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Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) - Literature (7) - Nairaland

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Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 7:36am On Sep 13, 2018
Episode 6
maywether vs pacquio the fight of the century (its been a long road but we are here now)

as i dey happy dey thank God for saving me today

as i dey see different designs and decorations for rumours hotel festac town

dem say today na the big day
say big artist dem go show face wella for here

that is why dem name the show maywether vs pacquio fight of the century

oboy apart from that na still today truely mayweather go fight paquio and dem go show am live for dstv

so today dey very special say 2baba go show face

oboy na so everybody dey happy

me con do my tins with half kilo we chop we flex we bang babes wella

before 7pm the place don fill up
no space again

men dem dey vvip
boys dem dey regular

different artist dem show face
wixkid,davido,lil kesh,timaya,phyno,olamide,even dbanj dem plenty die

na so the show con start everybody they catch fun
everywhere dey bubble

comedians dey crack joke
everybody dey laugh die

wen the show don dey reach wen artist go start to perform

na so dem call on davido
as baba show everywhere scatter men dem dey trow dollars

dem let am know say no be only am get dollars

ahhhhhh men dem get money die! Chaiiiii

davido perform asuranace with some other songs

na so him drop comot for stage but sha him trow him gold chain for fans dem

oboy before the chain fly reach where fans dey the chain cut for air

ahhhhhh laugh won kill me chaiiiiiii

but anyhow sha people rush am die con see arguments and fight

the next artist na lil kesh
ahhhhh baba fallen dey shout igbesere o ! She no dey tire
ahhh everywhere scatter

as baba dey perform efe jo ku mi o!! Na so we see bottle fly enter stage

gba!!! For lil kesh head
baba faint
na so bouncer dem rush go carry am go hospital

ahhh see comotion who stone that bottle un top stage so

nobody answer self laugh won kill everybody lil kesh don faint

oboy next na wixkid
ahhh na so we hear i wana thank the lord for blessing me u making me go na na na i wanna give all to my fans for making blow na na na ahhhh the gbedu dey burst everybody brain we dance like 2 minutes but we no see wixkid

na so people con dey shout where wizzy dey na

which kind tin be this

na so one guy say make him go back stage

na so him see wixkid they argue with dem the organisers say make dem pay am him money say him don perform finish

baba make never even clamp stage talkless of to sing anytin

oboy na so dem call the next artist phyno nwa mama
every where hot igbo men dem dey spray their dollars

ahhhhh phyno my guy
baba yello fresh no be small

baba give dem connect and e pass si go o! Everywhere hot die

na so guys don high
he won kill us with igbo yanning
chaiiiii phyno u sweet die

before him con comot
next na olamide
na so we here oh my God
olamide in the buiding
every body mental chaiiiiiii

na so him con dey sing dey give us street lyrics dey blow our head
oboy before we know ehhh
one yoruba guy just stand up just shout free drink for everyone here

and people make come here pass 1 million people baba no care

ahhhhh everybody mad finish dem con dey hail the guy

na later we con know say the guy na small doctor be that

baba get money die
see how drinks dey flow na people dey collect 15 some 30 some 80

me just collect only 8 bottles as far say na small doctor go pay

olamide con perform comot

na so timaya enter o
is ah blem blem
tell me wat u got
is ah blem blem

give me wat u got
ah blem blem

people craze they order for more bottles

rumours hotel con full
guys still dey pack dey come with babes dem

everybody don high
na so kiss daniel dey perform
na so 2 face baba con interupt am

abeg wetin wetin dey happen
na so person shout notin dey happen

i know still believe another person shout from fans 2face na thunder go fire u

ahhhhh everybody won laugh kill theirselves

na so 2baba con say oboy me no understand o

who be that person make order for free drinks for everybody

nobody answer am dey still dey high dey go

baba para shout omo my bar attendants now dey tell me say dem no see the person again o

ahahhhhhhhh everybody shout chaiiii

but some people don collect like 102 bottles of higheness dey still dey order for more self

ahhhhh baba still dey talk
na so one guy from fans shout
no be u 2baba i hear say na u get this hotel?

U go pay the money na
everybody con shout yes o

na so 2baba con later ask them how much be all the drinks

na so one of the waiter shout 240 million naira

ahhhh mogbe!!
2Baba shout
chaiii i don die

wetin be this
nobody even send am self dem still dey high

na so one fans stand up again shout 2face na thunder go fire u

ahhh me won laugh die
for baba own hotel na so dem no send am self chaiii

kiss daniel self don vex come down stage

no big artist won gree perform again

na so my guy laxbizzy collect mic
give dem he own rhymes

oboy one side of the fans dey dance for him song but the other side dem bone face chaiiii

wetin happen next u no go believe
episode 7 coming soon
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 7:54am On Sep 13, 2018
In my little begining this was never so

it was never meant to be so
i was ready to cut some of my time and drop 2 to 5 episodes everyday
surely i would have done it
but i needed encouragements and the comments but i hardly see any

now i feel so lasy to compose even half of an episode self

in the beginning this was never my plan for this story baba olowo the long prickcheesy

i would have been in episode 120 by now if am just too slow

to compose funny stuffs are not my problem
but the comments are

thats why u would hardly see me drop episodes here as i usually do before

anyways this can maybe be amended by everyone here

baba olowo the long prick
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 1:56pm On Sep 16, 2018
Happy sunday to everyone here

its been a while now

baba olowo the long prickcheesy
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 9:32pm On Sep 16, 2018
Enough is enough

i need to continue to dey run my tori back o

now i don give people time to yab and insult me as dem like

but now ehhh
me i swear i no fit bear am again o, a whole me person go talk to anyhow go free chaii i don suffer

anyways today na sunday
i hope say everybody enjoy today so

baba olowo the long prick cheesy
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 11:57pm On Sep 16, 2018
Episode 31 (ahhh which kind tin be this)

as e take be for this ashawo house i dey so, na to dey vex bang any of dem i see like this o

ahhh one of the ashawo shout
bros abeg u never go house?

i reply am go house go do wetin? like this now my moral dey very high and i need to enjoy myself wella for here so

ahhhh all of dem shout

e don do na abeg try come 2moro na

before i know ehhh all of dem join hand gather jack me troway comot from their house gate go outside

chaiii i no believe my eyes o
which kind tin be this self?

Anyhow sha me i don show all of dem pepper small, now dem go know who baba olowo the long prick really be

naso i stand up clean myself start to dey go house, as i dey road nahim my phone come ring

baba olowo where u dey na?
Na my guy half kilo dey call me so

naso i yan am
guy like this now ehh i dey my area like this o, me i won go house go rest sleep well

ahhh why na half kilo shout see come like this now ehh u need to come back rumours hotel o, because here dey hot like this now

music full everywhere and babes dem full ground here so

chaiii me i shout wetin be this?
Oboy give me like 30 minutes i go show for there so

sharp sharp i con reason am say as i just dey come out side from this ashawo house dem
me i go need better strenght na, atleast make i chop small food before i fly bike dey head go rumours hotel na

naso i rush enter one mama put shop nearby

as i enter gba!
I no believe my eyes
see as men dem serious dey eat

oboy naso i see seun sidon shine eye dey eat beans and bread o

me i shock how manage na
no be seun make carry our money run so nahim be this?

As seun come see me him troway face go oneside

ahhh like so i bone face enter go sidon opposite am

as i sidon dey look am
like so the woman just rush carry food put for my table sharp sharp gba!

ahhh me i surprise o
but i never tell dem wetin i want na? But as i look the food na my favourite beans and bread be that so i just smile dey chop am

as i dey eat the food i still dey look seun
but baba go look me troway face

as everybody still dey chop nobody talk anytin
see as people serious dey chop

before we know ehh
we hear shout from outside

isssssss aaaaaaa gooooaaaaaaalcheesy

beautiful goal there by hazard
chelsea don equalise cardiff city

ahhhh some men dem smilecheesy

before we know again
we hear another shout

isssssss aaaaaaa goooooaaaaaallll

hazard don score again for chelsea

chaiii i no believe my eyes person fly window with full speed run go outside cheesy

ahhhh mogbe
na seun be that o

baba run with full speed excape
ahh the tin surprise me o, even the woman make been dey sell the food shout

wetin be this? This na the third time seun go come hear chop finish fly window run go house

baba no go even pay money run
the woman been dey reason am say na big man him be so she no dey even bother ask am again for the money self

the way baba take fly the window fear men o
see as everybody leave their food dem dey chop pick race go outside, ahhh me i no go carry last

as one bros say make him fly window run
naso the woman vex pour am hot water gbosa ahhh the bros speed increase o, baba run no look back. me i don run divert enter one street as far say nothing do me

chaiii which kind tin be this self?
As i see say i don excape, i say make i waka corner go the next street, naso i see the woman with big bamboo stick dey pursue seun

ahhh me i shout
baba run enter where people gather dey watch ball

as seun run enter, the woman follow am with speed run enter too

the next tin make i hear na gbosa

come o no be bottle sound be that?

Baba fly come outside
the woman don use bottle break all baba head

chaiii seun increase speed o cheesy
naso i still dey look, another bros from inside the ball house run come outside with full speed with only boxers

ahh baba back don spoil with better koboko cheesy
as him dey run the woman dey pursue am

the bros na one of us make run from the woman shop make no pay money so

ahhh e be like say him run come here come watch ball thinking say him don excape the woman

but now ehhh baba no believe say the woman go later catch am here

naso the woman pursue the bros dey go bustop

ahhh my mind calm down o
i reason am say dem don go far na, so make i waka fast fast reach house make she no go see me o

na like so i reach house baff, change my cloths spray my perfume fast fast run come outside fly bike dey head go rumours hotel festac

as i dey road dey go my phone come ring again, baba olowo where u dey na? Naso i reply half kilo my guy no vex baba me i dey road now dey come. Just give me some few time abeg

as i still dey talk before i know the aboki make carry me for bike run with full speed jam one soldier man make bone face die stand dey control holdup

chaiii me i shout
the soldier man faint
people shout
the aboki no even wait self
him blow speed still dey go,

as i reach rumours hotel i no believe my eyes

episode 32 coming soon live on Hdcheesy
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 7:25am On Sep 17, 2018
Episode 32 coming soon
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 8:19am On Sep 19, 2018
Baba olowo the long prickcheesy
its been a while now anyways i go try to update una when am free

abeg keep the faith alive
as for all my haters keep on hating, baba olowo is back and better cheesy

starboy things

baba olowo the long prick
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by DeEnigmatic23(m): 10:55am On Sep 19, 2018
This guy deserve some accolades. He's trying his best. Ghost readers should come out and show some love.
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 4:12pm On Sep 19, 2018
This guy deserve some accolades.
He's trying his best.
Ghost readers should come out and show some love.

thank u my nigga, i really appreciate ur comments here because of this i will include ur name in my next episode 32,people like u are really welcomed here
i have promised to stop yabbing my readers here anymore but hail and praise them with much love.
this composing of a thing is not really easy o
but am still trying to push on to the last, the good news is that baba olowo the long prick story does not has any ending or will finish,
i do read some story threads and they have ended and some of them are in season 2 or part 2,
baba olowo the long prick is different its just my everyday inspirations and i dont like writting about one particualar person or something for 2 to 3 episodes without changing it,that is why u will always see different names and things mentioned here,
its just like combinning different jokes to make one story,
anyways i appreciate ur comments baba
but ghost readers are really much here and its affecting me updating much here. I would have been in episode 90 to 100 by now had it been i usually see the love comments here,but i just gets discouraged anytime i always come here to read all this.
Its like u are just talking to urself is that not madness, but you will always see people viewing but not saying anytin its really bad and its hurts me much, but i just keep on trying to update more episodes,
well i wont say much anytime i feel the love to do this i will compose and drop here but if not, anytime i just feel like then you all will see another episode here,
i still dey wonder o
a whole me master composer
still dey for episode 31 chaii
this is very bad
i no still believe my eyes
amaka disappiont me

starboy things
baba olowo the long prick
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 4:44pm On Sep 19, 2018
Its been a long road but we are here now (maywether vs pacquio)
the fight of the century
live on Hdcheesy

starboy things
baba olowo the long prick
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 6:20pm On Sep 19, 2018
Baba olowo the longest prick & iambees the 14inc banana, i no fit wait make we shift dem girls puna, for next episode

ahhh i don die today i no just believe my eyes o
tears dey my eyes like this o
what a tragedy for me here chaii
tears on my eyes much now

abeg make we give one minute silent for our guy iambees who passed away sorrowfully from nairaland here

one minute silent for iambees baba

one minute don pass

now if u check well u go see say iambees name now don change to nobody and na when nairaland dem banned anybody nahim that one go happen ur name go change to nobody

chaiii one of my trusted guys make dey comment here don leave us
ahhhh i shout
ahhh cry dey hungry me o
is this really happening?
Which moral i get again to they compose things to dey drop for here again na?

RIP iambees
i no mean RIP for real life death o
but na for nairaland own here o

abeg iambees uncle abeg tell us about the life and history of iambees so he can be remembered here in nairaland forever

haaaaaaa the uncle devilmaycry shout
today is a very sorrowful day for me and the whole family
we lost iambees a brother,a son,a father to the cold hands of the moderators dem.
its really bad maybe he has commited something or just feel like taking his own life by deactivating his account.
This is bad and i want everyone here to bear a good mind he left us for good not for bad.
Its a sad day for us his niggas who has been with him all this while
but i pray baba olowo the long prick will not be the next to be cried for here

chaiii me i para vex
the thunder make kill iambees nahim go kill u there devilmaycry

its a sad day for me baba olowo the long prick
i will miss iambees my guy,he really showed support to me here and i wont forget him
its a pity he got banned and died eventually here in nairaland,
but in the real life he is fine and breathing well
its really a bad day for me now,
someone that i have always looked up to onlike all this many ghost readers that are much here,
iambees will always live on my heart here in baba olowo the long prick story thread.
Its really bad for us but we have to take heart and bear the loss. thanks to everyone here

as i con dey come down from the pulpit
some people come dey murmmor dey talk something small small

why e be say no be baba olowo the long prick nahim die for nairaland here so, ahh e for no be iambees na
we for happy say na baba long prick die so

naso i look dem laugh
see come una make do head like carrot so
i remember say one day make i been dey sleep,naso i start to dey feel something for my long prick so

ahh me i no believe am
like so i take rush wake up
oboy na one of dem nairaland female moderators dey suck my prick o
she tell me say make i no shout
say she don dey find way to suck this my long prick since i start my story baba olowo the long prick so

now she don finnally see chance to suck am.

i just won tell una say even nairaland female moderators love my long thing so

ban fit happen to anybody o
but no body fit predict am
abeg make una no ban me o
me na funny guy o
but abeg RIP to iambees my guy

we salute u baba
from today this go be our slogan so we fit dey remember you iambees baba

its been a long road but we are here now (maywether vs pacquio) the fight of the century
RIP iambees baba

baba olowo the long prick
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 6:39pm On Sep 19, 2018
Abeg everybody here fit still dey drop comments here for iambees baba

the loss is much for me o
but we need to be a man

nobody knows 2moro

one of my upcoming next episodes go fit be (a dedication to iambees baba) who left us in pains to the cold hands of nairaland death

baba olowo the long prick
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 10:23pm On Sep 19, 2018
Dem say dem bad but i swear dem do nothing o ehh,
dem say dem go trow me punch but i swear dem no reach o ehh,
twenty man shall fall that day if u cross my lane o ehh,
all ur man shall fall that day if u cross my lane o ehh,
back to the matter open and close touch ur toes oya baby oya yod,
back to the matter open and close touch ur toes oya baby oya yod.

starboy things wixkid

i no believe my eyes today cronaldo red card for champions league against valencia
chaiii this world don end

baba olowo the long prickcheesy
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 1:28am On Sep 21, 2018
I won announce to everyone here say sex na food by yongzubi is now officially on facebook

una fit go rush join the group
the name na younzubi stories
just search for am for facebook and click on join

then me as an admin go accept all of una request since i am been employed by youngzubi baba

if u never join u no go see one single episode there or else u are fully a member na like so youngzubi want am all because of copyrites and piracy

see come youngzubi been tell me say e get some men dem make go copy him story dey post for facebook there, and the worst thing be say this people where been praised and adored like as if it is their own hardwork to compose all those episodes there

chaiii how person go take dey enjoy another man sweat and hardwork just imagine

see come if una try that one with my story baba olowo the long prick ehh

una make do head like coconut so

anyways baba youngzubi don take over the group and now the guys dem don appologies if not ehh we for sue dem go court

so me fit dey post there also

baba olowo the long prickcheesy
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 10:50am On Sep 21, 2018
Good morning everyone here
u can join youngzubi stories group chat on facebook by simply searching for the name youngzubi stories

youngzubi make me admin there:

see as i dey shine teeth here cheesy

since people no appreciate me much here so me don get another job for facebook

anyways me don shorten my name there to only baba olowo

me no go answer baba olowo the long prick there

but abeg una fit try invite all una friends to join

baba olowo the long prick
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 6:21pm On Sep 24, 2018
This place is too dry for a story thread,
anyways me self i have to rest myself after all i just won do am for the fun but since una no want am,me no go force anybody

life is even better for me like this self since i dont have to be stressing myself much here composing stuffs

anyways me i dey youngzubi stories now for facebook
because here no favour me at all

i just regret all this poo
na by Gods grace i fit post anytin here again
since una want am like this no problem

baba olowo
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 6:46pm On Sep 24, 2018
I just want tell una anytime from now me i go shut down this too dull of a mad story thread baba olowo the long prick,
i don bear this enough now i dont have any options again

even the established writters in nairaland here have even stopped updating their threads but still yet i see people begging for them to continue

so u want them to continue when he is not been paid or given anything as consalation abi?
so u mean he does not have a family or will feed their children abi?

guys now dey hussle in life
since this story of a thing no work well for me here then i have to move on and delete it

now i have copy paste all i needed from this thread,
now am just awaiting my judgement day on it then u will scroll to find the story thread u wont see any

anytime from now i will be shutting down this thread baba olowo the long prick and am very serious abt it this time around
no more jokes

since na only ghost readers full here for nairaland

after all me no be mad man make go dey talk to ghost readers without even replying

i no won know again abeg

take care
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by Rosemary33: 6:49am On Sep 25, 2018
Baba Olowo my manest Man, I hail o, keep up the work
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 5:07pm On Sep 26, 2018
Closed story thread abeg make una try elsewhere i no do again

baba olowo
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by mirabel9(f): 9:25am On Oct 21, 2018
Happy sunday
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 8:15pm On Oct 28, 2018
Its been a while my niggas

happy sunday to everyone here

baba olowo d long prick
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 8:16pm On Oct 28, 2018
Happy sunday

u are welcome baby

baba olowo
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by TTNL: 1:41am On Oct 29, 2018

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Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 9:07pm On Nov 25, 2018
Episode 32
(baba olowo is back)

as i reach rumours hotel festac town i no really believe my eyes,.

Wetin i see there na one big notice banner make dem hang on top the gate.

dem write for the notice board say

Rumours hotel is for sale interested buyer should contact our agent optimis prime baba

chaiii i don die wetin be this one self,

naso i vex enter inside go sidon with my guy half kilo but i still dey reason the matter.

But wetin con dey vex me pass na when i come dey here say na one guy make dem dey call rex v eddie nahim won buy rumours hotel

before we know ehhh we see crowd dem rush come outside from rumours hotel,some of dem rush go outside of the gate go change that notice board make dem hang there to

Its already official and signed,
rex v eddie is the new owner of rumours hotel festac town all thanks to small doctor that made this possible

chaiii wetin be this?
So na small doctor make 2face sell this hotel so?

240 million naira make small doctor go declare free drinks for everybody here really don affect 2face,

now 2baba got no choice but to sell the place, so him fit recover back from the huge loss

chaiii see as rex v eddie dey shine teeth as the new owner of the hotel,

people dey hail am
baba u too much abeg
too much money

na later we con dey hear say na 2.5 billion naira 2face sell am for rex v eddie,

chaiii rex v eddie na big boy
this na better investment be this o

naso rex v eddie vex declare free sex for everyone here

chaiii oboy my ear stand o
u say wetin baba?

Rex v eddie shout am again
as because say my name na rex v eddie,
so na the short form of sex v eddie be that. because of that i declare free sex and drinks for everyone here

chaiiii see as everybody start to dey shout o,
baba u too much abeg,na long life and properity go follow u anywhere u go

before 5 minutes self rumours hotel don full,
people start to dey call their friends and family come.

Naso for my front one man carry phone make call sharp sharp to him pikin make dey 18 years

hello yong wyzad my pikin
where u dey now?

yong wyzad reply him papa daddy i dey house dey find wetin i go see thief for compound here so

naso him papa tell am forget that level make u rush come rumours hotel now now,
because as e take be for here na free drinks and sex dem don declare for here so

as yong wyzad hear am baba shout chaiii daddy abeg remain space for me
because like this i dey road dey come o.

Naso music start to blast for everywhere for rumours hotel here

chaiii dem those babes dem go hear am today

naso me i para catch one babe carry dey enter one room go fire down.

As i jack the babe up i no even know say na youngzubi babe be that o

as i carry the babe dey go
naso i sight one bros make one other babe dey pursue up and down, oboy the bros na de blacc baba be that o.

The girl dey shout say na only de blacc she want make him bang her, say she no need any other person long tin so

naso the thing vex me ehh i no know when i trowey youngzubi babe make i carry ontop my shoulder use am stone one bros make sidon jejely dey sip fanta

oboy before youngzubi babe self land ontop the bros, baba self don grab the babe for air dey shook the babe before she land self

chaiii which kind free sex be this one self?

naso me i vex catch that babe make dey pursue d blacc baba, carry the babe dey enter room go shook my long tin so

before i know ehhh optimis prime fly give me spear for my back like say na WWE live we dey watch

naso i fly with the babe go jam yong wyzad papa

oboy as i land ehhh i no first see road for like 10 minutes.

optimis prime don already dey bang the babe self.
As i open my eyes na that time optimis prime dey release self aaaah,
optimis prime don bang craze comot for the babe head

chaiii the tin vex me
as optimis prime say make him rest so him go fit go second round
naso i jack baba up for my shoulder trowey am with full speed enter swimming pool gbosa!!

Na divers for the hotel go bring optimis prime come outside

oboy the tin vex me no be small

yougzubi self don carry one other babe sharp sharp enter one room,
youngzubi forget the babe make him carry come self,

oboy see as guys dey drink dey bang babes everywhere no need to dey hide self

some guys just sidon one side dey claim big boys, people like de blacc baba

de blacc just sidon one side bone face dey sip malt,baba no get time for fun at all
na only serious things him like to dey do

yong wyzad self don come dey bang one babe

naso i sight one fine young sweet babe oboy na rex v eddie younger sister be that o

she just dey enter the hotel dey form like cat

ahhh me i shout oboy this babe make sense o

naso i vex pursue the babe
chaiii the babe dey shout dey run o
she get speed die

as i dey pursue the babe naso rex v eddie self dey my back dey pursue me say make i no shook him sister o

abeg baba olowo leave my virgin sister for me o
baba dey shout

episode 33 coming soon live
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 1:06pm On Nov 26, 2018
43 THINGS A GIRL WISHED HER BOYFRIEND KNEW !! . 1. When you break her heart, the pain never really goes away. 2. When she misses you, she's hurting inside. 3. When she says it's over, she still wants you to be hers. . 4. When she walks away from you mad, follow her. 5. When she stares at your mouth, kiss her. 6. When she pushes or hits you, grab her tight & don't let her go. . 7. When she starts cursing at you, kiss her and tell her you love her. 8. When she ignores you, give her your attention. . 9. When she pulls away, pull her back. 10. When you see her at her worst, tell her she's beautiful. 11. When you see her crying, just hold her and don't say a word. 12. When you see her walking, sneak up and hug her waist from behind. . 13. When she's scared, protect her. 14. When she lays her head on your shoulder, tilt her head up and kiss her. 15. When she steals your favourite jacket, let her keep it and sleep with it for a night. 16. When she teases you, tease her back and make her laugh. . 17. When she doesn't answer for a long time, reassure her that everything is okay. 18. When she looks at you with doubt, back yourself up with the truth. 19. When she says that she likes you, she really does more than you could understand. 20. When she grabs your hands, hold hers and play with her fingers. . 21. When she bumps into you, bump into her back and make her laugh. 22. When she tells you a secret, keep it safe and untold. 23. When she looks at you in your eyes, don’t look away until she does. 24. Stay on the phone with her even if she’s not saying anything. 25. Don't let her have the last word. 26. Don't call her hot, but gorgeous or beautiful is so much better. . 27. Say you love her more than she could ever love you. 28. Argue that she is the best girl ever. 29. When she's mad, hug her tight and don't let go. . 30. When she says she's OK, don’t believe it, talk to her about it, because 10 yrs later she'll still remember it. 31. Call her at 12:00am on special occasions to tell her you love her. 32. Call her before you sleep and after you wake up. . 33. Treat her like she's all that matters to you. 34. Don't ignore her when she's out with you and your friends. 35. Stay up all night with her when she's sick. 36. Watch her favorite movie with her or her favorite show even if you think its stupid. . 37. Let her into your world. 38. Let her wear your clothes. 39. When she's bored and sad, hang out with her 40. Let her know she's important. 41. Kiss her in the pouring rain. 42. When she runs up at you crying, the first thing you say is; "Who's ass am I kicking today baby?" . 43. After she reads this, she hopes one day you would read it too.
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 4:19pm On Nov 26, 2018
Episode 33
(a coat of many colours my mama made for me)

oboy see the way i take dey pursue rex v eddie younger sister so make i fit see her shook with my long tin so,

naso rex v eddie self still dey my back dey pursue me o

baba olowo abeg leave my virgin sister alone o

and na true talk rex v eddie dey talk so,
the babe na truelly virgin she be, because the way she take dey tear race self dey fear me o
i no even see the babe catch self

she run with full speed enter one room lock door gbosa!

Chaiii the tin vex me ahhh
wetin be this self?

As i stand for the door dey wait if she fit come outside again with that her big bakasi so

before i know wetin dey happen rex v eddie don catch me con hold me for neck,

i don finally catch u today u this useless baba olowo d long prick make do head like old benin road so, na thunder go fire u there
na my virgin sister u won bang craze abi?

I con reply am say,
no me i just won ask her question say wether she help me see my guy half kilo baba

ahhh rex v eddie shout oga na lie u dey lie, na today i swear u go smell camel yansh

as rex v eddie won beat craze comot for my head,

naso that bouncer make dey work for rumours hotel make get mental problem come dey blow wistle dey come,

the mental bouncer bone face look us troway face, open the door with the spear key take enter inside the room make rex v eddie sister been run enter lock door.

Ahhhh me i shout
rex v eddie self follow shout i don die today o

the next tin make we hear for the room na

leave me alone o, please stop it!

The bouncer won shook craze comot from rex v eddie younger sister

ahh the girl dey shout o
chaiii na that time i no say rex v eddie really strong die,

rex v eddie vex jam with full force open the door gbosa!

Oboy we no believe say the door open sharp sharp,

the next tin make we see na the mental bouncer don already pull all him cloths won bang the babe

na struggle the girl just dey strugle with am,
had it been rex v eddie no dey to help her, i swear the mental bouncer for bang craze comot fo the babe head

chaiiii rex v eddie shout!!!
Wetin be this?

Baba grab better plank from nowhere gbosa!! for the mental bouncer head!

oboy the mental bouncer no know when him stand up with full speed pick race run go outside dey shout like mad person,

oboy na like so me myself i follow the mental bouncer run come outside, before rex v eddie go use the plank self design me like wetin dem draw for the shirt way de blacc baba wear come the hotel so,

as i come outside the tin vex me as plenty people just dey bang anyhow babes dem see for there

oboy before i know naso optimis prime climb ontop stage for the hotel start to dey sing one song,
(a coat of many colours my mama made for me)

oboy me i shout wetin consine a coat of many colours my mama made for me with wetin dey really happen for here so

optimis prime e be like say u don dey mad abi?

Oboy optimis prime still continue to dey sing the song o

but guys no even send am self
dem still dey bang babes dem

oboy optimis prime still dey sing the song ( a coat of many colours my mama made for me)

before we know we see long bottle land for optimis prime head gbosa!!

Chaii baba faint once
one bros con shout

na thunder go fire u there with ur a coat of many colours idiot,

chaiii laugh won kill me
here be like england where u go come dey sing a coat of many colours my mama made for me,

naso things dey flow well for rumours hotel here live

oboy naso i vex go outside go stand

before i know one fine babe just come down from one fine car,

as she just drop her two legs for ground,
na that time i run with full speed jack the babe up run dey enter rumours hotel won go bang,

oboy i no even know say the babe na seun make get nairaland carry am come self

seun won just pack him car well so him fit go chill out with the babe nahim i carry dey run with full speed won go bang so,

as i dey run naso seun run come outside from him car once no even pack well self,

pursue me like say i go thief for youngzubi papa shop

the babe dey shout ontop my shoulder

please let go of me!

I dey craze let go of who?
Na thunder go fire u there

oboy me i increase my speed o
seun pursue me with full speed

as him won just catch me
oboy naso i hear gbosa!

Ahhh me i turn look back oboy na bottle person use stone seun for head
baba faint once

the tin sweet me die na like so i carry the babe make i thief from seun enter room go bang,

oboy the babe sweet die o
chaiii when i don bang like 5 rounds, me i don really tire and i won rest na that time the babe con dey beg me make i continue

say she love my long tin so.
And me i dey fire her well pass seun self
ahhh me i shout come o
so u like baba olowo d long prick abi?

She reply say yes my dear,
am in love with this ur long tin so
it makes me shiver and keep begging for more

please can u continue?

Oboy naso i smile shine teeth
so u want to get a taste of baba olowo abi?

episode 34 coming soon live on Hd
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 11:10pm On Nov 26, 2018
More episodes will be droping soon,
abeg sit tight and relax because baba olowo d long prick is back and better than before

na suya meat and palm wine we dey share for here so
abeg invite ur friends and family
no go chop alone o

baba olowo
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 1:38pm On Nov 27, 2018
Episode 34
(rex v eddie is wanted)

oboy as i gather strenght again dey bang seun babe inside room

naso i start to dey hear loud noise for the compound

ahhhhh abeg no kill am o,

sharp sharp i run come outside with only my boxers

wetin i see i no believe my eyes,
na 2face baba carry long stick dey pursue rex v eddie and him guys dem oyedare timilehin aka bullet and Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè aka bullion van gang

see as all of dem dey pick race dey run with their long legs dem

chaiii naso i shout wetin be this?
Oboy naso one guy make dem dey call ebong victor with him long mouth start to dey explain o say

rex v eddie and him guys dem no really buy rumours hotel o,

but baba go forge false documents and payments say dem don credit 2face baba account with 2.5 billion naira

chaiii people won laugh kill theirselfs

so rex v eddie na wise man,
baba won deceive 2face make no wise,
but him plan don fail am,

Naso crowd make dem been dey bang babes for outside,
follow 2face baba start to dey pursue all of dem so make dem catch dem.

Oboy Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè leg long die baba dey fly people table join with speed,

but rex v eddie and Oyedare Timilehin dem no too get speed like baba

naso dem divert with speed dey head towards one long fence for rumours hotel compound here,
so dem fit fly am jump go outside the next street,

na Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè first dey front because nahim get speed die,
with him long leg like antelop make go thief person pepper chop no clean mouth dey excape

oboy we no believe say upon all Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïe speed and long leg,

baba run reach the fence stand there dey look like cow make no know road,

him dey confused how him won take jump am

baba still stand there like electric pole make nepa people disconnect light from so,

before we know rex v eddie and Oyedare Timilehin don run reach am as him stand there so,
use the idiot do ladder jump the fence excape

chaiiii people shout how manage na?

Even the thing self surprise Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè

imagine say dem climb him back with speed use am take do ladder jumb from the high fense go outside

chaiii baba no believe him eyes
the thing be like film to Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè

aaaaahhh baba shout
i don die today o!!

Before we know one guy make dem dey call smart emmanuel baba fly give Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè spear for back gbosa!!

Baba fly go jam the fense break almost half of him teeth comot

chaiii see as people jump on top am with better beating

baba dey shout
egbami o!!

I don die o!!
help me o!!

I tell u say the whole crowd jump ontop am with full force and better beating

oboy dem beat person for like 20 minutes for ground as people cover am so

dem no even know who dem dey beat self

na later 2face con say e don do o!!

Oboy i no believe say the person make dem dey beat since na ebong victor
hahaahahahahaha laugh won kill me for here o

chaiii so na ebong victor dem dey beat like this thinking say na Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè

but wetin come happen na?
How manage dem no see Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè beat upon say crowd cover am with better beating first

oboy na later we con dey hear say na when dem first dey beat am,
Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè
crawl small small comot from under the crowds dem

so since dem the crowd no see who dem go beat

oboy like so dem replace am with ebong victor for there so

na ebong victor and smart emmanuel na dem first rush jump ontop Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè body when dem first catch am

as things take be and crowd make been dem pursue dem also come jump ontop dem,
follow dey beat anybody make dey under

but as a sharp guy smart emmanuel be na,
him just beat small crawl comot by himself before any mistake fit go happen

but ebong victor to beat person dey hungry am since,
now na him chance to beat craze comot for Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè head

but as Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè crawl excape comot,
so crowd dem use the oportunity take gather ebong victor beat craze comot from him teeth,

chaiiiii i pity baba
but the thing come dey wonder me

even the crowd make beat craze comot from ebong victor head dem surprise o

dem no believe say na ebong victor dem see beat instead of Ît'z Dç Holuwadhermelaray Ríçhïè

chaiii life tire ebong victor

before we know one bros make dem dey call john arigu con dey laugh am
chaiii see as ur face don change like madman boxers make don tear finish

hahahhahahaa naso the whole crowd dem all of dem burst laugh chaiiii

john arigu u get bad mouth o!

Naso 2face shout na thunder go fire all of una half teeths for here

oboy we no believe at once say thunder fire john arigu half teeths comot finish

chaiiii everybody surprise o
aaaaaah see race
ewole o!

Oboy 2face don turn oba of benin o

anytin make baba talk now nahim go happen instantly

chaiii the whole crowd scatter with better race

episode 35 coming soon live on Hd
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 3:45pm On Nov 28, 2018
Episode 35
(the devil wears okrika)

oboy as the way people take run when thunder fire comot half of john arigu teeths dem comot fear me o,

chaiii wat a disaster

even 2face self run when the thunder strike

naso me i run enter room go hide,

but after some time ambulance rush come carry john arigu go hospital go treat am

oboy naso rex v eddie and dem him guys take excape o,

now 2face baba don loose another 60 million naira for the free drinks and sex rex v eddi go declare for rumours hotel here so

as things come take be for here naso one guy make dem dey call Aikoriegie Solomon enter rumours hotel start to dey preach say

brothers and sisters please repent because now the devil wears okrika

i want u all to repent!!

Before baba go even finish him talk crowd don jack am up dey go gate

dem troway Aikoriegie Solomon from ontop the gate go outside,
dem no even open the gate take troway baba

chaii laugh won kill me

naso one babe make get long mouth like peacock so,
make dem dey call Angel Okey with her friend Joy Bassey start to dey laugh am,
chaii wat a pity

no be only the devil now wears okrika but na the devil now wears a suit

oboy naso everybody self relax troway face bone like say nothing happen

before we know again one guy make dem dey call Ibrahim Abd Kabir just run with full speed run enter rumours hotel gbosa!!

oboy see race everybody scatter
nobody stand to even dey ask wetin happen?

to tell u how the thing take worst
see as men dem dey fly rumours hotel backyard fence run go the next street

people like Etz Engr Joshua,Itiam Porlions, Victor Edunjobi, Innocent Obinyeluaku, OG Yung Moni, Kvñg Sãvãgë, AY Lambo, Yvnq Silva, Quadri Hibraheem Haryormhidey

all of dem no one get mind,
dem no even stand to dey ask waiting dey happen?

oboy all of dem run follow backyard fence run go house

chaiii lazy men
laugh won kill me

na later when we come get our selfs

we come dey ask wetin happen?

The only thing make we come dey hear na this two babes again,

make dem dey call Angel Okey with her friend Joy Bassey

naso dem start to dey laugh and insult dem those men dem make fly backyard fence run go house

chaiii look at dem running like fully grown fools
lazy youths,
none of dem can even stand to defend themselfs,
ahhh wat a shame
naso dem troway spit
chaiii all this men na shame to the community

laugh won kill me

oboy before we know naso the remaining guys dem make still dey rumours hotel,

vex jack dem the two long mouth babes dem dey go gate,

ahhh naso that bouncer make get mental problem for rumours hotel here shout

wetin happen na?

Oboy guys dem vex carry am join dey go gate

when dem reach the gate na Angel Okey dem first troway go outside ontop the gate go express road

chaiiii laugh won kill me

naso dem troway Joy Bassey with the mental bouncer at once go outside the same time still ontop the gate

chaiii the thing make funny me pass na as dem troway their two

oboy na the mental bouncer run grab Joy Bassey for air dey shout

chaiiii laugh won kill me

guys dem dey vex o

na ontop rumours hotel gate dem use troway all of dem go express road so

dem no even bother to dey waist their time dey open the gate self

as guys come still relax again say make we chill and forget all about all this madness

naso we see from nowhere again this same aboki guy make dem dey call Ibrahim Abd Kabir,
run with full speed run go outside from rumours hotel

chaiiii oboy see race again o
everybody scatter see run

oboy the thing fear everybody o,
people confuse o,
which kind thing be this one na?

na later we con dey hear say na play the idiot dey use us play so

chaiii the thing vex guys dem
which kind madman be this one self?

Naso everybody come back again con sidon dey chill dey shine eye like thief

as we sidon for like 20 minutes
before we know again this same guy,
make dem dey call Ibrahim Abd Kabir run enter rumours again with full speed dey shout like madman make go smell fowl yansh

but this time guys ready for am die

as baba run enter with full speed
naso guys dem jack am up once with full speed dey go gate

na with full speed dem use take troway baba go outside ontop gate go express road,

baba land with neck
chaiii laugh won kill me

na thunder go help us fire ur one eye there idiot

naso everybody for rumours hotel burst laugh

this guy na the most foolish fool i don ever see for 2018 here so

e be like say the guy na buhari brother self?

Chaiii i never see this kind useless play for my life before

how matured guy like this go dey use people play ,
people make come relax to think how life go be for them

na dem u come dey use play like this

inshort na thunder go help us fire ur butt hole there


oboy the thing really make people dey wonder wether that guy normal self

chaiii naso everybody take relax get peace of mind forget abt the fool

episode 36 coming soon live on Hd
Re: Baba Olowo The Long Prick (a Story For All My Niggars) by okafor200(m): 10:44pm On Nov 29, 2018
Episode 36

(happy birthday to youngzubi baba)

as things come take be for rumours hotel festac town,

naso plenty people from nowhere just rush enter the hotel dey shout

happy birthday to youngzubi!!
Happy birthday to youngzubi!!

Naso i shout come o
na today be younzubi birthday?

Before i know one guy make get long mouth so like buffalo

make dem dey call Umoren Elisha Lishakeyz come tell me say,

so baba olowo u no know say na today be youngzubi birthday abi?
Ahhh me i shout nooo!!

oboy see noise for rumours hotel
guys dem dey fall in with babes

youngzubi fallout with him guys dem
chaiii see as drinks full everywhere

oboy before we know naso one bros declare free drinks for everybody,

before we know 2face rush come outside shout

wetin dey happen here?

Come o who be that guy make declare free drinks for here so?

Naso people point hand say na Itiam Porlions

sharp sharp for our front 2face tell am make him pay first o,

before Itiam Porlions go follow backyard run comot no pay any money,

chaiii laugh won kill me
which kind tin be this one na?

Oboy naso music dey blast everywhere see noise o

before we know we see one guy climb on top stage start to dey sing song

the guy name na Rude King,
baba dey give us him music ryhmes dey kill us softly,

see as everywhere dey hot
incase u need am abeg contact rude king on facebook

ahhhh people shout
rude king u are the best!!
We love u!!

As the music dey scatter everywhere
naso men dem make get the money start to dey come outside

Nwauzor Vincent Ikechukwu u be the boss,
odogwu too much money

baba come outside spray youngzubi #200,000 naira cash

chaiii people shout wetin be this?

Oboy naso we surprise see John Arigu come outside,

come o
no be him i think say thunder fire half of him teeths dem comot?

how manage baba don well now even self dey shine teeth like say nothing happen

e be like say the thunder no fire am well self

ahhh we no believe John Arigu spray youngzubi #500,000 naira cash

ahhh people shout John Arigu baba u too much abeg,
too much money
odogwu 1 of nigeria
John Arigu u get the money,

see as babes start to dey eye baba dey call am sweet honey baby

see as Umoren Elisha Lishakeyz just dey look open mouth like person make go thief old man fowl one leg chop

Umoren Elisha Lishakeyz won go spray youngzubi money but na only #250 naira nahim dey him pocket

the only valuable thing make dey with the idiot na the eyeglass make him wear come like antelop make dey see him period

chaiii laugh won kill me here

naso one bros make dem dey call Neix GoldTouch rush come outside spray youngzubi #500,000 naira cash

ahhhh people hail am
baba u too much abeg
anything u touch go turn to gold

oboy we no believe Neix GoldTouch run vex touch the chair make Umoren Elisha Lishakeyz sidon dey chop person rice make him thief

at once the chair turn to pure gold
oboy people shout

chaiii wat is this?

Umoren Elisha Lishakeyz pick race run with full speed comot from the chair,
fear won kil baba

as things con take be for here
naso dem say if u have any birthday wish for youngzubi

u can come out and say it now

naso sharp sharp me baba olowo run come outside

ahhhh people shout
all hail the king baba olowo d long prick!!

Naso i reply dem
see come my name na stanley okafor

its been a long road but we are here now,

abeg i wish a sweet and loving birthday to our loving youngzubi baba

many more years to come!
Na u be my mentor!!
Had it been i no read ur story sex na food
maybe by now nobody for know who i be baba olowo

na from ur sex na food story i take reason maybe if i start to dey run shits like you youngzubi baba, maybe people self go dey also like me

na person dey make person enter into something, abeg na my confession to make be this o

and wetin i go also tell una be say
last year was one of the worst years for my life

imagine say na after the day when my birthday don pass,
na that time i come remember say

ahhhh i don die yesterday na my birthday o

i pray it shall never be your portion in this life o

u shall never forget ur birthday in jesus name

oboy na Umoren Elisha Lishakeyz
nahim shout amen pass o,

baba shout amen pass the whole crowd make come for there

ahhhh naso people console me
baba olowo we promise u next year shall be different

we go surprise u with gifts and goodies

naso i tell dem abeg one of my birthday wishes go be

abeg if anybody here fit help me catch Umoren Elisha Lishakeyz beat craze comot from him head come thief him eyeglass

bring the eyeglass as gift for me
i go appreciate am die

laugh won kill everybody
chaiii Umoren Elisha Lishakeyz na u be this?


oboy na so men dem come outside spray me #500,000 naira cash

as we dey dance naso nepa people bone face enter go find Umoren Elisha Lishakeyz

dem say baba never pay nepa bill for 2 years now

which kind madman be this one self?

Dem the foolish nepa self no fit wait for am outside?

episode 37 coming soon live on hd

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