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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by anneboy02(m): 7:54am On Mar 06
Am really impressed
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 1:53pm On Mar 06

Olivia woke up with a slight cough and moved her palm to her forehead. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself staring at a man sitting on a chair beside the bed and watching her attentively. Trying to recollect what had happened yesterday before the blackout, she sat up slowly with a low groan and sighed with her eyes shut. She remained still her eyes closed for a while, opened them and then looked at the man who was seated facing her. She gave him an inquisitive stare with a surprising calm for a woman who just woke up in an unknown place with a stranger sitting infront of her. It seemed to impress the man from the way he looked her.

"Who are you?", Olivia asked quietly.

"Sam", Anton replied with his fake name.

"Sam", Olivia murmured the name and turned her head to the side with a smirk on her face. "Atleast you are a good looking man, thank God for that", she began. "I wouldn't wanna wake up in room with an ugly guy named Sam", she sighed. Then Olivia took a quick glance around the room and immediately knew where she was. "Which hotel is this?", she asked.

"Marriott hotel", Anton replied.

"Hm....you really do have some class".

"The booking would have been much easier if your friend had one".


The toilet flushed and it drew Olivia's attention to the bathroom door. The door opened and Katie stepped out, wrapped in a bathrobe with a towel in her hand, rubbing her wet hair. She saw that Olivia had woken up and her face brightened up. Olivia was surprised to see her.

"Olivia!", Katie began and rushed to the bed. "How are you doing honey?", she asked and gave Olivia a tight hug.

"Well, you can see that i ain't dead yet", Olivia replied with a confused look on her face. Then she break away from the hug. "So what are we doing here?", she asked Katie with furrowed brows. "And...who is this fine looking gentleman?", she asked with almost a whisper and jerked her head at Anton who was staring at them in silence.

"He is Sam, the guy i told you about last night", Katie replied and glanced at Anton with a weak smile.

Olivia thought for a short while. "Oh!, i remembered", she nodded. "The guy you said that was looking for me, right?".

Katie nodded and rubbed Olivia's back, she couldn't control her joy of seeing her friend being in good shape.

"So why are we here?". She gave Anton a suspicious glance. "Did...something happen last night?", she asked and looked at Katie with a playful smile.

"Yeah...something happened", Anton cut in before Katie could reply and got to his feet. "In AJ's house...and it was because of some dope you stole from him", he continued and took out his cellphone to check on a message that just arrived.

Olivia thought again and recollected the incident at her place, AJ roughing up and dragging her out of the apartment. The rest that followed, she couldnt remember.

"He saved you from AJ and his creep friends", Katie told Olivia. "I called Sam when that bastard took you away and also showed him where he lives", Katie continued. She wanted Olivia to know that she also played a role in her rescue.

"I'm sorry that you got dragged into a situation with that sonofabitch", Olivia apologized with a sigh and looked at Anton.

Their eyes met and Anton held the gaze for a while. Olivia was as beautiful as Abigail, probably more with her perfect lips, seductive eyes and body with curves at the right places. He had watched over her as she slept and wondered why in hell would she want to be with a dead-beat like AJ when she can have any man she wants. Sometimes it's hard to understand women.

"The guy is crazy", Anton said and turned his eyes away. "You should have known better than to steal from him", he continued, pretending to checking his phone even though he was done checking the message. "Anyway, i dont think he will bother you or your friend again", Anton concluded and put his cellphone inside his suit inner pocket.

Olivia furrowed her brows. "What is he talking about?", she asked Katie.

Katie slowly shook her head with a distant gaze. "I dont think AJ will ever bother you again. Ever", she murmured and looked at Olivia with a look of concern.

"In the mean time you girls can stay here. I've already paid for two nights, including the breakfast, lunch and dinner", Anton said. "Two days is enough for the heat at AJ's house to cool off abit, and for you girls to decide on how to get cleaned up cos next time, someone might not be around to pull off yesterday's stunt".

Then Anton nodded at two young women and head towards the door.

"Wait!, why do you want to see me?", Olivia asked as Anton reached for the door handle.

"Well i wanted to get some information on someone that i know", Anton said and looked over his shoulder. "But i had a change of heart along the way, especially with the sh!t i had to deal with yesterday".

"And who is the person?".

"A working girl by the name Abigail".

A grave look suddenly overshadowed Olivia's face on hearing the name. She dropped her gaze and looked to her side with a thoughtful look on her face. Anton saw the sudden change in her mood and turned around. It has gotten his interest.

"What's the matter?", Anton asked Olivia intently.

"Nothing", Olivia murmured, but she was troubled and it was clear in her tone of voice.

Anton tucked both hands inside his pockets. "Infact i think i will be needing that information", he said, narrowing his eyes at Olivia.

Olivia sighed, thought for a while and looked at Katie. "Do you have some money with you?", she asked.

"Yes", Katie replied.

"Good. I want you to go buy me some candies from the convenience shop", Olivia said and gave Katie a pat on her small shoulder.

Katie gave both Anton and Olivia a suspicious look and got out of bed. She hesitated abit and then slipped out of the bathrobe to put on her clothes, not minding if Anton saw her nudity; he stole a glance at her as she changed clothes and regretted doing so. When she was done, she quietly walked out of the hotel room.

"Is Sam your real name?", Olivia asked, moments after Katie had closed the door after her.

Anton smiled. "Nope", he replied.

"Just like i thought", Olivia murmured. "You dont look like a guy with the name Sam", she smirked.

"My name is Anton....Anton Pope", he said and paced towards the chair he had earlier sat on.

Olivia nodded. "You look exactly as how Abigail described you, Anton", she said.

"Did Abigail tell you about me?", Anton asked and dropped his weight on the chair.

"She never stopped talking about you", Olivia almost exclaimed. "Meeting you was like one of the best thing to ever happen to her".

Anton took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He was getting the feeling that it's going to be a long talk between them. He lit one for himself and lit another for Olivia who also took one when he held the pack infront of her.

"She said you were quite the gentleman", Olivia continued after two puffs at her cigarette. "And the only client that treated her well....and the client she always longed to meet again".

Anton was flattered. He smiled weakly with his eyes staring at the glowing end of his cigarette. "I know she might have said alot about me", he began and put the filter end of his cigarette inbetween his lips. "But i still want to know the reason for your reaction when i mentioned her name", he said and exhaled the smoke out of his lungs. "Infact, i want you to tell me everything you know about Abigail", Anton demanded with some seriousness in his tone of voice.

Olivia stared at the cigarette inbetween her fingers. "Abigail had a problem and it's her being too nice to every person she met ", she began and took a drag from the burning tobacco. "She always wanted to help anyone that came running to her with problems. Some even came just to take advantage of her, but she still remained Abigail the helper", Olivia said sarcastically, shook her head and smoked the cigarette.

"So what happened?", Anton asked.

"Like every other person that takes care of other people's problems to their own detriment, she started having problems", Olivia replied.

"And what are these problems?", Anton demanded.

"Her brother", Olivia replied. Then she heaved sigh. "It's a long story that i wouldn't wanna waste your time telling, but all i can say is he was a drug addict and also had a large gambling debt", she continued. "Abigail being the nice person she is, tried to help his situation because he was the only family she had".

"Was?", Anton furrowed his brows.

Olivia looked at Anton and nodded with a sad face. "Abigail was steadily making the payments for his debts. One time she was late; her monthly pay was delayed, so the men he was owing paid him a visit".

Olivia paused and looked away. Anton looked her closely and saw she was trying to hide the tears that was welling up in her eyes. Heaving a sigh, he looked at his cigarette and extinguished its flame inbetween his thumb and forefinger.

"He was barely recognizable when we saw him", Olivia continued, rubbing her eyes with a sniff. "And died days later in the hospital", she looked at Anton. "Now you can see that Abigail had to deal with paying hospital bills and the men that later met and threatened to kill her and everybody that she knows, if she didnt pay her brother's debt, even though he was dead. And that's how she started working for Donnie, their leader".

Anton stared at Olivia with a puzzled look on his face. "Are you telling me that this guy, Donnie, who's responsible for her brother's death, is her boss?", he asked.

Olivia nodded.

"Is he the man that runs the escort agency?", he asked.

Olivia nodded again. "Working for Donnie was the only way for Abigail to stop him from carrying out his threat and also pay up her late brother's debt which, by the way, was twice her monthly pay in her old job, to be paid every month".

"For how many months?", Anton asked.

Olivia shook her head. "I dont know,....Abigail herself doesn't even know", she replied. "Your debt is settled only if Donnie says so and the numbers tends to greatly change with every incomplete or missed payment",

Anton remained silent for a while with a thoughtful look. "The debt", he then began and looked at Olivia. "How much is it?", he asked.

Olivia thought for a while. "The last time i asked Abigail, she said it was....about eighty thousand dollars", Olivia replied. "Perhaps less cos she had being making regular payments", she added.

Then Anton thought again. "Have there ever been a situation where a debtor decided to bailout?", he asked.

"You mean to vanish with the debt unpaid?", Olivia asked.

Anton nodded.

The grave look returned to Olivia's face. "Four people had done that and according to Donnie, they were nowhere to be found, Olivia said quietly.

"Donnie said that he couldn't find them?", Anton asked.

Olivia nodded. "He even said that one them, also a working girl, fled to another country. She looked at Anton. "I dont think that's what really happened cos she was a very close friend, but Donnie wasn't aware of that", Olivia continued with some fear in her tone of voice. "I know my friend very well. She might had done things that no-one would like to talk about, but she's not the cut and run type".

"Well, situation do bring sudden changes to some people's attitude", Anton noted with a shrug. "Maybe they did infact cut and run".

Olivia gave Anton an angry stare. "Yeah right, i'm sure you will say the same for Donnie who also played down the situation, saying how he had decided to write off the debt", she said irritatedly. "I saw what that man did to Abigail's brother just because of a payment not made on time, and you think that a ruthless evil bastard like him would write off the debts of people that decided to bail on him?".

Then Olivia paused with a thoughtful look on her face. And then turned away as Anton closely stared at her, hiding her teary eyes again. She was a tough woman that hates people seeing her in her moment of weakness. And Anton admired that.

"I called Abigail yesterday", Olivia then said. "But i couldn't reach her cos her cellphone was off. I went to her apartment to check on her and she wasn't there. Then i asked her manager and he told me that he too had been trying to reach her to no avail, but i could tell that he didnt seem to care at all".

Anton listened with an attentive stare at Olivia.

"A week ago Abigail told me about this extensive medical tests that she was made to go through", Olivia continued. "Quite different from the monthly tests that working girls are required to undergo".

"And i guess your friend talked about this test before she allegedly fled to another country", Anton said to her intently.

Olivia lips trembled abit. "Something is going on,...something that's not good at all. I spent all day yesterday looking for Abigail. But she is nowhere to be found. It's like she just suddenly disappeared. I think she is in trouble and it scares me". Then she looked away. "I still see my friend in most of my dreams at night", she sobbed. "And in every dream, her arms are reaching out, begging for help, while i'm trying to save her", she looked at Anton. "That's the reason for my.....you know", she gestured at the needle track marks on her arm; her drug use.

Anton thoughtfully stared at Olivia for a while. He took a glance at his wristwatch and then got up. "Okay this is what i want you to do", he began and took out his cellphone. "I want you and your friend to stay here and dont go anywhere. I mean nowhere except that bathroom", he said. "If it is must that you have to leave, then dont talk about our discussion and deny ever meeting me if asked, okay?".

Olivia nodded.

"Make sure your friend does the same", Anton concluded after checking his cellphone. "I will call you soon or later so be sure to answer the phone".

Then he nodded at Olivia and reached for the door handle. Olivia murmured her thanks and gave him a weak smile as he left and was still smiling as he closed the door after him.



Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Seanixking: 8:49am On Mar 07
Ride on Man. You are damn good.
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by JohnGainsville(m): 2:31pm On Mar 07
Following I really enjoyed reading your previous works. Twas wonderful
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 4:57pm On Mar 07
I really enjoyed reading your previous works. Twas wonderful

Thanks bro.....i hope to leave u well entertained with this one.

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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 7:17am On Mar 08
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by oluwaemmanuel: 8:17am On Mar 08
present sir .. Another good brutal story loading
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 8:40am On Mar 08
The uniformed woman behind the immigration check-in counter regarded the foreigner standing infront of her with a casual glance and lingered over the picture in the passport she was holding; his passport. The foreigner, a white man in his fifties and dressed in tourist outfit, looked very calm as he watched the immigration officer. He wore a very friendly look with the jovial smile on his face and only him knew that it was just an outwards facade he had to put up so as to help his case. And to also hide the venomous anger inside him that greatly increased by every second he was made to wait.

He had done all the routines as required, which also included the damn clothes he was wearing. And now standing before the woman he was told would grant him entrance within a blink of an eye. Well a thousand eye blinks had been made and he was still waiting for his passport to handed back with the check-in stamp.

After about half a minute more of riffling through the pages of the passport, the woman looked at the white man with a forced smile. Then she took a quick look at the other immigration officials, her fellow co-workers. Seeing that they were all busy processing the long line of the airport arrivals, she picked up the stamp printer and embossed the check-in ink on one of the pages in the passport.

"Enjoy your stay sir", she said to the white man who was already on his way after collecting his passport. Then she turned to another foreigner with some concern about what she had been forced to do; to check in a foreigner without going through the required protocols. And hoped that she doesnt end up being a part of some serious situation.

Marco Giancola a.k.a Don Gucci, steadily made his way through the crowded airport, heading towards the exit. Traveling alone with a disguise and fake passport was the only option he had in order to avoid detection. He was a man being hunted by the interpol and some criminal organizations with international connections. But this was just one of the many problems that was facing the boss of a Washington based crime family....or what's left of it.

The problems were many. He barely evaded arrest when the United states government's FBI came down on his organization to put an end to his operations, losing his right hand man in the process. He was fighting a losing war against a bitter enemy who's now almost taking over all his operations and businesses, the other Dons had turned their back on him and he suspects that one of them was giving his enemy a helping hand, and he was in the country to take care of the matter that topped all the other matters at hand.

It was a medical issue; a heart problem. Severe coronary artery disease, the doctor had told him. And it was coupled with a scarred heart tissue from a heart attack he had once suffered. The doctors had also told him that he didnt have much time left to live unless he gets a heart transplant.

He couldn't do the surgery in his country. Not because of the predicaments he was facing, but because of the long list of patients waiting for a healthy heart. By the time his number comes up, he would be long dead. He wanted to stay alive and healthy. And long enough to plot and take his revenge on his enemies. All of them. That's the reason for him being in this country. He would get a very healthy heart. And his connect had told him that with the right price, he would get one faster than ordering a cheese burger.

The glass door slided open and Don Gucci stepped out of the airport terminal building with his hand holding the handle of the luggage he was dragging with him. He paused, sighed and wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead despite coming out from a place that had its air-conditioners at full blast. He took a glance at his inexpensive wristwatch and saw it was past 9 am. Then he looked at the piece of paper he was holding on the other hand, written on it was the information of the car that will be picking him up from the airport. Still reading the details, a black Cadillac suv pulled up and came to a halt infront of him.

"Good day sir". The stout looking man that got out of SUV said to Don Gucci. The white man already knew that it was his ride after seeing the plate number that matched with the one written on the paper. "How was your trip?", the man asked with a friendly smile. Don Gucci regarded the man with and emotionless look on his face. He wasn't interested in any formalities and Tony saw it.

"Let us handle your luggage sir", Tony then said and motioned at the driver, who had also gotten down, to load the Don's travelling bag into the SUV. Tony opened the door to the backbeat and Don Gucci entered the car without saying a word to him. Then he made a quick glance around and looked at the another black SUV carrying the bodyguards that will be escorting them to the hotel where they had booked and also serve as Don Gucci's round the clock security. He gave them a signal and then slide into the seat next to the driver.

The car drove for about five minutes with Don Gucci staring at the scenery that flashed by while Tony took glances at the man through the rearview mirror.

"My boss is looking forward to meet you, sir", he then said and stared at Don Gucci through rearview mirror. "I can put a call if you wanna talk to him right now, sir", he continued. "Do you want to talk to.....".

"Let me tell you what i want", Don Gucci began coldly and interrupting Tony. "I want to be taken to my hotel room which i hope is of good taste, the best masseuse this sh!t city can provide, more girls to blow off some steam and then lots of rest", he continued. Then he turned his cold eyes at Tony. "Then i will tell you when i wanna meet your boss".

"At your service sir", Tony managed to say and gave the driver a look with a smirk on his face. Then he took out his cellphone to inform his partner, Tom, their visitor's needs.


"Its like you didnt get a proper sleep last night", Jim said to Anton as he stirred the second coffee cup.

"Yeah", Anton grunted, both his elbows on the desk with his forehead resting on his steepled fingers and his eyes closed. "Had to go through alot paperwork last night".

"Alot of headache and less sleep i guess". Jim smiled. He picked up the two identical ceramic coffee cup from the coffee table and crossed his office to his desk. He handed one to Anton and sipped his after dropping his weight on the swiveling leather seat. "Did the paperwork also do that to your hand?", he asked without looking at the slight abrasions on Anton's left knuckles.

Anton noticed it for the first time. "Nah, i got this from fixing something at my house", he smiled and sipped his coffee while giving his friend a look of intent from the corner of his eyes.

Jim nodded with pursed lips and set his coffee cup on the shiny surface of his chrome finished mahogany desk. He smiled weakly and gave Anton a short gaze and Anton could tell that his thoughts has something to do about him.

"I can tell that business is really slow.....cos i didnt see your secretaries sweating over a file when i walked into your office", Anton noted and glanced around Jim's well organized office.

"Yep", Jim murmured. He sipped from his coffee cup and left it on his desk and decided to tell his friend what he had in mind. "Well, a friend of mine earlier drop by my office hours ago", he began and reclined in his seat. "He's a cop by the way. So in our friendly discussions, he decided to share some information on a cop job he was working on this morning", he continued, resting his clasped hands on his belly and glancing around his office". "He was investigating an incident that went down in a frat house party in some neighbourhood. He said that a lone uninvited guest dropped by the place and flattened everyone. Mind you there were seven dudes in that house". Jim smiled and rested his eyes on Anton who seemed less concern as he listened and sipped his coffee. "And the reason for the seismic beatdown, according to one of the victims, was all because of a woman", he chuckled.

"Ha!", Anton snorted. "This must be one hell of a woman, probably wields alot of power and influence", he chuckled too.

"Nope", Jim disagreed. "From the few things that the victims managed to tell the cops, the said woman seems to be in the same line of profession as that girl you usually hook up with, probably several rungs below in the rankings for her to be dealing with them frat boys", he said.

"She's still a woman", Anton sighed.

Jim smiled. "Anyway, from the way this friend of mine described the injuries sustained by the victims and other statements from the neighbours, it's like the perpetrator is a highly trained nut-case or perhaps a guy who knows what he was doing and also possesses a special set of skills in combat".

"What makes you think so?", Anton asked.

Jim steadily gazed at him. "Well it's highly unlikely for an average Joe to just walk into a house full of adrenaline boosted roughnecks and put them all down with an out-of-control beating", he replied.

Anton nodded. He sipped his coffee quietly and stared back at Jim.

"I even suspect that the guy is one of ours", he added, still gazing at Anton.

Anton snorted and looked away.

Then Jim looked at Anton's hands. "So did you really hurt that knuckles by just fixing something last night or am i getting the wrong idea?",

Anton snorted again. "So what are you saying?", he asked.

"Well, I may be wrong but i think whatever it is that you were fixing last night happened to put seven men in the hospital ICU", Jim replied.

Anton sighed. There's no need to lie to his friend. "Well, it's still better than leaving them on the cold slab with toe tags",  Anton muttered and confirmed Jim's suspicion.

Jim heaved a heavy sigh and thoughfully stared at the papers infront of him. "I don't know what it is about that chick that had gotten into you, but you have to bear two things in mind", he then said. "First, girls like that aint loyal and are not to be trusted, secondly, we are among the selected few that are seen as the government's million dollar secret weapon that shouldn't be used recklessly", Jim said. "And doing a non-government approved damage is almost considered a treason for people like us", he warned.

"I thought we were the guys that are trained to go against people with bad intentions for humanity", Anton said.

"Yeah, government approved and against terrorists, not a Captain-save-a-hoe", Jim noted.

"Let's get past her occupation and see her as a human-being", Anton put in. "And according to the woman who's responsible for those rough-necks' beatdown in the house, she might be in great danger and in need of help" he continued.

Jim gave Anton a thoughtful stare. "Can you tell me what's going on?", he then asked.

Then Anton told him the whole story; what Abigail had said to him in the hotel room, the changes he saw in the escort agency website and also told him how he found Olivia, the story of Abigail's debt that she had told him, about Donnie the man running the agency and the disappearances.

That's one hell of a story", Jim then said with a concerned look on his face. "But are you sure that this Olivia chick is not pulling your chains by making up some bullshit story so as to get you into more trouble?", he asked.

"I intend to check it out", Anton replied.

Jim moved from his reclined position and rested both elbows on his table. "Dude i know your concerns, but in this situation, you gotta thread lightly", he sighed the warning. "This man that runs the operation sounds like a very bad guy and getting into a situation with this guy and other bad people that are into this sh!t with him aint good at all".

"I know, that's why i came to you", Anton smiled

Jim heaved a sigh and shook his head. He definitely dont want his best friend to carry on with something that might get him in trouble. And neither would he refuse to help him if he needed one. "So what do you want?", he asked.

"I will be needing some of your devices and also a few workers", Anton replied.

Jim thought for a short while and nodded. "Okay", he said. "But please let it be strictly for reconnaissance", he warned. "I don't want any of my workers to be in your company when you start running around incinerating the country".

"I will remember that", Anton smiled.


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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by celeboe(m): 9:02am On Mar 08
another good piece in the making your stories are always on point weldone Sir
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 10:06am On Mar 08
Bb4u, Ollyfad, SPDAZZY, iAreMozelle.

Segsbenks, kingphilip, Ashiat39
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 10:09am On Mar 08







Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by SPDAZZY(f): 6:18pm On Mar 08


Thanks for the mention.
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by LightQueen(f): 6:27pm On Mar 08
Well done
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Dhavido(m): 6:39pm On Mar 08
Thanks for the mention bro. Very interesting story
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 9:40am On Mar 09
Bb4u, Ollyfad, SPDAZZY, iAreMozelle.

Segsbenks, kingphilip, Ashiat39
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Omotayelolu(f): 10:33am On Mar 10
A new story by Ironkurtain??!
Don't plan on missing this Dey follow you bumber to bumber
Thanks for the mention
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by boladex1: 3:01pm On Mar 10
ironkurtain thanks for the mention, don't read stories on nairaland again. but yours is one I will not mixed.

Good story as usual and following you bumper to bumper.
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 2:42pm On Mar 13
ironkurtain thanks for the mention, don't read stories on nairaland again. but yours is one I will not mixed.

Good story as usual and following you bumper to bumper.

Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by meneski(m): 5:07pm On Mar 15
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 7:29pm On Mar 15

cheesy dont worry, i was delayed by some issues. I will be posting updates soon.
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by cyber5(m): 8:39pm On Mar 19
Donteanz erock247 jaesharp
Damibiz cyber5 cyberrex bigbauer
taofeek968 Sleemoon hadampson
sanyababa creeza emzyme
hormobolanle boffinjay queenitee
deji24 slimsky cygemeks dap come over guys

Its been long i last read a literature piece on Nairaland..
I've missed you guys AF...
Meneski baba i hail..

Famz kindly mention me I'll try to start reading and updating myself on every updates I've missed..
Those time i was always active on Nairaland, i thought time was always available.
Now I've gotten a clearer and better understanding of time.

Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 2:26pm On Mar 20

11 am the next day.

Anton pulled the Benz out of the busy morning traffic and brought the car to a near the street curb. Olivia was sitting beside him and smoking nervously with her eyes on the road. She was having an anxiety and acting very unsettled throughout the drive to Donnie's office and it made Anton to have some concern for her. He thought he had taken care of the most difficult of the task at hand, which was to convince Olivia to take him to Donnie. But with the increasing look of dread on her face and constant demand for a cigarette, Anton was now having reservation about their move because she might decide to bail on him before they even enter the building that housed Donnie's office. And it made him to take Donnie more seriously because the man seems to instill alot of fear in people.

"So are you ready to do this?", Anton asked as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

"Do we really have to do this?", Olivia replied with her own question with some anxiety in her voice.

"Well..if we have to find out what happened to your friend then we have to do it", Anton replied.

Olivia sighed heavily and looked at a fifteen floor building that their vehicle was standing infront of. "Isn't there any other we can go about finding Abigail without us meeting Donnie?", she asked and took a drag from the cigarette she was smoking with alot of uneasiness in her movement. She was being paralysed by fear.

"Why do you say so?", Anton demanded.

"Why?!, Donnie is not the guy you would wanna mess with and i'm really scared of what he might do to me later!", Olivia said hysterically. "I've known him for a long time. That man is very dangerous. That's why i didn't want to get myself involved in the first place". The Olivia shook her head. "Damn, i shouldnt have agreed to come here in the first place", she muttered to herself with a downcast gaze.

"Relax. Just stick to the plan and you will be alright, i promise", Anton assured her.

Olivia heaved a long sigh and remained mute for a while. "You just want to ask him some questions about Abigail, right?", she asked without looking at Anton.

"Yep", Anton replied.

"No other funny sh!t, right?".

"Nothing else".

"Then Olivia closed her eyes, took a deep breath and gently exhaled. "Okay....lets go", she said after opening her eyes and reached for the door handle.

Both of them exited the vehicle and Olivia immediately walked towards fifteen floor condominium building, heading towards two men who were standing near the lobby of the building while Anton stood beside his car.

Both men were quite sturdy in their dark suits and the dark sunglasses covering their eyes made them look quite sinister, making a few passerby to side-step away from them

Anton waited with both hands tucked in his pockets and watched as Olivia spoke with the men for several minutes. The men threw several glances at him with an expressionless look as they listened to Olivia. Then one of them took out a two way radio that was concealed in his inner pocket and turned away from Olivia.

Several more minutes passed by as the man radioed a message while the other keenly stared at Anton through his dark shades. Then he said something to Olivia. She nodded several times, looked at Anton and motioned at him to come over. Anton did so and the other man lead them into the building after he had taken off his glasses to give Anton a long cold gaze. Anton had also gazed back at the man but with a faint friendly smile.


Anton listened to the elevator music with Abigail by his side as the cab made its smooth journey to the penthouse at the top of the building. The tough looking man was standing infront and Olivia was beside him. And she stood still with no movements, like a statue and her face was deadpan. But Anton knew very well that she was trying to hide her fear. He gave her a slight tap on her back and gave a reassuring nod when she looked at him. Olivia sighed and faced her front without any response or gesture.

The elevator reached the eleventh floor, their destination; Donnie's office, and opened. The man, in mechanical steps, lead them through the richly furnished corridor and towards an expensive front door. The door was being guarded by another man who was sitting beside it and going through a newspaper. He was very huge. And his massive body made it seem like the chair would crumble under his weight if he moved his large body.

"The boss got visitors", the man that lead them said to the front door guard and watched as the avalanche of a man lazily folded the newspaper and got to his feet with a grunt.

"Hello Russ", Olivia smiled at guard who was quite towering over her when he turned his fear instilling eyes at her. Saying nothing to her, Russ turned his gaze at Anton who remained unfazed; he even stared at the behemoth before them from head to toe and snorted. Olivia gave him a cautionary look and smiled at Russ

"Are you armed?", Russ hoarse voice boomed in the corridor.

Anton glanced at the man in suit and at Olivia. "What is he talking about", he asked.

"He wants to know if you have any weapon on you?", Olivia said to him.

"Are you guys expecting some kind of a shoot-out?", Anton snorted. Seeing the serious look on the menacing man's face and Olivia's cautionary stare, he sighed and held both arms up. "I have nothing on me, go ahead and check", he said to the guard.

Russ proceeded to give Anton a brief frisk and nodded when he didnt find any weapon. Then the man in dark suit opened the door and ushered both Anton and Olivia into the penthouse.

Anton saw himself in spacious european style living-room, admirably furnished with luxurious furnitures. An expensive silk curtain ran from the high ceiling to the marble floor was on both side of the large window and spread apart to allow the bright sunshine to flow into the room and showed a paranomic view of the city.

"Hello Donnie", Olivia began cheerily and went over to a man in a blue flower designed silk robe, sitting on a sofa and staring at them. "How are you doing, darling", she continued sweetly.

The man, Donnie, lazily left the cigar he was smoking in an ashtray lying on te sofa side-table and gestured a hand at Olivia. And she stopped in her tracks. Then Donnie gave her a long steady stare with a snake-like look on his face.

"I thought i told you never to come to my place unless you have something very important to bring", he began quietly.

"Oh Donnie dear, can't i atleast come and see you are doing?", Olivia sighed. "I miss you alot".

"Well i dont", Donnie muttered and narrowed his eyes at Olivia. Then he turn his eyes at Anton.

Anton was taking cursory glances around the house and at the two other men that were also present in the house and sitting at the table in the dining place and watching both him and Olivia. Both men were steadily regarding Anton with an attentive look, anticipating for any wrong move from him. Anton gave them a weak smile and continued with his glances.

Who is your friend?", Donnie asked and jerked his head at Anton, after giving him a short- lived keen look.

"Good to see you too", Anton put in before Olivia could answer the question and proceeded to one of the sofas. Both men at the dining table made a move to get to their feet but Donnie motioned at them to remain still. "You can call me Anton.....Anton Pope", Anton grunted as he dropped his weight on the leather furniture with soft cushion.

Donnie stared at Anton from head to toe as Anton made himself comfortable in sofa, regarding him with a blank expression. "Anton Pope huh?", he then began with a smirk. "Are you somehow related to the man of God in the Vatican city?", he asked.One of the men in the dining room snorted. Anton did so too. "Wont he be mighty pissed if he finds out that you are dealing with this wh@re?", Donnie asked again and jerked his head at Olivia.

"Well i would love to be a relative of his", Anton smiled. "If he was the man doing God's left hand work", he added.

"Whatever", Donnie murmured and reached for his cigar. "So, what can i do for you?", he asked after lighting the thickly rolled tobacco and taking a few drags.

Anton studied Donnie for a while. He could tell that the man was in his early forties. Donnie was average, both in his build and looks with a permanent mean look on his face that reflected the kind of man he was. His image protrayed a man with alot of authority, or what he was trying to show.

"I came here for a business proposition....and it involves someone that you know or rather, someone that works for you", Anton replied and crossed his legs.

Donnie gave Olivia a glance. "What kind of business and who is the person?", he asked and looked at Anton.

"Before i begin, i want her to leave us alone", Anton said and pointed at Olivia. She furrowed her brows and gave him an inquisitive gaze.

"Well i dont mind her staying here, so go ahead and say your business proposition", Donnie sighed.

"I beg to differ", Anton said firmly. "I want her to wait outside", he insisted.

Donnie regarded Anton with some curiousity and then motioned at Olivia to leave them. Olivia hesitated, but not wanting to cross the man she had known very well and what he could, she quietly walked out of the living-room after giving Anton a look of disapproval for what he had said.

"Okay, now can you tell me what the hell brings you here?", Donnie asked impatiently after Olivia had left the room.

Anton rested his hand on his lap and steepled his fingers. "Actually i'm here because of a working girl from your agency", Anton replied coolly. "By the name is Abigail".

A brief fidgeting sound from dining room was heard when Anton mentioned the name.

Donnie threw a quick glance at men sitting there and pursed his lips as he stared at the burning end of his cigar. "I see", he began with a mischievous smile. "And what about her?", he asked intently.

Anton took a breath, gently exhaled and said, "I have been trying to contact her since yesterday, but all efforts in trying to reach her proved abortive".

"So what does it have do with me?", Donnie asked intently.

"Well i checked the website of the company, your company, and i found out that her profile and picture had been replaced", Anton replied coolly.

"You know these girls, they come and go when it pleases them. We give jobs to those willing to work and replace the ones that decides to quit. Maybe your Abigail is done with the job".

"Well, i'm also aware of the money that she owes you. Quite alot of money from what i heard".

Donnie's cigar stopped midway to his mouth when he heard what Anton just said. He stared at Anton for a shortwhile and smoked his cigar in silence.

"A man in your position wouldn't let a girl to just leave when such an amount of money is involved", Anton continued. "Infact you suppose to have sent King-kong to be scouring every streets and neighbourhood looking for her instead of him watching your front door....".

"And how did you get to know about the money that Abigail owes me, huh?", Donnie curtly interrupted. "Are you a family member of hers?", he asked again.

"I'm sure that you are well aware that she no longer has any living relative", Anton replied.

"Then you must be a very close friend".

"I guess so".

Donnie smirked. He took another drag from his cigar and blew a cloud of smoke and looked at Anton with the mischievous smile still on his face. "I bet a lot of sucking and f@cking must have happened for her to share all these things with a close friend", he sneered.

"I dont see how any of that is important", Anton shrugged.

"Well i'm just saying cos that's what she's only good at, what she does for a living", Donnie continued. "And the only thing that she could possibly offer to make someone go running around asking about her". The smile in Donnie's face slowly turned into an evil frown. "But the question is, is it really worth the effort....and trouble?", he asked with a sinister voice.

Anton gave Donnie a long steady stare and then reached inside his suit inner pocket. He took out a pen and a checkbook while Donnie watched him. The other men did so with alot of curiousity.

"I'm not good at putting price tags on anything...or even people", Anton began as he scribbled on the checkbook. "And neither am i a good judge of characters. But i know very well how things operate in your world, especially for people in Abigail's position and i fully understand that it is just business". He finished writing and held up the check. "So let's put aside the pissing competition and make a deal. This is a hundred and sixty thousand dollars, double the amount of money that Abigail is owing you. I know very well that she didnt just vanish into thin air, that's why i wanted the other girl to wait outside so that we can sort it out. And no one's dirty laundry would be aired out. So you can have this money and let Abigail go or tell me where she is", Anton concluded and waved the check at Donnie.

Donnie stared at Anton for a while with an expressionless look on his face as if trying to decipher what he was doing. Then his lips turned to a smile and he looked at the check Anton was holding. Then he motioned at the men in the dining room. Both of them got to their feet, came over to the living-room and stood beside Anton.

Anton glanced at the men as they gave him a hard glare, as if they were just one word away from beating him to death. "I guess it is a no-deal", he said calmly and looked at Donnie.

"Yeah, and you are also damn lucky that i'm in very good mood today", Donnie said with a sinister tone of voice. "So i want you to take your pocket change and get the f@ck of my house. If you are looking for your wh@re friend then go check the motel rooms and love shacks".

Then one of the men reached for the check in Anton's hand and took it from him. Anton turned his head and stared at the man as he slowly tore the check into pieces and then proceeded to stuff the shredded paper into the breast pocket of his suit jacket. After the man was done, he gave Anton a condescending smirk and gestured at him to leave.

Anton shifted his gaze from the man to his pocket. He stared at it for a few seconds and turned his gaze back to the man. He smiled at the man, brush off a piece of paper that was hanging on his suit and got to his feet. Then he nodded at Donnie and turned to leave.

"You said you know how things operate in my world", Donnie muttered as Anton was about to walk out.

Anton stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder.

"Then you will definitely know that if i ever see your ass again, i'm gonna kill you", Donnie warned.

"Well i dont take any threat lightly", Anton said his own warning quietly. "And you have to always bear that in mind", he concluded with a cold tone of voice and started walking towards the door.

The living-room door opened as Anton was about to reach for it. Tom walked into the living and almost bumped into Anton. Both men gave each other a short keen stare before Anton left the place, closing the door after him.

"Who's that guy, boss?", Tom asked and dropped his weight on the sofa.

Donnie smoked his cigar with his gaze fixed at the door. "I think we might have problem", he muttered.

Tom narrowed his eyes and looked at the door.

"As long as that bastard is going around asking about her", Donnie continued. "And i think that dope head b!tch must have said something too".

"I guess that explains why Olivia was looking nervous when i saw her", Tom said.

"Was she?", Donnie asked.

"I asked her why she was here, she couldn't give any good explanation", Tom replied. "And she seem kind of rattled, like she knows something".

"Do you think she knows?", Donnie asked with keen look on his face.

"I don't know. Olivia might be very close to that girl. Remember she was the one that used to brushed up the new girls in the business", Tom replied.

Donnie sighed and took another drag from his cigar.

"Do you want me to take care of Olivia and that f@cking canary that came here with her, boss?", Tony asked. "You know we cant risk attracting any attention at all".

Donnie exhaled the smoke in his lungs with a thoughtful look. "So how is the client doing?", he then asked and looked at Tom.

Tom smiled mischievously. "The guy is cooling off", he said. "And really going through the girls like someone going to hell tomorrow for a man with a heart condition", Tom chuckled.

"And the other thing?", Donnie demanded, not being concerned with what Tom just said.

"The payment has been confirmed, boss. One and half million dollars in the offshore account", Tom replied.

"Good", Donnie's lip curved into a smile of satisfaction. We will have to begin the process as soon as possible". Then he looked at the door that Anton had walked through. "And i want the boys to follow the bastard that just left. Tell them not to kill him cos i want him to be alive so as to rethink his actions", he ordered.

"What about her?", Tom asked as he took out his cellphone to make the call.

Donnie reclined in the sofa and stared at his cigar with pursed lips. "Olivia had her chance to walk away. And she knew better than bringing that guy to my place", he said quietly. Then he looked at Tom. "I want her to be taken care of", he said.

Tony nodded and dialled a number.



Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by MummyIMadeIt: 8:05pm On Mar 20
Ironkurtain is back... Nice to have you spice up this story..

Meanwhile that bloodline story of urs was dope and am still on the lookout for part 3 or should I call it the New Reign...

More prowess to writing skills
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 2:47am On Mar 21
Sorry from the typos and uncompleted sentences, i have made the corrections
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Niwdog(m): 8:29am On Mar 21
Thanks man
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by boladex1: 10:00am On Mar 21
Ironkurtain thanks for the update.

Let the action begins, please dont kill Abigail oooo
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by meneski(m): 10:03am On Mar 21
Dope man! Thanks...we on de stand by 4 more
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 8:57am On Mar 23
The elevator reached the ground floor and its stainless steel doors slided open for Anton to walk out. Olivia had waited for him to say something, about the outcome of his meeting with Donnie, but he remained mute throughout their journey from the the floor that housed the pent-house to ground level of the building. She was now getting impatient.

"So how did it go?", Olivia asked when she could no longer bear the silence as they exited the building and walked into the busy street. "What did he say?".

"Your boss told me in a beautiful way to go f@ck myself", Anton replied with a less concerned voice and unlocked the Mercedes benz.

"Did he tell you anything about Abigail?", Olivia asked eagerly as both of them boarded the vehicle.

"If he did, i would still be sitting with him now", Anton muttered and slammed the door shut.

Olivia heaved a deep sigh with a downcast gaze. She look at Anton as saw the unfazed look on his face. And it worried her, but not as much as the thoughts of what Donnie might do to her especially if he was really responsible for Abigail's disappearance. "I hope you didnt say or do anything that.....", she began with some fear in her voice.

"I did everything a gentleman would do if you must know", Anton interrupted and brought life to the engine. He stole a quick glance at the entrance door of the building and saw only one of the men in suit staring at their position.

"So where are we going to?", Olivia inquired.

"I'm going somewhere...and you will have to go home", was Anton's reply.

"Home?". Olivia was flabbergasted.

"Yeah,....your friend will stay in the hotel", Anton nodded.

"But....". Olivia thought for a moment. "But what about Abigail?", she asked.

"What about her?", Anton murmured the question.

"What are u talking about?....arent we looking for her?", Olivia asked surprisingly.

"That's what we were doing, but your man is not cooperating".

"You said that you gonna pay him money".

"I wanted to do that, but he wants me to leave....and that's what i'm doing now".

"So....we just gonna leave?"

"Yeah...we just gonna leave"


"Cos i never say or ask anything more than once".

Anton gave his side mirror a brief glance before smoothly guiding the car into the traffic.
Abigail stared at him with an unbelievable look on her eyes and then let out a sigh of disappointment.

"So....what now huh, are we just gonna forget about her and everything?",  she asked.

"Nope", Anton replied quietly.

"So what next?", Olivia asked and glared at him

"Next.....am gonna show Donnie what happens when someone f@cks with me", Anton replied, his tone of voice was a sinister one and the look in his eyes, very determined.

Olivia stared at Anton as he drove the car in silence with a frown. An unalloyed murderous frown. And it stopped her short from asking him any other question...or saying any other word. Until now she had always seen Anton as man with an ever positive mood no matter the situation at hand and made her feel comfortable being around him and also with his decision. She didnt know what went down between him and Donnie, but she could tell that it must have done something to him, that it must have lit a fuse.

Then she remember what Katie had said in the hotel room about Aj not ever bothering her again. She thought about it with glances at Anton.


1 pm in the afternoon.

"Yeah i got it....what do you have for me?", Anton spoke into the mouthpiece of his cellphone and worked the steering wheel to make a left turn. He listened to Jim's voice rasping out of the earpiece. "Okay then, i will meet you at your place". Then Anton looked at his rear-view mirror and monitored the car following behind him. "But first, i have to stop somewhere, i will call you back later", he concluded and ended the phone call.

Then Anton made another smooth turn and glanced at the car behind him again. The vehicle was a dark coloured suburban Suv that has been following him for a while. After he had left Donnie's place and dropped off Olivia at her place. There are several occupants in the vehicle, probably three or more with the man behind the wheel and it had been following quite cautiously to avoid detection. But after Donnie's words of warning in the pent-house, Anton had gone into full combat mode and was able to notice the movement. Now he was drawing the car to one of his several safe zones so as to analyze the situation....and also to be able to neutralize any threat with maximum damage if it turned out to be one.

Anton made another turn and brought the car to a halt infront of a building. Glancing at the neon sign that indicated that the place was a bar, he looked at his rear-view mirror again and saw that the car had come to a stop several metres away from his position with its engine still running. Then he killed the engine of his car and reached for the car compartment box. He opened it and took out the black Glock 18 automatic handgun that was well concealed in box. He always preferred to go physical so as to be up and close when bringing the pain. But he was now dealing with a feared gangster and persons in the car behind him who were probably Donnie's men, might be carrying weapons too.

After checking the full clip and slapping it back into the handgun, Anton tucked the weapon in his waistbelt and adjusted his suit jacket to conceal it. Then he casually got out of the car and walked straight to the entrance of the bar without letting the occupants of the Suv to know that he was well aware of their presence.

Anton briskly walked into the bar and got a smiling nod from the tomboyish looking female bartender who gave him a recognizing look. He acknowledged the gesture with a faint smile and glanced around the place that had very few customers. One of the customer sitting at the bar counter caught his attention. Anton gave the man a surprising stare for a while, stole a quick glance through the bar glass door and then walked towards the customer.

The man was sitting with his back facing Anton, drinking a beer and did not regard him like other customers that did so when he walked in.

"Now who do we have here?", Anton began quietly and sat on the vacant tool next to the man. "Are you still alive my boy?", he asked the man and gestured at the female bartender.

"Are you always wishing me dead?", the man replied with a question and a faint smile while going through a pamphlet he was holding.

"Not me, but the last time we met, alot of people badly wanted that to happen to you, Mr Eric Uzo". Anton replied and received his usual drink from the bartender.

"Too bad most of them didnt live long enough to see it happen, Mr Anton Pope", Eric murmured with his eyes still on the page of the pamphlet.
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 11:26am On Mar 23
Anton glanced at the pamphlet and saw it was for tourist information. "So what brings you to this country...and to my city?", he asked and sipped from his shot glass.

"Just on holiday", Eric replied as he read the prints on a page.

"Holiday?", Anton snorted. "I thought you only lived to dish out permanent disfigurements if it didnt end in horrific mutilations and sh!ts".

"Well your city is relatively quiet. That shows that i'm really on a vacation trip so no need for you to be alarmed.

Anton snorted again. "So how is the new family?", he asked.

"Everyone is good and going about their business", Eric replied. "How is your new life", he asked.

"Quite boring until now", was Anton's reply. Then he took a quick glance at the door and turn back to Eric. "How's big mama Nina doing?",

Living a new boring life just like you with the love of her life".

"Hm, i never knew that woman could ever take the chill-pill".

"You too, after all the havoc that both of you had wrecked".

Anton smiled with a distant nostalgic gaze in his eyes. Then five men walked into the bar and glanced around the place. Four of them made themselves comfortable on one of of the several vacant tables; the table near the door. One came towards the bar counter while the rest gave Anton's position a steady gaze. They were all well built and when Anton looked over his shoulder, he saw the one approaching the bar and towards him was the guy whom had torn up his check in Donnie's place.

"Five beers lady and make it fast!", the man ordered the bartender with indifference. The bartender regarded him with a suspicious look and proceeded to the refrigerator to get the beers. Then the man gave Anton the same condescending look that he had earlier given him.

"Oh it's you", he muttered at Anton with a sneer and smacked his lips.

"Good to meet you again sir", Anton said coolly and sipped his alcohol without looking at the man. Eric continued reading the pamphlet with less concern.

""Yeah....and you are one hell of a piece of work to have the f@cking nerve to come disrespect my boss, huh", the man muttered quietly but with a sinister tone of voice. "And i'm having a problem with it...and so are my friends too", he jerked his head at the other men that were now staring at Anton keenly.

"I only brought a business proposition which you already know and that's all", Anton said and took another sip from his glass cup. "But your boss made it clear that he wasn't interested and i left, just as he demanded", he continued coolly.

"Well....my friends over there think that it aint cool, so do i....and we want an apology", the man grunted and stared down at Anton.

"An apology?".

"Yeah.....an apology".

"To you and your friends or your boss?".

"Let's start with us".

Anton smirked and looked at Eric who ignored him and paused to drink his beer and then went back to reading the pamphlet in his hand, still with the less concerned look. Then Anton looked at the man from head to toe. "You are really good at being a messenger boy", Anton chuckled and sipped his drink. "So, messenger boy, i want you to go deliver this message to your friends. Tell them that this bar ain't selling any booze to you guys and you all have five minutes to get the hell out of this place".

The man stared at Anton with a sneer. "Or what?", he asked with a scoff.

The bartender who had placed the bottles of beer infront of the man heard what Anton said and got hold of the bottles. Then she looked at the man and shook her head, a gesture that she wasn't selling to him.

The man glared at the girl after seen what she did. "What the f@ck is this?", he asked her. The bartender gave no reply and quietly took the bottles back to the refrigerator. "What the f@ck are you doing you f@cking b!tch?", the man fumed but the girl return to her position with a deadpan look on her face. The man stared at the girl who seemed unfazed with a baffled look on his face.

"I think you are in the wrong bar my friend", Eric then said without looking at the man.

The man directed his fierce eyes at Eric. "And who the f@ck are you?", he asked.

"Just a concerned individual that knows this guy very well", Eric replied quietly and reached for his beer. "Whatever situation you have with him is no business of mine, but i'm just trying to advice you not to f@ck up", he added after taking a sip from the bottle.

"Will you shut your f@cking mouth!", the man bawled at Eric.

Eric sighed and remained silent.

Anton glanced at his wristwatch. "Now you and your friends have four minutes", he said, sipped his drink and gave the man a steady gaze.

"Oh, so you think you are tough, huh?". The man nodded with an evil grin. "Well let's see about that", he muttered. Then he looked at the bartender. "I'm gonna deal with you later", he said to her and left them.

Eric dropped the pamplet on the counter table and looked at Anton for the first time. "Do you know these guys?", he asked.

"Not until today", Anton replied with a frown. "And i have been playing really nice to them", he added.

"Have you gotten too bored as to be going around town starting up sh!ts?", Eric smiled. "It must have gotten serious for you to be walking around with a heat", he continued and pointed at the position where Anton had concealed the handgun.

"That was never my intention in the first place", Anton murmured. Then he finished his drink. "But sh!t is about to turn sideways for them, especially for that punk".

"And what is the beef that is about to make sh!t to turn in a different direction for someone?".

"It's personal".

"Okay then,....do you need help? I still have alot of time before i leave for the airport and got nothing doing as for now".

Anton chuckled. "There are only five of them. Are you trying to disrespect me my boy...or have you also gotten bored?", he asked.

Eric pursed his lips and reached for his beer. "Just tell the lady to play the music loud and also tip her well for the damages that is about to happen in her bar", he murmured as the five men got to their feet and started approaching.

The men surrounded Anton and glared at him with a fierce look on their faces. One had already slipped on a knuckle brass and another was brandishing a short metal pipe.

"I told you to apologize", the first man muttered. "So do you still feel tough, huh?".

Anton motioned at the bartender. She came over to him, not minding the threatening looking men beside him. He whispered a few words into her ear and she nodded. She gave the men a blank look and went over to the music box. Then Eric sighed and got to his feet. As he made a move to leave, the man with the metal pipe stood in his way and prevented him from walking away.

"Where the f@ck do you think you are going pal?", the man demanded with the pipe pressed against Eric's chest.

Eric gave the man a look and glanced at the metal pipe he was wielding. "Your man already done f@cked up, just don't make it worse", Eric said quietly to the man with an expressionless look.

"Yeah it gonna get worse cos am gonna beat the sh!t out of you!", the man threatened out loud. This made the few customers to notice the situation at hand and got agitated.


Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Streetmade(m): 12:07pm On Mar 23
So this story is a combination of bloodline3 and last gang standing,am so loving it
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by meneski(m): 1:54pm On Mar 23
should i say a nairaland Expendables? Master stroke! Never saw it coming bro.
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by boladex1: 2:05pm On Mar 23
love the way you introduce Eric into the story.

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