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Just A Taste - Don't Miss This Story / Novel: JUST A Taste..written By: Onyeneke Abel (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by aduraseuniyanu(f): 6:25pm On Oct 31, 2018
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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Kc1990(f): 6:33pm On Oct 31, 2018
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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by harunablezin(f): 7:00pm On Oct 31, 2018
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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 7:26pm On Oct 31, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 39
*Dr.Ann’s point of view*
“Please Ann,..
I Can’t Bear To Know That There Is someone Out There, Who Knows About My Daughter But Finds It So Hard To Tell Me About Her..
I Really Need You To Forgive Me Midwife…
Forgive Me And Tell Me About My Daughter..
She Was So Special To me…But I Abandoned Her…
It Wasn’t really My Fault…I Was Being Maltreated By My Husband..
He Didn’t Care About My Child..Our Child.
I Need You To Forgive Me Midwife..
Tell Me Who Took My Daughter..
Tell Me Where My Rose Is.. I Beg You.
I Won’t Find Rest If You Don’t Tell Me..
I Keep Thinking About The Past And I Wish I Could Turn Back The Hand Of The Clock..I Would Never Had Abandoned Her..
Please Help Me..
I Really Want To See My Daughter..
I Promise I Won’t Try To Cause Any Trouble To The Woman Who Took Her.
I Promise Not To Reveal Myself To Them As Rose Mother.
I Just Want To See Rose And Im Satisfied..
I Promise To Do Whatever It Takes To See Her..
And I Promise To Give You Whatever You Ask From Me..
This was the tenth time i went through this message.
I sighed.
How can i do this?
How can i break the promise i made to Charity?
How can i possibly tell Roseline about her child?
About the woman who took her child and I promised not to reveal that to anyone.
..I pondered.
But Roseline really regrets her action.
She was just being in a circumstance and a situation where she couldn’t think straight and then she took the wrong decision.
I felt for her.
She must have been through alot those times.
She must have been frustrated.
That she had to do it..
She said she wanted the best for her child..
She must have thought she wouldn’t be able to care enough for her..
She couldn’t believe in herself..
In what a woman can do..
She depended on people.. Did she?
Yes, She did that she depended on.someone else to take care of her child.
i sighed.
I can’t blame her.
Someone can be so badly frustrated that she do something against her wish.
She makes a decision she would ever leave to regret.
Roseline was afraid.. And now she regrets her unspeakable action twenty five years ago.
And now, she’s begging for me to open up a secret that i’ve sealed for twenty five years now.
How can i do this?
But my conscience… It makes me wanna help this woman..
To help her find her daughter.
To break this promise i made to Charity and tell Roseline about her child.
About the people who took her child..
I shut my eyes..
I’ll have to do this..
I want to help this woman..
I inhaled and dialled her line..
It rang and she picked up immediately.
“Dr Ann..” She spoke first. Her voice sounding gloomy..
She must have been crying.
I sighed.
God I can’t believe i wanna do this.
“Roseline.” I said.
“Yes Doctor.” She said and I heard her sniffle.
I sighed.
“I’ve decided to let you know details about your daughter.” I said and i shut my eyes tight as i fought hard not to regret what i just said.
“Oh my world! Thank you so much Ann. Im so grateful..Im deeply grateful for this.. I’ve not been myself for the past two days now.. Rose had been stucked right in my mind, in my head, deep down in my heart.. I really need to find my child. Im so happy you’ve accepted to tell me about my child. Thank you Ann.” She said.. I felt her sincerity.
She was being truthful.
Her saddness were visible in the manner she spoke.
“It’s okay.. No matter what you did.. You still deserve to know about your child.. You gave birth to her.. She’s always your child.” I said to her.
“Thank. You. So much.” She said.. I can feel she’s crying now.
“Can you come to my office right away?
I’ll send you the address of my hospital.” I said.
“I know the address already. I’ve been going through the internet, searching about you and your hodpital.. You are indeed a great doctor.. A good woman.” She said.
I smiled.
“Thank you.” I said.
“Thank you Ann, for having such a golden heart. God bless you.” She said.
I nodded.
“See you soon.” I said to her.
“I’m on my way.” She said.
I dropped the call.
I rested my head back on the chair, raised my head up and sighed.
“Im sorry Charity that i had to do this.” I said.
I have no idea the whereabout of this family who took Roseline’s daughter.
I wonder if they still live in Tamuno Street in Asaba.
I have no idea if they still do.
It’s been twenty years now.
But I could still take Roseline to their house.
They probably should still be there.
It’s their house.
**** **
*Rose’s point of view*
Eleven hours of not speaking to Kelly..
Of not opening my door..
Of not daring to look at his face..
His eyes..
I stayed in my room…and locked myself up.
He came more than a million times and pleaded for me to open the door..
For me to forgive him..
But I ignored him..
I ignored.
I Feel hungry but i don’t wanna go out of my room..
I don’t wanna see Kelly.
I don’t want to look at his face
I couldn’t believe i gave in to his touches.
I was and…he wanted to have me..
My body.
How could I have been so stupid not to know his intention.
How could i have tried to trust Kelly..
To trust that he wouldn’t try to do such thing to me..
Not after I told him about Jonny!
Not after Jonny slept with me and played me.
But…How could I have tried to let another man try to have his way..
I let Kelly kiss me like that!
What did I expect..
You let him kiss you like that because you wanted it..
The small voice in my mind said to me.
Lie! That’s a big lie.. I never wanted those kisses..
But.. why didn’t I say no when he told me it would be only a kiss?
Why didn’t i shook him off?
But instead i let him go on to kiss me.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 7:27pm On Oct 31, 2018
I even moaned!
F–k you Rose! You’re such an idiot!
I feel so used already.
I shouldn’t have let him kiss me..
To kiss me on my neck…
On my lips..
On my….
“Hell!” I yelled.
How could i have!
He must be thinking am a cheap a—–e now!
D–n! How can i look at him now?
This is so gonna be hard for me.
I sighed.
My stomache grumbled loudly…and i felt so thirsty too.
I tried to endure.
It was night already and in the morning, Kelly would have gone to work and i can go out of the room.
But soon,.I couldn’t bear the hunger..
I felt like i was dying..
I struggled out of the bed…and slowly I unlocked the door and peeped out.
I have to make sure Kelly is nowhere in sight.
He wasn’t.
So I slowly closed the door and quietly but swiftly walked out of the corridor, down the stairs..
I was glad he isn’t in the sitting-room.
I did relief breathe and walked into the kitchen.
I walked to the counter…and lo and behold,
A white nylon bodly written, MR BIGGS stood at the counter.
Did kelly leave this house today?
But i didn’t hear the sound of his car.
I shrugged..
As I looked in and a white covered plate was in..
I took it out and opened it and….
Wow.. the smell was tantalizing
.. A fried rice and a mouthwatering chicken lap.
I swallowed in some saliva.
Did Kelly really went to get this for me?
Im not going to eat this..
I covered it back and placed it back into the nylon.
I turned to get my cornflakes in the fridge but i guess i the inhaled the smell of the rice.. and i turned back..and took the plate.
I dropped it and went for a bottle water in the fridge.
Soon I was consuming the food and the chicken like a hungry lion.
I just hope Kelly doesn’t walk in.
This meal is just too delicious…
“Rose..” I heard him call..
I flinched.. D–n!
Uh! I looked up at him, He was at the door, in a tight polo shirt and a black trouser.
He looked handsome.
I brought my face back at the food.
“I thought you have the strength to starve.” He said as he walked forward and sat on the sit opposite mine.
I kept my eyes at the food.
“Tell me, Rose.. I thought you gonna starve till the next day.. I thought you gonna go on to lock yourself up.. Why are you sitting here, eating? You are f—–g tired of locking yourself up right? You are huh?! Answer me!” He yelled
I couldn’t believe this guy yelling at meright now is the same guy who came uncountable times knocking on my door and begging me to forgive him.
“What’s so special about kissing you?” He asked.
And I dropped the spoon..and stood up.
He stood up too.
“Where are you going?” He stood at my front.
“I want to go back to my room.” I said, without looking up at him.
I just want to get out of his presence.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yes!” I said and tried to walk out on him but he gripped my arm and pulled me back.
I’ve heard enough.
I faced him.. My eyes on him.
“Why don’t you just f—–g leave me alone!!” I screamed.
I saw his shoulder drop..
He stared into my eyes like he was seeing something..
I tried to pull off my arm but he held it tight.
As he narrowed his eyes and stared more at mine.
Why’s he staring at me like this?
“Please don’t.” He said.. He’s voice soft and calm.
I flared up, “You f—–g want me to forgive you and you are harsh?” I yelled.
He shook his head.. His eyes still on me.
“I’m Im not..Rose..” I saw him swallow like he’s struggling to say out something..
I kept my eyes at his, as he kept his narrowed eyes at mine as well.
“Rose..I..I.. I Love you.” He said.
My jaw dropped.
What did he just say?
“I Love you Rose..I can’t help it.” He said.
F–k love!
I hate that word!
I flapped my arm away from his hold…and tried to leave again but then he gripped me again and this time he pulled me to a tight hug.
“Rose im sorry. please Im sorry.. I love you so much.. I swear..” He said.
I was speechless.
“Say something.. Say you’ve forgiven me.”
“You saying you love me just because you need my forgiveness?” I asked.
“Oh no no.. Not at all Rose. I love you.. I truely mean what i say.. I can’t help it when you are around me. I found out the day you wanted to leave.” He said.
I inhaled.
I couldn’t breathe.
He was hugging me too tight.
“Fine. I forgive you.” I said so he could let me go!
“Thank you so much Rose. I love you.” He said.
“Can i go now?” I asked.
I wasn’t interested in the love s–t he was talking about.
“No.. please.” He said.
“The food?” He said.
“Im not hungry, besides i’ve ate quite a big size before you came.” I said.
He pulled me to a sit..and he sat beside me.
“Let’s just stay here.” He said
“Why?” I asked.
“Cos i want you to sing that song for me.” He said, smiling.
“Which song?” I asked.
I laughed.
“From this moment.” He said.
I can’t believe i was laughing again… right here with Kelly..
We had just reconciled and back to our house mate stuff.
“by Shania Twain” He said.. and i laughed more.
“I can’t sing!” I said.
“Just sing it.. please im pleading..” He said.. with pleading eyes and put his hands together to plead more.
“You gonna laugh at my voice.” I said.
Kelly is unpredictable.
He placed his hands on his chest, “Cross my heart, I won’t.” He said.
I stared at him.
“Im serious I won’t.” He said.
“Fine. I will” I said.
“Yes!” He said, excited.
I chuckled.
I turned, I don’t wanna be looking at him while i sing.
“Why can’t you look at me whioe you sing it?” I asked.
“I don’t like doing that.” I said.
“Fine.. I accept.” He said.
I cleared my throat,
“From this moment….” I began and closed my eyes.
*Kelly’s point of view*
“Life had begun….
From this moment….
You are the one….”
She sang on as I stared at her lips..
The way they moved..
Her voice was beautiful.. beautiful just like her..
I felt my heart melt by her voice..
The lyrics of this song came flowing right down into me..
She sang it like its meant for me..
I wish they are meant for me..
“I give my hand to you from my heart..
I can’t wait to live my life with you…
I can’t wait to start….”
She has the most angelic voice i’ve ever heard.
Tiny and can melt a stony heart.
“You and I would never be apart….
My dreams……….
Came through…..
Of you….”
Goosebumps washed over my skin.
Feelings ran down my spine.
Her voice..
The lyrics…
“Rose… you got the most angelic voice i’ve ever heard..” I said just after she was done singing.
She turned to me…and smiled.
“Thank you.” She said and smiled so sweetly.
I smiled back as her smile tickled my heart.
From what you read, do you think Kelly’s love for Rose is true or he just said it so Rose could forgive him?
….Wow.. Dr. Ann wanna tell Roseline about her daughter.. What do you have to say about that too?


Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 7:37pm On Oct 31, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 40
*Mrs Roseline’s point of view*
With so much happiness, I walked into Dr. Ann’s hospital.
It’s quite a large hospital..Beautiful and atmospheric.
I inhaled and walked to the hospital reception counter.
They sat two nurses in their white uniform.
“Please im here to see Doctor Ann.” I said.
The slim one looked up at me and then i saw her gape with her hands on her mouth.
“Oh my God! It’s Mrs Roseline Ejifor.. Kelly’s mom!” She said., hitting the other nurse beside her.
“Oh my God!” The other girl, dark complexioned and plumpy said as she looked at me with widened eyes.
What’s wrong with this girls?
“Ma.. Kelly is…is he here with you please?” The slim girl asked me.
What rubbish?
“Yes ma.. we’ve been wanting to see him… I mean I, personally.” The plumpy one said, grinning.
The slim one snapped an evil eye at her colleague, “You personally? Just look at this one..”
“Abeg just hold it there.. Before nko na you go see am? With this your mosquito legs and big eyes?” The plump one said back.
“Fat cow!” The slim one taunted.
I gasped.
What sort of stupid nurses are these?
“I say, im here to see Doctor Ann Kambiri!” I shouted at them.
They flinched.
“Goodevening Ma… Please what can we do for you?” A slim and pretty nurse in low cut asked me as she walked in, to the counter.
I sighed.
“Im here to see Doctor Ann.” I said to her.
The other two looked away.
“What’s your name Ma?” She asked.
“Mrs Roseline Ejifor.” I said.
She glanced at me for a while like a suprised someone.
Then she nodded.
“Alright ma.. Let me inform her.” She said as she pressed few buttons on the Landline telephone’s dial pad and placed the headset on her ear.
“Doctor Ann, this is nurse Chioma. A woman in the names of Mrs Roseline Ejifor is here to see you.” She said to the reciever.
And waited few seconds..
“Okay Doctor.” She said and dropped the headset.
Then looked up at me.
“I’ll take you to her office now, Ma.” She said to me.
I smiled.
“Thank you dear..You are lovely.” I said to her with smiles
She smiled back, “Thank you Ma.”
I saw her two colleague sneer at her.
She got out from the counter and I followed her…
We got to a door.
“Here, Ma.” She said.
“Alright.” I said….and she turned and left.
I knocked gently, before pushing the door open and walked in.
There sat Doctor Ann, on her desk.
She looked up at me and smiled.
She was on a white suite and trouser.
“Doctor Ann..” I called softly.
“Roseline welcome.” She said.
I ran to her and embraced her.
“Thank you so much for changing your mind and considering to help me.. You have such a good heart.” I said with so much happiness.
“It’s okay dear.. Go and have a sit.” She said to me.
I obeyed and went for a seat.
I sat down on one of the two visitor’s chairs.
“How are you doing?” She asked me.
“This few days had been hell for me..” I said.
She smiled.
“I can see.. Your eyeslids are baggy and your eyes are all red.” She said.
I nodded.
“I couldn’t sleep.. All i would do is dream about my daughter.. I couldn’t eat..no appetite.. I’ve only been in my room, crying.” I said.
She smiled.
“It’s okay Roseline. I can’t blame you for what you did.. You must have been passing through lots of challanges in your marriage.. Come on for all i know, You ain’t the only woman who had done it.. They are so many out there who did the worst.. Some kill their child after giving birth to them, Some dump them in a trashbin or inside a ditch for flood to carry away, Some sell their child for money or even use them for money rituals. You ain’t the only woman who dropped her baby in a hospital.. I know if things were okay for you and your husband, you would never had abandoned your child.. Roseline I understand.” She said so calmly, like she truely understood my predicament.
Her words brought tears out from my eyes.
“Wipe your tears okay.. Here, have this.” She said as she stretched a tissue to me.
I took it.
“Wipe off those tears.” She said.
I sniffled and nodded as i gently wiped them off.
“What would you like to drink?” She asked.
I shook my head.
“Im..im fine.” I said.
I find it so hard to believe this woman could be this good towards me, after the unspeakable thing i did.
“No.. no” She shook her head.
“I’ll get you something.” She said as she reached for a small fridge beside her but a bit far from where she sat.
“Just water.” I said.
“That’s okay.” She smiled and got out a bottle water and a glass cup..
She placed them on a tray and pushed it to me.
“Here.” She said.
“Water is good for a dejected heart.” She said.
That made me smile.
I opened the bottle, poured some into the glass cup.
I took a little of it..
It felt cold and good down my throat..
So I took more.
“Make sure you eat something once you get home okay?” She said.
I nodded.
“Now, i would go on to tell you about your child who you left in my little hospital twenty five years ago.” She said..
I nodded, “Thank you”
“After you left your child that night.. I came to say goodmorning to you and your child but then i didn’t find you.. I only saw your baby, with her eyes wide open, staring at me.. I searched for you.. but you were nowhere to be found.. I then knew you had abandoned you baby in my hospital.But then, i refused to let anyone know.. I secretly took the baby to my house so see if you would come back before dusk for your child… But then an hours later, my friend.. She wasn’t very close to me but we were good. She suddenly came to my house from delta state, Asaba with her only child.. I wasn’t expecting her..and unfortunately or would i say fortunately, she saw your baby.. I wanted to lie to her that a woman left the baby in my care and would be back by dusk to take her, but then i decided to tell her the truth, that i haven’t seen her mother..
She was filled with pity for your child and then she was so angry at you..
She made so many bad comments at you which i wouldn’t want to tell you.. Then we decided to wait till dusk to see if you would come back for your child but you didn’t.
She had first wanted to leave to delta same day but because of your child, she stayed back and spent the night in my house with her three years old baby boy….She stayed back the next few days that we waited for you and you didn’t show up.. So she begged me to let her have your child.. I declined with the hope that you would still come back for your baby.. but then the next day, when you didn’t show up. I accepted to hand her your baby girl. Her husband wanted your baby too.. The couple had looked for a child for fourteen years before they were able to get their baby boy Lucky.. Lucky also was already fond of Rose just those few days he and his mother spent in my house and this made the couple want your child so much.. So i gave her to them.. I didn’t only give her to them because they needed it, but because i knew they would care for her like their own…And they pleaded for me not to tell you about the foster parents of your child if i ever meet you.
again.. And i promised them i would never do such.. but now i just broke that promise.”
My tears had soaked the tissue already before she was done.
“They let your baby go on to bear the name you gave to her.. but she became their child..”
I burst out into a hush cry.
“They live in Tamuno street in Asaba.. It’s been twenty years now and i wonder if they still live there.. Though they should because the house they live in then, Was their own.. Her name is Charity and her husband’s is Federick Ono…” She said.
I looked up at her..
“Please can i go to see my child?” I asked.
She smiled, “I knew you would ask that.. It’s fine but you would need to promise me something.” She said.
“What is it? I would do anything.” I said
“Promise me, if we eventually see them, you wouldn’t reveal yourself as the biological mother of Rose.. And that if you see Rose., That you wouldn’t cry or act in a funny way that would show that you are hiding something.. Do you promise?” She asked.
I nodded.
“I just want to see my child and know how grown she is now, then i leave. I promise.” I said.
I wish i wouldn’t break this promise i just made.
“Sunday would be okay for that.” She said.
I nodded.
“I’ll make the flight bookings.” I said.
She smiled.
“Thank you so much Ann.. I appreciate your kindness and forgiveness to me.. Im deeply happy to hear about my child.Im indebted to you.” I said.
She smiled.
**** **
*Kelly’s point of view*
The small round golden metal shone in my hand where i held it.
A ring..
An engagement ring for Rose?
Can you believe that?
I chuckled..as i swing the swivel chair i sat left and right.
How can i be so fast on this?
What do i even know about proposing to a girl?
This must be craziness right?
But i can’t help not to do this this tonight.
I love Rose and i wanna be fast about making her my wife..
She thinks I don’t love her truely but i wanna make her know that i truely love her.
I want to ask Rose to marry me.
I love Rose.. I swear it!
She’s just too cool, too lovely.. And so beautiful.
She didn’t even let me have my way with her.
And i just love her so much for this..
I love everything about Rose..
Her smiles…Her laughs..
When she frowns..
I feel myself drowing in the deepest ocean of love.. for Rose..
My Rose.
I am going to propose to Rose..
To prove my true love for her.
To show her how much I truely and desperately want her in my life..
Not just as a housemate but as my fiance..
I want to make her my wife.
I don’t f—–g care about the shortness of meeting each other..
And living together..
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 7:38pm On Oct 31, 2018
Facing both good moments and bad moments.
It was just some days ago… but if i don’t do this..
If i don’t propose to Rose tonight. Then im absolutely gonna go crazy.
how do i do this?
“Rose, please will you marry me?”
No no… i shook my head…
That’s kinda dull.. boring.
“Rose, im really inlove with you.. Please this ring is meant for your finger. Will you marry me?”
No no! That’s too long and she might get bored.
“Rose please marry me, will you?”
Hmm bad too! Not romantic.
“Rose, you’ve got a deepest place in my heart.. I loved you from the first time i met you.. Please say no to this.. I would go crazy if you. Marry me please. Will you?”
Wow! sounds cool!
Romantic.. im gonna use this one.
I would take her to a place filled with candle lights and red chandeliers..
And i would tell her this..
I picked up my phone and dialled her line.
She picked up on time.
“Hello Rose.” I spoke.. really excited to hear her voice
“Hi Kelly..You forgot something?” She asked.
Her voice give me tingles.
“No..i.. i wanna ask if we could go out tonight?” I said.. praying hard for her not to decline.
“Um… Where?” She asked.
“Dinner.” I said.
“Um.. Dinner?”
“Yes.” I said..
“Okay.. Nice.” She said.
“Thank you.” I said, excited but my heart beat fast.
I wonder if i can do this.
“Why saying thank you?” She asked.
“Cos im happy you accepted to go to a dinner.. With me.” I said.
She laughed, “What’s wrong with that? It’s just a dinner. Right?”
“Yes, it’s just a dinner.” I said.
It isn’t!
Im gonna propose to you.
To be my fiance.. To marry me.
“Right now, im in the kitchen and im making a kitchen timetable. I guess we need one.” She said.
I smiled.
She had a way of making good things.
“That’s really awesome Rose.. You are wonderful.” I said.
“Would you love to eat some some toasted bread with egg?” She asked.
“Yummy!” I smiled.
“Not those your rice.” She smirked.
I frowned playfully.
“Its better than nothing.” I said and we laughed together.
“You should drop the call now and go back to work.. See you tonight.” She said.
“I love you so much Rose.” I said.
I meant it.
She stayed silent.
Then, “Take care.” She said and dropped the call..
She don’t believe i do.

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by povicky1(m): 7:52pm On Oct 31, 2018
Ofcux he loves her...as for The other question. Hmmm I think the story is getting intriguing
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Damibiz(m): 10:04pm On Oct 31, 2018
Na woh,i jst hope Rose is not the missing child oh bcus My man Kelly go craz
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Damibiz(m): 10:05pm On Oct 31, 2018
Na woh,i jst hope Rose is not the missing child oh bcus My man Kelly go craz..nice work
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by samwobi(m): 10:30pm On Oct 31, 2018
Happy Bday To You
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by bishoptolucci(m): 9:57pm On Nov 01, 2018
Great story and intelligence, keep up the good work and happy birthday to you...
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by pweetygiftofGod(f): 8:39am On Nov 02, 2018
Happy birthday to you.
Live long and prosper
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by sammuelbs: 5:09pm On Nov 02, 2018
thanks for the constant and prompt update am really enjoying your story. following wit great enthusiasm. keep up d good work.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by lovelylad: 10:54pm On Nov 02, 2018
Happy birthday to you bro.
Live long and prosperity
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by sammuelbs: 8:12am On Nov 03, 2018
wow... how romantic that was sweet proposed. kel is so much good for pulling that wonderful propose stunt. chai see as I was feeling shy for rose. am so happy for the two of them can't wait for their wedding. there are just too good for each other.
Great story buddy. you are just too good at it. I am your fam for life. I haven't really follow any writer on nairaland but you will be my first. keep soaring we behind.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 10:14am On Nov 03, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
.Episode 41
*Rose’s point of view*
I smiled as i dropped the call.
How on earth do I believe what he’s talking about?
For all i care, All men are just the same.
Kelly is no exceptional..
Kelly is a bad guy..
A player.
He had wanted to meet Aunty Caro..and then his mom had said he messed so many girls up..
He told me he broke so many hearts!
And then he’s telling me he loves me?
So quick…. So soon?
I laughed.
How does he really want me to believe him?
And just accept his love for me?
Seriously, all that was then, when i had believed Jonny’s love for me..
When i foolishly offered myself to him, without thinking twice about it.
I can’t let another man play with my heart..
Not Kelly, not any other guy!
I like Kelly but i can’t try to love him..
I won’t accept his love for me either.
It’s just a week of us getting to meet each other…
Yes we had been staying in the same house and had gotten to know each other pretty good..
But.. love can come that quick.
I don’t wanna believe his love true..
I have to keep ignoring that word he’do say,
“I love you Rose.”
I scoffed.
That’s a word i’do never wanna believe from a guy’s lip ever again.
Kelly is really so funny.
How can he love me?
Im just wondering how he came up with the idea of loving me after trying to have his way with me just yesterday.
What’s he trying to do?
Make me believe his love and then let him have sex with….
Oh! i don’t even wanna think about that.
That would be the last thing i would ever trying doing.
I was done with the Kitchen timetable, so i placed it on the wall.
“Great.” I said.
Today’s friday and Tea or coffee and bread for breakfast.
I walked to the fridge to grap them..
Just this time last friday, i was on my way to Lagos, to see Jonny.
I sighed.
I wondered.
What would I have done if Kelly didn’t drive by.
If he hadn’t saved me…
I would have been raped by those two bitches!
And then i’do been stranded on the streets..
Would i have gone back to Jonny or what would i have done?
Seriously, Kelly had been a Godsent to me.
He was my saviour..
He’s bad…He’s a player but he has a kind heart.
He broke girls heart but he got his heart broken too by Sugar.
He loved her and she broke his heart.
I placed the Bread and the Tea on the breakfast and i went to boil some water.
But Kelly told me, there was a reason he broke so many girls heart.
I could remember.
I asked him why but he told me that I don’t need to know about it.
What could that be?
Why would someone mess people’s heart up cos of a reason.
What reason could that be actually?
..I tried thinking…but i couldn’t think about a good one.. a good reason why Kelly broke girls heart.
I sighed..
Suddenly i wish i could know this reason..
Suddenly i wanted to know this reason.
I placed the kettle of water on the cooker.
But how do i find the reason.. without Kelly being the one to tell me..
And.. i can’t ask him why cos Im sure he’s never gonna tell me.
He says he loves you, use that to get him.
That silly voice inside of me said to me.
“No” I shook my head.
I can’t use that to get him..
That might sound funny and awkward.
I turned off the cooker and poured the hot water into a ceramic cup and took it to the breakfast table.
Added the milo and the milk powder inside and stired them together with a spoon.
Then I sat down to eat.
Getting done with my breakfast and still curious to know about Kelly’s reason for breaking so many hearts,..
I got an idea.
To search his room..
Maybe i could find something relating to that.
Maybe a diary..
Okay, guys don’t usually keep diaries.. especially Kelly type,..
But who knows!
Kelly might have a diary which he writes down his daily experience and his spoken and unspoken feelings.
It sounds awkward for me to search Kelly’s room but im just so curious to know about Kelly.
There are still things i do not know about him.
I just have to do this.. It would just be a quick search.
I quickly washed the tea cup, dried it with the dishcloth and placed it back on the shelf..
Then i walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs and… to his room.
I opened the door..
It isn’t locked… I slowly walked in..
I searched with my eyes… and if there was any other place someone should keep book or papers in his room, then it should be on the beside table.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 10:15am On Nov 03, 2018
I walked over and searched on the top but i found nothing like that.. The table top is empty with just a bedside lamp standing on it.
I bent and pulled the first drawer, but its locked.
I pulled the second one, it opened with lots of arranged papers inside.
I gently took them out one after the other as i searchef for a diary or any piece of writting.
But i found nothing as such.
Just business documents and empty written papers.
I hissed and put them neatly back into the drawer and pushed it back..
I reached for the last drawer.
I just hope i find something apart from business in this one.
I pulled it open.
But then there were just like the second drawer.
Files and documents.
Does it mean Kelly don’t have any other papers and books here apart from business documents?
Don’t he read books?
Or write anything… anything at all!
I sighed and pushe back the drawer…
Stood up with my hands akimbo.
I need to find something…
I walked to his wardrobe and pulled it open.
There are so many clothes in there and they smell so good.
I pushed them apart to search but i found nothing.
I pushed another set apart but i can’t find anything…
I sighed and was about to close it back, when i felt a noise like something fall just fell down.
What’s could that be?
I pushed the clothes at the side where the noise came from apart and there i saw a small red cover book., lying on the wardrobe floor.. And it seem old but fairly used.
I picked it up and nothing was written on the cover..
This must be a diary..
I thought.
I closed back the wardrobe and rushed to the bed with the book.
I sat down and opened it.. and the first few pages were empty..
But then i saw some writting.
Written fifteen years ago.
25th September, 2001…
Wow! So long!
I read, “Kate died today.. It was suppose to be our birthday.. But she left me, left mom, left dad and went to a place i know she would never return again..
I love you so much Kate..and i wish you would come back.
I hate myself for not being able to protect you enough.. Please forgive me.
But i promise you that i’ll never ever celebrate my birthday without you.. I will see my birthday as a normal day and nothing would ever make me remember i have a birthday to celebrate.. I swear to you Kate.
I’ll only do that if you come back..”
God! I couldn’t believe it.. Kelly made such promise to her sister to never celebrate his birthday without her. To never ever think of a birthday celebration wthout his sister being alive again.
God, he must have so much loved Kate.
I felt a tear drop from my eyes..
This is so touching for me.
This makes me remember my family, my dad, my mom and Lucky.
Death took them away just in a blink of an eye.
Kelly lost just his sister,.. and he made such a promise to her..
What if he lost more.. He would have probably killed himself.
Just like i wanted to… but that b—h came in!
Jonny stepped in and held me from doing so.
I thought he cared for me.. I thought he loved me… but he used my emotions to get me and then he used me and played with my heart!
Kelly had the bad side of him.. but still, there is this good side of him that not everyone is aware of..
I guess his mother doesn’t know either.
The way he feels for people he loves.
The way he cares for them.. and make promises that would be quite hard to keep..
Kelly must really have some feellings even if he had been a player or he probably is..
And this reason why he messed them up?
I flipped to the other page.
“25th September 2006..
Dear Diary,..
Today i’m eighteen and i’ve decided to start my avenge on my sister’s death.. by breaking girls heart.. Have sex with all of them that i get and dump their a-s immediately.
I know they will cry, and get hurt just like my sister cried when she was being raped..
Im starting right from this day.
I’ll do anything for you Kate.. I still love you..”
What! I couldn’t believe what i just read.
Why on earth would he avenge on his sister’s death by doing such things!
So this is the reason!
“Oh my God! I can’t believe this!” I said with shock.
“Kelly not this way.”
You couldn’t have done it this way..
But then something hit me!
25th September?
Today is 23rd September…
Next tomorrow is his birthday…and he hadn’t mentioned it.
This is so right..
I can’t believe someone wouldn’t mention his birthday forever..
But how can i just overlook this?
And let his birthday pass just like that.. I needed to let him know that it wasn’t his fault that his sister had to die.
Promising a dead person things wouldn’t make any difference that they are already dead and buried.
I felt like doing something for him…
Showing him that birthday celebration are one of the happiest days in someone’s life.
A day you thank your creator for giving you life and praying to him to give you more.
It isn’t a day to regret no matter what had happened.
Cos there’s always a reason why we were created and had birthdays to celebrate.
I would get Kelly something for his birthday.. something that could make him understand that no matter the bad moments we’ve had.. That there are reasons why we should still celebrate.
Maybe that would change his mind..
But what do i get him on his birthdat?
its just after tomorrow and i really need to be fast about getting him something..
I got no money on me..
How do i do this?
Ask Kelly for money?… but how do i ask him for that without letting him know what i need the money for?
Cos i know he would ask him what i need it for.
I wouldn’t want to tell him im getting him a gift for his birthday..
I wonder how he’do feel to hear that.. I would make it a suprise to him..
I have to think of a lie.
I really have to do this for him.
I felt for Kelly..
I couldn’t believe Kelly could make such decisions because of his love for someone.. For his sister.
If only he’s telling the truth about loving me..
He had loved Sugar too.. but she cheated on him.
He’s broken but he still choose to say he loves me.
Maybe he do.. maybe he really do love me.
Maybe he just need someone to mend his broken heart.
But im broken too..Jonny messed up my life.
But Kelly..
He saved me..
I turned many pages of the diary to read more, but there were empty..
But at last, I found another writting.
It was just yesterday he wrote it.
I read it.
“Dear Diary,
It’s been such a long while not writting to you..
Im sorry..
I’ve fallen inlove with someone.. Its too sudden but it’s really true and its driving me insane.. But she doesn’t believe I love her as well. She doesn’t and that hurts me so much…”
It stopped there.
Who is he talking about?
You of course.
The small voice said to me.
I closed my eyes… Kelly truely loves me,
too sudden but really true..
I closed back the diary.. got up and walked to the wardrobe with the small book.
I pulled the wardrobe open and… and.. i don’t even know the cloth that the book fell from..
I just dropped it inside the pocket of jean pullover at the spot where the diary fell..
I inhaled the scents of his clothe and shirts.
They smell so good that i just wish i could go in and sleep in there.
But then my stupid mind told me to put one of his shirt.
His shirts look really cute and there’s one im sighting right now..
I got it out.. It’s white, long sleeved and had WILD LOVE written boldly in black at the front.
It look just like a girl’s shirt.. and seem like he’do never worn it before.
I pulled it out of the hanger and got my own dress off my body.
I wonder what i was doing… but i found myself doing it.
I pulled the shirt over my body and it look so good on me.. I walked to his dressing mirror and admired how great it look on me.
I smiled.
Kelly has good things.. really good things.
I smiled and walked to his bed and layed down..
The bed felt so good and soft..
Why are my smiling?
And why are my even on his bed?
This must be craziness, but i layed back still..Not wanting to get up.
I could sleep on this bed a little before Kelly gets back..
For all i know, he’s coming back by evening and i’do be awake before then.
And for the dinner?
Uh.. i don’t really know what to put on.. but i’do wish to find something really beautiful to wear this time.
Seriously I have no idea why… but i guess i just feel like appearing more beautiful.
Yeah.. That’s it.
I closed my eyes…

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 10:16am On Nov 03, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 42
*Rose’s point of view continues*
I’ve been here in my room, searching for the most beautiful dress i can wear for the dinner..
I didn’t understand why i was doing this.
searching so many clothes like i was going to a party..
“It’s just a dinner girl!” I yelled at myself.
But then i couldn’t still pick out a better dress.
I was back in my own dress and had carefully put Kelly’s shirt back in his wardrobe.
I was happy i was able to wake up on time.
But, i had a wild dream..
Where Kelly and I were in a field sorrounded by white and red roses.
We were out on a picnic actually And we chatted and held hands like lovers..,
Then soon he said he wanna sing a song for me..
I smiled and told him i can’t wait to listen to him..
Then he began my favourite song.
From This Moment..
And he sang it so good.
I couldn’t believe it..
And he wasn’t even done singing it when i hugged him and he kissed me..
Then i woke up.
Funny dream!
I changed back into my dress and placed his shirt back in his wardrobe.. then i walked to make lunch..
And as well make him the toasted bread and egg.
But then over an two hours that i was done preparing the meals, I’ve been in my room changing clothes and throwing them over each other.
And now, I was searching and throwing clothes on top another when i heard Kelly drive in..
I quickly picked up the whole clothes and pushed them into the wardrobe and shut the door close!
I rushed to the bathroom to…to look at my face?
When did i start looking at my face before meeting Kelly?
“Why do my eyebrows look so bushy? it needs carving.” I said..
I quickly brushed them into a better shape.
I heard the doorbell ring.
I brushed my front hairs back and frowned at a little pimple i thought was coming to my face.
Seriously, why do i care if my face look rough anyway.
I hissed and walked out, but not without turning to take a quick look at my face.
I walked out of my room..
The doorbell rang again.
Hell im coming nah.
I ran down the staircase, rushed to the door and pulled it open.
“Welcome..” I said to him, smiling.
He smiled back..
He has such a cute smile.. and i felt my heart tickled by it.
Rose this is not funny.. Stop it!
“Rose.. You were freaking bored without me right?” He asked as he walked in.
“No.” I said.
“Okay” He said as he walked up the stairs with his briefcase.
I followed him.
He got to his room and walked in… I walked into mine.
What happened to his mood?
He was smiling back there at the door… but then suddenly he decided to be silent?
But seriously,. there was nothing to talk about!
What did i expect him to say?
Im just getting worried over nothing!
Rose you need to stop this!
Just then i heard a knock.
“Come in.” I said.
The door opened and Kelly walked in, he was in another tight polo shirt and a red trouser.
I swallowed as i saw his broad shoulders.
His stouted muscles
He has a sexy body shape.
Did i just say that?
“Rose did you prepare something?” He asked.
Why’s he asking like he didn’t know about the toasted bread and egg?
“Yeah.” I said.
“Toasted bread and egg?” He asked.
“Yeah.” He said.
“Im sorry, i forget to let you know that i don’t eat bread.” He said.
He doesn’t like cornflakes, now bread too?
“Okay.. I’ll get you something else.” I said and got up.
“No.. Remember i said we are going for a dinner?” He said.
I thought he had forgotten about that.
“Yes.” I said.
“Just get ready okay.” He said..
“Okay.” I said and sat back down.
“One more thing?” He asked.
“What’s that?” I asked, looking at him.
“Can you put on that red dress?” He asked.
Red dress?
I remembered…It was the red dress he got for me in Mrs Tonia’s boutique.
Wow! i never thought of it!
“Umm.. Okay.” I said..
I wish i could just hug him and kiss him for remembering that dress but there is no way that woud happen.
“I’ll be waiting for you.” He said, turned and slowly walked out..
I quickly got up and rushed and pulled the wardrobe open.
Now where the hell is the dress?
I searched and luckily for me, without much sweat, i found it,.
Beautiful dress..
I quickly rushed into the bathroom to take a shower.
I walked out of the bathroom wrapped in my white towel.
I went for a pantie.. but then i decided to put on the g-string.
picked a black one up and raised it.
Who on earth wear such tiny thing as this?
But why do i wanna wear this tonight?
I don’t know but i found my legs passing through and then i pulled it up to my a-s.
I giggled.
This was the first time i was putting this little thing on my waist.
I took the dress and pulled it on.. it look so beautiful on me and so tight but feels great…
But then i can’t zip it up,.. though i tried but i could only get to centre.
And im sure my bra is showing at the back.
How do i do this now.
I tried harder but i couldn’t move it upper anymore.
I hissed, frustrated as i left it to repack my hair.
Doing that reminded me of the way Kelly had loved to see my hair fall.
I smiled and thought of letting it to fall on my shoulders but then i shook my head.
It almost caused something really horrible yesterday and i wouldn’t wanna remember it.
I pulled my feet into a silver flat shoe and took my phone, and i walked out.
Kelly would have to help out with the zip.
I knocked at his door.
“Rose just come in.” He said.
I did.
He was standing in a red shirt and a black jean trouser.
He looked great but why would he wear red?
He looked up at me and i saw his eyes go wide and his jaw drop.
*Kelly’s point of view*
My jaw dropped as i looked up at her.
She was looking really beautiful and hot in that dress..
This woman i wanna propose to..
“You look beautiful Rose” I said.
She smiled.
“Thanks.. You don’t look bad yourself.” She said.. but i noticed she kinda felt uncomforable.
“You look umcomfortable. You don’t like it?” I asked.
“I need. You. To.. help me. Pull the zip up. Was hard for me to.” She said.
Pull the zip up?
Wow. i couldn’t wait
“Oh.. okay.” I said.
She walked to me and turned her back.
I swallowed.
Her black bra was in view and i just felt like unhooking it.
Her skin shone in my face and the curled hair on her back, made me fee like kissing her skin.
“Kelly?” She called.
And i quickly zipped it up.
“Thanks.” She said.
I nodded.
I could still remember the hairs on her back.. How they curled.
She has such a sweet skin.. so enticing and tempting!
She stared at me.
“Let’s go.” I said as i touched my pocket to be sure i had the ring box in my pockets.
I just hope i do this..
I can’t believe im kinda scared but i hope i say this out to her..
That i want her to marry me..
That i want her to be my fiance..
I love her.. I really do.
I drove to a quiet and empty restuarant.. with just an old couple having coffee.
It’s dark but each table had colourful candle lights.
“Wow.. this place look cool.” She said.
“I know.” I said as my heart started to beat fast.
We walked pass the couple and they looked up and smiled at us.
I smiled back.
They must be thinking we are lovers..
Maybe we are somehow and they’ll watch me propose to Rose.
That word, Propose made my heart beat loud.
I got to a table and pulled out a seat for Rose.
She smiles, “Thank you.” She said.
I smiled and sat down.
A waitress walked to us and gave both i and Rose a menu.
We flipped through it and i ordered just wine and she ordered just icecream.
“Icecream?” I asked her
“Yeah. I’ve missed it.” She said with smiles.
I shrugged.
“Fine icream and the wine.” I said to the waitress.
I stared at Rose and she seem relaxed and that made me get more scared and my heart beat louder.
The waitress came and placed our order on the table.
And left.
I poured the wine into one of the two glass cups on the tray and then poured some for Rose..
“I’do wanna see you drink that.” I said.
“Im fine.” She said.
“Sure?” I asked.
“Yeah.” She took it and drank and then smiled.
I laughed.
“Why don’t you want to eat something?” I asked.
“Im fine Kelly. You’re the one who should eat something.” She said.
I know! but im so anxious to say this to her.
I wonder if i can do this really…
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 10:17am On Nov 03, 2018
An hour later, and we were just still talking about nothing important..
And i’ve still not propose to her.
Now, The old couple just stood up and left and i haven’t proposed to Rose yet.
But i said i wanted to do this..
But i now I feel scared to do it..
To propose to Sugar..
She was just sitting, staring at me.
Kelly do this!
My mind yelled at me… but im so scared.
I don’t understand why i am..
Maybe because its just a week that we met.
Maybe because i dont wanna break her heart later.
Maybe because i feel she wouldn’t accept and i’do be broken.
I put my hand into my pockets to bring out the ring and my hands felt shaky.
“Kelly you are sweating on your forehead.” She said to me.
“Yes.” She said.
“Im..im fine..” I stammered.
She gave me a kinda suspicious look.
I can’t do this..
I can’t propose to a girl.
To someone i love!
This is craziness! How the hell do i fix myself!
I can’t even remember the words i was going to say.
I felt so angry, so sad,
I called the waitress..
She came over.
Rose looked at me like what do you want to request for again?
But i didn’t care…
She won’t understand how hard it is for me,
That i feel that I can’t propose to her..
And that hurts!
It hurts bad!
“Get me an alcholic drink.” I said to the waitress.
Rose looked at me like she can’t believe what i just said.
The waitress nodded and walked away.
I expected Rose to say something but she didn’t.
She just looked down..
I need to drink something alcoholic..
That might take this f—–g fear and anxiety away from me and i’ll propose to her.
The waitress came over and dropped a bottle and a glass cup on the table.
I poured a good amount into the cup and drank.
Rose watched me..
I poured more and gulped down..
Soon, i had emptied the first bottle.
“Kelly..” Rose called gently.
“Yes dear..” I said.
“Can we go?” She asked.
I shook my head.
I ordered for another drink.. It came and i gulped it all down..
Why can’t i propose to Rose!
Why are my f—–g scared of it!
I want to prove my love for her..
But i can’t f—–g prove it!
I ordered for another two more..
“Kelly.. I don’t like this..” She said, but i was already done with the first one.. and on the second one.
I felt tipsy..
“Rose I love you like craaaazy” I said to her.
I was getting drunk..
But i still drank more.
I’do drink thousand bottles if it would give me the boldness to propose to Rose..
But still then, i couldn’t!
*Rose’s point of view*
I watched with shock as Kelly drank himself to stupor..
Right in my front?
I thought he said he loved me and then he had to do this?
He ordered another bottle.
The waitress came over and i yelled at her.
“Take that back!” I said to her.
She nodded and walked away with it.
Kelly head was now on the table..
“Kelly..” I called but he didn’t answer.
“I shook him but he didn’t get up.”
I sighed.
What’s wrong!
How do i get him out of here!
I shouldn’t have let him drink at first but i thought he only wanted to take just one.
I can’t drive him home!
I can’t drive.
Who can i call now!
Oh Kelvin..
I reached for Kelly’s pockets and my hand touched a small box…
I ignored it and got out his phone.
I scrolled through his contact for Kelvin’s number and i found it.. Kel.
I quickly dialed it and it rang..
Kel picked up immediately.
“Hello buddy.” He spoke first.
“Hi.. its R.. Its Mary.. Please can you come over to MAYLOVE GARDEN . Kelly is drunk and he’s not getting up. I can’t drive.” I said.
“Seriously.. Hold on girl.. im on my way, with a friend too here to drive his car back. We will soon be around.” He said.
“Thank you.” I said and dropped the call
Soon, Kelvin and another guy who must be the friend of his walked in.
“Why’s he drunk?” Kel asked.
“I have no idea.” I said.
“Hey man,” Kel shook Kelly but Kelly didn’t move.
“He must have drank a lot and he has low drinking brain capacity. He always have a reason for drinking alcohols. He doesn’t just drink it.” He said.
I felt worried.
What must have made Kelly drink.
What reason.
He always have reasons for doing things!
Kel and his friend helped Kelly to his car, which i stayed at the back seat with Kelly to make sure he’s fine.
Kel’s friend drove Kel’s car.
“Thanks Kel for coming to help out. Im grateful.” I said after Kelly was dropped on his bed.
I will deal with him tomorrow!
“It’s fine.. just don’t be upset with him okay.. All you do is try to know tge reason why he had to drink himself to stupor.” He said.
“Thank you.” I said.
“And thanks too…” I turned to his friend.
“Tunde.” His friend said.
“Oh Tunde.. Thank you too” I said.
“It’s nothing. Kelly is our buddy so if we don’t come around who will?” He said.
“No one.” Kel answered and i smiled.
“Alright Mary. Goodnight girl. Take care of Kelly and like i said, do not try to make trouble with him when he wakes up okay.” Kel said.
“I won’t. Trust me.” I said.
Hell! im so gonna deal with him!
They left.. and i walked into his room, stared at him for awhile,…
Then I walked into my room to just sleep this horrible night off!
Dinner gone bad!
Proposal failed.

Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by lovelylad: 10:56am On Nov 03, 2018
this story is so stimulating.
Nice one Mrs RJ and empror.
I Just finished reading episode 49 on your blog, keep em coming.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by samwobi(m): 9:43pm On Nov 03, 2018
U Try, Bt No Suspense, I Knw 4 A Fact Nw Dat Roseline Is Rose's Mum, Kelly Wil Marry Rose.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by povicky1(m): 1:41pm On Nov 05, 2018
U Try, Bt No Suspense, I Knw 4 A Fact Nw Dat Roseline Is Rose's Mum, Kelly Wil Marry Rose.

Samwobi I disagree with you. This story is suspenseful, even though we now know that rose is Kelly's mum child, the suspenseful part would be in their reunion...
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 5:44pm On Nov 05, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 43
*Kelly’s point of view*
I opened my right eye..
I saw myself on my bed..
I quickly opened the left eye… and i couldn’t understand what im doing on my bed when i suppose to be sitting in the a restaurant opposite Rose and about to propose to her.
I should be proposing to Rose and not lying stupidly here on this d–n bed!
I jumped out of the bed.. but i kinda felt weak in the legs.
Seriously, what happened to me?
I looked at myself.
Im still on the clothe i wore to the Dinner with Rose?
What happened?
Where’s Rose?
I shoved my hand into my pockets and got out the ring box.
What the f–k did i do?…. I didn’t propose to Rose?
I threw the box on the bed.. and rushed to the window and drew the curtain open..
The morning sunlight flashed on my face and i closed my eyes..
I closed back the curtains and turned.
How the hell did this happen to me?
I didn’t propose to Rose… and then i had to wake up to find myself on my bed,.. in my room.
What really happened?
Then i remembered.
I have been anxious and afraid to propose to Rose..
Then.. then i thought taking an alcoholic drink can give me the boldness and courage to propose to her.. but then as i drank on, i still felt afraid and weak so i got annoyed with myself!
I got annoyed with my stupid self and all i could do was to go on drinking till i felt tipsy.
But how the hell did i manage to drive down home and to my room?
D–n! i can’t remember
What about Rose?
Im sure she would be d–n annoyed with me now..
I have to look for her and…ask her to forgive me..
I hope she does..
I hope she doesn’t yell or push me off..
I’do gone crazy already and watching her do that to me would only kill my spirit and i’do die in regret and loneliness.
I love Rose…
I truely love her.. but i just found it so hard to propose to her.
Im such an a—–e!
Im such an idiot..
I walked to the door and pulled it open..
Rose was walking past my door, probably heading downstairs and once i opened my door, she looked up at me,.. Our eyes met..
My heart skipped.
She looked away and countinued walking towards the staircase..
“Rose..Im” I tried to speak but she cut me short,
“Don’t! try to ask me to forgive you cos i’m not gonna do that.” She said and walked away.
I swallowed.. I got broken..
How could i have f—-d up!…
I rushed downstairs to meet her.
I saw her walking into the kitchen and i followed her.
She walked to the counter without knowing I was following her.
I stood at the door.
“Rose..” I called.
She ignored me as she turned on the tap and washed her hands on the sink.
“Rose please hear me out..”
She walked to the fridge and pulled the door open.
I walked in, “Im sorry about last night.” I said calmly.
“I don’t wanna hear about it.” She said as she got out some eggs and closed the door back.
I shook my head, “Rose.. yeah i know it’s annoying but you just got to forgive me.” I said.
“Fine.. Tell me your reason for getting drunk right in my front.” She asked at the counter as she got out some carrots.
I breathed.
“Im sorry i can’t tell you the reason. What i need is just your forgiveness.” I said.
How can i tell her i was scared of proposing to her and then i took alcoholic drink to get the boldness?
She turned to me, holding a knife.
*Rose’s point of view*
I turned to him.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yes, please.” He said.
He wants me to forgive him huh?
Great. I got an idea!
“If you want me to forgive you, then it’s simple.” I said.
“Really?” He asked as he looked at me kinda happy.
“Yes, Let’s make a deal.” I said.
He’s eyes went wide.. I grinned.
“Deal?” He asked, obviously suprised.
“Yes a deal.. Or don’t you want me to forgive you huh?” I asked.
“Of course. I want that. Tell me the deal.” He said.
I cleared my throat..
“I need just thirty thousand naira and you are forgiven.” I said.
He looked at me like are you serious?
“You wanna buy something?” He asked.
I rolled my eyes.
“It’s a deal and you don’t ask me what i wanna use the money for.” I said.
“Okay fine, i’ll get the money for you. Just say you’ve forgiven me.” He said.
“Go and get the money first.” I said.
He turned and walked out.
Im gonna get him something for his birthday with that money.
With thirty thousand naira i can cake a very swet birthday cake.
Or what do i get Kelly for his birthday..
I thought for a little while.
It would have to be a cake..
A beautiful cake would do.
I smiled.
Kelly walked in few minutes later.
“Here it is.” He said and stretched out some money to me.
I took it.
I guess the money would be more than thirty thousand naira.
“Thanks but umm..This looks more than thirty thousand naira.” I said.
“Just go ahead and say that you’ve forgiven me.” He said, ignoring what i just said.
I shrugged. “You are forgiven.” I said and grinned.
He smiled.
“But you got to thank your buddy, Kelvin for helping out.” I said.
“He did?”He asked.
“With another friend of yours, Tunde.” I said.
“But why did you got drunk Kelly?” I asked. I needed to know the reason why he did. Kel had told me there is always a reason why Kelly drink, that he doesn’t just order alcohollic drinks.
And i needed to know the reason Kelly took me out to a dinner and then got himself drunk.
“Please Rose don’t ask the reason, i beg you.” He said.
I shrugged.
“Fine then. But im never going out with you again.” I said.
He turned and walked out..
I looked at the bundle of money on my hand.
I just hope he doesn’t think otherwise..
It seems someone awkward to use his money to buy him a birthday gift but i got no money on me and i just gotta do this.
I counted the money and its fifty thousand..
I didn’t ask for extra..
Thirty thousand naira would be enough for a beautiful birthday cake.
I sighed.
As i dropped it on the breakfast table and went on to conrinue with the carrots i was cutting..
Kelly walked in sooner and said he is going to meet his buddy, Kel.
I turned to look at him.
“Ain’t you gonna wait for breakfast?” I asked.
“Im fine.” He said and turned to walk away but then he turned back.
“I hope you don’t wanna go back to delta with that money?” He asked.
I coughed.
Why would i just do that without letting him know.
“Please i don’t you want to do that.. Don’t leave me please.” He said.
I couldn’t say anything.. I just stood tranfixed as i watch him finally walk away.
Why would he think i would do that?
God! i can’t wait for him to find out why i asked him for this money.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 5:44pm On Nov 05, 2018
*Kelly’s point of view*
As i drove out of the house..
All i could think about was the reason why Rose wanted the money and all i could guess was she wanna go back with the money..
But i couldn’t believe that Rose would do that.
She can’t leave me.. She can’t go away.
I drove to Kel’s gate and just like the other time, his gatekeeper came out and as he recognised my car, he ran back in and pulled the gate open.
I drove in.
“’Okay, welcome oh.” He said to me.
I waved at him.
I pulled my car to a stop and got down.
I walked to Kel’s door and pressed the doorbell button.
He opened the door minutes later.
“Hey man!” He said as usual.
“Kel..” I called.
He looked up at me.. “Man! your face no bright oh.. Come in.” He said.
I walked in and fell on a couch.
“Man! what’s happeninng? What would you take?” He asked.
I shook my head. “Nothing.” I said.
He shrugged and sat down
“Last night mess up is enough for me man.” I said.
He laughed.
“Its a normal stuff man. You drink just a bottle and you are intoxicated. He said.
“I got a reason Kel. I don’t just get drunk. You know that.” I said.
“So what’s the reason man?” He asked.
“Rose..” I said..
“Who’s Rose?” He asked and i remembered that wasn’t the name i gave him there in the supermarket.. I told him Mary.
“Kel.. It’s a long story.. You gonna get bored listening to it.” I said.
“Hell mahn! i love stories. Im a photographer and i love stories.. Come on start it.” He said as he relaxed himself on a sofa.
I got to tell him..
“Rose is the real name of the girl you saw with me at the supermarket.” I said.
“Seriously that’s not a bad thing mehn.. People answer Rose and Mary.. Rosemary.” He said and laughed.
Kel is always the funny guy.
“Kel, she’s Rose.. Just didn’t know her name then so i had to say to tell you that..”
“Wow.. you didn’t know her name. Interesting. Ride on buddy.” He said.
“I met her just a week ago, the same day i caught the b—h, Sugar cheating on me. I went out to cool my head off but getting back i met Rose in the dark street of bariga about to be raped by some bad guys….”
I went on and narrated everything that had happened between I and Rose,.till this time.
How i saved her.. Brought her down to my house.
And i refused to let her go back.. we insisted to go but then couldn’t leave again.
And how im inlove with her now.. then i wanna propose to her last night and i couldn’t. I was freaking scared and anxious.. then i had to drink to get the boldness but i ended up getting drunk.
Then i asked her to forgive me this morning and she asked me for money to be able to forgive me.
But right now, i feel she wanna leave with the money.
“Woah! Man. That sounds bad but interesting story!” He said.
I nodded, “Really bad!”
“Im sure doesn’t wanna leave with the money.” He said.
“Sure?” I asked.
“I guess.” He said.
“And about the proposal.. There is always a second chance.. We’ll plan out something better. Something more romantic that would make her accept in a flash.. Trust me man.” He said.
I smiled.
“Thank goodness the proposal didn’t work out man!.. Im sure she wouldn’t have accepted… Those kinda girls love romantic things and bold guys… Like you plan a romantic proposal, like in a way she never expects. You sing her favourite song before you propose to her., Speak some romantic quotes before opening the ring box. You don’t just ask her Will you marry me? She will certainly not accept.. I’ll plan out something better guy..Trust me.” He said as i watched him in awe.
“What’s keeping you man, No girlfriend, or fiance.” I said.
He laughed.
“Still searching.. Will you let me have Rose then?” He smirked.
“Don’t even go there!” I snapped.
We laughed.
*Rose’s point of view*
I pulled on a blue jean trouser and a white top.
slide my feet into my sandals..
Repacked my hair and threw the money into a black purse as i left to buy the cake..
I walked down the stairs and out of the house, locking the outside door..
I walked to the gate and walked out through the wicket.
I had to be fast about getting this cake before Kelly gets back.
I walked out of the estate gate and into the street.
I was heading to any bakeshop i could see.
I walked on but i didn’t see any one that near, so i countinued to walk on.
Soon, i found one..
I breathed a sign of relieve as i crossed the road and walked into the shop.
“Good afternoon Aunty.” A girl in a red t-shirt said to me.
I smiled.
“Goodafternoon. I need a really nice and beautiful but in all sweet birthday cake.” I said.
“Alright ma. Birthday cakes are made in types and who you want to make the cake for.. I would like to know who you want this cake for..”
“Your mom, your dad, your sister or your brother, your best friend, your boyfriend your fiance, your husband or your kids or yourself?” She said as she smiled at me.
I breathed.. What do i say,
“My best friend.” I said.
“A male or a female?”
“A male.”
“Come with me then..I’ll show you some really beautiful biryhday cakes you can give to your male best friend.” She said.
I followed her.
We searched through the glasses and my eyes got a really nice one.. Had creams and chocolate in lines around it..
Priced twenty five thousand naira.
“I like this one.” I said.
“Yeah, it look beautiful.” She said and got it out.
“Can you do something for me?” I asked.
“What is it?” She asked with smiles.
“Write his name on it?” I said.
“Of course.. Yeah.” She smiled.
She did.
It was beautiful,
“Happy birthday Kelly.” She wrote it in tiny chocolate lines.
It look beautiful.
“Thank you.” I said to her.
“Thank you too.” She said.
“Can i know your name?” I asked her as i paid for the cake.. but gave her extra
“Sharon.” She said.
As she stretched the cake in a cute pink nylon now.
“Thanks Aunty.” She said.
“Bye.” I said.
As i walked out of the shop, i was really excited.. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow..
I was anxious to do this..
I’do wake up very early and walk to Kelly’s room with this cute cake in my hands, and i’do sing happy birthday to him. I know he’do be suprise.
Who knows, he might yell at me and throw the cake away.
But i don’t care..
Wishing him a birthday was all i looked forward to.
I’do be the first to wake him up tomorrow…
He’do be stunned.
He’do be so suprised as how i got to know about his birth date.
I couldn’t wait to see his reaction and expression.
According to the date on his diary, he should be twenty nine years tomorrow.
I smiled.
Seriously, can i say i love this guy?
Can i say that i feel something for Kelly.
I shrugged.
I was crossing the road, as Kelly’s birthday filled my thought and the way i suddenly feel for him.
I didn’t see the car speeding towards.
Maybe i did but it was too late..
I’do try to run fast away from it but it got me before i could even think of doing that..
My heart skipped.
I let out a scream as i felt its speed hit me..
A scratch..
Sharp hit of pains on my legs..
And i slumped down to the ground, hitting my legs hard on the hard concrete.
Then i got lost into a dark and strange world.
Oops Rose had just been hit by a car..
This is saddening
Whats gonna happen to her..?
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 5:47pm On Nov 05, 2018
My Personal Taste
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 44
*Kelly’s point of view*
My phone rang..
I checked the caller and it’s Rose.
Really..I smiled.
“Rose’s calling..” I said to Kel.
He winked.
She must be missing me now… it’s been hours..
She must be freaking bored without me..
I giggled and picked up the call.
“Rose..” I called
“Hello is this Kelly on the line?” The reciever with a deep masculine voice asked.
What the heck!..Who the f–k is this?
“Yes.” I answered.
“Please you need to come down to KamCares Hospital. A lady you should know by the name, Rose has been rushed to the hospital.”
“Rose!!” I screamed.
“She was hit by a car..” He said.
Oh my God..
This can’t be true.. Not Rose.. Not Rose!
Kel looked at me.
“Guy, what’s it?” He asked
“Rose.. had been hit by a car and rushed to Dr. Ann’s hospital.” I said.
I still didn’t believe this s–t.
Im d–n sure this isn’true.
“Oh s–t!” He yelled.
“We gotta go now… Get up man.” He said, pulling me up.
“I just hope this isn’t true.” I said with the last hope i have.
*** **
*Dr. Ann’s point of view*
I stood with my hands in my coat as i stared at her..
I couldn’t believe it.
She had grown so big and matured.
She was only five years old when i left Nigeria..
This is her.. This is Rose.
Her eyes say it all.
Im so sure this is her.
We had managed to regain her back to consciousnes.. Dress her wounds, bandage her head and her badly injured leg.
She was changed into johnny (gown worn by hospital patients) and laid here on the bed, recieving a drip.
At first when she was brought down here by two men..
I was astonished to see her.. I was really stunned to find out that its the same Rose, Roseline’s daughter that was brought into my hospital to be treated..
I couldn’t believe it.
But i went on and did my work… and i was happy when she was revived back to consciousness.
She opened her eyes but then she closed them back immediately.. but before she did,..she muttered a word,..a name.. Kelly.
I sighed.
I wonder who this kelly is..
How do i tell Roseline that her daughter is in my hospital.
badly injured and recieving treatment.
How do i do this!
Just then, the friend of the man who had hit her walked in.
“We finally found her phone after so much searching.. I’ve made a call to the first number on her dial list.. Kelly, and he is on his way now.” He said.
Kelly! who is this?
Roeline’s son is Kelly too.
I know it can’t be him.. Lots of people answer Kelly.
I sighed..
“It’s okay, What about your friend?” I asked.
“He’s outside, feeling very bad for what he did.. It wasn’t intentional doctor.” He said.
I nodded.
“I believe it wasn’t..” I said.
“Doctor, the way you stare at her… it seems as if you know here.” He said.
“That is the way i look at every of my patients.. When i stare at them, i kinda feel the pains that they feel.. and when i do, i wanna heal their pains by every possible means i know i can.” I said.
Even though that isn’t exactly why im staring at Rose, but i did say a truth.
“You are a woman with a heart of gold.” He said.
I smiled.
Roseline had told me that too and so many other people.
“Saving people… saving their lifes and helping get their health back is my job and i do my very best.” I said.
“You are a great doctor.. You just have to forgive my friend and help us plead to her family to forgive him as well.” He said.
“I’ll try my best.” I said.
“Let’s go.” I said to him and we walked out..
I walked to my office and got down into my chair.
What do i do about this?
I can’t just keep Roseline on the dark about this.
That girl is Rose.. her child, her daughter!
I can’t hide it from her..
The two men confirmed that her name is Rose.
They did.. Isn’t it obvious that she is no other person than Rose.
That is Rose..
I picked up my phone and i dialled Roseline’s line.
It rang and she picked up immediately..
“Doctor Ann.” She said.
“Roseline there’s a young lady in my hospital. She was hit by a car and..and i think she’s your daughter. Rose.. Im sure she’s Rose.” I said.
It was better to let her know..
“Rose..Rose is there in your hospital? Oh my Goodness!!” She screamed.
“Calm down and come to the hospital.” I said.
“God! Im on my way right now!.” She said.
I felt the happiness and anxiety in the way she spoke.
I dropped the call and sighed..
I don’t know if im doing the right thing..
But she needs to see her child..
I just hope this goes well..
..Soon after, I saw the door flung open.
Kelly walked in with a fat guy..
I remembered the name Rose had muttered.
Then the Kelly the man had told me he called to inform him about Rose accident.
“Kelly?” I called.
He rushed to me, “Please Doctor, tell me Rose is okay.” He said.
Oh my God! they know each other!
“What?” I gasped.
“Just tell me she is breathing right now. I can’t live without her..” He said.
My God!
“Kelly you know her?” I asked, dumbfounded.
He nodded. “Please take me to her, i need to see her.” She said
I swallowed,
“She.. she’s okay. She lost conscious due to fear but she’s badly injured on her right leg and on her head.. She’ve regained consciousness now but she’s in a deep sleep.. That would take hours for her to wake up.” I said.
“S–t! and who’s that motherfucker.. that b—h that hit her..” He yelled.
“Calm down Man..” His friend said to him.
“Rose why did you f—–g go out of the house! and the d–n car had to hit you..God! i need to strangle that b—h.. Where the hell is he!” He wanted to storm out but his friend held him.
“You need to calm down man..” He said.
“Kelly, please don’t blame the young man who hit her.. According to him, Rose was at fault. She wasn’t concentrating and wasn’t quick at crossing the road and so he…” He cut me short.
“That’s a f—–g lie!” He yelled.
“Hey man! Cool down.” His friend said.
He pulled his front hair back, with his other hand akimbo in frustration.
There must be a strong close connection or relationship between them.
I wondered what it is really.
“Take me to Rose please.” He said to me.. It was a plea.
I inhaled.
“Fine. I will.. but please you shouldn’t try to make a noise in there okay.” I said.
He nodded.
I got up and we walked out to room 104, where Rose is.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 5:48pm On Nov 05, 2018
*Back to Kelly’s point of view*
We walked into room 104..and i saw her.
She was still on the bed, her head bandaged, her right leg too. She had cuts on her hands.
Her eyes were closed.
My heart split..My pulse stopped.
I walked to her.
“Rose..” I called.. maybe she’do open her eyes but I waited and she didn’t.
She was still.
I blinked my eyes as a tear dropped from my eye.
I couldn’t believe that another person i’ve ever loved so much is in a hospital bed, still, but i was happy she was breathing.
“Is she ever gonna wake up?” I asked as i looked up at dr. Ann with tears in my eyes.
“She will.” She said in an assuring manner.
“I really love her..” I said and turned back to Rose.
“I really love you Rose. Please don’t do this to me.. You have to wake up.” I said like a whisper.
This was how Kate had layed there in the coma.., Still, not moving, not talking…Untill her dying day.
I can’t bear it if Rose leaves me as well.
I can’t bear the pains.
I would be imcomplete without her.
I would kill myself!
“I wish.. I wish i could strangle the b—h that did this to you..” I said.
to her.
I know she can hear me.
“Kelly calm down.” Dr. Ann said.
“But why did you go out? Tell me.. You were trying to leave right?.. To leave me.. After i pleaded for you not to leave me! i can’t bear it if you do and you did! I need you to wake up and talk to me Rose.” I said, reaching for her hand.
Dr Ann came forward.“Kelly it’s okay, let’s go. Waking her up without her being the one to wake up by herself might cause a great damage in her brain memory.” She said and pulled me along.
Tears fell off my eyes.
She pulled me out.
As we walked into the hospital hall, I saw my mom rush in.. She rushed in?
She saw me and shivered.
Then Dr. Ann and Kel saw her too.
“Ke..Kelly what are you doing here?” She asked.
I gave her a suspicious look.
“Rose had been hit by a car…The motherfucker who hit her don’t wanna show up!” I said.
“Rose?” She asked with widened eyes.
“Yes Rose.. my house..my housemaid.” I said.
Don’t she know her name?
I saw her gasp instantly and looked at Dr. Ann.
Why’s she shocked?
Is it that Rose was hit by a car or she is shocked by the name?
Dr. Ann looked at her too..Then she cleared her throat.
“Mrs Roseline, please come with me to my office. Kelly please stay behind.” Dr. Ann said.
Oh seriously?
That’s won’t f—–g work!
“Nop, i won’t. Im coming along.” I said.. and walked ahead of them.
“Man i’ll be back.” I said to Kel.
He just shrugged… but stared at me.
They all stared at me.
“Let’s keep going.” I said.
“Kelly your mom and I hav…” I cut her short,
“Dr. Ann, i need to know why my mon suddenly rushed in here and i must!” I said.
My mom face fell…Dr. Ann’s stayed speechless…
But then, my mom walked on and Dr. Ann followed.
We walked into her office

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Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Damibiz(m): 11:33pm On Nov 05, 2018
Imagin waking up to the sight of a lady u onez love right in ur house as ur sister..Gosh.....i jst hope Kelly would't commit Incest with her..nice update
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by samwobi(m): 5:55pm On Nov 06, 2018

Samwobi I disagree with you. This story is suspenseful, even though we now know that rose is Kelly's mum child, the suspenseful part would be in their reunion...
I Beg To Differ A Bit. Nice Story Line, Good Writing No Doubt. But I Can Predict Accurately What Will Happen Next And To Me That Isn't Suspense.
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by povicky1(m): 12:46am On Nov 07, 2018
I Beg To Differ A Bit. Nice Story Line, Good Writing No Doubt. But I Can Predict Accurately What Will Happen Next And To Me That Isn't Suspense.

I challenge you bro, to give a wide guess of what is going to happen in Dr, Ann office in the next episode
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by LightQueen(f): 8:17am On Nov 07, 2018
Wow! Nice update Thanks
Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by Adebayow222(m): 2:54pm On Nov 07, 2018
Nce 1

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