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Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 11:58pm On Aug 01
Maybe Jennifer has decide to date chisom since Felix is nowhere to be found... Anyways what do I know.Will just wait for Everton to come and do his thing..
Maybe Jennifer has decide to date chisom since Felix is nowhere to be found... Anyways what do I know.Will just wait for Everton to come and do his thing..
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 11:24am On Aug 02
"What's up? Hope you don't mind that I brought Chisom with me, I saw him walking and I thought that he could hang along for a little bit." She told me.
"No problem." I said as I stepped aside for them to come in.
"Nice place." Chisom complemented.
"Her room used to be pink but she wanted it lemon for some reason." Jennifer told Chisom.
"It's green." I said.
Chisom laughed.
"I used to always argue with Felix that lemon and green was the same thing." Jennifer said.
"Yeah so did I and he would always say..." Chisom added.
"It's green." I cut in.
Jennifer smiled but for some reason Chisom didn't. I ignored it.
"Yeah he always said that." She said laughing.
We walked over to my kitchen, that's where I wanted to tutor Jennifer.
"You smell good Felicia. Did you use that mango body wash by Suave?" Jennifer asked me.
I think that was the bottle I used.
I nodded my head.
"I use that body wash as well. Here, smell me." She said as she leaned over.
I gently leaned in and smelled her neck. I felt intoxicated.This smell was amazing. Great, now I can't stop thinking about Jennifer and that silly body wash.
Chisom asked something but I was too preoccupied with the smell of her that I could not hear him. Jennifer pointed to something and he walked away.
"Um, Felicia?"
I ignored her the first time.
This time I heard her clearly and looked at her.
"I was wondering when you would stop smelling me." She said as she giggled.
I blushed.
"Sorry, my bad."
I scratched my head.
"Where is Chisom?" I asked.
"Don't you remember? He said he was going to the bathroom."
"Right." I said nodding.
Jennifer grabbed her book bag and placed the big math text book on my kitchen table.
Chisom walked back in and sat down in his previous seat, he wouldn't stop looking at me for some odd reason.
"Jennifer, you just have to add these two numbers and find ''X''." I told her.
I, with the help of Chisom, had showed her a million times. I face palmed myself.
"Pay attention because I'm only going to do it once again and then I'm done." I said sternly.
She nodded and looked over at the paper. I showed her how to solve the problem again and this time it seemed like she had understood it a little bit.
"So x equals nine?"
"Lets check it, add nine instead of x and see if it equal 15."
Jennifer did what I told her and smiled when it did equal 15.
"Felicia, I did it!" She said as she jumped up and down in her seat.
"Great job" Chisom high-fived her.
I smirked as well.
Finally she had understood it, after what seemed to be years.
Jennifer began packing her things.
"Where are you going?" I asked her.
"Home.I have to prepare dinner and help my brother with some things. Thank you for tutoring me Felicia. it really means a lot." She said with a gentle smile.
"No problem.Anytime." I nodded
"Chisom, are you ready?" She asked him.
"If you don't mind I would like to stay a little longer and talk to Felicia." He replied,staring intently at me.
She nodded and walked over to the door.
"I'll see you both at school."
We nodded and she left.
There was a moment of silence until Chisom cleared his throat and spoke.
"So I'm probably going to sound crazy if I'm wrong but here it goes...Felix Arinze, is that you?"

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Re: CURSED by Hardes(m): 11:36am On Aug 02
I clearly didn't see that coming
Re: CURSED by izaray(f): 1:40pm On Aug 02

Thanks for the update
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 2:42pm On Aug 02
I clearly didn't see that coming
lol. Thats the point.
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 4:13pm On Aug 02
Thanks for the update
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 4:31pm On Aug 02
grin abeg make una help move the ministry for this story at okadabooks. At least ive used the story: DARK MYSTERIES to build my resume as a writer here. I would not say i am the best writer in the literature section but i know my stories can't be terrible.lol. If i dont get much views on this thread,at least let me get small sales at okadabooks.lol. Dont forget to review. Next update coming up later.

Re: CURSED by Adesammy111(m): 5:08pm On Aug 02
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Thanks for the mention
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 5:37pm On Aug 02
I looked at him in shock.
Finally someone figured it out, thank you.
"Sorry you must think I'm crazy." He said as he scratched the back of his head.
"No I don't. How did you figure it out?"
His mouth dropped open.
"So it is you?"
I nodded.
"You have some explaining to do." He said,the look of shock not leaving his face.
I began telling him everything from how I rejected Jennifer to Tara transforming me into Felicia.
"Wow,that is crazy." Chisom said.
"I know, I can barely believe it myself. How did you figure it out?"
"Well when Jennifer first introduced us to you I thought you reminded me of someone but I did not know who. Then you began talking and small things that you would say or do made me think that you were Felix. But then I shrugged it off thinking how crazy I must be for thinking that, well until today when I walked into your room and saw the poster of Wayne Rooney that you got signed, I remembered Fred telling me of how some of your posters and clothes were missing."
I nodded.
"I'm glad someone figured it out. You can't tell anyone Chisom, understood?" I warned.
Chisom nodded.
Another moment of silence washed by, until Chisom spoke again.
"So Jennifer really is the only one that can break this curse?"
I nodded.
"Wow.You are really in a tight spot, man..or should I say girl." He teased while hitting my back playfully.
"Shut up." I said.
I sighed happily.
Finally I had another person that I could go to besides Tara.

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Re: CURSED by izaray(f): 10:19am On Aug 03
Lol, this's damn funny but what if Chisom give Jennifer some little clue about his new discovery with Felicia?
Re: CURSED by Tonyspecial(m): 6:49pm On Aug 03
Very Nice
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 12:39pm On Aug 04
Re: CURSED by Hardes(m): 2:53pm On Aug 04
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 9:03pm On Aug 04
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 8:08pm On Aug 05
"Jen and I are going shopping after school. Are you coming, Bae?"
If Cynthia calls me Bae one more time....
Chisom must have read my mind.
"Her name is Felica, Cynthia." He rolled his eyes.
"My bad. You're coming though, right?" She asked again.
"Come on Felicia, say yes." Jennifer pleaded.
"Ok fine, I'll come along." I said
Jennifer cheered but Cynthia looked not phased.
"We're going in my car ." Cynthia said.
"Well you're the only one that drives so who's car do you think we're taking?" I asked sarcastically. Yet another mistake.
Cynthia blinked at me.
"How did you know that?" She asked.
"Chisom told me." I lied.
I knew very well that Cynthia, other than Chisom and I, was the only one who could drive. Fred was sixteen and Jennifer's parents did not have the time to teach her, even before the divorce. I had begun teaching her but then this whole curse happened.
Chisom looked confused but then caught on.
"Yeah, I was telling Felicia how you and I are the only ones that can drive in this group."
"One more year and I'm joining" Fred cut in.
"Good luck with that.Last time you drove you nearly killed me in a crash." Cynthia said.
"I had it under control." Fred defended.
"Fred, you don't even have your licence yet, why were you driving?" I asked.
"Shut up , you are not my father." he retorted.
I leaned over the table and slapped him hard in the face.
"Tell me to shut up one more time" I glared at him
"Wow.You just got schooled by a girl." Cynthia said as she jumped around laughing.
Fred mumbled as he held his face.
"Just meet me by the garden after school." Jennifer told me.
I nodded and watched her leave with Cynthia
I glared at Fred and he did the same.
"Well, next lecture coming up." Chisom said as he got up.
I stood in front of the garden waiting on Jennifer and Cynthia.
"Hey Felicia, you ready?" She asked as she walked up.
'No I'm just standing here for nothing.'
"Yeah." I simply said.
We arrived at the mall, Jennifer and Cynthia wasted no time when it came to shopping. My guy instincts must have kicked in because I was walking slowly behind them with a bored look on my face and my hands in my pockets.
"Felicia,what do you think of this dress?" Jennifer asked me as she pointed at a dress on a mannequin.
"It's alright." I replied, shrugging.
"Babe, that dress would look so tight on you." Cynthia said as she handed it to Jennifer.
Jennifer went to try it on, leaving only Cynthia and I.
I felt awkward, I mean the girl and I barely got along when I was a guy so imagine how it is now. She looked at me and began to talk.
"I'm sorry I kept callin you Bae,its just you remind me of Felix 'the boremaster' Arinze and I used to tease him all the time. Sorry." She chuckled at the end of her statement.
"It's ok." I frowned.
I accepted her apologies, it wasn't an everyday thing for Cynthia to apologize and truly mean it. At that moment Jennifer walked out.
"Babe you look smoking" Cynthia's eyes nearly popped out as she gazed in awe.
Jennifer laughed.
"What do you think,Felicia?" She looked at me.
What could I think? That dress made her look like she was easy to get.
I cringed at the dress.
"Jennifer ,I think that dress is a bit too much on you." I said.
"What? Why?" She asked me, confused on why I did not like it.
"How should I say this? It makes you look like a LovePeddler." i simply said.
Jennifer looked like she was about to cry.
Cynthia looked over at Jennifer and then at me.
"Maybe I was wrong about you." She told me angrily before walking into the dressing room and taking Jennifer with her.
I sighed.
I was just telling the truth, why can't people accept it? I walked over to an empty seat where I sat and waited for Cynthia and Jennifer to come out.
"I'm sorry I got upset with you.You were right it did make me look like..... .you know... the 'W' word." Jennifer said as we walked to another shop.
"And I'm sorry I doubted you." Cynthia said.
All this apologizing must be a bad omen.
"Don't worry about it." I said as we walked into another shop.
"You know what?" Jennifer turned to me.
"What?" I asked, a bit afraid to hear the answer.
"You and I should pick a cute dress and wear it to school, you too Cynthia." She replied.
"Sorry Jennifer, but I'll have to decline." Cynthia twitched in disgust.
"Me too." I said, agreeing.
"Haba. Come on guys, it will be fun I promise." She pouted.
Cynthia and I both shook our heads and Jennifer played that card. The card we hoped she would not use. She began to give us a puppy dog look.
"Not going to work,Babe." Cynthia frowned
"No Jennifer, it's not working." I said
She continued and I could feel myself slowly giving in.
Cynthia and I both looked at each other and then sighed.
"Fine." We both said, causing Jennifer to jump up and down hysterically.
Of course Jennifer picked the brightest pink dress in the whole store.Big surprise.
"So why you wearing a dress?" Chisom laughed hysterically.
I grabbed him by the colar.
"Keep laughing and I'll make sure that everyone laughs at you." I told him, showing him my fist.
"Alright alright, calm down." He surrendered.
I let him go and keep walking to the canteen..
We walked in and sat at our usual seats.
"Men.Cynthia, she got you too?" Chisom said.
Cynthia glared at him and he stopped talking.
"Hey Chisom!" An annoying cheery voice said.
"Hey Jen, so you, Cynthia, and Felicia decided to be triplets."
"Yeah, don't we look cute?" She said as she grabbed Cynthia's and my arm.
She pulled both of us close to her, we were so close that our cheeks were touching hers.
"Can you take a picture and send it to me?" She asked him.
"Sure Jen." Chisom said as he pulled his phone out and took the picture.
Jennifer finally let us go.
"Let me see." She rushed over to Chisom.
Cynthia and I look at her and then at each other, we both sighed tiredly.
"Where is Fred?" I asked.
"He's skipping again. Men,I wish I could join him." Cynthia said as she drank out of a juice carton.
"He still can't learn his lesson." I mumbled but Cynthia seemed to hear it.
"I guess not."
"I want to give a toast!" Jennifer said as she taps her plastic cup with a plastic spoon.
"I want to thank Felicia for tutoring me and making me pass the test this semester." She said as she raised her cup in the air.
"Jennifer,you know it's just us." I said as I looked around my apartment.
She giggled.
"A simple 'you're welcome'would have been fine."
I shook my head at her.
"You're welcome Jennifer."
She smiled and continued to drink her juice.
We were currently at my place. Jennifer wanted to have a little celebration since she got a 18/20 in the test.
"My folks are going to be happy when he sees this." She said as she looked at her score once more.
"Felicia, you're the best!"
She lept on me and hugged me so tightly that I was losing my color.
"J..Je..Jennifer. I..can't.. breathe." I groaned as I tried to pry her off.
"Oh, sorry." She released me giggling akwardly.
I coughed and then looked at her.
"It's fine just don't do it again." I said.
She nodded furiously.
"I wont I swear." She made an X sign on her heart. I chuckled at that.
And with that we continued our two person celebration

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Re: CURSED by Hardes(m): 8:28pm On Aug 05
Op thanks for the update

What's wrong with Jen sef the whole group might as well get to know about it before her. .
Re: CURSED by izaray(f): 9:48pm On Aug 05
Thanks for the update
Re: CURSED by ashatoda: 7:22am On Aug 06
Lovely story but if I may ask Tara told Felix not to reveal herself to anyone as Felicia but he has revealed himself to Chisom without any repercussion why?
Re: CURSED by iamlynn(f): 8:55am On Aug 06
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Kindly fall in and let's get this show on the road.

Here. Thanks for the mention
Re: CURSED by queenitee(f): 9:08am On Aug 06
Op thanks for the update

What's wrong with Jen sef the whole group might as well get to know about it before her. .
I wonder for the girl o
Re: CURSED by queenitee(f): 9:09am On Aug 06
Lovely story but if I may ask Tara told Felix not to reveal herself to anyone as Felicia but he has revealed himself to Chisom without any repercussion why?
No, she said before the get to know. They have to figure it out themselves which Chisom did
Re: CURSED by izaray(f): 10:42am On Aug 06

I wonder for the girl o
She is not a smart type
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 12:04pm On Aug 06

No, she said before the get to know. They have to figure it out themselves which Chisom did
wink Correct
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 12:06pm On Aug 06
"Hey Felix! Wake up, man!"
I tossed around in my bed wondering who in the name of sanity was banging at my door this early in the morning.
"Guy, open up!"
Whoever it was shouted again.
I grabbed my pillow and placed it over my head hoping to block out the loud banging coming from the front door.
"Felix, I know you're awake!"
I sat up quick and headed to the door furiously.
"What do you want?!" I asked as I opened the door.
Chisom stood there with a smirk on his face.
"Finally you opened up." He said as he auto-invited himself in.
"What is it?" I asked again.
He just stared at me.
"What is it?" I repeated.
He said nothing and just kept staring.
I looked down and noticed I was wearing a tank top that showed a lot of cleavage.
I quickly covered up.
"I'm a guy!" I glared daggers at him.
He snapped out of it.
"I'm sorry. It's just that they were out there and you know how guys are. I forgot who you were for a second." He said nervously.
I looked at him in disgust but then shook it off. This was not the first time I got stared at anyway.
He handed me a flier.
"What is this?" I asked in confusion.
"A flier to Tunde's house party." He replied.
I looked at him like he was crazy.
"So you woke me up at seven in the morning for one airhead's party?" I said.
Chisom shook his head.
"This is the party of the year." He said.
"And what makes you think I want to go?" I raised an eyebrow.
Chisom smirked, like he knew something I didn't.
"Well for starters it's the biggest event trough out the year. Second, it's a pool party meaning a lot of fine girls in bikinis are going to be there. And to finish it off, your girl Jennifer is going, meaning that she is going to be dressed in a bikini around a bunch of drunk male teenagers. So you still don't want to come or are you in?"
He smirked again, knowing that there was no way I could say no now.
I sighed.
"When is this party?"
"Tonight! And you wait to tell me now?!!"
"What. You have at least 20 hours to get ready." He said innocently.
I glared at him.
"Wait here, I'm going to go change."
He nodded and sat on my seat.

I hated this.
I looked in the mirror.
"Do you need any help,ma?"
I said, dismissing the sales girl.
I was standing in a dressing room trying on some bikinis as I frowned in the mirror.
"Are you good in there?" Chisom asked as he knocked on the door.
"I'm not wearing this, any of these. I'm not going."
"Come on,bro.you have to come.So stop being a chicken and just choose one."
"I'm not wearing a bikini and that is final."
I could hear Chisom sighing and then walking away. As I started to place my clothes on I heard a knock at the door and then a couple of bathing suits were tossed over it, I caught them.
"Try these on." Chisom said.
I looked at the bathing suits. I lift one up and decide to try it on.
"Much better." I said as I looked in the mirror.
I was wearing a simple navy blue one-piece that did not show much cleavage. I took it off and got dressed like before.
"You finally decided?" Chisom said as I headed out the dressing room with the one-piece in hand.
We walked out the store.
"This party is going to be crazy, besides that new girl is coming and she has 'sexy' written all over her." He smiled.
I rolled my eyes at his comment.
"I don't even want to go to this stupid party." I mumbled.
"Well fine but don't blame me when Jennifer leaves you for a typical G boy."
I growled but then told him that I did not care what Jennifer did, but in reality I did, but I don't know why.
"Anyways I'll be over at your place with Fred at nine."
"You can't let Fred go to a party like this, who knows what kind of trouble he is going to get into." I lectured.
Chisom shook his head.
"Your brother is a sixteen, he can fend for himself." He said.
I guess I had one more thing to worry about.
As soon as we arrived, I knew this was a bad idea.
"Oh,why did she have to come with us?"
"Shut up,Fred." I said as I threatened to hit him.
Chisom began laughing since Fred flinched and hid behind him.
"Fred, you're scared of a girl."
"No, bro. I'm not scared" He tried but we knew the truth.
"Sure." We both said before walking up to the house.
There were already drunk boys passed out on the yard. Chisom opened the front door and I was quickly bombarded with loud music and the smell of weed. Chisom pat my back.
"Hey I see Kemi, you're on your own." He said before leaving me.
I looked around hoping I could find Jennifer, but knowing her she was probably in the back with Cynthia. I headed for the back but not before punching some guy who tried to grab me. Was being a girl really this difficult? I quickly spotted her, she was sitting with Cynthia at the edge of the pool. I could not help but notice what she had on. A black bikini top with zebra striped bottoms. Since when she start dressing mature? Usually she would go for something pink with polka dots. Jennifer did not have a big chest but she did have enough to show off and that is probably why this particular boy was swimming his way towards her.
I began to walk faster towards her but he made it before me.
"Hey beautiful, what's your name?"
"Jennifer." She answered.
"Hey Jennifer, come swim with me."
"You should go, Jen." Cynthia stupidly encouraged.
How could she allow her friend to swim with a boy who had a lecherous air around him?.
I watched Jennifer hop in and swim towards the other teens.
"Hey" Cynthia spotted me and waved.
"Cynthia, how could you let her swim with a random, probably drunk, guy?!" I frowned at her.
"Chilllllllll." She drawled. I noticed something different about her eye movements and then it hit me.
I sniffed the air.
"Have you been smoking?" I asked.
"You want a hit?" She lifted her hand up revealing a blunt.
How the hell did I miss it?
"Was Jennifer smoking too?" I asked furiously.
She made a snorting sound.
"No, you know how she is. All goody goody and stuff."
I looked over to see what Jennifer was up to and noticed the guys were inching close to her as she inched back. I took off my black shirt and shorts, revealing the navy blue one- piece I had bought earlier.
I jumped in, making my way towards them.
"Wait.Calm down." The boy said as I twisted his arm around.
"OW OW OW!" He yelled out.
"Felicia,calm down!" Jennifer shouted as she grabbed my shoulder.
"LET GO OF ME CRAZY BITCH!" The boy yelled again.
This made me tighten my grip.
Jennifer's voice snapped me out of it.
I quickly let go of him.
"I'm so sorry." She apologized.
"Get away from me, you and your crazy friend." he said with a glare.
"Don't make me break your arm." I said.
He flinched and made his way out the pool with his friends.
"Why did you attack him?" Jennifer was upset now.
"You were backing away from him."
"We were playing a game."
"What kind of game? Hot guys chase the innocent girl?!" I cried out.
I felt a sudden sting on my cheek.
Jennifer slapped me.
"You are not my sister or anyone important so don't try to control me." She said before heading back inside.
"Jennifer wait!" I yelled but she just kept walking.
I headed inside but all I saw was a bunch of sweaty teens dancing on each other.
"Jennifer!" I yelled but the music was so loud that I could not even hear my own voice.
"GO!GO! GO! GO!"A bunch of teens were cheering.
I was about to move on until I noticed who was the vocal point of the cheering:Fred trying to down a bottle of vodka. I walked over to the crowd and made my way towards my stupid brother.
"Fred,that's enough."
"Stop. Just one more." He slurred.
"You had enough."
"Let go of me." He stumbled away from my grip, this was a down side of being a girl; my arms were not that strong.
How the hell was I going to take care of my drunk brother and find Jennifer at the same time?
"Hey,Felicia! Did you find your girl?"
Bingo! It was Chisom heading my way.
"Chisom watch Fred for a second." I said as I headed towards the stairs and climbed up.
I hope she's up there.

Get the full story here:

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Re: CURSED by izaray(f): 1:07pm On Aug 06
Thanks for the update
Re: CURSED by Tonyspecial(m): 1:59pm On Aug 06
What A Dream
Re: CURSED by Hardes(m): 2:22pm On Aug 06
This Felicia sef she's becoming overprotective of Jen..

Thanks for the update op
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 8:43am On Aug 07
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 6:59pm On Aug 07
True to my wishes,i found her in the room. After a round of arguments and yelling and arguments,(I said arguments twice,didn't i? Oh well. It was that bad), we finally settled and everything was back to normal. At least for the moment.
"Felix." I heard her mumble. My eyes went wide.
I turned to look at her. She was sleep-talking.Great.
She looked so peaceful and somehow I felt safe with her next to me.
I don't know what motivated or pushed me to do what I was about to do, but I found myself inching closer to her face. I kept staring at her lips. Was I really going to kiss her? Should I kiss her? Would she mind? These questions ran through my head but were dismissed when I noticed she opened her eyes. For some reason I made no effort to move. We looked each other in the eyes with out making a sound. Our lips were a couple of inches apart from each other. She closed her eyes again. Was she giving me permission to kiss her?
"Kiss me." She demanded, still with her eyes closed.
I gulped, somehow turning nervous. Was Jennifer really giving me permission? And was she really about to kiss a girl?
"Kiss me." She repeated, now opening her eyes.
"A..a..are you sure?" I asked, stuttering on my words.
She nodded and closed her eyes again.
I gulped one last time before breaking the little space we had. My lips were on hers and hers on mine. If I had to describe the sensation of this moment I would probably say that it felt like little feet dancing on my lips. I loved this feeling. It was a quick soft kiss. She looked at me and touched her lips. Was she regretting it?
"How was it?" I dumbly asked her.
She looked at me and then looked down at the mattress.
"Nice." She whispered
"Do it again." She said as she closed her eyes again.
This time I felt like a professional and kissed her longer and with more passion. She placed her arms around my neck as I climbed on top of her. I was so busy kissing her that I did not notice someone had walked in until they spoke.
"Oh sorry."
I broke from Jennifer's lips to see who was standing in the door frame. It was the same guy from before.
"Don't mind me, carry on." He grinned peversely.
"GET OUT!" I yelled in a menacing tone.
He got the hint and quickly left the room. I turned back to face Jennifer but she was now standing up on the other side of the bed, her back towards me.
"We should go back." She said.
"Why?" I asked, maybe sounding a bit desperate but not caring at the moment.
She stayed quiet and tried to head out the door but I caught her arm before she could leave.
I must sound so pathetic.
She did not once look at me.
I let go of her and she walks out.
I must have messed up.
A couple of seconds later I also headed downstairs.
"There you are man, here take him back. I swear I rather watch a whole season of Teletubbies than watch a drunk Fred." Chisom said as he handed me my brother.
He was passed out.
I was pretty short, in this body, compared to him. My brother was 5'11 while I was 5'5. In my regular body I'm 6'1. He staggered over me and it took all the strength I had to not drop him.
"Fred, wake up." I said, but he was gone deep.
How the hell am I going to talk to Jennifer and take care of Fred at the same time? I looked around for Chisom but he disappeared. I guess I'm going to have to talk to Jennifer later and take Fres home. Chisom had given me his car keys so he would not loose them at the party. I dragged my unconscious brother to the burgundy Toyota. I placed him in the passenger seat and buckled him up before heading over to the driver's seat and doing the same. I drove for a good forty minutes before reaching our street. We were two minutes away from the house. Fred woke up.
"Where am I?" He asked, the alcohol wore off a bit.
"I'm taking you home." I informed him.
Fred stared at me and then all of a sudden,his expression turned nauseous. Without hesitation, I stopped the car and unbuckled his seat belt.As soon as he stepped out, he vomited.
"That's what you get for drinking underage." I said as I stared forward and tapped on the steering wheel.
After a minute,Fred wiped his mouth with his shirt sleeve and closed the door.
"You're acting like you're my sister......." He said.
".........Or brother." He added as if realizing something.
I kept driving until I saw Dad's car parked by the gate.I parked on the side .
"You act just like Felix's Know-it-all self." Fred muttered as his face scrunched up in thought.
Fred seemed like he was thinking of something and he began mumbling things I could not understand, but then his eyes went wide and he turned to me.

"Felix.....why are you a girl?"

Get the full story here:https://publish.okadabooks.com/book/about/cursed_/28391


Re: CURSED by Hardes(m): 7:22pm On Aug 07
The fred part really cracked me up man.
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 7:45pm On Aug 07
The feed part really cracked me up man.

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