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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 3:02pm On Mar 23
Eric gently moved his hand to shift the metal pipe away from his body. This prompted the man to forcefully grab the collar of his shirt and raised the metal in a striking position. Then with a flash Eric put a wristlock on the hand holding him with his left hand and at the same time his right hand delivered a knife-hand strike to the man's neck. The stunning blow hit the man good and sent his face thumping the edge of the counter table so hard that it rattled the glasses and bottles on the table.

The other men saw their man go down and immediately went into action. So did Anton. And he took on two of the men, one of them being the man demanding for an apology and also their leader. The first man got sent crashing into the bar tables and chairs after taking Anton fast and precise blows that hits hard like bricks. The second took a more violent beating that left him with a broken jaw and severely broken nose; he also disorganized other tables and chairs after Anton violently propelled him towards the bar furnitures.

Some customers immediately got to their feet and head for the door while some decided to watch the physical contest that seemed unmatched in all kinds of ways, especially in the ferocity of the blows landed and the amount of damages it caused. The bartender casually looked at the ruckus unfolding before her and proceeded to increase the volume of the music.

Ante Up! Yap that fool!
Ante Up! Kidnap that fool!
Get him! Get him! Get him! Get him!
Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!
Yap him! Yap him!
Yap him!

The hook of M.O.P song, "Ante it up", banged out of the loud speakers. And so did fists bang out blows fit enough to crack bones.

The man with a knuckle brass came at Anton swinging hard. Anton defended himself effortlessly and dealt blows that left the man's nose broken and bleeding profusely. Then he turned to the leader of the group and gave the man an evil smirk as the man recovered. And started approaching him.

Eric had already taken out two men and left them beaten bloody; one was put on the bar table and got his face brutally punched until it was a bloody mess. Then the man that was the first to take Eric's punishment recovered and grabbed the metal pipe that he had dropped. He came running at Eric, bawling out curses and raised the weapon again to use it. And yet again he failed miserably. He was put in another wrist-lock, the weapon dispossessed from him and got tortured with a combination of hook punches and knife-hand strikes. Every effort that the man put up got met with a devastating blow that fractured a bone. He tried to block some and more bones got fractured with infliction of terrible bruises.

Anton was doing the same to the leader of the group and probably outdoing it because he was now at war. And also wanted to send the message to Donnie. A terrified female customer who could no longer stand the sounds of limbs being broken, threw up the drink she had being having. The other customers who were amazed at how Anton and Eric took out the assailants that were twice their number with an unparalleled savagery decided that they have had enough of the show. The two men absolutely have no method to their madness.

The beatdown ended with all the assailants writhing on the floor with horrible degrees of injuries. The bartender who had been sitting in a position safe from the violent beatdown looked up from her cellphone and saw that the violent bar room brawl has ended. Then she casually got up and went over to the music box to turn down the volume. And to also access the damages caused in the bar.

Eric calmly went over to the bar counter and took some tissue from a tissue rack to wipe the blood on his hands and knuckles. He handed some to Anton who stood beside him as both of them looked at what they had done.

"Are you okay?", Anton asked and wiped his own hands.

"Sure", Eric replied. "Seems to never be a dull moment whenever we meet", he added and tossed the used tissue on the floor.

"I guess so my boy", Anton murmured and then looked at the leader of the gang. "Never a dull moment", he muttered.

Then Eric took out his wallet. "I think i will have to leave you to clean this sh!t up", he said and peeled out some currency notes from it to pay for the drinks. "I will have to run back to my hotel room to check my flight itinerary", he continued and placed the money on the bar counter table.

"Do you wanna leave when the show is about to get started?", Anton asked.

"This is your city...and your show, pal. I'm just passing through", Eric replied and pat Anton on the back. "Be sure to tip this lovely lady enough for the damages", he concluded and nodded at the bartender who acknowledged the gesture with a smile and a wave of hand. Then he started heading to the door.

Anton watched him leave and then turned his eyes to the leader of group they had taken out. He gave the man a faint smile when he turned his bloodied and horribly bruised face at him. And then went over to the hurting man.



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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by zelaws: 6:04pm On Mar 23
Ironkurtain! Last last Eric don enter all the way from Bloodline .
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ashatoda: 7:20pm On Mar 23
The moment I saw Eric ' s name I knew hell is going to rain down in droves. ironkurtain come give more
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Sliss: 9:08pm On Mar 23
Nice updates
Shits just getting started
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Sliss: 11:33am On Mar 29
Ironkutain where are you
Come n continue this story
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 1:02pm On Mar 29
Sorry for the late updates, work schedule is mad crazy sad

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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Sliss: 12:10pm On Apr 03
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by cyber5(m): 1:10am On Apr 04
Mehn... It's gonna be a crazy ride
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 3:07am On Apr 05

Pls exercise some patience, i earlier said that i have a very busy work schedule. Have a nice day.
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 3:49am On Apr 06
Olivia lazily turned the key and unlocked the door of the two room apartment that she shared with her friend Katie. Weak in her steps, she walked in, closed the door after her and depressingly looked around the room. The place was a horrible mess, like a storm had gone through the room. The few shabby furnitures were knocked out of their place, the clothes that Katie had hurriedly took off laid rumpled all over the place including her underwear. The place was an untidy mess with a stale smell of several things.

Olivia sighed and tossed the pack of cigarettes that Anton had given on the low table at the center of the small living-room. A part of the single sofa inthe house protested slightly when she sat heavily on it and rested her head on its back cushion.

For several minutes Olivia remained in that position with her eyes shut, thinking about everything that had happened throughout the day and contemplating on what next to do. She didnt know Anton's intentions and his motives. And she also wasn't sure of how the situation at hand will play out for her. Donnie was a very dangerous man and she was very well aware of what he can do; she had seen it first hand. Alot. And his influence was the muscle she had always used as backup in all her endeavours. But now she might have gotten on the wrong side of Donnie for bring Anton to his place. And for sure Donnie wont hesitate to show his displeasure for that action, in a very bad way.

Olivia opened her eyes and then sat up. She had just made a decision and it's for her to get out of town as soon as possible. To hell with everything, she thought to herself as she got to her feet, including Abigail's disappearance. Now she has to save her own skin before worrying about someone else's.

Thinking of what she could take with her, how she can get some money and from whom since she doesn't have enough at hand, she got to her feet and rushed into the bedroom.

As Olivia returned to the living-room with the bag of cloth that she had hurriedly packed for several minutes, a knock on the door made her pause in what she was doing. Olivia inquisitively stared at the door. Then another knock, gently made, prompted her to drop the bag on the floor and cross the living-room to the door.

"Probably Anton", Olivia thought as she reached for door handle. She wasn't expecting anyone because she rare had any visitors. Katie won't be coming home soon because she had been given a strict order to stay in the hotel room and probably enjoying the luxurious room to even think about coming back to the shabby apartment.

Olivia opened the door. And saw that she thought wrong when she saw herself staring at a big man. A man by name Brad. A man she knows very well. One of Donnie's enforcers.

"Hello Olivia", Brad began coldly with a forced smile.

"Hello Brad", Olivia smiled to mask her fear. "What brings you to my place?", she asked, tightening her grip on the door handle. She could sense trouble. Alot of it. Brad was Donnie's toughest man. If he was sent by Donnie, then she's in alot of trouble and there's nothing at she can do about it. Even if she tries to lock the door and perhaps scream for help, Brad was a brute and big enough to break the door down. He would probably break the door down and finish the job before she could be heard.

"Just passing by and decided to pay an old friend a visit", Brad replied and tucked both hands in the pocket of the black trench coat he was wearing.

"I see", Olivia murmured, closely staring at Brad and knowning that he was lying.

"So....are you gonna let me in or do you want me to keep standing outside?", Brad asked. "Or....are you hiding someone in your place?", he chuckled.

"Oh". Olivia stepped aside and gave him a superficial friendly smile to hide her growing fear. "Come in", she gestured and Brad did so. "Sorry about the mess. I haven't been home for three days and my roommate is a lazy ass", she apologized and closed the door as Brad glanced around the living-room.

"Are you alone?", Brad asked as he crossed the room to the sofa.

Olivia hesitated abit. "Yeah", she then replied.

"What about your housemate?".

"Gone somewhere".

Brad pursed his lips, glanced around again, looked at the packed bag that Olivia had left on the floor and made himself comfortable on the sofa. "I heard that you went to see the boss this morning", he said, clasped his big hands and turned his cold eyes at Olivia.

"Yep", Olivia murmured and gave her bag a nervous glance.

"I also heard that you went there with a friend".

"The guy is not my friend, just someone looking for Abigail".

"I see", Brad nodded. And he looked at the bag again. "So what is this business about Abigail that made you take a....stranger to the boss' place", he asked with and inquisitive stare.

"The guy is one of Abigail's regular customer....and a very good one according to Abigail", Olivia replied as she picked up a few cloths lying on the floor, pretending to be cleaning up the room. "I think Abigail must have talked him into paying her debts to Donnie cos that's what he wanted to do and why he wanted to meet Donnie in the first place", she continued.

"Hm....", Brad nodded, the inquisitive gaze still on his face. "Did Abigail tell alot about this guy?", he asked.

"Well....she didn't say much about him", Olivia replied as she neatly folded the cloths and underwear that she had picked up.

"What did she say?".

"That he's rich,.....he pays good money with alot of tips and treats her well".

Olivia smiled and looked at Brad. "And that he is also good in bed", she added.

Then Brad looked at the bag on the floor again. "Are you going somewhere?", he asked.

"I was thinking about going on a short vacation, you know, to cool off my mind", Olivia replied with a modest voice.

"With your room-mate?",


"So why the sudden vacation?, especially now that the boss is having some concern about your movements.....and the persons you are hanging around with."

Olivia sat beside Brad and regarded him with a suspicious stare. "You said that you were passing through and decided to drop by", she said.

"Yeah.....why?", Brad asked.

"But why i'm having the feeling that i'm being interrogated", Olivia noted.

Brad smirked. "Why would you feel like that?", he asked. Then he gave Olivia a close look. "Is there something that you are hiding especially from the boss, or....is there something that you are aware of....and dont want anyone else to know?".

"Well i'm aware that Abigail haven't been seen...or heard of since yesterday", Olivia replied quietly. "And it's like no one cares to know where she is...or what happened her", she gazed at Brad. "No one.....including you Brad, her manager", she added.

"And is that also why you brought that guy to the boss, huh?", Brad asked. "To know what happened to Abigail?".

"What happened to Abigail?", Olivia asked, knowing what the question could do to her. But now she no longer cares what happens to her. Brad wasn't just passing by her place and she was very sure of that.

"Why do you wanna know?", Brad demanded.

"Just tell me what happened to her", Olivia insisted.

Brad sighed. He got up and tucked both hands in his pockets and gave Olivia an expressionless stare. Olivia returned the stare with the face of someone that has given up to fate. "Abigail is gone, if you really wanna know", he replied quietly.

Then both of them stared at each other for a while before Olivia shifted her eyes away. "Abigail didn't do anything to anyone", Olivia murmured sadly with a downcast gaze knowing what Brad meant by Abigail being gone. "And neither had she ever said anything bad to anyone including you". Olivia looked at Brad. "She doesn't deserve it all", she said to him.

"I know", Brad said and then tucked a hand inside his trench coat. "And so do you", he continued and pulled out a handgun with its muzzle fitted with a silencer.

Olivia stared at the weapon pointed at her in silence with tears welling up in her eyes.

"You have to understand that it's not personal my dear", Brad said to her, his voice with a less concerned tone as his other hand took out a thin syringe from another pocket; it was filled with brown liquid. "It's just business and we all have to run our business", he continued.

"You....bastard", Olivia muttered quietly with a defiant look on her face that was now wet with the steady flow of tears from her eyes.

Brad nodded with a pursed lip and quietly approached her with the syringe held up to administer the injection so as to kill her with a heroin overdose.


Anton handed Jim the pen he had used to sign the check at Donnie's place. Jim made a quick scrutiny of the pen and handed it over to a young man sitting on a desk with a laptop infront of him. They were in the "Operational room" in the office of Jim's security firm. The company was located at the top floor of ten storey building with workers that were top professionals in all facets of security. And most of them were ex-members of the country's armed forces.

"Did you stop over for a drink", Jim asked Anton as both of them stood beside Jim's Tech-guy. "I can smell the whiff of alcohol in your breath.

Anton nodded and watched as Jim's worker disassembled the pen and took out a micro-chip.

"But i'm very sure that the bloodstain in your cuffs didnt come from a butcher-shop", Jim continued without looking at the red stains on the cuff of Anton's shirt. "I thought i told you that it should only be a reconnaissance operation", he said with a frown.

"I did exactly as you said but Al Capone sent his men to drive home his warning, so i had to shake them off", Anton stated. "Or do you prefer i bring them here with me?", he asked.

Jim sighed. Then he turned his attention to the screen of the laptop his tech-man. Anton did the same and both of them watched the video recording of the conversation with Donnie that Anton had recorded. The tech-man worked his fingers on the keyboard, gained access into the government databases, both classified and unclassified, and ran Donnie's face and voice through it. Within a few minutes, Donnies information was on the laptop screen. All of it.

Anton read a few lines and smile. "The guy is well connected", he murmured.

"Yeah", Jim nodded as he read the info. "Nationally and internationally, Politicians...and probably some cops". He looked at Anton. "This could be a problem, that is, if you start sh!t with this guy. It could raise enough dust as to pull in some big boys that owes him a favour...or in his payroll", he noted.

"So what do you make of this", Anton asked.

Jim sighed again and tucked both of his big hands in his pockets with his head tilted to the side as he stared at the computer screen. He remained like that for a while and said, "The blowbacks could be quite adverse, if we put your position in consideration. And it could go all the way to your family", Then he looked at Anton. "You pops is an image sensitive man and always wants the family name to stay clean. And he is a man being held in high esteem in this country both in the military and in the government. A situation with this kind of guy would make his opponents to start digging around for dirt. And that's alot of headache that he wouldn't wanna deal with, especially if it's because of someone he is not really in good terms with".

Then Jim reached inside his suit jacket to get his cellphone that was vibrating and incoming call. He took a quick look at the number calling and took the call. After a few nods and saying okays, he ended the call and looked at Anton.

"It's about the girl", he said.

"Olivia?", Anton asked.

"Yep", Jim replied and slipped his cellphone back into his pocket. "Your man is now making his moves, very seriously",

"Is she alright?", Anton asked with alot of concern in his voice.

"Marie wants us to come over to her place", Jim sighed.

"Who?", Anton furrowed his eyebrows.

"Marie....the Marie that you know very well", Jim replied.

"Jesus Christ! Jim, why the hell is Marie involved in this?", Anton protested.

"Well...", Jim began with a mischievous smile. "The guy that you requested was tied down to another job so i had to get someone else....someone up to the task", he said.

"And should it have to be that crazy b!tch?!, you very well know what happened between me and her".

"Well why would u wanna stick ur d!ck in a crazy bitch....especially the one that is a trained sociopathic killer"

Jim's tech-man let out a suppressed snort. But kept his focus at the computer screen.
Anton heaved an uncomfortable sigh with a distant gaze in his eyes.

"But i thought it's all even between the both of you", Jim said.

"Yeah....but do you f@cking know the kind of strings i had to pull just for her to achieve that?", Anton said irritatedly.

"Yeah i heard. You saved her from facing a court-martial due to her mode of getting information from prisoners", Jim nodded. "But it helped us alot in the field and also saved alot of people....and fellow soldiers too".

Anton snorted. "Do you know that one involved endlessly torturing a prisoner, feeding him viagra and raping him till he confessed", he muttered.

"Well, she was giving the guy a taste of his own medicine, literally", Jim noted with a chuckle. "In conflicts anything goes my friend cos there are few options and people let out the monsters in them, you already know that".

Anton gave Jim a baffled stare. "I do wish alot of things to happen to an enemy, but that's alot of pain and...probably alot of heartbreak",

"Anyway i already knew the kind of people we are dealing with, that's why i put Marie on the job of watching the girl", Jim said and motioned at Anton for them to leave. "And since she is still alive to make a phonecall, then the girl is surely safe", he continued as both of them head towards the door.



Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by cyber5(m): 12:01pm On Apr 06

We die here
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by MummyIMadeIt: 12:28pm On Apr 06
Marie the psychopath!! Hmm
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by MummyIMadeIt: 12:28pm On Apr 06
Marie the psychopath!! Hmm cool
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by meneski(m): 9:57pm On Apr 06
wlkm bro
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Sliss: 10:03am On Apr 07
I think I'm gonna like this Marie

Well done ironkurtain
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by temicyborg(m): 9:11am On Apr 08
first tym I comment on a story guy u 3 much abeg
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 10:04am On Apr 13
"Take this", Marie handed Olivia the third glass of water. Olivia speedily accepted and gulped it down with one swig, her hands shaking uncontrollably. "You have to calm your ass down before you kill yourself with anxiety", she continued and frowned at how scared Olivia was when she took the empty glass from her.

Olivia took some deep breaths to calm herself down. She had been trying to do what Marie just said but to no avail, especially after her near death experience in the hands of Brad. And most of all, after seeing the violence perpetuated by this strange woman who came to her apartment in time to stop Brad from acomplishing his mission.

Olivia let out a deep sigh and looked around her apartment. The living-room was totally destroyed by the violent scrimmage that occured several minutes ago. It looked like a place that had taken the full brunt of several large angry animal stampede. But in this case it was just two animals that were unmatched in size and endlessly throwing an avalanche of ferocious blows that ended up leaving the bigger one, Brad, lying on the floor, tied up and badly beaten. She had seen enough to change her view of the world. Enough to even make her start believing things she never did, like the bible story of David and Goliath. She just saw it first hand and in this case, David happened to be a female. And seemingly crazy one.

Marie pushed a broken piece of a furniture aside with her leg and sat beside Olivia with a low grunt. Taking out a cigarette from the pack she had picked up; Brad's cigarrette, she put the filter end inbetween her bruised lips and lit the tobacco. Olivia looked at the woman and stared at her face, keenly.

Olivia was thinking about the savage blow that Brad's big fist had landed on that face during the over the top fight-to-death contest. The sick feeling she had after seeing how Marie just got up, move her dislocated jaw back into place and then went at Brad to put him in a very bad shape, was still lingering in her gut.

"Are you okay?", Marie asked when Olivia stare got abit too long.

Olivia nodded her answer and glanced at Brad; he was now conscious with his hands and legs tied together and mouth viciously taped.

"Good", Marie murmured and exhaled a cloud of cigarette smoke. Then she studied Olivia from head to toe. The red spots on the arms of the woman beside her caught her attention. "Hm, i can see that you are into the habit", she noted and looked at the syringe lying in one corner. "So which one, heroin, meth or crack caine?".

Olivia furrowed her brows. "What is crack cane?", she asked and looked at Marie with a confused look on her face

"Crack cocaine", Marie said.

"I intend to kick the habit", Olivia sighed deeply and looked away.

"Goodluck with that decision".

Olivia checked her arm that Brad had earlier grabbed with his vice-like grip. She felt the slightly aching muscle and looked at the man.

"Dont worry about him honey", Marie continued, blew a cloud of cigarette smoke and felt the bruises on her mouth and face. "More help is on the way". Then she looked at Brad. "And sh!t is about to turn really ugly for you my friend", she began at the hurting man with an evil smirk.

Brad remained still, blood and bruises on his face and lying in a very uncomfortable position with the gaze of a man trying to understand the unexplainable predicament that has befallen him. Half an hour ago he was about to accomplish the hit his boss had ordered. Everything had been going smoothly with no witnesses to deal with and the victim not putting up a fight at all. Until the operation was interrupted by a knock on the door. He made Olivia to open the door at gunpoint. And a woman unknown to both of them casually stepped into the house and into the situation in the living-room. She was quite a beauty, smaller than Olivia in stature and seemingly harmless; that's what he had thought. After a few questions thrown at the questionable woman, he made the move to first kill the new witness with the content in the syringe, before deciding on how to kill Olivia. But within a blink of an eye, the woman also made her own move as he was making his and Brad then realized that he thought wrong. First, he was disarmed of his weapon with a blinding speed. And hell broke loose.

She fought him like a demon that got possessed by something else far worse, her blows were delivered with all the powers of hell. He was stronger and much more bigger and also fought back. But when he started finding it very difficult to put down the ungodly deranged being who seemed to be enjoying the pain he was bringing, that was when he realized that he was in alot of trouble. And also started loosing ground quite fast.

As Brad laid on the floor, bleeding with alot of excruciating pain, he stared at both his intended victim and tormentor. His reign of terror was about to be put to an end and he knew that; the look on his face said it all.

"You are probably wondering what the f@ck just happened", Marie continued. "I have seen that f@cking look on your face so many times, especially from your likes, always wondering what the hell hit them. But you all fail to realize that your big ass dont mean sh!t....especially in my world", then she took out Brad's handgun that she had tucked in her waist-belt and examined the weapon. "That's why people like us are called upon whenever the government wants to deal with a hardcore crack enemy. But you, my friend, is miles away from my definition of hardcore. And i'm very disappointed". Then she turned her cold eyes at Brad. "I would have given myself the pleasure of beating you to death with this handgun so as to make this sh!t show worth my while. But i had been given a strict order".

Marie got up and passed the cigarette to Olivia who quickly accepted it; she needed it badly but was too scared to ask for one. Olivia took a drag from the half-smoked tobacco, not minding the bloodstain on its filter and glanced at the woman as she paced around room. Then she exhaled the smoke and stared at Brad. The defeated look that had replaced the look of a monster he earlier had on his face made Olivia to feel sorry for the man.

"If you have anything you wanna say.....or do to this man, then you better do it now before they arrive", Marie then said to Olivia, interrupting the woman in her thoughts.

Olivia looked at Marie. "What do you mean?", she asked.

"Well, he might had said some horrible things to you...or perhaps slapped you around before i showed up. So this is your chance to do the same", Marie replied. "This motherfucker will be sent back to his people in a pine box for sure", she added.

Olivia looked at Brad. "No", she declined.

"Are you sure you dont wanna take a few whacks at him?, people like you rarely get the chance to do that to guys like him", Marie said.

"No....i'm good", Olivia sighed. She took another drag, her hand slightly shaking. "Have you killed people before?", she then asked and looked at Marie.

Marie regarded Olivia with a funny look on her face. "Excuse me?", she asked to be sure that she heard the woman right.

Olivia repeated the question again timidly. Marie stared at her for a while and looked away. And then laughed.

"Aren't you suppose to be asking the number of the unfortunates that have died by my hands, especially after seeing me tango with him", Marie then asked, still laughing.

Olivia thought for a short while. "Dont you feel anything at all while doing it....i mean...killing those people?", she asked again. She seemed to have suddenly picked up a new interest.

"Of course i do,....gun recoils or the knife going into their vital organs", Marie responded with less concern and gave Olivia a hard gaze.

"I mean...the feelings inside you when you were....killing them".

Marie gave Olivia a short blank stare. "Why do you wanna know, are you a shrink?" She asked.

The look in Marie's eyes made Olivia to make the decision to keep her mouth shut.
Then a knock drew her attention to the door. She gave Marie a look of intent and the woman lips turned into a faint smile.

"Atlast", Marie began and head towards the door with her hand giving the handgun a tight hold. "I was already getting too bored in this rat-hole", she murmured.

Marie reached for the door handle and held the weapon in a ready-to- fire position. Then she opened the door and remained still with a surprised look on her face.


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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by mychiveous(f): 1:50pm On Apr 13
Thanks for the update.
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by leppyj(m): 7:42am On Apr 19
Ironkurtain, how are u? It been a while, pls continue this lovely story, don't abandon it. Thanks
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Vidamia(m): 8:57am On Apr 19
Ironkurtain.....the real Don of action triller story......
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by oluwaemmanuel: 9:49am On Apr 24
Job well done Sir Ironkurtain... waiting for next update
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Mantee(m): 9:34pm On May 02
Dear Ironkurtain, thanks a lot. Please know that a lot us (ghost readers) love you. Dont base your updates on the number of comments from fellow nairalanders to determine your followers.

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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by yungbanks: 4:24pm On May 03
Bros abeg feed us we dey hash
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 6:19pm On May 04
Dear Ironkurtain, thanks a lot. Please know that a lot us (ghost readers) love you. Dont base your updates on the number of comments from fellow nairalanders to determine your followers.

Bros, wishing u and other readers lovely weekend. Actually i dont post stories for comments or likes though, i'm only making use of the talent to entertain others, but my work schedule is really slowing me down and being a family man, the family comes first so that's why i gotta hustle to make sure that i provide for them. And unlike some writers here, i dont like rushing stories cos it will only make me post low quality materials. So i hope u understand. This month we have a project at hand and a very limited time to complete it. I haven't taken a day-off for over a month, even on May 1, the workers day. If these stories were a source of income, imagine how interesting they would be cos i would definitely be putting alot of work on it. But it isnt my brother. Family comes first so i have to focus more energy on the thing that will bring comfort to them. Pls do understand. Take care.


Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Solly1(m): 5:16pm On May 13
Great story sire, bravo...
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The black bullet-proof Range Rover autobiography SUV made a smooth turn to the road on the left and rode to its destination at a steady speed. Sitting on the backseat was Donnie, in a three piece brown suit, stared through side window at the scenery on the street. Then he pursed his lips and tucked his hand inside the inner pocket of his jacket to take out his cellphone. And stared at the device for a while.

He had gotten the phonecall and was told of the statues of the order he had given to his men. The order to deal with the man that had the nerve to come his place earlier to make a demand. The order was to teach that individual a hard lesson. And of course he had expected it to be a job well done as always, but the feedback he got wasnt what he had expected and not good at at all. His men are the ones that were taught a lesson, and a very severe one because none of them made it back to his place to give the report or even able to make a phone call. They were all in the hospital, incapacitated with terrible degrees of injuries. The leader was in the intensive care and in his pocket, a note from the individual with a number to call if he decides to change his mind about the deal.

The situation doesnt seem to be good at all. Donnie now have another line of action in mind and it involves drastic steps. That strange man that Olivia had brought to his place seems to be a problem, a very big problem. He has a very important deal to close and wouldn't want to take any chances at all. Donnie wanted to call Brad to check up on him. But he decided against it to do something different. And then proceeded to dial a different number.

"Hello Tom", Donnie began when the phonecall was answered and stole a quick glance at the driver who was staring at him through the rearview mirror. "Any demands from the client?", he asked. The voice rasping out of the earpiece of his device told him that Don Gucci was impatiently asking when the procedure would be carried out; the heart operation. "Tell him that everything is being setup and it will be done tomorrow and also tell him that i'm on my way to meet him. Then Donnie sighed. "You already heard what happened, that guy seems to be a major problem, and as long as he is alive, he will continue to pose as fu@king threat. So i want you to call Jason, tell him to get his crew....the best men, and give him Olivia's information including the place that she is living". Then he paused to listen to the voice from the phone. "Yeah Brad is already there, but i want Jason and his men to be there to make sure that the job is done. And tell him that if Brad happens to run into some kind of problem, especially that motherfucker, he shouldnt hesitate to kill that fool and every goddamn thing with him", he continued with a serious tone of voice and ended the phonecall.

Then Donnie sighed and thought for a while. The thought of Olivia and the posibility of Brad failing to accomplish the job of eliminating her. To him it seemed like an unlikely scenario. But after hearing what happened to the men he had sent to deal with Anton, he decided that he didn't want to take any chances at all. In the event of Brad failing to accomplish the mission, Olivia might say everything she know about him and probably other things that she must have seen or being told by Abigail.

With all that in mind as Donnie stared out of the car window, he proceeded to dial another number.

"Tony, i want you to stop whatever you are doing now", he began. "There is something i want you to do right away. It is very important.....".


"What's up witch", Anton began and pushed his way into Olivia's apartment.

"Witch?", Jim snorted and also stepped into the apartment. "I thought you always called her hyena".

"You can see that she didn't leave a shocking scene for us to see....and the dude's limbs are still intact", Anton chuckled and jerked his head at Brad.

Jim shook his head and glanced around the living-room. "So what do we have here", he asked, glanced around the apartment with a look of disgust and turned his attention at Marie.

Marie directed her look of intent that she had on Anton to Jim. "A subdued hit-man and a terrified intended target sir", she replied. "He was armed and also came with a shot load of heroin, probably to kill the her with an overdose". She pointed at the syringe on the floor and handed Jim both Brad's weapon and cellphone. "What is he doing here", she then asked and gave Anton a suspicious stare.

"The client that you are rendering your good services to", Anton replied the question and stared at Brad with a recognizing look. "And i'm quite glad with what you have done so far", he continued with a smile.

Marie gave Anton a confused glance. "What the hell is he talking about?", Marie sighed and gave Jim a questioning look.

"He is right", Jim said as he inspected the cellphone "You did a good job in getting us a source of information and also keeping his....friend safe". Then he asked Olivia if she was alright, to which she nodded her answer, got up and stood beside Anton who proceeded to whisper to her with his hand rubbing her shoulder.

Marie saw Anton's gesture and rolled her eyes with a scoff. "Oh, i see. Has it gotten that bad that a dope head is now taking care of your love-nuts?", she chuckled at Anton.

"She is not a bed-mate so no need to start getting jealous my dear", Anton muttered.

"Jealous?", Marie snorted and rolled her eyes again. "I know you have a substance abuse problem. But this guy, he is really bad for your health", she said to Olivia.

Anton scoffed. "Did she in any way molest or touch you inappropriately when no one was looking", he asked Brad. Brad stared back at Anton with an expressionless look on his face, perhaps short of words to say.

"I'm very good at following orders...unlike you", Marie cut in and paced closer to Anton till she was inches away from him. "But i'm more than willing to show you what i would have done while your girlfriend watch", she continued with an expressionless look on her face. Olivia gently withdrew from Anton and stepped away from both of them.

Anton stared at Marie for a while and shook his head with a sigh. "Still don't wanna end this beef after everything i had done for you, even saving your wicked ass", he asked.

"I dont have any beef with you at all", Marie replied. "It's just that i'm angry that i made the f@cking mistake of falling for the wrong guy". She got a little bit closer to Anton. "Worst of all, i just can't stop thinking about you", she said quietly with a fixed stare at Anton.

"Wow, i'm impressed", Anton muttered, staring back at Marie. "But i already told you that it ain't working....especially when you are always displaying beast gorilla strength in everything you do", he continued.

"Yeah, you were scared cos you couldn't handle a real woman", Marie said, poking a finger at Anton's chest.

"And also have a serious anger issue", Anton added.

Olivia threw steady glances at the two ex-love birds staring at themselves. They looked very serious, but she couldn't tell if they were about to start tearing each other apart or tear their cloths off and start a wild make-up love making. She hoped that none of it happens because it would put more damage to her already destroyed apartment. And she wouldn't want to see anymore wild action because she had seen enough.

Jim, who had gone into the one bedroom in the apartment, came out with a chair. "Alot of catching up is going on between you guys huh?", he sniggered and set the chair in the middle of the living-room. "Well you gotta put it on hold cos we still have to get some info....and also a friend to save", he grunted.

"Yeah", Anton agreed. He looked at Brad and gave the man a weak smile of intent. "We meet again", he said to the man.

Jim paused in what he was doing and looked at Anton. "Do you know this man?", he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"He is her manager", he replied.

"Manager? How?".

"He is the one that always brings her to my place".

"Bring who?", Marie asked as Anton and Jim proceeded to haul Brad on the chair that Jim had brought. Then she looked at Olivia. "Whose manager? Yours?", she asked.

Olivia shook her head. "Abigail's", she replied.

"Who the hell is Abigail?", Marie asked and glanced at the other two.

"The woman taking care of my....love-nuts", Anton replied as he and Jim roughly sat Brad on the chair. Brad didn't put up any struggle at all as they did so; it was the right thing to do considering what the woman who was with them had done to him.

Then Anton stood in front of Brad and stared at the man for a while with an expressionless gaze. "First of all, you gotta know that i dont ask anything more than once", he began. "And if you give me the wrong answer, it gonna be worse". Anton then proceed to unwrap the tape around Brad's mouth, gently done because he was saving the roughness for any wrong move or words.

"I got some cutting tools and a blow-torch in the trunk of the car", Marie said, she also stood infront of Brad with hands on her hips.

"You already had your fun", Anton muttered quietly to Marie. "I want you to take her to the car", he jerked his head at Olivia. "And also watch-out for anything unusual", he continued.

Marie snorted. "Be reminded that i dont follow your f@cking orders", she said to Anton rudely

"Do as he said", Jim ordered.

This made Marie to frown. She gave Anton and evil glance and then eyed Olivia as if she was the one responsible her being denied the pleasure of giving Brad the hard business if he refuses to cooperate. Then she motioned at Olivia and unwillingly made her way towards the door muttering a low grumble.

Olivia stepped closer to Anton as she stared at Marie leave the apartment. "I hope she won't kill me", she whispered to him.

"Unless if you get on her wrong side", Anton murmured his reply with less concern as he folded the cuffs of his long sleeve blue shirt.

Olivia sighed deeply and shook her head. "Who are you people?", she asked and stared at Anton with furrowed brows.

"The bigger gang", Anton replied with less concern.

"Oh, great", Olivia sighed again. "So i just made enemies with one gang and unwillingly got in a mix with another gang. So which one should i be more wary of?".

"We are not the same my dear cos we are the government gang".

"Then i should be very afraid of you guys".

"Okay, but first you have to be afraid of what Marie will do if you keep her waiting. She has a very short fuse".

Hearing what Anton said, Olivia immediately made her way towards the door. She gave the three other persons in the room one more glance and closed the door after her.


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