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Emi(spirit): Legend Of The Human God / African Demigods (story Of Gods And Men. Series 1) / A Tale of Gods And Monsters (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Bobosneh: 9:20pm On May 12
baba skubido na every thread I clicked on literature section I dey see you. ah Eyin wonyi nka iwe gan o
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by SaintBOLEX(m): 6:50pm On May 13
RIP Adeshewa......... Sobbing mode!
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Louisosazee(m): 8:11pm On May 13
so touching embarassed
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 12:56pm On May 14
Eri suddenly halted his horse, and placed his hand on his chest the part where his Hell Stone laid. Ogunjimi stopped also, noticing the act.
"What's wrong we are almost there" He said and became confused seeing tear drop from Eri's eye.
"Adeshewa is dead" He silently said and slowly moved his horse on.
Ogunjimi stood still, trying to make sense out of what Eri said.
"How sure are you? "
"I promise these whites death to their unborn children " He said and kicked his horse, and bolted with great speed and fierce towards their destination.
Ajanaku alighted his horse and walked towards the camp alongside with the soldiers that followed him. Seeing Gloria he walked up to her
"Your people have something that belongs to us" He said calmly.
"I have no idea, what you are saying" Gloria responded and smiled at him.
"Can we search" Ajanaku asked.
"Am sorry, I only asked because i respect you, don't try to stop me " He said and signalled to his men to b egg in search...
"Owa nibi (It is here)" He said, he could feel the flow of the idol energy in him.
"Check her tent " He said
"You won't do that" Gloria said standing in their way.
Ajanaku pushed her fragile body aside and entered into her tent, he walked slowly to where she laid her scrolls and didn't waste time in bringing out an idol.
"Traitor" He shouted and walked out angrily, lighting Bolt in his hands
Lord Fredrick, sat himself on the throne, smiled and rised.
"Move this throne out, replace it with the softest leather we have, and all these attires and skin should be burnt" He said and walked out the palace.
"Take the girls, have fun, load the men into the mines, make them work their bones out".
Norris stood speechless, he felt helpless, he felt he needed to do something but who was he, the kind of pain his people afflicted Ayenireti, wasn't what he signed up for.
"Boy" Lord Fredrick walked up to him and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Go have fun " He said and left him.
Getting to the shores, from distance away, Eri alighted his horse with tears in his eyes, he retrieved an arrow from its quiver and continued to walk on.
"Eri stop, we need a plan" Ogunjimi said and ran after him.
"I have a plan already"
"Which is"
"Kill them all" Eri replied with batting an eye at Ogunjimi.
Eri pulled his arrow with great effort, from the distance he was, the only impact the arrow could have was have a scratch on the body of the ship, but something in him urged him to release and he did.
SWAAACHHHED the arrow left the now and pierced through the air, and before getting to the ship, it formed a large inferno in a ball shape..
Gbaaammm!!!!!!! The impact was made boring huge holes into the ship and roughly shook it on the water. ..
"What's that " A soldier from inside the ship asked. And peeped through the window of the ship, towards the direction where the force had come through.
"Damn, these scavengers, all men attack, and keep these prisoners here" He said and ran towards the way out.
"Drop you weapon"
Ajanaku saw all his men were already overpowered, with swords on their next, threatening to kill them.
"You are all part of this " He said asking Gloria.
"My life is also at stake here" She said and pressed the dagger a little on the neck of the one she held, making a slight cut.
"Where is the second idol" He asked.
"Dude, drop your sword to the ground and throw that idol here" a man said
SLASSH!! the throat of a soldier was split.
"If I ask again another dies"


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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Hamid7(m): 8:54pm On May 14
Battle getting complicated
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Bobosneh: 9:01pm On May 14
white poo they ate the definition of betrayal
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Bobosneh: 9:02pm On May 14
whites they are the definition of betrayal
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by skubido(m): 11:09pm On May 14
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by germaphobe(m): 12:14pm On May 15
oh men
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by daddio(m): 12:54pm On May 15
Keep the story going brother. God bless you.
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 8:41pm On May 15
PLEASE EVERYONE... I sincerely apologise for the late update....
And am still apologising in advance because.... I have tests back to back till weekend....
And even the Countdown to our new novel has been shifted..............
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by daddio(m): 9:12pm On May 15
PLEASE EVERYONE... I sincerely apologise for the late update....
And am still apologising in advance because.... I have tests back to back till weekend....
And even the Countdown to our new novel has been shifted..............
PLEASE EVERYONE... I sincerely apologise for the late update....
And am still apologising in advance because.... I have tests back to back till weekend....
And even the Countdown to our new novel has been shifted..............
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 10:00pm On May 15
Eri walked up the wooden stairs that lead to the dock of the ship, with two arrows in his hands, while his bow hunged from his back. He went into killing rage, swiftly he dodged the guns fired at him, rolling with swift reflex, he caught a soldier by the legs and pulled him to the ground and drove an arrow into his skull, and raised the body up, using it to defend himself from the approaching bullets, he threw the body with him at another and quickly grabbed a gun, and pulled the trigger. Feeling impressed by outcome of the weapon he made for another, two guns with him, he stechted his hands sideways, pressing the triggers repeatedly and slightly moving to the jerking impact. He brought them down standing on a spot.
Ogunjimi descending into the cabin of the ship, slashing his enemies easily as he made his way, checking room after room till he got to where Emi and IRETI laid.
Ajanaku threw the idol towards the man and lowered his weapon, what he needed next was a better plan, and suddenly he became invisible.
"What just happened? " A man asked feeling scared.
The Man with the idol, smart enough he brought out the idol and raised it up.
"Show yourself or I break this" He said and turned in circles. One after another, the whites began to go limp, and feel to the ground, with blood oozing from their necks..... And CRAAAAACCCKKKK, the Man wasted no time, he broke the idol into two halves.
"NOOO!!! " Gloria screamed and ran towards the man.
"It still has it sales value " He said and Ajanaku revealed himself, with his mouth widely opened and an expression of anger.
"Death to the gods" Ajanaku said and walked back slowly.
The sky in a quick pace started giving way to dark thick clouds that completely covered the sun, and everywhere was in total darkness, thunder furiously stroke, from one end to another..
Confusion fell on them, as everyone ran to nowhere in particular. Whole Ajanaku stood speechless, already knowing the end would be tragic.
Norris picked up Remi's lifeless body and laid him on his wooden bed, checking his temperature, it was drastically high, then suddenly he could feel cold winds blow at first then the sun suddenly disappeared, he hurried out of his tent to have a view outside, and then rushed back in only to find Remi already on his feet, with his eyes burning like hot coals, he slowly walked closer trying to put his hand on Remi's shoulder, he turned to a statue and then broke to pieces.
Ajanaku quickly gathered the idols and placed them nearer to each other and then found a cloth to bound them tightly. Then he found a horse in the dark and rode towards Ayenireti.
Eri supported ogunjimi bringing Emi and IRETI to the shores, they both raised their heads up and saw as the dark clouds covered everywhere in quick pace.
"What's wrong? " Eri asked and looked back only to find both Emi and IRETI standing to their feet, with their eyes burning with fury.
Emi fell to his knees and his eyes became normal, as did IRETI also.
"Your son is going to kill everyone" Emi said looking at Eri and then to IRETI who also fell to her knees.
"He is blocking our access into the power realm, we can't draw any power" IRETI replied.
Eri felt helpless, bad news after another, how would he tell Emi that his dear wife was dead, just then Ogunjimi broke the news.
"Adeshewa is dead".
Emi smiled at first and then realised the expression on their face were real.
"Tell us it a lie" IRETI said and crawled towards Eri.


Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by daddio(m): 11:11pm On May 15
Thanks, God bless you. God bless your endeavor. I wish you more success.

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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 7:39am On May 16
Ajanaku rode furiously in the dark, to join the gods with the others in the shrine before it was too late, suddenly the sack where he kept the idols loosed from the body of the horse.
"Noo, no" he mumbled and halted his horse and quickly alighted.
"How do I find them in the dark, even in sand " he lamented and began using his hands to trail the sand for the idols. He looked towards Ayenireti and could see Flame from the distance he was, he knew death had befall all those in the city. He continued his search and luckily he found both idols still tied together, he made to his horse and only to see it was gone.
"What in Obatala name is happening? " he questioned, using his beast soul was out of options, he would die before he reached there, since his heart was no more. Then he began running as fast as his legs could carry him.
Remi slowly walked towards the palace, as every house that he passed through went up in flames, every soldiers that neared him were burnt to ash. Nothing could calm him everyone shares in the sins of the white, even the dear ones of Ayenireti were brought down dead.
"That child must not get to the Palace "Lord Fredrick ordered and went to the backyard where they had held everyone prisoner, he made them form a wall before him, thinking if Remi would notice his people and cool.
Remi got to the palace and folded his hands tightly as everywhere suddenly went up in flames
AHHHHHHAHHGHH!!! lord Fredrick could hear the horrible screams from where he was.
Ajanaku felt relieved as he neared Ayenireti, he bent down to relax, then he knew the time was not now, noticing countless of bodies lying on the floor. He tried gathering his strength, just then he heard horses approached him.
"Ajanaku what's wrong" Emi asked as they neared him.
"The whites, they separated our gods, I just got it back, and now another trouble " he said.
"I understand, then another set came in to overpower us while you were gone, and now Adeshewa is dead" Eri said.
"Impossible" Ajanaku said
"It's true, how do we get in, Remi is blocking us from accessing our power realm, and he is going to kill every single soul inside" Emi said looking at Ajanaku.
"What, you know Yemoja removed my heart, I can't access the realm also"
Remi entered into the slaves yard and halted.
"That's it boy, you wouldn't want to wipe an entire village out of existence" Lord Fredrick said laughing uncontrollable.
Remi continued to walk closer, the prisoner could control how they wept, the end was here already and they had to take it in good faith.
Ayenireti's gate fell down to the ground, raising dust in the air and quickly they all ran in.
"Is that the hell Stone or you? " IRETI asked.
"We have to calm our son before he kill us all, he is in the palace" Eri said and took the turn towards the palace road.
Remi smiled wickedly and raised his hand up, as a great inferno in a whirlwind manner, formed from nowhere standing between him and Lord Fredrick.
Eri and the rest raised the heads up, as the inferno greatly overpowered the darkness.
"What is he doing? " Ogunjimi shouted
"Killing everyone, I think we are too late" Emi said.
Remi shouted in agony and pushed his hands forwards, and..... whhaaaammmmm. The inferno went forth and in a minute it died down, it sucked all living soul before it dry, turning their body to complete ash.
Emi kicked the door that lead to the slave yard open and saw Remi standing with burning flames on his hand.
"Remi" Eri and IRETI called out in unison. "What have you done? " IRETI asked and ran up to him.
"Mama, what happened, am scared" Remi said and hugged his mother tightly.
Just then the dark clouds began to fade away. The made their way outside the palace and the waste Remi laid to the entire village made their spirit be in pains, the city they had suffered for, now gone with no living soul. A paper got stuck to Ajanaku's leg and he bent down to pick it.
"Emi you have to see this" he said and gave it to Emi.
Emi read the message and tears dropped his eyes.
"King Adele, is the one behind the slavery and all, wanting total dominance"
"What next, what we fight for is gone " Ogunjimi said
"Let's find Adeshewa's body, then everyone who caused this will die one by one by my sword"


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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by daddio(m): 8:18am On May 16
So interesting. God bless you Devilpen.
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 8:39am On May 16
So interesting. God bless you Devilpen.
Thanks man......

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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by adetkid(m): 8:39am On May 16
You are a great writer....More grease to your Elbow.more Brain ....
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 8:42am On May 16
You are a great writer....More grease to your Elbow.more Brain ....
thanks for the support Bro
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by skubido(m): 9:47pm On May 16
U too much baba
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Bobosneh: 11:22pm On May 16
wow this remi is very powerful o. now they will see the dark side of emi
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Evold: 4:18pm On May 17
Tell me that Fredrick is among those that got turned into ash, I'm so angry
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 2:39pm On May 18
The whites are not fully to be blamed.
The foolishness that lies within the heart of our breathren
Must be Casted far from them
Wanting power has made them blind
And it will cost them all they have.
One by one they shall be pulled down.
They shall pay dearly for killing everything we worked for
The whites also wanting to reap where they didn't sow
We understand
What it means conquering mighty ones
You brought Ayenireti down
Your fall will be mightier.
Through the hands of leader with no follower.
Emi really pained in his heart, poured the last of the sand on Adeshewa's grave and began laying stones around it, while others stood few metres away from him, laying the stones with heavy burden he swore to put every soul that brought their downfall. IRETI and Eri walked up to him, holding his hands, they slowly pulled him and took their leave out of the ruined city.
"We could stay with Bidemi for the time being and till we get back to our feet" Ogunjimi said as he climbed his horse.
"Thank you" was all Emi could mutter, he raised remi on his horse and followed behind Ogunjimi.
IRETI looked at Eri and sighed heavily, then slowed her horse behind, so Eri could catch up.
"we need to talk about our son" IRETI said with concern.
"What about him? "
"Don't pretend like you don't know" IRETI said with a irritated look.
"Can we schedule that for later, we still have lot to sort out" Eri said.
"No, I want to talk about it now " She pressed on "He denied us access in our power realm, you know we should not let him have access to his true powers"
Eri hastened his horse faster trying to avoid IRETI's talk. IRETI also hastened and continued.
"Do you know he killed more than five thousand souls in minutes, burnt them like they were nothing"
Eri stopped and faced IRETI with tears in his eyes and he spoke.
"Do you think I will forgive myself for that, he now knows what true power feels like, do you think am less concerned " Eri said trying to calm himself on the other hand IRETI regretted she brought the matter up and felt guilt pierce her heart.
"You two are lagging behind " Ajanaku shouted at them.


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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 1:00am On May 19
Ogunjimi lead the way into a compound, which had five huts facing each other in a circle and led them in the huge one that stood in the middle.
"Bidemi" he called out and went into other rooms. Emi made himself comfortable on a stool with Remi on his laps, while Ajanaku and the rest also made themselves comfortable, emi could feel all eyes were on little Remi who cuddled himself around his grandfather.
"Can we straight out matters" Ajanaku said and pointed at Remi.
Just then two children a boy and a girl ran in to the hut.
"Mama you have visitors " The girl shouted loudly and moved back towards the door
"Twins " Ogunjimi said and showed himself, embracing his children tightly,
"there that's Remi the grandson of the human god" Ogunjimi said "Remi follow them, let them show you around" He said.
As soon as the children went out Emi spoke.
"There is no matter to straight out, other than go down to Adele's kingdom and lay waste to it" Emi said slowly.
"Emi, if you decide to be blind to real facts, our lives are at stake" Ogunjimi said leaning against the wall.
"Tell me what am I blind to, I lost the only thing that mattered to me, what calmness do you seek from me" Emi asked,
"You know we still follow you and now more than ever we should protect this people, those that are ignorant to this threat" Ajanaku replied.
Ogunjimi walked out to monitor the children and after some minutes he ran back in
"The children are gone" Ogunjimi said.
"Maybe they went to Ja be a nice time outside with their new friend" IRETI replied comfortably
"No, my children will always seek permission before leaving this compound" Ogunjimi said and reached for his sword and ran out, following behind him the entire family.
"Let him go, he is the grandson of the human god" The boy shouted as Remi was forced on a horse..
"Take the girl also" The man on the horse said and pointed to the cart filled with children.
Ogunjimi pressed his way into the crowd, trying to have a view of what was wrong and why people gathered.
"Your king can no longer safe you, you know belong to Adele and most importantly your tax has just risen, no more cowries, each household now pays monthly due of 30 gold coins, failure to do so means death to your entire household " the man said, and adjusted his helmet
"Even if you sell our land for thirty times its normal value, we still can met up with that demands " an aged man lamented from the crowd.
"Old man, if you want your family to live, then pay "
"Tell who sent you, nobody pays tax in this village " a voice said from the crowd.
The crowd murmured at this word and paved way to the direction the voice had come from.
"Who are you? "
"Find out yourself" Emi said and charged his beast soul, allowing thunder Bolts through them, beside him was IRETI who also turned her eyes red and on the right was Eri with his bow and arrow which instantly caught up in flames, then Ajanaku beside him, wild wind howling from nowhere and then Ogunjimi. All with indescribable anger in them, they only needed a victim to loose it on.
In less than three minutes, the gathering was disbanded, like nobody was there beforehand. The Man placed a knife on Remi's neck while his soldiers drew their swords in attack position.
"Kill them all" Ogunjimi said with total hatred.
Emi leaped into the air and landed before the horse of the leader, no hesitation he pulled him down with one hand, and
SWWWAAACCCHHHED he landed his feet heavily on the man's face, and squashed it into a thousand pieces, he growled angrily and charged towards another.
Eri fired arrows at the padlocks that locked the cage where the children were kept prisoner, while IRETI led them away from the bloody fight.
Ajanaku on the other hand fought like a wild boar, using his shoulder to hit his opponent, and immediately they fell he made sure their head were denied by the neck. In less than a minute, every opponent were dead.
The villagers gathered also in groups again, surrounding their saviours.
"As from today, you have nothing to fear" Emi shouted trying to encourage them.
"You put us at risk, as powerful as your lineage is, you couldn't safe Ayenireti, we don't want that for us, better let us work as slaves than ride to freedom with you, then let your grandson lay waste to all of us " a lady shouted angrily.
Emi couldn't feel his legs, those words nailed him on the wrong path, his anger rised and thunder Bolt cracked from almost all his body
"Prove what you are" the lady said again and slowly everyone walked back to their hut feeling disappointed
"We can't stay here" Emi said, and stood up frombthe wooden stool, after eating the food Bidemi served them "Am sorry we caused you incovienence " he said staring at Ogunjimi and then to his children then to Bidemi
"Is it true that, you killed everyone in ayenireti? " Ogunjimi's girl child asked Remi.
"Shewa, to your room and you too, Ayo" he said and looked sadly at Emi.
"What's next"
"Adele, I think Ogunjimi can stand up for his family" Emi said
"Am staying behind" Ajanaku declared and all eyes fell on him.


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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by daddio(m): 7:11am On May 19
Thanks for the update brother
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 10:34am On May 19
"This is not for me" Ajanaku said and patted Emi on the shoulder. "I will start a new life here"
"What kind of life father? "Eri asked confused.
"I miss being a warlord" Ajanaku said knowing fully well only Ogunjimi and Emi understood what he meant by that.
"I will journey alone, you shouldn't bear my cross, continue a new life here or somewhere else" Emi said and dropped Remi
Emi set out on his journey, he knew it would be a very tough task for one man, but he had to fulfil a promise he made, which was drive back the whites and teach his ignorant fellow a bitter lesson. He slowly advanced to the border of another city and rode in, seeing the hardship that Adele Casted on them only angered his spirit.
"You" a soldier shouted confronting him before he could advance the gate. Emi halted his horse and waited patiently for the soldier to walk up to him.
"Let me see your face" He ordered Emi to remove the cloth he wrapped around his face.
Emi did as instructed and smiled at the soldier
"Today isn't the market day"
"Am on a journey and I decide to rest here for a day" Emi replied and stretched out a sack of gold to the soldier, who received it joyfully.

"Have fun my friend" the soldier replied and gave emi passage.
Emi slowly pulled his horse behind him, on every corner of the street was hardship, soldiers brutally lashing their fellow brothers hard for not meeting demands, old aged human dragged against the ground, Adele was now turned to a fearful Demi god. Emi softly caught a lady that was pushed roughly across his path and helped he stand to her feet.
"Are you well" He asked with a gently voice.
"No one is well in this village, stranger" the lady replied
Emi pulled her by his side, as the soldiers that molested her walked towards him.
"Give the lady back" They ordered Emi and withdrew their swords.
"Why, why do these people find pleasure in inflicting pain" surely the whites weren't as brutal as what Emi witnessed
"Who do you work for" Emi asked and looked at his horse "Look after her" he said and walked forward.
"Why do you ask? " one soldier asked arrogantly.
"I need you to deliver a message to him, from the Lineage of gods" Emi said and almost with the speed of light he, grabbed both of them by the neck with both hands and slammed them on the ground. He held the legs of the one on his right and twisted it.
CRAAAACCCKKKK!! The sound came out terribly with the bones springing out of the flesh.
ARRRGGGGHHJHH!! the soldier shouted horrible with dear pains running through every inch of his body and soul.
Emi walked towards the other, who had began crawling to safety
"Please, please, ayemi ooo " he lamented
Emi moved him towards a stake and found a rope to tie his neck with and SWWWIIIIPPPP he raised his body up the stake with the rope, while the other end stocked tightly to the soldier's neck. Emi watched him as he struggled for breath and slowly life creep out of him.
Emi found a horse and laid the other soldier on it and patted the horse hard, making it gallop furiously.
"Aje " Emi called out to his horse which slowly advanced towards him, he climbed on it, ignoring the staring crowd



Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by skubido(m): 12:22pm On May 19
Tanks for the update
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by daddio(m): 3:04pm On May 19
Thanks brother
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Bobosneh: 3:34pm On May 19
when a good man turned a bad man all hell will let loose
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Devilpen(m): 6:15pm On May 19
King Adele felt unease at the sight of his soldier that stood in front of him, he knew who this human god was, now only one was coming for him, what about if they whole lineage was after him.
"Double the work load on the villagers, gather their children and bring them here and kill this fool"
Adele looked angry and walked closer to a white man in the court.
"I thought your people had these gods down already" He said in a whisper tone.
"We will see to that" the white man replied and watched as King Adele walked out of the palace.
Emi has wine coming from different people trying show sign of appreciation
"Move back all of you, I was the one who brought him to the city" the lady he had defended said, pushing her way through the crowd in the bar.
"Kokoro " they all murmured and gave way to her.
"What do you want from Adele I can get you informations" She said and gulped down a drink.
"How can I get to him? " Emi asked now paying full attention to her
"Five minutes of giving information cost 2 gold coins" She said and looked at the act coins with Emi.
"You pay first"
Emi brought out 12 gold coins and and slid them towards her "Talk"
"Kind Adele, lives at the highest top chain of merchants and what he needs is total dominance, so he hired white folks from oversea with high power to help him overtake in exchange he allowed them access to valuable spoils"
"Tell me something I don't know" Emi said and collected back his gold coins.
"Cheat" she shouted and tried collecting them back
"How old are you? " Emi asked
"Twenty five "
Emi smiled and looked closely at her "Your bones would be very easy to break, such smooth face" Emi said and pointed a finger that cracked with thunderbolt at her face.
Kokoro shifted a bit feeling nervous, she spoke "The only way to stop Adele is to drive back the white, they are the only source of his power, and you will take the pain liberating the cities he had already conquered"
Emi smiled and passed the coins to her.
"You will be my journey companion "emi said and passed a gourd to her.
"Journey with a god, good, where are the other gods"
"Starting a new life and liberating others"

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Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Cardiojosh(m): 6:37pm On May 19
Nice one sir..more ink to ur pen
Re: Emi(spirit): Lineage Of Gods by Mielekcezylil(m): 8:11pm On May 19
Kudos to you Devilpen, nice story.

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