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Just A Taste - Don't Miss This Story / Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by iamdocToyemi(m): 8:59am On Sep 29, 2018
d deiver never write am finish so i dey update as it dey go
Oh thanks boss
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by dawno2008(m): 10:58am On Oct 01, 2018
Patiently waiting
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Damibiz(m): 11:53am On Oct 01, 2018
Nice story line
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 3:13pm On Oct 01, 2018
Don’t miss this episode�

My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 11

*Kelly’s point of view*

I was out on a date with Sugar..
Can you believe that?
I can’t believe actually myself..
This was the first time i’ve ever took a girl out on a date.
But Sugar had made me do it..
Since the day i set my eyes on her, i developed a strange feeling which i never had before..
Mom said it’s love..
But i don’t really understand what love is all about, But all i know is that i crave for Sugar, i want to have her around me.
I want to watch her smile and laugh and wink.
I want to feel her.
And thinking about her, makes me miss her.
Have i ever missed someone in my life?
Hell! that was only Kate my twin sister, when i lost her.
I can say that Sugar have occupied a space in my heart.
I want her.
But i find it hard to say it out.
Because i’m afraid i would end up dumping her. And that would cause so much trouble.
Because i don’t know if i would be able to love her for long, for ever.
I don’t even know if what i feel for her is really love.
or Lust.
But Sugar seen so sweet and..and i just wanna try to love her.
To appreciate the beauty of love.
That same day that i got back from the hospital.
I texted Caroline,
I told her the truth and i apologised.
Didn’t know what pushed me to tell her it’s over. We can’t see again,
but i felt my fingers type them and sent to her.
I know i’ve started to feel that word ‘love.
Sugar had clouded my thoughts.
She makes me go crazy.
Her smiles.
She is hot!
I want to say that i love Sugar..
I just hope i love her for so much long.
“So tell me, What do you love doing?” I.asked her as we were having our dinner date.
She took a sip from the cup of wine in her hand and still holding the glass cup in her hand, away from her lips,
“Well, i love to travel to new exciting places. I love to have fun, and meet new people.” She said.
“Wow..” I said,.
“What about you?” She asked.
I love sex.
I chuckled silently.
“I love my mom. I love to travel as well. I love sports and reading. And i..i love you Sugar.” I said.
This was the first time i was saying the truth about it.
She smiled.
“Thanks..” She said
“Sugar..Can you tell me about your childhood?” Something pushed me to say that.
Looking at her felt like i was looking at Kate.
“Well, wasn’t really fun filled. I was always indoors, locked up.” She said.
“Locked up?” I asked.
“Yeah. My parents were afraid to loose me. Then my dad was in a big trouble with a powerful man and the man threatened to kill me. For ten years i was always locked up in the house. Didn’t go to school all that time. My dad employed a teacher who taught me at home.” She said.
“Oh my God..” I exclaimed.
I thought all this stuff only happen in movies.
“Yeah. So can you tell me about yourself?” She asked.
“Im Kelly Ejifor..”
“Oh i know that.” She laughed.
“Im was a twin before Kate left.”
“Your sister?” She asked, suprised.
“Oh my God.. so sorry about that.” She said.
“Its okay.. It’s fifteen years now. I’ve gotten over it.” I said.
“I never had any.. So i don’t really know how it feels to loose one.” She said.
“Shh..lets not spoil this awesome dinner.” I said.
She smiled.
“Can you guess my age?” I asked, trying to lighten the moment.
She smiled.
She is always smiling.
She raised eyebrows,“Uhm..twenty seven?” She said.
“Twenty eight. You’re good at that.” I said.
She smiled, touching the tip of the glass cup at her lower lip.“Im twenty-five.” She said.
“Three years gap isn’t that much, you know..” I laughed.
She laughed too.
“Hmm..I like here.” She said, taking her eyes around the rich and well decorated restaurant.
I smiled.
I did a good internet search before i found it.
I know Sugar would love beautiful, classic and expensive things just the way she is. And i would never want to disappoint her.
Mom told me this restaurant would be perfect for our date.
Yeah, mom did.
She seem to be the happiest mother to know that her son is trying to love someone..
She say she can’t wait for me to propose to Sugar and then we get married.
But even though i wanna love Sugar..
Im still scared to get into marriage.
I f—–g hate that word!
I looked into Sugar’s eyes..
They are so cute and charming.
Maybe i can make her my wife afterall.
“Do you like my eyes. You’ve been staring at them?” She asked, smiling.
“Yeah.. Sugar i really love everything about you.”
“Have you ever loved someone?” She asked.
I was thrown aback by her question.
It was my Sister.
She was my all.
My best friend..
But some girls..
Some f—–g girls she called her friends ganged up and arranged some guys and they raped my sister to coma.
She died after three days.
That is the main reason for my act.
The main reason why i live my life messing other girls up.
“Kelly..” Sugar called and i looked up at her.
Can i trust her to tell her about what really happened to my sister?
Even though i love her now..
I cant!
“Sugar.. I’ve loved only one girl in my life.” I said.
“Who?” She asked, staring back at me.
“My ex.” I lied
She smiled, “That’s fine.”

source: http://www.emperorblog.com.ng/my-personal-taste
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 3:14pm On Oct 01, 2018
“Thanks for making my dinner a wonderful one, Sugar..” I said to her as we got to her door step.
“Oh thats okay..It was fun. But why don’t you get in huh?” She asked me, smiling.
No.. i don’t want to try doing anything stupid.
I tried to talk but she dragged me in and shut the door behind.
My blood rushed.
She wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me.
Her lips were sweet.
I wanted to just grab her that moment but i held myself.
I am too scared to touch her.
To do anything.
Is that how people feel when they are inlove?
Or maybe im scared of dumping her a-s after having sex with her?
I know doing that sure is gonna cause troubles.
She dragged me to a couch and gently pushed me onto it.
She smiled and winked at me.
Giving me those seducing smiles.
Im trying to hold back myself but this girl really want this.
If only she have a clue of what i do after having sex with every girl.
I dump them!
And im scared of dumping her.
I don’t want to!
I love her.
Now, i know what it means to love someone.
I never thought i could be inlove.

Sugar climbed over me and covered her lips in mine again, this time it was passionate and flaming and i felt myself loosing.
Then i could feel her long fingers on my shirt, undoing the buttons.
God! no..
I released my lips and she looked suprised.
“Sugar.. please.. we shouldn’t do this.” I said.
It took the whole power in me to say that.
I loved sex.
And i’ve been wanting it.
But im afraid to have sex with Sugar.
Im scared of loosing her.
“Kelly, why?” She asked. She was right in the mood.
“We love each other Kelly. I love youu..” She said.
“Sugar, don’t you think we…”
Don’t you think we should hold on..
This was what i was about to ask. But she put her finger on my lips.
“Shh.. Don’t say anything..Let’s enjoy this moment..” She whispered.
“Now.. don’t just watch me.. Help me off with mine pls baby..” She winked before taking my shirt off and just as her hands went down to my bulge.
I lost it.
We had sex.

source: www.emperorblog.com.ng/my-personal-taste

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by dawno2008(m): 11:14pm On Oct 01, 2018
Interesting update pls keep it coming
I only hope sugar won't be a bad ass
Maybe he as met his match,

Like Oliver twists 'i want morrrre biko"
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by shakir0802: 9:16pm On Oct 02, 2018
I'm impressed
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 7:43pm On Oct 03, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 12
*Rose’s point of view*
“Please sir, can i get permission to miss work this friday?” I begged my boss.
My boss looked at me with angry eyes.
“Rose, few weeks ago, you told me this same thing. You said your Aunty was sick and in the hospital. Now what is the problem?”
Im going to Lagos to meet Jonny.
I have to.
“My cousin’s wedding is on friday.. I’m her bridesmaid. I can’t miss that sir. Please Sir.” I said.
What a lie.
He stayed silent for what seemed to me like forever, then
“Okay then, you may go. I permit you.” He said.
“Thank you sir.” I said.
**** **
As i got back from work, i met my landlord at my door step.
my heart skipped!
I just hope it isn’t about house rent.
The year havn’t ended yet.
“Oga Landlord. Goodevening.” I greeted.
“Goodevening Rose. How are you?” He asked.
His face looked bright and happy.
I thanked God.
“Im fine.” I answered.
“Good. Good. The reason why i came is that, you know the year is about to end soon.” He began.
I knew it!
This man and money!
“I know landlord. We are still in september.” I said.
“I know. I just want to remind you. So you won’t forget.” He said, grinning.
“Remind me?”
“Yes.. So you may start making accounts now..” He said.
Stupid man!
“Okay. Bye bye Landlord. Im tired and need rest now.” I said and walked pass him, into my apartment.
“Oh my God” i slumped into a the sofa in my room.
This is serious.
So so serious.
I’m not yet through with Lady B and Landlord is already reminding me of house rent.
“God i just pray i meet Jonny and take back the money i gave him.”
But what if i don’t meet him?
whatever! i must meet him.
He must tell me the reasons why his line are unavailable for weeks now.
He must!
And those God forsaking pictures in that w—e’s phone.
He must explain everything one after the other.
And it would be this friday.
Aunty Caro who promised to give me transport fare to and fro had been keeping silent on me since after the little quarel we had.
I’ve tried telling reaching her to reconcile with her but her lines are also
Oh my world!
Whatever! I don’t need her help.
I can do this by myself.. Or can’t i?
Just then my phone rang.
Lady B..
Oh Lord!
seems like im going to cut the sim card into two.
But that won’t still make her stop.
She will surely get my new line.
This woman is nothing but a witch!
I refused picking the call, then she called back.
And then Again.
And then again.
What the heck!
I took the phone angrily.
I’ll have to pick it.
“Rose! Rose! Whey my money!?” Lady B screamed immediately i picked the call.
Crazy woman!
“Lady B good evening.” I greeted. As if the greeting would change what she have for me.
“Hold it! Make you hold that your greeting. Na my money i want.” She said.
“Lady B i go pay you your money. Cool your temper please.”
“Rose, your father!”
“Lady B” i called.
“Make you just dey wait for me for that your house.I go soon come with police.”
“Ah Lady B.. You can’t do this na. Just calm down. i go pay you, abeg.” I said.
“You dey dare me Rose. I give you two weeks to give me my two hundred thousand or else,..”
“Abeg i go pay you.. Just give small chance.” I begged.
But she’s dropped the call.
I shook my head.
Rose you are in big trouble!
Lady B!
I called her line but it was busy..
What do i do now?
I have to find this money and there is no other way than going to meet Jonny in that lagos he is right now!
He have to do something.
We need to pay Lady B her money.
God! what have i put myself into.
Im not even the one who spent the borrowed money, but im the one suffering to pay back..
While Jonny stay in lagos, less concerned!
He thinks he can abandon me here?
And makes his lines unavailable and then thinks i won’t find him?
“Well, Jonny you lie! because im coming to lagos in three days time!”
*Kelly’s point of view*
“I. Love. You. Sugarr” I whispered to her as i had my d**k in and out of her.
While she moaned.
Sugar and I met right after work.
And i drove her down to my house.
She said she wanna spend the weekend with me.
And i was happy.
I love this girl and i know she loves me too..
I feel happy that she’s here in my house, on my bed.
And im making love to her.
Yeah, its love-making.
Not sex, because sex seem to me like a revenge for my sister’s death.
I can’t use that word on Sugar
After we had sex the first time, I thought i was going to dump her, but i couldn’t.
Instead, i felt my self loving her the more.
I feel myself missing her each day.thinking about her.
Dreaming about her each time i close my eyes..
Isn’that sign of being inlove?
or is it lust?
or fear.

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 7:45pm On Oct 03, 2018
Whatever! Im inlove with Sugar.. I know. I love her. I can’t have enough of her. I always want her each day… She makes me loose myself. She is the sweetest girl i’ve ever met. Yeah, The way she kiss me,..touch me,..Ride me.. She’s super hot! Her smiles are charming. Her beauty… What can i really say is the reason why im inlove with Sugar.. Is it her manners? Her beauty or her body? I can’t just explain but i know i love sugar.. and i want to love her forever.. . Just then she pushed me away.. I looked at her. Why? I know she’s up to something naughty. She’s just too naughty. She turned and went on all fours… Her a-s up to my face. “Doggy baby..” She said. “Naughty girl.” I laughed. She’s just too super sweet and crazy! And I just wanna love her on and on and on…
link to other episode http://emperorblog.com.ng/my-personl-taste

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Damibiz(m): 9:06pm On Oct 03, 2018
I'm loving this..,sugar
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 3:23pm On Oct 04, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 13
# Friday
*Rose’s point of view*
“Goodmorning papa Efe” I greeted at their door that morning. It was five minutes after seven o’clock and i was all ready to begin my journey to lagos, to find Jonny.
Papa Efe looked at me, suprised. I heardly come to their apartment for what so ever!
“Ah, Rosa.. This kind early morning greeting for my door. Hope say everything dey fine?”
I gave him a quick fierce glance
Stupid man!
You think if you weren’t my neughbour, I’ll disturb myself.
“Nothing o..” I said. “I want to let you know as my neighbour that im travelling this morning. To lagos.” I told him.
He grinned, displaying coloured teeth.
God! I beg you, this man musn’t bring me badluck today with this his stupidity.
“Ah, To see your boyfriend abi?” He asked.
“What ever im travelling to lagos to do or who ever im going to see is not in any way your business Papa Efe. So bye.”
I said and walked out.
“Ah Ah, Rosa you too dey vex.” I heard him say.
Foolish man!
*Kelly’s point of view*
“Hey beauty” I said as i got out of bed and walked over to Sugar at the dressing table, where she was sitting with her eyes fixed on the mirror and her hands walking on her face.
I gently planted kisses at her back and up to her neck.
She moaned.
“Goodmorning baby..” She said softly, letting me kiss her more on her neck.
“You look so beautiful..” I said as i stared at her from the mirror and then i wrapped my arms around her from the back.
I really love this girl.
“Thanks baby..” She smiled and kissed my hand.
I felt tingles and then i bend and began giving her soft bites on her ear.
“We could have a round this morning too, not bad you know baby.” I whispered into her ears.
She pushed me away gently.
“Crazy boy!” She said, smiling.
“In crazy for you Sugar.. I love you so much.” I said, wrapping my arms around her again. “You’re so sweet” I added, and proceeded to kiss her neck again. From the mirror, I saw her shut her eyes.
She love it.
I could feel myself getting hard.
S*x with Sugar had been the best sex ever.
S*x with someone I love.
Someone I care about.
That makes me happy.. really happy when she’s around.
I brought my hands up to her b**bs and tried to slide them in through her nightie.
Then she held them still.
She turned her head to look at me,“You should go freshen up, take your bath and dress up for work.” She said and winked.
I made a frowny face.
“Yeah, go on. Get into the bathroom baby..” She said, and gently pushed me away.
“Come with me please?” I said, and formed a pleading face, with my eyebrows raised.
She shook her head. “No play this morning till you’re back from work.” She said.
I laughed and walked to the bathroom.
“Baby are you serious that you can stay all alone in this house till im back?” I asked her.
“Why not.” She said.
“I feel you gonna be freaking bored without me.” I said.
She laughed, “Im gonna miss you baby.” She said, coming over.
She’s coming right in..
“But, im fine. Watch some movies..play games on my phone.” She said but she was on the bed now..
She wasn’t coming in to meet me.
I frowned.
“Alright baby..” I said unenthusiastically.
“What time are my expecting to see you home?” She asked.
“Five o’clock is kinda long but i’ll make it up to you baby.” I said.
“You’re taking me out tonight baby?” She asked.
“Yeah. We gonna have real fun.” I said, turning the shower and the cold water running over my skin.
“Wow,i can’t wait.” She screamed excitedly.
She loves fun.
“Where you taking me baby?” She asked.
“Gonna be a suprise.” I said.
“Oh my ba..by”
“Take care baby. I’ll be back as soon as possible to be with my sugar..” I said, kissing her. She kissed back. But mine was taking much so she released her lips from mine.
She smiled, and hit my chest playfully,“ Naughty boy. Get going boo.” She said.
“Baby, I still have forty minutes left to be at the office. And the drive is just twenty minutes. Try to imagine what we can do in twenty minutes Sugar..” I said, reaching for her butt.
“Oh no baby..” She said, adjusting my necktie.
You gonna get it as much as you want when you get back. Trust me.” She said, giving me that mind blowing wink.
“Sugar..” I said, forming a sad face.
“Shh..” She said and gave me a peck on the cheek before pushing me out.
“Good bye baby. I love you. muahh.” She said before shutting the door to my face.
God! my briefcase.
Then the door opened.
“Briefcase honeyyyy…” She smiled, straightening it to me.
I took it.
“Kisses*” She blew and shut the door.
Crazy girl!
I shrugged.
“I Love Youu!!” I said aloud.
*Rose’s point of view*
It was exactly 11:20am when the stupid driver got into the steering to begin our journey from delta state to lagos.
Imagine that!
Passengers screamed at him for keeping us waiting since over three hours!
“Driver! which kind rubbish be this?. For over three hours!” A man fired up.
“When do you want us to get to lagos!?” Another young man asked with annoyance.
“Where you go sef ehn!” A lady from the front asked.
“Ask him! what rubbish!” An old man in suits and eye glasses beside her asked.
“Ah, Na new company. Na so dem dey do.” An old woman with big headtie said.
For me, i had no strength to talk, no fresh air to breathe free.
I was in hell right where i sat.
I don’t know how unfortunate i was to get a sit beside a smelly old man.
He smelled of alcohol
He was sleeping and snooring with his mouth wide opened.
Gosh! His breath stink!
I looked over and a guy looked at me with pity written over his face.
I sure knew my face wasn’t good looking at all.
I was in hell of a suffering..
Then the man’s hand dropped and boom! on my thigh.
I flinged his hand off immediately, disgusted and embarrased.
He smell like he didn’t take his bath a week. His hands and fingers and are all dusty and dirty.
I sighed.
God! what is this!
The guy looked at me again..
I shut my eyes.
If this is how this journey is going to continue., then its sure going to be too bad for me.
*Kelly’s point of view*

PART 14 http://emperorblog.com.ng/my-personal-taste-part-14/

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 3:25pm On Oct 04, 2018
This wasn’t the time i told Sugar i was gonna come home..
But hell! I was bored at the office.
I was missing her really bad!
I called her, but that wasn’t enough. I still miss her.
I chat her up, but i still miss her presence.
I was through with signing and checking business files which my secretary brought to my office.
I had finish having my brief meeting with Mr Soje and Mr Greg of the Pime oil company.
I was bored and i was missing Sugar.
So i had to come home.
To see her, stay with her.
I wanted to tell her i was coming home but i decided on making it a suprise.
Maybe she wouod love some little suprises right.?
Once i was home., I packed my car just outside my gate.
And walked in.
Stopping at my door, i was about to press the doorbell button, when some sounds caught my attention.
Sounds like moans.
God!.oh no, i really hope this isn’t what im thinking.
I walked slowly to one of the windows and tried peeping through but the curtains are too thick and covered.
I can’t.
But now, from the window, i can hear the sound quite well.
The louder voice was Sugar’s, begging to be f**ked till she can’t breathe anymore.
This can’t be true.
I felt my body freeze.
I felt my heart get cold.
I felt like i’ve been kicked in the head.
My stomache turned.
Sugar was screaming and begging to be f**ked like a w—e!
I felt myself shattering bit by bit.
My heart spilling.
My blood rushing.
I couldn’t believe it.
Many thought ran through my mind.
Could this be the reason why she came on yesterday instead of the proposed weekend
Could this be the reason why she said she could stay alone in this house.without me around?
Could this be the reason why she never wanted us to have s*x in the morning?
When i thought i have fallen inlove and made my mom proud and happy., I fell for the wrong person.
Could this be nemesis?
Punishing me for my past actions?
God! i’ve messed up!
My heart bleeds.
I looked at my palms and there were sweats on it..
I felt tears in my eyes.
How can i cry?
Because of this?
I’ve never cared if a girl sleeps around.
But hell! I can’t deny it.
Sugar had a place in my heart.
She meant the world to me.
I fell inlove with her!
Im such a fool!
I shouldn’t have listened to mom!
Sugar was screaming and i just wanted to break in and smack hell outta her and the b—h!
The b—–d!
F–k! What do i do?
I felt so weak.
So used.
I don’t know what to do.
I went to the doorbell and pressed.
Their voice stopped immediately.
I turned and walked away without looking back.
I know she must be looking at me now..
They must be at the window or at the door, staring at me as i walk away with tears in my eyes.
I didn’t look back.
I only text her.
”After You Are Done F—–g With Your B—h. Get Your A-s Outta My House. Cos I Won’t Wanna See Your Disgusting Face When I Get Back.” I sent.
I got into my car and zoomed off to only-God-knows-where!
I just wanna find a place to cool myself.
I’ve been a fool to fall inlove.

PART 14 http://emperorblog.com.ng/my-personal-taste-part-14/

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by aprilwise(m): 9:19pm On Oct 04, 2018
Bush animal don catch the hunter.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Damibiz(m): 10:06pm On Oct 04, 2018
Playerz dont like to be Played.. WHY ?
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 6:47pm On Oct 05, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 14
*Rose’s point of view*
Darkness has fallen when we finally arrived in Lagos.
Hold-up had been quite much on the road and rain itself didn’t make our journey any better. It fell heavily at Benin and two other places.
But thank goodness we finally got to lagos state.
I was in lagos now..
So this is the city where Jonny took three hundred thousand naira to travel to,ten months ago.
He then thought i can’t come to find him right?
His indeed a big joker.
I got down from the bus, with the only bag i came with, a small back bag. I hung it over my back.
Others were going down the roadside to get a taxi or a bus and head to where ever they are going, but i stood just beside the bus, thinking.
Now, how do i start?
How do i get a taxi or a bus to the so called bariga?
I brought out my phone from my sweater pocket which i wore. I was on a grey-coloured sweater, a blue jean trouser and blue sandals..
I scrolled through my phone to my phone-note to reread the address which that cheap w—e gave to me.
It read, “22 Aduke street, Bariga.”
I shook my head.
Really, i need help.
I would need to ask someone. Any one among this people.
Im stranded.
I need help.
I looked, but so many had gone, remaining just four people still standing on the roadside waiting for a miracle bus.
And among them is the smelly old man.
The three others stood far from him, obviously because of thevway he stinks and smells.
Seriously, It was hell for me in there, in the bus. Only God knows how i survived.
I looked behind me and the bus had left.
When did this bus right behind me move out of here?
rhetorical question.
“You look suprised.” A masculine voice said.
I turned and it was the guy at the bus, who kept staring at me with pity.
The streets light were on so he could have seen my expression.
He walked over.
“Hey” He said, standing beside me.
He is handsome.
“Hi” I said, and threw my phone back into my sweater pockets with my hands deep inside it.
I don’t have to trust anyone.
“You seem to be confused on something?” He asked and folded his arms.
He too had only a backbag, but way bigger than mine.
“Are you?” He asked.
Should i tell him?
Idiot! Ofcos you should.
“Yeah, It’s my first time in lagos.” I said.
“Oh..” He said, and looked at me like i don’t mean it.
I don’t care anyway.
“I need help please.” I said.
“The address is 22 Aduke street, Bariga. Please how do i find a bus that would take me there?” I asked him, my face down.
I don’t need to see his expressiom.
He’do already think im a typical village dumb a-s.
“Wow. Then you are lucky. that is exactly where im going too.” He said.
Oh my goodness!
“Really?” I asked. I was super excited.
“You mean 22 Aduke street?” I asked.
He should know Jonny then.
“No, not not at all. My street where is a bit far from Aduke street. You’ll get to Aduke before mine.” He explained.
Oh bad.
I felt sad.
Well, it’s still a lucky thing tnat i met someone heading to that side.
“Alright” I said.
“Come on. We can’t get a bus here that we are. We should be at the roadside.” He said, moving ahead and i followed.
“I’m sorry about all you went through there in the bus.” He said.
I understood, so i nodded.
“It’s okay.” I said.
The man had left.
I felt pity for the person sitting beside him in the bus or taxi now.
“Oh, bus is here.” The guy said as we saw one.
It stopped, and we quickly rushed in.
“Can i know your name?” He asked.
“R..Rose” I said.
“Wow.. I’m Bankole.” He said.
“Ban_kole” I pronouced playfully.
He smiled, “Yeah. Can i get your contact please?” He asked.
I rolled my eyes.
Well, it’s not bad if i do.
Who knows he might be of another help later.
“Okay” I said.
He handed me his small phone.
I typed my mobile number and gave him back the phone.
“Thank you.” He said.
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*Kelly’s point of view*
“Oga, please Im closing.” The bar lady said to me.
I looked up at her with dim and drunken eyes.
“Since afternoon, you’ve been here. Drinking.” She said.
“How the f–k is that your f—–g business?” I yelled.
“Oya na, Give me my money, and come dey go. I don dey close. Your money na five thousand.” She said.
I got my hand into my jean pocket and brought out money and dropped them on the table.
They are up to fifteen thousand.
She grapped them.
“Oga thank you. Oshe gan.” She said and folded them into her bag.
“What’s the time?” I asked.
“Ehm..” She checked her phone,“Fifteen minutes pass eleven o’clock.”
“Uh?” I looked at her like are you serious?
She nodded her head.
S–t! i’ve been here for hours.
In this God for saking place for hours because of Sugar.
Because of the w—e who i fell inlove with.
Because i wanted to think..
To think of how foolish i was to fall inlove with her.
Without knowing Sugar never loved me.
We had s*x.
Unprotected s*x!
And so many times at that.
God! how foolish i had been.
I rubbed my eyes and got up.
My feet wobbling.
I staggered out of the bar and into my car.
I pushed my sit backward and rested my head.
I have to find my way back to my house.
How did i even get here?
“D–n” I yelled as i hit the steering wheel with annoyance.
Sugar is a d–n b—h.
A f—–g d–n b—h.
I would never listen to mom anymore.
I would never try to love.
To love any b—h.
I sat up and blinked. Tears in my eyes.
I rubbed them off with the back of my palm.
I turned on the engine, and zoomed off into the lonely streets.
I turn on my radio as it played me Love. Is Wicked by Brick and Lace.
Love is wicked indeed.
*** **
*Back to Rose’s point of view*
When we got to Aduke’s street. He stopped the driver.
He turned to me, “This is Aduke street. Hope someone is around to pick you up?” He asked.
“Yeah” I lied. I can’t tell him no. I can’t bring him into my problems.
“Be careful.” He said
“I will. Thank you so much.” I said and got down.
“Don’t mention dear.” He said.
Bankole paid my tfare..
“Bye.” I waved at Bankole.
He waved back as the yellow-painted bus zoomed off.
I inhaled. I was alone,
I got a bit scared but thank goodness there was light.
So the street was not so dark.
I began to walk up to get to house 22.. They was light so i would be able to see it.
Queen described me how the house is.
Red paint, Old zinc, And has twelve doors in total.
As i walked on, i deeply prayed for the bad guys not to see me.
They musn’t see me God, please i beg you.
When i saw the house. I inhaled a relieved breathe.
This should be the house.
I crossed the gutter, over to the house.
It was indeed a face-me-i-face-you house.
Queen said Jonny’s room is the tenth door.
I counted and walked over to the tenth door.
So this is where Jonny stays.
And he’s been lying to me all this while that he lives in Lekki.
Then, I heard music in the room.
Why on earth would someone be playing music at this time of the night?
How are my even sure Jonny lives here. And stays in this room?
I inhaled.
Im going to find out anyway.
I knocked on the door.
And waited for few seconds, but no answer.
He must be sleeping or probably the music is loud.
I knocked again, harder and afraid that his neighbours would hear.
But still no answer.
This is serious.
I walked over to the window and tried looking inside.
The curtain was light and didn’t fully cover the window.
“What!?” I gasped as i saw the must heartbreaking scene.
Jonny had two girls, Unclad and he was having s*x with the both gof them!
Oh my God!
No no no no! This can’t be.
“No. This can’t be true.” I said, rubbing my palms on my eyes. To be sure i wasn’t dreaming.
Yes i wasn’t.
It was true.
It was so true!
Jonny was having s*x with two girls. not even one but two!
My heart splitted.
I was burning with hate and regret.
How dare Jonny!
After all i’ve done for him..
This has to be a joke.
Jonny tell me you are joking!
You can’t hurt me like this naw.
You can’t do this to me!
I walked over and hit the door so hard and it flung open.
I was stunned!
I stood at the door, tears pouring down my cheeks like a river flowing.
My fist clinged tightly and my lips shaking.
I was enraged but i had no idea of what to do.
I was disappinted and heart broken.
So heart shattered.
He stared at me with fright and suprise.
He was shocked to see me.
The two girls stared at me too. They were confused.
“Ro…Ro..Rose.” He stammered and swallowed.
I wanted to burst into loud cry but i held my lips.
I held it down my throat.
“Rose.. What.. what are you doing here?” He asked, his voice unsteady.
I don’t know what to say.
I was too shocked to speak.
“D–n you!!” I yelled and ran out, into the streets, as i finally burst into a loud cry.
I kept running.
I don’t know why but i guess i just wanted to run far away from him.
My emotions and rage took over me.
I have been used.
I don’t know where i am but i felt so weak to continue so i stopped and slumped to the floor.
My crying was loud.
I knew i could be in danger.
But i couldn’t care right then.
I’ve been messed up already.
I just want to die and go to my mother.
My father.
My brother.
Jonny who stitched the torn pieces left of me when my they died, had smatched it right in the sand.
I cried hard.
Just then, The light was taken.
Everywhere became totally dark.
I couldn’t even see myself.
My heart skipped.
How the hell did i get myself into this.
I was frightened.
“Stay still! No dare move!” A deep deadly voice said behind me.
I jumped.
“Jesus! please don’t kill me. Don’t hurt me i beg of you.” I begged, with my eyes shut.
“Shut up!” I heard another voice say to me.
Oh God! they are two! im dead.
Rose you don die!
My body was shaking with fright.
I nodded my head in affirmation as i pinned my lips with my fingers, Sweating furiously.
Hands searched me and took my bag immediately.
I shut my eyes.
Hands searched my body, getting their hands all over my body, including my b**bs and butt.
They took my phone.
I began sobbing hard.
This must be a nightmare.
God! i need to wake up!
I really need to. Or im dead. Im doomed for good!
“Now baby. We should at least have a taste of this your..” The first guy said, taking his hand up my thighs.
“Your sweet and chewing gum..” The second guy said sarcastically.
and they laughed.
Oh no!
“Please i beg you. Don’t do this to me. Take the bag, the phone but please don’t do this to me. Don’t touch me i beg of you please..” I begged, shivering and sweating.
No this can’t happen to me.
Ofcos not!
God please come to my rescue
Jesus i need you now!
“Comon shut up my friend. Jaja hold her.” The first one said. And i felt strong hands grab me and i had no strength to fight. But i tried struggling, as i kept crying and begging.
**** **
*Back Kelly’s point of view*
As i drove past the lonely streets of Bariga. My mind continued with thoughts of Sugar.
Thoughts of the pretence.
The love she claimed to have for me.
Can someone truely love and still cheat?
And no where else but right in my house.
God! i feel so betrayed.
I just hope i don’t get to see her d–n self in my house because it’s gonna be hell for her.
I don’t give a d–n if her mom is a barrister or her dad is powerful.
Im sure gonna deal with her if i see her still in my house.
I drummed my finger on the steering.
“Oh b—h! f—–g b—h” I hit the steering with total rage.
Then my car light showed something.
What is this?
Two guys are trying to… to.. to rape a girl!??
Holy s–t!
They saw my car coming and they instantly disappeared out of sight.
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I stopped my car as i got there and quickly got down.
I walked over to the girl and she sat on the floor in tears, crying, with her legs together, wrapped in her arms and her head down on her knee.
“Hi,” I said, But she refused looking up.
I just saved her a-s and she can’t even raise her head up to look at me?
“Helloo..” I said, touching her but she she still didn’t look up.
I’ve heard enough.
“Okay then. I just saved your a-s and you don’t wanna look up. Fine im going.”
Then just immediately, the girl collapsed to the ground. Flat.
I wanted to run to my car and drive off without looking back.
But i couldn’t. Something held me.
My conscience.
I know she needs help.
She must have been stranded or lost her way.
I can’t leave her.
No, i’ll just save her.
I’l just do it.
So I bent down and carried her.
“Kelly at your rescue.” I grinned.
.Wow, OMG!
Kelly had finally saved Rose!
There are lot more to unfold.
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This is nice story.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Damibiz(m): 9:49pm On Oct 05, 2018
Kelly to the Rescue indeed...nice writeup
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by dawno2008(m): 11:25pm On Oct 05, 2018
I suspected that sugar girl na,
A player just got played!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool
Nice work
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My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 15
*Kelly’s point of view continues*
As i drove on, with the girl laying at the back sit, I pondered on where to take her to.
My house?
Ofcos not, that’s foolish.
Im not a doctor.
yeah, hospital then.
That’s the only place i can take her to.
I can’t risk taking her to my house.
Then the sneezed.
I turned and she was awake, back and her eyes are opened but are dull.
She rubbed her eyes and looked around.
She must be suprised to see herself in a car.
She looked at me, I turned and focused on the steering.
“Who are you?” She asked.
Like what the hell!?
“Really, you can actually talk huh?” I asked her, with a little annoyance.
“Okay, why did you save me?” She questioned.
What a question!
So she could actually remember.
“Because you had to collapse right there in my face. So what should i have done, leave you there huh?” Her question is so annoying.
She was silent.
“So i shouldn’t have saved you huh?”
She remained silent.
That annoyed me.
“Maybe i should have left you there to die or probably get raped to coma.”
Saying that reminded me of my sister.
But i had to say that. Who stays silent on someone who just saved her!
“Hey, don’t talk to me in such manner!” She said.
“You don’t f—–g rudely talk to someone who just saved your d–n a-s from some bad guys!” I yelled.
“Like seriously. When the hell did i beg you to save me!?” She yelled back.
Alright then.
“Fine. F–k outta my car.” I said and stopped the car.
I don’t know her reaction, her expression because i didn’t look back.
But her silence was long.
She seem to be thrown aback by what i said, or maybe she’s thinking.
“Hey, get down.” I said.
I don’t know if i meant my actions or not but i got to teach the wide mouth a lesson. Who on earth yells at someone that just saved her from danger.
Then, she cleared her throat.
What for?
“Okay, please im sorry. Im gonna be stranded if i get down from this car.” She said calmly.
I inhaled.
“Please..” She begged.
After few seconds of thinking whether to get her out of my car or just go on to help her.
Well, I finally drove on.
To help her.
“Thank you.” She said.
***** **

“Why were you out there in the street at such time of the night?” I asked her.
I waited for her answer but she was silent.
What’s up with her and silence!
“Can you just speak!” I said.
“My boyfriend.” She said.
I chuckled.
“What happened?” I asked.
“Came to see him and…and i met him cheating on me.” She said, her voice gloomy.
Oh! Heartbroken like me..
“Really, but why did you have to see your boyfriend so late in the night?” I asked.
“Because i came from Delta state down here, Arrived late but met him with.. with.. with” Then she burst into a cry.
She reminded me of Sugar.
That b—h.
How could i have been so foolish to love her.
“I’ve been such a fool all this while.” She cried.
I don’t know what to say to her,
So i just drove on.
** *** *

*Rose’s point of view*
I cried as memories of what i saw in Jonny’s room,
What i saw him doing flashed uncontrollably in my head.
I couldn’t hold myself from crying so much and this guy didn’t care if i was crying out.
He is f—–g rude but he didn’t care if i was disturbing him with my cries.
I looked at him.
I haven’t even seen his face.
I was at the back sit and he was at the driver sit. His back at me.
I shut my eyes.
What if he hadn’t come. I would have been raped. He was right.
I would have been raped by two thiefs i don’t even know.
I shook my head.
God! I don’t want to think of what would have become of me after.
That would have been a painful memory that i wouldn’t be able to forget in my whole life.
This guy came and saved me.
I know i shouldn’t have rudely talked to him, but i was sad, angry.
He was mocking me even though he saved me.
He was yelling, and i hate to be yelled at.
I hate to be reminded of my mistakes.
He got to a white gate, big and tall And I saw three security men walk forward.
One of the men walked to his car window and he wind down the glass.
I saw the man’s face glow immediately.
“Mr Kelly!” The man called, smiling broadly.
That name sound familiar.
“Patrick.” the Kelly called.
“You’re really late today.” Patrick said and took a glance at the back sit where i am.
He smiled at Kelly, “I understand man.” He said.
Understand what really.
“It’s 1:30am.. Please sign.” Patrick said and gave Kelly a book and a pen.
Kelly did.
Patrick smiled.
“Im good to go?”Kelly asked.
“You’re good to go man..” Patrick said.
Seconds later, Kelly handed him something.
Patrick smile widened.
“Aby..Zak.. open the estate gate.”Patrick said to the other two security men.
“Thank you Mr Kelly.” Patrick said happily to Kelly.
Kelly nodded and drove into a paradise mistooken for an estate.
“Wow” I gasped. I don’t know how it escaped my lips.
“What’s that?” He asked as he turned to look at me.
Then i saw his face.
He’s so handsome and…
Is this not Kelly. Kelly Ejifor.
Aunty Caro’s bobo?
Oh my goodness!
I gasped with my mouth wide open.
I quickly covered it with my hands.
I was too astonished.
This is Kelly Ejifor.
Aunty Caro showed me his pictures, I even saved one on my phone!
This should be a joke right.
A very big joke.
“Hey, why staring at me like that?” He said and i flinched.
“Eh?” I asked, pretending not to hear him.
“I said why staring at me like that? You staring at me.” He repeated.
He was focusing on his driving tho, but still was taking ocassional glances at me.
I cleared my throat.
“Ehm..Im..im fine.. Just too amazed at such a beautiful estate. The houses. This is a paradise.” I said.
But d–n it!
This estate looked so cool and beautiful.
So expensive.
But again, I can’t believe this is Kelly Ejifor, Driving me to his house.
How on earth didn’t i see this all this while.
That he is the one who saved me.
Someone Aunty Caro couldn’t meet.
What sort of coincidence is this?
Or is this not Kelly?
God, i need to be sure.
“Ah!” I yelled just to get him to look at me once more.
And he did.
Oh my God! it’s him.
“Im..im fine.” I smiled.
He looked away with a frown.
“Be quiet please.” He said.
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He stopped at a cute white gate and he stepped down.
He walked over to the gate and opened it.
“Wow.. this must be his house” I said.
“But don’t he have a gateman?”
He probably doesn’t.
Must be one of those guys who love to live alone.
He walked back into the car and drove in.
Into the house.
No, the mansion.
Because that is the only word i can use for such a big house as this one before me.
“My house.” He said and got down.
I did same.
I stared at him.
Kelly Ejifor!
I can’t believe i had to meet this guy.
He doesn’t have an idea that i’m caroline’s niece.
He walked to his door and i followed at his back.
He got out a small remote and pressed and the door unlocked.
He opened it and walked in, leaving it to me to close. I did.
I was stunned by the beauty and expensiveness of this house, the sitting-room.
The couch, the sofas, the TV, the curtains, the chandelier, the tables. The
I admired everything.
There are art frames hanging on the walls and pictures of him and some few others i guess is his family.
They are really beautiful and expensive.
I love the way everything was arranged.
This guy is super rich.
“I’ll show you to a room, so you can freshen up and rest.” He said to me.
I looked at myself. I look dirty and full of dust.
“Im sorry, I have nothing to change into.” I said.
I’ve never been this stranded before.
I’ve lost my bag where i had my clothes, and my money.
I’ve lost my phone too.
God, this is so unfair!
He looked at me from my head, down to my feet.
“Come with me.” He said.
I nodded and followed him up the stairs,
taking few glances back to admire such a beautiful living-room.

*Kelly’s point of view*
I stopped at one of the guest rooms.
She could stay here.
“You’ll stay here tonight.” I said to her.
“Thank you. Im grateful.” She said.
“I’ll go get you a clothe.” I said and walked out.
I walked into my room, and went through my wardrobe.
What clothe do i give to her to wear?
I have no idea.
I searched.
Then, I found one of my pyjamas.
I took it and walked out.
I got to her door and saw it closed.
I rolled my eyes.
I don’t know why i got upset’cos of that.
I knocked.
“Please come in.” She said.
I opened the door and walked in.
She was sitting at the edge of the bed.
“Here. Manage this one.” I said.
Do she have a choice anyway?
“Thank you.” She smiled and took it.
“Im heading to my room to sleep. You can do same when you’re done.” I said and turned to walk out.
She stopped me.
“Please im so hungry. Can i get something to eat please?” She asked.
I turned,“Im sorry but i don’t have food in the house. I don’t cook.” I said.
I saw her face go pale.
She must be very hungry.
“Okay. I’ll get you some juice. You can manage that till morning when i’ll order some food.” I said.
“Please add water too. Thank you.” She said.
What a request!
I walked out.
You’re leaving tomorrow morning anyway!
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My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 16
*Rose’s point of view*
I yawned as i turned to and fro on the bed.. I found it hard to sleep..
I didn’t.
How can i anyway?
When someone i gave my whole heart to had just broken it.
Had thrown it into the sand.
Jonny had hurt me beyond forgiveness!
Can i ever forgive him for what he did to me.
How on earth do i even know the worst he had been doing all this while. Behind my back!
God, i should have known.
I should have known that Jonny is such a fool! such an a—–e.
Such a cheat!
Now, im stranded.
No money, no phone,
How would i even get back to delta?
Im Stranded because of Jonny! The b—h.
I stood up from the bed and walked to the window. I drew the curtains as rays of the morning sun ruminated the room.
I looked up at the blue sky as i inhaled and shrugged. I was grateful to God that i didn’t have to see this morning in the dirty streets of lagos, rapped and in pain.
I was grateful that he sent Kelly to save me.
I heard a knock. It wasn’t gentle tho.
Who else but the rude Kelly.
“Come in.” I said.
He did.
I turned to face him, “Goodmorning” I said.
He was putting on a pyjama as well
He Seems to be a pyjamas lover.
“You don’t look that bad on that.” He said.
A mock actually.
“What would you eat so i can make an order?” He asked.
“Rice would do.” I said.
“Fried or stew?” He asked.
“Anyone.” I said
He walked out.
I stood up and walked into the bathroom.
I haven’t brushed yet.
My face too!
I looked at the mirror.
God, i look horrible.
The eyebag below my eyes are big and hung tiredly.
My hair is scattered and look so rough.
The pyjama look a little big on me, but still look okay.
But i look really unrecongnizable.
I searched for a toothbrush but i couldn’t find any.
I sighed!
Do i have to go requesting for a toothbrush now?
From that rude someone!
He’s just going mock at me again.
But i have to brush my teeth.
I would have to ask him!
I turned on the tap and washed my face in the sink.
After i was done, i walked out and headed to a door which i saw Kelly enter when he went to get me the clothe.
It must be his bedroom.
I was about to knock, when something stopped me.
My thoughts.
Is it right to just knock on someone’s bedroom for just a toothbrush?
I wouldn’t want him to flare up.
Maybe i should check the sitting-room first.
So i did.
I met him sitting on a couch, going through his phone.
He was putting on a black shirt and a white and black strip short now.
I walked to his front and he looked up, then back to his phone.
“Be patient. Food would soon arrive.” He said without looking up.
“Not it.” I said.
“So?” He asked and looked up at me.
“I need a toothbrush please.” I said.
He chuckled.
What’s funny!
“Uh..I’ll go get you one.” He said and stood up.
I followed him.
He got to his room and went in, I stayed behind.
Few minutes later, he was out at the door with a toothrush.
“Here..” He said, and straightened it to me and i took it.
Then we heard the door bell ring.
He walked past me and down the stairs while i went to my room.
Who else would it be than the person who had brought the ordered food.
Anyway, I shouldn’t show myself around whosoever that come to his house.
I walked into the bathroom and proceeded to brush my teeth.
When i look at the mirror, i remember Jonny and i felt weak.
Does it mean that heart breaks hurt this much.
This much that i can’t stop thinking about him?
My heart hurts bad but still i find it hard to stop.
I love Jonny, but he betrayed me. He cheated me. He did it in the most horrible way.
How could he.
I felt tears gather. I blinked my eyes and they dropped. I washed it off with water.
How do i beg Kelly for transport to go back.
He would absolutely mock and laugh at me.
But he saved me. Kelly helped me.
He could still help me.
After i was done brushing and putting my hair in a better shape, I walked out of the bathroom and when i got to the stairs, i paused to make sure no one was with him.
I saw no one,
He was at the dinning, eating already!
He didn’t bother to call me.
This guy is so rude.
I walked down the stairs.
He saw me. then went on eating.
I walked over to the dinning, looking at him as he ate spoons after spoons of fried rice.
He don’t want to say anything, so i sat down opposite him.
That was the seat beside me.
He pushed a covered plastic plate of rice to me without looking up.
I opened it and the rich smell of the rice made my stomache excited.
The fried rice is tantalizing with a well good sizeable chicken meat.
I took a spoon. Yummy!
Kelly hadn’t looked at me all this while. He just concentrated on the food, but the way he ate is too slow.
He seem to be thinking.
I shrugged.
Everyone has their personal problems.
I reached for a water and drank.
As i ate the ever so delicious rice, I wondered why Kelly’s face has been down.
He had stopped eating too.
What’s wrong with the rude guy?
“K…Kelly” I called in a low tone.
“What!?” He asked without looking up. Itwas more of a yell than a question.
This guy is always rude!
“You ain’t eating your food..” I said.
“And how the hell is that your business!?” He yelled.
This guy really got a mood switch.
Cool this minute, crazy the next minute.
I stayed silent.
I don’t want to anger him.
“Get done with that fast. You’re getting out of here. I’ll hand you some money for transport.” He said as he pushed his plate of rice away.
I instantly lost my appetite.
He stood up and walked out, to the sitting-room.
I became so sad. Not because i was going to leave. Ofcos i want to!
but because he seem to be upset.
I guess it’s because of me.
Because i’m in his house and probably disturbing his privacy so much.
I watched him sit and take the remote control.
I stood up and walked over to him.
I stood behind the couch he sat on, “Are you still eating the food?” I asked him.
“Why you asking!?” He asked without turning.
For God sake!
“I…I want to clean up the table.” I said.
….He stayed silent.
“Do it then. Im not hungry.” He said.
“The kitchen?” I asked.
“The door you see at the dinning..” He said.
I walked slowly to the dinning and got the plates into a tray and carried them to the kitchen through the door he mentioned.
The kitchen was large, filled with all kinds of kitchen utensils and a breakfast bar but he doesn’t cook.
Do he even come to the kitchen?
The kitchen looks like it’s not been cleaned for weeks.
I got the plates out and poured his own plate of rice into a white nylon but not without taking the meat out.
The rice is wasted but the meat can’t waste too..
I took out my own rice, and got his meat into it, together with mine.
My appetite is back.
I then dropped the nylon into the trashbin. And thought of going to the breakfast bar to enjoy the meal.
“No” i shook my head.
I’ll just stand here, at the counter and eat it.
And i did.
But then, memories of Jonny and the pains i felt seeing him cheating on me rushed into my head.
With anger, i threw the plates of rice and the meats into the trashbin.
How could Jonny do this to me..
After everything we shared together.
The love.. The sex!
Just thinking about the s*x makes me burn with anger.
How could i have foolishly gave my virginity to someone like Jonny.
God, I thought he loved me.
I thought we were gonna make a future together.
He said im going to be the mother of his kids.
That he’s going to take me to the aisle.
That he would never ever leave me.
That he’s love is so true and nothing would ever stop him from loving me..
He swore several times never to cheat on me.
How could i have been so foolish to believe his words.
That night… That night he took my virginity. He said its never going to make him leave me. but that it would make his love for me become more stronger and grow with passion.
I believed him. I was such a fool.
..Just then, i heard the doorbell ring..
I don’t want any of Kelly’ family or friends to see me.
Im a stranger. Im just a poor stranger.
Rich parents hate to see poor people around their son’s house.
I sniffled, and i wipe my tears, then i ran out, straight into the room Kelly off
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 3:27pm On Oct 08, 2018
ered to me.

***** ***
*Kelly’s point of view*
I needed to watch a movie or anything to be able to get Sugar off my mind.
Im glad she had gone before i came back at night.
I hate her now. I guess i do but i still find it hard to get her out of my mind.
What do i do!
I feel weak and dejected.
And this f—–g girl that i don’t even know her name don’t make it any better.
She’s leaving anyway.
I tried so much saving her d–n a-s, taking her to my house and gave her a room to sleep for the night.
Don’t i deserve some appreciation from her.
I thought she was gonna knock on my door last night but she proved stubborn!
What’s so special about her d–n body anyway.
I hate her kind. Ungrateful..
Then she got out this morning, with those n—–s pointing arrogantly through the fabric.
She is just too tempting.. When she came to the dinning, i couldn’t risk looking at her. My eyes are only going to land right there on those n—–s through the fabric. And i don’t want that to happen.
I. can’t really hold myself.
So she’s leaving. Why do i even think she want to stay?
Just then the doorbell rang,.
I hope it isn’t Sugar cos im going to deal with her. She can’t cheat on me and still dare to come here
I walked to the door and opened.
My mom,
“Mom.” I said
but then i saw Sugar. She was looking right at me with her arms folded together.
She seem not to mind her actions.
She seemed not to mind that she cheated on me right inside my house, in this sitting-room.
My blood rushed.
I felt pains in my heart.
I wanted to rush right there where she stood and release my anger on her but i held myself.
She’s just a w—e.
A b—h.
With a frown, i stood at the door. My left hand on the doorknob.
“Mom you’re coming in but She can’t!” I said.
“Young man, You don’t give me terms.” mom said.
“Mom i’m not joking here.” I said.
“Could you excuse us?” Mom said.
“I would excuse you mom but She isn’t coming into this house..” I insisted.
Such a B—h! W—e!
“Kelly, Get out of the way. We need to talk!” mom said.
“Mom im sorry but i can’t. We’ll talk on the phone.” I said and shut the door.
“Kelly!” I can hear her call.
“Kelly! open this door this minute. Im your mother! You don’t shut the door on your me!” She yelled.
“Mom i just told you, Sugar won’t come in with you!”
“Fine! im leaving!” It was Sugar’s voice.
“Sugar dear, please come back. He’ll get back to his senses.” She said to her.
I couldn’t believe mom just begged Sugar to come back.
Don’t she have any idea that Sugar cheated on me?
I rushed to the door and flung it open.
“Mom what’s the meaning of what you just said?” I asked her. But she pushed me out of the way and walked in. Sugar turned to walk in but i shut the door.
“Mom Sugar cheated on me, Just yesterday!? And you begging her? ” I yelled.
“And so what? Do you know how many of the girls you’ve messed up? How dare you say she cheated on you?” She yelled back.
“Mom.. You are supporting her right. You supporting someone who split my heart into tiny pieces.” I said with pains.
“Kelly, for your information, you are getting married to Sugar very soon. And nothing will stop that!” She said.
“I would never do that mom. Sugar is nothing but a w—e!” I yelled and she slapped me!
I screamed with pain.
“Don’t you ever refer to Sugar as a w—e.” She said with a narrow eyes.
“Mom you slapped me because of Sugar?” I asked with my hand on my cheek.
“And i would slap you again if you dare say nonsence.” She warned.
“You do not know how lucky you are for Sugar to accept to be your wife! You don’t know what it means to be an inlaw to the Cokers! you foolish boy!” She shouted.
I gasped.
“Mom because of money! Because of material things, you forcing me to marry that…” I paused. I don’t want to recieve such a slap again.
“Just dare me..Dare me and i’ll design your face with another slap. Idiot!”
“Mom..” I said with tears.
“Kelly, before tomorrow comes, I want to hear that you have apologised to Sugar or else i’ll teach you something very bitter.” She warned, then instantly i saw her eyes go up the stairs. At something..
“Who’s there!!” She thundered, and immediately began walking to towards the staircase.
I gasped with fright.
Oh God, d–n it! that silly girl.
She must have seen her.
How could she allow this woman to see her!
SOURCE http://emperorblog.com.ng/my-personal-taste
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by aprilwise(m): 5:51pm On Oct 08, 2018
I like the drama of this story. Pls more updates.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by snowflexez: 7:46pm On Oct 08, 2018
abeg abeg can you please update
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by iamdocToyemi(m): 9:12pm On Oct 08, 2018
killer story..update please!!!
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Damibiz(m): 10:36pm On Oct 08, 2018
Na woh for Kelly mother self..appollogy ke...
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 3:30pm On Oct 10, 2018
My Personal Taste
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 17
*Rose’s point of view*
I stood transfixed as i watch Kelly’s mom slap him!
God, i couldn’t believe it. This woman must be very dangerous. Rich Mothers!
She must be the one who told Aunty Caro of her son getting married soon.
Look at her. yelling and threatening her son.
What sort of mother is this?
Kelly said he was cheated on, yesterday? By his fiance? And he didn’t tell me..
Stupid! Why would he tell me anyway..
You think so silly Rose!
But his mom slapped him!
Which mom does that after her son just told her of being cheated on?
For Godsake! Kelly is too grown up to be slapped by his mom.
I shook my head.
…Then i saw her look up. She saw me,
I jumped back with fright. Although i hid behind the walls, but she must have seen a little of this f—–g big pyjamas on me.
“Who’s there!!” I heard her shout and then followed by her heels coming toward the stairs.
I ran.
“Mom there’s no one else in this house!” I heard Kelly say.
“I saw someone. Don’t you dare lie to me.” His mom said.
I turned the doorknob of my room and rushed in, closing it as fast as i could.
Where do i hide?
I was sweating.
If this woman had the mind to slap his son, then i wonder what she’s gonna do to me if she dare get me.
I searched around really fast with my eyes..
“Kelly tell me the truth. Who is that person i just saw!?” She asked.
I could bet she was at Kelly’s door now.
“Mom there’s no one else in this house except the both of us.” He said. He was with her.
My heart flew..
Kelly don’t even want her to know.
He’s gonna be so mad at me if she find me.
Yes, the bed, under the bed. I would hid under the bed.
I rushed to the bed and tucked the sheets up. I found out that i can’t. cos its so tiny.
“I saw someone Kelly.” She insisted.
“Mom please stop this.” Kelly said
Oh God! i could swear they are right at my door now.
My heart was beathing fast.
Then immediately, the i thought of the wardrobe.
Yes! the wardrobe.
I rushed and pushed the doors. Luckily it opened. I quickly bundled myself in and just as i closed it back, The room door opened.
“Come out right now. I saw you!”She shouted.
My heart was beathing so loud that i feared they would hear it.
I was sweating and i can’t breathe fine but i stayed still.
“Who are you? You’re hiding right.” Her voice was far. She is at the bathroom.
“Mom lets get out of here. There’s no body here.” Kelly said.
“Do you think im lying?” She said. She was right infront of the wardrobe now.
I wanted to cry.
God this woman have caught me.
My hand held tight to the door.
Please God just save me. Do something please.
If this wild woman sees me, im dead.
Kelly please do something.
And just then, I heard a ringtone.
There was silence.
Then i heard her voice, “Hello Dr. Williams.” She said.. She was still standing right there.
“Goodmorning.” She added.
“Oh no no. That can’t happen. I assure you.” She said seconds later.
“Please i beg on behalf of my son. He’s just going through some trauma.” She said.
“Yes. He has promised to apologise to her. He really love her.”
She was walking out now.
Oh thank goodness.
“Thank you Dr Williams. Yes im on my way right away.” She said and i heard the door shut.
She is gone.
How about Kelly.
Did he leave with her or he’s still in here.
I don’t wanna open the door..
I would have to stay till she’s gone.
Then i heard him whisper through the wardrobe door.
“I know you are in there. Just stay right there till she’s gone.” He said.
I sighed.
***** ***
*Kelly’s point of view*
I know she is in there. The silly girl!
She would need to stay right in there till my mom is gone..
I left and walked to my room.
I know the silly girl saw my mom slap me. She must have been eavesdropping.
Trying to know what’s happening in a family she doesn’t know about.
She’s leaving soon anyway.
*My phone rang*
My mom was calling..
I sighed and picked it.
“Kelly.. Come down stairs.” She said.
“Okay.” Even though i don’t want to but i got to. I don’t want her coming upstairs to see the silly girl.
I got up and walked out of my room.
I thought of going to tell the girl to get out of the wardrobe before she suffocates.
Yeah, i have to.
So i went into her room but i met her sitting on the bed already.
“Why did you got out of there? Do you want her to see you?” I asked, A bit annoyed.
She should have just stayed in there till i tell her to get out.
“I couldn’t bear staying in there again ok” She said.
“My mom is still around and im going downstairs. Don’t dare try to get out of this room till im back.” I said.
She looked away.
I turned and walked out.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 3:31pm On Oct 10, 2018
I saw my mom at the sitting-room. She was standing and waiting.
“Kelly..Im going to meet with the Cokers. I wouldn’t want you to come with me because they are still annoyed with you for treating Sugar in such an unspeakable manner.” She said.
I sighed with frustration.
My mom had just suddenly changed ever since Sugar came in.
This isn’t my real mom.
This isn’t the woman i knew. Understanding and godly.
Now she seem to love wealth and popularity than my happiness.
“Mom you don’t understand. Mom you don’t really know Sugar” I said.
“Sugar is a sweet girl from a wealthy home. She is your wife. You said you love her. You can’t change that now. You’ve told her parents already.”
“But you can’t choose for me mom. I loved Sugar but i came home yesterday to see her cheating on me with some b—h. How do you expect me to feel?” I said.
“And you slapped me mom.. It’s been ages since you did that. How could you do that just because you’re desperate to have the Cokers as your inlaw..” I continued.
She folded her arms looking at me,.
“You know mom.. Im a man, you can’t tell me who to love and who to get married to. Sugar can never be the girl for me mom. She’s a cheat.. I can’t marry her. I don’t love her anymore. It’s over between us.” I said.
“But you had s*x with her, didn’t you?” She asked.
I stayed silent.
“Answer me.”
“Okay, we did..” I said.
I remembered that night, few weeks ago. She was the one who pushed me to the edge.
She pushed me into having sex with her, and we did it unprotected and went on doing it unprotected.
I loved her. That was the reason.
“Used protection all this while?” She asked.
I got afraid.
“Mom why you asking me all this?” I asked.
I hope it isn’t what im thinking.
“Because it looks like Sugar is pregnant with your child.” She threw it to me like a bombshell.
I gasped.
What the heck! This can’t happen.
“Mom tell me this is a big joke please.” I begged her.
Sugar can’t be pregnant with my child.
Not the w—e!
She shook her head,“Im not joking Kelly.” She said..
God. Oh no!
I slumped down on a seat..
**** ***
*Rose’s point of view*
I was in a long white dress, walking along beach sands. Bare footed, and weak. It seem like i’ve lost my way. Because im looking around but saw no one except myself in this beach.
I tried to walk fast but my legs are tired and heavy.
Then my foot dragged the dress i wore and i fell down, to the sands. Right there, i saw a silver ring, hidden in the sands, Shiny and beautiful.
I took it. It shinned beautifully.
What do i need the ring for anyway.. I thought.
I need to find my way out of this lonely beach and not to find some strange ring.
I don’t f—–g need a ring.
So I dropped it back to the sands and forced myself up but i fell back.
But then i couldn’t find the ring again.
I woke up.
It was all a dream.
I rubbed my eyes.. I was still on the pyjamas even though i had taken my bath right after Kelly left my room and warned me not to step out till he gets back.
I yawned, stretching my body.
I was hungry.
I got up and walked to the window and was shocked to see it was night already.
Where’s Kelly!
Where the hell did he go to?
I walked out and went to his door.
Whatever i’ll have to knock.
I gently did.
No answer.
I knocked again, but no answer.
Should i try opening this door?
I did the cross sign and then tried opening the door a little and it opened.
I saw Kelly on the bed.
He is sniffling.
Kelly Crying?

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 3:32pm On Oct 10, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 18
*Rose’s point of view continues*
I stood at the door, still staring at Kelly.
He is sitting on the centre of his bed with his legs crossed. His back on me.
Then i saw the earphone on his ears.
He is actually singing and not crying?
I laughed.
But who sings this bad.
I chuckled. And was about to close his door back,
“Don’t think i haven’t seen you.” He said without turning.
Is he actually refering to me or its the music?
“Why the hell are you there staring?” He asked..
I was astonished.
Uh..Does this guy have some eyes at his back?
Then i saw that his bed has has two small square mirror at the pillow side.One at the left ending of his king -size bed and the other at the right.
He must have seen me from the right one.
Then, he turned with a frown, Taking the earphone outta his ears.
“Shouldn’t you be out of my house by now?” He asked.
I still stood at his door.
Im scared to go in, so he doesn’t throw insults at me.
“I asked you a question.” He said.
“I don’t have any money on me please. The thieves stole everything.” I said.
“Ofcos i know that.. Tomorrow im taking you to the airport and i wouldn’t want it exeeding tomorrow” He said.
I gasped.
“Thank you.” I said
And was about to close the door when he threw the question.
“What the hell where you doing behind the stairs that my mom had to see you?”
I swallowed hard. How do i explain this to him.
“I was looking for..for you. so i could beg you for Tfare.” I said.
“You know that’s a lie.”He said.
“You saw her slap me right and yell at me?” He asked.
I don’t know why he asked. And i don’t know if i should tell him that i did.
“Answer me.”
“Yes i did.” I said
Why must he be this authoritative.
“So can you tell me what you achieved by seeing that?” He asked.
“I was only curious.” I said, my face down.
“You know, I can’t save your d–n a-s, bring you to my house and you still snuck around. You don’t act lik a b—h in someone’s house.” He said and my pulse stopped.
Why do he always have to use my helplessness to mock and insult me.
Why did he help me if he knows he can’t bear to see me in his house.
“Go on.” He said.
“Kelly im sorry..” I said and looked up at him, His dark eyes on mine, “I appreciate that you saved me. I promise that im leaving early tomorrow morning.” I said and turned, closing the door.
Getting into the guest room, i fell onto the bed as tears filled my eyes.
I shouldn’t have come to lagos…I shouldn’t have cared about Jonny..
Why did i ever bothered Jonny.
Why did i ever tried to see him even after Queen told me a bit of all he’s been doing.
I still trusted him.
Even after seeing those pictures, i still went ahead to see him.
Oh God.
I was such an idiot to have borrowed that money.
How could I! I went on loving Jonny without knowing that the b—h is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Now, im in this house getting mocked and insulted by this guy, Kelly.
Why is he so arrogant.
“You’re hungry?” I heard him ask at the door.
When did he got in here?
“No.” I said and sniffled.
“I am.” He said.
What’s my business with that.
He order foods.
I stayed silent, my face on the pillow.
“Did you hear me?” He asked
I remained silence.
“Seriously i hate when im being snubbed.” He said.
“I won’t wanna say anything that would make you mock me again.” I said.
He laughed.
“Mock you. So what’s the big deal if i do?” His question hurt so much.
I shut my eyes.
“You are so rude.” I said.
“You think so?” He asked. I couldn’t believe he was on the bed now.
I turned to see him sitting on the bed.
“Thought you were never gonna turn.” He said.
I turned my face back to the pillow.
“Why you still on the pyjama?” He asked.
“Because i have just one clothe here and im wearing it tomorrow.” I said.
“I’ll get you one for tonight.” He said.
Then there was silence.
It was long and he don’t want to leave either.
“How do a woman feel when she is heartbroken?” I heard him ask. I was suprised at his question.
Like seriously?
Why is he asking me?
I don’t want to turn to look at him.
“Why did you ask that?” I asked.
“Because you’re a woman.” He said.
“She feel so much pains, shattered and used and she’s filled with so much regret.” I said.
That is how Jonny make me feel right now.
“I broke some many hearts.” He said
Oh! Including Aunty Caro’s.
I chuckled.
That must be the reason why his mom said he has messed some many girls up.
But how.
“And i did it for a reason.” He said.
I turned and stared at him. His back is on me, and his arms are folded.
“What reason?” I asked.

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 3:33pm On Oct 10, 2018
“And i did it for a reason.” He said.
I turned and stared at him. His back is on me, and his arms are folded.
“What reason?” I asked.
“You don’t need to know.” He said.
“Okay” I said.
There was a long silence again..
I wanted to ask him about his fiance.
I wanted to know that reason why he broke so many hearts.
But i can’t.
Im just a stranger to him.
How can he help me just last night and i want to know his personal issues so quick.
“I’ll need to go out now. To eat. Wanna come?” He asked.
Im hungry too but i’ll pretend.
“No. Im not hungry.” I said.
“Your choice.” He said as he got up and left, banging the door close.
Few minutes later, he was back with another pyjama.
What’s up with him and pyjamas all the time?
I watched him as he dropped it on the bed, turned and walked out.
**** ****
*Kelly’s point of view*
I walked out of her room and into mine. I grapped my car keys and my phones and walked out.
I got downstair, and then i walked to the door, opened it and shut it behind.
I walked to my car and inserted the key. I opened the door and jumped in, shutting the door back.
I turned on the engine and got my hands on the steering as i drove to the gate.
D–n! I’ll have to get down to open the f—–g gate.
I did.
I pushed the gate open and walked back to my car. I got in and drove out of the gate.
I got down to close it back.
Driving out of the estate gate, i turned into the road leading to the nearest eatery.
As i got to Rich Chef restaurant. The nearest restaurant around. I packed my car, turned off the engine and walked down, locking the door.
I walked into the place and got a sit on an empty table.
The place is cool and beautiful.
Just then, A waitress walked to me.
“Welcome Sir..Here is our Menu.”.She said, handing me a book.
I took it, went through it and i made an order
“Alright sir.” She said and walked away.
Just then, i sighted her.
Sugar? What the hell is she doing here?
Her back is on me and she’s talking with a man. A man older than me.
This girl’s nothing but i cheap s–t!
Just then, she kissed him.
This girl is a w—e!
And mom said she’s f—–g pregnant for me?
I still don’t believe that.
I would never ever do.
Just then, a text mesage came into my phone.
I opened it and it’s her message.
“I Saw You Walk In.. Enjoy The Show.”
“W—e!” I text her back.
“Oh Baby, You Don’t Call The Mother Of Your Unborn Child a W—e.” She text back.
I got mad! crazy and enraged.
The waitress came in with my order.
“Take it!” I yell at her and some eyes turned to my dierction, including Sugar’s.
I dropped money on the table and walked out of the restaurant.
I got into my car, raged and heartbroken.
I zoomed off to a bar.
To drink. To drink till i can wake up from this dream, from this nightmare.
I don’t believe this.
Sugar can’t be pregnant for me.
Oh no, she can’t.
I can’t marry that s–t!
I hit my forehead in frustration.
How can i get married to the b—h!
F–k f–k!
I hit the stairing hard.
I got to a bar and stopped. I walked down and went inside.
I sat down on an empty table.
The bar attendant came.
“Sir, What should i bring for you?” She asked.
“Drinks” I said.
“Which drink sir?”
“Any drink that would make me forget my pains and mistake.” I said.
She laughed.
“Ah. No probs oga. I will bring the best for you.” She smiled.
**** **
*back to Rose’s point of view*
Kelly was not yet back.
I was out in the sitting-room waiting for a sign of him but it seem he’s not gonna come home tonight
I am hungry and tired..
I just pray he brings me something to eat.. No matter how late it is, I’ll eat.
But went out over four hours ago.
What’s keeping him.
What’s still keeping Kelly.
I can’t believe that i searched the whole of that large kitchen but found nothing that i can prepare and eat.
What sort of a bachelor is Kelly?
If only i had went twith him.
Then i heard a loud knock on the door.
Why would he do that when there’s the doorbell!
I got up.
The loud knock came again.
I opened the door and Kelly staggered in.
Oh my goodness.
He is drunk.
“Didn’t.you f—–g hear…me knock the first time huh?” He yelled with a drunken voice. and advance towards me,
I moved back.
What’s he trynna do?
But then he fell down and layed flat on the ground.
I walked to him,
“Kelly.. You’re drunk.” I said
“Im not. you idiot!..” He shouted.
“You have to get up now..” I said. Trying to help him up, but i can’t.
I tried again, and he struggled and got up but he fell down again and then threw up really bad.
His cheek and his shirt got messed up with it.
I don’t know what to do but i got to do something.
So i ran upstairs, to my room, then to the bathroom. I took out a towel, and then i got a little bucket of water.
I rushed down to the sitting-room..
I dropped the bucket and towel and i went to Kelly and dragged him out of the messed floor
I then got the bucket and towel.
I went for his shirt buttons.
I have to get this shirt out of him.
“Don’t.. f—–g.. tou..touch me.” He said weakly.
He didn’t yell.
“I don’t want to either but i got no choice. I can’t leave you in this state. Messed up in your own vomit.” I said. and undid the last button and got the shirt out of his body.
I then dipped the towel into the water, and proceeded to clean up his cheek And some part of his hands and then his chest which was messed up with vomit.
He smells of alcohol.
Is this what he went to eat?
huh? Alcohol!
After i was done.
I thought.
I need to get him out of this cold floor. But i can’t get him to his room.
The couch. I would have to get him on a couch. He can sleep there.
I inhaled.
“Kelly” I called.
He’s eyes were closed. and he’s snooring.
I dragged him to the couch, and sat him up. His back on the seat, his head on the couch, and his face up. His a-s on the floor with legs spread wide.
I’ll need to get his shirt.
I ran upstairs and walked into his room.
I went to his wardrobe and opened.
My eyes can’t find any one to pick because they are just too many.
Anyway, i grapped a red shirt, and closed it back.
Down the stairs, i walked to him and i swear, i really struggled to put the shirt on him.
I wipe some sweat off my forehead as i walked to the messed floor and began cleaning up the mess with the towel and the water..

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