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Penance by Apollux(m): 2:30pm On Jan 08, 2019
Hi guys, welcome to my new work. Hope you will have fun going through this journey with me.
Now where do I start with Penance? Penance has been a character in my mind for close to fifteen years now if not more than. I had envisioned him as a comic book character. Well I use to draw comic books in my days in primary five and six. That is why you will notice Penance having some extra human enhancements that may look like super powers.

To understand how Penance is, just envisioned the fusion of Frank Castle, the Punisher in Marvel comics with Slade Wilson, Deathstroke of the DC comics. I chose Punisher for Penance's motivation and Deathstroke for his enhancements. As PENANCE has similar enchantments as that of Deathstroke. But for his appearance, you will have to imaging Spider-Man in his black Alien suit (which turned out to be Venom later) without the spider icon on the chest of course. Or a less known comic character called Backlash, formally of Image comics. So that is all I can say for now about Penance appearance and costume.

I intend to change my writing style a bit with this work. You guys are used to my straight forward direct method of writing. Well I want to make a slight modification here and try a style of writing I totally hate in novels. A forward and backwards kind of flashbacks. Let me see how it will work here. If it doesn't, well I may just dump it at the middle of the story.
I also intend to try a little bit of more characterization here and narratives than action but if you crave action, this story promises not to disappoint.
I hope you guys get to love Penance as you have loved Marvel and Jarael.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 2:34pm On Jan 08, 2019
© Copyright 2019
All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into any retrieval system or transmitted in any form or any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, screen shooting, screen grabbing, recording or otherwise) in part or whole without the express written permission of the author. Contact dapollux@gmail.com.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, past or present is entirely coincidental.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 2:36pm On Jan 08, 2019
Here are my book covers for now. I have several designs but couldn't really decide on the best one so I randomly selected these two.

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Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 2:45pm On Jan 08, 2019
I'm sorry if I couldn't mention you, please it was an oversight.

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Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 2:50pm On Jan 08, 2019

Chapter One

Whoever said life is beautiful
was never alive.


11.57pm EST
A harsh moon glared down with cold pale light over moving dark clouds racing at fast paces behind which lay an indigo black sky populated by stars with their twinkling lights shining as if shying away from the brighter lunar neighbor of the heavens. The reflection of the moonlight was disrupted by the unsteady surface of the dark water, breaking the image of the perfect circle of the full moon into tiny pieces of refracted points of light. On the foreground of the slowly churning water, lies the New York harbor built around the part where the long Hudson River flows into the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast. Far off into the distance of the river is hundreds of pinpoints of lights dangling over the silhouette shoreline of the New Jersey coastal docks.

The New York harbor is a wide place encompassing several kilometers of docks and piers where ships, barges and boats are regularly involved in maritime activities. Huge towering cranes stands over all other structures like silent steel sentinels , with lights hanging on the metal rungs of their makeups. . Hundreds and thousands of corten steel containers were stacked in a long line by the sides and high enough to compete with the cranes for the highest standing objects . Silent trucks with forklifts are dotting the open grounds before several quays along the waters of both the Atlantic and the Hudson.

On one of the numerous privately own dock yard existing along the harbor, the usual activities that takes place at this time of the night were none existing. The pier lays empty except for a silent barge that is anchored at the quay opposite the dock. Most of the containers had been moved out of the way earlier that day , stacked and arranged further backwards to the west and east sides of this particular dock, close to the hurricane fences that marked its perimeter . Three forklifts stayed silently waiting before one of the rectangular shaped warehouses built on the wide floors of the dock. The usual private security firm operatives that were employed to patrol the dock have all been told to take the night off. Same with the union laborers, the staff and executives of the dock who might have businesses to conduct within the premises that night. All had been given the night off and the workers had gladly obliged rather happy to have officially skipped the night’s work. Landlink Logistics, the owner of this private dock, is always a very busy place and workers employed tend to really sweat for their income. So the official exempt from work tonight was greeted with much relief and gladness.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 2:56pm On Jan 08, 2019
Despite the free night off given to all the workers of Landlink Logistics, the dock wasn’t empty of people. In place of the uniformed security watchmen that patrol the dock at night are hard eyed men in civilian clothes all carrying various types of assault rifles on shoulder slings. At the metal mesh gate leading to the dock are two men holding on to AK 47 rifles, wearing windbreakers and eyes watching keenly on the wide road leading to the gate as they slowing take turns at pacing the entrance. Other similarly armed men moved around the open floor of the dock, the bright halogen lamps hung on high poles illuminating and creating varying shades of shadows around them. The three parked forklifts were not empty, but have men sitting at their wheels, armed with short muzzled submachine guns, quietly waiting.

At first it started like a low hum but soon the quiet surrounding of the dock was split apart by the roaring sound of a diesel engine eighteen wheeler semi trailer truck. The semi truck was burdened with the weight of a loaded forty feet container it was pulling behind . As it approached the manned gate of the dock having its full pointer bright with light, one of the armed men at the gate signal to the truck with a bright flashlight to slow down knowing that’s what they had all been waiting for. The man spoke into a walkie-talkie to another armed man sitting at the security booth on the other side of the gate. He responded by activating the controls and the gate slides apart at the middle allowing the semi truck to go in. Just behind the semi truck, came a black colored Dodge SUV, following the vehicle into the dock as the gate began to close.

The semi truck’s low purring turned into spurts of loud roar as it turned slowly within the dock’s ground, navigating expertly it positioned itself with the rear few meters from the open doors of one of the warehouse then the driver killed the engine but remained behind the wheel. He was a heavy set man with bulging stomach, bushy eyebrows and jaws with dark brown colored hairs which also extended to every part of his body. He was putting on a lumberjack checked shirt of red, dark green and brown, with sleeves rolled half way up his lower arm. The shirt was worn over a lee denim pants. He pulled out a Marlboro white and red colored cigarette pack, stuck a stick of it to his mouth, lit it with a lighter then blew a cloud of smoke as he looked out of the door of his truck watching as the Dodge SUV came to a stop beside his truck.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 3:01pm On Jan 08, 2019
Three of the doors of the SUV opened at once except that of the driver. Four men all on blazer suits came out of the door. Three of them looked tall and muscle bound cradling submachine guns in their hands. The fourth one was on a pinstripe dark blue suit with a white silk shirt underneath having a high neck collar with yellow dotted red tie. He walked directly to the open warehouse door trailed by the three other men. His hair was dark, slick shiny and combed backwards giving his angular face a more severe look that his well trimmed mustache could do nothing to elevate. Just before he got to the warehouse door, a man came out with hands outstretched both sides in a greeting.

“Hey ya’ consigliere, it’s such a nice thing to see you here at such an ungodly hour. “ the new comer said as he approached the coming men.
He was blonde of hair and beard with trimmed mustache. He was putting on a starched checked shirt tucked in to a tight denim jeans with classic cowboy alligator skin boots. A cream colored Stetson hung on his head with a smoking cigarette dangling on one lip.
“Bill, “ the man on the pinstriped suit simply said as he came to a stop as he shook the offered hand from Bill in a shake. “How’s New York’s weather treating you as compared to the one down south? “

Bill was accompanied by two other men too, dressed similarly holding bolt action Remington rifles and also having hats on their heads too.
“A mite too cold for my liking, but I’d live. “ Bill said jovially as he led the consigliere to the warehouse. “ I’m not totally a hillbilly boy despite my appearance and mannerisms. Like you know I have been to several big cities lots of times. “
Re: Penance by tunjilomo(m): 3:20pm On Jan 08, 2019
Following. I am sure I will enjoy this one too.
Re: Penance by zelaws: 4:12pm On Jan 08, 2019
What a cool way to start the year!
popcorn in hand.

Apollux oya na

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Re: Penance by KimberlyWest(f): 4:21pm On Jan 08, 2019
My name is not there o but I sha came early.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:33pm On Jan 08, 2019
My name is not there o but I sha came early.
I'm sorry jare. Noted. From now on ur name will be among the 1st in my list. grin
Re: Penance by Silensa(m): 4:56pm On Jan 08, 2019
Thank you for the mention Apollux, you never disappoint.
I am already in the front seat with Ann2012 who doesn't know that we are now in 2019, and LightQueen who have decided to be a thorn in my phone.
Plz who is in charge of gala and lacasera cos I am famished.

The first cover as I said before is more mature. Thanks again

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Re: Penance by Cylovee(f): 5:12pm On Jan 08, 2019
first cover dear... nice story
Re: Penance by Ofez(m): 5:49pm On Jan 08, 2019
bless u for the mention, nice work keep it up
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 9:42pm On Jan 08, 2019
Getting into the warehouse, a wide space has been cleared within it. Several boxes had been properly arranged far back, with wooden pallets stacked further away. Drums had been put on pallets and arranged on each other. The concrete floor of the warehouse has been picked clean as much as possible with the pallet trucks used to have moved some of the arranged boxes lying idle for the moment . Overhead on the metal rungs forming the roofing are hanging bright lights giving the interior all the bright lighting the place will ever need. Further backwards beyond the arrangement of the goods cleared to make space for the expected cargo, shows the warehouse is much bigger and longer than what one is made to believe at first sight. Long lines of metal racks took up the place with metal pillars at fixed regular intervals.

Stopping for a while with his left thumb pointing over his left shoulder at the open doorway of the warehouse at the parked semi truck, Bill asked. “ So consigliere Diogini Lorenzo any difficulty locating the merchandize? “
“No Bill. The truck was exactly where you said we are going to meet it. “ Lorenzo answered taking a careful look at the arrangement of things within the warehouse with careful attention at the security setup.

He wasn’t expecting trouble tonight but it never hurts to be always prepared. He noticed that at two points on the steel frames below the corrugated roof are two snipers armed with rifles. Then six other men, besides the two that had accompanied Bill, were in the warehouse watching everything carefully, armed with assorted types of weapons from sawed-off shotguns to wooden butt rifles and huge looking. 357 magnum revolvers. Well Bill has always shown himself to be efficient and capable in arranging and handling of things.

He is always a reliable hand his boss, the Don, count on for heavy lifting like they have tonight. This cargo is such an important one that the Don had sent him to personally oversee its movement and delivery. A lot of money and PR is hanging on the success of this transaction. Their clients are foreigners with loaded money bags that are big enough to draw and hold the Don’s attention. So no amount of excuses will justify any screw-up, not even if the moon were to fall to the earth. That brought a smile to his face. The three men behind Lorenzo immediately tensed as Bill drew close to the consigliere to whisper in his ears but they relaxed just a bit as they saw what was happening, still their index fingers never moved away from the trigger guards of their weapons.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 9:47pm On Jan 08, 2019
“I was thinking the big boss wanted to show up tonight and handle this whole thing himself. Considering how much clout he placed behind this deal and the high value of our customers. Or so I heard “
“A last minute change in plans . He had an emergency meeting to attend to this night. “ Still whispering back to Bill, he assumed a conspiratory form. “Besides the boss said he doesn’t like how they smell. According to his words, they all smell like rotten garlic and wet putrid mud.”

Bill barked out with a sudden laugh as he threw the stub of his cigarette on the ground crushing it with his boot’s toe. Pulling out a pack from his front pocket, he drew out a fresh cigarette, lit it with a lighter and blew smoke out of his mouth. He didn’t offer the consigliere any because he knew Lorenzo doesn’t smoke.
“Straight hand I can guess that the always smelling garlic refers to our friends from the middle east. But does that leave the putrid wet mud for our friends southward across the Atlantic? “ chuckling he dragged on the cigarette a while.

Joining in the laugh Lorenzo responded. “Well they may stink but they surely have enough money to get the deserved attention and respect. “
Still laughing, Bill added. “Of course the Don takes all money stinking or not. “
Just then the cell phone on Bill’s back pocket buzzed. He took it without looking at the screen as he spoke into it. After a terse conversation, he dropped the call and turned to the man on the pinstriped suit.

“ One of our guest is here, “ So saying, he turned to the entrance of the warehouse, issuing orders which were immediately obeyed. The three forklift hummed to life as the driver of the semi truck dropped from the vehicle, went to the back and opened the lock on the door of the container. A short ramp was pulled out and connected to the opened container by some of the armed men standing around and the forklifts took turns to drive into the container, lifting up green colored metal crates with white writings on their backs and taking them into the warehouse and arranging them in order on pallets already preset by the men inside . As they worked, bright headlights shone into the dock yard from the gate area.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 9:56pm On Jan 08, 2019
The headlights slowed to a stop few feet beside the parked Dodge. The vehicle with the headlights turned out to be a Mercedes Maybeach S600 Pullman limo having a champagne gold color. With a little more observation, Bill noticed this was the 5.6 tone weight bullet proof guard version which cost in excess of 1.4 million US dollars. That car is a beast tank on wheels yet with full luxury capacity. He smiled broadly impressed taking a side look at the Don’s right hand man who was maintaining an impassive facial expression. But the suited bodyguards of the consigliere and the casually dressed ones with him came to form a protective wall behind them, all hands holding their weapons at the ready.

Headlights winked out as the limo came to a stop. The twin back doors opened and three men got out all on suits with red and white checked keffiyeh covering their heads held in place by slim black agai. They were all on black identical suits with white shirts but no ties. Their facial features shows them to be middle easterners with will trimmed mustache and beards. Three pairs of hard eyes looked around the environment, resting a while on the armed men surrounding the place. Their hands held three Uzi submachine guns.

After a while, one of them bent down and spoke to someone inside the limo. Just then the door on the shotgun side of the limo opened and an older man with brown and gray hair stepped out holding a slim metallic briefcase. He was on a suit too but a faded brown colored one with a flowery designed brown themed tie. Though he has a middle eastern look he wasn’t putting on any of their identifying accompaniment. He walked briskly to the standing men, extending his hand in greeting.

“Consigliere Diogini Lorenzo, Mr. Bill, so nice to see you. “ He said in a cultured unaccented English.
“Yarub Ibn Fakhr, you are most welcome. “ Lorenzo welcomed the middle easterner then turned with a questing facial expression. “I thought your boss will be gracing this occasion? “
“Yes, he is here. We are only making sure things are alright before he steps in. “ Fakhr replied and with a look backwards, he gave a sign and another one of the middle eastern bodyguards spoke to someone still in the limo.

Another man stepped out of the limo’s open back door. He was small statured and slim. Was wearing a white on white suit with white shirt. He had on a gold colored tie with a golden Rolex wristwatch. His soft soled shoes were white also. Over his head was a plain white keffiyeh held in place by an agai too. He smiled after coming down from the car, walked to the two men facing him.
“Hope we are ready for business? “ he asked with an Arab accented English, standing by the side of Fakhr, his body exuding pungent smell of offensive perfume.
Bill wrinkled his noise unnoticed as the consigliere answered the question instead . “ Mr Umar Ibn Malik, all is ready, we can start soon. We are just waiting for one more person. “
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 10:05pm On Jan 08, 2019
“The Don? “ Malik asked as his small face squeezed into a grimace. “I called him while on my way, he told me he won’t be present but you, consigliere has been delegated to handle every aspect of the transaction. “
“That is correct, Mr. Malik. However the person we are waiting for is also a part of this transaction. “
While they were speaking, Bill’s cell phone had buzzed again and he picked the call speaking briefly into the phone. As he dropped the call, he looked up nodding slowly to the consigliere. Just then a distant hooded boom sounded from the gate area as another pair of headlights shone into the compound.

As the lights got closer the boom sounds became a steady rhythm of a bass line. When the lights went out it showed a white colored Cadillac Escalade from which the boom sounds was emanating. As the four doors opened the boom sounds increased considerably. It is an old rap music of the 90s, one of Tupac Shakur’s popular piece titled “Till the end of time”. Five men in all stepped out of the vehicle, all blacks and three of them holding weapons on their hands openly. The three armed men were on black leather jackets, over long t-shirts that dropped down further than the hem of jackets with baggy jeans sagging on their waist lines .

They had white canvas shoes on their feet. One of the three men was built like a bear, huge, tall and fat. His jaw is covered with black bushy beard. He was holding a huge sized Heckler & Koch HK33 rifle which felt like a small piece in his massive hands. The other two were both carrying HK mp5. One of the remaining two was dress in a satin green high collar shirt over a milk colored plain trousers with black shoes. He was having a Glock 17 tucked in his waist line and carrying a huge sport bag that appeared to be heavy.

The last of the Negros was putting on a gold colored flashing yellow jacket over a white t-shirt and jeans. A white ankle length canvas shoes covered his feet. Multiple heavy gold chains hung on his neck with wide blinking medallions. His fingers were covered with huge gold rings. He also tucked a handgun in his belt, a browning Hi power pistol. On his head was a face cap and dark glasses covered his eyes. A low carved beard went from the front of his ears to end at his chin. He was also carrying a smaller sport bag. He stopped a while as the three armed men flanked the two of them, his face beneath the glasses appeared displeased as he spoke to his colleague putting on the green shirt but his words were dawned by the heavy hip-hop sounds blasting from the Escalade mono speakers.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 10:14pm On Jan 08, 2019
Bill turned to the consigliere, a bemused smile on his face. He whispered quietly. “Who the hell are these and where do they come from? All I can guess is that they are from beyond the Atlantic. But where exactly? “
Trying his best to keep a straight face, the consigliere responded. “The one on green is Ola Badmus. His full name is too long and unpronounceable. He has spent few years here in the states. He was our middle man to the man on blinks. The blink man is Chukwuma Ukwachi, I doubt I pronounced that correctly. He is from West Africa. “

“West Africa? Where’s that? Is it like a country? “ Bill asked.
“No. Africa is actually a continent. “
“Yea, I know that. Was thinking if it was like South Africa, you know. “
“Alright then. West Africa is made up of several third world countries. Our guest is from Nigeria. “ Chuckling, Lorenzo continued. “If you want to believe it, the most popular black nation on earth. “
“Nigeria… Nigeria... “Bill mentioned the name like an inward recitation. “I must have heard that name once or twice. Isn’t that the area folks associated with advance-fee scams, you know, the 419 escapades? “

“419 is way in the past, things have progressed way beyond that now. “ Putting on his professional demeanor, he added before moving to greet his West African customer. “Though Nigeria is regarded as a poor third world country, yet some of its citizens are wealthy beyond belief. Ola, the one on green owns a set of condos in Miami. Same with his colleague. He came in to the country on an expensive chartered private jet. We may not like them but their money speaks well on their behalf. Besides the Don is hoping to use him as a reliable channel of supply to funnel a coke pipeline down his home base. A country of almost a hundred and eighty million people is too big a tempting market to ignore . “

Walking forward, the consigliere offered his hand to the man on green. “Mr. Ola, “ he said in a manner of greeting and turning to the other man, he said. “Mr. Ukwachi, I believe. I apologize for any mispronunciation. “
After taking the offered hand, the one called Ukwachi turned to speak with Ola. His voice sounding heavily accented and his language was a strange kind of broken English that was difficult to understand.
“Wetin all these Abduls dey do here? “ Ukwachi jutted his jaw towards the standing middle easterners. “Me no dey like do deals with Arabs o. Those guys dey mad well. Them fit carry bomb for body as them stand there so. “
Ola laughed trying to placate his friend. “I no sure say this ones dem be like that. Those ones wey dey bomb themselves na the poor ones. These ones them get money. “
Re: Penance by HORLADSTAR(m): 10:56pm On Jan 08, 2019
fire dey go, Mr apollux. I dey gbadun you jaree
Re: Penance by tunjilomo(m): 8:06am On Jan 09, 2019
Ha, ha. That pidgin na something.
Re: Penance by Silensa(m): 8:44am On Jan 09, 2019
Actually laughing out loud at the pidgin English.
Thanks Oga Apollux.
The intro is already tensed and suspense filled.
Re: Penance by tahir01(m): 8:52am On Jan 09, 2019
Thanks for the mention. Great story line. loving the naija character.
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 1:55pm On Jan 09, 2019
It's really a pleasure to read your work anyday,anytime or anywhere.
Thanks alot for mentioning mhe bro.
Also i've watched The Punisher and I know Deathstroke(Slade Wilson in ARROW) too so i know this Penance is gonna be a "threadbuster".
I remain your number 1 fan bro.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 6:24pm On Jan 09, 2019
Guys I just did a modification on the start of the story. That quote was supposed to be there before the beginning of the story. I forget when I started. So I just inserted it today. Check it out.
Sounds too dark right? grin

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Re: Penance by rockhillz(m): 8:55pm On Jan 09, 2019
Making sense......Thanks for the Mention sir.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 8:35pm On Jan 10, 2019
Lorenzo, though acted nonchalant, his ears were wide open to the exchange. Apart from a single familiar English word, he has no idea what was being said,. The only thing that prickled his ears was the word “Bomb”. Are they afraid of a bomb been somewhere in the premises? Maybe the international reputation of Arabs as suicide bombers is getting at them.
“Excuse me Mr. Lorenzo, “ the negro on green satin shirt said. Though his speech was still slightly accented it was quite clear and understandable. “You didn’t tell me this will be a bidding deal. “ He indicated the Arabs standing close by.

“I’m sorry if that is the impression that was created, nothing is more far from the truth than that. “ Lorenzo responded putting on his professional attitude. “We have available resources to satisfy you both without any conflicts of interest whatsoever. Please come with me. “
So saying, the consigliere lead both teams of Arabs and Africans into the warehouse. The security men standing guards outside modified their arrangements, lifting their guns and getting more watchful than before.

Several yards away from the gate and entrance to Landlink Logistics, is a five story brown stone building that was a block for office spaces in its heyday but has more of empty spaces now than actual offices. It was a rectangular slab with window glasses, most of which are grime covered and broken, walls with stone surfaces peeling away. Just a single door at the floor leads into it and the side has a long line of fire escape with metal frames all brown with years of rust. No light appeared in any of the dark widows except a bright light from a lamppost before the building pointing its ray at the entrance.

Silence shrouds the place, no one seems to be around there except a single man on a security uniformed that appeared to be sleeping sitting on a single dusty chair. On the roof of the building, damaged air cycling vents covered few of the spaces, black covered wires snake around the tar covered floor of it then rusting satellite dishes and antenna poles taking the other spaces. At the edge of the part facing the distant Landlink dock a figure stood still watching.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 8:41pm On Jan 10, 2019
He was wearing a black colored skintight spandex clothing that covered every part if his body. The elastic tension of his clothing has been stretched enough that every parts and joints of his body can move in every direction with ease of movement and no hindrance from the clothing. The color scheme of the all body skintight spandex was such that it is a kind of camouflage, a perfect blend into shadows and dark areas. His feet is covered in the same black spandex material with the sole having very flexible rubber covering. His hands are covered in a black wrist length hand glove. A black rubber chronometer is wrapped on his right wrist, a smart watch showing dim colored digital display.

His head is covered in the same spandex material too, totally hiding his face except for two triangle slits for the eyes which were covered with a white one way see-through reinforced optical view Plexiglas. It allows him to see through the black mask covering his face but none can see his eyes. Though bis mouth and nose are totally covered by the spandex material on his face, breathing isn’t a problem, as the area covering his nose and mouth has a bit more elastic and micro holes that make breathing possible and easy. Because of his clothing, it was hard to distinguish his features among the darkness of the roof of the brownstone building. He didn’t even form a silhouette before the blinking stars of the night sky.

He refers to himself by a new name PENANCE, as it is all that is relevance to all he has to do starting from tonight. His real name will be of no significance from this moment on. Though the events taking place at the dock were far from him, yet his sights are enhanced to be both telescopic and see in the dark. He called it the eagle sight. Despite the distance, he could pick out individual persons. He saw the two armed men before the gate, the single one in the guard booth at the gate controls. The few men patrolling the dock's compound. Besides these, the one who calls himself Penance had already noticed two snipers positioned at two elevated areas where they can see the gate fully and be able to do a cross fire on any hostiles either coming out of the dock or intending to forcefully gain entrance. That is a very good high ground to take out enemy forces. So they will have to be the ones he will take out first.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 8:58pm On Jan 10, 2019
Penance had staked out this place for hours, at the start of dusk. He knew of the deal going down this night here at the dock and he intends to put an end to it. He had watched the truck bring in the merchandize. Had seen the coming in of the buyers. He was disappointed that the Don himself had not been present, but that won’t be a serious problem. He can always get around to dealing with him later. At least his right-hand man, the consigliere is personally overseeing the transaction and Bill also, their most prominent go get man. Both of them will be enough to send his message of terror to the Don.

Turning his sights elsewhere, his eyes penetrated the gloom and his saw a spotter. The spotter was on a high vantage point to observe what is going on in the dock. Despite the distance, Penance could see him clearly by his eagle sight. Further investigation showed the spotter has just a binoculars with him, with night sight capabilities no doubt. He was armed, but lightly, just a hand gun kept in a waist holster. He was having a cell phone with him. The spotter doesn’t look like a policeman or any law enforcement person. And he doesn’t look like one placed over there by the people in the dock tonight to watch over them.

This may be just a third party hired to watch over the proceedings of tonight and report back to his employer, most probably the Don. Well Penance hopes the spotter is taking full notes because he wants the Don to know what really will go down tonight. So the spotter is removed from the list of his targets tonight. At first Penance will have to take out the two snipers before he gets to the ground and really kicks off the party.

Not really expecting massive resistance, Penance came armed light. He has his berretta APX on a shoulder holster by his left breast . A utility belt fastened to his waist carries extra magazines for the berretta and the second hand gun he carries. The massive desert eagle hand cannon .44 magnum is on a specially designed holster tied to his right thigh with other magazine pouches wrapping the other parts of the thigh. Just below the knee, on his left leg, is a sheath housing a black blade double edge combat knife without any reflective part.

For his major offensive weapon, he came armed with the Heckler & Koch mp7. A personal defensive weapon built to meet with the NATO requirements, it is a weapon that both meet the needs of an assault rifle and a submachine gun without compromising much on their strengths. It is extremely lightweight and the compact form makes it one of the best weapon to use in an enclosed Chambered for the 4.6x30mm cartridges and has enough penetrating power to do damages at close range with its more than 700m/s muzzle velocity and 200m effective range. For the kind of close quarters fighting Penance had in mind for tonight, this light weight submachine gun has no better rival . He loaded it with a 40 round box magazine with spare clips on his utility belt and thigh pouches. Using a sniper rifle would have been more efficient in taking out the two snipers and the guards outside the warehouse but it will not have the personal touch Penance intend using tonight.

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Re: Penance by Damibiz(m): 7:23am On Jan 11, 2019
Penance..i love the title,keep it coming
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 8:00am On Jan 11, 2019
wow. It's making sense already. This Penance own go pass Marvel own ooh.
Re: Penance by JohnGainsville(m): 8:15am On Jan 11, 2019
I am with you on this one Apollux. Ride on

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