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The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 12:38am On Jul 09
This write up should not be
copy, transmitted or
reproduce in any form
without the knowledge of the
Author, failure to adhere to
this will see the victim facing
the appropriate legal
FACEBOOK: Blessed Matthew


Agent "grin" is the fourth Mask Agent the Flux Co-operation has produced, though the Co-operation doesn't really involved in choosing the Mask Agent but the very Agent himself chooses his successor without the knowledge of the officials in the Co-operation.
No one, not even the co-operation knows the true identity or seen the face of the mask agent except his predecessor.
The knowledge of their lineage is a mystery to the mask agent until when his or her predeccessor is no more, one way or the other he or she will get to know the mystery and origin of the lineage.

Agent "grin" is an outstanding agent, he is the best in the country, he has survived so many deadly missions, where he got his training is only known to him and his predeccessor.
His 20years in the co-operation has seen him won lots of National and International awards to the co-operation. He has solved so many cases and unravel so many mystery; some of which include the elimination of the "SHADOWS" who was believed to have been res
ponsible in top assasinations in Europe, the wiping off of the rebellion group in Congo, catching the deadly assassin in Nigeria and lots more.

He made a pledge to the co-operation and the Nation on his resignation celebration day "In exactly six months from now, I will present to the co-operation the next Mask Agent that will take over from me";He said...

Everything was set in motion, all hands was on deck; The "Ghost Organisation of Russia who five of their best Agents were currently on training promised to make everything possible in stoping the Agent from producing a new Agent of his kind because they believed he might pose a threat to them and their missions; The Chairman of the flux co-operation also vowed to stop the Agent; Nigeria's Men of Underworld that were on low key gang up together and pledged not to let it happen......

Agent "grin" knew it won't be an easy task but he was determined not to let the lineage end in his time....

Will the Incridible Agent "grin" be able to pull through as it seems all odd is against him?

Find out in this Mind blowing Crime Story....

Story starts of 12th of July 2019...
To be posted 3 or 4 times a week depending on the comments.....

Can someone help me call the register...
Thank you all...see you guys on the 12th

Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 1:38am On Jul 13
THE MASKED AGENT (Mystery Of The Lineage)

EPISODE=1 (The Pledged and Identity)

January 12th, 2015 Moshood Abiola National Stadium 2: pm

It was a calm afternoon, the weather was so friendly that one will wonder whether the heavenly bodies is aware of the great event that is about to unfold. Moshood Abiola National Stadium which was said to came into existence in 2001 and has a capacity of 35000 sits was fill to the brim that makes it imposible for anyone to have an easy passage in going out of the stadium, The security status was very strong that even an international suicide bomber won't dare penetrate; The DIA, SSS, NIA, and the FBI of USA worked so hard in providing a tight security, The road to the stadium was thoroughly combed and the FRSC, Civil Defence and others minor National Security Agency took charge in providing a not so rowdy enviroment. The numbers of newscaster present was something Nigeria hasn't seen before; there were Foreign Journalists, CNN, BBC and others broadcasting channels who all put up their best effort in making sure the covered most of the events. The President of the Federation, his vice, Senators, Governors, USA President representative, Ecowas Chairman and lots of Dignitries were having a good time enjoying an amazing performance by top Nigerian celebrities, it was a superb enjoyment moment when Barbadian sensational singer Rihanna came into stage, with the way the events was unfolding one will believed that 80% of Nigerians who are not in the stadium are being clued to their Television Screen.

Earlier that morning, Mrs Chris Essien and her daughter Angela Essien were seen coming out of Abuja International Airport and heading directly to the stadium on her husband instruction. Her husband Chris Essien, a native of Ikot Ekong, Mkpat Enin L.G.A in Akwa Ibom state who is an outstanding blogger, he made lots of money from his blogging business and has been a step ahead the famous Linda Aminu, his blog has lots of traffic, all thanks to the incredible news been posted in his blog, how he always got the news has been a mystery to Linda and others top journalist, he has a well built body which makes people wonder how he got an amazing muscles and abs considering the nature of his work...
Ima I have booked a flight for you and Angela, you will be arriving Abuja tommorow morning and you will be coming directly to the stadium once you arrived; he told his wife on phone the day before, his wife tried to protest but she knows her husband very well and that there must be a reason he asked them to come, she later agreed when he told her that he has a reserved a VIP section for them in the stadium and there will be somebody waiting for them at the airport with their VIP plantinum entrance card...

Angela, your dad asked us to come Abuja tommorow,he has booked for our flight and a VIP section in the stadium agains tommorow event,
awwn but mum why na, you know tommorow is my bestie birthday, why should dad asked us to come, it's not as if the event has anything to do with us; she replied her mum with a squeezed face; Angela is in her early twenties, she graduated from the prestigious University of Uyo, she is a beauty to behold, many said she took her looks from her dad, she is aspiring to be the best journalist in the country..

Common Angel, you know your Dad, there must be a reason he asked to come

alright mum, I'm doing this for dad, he has been the best father in the worl; Angela said smilling


Angela was really enjoying herself and she wondered how it is possible for her and her mum to sit close with top celebrities and senators, she kept the thought to herself, she was busy taking selfie and she sudenly remembered her dad,
mum where is Dad?
He is coming, that's what he told me when I called him; her mum replied her
she was about calling her husband when the M.C interupted her

Today is a great day in the history of Nigeria, Today a great Agent in the world is been celebrated, Today Nigeria is been watched all around the world, oh am proud to be a Nigerian and I know am going to shake hand with the best agent in the world; he joked at this moment, My President, USA president, Ecowas chairman and all others, please permit me to bring to you the famous Agent D of the flux co-operation

Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 9:02am On Jul 13
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Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 12:08am On Jul 14
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Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 5:07pm On Jul 24
Episode 2
contd from the last scene..

All the security units on communication comfirming their security status and it was a safe atmosphere with no suspicious aovement, Four men came out of the Stadium inner room, they were the top officials in the Flux co-operation, walking in front is Agent Maxwel Sam the chairman of the co-operation, he is in his early fifty, he is the only one in the co-operation that has seen the era of two masked Agent; has a beautiful family, his only son is in Havard University studying Chemical Engineering; 30years ago, he was just a determined officer in the state security service SSS, His hard work and determination drew the attention of the Flux Co-operation to him, it was that same hardwork and determination that pushed him up and he became the chairman in the Co-operation; The other two are Agent Felix and Agent Mark and the last of the line is Agent D; he was on his usual outfit, a customized mask on his face with the inscription Agent D, an Itallian suit and a sparkling Itallian shoe. They exchanged pleasantries with the presidet and others dignitries before Agent D walked to the podium, he collected the mic after shaking hand with the grinning M.c, he was dumbfounded with the applause given to him. He began; The Presidet, U.S President and Ecowas Chairman, the good people of Nigeria and the world at large, I'm honoured to see you all here today, this goes a long wayin showing that I didn't failed my Predeccessor, I give thanks to the Almighty Lord, the Co-operation who always believed in me, the good people of Nigeria who in one way or the other helped me in my missions unknowingly and lastly I thank my adorable wife and daugter who I always ran to for comfort when missions seems to break me; everybody was shocked to hear that the Agent has a family; he continued Today I pledged to the co-operation and the world that in six months time, I will present to the co-operation the next Agent that will continue from where I stopped; there was a loud applause from the good ones while the bad eggs became scared.
Please the world, permit me to this here and today; he dropped the mib, carefully removed a skin hand gloves that always gave a wrong finger print from his two hands and slowly removed the mask from his face; mouth were left agape, shock was written in everybody face and Angela couldn't help but screamed "DADDY"

January 13th 10:30am RUSSIA
The Ghost Organization strategy room

A total of 10 people were in the strategy room, they were the controller of the Ghost organization which comprises of the ten most influencial families in Russia. They all sat on their differnt sits and silently watching the event that took place yesterday in Nigeria, the large samsung Galaxy T.v was hung at the extreme end of the room in order to give a clearer view and audible enough for the hearing of everybody in the room.
Mr Chenkov Sadir the owner of Nissan and Sonny group of companies in Europe, he is in his late fifty with a strong body and an Europian nature; he is the 6th richest man in Europe and first in Russia and also a relative to the Russian President. He first nurtured the idea of the Ghost organization 10years ago when there were competitors in his line of business and with the help of the organization who carried out some assasination secretly, his companies became the best, he also used the organization to installed his relative as the president and with the president doing his biding he was able to stopped the country from inviting the famous Agent D into their territory.
He picked the remote and minimized the sound coming from the speakers hidden in the wall; all attentions was on him, he cleared his throat; we know this organization doesn't eave any stone unturned, we heard what the Agent pledged and you know the Agent is not someone we should take f6r granted, he is always good in what he does; he paused and took a brief look at their face; satisfied with the attention he saw he continued; I think the best thing to do now is to make everything possible in order to stop the Agent; the room was silent, everyone was thinking about what the lead(as he is fondly called) said.
Sorry to say this "lead" I think we shouldn't bother ourself much about it, we know the president is our own and he won't dare invite the Agent to our country and before the expectedtime he pledged to bring his successor our five Super Agent will be back from the thoraxious training, so to me I don't think the new Agent will stand any chance against us; the lead looked at Mr Liam after he concluded his naive opinion; he is the youngest in the Organization, he joined the Controller's after his father dead who was a controller in the organization, his father had request that they took in his son so as to keep the family business as the largest Hotel suit in Europe, his request was granted.
A smile came from one out of the three women in the room and everyone was silent and focus their attention on her..TBC
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 12:59am On Jul 26

Contd. From the last scene

Mrs Roy Kendrick the owner of the biggest boutique and Supermarket in the country, her husband died because he discovered she is in the organization; she is the second in command and she is known to be the chief Planner, she hardly speak but when she does everybody alway agreed to her words because of its genuieness and hasn't failed before; Mr Liam you are correct, we shouldn't bother ourselves because Master Chan who is training our Super Agent is the best in the world and our Agent won't fail us when they return, our operations won't be in Russia alone but in anywhere around the Universe, so if the Agent produces someone of his kind, it will surely pose a threat to us; she concluded
The lead nodded his head, he was glad that the Planner agreed to his opinion,
so how do we go about it; he asked, I suggest we elimate the Agent before he produces whosoever he think he can produce said Miss Vivian; she was once a field agent, she was always incharge of assasination, she hates games, she always believed that once a hit is marked it should be done immediately no matter who the person might be and currently she is one of the directors in the board the Russian SWAT Force; She inherited her position as one of the controller when her relative who was also a controller passed away; everybody seems to agreed with her but was surprised when the planner object to it; No, we won't strike immediately Agent Vi(she is the only person who still called her that reason is that she was quite fond of her when she was in the field) ' you all seems to forget who we are talking about here; They Shadows whom we knew were strong like us tried to kill him but instead he defeated them, the only advantage we have now is that we knew his identity but that is still not enough, remember their President made him the Chief of all Agency Force in their federation infact he is hard to get than their president and he is much aware about the danger he is now exposed which will make him quite careful; she paused and drank from the bottle of water placed on her table; a habit she is fond of when trying ease the attention placed on her; after watching the event, I went into work and this is the best way to penetrate and stop him, she removed ten copies of typed papers and senteach across to everyone in the room.
After carefully going through the details in the paper; Mr Stanrex a Multi billionaire who owns the largest softwares Inc and computer institute in Europe dropped the paper and looked at the Planner; in here pointing to the paper, you said we should send our four Agents to Nigeria, won't the Famous Agent D according to you is the very best knew of their arrival he asked; I don't think so, they will be entering the country differently and besides the agent will be more focused on the task he has in hand; she replied him
This are the profiles of the top five officials in the Flux Co-operation and you said we are going to compromise one of them, my question is who will it be; Mr Rex Chevran, the country outstanding lawyer who only took cases of high profile asked; we are going for the chairman; She replied unmoved
there was a brief silent in the room, everyone thinking of how it will be possible to compromise him, how will it be possible to compromise their chairman who has been in the cooperation for long time; Dr Felix the owner of the biggest and most populated hospital in Russia finally voiced out.
She allowed the question to be for a half a minute; we will put him in a tight angle that he won't have any choice than to give in she finally answered.
The meeting which lasted for another one hour sees the controllers discussing about their illegal business which always brought them a lot of Euros. They left the underground which is inside one of the biggest church in the country and owns by pastor Moris one of the controller, Mrs Mason the CEO of Steel and Brass companies the biggest in the country was the first to left the quater and after exactly ten minutes Mr Evans the owner of Mirax telecommunication company, followed after her and exactly one hour 40 minutes later there was none of the controller in the quarter...TBC

please comments is need
we are just starting...
The story is action parked

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Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 6:29pm On Aug 03

Episode 4

January 14th 2015 Portharcourt...4.Pm

Bernard Essien entered his two bedroom flat situated besides Anglican Church Okporo road in Portharcourt, he collasped on the couch inside his well furnished palour, he was so exhausted, it was a long day for him, going round the state in receiving his software disc he imported from Mexico, he had made the order online and paid using one of his foreign accoun and has to put different delivery post round the state so as not to rise suspicious. He is 28 years and has a body of an athlete, if there is any two things Bernard love most; it is his computer and the gym. 2 years ago, he graduated from the University of Portharcourt as the best computer science student with a first class upper, how he didn't get a job was something he couldn't really understand though he knew in Nigeria things are different especially in the labour market. He spent half a year in searching for work but all his effort didn't yield any positive outcome, he lost his foster father in his seventh month of job hunting, the man he believed to be his father but was surprised when the man told him that he is not his biological father before he passed away, things became sour for him since then as he was stripped off from the man inheritance.
A month later, he was still trying to make ends meet when he received an alert of five hundred thousand naira, he was still trying to put his head together about the alert when a message entered his phone.
"Bernard hope you have seen the money, it is small but you can start up something with it, I will advice you go for what you have passion for from Dr Matthew" he read the message to his-self, a broad smile appeared on his face as he remembered mentor back then in the University, Dr Matthew was their HOD and he was happy the man took him as his son.
At first Bernard didn't know what to do with the money but when he remermbered the advice from the Man "go for what you have passion for" he was surprised how his mind started nurturing the idea of venturing into creating apps and hacking. Two months later he had gotten every tools needed for his plan and creating a link with a Mexican who provided him with good quality softwares, he moved out from his formal house.
The first work he did was for his buddy's girlfriend, she was a student of Rivers State University, she was in her final year and was at the verge of spending another one year in the institution which was what she couldn't withstand, she told Mike her boyfriend and Mike confided in Bernard, Bernard visited the school portal and did some twerking since the school does all their programme online, it was easy for Bernard to manuoevre his way and the girl see's herself graduating with second class upper, since then he had done several hacking and creating softwares whicht a lot of naira's into his account, his method was; you sent your work into his customized fake email account and pay part of the money into his fake account.
Now here he is living an average life after just a year into the business.
His phone beeped notifying him of an incoming message, he reluctantly picked his phone on the table he kept, checked the notification bar and saw a new message in his business email account, he runned the security check apps in his phone and was satisfied on the nature of the message that entered, he openned it " I have a work for you worth two million naira" he smiled after reading the message, "am in send me the details and part of the payment" he typed and sent, he suddenly remembered the only work he had failed since he started hacking


Bernard received an email about a new work worth half a million, he was to hacked ChrisGenuiue blog and publish fake news which will damage the reputation of the blog; he thought it will be an easy job for him which he immediately asked for part of the money, he spent one full month of unending work and purchasing quality softwares but still he couldn't penetrate blog, the firewall of the blog was stronger than the citizen directory of the federation, he had mourned for some weeks in his inability to do the work and he finally returned the money he received
He smiled to himself on the realiyation that he didn't failed but he was up against something big because the owner of the blog was the famous Agent D of the Nation.
A beeped from his phone brought him back, he clicked on the new email which has the same sender as the first one
"My boss is expecting six Million naira from a foreign bank tommorow, this is his plantinum card details-Master pin XXY401
Name- Bolaji yusuf, secreat answer-BeYourSelf" I want you to monitor the account and retransfer the money into this account "Maxin Randof 0021411152 once the money enter his account, leave no traces" are you still in? ; he read the message and texted back "am in, send part of the payment"
few minutes later he received an alert of a million naira into his foreign account...TBC
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 1:16am On Aug 04
The Masked Agent
Episode 4
Contd. From the last scene

Money is good; he said before he stood up and proceeded to his small control room with his phone and the software disc bag in his hand.

2 days later

Tripple H" Hospital lagos...11:am
The hospital which is situated at the centre of Ikeja was crowded as usuall, patients were entering and living the premises, Dr Mike was in his office, he is the Senior Medical doctor in the hospital; he is in his early forties and his known to be desparado; he was busy going through some files when the telecom rang, he dropped the file and picked the telephone; Sir you have a visitor by name Mr John Dan; he secretary said from the other end
oh yes send him in; he replied before dropping the telephone
he relaxed himself in the swivel char, few minutes later, his office door oppened and Mr John who is one of the P.A to the newly Lagos state Governor entererd, he greeted Dr Mike and shook hand with him before sitting on the visitors chair opposite his Desk
morning John, how are you and the Governor; he asked him
oh am great Doctor and the Governor is okay, I would have called you but since I was checking a building site close to the hospital, I decided to visit you instead; John said with a wide smile on his face
oh that's so great of you, so how is the stuff I asked you to do; he asked him with a serious face
Doc, I did some findings and the Governor is considering you and Barrister Bola for commisioner of Health in the state;
The doctor was troubled, he knew barrister Bola stand a better chance than him, immediately John left, he put a call to his best friend
Dennis lets meet at the usual bar this evening, something big came up; he told him immediately the phone was connected
Okay was the response from the other end before the line was disconnected; dropping the phone Dr mike couldn't concentrate on the files again, he couldn't wait to seek advice from his friend...


Dr Mike narrated everything to Dennis his best friend, the duo were sitting at the end of the bar just beside the receptionist, a bottle of kampari drink was on their table; Dennis seems not to be disturbed by what his friend told him, he drank the strong linquor and squeezed his face that is not a big issue, you just have to make yourself the only one available; that is you have to eliminate Barr. Bola; Dennis told him drinking more of the drink
Doc Mike became worried not in eliminating Bola but feared things might went sour and might be suspected, Dennis noticed the worry look on his face
you don't have to be worried, I will personally see to it, all you have to do is to wire in two million into my account then am gonna contact an efficient Hitman who will carry out the job with no fingers pointing to you; Dennis assured him,
they took few glasses of drink before Dr Mike left, he made a transfered of twwo million into Dennis account when he got to his house....

2hours later....UNKNOWN LOCATION in the outskirt of the town.....

Klev I have a work for you, it is urgent; Dennis said to a man comfortably sitted on the chair in the semi dark room, the partial darkness of the room made it difficult for one to have a clearer view of him but from the way he sat undisturbed one will know that he seems not to be scared of anything, his actual age is unknown, he has a well built body and a strong muscles, he 6.5ft tall and a complexion that will made one pass him for an American. Klev is an efficient hitman, if there is anything he is good at, then it is his good timing, his perfection in handling any weapon and his ways of getting information. Dennis came in contact with him some months ago and since then he had brought two works for him, Klev lighted the cigarette he removed from his pocket, he dragged it and puffed out smoke before looking at Dennis
Who is the target and why is it urgent; he asked
Dennis went on to feed him the details and sending Barr. Bola picture into his smart phone
checking the target; 1million or nothing; Klev told him puffing out more smoke from his mouth
Dennis transfered a million naira into his account before leaving the house...

JANUARY 17th 2015..Abuja...Agent D Mansion

Agent D was chatting happily with his wife and daughter; two agent was at the door while five were outside.
Daddy so I cannot go out again alone again without securities; Angela said with a squeezed face
ah ah Angel, it is for your own safety, don't worry every thing will be sort out in due time but for now just try and cope with it; he replied her
Darling who are you choosing as the new Agent; his wife asked
Daddy you can present me; Angela chipped in forming a fist with her hand
Angel are you serious, okay am gonna present you; he said smiling
his private phone rang and he picked it walking into his room
Doctor is everything ready; he said to the caller
yes Agent, I have fixed the ward, so when will it be; he replied
Good I don't know for now but an opportunity will present itself
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 1:37am On Aug 04

an opportunity will present itself but for now we have to be careful, I know i am being monitored..
He ended the call and dialled a number, the call was answered after second ring
Good afternoon Chris ;the voice from the other end greeted him
afternonn, called to let you know it will happen few days from now, hope you are rdeady; he asked
yes am ready; he replied
Good; the agent said before ending the call, he proceeded to his control room, there were seven system in the room with a big controller system in the middle, he tapped the middle system and waited for it to boot on, the system took a minute to finally ready for any task; he openned malux.ru; an information extracting apps he created, and typed in an IPS address, he waiting for the whole processing, he was surprised by the feedback he got "address out of reach" displayed on the ox, a smiled form on his face; boy you are really good, am proud of you he said to himself, he took him a total of 30minutes to finally penetrate the address, he immediately copied the new vunerable address and pasted it in his wordfram, after encrypting the document, he sent it into The Flux co-operation portal as anonymous...
Sorry boy its time for you to get bursted;he said shutting down the system before leaving the control room.....

Last Episode for the week comes in the evening...
Please we need comments

Stay tuned...
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 1:22am On Aug 05


January 18th...2015 Time:14:00GMT

The airport which is 7miles and 16minutes drive from Havard University was known to be patronized by most of the student of the University. A man dressed in a fitted tuxedo suit and an Itallian shoe; a sun glass and a sparkling wrist watch came out of the arrival unit, he waited for exactly 5minutes before a lady joined him; they walked down to the airport parking lot;
Hotel Veritas; he said to the uber driver before they entered the cab,
any feed back from Diouf and Rahid; he asked his partner
they are entering Nigeria tomorrow; she replied him bringing out a tablet device from her bag, she tapped the device and navigate to the task menu, we are monitoring the target today and probably know of his schedule tommorow before we strike; she told him after going through the task menu
he flashed her a look and nodded his head before bringing out smart device; few minutes later, they were at the hotel, he paid the uber driver and entered the hotel

January 19th...Time:15:00

A man was seen coming out of the airport; he was with a brief case and a tablet device in his hand, he walked down to the road and flagged a taxi;
Dennis Hotel; he told the driver before hopping in and the driver zoomed off; the driver manoeuvre his way out of the heavy traffic on the road and soon they were at the hotel he alighted from the taxi and paid the driver when the got inside the hotel premises, hhe met the receptionist when he entered inside;
your best room in second floor; he said to the young lady at the reception desk
a minute; she said before punching her desktop
oh am sorry sir, the best room in the second floor was just taken this morning but I will recomend room 40, it is the second to the best room and the are opposite each other; she told him looking at him,
he paid for the room, collected the keys and went upstairs following after a man who directed him.
He unlocked the door and entered inside, he was glad the room was a nice one, he dropped his brief case and was about dialing a number in his smart phone when he heard a knock on his door, he dropped the device and walked to the door with a calculated steps; he turned the knob and a wide smile appeared on both men face; Rahid closed the door after Diouf entered; how was your flight; Rahid asked him
it was great, I arrived by 11:AM, and since then, I have done a lot of work; the target will be going to Musseum tommorow by 16:00 with less security for his leisure tour; Diouf brief him,
they both men sat on the bed, strategizing on how to carry out their mission and after 10 minutes they concluded on when and how to strike; I contacted Claire and Jace, they are going to have the second target under control today; Diouf said before leaving the room...


Richard entered his favourite restaurant; he sat on one of the chair, removed his android device from his pocket and statred surfing the net, he was about ordering for what to eat when his eyes met a lady sitting alone two tables from where he is, he was dumbfounded with the beauty she possessed; she was on a tight white long pant, a blue sneakers and an addidas body fitted top thatstopped below her naval region; her hair was parked in a ponny tail way and she had a look of waiting for some one, the hunger in Richard stomach suddenly vanished, he stood up and approched the lady,
Hi Goddess, I think you are at the wrong place; he said sitting opposite her
I don't think so, am here to eat and this is is a restaurant, so how i'm I in a wrong place; she replied him without giving him much attention
Goddess don't eat, you should be looking for a way to go back to your creator hefore he causes a war here on earth; Richard said smilling
she looked up at him for the first time and smiled; you are quite funny but guess what; she told him
Goddess am only good on admiring Goddesses like you, so what's it; he said displaying his charming smile
handsome am sorry but you won't be able to sweet talk me an too big for that; she replied him fixing her eyes on her phone again
Richard was about saying something when someone walked up to them
Gosh Eve you are fucken cheep harlot, you are only her for few minutes and you are already bleeping flirting with this Asshole; he slammed her with a serious look on his face
Eve stood up and tried holding him when a thunderous slap landed on her face
Saty the hell away from me, it is fucken over between us; he said storming out of the restaurant
Richard felt like sending a bullet into his damn head but he knew it is just a mere wishing; he slowly went over to her and huhed her; she burried her face on his shoulder and cried ; I came all the way from Cambridge to meet him, I can't go back today like this; she said amidst sobbing
Cambridge! That's quite far, how about we go to my place...
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 1:51am On Aug 05

continued from last scene

Cambridge! That's quite far, how about we go to my place, its not far from here;Richard said more like a whisper to her
she unlocked herself from the hug and stared at him, Richard was scared she will not agreed but was surprised when she give in; he ordered for two take away parks and they left for his apartment..
Immediately they left, a man stood up from the far end of the restaurant and communicate through the bluetooth device attached to his collar;
He is coming out
so quick, I thought he wanted to eat; the voice from from the other end came through
yes but a liltle drama unfolded and he is leaving with a suspicious lady;
Okay copied, I have them on view;
Richard and Eve walked down to his apartment while the two men followed them on a good distance; Richard unlock the door and they entered inside, he locked the door before switching on the light; he was still surprised at the turned out of event, he dropped the taake away packs and proceeded to the kitchen leaving Eve in the palour..
They two men rushed to their room which is next to Richard's apartment; they were in a hurry to watch the livestream on Richard's room which makes them not to notice the penetration on the lock of the room; immediately they entered inside they were greated with two guns pointed at them wby the same guy that slapped the lady few minutes ago in the restaurant; before they could react, two perfect aim was shot at them and they fell down; The shooter was glad that their mission is almost done; he removed the rope he came with and tied them seperately, he knew it will take time before they woke up from the tanquilizer he shot them; they have monitored Richard yesterday and with their trained eyes they were able to recognized the two flux agent that always watched over Richard though they doubt about Richard being aware of them; he was about to check on his smart device when a voice came from the bluetoot device on his ear;
Jace how is your status? The voice asked;
am done here, the two agents is under control, whats your status;he asked back
target in Kitchen, wanted to confirm from you before striking; she replied
Claire you are as free as air, Proceed; Jace replied her
copied, but that slap, am gonna slap you back; she said chuckling before standing up and going for her target....TBC

To be posted on Tuesday
if the comments comes, might post it Monday evening
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by enm(m): 7:54pm On Aug 05
Nice building up
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 3:14pm On Aug 06
Nice building up
Thanks Man gonna dedicate one episode for you tonight

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Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 1:28am On Aug 07


National Museum Garki..Abuja Time:15:40

Two prado jeeb drove into the parking lot of the Art and Cultural Centre, two men on suit came out of the first car; they scanned the whole premises for any strange movement, statisfied with the atmosphere; one of them walked to the second car and openned the passenger door of the car; Agent Maxwel Sam steppe
d out; he wore a white longsleve shirt neatly tucked inside a black trouser with a sparkling italing shoe; he had a calm look on his face; he proceeded to the entrance of the museum after carefully looking round the enviroment followed by the two agents while the drivers to both vehicles stayed inside the cars
Mr Sam, its good to see you today, how is work? The old man Greeted him; if there is anything Agent Max enjoyed most in the museum, it is the unending talks of the old man; the old man being in his early seventies is blessed with the history of the nation; he is one of the museum conservators and over times, he always enjoyed showing Agent Max around.

Sir it seems there is a little issue with the CCTV camera's on point 018 and 019; a junior worker in the museum control room said to his senior colleague noticing that the two cameras at the parking lot is not responding for some minutes now;
how is that possible, run a problematic test on the two; he replied him with less attention
the junior worker worked on his system for 6minutes and was surprised that the cameras started functioning again but without the activities of the past five minutes; he continued his work without informing his superior about the missing recordings

The old man showed him around and went on to explained the significance of most of the art work
Mr Sam, this is my favourite art work; it is said to be the oldest; he told Agent Sam touching the craft work which has three faces that looks like a face of a lion; it was said to be found in the south south region of the nation; in my grand father's word; he said the craft was said to be a symbol of victory when the people of Ikot Ekong defeated the inhabitants of Obodom over land dispute; one of the three brothers which stood at the war front sold the craft to the then british that were in the country before colonization and the craft found its way into the national museum; he narrated to Agent Max;

This is the first time am hearing this; Agent Max said touching and examining the craft; so about the three brothers, how did the other two reacted to their brother's greedy act?
Oh that, history has it that jhey took it lightly and even defended their brothe when the villagers tried attacking him, Max, you know what got me thinking till today, my grand father said that a son to one of the brothers came publicly and said that the lineage of his father and two uncle's will continue to create impact in the society; the old man told Agent Max with a thoughtful look on his face...
Does that means the three brothers generations is still in existence; Agent Max asked staring at the old man
exactly my point, you know if it was to be now, with the level of technology, it would have been easier to trace them

they spent another 20 minutes before Agent Max told the old man that he got to go; he shook hand with the old man before going out of the musseum followed by the two agent; the walked to the parking lot and one of the agent openned the door for him; he entered inside the car and before he could notice the awkward sitting position of the driver, he felt a slight movement and a muyyle of a gun touched his head

Good evening Mr Maxwel Sam; chairman of the Flux Co-operation; the intruder greeted him; Agent Max felt startled at first but after closing his eyes for 5seconds, his composure was back

Can you lower the gun, I don't think you want me dead because if so by now you would have pulled the trigger or are you scared of the CCTV camera exposing you; Agent Max asked without turning his head;
oh about the CCTV, we have it under control; the camera didn't worked when we entered here and none of our image will be capture; he said eyeing him with the gun stil pointing at him..
Great! So who are you and what do you want?
Good question! Let say I will prant you the wish of knowing us because soon you will be working with us; I'm Diouf and my partner over there in the other car is Rahid; Diouf said motioning his head to the the other other; Agent Max followed his head movement and looked through the front glass of the car and behold a strange man poke his head on the windor of the other car that supposed to occupy his two guards and their driver;
Oh Agent you don't have to worry your self over your bodyguards, he only tranquilized them; so we are now left with me,my partner and you; Diouf said slowly lowering the gun but was stil focused;
What do you want from me; Agent Max asked thinking of a way to attack him;
Agent you don't need to try that; Diouf said as if he is reading his mind;

Continued Shortly

Scroll down
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 1:52am On Aug 07


Agent Max knew they are proffessionals and that he won't stand any chance if he should attack now; he relaxed and rested his back on the car seat; so what the hell do you want from me; he asked again
Our Organization need you to help us stop Agent D from producing another agent; Diouf said staring at him
what the hell did you just say; do you know what you are talking about, you wanna compromise me huh Hell no, you better pull that trigger now because that's not gonna happen; Agent Max said furiously and feel like punching the hell out of him;
Agent Calm down, you will be rewarded handsomely; Diouf said with a calm face
you don't get it, am the chairman of the co-operation and have worked for several years and you think you can just come out from nowhere with your stupid organization and compromise me, you must be joking; Agent Max said looking at him without giving a Bleep to the the gun
just as she predicted; Diouf said to his self, so agent how about with the expense of this, he said removing his smart tablent and showing Agent Max a picture; Agent Max stared at the picture of his only son Richard being tied to a chair with a lady sitting near him with a gun and a deadly look on her face; he was shocked with the reality of it
oh I guess you are thinking about those two weakling, maybe you should scroll to the next image, you might found your answer; Diouf said with a mocking tone; he did as he was told and truely the two agent assigned to watch over Richard were tied separately. He was yet to fathom the whole thing when he said; you have only 12 hours to save your son besides don't you think if Agent D is stopped, as the chairman, you could be the one to porduce a new agent and take the honour; Diouf said
Agent Max don't try anything funny, your son life is in our hand, no third party; he further said, dropped a complementary card and collected him the device.
He was about openning the door when Agent Max asked him; Which of the Organization?
He pretended as if he didn't hear him and openned the door; The Ghost Organization of Russia; he said before stepping out of the car...


Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 12:25pm On Aug 14


Agent Maxwel Sam lay in his bed, his mind was seriously troubled; he was in a tight situation and he seems not to know what to do, he knew the Ghost is a strong organization with professionals, he has heard a lot of high crimes they involved on but over the years, no force agency has been able to nab them;He knew the only person that can save his son is Agent D himself but he was retired; he was still engrossed in his thought that he didn't noticed his wife waking up.
Honey, you are not sleeping, this is past midnight; she said looking at the wall clock in the room, what is the problem; she asked moving closer to him

it is nothing darling, am not feeling sleepy; he replied his wife weakly

Honey you know I won't take that, I have been married to you for 22 years now, I know when something is bothering you; she said this time with a face that shows she won't take any escues from him

Okay Darling, in the Musseum today, the old man that I always told you about asked me how I will feel if I should loss what I treasured most; he lied to her
so now Darling, if it was to be you, how will you feel? He asked staring at her

honey I will be devastated and might even go crazy especially if it is to be my only son

Agent Max felt like an arrow has been plunged into his heart; he stood up, picked his phone and told his wife that he will be back, he strolled down to the sitting room and after being sure that his wife won't hear him, he dialed a number and it was answered in the first ring

what will I do if I should accept helping your organization; he said immediately the call was answered

Good Agent! I assumed that is a yes to our request, we will tell you what to do, for now you have to remain calm, your son is now free, you can call him later when the day break but have in mind he and the two bodyguards won't remember a thing about what happened, Good night ; Diouf said ending the call.

JANUARY 20TH....Eko Atlantic cycling racing centre...Lagos 14:00

Klev was at the second floor in the three storey building 350 metres from the cycling racing centre;
it took Klev three days to finalize his plan on how to assasinate his target; he had searched his target Barrister Bola online; he visited his IG handle and saw "3days to go #EliteCylingRacing" as his recent post; he had googled the Elite racing and found out, it is an event organized for the high profile men in the state as their leisure activities and Barrister Bola happens to be among the last three men that will race for final in the next three days; he visited the post again in Barr Bola again and saw lots of Goodluck wishes, he was about exiting the page when he saw a comment that got his attention; "Damn you! You are enjoying yourself whele we went through hell here after what my dad did to you"@Samwizzy" he pondered on the comment and he felt there is more to the comment; he however exited the page and searched for Samwizzy handle; he was surprised to found out that Samwizzy is Samwel Wisdom Bolaji the famous Archery who won his recent award as the best archery in the region when he sent two arrows from one bow which went directly to the eyes of two running bull at the same time; he did a quick background searched that link both of them and he found out that Barister Bola is Samuel Bolaji's Uncle, without being told he knew there is a serious problem going in the family; he smiled to himself; he just found out how to kill his target and frame up someone elre for it;
he had went round the state in disguise looking for where to get a Diamond archery infinite bow with three arrows unit; he took him half a day to found one; he paid for it using a fake name, he then went to Eko Atlantic cycling centre and was glad there is a three storey building 0.35km from the cycling starting point.

Earlier today around 13:20; Klev knocked on a door and a young man opened the door

sorry I will be using this room;Klev said looking around
huh! Who are you and what will you be using my room for; the man replied staring at Klev who had a hood covering most of his face and a big bag in his hand
Klev sent a hard blow which met his neck and he immediately fell down uncioncious, he dragged him inside and tied him.
He dropped the bag he came with, he openned it, removed the bow and fixed it. He pushe d the curtains of the already openned window to one side, he looked through the wind and saw a lot of spectators on both side of the racing space.
A beeb from the digital wristwacth he wore brought him back from admiring the colours flying up in the racing centre, he looked at his wrist watch, it read 13:55; he hurriedly fixed three arrows in the diamond archery infinite bow and gently placed it on the window frame; he removed a small bottle from his pocket and gulped down the content; he heard a loud cheers from the spectators and he knew it is time for the race to begin. He looked through the window agan and saw three men on their sports wears with bikes..
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 12:43pm On Aug 14

Continued from the last scence

Klev was glad he did a thorough searched and comparison on the three racers; he recognized his target as the one in the middle because of his tallness among the other two.
He gently pulled the string holding the arrows, closed his eyes for some seconds and pictured the three racers in his mind, he adjusted the bow and closed his eyes again; he pulled the string a bit harder this time; he counted from one to three and realeased the string; the three arrows flew at a fast speed; it was as if the world stopped functioning as every where became dead silent, the referee nearly fainted at the shocking scence displayed at his very eyes, it took him and others two good minutes to comprehend what just happened; they rushed to where the three racers fell down and was more shocked when the found three arrows embedded on the body of the three racers.........

Am deeply sorry guys
I wasn't feeling too well
I know you guys must have loss interest on the story....
Am gonna make it up to you guys
thanks for Understanding

you can as while motivate me with some comments
love you all
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by iamgprince(m): 1:07pm On Aug 14
take care of your health first before any other thing and thanks for the update
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 1:25pm On Aug 14
take care of your health first before any other thing and thanks for the update

Thanks Man

I really appreciate
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by enm(m): 6:25pm On Aug 14
@op your health first
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by coolblesso(m): 7:24pm On Aug 14
@op your health first

Thanks Man am now strong the story continues
Re: The Masked Agent(mystery Of The Lineage) by enm(m): 10:00pm On Aug 14

Thanks Man
am now strong
the story continues

To God be the glory

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