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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 3:11pm On Oct 25, 2018
Pidgin can never be too much its Nigeria so lets be us. But at thesame time be more professional , don't succumb too much into it (pidgin). Read other paranormal novels on here and compare them with yours, you may learn new things that way. smiley

Meanwhile; make this story as real as possible, make every episode more interesting and mysterious as you possibly can. calm down and be more creative, as we all know one doesn't go around exposing their supernatural self anyhow esp in public places.

Also, people don't assume things like that especially to girls who are in their school uniforms and looks tartered at an hour like that. People get curious and mostly assume a pitiful event that may have occured that made them look that way. Nigerians aren't like that unless the girls are improperly dressed. So try to portray us in a better light.

I would want you to update more so as to get the ghost readers commenting. Just do your best and we'll let you know how well you're progressing.

Thanks so much, you continue to be so helpful, I actually wanted that sort of drama just to describe how people actually fear witches. I just didn't think of the right way of expressing it.

And No way! Am I trying to portay Nigerians as bad people. I'm also a Nigerian but that's the way some people act mostly women( I actually copied this argument between the women and Jenny from a real situatuon I witnessed) and it pisses me off most times.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 3:14pm On Oct 25, 2018

Nope, it's very OK
Ok, thank you.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 3:17pm On Oct 25, 2018
Nice story tho
Thank you!!!!
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 3:17pm On Oct 25, 2018
Nice story tho
Thank you!!!!
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Nobody: 3:31pm On Oct 25, 2018

Thank you!!!!
You're welcome
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 4:22pm On Oct 25, 2018
Chapter 4

There is a long, thick silence in the Green's home as Emma and Jenny waits for the sobbing Miss Green to open up. They both bite down the urge to rush the words out of her mouth, they sit on the other leather brown sofa which she ordered them to sit on. Emma stands up silently and leaves the room, she returns with a glass of room temperature water. She sits on the arm of the couch, patting her mom's hair slowly and gives her the glass of water. Miss Green gulps down every drop of the water and sets the glass aside, she beckons Jenny to come to which Jenny does with genuine respect and sits on the left arm of the chair.

"I don't have much to tell you two except two things your magic is a slash", she says.

Jenny and Emma look at each other in confusion.

"It means their is both sides to your powers, you are gifted individually which is good. Now the bad part of the slash is you can't combine your powers because that causes dark magic and it comes with a heavy price".

The girls nod.

"Secondly, I was told to give this to you guys when it's the right time and I think this is the right time", she passes the large book to Jenny then the folder to Emma.

"I want you to study this book and information I have given you two cause I already see the change approaching this world", she sniffs.

"Mom! How did you know all this? If you knew then why did you want me to get rid of the tatoo on my hand", Emma questions, studying her mother.

"Because you are too young, darling. You are two young to face what is coming", she stands up and stretches.

"But they said I had to do it, they said it's the only way", Miss Green frowns.

"Who are you?", Jenny asks.

"Who said? ", Emma adds.

"The council of gods", she confesses.

"But if the gods are still there, why can't they do something about this mess?", Jenny questions.

"There is a big difference between a breathing god and a god confined to the first realm", Miss Green replies.

"Then who are you?", Jenny asks again.

"What do you mean who is she is? She's my mother!! ", Emma screams at Jenny.

"Jenny, I didn't insult her, I just wanna know who she really is cause our Othuaba said she ain't our mother", Jenny barks back.

"She's not your mother but she's mine!", Emma replies.

Another thick silence follows as their eyes begin to switch colours and their body producing a vibrating hum.

"Stop it, girls. I might not be your mother but I'm in charge of you two", Miss Green steps in and their eyes turn normal.

"I am... the goddess of love and I share a strong bond with you two. Read the book and you'll understand", she sighs and walks out of the sitting room.

Jenny's eyes begin to change colours as she stands staring at Emma, frozen to the floor. Anger burns deep in her soul as she sees an unclear image of a boy venting his anger out on a wall in her mind, the image clears up and she sees the boy's face.
Seun!!!! The face dances around in her mind as the image begins to disappear from her mind.

Her eyes slowly turn brown as a dull pain creeps into her head. She looks at Emma who is answering the telephone, she manages to grab a few words from the conversation; I'll tell her to leave now... Sure... she'll... home....
Soon... The last word she hears before a cloud of black invades her mind.

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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 7:51am On Oct 26, 2018
Maybe, they both are destructive when combined, the reason why we have to update more often so as to fully understand what is happening. Nice work!

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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 3:45pm On Oct 26, 2018
Jenny wakes up to darkness, she raises her left hand to her left eye and covers it up until her right eye adjusts to the darkness, she then removes her hand.
She runs her hands on the material she feels under her, she notices the texture of a bed and she leans forward to sit. Her head strikes wood above her and pain surges through her entire body as she screams.


A toddler's voice screams out in full force and cries loudly. Jenny rubs her head as she realizes she's at home, she grabs a torchlight on top her bed and carefully slips off the bed, she climbs to the top bunk in the double decker bed. She sits on the bed, switches on the torchlight and reaches out for her four year old baby brother.

When the little boy's eyes adjust to the light he looks at his sister for a long time.

"Jenny! Your home!", he babbles in his little voice.

"Ah ah, Ike, you don't want me to live in this house again? When did you fall asleep?", Jenny asks the smiling child.

"Six. Mummy said you won't be stay with us anymore from tomorrow. Sister, are you leaving me?", Ike asks, sadly.

"No, of course not. I'll always be with you", she draws the child close. She lays his head on her lap and strokes it while humming a tune.

"The place is hot", the boy laments.

Jenny grabs one of his books that she knew will always be at the side of his bed and fans him.
She ponders about what her brother said of her leaving and tries to put meaning to it.
When no good answer comes to mind she concludes it as a child's wild thought, she looks at the boy who is clearly asleep.
She gently placed his head on his pillow and climbs down the rough wooden stairs with her torch in her mouth. She realizes they let her sleep in her uniform, she sighs as it is already soaked in sold sweat.

She walks quickly to the bathroom and takes her bath, she wears her sleeping robe and lies on her bed to sleep. As soon as sleep sets foot in her walls her stomach grumbles, she curls up in bed and holds her stomach until it stops.
She goes to the small, purple painted kitchen with only the cooker, stove, plate rack and cabinet on the floor as it's only occupants. She remembers the indomie and egg she bought the night before, she opens the cabinet and fetches a small pot. She checks behind all the pots until she touches a nylon. She brings it out gently and unfolds the items in the nylon.

She quickly puts on the stove an cooks the indomie, she dishes it to a plate, fetches a cup of water from the tap, places it on the tray and tiptoes to the backyard for air. She leaves the food there and goes to her room to fetch a hand fan, she looks around the room for it until she notices it under her backpack.
There is a large book spilling out of her bag then she remembers she was at Emma's place and Emma's mom gave her this book, she grabs the book and the fan and tiptoes to the backyard.

She notices her dinner is already warm so she eats it all up, savouring the taste before picking up the book.

"This book na crocodile skin", Jenny whispers to herself as she points the torch at the book.
It's cover is very hard without any writeup or title on it, it has a bunch of spirals, circles and turning which Jenny trace with the end of her right finger.
A force pulls her hand to the book when she gets to a smoother part of the cover, she struggles to get free but the book holds tight to her hand like magnet but with a stronger power. Her tattoo begins to glow a red colour as it hums loudly and burns.

Emma jerked up awake when she notices the pain coming from her tattoo, she is drenched in sweat and shaking. Her tattoo glows white as it continues to burn and send a shrill tingling sensation down her spine.

Jenny also feels the sensation in her and she continues to try to pull her hand of the book but it's stuck there like attached by glue. The sensation down her spine begins to travel upwards with speed until it take over her head, her eyes immediately sparks red.

Emma's eyes turns white.

The book hums loudly, shaking on her lap as Jenny stares at the sky with her eyes red. But this time she's unable to see anything, she only hears the humming of the book. She shuts her eyes tightly trying to take control but it doesn't work, she gives up and opens her eyes.
When she open them she's standing in a place completely white, void of furniture. An empty white room.

Emma closes her eyes as her mind wills her to do so when she opens them, she's standing in an empty white room. She turns to her left and sees Jenny rubbing her eyes.

"Jenny! Is that really you?", she asks, suspiciously.

Jenny wheels around and sees Emma, she hugs her and nods her head.

Emma still doesn't trust her so she shifts from the hug and asks.

"What do you see RiverSide school as?".

"An avenue for future connection when I'm done with the university and in need of a job", Jenny recites.

Emma spills out a breathe she's being holding in and smiles but the smile changes to fear once more.

"Where are we?".

"I don't know. I was.....".

Jenny is cut short when a being appears, the being is in the form of a human with it's skin as water, a bra and skirt of dried brown leaves, hair of fire and is floating on a whooshing, swirling air under it's feet.

"Welcome!", the being bows.

"Children of Orishas
Blessed by Oghene, Possessors of the golden blood....", Jenny cuts into the being's greetings and remarks.

"Biko, what are you?".

"I am known by many names but you can call me the essence of the earth or Element".

Element picks up the air under his feet and holds it like a disk, he holds it to his lips and blows into it.
The air disk widens and grows ten times in size and begins to spin and twirl again.
It walks to it and stands beside it.
"Enter", it says.

A combination of air, water, fire and rocks appears under the girls feet and pushes them into the swirling air. As they drop into it the air shakes and spins violently before diminishing in size.
With a smile on Element's face, it bends and places the air under it's feet before disappearing.

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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 12:08pm On Oct 30, 2018
I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I'm having a really bad time in my life right now and I promise an update today or tomorrow.

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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 11:45am On Oct 31, 2018
I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I'm having a really bad time in my life right now and I promise an update today or tomorrow.
Don't worry everything will be fine. Believe.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 1:46am On Nov 01, 2018
Emma's POV

I and Jenny scream as we pass a series of faces, places and puzzles after God knows how long we screamed we finally land on a soft, mash earth.
I gasp as my head aches from the fear of tearing my skull, I turn and see a groaning Jenny.
She rolls to her front and uses her fingers and toes to push herself up, she manages to stand but it lasts for only a second as she groans and falls to the ground. She pulls sparingly at her braids with teeth clenched she pushes her head to a sitting position.

After few minutes of turning and holding my head, the wooziness disappears. I shake my head, put my thoughts in place before I jump up and help Jenny to her feet.
I turn and look at the woodsy forest we're in, the only plant a stick weird thingy. It looked like a dried up tree.

"Hello! Hello! Someone here?!", Jenny screams out.

It confuses me how her voice manages to echo.

"Hey, girls", a voice behind us says.

We spun at the same time and meet those soft, big eyes.

"Mom? What are you doing here?".

"This is the only safe place the spell can be done... even the walls have ears".
She drags us to the ground with her and sits with her legs crossed, we follow suit. She plucks off two twigs from the stick bushes and forces it into our hands.

I glanced at Jenny and I could clearly see the confusion in her eyes.

"What's wrong with your mom?", Jenny sends.

"No idea", I send back.

"Girls, I know you don't understand but there's evil lurking just waiting for the right moment to pounce on you two... so get drawing!", she explains.

"Draw two halves of a circle, make sure they compliment each other", she instructs.

I thought this was gonna be hard but it's as simple as drawing half a circle.

A cool breeze blows...

"Huh! that's weird", Jenny sends.

"Now do as your mind tells you".

This statement brews a storm in my head and thoughts long forgotten wind up from the unknown.
I slide my hand into my right wrist and close my eyes as pain and agony foods my mind. Tears stream down my eyes as my wrist emerges from my palm with bloody fingers twisted around the wand.
I turn as I hear the sound of grinding teeth.
Jenny manages to get the wand out without a sound except the damage I think that'll do to her teeth.

The pain dies down before we begin the ritual.
My mom drops a brown calabash in the circle we drew then we hold our wand's tip before our open left palm and the tips glows white for me and red for Jenny. It begins to tear the skin on our palm as blood flows freely from it, we stretch our hands above the calabash and count.

One drop
Two drop
Three drop
Of our blood in the calabash.
No more, no less.

We use our wands to stir the mix the blood together, then we coat our wands completely in the blood and we take turns drawing the David star on our head.
Jenny flicks her hand and a small fire appears and burns the calabash to ash. We rub the tips of our wands on the ash and apply it on the inside of the David star. We clap our hands together in prayer form with our wands in between our entwined fingers, we shut our eyes and began to chant.

"In the beginning the swing of balance poured out to the earth, releasing it's prices. Balance, it managed to bring to the earth, a single grain from the other could cause harm. Unfortunately that balance was destroyed and we were born, strings to each world.
But we still are one, don't forget our cause".

The David star glows white and we are covered in a red-white glow as fire and water dances around our bodies. It merges and forms a kind of mixture of fire and water, it weaves and dances in the air and it rises and comes directly at us.


I wake up in my room and my hand flies to my face as it mops sweat off my forehead.
My temperature is bloody high and I feel different like an extension of someone.
"Jenny!", I whisper.

"Right here", she replies but this time I don't feel the answer in my head,
I feel it within me.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 10:32am On Nov 01, 2018
Interesting, Wow! more please.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 2:15pm On Nov 01, 2018
Chapter 5

Jenny's POV

I wake up somewhere different but pretty familiar.

"Jenny!", I hear Emma whisper my name.

"Right here", I reply.... but something's different now.

"Emma?", I whisper into the silent darkness of the Browns' home.

"Where are you? I think I'm in your place".

"At home, the room. I'm coming down the bed", she replies.

But I'm on her bed, in the room and strangely I feel a sudden force pulling me down the bed.
I touch my braids to make sure I'm still me then reach out with my both hands, searching for the doorway out of the room.

"Jenny, I don't understand. I want to use the loo but something's pulling me towards the door".

"Crap, Emma! You're trapped in my body".

Emma moves my hand and touches my hair.

"No, I think your trapped in my body. I can feel my curly hair".

"This is very confusing".

A bright sharp light floods into the room and I raise my hands to protect my eyes. When I feel the sting from the light reducing, I bring down my hands to find the light coming from the open door.
I walk towards it and enter.
Again for the second time in one night, I'm in the plain white room but this time there is a single figure standing in the middle with her back to me.
A long cape of honey rolls down the person's shoulder, her curly hair of ebony black falls past her shoulder.
She finally turns and the white coral beads around her bare legs catch my attention, I look upwards to the white long feathers wrapped around her waist which stops above her knee, above the feathers are many white beads wrapped delicately, her navel is exposed which moves to show her flat tummy and the many layers of white large beads that cover her breast and another layer of gold jewelries around her neck.
Her skin tone a caramel blend, her curly hair covers her forehead with a golden twisted band of rosea around it and the cape of honey covers her arms. Her face is well sculpted and beautiful without doubt her large brown eyes scan me from up to down before nodding in approval.
Her lips painted a dark shade of red move in a humming sound.

"Welcome! My children. Sit I have vital information for you".

Her voice offers comfort and care as I sit on the white blank ground.

"You might be wondering what is happening with you two now but I promise you everything will go back to normal once you leave this place. Your bodies are learning to accept each other which is the main function of the ritual to activate the golden blood running through your veins. You have being given gifts from every god but to use that gift comes with great price and sacrifice. Activating the golden blood of the gods gives you the right over those gifts".
"I am Nkutlu, goddess of love, fertility, procreation and beauty. I have many aspects which my many followers desire as blessings which I give to them when they are worthy and I offer their praise and sacrifices to the Almighty God, I am but an access way for them to the Almighty. You have being reborn many times to the earth but this time you are sent by the Almighty One. Lord Sini, a great and ambitious warrior that managed to conquer many realms decided to dare the Almighty by attempting to take over the first realm".
"The battle line was drawn and the war began, at the end all the members of the army of Lord Sini were sent to their graves with five gods lost in the battle. Three have being replaced and the remaining two slots are left for the both of you. But first you have to prove yourself first and that test is not far from you.
Five seals were placed over Lord Sini which holds him in the firsr realm, three of the seals have being broken. First the sacrifice by his follower of a pregnant mother with triplets in her, second the beginning of a religion driven by his name, and thirdly, your birth. The last of the two seals are to be broken soon so you must find it and stop it".
"Or else if he is released he shall come back to conquer again and he'll begin with the third parallel realm... Earth. Protect it and fight with all you have".

"Why couldn't the Almighty send another god to be my mother", Emma clears her throat and asks, curiously.

"Because as the goddess of fertility, I gave you to your parents and I chose to care for you voluntarily. I had to be born to the earth fourteen years before you to fulfill my duties".

"What's your gift to us?", I ask.

A tight smile plays on her lip as she replies.
"You'll find out very soon".
"The boy you hurt is well... ", she tells me.

"The moment your essence was used to revive him, he became a part of you, you'll feel his emotions within you. Almost like your relationship with your sister but slightly different, it's an effusive connection unlike your mental connection with your sister".
"Achio!!!", she called out.

Our wands flew out and stood before her, she opened up her palm and they rested in it.

"Achio is a sceptre given to you by the gods, it contains all the gifts from the gods. It is sculpted from the core of heaven's walls".

She joins the both wands together at their bottoms and it forms a full size sceptre, sh separates it and holds it out for me to get it. I stand up from my sitting position and collect the wands from her open palm.

"Tread careful and remember the walls have ears. This is the only safe place for out meetings".

A sudden haziness clouds my mind, I shake my head and find the sun already peeking through the skies as I wake. I stretch my hands and a glowing light catches my attention beside the plates. I scoop the glowing wand into my hand and it transforms into a ring which fits on my thumb.
I pick up the plates beside me and head for the kitchen. I shiver as I remember Emma was within me a while ago, that's an experience I'm willing to forget, she could have searched through me and I won't have a say only the thought of it makes me shudder but what if she's still in me.

"E... mma?", I send already shaken up.

"Whatsup?", she replies.

"Crap! Your still in me".

"Mumu! I'm at home in my body, it seems like the ritual expanded our mental connection, So what did you think of the story?".

"I don't know, I'm not sure. Apart from the ritual thing, I'm still wrapping my head around the rest and God! How many people do I have a connection with there's you, Achio now Seun! I'm in a big mess".

"Chill! Everything is gonna be alright", Emma sends.

I scoff as pure, hot rage burns through me.

"Crap! I can't even do that the fool is up to something, he's burning in rage at this time in the morning. Whoever he's with is in deep shit", I send to Emma.

But I only receive a chuckle as an answer.

"Hurry up and prepare for school", she sends before leaving me to my thoughts.

I take deep calming breaths as I stabilize my emotions(and his) after a few minutes of standing at the entrance of the kitchen, I feel a soothing calmness in me.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 2:20pm On Nov 01, 2018
Interesting, Wow! more please.
I've updated.
I've noticed that I've being rushing the story o I'll try to take it as slow as possible.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 4:33pm On Nov 01, 2018

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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by queenitee(f): 6:21pm On Nov 01, 2018
Nice, I kinda want a supernatural power also
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 9:07pm On Nov 01, 2018
Nice, I kinda want a supernatural power also
What would you do with it? Wanna Rob Know what your crush feels or thinks eh?
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 12:29pm On Nov 02, 2018
Nice, I kinda want a supernatural power also

Just tell me the one you want and I'll make sure I take your case to the Almighty One for consideration.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 12:31pm On Nov 02, 2018

What would you do with it? Wanna Rob Know what your crush feels or thinks eh?

Is it your business! smiley
Abi you want to know if your her crush?
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 1:28pm On Nov 02, 2018

Is it your business! smiley
Abi you want to know if your her crush?
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 2:38pm On Nov 02, 2018


Comman hear oo :O
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 6:31pm On Nov 02, 2018
Long night, right?", Emma asks Jenny as soon as she spots from the school gate.
"Can you believe my wand turned into a ring", she shows Jenny the ring on her thumb.

"I know, mine too. I'm still wrapping my head around things but I have to run now. I promised to drop my literature assignment at Miss Belema's office", Jenny responds and turns to leave, she turns and find Emma still rooted to that spot.

"Ehya... you can't even go to assembly without me".

"You wish", Emma replies and hurries away.

"Save a seat for me", Jenny sends.

"Stay outta my head", Emma replies and blocks her.

Jenny laughs and takes the left of the hallway, she approaches the staircase. Depression hits her as she takes the first step, she raises her head to find a figure on the stairs. The person raises his head and she stares into grey eyes.

Seun! No wonder, there's depression in the air, she thinks.

She climbs the stairs to where he is and sits beside him.

"Hey! What happened?", she asks, her voice soft with concern.

He shifts from her like he just sighted a disgusting parasite.

"None of your business", he cringes away.
"Now move along", he commands

"If you think that's gonna make me leave you in your depression then your wrong and I'm not your servant that you can order around. I ask, again what's wrong?"

"What is wrong with you girls and me? All of you should stay away from me,you especially ".

"I'm sorry if you think I'm one of those girls that want to stare into your eyes. It's contact lens for goodness sake! Nothing new about it. I'll advise you to share your problems with someone and stop having negative emotions".
"I bet the whole school will want to listen to you if you ask even the foreign students and anyway you have Mark, talk to him", she rises and begins to ascend the stairs.

She feels his eyes boring holes into her back this makes her to stop.

"Get over yourself and just pretend you have a happy side then maybe you'll learn to be happy just maybe ", she quickens her steps not wanting to hear his answer.

She walks quickly when she approaches the second floor hallway, she enters the staff room at the end of the hallway.
She greets the male security guard playing a game on his phone and he doesn't reply.

"Good morning!", she greets again.

"I've heard, move along", the guard snaps.

She frowns and finds the Miss Belema's table with a name tag on a small disk on the desk, she drops the assignment. She pretends to go through it, whilst she flicks her hand and the security guard falls.
She goes to help him up.

"I'm very sorry, sir. How did you fall?", she asks, masquerading her smile as a caring one.

"I don't know, it felt like a strong force swept under my feet".

"How can that happen? The ground is a bit slippery so I guess that's how you fell, I guess the cleaner just mopped it.
"Sorry again", she says and runs far enough to explode into laughter.

She hurriedly drops her bag in her locker and takes off to the assembly hall, the teachers at the door gives her side glances as she enters the hall.

"Emma, where are you? This teachers will soon attack me", she sends.

"Last row, second lane", Emma sends back.

Jenny walks stealthily to where Emma describes, finds Emma waving at her and pointing at the seat reserved for her. She mutters a number of "sorrys' " and "excuse me" before she reaches the seat and sits down.
Unfortunately for her the Principal spots her.

"Will our senior student, Jenifer Green tell us why she's late for assembly?", he asks.

All eyes turn to Jenny as she walks to the raised platform.

"I promised the literature Miss, I'll submit my assignment before class today", she whispers to the Principal.

But he's not satisfied as he hands her the microphone to speak, Jenny collects the mic and stares at the crowd awaiting her answer. Seun walks into the assembly hall.

"Sir! Look Seun is late for assembly".

All eyes turn to look at Seun, he looks up at Jenny with a scowl on his face.

"He probably had something to do", the principal stammers.
"I believe I asked you a question", he said giving Jenny the don't-you-dare look.

Jenny frowns as Seun smirks and turns around to find a seat. A junior male student hurriedly vacates his seat for Seun to sit, Seun sits and gives his full attention to Jenny.

"I promised Miss Belema I'll submit my assignment before class. Now please can I go since the discipline in this school is one-sided".

The entire hall gasps.

"Jenny what are you doing?", Emma screams in Jenny's head.

The Principal realizes his mistake as he let's her off the hook without anything punishment. She climbs down from the platform and shoots killer daggers at Seun, he shrugs and gives his attention to the Principal.

"What did you gain from disrespecting the Principal?", Emma sends.

"I didn't disrespect him, I stated the obvious injustice", Jenny sends back.

She notices the frown on Emma's face as she sits beside her.

"You're supposed to be supporting me, he was clearly biased", she sends to Emma.

"I know but you replied him in the wrong way and you'll have to apologize to the Principal".

Without thinking Jenny stands up.

"Sir! I'm really sorry if you took my answer to you as disrespect!", she yells.

The hall turns to look at her before turning back to hear the answer from the Principal.
The Principal nods in understanding and orders her to sit. She sits and looks at Emma.

"I'm sorry".

"Already forgave you", Emma smiles at her.


"I heard the cafeteria's serving ice-cream today", Emma squeals.

Jenny licks her lips in response as they inhale the inviting aroma of the cafeteria as they enter, they go straight to the counter and get two trays of ice-cream, cookies, a bottle of water and a plate of jollof rice each.
They find an empty table after searching through the sea of bodies for a long time. They drop their meal and begin to eat within minutes they finish their plates of jollof rice. They take sips from their bottles of water and move to the ice-cream .
Emma dips a cookie into her small cup of ice-cream, she drops it into her mouth and raises her head to savour the flavour.

"I didn't know the ice-cream was so good, I would've gotten some", a voice says behind her.

"You can share min... ", she's unable to finish her sentence as she sees the person or better still persons behind her.

"Can we join you?", Mark asks, flashing her his pearly whites.

She nods and they look at Jenny for an answer.

"Sure", Jenny replies with a smile.

Mark and Seun sits at their table and the place grows quiet except the whispers from the other students and the pointing fingers.
They were able to catch some of the comments from the other students like "why at they sitting at their table?",
"I've kept my table open for them for the whole week",
"I can't wait till they storm out of their just to embarrass them",
"I promised myself that I'll make Seun fall in love with me".
"And Mark... "
"What do they have that we don't have", Emma and Jenny hears a particular girl say.
They turn the same time and shoot her death glares which makes her shrink in her seat.

But the boys choose to ignore the whispers and the comments.

"So about that ice-cream?", Mark says.

Emma stares at him dumbfounded, she shakes her head to clear her mind.

"You said I could share yours right?", he asks.

Emma nods in agreement.

"Which flavour he asks?".

"Strawberry", Emma brings herself to reply.
"Have some", she offers him a handful of cookies which takes and dips into the ice-cream.
He bends his hair backwards like Emma did.

"This is really nice and it's my favourite flavour", he says.

He and Emma return to the cookies and ice-cream like long lost friends sharing a meal, making jokes and laughing.

"Your ice-cream is melting", Seun points at Jenny's cup of ice-cream.

"You can have it", she pushes her tray to him, retrieves her plate and bottle of water.

"I don't want it", he pushes it forward.

"More for us", Mark smiles and drags the tray to him and Emma's side.

Jenny uncovers the cap of the bottle water and gulps down a large amount from it, she finishes the water and tries to get Emma's bottle of water.

"No way", Emma snatches her bottle from the table and returns to helping Mark finish Jenny's cup of ice-cream and cookies.

"You can have mine", Seun places his unopened bottle of water in front of Jenny.

She takes it reluctantly and spies it weirdly.

"I didn't poison it", he says.

She uncaps the bottle and sips from it.

"We're done", Mark announces showing them the empty trays.
"Be careful he might have put poison in it, he doesn't like when people annoy him".

Seun narrows his grey eyes as he frowns at Mark.

"I'm just warning you", Mark raises his hands in mock in fake surrender.

"He can really do that?", Emma asks Mark.

Mark nods in affirmation.

"Dude! What's that supposed to mean?", Seun laughs.
"Trying to impress her huh", he nods towards Emma.
Mark shrugs.

"I don't remember annoying you", Jenny says.
"Ok, I won't lie I do".

"I just have one question. The first day I met you why were you raising my shirt and checking me like I lost a limb?".

"Uhm, I don't know but I had a feeling you were injured", Jenny lies.
She swiftly rises from her seat to avoid further questions, she returns her empty tray and leaves the cafeteria.

"I have to go", Emma says, returns her tray before hurrying after Jenny.

"There's something about these girls", Seun mutters.

"Apart from the fact that they're pretty I don't know", Mark says.

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Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by queenitee(f): 7:26am On Nov 03, 2018

Comman hear oo :O
I'm coming oo *running*
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by queenitee(f): 7:28am On Nov 03, 2018

What would you do with it? Wanna Rob Know what your crush feels or thinks eh?
Crush? Far from that. I honestly don't know what I would with it. Just feels good to know your have some kind of power
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by queenitee(f): 7:29am On Nov 03, 2018

Just tell me the one you want and I'll make sure I take your case to the Almighty One for consideration.
grin grin time traveling
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 12:21pm On Nov 03, 2018

grin grin time traveling

I'll get back to you later, the Almighty One is considering you for Time goddess.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 2:37pm On Nov 04, 2018

Crush? Far from that. I honestly don't know what I would with it. Just feels good to know your have some kind of power
Yeah it would feel cooler knowing you are different in a better way cool
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 2:40pm On Nov 04, 2018

grin grin time traveling

Time traveling. Cool! I wouldn't mind being ur passenger ma'am! Just don't take me to the ice age. Unless the is pure gold for grab grin
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by Fazemood(m): 2:44pm On Nov 04, 2018
Hey Faybrown, wadup? I like this update, you are getting nicer with your settings. Nice upgrade in skill. bro, thumb up.

Are both girls from middle class homes?
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 2:03pm On Nov 05, 2018
Hey Faybrown, wadup? I like this update, you are getting nicer with your settings. Nice upgrade in skill. bro, thumb up.

Are both girls from middle class homes?

Emma is from a middle class home while Jenny is from a home that has just enough to feed the family.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by FayBrown(f): 3:35pm On Nov 05, 2018
"Jenny! Jenny! Wait up", Emma pants as she runs after Jenny out the cafeteria door.

Jenny stops and spins quickly towards Emma's pleas, Emma saw Jenny turning but it was too late as they collide into each other.

"Crap! My head!", Jenny shouts as she feels pain invading her head.

"Ohmy... ", Emma mutters.

They sit on the floor clasping their head until the pain vanishes.
Jenny rises and helps Emma off the floor.

"Eww... now I'm covered in hallway dirt", Emma frowns and dusts her uniform with concentration.

"Emma, he's asking questions... what I'm I gonna do now, I'm doomed", Jenny throws her hands in the air in exasperation.
"He's gonna find out... one way or the other and what's gonna happen to me... jail, death", she began pacing as the last option flew into her mind..

"Jenny, chill. Take a chill pill, relax. He's just worried, I'll also be worried if I woke up and someone's hands was all over my body, I mean you were acting crazy that day so he's worried I'm pretty sure he won't bring it up again", Emma pulled Jenny into a bear hug.
"And anyway you're paying for your mistakes already cause I'm sure having that idiot and his negative emotions inside you is tearing you apart".

Jenny produces a light chuckle as Emma releases her from the hug.

"You know I got your back, right?".

"Yh, well", Jenny looks at Emma and a small smile tugs at her lips.
"Well except when your all over Mark".

"You ungrateful bitch, I'm helping you out and your talking rubbish", Emma laughs and jumps after Jenny.

Jenny runs away from Emma as she continues to laugh uncontrollably. She stops and faces Emma who is squatting on the white tiled floor out of breath.

"Maybe you should just walk up to him and tell him... ", she clears her throat.
"Hey Mark, I think we should just get married in the school hallway", Jenny says in a child-like voice.

Emma bites down a chuckle as Jenny continues to tease her, she uses the opportunity and crawls slowly towards Jenny. She taps Jenny who is now backing her on the shoulder, Jenny gasps in shock and turns around to face Emma who now has a wide grin on her face.

"You lil b... ", Jenny is unable to finish as Emma bursts into laughter with Jenny tickling her.

"Um... p... plea... pl... p.. pleas... p... please...stop it", Emma forces out through her laughter.

Two white skinned boys separates them.

"Are you guys kidding me? You are in the middle of the hallway, I know most of the students are still in the cafeteria but there are few junior students roaming the hallway and your playing like kids on the floor", an authoritative but gentle voice booms behind Jenny.

She spun to see the person but she ended up getting entranced in a sea of green-blue. She stared into the boy's eyes for a while before she realised he was still holding her hand. She turned towards Emma to hide her blushing face, she sees Emma in a conversation with the other boy. He had jet black hair which he combed to the side and hazel eyes, he had his hands in his pockets as they talked.

"So do you speak french?", she heard Emma ask the boy.

"I'm from France so Oui darling, I do speak french", the boy replies.
"Monsieur Francis", he extends his hand towards Emma.

"Umm... Emma", she shakes his hand as she smiles sheepishly.

"Oui... oui. Mademoiselle Emma", he moves her hand to his lips and kisses it before letting go.

"Wow! Francis from France".
"Why does he keep saying oui, it sounds like wee wee what my brother says when he wants to use the bathroom... does he want to use the bathroom", Jenny sends to Emma.

"Jenny!", Emma screams in Jenny's head before a light chuckle.
"Quick question, what's oui? I've never been a fan of learning any language.

The boy gives a toothy smile before replying.
"Yes... Oui means yes".

Jenny turns to look at the boy in front of her, he has dirty blonde hair, green-blue eyes, red lips and a dimple on his left cheek when he smiles. She notices the last part as he is grinning at her.

"Wait! Your the girl who talked back to the Principal... some gut you've gat".

"I'm not talking to you if you don't know any foreign language", Jenny replies with a smirk.

The boy laughs and Jenny's smirk disappears as she stares at the most adorable laughter she has ever heard in her entire life.
He shakes his head as he laughs.

"No, I speak only English, Jenny".

Jenny gasps as Emma sings in her head.
"The cute boy knows your name, the cute boy knows your name", Jenny blocks her off.

"Hmm, no foreign language just a really cute smile now what I'm I gonna do with that", Jenny says.

The boy lowers his gaze to the ground as he realises Jenny just complimented him.

"Just picking up the compliment", Jenny asks with a smirk.

The boy nods as he raises his head to look at Jenny.
"I'm Adrian. Your from Nigeria, right?".

"Correct!", Jenny giggles. "And your not from around here are you?".

"Actually I am... kinda", he rubs the back of his neck and his hair bobs up and down. "My mom is from Nigeria so I came to spend time with her and my sisters, I've being here for a year now, I lived in Florida with my Pa but he...well stuffs happens and I had to come here".

"Don't tell me let me guess mademoiselle means miss", Emma exclaims as they walk to the hall for joint English.

"You guessed correctly because I told you monsieur is Mr", Francis answers.

"Hey! Don't spoil the fun", Emma laughs.

"How's Paris like?", she asks him.

"It's wonderful, it's a beautiful work of art on it's own as it's a place for artists and art. There are very beautiful sites like the Opera Bastille which I'll personally recommend to everyone, the Eiffel Tower and oh! It has the best and most exquisite cuisines from the simplest croissant to the festive Yule log". He explains as they all take their seat at one of the rows of seats and places their books on the table before turning back to listen to Francis.

"France sounds like a dreamland", Emma utters as she looks at the French native before her.

"Yes, it is. You should come there sometime", he says.

"You don't need to tell me twice if I had the money, I'll be out of this country in no time", Jenny says.

"Just what's on my mind", Emma adds.

"I love Nigeria and all it's random shit but I'll love to be someplace else", Jenny stands up and spreads her arm while the others chuckle then she sits.

"I just need a break from my life", Emma adds, cheerily.
"So why you in this school? In Nigeria?".

"I love trying new things and traveling when I stumbled on this country I couldn't help but fall in love with it", Francis replies.

"His the first I'm hearing that from", Emma sends.

Jenny laughs in response.

"Nigerians are a funny and energetic kind of people", Francis jokes. "Look at you ladies, your free and happy but in my country there's always a teen dying cause of depression and heartbreak and foolish stuffs like that".

"When you go back there, tell them they're fools if they commit suicide because of a boy", Emma smirks.

"See! Like I said Nigerians are funny", Francis chuckles as he stares into Emma's eyes.

Jenny and Adrian are now having a separate conversation.

"Your very pretty, Emma", Francis says and places his hand on Emma's own.

Emma's eyes wide like saucers as she stares at their now entwined fingers.
Mark and Seun walk into the hall and Mark turns just in time to see Emma's mouth creep into a shy grin. He seethes and mutters, "That son of a bitch". He walk towards them, clenching and unclenching his hand.
Re: Gold Blood: The Resurrection by VincenzoZhuxu(m): 10:37am On Nov 06, 2018
you are really good with this bro continue the good work

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