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Just A Taste - Don't Miss This Story / Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel (2) (3) (4)

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My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 10:50am On Sep 19, 2018
My personal taste..(18+)

Story by, Rejoice

www.emperorblog.com.ng present.

Episode 1

“…From this moment..
Life has begun
From this moment…
You are the one……” I sang along as my phone played me my favourite of Shania twain songs.
It was a saturday morning and as usual, i had loaded my dirty clothes to the back yard, which were more of the clothes i wore to work through out the week and had proceeded to wash them.
I continued my washing as i sang along. Music had always been my companion whenever i’m working and it helped me alot to finish my work in time without feeling tired and bored.
“…i give my hand to you from my heart,
I can’t wait to live my life with you,
I can’t wait to start…..
You and i will nev….” But my phone began ringing, interrupting me.
I picked it up and seeing the caller’s name, i sighed. Lady B.
“Lady B and her wahala this early morning” I groaned.
Lady B is the woman i had borrowed money from and gave to Jonny my boyfriend, to travel to lagos on a business he told me about.
He said, he needed the money to invest into the business, with the promise that it would yield bigger money.
I borrowed Lady B three hundred thousand naira and handed to Jonny,
But for ten months now, Jonny keep on giving me excuses. And even ask me for money and i’ll send him.
am i not a fool?
Anyway, i will have to pick the call or i’ll simply watch my battery run down by Lady B’s unending calls.
Cos i don’t want to switch off my phone either.
I’ve only managed to pay fifty thousand and it was five months ago.

“Hello Rose!” Lady B spoke immediately i picked the call.
“Goodmorning Lady B” i said.
“Ah, goodmorning keh? What is good about this morning when my two hundred and fifty thousand still dey your hand? Rose wetin i do you ehn? Pay me my money na. You be winch?” Lady B spoke.
I sighed sadly.
Me witch, because of money.
“Lady B, cool down, i go pay you abeg. It’s just that, i’ve not been paid. Na small small, abeg. Cool your temper.” I said.
“Chai! See wetin my kindness don do me.. Na so you wan use evil pay me back eh?” She asked.
“Lady B, i go pay you your money please. I’m trying. Before this month go end. I will.” I said. I knew they would be no way i will be able to pay her two hundred and fifty thousand naira in the next five months!
“Infact, you see that your yeye boyfriend wey you carry my money give ehn? Make that kind thunder wey don do twenty-four hour press up, strike you and him for me!” She cursed.
“Ah, i jump and pass. Lady B, no talk like that na.” I said.
“See if i call you again for my money, the next thing wey you go see na police.”
“Jesus! Lady B, no na, e never reach this level, abeg ju… ” The call dropped.
“God i’m dead.
Lady B!
God who will i go to? How will i survive lady B and her troubles?”
I kept asking myself as fear gripped me.
“When i borrowed the money, i thought by now, Jonny would have made it big and i’ll pay her back. and even add more.
God, what have i put myself into?
Since Jonny went to Lagos to make money in two days like he claimed, He hadn’t sent me a dime.
I’ve been the one still sending him money.
Who does that?
God im dead If Lady B looses her temper. That woman is dangerous.
Because of her unending calls, i have changed sim cards three good times but what baffles me is how she gets my new number and start calling again.
I wonder if i am the only one oweing her.
I have to find money, even if it’s just twenty thousand to shut her up for at least two weeks!
But how?
From who?”
Then i remembered Aunty Caro. She is my mother’s step sister. But it’s been seven months since we last spoke.
I ran to my room and got my small contact book and dialed her number which i saw and hoped she hadn’t changed it.
Yes. Let me try.
I dialed Aunty caro’s number and it rang. She picked up at the third ring.
“Rose the Rose! Long time. What happened to your lines!?” Aunty Caro spoke first.
“It got lost.” I lied. I actually broke them into two simply because of Lady B.
“Oh, so whatsup now? ”
“Aunty Caro im dead!” i said. There was no time for greeting.
“Ehn! dead keh?” She asked.
“You drink poison? Is it rat own?”
“Jesus, God forbid!” I shouted.
“Okay na. What is it?”
“It’s money o. I need money to pay back to Lady B. I borrowed her some money ten months ago and she have not allowed me rest. She’s even threatening to call the police on me.” I poured out.
“Ehn! Lady B? That ashawo-don-old? Na ashawo money you go collect. You wan catch gonorrhea?”
“Aunty Caro. I no be man na. Na only money i borrow from her. Besides she’s a business woman. A big lady and isn’t any ashawo.”I said, defending the woman sef.
“Abeg leave dat thing. Lady B na correct Ashawo, na that time na when e dey hot, no be now wey she don wohwoh finish.”
“Aunty Caro, please help me i beg you.” i said.
“Why you borrow her money?” She asked me.
“I gave it to Jonny, He wanted to travel to lagos for a business and he needed some money to invest in the business, with hope that it will yield bigger money.” I explained.
“Eh! Who be Jonny? The name no dey sweet for my ear.”
“Ah Aunty, you don’t know Jonny that i introduced to you last year? He’s tall, very fair, handsome.” I descriped.
“What? that bleached skin goat? So you no see all the fine fine rich guys wey full Delta state, na that monkey no fine you see, ehn Rose?. Common swag, he no even get. That guy wey dey smell!”
My aunty’s voice rang, provoking me.
“Abeg Aunty,All those things no be wetin dey bother me naw. My problem now na the money.”
“How much you even collect from Lady B?” She asked.
“Three hundred thousand”
“What??” She screamed.
“But i’ve managed and paid fifty thousand.” I said. Hoping she will see that i didn’t just relax for a miracle to happen.
“Jesus, Rose, you carry three hundred thousand naira, carry am like mumu give a boy to travel to ordinary Lagos wey dey my backyard? No be say he dey travel outside Niger.”
I hissed in frustration.
“Shey the guy do you juju? Shey he blow powder for your face?
Abi na his d**k wey sweet you finish, you carry money go give am. Lady B money! Shey he strong well well for bed.. Shey he sabi all the styles? Does he know how to go down there really well?” My Aunty asked, giggling and i shut my eyes in total embarrasement.
I knew Aunty Caro was a free minded woman. Very Naughty and doesn’t pretend. She do tell me naughty things when we talk. About her new boyfriend. She is a big lady and prefers to date small guys.
Sugar mummy, like they call it. That is what she preferred to be.
She loved s*x and would not fail to tell me how her new boy, had given her the best f**k of her life, or how another had given her the best o----m.
It’s been seven months we’ve spoke because i was fed up with her sex talks all the time and didn’t even bother to call her when i got my first new line. But now i needed her help.
“Hello Rose? talk naw, abi na network?” Her words brought my senses back.
“Aunty i really love him. I really do. That was why.” I said
“But he’ve f**cked you na, abi?” She asked.
God! did i made a mistake by calling this woman?
Is there no other thing that bothers her more except sex?
I didn’t answer
“Ah Rose talk na.”
“Okay, yes.yes. but please don’t ask me how many times oh.” I said, knowing that would be her next question.
She laughed.
“Nawa o.. But Rose i think say you get sense oh.” She said.
I was shocked by her outburst.
“How?” I asked and sweared to end the call if she make me loose my temper.
“I think say you get sense. I think say na everybody wey go university dey get common sense, but you my niece, you no get any at all.” She laughed.
I had endured enough of her rubbish and was about to cut the call when i heard her clearly say,
“Okay, i go wire you fifty thousand. Go and find the rest.”
God i instantly saw myself in a private jet, flying high in the sky.
“Oh my God! Oh Jesus! thank you so much Aunty Caro. God bless you. I promise to pay you back once i get.” I said and screamed with joy.
“Really? Pay me back when you never pay Lady B own finish?” She said and laughed.
“Ah, Aunty, thank you so much… you need to see how happy i am right now.”
“I want to give you an advice Rose.” She said unexpectedly
“Go on” I was too excited.
I wonder what a sugar mummy would want to advice a young girl like me.
“You should go pay that bleached goat a visit. Do you hear me?”
“Huh? should i?” I asked.
I’ve never thought of that.
“Yes you should. It’s a simple advice. You shouldn’t allow a man fool you my dear. Play wise.” She said.
I smiled. I knew the smile wasn’t real. My Aunty is right.
I have to pay Jonny a visit.
And it has to be soon.
“Thank you so much Aunty.”
When we ended the call, I walked back to the backyard to continue with my washing and also waitin for the Alert.
And when i got there.
Guess what i saw?
My neighbour’s two cats, having their best moment of hot ten o’clock s*x.
And just no where else but on my load of dirty clothes!
What should i do?
Chase them away and stopping their moment?
or leave them to enjoy themselve while i watch?


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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by EmpressDia(f): 4:51pm On Sep 19, 2018
Abeg update fast wink

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 6:15pm On Sep 19, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story By, Rejoice
Episode 2
I pounded away…
Hard and fast as she screamed my name along, begging me to slow down but i wasn’t such a good listener as i continued to f–k her brains off.
Why would she beg me to stop huh?
When she had come to my house looking like a s–t.
“Hi, My name is Tina. Your mom invited me to your house.” She had said immediately i opened the door. She was looking so hot and i couldn’t just resist.
“You look so beautiful and hot!” I had said, taking in all her beauty and endowment, almost ripping her skimpy dress off with my hungry eyes.
She had smiled, “Thank you. I’m happy you noticed.” She said.
“God! who wouldn’t. Such a beauty.” I said and she blushed.
Now, she was on my bed, with her legs spread out and watching me give her the best f–k i guess she had never had.
I grabbed her bossoms and went hard and she gasped, bitting her lower lip.
I bet she was enjoying it,
But i was enjoying it more.
I tilted my head back as i felt myself getting close.
And soon after few hard stroke into her, I came inside her.
F–k!, no, into the condom..
As a playguy I never f–k without using condom.
Well, my mom wants me to get married, and give her grand children
but hell!
im not yet ready for all that s–t!
Marriage is like a lifetime jell to me and i never wanna go there.
Besides, no girl that i’ve ever met had given me that feeling of loving someone, though i’ve never given one chance to.
All i do is,
get them today,
f–k them today,
throw them out today..
The only things i love in this life is Money
and Sex.
I can’t stand a day without f—–g someone,..
Sex is like a doctor’s prescription to me.
One in the morning,
One in the afternoon,
And one in the night.
My mom? Well she’s the only woman i love now,
She is nice, caring and troublesome too.
And i love her too much, i mean too very much because she brings me beautiful ladies all the time, with the hope of me picking one for a wife,
But f–k it! Those ladies are always too hot. And i can’t stop myself from having a taste of each one that show up.
But what baffles me is that, none of them had ever refused my advances.
Well, which lady would ever refuse my advances when i have all that it takes to get a lady into my bed in just a second,
Oh, don’t think im exaggerating. I got all that.
“I love you Kelly” She said as we laid down,.after the hot sex.
I smiled at her, Acknowledging her stupidity.
She smiled back as she caressed my chest, propabably thinking I appreciate her love.
F–k love!
In few minutes, I’ll be throwing your d–n a-s outta my house.
“Mommy said i’ll make a good wife for you.” She said again.
I looked at her
Like seriously?
“And I can’t just wait.” She said. Smiling and shrugged her shoulder.
She was full of hope and dream.
“I can’t wait to be your wife..” She continued.
I chuckled.
Sure mom didn’t tell this one too about me sha.
I decided to play along.
“Are you serious?” I asked, grinning.
“Yeah, I wanna be your wife.” She said.
Desperate chick? I thought, holding back the laughter that was about to burst out.
“Wow” I said,
“Kelly, You said you love me and i’m so happy you do. You know, You said it was Love at first sight. I was so on cloud when you said that to me.”
God! I couldn’t hold back the laughter this time, so I let it burst out.
“Why’re you laughing?” She asked, confused.
I laughed to my satisfaction.
“Well, I wasn’t saying the truth back then. I only did to get what i want, which is this body.” I said, pointing at her body.
“What?!” She exclaimed.
“Yeah, You should have asked my mom some few things before coming here.” I said as I got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom.

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 6:17pm On Sep 19, 2018
“Some things like what?” She asked.
“Things like, I don’t know what’s that f—–g word called love. And now, I don’t like the idea of you still here in my house. Kindly get up, get dressed and get your cheap a-s outta my house this minute before i’m out of here.”
This was always my way of throwing each and every one of then out after I was done with them.
“Kelly, You can’t be serious. Just after having sex with me?” I could feel the pain in her voice.
“Yeah, I just f—-d you and im done with your black bleached a-s. Get lost!”
“Oh no, oh no, that’s a big joke Kelly, I’m not going anywhere. How can i give you my body this minute and you throw me out within the next minute?” She was in tears now.
But i didn’t give a d–n about her tears.
They meant nothing to me.
She was the s–t.
She came to my house dressing so hot!
So tempting,
What should i have done?
Ignore my burning desire to save those f—–g tears flowing now?
For all i care, let it f—–g flow.
I’ve never cared about tears.
Ever since Kate died, I’ve never did!
“Kelly I’m not leaving! not after having sex with me. It’s not even been up to an hour!” Tina continued to rant.
“Well, you wanted it. Next time. don’t go to a man’s house dressing like a cheap w—e. And one more, Don’t ever believe in love at first sight.”
“F–k you Kelly! I dressed this way just to appear good enough in your eyes and i was happy when you appreciated it. Kelly is this how you do? How many girls have you done this to? How many of them have you broken their heart?”
I chuckled as I remembered how I have complimented her at the door few hours ago.
That was just to lure her into my bed
Just like i do to others.
“Now, don’t let me meet you there!” I warned.
But when i came out, she was there, but all dressed up now with her hands akimbo.
“Leave” I said.
“Kelly, are you seriously throwing me outta your house?”
“Yeah ofcos, what else are my doing? This is my house you know that.” I said, giving her a mocking stare.
“God! Kelly you are such a monster. Anyway we shall see!” She cursed and stormed out.
I followed her, just to make sure she really did left.
“You no go see better, You think say you fit dump me like that after you don chop my toto finish, Na God go punish you. I go do midnight prayer for your head, you go suffer for this life. Ah Tina you don see something for this life sef, because of Husband. Chai!” She ranted and finally left.
I fell on the couch as I laughed hard.
So she could actually speak pigin, and she’ve been claiming oyibo.
I wonder where my mom saw this one.
“Ah, mom you won’t kill me!” I exclaimed.
My mom, is such a sweet mother,..
You wanna know more about me?
Okay then,
My name is Kelly Ejifor, a twenty-eight years old Wealthy and handsome bachelor who Studied Business administration.
My dad, Chief Ben Ejifor died four years ago, now i control my dad’s business and companies.
I’m the only child, although i had a twinie, but death took her away fifteen years ago.
She was so special to me..
Well, i don’t wanna remember the past for now.
I have my own mansion.
The only woman i love now is my mom, Mrs Roseline Ejifor.
I know readers would like to know why i dislike love and marriage, why sex is like a daily meal to me.
Well you’ll soon find out.
*My phone rang*
I checked the caller, Sweet mom.
My mom was calling. I know she would, the foolish girl had told her already.
I picked up.
“Hello momsy” I said, smiling. I know what was coming.
“Oh you sinful son!..” She shouted.
Ofcos i knew mom.
Her shouts could block ears.
She continued, “… You sinful child!, what have you done again this time!! Oh holy Mary mother of Jesus!!”
“Mom calm down, let me explain” I said, trying to calm her down. I was having headache already.
“Excuse me young man, let me talk sense into your skull!” She ordered.
She always do, by screaming my head off!
“Ok ma” I gave up.
“What rubbish have you done to a lady i invited to your house Kelly. Must you have sex with every lady i bring to you. Must you put that incurable madness, you call a joystick into every girl that I bring to you to pick? And to mark it worst, throw them out immediately after! This is madness Kelly!!”
“Mom, it isn’t my fault. She came to my house dressing like a s–t nah.”
“Will you Shut that dirty trash you call a mouth up! Even if she dressed like a nun, you will still get that…”
“Mom” I said.
“Kelly, this girl came to my house in tears, telling me you threw her out of your house immediately after having sex with her. Sex is not food my son. Stop this your outrageous way and get a wife. Get married and give me grandchildren. Or is it when i join your father that you will come back to your senses eh?
Biko nwa m, i beg you. Don’t keep reminding me of your dead sister. I’m sure if she’s alive, i won’t be begging you for grandchildren.”
I shut my eyes,
“Mom, im sorry.” I said.
“Sorry for yourself!” She said and the call dropped.
I just stood up from the couch, leaving my phone. And went upstairs, to my room, to have some sleep.
To just sleep!
I needed it anyway!.
Wow, now you guys have gotten to know about Who this Kelly Ejifor is, Should we call him a sex addict?
Having sex with every female that comes into his home.
hmm, He don’t believe in love talkmore of marriage.
I wonder what made him so?

Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by mobadan7(f): 6:30pm On Sep 19, 2018

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Damibiz(m): 6:49pm On Sep 19, 2018
Ok Kelly,ok Business Administration wow..kontinue man

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 11:45am On Sep 20, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 3
*Rose POV*
Two weeks later*
“The MTN number you’re trying to call is not reachable at the moment, please try again later, thank you!” The customer servicer announced to me for the thousandth million times since two weeks now!
Oh lord!
“F–k! f–k f–k you Jonny! What’s happening!” I yelled in frustration.
This can’t be.
For two weeks now, i’ve been trying to reach my boyfriend through the phone to ask him for his address. His house address and all that.
I don’t know the f—–g address!
I never bothered to know.
Okay, all i know is that he lives in Lekki..
What kind of a fool am I really?
Jonny only told me he lives in Lekki.
And i never bothered to ask him, where in lekki?
Which street?
which house?
Now, How do i find Jonny in the big city of Lagos if i eventually travel over there?
“God! I should have asked him for all this all those times I do reach him. I should have.” I blinked my eyes as tears flowed freely out of my eyes.
“What if something has happened to Jonny?”
No, i shook my head, “No, no there musn’t. There musn’t, not when Lady B is just on my neck.”
The Fifty thousand hadn’t stopped her from troubling me each day that passes by.
It was becoming unbearable for me.
So Jonny would have to know about this. And not just knowing about it, but also doing something about it.
But how do i get his address,.
Im very sure that i have no friend that lives in Lagos that i can go to her house if i don’t find Jonny.
Who could have Jonny’s address?
Okay, his friends?
He has lots of friends and ofcos I can’t just start walking from Tom’s house to Jerry’s asking of an Address like an insane lady.
Now i have to calculate.
He has best friends.
And only best friends could tell each other their deepest secret.
Yes, That’s correct!
Now, Jonny had this two friends who I sure could bet were his closest friends before he travelled.
Stanley and Harry.
Okay, I like Stanley. He is good mannered and hardworking. And he owns a very nice Chemist shop.
But Harry disgusts me. He is a thief! A beast! A drunkard! A womanizer! He never thinks of anything else except to get under a passing girl’s skirt.
I disdain him!
Jonny’s friendship with Harry was so not okay to me.
I would tell him that, and he would tell me, Harry had been his childhood friend and so he can’t just cut his friendship with him no matter what.
There was no way i was going to that idiot for what so ever! I’ll go see Stanley right away.
I quickly got unclad, wrapped my towel tightly aroud my body and walked to the small passage in my apartment, where i keep then I found out there is no water left. I’ve used everything and I never even thought of fetching water!.
I dropped the bucket and walked back to the room to change.
I grabbed a black bomshort and a blue singlet and pulled them on.
And went out with a gallon, to the Tap just outside the house to get water.
As I entered back inside the compound with the gallon of water on my head, I saw Papa Efe, my so called neighbour coming forward with a small empty bucket in his hand, obviously heading to the tap too.
He saw me and began to grin..
I hissed.
“Goodmorning Papa Efe.” I mumbled and continued my walking.
“Wait nah Rosa. ” He said and I rolled my eyes.
“What is it papa Efe?” I turned to face him.
“Ehm, see Rosa. The thing be say.. The thing i wan…I wan ask you..be say.. the thing be say…”
He was blabbing and his eyes were all over me..Obviously trying to see the tiniest hair on my skin.
“See, Papa Efe, why you dey talk and you just dey look me like this. na wetin?” I asked with a frown.
He grinned sheepishly, displaying his coloured teeth. “Ahh, Rosa Rosa.. You too fine die, why i no go look and appreciate this kind big big things wey you carry eh Rosa the Rosa,. Just See your yellow paw paw skin. Na this kind sweet pepper soup wey i dey like make e dey make my body dey hot like hell fire!..”
“Na that hell fire go consume you this foolish man!” I cursed, pointing my finger right on his face.
“Eh? Rosa. No talk that thing na. I just dey praise your beautifulness. Say you too fine.”
“Go and meet your wife, She’s too fine as well.!!” I snapped.
“Ah shh na! Rosa no shout abeg. You want make my wife hear you eh.”
“Whatever! And haven’t I told you severally that my name is Rose and not Rosa? ” I said and took a step.
“Eh, Wait Rosa.. sorry i mean Rose. Anyone na the same. I be wan yarn you something.” He said.
“About what?” I was loosing my patience already, standing here with this old fool.
He scratched his beard and adjusted the wrapper on his waist.
Cleared his throat.
Hmm, all this processes for what?
He cleared his throat again, “Ehm, you see eh, Rosa…”
“Rose” I corrected
“…yes, Rose. What about the thing wey i tell you na”
“Say i like you wella wella.. If you give me your matter ehn, i go carry am for my head. I wan make we be tighhhhht friend. You know that kind thing na” He said, grinning and scratching his head.
“Well, Papa Efe, as you can see, i don’t have your time.” I said.
“Rosa. See i go take care of you oh. You see that your yeye boyfriend, Jonny wey leave you go lagos go dey flex life there. Forget am. Make you allow me, Akpenvwe make i take care of you.” He ranted.
I looked at him with disgust.
What rubbish!
“See Papa Efe, let me warn you for the first and for the last time, Don’t you ever stop me on the way to vomit rubbish to me.”
“Ah ahn, Rosa, no be like that na.. Na word of wisdom i dey give you so oh..”
“To hell with you! I just wish your yoruba wife would keep breaking that dumb skull of yours each day! Foolish man! And one more warning. Caution those silly cats of yours, i don’t want to see them around my domain anymore.” I said and walked away.
“Chai. Papa Efe, look at the foolish drunkard making advances to me.. Ahh wetin Rose no go see for this life sef.
Stupid man that he’s yoruba wife is always breaking his head with bottles all the time. Eleven children, and none of them are going to school. Just to walk the whole streets of delta hawking pepper and tomatoes, While the mother goes about hawking ogogoro and cigrette and also at the same time hawking her toto too!”
” I soliloquized as i took my bath.
“Akpenvwe is nothing but a stupid lazy man who does nothing else than to drink and vomit rubbish all the time. I wonder how my landlord allowed them into this house ehn, saying there are his family. I’ve been a tenant in this house for four years now and in three years that i lived here, It was peaceful and relaxing. But ever since Akpenvwe and his lousy family came in a year now, There is just nothing else that greets me goodmorning and goodnight every day, but Akpenvwe and his wife quarrels and fighting. Or the children lousy cries. Trouble all the time!. God! if not for the problem Jonny had put me into now, I’ll would have just pack out of this house to a better place. A peaceful house! Anyway, Jonny you shall soon see me!”
As i was all dressed and ready to go see Stanley at his shop,
My phone rang.
I checked the caller and it was Aunty Caro.
I smiled and picked it immediately.
Me and her don become five and six.
“Aunty Caro I salute!” I said.
“Rose the Rose! Just Guess what?!”
“Ah Aunty Caro. You know i no dey good for guessing things. I dey hurry, i wan go out.” I said.
“Abeg no spoil my mood naw oh, just guess anything abeg!”
“Okay, you don catch new young bobo?” I asked, grinning.
“Oh my Goodness! Yes Rose! Wow, you need to see this guy’s pictures. God! and he’s super rich!” She said so excitedly. I laughed.
What else could make my Aunty this happy except these kind of things.
“Aunty Caro! You need to take it easy oh..” I said, laughing.
“Wait wait, Rose, You no dey happy for me eh?”
“Jesus! ofcos i am Aunty Caro. Yes i am. Don’t think so.” I said.
“So tell me what’s the bobo’s name?” I asked.
She giggled for few seconds before answering, “Kelly, Kelly Ejifor.”
“Wow nice names. So have you met him?” I asked.
“No, just social media stuff for now. But we’re planning on that.” She said.
“Wow. I’m happy for you dear Aunty.” I said. Ofcos there was no way i was happy with the way she live her life. She needed to stop all this trash and see if she would meet a matured man who would ignore her past and marry her.

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Ok...Rosa de form for Papa Efe abi,very soon She go chop Remainatez..nice work

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Nice story... Following keenly... I dey wait ur update Rosa Rosa...

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My personal Taste (18+)
Story By, Rejoice
Episode 5
*Rose’s point of view continues*
I gently knocked!
And their voices stopped immediately.
I could hear the hush crying of the girl.
I waited for twenty seconds and no one answered, so i knocked again.
“Who be that sef?” Harry’s harsh voice.
“It.. It’s me.” I said.
He would certainly be shocked to know it’s me.
“You no get name?” He asked.
“It’s Rose, Jonny’s girlfriend.” I said.
“Rose?” He said. He was obviously suprised.
“Yes” I said.
“Okay, i dey come.”
Few minutes later, he opened the door.
And immediately the young girl ran out.
She wouldn’t be above fifteen years old.
I pretended to be shocked to see the girl.
She was wearing a black short skimpy skirt and a yellow top that stopped above her navel. I looked on as the girl crossed the road and disappeared out of sight.
Harry cleared his throat and i turned to him.
“Madam Rose.” He smiled and crossed his arms, as he stood at his door.
“Harry,” I said.
“You go come in? Abi my room go fear you?” He asked.
I wanted to decline and just go straight to the point but i nodded my head in affirmation and walked into his room.
God save me!
“Sit down. Why you dey stand when sit dey” He asked me as he sat on his bed.
I gently sat on one of the two plastic chairs i saw.
“Make i dey jolly now, abi?” He said, and laughed.
“For what?” I asked as i glanced at him.
Ugh! He was ugly.
Not so ugly tho.
“Say madam Rose finally finally come my house. You wey hate to even talk to me..”
I smiled, “I don’t hate you Harry but your manners and the way you live your life.” I said to him.
“For your pocket.” He said.
“Wetin you go take. Star? Life? Legend?” He asked
“Harry i don’t drink alcohol. Don’t even bother your self about offering me something. Besides i’m coming from Stanley’s shop. He offered me something and my stomache is filled up.” I said.
“See this one. Oyibo girl. Abeg yarn me for broken. Who english epp.” He said laughing.
I followed.
The guy is funny tho.
“You no say i sabi broken, the thing be say i no dey really like to speak am.”
“Na Warri babe you be. No be because you go university, you dey form intellectually.” He said and i laughed.
“Ah Harry, you will never change.” I said.
“You dey see me as bad guy na. Dey tell Jonny wey be my childhood paddy, make e forget me. Me Harry.”
“You won’t understand. I was scared he go dey follow you dey do all that thing wey u dey do.” I said.
“Wetin i dey do?” He asked.
“Like the one i just see run out of your room. Why she run like that sef? Na small girl be that oh.”
He laughed hard, “You say small?”
“Yes. I’m sure she’s not up to sixteen years.”
“That girl you see na small but mighty. Na small pin she be. E be like say you no know First street wella.” He said.
“Nawa o..”
“Na she come oh, day before yesterday. Wey i dey my shop dey barb hair. Na so she carry herself come say she need money. Say make we do trade by barter. I give am money. Say she go come for night.. I wait here she no show. yesterday, i wait, she no show. And today, i see her for this compound. She think say i go shop. Na so i catch am. She come dey tell me say she dey see her flower. She get luck say you come on time.”
“Luck?” I said with eyes wide open.
“Yes. I for f–k her. I no send.” I gasped.
“On her period? That’s a taboo Harry. No try am.” I said, not believing it.
“Who taboo epp.?”
“I dey serious oh. Make you just forgive her. How much you give am”
“Na two pin oh.” He said
“Two thousand.”
I sighed, “Abeg leave am. Make she see her flower finish. Or you just forget about the trade by barter thing, you do. She’s too small for this.” I said.
“I no fit forget am.. You dey pity someone wey dey share her toto seven times a day. You know how many she don give me the thing?”
I shook my head, “Harry.. Nawao. You no dey change oh.”
“Eh. I don hear. Rose you never tell me wetin make you come my house because me i no say you no fit just wear clothe and start to dey come my house. This na your first time sef.” He said.
“Na Jonny.” I said.
“Jonny my guy. He don become Lagos guy na. He don forget me sef.”
“Forget you?” I asked.
I hope it isn’t the same story that Stanley gave me. My coming here can’t be in vain.
“Jonny never call me since two weeks. I dey call his lines. they no dey reachable. The thing sef tire me.” He said.
“Same with me Harry. I don’t know what is happening to Jonny. I dey feel say something bad don happen to him.” I poured out.
“Some thing bad?”
“Yes. Abeg I need your help.” I Said
“Jonny’s address. I wan travel go lagos Abeg.”
“He tell me say na Lady B you borrow money give am.”
“Yes. I said.” Stanley didn’t even know of this but Harry do.
“Please i need the address. Im sure he gave it to you.” I said with hope.
“But why you no know your boyfriend’s address since ten months wey he travel.” He asked.
“I don’t know. I don’t know what i did to myself. I thought it wasn’t important to know.”
“Nawa o. Well i know am.” He said.
“Huh?” What did he just say?
“I know Jonny address.”
God! I saw myself in paradise.
“God! Oh my God! Are you serious?”
I rushed at him in a tight hug.
I didn’t bother that he was a bad guy.
I didn’t bother that i hated him
Or he was not good looking.
Or he dresses indescently.
I rushed at him and hugged him, screaming with excess joy.
“Thank you Harry, Thank you.. Im so happy you have it” I said before i realised we are still hugging, i quickly released myself from him.
He looked suprised and shocked at the same time.
“Sorry, na over happiness dey worry me.” I said.
“Ah, Rose. because Jonny’s address you hug me.” He said looking at me with astonishment.
“Abeg, leave that one. Just give me the address. Write am for me for paper.” I said, breathing hard.
“Ah no need to write am for paper. You fit carry am for your head. The thing no hard.”
“Okay then.” I said.
“Na lekki.” He said.
“Lekki what?
Where in lekki?
Which side?” I asked, looking at him.
“Na only Lekki he tell me.” He said.
This harry is so tricky!
Pls guys, one word for Harry??

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My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 6
*Rose’s point of view continues*
“What!!” I yelled, not believing what i just heard.
“What did i just hear you say?” I asked.
“Na so.” He said.
Oh my God!
not after i just gave this fool a hug.
Not after all the hugging!
“Harry why naw? why you lie to me?” I asked, almost in tears.
“I no lie to you nah. No be address be that wey i just give you?” He said and i immediately felt like strangling him to death!
“Harry your father!” I cursed, “Make God punish you there for me.” I said and got up.
I have to be at the door incase i bite more than i could chew.
The guy no talk, He was just staring at me.
I grabbed my purse and headed to the door.
“Harry you be fool! U just use me play now abi, and i fell to the extent of hugging you. You Harry!” I asked once i was at the door.
I was so disappointed and ashamed of myself.
“Rose no be here i dey, you come hug me?. Wetin i for do nah?” He said, without minding how raged i was..
“You are insane! Your bad ways go die with you!” I cursed him again.
He was silence,
“I can see that i made a mistake by coming here anyway.” I said and stormed out!
“Aunty he don vex you? your face no good ohhhh” It was the small boy asking.
I hissed and walked pass him without turning.
Stupid things!
Oh God!
How foolish i had been to go to Harry for anything!
Now look at what i did.
I hugged that smelly pig!
That he-goat.
Why did i have to react that soon.
I should have calmed myself and hear the address before jumping on his Godforsaking body!
“Ah Harry you are a fool.
Me sef im such an idiot!”
All because of Jonny!
“Jonny look at what you’ve made me do!” I mumbled to myself in total regret as i walked through the dirty street, looking for a tricycle.
“Jonny, this is not fair. This is not fair at all. You didn’t give me your address neither did you gave it to any of your friends. Why did you do that. Why do you have to make me suffer to get it. And you switched off your lines for two weeks now. Whats wrong with you!? Have you gone crazy? ” It was rhetorical questions. but i knew this was all i was going to ask him when i get to Lagos.
He needed to tell me what i did wrong for him to switch off his lines for two weeks.
He needed to tell me what is wrong.
Why he stilll haven’t made the money.
Why he didn’t give his house address to any of his friends, not even Harry.
If he still loves me.
If he still misses me.
If im still the only one in his life.
I needed to let him know about Lady B threats.
And i needed us to… to be together..
I miss him.
And his touches..
His kisses.
Oh Rose, you are such an idiot.
Thinking about touches and kisses when you still have amount of money to pay to lady B.
I shook my head and as i looked up, i saw the girl, the Small pin coming towards me.
I quickly looked away, pretending that i’ve not seen her.
But then i felt a hand on my shoulder.
I turned and it was her.
Why is she here?
“Hello Aunty.” She said.
She was a pretty girl with low cut.
I raised my eyebrows, “Hi?”
“Aunty no vex. I just wan tell you thank you for coming early to Harry’s room.” She said.
“Why thanking me?” I asked, pretending like i don’t know a bit.
“Ah Aunty, i for die today.” She said.
I looked at her,
So Harry would have truely killed her?
“What do you mean?” I asked her.
I needed the informations.
“Ah Aunty, that guy koko too big! no even near there.” She said, shaking her head.
Harry koko?
I swallowed the laugh that almost came out.
“What is koko?” I asked, pretending to not know. I needed to appear decent in this young girl’s eyes.
“Aunty you no know wetin be koko? His koko na. His thing. E big like this.” She said, giving me the shape of a Harry’s d–k size with her right palm folded and arm stretched out.
The size was too big and the girl is kind of fat.
Oh God i don’t want to laugh. Please.
“God! why are you telling me this? And are you not too young to be saying all this?” I asked instead of the laugh that was intended to burst out.
“Na why i run.” She said.
“Really?” I asked, staring at the girl. I was dumbfounded.
“Yes o. Aunty you be him new babe?” She asked.
“God forbid!” I rejected loudly before i even thought of saying it.
She laughed..
“Ah, You don get luck. Na run without looking back, naa you go do if he show you him koko. Na wetin dey chase all the girls wey he dey get.” She said.
I decided to follow along.
The gossip was getting sweet.
“But how you take no say him koko big?” I asked.
“Ah, Aunty so you even dey speak pigin. ” She laughed.
“Yes na.” I said.
“I see the bigness and longness for him boxers.” She said.
“Oh really?” I asked, with eyes wide open in astonishment.
“Yes. Na so i dey take no koko wey big well well.”
I shook my head.
This one na small pin indeed.
“But shey he never do am to you before?” I asked.
“No oo..” She answered.

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 2:30pm On Sep 24, 2018

But Harry asked me if i know how many times he had done it to her.
“But he…” No! why should i ask her anyway. What’s my business.
I had my own business of getting Jonny’s address and paying back Lady B’s money.
“Wetin?” She asked.
“Forget about it.” I said.
“No o. I no fit. Say am make i hear.” Her face was in a frown.
“Okay, he tell me say, una don do am many times. But you no agree for this one because you say you dey your flower. He say you borrow am money to pay back with sex.”
“Yes that one na true. I borrow am money.”
“So are you seeing your period?”
“No. na lie i tell am so he fit leave me.” She said.
“So you mean, you freely went to his house to give him sex? He said it should be two days ago.” I asked.
“Yes, but i dey sick that two days ago. Na the money i even take go use buy medicine.” She said.
“What sickness?” I asked as HIV immediately came to my mind.
“Na malaria.” She said.
“Na wetin dey tell you?”
“No, na wetin i tell am.”
Just then, rain that i couldn’t point how it came about, began drizzling and within ten seconds it began falling.
“Heeh! Aunty come come make we go my sister shop. Na that one wey dey there.” She said, pointing at a shop not far from where we were.
I had no other option, so i followed her on. Besides no keke was coming.
“What’s your name?” I asked her.
“Favour” She said.
“And your age?” I asked.
She didn’t answer, but instead she ran ahead of me.
Once we got to the shop, Favour introduced me to her sister.
The shop was a Hair saloon shop and they were four ladies in there.
“That one wey dey dey do the lady hair na my sister. Priye.” She said.
Priye was servicing a lady’s hair. She wouldn’t be above my age. and was on a blue flare gown, which stopped just at her thighs.
The third lady in the shop, was sitting with her eyes on her phone, chewing gum and making a hell of a noise with it. She was sitting just beside Priye who was standing.
“That one na my Sister friend. Queen. She be talk talk.” Favour whispered to me.
Just then Queen looked at us.
“Babe, your sis done bring you customer.” Queen said.
She is fair in but her skin is bleached. and her arms and her neck are full of tatoos. She had a long braid of orange colour hair attachment. And was putting on a very short blue jean skirt that i could see a little of her red pantie as she crossed her legs.
The singlet she wore is white in colour and she probably wasn’t wearing any bra cos i could see her n—–s poke out wildly through her tight singlet.
My instinct immediately told me she must be a w—e!
The fourth lady in the shop is a customer because she was sitting on the hair dressing sit as she combed her hair, looking at the large mirror.
“Ah favour, i trust you my sister.” Priye said, turning.
“Welcome sister. Abeg sit down. I get one hair style wey go fit this your beautiful round face.” She said to me, smiling.
I gave her a smile i knew wasn’t from my heart.
“Na even new face.” She added.
“Ehe, you dey serious?” Queen asked. As i found a sit on the only three-sitter couch in the shop, while Favour went to assist her sister.
“Abeg make una leave am. She no come to do her hair. Na rain carry am come here.” Favour said.
“Hmm okay.” Priye said, obviously not happy.
“Buy your hair need plaiting na abi?” Queen asked me, looking at me. But her look soon turned to staring.
“Not yet.” I replied and looked away
Why’s she staring at me like a fool?
“Wait, wait, priye. I hope say no be my eyes dey decieve me.” Queen said and rushed to me. still looking at me.
“Wetin you see?” Priye asked her.
Queen was still looking at me.
Is she a slowpoke or what?
“Abeg, no be you be Rose? Jonny girlfriend?” She asked me and immediately i heard his name, my felt my heart skip.
I looked at her.
How did she know?
“Na you abi?”
“My boyfriend name is Jonny.” I said.
“You see! my eyes dey see well well. Jonny wey dey lagos. He fair,come tall, slim sha. No be him?” She asked.
“Yes he’s the one.”
I couldn’t believe it.
That this s–t knows Jonny.
“Jonny na my neighbour for wey i stay for lagos.” She said and my heart fell.
“Neighbour? You mean in Lekki?” I asked.
“Eh you say lekki? Who carry Jonny go Lekki?. Jonny wey dey patch with person for wey i live for bariga, Face-me-i-face-you yard.” She said and i heard chuckles from the ladies, including Favour.
I couldn’t believe Jonny lied to me.
“What are you saying?” I asked,still not believing her.
“Yes na. Jonny na my neighbour. Shey i resemble person wey fit give this kind lie?” She asked.
Ofcos you do!
“Infact. I get pictures wey i snap with am for my phone. Make i show you. Make you know say me i no dey lie for you.”
She said and brought out her phone.
Jonny took pictures with this s–t?
I prayed so much that it wouldn’t be him, not with this w—e! but at the same time i hoped it would be him so i would be able to get his address at last! no matter where he lives. I would go and meet him there.
“Oya see am. See the pix.” She said, showing me the pictures.
In the first picture, Jonny was holding her accross her waist and each of them had a bottle of alcohol in their hand.
God! i felt tears gather.
The second one was the worst! Jonny was sitting while Queen sat down on his laps! the white skirt she wore was so short.
No never! this can’t be my own Jonny.
This can’t be him!
But it was him. That was Jonny, allowing a s–t sit on him.
I felt so betrayed.
She wanted to show me more but i declined.
“No, im.. im okay. It..it’s him” I said, my voice unsteady as I began shedding tears. They poured down even though i tried to hold them back.
I was shivering.
The cold was getting straight into my heart.
“You see wetin you don cause now!” Favour yelled at Queen.
“Priye warn this your sister oh. I go slap her oh.” Queen said.
“You no fit!” Favour said, advancing towards Queen.
“You dey dare me?” Queen asked her.
There was going to be fight this minute if i don’t do something.
I sniffled,“Please it’s okay Favour. She didn’t do anything wrong. I’m only sad because he lied to me that he lives in Lekki.” I said.
I know that wasn’t the reason for my tears. I felt betrayed.
Betrayed by someone i gave my whole heart to.
My life
My trust!
But there he was, cheating on me with this s–t and probably a lot more!
Jonny i must get to you!
I will kill you!
“Queen please, can i get his address? I’ve been looking for it.” I said to her.
“No probs. You go get am.” She said
while Favour looked at her with scorn.
Immediately i got home, I went straight to my bed and began crying.
I cried for everything that Jonny had made me pass through this ten months.
I cried for my whole heart which i gave to him.
I cried for my parents. If only death had not taken them away, i would have had a companion. A person who would talk to me, advice me.
My mother! She was the sweetest mom anyone would love to have..
She was caring, very sweet to me.
She advises me to be careful all the time.
She made sure i lack nothing.
But my dad died in a fatal accident with my only brother and she couldn’t bear it so she died with them after two weeks sickness.
She loved my dad so much and My brother who was then three years older than i am. He was her only son.
We were a happy family.
That many family envy.
It was six years ago.
After their death, i wanted to die too. I wanted to go with them. But Jonny came around and held me from doing so. He stayed with me all day and nights.
Through the numerous times i fell greatly sick, He stayed awake in the hospital.
I began to love him.
I gave my life to him.
I gave myself to him!
But Jonny had betrayed me.
He had torn the remaining pieces of me which he stitched together six years ago.
But I would be strong, to face him there in his room.
In that tiny room he shares with who so ever..
In the Next episode, we would look into Kelly’s point of view.

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My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 7
*Kelly’s point of view*
Could you believe it?
Could you?
That my mom hadn’t sent another lady to my house for the past two weeks!
My mom had never done that.
She always find a girl to bring to me at least two times in a week.
She always do that so i could pick one for a wife. But i end up having sex with them and then throw them out. But even though i’ve done that to so many of the girls. My mom still doesn’t stop inviting another.
But this time around, she did.
She did.
After i threw Tina out. She never mentioned anything like a girl or wife to me.
She calls only for business and to know how im doing.
But i know myself.
I know i can’t endure sex starvation for a week talkmore of two weeks.
Nor do i like to woo a lady.
They come to me instead and i f–k them and dump them.
Those in my office here.
Those around my estate, where i live.
Those i meet during a business conference or meeting.
Those i meet when i travel.
and those my mom invite to my house.
I was every girl’s dream man.
But since two weeks now, It’s been like i was cursed.
No girl seem to look at me or notice my presence anywhere.
I just hope my mom do not have a hand in this.
I just hope so..
Okay, i can’t call up a call girl.
I hate them.
I’ve never for once thought of having sex with one before, never.
I need sex,
And it’s all i could think of now.
But although i just met this lady online, yeah. But f–k! she’s older than i am and again, she’s far from me because she live currently in Delta state.
Well, anyway, we’ve planned on meeting with each other and it was next tomorrow. She would come over to lagos here.
I was going to have sex with an older lady or im afraid, i might just die of sex starvation..
Just then my phone rang.
I was in my office, doing nothing else than sex thoughts.
I picked up the phone and saw it was Caroline calling.
Caroline is the lady i was going to meet in two days time.
She was beautiful and classic, no doubt but the only problem was that she is older than i am.
But i got no choice.
I’ve got to do this.
“Hello dear.” I said into the phone.
“Hi. How are you doing?” Caroline asked.
“Well, i’m good. Just anticipating to see you soon. I can’t wait any longer.” I said.
“Wow. Me too dear. I really want to see that handsome face of yours. And so many other things i want to see.” She said, giggling.
So many other things?
I giggled too as naughty thoughts flooded my mind.
“Wow, Baby, you sound really sweet.” I said.
“Thank you sugar. You know i would do more sweeter things when we finally get be together.”She said. her voice sounding so sexy.
Oh my God!
I was already getting high.
This lady would sure be fire.
F–k age!
As far as she got what i want..
“Wow, I can’t wait. Baby your voice is so sexy and your words, they’re giving me tingles.” I said softly to her.
“You deserve more sugar. Trust me on that.” She said and i just felt my self in cloud nine.
“Really baby?” I asked, shutting my eyes.
“Yeah.. You sure gonna like every thing im gonna do to you.. Every single thing sugar.” She said so seductively, giggling again.
“Oh baby, you’re killing me.”
Just then my mom decided to ruin my moment with her call!
And if i don’t pick this call, she’s so gonna scream my head off later.
“Hello dear. Are you there?” Caro asked.
“Yes i am. Someone just walked into my office now. Call you soon okay. Love you.” I said and cut the call.
“Hello!” I said.
“Ah Kelly! what took you so long to pick my call. Your mother’s call!” She asked.
My mom was always shouting.
“Mom please stop it. You know i’m at work and busy.” I said
“Well, I called you to tell you something very important.” She said.
“What is that?”
“Do you know The Cokers? Dr Williams Coker and Lady Monica Coker?” She asked.
“Ofcos i do. Who doesn’t.” I said.
“Do you know their only daughter?” She asked.
I’ve seen her pictures in few blogs. but only when her parents is involved.
She doesn’t just appear in blogs.
“Yes. I’ve seen her pictures in few blogs. Can’t even remember her name.” I said.
“Aha. Good good. Her name is Sugar Coker. Suuuugarrr.” She said, prolonging the name. “Oh Kely, what a sweet name.” She said, suprising me.
I laughed. “Mom, what’s up with her?” I asked.
“I met the Cokers last week on a celebration party and oh their daughter came with them. I was so mesmerized by her beauty and elegance.” She said.
“Oh really?” I asked.
Is she trying to bring another girl to my house?
Ofcos it could be any other person but not the daughter of the Cokers.
Im sure gonna be dead if i try any s–t.
The Cokers are multi millionaires and sure wouldn’t take it lightly with me if i mess around with their only daughter.
I have to tell mom.
“Mom, see, You know the Cokers very well. Mrs Coker is a barrister and you know it. So please don’t try inviting their daughter to my house. I beg you. Not Sugar. You can invite someone else but not her.” I pleaded. It was from my heart.
“Oh son. Why should i do that When i know who you are.” She laughed.
“Thank you.” I said.
“The news is that, they want you for their daughter.” She broke the news like a bomb and i gasped.
“Yes son. We are so lucky. Those family are super wealthy! and you know what it means to get married to their daughter.”
“Mom you know im not yet ready for that!” I said.
I don’t give a d–n about their richness. I am rich too. Or are my not?
“I don’t wanna pretend to love someone mom. Their richness is not what i need.” I added.
“Kelly you have to do this. Sugar is a sweet girl. And she already told me she likes you and want to meet you.”
“Mom i’ve said mine. Please tell them, tell Sugar, that your son isn’t ready for marriage now.” I said.
“You lie Kelly! you lie! And for your information. I’m coming to your house next tomorrow. They are things we need to discuss.” She said.
What? next tomorrow?
“Mom, not this this sunday please.” I begged.
“Why?” She asked.
Caroline is coming that same day.
“Mom im going out for a veery important meeting please.” I lied.
“Important business on a sunday?” She asked.
“Mom yes yes. An important business. And you won’t see me when you come. Im leaving very early in the morning.” I said.
She was silent for some time.
Then she sighed, “Okay then. We’ll see some other time. But it have to be soon.” She said.
Oh God! thank you. I won!
“Okay mom. Thank you.” I said.
“Take care son. Love you.”
“Love you more mom.” I said and the call dropped.
Oh thank Goodness!
My mom almost ruined everything.
If Caroline wasn’t older than i am. Mom for sure, would be so happy to meet her, but Caroline is older.. Really older.
There’s no way mom would know about her.
Well, anyway, it would just be for sometime and i’ll sure dump her old a-s too.
And about Sugar Coker and her d–n family?
Well, i don’t f—–g care.
Maybe i’ll think about it tho. but that’s gonna be right after im done with Caroline.
I have to call Caroline now.
*Rose’s point of view*
I woke up to the lousy noise from Papa Efe’s apartment.
They are at it again!
“…foolish man!! talk again make i break your head with this bottle!
Abeg Neighbours come oh, make una come hear this rubbish man oh. He talk say make i pack my load go! E mi Yetunde! Make i leave this house! Ah, Kole werk!. Infact Papa Efe abi wetin dem dey call you, Ori e ti darun. Olori buru ku Oloshi!” The woman was cursing loudly.
“Yetunde. You go leave my house oh. You be badluck. See Nairabet whey i for win. Na so you carry your bad bad luck make me loose am. Na winch you be.” Papa Efe said angrily.
“Eh? Wetin you talk? me Yetunde na badluck? Na your great great fathers na dem be badluck. Foolish man.”
“Dirty woman!”
“Foolish yeye man, I be dirty woman abi. but for night you go tell me make i open my legs make you enter. Na hell fire you go enter this time!”
“Abeg comot from my front, make i go out!” He said.
“You no dey go anywhere if you no give me money for soup!” She snapped.
“Yetunde leave my short!” He shouted!
Horrible people.
They can kill themselves for all i care!
I got up from my bed and yawned.
Today was saturday.
I’ve spent my whole day yesterday, looking for Jonny’s address. Although i did get it, But it came in the kind of way i never expected..
I walked into my bathroom, and looking into a mirror standing in a corner of my bathroom where i’do keep my bathing stuffs..
I saw that i have emaciated,
That i was getting dark.
That my heart bleeds.
And my spirit fades.
I’m being cheated on by someone i stay celibate for.
I shook my head as tears fell down freely.
I have to tell Aunty Caro about this. I have to. She could help me. She could advice me. I have no other friend except Ruth who i’m currently in malice with.
I needed to go to Jonny.
To pay his d–n a-s a visit.
I would talk to Aunty Caro.
Tell her what Jonny had been doing behind me.
I need her advice.
I need someone’s love and care.
I feel so lonely and frustrated!
I walked back to my bed and searched for my phone. When i got it,
I had switched it off yesterday, because of Lady B’s unending calls.
I switched it on and dailed her number. The call went through immediately.
“Rose Rose! Whatsup na?. Why your lines off since yestersay!” Aunty Caro spoke first.
I layed back down on my bed.
I hissed,“Na Lady B and her troubles.” I said.
“Eyaah.” She said.
Aunty i have something to tell you.” I said.
“What is that?”
“I met a girl yesterday who have Jonny’s address.” I said.
“Wow.. That is good news!”
“No Aunty it isn’t! Jonny is cheating on me.” I said, tears gathering in my eyes.
“Really? Wetin she tell you?”
“She said Jonny lives in Bariga and not Lekki. He lied to me.” I said, sniffing.
“Shey I talk am. I tell you that guy na he-goat.” She said.
“She showed me the pictures they took together. She’s a s–t! She is messing around with him Aunty. Jonny is her neughbour.” I said. I was crying now.
“It’s okay baby. Stop crying. You don’t need to cry because of a man. We gonna teach that black a-s of a Jonny lesson. Okay?”
“By the way, I got something to tell you too.” She said.
“What is that?”
“I’m flying to Lagos tomorrow to meet Kelly.”
“Kelly? Who’s Kelly?” I asked.
“Haba! Rose you no remember Kelly wey i telll you say na my new guy?” I asked.
“Oh, I do i do. Don’t mind me. You know what i’ve been thinking alot this days.”
“Nawa o. Abeg don’t kill yourself because of Jonny or whatever they call him. I go come see you soonest sef you hear?”
“So are you still traveling to the lagos?” She asked.
“Yes! I must oh. Aunty can i follow you tomorrow?” I asked.
I wish i could.
“Follow me go where?” Her voice changed.
“Lagos. Please?”
“Abeg comot. You wan spoil my day with you and your Jonny wahala abi.”
“Ah Aunty no na. I go jus…”
“Bye bye! i have an incoming call.” She snapped and the call dropped.
No problem!!
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and comment to find out what happened the next day.

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Kelly my guy my guy.....chop nd clear mouth
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 12:54pm On Sep 26, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 8
*Kelly’s point of view continues*
It was exactly 7:00am when my alarm sounded loudly into my ears, waking me up from my dreamful sleep,where i was having a romantic moment with Caroline.
“Shut the f--k up!” I yelled, as i hit the Alarm hard and got up from the bed.
I had set the alarm so i could wake up early enough to clean up my house for my coming visitor, Caro.
Yes, my house is kind of unkept.
I have few of my clothes littered all over the seats in my sitting-room.
My bathroom looks dirty and needs scrubbing.
My kitchen has to be the worse.. Can i even remember the last time i went there?
My bed-room needs mopping and needs to be tidied up,
I need to change this bedspread, the duvet and the pillowcase.
What colour would fit our moment?
*I laughed.
Yes! Red, Red! would do!
Red bedspread. Red pillowcase. And red duvet?
No no!
That would look bloody.
Whatever i’ll get to that later.
I have to start withh… Ehmm!
With the sitting room first.
That would be the first place she would see.
I yawned as i walked into my bathroom to brush..
Caroline had insisted on coming to my house.
She said she hated hotels..
She said, us together in my house would make her feel much more comfortable and relaxed.
I liked that. Yeah, but im afraid im going to work hard on tidying up this house.
As i got through with washing my face and brushing my teeth. I walked to my phone and took it.
I have to call her.
I dialled her line and it went through.
I cleared my throat.
It has to sound sweet, “Hello goodmorning sweets.” I said.
“Goodmorning baby, how are you this morning?” She asked.
“Fine sweets. What about you?”
“I’m fine. Im so excited that im gonna see you today.” She said.
“Me too dear.” I said.
“Hope you had a lovely night?” I asked
“Yeah i did. Saw your handsome face in my dreams.” She said.
I smiled, “Wow. I did too sweets..You were so beautiful and sweet.” I said.
She giggled, “Thank you baby. Im so glad i met you.” She said..
I faked a smile, “Oh, me too dear.” I said.
“I’ll be heading to the airport by 9:30.” She said.
“Alright sweetie. Be careful. Love you. Can’t wait to see you soon.” I said.
“Thats my baby boy.” She said.
“Call you soon.” I said.
“Waiting..” She said and i cut the call.
Now, what do i start with?
Yeah, the sitting-room..
Down, at the sitting room, I first picked up my shirts and neckties which i littered all over the seats.
Then i began mopping the floor..,
It was a hell of a suffering..
When last did i clean this sitting-room?
A month ago?
If only i have a househelp..
A housemaid.
Or even a common gateman.
I thought i needed none.
A bachelor needed not anything like that.
Those guys are a disturbance,
They could run in when im having my best moment. And ruin everything.
I needed enough privacy.
I hate to have someone in my house who would ruin things for me..
I love to live alone.
Living alone was the best for me..

Soon i was through with the sitting room.
I admired my handwork. It was superb.
The couches and sofas where looking fresh.
The floor was sparkling.
The television and every other thing was looking neatly cleaned.
I have changed the curtains as well..
The dinning too was looking well tidied and cleaned.
I inhaled as i wiped sweats off my forehead.
“Good job man!” I said to myself and smiled broadly.
Now where next?
My bed-room..
That should be the next place she’s gonna see after the sitting room..
“Yeah! The bed-room. Sweet!” I smiled..
“Can i just imagine all that’s gonna happen up there?” I laughed.
Humming the song ‘All of you by john legend’ I began to wash and scrub my bathsuite.
Today was going to be a great day!
As the scrubbing and cleaning went on,
I decided to sing out.
Iam happy, you know.
Today deserves the songs.
“My head’s under water but im breathing fine,..
You’re crazy and im out of my mind….
Cos all..” and my voice cracked!
I laughed. So bad.
I’m the bad type at singing..
In two hours, the sitting-room, bathsuite and bedroom was all tidied up.
I finally chosed white bedspread with the pillowcase and red duvet and it looked romantic. To me.
“Woah!” I exclaimed excitedly. I was good at this tho.
In few hours, i’ll be f-----g hell outta the old w---e, on this bed..
Then i remembered.
“Oh my God! I’ve not called her since then. Where the hell is my phone!”
I had left it in the sitting-room.
I rushed down downstairs and saw the phone on a couch. I grabbed it and immediately i saw five missed calls from her.
Oh God!
How the hell did i forgot to take the d--n phone!
I dialed her line and she picked up within two seconds!
“Hello baby, i was worried.” She said immediately.
“Sorry i was b…” Hell no! How can i tell her i was busy cleaning up.
“You were?” She asked.
“Sorry dear. I was upstairs doing something. I forgot the phone downstairs in the sitting-room.” I said.
God! please let her not ask me what i was doing.
“Oh, alright. I’m at the airport. In few minutes, I’ll be on flight.” She said.
Oh, thank goodness!
“Alright baby. Stay safe. Love you.” I said.
F--k love!
“Oh Kelly, please add ‘I’ to it. Don’t just tell me ‘Love you’. ” She said.
What the heck!
I faked a laugh, “Okay baby, I love youuuu.” I said.
It’s just for the main time.
“Aww, that’s my baby. I love you too. Take care..” She said.
“Yeah”.. I said and the call dropped.
“yuck! I can’t just wait to f--k you and dump your a-s! That’s all you worth!”
As i got to my kitchen, I sure knew what i was going to see.
So much dirtiness! and a disgusting smell i can’t point exactly where it comes from.
Is it from the counter still littered with the last cabbage and carrot leaves, which i used in preparing a rice four weeks ago.
That was the most horrible rice i’ve ever tried eating!
How did i even manage to prepare that?
Okay, I was bored and so i decided to try cooking.
But the food tasted like hell!
Was that where the smell is coming from?
Or the unwashed pots and untensils?
Or the dirty floor?
Oh no! i’m sure i forgot to trash that goddamn pot of tasteless rice.
I dropped the mob and bucket of soaped water and was about to walk over to the counter when my feet hit the the bucket and it immediately turned and its content poured all over the tiled floor.
“F--k!” I yelled.
I tried to manage my steps but unluckily for me,
I slipped!
and whatever that happened next, i know not of.
*Rose’s point of view*
I was in my small kitchen, preparing brunch of noodles and egg and listening to some gospel songs on my phone.
I yawned and sang along as my phone played me Cece Winas song, just as the delicious smell of the indomie noodles went through my nostrils, waking up more of the thousand butterflies in my stomache.
“….mercy said no!
i’m not gonna let you go!
I’m not gonna let you sleep away,
You don’t have to be afraid!
Mercy said no!
Sin will never take control..
Life and death stood face to fa…” But i got interrupted by the ringtone of my phone.
Aunty Caro was calling..
Oh she actually could call after shoting me off yesterday huh?
She must be in lagos now, with her so called super rich guy.
Anyway, i picked the call.
“Hello hello Rose, you..you can’t believe it!” She spoke immediately i picked up. Her voice was cracky. She sounded annoyed.
“What is it?” I asked. I was still not happy with her.
“I’m in Lagos now, infact over an hour.But Kelly had refused to pick my calls!” She said. I felt her pain.
“God! what’s wrong?” I asked.
“I don’t know. I don’t. It seem i’ve been fooled.” She said, annoyed.
“God! i no know wetin i go do now.” She lamented.
“Eyaah.. Sorry Aunty. Maybe try staying an hour again and keep trying his line..” I said.
“My goodness! i feel so ashamed of myself. I’ve been here in this eatery! Kelly can’t do this to me..” She said sadly to me.
“It’s okay Aunty. Just calm down. Maybe he’s…” But I have nothing to suggest.
“He’s what?” She asked.
I sighed, “I don’t know Aunty. Just calm down. And keep trying his lines.”
“Call me if you reach him or if anything else okay?” I said.
When the call dropped, i couldn’t hold my laughter as i let it out,..
Lol! now you guy’s have seen what happened to Kelly on the day he is expecting Caroline.
Well, there’s more to know!

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My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 9
#The_next day
at 10:30am*
*Kelly’s point of view*
I opened my eyes, to see myself in a strange room, on a bed with blues curtains everywhere.
Then I saw a plumpy fair lady in a white coat, smiling at me with her hands in her coat-pockets. Her stethoscope over her neck.
A doctor?
I tried turning but my head hurts.
I saw strings attached into my right hand.
I gasped.
I was taking a drip.
I was in a hospital.
What happened to me?
Where is Caroline?
We were suppose to be together now..
Where is my phone?
“Hello Mr Kelly Ejifor. I’m doctor Matilda.How do you feel now?” She said to me, smiling.
What’s making her smile anyway?
I stayed silent.
“It’s okay.. You’ll be fine.”
Just then my mom walked in..
She was just on a casual yellow gown.
“Ah, Thank God you are awake Kelly. God have saved you.. Doctor thank you so much!” She said as she reached down and touched my head gently.. I groaned lightly. There felt painful and seemed it’s bandaged.
I looked at my mom.
She smiled at my mom, “He is okay. As you can see he’s awake now.. Just the pains on that side of his head and ocassional headache..” She said.
“Mrs Roseline, please see me at my office when you’re done talking with your son. And… After the drip, he is good to go. He’ll be discharged this evening.. Please once he’s done taking the drip, He needs to eat.” She said.
“Okay doctor. Thank you.” Mom said to her.
“See you later Mr Kelly” She said and left.
“Mom, why are my here?” I asked.
She laughed.
“Really?” She asked, giving me a funny look.
“You are here because i went to your house and saw you laying on the kitchen floor and bleeding from your head. You can’t remember what happpened? Or have you lost your memory too? Wait let me call the doctor.” She said, getting up.
“Wait wait mom.” I called.
“You remember?” She asked.
“Yeah i do.” I said.
I remember that i slipped and fell there on the kitchen floor.
So mom came to my house.
“Mom what’s the time now?” I asked.
Caroline must be waiting for me!
“It’s ten minutes to eleven o’clock in the morning.” She said,.
That’s a lie.
“And today is Monday sweetie.” She added.
Oh no!
“Oh no, oh no..” I said sadly.
“What is it?” Mom asked, looking at me.
I’ve messed up! Caroline has gone back!
“I missed the meeting!” I lied.
She laughed, “You know Kelly, you can’t lie to me. I’m your mother. You were expecting someone right? That one must be special.”
“No.. Not at all..” I said.
God i’ve messed up real bad!
“So why did i met your house looking so clean and sparkling?
And how about calls from Caroline and her text messages?” She asked, giving me a smirk.
“Mom did you pick her call?” I asked.
I know what my mom can do!
“Yeah i had to, after over hundred missed calls. She’s the one you were tidying up your house for, including the kitchen?” She asked, laughing.
“Mom what did you tell her?”
“Oh Son, ofcos you should know!” She said.
“That im in a hospital bed!?” I yelled.
“No,That my son has a fiance and would be getting married soon.” She said, beaming with smiles.
“What? Fiance?” I yelled, not believing it.
“Which f-----g fiance?”
“Miss Sugar Coker ofcos.” She said.
“F--k! Mom.” I yelled, and tried to sit up but my head hurts bad!
“Stop that child! You don’t use such foul words around your mother.” She said, frowning.
“You should be thanking your God that i came to your house on time. Or else i won’t want to think of what would have happened to you.” She said.
So mom came?
“But mom i thought i told you not to come.” I said.
“What!? Kelly you should be thanking God that i came and saved you!”
She was right!
“Okay mom. Im happy you did. I’m sorry.” I apologised.
“That is it! Kelly you see what i’ve been telling you! but you think you are so smarter and wiser!!”
She was shouting again!
Oh my head!
“Mom calm down. Im having headache.”
“Oh that’s true son. Sorry.” She said calmly.
“Thank you.”
“You see one of the reasons why you need a househelp? To have Someone in your house?” She said.
“Mom i don’t need househelps.” I said.
“Kelly you do! What if i never came yesterday? What do you think would have happened! God im so grateful. You know what you mean to me Kelly.” She said. I saw tears gather in her eyes.
“Mom” I said softly.
I hated to see my mom in tears.
“Thank you for saving me.” I said.
She smiled. “I love you son.”
But i still needed to know why she came.
“But mom why did you come.”
She frowned.
“Sorry, i mean. There was a reason for your coming right?”
She stayed silent for some time.
“Well, Then on friday when i called you. I wanted to come to your house so we could discuss about Sugar, but then when you said you were going on a very important business, on a sunday. I got curious. I know you were lying. So i decided that i’ll come but you won’t know about it.” She said.
I gasped.
This woman played games on me?
What if i never slipped and she met Caroline in my house.
I somehow began thanking God for making that water pour and allowing me to slip!
“When i got to your house..” She began.
*Mrs Roseline Ejifor’s point of view*
It was around five minutes to eleven o’clock when i got to Kelly’s house.
I got to the door and was about to press the doorbell button, but then decided against doing that.
“I’ll only make my presence known to him by doing so.” I said.
Instead, i pushed the door and luckily it wasn’t locked.
I smiled.
“He really thought i won’t be here. Kelly thinks he can fool me, his mother.”
I walked gently, making sure the Mule heel i wore made no form of noise.
“Oh my God!” quickly escaped my lips when i saw how beautiful his sitting-room was looking.
Who could be this girl that Kelly brought to his house?
Well, who ever it may be, i won’t take it easy with her. Kelly is getting married soon. To Sugar. And the sooner he knows that, the better for him!
I dropped my handbag in a couch and started to walk up the stairs.
I took my steps carefully to avoid being noticed.
When i got to his room. I stopped just at the door.
To think.
What are my even trying to do?
Walk into my son’s sex scene?
How would he feel if i do that?
I know i’m his mother but doing this could make him feel really bad and horrible.
*I shook my head.
What do i do?
But i can’t just go back. I need to know who’s the girl Kelly is messing up now.
Then an idea came in.
Yes, If there is a sex scene going on in this room, then there should be voices.
I smiled, Oh Roseline, you shouldn’t be thinking all this.
I listened carefully, bringing my ears to the the door.
I heard nothing.
Or have she not come?
Or is Kelly out?
Was he saying the truth about the meeting?
No he can’t be. He can’t leave the ouside door open.
Then he’s obviously in this house!
But where!
In his room, sleeping?
I’ll have to open this door.
And i did.
I shut my eyes as i did, to avoid seeing anything.
But i heard no voices.
I quickly opened my eyes, and saw no Kelly. No body!
I walked to his bathsuite, no Kelly.
Where is this boy!
Well, he must be in the kitchen then.
“Kelly! Kelly!” I called aloud as i began walking to his kitchen.
But there was silent.
“Kelly!” I countinued calling.
No answer.
Everywhere was silent and cold.
I got scared.
So I rushed over to his kitchen.
“Jesus Christ! Kelly!” I screamed as i met my son helplessly down on the wet kitchen floor, his head bleeding.
*Back to Kelly’s point of view*
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 12:57pm On Sep 26, 2018
“…I then quickly called Frank my driver to drive down to your house, and that is how we brought your stubborn self here!” She concluded.
“Oh God. I’m so grateful mom.. Thank you.”
I suddenly became so grateful she came.
I wanted to hug her.
To kiss her cheeks and show her how happy and lucky i am to have her as my mom..
“Thank you so much mom.”
“Kelly, the thank you i need from you is grandchildren.” She said.
She have started again.
“Mom. You will soon have them. As many as you want. Just calm down ok.” I said.
“Ofcos son. You and Sugar will soon give me beautiful grand children.” She said.
What’s up with her and Sugar sef?
“Mom. I have tol…”
“Shhh” She cut in. “Don’t say anything. And for your information, Sugar will soon be here.”
“Why mom?”
“I told her.” She said.
“You did what?” I couldn’t believe it.. “Hell! mom what concerns Sugar in this? We’ve not even met before and you want us to meet this way? You want her to see me on this hospital bed. With my head bandaged?”
“Calm down dear… Oh she’s here already” She said as we saw Sugar walk in elegantly.
Mom was right.
She is a godess!

source: www.emperprblog.com.ng

follpw us bumber to bumber
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Good evening nice story, but I think you have mixed the story up
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 6:02am On Sep 27, 2018
Good evening nice story, but I think you have mixed the story up

good day

what episode ma
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by elyna: 7:30am On Sep 27, 2018
this is confusing, I'm lost.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Ifywildrose1(f): 8:04am On Sep 27, 2018
Please correct the mistake, two different stories.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 8:26am On Sep 27, 2018
Please correct the mistake, two different stories.

am sorry i made a mistake

have correct dhat
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 8:27am On Sep 27, 2018
this is confusing, I'm lost.

am sorry i made a mistake

have correct dhat
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Update joor
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Hmmmmm, update ooooo
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My Personal Taste (18+)
Story By Rejoice.
Episode 10
Sugar walked in elegantly, beaming with smiles.
God! this girl’s hot!
She was gorgeously dressed in a tight black shiny gown which stopped just right at her thighs, bringing out her wild curvy hips and displaying her smooth legs. On her feet where yellow stiletto heels and she had a small round yellow chainbag, to match.
She was looking so gorgeously good.
She walked over to me.
“Mom thanks for letting me know.” She said to my mom.
“Ah, don’t thank me dear. You deserve to know.” My mom replied, smiling at her.
She deserves to know?
Sugar turned to me..
And my eyes almost popped out of my socket when i saw those sweet cleavage.
“Hi,..” She said.
“Sugar, thanks for coming..” I said, forcing out a smile.
Her beauty was something else.
“Yeah, Im Sugar Coker. Im sure mom have told you about me.” She said, smiling sweetly at me and displaying the most tiniest but deepest sweet looking dimples i’ve ever seen.
Her eyelashes were artificially fixed, giving her more beauty.
She is fair in complexion.
Her nose are pointed and her lips are full.
Why do she look like a halfcaste?
“Yes Sugar. I did. Im sure he’s glad you came.” Mom said.
Okay, i would have been if it was somewhere else and not in a hospital bed!
I looked at my mom.
She smiled at me.
Sugar looked at me, obviously waiting for me to speak.
“Yeah, i am Sugar. Thanks alot.” I said.
She smiled as she came over and sat beside where i layed my head.
I was afraid her wild hips and my cheek were going to touch soon.
God! This is temptation.
She gently touched my head with the softest fingers ever and i felt goosebumps wash over my skin.
“How are you feeling right now?” She asked with concern written all over her face.
Ah! I feel goosebumps all over.
“I…Im fine..Better.”I said.
Geez! why are my stammering.
She touched me at the hand where i was talking the drip from and the way she was touching me sent sensations down my spine.
“You’ll be fine soon ok.” She said as she continued to caress it.
I felt more sweet sensations rush through my hormones and i didn’t know how else to react to such sweet feelings than to close my eyes.
God please save me. I don’t want to get a boner here on this bed.
I opened my eyes and looked up at Sugar and she winked at me.
Did mom see her do that?
God. Mom please say something.
I looked at my mom. She was just busy smiling at Sugar.
(Please say something and stop smiling like you won a trophy!) I said within as i glanced at my mom.
But then Sugar shifted and her wild hips brushed over my cheek.
Oh lord!
This is so not going to happen.
I looked up at Sugar and she winked at me, smiling.
What’s up with her and winks?
She did the shift thing again, and her hips brushed my cheek again!
I closed my eyes, as i swallowed hard.
God.. mom you have to talk now!
or else im getting a hard-on in the next minute!
“Ehm..” She finally spoke!
We looked at her.
“..Sugar stay with Kelly for a minute. I want to see the doctor. I’ll be back but you can go if i take too long ok.” She said to her.
I rolled my eyes.
Mom wanna leave me here with this temptation?
I looked at mom..like please mom don’t go naw..
Mom smiled at me, “Kelly stay cool with Sugar. She is such a lovely girl..”
That was all she said and then walked out.
Oh lord!
help me.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 1:28pm On Sep 28, 2018

“I really admire your mom. I love her so much.” Sugar said immediately my mom left.
I was glad she had stop the touching thing.
“Really?” I asked. Trying hard not to let that hip brush over my cheek again.
“Yeah. We met two weeks ago, on a celebration party that i went with my parents. And when your mom saw me, she was so happy. The way she hugged me, Pecked me. And appreciated my beauty and elegance was so charming.” She said.
I know my mom!
That one isn’t a new thing.
She does that to every female she meets.
And without wasting time, would introduce them to me.
“Wow..” I said.
“Then she told me about you.. Showed me your pictures and i think i immediately liked you.” She said as she looked at me. her eyes charming.
I opened my mouth to speak but what do i say?
I have nothing i could say right then.
I was speechless.
First time, a woman made me speechless.
She smiled sweetly at me,“Kelly, you need rest now.. So im gonna leave you to rest a little more.” She said and kissed me on my forehead.
This girl is really something else.
She’s just too sweet!
She stood up and turned to leave.
But hell!
I can’t just let her leave.
I think i like her.
I think i like Sugar.
She is really so charming and had just charmed me with her beauty and manners just the way she charmed my mother..
“Sugar..” I called.
“Yea?” She turned.
“Thanks for coming.” I said.
Was that what i wanted to say anyway?
She rolled her eyes, “Not again! Kelly.” She said and we laughed.
“Okay, im sorry.” I apologised.
She smiled, followed by another wink.
Like seriously?
“And i gotta tell you something.” I said.
“What is that?”
“That you’ve got a very sweet name. And that you’re really gorgeous.” I said, smiling.
She smiled more. “Thank you..”
“Can we meet some other time? Like when im fully okay.?” I asked, making out the best smile i could ever make.
“Of cos.” She said.
“Thank you. Please can i have your contact?” I said.
But then i remembered i have no phone on me.
I had not retrieve my phone from my mom!
“Sorry, i’m not with my phones here. Can you have mine?” I asked.
“Yeah, sure.” She said.
*Rose’s point of view*
“Ah, Aunty Caro. Welcome.” I said immediately i opened my door for my sad face Aunty.
“My dear niece. Thank you.” She said and stepped in.
Aunty Caro is indeed a beautiful woman. Tall and chocolate complexioned. Beautiful and richly endowned.
She is a classic woman.
She was on a pink slim-sleeved dress with cute pink sandals and a milk-coloured bag and they matched well to her beauty.
When she was fully in, she immediately slumped into the only sofa in my room.
“Aunty Aunty.. Howfar nah?” I asked as i sat on a small glass table, facing her.
“Na so my dear niece. Na so i take see am.” She said.
“Nawa o.. So whey your car na?” I asked.
“I took a taxi.. A drop. Im too frustrated to drive abeg.” She said.
You never start!
“Eyaah.. What can i offer you?” I asked. Like say i have everything.
“Abeg i no get appetite.” She waved it off.
“Eyaah.. But what did you say exactly happened?” I asked, faking a concerned face.
“My dear, it’s a long story! Immediately was in lagos.. At the airport.. I began phoning Kelly to come pick me up.. But he wasn’t answering his calls. After trying so many times and he wasn’t still picking, i walked down to the airport eatery and sat down there. Then that was when i called you. After we spoke, i kept calling his lines. But he wasn’t picking. God! I no fit remember the uncountable times i call Kelly’s line before it was picked! I was so happy when it did. I don already dey hala him why he he wasn’t picking my calls when i heard a woman’s voice. His mother. Babe come see insult! I was humiliated. Abeg i no wan remember am at all.”
That serves you right!
“Nawao.. So his mother actually told you that Kelly has a fiance and would be getting married soon?” I asked her.
“Yes o. She told me, “Go to hell! who ever you are. My son is engaged and his wedding is around the corner.” And then his lines became switched off till now” She said.
Good for you!
“Nawa oh. But seriously that guy’s really handsome i swear!” I said.
The guy was really handsome in his pictures which she sent to me on WhatsApp.
“Yeah. I liked that guy. He was so sweet on phone, in our chats! I wanted to meet him so badly but God! i can’t believe i didn’t. He fooled me.”
Now, i felt for her so I walked over to her and sat beside her as i put my hand on her shoulder.
“Aunty..It’ okay. You see, you are a very beautiful and rich woman, please stop chasing all this young guys and calm down. You need a matured man.” I said calmly to her.
She frowned, “Abeg Rose. This is not why i am here. Don’t even lecture me now!”
“Aunty please think about it. It’s just an advice” I said.
“To hell with your advice girl! You ain’t any better here. You should first think about your boyfriend who obviously had abandoned your sorry a-s!!” She fired.
Did she just tell me that?
Did she just say that to me?
I felt pained,
Tears gathered in my eyes.
“You shouldn’t have said that to me Aunty.” I said, letting the tears flow.
“Oh well! applause my dear niece. U think im the only one who need an advice right? My dear, better no say your own worse pass my own.” She said.
“That’s a lie! My own is never the worse!” I defended.
“Oya tell me how make i hear.” She said, letting out a mocking laugh.
“I don’t have to exchange words with you Aunty.” I said and walked out.
Just as i walked away, I heard her yell,
“Kelly, so you have the mind to text me!!”

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by fruitful04(m): 3:05pm On Sep 28, 2018
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Mehnnnn..... nice write up, got me glued. Op update asap abeg
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Op drop the complete link for this particular story or better still Biko update
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Op drop the complete link for this particular story or better still Biko update
d deiver never write am finish so i dey update as it dey go

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