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THE SLAY KING By Okewale Ifeoluwa (debut Story). / My Adventure As A Corper In Plateau State Jos / Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by efeteb: 11:28am On Dec 11, 2018
Good story

Oliver Twist mode activated
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by moseph(f): 2:03pm On Dec 11, 2018
Nice story
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Faspen(m): 5:25pm On Dec 11, 2018
Oga comman update
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Abdulreheem(m): 8:13pm On Dec 11, 2018
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by rockhillz(m): 10:49pm On Dec 11, 2018
Ghost mood out....
Oya come and Update
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by hardeygbolar(m): 12:07pm On Dec 12, 2018
Guy abeg cum update
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by youngproov(m): 9:23pm On Dec 12, 2018
Adventure With The Slay Queen's

Episode 5

When the going gets though, the though get going.
I can feel the presence of evil in the air, I knew something greater than just humans are up against us.
An unknown fear floored me, I knew its a matter of time before the evil creatures lunch their attacks on us. I checked my phone and I found out that we are all out of service, no signal could reach us
One of the guys suggested we should walk back the way we came, since no one know the way ahead. We all agreed to the suggestion and we all follow the route we came, after walking for a mile , something very strange happened, the road began getting narrow and before we knew it a wide road turned to a footpath right in front of our very eyes. When I observed this, I stopped on my track, this couldn't have be the way we came, something strange is happening, very soon this path will end.
I was still battling with my thought when an evil creature with just an eye silently crept inside our mist, no one sees him but I do.
I raised an alarm immediately I saw him, others where alerted but they didn't see anything. And right in front of my eyes. He killed one of us a disappeared with the corpse. The sudden disappearance caused a commotion among us, as the rest began wondering what might cause the sudden disappearance.
Clouds of tears gathered in my eyes, it happened just right in front of my eyes and there's nothing I could do. The rest were so confused, and I think it's right time I let them know the evil they are against with.
I didn't know when tears began rolling down my eyes. The fear of death began running through my mind. I looked at everyone, ignorance is clearly written on their face, I think I have to enlighten them before it get too late.
" you guys don't see what I saw, we are not alone in this forest!. I see evil creatures. I saw the beast that took one of us, I saw how he murdered him and vanish away with his corpse. The accident we had was not a natural, it was caused by an evil creature that stood right in the middle of the road, am afraid to announce this to everyone, the longer we stay in this forest, the more we are all going to die" I said and they all shrink with fear. Everyone believed me except for two guys which claims not to believe in superstition.
" what do you suggest we do?" One of the ladies asked me. I shake my head in response of I don't know.
" I have a compass, am a geography student, and I think we can find our way out with this compass" a guy announced, then he brought out his compass.
" we are supposed to be heading south, but this compass shows that we are heading east..."
"...that means we are heading the wrong direction" I added before he could finish his statement. And he nodded in response.
" you can call me Vincent " he added.
"Ayo" I replied.
" so do you all agree with me to follow the compass " he said out loudly. Just has he finish talking, one of the guys that doubted me earlier stood up and opposed the idea of following the compass.
" how can you guys be so foolish and stupid to follow just a mare compass, we came through this way and I believe our way out is here, I will never follow the silly idea of following the compass, who is with me " he said we boldness and confidence and surprisely some people raised their hands and agreed to what he said. I tried convincing them but some chose to agree with him. Since the situation refused to be compromised we splitted into two. We are 18 in total, but the disappearance of one makes us now 17. seven of us including me choose to follow Vincent and the rest follow the other guy. We wished ourselves goodluck and the two groups went in a various way.
The road leads to no where, and our only way out is through the thick forest.
" how do you think they are going to survive without you " Vincent asked along the way.
" without me" I asked perplexed.
" yes, you are the only one that can see the creatures, and without you, they will have no one to warn them against any danger that might befall them" Vincent said.
"...and that's the reason why I chose to follow you, not because I trust the compass" a lady suddenly cut in to our conversation. I and Vincent are the only guys in the group, the rest are ladies.
" I'm Tina" she later added.
" I thought you girls are all journeying to the same place, why such division? " I asked.
" not all of us are together, we don't know each other. Perhaps some do, but not all" she said.
" I guessed am wrong about you girls after all" I said.
We walked for an hour and some of the ladies began complaining about being tired. Vincent suggested we find a conducive spot to rest for a while.
We arrived at a big iroko tree and we all agreed to rest a while. But the ladies turned a rest to a sleep.
" someone should be on the lookout while others sleep, so who will? " Tina said, and they all focused their eyes on me.
I gave an expression of "why all the eyes on me"
" I think you should be on the lookout " Tina said.
" why" I retorted, cus I was already feeling sleepy.
" because you are the only one that can see the creatures, non of us can, even if we stay on the lookout " Vincent said.
" damn it! Am going to be having a sleepless night " I muttered.
" yea, its seems so" Tina said,and she rested her head on one of the iroko root.
I moved away from the rest , and focus my eyes sharply around like a night watch. I plugged in an earphone and I began listening to some music when boredom striked me.
Exactly 2 am, a very strong wind began, I was shaking from my head to toe, then all of a sudden, I began hearing some giant footsteps. I looked around but I didn't see anything, I raised on my feet for a clearer view, and that was when I sighted the incoming creature. His head were twice as big as that of a buffalo. With eyes as red as a heating iron. Fear engulfed me, I ran back and wake the others.
" something is coming, something big, we need to leave right now" I said with a trembling voice.
I took the lead, and the rest follow behind. But after running for a while I realized the creature can not be out run but it can be evade . I saw a giant termite mud and we all enter and hide inside it. Just as we entered, the creature came out visibly and began to look around. After looking around for a while, he disappeared.
" is he gone ?" Vincent asked.
" yes, i cant see him but Something told me not go out yet" I said silently to him.
" perhaps you should look up at the trees" Tina said.
I surveyed my eyes around the trees and I found to my greatest shock when I saw the creature on one of the tree , fixing his eyes on around. It's seems to be very smart after all. He kept disappearing from one tree to the other until it he finally left . then we all move out from our hiding point .
" thank you " I said to Tina. She smiled then she gave me a playful Punch.
We continue our journey in the dark and we stopped to rest at certain places. We came across some wild fruit and we plucked some to eat. We also pluck some in our bag cos we don't know how long we are going to spend in the forest.
An hour to dawn, we all began hearing a fast approaching footsteps. Others wanted to run, but I stopped them.
" no don't run, that's a steps of a human, I would have see a sign if its not. Let stay and wait " I said with some confidence.
Just as I finished my statement the person reached us, its one of the girls that follow the other guy.
She was breathing heavily and also terrified.
" what is it?" Tina asked her.
She was able to speak up after catching her breath. Tears were coming from her eyes as she was talking.
"Its coming, the evil snake, i saw it . the are all dead!!! We were attacked by different things . This forest is evil we are all going to die" she said bitterly.
Just as she finished talking , an evil snake with a horn fell on her and swallowed her up.

To be continued.....


Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Mavikolo2020: 9:44pm On Dec 12, 2018
Everybody go die o
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by crossfm: 5:28am On Dec 13, 2018
Chaii.the suspense is 2much oo.
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Emmajesus605(m): 8:46am On Dec 13, 2018
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by youngproov(m): 9:04am On Dec 13, 2018
Adventure with the slay Queen's

Episode 6

The battle against evil are not just for the brave, it's a battle of survival.
We kept runnig for hours without stopping. No one will experience such an horrible sight and wait a seconds before picking a race.
After running for a while, we decided to rest. Dawn has already break and we are still trap in the evil forest. Due to the running we had, we all became fatigue and thirsty. We have no water drink and not a single stream is nearby.
" we need to find water, or else we will all die of thirst" I said after I discovered how urgently we need water, the ladies are lying flat on their stomach, too tired to walk or move.
" you guys should wait here, while I go search for water and food" I said, then I made to move.
" I will go with you" Vincent said. But I declined him.
" No, you wait here with the rest, I will be back soon" I said.
" please be careful " Tina said. I nodded then I head deeper into the forest.
After walking for about 10 minutes, I saw two dwarfs creature sleeping side by side beside each other. Beside them lied a freshly killed antelope. And not too far from the head is a big calabash which I knew must contain a liquid substance.
I hide silently beside a tree for minutes studying the two of them. Then I began planning on how to steal the bush meat and also the whatever that might be inside the calabash.
It's seems impossible for me to do, but I have to risk it. I tiptoed silently to them, stopping at certain intervals in other not to make my move suspicious. I silently carried the antelope over my neck, well the animal seems heavy than I thought, I stretched my hand and reach for the calabash. I checked the content inside and I found out it's a fresh palm wine. I wonder where the monsters tap a palm wine, no wonder they are sleeping like a log of wood.
I turned then I began heading back, I was a mile away when I heard their scream. They must have discovered the missing items and they must have be search for it . I know am a dead man if am found by them so I increase my pace. They were closing up at me so I head beside a big tree and I began saying some prayers. They came right of the front of the tree am behind and they began sniffing their nose in the air. Within a second, I thought I was caught but I was surprised when I see them disappear into the tree. I took a deep breath then I head to back to the rest. The walk wasn't easy cos the animal am carrying has an approximate weight of 70kg. And carrying such an animal over a long distance was quite exhausting.
Tina was the first person to see me, she woke the rest and they all approach me with joy and happiness.
I was too tired to talk, so I just lied down on the floor trying to catch my breath.
A fire was made and we set the antelope on fire. We roasted the meat and we all ate and drink to our full. We couldn't finish the whole meat so we roasted some dry for preservation. After we are done eating, we all lie down to sleep. No one will eat roasted bush meat with palm wine and won't sleep.
We woke up at noon then we continued our journey, the forest seems less evil during the day but very terrifying at night.
After walking for some miles ,We got to a very big river, the water was white and clean, so we rush forward and drink our fill. Just as we stop drinking a very beautiful lady came out of the water, she look so human but I know she's a river goodness.
" come and have a swim with me" she said. I was almost falling for her charm when something stopped me. anyone that enter the river will surely not come out. I looked beside me only to see the rest undressing and making ready to jump inside the river. Immediately I noticed this, I voiced out.
" guys stop, she is not a human, anyone that enter into the river with her will not come out!!!" I shouted. Immediately Tina put on her cloth, followed by Vincent and some of ladies. But one of them refused to put on back her cloth.
" I need a bath please, even if it just for a minute, am bleeping stinking and I need to clean up" she said . she didn't wait for me to talk before she jumped into the river, and that was all we see of her, the moment she jumped into the river, the river swallowed her up and the water goddess changed to her real form, half fish and half human. When we saw what she became we all took to our kneels. We wept bitterly for her, cos that was the first time one of us will die. We summoned up courage and we continue on our journey.
" hey Ayo, I wanna say thank you. If not for you I would have been dead. Thank you. " Tina said to me as we were walking.
Evening arrived sooner than we expected, and the fear of the night creatures engulf us all.
" we need to find somewhere to spend the night, journeying through the night is quite dangerous, ayo and I will be on the lookout " Vincent said. But Tina quickly cut in.
"... You can go sleep, I will be on the lookout with Ay" she said. Vincent respected her choice and they began making preparation for where to sleep. After working together for hours, they were able to make a bed with bamboo leaves and they use their bags as a pillow.
At 10 pm, tina came to join me on the look out.
" I think you should be sleeping " I said immediately I noticed her presence.
" I couldn't sleep, and besides you are all alone here. Perhaps you might need a female company " she said. I smiled at her, cos that was exactly what I need.
" so tell me about yourself " I said.
She took a long breath before answering.
" what do you wanna know about me?" she asked.
" anything that will make the night warm" I replied.
" am a student just as you are, traveling to meet my fiancé. He just returned from u.k after 10 years. I couldn't Wait to see him so I planned surprising him with my unannounce visit. But its turned to be this. I never know if I will ever see him again. But if I do, it will be a miracle... Can you do something for me? " she asked.
" sure" I replied.
" If eventually I didn't make it out alive... Please give this Parcel to him. His address and phone number are written on it" she said, then I collected the parcel from her.
" you know you should stop being pessimistic " I said.
" am not being pessimistic, am only preparing for the end " she replied. I wonder what she meant by that, but I got my mind off it easily.
Exactly 12 in the mid night. Something strange happened. Tina and the rest were far gone asleep. Just after a minute pass 12, I began hearing some strange voices all around, the voice were coming from different directions and angles. I looked around but I didn't see anything. The evil wind began blowing and I knew there's something up against us. I stand on my feet and began looking around but I see nothing. I was about taking a break when I caught a glimpse of something. I focused my eye on the direction and I saw a young girl of about 7 years. Looking at her I know she's not an ordinary being. My eyes came in contact with her and she advance towards me. I wanted to run, but something struck my leg and I couldn't move it.
" don't be afraid of me, I won't harm you, but there's something bigger than I am that will hurt you. Pluck a leaf from this tree and put it in your mouth, hold your breath and she shall surely pass you by, avoid eye contact with her she's a very powerful creature" she said.I got no time to doubt her, I wake the rest and I instructed them just as she told me. We all did as she said then the evil snake appeared.
I watched as the snake began to move in our mist, I avoided eye contact with her but i never take my eye off her. one the ladies mistakely look into the snake her. She screamed out and the leaf in her mouth fell. The snake swallowed her up and disappeared into the dark.
After the snake is long gone. Tina looked at me with a puzzled face.
" how do you know what you told us?" She asked. I turned and saw the little girl behind me.
" you might not be able to see her, but I can see her. She told me what I told you guys" I said pointing at her. But its seems am just pointing to the air.
" you mean, there's something here with us?" Vincent asked. I nodded in response and the all shrink with fear.
" its a blessing you can see me, no one came into the forest and return out alive, you are heading the right way but there are dangers ahead. You will need to kill the evil snake before you can leave this forest... And killing the evil snake is impossible " she said.

To be continued...

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Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by skubido(m): 9:08am On Dec 13, 2018
Wahala de,, ewunbee.

OP tanks for the update
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Emmajesus605(m): 1:05pm On Dec 13, 2018
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Mavikolo2020: 4:16pm On Dec 13, 2018
Wahala dey
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by francium001(m): 6:34pm On Dec 13, 2018
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Damibiz(m): 7:08pm On Dec 14, 2018
a don show like show glass...nice story line bro.....LightQueen come nd see another Better food
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by LightQueen(f): 7:26pm On Dec 14, 2018
a don show like show glass...nice story line bro.....LightQueen come nd see another Better food
Thanks for the mention dear
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Damibiz(m): 10:58pm On Dec 14, 2018
You are welcome
Thanks for the mention dear
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by youngproov(m): 6:24am On Dec 15, 2018
Adventure with the slay Queen's

Episode 7

Impossible is just a word, there is a possible in impossible.
Killing the evil snake was the craziest thing, we could possibly think of. We've seen how powerful and impossible the snake is, so going after it, is more like a suicide mission, not even with a bunch of girls.
I sat down and i began thinking of how to overcome the evil snake when I remember the little girl referring to the snake as a she. I mentioned her closer and i asked her the mystery behind the evil snake. She took her time, then she began narrating the story to me.
"According to what is told from mouth to mouth. Her name is kira She is one the oldest and the powerful creature in this forest. Many years ago, She was once the most beautiful creature in the forest, every other creature admired her beauty and some wishes to have her, but her mind are with the humans, she was created in human form but she's a spirit of the forest, just like me. Her hassle was pride. In the east of the forest lies the kingdom of the snakes. There was a very powerful snake with the ability to transform into human, he transformed to a human and met with kira. She fell in love with the snake hoping it was a human. Love they say is blind. Love blinded her, until she was destroyed. She lost her beauty and human form, the day she slept with the snake. She turned into a snake, a snake with a horn. After she discovered the truth, she hate the human world and also the snake kingdom. Since she no longer have her beauty, she turned evil." She narrated.
" then how do you suppose we kill her? " I asked.
" i dont know. she's two centuries older than I, she's very powerful " she replied.
It's seems all hope gone, non of us have a clue on how to get rid away with the snake.
I lied down beside a tree and began reminiscing about my childhood days, I remembered how bold and confident I am then. I speak and even play occasionally with spirits and some harmless creature. I remembered having a monster friend then. He used to advise me whenever am in danger or state of confusion. But I don't have him anymore, when I lost my sight at age 10, I lost him too. I remember the song I use to sing whenever I needed his help. Something told me to sing the song, so I began singing it. I sang the song repeatedly for over 30 minutes, but nothing showed up and I began to lose hope. I was at the edge losing hope completely when I heard a faint voice close to my ears. Immediately, I looked around but I didn't see anything.
" are you that blind not to have see me since ?" the voice came more loudly.
Immediately, I recognized the voice, it's my little childhood monster friend.
" I can't see you, show yourself!!! " I shouted.
" am right in front of you, it's seems you don't have your vision fully back, you can only see me with your two eye, not with one " he said.
" I need your help little friend, I'm in danger, read through my thought and tell me what to do" I said with my eyes fixed in the air.
" am not so little anymore, I have grown big. Only if you can see me...reading through your mind is a fight against the impossible. She's a powerful snake, since you have no power to kill her the only thing you can do is to delude her, outsmart her and trick her. Firstly you need to know her weakness and secondly you need a plan." He said.
" Roger that " I replied just as I use to do when am still a little.
" I know of a creature that can help you with something to use against her" the little girl said. I shifted my attentions to her then I asked her of the creature.
" its the creature of light, she have a precious stone that can reflect evils. This stone can protect you, but you have to be smart " she said.
I felt relieved on hearing that from her.
" so where can we find her?" I asked.
" its a day journey from here, she live under the mountain of light. She has a lot of gold and silver, if you get carried away with it, you may never return. " she said.
I took a deep breath then I make up my mind to go alone to the creature of light. I know better than anyone that our survival depends on my return with the stone of light .
I packed some dry meat then I head to the mountain of light. I can see the tip of the mountain from afar, but within it laid hundreds of miles with dangerous night creatures.
My first encounter on the journey was a talking lizard. The lizard was as giant as a crocodile. Its looks less evil so I spoke to him.
" can you show me the quickest route to the mountain of light " I asked.
" take the path by your left, but I must warn you, its a dangerous path " he said, then he went his way.
I thanked him then I took the path, after walking for some minutes, I began to hear some strange footsteps, then followed by a howled . i sense the presence of evil, so i fasten my pace. I looked ahead only to see a blood thirsty creature. His whole body was covered with blood and his teeth where like that of a wolf .
" this isn't good" I muttered to myself. I tried to hide but its seems he caught sight of me even before i do. He advanced towards me like a wild deer. I waited not, I didn't wait a seconds before I pick a race, he was covering up and I know it's a matter of time before he catch up with me. I saw a lake ahead , and without having a second thought, I jumped in. I expected him to jump in with me but to my suprise, he didn't. I guessed he's afraid of water. I splashed some of the water at him and I watched as he wail in pain. I splashed more at him and his skin began peeling. I sense the lake is like an acid on him. I splashed more water on him and right in front of me his flesh burned down and he died an awful death.
"Gottach!!!" I exclaimed loudly. I filled my two bottles with the lake water then I drink my fill. The lake water served as my weapon against the evil creatures, no creature can stand a drop of it. Whenever am being attack by any evil creature, I use the water to defend myself.
And finally I got to the mountain of light, its a very beautiful place to be . every stone and rock present were all shining brightly. I remember the warning giving to me so took my mind off away from the treasures
" anybody home?" I asked foolishly.
" why do you come to the mountain of light ?" Says a female voice within the rock.
" I seek the stone of light" I said confidently.
" you've passed the first test, the treasure test. for you to have the stone of light you must pass the second test and if you fail, you will for ever be my servant, are you ready for it" she said.
Fear engulfed me, I knew the important of the stone, but the conditions attached seems very difficult, after a while I made up my mind to go for the second test, luck goes with the brave.
" am ready" I said bravely.
" you've passed the second test, its a test of the mind. You can only fail by giving up, but you didn't so you passed, you can have the stone of light " she said then the stone disappeare right in my hand. I thanked her then I find my way out.
I got back to the others after two days, they were all suprise to see me, most of them thought I will never return except for Tina and Vincent which believe me strongly.
" I knew you will return " Tina said.
" me too " Vincent added.
"Thanks for believing in me, now let get out of this evil forest" I said.

To be continued....

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Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Mavikolo2020: 6:38am On Dec 15, 2018
Nice 1
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by hollawuyi2013(m): 10:00am On Dec 15, 2018
This story get super glue oooo. I com glue with my phone like.....
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Damibiz(m): 5:07pm On Dec 15, 2018
We are getting out of this evil forest for good..plenty slay queensis and mamaz are waiting for us...fire own broda
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by moseph(f): 6:07pm On Dec 15, 2018
brother mi ride on.
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Emzzypop: 6:53pm On Dec 15, 2018
Nice stories bro
Oya Dey update update dey move jawe
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by FredrickPablo(m): 7:07pm On Dec 15, 2018
Really captivating storyline.....Keep the updates coming please. Kudos!
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by youngproov(m): 7:33am On Dec 16, 2018
Adventure with the slay Queen's

Episode 8

Combating against the impossible, requires impossible moves.
" oh little monster, where are you? I need your help " I cried loudly into the air.
" I have told you, am not little anymore, it's not your fault, you are as blind as a human " he answered.
A smile appeared on my face when I heard his voice, I knew he is not far away, but my inability to see him makes me call on him. I was about saying something when he quickly cut in
" I know what you are thinking, there's no need to say anything just listen to me. The stone of light you have can only protect one person, and you are five in numbers. To survive, you must not stick together, you need to spread out. Like some meters away from each other, you need to be brave and strong. The lake water you brought cannot kill the snake but it can slow her down. When the snake see the stone of light ,she won't near the person with it, she will go for another person without the stone, doing this period, the person with the stone will quickly run to the forest exit and trow the stone back to whoever might be the snake target... I must warn you, any mistake and you are gone. I wish you all luck " he said , then he vanished.
I explained it to the rest and we all draw a plan map. I have two bottles of lake water and I think that will be enough to slow her down for a while. I will go in first with the stone of light, while others will hide behind trees and bushes. I will attack the snake with the rain water and run quickly to the exit, then I will trow the stone back to Vincent, he will do the same still we are all out of the forest. We agreed to this plan and we head to the forest exit. Its took us three days to reach the exit, we encountered a lot of evil creatures, but the stone of light protected us all.
At the forest exit, everywhere seems calm, but I know she must be somewhere around waiting for us. I advance forward slowly while the rest hide behind trees. Not so long, she came out of her eveil grace. She make a long hiss, that scare every Bird present away. I stopped on my track and I listen careful to the hissing, it was just not a hiss, she was actually saying something but it sound more like a hiss. After straining my ear carefully, I was able to process, the hissing into words.
" no one leaves the forest alive!!!" That was actually what she said.
Fear engulfed me, but somehow an unknown courage and boldness bestowed me. I hide the stone of light and the lake water inside my back pocket. Then I shouted at her.
" hey you motherfucker !!!, come get me and see if I won't break one of your teeth with my fist!!! " I shouted. This angered her and she advance towards me with an unimaginable speed, I stood my ground calculating her moves , when she was about 3 feet away, I brought out the stone of light, on seeing the stone she applied a brake but its seems its doesn't work effectively as she slide rushing at me, I made a deadly fist and I repel her with it, she collided back on the floor and she wailed in pain. Immediately, I attacked her with the lake water, she wail more loudly in pain, during this period I observed that one of her long evil teeth is missing.
" I told ya" I muttered .
I trow the stone to Vincent and race with all the speed I have to the forest exit. She came after me, but the lake water slow her down, before she could reach me am already out.
" Bleep you!!! " I said after am out of the forest.
Vincent followed my moves and he was out too, he threw the stone back to one of this ladies and she did the same. This go on until it reach the last person which happens to be Tina, the stone was thrown to her but it got blocked by a tree and the stone fell into a deep hole which was not far away from her. On seeing this, my heart skipped a beat, fear floored me completely down, I know that without the stone she won't be able to make it to the exit. She tried running but the snake caught up with her, I wanted to help but Vincent and the rest hold me down. We watched as she struggle with the snake, after a while she lost to her but she was able to say something before the snake swallow her up.
" am sorry Ayo, i die with this snake" she said and the snake swallowed her up. It was an horrible sight to look, but I caught a glimpse of Tina holding a bottle of the lake water along in with her. Not too long, the snake began rolling badly on the floor, she vomited Tina out, but only her dead that came out. A minute after, the snake die to.
I run to Tina hoping to find her alive, I found her still breathing, but it's certain she's going to die. She mentioned me closer and whispered closely to me.
" Ayo, the parcel i gave to you...please find him and deliver it to him,and one more thing,tell him that... I love him...forever." She said then she gave up the ghost. I wept bitterly cos I never think I will lose her.
" she's dead, but she died like a man" Vincent said.
" am not leaving her corpse behind, she deserved to be buried " I said.

******* ********* *********** ******
A week later, I was able to deliver her message, I gave him the parcel and also her last word, I couldn't help but join him in crying. He wept bitterly, if only tears can bring her back from dead.
I got home and narrated my experienced to my parent, but I got the greatest shock from then. They were happy that I made it, but they got a bad news awaiting for me.
My father was the first to talk, but my mother later cut in.
" this gift of eyes was passed, from me to you, only your father know about this. I never tell anyone. The reason why I called you to come home was that... I've been seeing your dead around... An omen that you will die" she said.

To be continued....

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Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Deasegun19(m): 9:43am On Dec 16, 2018
nice one
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by francium001(m): 11:56am On Dec 16, 2018
Wetin go happen na when actor die for film?
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by jarur2002(m): 12:36pm On Dec 16, 2018
What a switch from laughed to bleeping and then to an adventure, filled with intrigues, I commend your effort.... You are rich in writing, more muscle to your hands never to be tired and a renewed mind to think richly

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Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by Damibiz(m): 12:51pm On Dec 16, 2018
Impossible.....he cant die...what the heck,who will f**k all this pu$$ies..na lie,u no die
Re: Adventure With The Slay Queen's by skubido(m): 1:01pm On Dec 16, 2018
Chai, die ke

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