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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by boomssey(f): 10:52am On Jan 11
Op,u too much! Well done! Stuck on u like glue.
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 11:48am On Jan 11
Chapter 12

I turned to look at him, he is wearing his signature smile, I know all eyes will be on us but I don't care, or am just to invested in him that other things don't matter.
"How" I said as I felt a tears left me
"Follow me" he said as he stretched out his hand
"You don't come after 2 weeks and tell me to follow you" I shouted at him, he then kissed me, in front of everyone, worse I deepened the kiss.
"Sexy babe" he said as he broke the kiss "let's go" he said and took my hands as we exit the office, am glad he is back that prove enough for me.
He took me to his car and we drove off, he kept annoying me even as he drive, I ignored him which made me pester me the more, I swear he is such a child. After a while we arrived at the house, the beautiful one.
"You know this house is mine right" he asked
"I figured" I answer, he then took me inside, straight to a room, I wonder what he is thinking, I hope he is not thinking of love making, not that I will refuse, come one he is a sex god.
I was beyond surprise when I saw a rocking chair
"You bought it" I said in amazement
"No babe, I made it" he said and my eye widened, he now showed me his palm, he have some injuries "all this is a result of building it" he said and I felt happiness with no bound, he made this for me "when you told me to prove my love, I knew instantly what to do, but for a rich brat who have never done anything in his life I know its going to be difficult" he came closer "so difficult that if its not because am doing it for you I would've stopped" he giggled "hell I wouldn't have done it even if the world survival depended on it, but since its you things are different",
"You did this all for me" I said, he then nod "you never needed to prove anything" I said and he smiled
"I know, but I want to" he said I then kissed him "why not try it" he said and I sat on it majestically and rocked it, it was perfect, I relaxed and closed my eyes "I could get use to this" I opened my eyes to see Ejike kneeling one leg with a ring
"You were the first to put a label on our relationship, you called me boyfriend, you were the first to say the L word, I guess its only right if I proposed first" he said and I smiled, its onlky him that will propose in a egotical way
"So what's say you babe, will you be mine" he said with a smile
"Sure love, am all yours" he smiled and slip in the ring."time to ge your reward" I said and he smirke. I then drew him closer for a French kiss, I hope he knows that he is not leaving until we consummate the proposal. I left my desk unchecked and left before the end time, well who cares am with the CEO, MY BILLIONAIRE BOYFRIEND.

Written by OKOH Udoka


Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 11:49am On Jan 11
Here is the link to my new story on the blog

Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 1:31pm On Jan 11
I want to start another story, should i


Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by moseph(f): 3:01pm On Jan 11
Beautiful story. yes i would love to read another of ur story.
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by iloezumanulika: 4:32pm On Jan 11
Interesting story, another story plz
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 9:50pm On Jan 11
Part 1
Am standing at the lonely road, drenched in rain, crying, how could I be so stupid, thank God, people hardly walk pass this road, cause am sure they will laugh if they see me crying amd sobbing in the rain
Oh Mark, I remembered his cute face, he approached me after our junior waec, confessed his feelings for me, he didn't shy away, even though I was with my friends he still confess, and what did I do, I cruelly turned him down
"I notice you do steal glances at me" Mark said seriously, yes I do, but I won't admit that, cause he is the worst looking boy in our class, with face full of eczema.
"In your widest dream" I replied, hurt appears on his face and it hurt my heart too, but am the class golden girl, and accepting his feelings will ruin my reputation
"Can't you see she doesn't want you" Mercy my best friend said, and my other friends laughed but he wasn't bothered.
"Tell me yourself, do you feel nothing and won't accept my feelings" He said with a pleading look. I hesitated, my friends urged me so I decided to not disappointed them, little did I know, the consequences
"I feel nothing, and won't accept your feelings" I said, he exhaled and look up, stared at the sky for a bit before returning his eyes on me
"Am sorry I bothered you, forget about today" He said and left us as my friends all started laughing, I couldn't laugh I kept staring at his retrieving figure, as my heart keep aching, telling me I have lost something precious. I only joined my friends discussion when he is no longer in sight.


Part 2
I rushed to his house today, when I heard the news he is travelling and might not be back when we start our senior secondary, that means I might not see him again. With that it cleared my mind and I realized how much I need him, I don't care if am the golden girl and he is the losser, I don't care if my friends laugh at me, I don't care if am 14 and too young to date, all I want right now is to tell me I feel the same.
That he was right, that I do steal glances at him. My hope died down when I reached and found out that am a little to late, he is gone, I only saw his mother who told me, he left an hour ago. Just to make it worse it started raining heavily on my way back, with that I couldn't stop the tears from streaming down
Am currently standing on the lonly road, crying my eyeballs out, I know I will be sick after the rain, but I deserved it for treating Mark that way, I sent him off with a heart full of hatred for me, he will hate me even if we see later in the future.
Am fourteen years Old, Olivia Agu by name, at 14 I have already love and lost, had my first love and currently experience my first heart break, at this young age I felt it all, I wonder what life have in store for me.

author note. The new story have started, I hope it suits your taste
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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 7:23am On Jan 12
part 3
After the long vaccation, we started our senior secondary, some didn't start with us and we also had new student, Mark was not with us, and it made the school empty, till this moment I still regret the words I told him.
School no longer interest me, for that face I always come to school to see is no longer here, though he is not a charmer, hated by everybody but I love him, why didn't I tell him that when I had the chance. My first term just passed as a blur, though am still everyones favourite but I needed one person, the only happiness I had is I took the first position in our class result.
We don't share result like most school, you have to log online and print your result, and since my jss1 I always take the 2nd position. Now am first and it made me happy
"I took first!" I shouted, everybody looked at me and gasped, beginning of every term, we all gather and say our position from last term,
"Really" Mercy said and I nod showing everybody my result, wow they all chorused
"Finally, I take the position, so who have been taking that position?" I asked as I looked around, yes we never know who, for he or she have never revealed himself and it pained me, at least I want to know who my rival is
"You seriously don't know" Jacob asked from behind. Jacob is Mark best friend, they were always together, either sleeping or chatting, but since Mark left Jacob seems serious maybe Mark was a bad influence.
"No, we don't" I said, he shook his head and smile
"Its Mark" he said and everybody went silent.

Part 4
"Its Mark" Jacob said and everybody went silent, how is that possible, Mark always sleep, never answer question, Teachers don't even bother asking him anything, so how is it possible for him to be top
"Thats not possible" Mercy barked, I don't blame the girl,
"You have always been the 4th right?, but you are now 3rd" Jacob said with a smile,
"How do you know am now 3rd, am actually waiting for the opportunity to surprise Olivia" she said with hint of surprise
"Cause, I have always been 3rd, so with Mark out, Olivia took 1st, I then took 2nd leaving the 3rd position to you" he said with a smirk.
Thats not possible Mark and Jacob have always considered to be the lossers, each term, when we discuss our grades, nobody bothers with them cause we know, they hardly participate in anything.
"Prove it" I said, with a seriousness
"Here" he brought out his result slip from his wallet and showed us, our shocked

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by LightQueen(f): 8:27am On Jan 12
Nice ending smiley
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by KimberlyWest(f): 8:34am On Jan 12
Following keenly.
I really enjoyed The billionaire boyfriend and I'm waiting for my own drop dead gorgeous billionaire boyfriend grin I don't mind if it happens like this, as long as he's really cute.

Loving you seems really interesting too. I'm already starting to love Mark.
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 10:19am On Jan 12
Part 5
After the realisation that Mark is the top, my regret heightened, I even moved my desk to back of the class, am currently in Mark formal position which is beside Jacob. And I have been asking Jacob about Mark Life, luckily he happily shares, they were truely bonded, Jacob misses him.
Jacob also explained the reason why Mark always come to school late, its because he helps, a window every morning to carry her food to where she sells it, Jacob help atimes, but not always, now that Mark is gone Jacob helps and luckily the woman now have someone to help her and her children is growing too.
"Why do you now always ask of Mark" Jacob asked and I inhaled, yea its normal for him to ask since I never talked to Mark when he was here and everybody know how I turned him down
"Nothing really, just that I discovered he was that my unknown rival" I said half of the truth, he just nod
"Have you tried looking him up on facebook" I asked, we are currently in SS2 so most of us have phone, though we are not allowed to bring it to school.
"Don't bother, knowing Mark, he is not a big fan of social media" he said shrugging
"oh" I said, no wonder I wasn't able to find him even after countless search, yea since I created a facebook account I have been searching for him, but no luck.
At the beginning of our SS2 some new student entered, a girl name Juliet very beautiful and intelligent but a devil within, I thought she was good at first until she started showing her real colour
"I will surely take the first position from you" Juliet barks at me, yea she have been trying to take it from me, but No she can't and we are currently in 3rd term so this is her last chance cause when we enter SS3 we become waec candidates.
"You are welcome to try" I said with a smirk, she manage to take the 2nd position from Jacob, He doesn't even mind, as long as he is above Mercy he is fine, the two really hate each other, but I also sense Love

Part 6
"If you had accepted my proposal, Juliet wouldn't be disturbing you now" Obinna said, he is also one of the new student, loved by many girls cause of his charm, he asked me to be his girlfriend I refused, He is such a egomaniac.
"In your dreams" I said to them as I head to the exam hall. Mark I wonder what you are doing now, I always think that, where ever he is I know he is a true gem.
Mark even after all this years he is still in my heart, and not only love do I have for him, but also admiration, he is that pinnacle I want to reach. Every night in my dreams he come to confess his love to me, and every time in that dream I agreed, if only I was wise enough and not stupid. His cute smile, thought not handsome like most guys, he is fair with eczema, he is still good and beside being handsome is not what makes a man.
Today I woke up with a new feeling, feel whole and it haven't happened for a long time, today we start our SS3 so we are now the WAEC class, how nice, I have waited for this, but shouldn't be enough to make me this whole. Perhaps today is going to change my life, I smiled at the silly thought, I also took the first position, I can't wait to see Juliet face. with that I started preparing for school.
All student is here and I have already showed my result, people clapped and said it was expected, Juliet was red with rage and Obinna also but who cares.
"We have a new student" Our teacher said after responding to our greeting.
"who would that be" Mercy asked, yeah she have also moved to the back, sitting in front of Jacob, she said it was because of me, but I know Jacob is the reason
"Its Mark" Jacob said chuckling
"WHAT!" me and Mercy screamed as the New student steps in.

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 1:33pm On Jan 12
Whoever that is interested in buying my novel via ebooks should hook me up
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Ann2012(f): 4:42pm On Jan 12
Well done OP
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 8:15am On Jan 13
Part 7
I looked and saw Mark in all his glory, he is in our school uniform, all his eczema is disappeared, he is now tall, built and still have his calm look, all in all he is an Adonis.
"This is Mark Ugwu, he use to be a student here but he moved after his junior secondary, he is now back, I hope you do treat him well" Our teacher said and left, soon today's lesson will start
"Mark, come over I already set your desk" Jacob gestured Mark over, that's when I noticed the empty seat beside me, and Jacob is now seating in front of me He is now in the same row with Mercy. So Mark have the empty seat beside me, Mark is going to be sitting beside me, that sucked the air out of my lungs.
I have dreamed of meeting him, but I never imagined his present to affect me this much, he is looking at me, only at me, our eyes is locked as he approached, am sucked inside his gaze, every other thing disappeared, the ugly Mark that left 3 years ago came back as a supermodel.
"Olly, do you still remember me" Mark said as he approached me, he bend down so he is now face to face with me, am sitting down, and his closeness rendered me immobile
"yes" I finally said after finding my voice, thank God am black if not I would be read as tomato.
"Be good to me" he said as he came a little closer, his minty breath hits me, I closed my eyes and inhaled, Mark I accept your feelings, I said to myself, if only I can say it now.
"Why not leave the losers and come to our side" juliet said and my eye opened, how dared that witch try to take my man, not your man yet my inner mind said to me
"Losers you said" Mark said before I could counter the witch,
"Yes" Obinna replied
"That's quite fortunate, cause I use to be the number 1 loser" Mark said and sat on his desk which is right beside me.
Juliet and Obinna walked away as they have been defeated.
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Ann2012(f): 12:29pm On Jan 13
Thanks for the update
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by LightQueen(f): 2:35pm On Jan 13
Well done OP
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 7:41pm On Jan 13
Part 8
Through todays lesson, I couldn't concentrate, though am sitting upright and facing the front but my body is too aware of the boy beside me,
"Can I see that pen" he said and took the pen from my hand, he finger touched me at the process, its sends sweet sensation down my body.
"Excuse me" I said as I stood up and rushed out of the class, I went to the restroom, to gather myself, am such a weakling to him, his aura is too dominating. After I have gathered myself I went to class.
"Olly you changed" He said after am seated
"How so" I asked, am curious to see what he think
"Not that am a pervert, but you are really endowed now" he said with a smile and am blown away.
"Look who is talking, have you seen yourself lately" I asked, "everything about you change like you did a body surgery" I said and he giggled
"Yes, I met with Michael Jackson and he sent me to his doctor" he joked and I smiled, it seems he is not angry I turned down his feeling 3 years ago, maybe he have forgotten about that, if he have that is goodnews, I will form new bond with him, this time I will welcome his feelings
"How the city" I asked him, about place he have the last 3 years, we are currently walking home together, we don't live far apart from each other
"Its cool" he just said, he is walking in pattern were in perfectly place his steps in front of each other, and have his arms wide apart like he is balancing himself
"Why are you walking like that" I asked, cause looking at him, its childish
"Am playing a game, I have to place my every step in a straight line, I pretend every other place is fire, and I will get burned if I miss an step" he looked at me and smiled.
After a while, I joined him "What are you doing" he asked
"pretending every other place is water, so I don't want to get drown" I said with a smile and spread my arms, and my hands touched his spread owns too, and once again I felt d spark, I tried to move a way.

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 10:12pm On Jan 13
part 9
"If you miss step you will fall inside the water and drown" he said with a smile, and locked our hands together "come on its me and you against the nature" he said and I smiled, how did I ever reject these guys feelings. We both walked home like that still having conversations.
When I got home today, my happiness could not be contained, now I understands why I felt whole earlier this morning, am still walking with my steps in straightline
"Quit walking like that, or you fall" My mom reprimanded me and I stopped, but continued after few minutes, she just ignored me.
After am done with my assignment, I went to bed, I want morning to come fast so that I will get to see Mark, with that I slept off. Am now hiding beside Marks house, I have been here since 6:55AM its now 7:15 and he is not yet out, did he leave before I came?, thats too early, he is still inside the house, I plan to walk out once I see him, so it will look like a coincidence, but with this rate we will be late if he doesn't come out soon. I decided to go knock at the gate, he won't find it weird, we are friends after all. But before I could move he opened the gate and come out.
"Mark" I said as I walked up to him with a smile and he smiled back
"Olly" he said "what a coincident, come lets then walk to school together" he said, and I rejoice inwardly my plan worked
"Are you alright" I asked as I notice he looked tired.
"yeah just a slight headache" he said and I nodded."what is the most beautiful thing in this world" he asked, why ask such question, I cleared my throat and answered
"I don't know for others but to me its the moon, its like a huge diamond, I know the sun gives it light, but moon is just too beautiful" I said and smiled
"that means you always will always fantasize while watching the moon" he said with a smile, I looked away, yes and the fantasies are all about you Mark. "Lets hurry we are already late" he took my hand and started running.


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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 6:48am On Jan 14
Part 10
I ran with him, he looked back and smile. I wonder what is the most beautiful for him.I lied to him that moon is the most beautiful, the truth is him, nothing shines brighter than him, he is holding me, and it sends colourful sparks to me. Mark I love you, wait a little bit and I will gather the courage to confess my feelings to you.
"I guess old habit never dies" Jacob said, motioning towards Mark who is fast asleep, I smiled, he always sleep during lessons, I wonder how he is intelligent, and I hope his headache is down.
"Hope you are having a good time, now Mark that you have been asking about is here" Jacob said and I gasp, thank God Mark is asleep if not I would be embarrassed if he hears that.
"Quiet" our Biology teacher shouted at Jacob for making noise, thank God for that, this topicis dropped.
"You sure sleep alot" I said to Mark as he woke up, he is just waking up and its break time, he smiled
"it was just the headache, but am fine now" he said and yawned, I guess he is hungry
"Take this" I said as I offered him, coke and minced buy that I bought from the canteen, his face brighten up
"thanks" he said and started eating, I bought it for him, am not that hungry
"I can't understand this equation" Mercy said with frustration, I also find it hard to deal with this BEARING of a thing, I wonder what its doing in mathematics
"Let me see" Mark said and Mercy showed him, after looking at it for a while, he solved it and also made Mercy understands it better, my heart flusters as I look at him
"staring is wrong olly" he said as he looked at me and smiled, am caught.

part 11
"Who is staring" I quickly said and he smiled I also did.
"If you were this good, Olivia wouldn't have rejected your feelings" Mercy said and I choked, that damn girl why can't she hold her tongue, I never wanted ti recall the incident
"Is true Olly" Mark asked and I looked at him, he is looking at me with hawk eyes, what should I do.
"Why recall the past" Jacob said and smack Mercy head they then start their usual quarrel
"Whats their deal" Mark asked motioning towards the two love birds in our front
"They quarrel always, I think they are infatuated with eachother" I said, thank God I don't have to answer his previous question
"You still have not answered my earlier question" He said and I froze
"what question" I feign ignorance, he chuckled
"would you have accepted my feelings if I was this cool" he asked again. You have always been this cool bu you hid it and yes if I had known I wouldn't have had a second thought then, but before I could answer, a teacher enters inside the class and bell for lesson rung, now am saved
"I know what you are thinking" he whispers close to my ears, and the closeness made me hot. "block me Jacob so the teacher won't see me sleep" he said and rest his head on his desk, I swear its as if he have a sleeping sickness.
After school we are both walking home and he is humming, he does that alot.
"Why do you always sleep in school" I asked
"cause I love my sleep, its my hobby" he said and I laugh, sleep being someone hobby, its unheard of.
"then how come you are this intelligent" I asked
"cause I read a lot" he said and sprint off, I automatically ran after him, we are such a kid.

Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by KimberlyWest(f): 7:26am On Jan 14
Thanks for the update. I just love the cat and dog fight between Jacob and Mercy.

Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by LightQueen(f): 8:21am On Jan 14
Thanks for the update
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Twenty47(m): 9:21am On Jan 14
Wow... Am loving this story fa...thanks for the update Op
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by boomssey(f): 10:24am On Jan 14
I want to start another story, should i
yes dear go ahead
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 5:50pm On Jan 14
Part 12
My school have been fun since Mark came back, we are now inseparable, though we are still friendzone but its better than nothing, but he sometimes complain of headache, I think its because he reads at night.
"So students, I know your WAEC is coming soon, and your schedule are tight, but please think about what I said" said the principal, Mark and I are currently in the principals office, he is asking us to participate in a competition among five schools. Our school have never won, but with Mark am sure we will.
"You don't have to beg sir, we will participate" I said, Mark might not agree since he would want to concentrate on his WAEC studies "Will you participate" I asked him, if he refuse, principal will replace him, with another, but I know non is better than him, and I really want to win.
"Sure Olly" he said smiling showing his set of white teeth and I drooled "close your mouth, fly might enter" he teased and I closed my mouth.
"The competition is next week Friday, so get ready" the principal said and we left.
We are standing at Marks gate, but he is not willing to enter and am not willing to leave, so we both stand there talking.
"So should I come to your house for today's studies" I asked, yes I always come over and we read, his family are nice to me, and they take extra care for him, he is everyone's favourite.
"No, I won't be around? am going somewhere with mom" he said sadly, does that means he miss me, I smiled at that
"Ok, well I just remembered Juliet invited me over to her house" I said and he looked at me with surprise
"I thought you girls are cat and dog" He said and I laughed
"Yes, but she have apologized, saying she was just jealous, so I forgave her, she then invited me to her house" I said he just nodded
"be careful Olly" He warned and I nod, then we heard his mom called him.
"goodbye then" I said and walked away towards my home
"Olly!" he called, I nearly had a whiplash with how fast I turned.

Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 12:32am On Jan 16
Part 13
"Olly!" he called, I nearly had a whiplash with how fast I turned "you still owe me an answer" he said with a sly smile, what answer, that's what am about to ask then I recalled
'would you have accepted my feelings if I was this cool' I remembered, am still shocked he just laughed and went inside. I guess the answer matters to him.
After my Homework I left for Juliet house, today is Friday so no school tomorrow, when I walked pass Mark house, I stayed a bit hoping he will come out and give me that gorgeous smile, but he didn't and my hand sunk.
Juliet and her friends were happy I came, we had fun, am glad we no longer have enmity between us.
"Juliet lets try the new hair wash" Oge one of Juliet friend asked
"I already used it" Juliet answered, and showed her nice silky hair, we are still in secondary school, most of us cuts our hair, but very few don't, Juliet and I are among the few that don't
"We wanted to help you out" Oge said sadly, and I felt sorry for them, what a nice friend
"If you don't mind, you can wash mine" I asked, I hope it will makes them happy,
"Yeah!" they all chorused.
They started washing the hair, and were all chattering how good it smells, yeah it have strawberry scent, I hope, Mark will notice the difference. I noticed the pink colour of the shampoo as they wash, they said its totally normal, after rinsing they now gave me mirror to see myself
"Here look at yourself" Juliet sad handing the mirror to me, I took it from her with a smile. I was petrified when I saw myself on the mirror, I screamed
"What have you girls done" I asked, they started laughing at me, so it was all planned, I was a fool to believe she is good, I have already start crying
"When Principal see you on Monday like this, he will definitely punish you" Juliet said with a smile.

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Twenty47(m): 6:42am On Jan 16
This Juliet ehn... Anyways, nice update OP
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 5:04pm On Jan 16
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 10:00pm On Jan 16
Part 14
Why did I believe them, Mark warned me now I will look like a fool before him, these witches dyed my hair pink, I now look like, a prostitude, but all the same I can still dye it black
"Don't bother dying it black, cause it will react to it, and it might make your hair fall off" Juliet said, squashing my hope.With that I ran off crying, thankGod its already evening, so I only have few people looking my way.
On getting to Mark gate it started rainning, I kept staring and the gate and weeping, what will he say if he sees me, so I walked pass his house, now in the middle of the road the same road I was when I felt my first heartbreak, now am crying again and thinking of how to explain this to my parents
"I told you to be careful Olly" I heard Mark voice from behind and I turned, he is with umbrella standing and looking at me, cause am soaked wet so its hard to know am crying
"don't cry we will figure something out" He said
"How do you know am crying" I asked with shaking voice, he came closer and smiled
"I could feel your tears all the way from my house" he said and caresses my cheek and I lean towards it, first lets get you out of this wet cloth, and the wind is strong, it will soon spoil my brolly" he said, and just like that the wind took the umbrella from his hands, it didn't take him, 3 seconds to get soaked wet cause of the rain.
"what sort of rain is this, its not even raining season" I said and he smiled,
"You know its considered romantic to dance in the rain" he said, and stretched his hands for me to take
"But, no music is playing" I said smiling, but still took his hand
"I will hum" he said and drew me closer, its raining, and I was cold, but not anymore, cause am engulfed with Mark warmth.
Mark, I love you, and am sorry for what I did, I know we are just friends now, and you are just doing this to make me feel better, but just for today let me pretend am your lover and we are madly in love, I smile
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 10:01pm On Jan 16
Part 15
I smiled as he started humming, perfect by ed sheeran, and we just waltz around, then I remembered the answered I owed him so I decided to answer, he deserved it
"Yes, I would have accepted your feelings if you were this cool" I said and he giggled "but you have always been this cool, you just hid it" I completed, I wonder what would have happened if I had accepted his feeling.
"I don't blame you Olly, I was hiding my real self" he said, then my heart will me to tell him the part he doesn't know
"What if I told you, I came to your house, to apologize and tell you, I also feel the same way, but I was late, you already left" I said, we are still dancing around
"What if I tell you that I know" he said, I jerked away from him
"You knew?" I asked and he smiled, and gave me a slight nod, "my mom called me and told me you came looking for me, though we didn't see but it made me happiest, all my days there, I was only looking forward to the day I will come back" he said, my heart somersualted with joy, he knew am saved, so like I have been thinking of him, he also have been thinking of him.
I opened my mouth to express my feelings but he silence me by placing his index finger on my lips "Lets go take care of your hair first and no need dancing the rain have stopped" he said, thats right, but Juliet say it will have a reaction if I try to dye it black
"Juliet say it will have a reaction if I try to dye it" I said sadly,
"am not dying it" he said and I got confused,
"then what do you plan to do" I asked
"they did this so, principal will be disappointed at you and send you out the competition, so follow me and I will fix it" he said, I placed my hands on his, and also my heart he smiled and drag me along with him, he always like running.

Hope you guys are enjoying the story
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 10:02pm On Jan 16
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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by moseph(f): 10:21pm On Jan 16
yes I am
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Twenty47(m): 6:41am On Jan 17
Yea... Am so much enjoying it OP Thanks for the update

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