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Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by aprilwise(m): 5:39pm On Sep 04
Wonderful story. It hook me up . Thanks
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 6:41am On Sep 10
Hidden Dream - Episode 17

A Story By Tisa Phiri

3 years later.......

" How are you feeling?" Beverly asked me helping me with my color.

" mnmmm good I guess, this is a very big thing for me and I know my competitor is so good too. But am glad I made it this far" i sighed.

I had decided to take part in the World ballroom dance competition and I was taken by surprise when I succeeded during the auditions.

It had been a tough fight for the past 3 months where we had to compete with different dancers from across the world.

With the help of my trainer the time I got to Paris, I had made it to the top and now was on the finalist. I had to compete finally with another dancer in the male category. The guy was very good I would agree. He was from German and I would see how good he was.

However, I loved that the spectators loved my style. I had put it some spicing dance style to make it so apppeling and a bit out of the old fashion dance styles.

" He's good yes, but you are the best my man! Tonight is the night you are going to make history and am so proud of you. Your mother came to support you on this important day and am sure she's proud of you too" she added patting my chest as she stood in between me and the mirrow.

" I know my mother has had a change of mind over the years and maybe one day my father will be proud of me. What bothers me is..."

" Angela!" She completed my sentence.

" when are we going to stop talking about that woman Jay? Seriously, am fade up. She has not bothered to get in touch with you for years even when you tried all you can to find her. She has blocked you on Facebook, she changed her lines and even moved to a different town. What more do you want? It's high time you forgot about her. Move on already and committ yourself to people who love you." She explained.

" by that you mean yourself?" I asked her walking away.

" yeah, it's now like am complaining or something , you make me happy in bed and all but I want us to be more than friends without strings Jay. Come on you know I love you right?"

" am Sorry, from the time we started your so called friends without strings" I said raising my hands to make quotation marks for 'strings'.

" but i made it clear am in love with someone else. So don't push it too much. I don't like noise and you know that perfectly well" I snapped.

" well, come down now Mr, I didn't say you get all worked out. It's your big day today so relax and go out there and show the world how far you can go with your dance dream!" She shouted smiling.

I liked Beverly, she had a way of putting me back on track. But she wasn't the girl for me. I had dedicate my heart to Angela even when it had been 2 years without hearing a thing from her.

John who I sent to check on her told me he never found her at her brothers place. In fact the family had shifted God knew where to. He went to our old school and she had resigned. No one knew where she had gone.

I couldn't get to believe Angela dumped me and probably got married to someone else.

" she could have told me the truth at least. I know she isn't the person to act so childish like that. I wanted to travel back to Zambia to go see things for myself but the work and contracts got piled up I had to finish up things before taking leave. Plus the competition which too took most of my time.

I made a mental note to go back home myself to find out what was going on when I was done.

" ladies and gentlemen, for our grand finale! Welcome to the floor our magnificent, charming and most intriguing dancers! Jared Zimba from Africa and Paul McCartney of Germany! Give them a big hand as they come forward!" The presenter shouted and the Music played loud as we walked down to the stage.

The hall was fully packed and I felt proud seeing how people were chearing on us.

In a moment I recalled all the names I was called for being dull in school, all the shouting and screaming my father had done on me to get me to stop dancing. My mind went on recalling every detail. I was brought back to the moment when the presenter asked me to step forward and lead the dance with the female dancer I was paired with.

My competitor was to dance last and then we would be judged to determine who got the final award.

With every fibre in my bones, I danced gracefully. We were both assigned some female dancers and for that time I had to imagine it was my Angela. I held her and danced around like my life depended on it.

I was lost in the moment with every detail of her face in my mind, her smile, her encouragements, her passion when she made love to me.

" go and make me proud Jay, I love you and I will wait for you to come back for me. You are my hero and I will look forward to the day you will make a mark on the lives of others that are going through what you did and still kept on dreaming" her voice echoed in my mind as I danced.

I threw myself up and down wagging my body from side to side as I heard the crowds go wild shouting and screaming.

By the time the Music stopped, i stopped too, bowing down to the now wild audience of excited faces, I felt so much great it was unbelievable.

" how do you feel Jay! It was like you where far taken by the song and your dancing tonight was exceptional" the presenter asked me as I took deep breaths.

" yeah, I dedicated this dance tonight to my first love, the woman who went an extra mile to see me get to my dream of dancing, she told me if I can dream it, then I can achieve it" I smiled looking up the audience.

" Wow! That's so great, but where is this woman am sure the world would want to see her.?" He asked a question that I wasn't ready to answer.

But I had to.. " she's back home in Zambia and I plan on going to see her soon enough!" i shouted happily.

" what a lucky woman !, where ever you are I just hope you have got the message! " he announced facing the camera.

An hour later I was pronounced winner of the competition. I was to take an award of £20 000, a brand new Ford Ranger the newest model on the market and a treat to where ever I would love to go in the World with my partner.

My mother and sister who were called to the stage walked towards me their faces beaming with happiness.

My mother hugged me and cried tears of joy.

" sorry for not believing in you my son. You have made us proud I can't contain my joy!" She shouted in my ears as we embraced each other.

Back at the dinner celebration when she and my sister Tina joined me, They told me about home. How everyone was doing and that some people in Zambia were following the competition on DSTV.

" in fact, it's all over the news and social media. People back home are greatly inspired by what you have done here Jay" my mom smiled proudly.

" I have seen the social media and am glad I had to make a difference" I responded.

" mother, I really have to travel back home." I started , holding her hand as we walked outside the hall where the dinner was held.

" why? Is it about the woman you mentioned earlier? Am surprised you never said anything to us before sonny" she scoffed.

" Yeah remember we weren't alll that close mom. You people made things so harsh for me I was never free in that house" i told her point blank.

" yeah you are right and am trully sorry about that. We could have done more to support you my son. We werent the best parents to you and I regret that." She shed some tears.

" it's all in the past mother, now is not the time to cry." I held her into a hug as she sobbed softly. "Here " i handed her my hank.

" her name is Angela mother, dad has met her before, she was my dance teacher at Luangwa secondary."

" what? Did you say Angela?" She asked surprised.

" yeah, what is it mother, you know her?" I asked stopping instantly.

" I have heard that name before from your father. He was acting wired some time back and I caught him talking to a girl he introduced to me as Angela. He never gave me all the details giving me an excuse that he would tell me everything later on.

I was busy with work and never really got to the bottom of the matter until now that you have mentioned her name."

" what do you think was going on between my father and her? Were they like in some kind of....."

"No" she responded firmly.

" your father can be many things my son but he would never have a relationship with a woman especially of her age.. No, I don't think so dear. It's something else and now that I think of it, I think it was serious."

That night I went back to my room with a lot of thoughts. " what the hell is going on with you Angela?" I asked myself a million times.

" with my father?" I shook my head confused.

"I got to go to Zambia" I thought aloud and got my phone to call for a reservation for the next flight.

The following day I sat in the plane, my sister and mother had come with me. I sat quietly my mind busy trying to think about what was going on back home.

" I will not rest until I know what is going on with you love. I swear you will have to face me whether you like it or not. " I thought to myself as the plane took off.

By the time we touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, there where a lot of people to welcome me. Who ever had leaked the information to the media houses that I was going home, they really got me.

I never planned it to be so but I had no option but walk out of the plane to the shouting and cheering faces of Zambians. The flashes from the cameras blinding me for a second.

I smiled at everyone raising my hand as my mother whispered me to acknowledge and appreciate them.

" don't show them your inner struggles. Smile and wave your hand to the people who look at you as their hero My son" she whispered.

I was surrounded by a lot of people asking questions, taking videos and photos and by the time my assistant got me out of the crow d, I felt a bit tired.

"Rest tonight and then you will go on to your house tomorrow" Jeff my assistant told me.

I had decided not to go straight home.

I needed time to compose myself so that when I finally face my father and find out what he knew about Angela I would be ready for him.

I took a look at the photos I had taken of her the last time we were together, as lay in bed.

" I promised to come back for you my woman, so here I am and I swear I will find you myself" I whispered and kissed the phone screen before falling asleep.

To be continued

Read more episodes here - www.youngicee.com/hidden-dream

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Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by DivineSpecial(f): 12:56pm On Sep 10
Wow love I so much love it
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by skubido(m): 10:16pm On Sep 11
Nice wan
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 12:03pm On Sep 13
Hidden Dream - Episode 18

A Story By Tisa Phiri

I woke up with a start, my phone was vibrating on the table. Grabbing it I placed it on my ear without looking at the caller ID.

" hey!" I sighed as I waited for the person on the other end to respond. When I realise it was silent, I sat up.

" who is this?" I asked hoping it could be my Angela.

How stupid,I thought to myself. " if Angela has not called me in years, why was I even thinking she would suddenly call me.

" Hello!" I answered again but this time the line cut.

I tried to call back but couldn't go through.

I decided to ignore whoever was calling and prepare to go and meet my father. I quickly took a bath and wore some casual clothes before walking out.

" I have to get to Lusaka West " i informed the taxi driver getting inside. I didn't bother call someone to pick me up from home, giving my assistant a break too. I couldn't just wait.

" oh my God! I waited for this day to come when I would see you all grown up and succeeded in achieving your dream my handsome boy!" Aunty Nelly shouted as she saw me walk to the door.

" my dear aunty Nelly, I missed you so much" I hugged her close.

" I missed you too my champion and am so proud of you. I saw the competition, you really stood out my boy. I kept of smiling like a fool as I watched you. It was so much my heart was almost failing me with joy" she whispered.

" thank you my hero, you always say the right words." I held her

"She smiled her face now getting old but with the same motherly smile that I missed so much." You look old and good at the same time" I teased her as she let go of my hand.

" are we going to see you already? Or you plan on just ending in the kitchen" I heard my sister Nina call out to me.

" kiddo, you are all grown up come on here! I shouted pulling her in a hug.

" you are famous now Jay, am so proud of you" she chuckled holding my hand and leading me to the living room where my parents where.

We had a family breakfast after the greetings.

My father for some reason wasn't looking straight at me and I knew his wife had told him why I had gone there.

" so I watched the last part of the competition, I bet you just had to follow your heart huh? It was a good performance and am sure people were happy" he spoke up lifting a cup of coffee to his mouth.

" Yeah actually it was great. Am glad I followed my heart. I guess refusing to live under the wings of others pays off after all" I said sacastically and my mother cleared her throat.

" so how long are you staying here?" She asked to distract the tension between me and my father.

" am only here for a few days. Am heading right back when am done with what I came here for. I have to be in the company of people who motivate me and besides I got lots of shows lined up for me. Some of us we earn a living by entertaining people " I added to make sure my last words came out exactly the way my father had said them years back and I saw him look down his plate.

"Excuse me, I think I have had enough, thank you for the meal aunty Nelly.. You always have a way with food" I smiled at aunty Nelly who was putting some desert on the table.

"Thank you" she smiled as I held her shoulder and passed behind her.

I went to stand at the back facing the small garden. Remembering how many times I had to go sit out there and cry myself out whenever my father would scold and throw his threats and insults at me.

" you are a diappointment and I sometimes wonder if you really are my son. Get to your senses boy and do the right thing. This dancing thing will be your down fall." He scolded me.

My eyes where almost spilling out with the thoughts and I pushed them back when I heard foot steps in my back.

" You have grown so much, I can't believe you actually are taller than me now" my father let a laugh as he stood near me.

I turned to look at him. " dad I know you saw Angela and I want to know what the hell is going on. I don't have time with your chit chats, am sure mom told you why am here.

" i snapped not wanting to have some other talk with him.

I get it Jared, you are still upset with me for not supporting you and you are probably thinking the worst of me right now. Am sorry for not being a father you expected but I needed you to be strong and do the right things. I care about you, you are my own blood and I love you" he said and I for the first time i felt he was being sincere.

" yeah you have the best way of showing it father. You know what though? I wont buy that now. If you trully loved me you could have supported me and probably you could have travelled with mom to witness me compete. But like always, I do the most stupid things. But you know what? Am not intrested in hearing those words now. I have done fine without them for years so lets get to the point father, where is Angela and what did you do to make her stop communicating with me?" I asked looking at him.

I saw his face soften a bit and he kept his eyes down.

" dad, are you going to say anything?" I asked

" Jared, come on sit with me in the TV room" he finally uttered his words calmly.

I wanted to refuse and let him tell me what was going on right that moment. I couldn't wait any longer. But I just had to follow him.

An hour later, I stood up and looked out the window my head now pounding heavily I felt it would fall off my neck any instant.

My father just told me the story about Angela that gave me so much pain and shock I couldn't hold myself.

Take me to her, I finally spoke up wiping a tear that had fallen slowly down my face.

" what? Now?" He asked frowning

Didn't you hear a word of what I said?" He responded firmly.

" I did father and I insist I need to see her right away. I have to, I told you I love her and I will not rest until I see her again. I promised her I would come back and I am going to keep my promise. let's go now" I insisted and I saw my father reluctantly stand up and grabbed his car keys.

I looked outside the car window as my father drove me. My mind wild back to the conversation we had earlier.

" I met Angela months after you were gone, I mean, I never really went to look for her but that your friend Tracy came here and told your sister Tina something about you having an affair with your teacher. And you know how Tina is, she let it all out to me, I felt she was taking advantage of you and all that. I had to do something"

" as usual, trying to fix my life huh?" I had responded cutting him.

" okey, so I went over," he went on ignoring my comment.

" I found her at her brother' s house. She didn't deny the accusation. She actually told me she was deeply in love with you and you had practically followed her around even when she tried to hide from you.

I went on telling her why she couldn't be with you and all that staff. I didn't like the idea of her encouraging you to go on with dancing. For me it was a shallow dream. But she told me point blank how you were a man enough to know what you wanted.

" give him a break and let him be happy living his dream" were her exact words.

I noticed she was looking sick and when I asked her she reluctantly told me she had some problems with her heart.

She's very sick Jared, but you have to hear the rest of the story from her mouth.

Right now she's in the hospital. She's been through a lot and she made me promise never to tell you. According to her she wanted you to accomplish your dream without distractions. "

The coughing of my father brought me back to the present.

" Jared, we are here. Come on, you have to go see her" he said softly as he led me to the entrance of the hospital.

We stopped by the door to the ward and I pushed it open slowly.

What I saw made me whole body grow very weak. I held on to the door to avoid loosing balance.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/hidden-dream

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Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by skubido(m): 9:32pm On Sep 13
Tanks for the update
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by DivineSpecial(f): 6:39pm On Sep 15
Chia Angel don't die
Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by izaray(f): 3:09pm On Sep 16
Chia!! Angela don contact ni?

Thanks Oyinprince you never disappoint ur fans, more update biko

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Re: HIDDEN DREAM - A Romance Novel by Oyinprince(m): 6:34pm On Sep 18
Hidden Dream - Episode 19

A Story By Tisa Phiri

Ms Jere(Angela).......

I couldn't stop smiling, closing my eyes and spinning around the house like a child. I was in love and nothing else mattered. I had given myself to him whole heartedly and even when I thought I would regret later on, well it was all different. I even fall deeply in love with him.

Seeing him drive away was trully painful. It was like a part of me had gone with him.

I recall how he had dropped me after we had spent the whole morning together. He kissed me good bye and drove away. I couldn't move from my position. I knew I had to but my body couldn't move. Like to answer my prayer, I saw him drive right back.

Like a small girl I had smiled widely and ran to him as he opened his arms to welcome me in them.

He kissed my lips and I held his waist closer to me. " what are you doing here? You should be going" I asked between kisses and he laughed.

" I would ask you the same question " he laughed.

" I cannot see myself away from you love. I will miss you terribly" he murmered between kisses.

" I will miss you too Jay. I love you" I finally told him and he smiled widely.

" wow, you finally said it !" He said excited.

" come on you have to go now" I pushed him.

" you don't need to miss your flight. Start going now" I insisted and he made a sad face kissing me before getting back to the vehicle.

The rest of the days were great. He kept in touch as promised updating me on everything happening in Paris.

3 months later....

I started feeling bad. My breathing was becoming difficult. My brother told me I had a similar problem when I was younger. I went to the hospital and after the tests, the first thing I was told was that I was pregnant.

My brother looked at me with a questioning look and I remember I had smiled. " oh God am carrying his child!"

I was so excited I couldn wait for evening so that I could tell him the news.

However, that was before the Doctor went on to give me the bad news.

" am sorry to cut your joy short. You have a serious problem with your heart. Somehow carrying this child will not help matters. The arteries that take blood to your heart are not functioning properly. But you need to have more tests to determine what's causing that" he explained

" No am not aborting my child" I answered firmly. After he told me I had to consider giving up the pregnancy. If you people think I will kill my baby because of this condition you are trully mistaken"

My brother and the Doctor tried to convince me otherwise but I blantly refused. I wasn't going to let my baby, The child I was to have with my love Jay, be killed just to save my life.

That evening when Jay called me I had to put on a happy face. Not wanting to let him know what was happening. I wanted to be sure everything was okey before I could tell him about our baby.

The month that followed was the hardest. The doctors went on explaining the condition of my heart.

" you have a heart cancer" he went on.

"Heart cancer is extremely rare, on average only one case of heart cancer is seen each year.

Although still rare, most cancers found in the heart have come from elsewhere in the body. Cancers that begin near the heart, such as lung cancer, can grow to involve the heart or the lining around the heart (pericardial sac). Or cancer can begin elsewhere in the body and spread to the heart through the bloodstream. Cancers that may affect the heart include breast cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, lymphoma and melanoma, among others.

Cancer can affect the heart in other ways, as well. A rare type of cancer known as carcinoid tumor at times produces hormones that can damage heart valves. That is your condition Angela, Am afraid it's serious and the chances of curing it are very slim especially with our facilities in this country"

"Okey I don't want to pretend I didn't hear what you said. But my main concern is my baby. Is it going to be okey?" I asked tears now falling from my eyes.

He looked at me for a while before sighing..

" am sorry Angela but your heart is not strong enough as it is. Carrying this child will make things more difficult for you." He explained.

"Is there even a slight chance the pregnancy can reach full term? I really have to give birth to this baby, please help me to have the baby, please" I cried out.

" I will see how I can help you through Angela but I can't guarantee you will both survive the full term. The cancer is in it's advanced stage and am afraid you don't have a lot of time" he shook his head.

I was devasted, how can it be that when I had just fallen deeply in love and was going to be a mother, that God would decide to cut my life short. I cried almost all the time.

The only strength that I had was the baby growing inside of me. I decided to switch off my phone for some time not wanting To talk to Jay, less I broke down in front of him as he usually made some video calls.

I was one day outside thinking about what I was to do when Jay' s father came. I didn't understand why he came. So I calmly invited him inside.

" what brings you here Sir?" I asked him after we sat in the house.

" I heard that you have some intimate relationship with my son. I just came to warn you to stay away from him. Here I was thinking you have the best intrest at heart for him meanwhile you want to take advantage of him. " I let him speak his heart out as tears rolled down my face.

I couldn't believe he thought of me being with Jay because of his money. He went on rebuking me for not letting him make the right choices.

" am sorry sir, you are mistaken. I didn't start a relationship with your son because of your money. I genuinely fall in love and my efforts to ignore my feelings failed when your son looked for me and found me. I love him and he loves me. Unlike what you are saying, Jay is a man now and he knows what he wants. Stop trying to fix his life already." I went on telling him without hesitation.

" I was told how you manipulated him so that he can fall for you but believe me I will no let that happen" he scolded angrily not wanting to to reason with me.

I finally gave up trying to talk him out of it. Knowing I could die any moment.

I went on telling him I was pregnant and he stood there watching me like I was some kind of rubbish.

" am pregnant for Jay, him and me are now connected. So there's nothing anyone can do about it " I said softly looking down.

He asked if Jay knew and when I told him I had not said anything to Jay he sighed and told me to go on and tell him.

" let him come back here and take responsibility" he said sternly.

I however knew his motive was to get Jay to stop the dance lessons and I wasnt going to let that happen. My desire was to see him finish his course and probably try something that would make his dream succeed.

" am sorry I won't tell him" I begun looking at him.

" and may you care to explain why not?" He chuckled teasingly. " I see you are afraid his too young to take responsibility and so now you agree with my words about him being young and naive."

" No, again you are wrong sir. I wont tell him because I know if I do he will be happy and would even want to come back home for his child. My greatest fear however, is that am not going to live that long and i know if Jay knew about my condition he will start worrying which will make him loose his focus. I dont want that for him. So yes, I will not tell him yet.

He might not come back to see me alive but I will pray God makes me deliver this child so that he will see the product of our love" I cried my heart to him.

I saw him look down at his shoes. It was evident my words struck him hard. I went on telling him about my condition and at the end when we both talked calmly I made him vow to never say a thing until Jay was done with his studies.

" I might die anytime soon but he has a while life ahead of him. I want him to be happy and so please I know he will not like this but it's for his own good."

We made a pact to keep the baby a secret and surprisingly Jay' s father kept in touch and even helped me with finances for the hospital bills. I had to remain under constant observations. The Doctor was hired to be coming to check on me until I finally gave birth.

I had almost died after delivery . The Doctors told me I remained unconscious for almost 5 hours and they all had lost hope of me making it out alive. .they told me it was a miracle I was still alive as my heart was now failing me. My baby was healthy.

Jay' s father came over to the hospital and I told him to help me find a nanny for the baby. Of which he gladly agreed to.

Months went on and my health didn't improve. It was in and out of the hospital.

I fought hard not to call Jay, I couldn't do so because my voice and the loss of weight would sell me out. The last thing I wanted was him loosing track of his career. With everything in me I prayed he would become successful.

One day his father came and told me as he always did about how Jay was fairing and that he was taking part in the World dancing competition. I smiled and told him I knew he was going to make it..

I watched all the shows of the competition on DSTV. With every stage getting more interesting seeing how he was determined and danced exceptionary.

I didn't get to watch the finale as I was rushed to the hospital that day.

I woke up and asked how it went and my brother told me he made it.

I relaxed in the hosptal bed knowing I would now die in peace." Tell him I love him so much and am proud of him" I told his father who had visited me.

" tell him...." I wanted to say and he cut me short

" you will come tell him yourself cause his on his way to you. He told the whole world he did it for you and my wife told me they are coming tomorrow."

" what? No way, I can't let him see me like this. It will kill him. Please tell him am out of town" I begged crying.

" I can't promise that my dear, you know him he wiIl look for you. So I have no option but to bring him. You tell him about that girl he fathered. I think its high time everyone knew the truth" he added seriously.

" I can't hide this from the family anymore Angela. Even if you think you are dying, give him the chance to say good bye. He deserves that don't you think?" He asked

I cried out not wanting to see his face when he saw how much I had lost. But his father had a point. I had to let him know about everything.

I sat in the bed when my sister in law came to visit me. I was taking some water when the door to the ward slowly opened.

I turned to look at who had walked in and my heart stopped for a bit when I saw him stand by the door way. He had grown so much and he looked more handsome than the last time I saw him. His well fitting clothes making him look like a movie star.

My eyes were fixed at him when I realised how sad he looked. His smile faded instantly and I saw tears run down his face as he stared my way without blinking.

I wished I had the strength to stand up and ran to him. But was so weak my body couldn't move.

I too started shedding tears and he rushed towards me holding me in a hug so close I felt his heart beat run faster.

" you came back?" I whispered sniffing the the tears from my eyes as my heart bled. The fear of dying so soon gripping my throat like never before. I wasn't as ready to go as I had initially thought.

To be continued

Read more Episodes - www.youngicee.com/stories/hidden-dream

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