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Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi: 2:52pm On Aug 11, 2020
I tried to capture everyone who's followed or commented on "Ocean of Secrets" A Story by Millieademi. Aka Ocean of Secrets The Ebb.

If I missed you out, I apologise.

And if you know anyone who's followed Ocean of Secrets The Ebb, that I didn't mention, please invite them.


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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Josipov: 4:43pm On Aug 11, 2020
Thanks Millie
Thank God You didn't miss me
Let me quickly go and get enough popcorn

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Andrew13: 4:45pm On Aug 11, 2020
I have landed

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi: 5:40pm On Aug 11, 2020

Songs of Solomon 8:6-7

Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.

Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned.


Two Years Later.

A smile crossed her lips as she closed the book and met those big, brown orbs shining back at her. Reggie smiled and Tinu giggled. She placed the book on the bedside table and smoothed the covers over her baby girl.

Her heart fluttered as she palmed her daughter's hair. This was the daughter she almost lost, the one she thought she had lost. Her heart sang in gratitude as the little girl giggled.

"It's time to sleep, Reggie." Tinu cooed and tapped her daughter's nose.

Reggie shook her head.

Tinu gasped and said, "I already tapped the sleep button."

Reggie's giggles filled the Sleeping Beauty themed roomed. Pink night lights glowed softly as the owl, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather stared back at Tinu from behind Reggie's twin bed.

Reggie clutched her yellow, stuffed bunny and said, "Mummy, what is a husband?" The girl bit her bottom lip as she waited for the answer.

Tinu chuckled lightly as she remembered what prompted the girl's question. Délé's mum and Mr. Donald had been watching the children while she had a meeting with her lawyers. When she came to back, the old woman cried in relief, grateful to have her husband all to herself since Regina had been hogging him all day.

"Well," Tinu started, thinking of how to explain the strange word to her three year old, "a husband is like a friend that you love and stay with forever."

The girl's eyes lit up and she asked, "Like Robert?"

"No, not like Robert." Tinu looked up to the star studded ceiling as she thought of how to explain that a dog didn't fit the description of a husband.

She snapped and said, "He's like Prince Charming that you live happily ever after with. Every mummy has a husband which is a baby's daddy."

Reggie tilted her head and asked, "Grandpa is Grandma's husband?"

Tinu smiled at her daughter's smartness and said, "Exactly."

"Mummy, I want Grandpa to be my husband too." Reggie said.

Tinu burst into laughter and said, "But he is Grandma's husband already."

The girl frowned and said, "Can I have him if Grandma doesn't want him again?"

Tinu chewed on her cheeks to keep from bursting into guffaws. She palmed her daughter's cheek.

"You'll have to ask Grandma first."

The girl nodded in excitement. Tinu couldn't wait to witness that showdown.

"Mummy?" Reggie's called.

"Yes, baby?"

"Where is your husband?"

Tinu's amused smile weakened. "My husband, your daddy was poisoned by a bad person."

"Like the evil queen in Snow White?" Regina asked frowning.

Tinu removed a speck of lint from Reggie's hair. "Yes. And now, my husband died in the accident and has gone to be with God in heaven."

The girl's frown deepened. "Why doesn't God send him back so you can live happily ever after."

Tinu chuckled as her eyes watered. Sniveling, she said, "It doesn't work that way. Being with God is better than being with me."

The girl tilted her head. "Don't you miss him?"

Tinu nodded and wiped the trail left by a tear that slipped out. "I do. Everyday."

"Mummy, I don't want Grandpa to be my husband anymore." Reggie said, shaking her head.

Tinu's brow furrowed. She hoped she hadn't given the girl a wrong impression about marriage with her sob story. "Why?"

"I want to be your husband, so you won't miss Daddy again." The girl said smiling.

Tinu's face crumpled with teary smiles. "You're the cutest thing ever. Scooch over and let me hug you." Tinu's cracked voice said.

The girl giggled and moved aside. Tinu laid on the bed, under the covers, and hugged her daughter.

"I love you, Mummy." The girl said and put her tiny arms around her mother.

"Tell me how much." Tinu quipped, laughing.

"To infinity and beyond." The girl yelled dramatically and Tinu laughed.

"I love you too, baby. To infinity and beyond."

Tinu placed a kiss on her daughter head and turned to turn off the bedside lamps. The girl clung to her and soon her breathing became lighter.

Tinu let her tears out, now that her daughter was asleep. Her heart swelled with joy as she held onto her daughter. She was glad to have more than just memories, but also the most beautiful kind of memento from her marriage to Chris. Regina was the symbol of her love to Chris, the icon of a love she would never forget.

She only wished Chris could see their bundle of joy.

She smiled with the conviction that he was watching and smiling down on them from above.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi: 5:41pm On Aug 11, 2020

Let the comments flow in.

cheesy pun intended.
Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by genius43(m): 6:04pm On Aug 11, 2020
Comments coming in 1,2,3.........

Glad to be here.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by GodShowmemercy(f): 6:35pm On Aug 11, 2020

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Josipov: 8:07pm On Aug 11, 2020

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Jessy234(f): 9:25pm On Aug 11, 2020
Thanks for the mention Millie,
promise to read up

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Fannycfo: 10:34pm On Aug 11, 2020
Wow Millie... This episode really got me thinking. Reggie is such an Angel..

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Famzi: 11:41pm On Aug 11, 2020
This is so beautiful.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Ochyglowsglows(f): 11:59pm On Aug 11, 2020
Bring it on. I'm not doing quiet reader again. I'm going to be an active reader this time.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by oyinella(f): 12:48am On Aug 12, 2020
finally! thank you Millie for this

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by jadeliyi(m): 2:46am On Aug 12, 2020
I don land gidi gba for here ... let begin with another set of twists and turn serve them milliademi.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi: 5:54am On Aug 12, 2020
Episode 1

A soft sigh left her red painted lips as she tapped her newly done, lavender, almond-shaped nails on the plush, dark leather sofa in rhythm with the ticking second hand of the round, gilded wall clock.

She crossed her legs and ran her other hand over the nylon fence net stockings that crisscrossed over her thighs. Her lashed eyes rose to the clock as her roaming hand played with the black lace frills running the length of the hem of her bustier.

Nine fifty six.

Délé's flight ought to have landed.

She fluffed her wavy, brown weave deciding it was traffic that delayed him. Chewing on her cheek lining, she smiled wondering what Délé's reaction to her outfit would be.

His birthday was the following day and she had decided to give him an early birthday gift. What would be better than hot sex after three months of being apart. ElsaTech had won the contract to build and upgrade the Nigerian Army's database, network and systems and to train their data analysts. Dele had gone himself to make sure the work was done right. No customer was better than the Federal Government.

She gulped to ease the dryness in her parched throat. The excitement had dried up her mouth and throat. She stood and walked towards the kitchen. Her pecan brown breasts jiggled and bounced like girls playing jump-rope as they poked out of the silk, blush pink, open cup bustier she had on.

Always being practical with her sleep and under wears, this smutty piece was all for Dele. Never in her thirty-one years would she have ever thought she'd go this far for a man.

Dele had worked his way into her nervous system, becoming a stimulus she'd respond to anytime, anywhere. He had become a drug to her and her body bubbled with Dopamine anytime she even thought about him. She'd do anything just to be with him.

Even put on a G-string.

Something she would never be caught dead in. A thong was even stretching it too far for her.

The heels of the six-inched, black, patent-leather, , Louboutin, platform stiletoes clacked against the white ceramic tiles as she strode to the kitchen practicing her sexy walk.

A grin made its way to her face as she recalled how she came to be in possession of the high-end shoes. She had been accosted by a colleague at work for getting a promotion they were both vying for.

The stupid lady, Damilola, had accused her of sleeping with the boss and Seyifunmi retaliated by calling her inept and bitter. The lady proceeded to call Seyifunmi broke for wearing fake Louboutins. That too in front of junior staff.

Seyifunmi had been comeback- less as she knew the lady was right. She had gotten the shoes on sale at one Ibo boutique in Yaba for the quarter the price she'd buy an original.

She had been so restless after the fight, especially when seven possible comebacks came to her mind as she had dinner with Dele. It had been so painful. Not only because the lady had indirectly called her a tramp but also a cheap one.

She had confided in Dele about how humiliated she was. And he had told her not to worry. The next thing she knew, her clothes, bags and shoes went missing in her wardrobe at home and were replaced with high-end designer wears. Courtesy Dele.

He had changed everything. From her undies to her shoes. From basic, generic, mass-production and middle class brands to designers with names she couldn't even pronounce. According to Rosanna, Dele had hired a personal shopper to take care of everything. He had even gotten Ro a few things.

It wasn't like she couldn't afford buying an original. But with Rosanna being out of a job and not supporting with the bills, all the bills were on her.

Not that she was complaining. She'd gladly take care of Ro till she got a new job. And besides she couldn't exactly blame everything on Ro's unemployment. She had bought a brand new, tear-rubber car when the engine of her tokunbo, secondhand car knocked and she had been saving up to buy the Vera Wang wedding dress of her dreams.

Opening the door of the fridge, the cold air kissed her skin and left a trail of goosebumps from her neck to the thighs and her nipples puckered in response. A little shiver followed shaking her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

She sighed, grabbed a bottle of water and closed the fridge. Dele was so amazing and she didn't want to lose him. He had been hinting a lot about marriage for two years now but no proposal was forthcoming.

She knew Dele wasn't the type to string a woman on, so she didn't want to put pressure on him to propose. She didn't want to transfer the pressure her mother was putting on her to Dele.

Her mother had asked to see her the previous weekend. She never would have imagined that her mother would call her all the way to Ibadan just to tell her that another cousin of hers was getting married.

Her mother had been expecting her to give her a definite date when Dele and her would be getting hitched. When she couldn't, the woman got angry and lashed out. Typical Nigerian mother style.

The woman had told her plainly- If you like be dragging that your boyfriend to other people's weddings and don't get married. You will soon start attending people's children's naming ceremonies.

She shook her head and unscrewed the cap off the bottle and took a couple of gulps. She screwed the cap back on and held onto the counter, trying not to think of the other hurtful things her mother said.

The opening of the living room door caused her to straighten her back and a smile form on her face. She turned back to the chrome, six foot fridge and checked her makeup to make sure her lipstick wasn't smudged.

Satisfied with her reflection, she perked up her breasts and sashayed out the kitchen to the living room. She high-fived herself for getting her sexy strut right. She came out of the corridor and came face to face with…

"Jesus Christ!"

She shouted and grabbed the nearest throw pillow to cover herself.

She cringed and muttered, "Good evening, ma," genuflecting as she did.

"E kale o." The woman said, looking down her nose at her.

Seyifunmi winced in embarrassment and disgrace as the woman's eyes scanned her from head to toe. Her grip on the pillow tightened as the woman shook her head in disapproval.

Seyifunmi had only met Délé's mum three times and those three times were not personal meetings. They hadn't been together long enough for the woman to form a solid opinion of her. The first time had been at the hospital when she and Dele were still apart. The second was when Tinu got out of prison. The third was at the woman's wedding to her new husband.

And the first time they'd meet without other people being present, she was dressed like a porn star, looking like a child of the world and zero percent wife material.

God! Shey I no go do pass myself?

Why did she try to be daring? What even prompted her to think of surprising him with hot sex?

The people of your village ti get e. A voice said in her head.

"Sorry to disturb you. The vigil at our church was cancelled last minute. Rather than go back home, I decided to come here. I didn't know anyone would be here." The woman explained.

She nodded. "No problem ma."

The woman said, "I'll be heading to the guestroom."

Seyifunmi nodded and moved out of the way as the woman walked past her.

"Délé's mum came in?!" Rosanna howled and bent over laughing. The metal tongs she was transferring the small chops in foil trays to chafing dishes with clattered to the floor, yet she continued laughing.

"It's not funny, Ro." Seyifunmi said and her hands stopped grating the carrot in them. Her glare shut Rosanna's boisterous laughter into soft giggles. She picked up the tongs and wiped them with a napkin and continued transferring the samosas and spring rolls.

Her giggles continued and Seyifunmi's glare hardened.

"So that was why you asked me to come today. You wanted some va va voom time with Dele," Rosanna joked and Seyifunmi threw the stub of a carrot at her.

Rosanna giggled and apologised.

"What then happened?" Rosanna asked.

Seyifunmi sighed as she walked to the sink to strain a can of sweet corn.

The splashing of water filled the kitchen as Seyifunmi recalled the embarrassing situation that happened the previous night.
She turned off the tap and returned to the island. She sprinkled the sweet corn over the orange layer of grated carrots in the salad bowl.

"Rosanna, I have never been more embarrassed in my entire life. If you saw the way she looked at me, it was like I was Jezebel reared up from hell to tempt and beguile her son." Seyifunmi said.

Rosanna frowned. "You and Dele have been together for three years now. What does she think you people do? Hold hands and read love poems to each other?"

Seyifunmi shook her head and picked up a hard boiled egg and set it in the egg slicer. "She's a Christian, Ro. The kind who believes in chastity before marriage."

Rosanna's mouth formed into an O.

"Then you are not a Jezebel. If an incubus mated with a siren and they had a son, and that son had a party with Zeus and Aphrodite, and that sexcapade created a child, that would be you," Rosanna said and laughed.

Seyifunmi muttered, "It's not funny," as she pressed on the lever and sliced the egg into thin, even ovals. She removed the guillotined egg and arranged it on the layer of sweet corn.

"Really, it is. If you had told me that you wanted to surprise him with sex, I would have talked you out of it." Rosanna said and she crumpled the empty foil trays.

Seyifunmi swallowed her reply. Rosanna wouldn't understand. She had been craving Dele like a fix. While he was away, they had chatted, called each, texted and even sexted, but that didn't stop her craving. For anything, it made her crave him more. She wanted, no, needed him in ways Ro couldn't understand. When they made love, they connected in ways she never thought was possible till she met Dele. And three months without him was like being stranded in the desert without water.

"Anyway, what kind of lingerie was it?" Rosanna inquired as she wiped the counter.

"An open cup bustier, matching G-string, garter belt and fencenet stockings," Seyifunmi mumbled and Ro froze.

Rosanna burst into another fit of laughs. "No wonder the woman thought you were Jezebel. She'll probably have you undergo a deliverance session in MFM before she lets you marry her son."

Seyifunmi hissed and carried the salad bowl to the fridge. She returned with a stainless bowl of marinading chicken.

"Why open cup?" Rosanna asked as she turned on the gas cooker.

Seyifunmi shrugged and set a pan on the burner, not wanting to tell her cousin she had read in a magazine it was number three way to make your man go wild. Rosanna went quiet and Seyifunmi turned to meet Rosanna's scrutinizing gaze.

"What?" She asked.

Rosanna gasped and yelled, "Did you get work done?"

"No." Seyifunmi sputtered wondering what had come over her cousin.

She grabbed a bottle of canola oil and spilled some into the pan. She was not expecting Rosanna to yank and squeeze her left breast. She dropped the bottle of oil and yelled in pain.

"What the f*uck, Ro?" She shouted and rubbed her smarting breast.

"I wanted to check if they were real. They're bigger you know." Rosanna said and bent to pick up the spilling bottle of oil from the floor.

"Are you mad? I told you I didn't get work done." Seyifunmi howled with tears in her eyes.

"They're bigger-" Rosanna defended.

"You fu*cking re*tard! I'm ovulating!" She yelled.

"Ndo. Sorry." Rosanna said laughing.

"Shut the f*uck up. It hurts."

Seyifunmi wiped her tears and saw Rosanna frozen.

She turned to see what Rosanna was staring at. She met Délé's mum standing in the doorway with her lips downturned in disappointment and judgement.

She wanted to disappear, evaporate.

The woman shook her head at her.

"Good morning ma," Rosanna greeted. And she followed suit, snapping out of her embarrassment.

"Good morning. I just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving and that I'll be back later for the party." The woman said.

"Okay, ma." Seyifunmi responded.

"I'll see you later." The woman said and left the kitchen.

Seyifunmi turned to face her cousin with a glare on her face.

"I'm sorry." Rosanna mouthed.

Seyifunmi hissed and left the kitchen.

"Seyifunmi, I'm sorry." Rosanna shouted.

The slam of a door replied her. Rosanna sighed and turned off the gas cooker. She walked to the sink to grab a sponge to mop up the oil spill.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi: 5:58am On Aug 12, 2020
First update on board.

Let me know what you think.

Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Ann2012(f): 6:12am On Aug 12, 2020
First update on board.

Let me know what you think.


I'm soooo loving it already....
Seyifunmi might be an antagonist in this one

Thank you ma'am

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Ann2012(f): 6:26am On Aug 12, 2020

Come and read oooooo


Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Ann2012(f): 6:28am On Aug 12, 2020
join the train oooo

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by peacy26: 6:56am On Aug 12, 2020
thanks so much millie. we will follow till the end.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by mhizv(f): 7:22am On Aug 12, 2020

Come and read oooooo

Thanks dear!
Good way to start my morning kiss


Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by xaviercasmir(m): 7:23am On Aug 12, 2020
skubido khriztarl tominix enirock Elvictor Oyinprince mhizv Herbiedeen Adesina12 xaviercasmir Oremeyii
Come and read oooooo
I don land gidigba. Ann2012 pass me that zobo with okpa


Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Ann2012(f): 7:49am On Aug 12, 2020

I don land gidigba.
Ann2012 pass me that zobo with okpa

Manage two okpa biko

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by xaviercasmir(m): 8:07am On Aug 12, 2020

Manage two okpa biko
Thanks babe gringrin

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by manduwem(m): 8:14am On Aug 12, 2020
First update on board.

Let me know what you think.


No worry Millie, we came with enough popcorn n ginger ale to last us via d suspense ride.

But great delivery as always.
Just concerned about Dele's personal life. Cuz as long as he's in constant touch with d kids, brings him always within Tinu's presence n a spark may light up.
I sense one of the two ladies getting hurt in d end.
Flipside: mama Dele shudnt b doing surprise visits again, she come do d poor girl to dey cringe unnecessarily

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by mhiznickydayne(f): 8:48am On Aug 12, 2020
wow! I'm loving this already

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by EARLE99: 9:11am On Aug 12, 2020
But Dele sef, 3 goddamn years... I wonder wen he's going to pop d question..... He's eating free food sha.... And seyi, make she just shine eye oh, because Dele might not be d one for her


Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Elvictor: 9:59am On Aug 12, 2020
*walks in whistling*

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Khriztarl(f): 10:32am On Aug 12, 2020
Seyi, 3years. Wise up ni.
Dele's mum sha, caught seyi in two different bad times. Just to evaluate the kind of wife her son is bringing home. Right now seyi is a no no. Oops, wrong timing.
Thanks Ann2012, Thanks Millieademi.


Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Excel1405(f): 11:03am On Aug 12, 2020
Hope am not too late somebody should pls pass me the popcorn and zobo ayaf land gidigba

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by GodShowmemercy(f): 4:01pm On Aug 12, 2020
Oh seyi
Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi: 4:20pm On Aug 12, 2020
Episode 2 - Birthday Assurance

Seyifunmi rearranged the throw pillows on the sofa and tossed a few of them on the floor to create space for the guests that would be in attendance. The living room and the dining would be used to entertain the fifteen or so guests that would be in attendance.

She picked up the discarded throw pillows and took them to Délé's room. She stacked them on the arm chair by the door. She walked to his wardrobe and brought out her outfit for the party and laid it on the bed.
She laid down beside it and stared up at the ceiling.
Was this going to be the end of her relationship with Dele? Was this their full stop?

She knew just how much Dele respected and honored his mother's words. And with what happened the previous night and this morning, she could bet her life the woman had already called Dele to tell him what a swearing harlot she was.

If the woman stood against their relationship, there was no way they'd last.

She should have known better than to curse out loud like that when the woman was still in the house.

Talk about first impressions.

Though she had met Dele's mother three times, this was the first time they ever had a meeting without other people being present. The first time they met was at the hospital when she and Dele were still apart. The second was at the welcome back party held for Tinu after she got out of prison. The third was at the woman's wedding to her new husband.

She rolled on her side and wiped her tears.

If push came to shove and his mother asked him to leave her, would he? Even if he chose not to, she couldn't put a mother against her son. She'd let him go just to preserve their relationship.

And then she'd be miserable for the rest of her life because she wouldn't be able to live without him or survive without him.

"I'm telling you, Donald. If you heard the way she was cussing, you'd have gone deaf. Thank God you didn't follow me to the vigil yesterday. I just thank God. O o ba ti ri irikuri." Elsa nagged as she slipped on her shoes.

Donald chuckled and fastened the top of his black, guinea, native shirt.

"Donald, it is not funny. She looked like a prostitute. I'm going to tell Dele." She said as she turned to face him.

"Elsa, you will do no such thing." Donald standing akimbo.


"But nothing. It's not like you caught her under another man. She was probably waiting for Dele." He said and walked to the wardrobe to get his watch.

"Waiting for Dele? Dressed like that?" Elsa sputtered in disbelief.

"Olorun maje." She said and snapped a finger around her head.

Donald turned to give her a pointed look. "Elsa, you are deceiving yourself if you believe Dele has not been sexually active since he divorced Tinu."

She shuddered at his choice of words.
"Can you not use the words sexually active and Dele in the same sentence."

She couldn't imagine her baby boy that way.

"Pele, o. Mama bom boy. How do you think your grandchildren came to be?" Donald teased and walked to sit by her.

"Still. Don't say it."

He laughed and held her waist.

"I'm still talking to Dele." She said and he dropped his hand.

"Why are you so stubborn, Elsa?" He said and stood.

"I'm only looking out for my son. I want him to marry a good girl. Not one that will end up breaking his heart and cheating on him." Elsa defended and stood.

"And you know she's a cheat simply because you saw her in lingerie? You haven't spent five minutes with the girl to talk to her, to get to know her and yet you're judging her. You're acting like Jola if you ask me." Donald said.

Elsa frowned at his words.

"Dele loves that girl and she loves him too. If you talk to Dele, you'll be driving a wedge, which is you, in between their relationship. Let things take their natural course. If they're meant to be, they'll be." He advised.

"Mo ti gbo e. I won't say anything to Dele." Elsa said and walked to the vanity to check her reflection.

The air was tense as the room was thrust into silence.

"Elsa, I'm sorry." Donald said as he walked to stand behind her.

She nodded and picked up her earrings and slipped them on.

"I said I am sorry."

"Mo de ti gbo e." She replied and slipped on her wedding band.

Donald smiled at her sour face as he saw it in the mirror and wrapped his hands around her waist and kissed her cheek.

Her breath hitched at his touch. She hated just how responsive her body was to the slightest touch from him. And she hated that he knew it.

"I'm sorry." He apologized and kissed her cheek again.

"Leave me alone, jo." She said nudging him away with her shoulders and fighting a smile

"Not until you say I'm forgiven."

He kissed her jaw and then her neck and she laughed and shouted, "Okay. I forgive you."

He laughed and spun her around.

"You see. That wasn't so hard." He said and kissed her lips.

Délé's heart pounded in excitement as his long strides took him closer to his apartment. He couldn't help the smile on his face as he thought of Seyifunmi; it was reflex.

It had been three months since he last saw her, since he last held her, since he last touched her, since he last made love to her. And Seyifunmi had not been helping matters.

He chuckled at the memories of her late night messages that left him blueballed. She was something else. The whole package. Everything a man needed in a woman.

She was smart. The kind of woman he could ask for help on a project, the kind you could hold an intelligent conversation with. She was funny. Her antics were comedy show worthy and there was never a dull moment with her. She was kind hearted and caring. The kind of woman who'd leave her place on the mainland just to check on him when he had a cold.

She could cook. She was opinionated. She was stubborn, but that endeared her to him. She could overreact at times and her ego rivaled his in size, but she was the best thing that happened to him since his children.

And importantly, she was a goddess in the bedroom. They combusted together.

Total package. Wife material, one thousand yards.

He knew he had to do the needful soon and ask her to marry him, but he was clueless. Many times he had asked her and she thought he was joking due to the sheer simplicity of his proposal.

He wondered what women saw in dramatic proposals. Seyifunmi loved them. Once, she had teared up at the over-the-top ness of a proposal they had seen in a movie.

Seyifunmi was definitely the kind that wouldn't accept the corny, cliched type of proposal and to do something that'd wow her, he needed help. Lots of it.

He sighed as he opened the door. That was a wahala for another day. It was his birthday and he was going to enjoy it. He knew Seyifunmi would be in. Maybe they'd spend the day together, order in some food and binge of those chick flicks they loved. She loved them for romance storylines, he loved that they afforded him the excuse to cuddle with her.

He pushed open the door and was taken aback by a shout.

"Happy birthday!"

Délé's shocked gasp turned into a laugh as he took in the scene. Balloon and streamers hanging from the walls. A festive happy birthday banner hanging over the dining arc. The grins and applause from his closest friends and family.

His mother rushed to him first and hugged him.

"Ayobamidelemi, happy birthday. God bless you. Wa ri ba ti se. Wa r'ona gbegba. Ona a si fun e. Owo e a ma r'oke. O o ni f'oju sunkun omo. Wa fi erigi j'obi. Wa gbo. Wa to. Ounje omo o ni koro l'enu e. Gbogbo eni to ba so pe mi oni jere e, won ma gun'yan laye, won ma lo gb'obe l'orun-"

Dele was saved from saying more Amins by Donald who shouted, "Amin! Elsa, you've already prayed for him this morning na. You're hogging the birthday boy."

Elsa grinned abashedly and pulled away from her son. Dele said a little prayer of thanksgiving. He was already getting suffocated in her bear hug. And she kept on squeezing him as she prayed as if they hadn't been on the phone for thirty minutes early in the morning, with her bequeathing benedictions on him. He was already used to it. She was like that every ninth of August.

"I love you." She said.

He smiled and said, "I love you too, mum."

Mr. Donald hugged him and wished him a happy birthday and more years.

A few of his friends- Timi, Ben and Wahab, clapped his back and wished him long life and prosperity.

His kids ran to him, shouting 'Daddy!' He knelt to hug them. Just the sound of their happy voices saying that name made his day.

"Happy birthday, D.D!" Tomini said and kissed his cheek. "I love you."

He grinned and said, "Thank you, angel. I love you too."

"Happy birthday, D.D." Temi said.

"Thank you, Temi."

"Happy birthday, Dele." Tinu said as she carried Regina on one hip and held Chris's hand.

"Happy birthday, D.D." Chris said.

"Thanks Chris. Give me five." Dele said smiling and high-fived the little boy.

He stood and hugged Tinu. She was the woman who made him a father and gave him the greatest gifts he had ever received.

"Thank you, Iyabeji."

She jabbed him in the stomach. He smiled at Regina who did what she usually did. She pulled on his beard, giggling as she greeted, "grin.D!"

"How are you, Reggie?!"

She nodded and said, "Fine."

Dele was greeted by Omotunde, Grace and Martin, his mum's new driver. Rosanna rushed to him and hugged him.

"Daleware, happy birthday!"

"Rodo and pepper, thank you!"

Rosanna frowned at the name. "Haha, very funny!"

"It cracks me up every time I remember." Dele said chuckling. Once, Seyifunmi had asked Rosanna to go to Mushin market to buy pepper. Pepper being generic for tomatoes and rodo. Rosanna had gotten confused and told the woman at the market she wanted to buy rodo and pepper. The woman had asked Rosanna to call whoever sent her to the market to be sure of what she was asked to buy.

"This was her idea, right?"

Rosanna nodded smiling. "It is her birthday gift to you. She said you haven't had a party in ten years."

Dele chuckled. Typical Seyifunmi. Always blowing a birthday out of proportion. His first birthday with her, she had ordered a ginormous ten-inched, three-flavours layered cake. The next, she had given him a surprise at work with a saxophonist playing happy birthday and a gift bag with expensive gifts.

"Where is she?" He asked after looking around and not finding the one person he really wanted to see.

Rosanna's smile waned. "She's scared and hiding in the guest room. You should go talk to her."

Dele wondered what had her scared. Before he could ask, she pulled his suitcase out of his hand.

"I'll tell everyone you left to freshen up."

He smiled his thanks and walked to the guest room. He pushed open the door and she turned to stare at him.

She was beautiful. Her brown wavy weave framed her heart shaped face.

Immaculate in her grey camisole tucked into a pair of rinse wash jeans, she sat on the dark bedspread with her legs stretched out in front of her. Her feet were encased in black pointed toe heels he could bet were Jimmy Choos.

She gasped softly at the sight of him. He smiled and strode to her, shutting the door behind him.

"Hey, beautiful."

Délé's worry grew as she didn't reply with her usual response - Hey, Ugly.

She gave him a weak smile and stared at the black tips of her heels.

He sat beside her, wondering what had her so worked up. With all the I miss you texts, this was far from the welcome he was expecting. Did something happen between last night and this afternoon?

She couldn't be mad because he didn't return as promised. The plan had been to return yesterday but the Chief of Army Staff had personally invited him to his birthday. He couldn't refuse the man. And he had texted her to let her know about the change of plans.

Besides, she wished him happy birthday around past one. Though her usual custom was twelve on the dot, he was certain his mother's call had prevented hers from coming in.

He watched her chew her lips and grip the bedspread.



They turned and said to each other at the same time.

"What uh-oh?!" She asked agitated.

"You have that look you have when we are about to have a big fight! If this is about not showing up last night-"

"It's not about that." She said and sighed. "I'm sorry. Happy birthday."

He shook his head. "You're not getting off that easily. What has you so worked up that you didn't even bother to remind me just how ugly I am?"

She smiled. His tension eased.

"There's a public holiday today. World's Dele day. So I am not working today."

"Then everyday should be World's Dele day. I like not hearing how ugly I am."

"If I don't remind you, you'll get cocky and all the women of the world won't be safe."

He leaned closer to her and bent his lips to her neck.

"Thanks for your service, Wonder Woman, but I don't care about all the women of the world. I only want you." He teased, trailing kisses on her neck and jaw.

She shivered under his kisses and tilted her head to give him more access. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pushed her unto her back and straddled her.

"I missed you, so much, babe." He said kissed her shoulders.

"Me too." She moaned and held unto his arms. He brought his lips to hers and she parted for him like she couldn't wait any longer. His slow tease rolled into a passionate heated tumble.

He pulled away from her lips and she mewled in protest. He kissed the column of her neck, her collarbone and the top of her breasts accessible with the low sweetheart neckline.

"Dele," she moaned, "we need to talk." Her voice husky and heavy with lust.

"Later." He said as he pushed the spaghetti straps of her camisole.

She gripped his hands.

"Now, Dele." She said, her voice clearer.

He groaned and raised his head to look at her eyes.


She sighed. "I need to report myself before she does."

His brow shot up. "Report?"

She nodded and sighed.

What was going on? Did she…?

No! Not Seyifunmi.

"Something happened last night. I planned a surprise yesterday." She started staring at his chin.

He smiled and nudged her head up with his crooked index finger.

"Another surprise factory kind of surprise."

She sighed and shook her head.

"More like rose petals, champagne, chocolate, whipped cream and me in a lingerie" She stated.

His smirk turned into a grin.

"What kind of lingerie?" He asked with his mind working desperately to paint a picture.

"An open cup bustier." She whispered and averted her gaze.

"Which one is open cup bustier again?" He asked with laughter dancing in his voice. She explained it to him and his eyes widened with lust.

"Shey I did not use my hand to push my blessing away? Instead of me to have turned down the invitation jejely, I stayed and missed out on that?" He joked.

Seyifunmi pursed her lips and said, "I was the one who got surprised, Dele. It was your mum who showed up."

Tears pooled in her eyes as she cried, "I've never been more embarrassed. She caught me in the lingerie and I felt like the ground should open up and swallow me."

Dele burst into laughter.

"It's not funny. Your mum probably thinks I'm a slut. As if that wasn't enough, that stupid Rosanna, agent of my village people; she thought I got a boob job done and-"

"What?!" Dele called in mock horror. "How dare she think these natural babies are enhanced?" Dele said with his hands cupping her breasts.

Seyifunmi clouted his arm. "Dele, focus!"

"How do you expect a man to focus after painting the picture of an open cup bustier?" He quipped.

She narrowed her eyes at him and he sighed.

"Fine. What then happened?"

"Idiot Ro grabbed my breast and I yelled out a couple of expletives beginning with the letter f-"

"You said the f word?" Dele said, raising his brow at her. It wasn't like her cussing was a new thing to him. He didn't have a problem with it.

"Yes!" She cried in horror and guess who was standing there listening to me cuss like a sailor.

She didn't wait for him to answer. "It was your mother. Whatever little benefit of the doubt she had from last night was destroyed this morning."
A tear rolled down her cheek and he kissed it away before it reached her chin.

"What did I tell you?"

She furrowed her brows in confusion.

"There's nothing you can do that'll make me leave you. We're stuck together, like stink on a skunk. So don't worry about my mum's opinion of you. I know the real you. I know more than the Seyifunmi that cusses or the sexy minx. And that is what matters." He said.

She smiled at him and carressed his head.

"Besides, my mum will love whatever I love. We just have to show her the amazing person Seyifunmi is and she'll be eating from your hand."

"I love you." She said.

"I love you, too."

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