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Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by brownbaby(f): 3:45pm On May 03, 2007
Well said.

Eko4show, describe your job.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by EBEYEHI(f): 4:06pm On May 03, 2007
I am the admin officer to my firm, a small and new one at that
i do a lot of things here as alongside a handful of people.
but it's not what i really want to do.
please can some one help with a list of firms that are of french origin not schools
i read french at the university and would very much love to work where i can use can course of study.
thank you
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by Seun(m): 4:11pm On May 03, 2007
work as a shrink in dublin.sick and tired of oyinbos telling me they want to kill themselves because of stress like quarrel with partner(can u imagine?!!)i sometimes feel like telling them 2 visit Nigeria and find out the definition of stress.sometimes you just pity them seeing people addicted to heroin as young as 15-16 years.
Since you don't have patience and respect for your patients, you should not be a shrink. Please resign quickly.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by diyobdw(f): 4:56pm On May 03, 2007
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by marco74(m): 11:58pm On May 03, 2007
seun it sounds to me u either have verbal diarrhoea or lack basic understanding of english words like respect and patience??!!next time i suggest u think b4 making such comments ok?
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by Nobody: 2:02am On May 04, 2007
I work as a wife.
Now that is a job I won't trade for anything even though the paycheck is zero,I'm happy and so is he.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by Dreloaded(f): 2:21am On May 04, 2007
@ osisi is that all you do? it pays oh, at least folk believe stay at home mums deserve $130,000 for their work wink

I currently work as a Research Assistant, under my M.Sc. program. I'm in charge of a project to develop an inexpensive method to sequester CO2 from exhaust gases from coal power plants to slow down global warming. I hope to work in environmental services/oil and gas after though.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by Nobody: 2:28am On May 04, 2007
actually no I have a regular paying job which I enjoy.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by Dreloaded(f): 3:49am On May 04, 2007
then do your wife job to your best then, i'm sure the hubby won't mind at allwink
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by alanbolo(m): 8:40am On May 04, 2007
@ babyosisi,  being a full time housewife is actually commendable,   U're shaping the heart of kings and queens a.k.a CEO. smiley

@bodsibobo,  got yr point and that's why I'm enjoining those who browse this tread without contributing to do so, afterall, whatever it is, it's better than being a deceiving plastic/armed/powder master. lipsrsealed
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by chinnys(f): 10:58am On May 04, 2007
trust nigerians, when it comes to "showmanship" you will find them.

even people that stock shelves in ASDA or Tesco would tell you they are Business Development Analyst. Why are we so obsessed with ego and title. we put ourselves under undue and unnecessary pressure.

and to be honest, whatever informed this thread in the first place, suggests to me a complex on the part of the initiator.

a white man wold tell you ha is a plumber, he proud of it and he stands by it. our values are just nuts and that is why we will remain where we are.

are we suggesting there is no carer or cleaner or support worker in this house? , but they have all suddenly fizzled into oblivion in the face of the "project Consultants", the " busineess consultants", the " Nuclear Astrophysicist", the "insetment startegist

I don't seem to believe that the problem has to do wit our values or ego but poverty mentality. How many cleaner or support worker can afford internet access in his house or rather have the time to browse.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by alanbolo(m): 4:58pm On May 04, 2007
@ chinnys, true talk - another way to view the responses.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by Seun(m): 7:58pm On May 04, 2007
The question is "can you describe your job"?
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by yicob(m): 7:08pm On May 05, 2007
Not searching for a work though because i presently work as a freelance and i know 90% of my qualifications have to do with academics. so watch out i might become a Professor of Business Education tomorrow. My main concern of restarting this thread is just to know how those of us that hold big posts in coys can be of benefit to an online brothers and sisters here who are busy mending there shoes in order to atend thousands of interviews!
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by iphiedial(f): 7:20pm On May 09, 2007
I work as an Admin Supervisor in a pharmaceutical company. Not that stressful but the pay is not much. Looking for a better one. Wouldn't mind NLNG u know. Contact me on iphiedial@yahoo.com if u've got anything 4 me. grin grin tongue
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by minute(f): 11:35pm On May 09, 2007
I have 3 jobs,2 of them the easiest job one cld possibly get_care giver,and what do i do there?sit and tend to mentally fragile kids- asleep most the time,(i take advantage of that time to study)good pay if u ask mii lol.my third job is @ SEARS-basically im known as a bitch there cos i get all the customers-all u gotta do is smile and say a lot of nice things,cld be aggressive @ times,but as long as u know what u talkn about whooooooooooola they are all urs. no big deal.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by peteroby(m): 2:05pm On May 12, 2007
iam a security Expert, we provide close protection/Bodyguarding,risk assessment,due diligence, Event security,investigations, financial investigations and Escost services

i really love my job although is all about taking risks.but for one to live one will nearly die.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by Seun(m): 10:09pm On May 12, 2007
but for one to live one will nearly die.
Classic quote. It's up to you to take precautions, I guess. Good luck!
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by blasterman(m): 10:17am On May 17, 2007
My job is in the construction industry as a site engineer . I basically supervise and inspect offshore structures construction.Foremostly with there foundations
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by tayoslim: 12:56pm On May 17, 2007
i like what am doing right now, though it 's a little stressful and tedious. i use to travel around the state dat am working. so am always on the move! am faced with different type of challenges everyday which does not make it boring. i working with Glaxosmithkline consumer Nig.Plc.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by spora(m): 7:52pm On May 17, 2007
I am the Business Manager of my company. An IT stuff. I honestly do the job of four persons. I am in charge of all Admins and operations, make sure the company meets her target and research new business opportunities. I do 8-8. But man must whak! No complain. But at times flesh can be weak!
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by YomiDare: 10:37pm On May 17, 2007
I work in telecom. Customer services. Pay is good but job is so damn boring. I left a job a like so much to come to this place now all I do is is try to be nice to sometimes unreasonable, arrogant, semi-literate customers.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by Seun(m): 11:16pm On May 17, 2007
It seems as if you don't respect your customers. Too bad they are the ones paying your salary.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by Nobody: 1:31pm On May 18, 2007
I started in the UK as a farm worker despite having a degree from UI. From there I progessed ( grin ) to a chicken factory worker and then to a postgraduate student ( embarassed ) after which I got my first IT Job.

Today I am a network engineer for a finance company here in the UK and manage their MPLS and LAN infrastructure as part of a team.

There is a big difference between the managers here and those in Nigeria.

I call my manager by his fisrt name , we have a friendly chat and sometimes we tease each other.

In Nigeria the managers are small gods who want to be worshiped.

If I come back to Naija one day I will initiate the replacement of pride, too much unearned respect, laziness and a non chalant attitude with humility, professionalism, earned respect and efficiency at the work place.

Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by Wallie(m): 1:33am On Jul 03, 2008
I’m a Systems Engineer for a very big high tech company. I work in a very specialized field that has to do with RF (radar).

I’ll explain what I do by way of example. If you look at airport radar, like the type at the airport, it has the ability to do the following distinct functions:
1. Scan the horizon (azimuth and elevation) for airplanes
2. Track an airplane once detected
3. Calibrate the radar to some known state
4. Built-In-Test

In order for the radar to carry out all this separate functions, they have to go into that mode (function). At times I write the software modes or verify “somehow” that the mode is working or could work with the hardware (integration). I think in terms of substance or fundamental principles of science, my work will be similar to the engineers that build/design the equipments/methods that Mobile Phone Company uses in transmitting or receiving RF energy (voice) – that includes cell tower, base stations and even most aspects of a cell phone.

I love what I do and it has been extremely rewarding both financially and intellectually. I think I was born to be an engineer and it shows in my curiosity for anything technical.

But I will be changing my career soon and becoming an Attorney, a Patent Attorney. As a Patent Attorney, I will still be in contact with leading edge technology because I’ll need to write patent disclosures but I think no matter what I do for a living, I will always be an entrepreneur and an engineer. I just hope I don't get bored with all the writing!
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by kachikapor(m): 7:16am On Jul 03, 2008
Been going thru this thread and I must say that I am quite impressed with what our 9jas are up to, gives us hope for the not-too-distant future. However, my grouch is with peeps who really think most Nigerians lie and embellish the truth about their careers. please if yu have a problem with seeing peeps who are proud of what they do, Kindly stay out of this thread (from every indication, yu just might be the one exaggerating) undecided
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by aderonke12: 12:18pm On Jul 03, 2008
hi seun,this is ditrected to you. My name is mariam nd mass comm graduate with a very good grade. I am also very good in learning and very snart and articulate.I am tired of searching for job every where.Can you help out. I ampresently working in an advertising company but need something better. I finished from Unijos with a 2.1in mass comm.You can mail me on aderonke12@yahoo.com.Thanks as i await ur reply. Worried Mariam.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by chykolisis(f): 12:40pm On Jul 07, 2008
I work as a client services personnel,but i find my work not challenging enuf,because of the kind of company i work with,I have great potentials which have nt being tapped I am in dare need of a better job.I am nw training with new horizons on Oracle 10g.I cant wait to leave my present job 4 a better paid and more challenging and profitable organization,If I am nt growing then I am gone, seun help me.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by okoomoge2(m): 10:07am On Jul 08, 2008
I am a subsea pipeline Engineer who is involved with the design of subsea hardware,Pipelines( Flowline and Truck lines) and Risers( SCR,Hybrid).
I love my job greatly coz it brings out the best in me but keeps me glued to my computer 24/7 -365. Reading Codes/ standards and company's spec has become an hobby by choice for me to be abreast of latest changes to design approach.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by showstopa: 8:18am On Jul 09, 2008
My own job sef na die.
i do everything
customer service, marketing, cost control, credit analysis,
i just get paid for being a marketer though
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by folabim(f): 9:10am On Jul 09, 2008
I work for a Pipe coating company in Onne as HSE Documentation Administrator. My work is a bit challenging because I'm always preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports. Due to the nature of HSE, I maintain databases, prepare materials for training of personnel, maintain a superb filing system, preparing Risk Assessment & JP, Secretary to Safety Leadership Team etc. But I really do enjoy what I do and it keeps me on my toes. The pay isn't that fantastic but half bread is better than none.
Re: Can You Describe Your Job? by ade2kay(m): 2:41pm On Jul 09, 2008
I work as a computer programmer in one of the leading state universities in Nigeria.
I develop web applications and desktop software and maintain the existing web applications, generate reports from the web applications' databases and monitor the applications databases for inconsistencies.

I used to love the job when i had to develop software all alone and unrealistic deadlines.

But the job has become so monotonous now that almost everything is running smoothly, that at times i feel like resigning and just sitting at home to read, but i have been advised severally against it as there are thousands waiting to take this job.

Big ups to our jand brothers and sis, thanks for giving us hope that we can also get there.

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