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Just A Taste - Don't Miss This Story / Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by pweetygiftofGod(f): 5:54pm On Oct 22, 2018
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by waslek(m): 12:23am On Oct 23, 2018
Am loving dis story keep it up
More mb 2 ur date
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 2:30am On Oct 23, 2018
@ www.emperorblog.com.ng we ghat u covered more stories to make you feel better.

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by pweetygiftofGod(f): 5:48am On Oct 23, 2018
Well done dear
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 7:43am On Oct 23, 2018
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by lovelylad: 11:58am On Oct 23, 2018
Oh God! i cant wait for the next episode.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 6:02pm On Oct 23, 2018
Don’t miss this episode
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 26
*Rose’s point of view*
I woke up the next morning to see Kelly’s arms wrapped around me..
I gently pulled his hands away and got out of the bed.
I thought we had a pillow demarcation last night?
Now i can’t even find the pillows.
I walked over to the side where he layed and there they are…On the floor.
I stood with utter astonishment. My hands akimbo.
I shook my head…
This guy is evil sha.
He must have thrown them when I slept off.
I wanted to pick them up and put them back on the bed but I decided to leave them there..
He’ll need to answer some questions.
I turned and walked to the window.
I drew the curtains and Im astonished to see that the sun is out and hot.
This can’t be.
I ran to Kelly and shook him.
“Kelly its morning. Ain’t you going to the office today?” I said.
He blinked his eyes open..
Looked at me.
Then closed them back.
“F–k Office..” He said and turned.
Im suprised.
“Why? What’s the matter?” I asked him.
“Rose come back to bed. You need more sleep.” He said.
I gave him a scorning glare.
“What happened to the pillow demarcation huh?” I asked.
He groaned like he don’t wanna answer the question.
“Kelly..” I called.
“Rose.. I don’t know what happened to the pillows ok.” He said.
“You should know.. cos those pillows are right here on the floor now. Then im wondering how they crossed your body and then got to the floor.” I said.
I know he’s lying.
“Okay.. I did it myself. You fine now?” He asked.
“ Im not.” I snapped.
“So?” He asked.
“Why did you do that?” I asked.
“Rose..Im sorry ok. Can you just forget about it?” He said.
“And then i saw your hands around me when I woke up. Will you tell me to forget about that one too?” I said.
“Im begging you to.” He said.
“Please.” He said.
Im angry,
So i took the pillows and threw at him.
I threw the first one at him.
He turned and looked at me with a kinda suprised look, but then he smiled.
A smirk smile actually.
I frowned and threw him the second one.
He giggled, staring at me.
F–k you!
I got the last one and threw so hard on his face.
Good for you!
But he then grapped the pillow and bounced it straight on my face.
He laughed.
I picked the pillow, clenched my teeth and bounced it back at him.
Really hard this time.
He laughed and then the next thing i felt was his hand gripping mine and then throwing me onto his body.
I freezed…Scared and my heart beating so fast.
He wrapped his hand around me.
My eyes widened, “Kelly..What are you doing?”
“Please just stay that way for just ten minutes only.” He said.
I stared at him. His eyes are closed. But his expression is unreadable.
He seem happy with a little smile on his lips but also he seem sad with the way he wrinkled his forehead.
He is really handsome..
I found myself admiring him.
*Kelly’s point of view*
I wrapped my hands around her and closed my eyes.
I love the feel of her on me.
Her head on my chest. I felt the softness of her hair on my chest. And I felt like unbanding it..I wanna do it,
Im gonna do it..
Just then, she raised her head up.
“Kelly what are you doing?” She asked. I know she’s suprised but I can’t help myself.
I can’t control the tinglig feeling.
That feeling that made me pull her onto me.
I couldn’t control it.
““Please just stay that way for just ten minutes only.” I said.
I wish she would stay that way forever.
Us alone In this room.
In this house.
But I know the b—h, the s–t is still somewhere in this house..
I wish she could just go away.
I wish i never met her and had anything to do with her.
I wish Rose had came on time..
I wish she had come few days before my mom met Sugar. Im sure mom wouldn’t have gone ahead to connect us together.
She would have loved Rose and would have loved us to get married..
For her to be my wife..

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 6:02pm On Oct 23, 2018
Oh f–k, Kelly…What the heck are you even thinking about? Rose would never want to marry you.
Why are my even thinking about marriage.
I hate that word so much now..
..Rose tried to get up but held her more tight and close.
I don’t wanna let her go..
I know its ten minutes already. but i don’t want her out of my hold.
“Kelly..Its more than ten minutes now and you know that.” She said.
“Yeah I know..Just rest your head on…on my chest for another five minutes and i’ll let you go please.” I said..with my eyes still close.
“You’re crazy Kelly.” She said.
“I know. Just do it please.” I begged.
“Fine..just five minutes!” She said and layed her head on my chest.
I smiled as i felt that lingering feeling run down my spine and i wrapped my arms around her again.
I can feel her breath on my chest.
I opened my eyes and our eyes met.
She is facing me. Staring at me.
It seems as if she’s been staring at me for long.
She diverted her eyes immediately..but I turned her face back.
She stared at me with wide eyes and lips apart.
I felt her heart beat faster but i know mine was beating more faster and louder.
I stared at her lips. They look dry and agape.
That tingling feeling washed over me and I want to kiss them..
To kiss those lips.
I felt myself burn with desire. Desire for her. Her lips..
No..not just her lips…..Her body too.
And I can’t control myself.
I swallowed hard as i stared at her.
She look confused now.
Staring at me like what’s wrong with this guy!
I feel scared to bring my lips to kiss her.
Im suddenly feeling scared to kiss someone.
“Rose…can I..can..can I..” I was stammering. I don’t know how to ask her if i can kiss her.
“Kelly its up fifteen minutes now..” She said ignoring my stammer.
I blinked my eyes.
“Oh Yeah..Yeahh” I said and released my hands and she stood up and without looking up at me, she walked into the bathroom, shutting the door.
I hit my fist on the bed.. D–n!
Why the hell is wrong with me?
What the f–k im I doing?
I still got Sugar’s case to deal with and Im here trying to kiss another lady.. Craving for sex again..
But..I really wanted to have this kiss.
To kiss Rose, but i was scared as hell.
Im scared she would get so angry and leave.
I don’t want her to. I don’t want to miss her.
I understand she was so scared last night when Sugar came to the door, screaming and yelling.
She is scared of people that could hurt..
She is scared of being hurt..
I thought of the b—h, Sugar.
After i kept ignoring her. She left to where ever I don’t care.
I have no idea If she’s still in this house but i feel she is.
Im seriously going to the hospital with her for a DNA test.
If it turns out to be my child.. I would accept.. but that would never make me marry Sugar.
I’ll take the child.
but if the child isn’t mine, then i’ll be so happy.
She will be out of my life for good!
*The bathroom door opened and Rose came out.
“I’ll be heading to the kitchen now to prepare breakfast.” she said to me just immediately she came out.
She and headed to the door.
“Rose..” I called.
She turned.
“Lemme leave first.” I said. I wouldn’t want the b—h to see her and then try to hurt her.
She nodded.
I stood up, and walked to the door, unlocked it, Opened it.
I poked my head out at the corridor to check.
Sugar could be lingering around just to see the room im gonna come out from.
I saw no sign of her, so I walked out, closing the door back.
I walked into my room to see her on the bed, sleeping.
I left her and walked into the bathroom.
When I came out, she was awake.
“Kelly..” She said, getting up.
“We’re going to the hospital today, for a DNA test. you get that?” I said.
She folded her arms, “Im going nowhere with you.” She said.
“Yes. Kelly this is your child..and we don’t need to go for a test to prove it..” She said
“Its just a test to confirm whether im the father or not.” I said.
“I don’t f—–g care! Im not going to a hospital with you.” She said.
“You must!” I said, vexed up.
“Kelly..and i said I won’t”
“Then i believe isn’t my child.” I said.
“Its your baby Kelly!” She screamed.
“Shut the f–k up..If it’s my baby, Then why’re you scared to go for a DNA huh?” I asked.
“That’s because I hate hospitals! I hate to go there.” She said.
“Seriously?” I asked.
I know she’s lying.
“Yes!” She said.
“That’s a f—–g lie!” I screamed.
“Im not lying about it..” She said.
“Then i’ll bring a doctor down here to run the test, If you hate to go to a hospital.” I said and I saw her body shake..
Shake with fright.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 6:03pm On Oct 23, 2018
My Personal Taste
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 27
*Kelly’s point of view continues*
I saw her body shake..
Shake with fright.
I know she’s been lying to me about the pregnancy.
I can’t be the father nah.
She’s a s–t, a b—h! and not just one guy is a father to a s–t’s child.
And I wanna tell it to her face. She disgusts me like f–k!
“You really think you can fool me huh? Answer me Sugar. You know what? You are a cheap s–t and not just one man is a father to a cheap s–t’s child!” I said, giving her a mocking stare.
She breathed hard.. clenching her fist together.
She stared at me with those stupid black angry eyes of hers.
“D–n you Kelly!” She said before pushing me out of the way, into the bathroom.
I laughed.
Im so excited because I know the chid isn’t mine now.
Im so sure it’s not.
I jumped on the centre of my bed and went for my laptop.
I need to work on some files since Im not going to the office today.
I don’t wanna go to work today.. So I’ll just work on some files this morning and…and then spend the rest of the day in this house and with Rose..
Yeah Rose…Who else?
I wondered what she’s preparing for breakfast now.
I can’t guess right but I just can’t wait to eat her meals again
I smiled.
I know Sugar can’t cook and yuck! that’s the worst thing ever.
..Sugar came out of the bathroom and guess what?
She’s stake Unclad!
but had a white towel wrapped around her head.
She took her bath in my bathroom. Fine! I accept.. but coming out stake Unclad..How dare she?
She walked over to the bedside table and slowly, she placed her righ leg on top it..She wasn’t looking at me or did she even glanced but she had intentions..
She took her body lotion which stood on the drawer and began applying just too gently and slowly on her legs up to her a-s.. She made sure she took so much time rubbing and gently bitting it so i can hear the pam! sound that it makes..and then she will move her hands up to her b**bs and rub them, squeeze them gently and then pinch her n—–s and moan as she does that..to arouse me.
I chuckled..I should have been tho, but Im suprised at myself that im not..but instead her play irritates me.
It disgustes me.
I rolled my eyes.
Closed my laptop and got out of the bed..
She watched me as I got my feet into my flip-flops, carried my laptop and walked out of the room.
She could have the room all to her self!
I got downstairs to the sitting-room and went for a couch.
I sat down and opened my laptop back to continue with my work.. but then i can smell some fries in the air..
That aroma most be coming right from my kitchen.
I smiled.
My stomache grumbled instantly.
I really wanna go to the kitchen to check what Rose is preparing..
It should be fried plantain.. and I really wanna go taste..
And.. I so much want to see her too.
To see Rose.
This housemaid pretence is freaking horrible.. I know she wouldn’t want me in the kitchen. She would be scared.
I shrugged and waved it off.. I’ll stay here…
But then, fifteen minutes later, I know I.couldn’t bear not to go to that kitchen..
So I took my laptop, stood up from the couch and headed for the kitchen.
This girl’s really driving me insane.
I can’t believe im feeling this way again.
I know this is love that im feeling again but I don’t wanna tell myself that.
Not after Sugar broke my heart.
I walked into the kitchen and saw her at the counter, holding a slotted spoon and staring at the frying pan on the cooker.
I smiled.
She haven’t seen me yet.
“Hey.” I called and she instantly jumped with fright.
Im thankful that her hand didn’t hit the hot pan.
“Kelly.. you scared me..” She whispered.
“Why’re you whispering?” I asked with a frown.
“Plesse im begging you..just go out of here. Have you forgotten what im pretending t be here?” She asked.
I gnored her and walked to the breakfast bar and sat down, and put the laptop on the table.
“Kelly.. did you hear me?” She asked as she began to pick out the fried plantains into a glass bowl.
I rolled my eyes, “C’mon, You are sounding as if we gonna do something crazy here.” I said and she paused.
I don’t know why.
Then she continued with picking out the plantains.
After she was done, she took the bowl cover.
I watched her cover the bowl..then she started dropping another sets of unfried plantains into the pan.
I opened my laptop and proceeded with what I was working on.
But then..I couldn’t get my eyes off that bowl.
I want to have a taste…So i walked over.
She saw me and got scared and quickly glanced at the door and then back at me.
“Why’re you acting like I wanna kiss you? I just want a slice of the fried plantain.” I said and opened the cover. I picked up a plantain and threw into my mouth..then closed the bowl back.
It’s really tasteful.
“This was Kate’s favourite.” I said and she dropped the spoon and her face fell immediately.
I understood.
“Oh no Rose. Im sorry, I only wanted to let you know.I don’t mean to get you sad ok.” I said softly to her.
“Im fine.” She said.
I smiled.
Then i placed my palm on her chin and brought her face up.
She stared at me with sad eyes.
“If you are fine. Then smile please.” I said.

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 6:07pm On Oct 23, 2018
.. I guess that seem funny to her and she laughed.
“Oh stop Kelly..” She brought down my hand, smiling.
“Can I pick one more?” I asked and winked at her.
“Sure.” She said and smiled.
I did.
“Really tasteful.” I said throwing it into my mouth.
I wiped my hand with a discloth and walked back to my laptop.
..Just then Sugar walked in.
“Babyy..Im going now. I’ll miss youu.” She said and walked over to give me a kiss i looked away.
Rose focus was on the breakfast she was preparing.
I know she wouldn’t dare to turn.
Sugar gave me a fierce look.
Then Rose made a move and Sugar smiled, pretending like’s happy as she runned her fingers from my chest down to my navel through my shirt.
Why’s she pretending around Rose?
“I love you baby.” She said and signaled me to say back…but I chuckled instead.
This girl’s crazy..
She gave me a scornful glare and then turned…I thought she was gonna go out but then she turned and walked gigantly and slowly to Rose with her heels hitting loudly on the tiles.
“Hello housemaid..” She said to Rose, smiling.
I stared at her with disgust!
“What are you preparing this morning for my fiance?” She asked.
She then slowly slide a finger through the cover handle and opened the bowl like it disgusts her.
“Um..Fried plantain.” She said and smiled, then covered it back, just the same way she had opened it.
“Good of you housemaid..” She said taking her eyes all over Rose.
Rose face was still down.
“..but a housemaid shouldn’t be on a pyjama.. You should rather be on a long gown and you know, those aprons over your neck..And what..? you’re not even covering your hair..You want your dirty hair getting into the food that you gonna serve my fiance?..This is too bad housemaid!” She said, staring at Rose like she just got out of a pit.
I wondered if Rose is in tears now.
“Next time. Make sure that your hair is covered and I dont wanna see you on a pyjama in this house. You are just a common maid. Do i make myself clear? ”
Rose didn’t answer.
I know she’s in tears now.
“Do I make myself clear!?” She screamed this time.
Rose was about to answer when i cut in.
“What the hell Is wrong with you!” I yelled.
“Baby…” She turned to me, “Im only trying to teach her how to be a good housemaid.” She said.
I scoffed.
“She don’t f—–g need that. So could you just get yourself out of here?” I yelled.
“Really?” She turned to Rose…with anger written all over her.
*Rose’s point of view*
She looked at me and I saw her eyes go black with anger.
My heart skipped with so much fright.
“Be ready to leave this house. I can’t bear to see you here. You disgusts me!” She said and stormed out… but not without giving Kelly brief angry glare.
Kelly walked to me immediately, “Im sorry about all she said.” He said to me.
I sniffled.“ It’s okay. I’m fine.” I said.. Even though im not.
“Thank you.” He said.
I smiled.. Kelly was changing and I love that..
He cleared his throat,
“So can I get my food now?”
“Not yet Sir. but it’ll soon be served to your table sir!” I said loudly that I wish Sugar would hear and I bowed down to Kelly in a playful way.
He laughed, gripping my wrist..
I poked the spoon to his face and he ran away to the breakfast table.
“Thank you Sir!” I said and smiled at him.
He smiled back.
*Sugar’s point of view*
I walked out of the kitchen, frustrated and with so much anger..
How dare Kelly! How dare he talk to me such way in front of the a—–e!
Fine! I’ll surely get back to them.. to her!
I walked out of his goddamn house and into my car.
I drove off to the gate..
Now i have to open the goddamn gate too.. I hit my fist on the steering.
I angrily stepped down and walked to the gate..
I pulled the gate open, almost sweating.
Everything irritates me.
I walked back to my car and drove off, leaving the gate open.
I don’t give a f–k how it closes back
..Kelly don’t wanna accept the goddamn pregancy!
Why would he wanna take me to a hospital.
F–k.. I’ve been so so stupid to bring Charles to his house.
I should have f—–g know he would come back.. And Kelly saw everything..
How the f–k did i get pregnant for the goddamn b—–d! Charles!
I thought he loved me but just when I told him Im pregnant. He ran away.
It’s all my parents fault. My dad!
My dad borrowed five hundred million naira from that old fool Kelly saw me with in the restaurant for a business..
Now, the business didn’t f—–g work and the old fool want me in exchange for the money..
My dad don’t want that. My mom too.. So they had to connect me to Kelly’s mom..
So we could get the money from them.. through me.
But I’ve f—-d up. First I let Kelly see me with that b—–d, f—–g in his house.
Now the next day, that night, Alhaji, the old fool asked me to come over and give him sex.
I was okay with that..
That was what i’ve been doing for the old fool so he could spare my parents life!
But then Kelly saw us. He saw him kiss him.. Alhaji had to tell me to kiss him and i had no choice!
Im devastated..
Im pregnant for charles..
Kelly hates me already and is f—–g insisting we go to a hospital.
Alhaji still haven’t gotten his money back.
Im so frustrated!

catchup with more episode

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 6:17pm On Oct 23, 2018
oya update

pls vote for me o


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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by tobidipity(m): 6:52pm On Oct 23, 2018
@emperorblog you are rushing us now so we could vote for you abi? Issorite. I wouldn't look at your sins
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 8:29pm On Oct 23, 2018
@emperorblog you are rushing us now so we could vote for you abi? Issorite. I wouldn't look at your sins

haaa oya goan vote
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by DozieDum(m): 10:15pm On Oct 23, 2018
I will vote but on a condition.

One more update tonight wink
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Crownwealthope(f): 11:27pm On Oct 23, 2018
Chai this story dey sweet me for body die tongue tongue wink
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by LabUdegbe(m): 2:12am On Oct 24, 2018

haaa oya goan vote

OP go and update your blog ooo.. I done read episode 29 finish..
Wonderful story I must confess.. Keep em comin.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 5:53am On Oct 24, 2018

OP go and update your blog ooo.. I done read episode 29 finish.. Wonderful story I must confess.. Keep em comin.

i schedule all d update ni 3 episode per day. ti on d 27
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by pweetygiftofGod(f): 6:32am On Oct 24, 2018
You're good, man!
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by LabUdegbe(m): 6:38am On Oct 24, 2018

i schedule all d update ni 3 episode per day. ti on d 27
Jesu! shocked na 3 days without personal taste be that ni?
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Kc1990(f): 8:11am On Oct 24, 2018
Keep it coming... this story dey burst brain
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 7:38pm On Oct 24, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 28
*Sugar’s point of view continues*
..My phone rang.
I checked the caller and it’s my dad..
I ignored it…
Leave me alone!” I yelled at the phone.
But the call came again..
I hit my palm on the steering with so much anger boiling in me.
The cal came again.. I tap the screen.
“Hello sweetie.” My dad said in a soft tone.
“You don’t try to give me those names. You only get me more frustrated!” I yelled.
“What is it this time dear?” He asked in the same tone.
“Kelly wants a f—–g DNA test!” I cried.
“Oh my darling.. but you should know how to trick him and convince him not to do that my dear… Brainwash him with some lies mixed with sweet sweet words.” My dad said just in the same tone. That is the way he always talks, even if he’s boiling with rage, he’ll still speak in the same tone.
“I’ve done that daddy. I’ve tried all my tricks,.all the plays i know that could get him and make him drop the issue but he’s not giving in to any of my tricks.. He’s insisting for a DNA test, and you know the child is not his!” I cried.
“Sweetie, you got to try more harder.. You know what we need from this people.. They are only our means of survival. Try harder my dear.” He said.
“Dad i’ve tried. I have. But he…”
My dad cut in,
“That is because you let him see you with that boy..Again you let him see yoi with that fool! Alhaji.. You should have been more careful my dear.” He said.
“My goodness, daddy. Don’t f—–g blame me for all that! Don’t!” I screamed.
“Im not putting the blames on you my dear, Im only said that you should have been more careful. Im just hoping you convince him much quicker because we don’t have much time. Even though his mother is with us and has started making arrangements for your wedding with his son, but if the son doesn’t accept to marry you, then there’s no way the wedding would take place. You should do something dear.” He said.
“Im so frustrated. I don’t know how to do this! I don’t know what to do dad..I’ve tried with my body, my sweet words, everything I can. But he gets irritated instead.” I said.
“I have an idea honey..” That was my mom. Dad must have passed her the phone.
“Mom..” I cried.
“Darling. Im sorry you’re going through all this..” She said.
“Mom..” I cried.
“Im sorry honey, but we can’t quite now. Alhaji is still on your father’s neck and you know what that means.” She said.
I swallowed.
He had threatened to kill my dad and mu mom. That old fool!
“Mom what do I do? I’ve messed up the whole thing!” I said with anguish.
“You’ll have to go now to Kelly’s mom and open up to her. Tell her the truth about the pregnancy and convince her with lies. Don’t forget to shed tears and beg her to make Kelly drop the DNA test. Im sure when you do this, she will accept to do it.” My mom said.
I shook my head negatively.
“Mom how do you expect her to accept the pregnancy when it isn’t Kelly’s!?” I asked, not believing it.
“Just calm down honey…With all that your father and I have been brainwashing her with.. Im very sure she’ll have no choice than to accept. I know she loves money. Big money.” My mom said and i can hear her giggle.
“Mom are you sure she will?” I asked.
“Yes honey… Go ahead now.”
“Alright mom.” I said.
“Be careful dear.” She said.
“I will.” I said.
“I love you sweetie.” That was my dad.
“I love you guys.” I said and dropped the phone.
How do I do this?
This is f—–g embarrassing!
But i got no choice. I’ll f—–g do it.
I can’t loose Kelly
I can’t!
**** **
*Rose’s point of view*
I was sitting on the couch with Kelly.
I’ve just taken my bath and Im on a pink dress with slim sleeve, and a pinl flip-flop on my feet. And then i wanted to stay in my room but Kelly insistrd I come sit with him in the sitting room and watch some movie.
Fine! I accepted, but us so close to each other on this couch makes me feel so uncomfortable.
But Kelly doesn’t seem to mind.
His attention is right on the t.v.
This minute he is smiling and the next, he is laughing. His smiles are exotic and he’s laughs are rich.
His eyes narrows when he laughs and it makes him look more cute..More handsome.
He is just too cute.
“Why’re you staring at me that way?” He asked and I quickly turned away.
“No, don’t turn, you can go on and look at me..” He said with his eyes still on the television.
How did he know i was looking at him?
“I look cute right?” He asked, smiling with his eyes still on the tv.
I scoffed, “Not cute.” I said.
Just wanted to upset him a little.
He turned to me,
“Thats a f—–g lie.” He said.
I laughed and turned to the tv.
He frowned.
“Rose.” He called.
I smiled..My eyes never leaving the movie i was enjoying now.
“Fine!” He said seconds later and turned his face back to the tv.
I smiled and folded my arms.
We watched.
Interesting movie.. I don’t even know the name but anyway Sylvester stallion is among the actors and it’s just full of actions but really interesting.
Why are my suddenly enjoying the movie now?
I chuckled.
Then i saw him take the remote control and changed the channel..to..to..to NTA News!
What! Just when I was starting to enjoy the movie!?
I looked at him.. He had a smirk on his face.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 7:39pm On Oct 24, 2018
“No.. don’t look at me. Look at the tv please.” He smirked.
I frowned.
I know the reason for this act…Cos I don’t wanna say he’s cute.
“Im not looking at you!” I said.
“You were then.” He said.
ew! Crazy guy!
“Could you please change this channel?” I said.
“Great. Just say that im cute and it will be done.” He said.
“Really?” I laughed.
“Yap. Go on please.” He said.
I ignored.
“You ain’t saying it?” He asked.
“Nop.” I said.
“Fine then.. We watch this then.” He said and held the remote more tighter.
I gave the remote that kind of glare as if i could magically get it out of his hand.
It was’t working..Magics don’t just happen.
I sighed and went back to the tv.. to watch news!
Kelly had a smirk smile on his lips all this while and he seemed to be enjoying the news so well.
I hate this.. I hate news!
So i stood up to leave to my room but he gripped my arm.
I turned to face him.
He look sad now.. like he don’t want me to leave..
No more smirk smile on his lips anymore.
“Can’t you just say that im cute. It’s just a so simple to say.” He said sofly.
“I wanna go and take a nap.” I said.
“It’s not yet time for taking naps..You just don’t want to say im cute..Why?” He asked.
I ignore his question and tried to pull my arm but he pulled me and I landed on his laps.
“Kelly!” I screamed and tried to get up.. but he quickly crossed his left arm over, pinning me just there, on his laps.
“Kelly, I swear im gonna kill you if i get up from here. Let me go this minute!” I yelled.
“Im sorry I can’t.” He said.
“What?” I yelled.
“Sincd you can’t say that Im cute then this is your punishment.” He said.
“Kelly you’re crazy.. Let. Me. Go!” I said, hitting his arm hard.
“Too late. We watch the movie together, like this.” He said as he changed the channel back to the movie.
“I don’t want to watch the movie!” I said.
“Then sleep on me..” He said.
“I’ll bite you oh.” I warned, going for his arm already.
“Bite it and i’ll kiss your neck.” He said.
And I paused.
What he said and the way he said it sent a sensation through me.
A feeling i’ve never felt before.
“Good girl.. This is how you should stay to avoid being kissedon the neck by me.” he said and laughed.
I sighed and tried to pull off his arm again..
“Huh? you wanna try me?” He said. I can feel his breathe on my neck already.
I love the way that makes me feel.. but no! I can’t let him do that.
“No. Don’t!” I said.
“Then relax on me.” He said, and withdrew his head.
I inhaled and turned my eyes to the tv.
I’ll manage.. I’ll just manage.
We watched the movie in silence… Ignoring the loud beating of our heart and the tingling feelings that lingered.
“Where do you wish to work?” He asked me after the silence seemed like forever.
“Anywhere you can fix me into.” I said
“That’s not an answer.” He said.
I laughed.. “Kelly, you know where you can fix me..” I said.
“Seriously?” He said.
“Yeah. I was working in a buscuit company.” I said and closed my eyes. I just hope he doesn’t laugh at me.
“Thatsounds like a cheap pay.” He said.
“How much?” He asked.
“Does it matter?” I said.
“I’ll get you a job in my dad’s company.. Woulf you like to work with me?” He asked.
“Alright.” I said.
“Do you want anything else?” He asked.
I gasped.. Thid is an opportunity, I could beg him to give back Lady B’s money.
He could help. He just asked me if I want anything else.
“I want something.” I said.
“What’s that?” He said.
“I..I borrowed some money, few months ago and gave to my…my…boyfriend to travel down to lagos for a business he said would yield so much budiness..He needed the money so badly so I borrowed three hundred thousand from a lady. but then Jonny wasn’t able to make the money and the lady had been threatening me.. So i paid fifty thousand out of the money..” I explained.
“Who’s Jonny?” He asked.
“My boyfriend.” I said.
“Okay go on.”
“Then my Aunty helped me with another fifty thousand.. The amount left to pay her now is two hundred thousand naira. I don’t have the money. That was one of the reason i came down to see my boyfriend..and i met..”
He cut me short, “It’s okay..I’ll settle that..” He said. and I was awed.
“Kelly thank you so much. I appreciate.” I said with happiness.
“Wait, Did you say you have an Aunty?” He asked like he just remembered.
I gasped.
How the hell do i tell him its Aunty Caro?
How do i tell him my Aunty is the Caroline he was talking shits with and invited to his house but it didn’t work out cos whatever reason i don’t know.
“Rose..?” He said, looking at me.
“Yes..yes., She’s my mom’s step sister.”
“She must be missing you now.” He said.
“It’s fine. I’ve sent her some messages on whatsapp.” I said.
Then I regretted saying that cos he immediately asked me,
“Can i see her picture?” He said, smiling.
“She must be really beautiful and funny just like you.” He said.
I became speechless, I don’t know what to say, neither did i know what to do.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 7:40pm On Oct 24, 2018
READ MORE EPISODE ON www.emperorblog.com.ngMy Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 29
*Rose’s point of view continues*
“Can i see her picture?” He said, smiling.
“She must be really beautiful and funny just like you.” He said.
I became speechless, I don’t know what to say, neither did i know what to do.
“Ummm…” I scratched my head.
F–k! I brought my hand down.
“You don’t want me to see her pictures?” He asked.
“Ofcos..” I said.
I wonder how he’do feel to see her pictures.
To know its Caroline.. I could just pretend like I don’t know about them knowing each other right?
Cos I really feel he will be upset when he finds out I know about them knowing each other and I haven’t told him about.
He might even be more upset to know that I’ve known him even before he saved me.
I don’t want all this.. I don’t want him to go back to his annoying manners again..
I don’t want him to throw me his hurtful words again even though he had promised not to say them again.
I’ll show him the pictures but pretend like I know nothing that went on between them.
“But the phone’s in my room.” I said to him.
“Um..Okay then. You’ll show’em to me later.” He said.
Im sure he doesn’t want me to leave the sitting room.
“Can i get up now please?” I asked.
“No” He retorted.
“Please?” I begged.
“Remember what we agreed on. That you say im cute and I’ll let you go.” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Okay fine! You’re cute.” I said.
I’ve heard enough.
“Say it again.” He said.
“What?” I shouted.
“Please.” He said.
This guy must be really crazy!
“Okay.. Kelly you’re cute. You. Are. Very. Cute.” I said staccato.
“I love the way you said it now..more than the first one.” He said.
“Let me go now.” I said.
“Not yet.” He said.
“What the hell!” I yelled, not believing it.
“Will you accept to go out with me tonight?” He asked.
“To where?” I snapped.
“Anywhere.” He asked.
“Okay fine!” I said.
“Thanks.” He said and then released his arm.
I jumped out of his laps and breathed hard.
I turned to him with a frowny face.
“Why ar..” I wanted to ask him why he’s such a crazy guy, but then he raised his eyebrows in such a funny way.. that I burst out laughing instead.
**** **
*Sugar’s point of view*
I got to Mrs Roseline’s home and horned at the gate.. soon the gate keeper pulled the gate open.
I drove in, then wind down the glass.
“Hey gatekeeper..” I called and he rushed to the window in his blue and white uniform.
“Good afternoon ma.” He said.
“Is mom in?” I asked.
“Yes ma.” He said, grinning.
I wind up the glass and drove to the open garage.
I turn off my car engine and got down..
With my heart beating fast, i climbed the few step and walked up to the door.
I inhaled and pressed the doorbell.
A minute, the door opened with a maid in a white scarf and a white apron standing by the door.
“Good afternoon ma.” she said and walked out for me to come in.
I ignored her greeting and walked in.
“Go tell mom that im around.” I said.
They know what to say already.
“Yes ma.” She said and ran upstairs.
I walked to a couch, sat down and crossed my legs.
Another maid came over in the same white scarf and white apron.
“Good afternoon ma’am. What should I offer you?” She asked.
They know I always request for a drink.
“Nothing. Thank you.” I said.
I know she’ll be suprised to hear that.
“Okay ma’am.” She said and walked away.
Then I saw Mrs Roseline walking down the stairs few minutes later and I undid my crossed legs.
I wouldn’t have done that if I was on a normal visit but I needed something and I’ll need to appear as sad and as uncomfortable as I can.
“Wow..Sugar.” She said as she stepped down from the staircase.
“Mom..” I said and faked a smile.. but the way she looked at me shows that she know that im sad and uncomfortable.
“Sugar..” She came over and sat beside me.
“How are you?” She asked.
“I..im.” I stammered. I wanna let her know that im not fine.. but she’ll have to find out herself.
“You ain’t fine?” She asked.
I nodded.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 7:41pm On Oct 24, 2018
READ MORE EPISODE ON www.emperorblog.com.ng“Sugar darlng..What is the problem? Is it Kelly?”She asked.
I sniffled and a tear dropped from my eyes.
I just hope this work out..
“Sugar..you are crying..” She said, bringing my face up.
“Mom..Im sorry.” I said and shut my eyes..
This is embarrasing.. God! How do I start.
“You are sorry…Why dear?” She asked.
I breathed hard.
God! If this didn’t work out.. Im so gonna strangle my mom alive!
“Sugar.. talk to me?” She said, with concerned eyes.
I brought my face down.
“Mom…Im sorry.” I said again and shut my eyes.
“Sugar.. im so worried. Please talk to me.” She said.
“The pregnancy..the baby isn’t Kelly’s.” I said and swallowed.
I don’t wanna see her expression, I shut my eyes so tight with tears pouring down now.
“Oh my world!” She said.
“Im so sorry mom..” I said and came down on my knees.
I’ve never done this.. I’ve never kneeled done for any body. But here i am on my knees just to get her to accept the baby as Kelly’s.
This is f—–g crazy.
She was silent… the silent was f—–g killing me.
“Mom.. please say something.. please forgive me..” I begged.
She stayed silent.
“Mom.. Kelly wants a DNA test and don’t want him to find out.. I truely love him..I don’t want to loose him..please help me.. Im begging you.” I cried.
She stayed silent.
F–k! Can’t she just f—–g talk?
My knees hurt!
“Mom..Please say something..please Im begging you..It wasn’t intentional. It was a mistake..I swear.” I begged.
“Who’s responsible?” She finally spoke!
I expected that question.. And i was prepared to lie..
“My Ex.. Before we met mom..and you introduced me to Kelly..I had a boyfriend.. and we had sex.. but then I met Kelly and..and I fell inlove with him..I broke up with Charles, but without knowing im already pregnant for him.. Now I can’t find Charles anymore and im devastated and I don’t know how to make Kelly understand me.. I really need your help mom…Im begging you to forgive me and accept the child..Please mom.” I begged, with tears.
“But.. but Kelly saw you cheating on him in his house remember?” She said.
I shut my eyes and bit my lips.
“Mom.. that.. that is not true mom..I swear..Kelly was only trying to push me away with that accusation.. Because…because he had met some girl else he calls his maid! Mom I saw her in his house! He was protecting and siding her all through..” I cried..
She stayed silent for a while.. I brought up my face to see her reaction and she look shocked to hear that.
She looks angry.
“Really..That must be the person with the shadow i saw up his stairs.” She said.
“Yes..yes.. mom.. she is.. Mom please help me.. I don’t want to loose Kelly.. I truely Love him and i wanna be his wife.”
I cried and begged.
She stayed silent for what seemed like eternity.
Then, “Its okay dear. Come here” She said and spread her arms.
God! it worked!
I jumped up and on to her body..
“Thank you mom.. Thank you so much.” I said, crying more harder now.
I’ll have to be sure would help me.
“Shh.. Don’t cry. I want you for my son.. I truely do and nothing would stop that ok. We’ll settle the DNA test issue and he’ll be yours.” She said and smiled.
Wow! Oh my goodness!
This is amazing!
“Thank you mom.. Im really glad i got your support. Im so happy you accepted the baby..” I said.
“Its risky. but we will do it.” She said.
I hugged her tight..“I know. Im so grateful.” I said and smiled a satisfied smile.
*** **
*Kelly’s point of view*
Night came…and I was taking her to a..coffee shop?
No..a cinema..
“We’re going to see a movie.” I said.
“Thought you were never gonna say where you are taking me to.” She said.
I smiled.
“I know you were anxious to know..so i need to calm you down.” I said.
She laughed..“Who’s anxious to know?”
“You.” I said and turned into the Cinema centre.
“Cinemas ain’t so lively on monday nights but the movie can be a little interesting tho.” I said and she smiled at me.
I smiled back.
I stopped the car at the parking lot and we got down.
“Why are we here?” She asked, looking around.
“So you can catch the atmosphere around here. Staying indoors all day could be little boring, you know.” I said with smiles.
“Not really true.” She said.
“But a little truth is in.” I said.
“In what?” She asked.
“In what I just said.” I said and grapped her hand.
“Ouch.” She said.
I dragged her to the box office to get our ticket.
“Can you stop dragging me?” She said.
“Im not. Just holding your wrist.” I said and smirked.
We got to the box office and I paid for a movie, titled.. “THE PACIFIER.”
“You think this movie would be interesting?” I asked her.
“I think.” She said nonchanlantly.
I grapped two poporn packs and stretched one to her.
“Have this..” I said.
She took it and smiled and we walked up into the auditorium…
“How was the movie?” I asked as we got into the car and drove out of the cinema.
The movie was over and was quite interesting
“Interesting..You did a good pick.” She said.
“Im good at that.” I said, smiling.
“You’re good at that.” She said and smiled back.
Getting back to the house, Rose got down as usual to open the gate.
She did and i drove in.
She closed it back and got into the car as i drove into the garage.
We got down and walked into the house and i went for a couch in the sitting room.
“I’ll be going upstairs.” She said.
“No.” I said.
“Why?” She asked.
I wanted her to sit with me again.
“Umm..Let’s sit here a little while.” I said.
She gave me a fierce gaze before walking over and sat on the same couch but stayed a bit far from me.
It doesn’t matter.
I switched on the LG to play some music.
“Do you like any other songs apart from Shania twain’s?” I asked her.
Blues can be so boring sometimes.
“Rihanna’s” She said.
“What if I play you mine?” I asked.
“Cool” She said.
So I played the song,
..Only One For Me by Banky W.
“Wow..I love this song.” She said.
“Can I have this dance?” I asked and stood up
“Ofcos not. I can’t dance.” She said.
“You told me you love to. C’mon and try with me.” I said, and dragged her up.
She seem shy.
I turn her around so her back is on me..Then stretch her hands and i locked my fingers with her fingers, so our palms are switched together, then we took the first step, left, then right, left and right… just the way the beating of the music played.
Soon she was laughing, relaxed and added more steps.
She can actually dance good.
I laughed too, happy as those feelings of passions washed through me..
and when i couldn’t help it….I turned her over and…and without minding what that would make her feel.
If she wants it or not…
I brought my lips to hers and I kissed her.
My heart flushed and then I don’t wanna let go,..
She shaked with astonishment and tried to pull away but i grapped her waist tight and then she became still, and she let me go on to kiss her.
And I did..my heart beating fast.
I love the way her lips taste.
I want this moment to last forever.
Those tingling feelings came flowing through my skin.
Those sensations that don’t make you feel lust over someone but deep true love.
Those feelings that tells you that you are inlove again.
And..and i wanted this moment to last forever,..
but I withrew my lips minutes later…and she turned and ran…she ran up the stairs without looking back.
I pulled my front hair back and fell on the couch..
“Im sorry..” I mumbled.

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Damibiz(m): 9:23pm On Oct 24, 2018
I'm Sorry lol..Kelly should jst run away with dis lady to another country nd start over again,nice update man,i'm loving dis Chemistry
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by pweetygiftofGod(f): 9:51pm On Oct 24, 2018
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by excelmerry: 7:45am On Oct 25, 2018
Kelly's mum is a disgrace to motherhood.

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by DozieDum(m): 8:29am On Oct 25, 2018
Am really loving this story.

The chemistry between Kelly and Rose is simply amazing. I would love it to blossom into something sweet.�

I wish I could strangle Kelly's mum. She is a money hungry hoe. So low from a mother.

Sugar is definitely not at fault here. I blame her character on her bad parents. She is being pressured.

What I can deduce from this story right now is bad parenting.

More fluidity to your fingers as you type.
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oya update

pls vote for me o


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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 2:34pm On Oct 25, 2018
*My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 30
*Rose’s point of view*
He kissed me!
My goodness…Kelly kissed me!
I couldn’t believe it!
It was just a simple dance and he kissed me..
I ran up the stairs to my room and shut the door close.
I fell on my bed and shut my eyes..
I don’t want to think about this…
It must have been a mistake..
I shook my head.
God I don’t want to think about it..
Just then, I heard a knock..
Its Kelly I know.
“Rose..” He called..
I don’t wanna ever answer him.
I gnored him.
“Rose.. can i come in?” He asked.
“Please don’t get in..I want to..to sleep.” I said.
“Please.” He said.
I shook my head.. There’s no way i’ll let him in.
“No” I said.
But he’s so stubborn.
He opened the door and walked in.
I buried my face on the pillow.. I can’t look at him.
“Rose..Im.. im sorry.” He said..His voice calm and soft.
I shut my eyes tighter..
The kiss was so sudden.. so unexpected.
I never thought something like that was ever gonna happen between us.
Yes, he told me to stay in his house cos he’do miss me if i go..
But I never thought he could develop a feeling.. a feeling for me.
In just three days!
God! How do i even tell his feelings are true..
Maybe he just wanna sleep with me right?
No! Kelly can’t do this.. He cant!
Why the hell! did he just had to kiss me!
“Im sorry for doing that..” He said.
And why the hell did you come to apologise?
What do you want me to say?
…I want to ask him all this but i felt my lips lock together.
I can’t talk out but all I do is say them within.
“Goodnight.” He said.
I bit my lips and shut my eyes tighter.
I wonder how he feels..
To walk out without me forgiving him.
How sad he is..
I wanna call him and tell him I’ve forgiven him.. I wish i could but I couldn’t.
I heard the door shut.
He had left.
I opened my eyes and tears rolled put of them.
Why are my even crying?
Just cos I was kissed…
Kissed by..by..Kelly.
Or is it because he just walked out and wouldn’t sleep beside me tonight, like last night?
I can’t make out the reasons for this tears rolling out of my eyes.
..But..but I can’t lie to myself..
Kelly made my heartbeat raise when he kissed me.
I felt this feeling i’ve never felt before.
A new feeling i can’t even explain..
But hell! I can’t accept that feeling…
I can’t.
Kelly have a fiance and they are getting married soon.
I can’t dare to think i would have a place in his heart.
Its just too soon for that..
Just then I had a beep on my phone.
A text message came in.
I’ve left the phone on the bed and went out with Kelly.
I searched for the phone and saw it under a pillow.
I picked it out and flip through.
I scrolled to my message box, And I saw it’s Kelly’s text message.
I opened it before even thinking whether or not to do it.
It read, “IM SORRY. I Would Say This Over And Over Again If You Let Me. I Hope Before Morning Comes That You’ll Forgive The Crazy Kelly..”
I smiled..
I had the urge to text him back that I’ve forgiven him.
no! I shook my head.
I have my own pride to protect.
He can’t just kiss me and expect me to forgive him just like that.. this same night?
That wouldn’t work out.
I can office him tomorrow or next tomorrow but certainly not tonight..
..I waited anxiously for another text from him but when i didn’t see any of that..
I angrily dropped the phone and got out of the bed.
I walked into the bathroom to a shower..
..Taking my toothbrush and a paste to brush my teeth.
and looking into the mirror..
Thoughts of Jonny ran through my mind.
I can’t even believe that i’ve not thought about him for two days now..
I sighed.
He doesn’t deserve me anyway.
He messed up with my heart.
Took my love for him for granted..
So why the hell should i think about him?
Im trying to forget about him.
I waved my thoughts of him off as i proceeded to brush my teeth.
..When i was done with that.. I took off my clothes and turned the shower on.
The water is warm and I love it.
I soaped my body as thoughts of Kelly’s lips on mine ran through me.
God! I said I dont wanna think about this!
Why do it have to keep coming.
But i found myself more of it.
..When he turned me around and without letting me think of what he was about to do, he kissed me..
..The kiss was long and really sweet..
No! It wasn’t sweet! I must not think it was sweet.
It was bitter.
I must stick to the bitter.
Oh Rose! what are you even thinking..
Have you forgotten Kelly has a fiance?..
That was my mind speaking to me.
I frowned.
If he do..Then why did he f—–g kiss me? I asked my mind.. but the little voice couldn’t reply me.


Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 2:35pm On Oct 25, 2018
*** **
*Kelly’s point of view*
I waited for her reply…I waited for her to say she have forgiven me..
To text me but I didn’t..
I hissed and turned on my bed.
Tried sleeping but I couldn’t,..All i could think about was Rose..
Kissing her had been the best moment of my life but It hurt to know she doesn’t understand the way I feel now..
I feel i’ve known her for so long.
I can’t lie that I feel that word Love, for Rose..
I can’t lie to myself..
I really want to see her..
To be with her..
I don’t understand myself..
I just don’t want her out of my sight.. I want her beside me each minute.
I won’t sleep without her lying by my side..
I know i would be freaking lonely tonight.
I just have to do this…
I’ll have to go to her room..
She can f—–g yell at me if she wants.. but i don’t f—–g care..
I can’t sleep here tonight…
I seriously can’t.
..So I stood up and walked out of my room…to the corridor and then to her door..
I wanted to knock but then I know she won’t let me in if I do.
So i opened the door and i walked in..
I didn’t see her but i heard the shower running..
She is in the bathroom.
I quietly closed back the door and walked to the bed.
I layed down and pulled the duvet up to my stomache.
Should I pretend like im sleeping?
No! I’ll just smile at her when she comes out and then tell her i can’t sleep alone in my room tonight.
Yeah.. that would be better..
I waited…
And in no time…..the door opened and….and…
My mouth dropped open.
I blinked my eyes..
She gasped as she saw me..
God! I don’t want to say this…But she jumped back into the bathroom..
She was Unclad..
Did I just see that?..Not actually her back…but!
Okay. I don’t know how im gonna do this. What to tell her!
How to say it!
How to apologise for coming in without letting her know!
How do i even apologise for seeing her unclad!
But how the hell do someone always have walk out of the bathroom Unclad!
..But Oh My God!! that was the nicest body i’ve ever seen…F–k!
Oh Kelly this isn’t what you should be thinking about now..
You just saw her Unclad and she saw you. So you should be thinking of what to say to her.. How to start it.
D–n!.. I shouldn’t have come in now.. I should have just stayed five minutes late or more!
Now, I would have to….
I don’t even know what to do!
And she’s still in the bathroom..
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 2:37pm On Oct 25, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 31
*Kelly’s point of view continues*
I don’t know what to do..
I don’t know how to apologise…
How to start…
I don’t even know what say…
So I just got this idea…
To sleep off..
Or to pretend that im sleeping..
Yeah… That is the only thing i can do.
about this.
So I turned and cloaed my eyes…
Even though I ain’t feeling sleepy…I just have to do it..
I closed my eyes like was sleeping.. That is the only way I can settle this issue with her this night..We then could settle the rest tomorrow.
But d–n! I would say this again…
That was the nicest body i’ve seen..
Seriously, This girl’s d–n beautiful.
Im crazy about her and she’s just making me go more crazy..
I shut my eyes and pulled a pillow over my head..
I just pray she doesn’t sleep in the bathroom.
After what seemed like forever….I heard the bathroom door crack open.
I shut my eyes tighter and pretended like im already fast asleep.
Then when it seemed like i felt her weight on the bed..
I opened my left eye…
She’s sitting down with her back on me..
so i opened both eyes..
She’s on the same blue flare gown that stopped just before her kneesshe wore to the Cinema with me.. She must have came out then to pull on her nightwear.
I watched her.
She just kept sitting down..and i felt like letting her know im awake.
Then apologise to her in anyway i can.
Any how i could.
But I know I can’t..
It seemed the hardest thing to do and I just layed there, still and staring at her.
Then suddenly she turned to look at me and luckily i was fast enough to shut my eyes..
Thank goodness!
How would i have explain all this to her.
I don’t kow I would have started.
..Then I felt her lay down..
I want to open my eyes.. but im scared she might be facing me..
But im sure there’s no way she would..
She can’t look at me cos she’s shy right?
Yeah.. That’s right.
I opened my left eye first.. and she’s facing the other side.. her back on me.
Im relieved..So relieved.
I really pray before morning comes, She would have forgotten about everything..about all that happened this night.
*** **
*Rose’s point of view*
I couldn’t believe all that had happened just this night..
First, Kelly kissed me and then he..he saw me Unclad..
God! how foolish i have been not to have taken my nightie along.
What was I even thinking?
That he wasn’t going to come to my room?
Oh God!
This is too much for me..
But how the hell did he walk in without even letting me know he’s in?
Maybe his intention was to see me unclad?
Thats the worst thought ever!
He got to be kidding me!
God! I really can’t believe Kelly did see me Unclad..
I can’t bear to think of that.. To know that it happened just an hour ago.
How do I face him tomorrow… and he’s still here on this bed..Sleeping!
He doesn’t even want to go out.
What sort of a crazy guy is this?
Why must he sleep here tonight?
Because he want something from you..! That little voice said to me.
What? I asked within.
Your body. It said.
I shut my eyes.. I know that isn’t true.. I know.
I grapped the duvet, but then Kelly has it over his body..
I sighed and closed my eyes to sleep..
I just hope that before morning comes, that i’ll forget about all this..
I woke up the next morning, and I saw the duvet perfectly covering my body..
Kelly had done it.
I turned and Kelly is no more on bed..
I tried to listen if i could hear a noise from the bathroom but i heard nothing..
He had left just before I could wake up.
I yawned, sat up and stretched myself.. I still felt sleepy cos I slept quite late, thinking about all that had happened last night..
I feel so embarrased to see him.
Im so glad he already left before i woke up.
I searched for my phone…And grapped it on the bedside table.
I tapped the screen and there’s a text message.
I scrolled to my message inbox.. and Kelly’s message appeared.
I read it, “I Had To Leave To Work Early…Didn’t Wanna Wake You Up.. I’ll Be Back Before Evening Time.. Take Care Of Tourself..”
I smiled.
Why are my smiling??
I scrolled and there’s a second text message from him.
I opened it and I read, “Im So Sorry About Last Night.”
I shut my eyes..
He is sorry.. He is.
It must have been a mistake..
I dropped the phone and walked to the bathroom to freshen up..
Getting into the bathroom, Thoughts of what happened last night came rushing in…and I swore never to come out of the bathroom Unclad again…
I’ve really forgotten I was in someone’s house and not in my house.. in my room where i can walk around Unclad..
How the hell did I forgot to take my nightie with me last night?
Okay, but i never thought he was gonna come in..
And he.. he didn’t even let me know he was in.
Whatever! I just have to let this go.. Right?
I just have to…Thinking about it over and over again won’t stop the fact that he saw me walk out of the bathroom.
I turned on the tap and splashed water on my face.
Then.. I saw my hair..
It seem as if it was touched by a hand or something…It look loosed and few locked hair sprout out.
I remembered i bundled them tight last night in the bathroom..
And…Im not a sleepyhead..
Then..it must be Kelly.. He had touched them.. Was he sleeping and then.touching my hair?
Ofcos not! that’s impossible.
He must have done that when woke up..Whwn he pulled the duvet over me.
I laughed.. Kelly is always being crazy..
I recalled the night he asked if i wasn’t going to comb my hair and repack them.
What’s so special about my hair anyway?
I laughed as i took my toothbrush..

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