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Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) / The Dog Attendant (T. D. A) [COUNTLESS Part 2]. A story By Darousmart Emmanuel. / Matrimony Of Secrets (2) (3) (4)

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"Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 1:33am On Aug 12, 2019
Hi guys, this is my first post on Nairaland. I wrote this last year. Though it's still undergoing major editing surgery, I thought to share this with you.

Please note, I'm not a perfect writer. So don't judge too harshly.



Jeremiah 17:9 KJV
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Chapter 1

She looked up and met the creases in the forehead of her caregiver. The poor woman thought she was angry with her. She wasn't. She was just out to get through to her son. If he thought he was stubborn, she would show him where he got it from.

”Mummy, please you've not eaten for two days. Please you have to take your drugs. ”, the young woman pleaded.

”I'm not eating. ", she replied doggedly. Her caregiver threw her hands up in exasperation and left the room, obviously headed to call Bámidélé.

Good. Step one accomplished.

She stood up slowly, weak from not eating for two days. She heard a nice, melodious giggle coming from outside. She shuffled to the window and saw a young lady on the phone talking and laughing. She found herself smiling. The girl's aura was contagious. She was probably the new tenant. A thought flickered in her mind - she'd be good for Bámidélé, if she didn't have a boyfriend. She looked at the girl once more. One thing was sure; she was beautiful and quite voluptuous. The jeans she wore clung to her hips and bottom like a second skin and though she wore a baggy sweater, there was no mistaking she had ample bosom. She also had childbearing hips.

Good. Definitely, Bámidélé would be as virile as his father was and in no time I'd be bouncing my grandchildren on my knees.

She turned away from the window and sat on the nearest sofa. She sighed and tears rolled down her cheek. Grandchildren, those were the only thing Bámidélé hadn't given her yet. He was the perfect son, excelling academically, winning scholarships and providing for her.

She smiled as she remembered the day he made her that promise, after her husband had thrown her out of his house and life with their five year old son. She remembered his little hands that wiped her tears from her face, and his brave voice that promised that she wouldn't cry again. He was so brave at that age, not crying even when the only father he knew called him a bastard and his mother a ten kobo prostitute, he never cried even with the hunger and suffering.

She sobbed as she remembered her husband. He was her first love. He was a youth corper and she was an SS3 student. Everyone told her he only wanted to sample a young virgin as most corpers and university students were experienced and could see through all his lies. She ignored them and eloped with him. He was true to her and she felt like sticking out her tongue to everyone who told her he wasn't genuine.

She had wanted to study liguistics but he said he preferred if she was a teacher, so she could have time for him and their children. She was blinded by love so she forewent her admission into the University of Reefs in Lagos, one of the best universities in the country and opted for a College of Education. He never touched her all the while she lived with him until the night of their registry wedding when she was in her second year in the College of Education and she respected him for that. It was all rosy until one day. She shivered with sobs as she remembered that dreadful day.

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 2:18am On Aug 12, 2019
It was a few days till her husband, Jolá came back from his trip to the capital. She longed for him. He had been gone for two months and though he called her every night, it wasn't like having him around and being in his strong and loving arms.

Folá, his twin brother was besotted with her. He had made passes and innuendos even when her husband was present. She always felt irritated and annoyed but her husband told her it was Fola's nature. She was a woman and she knew the look in his eyes when he spoke, she knew he was serious but her husband always shushed her and said his brother would never do anything to her.

That night she had dropped Délé off at her in-law's house. She sat on the sofa in sitting room reading the new literature text she had to treat in class with her students. She heard the doorbell ring and she went to see who it was. She asked who it was and the caller said “It’s me, sugar!". Her heart got giddy as she heard her husband's voice. She excitedly opened the door only to see the menacing and dreaded eyes of her brother- in - law.

Her husband and his brother were photocopies of each other, with the same look and appearance and even the same voice. The only difference between her husband and his brother was their eyes. Jolá's eyes were like stars, shimmering with calmness and peace, whereas Folá's eyes were like brimstone, dull and dangerous. She regretted her decision immediately.

He ravished her with his eyes, licking his lips like a lion looking at a fleshy gazelle. She hated the fact she wore only a tank top and shorts that put her thighs on display. She tremored in fear. She, in reflex, quickly shoved the door in his face. But he was stronger and pushed back. She fell due to the impact. He entered and tsked and he locked the door.

"Is that how to treat your brother-in-law?", he asked mockingly.
“What do you want?” she inquired in fear as she crawled backwards slowly. She looked at his eyes and was afraid as they held the answer.
“You. ", he answered huskily, obviously aroused.

She mustered up strength from the depths of her soul and got up and tried to run but he caught her and shoved her against the nearest wall. A sob escaped her lips just before his lips came crashing down on hers. His hands were everywhere and she instinctively grabbed a picture frame from the table beside them and hit it on his head.

“Bitch!", he swore and held his head in pain. She tried to escape but he was quicker and he pulled her back and back handed her. She kicked him in the groin and he groaned in pain. She tried to run again but he pulled her back and punched her twice in the stomach. She fell in pain. She tried to scream for help, hoping her neighbours were around. He slapped her twice and she whimpered in pain.

"Please", she begged appealing to his sense of humanity.
He ignored her and pressed savage, disgusting kisses to her body. His hands went lower and undid her shorts. He took advantage of her weakness and she cried throughout it all. When he was through he carried her to her matrimonial bed and resumed his acts of desecration. She cried harder as she felt impure on their matrimonial bed.

Will Jolá ever forgive me?

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 2:25am On Aug 12, 2019
Please let me know what you think
Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 7:43am On Aug 12, 2019
After he ravished her over and over again, he made sure she didn't leave him. She cried herself to sleep, only to be awoken by the roar of her husband's voice. She felt disgusting and like scum. She watched in tears as her husband hauled his brother from the bed and started beating him to pulp. Folá raised the defense that he was seduced. Her head spun in disbelief. Her disbelief grew as she realized her husband believed him.

Two days later, he threw her out. Bámidélé became her stay and he made her proud and wiped away most of her tears like he promised but he refused to give her the one thing her bones yearned for.


She had wanted a lot of children but she was blessed with only Bámidélé after several miscarriages. She was grateful for him and believed the children she couldn't have he'd give her. But he hadn't.


He sighed as he undid his tie. It was just few minutes to three o'clock and he was feeling so tired. He had had three consecutive meetings with investors and they were all successful. He sank into his swivel chair, grateful for its comfort. He made a mental note to get someone to change the chairs in the conference rooms.
He smiled as he saw the picture of his mother on his table. He loved her to a fault. And why wouldn't he? She was his strength, his source of happiness, the sunshine in his dreary life. She had sacrificed all for him and he swore to erase all her pain. She deserved it, especially after what his scum of a father did to her.
His jaws clenched as he remembered that cool October evening. He forced himself to erase the murderous thoughts he had towards his father. He had vowed never to love like his mother did. Love left her shattered, love didn't fight for her, love disdained her and humiliated her. And the worst part was that it never left her, she still loved him. Even when better men came, like his adopted father, she rejected them in the name of love.

He sighed and his thoughts flashed to Nenye, the love of his life. How he fell in love with her was a mystery. Nenye made him realise what true love was. He understood how love could make one a fool, how it could mess up one's brains and thinking faculties. He picked up his phone, with a grin on his face, wanting to call his girlfriend when he saw twenty-four missed calls from his mother's caregiver. His heart raced and a billion and one thoughts danced in his mind as he quickly returned her calls.

”Hello sir!", the caregiver greeted in a cocktail of panic, concern and fear.

"Hello, I missed your calls. Is my mum alright?", he asked on the verge of fear. The first time he was so afraid was when his mum had her first heart attack two years ago. He had never felt so helpless and confused. It was like he was plunged into darkness. He prayed to God she was OK.

" Sir, mummy has refused to eat anything. I've been begging her to eat, since she hasn't eaten for two days but she is resolved that she won't eat anything. I don't know what to do.", she explained.

His panic reduced momentarily then shot through the roof.

Why didn't she want to eat? Was she sick?

"I'll be there in a jiffy.", he said.

In the space of his next diastole and systole, he picked up his jacket, car keys and his satchel and informed his secretary to free his schedule for the day and the following two days. He left the office as if he was being chased by the entire host of hell. He drove to their house in panic. Upon reaching the house he parked haphazardly leaving the security personnel wondering what on earth was wrong with the cool, calm and collected man in flat 301.

He took the steps two by two in a hurry to meet his mum. He was still thinking of her when he bumped into someone who was in a hurry to leave.

" God!", he cried out as her head met his lips in full force.

She groaned and apologized in pain. He looked at her holding her forehead and grunted his acceptance and left. He licked his lip to numb the pain and groaned at the taste of blood. He unlocked the door and rushed to meet his mother. He shouted the caregiver's name and she materialised from one of the rooms.

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 7:46am On Aug 12, 2019
I hope you enjoy it. But I'm sorry but if there are no comments by evening, I'll delete this thread.
Sorry for the threat.


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by Sensitivity1254: 7:59am On Aug 12, 2019

Issuing threats... If you want to update your story, do and if you don't want, all good

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 7:40pm On Aug 12, 2019

Issuing threats... If you want to update your story, do and if you don't want, all good

Sorry, this is totally new for me. If I'm not getting any feedback, I feel like there's no point.

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 7:49pm On Aug 12, 2019
This is my leap of faith, guys. A character from a movie I love said La foi peut déplacer des montagnes. I'm really hoping it's true.

Here goes nothing.

"Why didn't you tell me she had not eaten yesterday?", he asked on the verge of anger.

"Sir, she begged me to let her fast for two days. She said she wanted to pray for you. I let her and she has refused to break since morning.", she explained afraid.

He sighed and hoped she was not intending to fast for seven days. He remembered she'd fast for months when he was younger for his success and her prayers had worked miracles for him. She also prayed and fasted for her husband to come back. But that was one prayer he knew God had no intention of answering.

He sighed and muttered, " Where is she?"

The middle-aged woman nodded and led the way to the sitting room where his mother sat weakly on a sofa, hitting her thighs together. She was hungry. She did that every night she had given him the last meal in the house. She would smile as she watched him eat. When he was younger he didn't know what it meant so he'd eat till his heart's content.

Whenever he asked her why she did that, she would say it was natural, something all mother's did. It was until he got into secondary school he understood and when he saw her hitting her thighs together, he'd stop eating and beg her to eat the rest of the food.
She closed her eyes so she didn't notice when he crouched in front of her. She raised her head only when he kissed her hands. She smiled and ran her hand through his hair and muttered his eulogy. He smiled and kissed her hand again and held it in his. He could see right through her. She always did that when she didn't want him to see her pain or when she wanted to ask for something.

"Mrs. Ladipo, please excuse us", he ordered in an polite tone.

" Yes sir.", she answered and left.

"Mummy, what is it?", he asked in concern.

" Délé, how old are you? ", she inquired.

" God!", he groaned, realizing where the topic was headed. He couldn't believe he left everything just to come and face the one thing he didn't want to hear.

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by Ann2012(f): 8:55pm On Aug 12, 2019
U don't have to delete the thread, just keep on with the updates, comments will flow.

Seat booked smiley


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by Babsopey(m): 10:01pm On Aug 12, 2019
I hope you enjoy it. But I'm sorry but if there are no comments by evening, I'll delete this thread.
Sorry for the threat.

Don't be discouraged. There are three types of people on nairaland (social media in general).
1. Guests, who will read and leave
2. Registered people, who would read and leave,.. And then
3. Registered people, who will read and eventually comment.

Truth is, it takes time for people to notice thread of unpopular folks, you'll have to earn it with many wonderful updates...

Believe me, when people start enjoying the story, they'll call on others....

So keep doing your thing, people will flow in, and of they don't, try to check 'why' and correct accordingly....

Well done!

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by ashatoda: 7:29am On Aug 13, 2019
This is going to be interesting. don't be discouraged about people's failure to comment now it will come gradually


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 8:53am On Aug 13, 2019

Don't be discouraged. There are three types of people on nairaland (social media in general).
1. Guests, who will read and leave
2. Registered people, who would read and leave,.. And then
3. Registered people, who will read and eventually comment.

Truth is, it takes time for people to notice thread of unpopular folks, you'll have to earn it with many wonderful updates...

Believe me, when people start enjoying the story, they'll call on others....

So keep doing your thing, people will flow in, and of they don't, try to check 'why' and correct accordingly....

Well done!

Thank you so much


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 8:54am On Aug 13, 2019
This is going to be interesting. don't be discouraged about people's failure to comment now it will come gradually

Thank you. I really appreciate this.

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 9:00am On Aug 13, 2019
First off, I want to thank ashatoda and Babsopey. You guys rock. So here goes.

"Mum, not again!", he scoffed as he stood up

" Bámidélé, yes again.", she asserted., getting ready to prove to him she was his mother.

"I actually thought something was wrong." He paced the length of the room, mentally hitting himself for making her the centre of his world.

"Isn't something wrong?", she asked sitting on the edge of the sofa. " Bámidélé, in two years I'll be sixty. Sixty, Bámidélé! And you think nothing is wrong. It's an apocalypse. I don't have a single grandchild. Scratch that! You've never even brought a girl home to me. Not one! In the fifty eight years of my life and the thirty-two years of yours, not a single girl.", she ranted in sadness.

"Mum, I'm working..."

"Bámidélé, don't give me that crap. I get you have to work but I'm not asking for much. Everyday, I feel my heart grow weaker. I'm not getting any younger, you know. Even if it's one baby, one, Bámidélé, one and I'll be happy.", she cried softly.

His heart broke.

"Mum, I ....", he started.

She sniffled and interrupted him, " Bámidélé, I want you to settle down. I want to see my legacy before I die. I didn't want to do this but I need to see your girlfriend before the end of the month. If not I'll stay without food for everyday till I die. ", she threatened.

"Mum, you can't be serious.", he blurted out in disbelief.

" Ayobamidele Oluwaseun Dáramólá, I'm definitely as serious as death. If you don't have one, I'll gladly get one for you. But I mean it, the end of the month. ", she asserted and left him to his thoughts.

This was the most ludicrous ultimatum he had ever been given. He sighed as he thought of Nenye. They had only been dating for three months. It was too soon to ask her to meet his mum. Nenye was as free as the wind. She loved him but she was not ready for a diamond ring, meet the inlaws, and wedding IV kind of commitment. He'd just have to ask her to meet his mum and hope she'd say yes.


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 9:05am On Aug 13, 2019
So things will be taking a rollercoaster turn now. We'll venture into the lives of two other couples. So let's try to be patient and not get confused.

It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon. A perfect afternoon. It was going to be splendid. He leaned against his BMW waiting for her. He saw her approach him.

She was as sexy as the first night he saw her at a cocktail party. She had worn a red, mermaid gown that hugged her top hourglass figure. The neckline was a temptation and the red against her fair skin was enchanting. He had followed her with his eyes throughout the party till he decided to ask her for a dance. He remembered every detail like it had happened yesterday. Her luscious, burgundy colored lips, her primrose scented perfume and her bare neck and ears. He yearned to adorn them with some of the jewels his family mined for.

He snapped out of his reminiscence and admired the coral blue kimono styled blouse and the dark jeans she wore. He smiled as she sauntered to meet him.
Cupid had shot him hard and good.

She always found her way into his thoughts when she wasn't with him and when she was, it was as if time should stop. His smiled faded as he saw the frown on her face as she drew near. He cupped her face in his hand and asked her what was wrong. She removed his hands from her face as if he was disgusted by her touch and his heart wrenched in concern.

" Ina, what's wrong? Did I do something? ", he asked as he tried to touch her but she avoided his touch like he had some deadly disease.

"Ina what is it? Talk to me, please. ", he begged, desperate to know what made her detest him all of a sudden.

"Chris, we're done!", she dropped the bomb and his world became Hiroshima

"What?", he asked, his voice winning a timbre limbo.

" I do believe you heard me, Chris. We're done. It's over. I don't love you anymore. It's ended. Fin.", she clarified.

"Is this some sort of sick joke?", he asked, hoping she burst into laughter and make fun of his reaction. But instead of her husky laughter, he got a menacing scowl of revilement. It was so real and unadulterated, pure hatred.

Was this his Katrina?

"Forget we ever happened and I hope to erase all the terrible memories I have of the time I spent with you.", she added, pouring the granulated Lot's wife into his wounds.

She was about to walk away when he pulled her back. She might not love him anymore but he was owed an explanation.

" What went wrong?", he demanded.

"I got what I wanted.", she callously replied. "I dated the almighty Christopher Oduah. I hit my target and you fell, hook, line and sinker. I got the recognition I wanted. I climbed the social ladder and I don't need you anymore.", she answered without batting her lashes." It was disgusting, you know? Acting like I loved you, watching you fuss over me like you won the lottery was repulsive."

Hatred and anger erupted from his soul like magma from a volcano. He pushed her away and she fell. She didn't even falter. She stood up and dusted herself like the social climber she was.

" They were all right about you. I was so blind I didn't see it.", he muttered, hating himself. He walked away from her without looking at her. He got his car and drove off. When he got to the Independence Mainland Bridge, he parked his car and got down. He hated himself for being so stupid. He removed from his pocket a black, velvet cube and hurled it with all his might into the lagoon.

Damn her.

He got back into his car and sped away.

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 9:31am On Aug 13, 2019
Chapter 2
He smiled as he watched Nenye and his mother get along swimmingly. He couldn't believe the two women he cherished were together and adored each other. He was relieved. He met his mum's deadline and got to see Nenye in his mother's niche and it was like putting a freshwater fish in freshwater.

She caught him staring at her from the corner of her eye and smiled. She felt honored he saw her serious enough to introduce her to his mother. The woman was an epitome of strength and wit. Her eyes held years of experience and she wanted to learn a lot. She listened attentively to all her stories.

He cringed as his mother shared stories of his childhood antics. Nenye was surprised when the woman told her Délé till he was thirteen could not sleep with the light turned off.

"So what would happen if there was no power supply?", Nenye asked in between guffaws.

"Well, I had rechargeable lamps and lanterns.", the woman explained giggling.

" Not so macho, huh?", Nenye teased him still laughing.

He groaned in embarrassment. "Did you have to tell her?", he asked frowning at his mother.

"What? She deserves to know.", she answered with a mischievous smile on her lips. " You know Nenye, I remember when he was three, he always wanted to be a girl after watching Sound of Music. So he would wear my dresses and tie my wrappers and twirl around and dance.", she mocked and Nenye burst into laughter and started singing Edelweiss at him.

"Ugh", he groaned and he left the sitting room.

" Common, Captain von Trapp, sing with me", Nenye called after him before sharing a laugh with his mother.

"I had fun today.", Nenye announced as he parked the car a couple of blocks away from her house.

" I'm glad", he smiled.

"Thanks.", she said taking his hand in hers.

" For what? ", he asked.

" Taking me to see her."

He smiled and held her hand, "I should be thanking you. I thought you'd run the other way when I mentioned seeing my mum."

She giggled, "Actually, I was nervous and I wanted to say no but the pull is so strong, I ended up saying yes."

"I'm grateful then for the effect I have on you.", he boasted. She smiled and kissed him passionately and pulled away. He was left dazed and she flashed him a naughty smile.

" I believe I'm the one with an effect on you.", she gloated.

"Two can play that game, tease.", he sounded the war cry and pulled her in for a knee-buckling, insides-melting, mind-blowing kiss.

It took her a few seconds and fluttering her lashes to regain consciousness. " Point taken", was all she could say and he smiled in triumph.

"When will I see you again?", he asked as he caressed her cheek.

" I don't know. Dad didn't say how long he wants me to stay in Abuja. Can I see you tomorrow? At the airport? ", she muttered in sadness.

" Nenye, I don't like this. When will you tell your parents about us? I'm serious about you. If you were ever in doubt, today should have cleared all your doubts. I'm tired of hiding in the shadows like what we have is some illicit affair. I hate the fact I have to drop you off blocks away from your house. I hate that I never pick you up from your house. I hate that I can't drive you to the airport tomorrow. I feel as if I'm unworthy of your love.", he lamented.

A tear rolled down her cheek. "Délé, do you think I don't want to hold your hand and show you off to everybody? Délé, I love you. I just need you to be patient.", she consoled.

" Here we go again, Nenye.", he scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Délé, don't do this to me. This isn't how I want to remember today.", she pleaded. " Give me time, Délé. I'll tell them. I promise. I'll swear on my life if you want me to.", she begged.

He saw the pain in her eyes and conceded, "There's no need to swear. I believe you. I just wish you'd tell them sooner."

"I promise I'll tell them before our monthsary", she vowed seriously. He smiled insincerely. She reached for his ticklish areas and tickled him.

" Nenye, stop.", he cried amidst laughter. She didn't heed his request and kept on at it till he captured her hands in his and gave her a doze of her own medicine. She laughed and pleaded for him to stop. He stopped after tormenting her for a while.

"Always know I love you", she declared as she panted for air.

" Me too.", he said and rested his forehead on hers.

So what do you think Nenye is hiding?


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by ashatoda: 9:14pm On Aug 13, 2019
I think nenye is double dating


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 10:21pm On Aug 13, 2019
I think nenye is double dating

smiley Nice try but wrong

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 10:31pm On Aug 13, 2019
Atinúké glared at her realtor and the caretaker of the building in disbelief.

You've got to be kidding me.

"I just moved in for crying out loud.", she shouted in anger. " I've paid the rent, agreement and commission ", she shouted again wanting to yank the men's heads from their necks.

How could he waltz into her apartment and tell her that she had to move out because the owner wanted to rent his property to his relative.

" We will refund all that. In fact, the landlord promised to refund what you spent on moving and every other expenses you incurred. We just need the apartment vacant before the end of the month.", the caretaker explained.

"And where am I supposed to get a new place between now and the end of the month?", she asked still flaring with anger.

" I have another apartment listed in...", the realtor started to chip in but kept quiet when she gave him a sour look.

Bloody alákòóbá. She hated his guts. Pigs would have to fly first before he'd touch my money again.

"Thanks. You may leave. I'll send you a break down of all my expenses and when I receive the alert, I'd leave.", she told them curtly, not regarding the fact they were a bit older than she was.

Frowns crossed their ego-bruised faces but she was too angry and confused to care. They left her mumbling about how her mother failed in raising her properly and instilling manners in her.

She sank down on the divan in frustration. She had to redo it all. She sighed. This was supposed to be her fresh start. Tears rolled down her eyes as she remembered how it all happened.

She strolled out of the examination centre in gratitude. Last paper, masters’ programme, was something to be grateful for. She capped her pens and walked towards the exit. She saw two uniformed policemen standing beside her course adviser. She wondered which guy in her class they had come to arrest this time around. The school adhered strictly to the new state law on cheating. Anyone caught cheating was handed over to the police. It was supposed to be a great deterrent but during the course of the exams, no less than five people had been arrested.

To her greatest surprise, she saw her course adviser point at her. Out of the blues, a premonition hit her that someone she knew was dead. She asked her head vigorously to snap herself out of her evil thoughts. Her heart sunk deep in fear as the men approached her.

"Are you Miss Atinúké Coker?", one of the men asked.

" Yes, sir", she answered in trepidation.

"We're sorry to be messengers of ill news. Your parents died last night in St. Thomas's Medical. Your house was robbed and they were shot.", the other man announced.

She looked at him in anxiety. Blood flowing to head took a detour and. didn't reach her brain anymore. In response, she slumped.

She wiped her tears. It was two years but the wound was still fresh. She heard her phone ring and smiled when she saw the caller ID.

" Hello, love",she whined


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by lahrra(f): 10:37pm On Aug 13, 2019
Thanks op.... pls more update

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by Itunubabs: 8:47am On Aug 14, 2019
Please let me know what you think
I think its a beautiful piece.
Well done

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by lahrra(f): 2:18pm On Aug 14, 2019
Am feeling quite entertained, i want more.

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by skyblueking(m): 5:42pm On Aug 14, 2019
I had wanted to scroll past cos am not a fan of lovey_dovey stories buh here i am, enjoying the scenes..

Bro your story is well tailored..
Keep the updates steady and stop haggling over absence of comments..
Twill come in due time...


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by Lisa001: 12:34am On Aug 15, 2019
Nice story

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 10:57am On Aug 17, 2019
"Hey, how are you?", the caller replied. "How's your new place?"

"Terrible. I've been asked to move out.", she complained.

" What?!"

"Na so I see am. They said the landlord intends to give the unit to his relative. I have to start looking for a new place.", she explained.

" What are we going to do now?", the person asked. She smiled. Ajiri was a great friend. She always saw her problems as hers. Ajiri was the shoulder she cried upon while she was grieving for her family. She helped her reconstruct her life after the misfortune, giving her tough love when she needed it.

"I'll call new agents and see new places.", she muttered.

" I wish I was in Lagos. For sure, I'd break the head of the stupid realtor of yours. You know I told you I didn't trust him."

"I know. I just wanted a change of scenery. I couldn't stay in that house anymore. I didn't want to stay with all the memories.", she sighed as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

" Don't even think about crying!", her friend chided.

She sniffled, "I won't cry."

"Good. I'm sorry but my lunch break is almost over. Call me when you get a new realtor. I love you."

"OK, me too. Bye."


She sighed and closed her eyes to get a little rest, even if it was short-lived.

Chapter 3

Nenye fluttered her lashes in disbelief. She looked at the studded ring in the white satin bed of the jewellery box. She saw the nervous smile on his face as he was down on one knee. She opened her mouth but words refused to proceed from it. Her heart danced inside her.

"Nenye", he called snapping her out of her thoughts. " What's your answer?", he asked nervously.

She nodded giddily and squealed in delight. He smiled and put the ring on her finger. He stood and she flung herself on him. He hugged her back and twirled her around. They laughed in pure happiness and their foreheads met.

"Together and for always?", she asked.

" Together and for always.", he answered before taking her lips in his.

The past two days had been a dream. When Délé had shown at her doorstep in Abuja the previous morning, she thought she was sleep walking. He took her around town and they went sightseeing. And then he proposed. Délé was everything she wanted in a man- respectful, daring, charming, loyal and romantic. He was the best dream she had ever had.
But dreams were meant for sleeping.

Atinúké groaned as she walked up the stairs grumbling. She hadn't been able to find a realtor, a reasonable one that is, in the space of two weeks.

She missed her mother. The woman could make lemonade and lemon meringue pies from whatever lemons life handed her. Too bad she didn't inherit her mother's solution oriented outlook to life. She had less than a week to find a realtor and an apartment and move out.

She cursed her realtor, her landlord and the stupid relative he wanted to give her apartment to. She mumbled an 'È káàsàn, ma' to the elderly woman standing opposite her unit and genuflected.


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by hardeydun(f): 1:19pm On Aug 17, 2019
Thanks for the update OP!following....

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 5:18pm On Aug 17, 2019
Thanks for the update OP!following....

Thanks. I'm sorry it's coming late. I've been busy with an MUN conference and the Nairaland server was down last night.


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by Uniquechild(f): 1:40pm On Aug 18, 2019
Thanks for the update. Kudos!

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Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by duruZed(m): 3:05pm On Aug 18, 2019
I've just been following silently this beautiful story, and i would like to encourage the writer for the efforts being made to create the write-up. But one issue is to start a story the other is to be consistent in updating and finishing your story to the end, that is the reason so many people are reluctant to follow a story and be commenting on it. I hope your's will be different. Very creative work keep it up.


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by millieademi(f): 6:38pm On Aug 27, 2019
Hi guys. I know I hate me too for not updating. Data issues, server issues and personal issues. Im sorry. This is going to be one long update. I'm not sure when I'll update this week. But I'll make it worth your while. wink wink

"Káàsàn, ókó mi.", the woman replied.

Tinú smiled in nostalgia. That was what her mother always called her- ókó mi. She missed her family so much.

" You're the new tenant, right?", the woman pried but she didn't mind. Somehow, she had grown an affinity for the woman, probably because the woman had called her her mother's pet name for her.

"Not anymore. I've been asked to move out.", she answered and leaned against the wall.

" Why?!", the woman flared.

"The landlord wants to give the flat to his family member.", she explained.

" That stupid, old nepotist.", the woman retorted. "What are you going to do?", she asked her anger melting into concern.

" I've been looking for new realtors but it seems the realtors in this area are the conglomerate of money sucking and time wasting vampires. Each one worse than the last.", she deadpanned.

The older woman snickered at her choice of words. "Sorry to laugh in this situation but you're right. Don't you have any relatives you can stay with till you find a place?"

"My immediate family died two years ago and other relatives practically threw me away after they got whatever my parents left them in the will.", she replied nonchalantly as though she couldn't care less.

" I'm sorry about your family.", she sympathized. A thought crossed her mind. The girl could stay with her. Bámidélé rarely stayed with her, claiming it wasn't proper to live with his mum at his age. And sometimes she wanted to talk to someone other than Mrs Ladipo. She didn't have friends and the television could get boring. This was the perfect opportunity to get some form of company.

"I think I might have a solution to your problem. What is your name by the way?", she asked breaking the awkward silence.

" Atinúké. Atinúké Coker.", Tinú answered enthusiastically.

"OK, I'm Mrs. Dáramólá . I was wondering, if you're interested, would you like to stay with me.?"

Joy coursed through out her system. This woman was Heavensent. "Yes, ma. Thank you ma.", she answered carefreely.

"You won't even think about it?", she asked shocked.

" Well, my beggar is not choosy.", she answered.

The woman giggled, "You can move in now, if you're ready."

"But, won't you get in trouble with the landlord, ma?", she asked thinking of the ramifications for the first time.

" My dear, I own my unit. My son bought it for me.",she announced proudly.

"In that case, I'm so happy to have you live with me.", the woman said in what sounded like a squeal. They smiled at each other, both feeling the start of a new friendship.

Her cheek stung with pain and her ears vibrated. Tears flowed from her eyes. She was on trial for her love and she'd defend it till her last breath.

" Daddy, I love him.", she cried and he slapped her again. She whimpered in fear and sadness.

"I never expected this sort of impulsive behaviour from you. From Nonye, probably, but not from you.", he said expressing his disappointment in her.

" Daddy, please. I love him. Mummy, please. ", she pleaded crying.

" This is all your fault. ", her father shouted at her mother. Her mother kept mute and kept a blank face. Apparently, her mother had had an inkling of her relationship with Délé but never said a word to her father.

This was the worst day of her life. She had hidden her engagement ring in her jewellery box not wanting her parents to see it until she told them she was in a relationship with Délé. But, fate had an ace up its sleeve. Her father, who had wanted to surprise her with a new necklace for closing a deal and getting the company they wanted to acquire, saw the ring in her jewellery box.

Her father sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, exasperated.

" Have you had sex with him?", he asked bluntly.

She shook her head and he deadpanned, "Then we can salvage this mess you and your mother have put yourselves in. You are not to see, call, text or even think about that-that bastard."

She cringed at the insult to the man she loved. "Daddy, please, I love him.", she cried stamping her feet.

"This guy is most definitely a terrible influence on you. You never argued with me before.", he announced, bewildered at her flagrant impertinence.

" Go to your room.",he sentenced turning away from her.

" Daddy, please.", she begged again as she inched closer to him.

"Chinenye, go to your room."

"Daddy, I beg you, please.", she pleaded going on her knees. Her mother moved to her and tried to convince her to go to her room but she remained adamant hoping her father would change his mind.

" Chinenye, I will not repeat myself again. Go to your room.", he said still not looking at her.

"Daddy...", before she could finish, her dad asked his body guards to carry her to her room. She wailed and pleaded as they manhandled her to her room. They deposited her on her bed and locked her in. She cried on her bed, wondering why her father, who would gladly give her the moon if she asked for it, want to take away the one man that made her happy and force her to marry a man she had never met, let alone liked. Her tears lulled her to sleep after what seemed like donkey years. She was awoken by the abrupt opening of her door. Two of her father's guards strolled in and took away her cellphone and laptop. She cried harder as it dawned on her, she wasn't dreaming.

She glared back at her father. He had imprisoned her and taken her away from the man she loved, did he have to force her to eat too? When she didn't want to.

" Nenye, I've had enough of your tantrums. Eat!", he said menacingly.

"No!", she said putting her foot down.

" Nenye, please do as your father says.",her mother pleaded.

"If he'll not let me be with the man I love, I'd rather not than eat anything.", she announced defiantly.

" Nenye, this is not the boardroom. So don't try to be Miss suave negotiatrix. Eat your food. ", he said hitting his last straw.

She toppled the tray of food, defiantly, giving her father a what'cha-gonna-do-about-it face. Her mother shouted her name in shock and her twin sister gasped in horror but she didn't care. She faced her father toe to toe. He reverberated in anger and he slapped her. Her cheek ached and tears stung her eyes but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

"Go ahead and beat me, I don't care. I won't eat a morsel until I see Délé again", she swore in anger.

"Then go ahead and starve.", her father bellowed in anger. He stormed out not before announcing that anyone who would give Nenye food would be inviting his wrath. He said so especially glaring at his wife and his daughter.

Her mother and sister looked at her in pity before leaving her alone. Her bravado fizzled out before the blink of an eye and she cried in pain-not only just physical but also emotional. She wondered what Délé was thinking. And despite it all, she wished she was back in her father's good graces. But her love for Délé was stronger. She considered her options. Escaping was out of it, her father's house was Fort Knox, impenetrable; she'd probably not make it to the gate before she would be hauled back in.

But Nonye wouldn't be.

A light bulb turned on in her head. That was it. They had impersonated each other as children and were great at it. If she could convince her sister, the plan would work if their parents didn't catch her. They could tell which daughter it was from a mile away. But she'd willingly risk it all for Délé. She hoped he didn't feel she didn't love him. She missed him. She smiled remembering the day he proposed. She walked over to her vanity and opened one of the drawers and brought out her jewellery box. She needed to look at the ring again, a reminder of his love and a beacon of strength in this trying time. She opened the box and looked for it .
Oh God, where is it?

She searched frantically for it. She poured all her trinkets on the tiles and searched for it again. Tears fell as she realized it wasn't there. He must have ceased it. A feral anger sprung up within her.

Why did he have to take it?

She scattered her precious adornments on the floor like rags. They all paled in comparison to that simple ring. She cried in frustration.


Re: "Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi by Ann2012(f): 2:37pm On Aug 28, 2019
What is the problem with Chinenye's father?

I'm thinking Dele might start a relationship with Atinuke


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Great one... Keep it up...

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