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Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 2:10pm On Feb 06
He was saddened seeing his consigliere this weak and vulnerable on a hospital bed. Lorenzo has always been strong. They had been together right from the days they had started as street thugs. Lorenzo has always been his staunchest supporter. They had joined the mob together and grew through the ranks. When he had left to set up his own family, Lorenzo had joined him naturally. And the consigliere has sown himself always loyal without too much ambitions. It’s the closest thing the Don has to a friend or trusted ally. But in this business you can’t keep long standing friend or trust someone too much, it interfere with business and gets in the way of you doing what needs to be done. Lorenzo has been the only exception he knows . He saw the eyes of the bed ridden man flutter. That means he is conscious and time to get some answers.

“Glad to see you made it out of there alive, consigliere. “ Nestore had decided to use his official name to create the impression that this is not a social call but a business visit.
“Boss we were attacked. “ Lorenzo seem to catch on to that and replied by giving the information as soon as he can despite the difficulty he had of speaking well. His chest felt like it’s burning and his throat parched. “I’m sorry boss but there was nothing we could do. It happened too quickly. And Bill got whacked right before my eyes. I’m really sorry about this boss. “

It would have sounded really lame had it come from any other person but Lorenzo. He knows the consigliere is a dedicated man so whatever he said happened, happened that way. The death of Bill is a serious blow to him. Bill has been the man he had used to open up a new territory down south and it had worked. Products were been shipped up here from there which had expanded his market share immensely. Bill also had deep connections for his weapons deal. With Bill on his team, there was no shortage of hardware both for use and sale.

His lose will be felt greatly and a fool who thought to weaken him decided to take out Bill. That shows one thing, that who ever ordered this hit knows about his family business structure enough to know that taking out Bill will hurt his business.
“Don’t worry about that Lorenzo, I know you did your best. Just happy you are alive to supply me with information about who did this. “ The Don took his time, pulled an empty chair close by to him and bending his face close to the slowly breathing man. “Any idea who are those who did this? “
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 2:18pm On Feb 06
Lorenzo’s eyes seems to loose focus for a while as if lost in thought, which got the Don worried that he might be passing out. “It was just one man. “
“One man? That’s not possible considering the amount of damage done. “ The Don almost screamed.
“Believe me boss, I’m sure, it was just a man. I saw him clearly. “ Lorenzo tried raising his head for emphasis but it was an impossible task. “I saw him when the light came on after it went off. I saw him standing there as if he was a ghost, but he was not though he might have moved like one. I saw him with guns, he shoots and with each of his shot one of us went down. “

“I’m not doubting you saw a man. There are others who were with him, maybe hidden in the darkness. Like you said the light went off and came on again. They may have supported him then. “ Nestore hates second guessing the consigliere like this but what he is saying makes no sense. “There are others there you didn’t see, trust me on that. “
“It was just a man. “ Lorenzo insisted weakly as if he didn’t hear what was said. “He came to me with a message for you. “

“Who is he and what message did he bring? “ the Don was almost skeptical and would have chuckled too if not for the gravity of the situation.
“He called himself Penance. He said he is coming for you, he will make you pay. “
“Penance? What kind of name is that? “ The head of the Nazzareno family scoffed despite himself. “Did you see his face? Can you describe him? “
“No boss, his face was covered. All his body was covered. Even his eyes were covered with a kind of white goggles. Boss he is a dangerous one. “

Nestore sat there for a long time, his hands clasped together under his chin as he considered what everything he has heard portents. He has known Lorenzo for years, he is not a one to exaggerates nor lie about an issue to save his skin . So if things really happened the way he just described, the Don might not be preparing for an offensive but to defend and stay alive. But what the consigliere just said is preposterous. Unless…no that is not possible. The chances are too remote for that to happen to him. But what if… The heavy implications of that thought hit him hard and the Don who doesn’t scare easily found a thin line of perspiration breaking upon his brow.

That is not even remotely possible, he thought finally but still personal investigation shouldn’t be put off. Actions need to be taken. He had lost big on this, both his southern connection and some oversea markets all gone within a night. Even if Lorenzo couldn’t give him much to work with, he has other means of ferreting things out.
When he looked up from his brooding, he saw the consigliere fallen into a deep sleep. Possibly the nurse earlier had given him a sedative which had started to take effect. The Don’s steps were no longer as confident and self assured as they were when he came in. He heads out of the room flanked by his men. Those who looked closely at him might had concluded that the change in his demeanor is as a result of the state he found his consigliere. It was impossible to imagine that the Don can be afraid.
Re: Penance by EkopSparoAyara(m): 10:30pm On Feb 06

Am with you...Thanks for the invite..
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 11:43am On Feb 07
12.48pm EST

Lieutenant Fritz Wilton had sat with the several pages of reports before his table for over thirty minutes now and still hasn’t come to a clearer understanding of what happened at the Landlink Logistics’ dock than before the reports came in. Deon had done a thorough job and had gathered everything from the coroner, ballistics and forensics then put them in an orderly file which is all in disarray at the moment. His eyes sting from lack of sleep. He hasn’t been able to sleep when he got back home. His mind was occupied about what he witnessed.

Considering that the captain had ordered him to investigate what happened there and give him reliable recommendations today has kept his mind busy. The ever faithful alarm had shrieked in his ears, cutting short his long introspections before he got out of bed. His office floor at the 88th precinct was as busy as usual. Officers , uniformed and plain clothes going about their allotted daily duties. The whole floor was filled with tables, chairs and monitors blinking with hands typing on keyboards and Xerox machines churning copies of documents. Suspects were brought in and processed, most on handcuffs, bail applications were dealt with and lawyers attended to, all marks of a regular working day at the precinct.

Talking about lawyers, he was disappointed but wasn’t surprised that before he arrived at the precinct, a mob lawyer had come in and asked for the Don’s man to be released and that happened. Well there was really nothing serious they could tie him with anyway.
What he was going to tell the captain was what was his greatest concern now. Reports from ballistics had come in and apart from those who died of knife wounds the rest were killed by gun shots with bullets that came from just two guns. The 4.6x30mm cartridge is exclusive to one type of weapon, a Heckler & Koch MP7. A close quarter fight weapon which says a lot about how the victims were killed.

The killer or killers must have been in close proximity of the fight. The other results showed that fewer of the dead died from a .44magnum bullet wounds which could have come from any number of hand guns. Evidence available will want to convince the hardlined officer that one man did all that damage. That may look all well and good on a Hollywood action movie flick, but real life events doesn’t work that way. As a pragmatic officer with years of experience behind him in the police force, his practical view is going against the evidence. That is not just the only problem he has to clear up with the captain.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 11:47am On Feb 07
In criminal investigations, it is believed that all crimes have motives. What does the available evidence points to about the motive of the attack? Nothing. It definitely wasn’t a deal gone bad, it wasn’t to steal or cart away the money, drugs and weapons. If it was a cartel war, then the place wasn’t completely burnt down. And besides it was just one target. Could someone be trying to make a statement? A supremacy tussle? He wouldn’t want a repeat of the supremacy wars years ago that ended up splitting the five boroughs of New York city among the five mafia family heads with each borough, the turf of a family and the other smaller cartels falling in line or getting kicked out.

At the end of that war, relative peace had settled on New York with just the normal day to day crime they are used to handling. So is a new crime boss trying to muscle his way in and announcing his arrival in a big way? Too many questions and no answers. This will be a job for organized crime division as they already have an ongoing investigation into the mafia family heads. Anyway he will recommend that in his report to the captain. Deon is a hard working officer and can carry on the investigations into this. He already has his contacts already in place. Well Wilton is sure the captain will hand this all over to him. Good to always have a handy hardworking officer around.

A quiet knock sounded at the door to his office. The leather backed chair didn’t give him the relaxation he expected, his body felt stiff. The knock jolted him and he took a quick look at his disorganized office, hoping that isn’t the captain standing at his door. His office is just a small cubicle, with a metal file cabinet by the right, a wooden table and of course his leather chair. Two other chairs were before him across the table. On top the table are files scattered which contains all the reports he had been going through. A waste bin was by the door, already overflowing with torn papers. A desk top system occupied the other half of his table and a telephone covered a smaller part. Unlike other police precinct arrangement, his office has total privacy so he couldn’t tell who is standing at the door. The knock came again and he called for the person to come in.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 11:54am On Feb 07
A young blonde lady stepped in through the door as it opened and she closed it back quietly. The lady wore a dark colored business suit, with a short tight fitting skirt. A high necked satin shirt was worn underneath the suit. Her blonde hair was pulled back and packed in a bum behind her head. She has a long slim face, round almond eyes with a look that screams mid twenties. She came in with a brief case, taking one of the chair before Lieutenant Wilton’s table without being invited to . Her name is agent Elaine Thillier, a DEA liaison officer to the NYPD. She had come from DC with official backing investigating a narcotics pipeline from Mexico through Florida into New York and New Jersey then from there outside the country.

She had worked with the officers down south, that is where she had met sergeant Jim and they both had come this way tracing the pipeline. She had been instrumental to the native American’s redeployment from Florida to New York. She has shown herself to be a pain in the ass that Wilton can do without. Federal agents everywhere in the country treat real hard working police officers with little respect, condescendingly as if they are better. Well Elaine isn’t any different.
“Hello Lieutenant Wilton. “ she said as her eyes bore unto the police officer’s tired face.

“Can you please drop the last name bit and just call me Fritz. We have known each other long enough to get beyond the last name habits. “ Wilton searched and saw his half empty coffee cup already too cold due to neglect. “Besides I prefer an unofficial atmosphere, it helps remove unnecessary clogs and aids efficiency. “
“If you don’t mind, I’d rather keep up with last name basis Lieutenant. “ she said adjusting a sitting position to give more room for her as she sort for a place to put her briefcase on the table. Finding none, she dropped it on the linoleum floor beside the chair she was sitting on. “That helps to keep things in perspectives and defines the boundaries of our relationships. “

“You wound me Miss Elaine. I have a daughter that is a few years shy of your age. I am a divorced man, getting entangled with a woman right now is the least of things I will be thinking of doing. “ Wilton’s eyes searched for his cigarette pack, not for any desire for a smoke, but he knows his audience hates smoking and that might just keep her away from his hair. He swore silently when he remembered that his last pack might still be in the pocket of his trench coat hung on a hook by the door.

“That’s not my reason for coming here. “ She sat up straightly her hands clasped and placed on the littered table. “From the incidents reports I got about the crime scene you were some hours ago, there seem to be a drug burst. “
“No drug burst, ma’am, “ it grilled the Lieutenant that he had been ordered from above to handle her with kid gloves. From what the captain had told him “Kiss her ass and if possible lick her crap “, so he had to act in politeness that he doesn’t feel. “We could only get destroyed residue the lab guys believe is cocaine. But we didn’t get enough of that to make a case from. “
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 12:01pm On Feb 07
“Well I believe this is part of a product trail we have been pursuing right across the border from Mexico through Miami only for it to get to the east coast and vanish totally. This is what brought me here. “
“I do sympathize, Miss Elaine, but we don’t have enough to work with. “
“Well you do now, “ the DEA agent threw a file on the table to him. “That is a report from a coast guard's arrest of a barge which is believed to be fleeing away from your crime scene. Test samples from the barge shows traces of narcotics aboard. “

“So any lead from there? “
“None yet, Lieutenant. Those arrested on board are still being interrogated. That’s why I came here. “
“Like I said earlier, we don’t have enough to tie a drug angle on this. “
“And whom are you pushing it to? “
“The Organized crime unit. There is more on this which links it to organized crime than to homicide or narcotics. “
“I beg to differ, Lieutenant. I think with my new report, we now have more to give this to my narcotic unit. “ Elaine said with a steeled voice.

Anger flared all of a sudden through Wilton but he did his best to calm his emotions. The captain expects him to cuddle this Federal agent that has been dropped into the 88th precinct’s lap. “Too late. I already recommended the Organized crime to handle the investigations. They already have an early lead.”
“Well I’m countering your recommendations. I suggest you let the narcotics take over this. The Organized crime will be duly briefed and carried along and will be given every bit of Intel they need but narcotics will head the investigation. “

“Sorry Miss, I can’t agree to that. “
After a cold smile, she looked up at the Lieutenant. “Don’t embarrass yourself, I can always go over you and have your superior give me what I want. “
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 12:08pm On Feb 07
Wilton’s face turned red. “You know what mess you, and f.uck your DEA office. F.uck all the stupid fools in Wonderland who thinks dropping you on our ass is a pretty good idea. “
The Lieutenant didn’t mind the change on the young lady’s face on his sudden outburst. He was damn tired of kissing asses. He had kissed asses enough today and he wasn’t putting his mouth on any other poo hole again. The fire service had called him, that was completely routine. Then the ATF had called him too with their own brand of federal bullshit. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the insurance company for Landlink Logistics had called too for full disclosure of all reports on the outcome of the investigations, failure to do so will make them sue the precinct. Damn and now a girl who is just a kid, who wasn’t probably born yet when he had put on the uniform is her making her own brand of threats.

“You don’t like my decision, kiss my stinking ass. I won’t change it for you nor the captain not even for the commissioner. I have had enough of your jurisdictional crap. You feds think you’re the greatest thing on God’s green earth. You come all flying down to us from your cloud floating Olympus of Washington DC and the rest of us lowly mortals will have to bow to every of your whims and worship you.
“Here’s the heads-up girl, I won’t do that. I’m tired of you federales treating hard working police officers as if they are nothing but cannon fodder to be sacrifice for the greater good of your career advancement. You want your narcotics to lead the investigations? Be my guest but it will be without the support of this precinct if I have any say in it. And if the captain forces me to do otherwise, I promise to sabotage the mission every single time. That is a promise you can take to the bank. “
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 12:13pm On Feb 07
Wilton was breathing hard and fuming, had gotten on his feet while he was talking. The agent had a shocked look on her face, mouth and eyes open wide in surprise. The Lieutenant walked to his coat on the door, pulled out his cigarette pack carefully removing a stick, as his hands were shaking, he placed it on his lips and lit it, blowing smoke from his nose to calm his agitating self.
Snapping himself back to reality, he noticed he was still sitting on his leather chair and all his outburst and bravado were all just in his mind and imagination . There’s no way he could say all that to a federal agent, that’s if he still loves his job and freedom. The federal agent has been calmly staring at him all the while he was quiet and daydreaming.

“Now Lieutenant will you give me what I want or do I go over your head? “ she asked as he shapely legs crossed over at the knees and her hands cupped together on her laps.
“You do just that. “ Wilton stood from the chair as he pushed it backwards with the legs scraping loudly on the floor. He came around behind her to the door pulling out the trench coat and checking the pocket for the cigarette pack. The pocket was empty which reminded him that he threw away the pack before getting to the precinct this morning. Damn, he needed the smoke to calm his stretched nerves. “I will only make recommendations to my superior but who will handle the case is off my hands. But if you want to pursue this case by going the drug angle, you may end up getting no headway especially as you may not have full idea of how the Organized crime families work here in New York. “

“Oh don’t worry about that, I have done my research. “ Elaine dug her hand into her bag and pulled out a laptop. Powering it up, after going through several files, she settled on one opening it. “I know that the five boroughs that makes up the New York city all have a mafia criminal family heading it. Don Nestore Nazzareno heads the mafia syndicate here in Brooklyn. Bronx is under the firm grips of Don Enzo Freddie Buccaccio. Manhattan is controlled by Don Baggio “Biggie” Gioacchino. Don Bonazzi Carrallero rules Queens and Staten Island is Don Marte “Murder” Lambertenghi’s stumping grounds . “
Re: Penance by tunjilomo(m): 2:37pm On Feb 07
OK. But the lieutenant daydreaming just got me laughing.
Re: Penance by Silensa(m): 3:21pm On Feb 07
OK. But the lieutenant daydreaming just got me laughing.
Me too.

Welcome back Apollux. Penance has really given everyone work to do
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:42pm On Feb 07
Me too.

Welcome back Apollux. Penance has really given everyone work to do
Most of us have had day dreams like that especially on days our bosses decided to be obnoxious. grin

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Re: Penance by ninihorlah: 11:38pm On Feb 07
Sir Apollux, I'm beyond thrilled to see that you have started another story. i'm a big fan of your work...well, let me start this masterpiece first
Re: Penance by Nimzzy(m): 1:51am On Feb 08
whao, this penance is really intresting. a mixture of the punisher with deathstroke with the stature of spiderman for agility is nothing but a creative wonder. his stealth too makes him more deadly...
Well done apollux. You are the real mvp, the king of sci-fi. Patiently waiting for more updates....
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:42pm On Feb 08
“Nice you are up to speed on the situation in New York city, but it takes much more than that to get a crack at what you are after. “ Wilton hid his disappointment with a shrug of his shoulder and returned back to his chair. He should have known that the fed’s girl will have access to such low level classified Intel. “The Organized crime already are way ahead at this, so let them have their way. “
“They haven’t gotten much headway except speculations that may just be nothing. “ Pushing her laptop apart, she tapped the table to emphasize her points. “With all the Organized crime has done, there’s nothing for the DEA to use. No arrest or major drug seizure. The one of last night were charred by fire and explosions. “

The Lieutenant sat down for a long time taking a while to think of the best reply and coming up with nothing only his anger threatening to blow everything up causing him to risk his job and jeopardizing the department’s already strained relationship between the DEA and the NYPD .
“ Sorry Miss Thillier, I can’t in all good conscience agree with what you are asking. “
“Then Lieutenant I will be taking this to your superior .” Elaine closed her laptop after shutting it down. Took it and the file she had dropped previously on the table and placed them carefully in her briefcase. She stood up and headed for the door.

Wilton sat down after she left, spending several minutes brooding, hating himself, his job, the city and just about everything he can think of when the phone on the table rang. He picked up the receiver and placed it on his ear.
“Fritz Wilton, in my office right now. “ the angry voice of the captain sounded at him from the phone.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:51pm On Feb 08
2.17pm EST

The heavy traffic on Broadway in Manhattan gave him a pounding headache added to the one he already had when he escaped from the dock side during the early hours just before the cops had shown up and sealed all possible exits. Driving the Lexus ES executive sedan car through the dense lines of slowly moving cars in a populated city like this may not be the hardest task he had undertaken but it’s definitely shaping to be. With a wild curse, Hank Jerrold stepped quickly on the break to prevent bashing a car that just switched lanes to his side suddenly.

Bashing the offending car won’t be a problem for him, because his insurance premium payments are up to date but the time and delay is what he can’t afford. The meeting he was going for now has been put off more than it should. There it goes again. That car switching lanes suddenly. It looks like a Toyota SUV. Well most New Yorkers in Manhattan drive as if they were just discharged from an unsuccessful brain surgery. Besides cars, the human traffic too is horrendous. What are all these people doing on the roads and streets by this time of the day? Don’t they work or have offices or home to stay in on an afternoon like this.

Hank had to slow down and stop at a red light sign and watch as a large group of people crossed the road. Soon he was on his way, driving carefully in other to avoid other likely crazy drivers. The Lexus sedan was a comfortable car and had cushion the effects this mad driving would have had on him. He hadn’t been able to sleep well since returning from the dock to the hotel room because he had to prepare a comprehensive report about what happened and make sure there is no angle he had over looked.

He hates coming to New York but he has to as his duties requires him to. What is all the rave about New York anyway? Wonder why it ended up been called the big Apple. Nothing is apple like about New York, well except to infer that this is a city where everyone tries to eat everyone else. Forget the glamor of Wallstreet or Madison Square, this is a jungle made of steel, concrete and glass. It swallows up decent folks and spew out desperados with little or no morals, that is if you didn’t die in the meantime. Washington DC is much to his liking. That is a city he understands. There are rules that guide the games in Wonderland. You learn to play by the rules and win. Even when you break the rules, there are rules guiding the breaking of rules.

He loves the politicking and lobbying that goes on there. A man with vision, passion, commitment and a load of cash can gain real power. Here in Manhattan, you don’t know what the rules are. You gain only money here when you act as the predator but you don’t get real political power. Though Hank is a predator in his own right but this is not the kind of jungle he likes to prowl in, Washington is more his style.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 5:06pm On Feb 08
Looking at the towering buildings on both sides of Broadway get pretty boring quickly and one who is used to open spaces fells really claustrophobic. Well all these are not what’s really bothering him at the moment though. Manhattan has its own beauty anyway but his present mood just tends to cloud all that in a negative light. He heads for Amsterdam avenue so he can access west 121st street from there. Taking the turn, he entered the street and just ahead was the building he was looking for. It was a building as high as any one in Manhattan, of gleaming glasses and concrete. It is the east coast headquarters of D.R.I.V.E -Directorate for Research Initiative and Virtual Enterprise.

This is the organization Hank works for and which clears his pay checks. It is a private military contractor for the U.S Department of Defense generally and other lesser departments under it like the National Security Agency (NSA), Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) and Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), their most paying customer.
As a private military contractor, they have power and influences far beyond the borders of this country. Political influences in the Whitehouse and military. They provide logistical support, train personnel on advance conventional weapons warfare and tactics. They even provide research and development areas that the DoD can fund.

The arrangement had been mutually beneficial and D.R.I.V.E has ended up been among the top private military contractors employed by the United States. At the drive way into the parking lot, Hank was stopped by unformed security men who demanded for his clearance. While that was going on an armed security guard was checking the under part of his car for possible hidden bomb and two others where leading a K-9 dog on a leash to sniff his car. He produced a security plastic card which was passed through an electronic reader. The screen of the reader showed all the security details of Hank. Clearing him.

The uniformed security had to take his time to cross check the image on the screen with that of Hank in the car. He was told to go ahead. Easing his Lexus into the big parking lot of the office building, along the exclusive space for the top ranking executives of the organization, he stepped out into the bright summer afternoon. Hank was relatively tall at 6 feet 2 inches, with the athletic build of a sports man, his early forty years doesn’t really show. He was putting on a gray colored tailored suit with a white shirt. He had on a horned rim glasses which gives his short squared face the appearance of a desk jockey which is the image he intends to portray at the moment but was way far from with he really is.

To a close observer who might have reached the conclusion that this is a boardroom experienced executive will be forced to reconsider after Hank took his first few steps away from the car. He walked with a slight jerk to his legs as if his feet was ready to jump off the floor at any second. His movement showed great economy as one whose every move had been anticipated long in advance yet quick enough to cover up such.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 5:54pm On Feb 08
At the glass entrance to the building, another two uniformed security, armed with side arms stood by the reinforced double glass door which was locked. Another two were patrolling the perimeter of the entrance. He placed the plastic card with him into a slot by the door having a numeric keypad . He punched in a set of code numbers, a green light blinked on the keypads and with a slight click the door opened . As he was about to step in after retrieving his card is when he noticed that the hands of the security men at the door were on the butts of their guns while he was punching the keypad buttons. He also noted their hands relaxed when he got cleared and the door opened.

It led to a wide waiting room with floor, pillars and ceiling made of white marble. At the left are some set of chairs with clients that appears like business personnel, sitting and waiting. By the right is the receptionist booth made up of a long thick glass table with the logo of D.R.I.V.E fully displayed at the front. Behind the glass table, on a comfortable looking leather chair is the receptionist. She was putting on a smooth milk colored businesses suit. Her blonde hair was pulled back and tied in a ponytail. She has a long triangular face with eyes that turned wide as soon as she saw Hank come in and her lips broke up into a warm smile.

“Good afternoon Mr. Jerrold, it’s so nice to see you. “ She said in a professional manner.
“Thanks, Ruth. “ Hank said stopping before her table which has a wide monitor attached to a system which is linked to the security network in the building. As he stood before the table, hidden CCTV cameras were watching him, linking his image to what they have on their database and comparing them to be sure he is not an imposter. His retina and voice patterns were being checked and verified.

“You are about an hour late for your appointment, the Director has been waiting. “
“Yeah Ruth, blame it on the New York traffic and also me taking my time to get here. “
A communication ear bud was on her ear and the receptionist seem to be listening to something from it. “You can go in sir, the Director will see you now. “
Nodding his thanks, Hank heads for the five lift doors ahead of him. He took the one at the extreme left as that is a direct one to the top floor which houses the Director’s office. As he stepped into the lift and punched the up button, his mind drifted again, unbidden into the events of last night.
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 9:32pm On Feb 11
Nice Job Apollux.
This new updates raised alot of questions in mah mind but lemme keep calm and watch as the story goes.
I Doff My Hat o.
Continue na abeg.
Re: Penance by damynj(m): 12:22am On Feb 13
Well done bro...
Waiting for the next episodes...
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 7:31am On Feb 13
Same here o.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 2:52pm On Feb 13
When the supremacy tussle or as it became popularly known, the supremacy war was going on in New York a few years back, D.R.I.V.E had been involved, however in a clandestine form. While that mobs turf war had continued for a long time without an apparent winner, the streets had turned to war zones and lots of innocent lives caught in the cross fire with the authorities unable to put a permanent stop to it. Not even after the national guards were called in and martial law was instituted. The fights only stopped then and resumed immediately the national guards were called off. At that time it was every criminal organization against themselves.

The Chinese, Mexicans, Russians, Columbians, Blacks and of course the mafias. D.R.I.V.E had seen a blooming opportunity within the crisis and had taken advantage of it. Though already a military private contractor to the US department of defense at that time, D.R.I.V.E wanted to expand its influences beyond the circle of politics and the military, they want to have a big say in what goes on in the underworld too. They had a long time plan in view that depending solely on the income and power that come from dealing alone with the US government will not allow to be fulfilled. So the enterprise had began to grow its tentacles in the underworld.

It settled down to supporting the five mafia families that later won the war, giving them weapon supplies and training their soldiers. D.R.I.V.E was also behind the plan that the five boroughs of New York be split equally among the five mafia families that survived the war. Everything had worked out fine. The war had ended. All the smaller crime cartels had either been kicked out or conscripted to any of the ruling families. With that, though unknown to most people, even the intelligence operatives of the US government are blind to it, that the true ruler of the criminal underworld of New York is D.R.I.V.E.

Hank had been working for the NSA and CIA then, doing their dirty and wet works for them on a loan basis from D.R.I.V.E. Still he had been the front man from D.R.I.V.E to the mob families. He is the one that had successfully arranged the negotiations, supplied the weapons and then handled the training and logistics that helped the mafia families win the war right under the noses of the CIA and NSA without them knowing. It’s ironic that the same organization that supports the government also backs up, in secret, the criminal organization the government is fighting against. To D.R.I.V.E it was just all business and profit. With that, D.R.I.V.E now sells its services to all.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 3:21pm On Feb 13
Though D.R.I.V.E had a long time view of extending their influences beyond the borders of the US, the middle east and South America became two of their major targets. Then later on a deal in West Africa began to bud. Those were the reasons the Director had instructed Hank to introduce Don Nestore Nazzareno to the Syrian and Nigerian using the mob to create the link for middle East and West Africa penetration. Though in the business angle, D.R.I.V.E already has affiliated companies on ground in these places as oil companies. These had gone well so far but the enterprise still want to have control of part of the underworld in those places as they had in New York.

Hence the deal brokered between Nestore and the Arabian and African. Hank had introduced Umar Malik, Ola Badmus and Chukwuma Ukwachi to the mafia boss. It took some strong convincing to bring the mafia boss to accepting the deal. Well Nestore still remembers the D.R.I.V.E’s support to pushing him to his place of prominence. Well everything had worked well until last night. He had gone to spy out how the deal will go down not because he expects any thing bad to happen but just to have something to report to the Director whose orders he was under.

He had chosen a good vantage point around the dock where he could have observed everything from. In his days in the military, he was a spotter for snipers and has been good at it. While watching, the proceedings had gone as prearranged, the merchandise had come in, same as the customers, everything going according to plan until he had stepped in from nowhere. That Hank hasn’t been able to see the adversary until he chose to reveal himself shows how good he is. Hank has been surprised but still stayed back to watch and his surprised had continued watching the man clad on black in action. His skill was something he hasn’t seen any other place except…

Just then the lift’s door slid apart as it got to the top floor. Hank stepped out into a short waiting area with a wooden table and another woman sitting behind it. She is the Director’s personal secretary. She was putting on a silk dress. Her dark brown hair forms in ringlets around her oval face. Her thin lips always in a quick move to smile which creates deep dimples on her cheeks. Hank and the Director both knows that she is a CIA undercover agent sent by the company to spy on D.R.I.V.E. Well the Director had decided to let her stay and pretend that they haven’t discovered her secret cover.

Anyway that had made them careful and tighten security around the building. They had to always seek for bugs and continued to disable them . Though the Director had opted to just be feeding her plausible false Intel she can send back to her employers so the CIA don’t get too suspicious of him and come against him. The CIA had become interested in D.R.I.V.E, when they had stumbled on the organization’s foreign legitimate business interests. Well like they say, better the devil you know.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 3:26pm On Feb 13
“Welcome Mr. Jerrold, we were thinking you should have gotten here much earlier. “ the secretary said as she touched a button on an intercom device on her table, speaking into it. “He just got in here sir. “
“Yes same with me. Better late than never, eh Celine. “ Hank replied giving a smile of his own imagining the secretary with two horns, long sharp teeth, pointed ears and an arrow head tail. Yeah better the devil you know.
“He will see you now. Please come with me. “ Celine stood from her chair led him to another corridor joined to this one at a right angle, got to a wooden door with a plaque having “Director” written on it. She knocked shortly and opened the door.

The Director was standing before a wall overlaid with wooden surface, staring at a particular painting. He was a man close to Hank in height, slim and less muscular. His face squares off in a severe look that got accentuated by a squared off jaw which is clean shaven without a beard or mustache. His hair, though all silky white, doesn’t give him the look of a man beyond mid 40s. He was putting on just a simple white plain shirt sleeve tucked into a dark blue plain trousers. The Director turned to observe them as they came into his private office. His eyes were the color of a very light blue that might be mistaken to be white.

They bore on their subject with high intensity. The office is a wide one with room to accommodate the big oaken table, a comfortable swiveling leather chair. Further from that is a long settee, with an ivory colored table before which is about eight banks of monitors before a wall. On the other side is a floor to ceiling shelve holding huge volumes of thick back books, all neatly arranged. On one wall are hung different styles of abstract paintings. Just to the right of the door is an abstract smooth carving of what looks like a woman, made from polished black wood without any real distinguishing features.
“Hello Hank, good to see you. “ the Director said pleasantly backing away from the painting.
“Thank you sir. “ Hank replied quickly.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 3:35pm On Feb 13
He peeped quickly at the painting the Director has been observing, it was an old painting of the great London fire of 1666. He turned back to facing the Director again to notice that his boss had seen him take a quick peek at the painting. The Director is known by the name, Thomas Frederick Bloodworth, that seem to suggest he has an English ancestry, probably a descendant of a noble family but no one is sure as every record of him is securely hidden. Not even Hank has the security clearance to know that. He is the operational director of D.R.I.V.E and a member of its board.

Hank only suspected that there is a board of directors that runs D.R.I.V.E but he is not sure as there is no concrete record he can see. The Director radiates power but in a subdued and subtle way which can easily make enemies to underestimate him. That’s a mistake. He is not one to be underestimated. The Director is one of the most powerful man in the country, both in politics, business and the underworld of crime. His greatest strength is him being an anonymous influencer working in the background. He has eyes in lots of places with far reaching influences. He is all about power and control but with a certain level of finesse, charm and intelligence. Despite the years he had worked for him, Hank is still afraid of the Director every time.

“That will be all Celine, will send for you later. “ he addressed the secretary. She took the cue, turned back to the door and closed it quietly behind her as she left the office.
The Director walked to a wall side facing a rectangular metal shape that looks like a safe. It has a touch screen surface by the side. Placing his open palm on the screen, a green light ran over the palm taking his print, reading it and with a tiny click, the safe opened only to show that it is a surface with numeric keys. He punched in some long codes then closed back the safe.
“We can safely talk now. “ the Director said indicating a chair before the table for Hank to sit. The code he had imputed on the key pad activates a high level disruption of any electronic surveillance bug. Anyone attempting to eavesdrop into the room will only end up getting just white noise. Then apart from those in this office, anyone outside can't hear anything because the place is completely sound proof.

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Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 11:06pm On Feb 13
There is something about the way you write bro. It always gat me thinking like,"this guy don see future before" Don't use update to suffer us o Apollux. Brilliant Update...
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 11:20pm On Feb 13
Sitting down as Hank did same, the Director was quite for a while, his eyes closed as if in deep thought. But Hank knows nothing is more further from the truth than that. This is just another way the Director exert his psychological control and dominance over all around him. Playing on fears and uncertainty, wielding them skillfully to gain access to other people’s mind.
“What happened? “ the Director asked at last.
The question should have taken Hank by surprise if he hadn’t known how the Director operates. Still the question may look direct but in responding to it will shows how ambiguous it is.

Which of the events was he referring to? Was it why he came late? Or what happened at the dock or it could be a host of other things. Knowing who he is dealing with, Hank immediately know what the question was about.
“Honestly sir, I can’t tell. “
“I know there was an attack at the venue. People were killed, products destroyed and the deal got quashed. “ Pausing for a while to gauge his audience attention, he continued. “I want to know what happened, my friend. I need details. “

Hank knew there was no way he was a friend of the Director, that was used to get his attention to know there was no room for him to wiggle through. The Director expect to be given a full account of everything he noticed whether he felt it was relevant or not.
“What is your personal assessment of the attacker’s skills? “ The Director asked after Hank finished his narrative. “Special forces? Navy SEAL? A black ops operative? An assassin or a Merc?”

“It will be impossible for me to give any accurate conclusions about what I witnessed. “ Hank took his time to reply carefully. “I was at a far distance and despite my night sight enabled binoculars it was still difficult for me to see everything clearly. I saw most of his action outside the warehouse of the dock and none of what he did when he got inside. The later explosions and police sirens warned me that it was time I was out of there before I got entangled. “
“And you were sure you saw just a man and no possibility of others being involved in anyway? “
“That will appear to be the case sir, as far as what I saw and the evidences available presently seem to suggest.”
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 11:23pm On Feb 13
This Penance nah baddo oo. But who is he?
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 11:31pm On Feb 13
“Evidences? “ the Director raised a silver colored eyebrow.
“Yes sir, it’s one of the reasons I came in late for this appointment. I was waiting for one of our mole in the Brooklyn’s NYPD to send me the results from ballistics and forensics reports on the crime scene investigation. Reports suggest that the dead bodies were killed with bullets from two different types of guns only, apart from the ones that died by knife wounds, those I partially witnessed . The guns are a submachine gun and a . 44 caliber hand gun. “
Director Bloodworth allowed his back to rest more on the leather chair, allowing it to creak loudly as his weight was borne by the back rest. His eyes glowed as his mind works in deep thought.

“Again what level of combat abilities does the attacker have? “
Hank tried as best as possible to pull out accurate details from his information loaded mind and made sure he didn’t leave out any relevant detail. “ His skill level is above that of a special force soldier, a Navy SEAL. A black ops operative is possible but he skills still goes higher than that. He might be a Merc or assassin as far as skill levels go but that won’t make any sense.”
“Please indulge me Hank and explain. “

“Sir, special forces will suggest that government law enforcement officers were involved , which will include arrests. But that didn’t happen last night. If it’s an assassin, he will have a target which the mission will be over once the target is neutralized. The attacker didn’t act that way. Well as a Merc, is more like it. He was probably hired to stop the deal from last night. The evidence seems to suggest this. But there might be another angle to this that may be difficult to decipher. “
“And what is that? “
“Revenge sir. What if the attacker was after revenge? The extent he went will seem to fit in the role very well. “

“This raises more questions than answers Hank. “
“I’m aware of that sir. “
“Who could have a personal vendetta against Nestore to hire a highly skilled Merc to take down his business? Could the DEA, ATF or NYPD’s organized crime had gotten frustrated with little results in their war to bring down the mafia families and resort to this? “ Shaking his head quickly in the negative, the Director answered his own question. “No, I would have been aware of that. “
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 11:38pm On Feb 13
“Well sir, since I feel a revenge motivation in this, it can possibly be anyone of them, having an officer who is dissatisfied or just want to do a solo mission and take it upon himself to either do this or hire someone. “
“That’s quite possible Hank but like you had earlier pointed out, the skill level of the attacker rules that out. “
“Yes, unless he hired a Merc. “
“Which is quite possible but unlikely. Mercs are very expensive to hire and no government worker, no matter how highly placed can seek for the services of a Merc on minimum wage. “

“There is something else I noticed about the attacker. Apart from his skills, which were considerable, he seemed somewhat enhanced. “
“Enhanced? “ the Director looked fully surprised now for the fiest time since the beginning of the conversation. “Are you suggesting… “
“There is a possibility to that sir. His use of stealth, blending with shadows, concealment, his agility and strength are things that exceed the limits of natural abilities. “
This silence that followed that sentence seem very thick. This time the Director’s brooding went so deep that his body seemed frozen like a statue.
“Sir, is there any way that another organization or maybe a country has discovered the secret bio enhancement program D.R.I.V.E has perfected? “

“None. “ Director Bloothworth answered automatically. “There are very few countries and organizations with the technology and resources to do that, and we have eyes on all of them. The closest countries are the US and Japan. The UK and Canada are still fifteen years away of even discovering it. China and Russia are further behind . So none yet besides D.R.I.V.E holds the key to that technology and that is why we guard it vehemently. None but the highest cleared top echelons in D.R.I.V.E’s organization structure knows about it. You had privilege to it because of your field involvement, the testing and training of some of the tests subjects. The bio enhancement was a sudden break through from our R & D department. That is the area that has given us the edge we have over others. None of our customers know we have that level of technology, not even the US. When we send our trained and enhanced operatives to do their wet works, they always assumed those are just highly skilled and specifically trained operatives we have. “
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 11:40pm On Feb 13
This Penance nah baddo oo.
But who is he?

Lol, you will have to wait to find out. And what makes you think that Penance is the hero of this story? grin
Re: Penance by damynj(m): 6:59am On Feb 14
My chest is starting to do gbim gbim ooo...

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