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Re: Penance by LightQueen(f): 8:17am On Jan 11
Thanks for the update
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 10:00am On Jan 11
Thanks for the update
Sister, I fear your signature oo.
Re: Penance by LightQueen(f): 10:34am On Jan 11
Sister, I fear your signature oo.
No fear abeg, it is well grin cheesy
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 2:15pm On Jan 11
No fear abeg, it is well grin cheesy
You said,"But if you hurt me i would KISS YOU.....my poisonous tongue at your destruction"
Abeg where are you make i cum hurt you so you go fit kiss me.
Re: Penance by LightQueen(f): 2:17pm On Jan 11

You said,"But if you hurt me i would KISS YOU.....my poisonous tongue at your destruction"
Abeg where are you make i cum hurt you so you go fit kiss me.
Lol I'm at home lipsrsealed
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 2:22pm On Jan 11
Lol I'm at home lipsrsealed
Hope you won't use poisonous tongue on me sha oo? lipsrsealed
Re: Penance by LightQueen(f): 3:06pm On Jan 11
Hope you won't use poisonous tongue on me sha oo? lipsrsealed
tongue tongue

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Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:33pm On Jan 11
As he watched the consigliere lead Bill and the oversea customers into the warehouse, Penance moved from his position, jumped down nimbly, holding on to the top rung of the fire escape. His quick move made sure his weight never rested on any part of the crumbling metal pieces for long. But with motion that mimics a cat’s own, he took seconds navigating his way down the five story long building. He landed on the concrete floor without making a sound and like a speed moving black sprite, he melded with the shadows which were cast all over the place by the many lamp stands throwing lights on both sides of the road.

His run from one block of house to the other would have been hard to pin point even by someone who was keenly observing. The major road leading to most parts of the docks around the New York harbor were lined with overturned garbage cans, an occasional stray cats darts out of the way of the moving wraith. Some other gates leading to more privately owned docks had uniformed private security personnel manning them but none saw Penance passing fully except as a wisp blur or slight brushing of a quick passing wind.

At the foot of a derelict crane with deep layers of dust covering the surface only recently disturbed by the hand and boot prints of someone who just climbed over it, Penance stopped and looked up. Few meters at the top is the control cabin of the crane on which the first sniper was positioned watching the entrance to the dock with one eye fixed on a rifle’s telescopic sight. Penance slung his weapon on an attached short sling over one shoulder leaving both hands free for climbing. With a single touch, he made sure that the metal legs of the huge crane will bear his weight without any noticeable vibration that will alert the watcher above to his presence.

Getting the assurance he needed, his hands and feet wove over the cross patterns of the metal rungs as if they are floating on the surfaces. His weight didn’t rest on any of the part he was moving on but was evenly spread to allow speed of movement and less vibration. Soon he was just under the control cabin seeing the sniper through the grills of the floor. His hand already held the black blade combat knife as he prepared to move. The control cabin of the crane has three view rectangular ports with the fourth part being the side that holds the chair and the access door to the rung ladder leading down to the foot of it, that is the means by which the sniper had accessed the place.

The glasses covering the view ports had all broken away allowing the sniper to poke the muzzle of his rifle outside unhindered . With a push from his legs and support from his free hand, Penance leapt from below over the view ports. He was like a blur that just flashed over the face of the sniper, his knife hand sliced just once and he was gone, dropping back down below the control cabin. The sniper started just as the shadow zoomed off and before he could see what it is clearly, it was gone. Just a second before his surprise can fully register, he felt a sharp pain on the frontal part of his neck. He quickly freed one of his hand to feel what could have caused it. As his hand touched his throat, it felt warm thick liquid pouring over his fingers. Just then his fingers traced a thin line that has cut through his throat so fast he didn’t even notice. As the realization hit him, he felt himself choking on his blood as he tried to make a sound. Slowly he slumped back into his former position as his eyes darken over in death.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:42pm On Jan 11
Francis saw something like a blur passed over the area Nick was watching from. Apart from the sniper scope on his Remington 700 XCR bolt action rifle which has a night sight ability, he was also having the Yukon Tracker 2x24 Night Vision Binoculars with which he was watching the area when he saw the sudden blur. He noticed that Nick started for a while before going back slowly to his former prone position but at an odd angle. Something doesn’t feel right. He grabbed the walkie-talkie with him and raised his colleague. He was on an empty water tank on top of a closed off warehouse no longer in use but at a perfect position to cover the entrance of the dock with his weapon. Concealment and high ground giving him added advantage over potential enemies.

“High view two, this is high view one calling please respond. “ He repeated the call again on the walkie-talkie when he didn’t get any response. “C’mon Nick quit fooling around and respond. I saw something at your end. Is everything alright? “
He was still trying to figure out what to do next, as he didn’t want to raise undue alarm since the deal is already on the way when the hairs on the back of his neck bristled as if danger is near and coming from behind him . As he turned , all he could see at first was a shadow coming at him, impossibly fast.

Vice like hands held his head at the jaw and back of his head. He could fully see a blank face covered in black plain mask with just two white colored triangular sits which might be where the eyes are but he could see none as the white material of the slits were somehow reflective. The hands holding his head twisted it savagely and a loud crack sounded as the bones holding his head to his neck were wrenched out of joints and snapped. Then Francis could no longer see anything. Penance allowed the twitching body to lay down. He looked across the distance to watch the spotter.

The spotter was only focused on the warehouse in the dock where the main activity for the night was going on. Well time for him to get down there too. He knows that as soon as he hit the gate, the spotter was going to see him. What if the spotter calls for help or reinforcement? Well he will deal with that later. Anyway there are lots of available places he can use as escape routes from this place.

Screwing a sound suppressor to the muzzle of the HK MP7, he ran down the fire escape of the building he was on and headed for the gate. Taking a quick look at his chronometer he noticed the time was running fast. He has just very few minutes to wrap this up. A sound suppressed gun seem to be the best option in clearing the gate without attraction undue attention. His estimation before he started left about twenty armed men he has to go through, all will kill him on sight without hesitation. Pretty high odds against them. His race on the road were by the sides where the shadows casts by the overhead lights were. His legs moves across the ground with such speed as if they are gliding over the solid surface
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:50pm On Jan 11
One of the armed men at the gate jerked his head suddenly around as if he saw something. Taking a second look, all he could see was like part of the darkness seem to churn like gray twirling within a darker one. Still watching a hazy manlike form blurred. Just then the HK MP7 spew out a sound that was like a low cough followed by a 4.6x30mm hardened steel round that smashed the watchman by the bridge of the nose, pulverizing the soft cartilage there, them blowing out the back skull in a spray of blood, brain tissues and bone fragments. He turned backwards suddenly from the impact of the shot and collapsed.

The second guard heard the soft cough like sound before seeing his colleague go down unceremoniously. The sound suppressor is just that, a sound suppressor, it only reduces the gun fire sound not eliminating totally and besides that it also hides the muzzle flash of the gun. The other man was bringing his Ak 47 rifle into target acquisition when trio of bullets launched from the submachine gun. One hit him at the shoulder blowing apart the collar bone, the second hit the center of the rib bone and the third drill through the muscle of the heart. He was dead before he collapsed on the floor.

At the guard booth after the gate, the security sitting within was watching a wide screen showing four angles from CCTV cameras when he noticed that two of the angles displayed his colleagues outside dropping down one after the other without any apparent reason and there was no gun sound which would have alerted him if something was wrong. He looked over the open doorway of the booth trying to see what’s happening at the gate as his hand grabbed his submachine gun from the table containing the desktop computer, a land phone, the gate controls and an extra High Definition monitor for the four CCTV cameras outside the gate.

A shadow seem to glide on the body of the gate then climbed to the top and landed before him all without make a sound. Before the man on the booth could get his hand out of the booth with his weapon, he heard a low cough like sound and felt as if a baseball bat smashed at his forehead. The bullet from the HK MP7 stuck him dead center on his forehead causing an implosion caving in the skull. His head jerked back violent by the impact and collapsed awkwardly as his lower legs were caught on the guard sill of the door.
Re: Penance by Damibiz(m): 5:22pm On Jan 11
This Penance is more technical than Marvel....my opinion oh,ride on man
Re: Penance by rockhillz(m): 12:37pm On Jan 12
This story go make sense

Re: Penance by selimdeon: 1:42pm On Jan 12
Apollux. Tanks for mentioning me bro It's really a pleasure to read your work anyday,anytime or anywhere.
Re: Penance by selimdeon: 1:42pm On Jan 12
Apollux. Tanks for mentioning me bro It's really a pleasure to read your work anyday,anytime or anywhere.
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 7:34am On Jan 13
Apollux. Tanks for mentioning me bro It's really a pleasure to read your work anyday,anytime or anywhere.
Lol Why you dey use my lines na?
Re: Penance by damynj(m): 12:00pm On Jan 13
Apollux baba!!!
Your boy don already land gidigba for here ooo...
How i wish I get the funds, i for sponsor the production of one of ur books to a movie ooo...
Chai!!! God bless your mind abundantly... grin
Re: Penance by Cyberrex(m): 2:34pm On Jan 13
lord Apollux on ze beat
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 12:31pm On Jan 14
Penance didn’t stop as he raced at eye dazzling speed across the open ground between the gate and the next blind spot of light an a roving CCTV camera. There were just three armed guards outside the warehouse now, with the semi truck driver and those on the wheels of the forklifts. He looked and saw the shadow area by the right side of the truck. He headed that way, moving from shadow to shadow. The driver was sitting on the chair in the head of the truck, his back turned to the second door, facing outside throwing away the stump of another consumed cigarette. The shotgun door has its glass rolled down, probably to allow air in as the engine of the vehicle was no longer on idling.

Penance lurched his arm into the driver compartment through the shotgun open window, his hand grabbing the hair of the driver and pulling back hard. The driver was yanked away from his seat. His head was pulled out of the window but his shoulders got caught on the edges of the small window. Things happened so fast that the driver didn’t even have the time to cry out in surprise. Penance hand was already up and came down savagely hitting the exposed neck of the driver with the edge of his palm. With a little sound of bones breaking, the head of the driver bent at an unnatural angle, dangling as if swaying to the push of the wind.

Hanging his submachine gun by the sling on his shoulder, he pulled out his combat blade again. Moving stealthily towards the back of the truck, using the huge body of the container as concealment. He came at the edge looking across the yard, he noticed that two of the forklifts drivers were conversing together and the third one was sitting still on the wheel probably sleeping. The three armed guards were too far apart for him to get at them at once within close range, but the forklifts drivers do not have that privilege. Staying in the shadows he raced at them, before the two talking men could notice, he was between then.

A quick stab, buried the combat knife into the throat of the one on the left while a full powered blow hit the one on the right on the nose, hammering it pushing the broken soft bones into the frontal lob of the brain. Penance grabbed the trembling man to himself, hitting the side head with the pointed edge of his palm at the soft tissue area before the ear. The forklift driver stopped moving and lay still. The other one was already dead and blood was pouring from the neck where the knife has been buried. He pulled out the knife from the dead man’s throat which caused a renewed spurt of blood.

He cleaned the knife as he crawled beside the forklifts with his torso lesser that a feet above the concrete floor. Getting close to the other forklift, he peered at the other side saw the third driver sleeping. His hand quickly clamp around the mouth of the sleeping man. The driver woke up with a start and tried to struggle free but the hand that held him was infinitely stronger and pulled him backwards and the sharp blade pierced him at the neck severing all nerves, muscles and arteries until it hit the resistance of the bone. Blood blew out suddenly from the wide cut that appeared like a second open mouth has been created on the neck.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 12:47pm On Jan 14
Crouching away behind the forklifts, he noticed that he was fortunate that the angle of patrol of the armed men was away from the forklifts and truck but at the other sides of the warehouse . The three other vehicles parked within the compound has given him enough cover to sneak in to the forklifts drivers without being seen from across the yard by the other three men. But now those same cars act like barriers between him and his targets. The cars will not allow him have an open field of fire. Though the armed men were far from each other, they are not up to 200meters away which is the effective range of his HK MP7. Well he noticed that from another angle he can get one of them at on side of the long limo while two will be at the other side. Not that taking them out is the problem, that he can do easily. But he wants to take them out quietly and quickly without raising alarm, at least not yet till he is ready.

The limo, Dodge and Escalade were parked at the right sides of the truck, while the forklifts were at the left side. A wide space was still opened between the parked vehicle and the entrance of the warehouse as the truck had gone further out of the warehouse entrance after its loads were offloaded. The angle at which the forklifts were parked by the truck has covered Penance activities from the patrolling three armed men. To get at them, Penance will have to trace back his steps around the head of the truck, move to the right then use the limo and Escalade as cover to get at the one man patrolling the right side.

He crab walked quietly with three of his limbs as one of he hand was holding the combat knife with blade already cleaned. As he got behind the Dodge, he peered over it at the parked limo and Escalade, he saw the target walking the other way with his back turned. The distance between the vehicles and the moving man is an open space fully illuminated with lights, so he can’t get at him with knife now not unless he waits for him to get close to a shadow area. He doesn’t have that much of a time to waste and there is no guarantee that the others won’t see him or notice that something is amiss. The knife went back into its sheath and the submachine gun filled his hand again, the sound suppressor giving the weapon an ungainly extra long appearance.

Legs hitting the floor without making a sound, Penance ran ahead, he jumped over the top of the Dodge, landed beside the limo then jumped over the limo and Escalade at once. Two heads by the left end turned quickly at the sudden blur of motion. Penance knew that there was no way he could make that move without the other two noticing, he was counting on speed to see him through it. His HK MP7 is a specially modified version that has both a semiautomatic and full auto fire selector settings. He switched the settings to full auto knowing fully well that the remaining rounds in the magazine will run dry in less than a second but it will be enough time to take down all three.

His index finger was resting lightly on the trigger, it apply little pressure as the muzzle came into target of the patrolling man walking away. Four bullets hit him at his back almost simultaneously. He was kicked forward by the impact and slammed rudely on the ground before him. The shock and impact of the attack jeered the rifle he was holding from his hand. He turned as pains wrecked his whole body and blood pouring out from holes at his back and his front too where the bullets have torn through soft body tissues without meeting the stopping resistance of bones. He tried crying out but blood poured out from his mouth choking off his words.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 12:53pm On Jan 14
Hand moving like a blur, the submachine gun was turned in a fast anticlockwise arc , finger still holding down the trigger and the suppressor covered muzzle spilling bullets at full auto. The other two patrolling men took longer to react as they couldn’t really understand on time what was happening and unfortunately the parked vehicles blocked their view of their colleague that was gunned down. Before the quick move of the gun could be completed, three bullets hit the warehouse, chipping out stones from its concrete wall. The fourth bullet struck the rifle one of the patrol men was holding, shaking it slightly.

As he opened he mouth in surprise, the fifth bullet entered his mouth blasting through the soft upper palate, entering into the brain and erupting through the parietal bone like an erupting volcano spewing skull pieces with blood mixed with gray matter. As he collapsed, the bullet path plowed into the next man in line, three holes suddenly appearing on his chest in an almost straight line. The two lungs and manubrium were shattered. Penance finger quickly pulled off the trigger as the second man dropped. A low choking cough warned him that at least one of them might still be alive.

He walked quickly there to take a look. The first of the two have half of his upper skull blown out, thick blood with pieces of gray colored remains already pouring from the place, he was definitely dead. The second man was moving weakly, his chest riddled with bullets, blood spots on his clothes spreading fast. With each cough, thick globs of blood spewing from his lips. His wound was definitely fatal but he was not dying quick enough and it’s possible he can still raise alarm. Penance kicked his rife far away from his groping hand, aligned his shot for his head, pulled the trigger and didn’t bother to watch as the bullet shattered the face.

He could enter into the warehouse now and still catch his enemies off guard with surprise but he will need another advantage besides speed. The warehouse is an enclosed space and the armed men within are more than those outside. There will be limited room to maneuver, so he needed an added support and knows just where to get that. Having spent hours staking out this place earlier, he knew where to get what he wanted. He ran along the long length of the warehouse heading for the back. A wire mesh fence surrounded what he was looking for. It was a transformer that supplies the power for all this dock’s need.

Though he didn’t come here armed with grenade and big explosives, still he has tiny plastic explosives used to blow up small door locks. He opened one of the pouch on his utility belt pulling out a small solid paste made of PETN-pentaerythritol tetranitrate gel, with a soft plastic coating. He placed the small explosives on to the fuse box of the transformer. Then located the emergency auto start generator. He looked for the auto start control of the huge generator and disconnected it. He knew that will only give him a few minutes before that back up will kick in to supply power after the failure of the auto start. He programmed the PETN for remote detonation. He was now ready or almost ready. He pulled out the spent box magazine off the HK MP7 and slapped in a fresh 40 round drum into the pistol grip. That might not still be enough to get them all but at least it will put him ahead.
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 7:29pm On Jan 14
Making Sense. Following Back To Back.
Re: Penance by Silensa(m): 11:47pm On Jan 14
Still glued like super glue.
Apollux, you are the boss plz ride on
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 3:57pm On Jan 16
A service iron rung ladder was on the back of the warehouse. Leaving his gun to hang on the sling, he climbed the ladder till he got to the roof made of corrugated hardened aluminum sheets. Some circular air vents were protruding from the roof and an air circling and cooling system took most of the center part. Taking light steps without allowing his weight to rest on any of his feet so it doesn’t create a noise, Penance glided over the roof aiming for a close maintenance shaft opening that was locked. Fortunately no security man was standing on the roof. Getting to the maintenance shaft entrance, he took hold of the simple padlock locking the covers together with a savage twist of his fist, the padlock broke.

He pulled up the entrance and lowered himself into the thin metal maintenance shaft. As he got in, he pulled the cover close and crawled within the confining space. Getting to another exit cover, he slowly opened it, after taking a while to peep out of it, he stepped off .
Thick iron rungs crisscrossed each other below the corrugated roof forming the holding frame of the warehouse roof. They joined together with the big iron beams that serves as the building’s pillars. From one of the cross beams he was standing on to the floor of the ware house is about two story high. All the lights within the warehouse were fixed under the cross beams of the roof, leaving the spaces between them and the roofing sheets in darkness which suits Penance well.

His eyes soon pick out two snipers partially hidden away from those on the floor, holding on to wooden buttstock Remington rifles pointed generally at the ground area. They were both lying prone on special landing of two metal steps build by the sides of the twin longs racks at both end of the warehouse. Penance noticed that the point he had exited the access shaft was somewhere in the middle so he couldn’t really see what was going on about the deal, as high stacks of wooden boxes, creates, drums and pallets covered the length below him all to way to the front where a wide space has been created by moving most of the stacked items out of the way.

That was were his targets are and the stacked goods were on the way but the two snipers he could see because they weren’t that low from him and from their vantage points, he could observe whatever is going on without being seen.
Using the crisscross rungs, he crawled quickly, extending his supple body in forms an ordinary man would have found impossible to replicate, he accessed some of the difficult points to cross. He got close to the first sniper whose eye was on the scope of his gun looking down at the proceedings of the deal not realizing that death is close by.

The combat knife already in his hand, he clamped shut the sniper’s mouth and buried the blade deep in the jugular vein. He kept the point of the blade in so the blood won’t splash too fast pouring over the boxes and racks under him to the floor below. The dying man struggled valiantly but Penance hold on him was far too strong. Soon the struggles waned and ultimately quieted down. He moved the body further backwards where the dripping blood won’t be noticed immediately. Going back into the darkened area of the roof, Penance crawled to the opposite side aiming for the last sniper.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:02pm On Jan 16
He got within a feet behind the gunman. He wasn’t lying prone like his colleague but was sitting on the landing cross-legged fashion, the rifle placed on his knees looking down. As Penance came in close, the sniper might have sensed something because he was turning to look back slowly when Penance struck. The blade came out of the darkness, held by his hand and launched at the jaw of the gunman. The knife cut into the soft part of the lower jaw, going through to the tongue, hitting the roof of the mouth, breaking the bones and cartilage there before the point severed the nerves connecting the neck to the lower part of the brain.

The man was dead before he realized he was under attack. Muscles spasm took over thrusting the body into mad like contorted shapes. Penance quickly grabbed the rifle and pulled it in before it drop to the ground and alerting those below.
As the dead man quieted down, he turned his attention below to observe what was going on.

Two men with crowbars stood before an open wooden crate, with rifle slung over their shoulders on slings. They both had dark brown Stetson covering their heads.

The wooden crate plied open held well arranged half a dozen new looking M16 assault rifles placed over pieces of Styrofoam. The consigliere Lorenzo led the middle eastern delegation to it speaking in a sad low voice.
“Like I told you at the start of the negotiations long before today, that this particular brand of products will be difficult to come by. “ He was waving his hand at the box with the arranged M16s. Pointing at Bill by his other side he continued. “If it weren’t for the intervention of my friend here who called on some favors owed him, we wouldn’t have gotten as much as this. The US military is clamping down seriously on any of their erring rifles considering the damaging reports coming from the middle east over American made weapons found in the hands of terrorists. “

Sliding his hands lovingly over the metal frames of the guns with eyes aflame, Umar Ibn Malik turned to the consigliere. “I believe the undertone of what you just said is our previously agreed price will no longer be feasible. “
“On the contrary my friend, “ Lorenzo smiled taking a closer move to him as he watched him play his hands over the guns. “My boss the Don values your new relationship with him and has gone to great length and sacrifice to satisfy your demands without further cost to you. “
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:06pm On Jan 16
Malik chuckled with his mouth wide open and the reason the Don referred to the middle easterners as always smelling of garlic became apparent as the open maw spew forth strong smell of chewed raw garlic.
“There is no sacrifice the Don is really making as the agreed amount for these are three times the normal price to get them in the open market. “

“True sir, “ here the negotiating skill of Lorenzo came into play. That’s why he is the Don’s right hand man and the front person on almost all his deals. “You were willing to pay heavily for guaranteed confidentiality and concealment. You know very well that there’s no way you can openly get these guns legally in this country. Besides that, this particular brand is no longer in the market, not even in black market. The spike in demands pushed the price that high. Moreover my boss went this far as a sign of goodwill to foster more trade with you and your people. “

“ Alright. I’m convinced. Where are the others? I ordered and partly paid for a whole lot than these. “
“They are here. “ Lorenzo answered as he walked to three level high stacked metal green colored creates, already opened by the men holding the crowbars.
The first stacked crates in two lines on pallets contained tightly packed AK 47 rifles. The next stack was opened and arranged in them are RPG-7 anti tank grenade launcher tubes. Then after that is a set of longer metal crates in the shape of caskets . It was open to reveal five arranged M249 light machine gun(LMG).

“This is almost all satisfactory. “ Malik said but his eyes showed less of full satisfaction as they looked around. “Where are the ammunition and explosive vests? “
“We keep them separated . “ The consigliere replied. “It’s never a good idea to keep guns, ammunition and explosives in the same place. “ What he held back from saying is that the Don doesn’t trust them to act honorably once they see the weapons and ammunition at the same time.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:13pm On Jan 16
As he took them away from the weapons, the two men holding crowbars quickly closed the crates, locked the metal ones with keys and hammered the wooden ones with nails. Lorenzo led them to another stacked set of crates, two other armed men were there with the crates opened. Leading them to the deepest crate, He showed Malik the rolls upon rolls of belt held bullets for the M249. Besides that are the banana shaped magazine boxes for the Ak 47s. A third crate was for the specially extended magazine boxes for the M16s. Then in a specially wrapped plastic crate with a bio hazard symbol on it, when opened contained some black colored vests that looked like bulletproof types with a noticeable difference, they had several pockets sewed on them that held plastic explosives connected to fuses with hand triggers.

Smiling broadly, Malik held the consigliere in a tight embrace. “Though an infidel, you have done more for the cause of Allah than the millions of my hypothetical and scared brothers who recites Al-fatihah every day with lying lips. “
“We aimed to please. “ Lorenzo said as he slowly freed himself from the hug.
“Well today it’s small arms weapons. Who knows tomorrow it may be nukes, eh? “ Malik joked laughing contentedly. The consigliere said nothing but his look showed his high level of discomfort.

Malik snapped his fingers and waved to the three armed men that had come in with him and Fakhr. They dragged a heavy duffel bag which was dropped unceremoniously before them. Fakhr bent down and pulled the zipper backwards.
“Here is the rest of the half payment as agreed upon. “ He pointed at the thick stacks of clean bounded hundred dollar bills.
Indicating the bag which Fakhr zipped closed again, Lorenzo directed one of the armed men behind him to come pick it up. Lorenzo turned to the west Africans, they seem to be quietly seething while he attended to the Arabs.
Re: Penance by damynj(m): 10:32pm On Jan 17
Nice one bro...
Waiting for the next update...
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:02pm On Jan 18
“I’m sorry for the short delay, place come this way. “ He walked down to another set of stacked crates arranged on wooden pallets.
The former two men with crowbars were already there and the crates opened. In one of the crates are several AK 47 rifles neatly arranged . Next to that is a single crate holding several types of pistols. Then another one with two MG 42 machine guns.
“The magazine are over that way, “ Lorenzo pointed at another set of pallets carrying crates.
“Where’s the other thing? “ Ukwachi asked in his heavily accented English.

“Come, “ Lorenzo walked down behind the pushed back stack boxes and drums. He turned left at a stacked set of metal drum that rose high to the roof. Behind it, where the Arabs won’t see, three pallets covered in see-through nylons with white powders in wrapped transparent bags lay waiting. A single armed man was standing before them. As they got there, the armed man pulled out a folding knife, cut open the nylon covering and pulled out one of the wrapped transparent bags containing the white powder. He cut a small line on it and offered the bag to Ola who gave it to Ukwachi. Ukwachi dipped his index finger into the powder, smeared the finger and put it into his mouth. He shook his head softly with approval.

“Your money, “ Ukwachi said simply as he and Ola dropped the bags with them. Which a second armed man coming from behind them checked the bags and saw they contained bounded dollar bills, then carried them to the front of the warehouse.
The armed man covered the three pallets and their powdered cargo in a black nylon, wrapping them with duct tape as others watched. Then rolling out a pallet truck the man wheeled the pallet out of the place. They all came out back to see the Arabs all going over their weapon merchandise, checking and dry firing them.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:08pm On Jan 18
“We agreed on transportation as been part of your responsibilities, right?” Malik asked as he dropped a suicide vest he was examining.
“At the quay, a barge is already waiting to transport all these goods to the designated points we agreed on. “ Lorenzo responded without missing a beat, glad that the transaction is almost at an end without any issue. “We only await your displayed satisfaction of the merchandise and they will be moved into the barge which will transport it into an Ocean liner out at sea in international waters. Malik you specifically asked that we drop yours at Egypt, while our west African friends want us to drop theirs to a barge that will be waiting in international waters off the coast of Calabar which will deliver the goods to a small wooden fishing boat which will move it through the mangrove forest of that region to your designated point. Any deviation from the agreed plans? “

When both clients agreed, the consigliere ordered that the pallets should now be moved to the quay and loaded into the barge.
“Hey boss,” one of the men on suit who were the consigliere’s bodyguards said as he pointed behind them. The second hand held his submachine gun lifted at waist level.
Penance had dropped down from the height which he had spied the deal going own without making a sound as his feet touched the ground. The blur of shadow most have caught the side sight of the watchful bodyguard which made him turned and saw Penance walking towards them slowly.

He was slowly unscrewing the sound suppressor from the muzzle of the HK MP7 as stealth had all served its purpose, now noise won’t even matter anymore as even if he doesn’t make any noise, those he had come for will definitely fire their weapons and he won’t be able to stop that from happening.
“Hey Bill is he any of yours?” The consigliere asked as he watched Bill’s look of consternation.
“No he is not. “ He replied abruptly as determination took over his initial look of surprise. “Boys blow him away. “ All eyes had turned to that direction when the man on suit had called on the consigliere’s attention. Now every gun within the warehouse were turned to the black clad Penance standing still now.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:16pm On Jan 18
Penance was still and ready as the guns prepared to fire, his had was holding the wireless remote trigger for the plastic explosives he had set at the transformer. With a push of his finger, the charges blew and every light in the dock winked out. The sudden darkness froze every one’s move for a second before Bill screamed “Fire”. Penance was ready, his eyes have shifted from regular sight to night sight. Though everywhere was encased in impenetrable darkness, yet his eyes could see everything in multiple layers and shades of gray. As anxious fingers pulled on triggers, sounds of gunfire were deafening within the warehouse as bullets were flying in every way with men whose sights were temporarily taken away shoot their guns at what their confused mind felt was the right target .

Penance was not limited that way, his moves in the gloom were precise. With his eyes he could see well in the darkness and his sense of hearing were acute that he could distinguish the nuances of the various gun sounds, the footsteps as shooters turned their attentions and tried not to move too far. The slow breathing from scared lungs and the tiny clicks as fingers pulled back triggers. He could see the muzzle flashes of gun fire as pinpoints of lighter grays which he was able to avoid.

The muzzle of his HK MP7 was up, the bright pinpoints of gray were targets and the gun replied with its own. With each pull of the trigger and targeting of the muzzle, a shooter took a bullet and dropped out of the fight. Though the sound of the HK MP7 shooting could not be distinguished by a lesser mind, from the confusing sounds of the multiple fires going on, but as it fired, the degree of gun fire sounds lessen by one. Penance could see that as the lights went off, one of the African dropped down and lay flat. Same with the consigliere, Bill and the Arab, Malik. Bill was already laying prone on the ground making sure he wasn’t a target when he ordered that they should fire.
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 12:23pm On Jan 19
Hmmmmmmmmmmm... Apollux Wehdone Sir.
Re: Penance by Silensa(m): 4:08pm On Jan 19
I love the calculative nature of Penance.
Oga Apollux ride on sir

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