga!" Hunter shouted.

"Here," a familiar voice answered back.

Hunter walked closer and found It was Chovu Junior. He knelt before him and could see he was hurt. He had been badly burnt.

"Come on stand up!" Hunter tried to lift him up.

"Who are you?"

"Hunter, Walu's friend."

"No No No, go and save Walu," Chovu junior pushed Hunter. "He's in the next room, let me check on my parents."

"What happened here?"

"I don't know, hurry up please!" Junior coughed trying to get up.

"I am coming back for you," Hunter rushed to the next room.

He found Walutanga passed out and his lower part of the body had caught fire. He quickly grabbed a blanket which had no fire and covered the leg. The fire was put out. He carried him on his shoulder and quickly left the room. As he wanted to go back to the other room where Chovu Junior was, the roof fell and he ducked slightly missing him and Walu falling on the fire. He quickly got up. He knew there was nothing he could do but leave before the whole house fell. He made his way to the burnt up living room carefully ducking the fire. He heard a rumbling sound and knew the house was coming down. The way he had entered from was all fired up. He saw another exit which he figured he could exit from. He sprinted diving his way out of the house before it collapsed. As His eyes were slowly closing, he saw two men pulling him and saw others carrying Walutanga to safety. He then blacked out.


Quickly getting out of the Taxi, Ludo bought a Newspaper for her boss. She was also talking on the phone with Melanie.

"Ala I'm late mwandi," she walked towards the door.

"You spend too much time preparing. Anyway go and face The Lance," Melanie laughed hysterically. "Sometimes, i think he likes you, the way he treats you. That's one way of men telling you they are into you."

"You talk too much Zeus's mother, say hi to the god," Ludo laughed. "And Lance is married by the way duh."

"Whatever," she laughed and went on. "I am glad we are past the Evan phase. Live your life girl, Bye. Come visit us soon."

"As soon as i am free, i will come, take care bye."

She badged in and found no one at the reception. She checked to see if the receptionist had arrived but there was no trace of her been there. Ludo was relieved knowing she wasn't the only one who had arrived late. What she didn't know was that everyone was in the next room. She slowly walked to the other room opening the door and everyone's heads turned to see her. It seemed like there was a briefing of some sort. It had been a while ever since they had something like that. Her eyes on the floor, she joined the rest standing next to the receptionist.

"What's happening?" She whispered.

"We just started, shhhhh," the receptionist shushed her.

Ludo smiled. She couldn't see what was happing in front, she just opted to listen.

"So this is quick," Lance said. "In light of recent events, there have been some changes at the firm. Some of you have already received letters and some haven't. It's nothing serious but i suggest you take it seriously. And one other thing, we have a new member of staff Mr. Caesar Chama. He is the firm's new lawyer and just as much i am respected, i hope he will be treated the same way. Thank you, you can now leave and those who have received letters, come to my office."

Ludo couldn't see Lance and the new lawyer. She wondered if she had received the letter but couldn't remember. Everyone scattered and Ludo went to her office. She checked her emails for the day's work and found Lance had sent her something. She downloaded the document and started her day. An hour later, Lance called her.

She dropped everything she was doing and rushed to the office. She knocked on the door and could hear indistinct voices coming from the office.

"Come in!" Lance shouted.

She entered the office closing the door behind her. She turned around and as soon she saw who Lance was with, her heart pounded. It had been a while ever since she saw a fine gentleman. He was dressed immaculately in an all charcoal grey suit. He had a descent haircut and the office smelled differently all because of him, that she knew well. He steadily stood in front of Lance's desk holding a document in his hand.

"Ludo this is Mr. Caesar Chama, the new lawyer," Lance introduced them.

She stepped forward and extended her arm. He smiled at her as he held her hand firmly exposing his perfect teeth.

"Nice to meet you sir," she nervously said.

"Pleasure is all mine."

"This is my paralegal," Lance proudly said.

"I'm sure she's better than the last one," Caesar smiled even more sending Ludo into oblivion.

This man is so perfect, Ludo thought to herself.

"Anyway, Ludo get back to work, i will call you when i need you," Lance dismissed her.

Ludo went back to her office and before she could enter, she saw her two colleagues looking at a Newspaper. She walked to them.

"What's interesting in the paper?"

"There has been a tragedy in Chisoti village. The Chief's place burnt down and as it stands, no one knows if anyone survived."

"That's sad. Where is the village?" She asked.

"Somewhere in Muchinga Province. The fire brigade arrived late at the scene."

"That's a tragedy," she walked to her office.

She entered the office and her mind wondered off to the hunk she had seen in Lance's office. He seemed young to have attained that profession.

"Eish, Ludo snap out of it," she told herself and grabbed the laptop and started working.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-legacy
Re: BLOOD LEGACY - Action Thriller by DivineSpecial(f): 11:52am
Wow I smell and feel building love in the air but I pity Evvy

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