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Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 10:40am On Aug 08
Story continues...

“Hey you! What are you doing there?

Confused, Saja kept mute and thought of what just happened. No option he had to play the part.

“Sorry I forgot my shoes around here while working in the day time!

“Wow; he is playing the part well; Ell praised.

“Come here! One of the knights ordered.

“Saja do not want to mess up his heavenly plan as he referred to it. He went straight to them shivering and tight faced.

Knee down there, they pointed at a rocky spot.

“Please sir. I don’t want the shoe again. I only came to get them because my little brother wanted it.

Oh! So you are not the sole owner. Knee down there I say, he ordered again.

“As they were busy cheering themselves with the unknown stranger, Czar and his crew noticed their attention have been distracted. They tiptoed to the back of the armory. After sucessfully hiding from the night watchers, Czar strechted his hands to the wooden store and in a split of seconds, fire gushed out of his palms, uniting with the building. Soon, the place was on intense fire. Other rooms that were occupied by the knights that are asleep were affected. Many knights died from burnt. The guards outside saw the fire and quickly raised alarm. Those that were with Saja left him for the fire house.

Saja was very fast to attack them from behind and started a fight.

Quick! Inform the commander; we are under attack! The armory has been breached. One of knights ordered.

Czar and the rest went straight to the palace. They slaughtered every soldier that comes their way. This idea was really perfect. Destroying their weapons weakened the knights badly.

The commander noticed Czar’s mode of fight and attacked him instead. Czar didn’t want to use super powers this time. He picked a sword and faced him. They fought hard amidst the massive soldiers. It was very hard for the three of them.

The knights were too many in the palace despite their unarmed state. They kept on increasing in numbers and filled the whole arena. Czar managed to signal to his crew to withdraw in any way they can.

The leader was very good; a difficult one for a rival. Czar added efforts in striking. Although the enemy was getting overpowered, he still dodges strikes from Czar. In a pace of attack, the commander managed to cut Czar on the leg.

“who are you? He asked standing his ground to stay alert.

Czar starred at him as he fought the pains from the cut. He was getting annoyed. “who I am isn’t important. Withdraw your men now or feel my wrath” Czar said pointing his sword to the man that was feeling much pains from the several cuts czar had earlier marked on his body.

Wait till the king hear of this” he said and launched another attack. As he drew closer, he raised his sword wanting to strike on the chest. To his surprise, Czar blocked and held the sword tightly; blood dreeping from his hands. He looked straight in eyes of the enemy “then so be it” he said and plunged his sword so hard in his chest.

He quickly ran to join his brothers. On sighting him, they fought their way out amidst the enemies and stood beside Czar.

I think now might be the right time” saja exlcaimed cocking his head to left and right sides, trying to stay concious of the rivals.

There are too many of them” Ell said.

Everyone was still. The soliders watched the four as they looked like they were expecting their end.

Lets do it” Czar ordered. The knights quickly ascended towards them. The four also engaged. As the knights drew close, fire began to pour out from Czars hands consuming the knights while the rest attacked, taking cover for one another.

The villagers came out and saw Saja facing the knights at a corner. They could not stand and watch him die like that. This person must be trying to protect us; a young looking man said to the other youths that were gathered. Common lets join him. All the elderly ones in the kingdom joined the fight. Saja became their leader. Numbers of knight could be seen in front of them.

Noticing the will of the people, Saja gathered more courage and stood his ground.

“Are we ready to show the enemies our might!? He asked with an audible voice as he stood in front of the villagers.


kill the enemies!

The knights too were ready for them. They fought tirelessly. The kingdom had vibrant soldiers too. They all hid their identity after the last invasion on their land by the Kashiba troops. Their king was beheaded in front of them. The commander that led the troops took charge as the king.

Other villagers that saw them enter the palace attacked the knights that were escaping out of the palace.

The battle lasted throughout the night. It was dawn and everything became a wreck from the fire. Smokes emanating from different angles. The knights were defeated. Some men from the town gathered the carcass and burnt it in the forest. The other villagers praised Saja for his bravery. Ell and Samir joined the people; though they looked strange.

Saja and samir inspected the people that were hut and tried to stop the flow of blood. Others too joined to tie the wounds.

Where is the King? Czar stopped and asked a villager.
The king is dead. An old looking man in hood-like gown answered. And you my dear have a choice to rule the land. (Pointing to Saja)

He was confused with the man’s words. How can he become king in a strange land? Seems this man has had an overdose of ale” he thought.

And who are you old man? Czar asked

He is the kingmaker. A man answered.

(The old man continued) I know very well your mission.

Czar the immortal Shiba; you are most welcome to our land. I have been waiting for you. I believe my brother have told you all you need to know about yourself.

Wait. Are you the brother to that old man?

Hmmm. He sighs. Precisely. The people are ready to follow Saja as their king if he wishes. He has won their hearts.

Please let’s see you in private; we need to talk” Saja requested fighting the confusion in his head.

They left the people outside to a small hut as they cheered over their victory.

“We are on this together. Why should he drop and be the king here? Czar asked? I mean, he don’t even have the experience of leadership” he added.

“I don’t think it is right. I promised my father to always be with Czar and help him. Saja lamented.

“But why a stranger being the king? I thought kingship must be continued from the previous lineage. That is the tradition mostly practiced.

“Yes I agree in you idea; Ell said.
After listening to their stories, the man smiled and cleared his throat.

The gods of this land have given room for only the bravest to rule. After the demise of the previous king, they’ve been putting efforts to bringforth here, the right one that would lighten up the people’s heart. (Pauses a while and continues) If you really want to defeat god Suka, you need all the help you can get. Reason why Saja must rule this people is because he will raise a strong army among their youth that will also fight against Zuljaka. I believe you understand my point?

Hmmmm (Czar Sighs). But now one of us is dropping out, things won’t be as easy as it was.

Samir; what do you think? Saja asked feeling concerned for his brothers. He starred at Czar expecting permission or disapproval.

“I think you will do great as a king. Remember what father used to tell us when we were small. “Our destiny is not in our home town”. They said same time.

“And you Czar?

(Smiles) you heard the old man. I believe you will raise armies that will be useful to me in the future. (Turns to the old man) wise one, you can proceed to confer him the king.

No! Saja retorted. (They were all shocked) why Samir asked.
If it’s for safety, I shall accept the post of commander but a king must be the son of the soil.

“Very well then. (He said disappointed) We shall talk no further since you made a your decision. The man concluded.

To be continued...

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Re: The Adventures Of Czar by saintdas1(m): 11:18am On Aug 08
your story line is cool, The names conflicting but altogether nice piece of work
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 3:38pm On Aug 08
your story line is cool, The names conflicting but altogether nice piece of work


But there is no conflicting, you will get to understand.

just a complication in the names. That's because it's fiction.

Thanks for the note..
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 4:08pm On Aug 08
your story line is cool, The names conflicting but altogether nice piece of work

Name's not conflicting, you will get to understand soon.

They are just complicating because it's fiction.

Thanks for the note..
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 4:09pm On Aug 08
Story continues...


A king was nominated and Saja became Chief Commander of Seawell army. The people loved and respected him. He was not too concerned at being a high official aside the fact that he capitalized on the idea of building strong soldiers for that expected war ahead of them.

He was able to carry it out as planned. He had series of soldiers with different squads at his disposal.
The Tiger squad was trained in the forests. They learnt how to attack with or without sword. An attack without sword means they have to use their fingers to tear their prey.

There were some that were exclusively dexterous, referred to as ‘Jades’. They were not known by other soldiers because their training spot was far from town. Their body moves and blade wielding could barely be noticed by even spirits according to rumors that watered the town. They walk among others in the day like business men but become something else that guards the city at night. Saja could now rest after months of directing all efforts in fulfilling his promise to Czar.


The place was kept tuneful by the growling of several games. The vantage of them been the active dwellers ignited their spirits to compose well their rumpus. Dried woods shabbily decorated some regions why other expanses were rented with greenery.

Tall trees built circular parts leading to gods know where. Complete description will not be met without mentioning the rocks at one lead-out of the forest that gawked one another like forever, letting only a narrow, one-man-trek-able part amidst them. The area was a secluded one from the southern territory. One could barely believe in the existence of such weird place.

Well enough, the adventures of Czar led him there.

They paced gently, constantly suppressing their oblivion so it could not mandate them to unconscious sight and listening. These was after a long breath-claiming abscondment from a wolf.

They had eventually stepped in were they later concluded to be its park. But lucky for them, the rest were out. It raced them ragingly that they left behind their shadows.

Czar’s vantage that later worked in killing the rumpus creature was their splitting tactic.

It got confused and fastened towards Ell. The note of him being the only prey sent shivers to his spine. He felt his spirit running faster than himself. The thought to unsheathe his sword was no where close to his busy brain.

Czar, in racing motion, fired a huge ball of fire at it but the attack escaped it. Worried about his brother, he gathered another round of fire and furiously waved it to the wolf. This time, the wolf laid helplessly on the ground wallowing in an unending groan. After some minutes, it passed away swiftly.

[That was that; now back)

‘What the hell is this place’ Czar asked scrolling his eyes all over the place.

Ell who was still recovering from his shiver, cocked his head continually looking at the trees to see if some things were hidden there.

As they were approaching the rocky section, noises of footsteps mixed with the sound of flowing air effected to their sudden halt.

The noises were coming from beyond the narrow rocky path.

“lets check out what’s going on” Ell suggested scanning eyes on the spot.

They agreed and took the path following in a line. As they approached the edge,
Wait! Ell ordered and peeped to see what was wrong. To his surprise, he saw some strange natives laughing and growling. They were in circle. Something seemed to be in their midst.

It was a man. He looked unprotected and overpowered. Pacing randomly to avoid them come close. They looked wild. They only had dry long leaves flowing down around their waists; covering their nudity; body painted with white substance. They were holding spears, in a bid to massacre their prey.

Whats going on? Czar questioned.

I think they are Canivoures”

What! And we are still here; common, someone out there needs help”

Okay, on my count, we descend on them, ell said.

Three! He echoed.

They galloped down immediately. On seeing them, the wild natives quickly assebled themselves. They starred with horror’ saliva dripping from their stinky and greenish mouth uncontrollably.

Czar and his crew also faced them ready to attack.

Suddenly, from trees, more of the barbarians trooped in. within a short time, they were many in numbers growling at the top of their voices as they brandished their spears.

Samir rushed to where the young lad was and quickly stood him up. He was still strong but terrified.

This angered the villains. They immediately made to attack. Czar sent a conflagration to one of them. It burnt him to arshes leaving no part. Out of surprise, they looked terrified and began to inch backwards. Czar noticed this and took the advantage. He paced forward as they continued inching backwards out of anxiety.

Of course they needed food and not to become food. Czar created another flame on his palm about sending it home. The leader quickly signaled a withrawal whistle. They ran as fast as they could to avoid the fate of their dead colleague.

Soon, they were all gone.

Thank you for saving me; I owe you one” the victim said panting from the shock.

He looked very healthy and strong in his 20s. he had black hair flowing down his nape. His face had beards covering his chiks and jaws.

You owe us nothing” Czar replied leaning on a tree.

How did you fall into their hands? Ell asked.

“I actually came hunting. I was warned that the place was dangerous. But I came out of stubborness. (haaa, laughs a bit) and then I became the hunted. What an irony.

Do you have a name? samir asked.


Wow! Shiva, be glad we just saved you from being used as luanch.

You’er crazy, Shiva said feeling ashamed.

Sorry! Just kidding, Samir said stealing a smile.

Alright shiva, its time you get going. We have lots to do. Czar said.

I have no family. My parents died during the raid by Kashiba. Just wandering about to get a feed. I would not mind if you take me in.

Pity” sorry about that. But you have no knowledge of what we are doing; and you are not ready for it. Neither are we ready to bear your burden.Czar replied readjusting his shoe.

“don’t belittle me. I can wield a sword”

“its not about wielding a sword; are you ready to die for your fatherland? Czar questioned.

He stared at the three with an unclear idea of what Czar meant. “are you on a quest?

That’s what it looks like” Samir replied.

“yes” it's better having friends around than being a wanderer. Shiva replied.

Very well then. But in case you get terrified on the way, you have freedom of running away. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Czar explained.

“are you a magician? How did you do that?” shiva questioned.

“you get to know soon” Czar replied as he smiled revealing his tooth.


The journey to the Land of the sword lasted them months in the forest.

Finally, they alighted the kingdom of Mikshiba (Shiba’s Grandfather). They least expected what they saw.
Seems they are very much okay here. Czar said.
Well, we just got here. Let’s hang around for a while. Shiva suggested.

Hang around? Czar asked with a questioning look. We are supposed to search for the sword we came for. Time is not on our side.

Easy! Samir chipped in. let’s just rest a bit. Beside, ever since we started this journey, there had been no relaxation or fun. Since this place is Zuljaka-free, let’s enjoy a bit of moment.

But it won’t take too long! Ell added

Alright then. Czar nodded In agreement.

Aye aye! Captain

Czar was not too comfortable. The drive to get his sword had overacted him that he had forgot the word ‘fun’ which used to be his hobby back at home.

Well, he had to do what needs to be done; he thought. He preferred catching fun with ladies more to been around his brother and the rest. All this he has missed for close to a year now. Those spinsters at home must be missing his comfort and entertainment.

now, they’ve reminded him of something special.
He didn’t even have time to observe the lady he saw in Seawell kingdom. Damn! That girl was so down to earth. He thought. But it seems something was bothering her. What could it be? Even when others were cheering, she maintained a pitiable look at one corner.

Not to worry, while going back, he must look for her no matter what. He must try to know her the more and perhaps, win her heart if they fit. But for now, they must get the object they came for.

Czar! A voice called. He felt a hand-tap on his shoulder which cleared almost all the thoughts on his mind.

"You’ve been quiet and still smiling ever since the drinks were served. Shiva asked as he adjusted his stool in front of the table.

He smiled and said nothing. He just felt to think for a while. He starred at his elder brother wincingly who returned the stare with a smile. It was obvious then to him that Ell has read his mind.

Damn! This his brother surely knows the quickest way to his heart. He had tried several times to block that connection but the bond between them was too strong. He quickly put down his head and turned to Samir.

“Any message from Saja yet? He asked.

Not yet. But I believe my little brother has almost reached the edge.

Yeh; I believe him too; Czar added.

"Now that we are in the land of the sword, where and how can we start our search? Ell asked.

Shhhh!!!! Shiva blurted. There are too many eyes here. Remember we are still unsure of safety here.

Yes; (czar exhaled) he is right. we shall discuss that elsewhere.

They all ate and drank to their feel and watched the entertainers performed and cracked jokes in the dining hall till night fall.

Czar sat under a tree close to the brothel. The faint wind romanced his face causing him to close his eyes and release his mid-long drawn breath.

The thoughts of his mother first echoed in his mind. How she passed away from that cruel stomach ache. Her last few words to them before giving up.

‘Always have it in mind that you two can make a difference’.

That was her last statement. She was right. Now they are set to making that difference. May her soul rest well in the gardens of Valhalla.

The thought of Zuljaka flashed through him again. He felt the grief as the thought came in. what does he look like? Or more so, how dangerous is he? What the hell? He hasn’t even thought of that. Will he defeat him as the old men have said? But of what use will the sword be to him after retrieving it.

He didn’t ask about that neither. But he has started and there was no going back. He has given thousands of people hope to live again. Its better dying than quitting at this point.

Again, his mind called the thought of that damsel in Seawell. "She must be from heaven" he teased. She will make a good woman. I must see her again. Even if it’s just to say hi. But what if Saja notices her first, his heart skipped at the thought.

No, she will not fall for that fool. He is so annoying. I hope he does not get a chance to meet he….

Who is the lucky girl? A voice asked beside him.

To be continued....

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Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 11:18am On Aug 09

He turned quickly cocked his head backwards and saw Ell. He gave him a smile and sat back gently. He was lost that he did not notice his brother’s presence.

"I don’t know her and I might not be able to. It was just by virtue of our expeditions. Czar replied.

"How could you fall for a girl you are not acquainted with? Ell asked. Besides, you are not sure of seeing again. What sense does it make?

'I still believe destiny will bring us together.

"I wish you good luck with that. Ell replied.

Thanks. Where are the others?

" I left them asleep in the house.

"I still don’t feel alright with our stay here. Czar lamented.

Don’t worry little brother; we have had enough. They will be up soon and then we leave for the sword. Ell assured. But talking about the sword, where exactly is it located? He asked.

In the well-known forest of M’ikshiba, few paces from the white tree and firmly stock in the rock underneath. Czar replied.

"How come you know it so well"? Ell asked.

"The old man said when I get close, the location shall reveal itself"

"And when did you get this revelation? Ell asked again feeling excited with the mythical idea.

Czar smiles and looked at him in the eyes, it came immediately you asked.
(Breathes in and exhales) But it might be suspicious going there daytime because the old man said the forest was rarely visited by the villagers. Czar added.

"Well then, this is the right time to get going; ell suggested as he smiled to his brother and they both nodded and stood to leave.



"I hope you are faring well mama? Siza asked

"Hmmm; At least; with you around. (Looks up to the sky) It’s not easy giving out your treasure for a deadly quest. She added.

"I know how you feel. But donot worry; they shall make it as anticipated. I know the four of them. They are gifted beyond what you imagine. Siza tries to comfort her.

"I hope so too". She said as she smiled with tears rolling down her chicks.

"We shall continue to pray for their return and accomplishment of their quest. But mama, did you see those soldiers that passed by last month?

"Exactly! I remember them. They were hefty looking and rode on horses. Where do you think they might be going to? She asked.

"Well; one thing is for sure, with my little experience of Zuljaka’s ways, this are the men he assign special assignment for" He replied.

If they are really sent, it justifies the rumor that I have been hearing in the market. She said.

"The victory of some kingdoms over King Zuljaka’s army, I presume.

"Yes; that’s it. I see you heard also".

(Siza Smiles) issues of Zuljaka might not be discussed but the wind will always blow it out.

I pray they overcome this great trial ahead of them. This is going to be too much for them. She cried.

"You worry too much! I seized from thinking that I would see them again ever since they left. But I still believe that they will make before things go odd. Please go inside and take a rest. I have stressed you a bit. He said and left the hut.


When they entered, with shock to the bones, they saw a very beautiful woman sitting on the stool. She looked as if she had been waiting for their arrival.

"Welcome home; she muttered and grinned fiercely reclining her back on the wall.

"And who are you? Ell asked desperately. Just then, the four walls of the house collapsed and behold, they were surrounded by a large army of knight. Just then, they saw Samir and Shiva been dragged forward by some soldiers.

I ask again; who the hell are you. Ell asked infuriatingly.

She blew a wave at Ell which flung him away and hit the ground. He grimaced in pain.

Czar grew annoyed and fastened a strong flame towards her. She quickly vanshied from the spot and appeared in his presence very close to him.

She slammed Czar so hard with her hand that he flung and hit a tree. He stood up and rushed towards her and sent a strong wave at her. She retreived the wave and sent it back to Czar. It hit him and flung him again to hit the same tree.

"Haaaaaa! (she laughs audibly).

pity” she muttererd.
“It’s a shame you could not notice our presence since you entered the city. Oh, I should not blame you for that, let’s say I was clever to have mixed up with the villagers.

(Turns to Czar and snorts) so you are the so called Czar. You look very handsome though. Am afraid you have to come with me; you have no choice. Lock them up. We leave in two hours’ time”. She commanded and vanished into thin air.

What to do now? Shiva asked faintly as he was dragged in chains alongside his colleagues amidst the soldiers.

"But who is she really? Czar asked curiously.

"Who cares? Ell snapped. Whoever she may be, the fact still remains that we are been taken to the king. Who else do you think will be after us?

"I never thought he will come after us; Czar said.

Now is not the time for all the talking. Let’s think of what to do now that we are still off cage. Shiva advised.

Yes; you are right. But we don’t have a chance of escape. There are too many of them. Ell muttered.

But Czar can, Samir suggested.

perhaps; but what about you guys?

Are you insane? Ell retorted. After you free yourself, you go and get the sword then come back for us since you’ve known the location. We shall be waiting. It’s simple.

"Yes I agree in your idea; said Shiva.

Okay then.

Hey! What are you are discussing? a voice dashed out from behind.

In a jiffy, czar melted the chains he was tied to with the heat from his body. He quickly dived into the midst of knights walking beside them.

"He wants to escape; catch him! A voice echoed.

Don’t let him get away! Another voice said.

Czar came out of the crowd and ran as fast as his legs could carry him.



"Now what? Are you going to stand and watch me forever? She starred at her scornfully and continued what she was doing.

"What am I supposed to do again?

"What are you not supposed to do? Few days ago, you were like a chicken with no muscles to breath; now you sit all day thinking of god knows what. And then you will leave me to do the whole of the duties. Is that fare?

Nalania stood and watched still scrolling her mind for an answer to give her troubling mate. She is always on her neck to know what went wrong with her. She wonders if her dead parent actually sent her as a babysitter.

"I guess I should just tell you off. It’s Drisker.

"Who is Drisker"?

"A new guy in town"

Haaaaa! She let out a loud mirth. "So that is why you are always like this. Come off it girl. You are a grown u...

Hey! Hey! She cut in. "I guess you don’t know in details yet. He is very dangerous. Nalania said.

"That guy that is always escorted by some men?

"Some men! Nalania exclaimed. You call those deadly creatures some men. This is the man that punished my uncle because he asked him to keep off yesterday. It makes me wish that guy called Czar was around.

"Has he disclosed anything to you? Nina asked.

"Not yet. But he wants to use me for some kind of task. She replied. I don’t know why he chose me over other girls. If not that he was the Warrior of that fearsome king, I would have dealt with him by now. Uhhh! I wish the king could do something.

Absolutely nothing. Nina Said. We just have to accept the fact that we are under another Empire. Besides, we should be lucky that the king was able to cook up some kids to save us. Or do you know what would have been our faith by now?

"Please let’s stop here. You know we are bound from speaking about him. Nalania suggested.

"You are right. Please get the dirty dishes from the table before that good for nothing woman comes and start yelling. Her appearance alone always ruins my mood. Nina said and they laughed.

(Same day elsewhere)


"King Shubuta! A deep voice echoed!

"Yes Gjaku, he answered".

"We shall be leaving this evening to Mi’kshiba for that idiot. One of my spies brought the news that they are there presently. Gjaku said.

"Okay. But what about the girl? He asked

"I shall not need her anymore. I have changed my mind. I wanted to use her lure him to me. But it will do no good. According to how he was described, it will be difficult to use a pass against him.

"I believe you. But who is this person actually my Lord?

“I don’t know him too. But I will after I set his head rolling in presence of the king. I heard that some kingdom have stood up against our soldiers. And my instinct tells me that he has something to do with it. When we got to Kazuya, None of our soldiers were there. They said the Commander and all the Knights left for another kingdom and they equal denied that no one called Czar entered the kingdom. Perhaps they were lying. And your story is out of line; I didn't participate in the raid on this city; which makes it hard to believe your story.

Anyways, My main mission is to capture the so called man. Gjaku explained.

"Thank you. But why did you disguise yourself as Drisker? The king asked.

(Smiles) just wanted to; he said and left the chamber.


Any news from Gjaku yet? King Zuljaka asked furiously.

No…. not yet your majesty; General Katali shivered as he replied. But we believe he shall return soon with the man. Be rest assured.

Nonsense! Zuljaka yelled. Don’t assure me you fools! Now listen to me; by nightfall if I don’t hear anything from him, you two must set out yourselves. Am I understood!

Yes sire! They chorused.

In a split of seconds, he felt something appeared in his mind which earned him a smile.

"I guess I was right by sending the queen after him. She must have caught him I think".

Yo…… you sent the queen also? Gen Saja stammered.

(Smiles) "Do you think I could trust you with any mission? you two; its time you know your place here else, you will be done for; I could smash you anytime. Now have you prepared for my journey to the cave this year?

"Ye….s my Lord! We have. Everything is in other as you asked. Saja stammered.

"Good. By tomorrow we shall leave. Perhaps I might get a good answer. He muttered and grinned fiercely and waved them to get out.

Going outside the palace, they stood to have a chat.

"Hmmm; the table is gradually turning against us. Gen. Saja said as he starred at a tree outside the palace.

"That’s an understatement; Gen Katali retorted. The table has totally turned against us. But what can we do? Asked rhetorically; we just have to pray he does not go out of his inhuman capacity and destroy us.

"Yes. It’s very clear that there is no escape from the king, especially we his subjects.

"Haaaaa! Gen. Saja laughs silently; as long as we are in this world, there is no such word as ‘Escape’. Let’s speak no more of the king and continue with the task ahead.

"You are right. He might sense it from his chamber, Gen. Katali said and they parted ways.

To be continued.....


Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 11:25am On Aug 09
please the Error "besides, we are lucky the king was able to cook up some *Lies* to save us.

Re: The Adventures Of Czar by iamgprince(m): 3:49pm On Aug 11
interesting work op
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Ayemileto(m): 4:31pm On Aug 11
Interesting story.
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Nuelt(m): 5:40pm On Aug 12
More update biko... Getting more interesting.. Nice work
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 1:59am On Aug 13
I deeply apologize for the late update
I will continue by Thursday due to some reasons
please bear with me
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by muhammed50(m): 10:42am On Aug 13
I deeply apologize for the late update

I will continue by Thursday due to some reasons

please bear with me

Bros, Thursday far na biko
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Nuelt(m): 2:40pm On Aug 13
I deeply apologize for the late update

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Story continues.......

It was said that the spot was where King Shiba and his wife met on the first day. They met when he visited his grandfather Mi’kshiba on a legendary festive period. There, he competed with others and won the sword.

But to complete the competition, he alone had to go and retreive it in the dangerous forest.

When he got there, he noticed footsteps moving very fast. In a moment, he heard a female voice screaming for help. He quickly left the sword for the direction.

As he was approaching, he halted and decided to take a slow walk to the scene, there he saw a woman in fright been held by some hefty men. He waited to see the outcome; then the man on black came out from nowhere and sent rays of light to her.

“its killing her” he thought as her scream rang in his ears.
In a jiffy, he charged towards them and blew the men away from her with wind.

He was left with the man on black hood who released her after noticing what had happened to his men. Infuriatingly, they both exchanged blows and kicks using black magic to support their skills.

The man could not withstand king Shiba, he caused a smoke like commotion and made away into the thick bush.

"Who are you? He asked

"My name is Vitora; she replied.

"And what do they want from you?

She kept quiet as tears rolled down from her tender eyes.

“My family was assassinated. My lineage no longer have any one to emerge as king. I am the only one left. That is why they tried to kill me. She explained sobbing

“And that man; who is he? He asked feeling pity for her.

"He is one of the cabinet chiefs. He initiated the revolution after my father banished his son for a murder case". She said weeping profusely.

Shiba felt the questions were okay for now. He offered to take her home and she agreed. Just when they were about leaving, a very strong wind followed by dangerous objects ascended towards them. He tried to hold it back but it seemed to have been sent by combined efforts.

He held Vitora tightly and vanished into thin air leaving the sword behind. Since then, he never went there again.

Czar thought of the mythical story narrayed to him by the old man wondering whether those same people could still be waiting for him there.

He walked through the thick bushes as his mind instructed him.

Yes! There is the white tree, he muttered. He walked slowly to the tree making sure of his consciousness in case of any trouble. He was behind the white glittery tree. The thought of the story swept through his mind again. He quickly shook his head to clear the thoughts.
He peeped from behind the tree and saw the sword stock in a rock. He carefully moved from the tree taking little paced-step walk to the spot.

The sword was in front of him. "Is there anything to be observed again"? He asked himself. Well if there were, the old man might have told him that day.

The sword was forged from the undying rock of the underworld who many people believed Mi’kshiba visited and came back. The undying rock was always kept alive with sacrifice of souls in the underworld.

Mikshiba, The only spirit in history to have been sent to the underworld and came back alive.

"According to him, he managed to steal it from Hades' (god in charge) agent.

The handle was finely carved with golden material. Its silver blade displayed a clear replica of him. His heart beat fastened as the thought of removing it visited is mind. He held the handle about to remove it then saw the knights ascending towards him on the blade.

He quickly removed it and brandished it to get ready for them. To his surprise, all the knights turned to dust at the wave of the sword. He was caught with bolt from the blue.

Just then, he started feeling energetic. He was growing stonger. The sword was actually completing his dark powers to match the one of Shiba. In a jiffy, he vanished into thin air.


"I can perceive my brother making his move. Its time I come out and finish this. (Pauses, then continue)

"The Shiba clan must pay for this. Yes; then I can go visit the Volcano to claim my right. A thick voice soliloquizing.

"but I need a body to use. I cant show myself to the world without being human. If not for that stupid spirit who made me hid here, i should have accomplished this mission and returned home.

"The fool was only lucky because i could not unleash my godly powers decades after i arrived earth as human. Nevertheless, My servant will be here soon.

"The idiot thinks he could be the greatest. How dead-headed humans are. I am a god, distinguished in characters. Just a bit of patience. He giggled;

its time for me to rule. Gwanave, here I come. He said and increased the echo of his laughter.


Zuljaka got to the cave and as usual, the guards waited outside while he went in. he cleansed himself in the tub then headed for the route of the porch. When he got in, he walked straight to the mirror-like object and prostrated.

After that, he sat down to commence meditation. He breathed out air and in a jiffy, he was in the other side. My humble servant, a voice called.

Zuljaka turned to the direction and saw a smoke like being in the air. He was afraid at first wondering what it could be since the call was unusual.

But he relieved himself with the mode he was addressed by the voice.

"Yes my Lord; he answered.

"I see you got my messages.

"What message Lord?

He grinned and continued; "the name I gave to you"

"Yes! I knew you were trying to communicate with me. Although I don’t know him yet, but for you to have mentioned him tends him a very important figure.

"Very important indeed! Suka cut in with the usual thick voice which seemed like it has been mixed with watery particles in the throat. He must be destroyed before the world will completely be ours.

"But my lord, who is he? Zuljaka asked curiously.

"He is the one that made me like this. Suka answered.

"But how? You are the greatest; And why is he still leaving as a human when you are in here. Zuljaka asked curiously.

"He is the one your ancestor prepared to stop me from getting my revenge. Haaaaa! He let out a mirth. How foolish he was. Every second I spend here makes me grow stronger. And soon, I shall be leaving this forsaken place to claim the world. As for Czar, you should not worry. He will be paying us visit, very soon.

"And we shall be waiting. Zuljaka added. So you will finally show yourself to the world. Then what will become of me? Zuljaka asked feeling uncomfortable.

"You are my loyal servant. I shall give you whatever you seek. You shall be my eyes and instrument just as you have been. Suka assured. But I will need a body to leave this place. You must get me one.

Those words assured Zuljaka a befitting position when the time comes." Yes my lord. He replied.

When you get it, make sure the victim is dead, then place it infront of the mirror and I shall handle the rest.


"Wooo! He appeared beside the wall of the embassy of the queen.

"I can dispear” he thought. But how? The question flipped in.

he raised the sword and gazed at it; hell no, no answer came.

The place was heavily guarded. Why didn’t they notice this tall building when they came? Ooops! It occurred to him. The person that caught them was a spirit. "That’s not it now, he thought.

He has to look for where his brothers were kept. He looked round for any possible means to enter and found just a tiny hole.

"How could he possible pass through the hole; he thought. He moved a bit to its direction and step on something that felt like iron. He quickly removed his leg and cleared the spot

"wow! He exclaimed.

It was an iron-forged metal covering that led to a tunnel, well, it was his luck.

"It’s very dark; he thought. He opened it and directed his right foot on the stair case. Nothing happened. That was a test. He deeped his second foot on the stair and began going down. When his head finally sank in the hole, he brought out his hand and dragged the cover to enclose the opening.

He stepped on the stair cases pace by pace making sure he was conscious of whatever goes wrong as he could not see anything. His leg finally touched the ground.

"This place is hell too dark, he muttered. Immediately, an idea swept through his mind. He quickly closed his right hand and re-opened it.

Fire lit on it. "Hmmm he sighs; now he could see where he was heading to. He looked around and saw only a route that leads to only the gods know what.

The sound of rats and crickets escorted him on the way. They were roaming about to know where. He stepped on series of dried woods, cups and other table items.

The place was looking very unkempt. "What is this place? He muttered rhetorically. Does he even know where the tunnel leads to? the question struck him as he moved further. One thing is for sure, there is always a light out of a tunnel.

After moving a few paces, he heard an odd voice echoing in his head;

"what was that; he muttered. In a split of seconds, it occurred again.

"What’s happening to me: he muttered, he began to feel pale. Dark smoke began emanating from his body. The smoke continued to cover all over his body. He could not feel the surrounding any more. suddenly he disappeared.

"Booom! He appeared in a forest.

"Welcome! a thick voice echoed from behind. He hesitantly cocked his head backwards and saw what could be described as a throne, though it does not match the fittings of a real throne.

Fear gripped him at the sight. This was not part of his plan. His body began to tremble. The place was truly god forsaken. There was no light nor darkness. Everything was still. The trees maintained their balance without a leaf shaking. Behind the throne was a dark leading to nowhere, perhaps a domain. "This place is really cursed, He thought.

"Who a…… re you? Czar asked with mouth shaking.

"Haaaaaa! Thevoice echoed from the dark spot. Finally I have you in my stronghold. I am your doom; the figure said grinning dangerously as he gradually revealed his manifestation.

"What do you mean by my doom? And what is this place?

"Haaaa; he let out another mirth. You fool! He stretched his hands towards Czar and fire flew from nowhere wanting to hit him, at the instance, Czar tried to prevent it by breathing out fire to counteract his but nothing happened.

the ball of fire hit Czar so badly that he flung high spending some seconds on the air and rolled to hit a nearby tree.

"Your magic is useless here. You have no idea of what this place is.

Gradually regaining consciousness, Czar slowly stood up and faced the strange warlock again wondering why he was unable to create the fire he intended to.

Then, he realized that his sword was gone.

"Your skills are quite impressive, I must say. The man said. But you my friend, are no match for me. Do you think the little powers implanted in you could do me any harm? Even with those powers, you can not hurt my brother. You are too weak".

"Who... do you mean by your brothe…… he stammered mixed with the groaning voice as he felt pains booming from the part that hit the tree.

"I am Guakaro"

"Another fear raced through his heart at the mention of the name. What does this one want from him now? He thought. He tried to show a bit of confidence not to full himself in his presence.

Guakaro as you called yourself; why did you summon me here?

"Haaaaa; he laughs audibly; you call this a summon? Perhaps I was joking with you from the beginning.

Fear gripped Czar as to what his ears arrested. How was he going to defend himself if this monster throws another ball of fire? Why does he laugh mysteriously at every question? He began to sweat profusely. What…. Do you want?

"Ohhh no! (Moving around the spot as if he doesn’t notice someone standing before him) I want nothing. Just wait and see. He Turns to move and suddenly stops and turned to Czar; "as to your coming here, let’s say you were deceived by the old lad.That was a link to the Gwakaworld"

(Flash back) else where

"he is currently in Seawell, so you should be there waiting for him. Gwakaro talking to Eddilof.

"Okay master. But I hope he falls for it; Eddilof added

" That depends on your communication skills. Gwakaro said.


"Please let’s see you in private; Saja requested.

They left the people outside to a small hut still cheering.

"We are on this together. Why should he drop and be the king here? Czar asked? I mean, he don’t even have the experience of leadership

"Neither do i think I will want to. I promised my father to always be with Czar and help him. Saja lamented.

"But why a stranger being the king? I thought kingship must be continued from the previous lineage. That is the tradition mostly practiced. Ell chipped in.

"Yes I agree in your idea; Samir said.

After listening to their stories, the man smiled and cleared his throat.

"The gods of this land have given room for only the bravest to rule. After the demise of the previous king, they’ve been putting efforts to drag here the right one that would lighten up the people’s heart.

(Pauses a while and continues) If you really want to defeat god Suka, you need all the help you can get. Reason why Saja must rule this people is because he will raise a strong army among their youth that will also fight against Zuljaka.

"I believe you understand my point?

"Hmmmm (Czar Sighs). But now one of us is dropping out, things won’t be as easy as it was.

"Samir; what do you think? Saja asked feeling concerned for his brothers. He starred at Czar expecting permission or disapproval.

"I think you will do great as a king. Remember what father used to tell us when we were small. “Our destiny is not in our home town”. They said same time.

And you Czar?

(Smiles) "you heard the old man. I believe you will raise armies that will be useful to me in the future. (Turns to the old man) wise one, you can proceed to confer him the king.

"No! Saja retorted.

(They were all shocked) why Samir asked.

"If it’s for safety, I shall accept the post of General. But a king must be the son of the soil.

Wisely said then. (He said disappointed) We shall talk no further. You made a wise decision.

They all turned, going out the domain.

Czar wait, the old man called.

Czar stopped while others went outside.

"I know that my brother didn’t tell you that much. The old man began telling him some things. ‘After you………. (in few minutes, he concluded) "then, the sword shall reveal itself to you"

"Thank you wise one, Czar said and left the hut.

"Fool! the old man muttered transforming to another form, just then he disappeared.

"What! You faked someone to mislead me! Czar exclaimed..

To be continued.......

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Story continues.....

"Hold it there! Gwakaro exclaimed.

"I did not start to mislead you, I only helped you to mislead yourself. He said and walked into the dark domain.

Czar wondered how he would want to mislead himself after all the stress the've undergone on the way.

Something flashed in his mind; he turned and started running but suddenly hit stiff atmosphere and became unconscious.


After some few hours, he regained consciousness. Gradually, he stood up cocking his head to clear off the aches he was feeling on his head.

He fully gained strength. He paced around thinking of every possible means to get out of this mess. Who is that bastard that was able to lock him in this god forsaken world? But how did he lose the sword?

Many questions fled through his mind till he was interrupted by some noises from nowhere. He stayed tuned to be sure of where the noises were coming from.

In a moment, he heard the voices again and tiptoed to a corner to get a good listening.

1st voice: what do you plan to do next now that you’ve gotten the boy?

Voice 2: I am trying to get something out of him, but it seems there is more to what you described him as. His aura keeps impeding me like something I have felt before.

However, I will still use him to lead us to my brother.

‘But where actually is the sword? the second voice asked.

(Smiling) somewhere in Kashiba"

What was he saying? The sword? in Kashiba? Czar muttered the questions.

Soon he continues to eavesdrop not to miss out any of this heart shocking information.

And the crown? The other voice asked.

" Unfortunately, only my brother knows where it is. I have to act cool until he makes the move. I believe he is secretly preparing.

"Czar wondered was actually going on. He looked confused than ever. Who was the brother he is talking about? What is the crown? The questions mumbled on his mind.

In a jiffy, he began to feel a strange sensation around him. His energy now growing like rapidly.

"what is happening to me? He muttered. He feels like his heart was playing with lightening within him. He felt stronger than before. Like he could tear down the whole place.

This is an opportunity for him to escape. He dare not reveal himself to those bastards that caught him. He fixed his eyes on the transparent blockade that had earlier stopped him and ran towards it with fastening speed. voop! He sank inside.

On hearing the sound, Gwakaro and Eddilof rushed to the scene but saw no one

" he is gon" Eddilof muttered growling.
"How was he able to escape? Gwakaro asked fixing his gaze on the spot. Only a god could do just that.

Then how is he? Edillof questioned.

The elves, have you contacted them? He asked ignoring the question.

"As you ordered. He replied.

"Good. Make sure to keep them safe and intact. The time is near and I sense my brother making his way to the human world, and I must be out of here before he does.

"As you wish, he said and they vanished into thin air.


"What is keeping that idiot till now? Ell asked as he scrolled eyes on the rest.

"Do you think he is still alive? Shiva asked helping himself up to sit for the conversation.

He doesn't die easily" Samir replied.

What if he is? A question from Shiva.

"Then I will roast and eat him when we get to the underworld. But the queen, she is so pretty (Samir said faintly collapsing his upper eye lid)

"Yeah; pretty dangerous. Ell said. "You are really going mad If you think of her close to that word). Wait a minute, how was she able to get you two? Ell asked curiously rolling his eyes on them.

Thanks for that question, Shiva bumped in.

"What! Samir starred disappointingly at Shiva.

Not minding the look, he continued." That night, he drank hale to stupor. I too was a bit taken from the highness of the strong hale but could still notice the surrounding.

"My bladder was full and I wanted to pee. I turned back only to see Samir at the door way, caressing a lady who seemed to be enjoying it.

What I remembered last was a heavy wind that blew away the girl into sand particles and contacted us. I hit my spine on a wood log badly. If it wasn’t for him, I would have seen the queen.

"But she tricked me (Samir trying to defend him).

Yes she did. Ell added. Because she found out that you addicted to feminism and you equally fell for it forgetting that you are on the most dangerous mission on this axis of the world.

"But why did you two stayed long outside? you might have been useful then" Samir blurted.

"Haaa! Ell laughed mysteriously forgetting they were in the cells. So you are trying to put blames on us? "You are right.

But you should have used the sword in between your thighs to challenge her course I know you are better at using it back in Attelope (still laughing)

"I won’t be surprised if she cuts it out and roast it for her dogs to enjoy; Shiva added as he joined in the laughter.

Samir looked so embarrassed bowing his head to avoid further stares. These idiots still have the guts to mock him in a cell. They continued in their jest till a knight shut them up with the bang on a bell.

"I wish you knew your fates scallywags! He echoed to them and maintained his position.

Suddenly, he noticed a sudden off from a candle.

Who is there? He asked moving closer to the dark spot.

He turns back as he heard another sharp sound fastened behind him.

Who’s there? He asked in fright. Suddenly he felt a hand on his leg which dragged him to the ground; in a jiffy, his neck was twisted by the hand. He died in silence.

Coming out of the dark, a man in hood and completely blacked in his dress appeared before the gate. Ell and the rest became scared at the sight of him. They waited in fright to see the man’s next move.

"Wiiaa! the lock of the gates sliced into two. The mask man whispered to them to come out and follow him which they quickly obeyed.

" Who are you? Samir asked as they followed him.

"No time for that, let’s get you out first.

On reaching a narrow route, they were surprised to see troops of soldiers standing eagerly on the way. The man quickly removed three swords from his waist and threw it to them.

They picked each from the floor and made forward to the enemies. B But Shocked to the spine, they stood and watched the man in hood slaughtering the enemies like meats. They could barely notice his moves except that they were still watching.

The knights became confused of which angle to attack him. After some moments, the knights were remaining just few. The hood man docked and stabbed a knight who was raising sword for attack; in a second, he sliced the neck of another knight who barely attacked him.

He was very fast and skillful. Without taking a breath, he moved a pace and quickly deeped a dagger in the throat of the last knight.

Samir and the rest all watched in amusement. They quickly followed the hood man who fastened movement into the dark tunnel. After minutes of tiptoeing, they suddenly halted. The man starts to climb a ladder. On reaching the edge, he carefully shifted the iron cover.

They followed suit after the man struggled up. Finally, they were outside. Another figure in hood was seen standing by the side of a tree.

Their savior was not attacking; they wondered why but still followed behind him as he moved closer to the figure. Surprised and happy,

“Saja” they chorused.


The four hugged each other. How did you get here? Saja asked clocking his eyes on the three of them happily. T’s a long story bro;

let’s get the hell out of here. Samir replied. But wait, how did you know that we were here? Ell asked curiously.

(Saja smiles) we will get to that after your long story. He replied. As they made to go, a strong wind blew them all off to different angles of the forest.

"You fools! Queen Bethsha echoed with her sweet melodious voice. One could hardly tell she was that dangerous. Each of them was regaining consciousness shaking their heads to clear off the aches while gasping for breath.

They opened their eyes just to find out they were still on the air in the middle of a motioning wind. How dare you make an attempt to escape from me? She said swinging them hard to a big tree.

They all stood up in fury and fastened movement towards her. In a twinkle of an eye, she simultaneously lifted and fired broken rocks at them skillfully which hit some badly.

Samir slowly pecked his forehead and felt something wet. He brought down his hand and saw red liquid all over his palm.

Ell too seemed to find it difficult raising his legs. One thing is for; he has dislocated his knee bones.

Shiva laid on the ground, helplessly groaning in pains. They were weak and in much pains.

The hood man and Saja were more than experts. They were able to avoid the second attack. The both split to two directions wanting to make another attack. She was a genius who loves to play. She formed a sword magically in her hand and ascended towards them.

She docked and avoided series of attempts to slay her. The both of them applied series of skills to get her but to no avail.

Suddenly, at a pace of strike; she slams the handle of her sword on Saja's head which sent him down instantly. He held the spot and groaned in pain. He tried to stand up but the pain was like logs of wood on his head. He lay on the ground and continued to grimace.

Now left with the hood man who was stronger than Saja, the queen continued her fair play. The hood man continued avoiding her attempts. The man with his fast move docked a strike wanting to stab her on the chest but she vanished into thin air.

She is now getting upset; time for play is over. She appeared from behind him and blew him away with might. The man flung up only to hit a tree before landing. Gaining consciousness, He tried to help himself up but fell down as he felt a sharp ache in his spine.

She was very powerful with unmatched skills. Nothing could be done, this was their end.

‘Haaaaa! (A loud mirth) coming from the queen as she walks towards them. She goes to Saja, bent down and slide down her finger nails on is chick.

‘poor warriors’ she said standing up on her feet. Despite the critical situation, her touch sent a copulating sensation to his balls. He felt the sight of her nipples gliding down romantic messages to his spine. Indeed she was a goddess. He quickly clears off the thought from his mind to await the beautiful send off to Valhalla from this angel.

She walked in delight in their presence smiling out her happiness. Samir could feel his balls growing hard in reaction of the picture snapped on his mind; embarrassed, how could he be so stupid to even think about her passionately. He angrily shoved it back to one side of his thigh and continued groaning in pain.

"What am I doing here with you all? She asked as her plicated face scanned on them. They watched her but nothing they could do at the moment.

‘I should be looking for that Czar and not waste time here with you.

‘Filthy lady’ Ell echoed courageously. You will never find him; Not in your lifetime.

"Common! finish it stench women! (Samir said pouring saliva on the ground).

She grew annoyed at their words and stretched her hands forward fusing very tightly her fingers on her palm.

"I see you don’t value your lives; she said.

They ascended up on the air holding their necks as if their lungs were entwining. She continued tightening her fist until a sudden wave blew her off her position. They hit the ground sequentially which added more pains to the forepart. They wondered what happened.

The queen got up more infuriated; she scanned her red-hot eyes on the direction of the wave. What she heard was just sound of singing birds in the dark shadow. She walked pace by pace to the place.

to her surprise, fire emanated from the spot but she readily cleared it off and fastened huge thunderous wind to the spot. Nothing happened. Soon, the mask man jumped out of hide out and began sending series of ice balls on her. She destroyed the ones she could but was unlucky to have been hit by the last one. She began to feel stiff till her whole body was frozen. He quickly went close to her and hit her with a flying kick. She broke into pieces.

After scanning thoroughly, Czar! They chorused.



"Why is Onyish insisting on waiting till only she knows what? Gavu asked staring at the rest gods. For thousands of years now, we have been without a ruler. The lineage of the past kings is no more; the two brothers have been trapped on planet earth. We don’t know if they are even alive or dead. Yet she does not want to appoint another.

"Let’s wait a bit perhaps we might here from her soon, Itchpin advised smiling to the air.

"How can you say wait when we have been warned by the Philistines. War is their only language and without a king, the warriors will possibly give in to their threats.

"Then what! Itchpin blurted. Are you trying to be king yourself or what?

"What do you mean by that? How dare you accuse me of such treacherous act? He questioned standing. I guess will all watch our smaller gods been slain by the enemy.

‘Please calm down and have your seat’ Rawder pleaded.

Gavu scanned his eyes all over them and finally gave a heavy sigh before seating.

Rawder continues; I think we should still visit Onyish again and explain things to her accurately. We can’t go ahead to choose a new king without her consent. She might get angry and do the worse.

"You are right, gavu said.

" I think so too. Itchpin chipped in. when do we pay him the visit? He asked.

"Let’s wait and plan the journey. Rawder said. As for the Phillistines, we are not sure of their threats. But we shall be preparing our armies for attack. He added staring at Gavu who returned the stare.
So we shall call it a day. This meeting shall be adjourned. Rawder concluded and they dispersed.


"I sense trouble in the land. Malywon said scrolling his eyes on two birds that were playing.

"What do you mean my king? Luann asked with fear gripping him. This old man does not talk falsely. He thought.

(Malywon smiling). He closed his eyes then began to speak. I see Planet earth being in chaos. The humans are busy concentrating on Zuljaka's defeat.

But I see something bigger going to happen. Humans, elves spirits, animals shall bow to the last one standing. We must try to make the right one win.

And you my son should be ready to fight alongside with the humans. This isn’t their fight alone.

"What! Luann blurted. Of course you know that we ain’t friends with humans.

"Even animals unite in times of tribulations. We don’t need to lias with them. We just have to join the fight. He concluded.

‘What about those two’ Luann asked.

(Turns to Luann in bewilderment) You mean Genza and Abram. (sighs as he trained his eyes on the chap) the've long been forgotten’ we don’t know their whereabouts. I get these feelings that they are still alive somewhere.

‘Shouldn’t we go looking for them? We know how dangerous it is if they are discovered to be the blood line of Livator’ Luann asked expressing anxiety.

‘You have a point’. I shall send someone to find out about them. Its better they are dead than being alive” he added.

‘…..And what are the two discussing’ a tender voice interrupted which prompted the diversification of topic.

‘So tell me son, when are we going for the next family hunt? Matylon asked.

"Uhm…uhm Luann stammered looking confused as it was too obvious to change from the initial discussion. Why would his father want to keep it a secret when it’s chaotic?

‘Oh I see’ the queen said. Trying to hide something from me right? She asked leaning on the wall after folding her arms. She suspiciously waved her eyes at them each seconds trying to get something.

Stunningly beautiful might understate her look. Down to earth she was. She had grey hair which sparkles in the day time. Some locks of the hair were weaved around the rest. Her eyes were charming and could control those that lust for it.

The king could not help but stare at her, smiling as he was usually caught by her attraction.

‘Your beauty overshadows the brightness of the sun’ he commended.

There was some moment of silence before she finally spoke.

‘are you going to tell me what you were discussing’ she asked walking towards them as she ignored the compliment.

"Aways the curious type’ he said as he held and drew her close to himself. She reluctantly kissed him on the chick and gazed her eyes at his.

Luann who stood and watched his father and mother quietly walks out of the scene with his head down. Why the hell this woman is always filled with curiosity, he thought.

‘Look at the sky’ Malywon said pointing at four birds that were fighting.

‘What does it mean?’ she asked wondering what he will say.

He starred lustfully for a split of seconds ‘that might be the future of planet earth.

Her heart was suddenly enveloped in insatiable curiosity. she asked ‘when and why is such going to happen? I mean, are we going into battle with humans again’ she asked without waiting for an answer to the former.

The smile on his face galloped down to zero. He starred at her again abruptly, and with inquisition of getting an answer to that. But nay, he knew not the exact message of future.

‘Until then, we shall wait and see it unfolds’ He said retreating her supple figure unto his fragile manifestation.


Few hours later, the peaceful and unruffled atmosphere of Ethylon was poised to a rather chaotic and frenzied domain where figures dashed out from nooks and crannies to seek solace out of the hectic situation.

The odd uproar aroused from the sight of two, according to them, unwanted sons of the land. Elves that were courageous stood to defend themselves but not even the best of attacks could match the opponents.

The minors were not the main target. They easily took out those who tried to infringe their path and continued their matching towards the dictate of their mind.

Some brutes who accompanied them kept the town guards busy to further clear a walk-able space for their leaders. In no time, they were welcomed by the sight of the huge and well constructed palace gate.

The guards on duty were caught by the familiarity of the good looking but dangerous figures in hood-gowns that pictured on their mind.

‘Close the gates’ the senior guard echoed unsheathing his sword to get ready for attack.

"Stop there and walk no further in the name of the king’ he commanded with a bit of fright.

‘Ollian’ Abram called walking majestically to tens of guards in front of the gate. ‘It’s been in while. I can see you want to end your life this way. You think you could stop us from exacting revenge on this land? His voice alone messaged a shiver to his spines.

‘We are here for the king and not him’ Genza said walking towards his brother but still maintaining some distance from the guards.

‘then let him open the gate for us” Abram said frowning is anger out.

Of course he wi…….

‘Archers’ was what ended the statement from Genza.

To be continued.......
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i love this story , abeg op more update
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by germaphobe(m): 11:37am On Aug 17
continue boss, we are with you
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by saintdas1(m): 7:46am On Aug 19
continue with the good work, am enjoying every bit of the story
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by saintdas1(m): 7:48am On Aug 19
by the way pls make new update asap
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 4:21pm On Aug 19
by the way pls make new update asap

copy that..... sorry about that
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 6:09pm On Aug 19
story continues....

‘Archers’ was what ended the statement from Genza. The guards lifted up their fed-with arrow bows to a reasonable height and retreated the strings firmly.

‘I warn you for the last time, leave at will now or die’ ollian said infuriated.

‘How dare you’ they said getting ready for action. ‘I challenge you ollian’ abram said, inching towards them along with his brother.

‘So be it’ fire!


‘My king, there is trouble in the land’ Luann blared out helping his breath to lower its speed.

‘They are here already’ Matylon said a bit surprised. ‘Those beasts’ he muttered.

You knew? Luann said as the words dulled his initial mood.

‘Not really’ but any one capable of attacking the elves in their homeland is no one other than the outcastd. They alone possess the guts. Only those two could dare the treacherous act’ the king lamented.

But why just two elves able to conquer a whole town? Luann asked in anxiety.

‘Because they have the bloodline of the dark elves.

That is why their father had to be over throne. But little did we know that Livator already had sons that were nowhere close to Ethylon.

Prepare the warriors to stop them. He ordered after the brief tale.

‘But father, they are already at the palace gate battling with the guards.

shocked, what!’

Luann continues, father, we have to escape. there is no explanation you can give to them that will ware off their hatred for you. I heard the village is under captive by their accomplices and there is no way the royal household would be left out. He lamented.

‘No’ the king blurted. Only cowards run away from his home under enemy’s attack. Go and make sure that the guards are ready.’ Matylon ordered.

Yes father, Luann bowed and hastily left the scene.

Malywon walked into a room with , spent few minutes and oozed out in haste looking more like a knight in golden armor and helmet which portrayed him more as royal class.

He stared at the door fiercely, unsheathing his sword and stretching it forward as if threatening an opponent. In a jiffy, he brandished the sword and matched forward to the palace door.

Only ollian could be seen standing in horror amidst lifeless warriors in pool of their own blood as a result of their flesh that have been freshly slain. His authoritative eyes compared to about fifteen minutes ago are now still, barely seeing his adversaries. He grimaced in pain from the deep cut Abram drew on his back.

The two brothers could be seen staring at him with disdain. Why will he think some dozens of arrows could touch them from such distance? They skillfully prevented each fastened arrows from uniting with their flesh. Their sword only prevented some, but their fast and flexible body moves slide from a path to another which was their major in escaping the deadly arrows.

‘Common and finish it jerks’ Ollian yelled trying to be courageous even at his defeat.

‘Of course’ Abram yelled back as he inched towards him amidst the dead soldiers. After a few pace, he was standing in front of Ollian who knelt down gazing at his rival without an iota of intent to strike.

Pleats were written on Abram’s face as he brandished his sword about to severe the head of his prey.

‘send my regards to the inhabitants of Valhalla’, He said. As the blood-thirsty sword was about reaching home, a rather stiff storm flung open the gate and reached for the two warriors. The wind blew Abram causing him to oppose the law of gravity for some seconds on the air before descending down, hitting his back on the ground in grimace.

‘Abram!’ Genza yelled as he ran towards him. The hit didn’t pose a hard effect on him; instead, he made a flip up to his feet before his brother could reach him.

‘That was a close one’ Genza said patting him on the chest after realizing he didn’t need a helping hand. Abram gave a brief smile that revealed only the top of his tooth. In a jiffy, the smile turned out to be a fierce show on the face as he glared at the start point of the wind.

Soon, the handful of hefty brutes they brought alongside them arrives at the scene with blood-dripping swords, hatchets and tridents. Their looks could explode shiver in the spines of the opponents. They wore rag-like garbs covered with animal skin. Their faces portrayed scars of distinct sizes.

They start to walk alongside Abram and Genza towards the gate and halted as an army of knights emerged from the opened gate. A man in glittering golden armor stood in front glaring at them fiercely. He scanned his eyes on the carcass before him after ordering a guard to retire Ollian to safety.

‘To what do we owe the surprise visit? Sons of Livator’ he bluntly inquired. ‘I can see you are still as fresh in your mystical gift’ Genza said giving away a few seconds smile.

"Would you mind unveiling your reasons of being here?’ Matylon asked ignoring his statement.

‘You might, for a second, want to think that we are here to claim the throne; but nay, we come seeking for something bigger. And it will do you awesomely good if you hand it over without blood-shed’ Abram suggested.

(He let out an audible laughter) ‘why tell that when you have already killed a handful of my army?’ he asked suddenly shutting down his bucal cavity.

"A double fold of this you will experience if you resist our request’ Genza warned.

‘And what is that precious treasure you yearn for that drove you to kill so many?’ he asked curiously.

‘You’ Abram dropped the word.

Never’ a commander yelled back.

"Who do we have there?’ Genza asked mockingly. No one other than the mighty Tajh. The one that do not accept defeat. Am afraid today is an exception of your victory. He added.

‘We shall confirm that soon enough” Tajh blurted back.

‘No’ take your army and get back inside. Tell my son not to forget what I told him’ Malywon commanded after gasping for a long breath.

He sensed his end already. Whatever these barbarians want him for, it’s definitely ugly. But he cannot put the destiny of Ethylon at stake to save his head. He must oblige and perhaps try to escape by any chance.

‘What does that mean?’ Tajh asked in bewilderment.

‘I shall go with them if that’s what they want.’ He replied.

No’ your majesty. We can do this together. The soldiers are eagerly awaiting your orders to strike’ Tajh said at a fast pace.

‘Tell them to save that energy for the bigger fight ahead of us’ he replied.

‘What bigger fight are you talking about? Tajh asked in his usual thunderous voice.

‘You shall understand only after you meet with the prince, now retreat your soldiers’

giving up on the persuasion, Tajh ordered his men to withdraw which they did and he followed suit.

‘Fine, I shall go with you’ he yelled to them. ‘That’s good of you. It shall be written that you saved the day, now come forth’ Abram commanded.

"Not so fast, you must promise not to visit this land ever again.’ The two brothers looked at each other with smile plastered on their faces.

‘Have it your way’ Genza replied. He dropped down his sword and matched towards them gallantly. On reaching there, ‘shall we?’ he asked.

Abram walked to his position starring bitterly at him’ he sent him a stomach running thwack to which effect, he bowed down letting blood escape from his mouth.

‘That’s for my father’ he said. ‘Spare him this moment brother, Genza said tapping his brother on the shoulder, he shall pay for everything after we hand him over.

In his coughing voice he rose his head and asked ‘to whom’. What followed his question was an unsympathetic blow on his head sending him to instant coma.

‘Mission accomplished’ Abram said as he ordered his crazy brutes to carry him along.


In the wood house, shadows of six figures plastered on the wall by the continuous motion of the fire, transforming them to different sizes.

"…. ‘And that’s how I came out to meet you guys there" Czar concluded his story.

‘You mean to tell me that the sword isn’t here in M’kshiba?’ Ell asked adjusting his broken knee. He had been helped to relocate the shifted fillet. he Just needs a moment of painful moments before he regains his ability to walk again.

‘Exactly, Czar replied. And remember, something big is about to be experienced.” He added nodding in agreement.

‘Then we must act fast’ Saja conceded.

Samir, Shiva and the hood guy who was earlier introduced as Zian, starred at the rest that were discussing. Perhaps, they are not fully regained from the pains.

‘But I still don’t understand myself’ czar announced after a brief silence. The sword I got was faked which led me to the Gwakaworld, according to the man.

In the Gwakaworld, at first, I could not use my powers, but after a while, I began to feel like I could destroy the whole place. Then, I could generate ice balls and rocks. Speaking of that, presently, I can no longer do that again. I am just as the Czar before. Something feels strange. I feel not like a spirit nor human but something bigger.

My reasoning is now farfetched from defeating Zuljaka. Ever since I heard him mention the crown. It has been ringing in my head as if something familiar. Images of people, I begin to see. People not exactly like our own people. I must get hold of the sword. It might be an answer to what I seek.

His crew watched him as he demonstrated himself before them. ‘You know you could make a fine stage artist’ Saja said which prompted laughter from the rest.

He glared at Saja as the memory of his antics rewound in his head. A minute he is serious but after sometime, he becomes a buffoon. ‘Such idiot’ he thought.

The fact about his brother still bothers me (czar continues). Seems they are at war with each other. And they are both immortal to my assumption.

" But what do they need the sword for? Samir asked curiously.

"I wish I knew the answer; but I am equally dying to know. One thing I believe is that our land is going to experience a fatal blow from the unknown’ czar explained.

" Then we should be getting ready; the real thing is just starting to unfold. Samir said. And from the way you speak, more mysteries are going to be unfolded. He added.

‘You are right, a voice from Zian. I have read stories of two gods who fought each other to win the crown.

He scrolled his eyes on them as they eager for the rest then continues.

"One was called Gwakaro and the other Sukaro.

‘What!’ czar blurted.

‘Let him finish, Ell ordered.

‘The father became furious and dispatched the royal crown to planet earth. Few days after, the two brothers were found missing in their home.

He starred at them again as their eyes were blown more than its sizes.

‘End of story’ he concluded.

"How can the story end like that? Czar asked curiously.

‘it was a brief story man’ Zian replied.

‘if this story was to be true, then suka’s real name Is Sukaro and his rival brother, Gwakaro whom you met with’ Ell conceded.

‘I can’t believe I actually met a god’ czar said. No wonder I was feeble before him. He added.

‘a battle with the gods, this is going to be bloody’ Shiva conceded looking anxiously at the burning fire.

‘Wait a minute! Saja blurted. Who was the author? He asked.

I only saw...em... Mik’shiba...yes.. Mikshiba... but the preceding name was roughed.

‘Mikshiba! Czar snapped. If he knew all these, that means he actually went to the underworld as the rumor had it. Perhaps he met with one who narrated the story to him. Then he decided to put it into writing as a playwright.

But no, Czar snapped caressing his jaw. He is actually sending a message that a time like this would come. A time when planet earth would suffer a great deal’ he explained. There is so much that still need to be answered.

‘seriously guys, we should start to strategize on our next move’ Shiva suggested.

‘Yes’ he replied. We shall wait till middle of the night before escaping the queen’s knights. He added.

‘The news must have reached Kashiba’ Zian who have been quiet chipped in.

‘m..e..n, killing his wife, you have really triggered the hell out of his balls’ Samir added holding his bandaged forehead as he felt an ache ran through it.

‘Hey brother’ Ell called training his eyes on Czar. ‘We are in this with you’.

" Yeah! They chorused.

‘Thanks guys. Czar said as he went straight to Saja and dealt him a blow on his shoulder. ‘That’s for making fun of me’ He said and they both laughed.

Suddenly, a wall of the building collapsed

Fire! Gjaku commanded.

he had earlier arrived after the Queen's demise. the knights had narrated the whole story. they ha been searching for the crew since then till they discovered the hideout.

Now Back!

Another round of stones with burning fire oozed out of the catapult reaching for the building.

Czar and the rest dived to different angles of domain to avoid the surprise attack.

The stones contacted with the opposite wall, collapsing it to pieces. Soon, the fire that accompanied the caught up with some items and the whole was in intense flames.

Guys are you alright? Czar yelled.

Doing great here" Ell replied.

Me too! The rest added. but it's getting hot over here.

Czar blew a strong gust to the direction which effected In subduing the burning fire.

that was cool! Saja said.

What about Shiva? Ell asked.

Oh Thur! Samir muttered scrolling eyes around the scene.

There he is! Zian yelled. He's not moving. I think he's dead.

No! Let's check on him first! Czar retorted. As he inched out of his hide out, an arrow was let loose which flew past his ear. He dogded it luckily and ran back to his hide out.

"They are watching us! And I think we are surrounded. He said.

So what are we going to do? Ell asked. Someone has to check on him quickly. He added.

"I will hold this side since the catapults are situated here while you guys take care of the knights at the back.

Good plan brother; but be careful! Ell replied.

Czar stood up again and inched out of his hide. He hadn't taken more than three paces before arrows poured out from the direction. He stopped the deadly arrows from reaching home and blew them back to it's start.

Noises were heard from the knights that were plunged by the arrows. Immediately, a round of fire-stone barged forth. Czar stylishly held the item with wind. He fire it back and descended towards them.

Shoot him! Gjaku ordered.

Zian flipped outside and engaged the knights at the other side of the building. As a pro, he demonstrated his Jade's skills, slaying the knights at a strike.

Ell and saja joined him as the knights we're too many. Samir quickly ran to where Shiva was laying flat. Part of the wall had collapsed on him. To the look of it, seems their friend has left for the Valhalla. No! An idea struck him.

He placed his ear on his chest for a split of seconds.

His heart still beats! He yelled to the rest happily. He quickly cleared the stones off his body and carried him on his back.

Czar was growing annoyed as he dealt with his part. Gjaku luckily fled when he noticed the strength of the target.

Czar was fed up with the attacks and began to ooz out fire from his palms. Many warriors were not spared from the conflagration.

Some hefty men had attacked him. He picked up a sword and slayed wildly as the thought of Shiva been dead flashed in his head.

he had selected those brutes personally for the catch.

this guy is hell" he thought after which he fled the scene.

Quick! Have found horses" Samir echoed to the rest who were busy with the knights.

Wia! Zian sliced the throat of the last knight.

To be continued.....
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cool update it is getting more interesting
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 9:22am
Hello guys!

hope it'was fun riding you this far.

for a better understanding and avoidance of lengthy story, am considering to continue the story with a fresh title, trust me "it'll be fun".

This way, an interesting ending will be met.


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