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Re: CURSED by Tonyspecial(m): 3:32pm On Jul 30
Even though i wasn't mentioned, am following till the end, oya OP come and update sharp sharp.
Just passing
Re: CURSED by Tonyspecial(m): 3:51pm On Jul 30
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 5:09pm On Jul 30
lipsrsealed TYPI....
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 9:29am On Jul 31
I sat in my class bored as hell. I knew all this and the lecturer had me doing tests to see where I was at with maths.
" Felicia, this is really impressive. You are above the whole class." My lecturer said.
I rolled my eyes at him.
"Thank you,sir" I said as he handed me the papers.
He walked around and handed out the rest of the tests.
"How do you do it?"
"What?" I asked.
Jennifer smiled and pointed at the papers.
"Oh, luck I guess." I shrugged.
I don't know how I did it, I just did it and that was it.
"What did you get?" I asked her, even though I knew the answer already.
It was no secret that Jennifer was horrible at math.
" twelve"
Well at least she did better than last time.
At that moment Jennifer's expression went from a sad one to one of realization.
"I just got an Idea. You should tutor me." She smiled.
"Tutor me in math, please?"
Well this could be another great opportunity to spend time with her.
I sighed then nodded.
She shrieked so loudly that the whole class stopped and looked at her.
"Sorry." She said a bit embarrassed.
I shook my head and tried to find something to do for the remaining five minutes of class. After,what seemed like forever, the class ended and the lecturer left. I waited for Jennifer to grab her bag and books. We finally met up with Chisom and co but not before Jennifer decided to ease herself.
"You can come in Felicia.I'm not going to bite you." Jennifer teased.
"I know but I want to wait here." I had told her.
It still feels weird to be in the girls toilet, well it's only been four days since I turned into Felicia. We walked into the lunch room and were greeted by Chisom.
"Hey guys, what's up?"
"Not much. Guess what? Felicia said she'll tutor me in math." Jennifer informed him with a big smile plastered on her face.
"You tried that with Felix and I and you still could not understand a thing." Chisom gave her a blank stare.
It's true. Chisom and I used to tutor Jennifer but she just could not understand the material no matter what. Eventualy,we gave up on her.
"Well it's going to be different with Felicia" Jennifer said.
"And how so?" Chisom asked her.
"Well she's more kind and patient than Felix, and she's definitely smarter than you. Besides she's a girl so we're bound to understand each other." Jennifer said while nodding her head.
Chisom and I both rolled our eyes at her. Well at least she thinks Felix and Felicia are smarter than Chisom.
"Ok Jen, I want to see this." Chisom mumbled the last part, Jennifer must have not heard him.
"So Felicia, how was your day?" He asked me.
I shrugged as an answer.
Cynthia and Fred both made their way over.
"Chisom, who is the better singer, wizkid or ...?"
"Wizkid." Chisom answered without hesitation.
Cynthia smiled and Fred scowled.
"Told you. Even Chisom agreed that wizzy would win."
"Shut up." Fred simply said as he sat down.
"I'm guessing you and Cynthia are having one of your famous debates."
I said carelessly.
Bollocks!! I forgot Felicia does not know that.
"How did you know about Cynthia's and my debates?" Fred raised his eyebrows at me inquisitively.
"Jennifer told me." I quickly covered up.
"I did?" She questioned me as she placed her index finger on her cheek.
"Yeah.When you slept over." I said.
She looked at me a bit confused but then shrugged.
"I must have forgotten then."
Jennifer had a short term memory and I never thought the day would come where I would thank God, if there even is one, for it.
"Have you heard anything from Felix?" I heard Chisom ask Fred.
Fred shook his head.
"No, but it seemed like he came back to get a few things."
"What you mean?" Chisom asked again.
"I walked into his room and half his shirt and posters were gone." Fred replied.
I turned to look at Jennifer to see if she was hearing them like I was. She wasn't so I sighed in relief. But then I remembered I want her to know so I coughed loudly trying to get her attention on Fred and Chisom, but by the time I did they were talking about a basket ball game. I groaned inwardly in disappointment.
"Chisom,you should talk to Felicia about those wrestling mumbo jumbo like you did with Felix." Jennifer informed Chisom.
"You're into wrestling?" He asked me.
I nodded in response.
"What are your beliefs on the Wwe?" Chisom asked.
"That the competition and feuds are staged but the combat itself is real. Its mostly all about the entertainment. Hence the name WWE :World Wrestling Entertainment."
"Your best brand?"
"Roman Reigns"
Chisom laughed at this.
"Men, you really do sound like Felix.You know what Felicia, you're pretty cool." He said while giving me a fist bump and we continued to talk.
Jennifer smiled even though she did not understand half of the things we were talking about.

Get the full story here :https://publish.okadabooks.com/book/about/cursed_/28391

Or Send Glo N200 pin to Frankejike4@gmail.com or to get the pdf or word version.

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Re: CURSED by Hardes(m): 11:48am On Jul 31
Good morning guys

op thanks for this update
Re: CURSED by PrudySara(f): 12:45pm On Jul 31
thanks for the update
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 2:01pm On Jul 31
thanks for the update
Good morning guys

op thanks for this update
thanks for the update
You're welcome.

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Re: CURSED by izaray(f): 3:51pm On Jul 31
Hmm, goodluck Felix
Re: CURSED by Shola2019(f): 5:16pm On Jul 31
everton4life you are gifted,aunty izaray is me and you today
Re: CURSED by Tonyspecial(m): 5:59pm On Jul 31
Good Update
Re: CURSED by izaray(f): 6:33pm On Jul 31
everton4life you are gifted,aunty izaray is me and you today
Ah! I'm very loyal sis cool
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 7:24pm On Jul 31
"So what do you think of Chisom?" Jennifer asked me.
We were walking home from school, it seems like walking together became a routine.
"He's alright I guess." I said while shrugging.
Jennifer nodded and smiled.
"Well I'm glad you're getting along with everyone. Hey, Do you want to come over to my house for tutoring?"
"Yeah that's fine."
We made our way over to her street. It had been four days since I've been here but it seems like forever.
"I'm home." Jennifer called out from inside.
There was no answer.
"Kevin?" She called out again.
It was weird that Kevin was not replying.His car was in the garage so he must be home.
"Make your self comfortable, I'm going to go see if my brother is around. There's some fruit in the fridge." she said as she began walking upstairs.
I sat on the couch and waited for Jennifer to come back down, after a minute she joined me.
"He's fast asleep." she told me.
I nodded and unpacked my book bag, she did the same.
"Lets take a break." Jennifer said, getting up and stretching.
"Jennifer,It's only been thirty minutes since we started, we still have a lot to go over."
"Felicia, my brain will literally explode if I don't get at least a five minute break."
I rolled my eyes at her.
"Fine, five minutes only."
She nodded happily.
We headed over to her kitchen where she grabbed some snacks.I opened her fridge and grabbed some oranges.
There was a knock on the gate.
"Coming." Jennifer said as she walked over to the gate.
"Good evening, sir." She greeted my Dad, who was standing on the other side of the gate with a grin on his face.
"Hello , is your brother home?"
"He's upstairs sleeping."
I walked over to where Jennifer and Dad were.
"Hello, how are you?" Dad greeted me with a smile.
"Fine,sir." I simply said.
"This is my friend,Felicia."
"Well it was nice meeting you Felicia. Jennifer tell Kevin to call me when he wakes up."
"Will do,Sir."
Dad said his goodbyes and Jennifer closed the door.
My own father, just like my brother, does not recognize me. I sighed sadly.
"What's wrong Felicia?" Jennifer stared worriedly at me.
"Nothing, let's just get back to work."
She nodded and we went inside.

Get the full story here: https://publish.okadabooks.com/book/about/cursed_/28391

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Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 7:26pm On Jul 31
everton4life you are gifted.[b][/b]aunty izaray is me and you today
embarassed Awww. Thanks,dearie. I try my best.
Re: CURSED by Shola2019(f): 8:46pm On Jul 31
aunty izaray come and read uncle everton thanks for d update
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 9:18pm On Jul 31
aunty izaray come and read uncle everton thanks for d update
Re: CURSED by izaray(f): 10:08pm On Jul 31
Double wahala for felix, even ur own dad can't even recognise you anymore

Thanks for the update
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 2:13am On Aug 01
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 2:21am On Aug 01
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 2:22am On Aug 01
Re: CURSED by damselposh(f): 5:48am On Aug 01
You are not serious.
Better get the location to type fast.
Well done dear, you are doing great.
Re: CURSED by daddio(m): 10:01am On Aug 01
Wow, I'm loving the story
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 10:33am On Aug 01
You are not serious.
Better get the location to type fast.
Well done dear, you are doing great.
Location found. Over. tongue
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 10:38am On Aug 01
*For this chapter,ill add smileys just to make it more hilarious.*

"Come on Felix you can do it, it's not so hard. Just get undressed and hop into that bathroom." I said to myself.
I was pacing back and forth in my bathroom.
"Just don't look in the mirror and it should be good."
It has been a week since I became a girl, meaning it's been a week since I've taken a bath. shocked I was in urgent need of one but I felt like it was wrong for me to see this body Unclad. it wasn't mine after all. I feel like a pervert just thinking about it. embarassed
"Come on Felix you can do it!" I said as I stopped walking and slapped my cheeks lightly.
"Just take it off."
I placed both my hands underneath my white shirt to take it off. I pulled it up and it went over my head. I tossed it on the floor and did the same with my tracks.
"See? Not so hard. Now for the..." I gulped as I looked in the mirror.
Why did Tara have to give me such a nice body? Was it really necessary to give me a DD cup? undecided God I hate her angry. I looked away from the mirror blushing.At least I had managed to place a bra on with out looking.
"Maybe I can get Jennifer to join me."
Wow, where did that come from? I blushed even more at the thought of her and I sharing a shower.
"Felix,stop being a pervert. These female hormones are ruining my life." I said as I slapped my cheeks once more.
"Here goes nothing."
I placed my hands behind my back and searched for the little hook on the back of my bra. I found it and unhooked it but I did not slip it off just yet. I turned around so I was not facing the mirror anymore. I pulled both straps off and felt it leaving my body.
"Just don't look down." I told myself.
I did the same with my underwear.
I finally hopped in the shower and looked over at all the feminine products beside me. Now I know why girls take a long time in the shower. I just grabbed the nearest body wash and began scrubbing, trying to avoid my female parts; I let the water deal with that. I turned off the water and placed a towel over me. I looked down at my legs and for some reason the hairs were bothering me.
"I guess I'm going to have to shave."
I sat on my bathtub with a shaving stick and some shaving gel that I found in the shower. After ten minutes my legs were nice and silky, it kinda feels good to touch them. I walked in front of the mirror and began fluffing my hair up with the pick I had taken from my old room. As I did this my towel must have loosened up because a couple of seconds later it fell off my body, showing me everything I tried to not see. I could not look away, it was too late now. There I was in all my Unclad glory. Well might as well get used to this body because I'm going to have to take more showers. I placed my hands on my temporary assets not in a sexual way just to feel them and get used to them. I could not help but think that they were squishy, sounds immature of me. It sort of felt relaxing as I squished them in my hands. I sighed and then went to pick up my fallen towel.
"Well that's enough for one day." I told myself as I got dressed.
I walked out of my bathroom and into the kitchen. I looked over at the clock. Jennifer should be here soon for tutoring. Not long after, there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and there was Jennifer with Chisom next to her. What was he doing here?

Get the full story here:https://publish.okadabooks.com/book/about/cursed_/28391

or send GLO N200 pin to Frankejike4@gmail.com to get the pdf or word version.

Happy new month. smiley

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Re: CURSED by izaray(f): 10:45am On Aug 01
Maybe Chisom wanna ask Felix/Felicia out nau wink

Thanks for the update

Happy new month to you too dear
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 1:11pm On Aug 01
Re: CURSED by Shola2019(f): 2:30pm On Aug 01
thanks 4 d update
Re: CURSED by queenitee(f): 2:44pm On Aug 01
Mehn shocked
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 5:41pm On Aug 01
Mehn shocked
Re: CURSED by Tonyspecial(m): 6:16pm On Aug 01
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 9:01pm On Aug 01
Re: CURSED by everton4life(m): 9:27pm On Aug 01
thanks 4 d update
thanks 4 d update
Re: CURSED by Hardes(m): 10:16pm On Aug 01
Maybe Jennifer has decide to date chisom since Felix is nowhere to be found... Anyways what do I know.Will just wait for Everton to come and do his thing..

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