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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Ann2012(f): 7:25am On Jan 17
Thanks for the update
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by mhizv(f): 10:18am On Jan 17
Couldn't find ""loving you"" cool stories though
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 11:11am On Jan 17

part 16
He brought me to principals house, am scared, I was still thinking how to face him on Monday, but Mark brought me here today
"Are you insane" I asked
"Probably but just wait" he said smiling, he knocked at Principals door, I tried to run away but he was holding me
"Trust me in Olly" he said with a very cute smile, that's cheating Mark, you don't give such smile to a girl and expect her to think properly, so I gave a slight nod
"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR" Said the principal immediately he came out, my eyes widened with fear
"I can explain sir" Mark said before me "I was trying to make a good hair shampoo, out of curiosity to know, what it looks like, I made Olly use it, and that is the result" he finished by pointing at my hair.
"Then go dye it off" principal said
"I would have done that, but there will be a reaction, so its better will wait it out, not to worry it will only last a week" he said, the principal still looked visibly angry "cause I know its bad, so we ran here even with the rain, to show how sorry we are, we are teenagers so curiosity always get the best of us, but we ran through the rain to show our sincere apology, if that doesn't get to your heart sir, I don't know what will" Mark said sadly, sly dog, he is using this, I smiled inwardly
"Well, we all make mistake, just make sure its gone before the competition" He said and our face lit up
"Thank you sir" we both shouted,
"And don't worry, we have teachers meeting on Saturday, I will tell them about it so no one is to disturb you" he finalized, I couldn't get happier, "Now hurry home its getting dark" he said, and we waved goodbye and ran home.
"Mark you are a lifesaver" I said he smiled
"I still have to take care of your parents" he said and we picked up the pace, this time around am the one dragging him, as our laughter fill the air.

Part 17
He really helped me out, he is my hero, he also said the same story to my parents and they believed, but there is only one problem, since that day I haven't seen him. I came to his house on saturday but they say he went out with his mother, I still came back om sunday he still wasn't around. I shoulr have called him but he have no phone.
Am currently with a piece of paper his brother gave me when I knock at his gate this morning on my way to school, his brother said he left early in the morning, went somewhere with his mom again, am glad he is having quality time with his mom, but I can't help but get jealous cause I also need time with him.
I walked half way, I wanted to read the piece of paper his brother gave me when I reach school, but curiousity got the best of me. so I opened it and read, with my heart beating fast, everything about him does that to me
"Sorry I can't come with you to school today, something came up. I want you to stand tall, Juliet and her minions will be waiting to humiliate you, but we won Olly, I will wait for you when you get back"
I can't help but miss him, he is my hero, I went to school to disgrace Juliet.
Luckily I entered when, the students was still gathered, they all looked at me and gasped, I made the big entrance I thought to myself, Mark I wish you are seeing me, my pink hair is tied in pigtail style, am fair, I thought I look like a prostitute, but Mark said I look like barbie, so I walked in elegance.
Juliet and her minion was red in rage, when no teacher comment on it or reprimanded me, even when one of them asked teacher if am not going to get punish the teacher warned her to mind her business, am so loving this.I will tell Mark everything.
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by KunleAJ(m): 6:57am On Jan 18
Here is the link to my new story on the blog

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 10:25pm On Jan 19

Hello kingokoh, I saw adsense on your blogspot blog. How did you get it approved? Help a brother

I ordered it, and I made sure every content I post is mine, so am always the original poster. It did take 3 months for them to reply me though
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 12:26am On Jan 25
Part 18
I ran off immediately after dismisal, its not up to 3 days I last saw Mark, but it felt like eternity, so I couldn't keep calm, I ran all the way, I only stop when I saw him leaning by their gate face down, I lost myself and started staring. No word in any language can describe the feeling of Love, the happiness, the joy, the sweetness knows no bound, and I feel all this for Mark.
"Staring is wrong Olly, I should I call you barbie" He said the turned at me with a dropdead smile, I willed myself not to physically drool
"how did you know I was staring" I asked with a smile plastered on my face, I can't help it, he does that to me
"I can feel your happiness all the way from here" he said and I my smile widened "why standing so far, come closer barbie" He called with a smile, and I walked closer, slowly till I our feet was touching then he leaned closer "I missed you Olly" he whispered, sending tingles down my body, I shut my eyes as I felt the butterflies in my stomach
"why whispering" I whispered too, he chuckled
"some words are so fragile, they loss their meaning if said out loud, so I can only whisper it for you to understand it" he whispered as I felt his lips touch my ear, my body couldn't stand it so I hugged him tight as a tear drops from my eyes
"I miss you too Mark" I whispered and he returned the hug. Am 17 years old, I fell in love with Mark, but lost him out of my own selfish, fate was Kind it brought him back, some one up there most love me, am thankful to who ever it is.

Authors note: I know its short, just mange folks.

Part 20
Today is the competition, the five schools are gathered, my hair is back to normal, I have been, studying with Mark, more like he have been teaching me new things, the guy is so ahead of us, he is a genius.
"Don't worry Olly, we will win" Mark said calmly, he is calm, but am terrified, I was confident earlier, but when I saw how smart looking our opponent were, I lost the confidence
"Easier for you to say" I said with an eye roll, he just giggled and held my hands
"Trust me Olly" he said, and my confidence came back, we both walked to the hall and took our seat, the competition is being held in our school, Our head teacher will be reading out the question, its turn by turn, but if any team didn't answer, then the question will be left for any team that will answer and get the score.
The first questions were simple, until it reached the tenth question, it got more difficult as it goes, the questions was gotten from MATHEMATICS, ENGLISH LANGUAGE, BIOLOGY and ECONOMICS. Mark whispered most of the answer to my ears, the ones I find difficult, he said he have no interest in the quiz, So it made it look like I answered it all. we failed some, mainly because of the time limit. And am afraid of one team, two guys, they are intelligent, amd just like us they answered most of their questions.
"Relax we will win" he said again, I nodded, they are about to call the winner, I have my hand crossed, if we win this, I really will become the golden student cause our school have never won, and Mark didn't answer so it looks like I did it all, I remembered Jacobs words or will Marks words "Olly is perfect for the position" he really want me to be the golden student, what a rare gem
"The winner is Future hope secondary school" Our head teacher said with a smile, my eye widened thats us, I screamed and jump on Mark
"I told you Olly, we won" he said and we both tightened the hug.
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Ann2012(f): 11:12am On Jan 25
Thanks for the update
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by LightQueen(f): 11:19am On Jan 25
Thanks Op
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 3:46pm On Jan 27
Part 23
These mere words shattered my heart, and the room felt small that I can hardly breath, nor talk.
"Since I can remember, I always have these headache, I thought it was a minor think, that came from reading too much, so I always take pain reliever whenever it start, then soon I started having nose bleeding" he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I told no one about it, cause I hate disturbing people" he said, and clasped his hand together
Am already weeping, he looked at me and wipe the tears but I didn't stop.crying,
"From the day I left, I have been sad, then in the beginning of my SS2 they told me I will return to finish my secondary here, my happiness knew no bound, all I could think of was you" he smiled, making me smile in tears.
"I was happy so happy, until everything turned dark and I fell, I woke up in the hospital, to cut the story short, the doctor said I have brain tumor GRADE IV " he said
"What does that mean?" I asked, my heart is a wreck
"It means I don't have very long to live" he said with a weak smile, I choked, the statement kept repeating in my head. I thought fate was nice to me, but now I know its cruel, he returned him only to permanently snatche him away.
"how long do you have" I managed to ask
"maybe a year, more or less" he said with a shrug
I ran away, away from his house, I kept running and crying, I built my world around someone that won't live long, how can the world be this wicked, the first heart break I had is nothing compared to this, I stopped running again on this lonely road, again, as I felt rain drops hit my skin. I can't love someone that will die so soon, with that on my mind I head home with the rain falling heavily.

Part 24
Am half way to my house when epiphany hit me, I realise how wrong I am as my leg got heavy and couldn't go any futher. Just like this 3 years ago, I lost him, cause of my fear and selfishness, I won't let my fear do that again
I ran back, all wet and stinky, how could I be so selfish, please God let me be on time this time around, I rushed into their house with much force, I don't care if I made a mess in the house, all I care now is my Mark.
When I entered his room, he is still where I left him, he raised his head when he heard me, his eyes have tears on them, I hate myself for being the one that made him cry so I rushed to him, I hugged him tight and he returned the hug with equal force, we were both sobbing
"I don't care if you have a year, 2 years, a month, hundred years to live, I just want it all with you" I said with tears and I felt him nod, I still kept crying
"Cry out the tears and sorrows let only joy remains" he said, my wise Mark, I broke the hug to look at him, he is now wearing a smile.
"I have goodnews though" he said, and just like christmas tree my face lit up
"Whats that" I asked too soon
"It can be operated, so I have a chance to live" he said with a weak smile
"so whats holding you" I asked, if there is a chance he should take it
"well, it have only 30% of success rate. Honestly it scares me, so I will only go with it after our waec" he said.
So he is afraid he will die since the success rate is low, and that will make him not even live up to the normal time, since there is a chance I will make him grab it
"Do you believe in miracles" I said.

Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by iamgprince(m): 5:20pm On Jan 27
Thanks op
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 3:07pm On Jan 28
Part 25
"Yes" he answered
"Then there will be success, I read in one book, that what you so desire, will really come to pass, so I hope you desire to cured" I said and he gave me a nod with a smile.
"But only going to do it after WAEC" he said, I guess he needs the time to prepare himself and I nods
"So you better go home and get change before you catch cold" he said, and I renumbered the day Juliet and her minions, dyed my hair, we were both socked wet, so he got sick that's why I didn't see him for 2 days.
"Sure, I will see you tomorrow then" I said and went home, he will surely get better.
When I got home today, I kept praying I hope God heard me. Our whole weekends, was spent together, apart from his headache, he doesn't look sick, Jacob and Mercy cried like babies when we told them, it made me shed some tears too.
Mark is strong so we too decide to be strong for him, we live our lives normal, he was still having his normal sleeping in class. Juliet and her minions no longer disturb me, even Obinna and am loving it, am focused on the Waec which is around the corner.
"The most beautiful to me is You" I said, I remembered when he asked me the question, I said moon but it is really him. He smiled
"You, speak highly of me" he chuckle.
"So, to you whats the most beautiful" I asked, its not that I want it to be me, but I still want to know.
"I will tell you when the time is right" he said and started running, I wonder where he get the energy from, so I ran after him, am going to miss our race and his laughter the most, its such a beautiful melody.
I pray always, I tell him hopeful things, like how a cancer patience was cured, how a lame walked, if all this can happen then what is tumor, He always laugh at the miracles but I know it gives him hope.

Part 26
We have started Waec, Mark always come and that annoyed me, I wanted him to focus on getting better and not stress his brain, not only me, everybody wanted him to rest, but he insisted, and requested we should stop treating him like his going to die. Luckily the exam have been good, no accident as in Mark fainting or something like that.
Today is our last paper, am so sad cause when I got to Mark house, thats our daily routine, I will come and we both go to school, but today his mother told me he passed out so he is asleep, I went to his room and saw him asleep, am in school now, just waiting for the paper to start so I can go home to Mark
"What are you doing here" I said with wide eyes as I saw Mark approaching with lazy footstep
"Today is the last paper, so why won't I come" he said with a shrug, does he not understand the situation
"who cares about the paper, when your health...." he didn't allow me finish
"Olly, it doesn't matter, am still alive, and besides, its cute when u nibbles on your pen, so I don't want to miss that" he teased me, I smiled.
"but, you passed out this morning" I tried being reasonable
"I know, I want to live with no regret, so when or if the reaper finally come I will stand tall" he said taking a soldier stand
"and say, 'DO YOU WANT ME?, YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?, SURE YOU CAN TAKE MY BODY. BUT YOU WILL NEVER HAVE MY HEART AND SOUL. FOR MY SOUL BELONGS TO GOD AND MY HEART BELONGS TO ANOTHER" he said and crouched to be on same level with me, then came closer to my face "My heart belongs to you Olly" he said and his warm breath fans my face as I felt all the blood rush to my face. Oh God am blushing and he is smiling
"I just made you blush" he said and giggle, it shocked me and it made me opened my mouth
"come on Olly, the exam is starting" he said and took me by the hand and we walked inside, every time he touches me, it sends tingles all over my body and am loving it.

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Treasurewamiri(f): 6:06pm On Jan 28
I can imagine that tingling sensation... Well-done OP. More please
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 8:39pm On Jan 30
Part 27
We all celebrated after the paper, I kept dancing around Mark, he have his whole attention on me, like his worlds starts and ends with me, he eyes was so tender and glassy when I look at them, Mark nothing will happen to you, I wont allow that.
I heard a slap as I was dancing around Mark, so we turned our head to the sound and saw Mercy sobbing and Jacob holding his cheek, Mercy slapped him
"What took you so long" Mercy screamed at him, with tears, whats going on am confused
"Jacob just asked Mercy to be his girlfriend" Mark whispered to me, wow, way to go Jacob,
"Does that mean you accept" Jacob said still holding his cheek
"Yes, you dimwit" Mercy barked and took Jacob by the hand and dragged him away, I can only imagine what they will do, what just happened between Jacob and Mercy made me think of Mark and I.
"Lets go home" Mark said as he intertwined our hands and we took off slowly.
When we got to his house, he insisted to escort me home, so I agreed, after all I still don't want to let go of his hand.
"I love you Olly" he said, as if asking himself a question and I froze
"No, it doesn't sound right, people say that a lot nowadays, some even say it without meaning it, and I have said it to some people too, like whenever my mom give me a present I will say I love you mom" he said and took a deep breath, am no longer holding him so he is few steps ahead of me, "or when my brother or father helps me out, I will say I love you guys, so am not saying it to you" he turned back to me and walked closer, then whispered to my ear "Am in love with you Olivia Agu" my eye widened with his words. I was still in shock when he turned and started walking ahead like he said nothing.

Part 28
How can he just walk casually after saying this to a girl, he is walking slowly ahead. I couldn't hold back my tears as I stare at his back, I got furious and threw a pebble at him and he stopped then turn to look at me
"You just don't walk away, like what you just said doesn't mean the world to me, you just don't act cool, after such confession" I said as I sob, I left myself then ran in to his arms as he welcome me with a tight embrace
"Am in love with you too Mark Ugwu" I whispered to his ears too, I remembered him saying some words are so fragile, that if spoken out loud they tend to lose their meaning, so words like this are meant to be whispered.
I close my eyes as I bask in his warmth, the sun for the day, the moon for the night, sand for the desert, water for the oceans, all this are the certainty of this world, my love for Mark is the certainty of my own world.
I broke the hug to see his ever glowing face, the look of admiration and love on his face made me weak in the leg, my brain went dead, my heart took control of my body, in a flash I kissed him. It wasn't the kind of kiss you see in the movies, kiss of two professional, no that's not it. This is a kiss of a teenager in love having her first kiss, that kiss you will never forget even if you live for eternity, a kiss not stolen or taken but a kiss given.
It was short and quick, I withdrew myself as my brain registered what I just did, my eye widened in surprise and embarrassment, I couldn't look at his face to see what it looks like, I just ran home, as I clasped my mouth with my hand. He didn't call me as I run, is he disappointed at how immature the girl he love is at kissing.
When I got home my face reddened more each time I remember the kiss, it will forever be engraved in my heart, I don't know whether to rejoice that I finally kissed him or be angry that I wasn't good enough, but one thing is sure, the kiss brought the butterfly and love

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 8:40pm On Jan 30
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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 8:32am On Jan 31
What do you guys think of the stories being posted
Give me ur reviews
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Tsumi0038: 10:23am On Jan 31
one of the best stories here on NL
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by moseph(f): 12:08pm On Jan 31
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Twenty47(m): 12:44pm On Jan 31
The story is super nice bro... Thanks for the update.
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 5:51pm On Jan 31
Part 29
"Olivia, Mark is here" I heard my mom screamed from the living room. and my eye widened in shock.
I came downstairs, I don't know how to react in front of him, so I just wave when I saw him, its aleady evening so I wonder what he is here for. He is weing a black trouser and a hood.
"Can you escort me somewhere" he asked as I got closer
"sure, let me ask my mom" I said
"she already gave her approval" he said and I nod
"let me go change cloth" I said, am wearing a plain big polo and yoga pants, its not attractive or good enough for me to walk with the guy that I want to appear best for.
"don't worry I like the one you are wearing" he said with a passive look.
"ok then..." he didn't allow me to finishe he took me by the hand and drag me away
"I have a feeling you will keep coming up with excuse" he said with a smile and I smiled back
"so where am I escorting you to" I asked, since is already getting late I don't want to go far
"No where, just want to have a walk with you, you know kind of, a walk to remember" he said with a little smile and I remembered a novel that have that name and smile too.
After few minutes of walking in a comfortable silence, we actually walked to his house then walking back to my house, the stars have decorate the sky since its night already, thank God no more school, for now. we are in a comfortable silence and getting close to my house.
"We have schedule the operation in a week time" he said as he stopped walking I also stopped too
"Everything is going to fine" I said,
"I know" He said confidently with a smile and I smiled back he then turned and faced me, my eye widened as the kiss scene came back to my mind

Part 30
"I was like a man travelling in a desert, I was thirsty very thirsty, so I longed for water, then luckily I saw an olive tree with dew drops on it, I use the dew drop to quench my thirst hoping it will work" he said and gave me a tender look
"did it work" I asked
"after I took it, I became dehydrated, I now long for that water now more than ever, you are the water, when you kissed me, I thought it will quench the thirst, but no it made me want more" he said, closing his eyes like to get hold of himself.
"When did you start loving me" I asked, I can't really say when I started loving him, it just started slowly, then all of a sudden am in too deep
"It was my Jss 1, I was resting my head on my desk, like I normally do, the class was noisy, too noisy for morning, so our teacher barked at us to keep quiet, that moment of silent, I heard your footsteps, you walked inside the class, then greeted the teacher, I jerked up as I heard that tiny sweet voice, you were backing me, I couldn't see your face, but you weren't on uniform, that shows you are a new student" he said with a giggle, I also smiled as I remembered it
"When you turned, I was blessed with the most beautiful sight on earth, from that moment, LOVING YOU, became my purpose" he said, and I smiled, to him am the most beautiful.
He drew me closer, I know what he is about to do, and I want it more than I can say, he then brush his lips on mine, I close my eyes, as I held his arms and then he claimed my lips in a slow kiss, our lips dance together, God am so in love with Mark
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Ann2012(f): 8:34pm On Jan 31

Thanks for the update
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 10:08pm On Jan 31
Part 31
After the kiss I went home happy, I now live in a magical world, it just a week to the operation, so I will make it the best week of our life, when am with Mark I forget the surgery and just have fun with him, and I love how strong he is, he never want to be treated as a sick person, I admire that the most
The entire week have been filled with fun and laughter, we played game of all kind, not for once was I bored, Mark is a star on earth, his potentials are limitless, he view on world peace, he view on human is just too deep, am lucky to be by his side, soon the world will get to know who Mark Ugwu is and they will love him.
"So how do you like the food ma'am" Mark asked in a cheery tone and I smiled, he is dressed as a butler, serving me, that's his idea of date.
He asked me on a date and I said yes, come on No wasn't an option, so he came to my house, to pick me up, I never knew he will bring me to his house to serve me as a princess
"Its good, Kind sir" I said smiling, am so happy, his food is very tasty, their house is empty, so we are alone, and I love it.
"Time for dessert" he said bringing out some fruits.
"Tasty" after eating and he gave me a slight nod, he went inside and wore something casual and also gave me his sweat pant and pollo to wear, I sniffed it when I wore it, though big for me but I love the warmth it gave me.
We went outside and started playing hopscotch, Mark really love games that tends to do with legs, but he hate football, how funny. We also did hide and seek, our date is not the kind you go to fancy restaurant or movie theater or the ones with lots of roses and candle. Our date is the rare type only a rare gem like Mark can give, a date you laugh every seconds, a date you won't have to hide your true nature a date you never get bored, a date I have with Mark.
We played till we got tired and slowly the day chameleons into night, we are now outside watching stars

Part 32
When his family came back, we were still outside so we exchanged pleasantries and they went inside leaving us in our own world
"Isn't the sky beautiful" Mark asked me,
"yes" I answered we are both lying on the mat looking at the sky
"You once said, the moon is the most beautiful" he said with a chuckle
"yes, but I have told you that you are most beautiful" I reminded him and he smiled
"I know, come let me take you home before your parents get worried" he said, we got up and walked towards my home, am glad our parents truth us enough to not give him restrictions, maybe they just see the goodness in Mark hearts.
"How was the date" he asked as we approached my house
"best date ever" I squealed and he laughed
"have you had any before?" he asked and I gave him a passive look
"ok, best first date ever" I corrected myself and he laughed
"Good, am such a good planner" he said beating his chest, I just scoffed
"Tomorrow is the Operation" he sad with a weak smile. and the once happy atmosphere changed and became sad
"Yes" I muttered
"Cheer up Olly, Miracles do happens" he said as he cupped my cheek
"Yes Miracle happens" I said as tears streamed down my face, he wiped it out and kissed my cheek
"Goodnight" he said, then turned and left. I stood there for a while before rushing inside with tears,
"Mom the operation is tomorrow" I said as I fell into her arms
"Don't worry dear he will make it" She said as she consoled me. After I gathered my wit I went inside and fell on my knees to pray. God in Heaven, listen to my plead, make the operation a successful one, he is the star on earth.
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 10:10pm On Jan 31
So guys the next chapter is the operation, what do you guys think will happen
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by LightQueen(f): 11:05pm On Jan 31
Let me think
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Ann2012(f): 1:26am On Feb 01
Hopefully the operation will be successful

Thanks for the update
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 11:55am On Feb 01
Part 33
Today is the operation and we all at the family, both his family and mine, his family are all in tears except him, am in tears too no matter how much I tried to be strong
"Am so happy you all are here for my sake, am touched" Mark said giving us a genuine smile, even Jacob and Mercy are here too
"If I was a general, I would have give a great speech before going to battle, but am just Mark, a guy happy for the people in his life" he said, he is such a charmer, he is already in the hospital cloth and he still look cute.
"Its time" said one of the nurse, and I sobbed, God please
"Am in love with you" I whispered to his ear as I hugged him
"Am in love with you too" he whispered back, the break the embrace.
The nurses pushed the bed he was lying and we all stood and watch, he said his face and winked at me, such a charmer, I waved at him, giving him a weak smile, before they wheeled him out of sight, I started praying in my heart.
Its been nearly 5 hours since he went inside the operation room, am so nervous, Marks mother eyes is red, her husband is consoling her, James is also in similar stated, Mercy and Jacob have their hands intertwined, I jealous them, my father have left with my siblings, but mom is still here holding me, I really need that.
We all stood up when we saw the doctor came out, he is sweaty, am about to hear the most important news of my life. I can't keep calm
"How is he" Mark's mom asked, and the doctor inhaled and exhaled, that can't be good
"We did all we can, but we lost him" he said and my world crumbled. I heard Marks mom screamed, I started hearing wiping, but am too petrified to do anything.
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 11:55am On Feb 01
We lost him, so sad
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 12:04pm On Feb 01
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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Kc1990(f): 2:47pm On Feb 01
I'm just crying.... so sad ���
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Ann2012(f): 2:56pm On Feb 01
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 8:31pm On Feb 01
Part 34
I woke today in the arms of Mark, I smiled as I saw his pretty face, he have smile on his face, so I took my time to adore him, after a while I lift my hands to caresses his face. It felt cold, his face is cold, I began to panic, I jerked up and listen to his heart beat, no sound, he is dead so I screamed, and woke up.
It was a dream, he have been dead for week, and I have been having this same dream since that day, I started crying. How could you do this to me Mark, you were my star.
Am sad at everything, sad my miracle didn't work, sad that God didn't answer my prayer and I hate even the air I breath, I watch and see people breath and live, people that don't deserve it, then Mark the purest human I have ever seen had his life taken, how can life be so unfair, I kept crying that's all I have been doing lately.
"Olivia, James is here to see you" My mom said knocking at my door
"Alright" I said as I came out, James is in the living room waiting for me, he doesn't look like Mark, Mark looks like his mother while James looks like his father. My Mark
"Sorry to disturb you" James said as he saw me,
"No its alright" I said and sat down. He gave me a pitiful look
"Mark have been in love with you since forever" he said with a sad smile and I smiled back,
"thanks Olivia for making him happy" he said and I nod "take this" he said bring out an envelop "Mark asked me to give you this if anything happened" he said and I took it from him as tears rolled down, so he was prepared
"I will let you be now" he said and left me, I quickly rushed to my room to see whats inside, I opened it immediately I sat on the bed, it is a letter so I took a deep breath to gather my wit, then started reading the content.


Marks Letter
Hello Olly
I know you are sad, and hate the fact your miracle didn't happen, I apologize for that, maybe I didn't desire it well enough like you said.
My miracle did happen, for what is more miraculous than a human being living a well fulfilled live at the age of 18, you are my miracle Olly, for you gave me eternity in a life time, if that is not miracle then I don't know what is.
You believe in afterlife, so am there watching, am in the sun, the moon and every stars in the sky, I watch over you so make me proud. Its ok to cry, cry away the sadness let only joy and happiness remains, just don't get swallowed by sadness.
Remember me as the guy that face death with a happy face, a teenager that lived a fulfilled life, Am in love with you Olly, so LOVING YOU was my sole purpose on earth, and am glad I did it well.
Olly don't wallow in sadness, remember life is too short, so live your life with happiness and joy, from up, at the afterlife let me be proud, let your grandmother be proud. Smile Olly. When we finally see, tell me about your accomplishment, tell me the stories of your children, grand children and great grand, tell me about the people you met and how you left smile on their faces.
Am in love with you Olly, in love with every little thing you do, in love with your cute tiny voice, in love with your sweet smile, your laughter, LOVING YOU was my purpose, Make me proud Olly
With Love

part 35
I cried after reading it, he knew he will die, he knew how it would end, so he gave his brother a letter to give me, the intelligent Mark always ahead of everybody, I kept crying I miss him more than words. I check the envelop and also saw our picture, the one we took after the competition, it was cute, we were both looking at each others eyes, he is smiling and I had a surprised look, I cried as I remembered that day
I have been mourning him, hating everything around me, but after reading his letter and knowing his hope for me, it gave me a glimmer of hope, once again Mark saved me from a dark tunnel, my superhero, though am still crying but I now have hope.
Am Olivia Agu, am 17 years old, my first love is dead, but he awakened the spirit in me, for he left me with a smile, I smiled as I remembered the wink he gave me before his operation, his days on earth was short but very fulfilling, his life was lesson to all human. He never for once lived like a dying man, he lived happily, and that's how I will live.
Mark Ugwu, am in love with you, watch over me from up there, and be ready to hear how I conquered the world, and face death with a smiling face. I opened my window to look at the sky, Its night already, and sky is beautiful with the stars and moon, I smiled as I reminisce on our time together, this is my first smile since he died, he is still able to put a smile on my face even when he is gone. Tomorrow is his burial, am going to pay my respect, my superhero, my star on earth.


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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 8:32pm On Feb 01
So guys it have ended, what do you guys think about it and did you enjoy it
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by DemiKOL(f): 9:52pm On Feb 01
wow! you really did great. i really enjoyed the stories. more grace! i felt for olly.....was almost crying �

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